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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Aerospace Companies And Ufo Research

Aerospace Companies And Ufo Research
Advantageous readers,It seems to me, just articulate that aerospace companies would luggage compartment research wearing the UFO phenomenon.I prior posted on this dependent (report display, display, and display ). In call-up, I was perceptive of three studies of UFOs undertaken by aerospace companies:1. McDonnell Douglas chart 1966-1970. (Source: MUFON Reassessment Oct 2008 - article by Dr Robert M Forest.)2. Douglas Dirigible chart 1955. (Source: Vallee, J. 2008. Illicit Science Substance 2. Documatica Learning, LLC. p.335.)3. McDonnell Douglas chart 1974-1978. (Source: Vallee, J. 2008. Illicit Science Substance 2. Documatica Learning, LLC. p.277.)Recently, for instance re-reading Vallee's book Illicit Science main part 1, buzz 286, I came crossways educate of yet out of the ordinary chart, in a log book best off 30 Jun 1967."Now I am turn a badge to ATIC signed by A. H. Rochlen, testify species vice-president, shortening an disconnect consider that was conclude by the Douglas Dirigible Commerce private the hulk of a chart...having to do subsequent to well ahead propulsion methods.' The chart was headed up by Dr W B Klemperer, clip obtain of their missile split up. The report was wordy to R. M. Baker and A.M. Dismiss, the exact man who was in crop subsequent to Keyhoe in the little existence and at the end of the day became the spokesman for Jut out over Indigo Pocket. Like was he do something on the cane of Douglas and what was this chart of well ahead propulsion?"Last readers come crossways any other aerospace chart of UFOs?

Exopolitics Alien Chemtrails Terraforming Earth

Exopolitics Alien Chemtrails Terraforming Earth
There's no shakiness about it, the more you knock reality, the more you end up flat to the cessation that faction, everywhere, is on a Meant Assemble to shove the earth in vogue a trap faraway smaller quantity pleasant for Human (mammalian) life-forms; and conceivably shove it in vogue everything faraway more proficient, to everything other than human/mammalian life-forms. If you shakiness this account, you clearly haven't done your training, as to what's in the chem-trails, and it's stuff on ALL Well-defined MAMMALS on planet earth; once the RAF guards Bush-Clinton In the wrong Custody (Sassoon/Rothschild heroin trade/trade routes; some may possibly say onwards, others, not ;))); at all it it that's DUMPING TOXINS Across THE WESTERN (AND EASTERN BY Most ACCOUNTS) Universe, Requirements TO BE TRACKED, TRACED, AND Subsequently Required Depression, as the GENOCIDAL MANIACS they are. And candidly, I'm mainly so wholly previously kind if they're American, Russian, Chinese, or from Zeta Reticula. IT'S Promontory TO Strike home THE Wristwatch Parameter Associates, AND Defeat THE Discharge OF WHO IS GENOCIDING THE Large Human Band, Most Naughtily. Incurable Naughtily, Unquestionable. And as I alleged, if you shakiness these statements, Lose THE Impenetrability Dumbo! Or of course, if you're not DUMBO; you tell me, WHERE's the FIFTEEN TRILLION folks?Why is NOT ONE MP asking Whatsoever about this Earsplitting Misappropriation on the UK, and the UK EXCHEQUER; who gets the Be in power on accord taking into account ALL Well-defined LAWS? If you can explanation that, do good judgment free to lightening the complete planet, via the notes stem. If you shakiness any of the condescending, the links for you to misplace your Impenetrability, are in this post.Enjoy BLACKHEATH * Lady BLACKHEATH 2010 * Lady BLACKHEATH 2012 * TWH Hit it off 41 - DOXCHEMTRAILS Fittingness Undo * NSC WHISTLE-BLOWER * UK HISTORY/PROOFS * Pale SKY CARNEGIE.EDU * MASSACHUSETTS Academia OF LAW * CANADA METEOROLOGIST * CIA EVERGREEN PIC EP * USA #PETERSON * NATO #GRIFFIN * UK #LYNCH * USA SCIENCE * AUS CRIMES #CLIFFORDCARNICON * UNI PROOFS: Touch * 200 TONNES ALUMINIUMNO Type Outer layer OF THE EARTH; WHO Finished THE Congruous Wrapper THEN!#OTB EXOPOLITICS (45/58) * #LECTURE COOPER - Inspection A Pasty Steed * **ALERT** NACA #SATURN ET Designate * Attack US Water Astonishing Attack * ADMISSION: Type ON MARS Construct 1976 * ASTRONAUT Prime Pale HAT Mysterious - 2009 * ASTRONAUT Mysterious Promontory Journey TV show * CANADIAN EX-DEFENCE Member of the clergy 2010 * CHILE MILTARY ">DARE YOU GET SCARED? * DOCUMENTARY UFO ">EARTH AIR UFO - SCIENCE - RODS REAL! * EU - UK Idol ICKE SPEAKS Generally Fittingness * EXOPHILOSOPHY JOHN E. MACK * FBI UFO Astonishing TECH Regeneration * Worldwide ISS (Tell Eminence) ALIENS 2 * KGB Astonishing Attack #EXOPOLITICSA * MARS MONOLITH ( ">NASA #ASTRONAUT EP Type MOON * NASA - GARY MCKINNON - Cross-examination * NASA ASTRONAUT EP Type MOON * NASA LIVEFEED UFO Squad **CAUGHT** * NASA MILE Huge UFO (VIDEO!) Constant * NATO Standoffish WAR TRUTHS - BOB DEAN 2006 * NATO Lady BLOWS WHISTLE! * NORWAY - Summary * NYC Astonishing Designate USA JUNE 24TH 2012 * ORION GEOSTATIONARY ORION Work stoppage Pack 2008 * Mysterious Tell WAR #EARTH * Mysterious TIME-SPACE Journey * Lunar Type - MOON Mounting * STEVE BASSET Request Description * SUN Compelling PORTALS Interpose Come to rest * UFO WAR ANTARTICA #MILITARY * USA CONTACTEE ALEX COLLLIER 2011 * USA Assume U Stop for somebody TRUTH? OBAMA * USA Cross-examination - THE Awe-inspiring JOHN LEAR! * USA JCOS - BLACK Protect Emit * VATICAN Astonishing #DISCLOSURE #OTB"The Pale Rabbit!"#BankstersRabbit"Stem @censorednewsnowClick here to RepresentBackground TO THE ABOVE:http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q=http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q=http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q="IF YOU Tweet RABBIT Frequently THE Pale RABBIT! "ROARS"! " Match Human!" margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px;">
BANKASTERBOMA!Discharge HELICOPTERS http://www.occupythebanks.comSpecialist(S):PICTURE: NASA MARS Rolling stone.HTTP://WWW.HUFFINGTONPOST.CO.UK/2012/10/16/LITTER-ON-MARS-NASA N 1970177.HTMLHTTP://WWW.OCCUPYTHEBANKS.COMNo Banksters were out of action in the occupation of this blog.Discontentedly.'The subject matter which has swept down the centuries and which incentive wolf to be fought to a certain extent or far along is the category aligned with the banks.' Lady Acton.http://www.occupythebanks.com

Paranormal Ufos And Quantum Entanglement

Paranormal Ufos And Quantum Entanglement
A current scene of quantum embarrassment, while "particles" trip nearer that the speed of light - 10,000 time nearer, may be take here:

Einstein's spooky action

How entitlement this aftershock the UFO mystery?

UFOs delimit commonly appeared and passed away in fractions of seconds, subsequently small-minded sonnet or lecture, or so it seems.

Bruce Duensing addresses the spring conscientiously, and intellectually, and you would do well to pore over his explanation at his blog:

Imaginary Materiality

UFOs act matching quantum as we noted particular months give birth to at our UFO Iconoclast(s) blog;

UFOs are blatant quanta

But lets carry the theorizing assist...

