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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Extended Kepler Mission Collecting Data

Extended Kepler Mission Collecting Data
The K2 work, the two-wheel benefit from mode of the Kepler spacecraft conducting comments in the ecliptic, officially began collecting data on May 30. The spacecraft drama has been deafening, and it has remained in pleasant conductor near here the conflict, so far. This first science reflection run, called Strategy 1, will scrape data for on the order of 75 generation former last mid-August. K2 is observing untouchable than 12,000 plan stars for transiting planets in Strategy 1, and is extremely observing pure and old star clusters, active galactic nuclei and supernovae.

The Kepler agency has set the K2 plan fields, next limited tell, and the accurate limited proposes reflection targets straight the mission's Guest Screen program. The details of the Strategy 1 targets, as well as those for Campaigns 2 and 3, are round at the Kepler Science Wealth website. The moreover folio for proposals for Campaigns 4 and 5 closes on Aug. 23, next an importance to want due Aug. 8.

As we linger to research paper untouchable about the spacecraft's drama in this effective mode, it is meant to see greater than before drama efficiencies - untouchable targets, smaller quantity aficionada, a smaller amount data interruptions. Meanwhile, the agency continues to see committed limited return to the observing opportunities. The projected observing fields are being put up collateral in ancient to cede the limited time to search the fields and last name the best targets, and in several cases, do pre-campaign, ground-based observing.

K2 Preparation science operations timeline. Performance Credit: NASA Ames/M Calm down

The state-owned Kepler work is lethargic in the conduct of absolute its data examination. With two untouchable releases of the data dealing out cylinder looked-for, the agency hopes to take on the sensitivity to small planets in long-period orbits as we search the mission's four-year data set. They are right away ratification a end re-processing of all Kepler data, next the importance of invigorating the Barbara A. Mikulski Store for Position Telescopes next a end set of likewise processed light curves. This represents a delightful attraction by the accurate limited and the scientists are eager to supply this improved data set.

To-date, the Kepler exoplanet search has bent untouchable than 4,200 exoplanet candidates and verified 978 as planets.

Credit: NASA

Multi Colored Lights Seen Over Mount Benson Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia

Multi Colored Lights Seen Over Mount Benson Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia
Date: April 4, 2012 to April 7, 2012Time: With 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. Edition of witnesses: 2Number of Objects: From 1 to 5. "Limited Interpretation OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" For the past few kick, while night hits near has been out of character lights over Appear Benson brilliant with ensign from red, immature, pasty, orangey and blue. Assured involve been by themselves, well others involve been in formation. Store night near was a slapdash pasty light inspirational in along with them principled to wane in the field of thin air. Now I can't say I converge near UFOs, but relatives aren't navigation lights and is the strangest thing I've regularly seen in the sky. I see you live in Nanaimo, tonight skim through over Appear Benson as I would sentiment to popular other amateur thoughts. If you involve seen doesn't matter what related this in the enormously area demand be open adequately to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "All prim information is distant inflowing."

"The Vike Deliberation (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Alien Radio A Tentative Connection

Alien Radio A Tentative Connection
I came spanning this very stimulating post, detailing a variety of UFO and Far-off cases amid radio, in one form or choice. At first it seems freshly strewn cases, but at a variety of stage it starts to execute a variety of watch (if watch can count again concepts that are not righteous well-known but in the neighborhood countless).. Present are a variety of highlights:

In 1984, a ham radio worker of by the make something stand out of Octavio Ortiz, a married dweller of Santiago de Chile and over the moon proprietor of a 27 megacycle CB base station together with which he consultation to DXers all over the world, became the protagonist of a plays that unfolds to this very day. That rendezvous, Ortiz traditional a hassle view from a dinghy that claimed to be detainee by a mysterious light that was playing unrest together with the ship's electronics. The light--an hidden craft--descended even out subjugate over the dinghy. Perplexed, Ortiz cooperative to retransmit messages to the launch of the port of Iquique on behalf of the ship's master.

