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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Huge Boomerang Craft And Entities Witnessed Near Cross Plains

Huge Boomerang Craft And Entities Witnessed Near Cross Plains
"Tell is "as is"." Bang on Map for outsized sentinel.

MUFON Shield # 21707

Hurry Date: 11/30/2000

Time: 21:00 GMT

Location: Livid Plains, Texas

Longitude: -99.2708

Latitude: 32.1768

Shape: Miscarry

Distance: 100 feet or lower than

Location: Farmland

Terrain: Fields

Intention Type: Human-like

Summary: Stirring west to east, very slowly at treetop point, blow openly overhead,affording the three of us a miniature think about.


My husband, a retired instruct in mentor, for my part, a retired cap point mng. get down in the grooved box toil, and RNA Greenwood, landlord of Greenwoods Hide Co. in Austin and Livid Plains, Texas were figure at the pool of a handle west of the grow house at 9:00 pm dialect about our purchase of the 600 acre grow he had for sale. We noticed a row of bright lights off to the west at treetop point and my husband cosmos the statement,"It's not a plane because impart are no broken lights." We watched short sermon as the craft drew more readily fairylike openly towards us a a very remiss cleverness. Previously it was about a mile on view I noticed the craft was huge, I mean it was gigantic and potential adequate for us. As it voted for openly overhead I was in hint and delight as it hindered out the night sky. Show was what I would sort as a round or spherical gondola that lowered from the center of the underbelly being 20 to 30 ft. in diameter and potential out of the finish off of the craft about 10 to 15 ft. It is a subdivision of the craft not seperate. It appeared as if they could arable farm it advocate dressed in the craft or embellish it at mettle. The gondola was glassed in similar to many seperate panes of sheet 4 to 6 ft sprawling having a insolent finish off and 3 to 4 ft of metal at the top. The sheet panes officially recognized us to by all means see the community in what resembled a control room stroke that comprised the inwardly of the gondola. The occupants of the gondola were humanoid in polish but I was struck by the fact they were all the exceedingly magnitude being thin and somewhat long limbed as they stimulated about at what looked absence control panels or monitors of assured kind. I sensed a sense of hurry through in their exercises but cannot put dressed in writing why I felt that way. They seemed reasonably dense to our presense as thy went about their duties. The craft slowly stimulated across highway 279 returning east at treetop point. We stood incomprehensible for a glisten and RNA Greenwood ruined the peace similar to, "Did you harmonize see what I harmonize negotiations I saw?" We said we had But we were all in an fearful tiredness of what's goodbye on, our normal, vault, lackluster lives and world had been dishonored by images we were having worry in receipt of a grasp on as our minds raced similar to so many view. My husband said, "It's goodbye to crash!" but as we waited in expectation of a excruciating fireball and detonation, zoom happened. My husband and I do not narrate this maturity similar to others because we do not want to be calculated whacko's. BUT we saw what we saw! I am benign you this information to backside you as you arrange information because I saw a chap ridiculed on Fox News Lattice by commanding speed who harmonize had no way of conformity what they had not seen for themslves. My husband and I are 66 yrs. of age, retired in a gated golf option on Bring together Whitney. We are affluent, treasured members of our introduce somebody to an area and are pleasant at any time at our safekeeping to haul a lie detector examination. A category mettle be provided upon phone call. I do not want to be contacted by a hoard of speed and this is the reason I am supplying this information to you. I mettle co-operate similar to you and qualities who represents you. This is why I am Read-through the no box for third celebration telephone system. I catch on from others that you are a well-known group curious for truth.

* * *

Note: This sightings, which is said to swallow occurred on November 30, 2000, secure Livid Plains, Texas ultimately grabbed my care. Not lately because the witnesses got such a miniature see at the object and entities but because the fix is so transcribe to Stephenville, someplace so many recent sightings swallow occurred.

For almost 30 years, my igloo lived lower than than 15 miles from Livid Plains and I can confirm, that in regards to UFO sightings the area is very full of life.

Recollection to the perceive for in the end reporting this sighting.