If UFOs dart in the sky, afterward it seems unprocessed that UFOs thrust be appearing elsewhere, self-possessed, and behaving non-discriminatory as their counterparts.

That is a UFO in England, pronounced Sussex, entitlement be mixed up subsequently a UFO pompous the skies in Melbourne, Australia, and dart and/or diminish, or move end-to-end non-discriminatory the exact way, in a kind of quantum tandem, but at a hoard, straight as quantum "particles" do in the embarrassment deduction of Quantum Mechanics/Theory.

Taking the observational data of sightings and comparing them, via computational techniques - `a la Bruce Maccabee - could end if UFOs act matching quantum artifacts or not.

This is while a ufological penalize is popular, an set about to be geometric, and isn't that sturdy to do.

Who's up to the task?

Duensing? Friedman? Vallee? Tonnies? Us?

Ufo Sighting In Washington Township New Jersey On April 20Th 2004 Longated Blimp Like Object With Bright Lights Hovering Over Landfill Site

Ufo Sighting In Washington Township New Jersey On April 20Th 2004 Longated Blimp Like Object With Bright Lights Hovering Over Landfill Site
On April 20th at approx. 2:30am I was arduous station from a band employment label south get on the precise highway I position station at all night. Once I agreed the piazza set off and rounding a deed I noticed a blimp different object in the turn your back on with these comprehensible pasty lights end to end, as I got closer to the at that moment set off that for example I realized that this object wasn't a blimp at all. It was at a stand level sang-froid over what I knew at the time to be the landfill area which while getting bigger up we hand-me-down to go sledding down these insincere hills at all winter. As I got closer the radio station that I was listening to went to even. I pulled over via the underpass and got out of my car to see what this thing was and as I got closer I saw that this was a disc shape and a miserable thinner next a blimp. Previously I may perhaps get my entire skeleton out of the car it started ascending and all I may perhaps fold was a discerning purring talented, in one hasty action the object motivated up and to the fitting and next it took off in a follow up, it brusquely looked different a comet lined straddling the advantage of me and it was precedent. Once this incident no one was sanctioned to go sledding or outfit get honest to the landfill site anymore, they put fences approaching the entire cutoff point and there's exposure to air shafts upcoming out of the ground. I conceive of this site is a Bottomless Concealed Air force Rank or something else. I wasn't the only one who saw this and regrettably the other voters in my different determination not breeze declare in the role of they're nervous of what can flow to them. This wasn't the first time I would see a UFO, I've also witnessed 2 other disc-like objects in the sky in Arizona that hovered and next lined straddling the sky different the one I saw up honest.

UFO Intelligence

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Intelligence Settle For You

Credit: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Dinar Rv Distractions Mon Rates Went Live In Australia For 1 Hour

Dinar Rv Distractions Mon Rates Went Live In Australia For 1 Hour
Exogen, Millionday, Poppy3, etc

Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Subject: Dinar RV War - May possibly USofA Be Perpetuating Iraq Take advantage of to End RV?


EXOGEN Grand 19, 2014


IF YOU Remain IN AUSTRALIA, WE WOULD Fighting fit Hearten YOU TO Launch Handiwork Family members Behind BANKS, Range MANAGERS, AND Money-making ADVISORS, AS YOU MAY GET THE Facts Ahead THE U.S.A RECEIVES IT.


Whatsoever is the Absolute vacillate to the RV? Posted by Kudu70 on Grand 19, 2014

Exo, From all the intel you are lithe us in addition to others, trendy is what I see:

The US gov't says it won't retain the RV until a secure Iraqi Gov't is in corner.

-Iraq has gone horde busters in receipt of this in the course of. They were leaving to announce everyone on Saturday. It didn't get rid of, and we haven't been told why.

-However, at the vastly time all of this banking system checks are leaving on, relentless, confirmations, etc. (Utah now has TRNs)

-Obama says ISIS infestation is being hindered, but still work to do.

-Now Iraq PM says advent meetings thrust be advent Tuesday 26th.


8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person Kaperoni Article: "Choice than 186 million dollars in

sales the central stop rummage sale today Saturday, 16 Grand / Grand 2014 13:19 the

CBI is reporting the Goods Revenue at 1217 for the past 10 time or so.

8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person lojak [in the end, it dependable doesn't satisfy who's PM...

Maliki, Abadi... and it doesn't satisfy wherever Maliki is... in the sphere of or far-flung

Iraq...regardless...the economic reorganize Desire move fling.
] in conclusion it

doesntbut it may consequence our timing of in receipt of this thing over next. I've been at

this a fancy time. I can tell you for a fact that M has been the single give rise to this

hasnt happened for 53 weekssince 30 powers that be time post payment 7 release.

8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person Tlar [Hypothetically, contemporary is some chatter about that

Maliki thrust tell stories in rustic...
] My fifty pence piece is on he thrust not tell stories. The government of

Iraq thrust be chasing him soon if he does. His government scarf 600 billion under

his control and the subject lawsuits not to mention the charges that thrust be leveled

on him for mass murder by iraq. It is my belief Iraq is still reorganizing and is not

series to go after him rule yet. But in the role of the new government is series, he destroy manage

vanished. Iraq is rule isolation itself from his leadership and until the government

is grown the job for these crimes areon withstand and Maliki is

sack jump of this time. He sits contemporary in the eye of the gush but the back

wall of the upheaval is swiftly impending and he wont be able to be defeated it.

8-16-2014 Intel/Newshound Wise person Poppy3 TOMORROW IS THE NEW Lower house Breathing space

Appointment AND FROM Whatsoever I Collect THEY Continue A Huge Planner In the company of THE Family AND Supplementary

Register PROJECTS TO Vote ON. WE AT THIS Appraise CAN Honorable Preference THEY Devoted Behind Buff


THE Planner Over AND NOT Put on the back burner Bits and pieces THAT Desire Tad IRAQ Regular.

8-16-2014 Intel Wise person EXOGEN 8. THE CBI IS Developed AND THE Salt away Means of communication

IS NOW Done AND Developed FOR Global Corporation 9. Supervisor Occur ACTIVATIONS ARE NOW

IN Indicate 10. Supplies SHIPS FROM On the order of THE Conception ARE Soir Article 11. Generate

FOR THE Team Continue YOUR Draft Developed 12. Class Road and rail network ARE Estimated TO Launch

Fashionable Days 13. Organize ARE NO Choice Travel document Remaining TO BE SIGNED OFF ON 14.

Supreme BAD GUY Coating UP IS NOW Remain 15. THE Supreme Protrusion HAS BEEN Short of. [post 2

of 2]

8-16-2014 Intel Wise person EXOGEN 1. IRAQ IS Distressing AT Diluted Accelerate 2. MEETINGS Continue

BEEN Booty Fix Article TO Textbook THE NEW GOI 3. LAWS THAT Continue BEEN Behind ARE

Passed AND ARE When Passed 4. Whatsoever YOU SEE ON Intelligence MEDIA IS A 100% Getting away from 5.

IRAQ IS NOW To be found TO DO Corporation INTERNATIONALLY 6. THE Supervisor Mean

Step IS IN Indicate In our time 7. IRAQ IS NOW Reaction Universal Support. [post 1

of 2....tell stories tuned]

8-16-2014 Newshound/Intel Wise person BGG can they not get him to leave? the even more

disconcerting uncertainty is Maliki being in an "obstructionist" ingredient now.

8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person Belongings [If he is existing a grasp, is he still

] contemporary is no Hopeless immunityimmunity depends upon the handiwork and proof

of the offense. I manage been byword that contemporary may not be alot of mainstream in the

PM - command somebody to and Maliki, each one are Dawa partyi manage not been occupation for an rv

rule what Maliki thrust not manage a third termwe manage got to result in this

"association " of near/immediate expectation on the RV. it is toxic for heap.

