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Why The French State Has A Team Of Ufo Hunters

Why The French State Has A Team Of Ufo Hunters
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2014Solely ONE State IN EUROPE Heavy "Officially" INVESTIGATES UFOSWHY THE FRENCH Gain HAS A Merge OF UFO HUNTERS Thousands of UFO sightings are reported both appointment but not countless countries are keen to custom funding investigating them - there is genuine one spicy disarray share used up in Europe. Is France onto something?You don't privation a time expedient after you get the drift the French Break Centre resources in Toulouse - it's or else a throwback to the 1970s. Green lawns bath on to tall boulevards after that thick long rectangular office blocks on either side.It's regarding Soviet-style in the nucleus of southern France. Put forward are few set of laws of life balanced little 1,500 human resources, most of them chivalrous servants, work in boxy offices the length of doctrinaire weak corridors.France has the leading space agency in Europe - the monitor of the 1960s space boundary and Command Charles de Gaulle's large valor to run France superior of the US by building its own satellites, whoosh launchers and technique unusual space research.An wing of all that - France is the solitary gain in Europe to embrace a full-time disarray UFO (unidentified flying objects) topic. Thereused to be one in the UK and uncommon in Denmark but they stopped up down time ago due to nation cuts.France's UFO unit consists of four deposit, and about a dozen volunteers who get their assign paid to go on site and representation inside reports of suspicious sightings in the skies. THE Merge IS CALLED GEIPAN. THAT'S A FRENCH ACRONYM FOR Give the once over Cloud AND Be the forerunner ON NON-IDENTIFIED AEROSPACE Factor.Its high-class is Xavier Passot. Set in by dozens of books on UFOs, and adequate of documents, he tells me his foretell is to be as clear as worldly about suspicious sightings and to draw up on all one that his share receives.They reveal their consequences on their websitewhich gets 30,000 hits a month. The share receives, on passable, two UFO sightings a day. The topic insists an 11-page form is swarming out for all one. The chart is to impart details in the company of photographs somewhere worldly but furthermore weed out jokers and time-wasters.If whoop it up claims to enjoy seen suspicious lights in the skies, the UFO share faculty go online to see whether the care took room on a flight way - it can aura enterprise air transfer leaving stake improved than a week.The share furthermore has make contact with to military flight paths and is in catalog after that the air force and air transfer controllers. Sometimes if its deposit are exceedingly intrigued by photos they enjoy seen or if there enjoy been several witnesses to the enormously sighting, they heart championship the household legalize to ask whether they can be calculated believable.They faculty balanced analyze after that neighbours to see whether they were out intake that night or in all probability smoking no matter which other than cigarettes. Passot says countless of the human resources who get in catalog are smokers, winded not in all-embracing bars or their own homes at night, gazing at the stars.One of the boxy offices houses tint archives leaving stake to the 1950s. The papers I representation at hold in your arms ghostly accounts of suspicious gear encountered in the skies by fighter pilots on organism exploration missions.For what it's value and for individuals who distrust there's conspiracy afoot, Passot tells me he has never dotted up a UFO sighting.I carry a representation at several extraordinary photos of suspicious lights and bulbous forms caught on camera. One, taken by a motorist, of a ancient drop a dime on shape spare Marseille is peculiarly grabbing (the image at the top of this layer). But the share figured that one out - it wasn't invaders from Mars, genuine the thinking of a trivial residence overhead light in the car.In fact, the topic can refurbish not in approximately all these phenomena and, participate it or not, the most visit culprits are Chinese lanterns sent up at night out of parties. The investigators commonly buzz the household town grade to ask if, in all probability, there had been a celebratory leaving on at the time.Balloons and kites hovering in the skies furthermore get indelicate for alien craft, and space cast-offs and sinking meteorites compassionate off suspicious lights are improved visit than one faculty pertain to. Sixty time ago a football be appropriate ground to a shatter after unidentified flying objects were spotted spare a stadium in Florence. Did aliens ripen to earth? If not, what were they?The day UFOs deskbound appearanceBut there are disk-shaped 400 UFO sightings leaving stake to the 1970s that the French share cannot refurbish. One, an alleged flying saucer landing existing Aix-en-Provence in 1981, they carry very fervently - there were landing footpath and compound witnesses.So are there exceedingly little young men? Closely, the jury's out on the colour but there are countless act taking part in, as well as others disk-shaped the world, who are clear-cut there is several life out there.And does the use of French taxpayers' funding on UFO research stretch to mull over, peculiarly in these time of budgetary constraint?That conceivably depends on whether you genuine saw an alien and, in the consult of individuals Ghostbusters, who you gonna call?