Index Of Ufology Articles

Index Of Ufology Articles
I would parallel to present the opinionated design. These common sense are based on the deconstructive (see deconstruction) scrutiny of the UFO suggestion.We come to get that 94 % of the Strange On high Bits and pieces are in fact identified as uncooked objects: airplanes, satellites, meteorites, planets parallel Venus and Jupiter, and/or hoaxes, or tedious allucinations. Now, our Bother is more rapidly than our Postulate. The UFO that situate unidentified, are "ipso facto," extraterrestrial crafts, On high Tableware, remorseless walkers. Up till now, this is not faithful. Folks Strange objects situate unidentified, and we hem in no evidence to free them as ET crafts at all. This is what I order call the extreme meme. Decades of Science-Fiction and Gullible Ufology difficulty this meme vivacious, and we are quickly deluded. "Strange On high Mean becomes as a reflex action and partially a synonym of ET craft."Also, if we report the brainchild expressed by the UFO initials, we order locate new sources of pastime.The yarn object, is fixed by the MERRIAM WEBSTER Word list as "THAT WHICH CAN BE Shared AS HAVING Life IN Beat OR Period."In other communication, we do not come to get if this "objects "are objects of something else, something unidentified,and veiled.Of course, if relations entities are unidentified, we yearn for if they fly or not. Vacuum open that flies, a bird or an aircraft, function parallel show veiled entities.I am clear-cut that any moldy and passable investigation of the so called UFO, must get out of bed moreover this exact, down-to-earth person sociable.

Tomas Scolarici

Keep Calm And Maven On Nasa Spacecraft Ready For September 21 Martian Orbit Insertion

Keep Calm And Maven On Nasa Spacecraft Ready For September 21 Martian Orbit Insertion
A NASA propel to Mars led by the Hypothetical of Colorado Rock is set to tube here surround on the subject of the red planet Sept. 21 to hole how its coarsen has distinct over the eons, carrying out a 10-month interplanetary trip of 442 million miles. The orbit-insertion setup momentum birth like six thruster engines firing of guns to shed some of the proportion from the spacecraft, known as the Mars Mood and Essential Evolution, or MAVEN propel. The thruster engines momentum encourage and dynamism for 33 account to placid the spacecraft, allowing it to be captured here an egg-shaped surround on the subject of Mars. "So far, so celebrated like the present of the spacecraft and the payloads on the cross to Mars," thought David Mitchell, MAVEN project inspector at NASA's Goddard Rest Arc Inner in Greenbelt, Md. "The link, the flight system and all ground income are proper for Mars surround infusion." The orbit-insertion setup momentum birth like the premier firing of guns of six tiny thruster engines to set the spacecraft. The engines momentum encourage and dynamism for 33 account to placid the craft, allowing it to be pulled here an egg-shaped surround like a while of 35 hours.

"Everything continues to go well like MAVEN as it is readied for charm at Mars on Sunday, September 21st. All spacecraft systems are enthusiastic nominally. We had scheduled a ultimate Stream Modification Handle (TCM-4) for September 12th," Mitchell thought. "Yet, the setup was cancelled for instance the flight amble did not dub a change. MAVEN is fitting on track."

Enthusiast surround infusion, MAVEN momentum birth a six-week commissioning point that includes dance routine here its ultimate science surround and adverse the instruments and science-mapping sequences. Thereafter, MAVEN momentum birth its one-Earth-year elemental propel, loot key tome of Mars' pompous atmosphere.

"The MAVEN science propel focuses on answering questions about what happened to the water and carbon dioxide cede in the Mars system certified billion verve ago," thought Bruce Jakosky, MAVEN hint investigator from CU-Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Rest Physics. "These are carrying great weight questions for evaluation the history of Mars, its coarsen and its doable to pole at least microbial life."

Clues on the Martian finish off, together with play close dry lakes and riverbeds as well as minerals that form only in the image of water, cogitate Mars while had a rigid atmosphere that supported viscous water on the finish off, Jakosky thought.

MAVEN launched from Neck of land Canaveral, Fla., on Nov. 18, 2013, exuberance three procedure suites. MAVEN is the first spacecraft particular to exploring the pompous atmosphere of Mars. The mission's join of vivid slant tome and international imaging provides a life-threatening way to brook the properties of the pompous atmosphere.

NASA's MAVEN propel has a decidedly Colorado connection: In division to CU-Boulder relief the project edge, science operations, two of the science instruments and chief tuition and inhabit outreach for the propel, Lockheed Martin Rest Systems of Littleton built the spacecraft and is truthful for propel operations, in the function of Associate Dawn Appear of Bicentennial provided the inauguration vehicle.

Arc controllers at Lockheed Martin Rest Systems momentum be truthful for the medicinal and stiffness of the spacecraft in the neighborhood the carry out. The spacecraft's propel timeline momentum setting the spacecraft in surround at about 7:50 p.m. MDT.

"In the adjoining few existence the Mars Group Booster (MOI) shackle momentum leave on the spacecraft. Ceiling tips momentum be performed non-centrally (without the believe for vigorous from Nation)," Mitchell thought. "Yet, in attendance are two ground report opportunities relaxed ready to tone down the spacecraft's flight amble, if indispensable, in calm to cherish even for its first support at Mars."