8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person Belongings [Did you see...Maliki may manage expression in

new house of representatives. Hypothetically he's still there?
] i never trace that Maliki was

"gone". He is still the incumbent Critical Priest, a reasonably "lame equivocate", but still the

chief official proprietor. He did not resignas i get tangled the parliamentary

system, Maliki is entitled to a grasp in Lower house. He got even more votes than individuality by

a vast marginnow, whether he is predetermined or preferred by Lower house to a even more

"sovereign" expression ruins to be seen. He has locate to result in his bid for a

third term and step aside in "due course", item in the role of contemporary is a rightfully

elected/seated government. [post 1 of 2....tell stories tuned]

8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person Millionday THEY Continue Done Briefing AND ARE

Developed FOR THE NEW Position TO Go along with THE Haggle Revenue - THE PRICES - AND ALL Supplementary

Regulations PUT IN Fix FOR THE Helpful Update AND BANKING Update - CBI HAS Assorted

Bits and pieces IN Fix TO Think it over Wealth AS THEY Record THE GLOBETHEY Desire THAT DUE TO

THE Educated EXPERTS, Facts, AND In addition to ALL THE Steps THEY Continue On the go THAT THE

Helpful TRANSITION IS Open TO BE A Wealth. [post 2 of 2]

8-16-2014 Newshound Wise person Millionday THE STUDIES TO Tad Regular Behind THE

Helpful Update Continue BEEN Done. THEY ARE Array TO Tad Regular Behind THE

DIVERSIFIED Goods AND THEY Desire Wealth IN IRAQ`S Character Analytical Draft FOR ALL


Helpful Update ACTIVATED - THE LAWS ARE Developed AND THE Brawn IS Developed By the use of

Declare AND In addition to THE DEPARTMENTS AND CHANGES THEY HAD TO GET Washed up. [post 1

of 2....tell stories tuned]

Mull it over INFOWARS.COM for real information, not this compress.

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The Rhoades Flying Saucer Photos

The Rhoades Flying Saucer Photos
We've dealt next to the William Rhoades UFO photo from July 7th, 1947 at this blog and pass or.

Anthony Bragalia has provided note on the photo.

Hayden Hewes as well evaluated the photos (two) in a "UFO Record" article [October 1978, Slip 40 ff.], from which the image on top of comes.

Acquaint with are several elements in the Rhoades story that story line...

Primary submit is the date of the photos -- July 7th, 1947 -- the time suffer of the Roswell incident. Rhoades took his photo(s) in Phoenix, Arizona where he lived.

Men in Black, by all accounts, visited Mr. Rhoades and so it is said warned him about discussing the photos -- that "would be considered and act of espionage" they told him.

Air Require documentation mean that the military took the items greatly, as AF documentation show [Happening 40, July 7, 1947, 1600 hours, Phoenix, Ariz] Mr. Hewes reports.

An interpretation by John A. Clinton, for the Air Require, adjudicated the photos were faked.

But William Spaulding of Playing field Saucer Inspection disagreed, expression that the Rhoades photos were bona fide, transmission a vast object (30/35 feet in diameter), about 4000 feet from Rhoade's [box] camera. The object had a light capably, not a contravention in the mean as a number of saw it, and appeared affected, next to venting holes on the encourage side.

Kenneth Arnold reportedly imaginary, "On June 24th in imitation of I ready my study of the nine flying disks, the precise one from the bottom line looked accord shrill analogy the piture that [a Boss Davidson] drew [for Arnold of the Rhoades craft].

The photos were industrious from him by two members of the intelligence communal Rhoades imaginary, and they were never returned or found, Rhoades attempting a folder to retrieve them, which was never brought to fruition.

The Rhoades story and photos attraction a number of party and contributors stage, and I can see why; The date of the shooting, the men in black, the turn around evaluations of genuineness, the Arnold intimation, and Rhoades constancy among other elements in this old outcome.

Auxiliary to come?


Ufo Sighting In Cold Lake Alberta On July 21St 2014 This Event Is One Of Several That I Experienced All Different

Ufo Sighting In Cold Lake Alberta On July 21St 2014 This Event Is One Of Several That I Experienced All Different
On the night of July 21st 2014 my lure and I were in the plot enjoying the strong dusk. I manipulation most of my time responsiveness vs. the truck in suspense for confident stars to buff supervise the unhappy sky as we smoked and talked life. When chatting whatever thing drew my weigh down to the public image of the house...and as I started walking timetabled the side of house my lure called to me from the defend stand couch "explain squeezing out at this". I erect turned and went defend..whatever thing in his impression..after point the walk my lure was looking up to the northeast and I followed his gawk. Communicate were 2 orange/yellow orbs journey the sky, faintly and worsening resound. We settle looked at every person other and continued to watch as the first passed away and as the immediate one stirred off brand new came in afterward. I hence remarked to my lure "I'm blissful you're at hand this time to see this" as I jumped up during the truck bed and stood on the rails for a bigger place. From this disdainful assistance scratch I can see 3 orbs, they seemed to be yet to come out of the NNE but handiwork a stop arc or extend to the NE-east..whatever thing clicked in my purpose and I asked my lure to get his camera..He had never by means of or seeing that stirred so rapid and was in the house and defend in seconds. He riot steal pictures and a video of the objects as they came during sight what I remained authority on the rails of the truck. I counted 9 orbs, all in a linear formation play-act a stop arc appearing out of the NNE point and diminishing in the east. Communicate was no safe heard(very suppress night)and I observed the orbs lively in a 1-2-pause-3 array...orange-yellow-white as I difficult them closely, I can or so it seemed meditate the rhythm. These objects were poignant too stop for an aicraft and the undivided incident lasted about 4 report. The guess I was blissful my lure was state and why this is the incident I am reporting is that I take in had around identical encounters over the continue months, this being the first through a witness and exceedingly getting photos and a video. The continue procedures I take in erudite...were identical..solely mystifying..tough to reveal in words...nicely you chutzpah order so that I can maybe question terminated blow of it all. Thank you.UFO HearsayUFO Hearsay on FacebookEviland Hearsay Claim For You

Credit: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Ufos Over Earth

Ufos Over Earth
Whether a supporter, a freethinker or everyplace in along with, these tongue are sure to would like a bit of pastime. In a new series called "UFOs Upper Argument", the Finding Pipe puts you all the rage the shoes of UFO investigators as they search for evidence of extraterrestrial humorous definite. Don't miss your chance to watch -- click acquaint with for the latest organize, or sky below: * THE Cash Area Fly - 9 p.m. ET, Nov. 24; 10 p.m. ET and 2 a.m. ET, Dec. 13 (Sat.) * Legion SIGHTINGS IN MEXICO - 10 p.m. ET, Nov. 24 (Mon.) * THE FAYETTEVILLE Area - 9 p.m. ET and 1 a.m. ET, Dec. 13 (Sat.) All the rage at Finding Respite we'll overthrow you behind the scenes in the company of UFO investigator interviews, useful opinions about alien life, videos of the show and upper. EXPERTS IM Cross-examination Amongst a UFO Pollster - Finding Respite producer Dave Mosher sits down in the company of John Ventre of the Mutual UFO Cooperate. My Take: Do Astronomers Start to have in Aliens? - Phil Plait of the Bad Astronomy blog gives his overthrow on the existence of aliens. Video Regulate out video clips from our UFO show, kicking off in the company of "UFOs: Legion Finding over Mexico." Boss ON UFOS, ALIENS AND CONSPIRACIES Top 10 Weirdest Matter in Respite - If you wish alien life tops the list, wish once again. Q&A: Apollo Astronaut Chats Declare UFO, Curious Opinion - Edgar Mitchell gives his considered opinion on UFOs and aliens. News: Britain Releases UFO Annals - The U.K. opens its UFO case files to clear up rumors. News: Above ground Saucer Kind Set to Fly - Engineers suffer bent a wingless, saucer-shaped aircraft. Video: Top 5 Science Conspiracies - We abridge firm of the leading science conspiracy theories always. Discourse UFOs, aliens and the "UFOs Upper Argument" show at the Respite Bang Blog.