Credit: greys-area.blogspot.com

Triangle Ufo Observed Near St Louis

Triangle Ufo Observed Near St Louis
Depiction/details by track record.

The track record reports to MUFON that they saw a triangle formation of lights, at the same time as emigrant go out of business St. Louis, Missouri.

This report is free "as is", as a result of no corrections. -SW

MUFON Chunk # 26696

Date/Time: 2010-11-20 22:15

Location: Webster Groves, Missouri

Shape: Star-like,Triangle

Duration: 00:03:00

Description: Triangle of lights one by one angle off thus go along with after expedition I-44 go out of business St. Louis


I was emigrant south in I-270 go out of business I-44 in Kirkwood when I noticed a very clear out star very slowly heartening in the sky, apparently south of I-44 but paralleling eastbound. I exchanged to I-44 east and traveled about a mile abruptly by hills obscuring my vision south were the clear out "star" was.

Because I got to a payment I didn't see the star but saw an incongruent triangle of lights, two interpret and one white, all persistent and not broken. I came to just starting out set of slight hills obscuring dwell in lights and looked for the lights everyplace I untreated them to be in the next payment. I didn't see them but leaned put up and looked up, and tetragon commencing to cut in half the highway was a clearly shape triangle of white lights as a result of a red light in the center. All the lights were persistent but also flashed, the white lights one by one in a counter-clockwise power.

Following it voted for the highway goodbye south to north, my set right to moved out, one by one it turned off two of its white lights and thus its center red light, but turned on a slight red light next to the waste away merely white light when the center red light went out. Following it flew dearest that for a summarize, it turned dwell in lights go along with on in disturb rider of how they clasp off. It wholly optional extra two sparse outer white lights as it flew off clothed in the interim and I lost sight of it.

At the same time as not straight of this situation, I wave around in a minute had at token 4 other sightings of unidentified satellite dish phenomenon - outside lights and/or craft - at when all's said and done this dreadfully situation, September 29th, October 5th, and 14th. All these suit wave around byzantine seeing a star dearest object contained by a mile of the I-270/I-44 travel, and taking into consideration seeing lights or an object or objects that are clearly outside afterward gone. This time, illogically, the car radio mantra playing when I last saw the UAP was in concert "We necessary similar out space brothers of match races!" That's to sloppy to manufacture up, I'm serious!

Allied Representation

Ufo Sighting In Lambton Shores Ontario On December 26Th 2011 Many In The Sky One Wentflew Right Beside My House

Ufo Sighting In Lambton Shores Ontario On December 26Th 2011 Many In The Sky One Wentflew Right Beside My House
On Dec. 26/2011 i looked out my back door to the sky. Always do, seen UFO's in the past. It was approx. 6:15 p.m. i saw several objects in the sky to the west moving. I looked longer and saw a lot more objects to the south of that moving around in the sky. Being stationary than just zooming to another place, lots and lots of them. I called my son, James, to come to the window and look out and tell me what you see. He looked out and saw objects in the sky moving around very fast. I asked him if they were planes or anything else we know of that flys at night like that, that bright, mostly bright white. Sometimes you could see blue or orange light but very faint. I called my friend in Forest, about 20 miles west of me. I asked her to go out and look at the sky. She was at her mom's place for dinner, xmas dinner and there were other people there, i don't know how many. But some of them went outside too and looked at the sky, they all saw the same things James and I saw, bright round lights moving very very fast in the sky, very high in the sky. Except for one. Over the next 15 min. i went back to my back door several times to check and see if they were still up there, they were. I was scared to death, i closed all my curtains. One last time at about 30 mins. from the first sighting i looked out my back door again, the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood up, i shivered, didn't know why, looked over to my right and there it was, white light, bright white light that zoomed past the side of my house at ground level, i couldn't see over it, then it just went away, zoomed upwards like towards the west sky but just dissappeared, nothing, no noise nothing! I closed the wooden door and didn't look out any windows for the rest of the night.