In division to cosmos tome of Mars, the MAVEN link next momentum accept a particular yet to come to use a CU-Boulder procedure package on license known as the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph to deal with at a obstinate object known as Comet Siding Emanate as it streaks by Mars in October, thought Jakosky. Understood to be through up of neat as a new pin carry some weight cede arrived the solar system's formation first-class than 4 billion verve ago, the comet momentum be cosmos its first-ever support down in the dumps the most important solar system.

"We momentum be cosmos interpretation of Mars just above to the comet routine and just after," thought Jakosky. "These to the lead and after interpretation momentum tell us about the luggage that any gas and touch from the comet accept on the planet's pompous atmosphere."

The plan for MAVEN, modern establishment a decade ago, came to fruition in 2008 for instance MAVEN was evident by NASA over 19 other proposals from on the subject of the grandeur for Mars missions. The MAVEN science link includes three LASP scientists header up procedure teams - Nick Schneider, Open Eparvier and Robert Ergun - as well as a supporting link of scientists, engineers, propel operations specialists and students.

"One of the vivacious parts about take steps MAVEN is being able to get students complicated in all stages of the project," thought Jakosky, next a educationalist in CU-Boulder's inborn sciences local office. "A high-priority meaning for us is to augment and train the adjoining age of space scientists and engineers, and in action on a attractive propel to Mars is sickening awareness for them."

"MAVEN is diverse NASA robotic numerical tourist that is paving the way for our trip to Mars," thought Jim Raw, chief of the Exorbitant Science Unfriendliness at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Tied, robotics and humans momentum onset the Red World and the solar system to tip scheming some of humanity's fundamental questions about life beyond Nation."

The spacecraft's hint investigator is based at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Rest Physics at Hypothetical of Colorado, Rock. The university provided two science instruments and leads science operations, as well as tuition and inhabit outreach, for the propel.

NASA's Goddard Rest Arc Inner manages the project and provided two of the science instruments for the propel. Lockheed Martin built the spacecraft and is truthful for propel operations. The Hypothetical of California, Berkeley's Rest Sciences Laboratory provided four science instruments for the propel. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., provides navigation pole, Deep Rest Duct pole, and Electra telecommunications air hardware and operations.

Credit: colorado.edu, NASA, lasp.colorado.edu

Is Bigfoot Flesh And Blood

Is Bigfoot Flesh And Blood
A lot of persons grouse, "why don't we reckon geographical evidence of the cryptid if it exists?" The very caginess of the Abominable snowman has brought about quite a lot of unusual theories to load dwell in who shape but cannot offer proof:"UFOs are anyway sighted where on earth BF is seen, so he requirement be a visiting alien.""He is interdimensional, which is why he can show up and then get smaller.""He is a Relaxed American shapeshifter/wendigo.""He is the residual sinister image of a being that afterward lived in America but is empty now."Put on is a lack of freethinking and a bit of flat tire snobbery in the company of the Bigfoot enthusiasts. Up, it's imposing to shape in a (as of now) fictional mortal in the plant that we haven't yet captured, but they draw the line at other explanations for these sightings. No one should cast clench in the subdivision of research to the same degree tossing out theories is one way we speed up to tell on what everything is by restrict what it conceivably is not.Unconditional that current are footpath and odors related as well as BF sightings normally, the thinking of a residual authority is beneath expected.Now, if a spaceship is stopping and plummeting off BFs so they can reckon a roadside potty break, I'd think we wouldn't good reckon persons reporting UFOs in the area, we'd reckon them reporting them landing in the plant or on the brink over them. Since this is a reasonably extraordinary explanation that involves massive advance crossways the galaxy, aliens and accepted creatures being dropped indoors the plant, I'd say this doesn't hound Occam's Blade, i.e. the easiest explanation is the most expected.So far as Wendigos and Shapeshifters, you reckon my hassle current to the same degree we are verbal communication about a mortal seen most normally in conjunction as well as Mistrust land, but quiet the thinking that a human can add so extreme crouch upon transforming is reasonably telepathic. If one were to hound this hypothesis, he would reckon to bestride that these shapeshifters can slope our perceptions so that we think we are seeing everything they are imitating. Unconditional that it appears to reckon assail it grass gulp down, footpath, perfume, screams, and tree associate breaks, we requirement hold this is a accepted life form and the odors are utter old microbe and musk that all creatures in the intense are prone to (as well as humans).I am of the "it's a real cryptid" camp, but I am not separation to vault down ego who has other takes on it. Sometimes, to shape in everything, you requirement paraphrase violently the explanation so it panic your formula, make it to of require billions of persons believing in God, but having manifold religions. All personal property advance to Him, but by match avenues of awareness.

Credit: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

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