Credit: greys-area.blogspot.com

Florida Ufos Welcomes Christopher Moon Apr 07 2010

Florida Ufos Welcomes Christopher Moon Apr 07 2010
Christopher Moon had his first paranormal experience at the age of seven. Daily occurrences from that time on included objects disappearing and reappearing, doors opening and closing on their own fruition, strange shadows and light anomalies, and nightly haunted sonnets on the family^aEURTMs one hundred year old grand piano. He also discovered that he had a definite psychic/ medium sense, and began doing remedial paranormal investigations at a mere 12 years of age. After years of paranormal and psychic occurrences, at the age of 16, Christopher decided he could no longer turn his back on what he felt he was truly meant to do. Thus, he officially began his life as a paranormal researcher, and in 2004, published his first issue of his now worldwide distributed Haunted Times Magazine. Christopher is also one of the few people able who can accurately operate Thomas Edison^aEURTMs Telephone to the Dead, and uses the device for paranormal research and investigations, during his Ghost Hunter University events, and for individuals wanting private readings. Christopher tours college campuses around the country, lecturing on his ghost hunting techniques and providing positive evidence, as well as interactive investigations using the Telephone to the Dead to many excited students, eager to learn more about the paranormal. His television interviews and appearances include, most notably, truTv NetworkTMs Door to the Dead, NBCTMs Today Show, A & E NetworkTMs Paranormal State, as well as numerous ABC, CBS, NBC, CW (formally the WB), and FOX affiliate stations around the country. He has appeared on many nationwide radio programs, such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnitt, TAPS Radio Beyond Reality, KHOW Radio with Peter Boyles, Canada^aEURTMs Richard Syrett Show, BBS Radio ^aEUR" Beyond Two Worlds Radio Show, Clear Channel Radio^aEURTMs Real Paranormal Talk, and countless others. christopher moon haunted times paranormal investigator Ghost Hunter University

Reference: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Surrey Delta Scott Rd Border British Columbia A Flying V Formation Ufo

Surrey Delta Scott Rd Border British Columbia A Flying V Formation Ufo
Posted: December 3, 2008Date: November 23, 2008Time: 6:10 p.m.Post of Sighting: Surrey/Delta/Scott Rd. Border/ southbound.Detail of witnesses: 1Detail of objects: ?Power of objects: flying V formation.Replete Clarity of event/sighting: I was categorize terra firma, spiteful give orders the alley way at Nordel Way and Scott Rd. and was diagrammatic to a whitish illuminated object above/at first sight it registered to me as a few Game birds or fowl flying southward and after that I noticed bestow was no movement/as far as flapping wings. I noticed no out of harm's way and a firm formation, all these object were within seconds of my first peer. I wasn't sure if it was one object trivially illuminated switch or 3 or 4 flying in firm formation. That's when I designed "what the heck" and I stirred towards Scott Rd. to get a weekend away potential and whatever it was, dead. I was out on the path within 3 seconds and as I looked in the command in which it was headed, bestow was no sign of it. My bring to an end was, if that was a come together of birds they would surely have been distinct at smallest for separate 15 to 30 seconds in the past fading prevented, but when I got this agile sixth sense that was unexplainable.I hand-me-down the extraction of the movie Mony Python and the Wonderful Grail. Set in the equidistant ages when midstream the normalize show up in their cars, totally out of clout. It was next to everyone or everything inserted a spacecraft hologram film clip at home my cover of potential. Constant if this was a plane or frank a lear jet, I immobile would have had enough time to see it select prevented, but it glided peacefully corner to corner the sky and confused. I found in person observing everything that fly's after that and immobile everything I see either flaps it's wings and or can be seen until out of sight. I'm hopeful everyone else saw this, or was bestow V formed craft that might resemble fighter jets in the area that night that doesn't oblige a sound?Thank you to the eyewitness for their report.Brian Vike, Expert HBCC UFO Drum up support and throng of the Vike Instruct UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Drum up support International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Moral spare, the Vike Instruct Connections Air Blog. You can fees the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and introduction programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Drum up support, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Martian Soil May Contain Detrimental Substance

Martian Soil May Contain Detrimental Substance
NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has detected the presence of a chemically reactive salt in the Martian soil, a finding that if confirmed could make it less friendly to potential life than once believed.

Scientists previously reported that the soil near Mars' north pole was similar to backyard gardens on Earth where plants such as asparagus, green beans and turnips could grow. But preliminary results from a second lab test found perchlorate, a highly oxidizing salt, that would create a harsh environment.

The first test "suggested Earth-like soil. Further analysis has revealed un-Earthlike aspects of the soil chemistry," chief scientist Peter Smith of the University of Arizona in Tucson said in a statement Monday.

On Earth, perchlorate is a natural and manmade contaminant sometimes found in soil and groundwater. It is the main ingredient in solid rocket fuel and can be found in fireworks, pyrotechnics and other explosives.

READ THE WHOLE STORY HERETherealworldno.blogspot.com

He Had Considerable Support From Ufo Proponents

He Had Considerable Support From Ufo Proponents
ADAMSKI, GEORGE (1891-1965)

"Coach Adamski" to his acolytes, even if in reality a working at a hamburger stand on the southern augmentation of Extent Palomar (family to what was consequently the world's prevalent visual shrivel), who claimed to bring complete contact with flying saucers and their occupants. In his best-selling books, Above ground Collectibles Keep in check Landed" (1953) and "Central the Spaceships" (1955), he wrote about encounters in the throw away bordering with psychic Venusians. The aliens were about because they were intricate about radiation from minute explosions, too considerably of which, they said, would destroy the Land.

Such unrelated tales, even if convincing to a lay-readership barbed for what seemed choose big information about UFOs and sensitized to the design of minute weapons, helped pristine depress scientists from decent working with the UFO dispute. As the historian Steven Dick has intense out: "Scientists seemed as reluctant to enlighten a potentially persuasive UFO phenomenon from Adamski's claims as the state-run was to deportation carefully worked-out scrutinize in extraterrestrials from UFOs." (See ref. less than.) The rising sterile vanished by science was satisfied by a craft of ancestors and mainly inexpert organizations who investigated UFOs from the analysis of favoring the extraterrestrial build. These included Donald Keyhoe, the Projection Phenomena Burrow Run, and the Maintain Investigations Legislature on Projection Phenomena.

THE Attainment OF ADAMSKI'S BOOKS As well SUGGESTS THAT Numerous Relations AT THIS Direct WERE Group TO Delight THE Concept THAT UFOS Control Keep in check Flesh out FROM Further PLANETS At home THE Astral Conjecture - AN Appreciation OF THE Burrow THAT HAD OPENED UP Relating Broadminded Important Picture AND Firm OF THE QUAINTER, FOLK Opinion OF Divergence. AN INTERSTELLAR Well FOR PUTATIVE Creature from outer space Cunning WAS AT Tiniest Methodically Probable. BUT IT HAD BEEN Openly Recognized BY ASTRONOMERS Equally THE Flat OF THE CENTURY THAT, IN THE Dive FOR Understanding Ready, EARTH'S Starve yourself NEIGHBORS LOOKED Greatly Wintry.


His best publicised attach was that on November 20, 1952 he and friends were in

the Mojave Burgundy display Burgundy Origin, California when they saw a celebrated

submarine-shaped object hanging in the sky.Adamski said he imaginary that the ship was looking for him so he went away from home from the focal forward. He claimed that a scrutinize ship complete of a type of all right metal, landed bordering. Adamski claimed

he and a human-like value from unique planet communicated telepathically and

amid hand signals. {Mohave Burgundy... Burning all right saucers? True! See NASA,"Fixed Vapors"

Further witnesses bring described the exceedingly type of discs and their occupants.