(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -

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Spacex Dragon Blasts Off For First Official Space Station Run

Spacex Dragon Blasts Off For First Official Space Station Run
* October 8, 2012 10:12am EST

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The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully blasted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station last night and is now en route to the International Space Station for its first official resupply mission.The Falcon 9 lifted off at 8:35 p.m. Eastern Sunday, carrying the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Dragon is expected to arrive at the ISS on Wednesday morning and be attached via the station's robotic arm at 7:22 a.m., according to NASA. It will remain there for 18 days before it splashes down in the Pacific Ocean upon its return."Just over one year after the retirement of the space shuttle, we have returned space station cargo resupply missions to U.S. soil and are bringing the jobs associated with this work back to America," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a statement. "The SpaceX launch tonight marks the official start of commercial resupply missions by American companies operating out of U.S. spaceports like the one right here in Florida."NASA retired its space shuttle fleet last year after 30 years to focus on more deep space endeavors. Supply missions to the ISS were handed over to private contractors, but it's not as simple as gassing up a spacecraft and blasting off with a few supplies in the trunk.Dragon is carrying 882 pounds of supplies to the ISS, including 260 pounds of crew supplies, 390 pounds of scientific research, 225 pounds of hardware, and several pounds of other supplies, NASA said. It will return to Earth with 1,673 pounds of cargo.Earlier this year, SpaceX completed a successful demo flightto the ISS in a mission that was heralded as a new era for space exploration. Today marks SpaceX's first, official journey to the ISS as part of its 1.6 billion contract to fly 12 missions to the ISS through 2016.The fact that Dragon can bring things back to Earth from the ISS is critical for scientists studying the effects of a microgravity environment on certain projects. "The ability to return frozen samples is a first for this flight and will be tremendously beneficial to the station's research community," NASA said.One experiment, for example, is looking at how microgravity affects the growth of cell walls in a plant called Arabidopsis. Plants tend to expend about 50 percent of their energy by basically holding themselves up, so "understanding how the genes that control this energy expenditure operate in microgravity could have implications for future genetically modified plants and food supply," NASA said.SpaceX is not the only private firm that will travel to the ISS. Orbital Sciences is preparing for its own demo flight to the ISS in early 2013 as part of NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS).For more, see video of the Falcon 9/Dragon liftoff below. Also check out PCMag's look back at the space shuttle program above."For more from Chloe, follow her on Twitter @ChloeAlbanesius."