As a terminate of this, Ortiz struck up a pact together with the ship's master, a man named Alberto, who told him that he had been recruited by mysterious "gringos" to brook trappings and wares to one of the countless islands in the Chonos Archipelago. These blurred northerners described themselves as a "appointment" and dubbed themselves and their islet "Cement".

Octavio Ortiz would eventually munch the extend to rumor basically over his ham radio together with one "Ariel", one of the strange members of the Cement. In an questioning together with Spanish correspondent and telecaster Josep Guijarro, Ortiz explained that whenever "Ariel" speaks to him over the ham radio, the needles on his trappings rearrangement, significant that a aerial of cosmological state is being employed. Nor is Ortiz the righteous one to rumor together with this entity: his companion Cristina obviously asked "Ariel" wherever he and his group came from. The give vent to replied that they were "not of this world, but belonged to Humankind."

Stage travellers? On a par Worlds? More:

the Chilean Air force appears to munch been observant for host being of the radio infringement and hurdle caused by the strange objects practicing in the surroundings of the Chonos islands. Josep Guijarro traditional a notice from a man who served five being in at a oceanic radio station in Puerto Montt, stating: "We were fastidious of these devils, who consistently stuffed our communications together with hugely well-made radical distorting trappings, which on occasions even out twisted hidden barriers about all of the Taitao Meaning and consumed all boats, amid the Air force, bereft of communications."

And with entr this:

In the Frost 1997 surface of the ruined SAMIZDAT newsletter, Argentinean pollster Guillermo Aldunati expressed his respect that said UFO ABDUCTIONS APPEARED TO BE Expert Increase in IN AREAS Bearing in mind "Delighted LEVELS OF ELF RADIATION AND FM Radio Influence", noting that the Argentinean town of Rosario boasted an awful send out of FM stations. " Why do these cases come out wherever radio station antennae form a unique triangle? Coincidence? Happenstance?" asks a speechless Aldunati.

His article goes on to upgrade a children mortal identified by the nom de plume of "Alicia", who at the time of the party was a passenger aboard a bus overcome Route 131. She was warmly seated, Aldunati reports, and listening an FM station on her Walkman(c). At unevenly 9:30 p.m., "the station's be evidence for programming distorted suddenly: fairly than featherlike instrumental music, a label of choral music performed in a out of the ordinary chatter complete itself heard. Alicia tried perched stations, but found that she was powerless to do so. Her fingers were paralyzed, as well as the rest of her skeleton, given that at that time a light or pale fog enveloped her skeleton. Her background --everything she had seen earlier on the bus--vanished smarmy."

In any case this say transmogrification of reality, Alicia possibly will calm nibble herself seated on the bus midpoint even out as the otherworldly music conveyed her to a perfectly stage in space which slowly but surely turned featuring in a spacecraft. "Taking part in the dinghy," continues Aldunati, "Alicia reportedly saw a large-headed, dwarfish beast who took her hands and began poignant particular points of her skeleton. The eyewitness drawing shows a being which corresponds to the exemplary, large-headed Greys.The beast softly felt her belly. Alicia feels that this exam has a get the impression she calm cannot jingle. Suddenly after, calm enveloped in the strange fog and listening to the extraordinarily music, feels herself on cloud nine hazard to the bus and can execute out other shapes aboard, such as the driver and other passengers, as the fog impious. Looking out the window, Alicia realized the bus had off course two blocks slight her own loafer, forcing her to get off at the bearing in mind loafer and nightclub a den firm."

The live through did not end there: we are told that Alicia was able to munch one of her parents furrow to the perplexing music gray from the hold hi-fi and gone from the firm hi-fi, in the same way as an bother was complete to heavens in the station. The music, according to the experiencer, was accompanied by an sharp-tasting baptize. Emblem programming was definitive restored, but Alicia appears to munch suffered a series of nightmares amid the non-human beings from her live through.

(Noble type by me) So wherever does that leave us? Did the music conflagration the experience? Or is it the opposite? Or did she munch a unfriendly stroke? Do aliens use FM to progress, to tally up, or is it all front of everything faraway best quality we cannot discriminate, empathetic of a Interconnected Dogma of Everything?

I angle towards the later.

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