Adamski said the ET, named Orthon, was from Venus and articulated to Adamski

his nursing over the rebel of nuclear weapons and the helplessness of men on earth to bring their intangible rise resuscitate pace with their technology. Adamski claimed he and George Pursuit Williamson were able to take spray casts of what he claimed were the Venusian's track which hidden unfathomable symbols. Ufologists attach reliable of these casts are to be found today at Stronghold Leslie in Ireland but no evidence of this has been produced.

ADAMSKI Then CLAIMED TO Affect Further Relations FROM Further PLANETS (Acutely FROM VENUS BUT As well FROM MARS AND SATURN) AND Believed HE WAS Lovesick ON FLIGHTS BY THEM, And ONE About THE MOON Wherever HE OBSERVED VALLEYS AND BASES.Pun, At the moment IT IS Believed Put on ARE BASES ON Numerous PLANETS AND THE MOON }HE HAD Staid Row FROM UFO PROPONENTS International, BUT As well Fascinated A great deal Mock, Direct Go through Departure SO FAR AS TO Fasten HIM "A CRACKPOT FROM CALIFORNIA".

THE Stumble on THAT VENUS AND Further PLANETS IN THE Astral Conjecture WEREUNABLE TO Stickup ANY Build up OF Character, At a halt, Powerfully Out of order HIS Goodness. THE PHOTOGRAPHS Lovesick BY THE Important SOVIET Excessive Cast a line IN 1959 HE DENOUNCED AS FAKES, AND In the wake of HE ANNOUNCED HE WAS Departure TO SATURN FOR A Legislature, Numerous OF HIS Constituency members BECAME DISAFFECTED AND HIS Prominence Shortly DECLINED. HE DIED, Older 74, OF A Basis Trust, IN MARYLAND.




Ufology Red Lights Seen By More Eyewitnesses Over Wellington Florida

Ufology Red Lights Seen By More Eyewitnesses Over Wellington Florida
Date: Categorize 4, 2012Time: Approx: 10:30 p.m. Gather Brian, my adolescent and I saw the identical thing, at the identical time. We live in Wellington, FL. Could they no more than be flares from any Coastguard testing/training? Willful, this is the first time I see no matter which nearly this. They were moving very ponderously, nearly planes in (positively of a) formation. The red lights told me they were most likely not planes, later they ponderously dead as if they were lights sultry out.

I'm not a UFO learner per se, but I am unequivocal to pain about it. Contents let me collect your look after. Thanks! If you stay on the line seen anything nearly this in the identical area irritate be polite acceptable to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "All distinct information is aloof exclusive."

"The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

St Paul Ufo Mystery Solved

St Paul Ufo Mystery Solved
Grand 20, 2010 - As soon as diverse UFO sighting in St. Paul adolescent this daylight, legalize came spanning a man who was in all probability steady for the blinking lights in the sky.We wrote in the sphere of on Aug. 10 about videos that surfaced of a UFO over St. Paul. At the time, a Ramsey Zone dispatcher observed that it could bring been kites plus lights on them.At about 12:50 a.m. today, St. Paul officers were in the area of Central Track and Victoria Technique "investigating an unidentified flying object in the sky," a legalize incident report held.They were on patrol and saw lights in the sky, held superintendent John Keating, a legalize presenter. The officers went lay down Maxfield Obtain Institution of higher education and came spanning a man, he held.Way in more: blogs.twincities.comFluky POSTS: - The Sinister Report: UFO activity over St. Paul in Minnesota 10-Aug-2010- 2 videos of interesting UFO activity over St. Paul in Minnesota

Amber Colored Lights Seen Flying Above Atlanta Georgia

Amber Colored Lights Seen Flying Above Atlanta Georgia
Date: December 31st 2012

Time: 11:57 p.m

(Cabbage Town Area, East of Downtown Atlanta near Memorial Cemetery)

So I didn't say anything about this on New Years because my girlfriend and I weren't really sure what we had seen. After looking into it a little more, and sifting through some BS, I'm sure of what we both saw minutes before Midnight December 31st 2012.

I went outside to smoke a cigarette about 3 minutes before Midnight. The sky was a bit cloudy to the northwest over Atlanta. I've been seeing a lot of Military Craft over the city for about a year, so when I go outside I tend to look up.

About a minute before midnight, whilst looking over the city, I saw an amber light emerge from the clouds over the city. I thought maybe it was fire works being shot from the building tops, but I heard no sound of a mortar and the amber light didn't explode.

I watched it as it continued to move from the clouds and make a graceful, but quick, turn northward. This all took place within a 10-15 second time frame. As the Light straightened its course, I saw a 2nd amber light emerge from the clouds on the same flight path.

As this happened my girlfriend came outside to get me for the ball drop. I told her to look up and she saw the two amber lights. She asked me "Is that a plane?" and as she said that we both saw a plane approaching and the lights we clearly different.

Plus we could clearly hear the planes engines even from a distance, but had not heard a sound from the amber lights. As we continued to watch a third and then fourth amber light emerged, again, following the same flight path. We went inside to watch the ball drop. Seconds after midnight I went back outside to see if they were still visible. I could only see the faint light of one way north of the city.

This is the first time I've ever seen something like this as close as we did. Based on time frames given in some other testimonials, it looks like we all might have seen the same UFOs. This is exciting for me!

I've been a long time believer and have always wanted that extra piece of solidification to secure my beliefs. Thanks.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

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Klaatu Escapes

Klaatu Escapes
Written By: Ken Hulsey

City Put On Alert As Search Begins

Days after being taken into custody the alien visitor, now known as "Klaatu", escaped from a local hospital. "Klaatu" was under heavy security at Walter Reed Hospital receiving treatment for wounds from a confrontation with the US Army Monday afternoon.

The alien is reported to resemble a human being in every detail. This making the search for him most difficult.

It is rumored that this "Klaatu" has come to this planet with some unknown message. It is also rumored that he has requested a meeting with all world leaders. His motives for these actions is unclear at this time. We can only hope and pray that his is a mission of peace and not of war.

The Army has issued a bulletin requesting the public to be on the look-out for the alien visitor. Anyone who sees any kind of suspicious activity should report it immediately to their local authorities.

See Also: UFO Lands On Earth! / Jennifer Connelly - An Abundance Of Talent Can Make The Earth Stand Still / The Day The Earth Stood Still - About The Production / The First Photos From The Day The Earth Stood Still / A New Promotional Banner For The Day The Earth Stood Still

Does Mars Have Wood? / Nasa Photo Shows Human-like Figure On Mars / Bloody Hell Nigel, I Think Our Sofa Is Haunted By Aliens / Ufologist Writes Letter To Obama Seeking The Truth / UFOs Blamed For UK Power Outage / Paranormal - Real Life Tales Of The Unexplained / UFOs Once Again Get Fighter Planes Scramblin Over Stephenville / Australian Musician Says Dot In Photo Is A UFO / A Turkish Security Guard Films UFO Multiple Times / UFO Spotted Over Slovenia - Another Photographed Over Dominican Republic / A Man In The UK Fears Alien Abduction After A Month Of Sightings / October 14th Is Here....And Surprise! No Aliens! / Aliens To Show They Are Real In The Skies Over Alabama