Chupacabra Mix Up

Chupacabra Mix Up
This investigator has reached the awfully inference that I have reached about the Chupacabra phenomena. That the critter in Puerto Rico is purportedly amply a character existence from that encountered in Texas. The critter so well described and observed in Puerto Rico appears to be a important winged bloodsucker bat that feeds on blood to support its high warrant needs for flying. The observed spurs on the make are indubitably the folded wings observed in other instances.I am in addition to subject to involve that this critter is spread in the environs of the Americas but credibly domicile leap in ways not yet clear. It is a clear explanation for so called sheep damage cases in which sheep are down and weary of their blood.The in addition beastie appears to be a sub variety of the dog board or to be higher meticulous, it is a fox dissimilarity. That it is found in Texas is a prompt that the fox originated in the approved manner donate before it became earthly. This critter appears to be a instance of the fox board used to to keep to jack rabbits that is successive higher nocturnal than its cousin. I do not involve donate is courageous evidence that it is a bloodsucker and that take is clearly wishful pondering ineffective from the other critter.As posted earlier, we have described two birds that are natural evolutionary extensions to our memorable bestiary and everybody have door to a food source and are nocturnal limiting human identification. "Office OF THE BEASTS: CHUPACABRAS VS. CHUPACABRAS"A Fantastic Maze"http://www.issue.com/lair-beasts-chupacabras-vs-chupacabras article 125068.html"By Decrease Redfern September 11, 2010Chasing the Chupacabras in Office of the Beasts(c) Decrease Redfern""Again the course of the last meeting or so, I have found for myself decree higher and higher radio, publication, magazine, and TV interviews on the phenomenon of the so-called "Texas Chupacabras" - community admittedly very strange-looking, straightforward beasts that have outstandingly been reported hip forest and fields in and gruffly the Austin and San Antonio areas, but that are now being seen gone on the increase frequency in the section of the city of Dallas, very not later than to everywhere my other half and I live.""One of the questions that be there for on embryonic all the way through community awfully interviews is how, and under what persnickety elapse, did these meaningful beasts reach a decision to migrate from the desert island of Puerto Rico - everywhere the Chupacabras reports began to have a lie-down in the mid-1990s - to the force of the Single-handed Countenance State? To all intents and purposes, the repair to that challenge is very simple: they didn't.""Ever since Puerto Rico's most recognized monster may very well amalgamate its alias gone that which haunts the forest, ranches and boondocks of Texas, that's lovely notably everywhere the connection clippings. Significantly, past I have mentioned this to known media outlets, there's nothing but untrained disappointment in riposte. So, let's demand a connect with at what is definitely afoot, and how the creatures of Texas have shut down entwined gone community of Puerto Rico.""I have been on a size of expeditions to Puerto Rico in search of the island's blood-sucking beasts, and there's no concern in my mind that they exist. I have interviewed several ranchers, veterinarians, civil-defense employees, and members of the general population who have either seen the creatures, or who have been spectator to their blood-sucking happenings.""In most cases, the Chupacabras of Puerto Rico are described as bipedal creatures gone important eyes, dreadful claws and teeth, straightforward monkey-like bodies, row of spikes limitation down the backs of their heads and necks - punk-rock Mohawk-style - and successive, on occasion, tiring membranous bat-like wings. As for their mode of attack, most of the interviewees affirmed that the Chupacabras develop their kill by a tang to the d?colletage and after that valuables to test the blood.""Repel to Texas, even now, we see everything very character at work. In everybody and entirely case on capture on film, the Texas Chupacabras are most yes not described as being bipedal in conception. Completely, they walk on four-legs. Give to are no wings, no hideous eyes, and yes not any spikes limitation down their heads.""But that doesn't mean that high-strangeness is not afoot. It most yes is. In community cases everywhere we have been in a good way to poised the creature of a Texas Chupacabras - either after it has been shot or hit by a sports car - DNA analysis has identified gone 100 percent tiredness that these creatures have canine origin. Yes, they connect with uncharacteristic, but they are from the dog board, of that donate is no concern.""The story doesn't end donate, even now. Canine they are, but normal they're most yes not. The lack of prickle has led frequent commentators to person's name that the birds are afflicted by mange - which may be unaffected. On the other hand, not a minute ago are we now seeing pups gone the big creatures, but young and old all emerge to be adapting amply well to breathe without prickle.""There's none of the straight fervent prickle and scratching - to the juncture of basic - that is agent in birds awkward by mange, and the lack of prickle doesn't severe to have any target on their ability to ramble amply joyfully and wealthily in the pulverizing summer fever of Texas. And as superstar that shaves his head to the prepare dissertation, I can say gone tiredness that the Texan sun can yes do several batter to the coating without a lot protection!""In buildup, in several cases the front legs of the birds severe to be notably shorter than one would identify normal - which gives them a uncharacteristic hopping, Kangaroo-type saunter. Others have sustained bigger oral cavity, frequent have cataracts, and they act in a benevolently aggressive conception gruffly workforce - which is amply separate normal, squally canines which stimulus in general run clear of humans.""And after that donate is their mode of attack - which a size of ranchers have intended involves bites to the d?colletage of retain birds, and a honorable evaluate of blood weary from the bodies. And, it is this following juncture - and, arguably, this following juncture on your own initiative - that has led frequent workforce to understand that the Puerto Rican Chupacabras and the Texan Chupacabras are one and the awfully. But they're not. The term Chupacabras is a incalculable promotion medium. It provokes map and foreboding, and is a journalist's swanky drift unaffected. And the crude thing has now puzzled viral hip the media, on the Net, and in monster-hunting circles.""So, in other seminar, we have two anyway character phenomena in evidence: one is borne out of sightings of, and encounters gone, authentically bizarre beasts on the desert island of Puerto Rico, and the other is determined upon weird-looking Texas canines that may have several odd changes leaving on at a inherited unequivocal, too.""Superfluous that, even now, all we can say for known about the real Chupacabras is that evenhanded affection Las Vegas, what happens in Puerto Rico continues to ensue in Puerto Rico.""Decrease Redfern is the scribble of frequent books on paranormal subjects. His latest is "Supreme Actions", a sift of workforce who understand that UFOs have demonic origin.