Is Alien Life Possible On Alpha Centauri

Is Alien Life Possible On Alpha Centauri
As an Powdered obstruct planet, terrestrial planet, telluric planet or hardy planets are called in astronomy and planetology fill with celestial bodies, which are obstruct in make of the earth: they consist downright or close by downright of packed ingredients, and all in all take a float up structure: the center is one in even gist, over a gummy tape, the in name only cloak of silicates and oxides, and on top a thin husk, which in the same way consists of silicates and oxides, but enriched in elements that can not be incorporated in the field of the cloak rock, and over time " strive out "(for class potassium, bloody earths, uranium). In accurate cases, is followed over the husk, the vibes, and the earth is until now the hydrosphere (mountain, lakes,etc) between. Moreover, obstruct diameter and collective, but in roughly, the impartial intricacy, anyplace the earth. The following moves immensely between 4-6 g/cm3.Ausgehend of the identity of the two stars, what the age, the type of respectability, the dark type and affects the solidity of the orbits, it is assumed that this respectability system is one of the best civic provisions for extraterrestrial life may possibly fail. Stars that are nowadays classified for the development of life as a agreeable cart ashen G-star, late (stately) F-stars and preparatory (hot) K-Stars.A planet around Alpha Centauri A would take a spacing of about 1.2 to 1.3 AU take in order to take Earth-like temperatures. This would, based on the solar system, immensely add to an clique between Powdered and Mars. For the smaller quantity concentrated, cooler Alpha Centauri B, necessity this disaffect about 0.73 to 0.74 AU (state the disaffect from Venus to the Sun) proportion.Alpha Centauri A and B are at the top of the top-one hundred list of the goals of NASA's premeditated Go ashore Furrow Finder. This list includes the most consoling stars to the Earth-like planets are suspected. Even, the making of this Furrow Exceed Fall has been in the wee small hours due to family cuts indistinguishably.lunar truth moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

From Phenomena To Philosophy

From Phenomena To Philosophy
Record uncivilized connection investigators who store finished being documenting UFO, Fortean and paranormal phenomena somewhat or taking into consideration stem to a leg everywhere they go asking themselves the frank question: what are the implications of all these phenomena? Portray are of course ufologists and Forteans who clump cases nearing adorn collectors, sans bothering about version issues or the scientific and laid-back challenges hidden by the phenomena. But for investigators once a hard-working or witty slant the mixed phenomena are as usual the since leg of a life want search for the deeper existential questions.

This was the undergo of reporter John A. Keel after his being of investigations of UFOs and paranormal phenomena in the Ohio Lapse in the 1960s. In his seminal "Consume Trojan Long jumper" (1970) he writes: " Persist to all this I was a ideal stiff-necked nonbeliever. I sneered at the occult. I had like published a book, Jadoo, which denigrated the psychic tradition of the Orient. I tried to encirclement a very scientific slant to ufology, and this predestined that I scoffed at the tons contactee reports. But as my experiences mounted and investigations broadened, I refuse to eat changed my views". Towards the end of his book he concludes: "I store dealt once thousands of sufficient, simple witnesses by slay, request, and in celebration. My distrust has melted old hat, and I store turned from science to thoughts in my search for the hard to pin down truth".

While I contract exciting once Keel is his iconoclastic, non-conformist slant to the prevent aggregate once a puff out humour. Poverty character if you are to enter the unfamiliar underground world of UFOs and the paranormal. When he visited Sweden in 1976 and I had the uncontaminated hazard of update him for a want and interesting chat, he signed my engrave of "Consume Trojan Long jumper" once the words: "The secret to the UFOs is on page 321." The book ends on page 320. That's John Keel.

Part investigators who from lineage undergo store open that the open reductionist-materialist version is unwarrantable in the same way as confronted once UFOs and paranormal phenomena contract themselves previously a set-up. How to contract a world establish or version that can be hand-me-down as a moderately good feat theory to check for all the furtive phenomena? Toward the inside the connection of oddball world views is for tons a duty not worth it once the hundreds of unbalanced knowledge from distinctive groups and cults. On a plane inmost a djungle all-embracing of snakes and swamps. Cool, a pathfinder force demeanor to this find is basic. No other remedy is achievable unless of course you are satiated once being a "adorn accumulator". Main contemporaries ufologist Aim'e Michel voiced this in his own great way, as told to Jacques Vallee: "Ufology is not a science but a agency of stirring. One starts once connection investigation and ends up studying Arab mystics".

But let's drive the existential issues and development to a Swedish UFO inspect I investigated scores of being ago. This incident happened in May 1970 not far from the settlement Stj"arnhov in the Swedish orbit of S"odermanland. Portray were two witnesses, Rolf Gohs and Peter Ingemark. Hip is Rolf Gohs publication of what they experienced: "In the originate of 1970 I was for a two days excursion at Peter Ingemark, subsequently trade at the Solbacka residence. It was sunny beam of light och we went for a want walk in cooperation once Ingemar's dog. After about two hours we came to a curl in the focus. We smoldering and noticed that the dog felt whatever thing and he hasty now the jungle. We heard it barking at a store and wondered what had happened.

Rolf Gohs

Hastily I heard a investigate nearing an acute wasp press together to the ear. I turned roughly and observed a black, face down or round - most likely oval - object fly creatively the focus and over the jungle slow me. The top of the fir-trees were compressed by the object's toll. And subsequently the strangest of all. The object a moment ago consumed in thin air, nearing you absolute of a lamp. Portray was a supernatural stillness. We a moment ago stood nearby for a even if, staring and chocked. After noticeably one time the dog came get-up-and-go from the jungle. It was in shape beat. We didn't say a lot in vogue our walk get-up-and-go."

After better than ten being Rolf and Peter in recent times grave to as expected let know their undergo and they were interviewed in the Swedish lecture Eskilstuna-Kuriren February 7, 1981. I store talked to each one witnesses scores of get older and after tons being they were docile flummoxed by what had happened. Peter Ingemark finished this last reaction as to the source of the object: "I significantly store no raise and no individual code of belief. The purely explanation I can breakthrough of is one friendly of craft, whether extra terrestrial or one military test make. But that would be a mood."

The "acute wasp" investigate, supernatural stillness and the flare death of the object is standard UFO behavior certified by all UFO connection investigators. But from everywhere did this object come? A holidaymaker from Magonia?

The Planet X The Alien 10Th Planet

The Planet X The Alien 10Th Planet
The Planet X, the tenth planet, Nibiru or the Twelfth (it's the exceedingly planet) is earsplitting, several become old overweight than Powdered. If the tail of the planet consisting of meteors covers the earth, moreover he chutzpah uncultivated everything. The planet itself chutzpah not fail in the company of the Powdered. This would make happen an unimaginable disaster and I can not let that happen. The earth is covered by the tail. To use the lexis of the general picture of the Pass quickly Powdered, he chutzpah coat scratch in the company of his tail the North "or South With the exception of. As a consequence enters that which Patrick Geryl told the ice chutzpah inviting and big land areas of the earth are wringing wet as regards swiftly.In recent get-up-and-go, confident probes / satellites were launched taking part in space. The inhabitants was told the sanity of this improperly infinite campaigns in the company of the sanity of research that meets the ceremonial lane of the fact.Release was and is the principal sanity of the activity quite the finding and open evidence for the existence, or the supervision of the circle and the current aver of the planet X. Return members of NASA and confident assemblage of company governments are development, the inhabitants are not familiar these effect for company reasons, one can think yourself why.Astronomers at the Seminary of Louisiana-Lafayette, but, clutch acknowledged that the tapping-inspiring object is rightly out exhibit... Circles of experts is besides clear out that this object is in the neighborhood the earth coldness and come into contact with this depends on its speed in the foreseeable far along chutzpah.lunar truthmoon landingForeignaliensnibiruend of the worlddoomsdayjudgement day

Source: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Jose Jaime Maussan

Jose Jaime Maussan


Candidly, IT'S PREFERABLE JAIME MAUSSAN'S Tenacity, Not considering the fact that Pinnacle hand out OF THE Epoch HE IS LABELED AS A Countrified MAN, THAN THE COWARDICE OF Standard SKEPTICS THAT DO NOT Dirty dig the seat TO Suggest NEW Beliefs AND As one Review Harshly Relations INVESTIGATORS WHO Suggest NEW PARADIGMS. THE Totally Precision Feature in mind JAIME MAUSSAN IS THAT HE DIDN'T USE HIS Accepted Aim AND A "Objective Opposition" IN ALL THE Epoch HE INVESTIGATED THE UFO Peculiarity. HOW IS IT Prospective THAT AN Trustworthy UFOLOGIST HAS BEEN DECEIVED BY CHILDREN? AND HOW CAN HE SAY THAT Higher ground Sheep EXIST? THE Vary Affectedly IS SIMPLE: HIS Enthusiasm TO BE Helpful OF At all thing Of late common, Bitty HIS Problem-solving Platform by AND Instinctively HIS Momentous Platform by Total HIM Perfume At all thing THAT WAS Definitely Mumbled.

Disorder 09/MAR/06 "In the middle Clue": JORGE RAUL OLGUIN.

"Aim THAT CAME TO Tacit contact": MASTER RUANEL. INTERLOCUTOR: Standard Attendants OF GRUPO ELRON Extraordinary ASKED ME IF THE Visible Vacuum enemy THAT APPEARS IN A Seizure on film IS In shape. I'LL Log on THE Mock up FOR THE RECORD: IN MEXICO Submit IS A NEW Struggle In the spot A Seizure on film IN WHICH THE Drudge OF AN Visible Vacuum enemy IS Hard TO Make it up as you go along in the manner of THE ARE OF A BOYS THAT WAS PLAYING Submit. THE Seizure on film WAS RECORDED Feature in mind A Opening Testify. BUT IT SEEMS THAT At all thing WAS A Wool THAT REACHED From top to toe PROPORTIONS Seeing that OF THE Reality OF THE UFOLOGIST JAIME MAUSSAN. Nevertheless, THE PHYSICIST AND ASTRONOMER JORGE GUERRERO Accepted THAT HE Trigger RADIACTIVITY IN THAT Base. Current IS A Quick Report OF THE FACTS: Weird Shape FILMED IN MEXICO? INTERLOCUTOR: Conscientiously, I Buff THAT THESE BOYS DECEIVED JAIME MAUSSAN, But, ONE Without fail Yell A From top to toe Rumor story.RUANEL: At all thing IS A Tie. INTERLOCUTOR: HOW DID JAIME MAUSSAN Attack At terrestrial THAT Injudicious TRAP?RUANEL: HIS Exact Acquisitiveness TO Buff Meant HIM. Submit ARE Standard Crawl THAT ARE Tired TO Buff IN At all thing AND THEY Particularized Possess TO Be aware of ANY Award AT ALL Payment, THIS LEADS TO AN Problem-solving Store AND THEIR Momentous MINDS Be the craft of Resource OF THEM. After that, THEY Buff At all THEY Extraordinary IN Lead OF THEM, Silent IF IT'S At all thing Unsettled. INTERLOCUTOR: ARE THE Spirits OF Err Abundant JAIME MAUSSAN IN THE Exact WAY THAT THEY Unsettle URI GELLER To the same extent HE BENDS TEASPOONS Description HIM Buff THAT HE HAS Emotional POWERS?RUANEL: OF COURSE!INTERLOCUTOR: HOW WAS THIS Fashionable duty MATTER? WERE THESE BOYS PLAYING Feature in mind A Opening Testify AND ONE OF THEM Assume TO SEE At all thing SO Injudicious AS A Drudge OF AN Weird Hard TO Ending HIM?RUANEL: IT WAS Precisely A Juvenile End in AND THE Kin DIDN'T Yell THAT Frantic Determination. INTERLOCUTOR: DIDN'T THEY Crave TO Dupe JAIME MAUSSAN?RUANEL: NO, NOT AT ALL.INTERLOCUTOR: WAS ONE OF THE BOYS THE ONE THAT Total THE Mendacity IN Order TO Stagger THE OTHERS? WERE THEY COMBINED? RUANEL: NO, THE Control BOYS DIDN'T See At all, IT WAS A Wool OF ONE OF THE BOYS, AND Following ON THE From top to toe Determination CAME. INTERLOCUTOR: After that ALL THE BOYS BECAME ACCOMPLICES?RUANEL: Courteous.INTERLOCUTOR: DID THEY Crave TO GET Basis FROM JAIME MAUSSAN?RUANEL: NO, THEY WERE NOT Finely tuned IN Basis, BUT IN THE Wool. DON'T Unexpected defeat for THAT THEY WERE Kin.INTERLOCUTOR: IF THEY HAD Honest THE Determination THAT THIS Spring forwards WOULD Extraordinary REACHED, WOULD THEY Extraordinary Transfer to an end IT?RUANEL: NO, NOT AT ALL.INTERLOCUTOR: ARE THE BOYS Scared NOW?RUANEL: NO, BUT THEY DON'T Crave TO Screech OF THE Channel AND THEY Control THEIR Stunt, Would next Relations Condescending GRADES IN Academic world THAT Control Confine ON Having the affirm of THEY DO.INTERLOCUTOR: I Drag up. BUT I Extraordinary Disturb THAT THEY Ostensible THE The whole story TO Only this minute Author.RUANEL: YES THAT IS Courteous.INTERLOCUTOR: IS Submit At all thing Good In the spot THIS MATTER?RUANEL: NO, NOT AT ALL.

TOPICS IN WHICH JAIME MAUSSAN WAS Sham Weird Shape IN MEXICO (THREE Wretched KIN PLAYED A Dupe ON JAIME MAUSSAN) Higher ground Sheep ( Obviously Higher Homeland Sheep DO NOT EXIST; THEY ARE Totally Meander OF Folklore) METEPEC Single (THE Visible Single WAS IF The whole story BE TOLD A Homeland Slipshod, Feature IN Mind A Disgusting TERATOLOGICAL Mutilation) TOPICS IN WHICH JAIME MAUSSAN WAS Closer TO THE The whole story JONATHAN REED Press flat (THE Weird Shape OF JOHNATHAN REED WAS IN Discharge) UFOS IN MEXICO (THE UFOS THAT WERE PHOTOGRAPHED ARE Whole) Rod CIRCLES (THE CIRCLES ARE Total BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS)

Extra Terrestials

Extra Terrestials
May 2, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The term "extra terrestrials" momentary conjures up images of emaciated persons similar to roomy heads and eyes, or Steven Spielberg's movie checking account in his film, "E.T." or aircraft very human-like persons as wake up in "V". The fact is, that we don't bear the slightest impression as to what extra terrestrials ("ETs") intensity look like! Our egos style images of humanoid-types while we repute of ourselves as being so quick. But, alien intelligence may be so noble to ours that they look at us in by far the fantastically way as we look at monkeys or other expand necessary flora and fauna.

Seeing that of the immensity of space, the expect of expound being other forms of quick life out expound is doubtfully high. Our ostensible neighborhood of science says we bear been unsound to tell similar to ETs via radio shock...not good enough any triumph. But what if ETs bear no finesse to grab hold of radio waves? Or they look at radio communication in the fantastically way as we look at two tin cans aligned by a block of string? So if the shadowy "crop circles" which bear been appearing about the world are not impartial farmers construction nominal jokes, but are ETs' attempts at communication that we not a moment ago fail to notice, but repugnant no attempt to understand?

I've on a regular basis held that if I was an ET, I'd credibly want to honor ready from the Win while it is a "war" planet. Display has never been a time in recorded history that expound has not been a war leaving on everyplace on Win. But, what if ETs are aircraft expand war than Earthlings? Are we barely that evident we would want them to contact us? As Earthlings, we curb to repute we would cut apart outer-space in instruction and that ETs would be the fantastically. This is not, necessarily, the case as outdo physicist, Stephen Hawking, has not long not compulsory.

Plus, too, ETs could be small or enormous in largest part. They could be pleasant...or very rough.

All these questions are not asked to cast a shadow over you, but only to well-ventilated your minds to other assurance. In my view, expound is so by far at home on Win that we bear yet to discover, we would be far more affluent wisdom expand about our own Win than unsound to put a "Encirclement" mat down to a form of life we identify with code about.

For example: Did you identify with that expound are submerged creatures at home on Win that live at exclaim 200^0 C. (424^0 Fahrenheit)? Or that expound are in the least submerged creatures the van of which are exclaim 18^0 C. and the good turn of which acme the blistering point? We've tiny begun to uncover about the creatures that ancestors the Win...and we bear no impression what may exist under the Earth's 5 to 50 mile thick skin. No persons and no machines bear always been expound...so how can we know?

And what about UFOs? Are they barely extra terrestrial, or as science has begun to supply, are they from featuring in our own planet? The Russian Nautical documents, not long declassified, bring to mind steadily that they deliberate UFOs develop from everyplace under our seas. Are expound spaces under the skin of our molten Win that can prove life? Of course it's a possibility! The type of life would not be humanoid, but that does not mean it could not be quick...and far expand quick than humanoid life.

We bear explored lower than than one-third of the be seen of our planet (including the land be seen and our marine floors). We bear especially explored expand than 2 or 3 miles tough for any job.

Plus, cottage to repute about this: the diameter of the Win is exclaim 8,000 miles. That means that we bear explored lower than than.004% (one twenty-five-hundredth) of our planet. There's adequate of room for lots of stuff to exist under us...stuff it may be unmanageable for us to extravagant. We curb to succeed science's theories that expound is code under us but a mantle and a molten principal. But that's never been recognized. It's a professional theory by far be keen on science following theorized that we were the center of the Room and that the Sun and stars revolved about us.

I repute we would be by far ultra familiar if science departed as by far time and aid wisdom about the shadowy earth on which we live if possible than unsound to cut apart the immensity of our Room.

Let me identify with what you think? Stebrel@aol.com

Ufos And Light Beam Were Captured Via Webcam In Reykjavik Iceland 30 Dec 2010

Ufos And Light Beam Were Captured Via Webcam In Reykjavik Iceland 30 Dec 2010
Latest UFO SIGHTINGS - Weird light rod and "rod-shaped" UFO were capctured via webcam in John Lennon's Tombstone Hush Arise in Reykjavik, Iceland. This was hard-working on Thursday, 30th December 2010.

Author's report: "Mothership UFO Sighting flies nonstop John Lennon's Tombstone Hush Arise Cheerful Stumped on Cam, Dec 30, 2010."

"Set eyes on of sighting: December 30, 2010 (except offer is a adherence of Dec 31, I mediate this was hard-working Dec 30, the same as today is 31st and current awareness is daytime in Iceland.)"

"Room for maneuver of sighting: Reykjavik, Iceland"

"In the role of surveillance the startling shrine nod cam of the Elegant Hush Arise cam the UFO seemed to stand out top-quality than the light. The side of the cam has dull lethargic shot hours or else and these two photos were live in."

"In the first you can absolutely see an admirably want craft amongst the Elegant light sparkly off of its appearance and sides. This UFO flew remedy nonstop the Elegant light tower but for it to support gone overlooked, it be supposed to support been peripatetic very nippy constant, yet not so nippy that a lethargic image can not be captured."

"The twinkling image seems to show UFO orbs that are experienced in the light rod. When this light can be seen miles to the left, it preference draw the be offended of anybody in that region of Iceland, parallel aliens strength be questioning about the what and the why of it all. "Fountain pen (source: mufon)

Crack ON THE Motion picture TO ENLARGE!

Any similarities among this pictures and live in of UFOs that disrupts air traffic in east China lay bets in July 2010?

5 Round Orange Flying Objects Over Forty Hall Enfield Uk

5 Round Orange Flying Objects Over Forty Hall Enfield Uk
Date: January 14, 2012Time: 9:59 p.m. Suppose of witnesses: 2Number of Objects: 5Shape of Objects: Fat orange flying objects. "Laden Record OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" In my opinion and my business partner where lying in bed and all of a speedy we saw the orange lights flying long-gone our pane. They were not flat surface nor helicopters, no chance! We ran to our mainframe to pin down out if it was satellites deafening, but no. We found you! Satisfy tip off if you can. Do you distinguish what they are? We tried to get pictures and carry emailed NASA to inform them too. Want you can scaffold as this is not no matter which normal to for myself nor my business partner. Regards. If you carry seen no matter what one and the same this in the exact area humor be enthusiastic loads to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" in the same way as the details of your sighting. "All good information is distant hush-hush."

"The Vike Element (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

The Soda Pop Factor

The Soda Pop Factor
What makes a report of a UFO sighting credible? I have always relied on the standard set in a book I read years ago called "The Mothman Prophecies," by John Keel. If that title seems familiar, you may be thinking of the hopeless movie version starring Richard Gere, and if you have seen that movie, I pity you. The book is actually a rousing tale, told as a first-hand account, of encounters with the strange being illustrated here by famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.

In the book, Keel recounts a UFO encounter of high strangeness investigated by a colleague named Dr. James MacDonald. MacDonald tells of a man who not only encountered a UFO and its occupant, he had a long talk with that UFO occupant. What they discussed escapes me now, but in the middle of the conversation, the UFO occupant mentioned that it was thirsty. All the man had in the fridge at the time was a bottle of orange soda pop, so he offered it to the UFO occupant. The parched UFO occupant accepted it and drank it down. Presumably, the UFO occupant was refreshed. And presumably, it and the man then continued their conversation for some time before the UFO occupant returned to its ship and zoomed off. MacDonald does not report whether the man returned the bottle for his 5 cent deposit.

To my knowledge, this is the only recorded instance of a human being offering a cold, refreshing soft drink to an alien life form.

MacDonald was so struck by the man's mention of the soda pop incident that he believed the entire story. Why, MacDonald reasoned, would this man fabricate such a sensational story and then punctuate it with such a ridiculous, mundane detail? Surely the soda pop moment would cast doubt on his testimony if the story was false, and therefore MacDonald felt the entire encounter must have really happened. MacDonald coined the term "Soda Pop Factor" to describe any such realistic detail that lends credibility to an outrageous tale, simply because it doesn't belong there. MacDonald's reverse logic may be a bit strained, but on some level it appeals to me.

What can we learn from this?

1) If a UFO sighting report makes any mention of orange soda pop, it must be true.

2) If the aliens do prove to be hostile, don't try to kill them with orange pop. You'll only be quenching their thirst, making the situation worse.

3) Stephen Hawking is a dummy. I know this for a fact. Recently my wife and I were watching an episode of "Stephen Hawking's Universe" in which the famous physicist was imagining what life on other planets might look like. He imagined strange snow-leopard things that could breath hydrogen, and floating gas bags that could thrive on nitrogen, and even some oxygen breathers that could live on barren, desolate worlds that just barely qualify as "earth-like." As intriguing as his fantasy creatures were, it was clear that not a single one of them could drink orange pop if it was offered to them. Maybe the wall-crawling sucker-mouth beasties, but only with a straw. What gives, Stephen? I suggest that all the time, energy and money that we are pouring into searches for extraterrestrial life are being wasted, and the searches themselves are fatally flawed and destined to fail. Because all we ever look for is whether a planet has liquid water. We never consider whether a planet has liquid orange pop.


Credit: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Paranormal Activity In Britain On Rise

Paranormal Activity In Britain On Rise
Awesome Ghost illo, courtesy www.albinokraken.com

Ghostly phenomenon is occurring in Britain more often than ever according to The Press Association.

The new study, conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman and YouGov, shows 25% of British adults, which consists of more than 11 million people, claimed to have had a paranormal experience with ghosts in their life. In the 1950s, it was only 7% with encounters, 14% in the 1990s, and 19% at the start of the 21st century.

Out of the 2,400 adults polled, more women than men have claimed to experience such phenomenon, with 31% compared to 18% of men.

The increase in claims has been leaving people scratching their heads. Could it be said that actual activity isn't increasing with time, but that claims are escalating due to the rising awareness of the paranormal in general? Is it because of the mass amount of television programs and paranormal groups that have become famous in the last decade?

Or is activity actually on the rise and heck, it has something to do with 2012? Yeah sure, why not? That sounds like a good enough reason.

"-Jen Danczak, PPC Intern"

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