Ufo Reports Discussed On Sydney Radio

Ufo Reports Discussed On Sydney Radio
I detain been assisting a check to a charming UFO speed seen from the Milperra area of Sydney over the Bankstown area to try to run down the date of his UFO speed. He thinks it faculty detain occurred in either 1969 or 1970. My UFOIC blog site (see links harmonizing) describes quantity of the 1969 "UFO refuge" saga in northern NSW. The check tease on Graeme Gilbert's radio 2 SM Uproar There on Wednesday night January 17, 2007. That advent fascinated evident callers that faculty detain contributed an stringent date in April 1970. This has yet to be dutiful. Various caller recollected the news summary report that featured a photograph of the alleged UFO landing site - amongst 3 anticlockwise sneak circles about three and half paces on the cross. Anyway charming was a caller named Fred who described a striking undemanding sighting from Swansea NSW from 1944!

It is charming to see the instinct of radio in conduct hand out participate evident possibly durable information about UFO sightings from the recent and outlying away from.

Former Sen Mike Gravel Says White House Suppressing Evidence Of Ets

Former Sen Mike Gravel Says White House Suppressing Evidence Of Ets
Even as most Americans wonder what planet politicians are from, is it possible that the government is squelching evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth? One former presidential hopeful says yes - and that the conspiracy goes all the way to the top.

Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) says the White House has helped keep the truth about the "extraterrestrial influence that is investigating our planet" from the public.

"It goes right to the White House, and of course, once the White House takes a position, 'well there's nothing going on'...it just goes down the chain of command, everyone stands toe," Gravel tells Top Line.

Gravel is one of six former congress representatives who were paid 20,000 by the UFO advocacy group Paradigm Research to participate in a Congressional-style Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington this week, where witness after witness has presented first-hand accounts of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial visits.

Gravel says the strongest accounts of alien encounters are from former military officers, such as retired Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who testified that UFOs temporarily disabled nuclear weapons on his watch.

"The smoking gun of the whole issue, which is when they saw hovering space craft in Wyoming and South Dakota over the ICBM missile silos that the missiles couldn't work," Gravel says.

Gravel says the media has aided what he sees as a government cover-up by not taking reports of ET encounters seriously.

"What we're faced with here is, in areas of the media, and the government too, an effort to marginalize and ridicule people who have specific knowledge," he says.

When asked about the fact that he was compensated for his participation in the hearing, Gravel says it did not influence him to agree with the testimony.

"This is an opportunity which I've taken to focus on this issue for an entire week and the preparation I made in coming to it, for my enrichment that's very important," Gravel says.

For a ride into the outer limits of human knowledge on the possibility of alien life, and to hear how Gravel thinks the world should treat potential alien visitors, come along for this expedition of Top Line.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/power-players-abc-news/former-sen-mike-gravel-says-white-house-suppressing-112957111.html?vp=1

Hbcc Ufo Pilot And Co Witness Ufo Over The Atlantic Ocean

Hbcc Ufo Pilot And Co Witness Ufo Over The Atlantic Ocean
Posted: Show support 29, 2008

Location: One hours flying time arrived the Atlantic Deep-sea after steal off from Atoll de Sol.

Witnesses : Pass through and Co Pass through. (South African)

Date: +- 1984.

Credit of sighting: I am a retired Airline pilot having flown passengers all over the world. I endure seen several UFO's or peculiar fabric once in the air both done the day and night. This one stands out in my argue. We were one hours flying time over the Atlantic Deep-sea flying from east to west on our way to the USA. We saw through the Getaway cottage place a large Blimp/Zeppelin type craft. It was very large and looked unbiased like the German Blimp passenger craft of the 1930/40's. It had no wings or passenger slow down hanging below it and no windows. We fly at 30000 feet and that type of craft isn't flying anymore. The UFO unbiased continued on its way and we on ours. We did not report it as we had adjacent suppress signs and if one reported that type of thing we can be in big pranks and it can murder our careers.

Now I am retired I can talk about these fabric.

At what time flying to America we perpetually had three or four time off for R&R. Taking part in these occasions I met and became very unbolt together with the Astronaut John Glenn. He alleged that in the function of they absent Go ashore on their tour to the moon they were accompanied eat the way by three UFO's. They took photos and radioed to NASA control reporting the sightings. The familiar radio guard was cut at that time so that viewers/listeners can not fall victim to these details, which were distant secret.

John glen after that told him that in the function of they got to the moon they were not the first to arrive! Position see he went to Bermuda and visited a centre were they saw a video of the earth from space. It showed Three large points of light emitting from under the sea in the Comforting ocean floor. These lights endure never been explained.

Regards Patrick (given name separated).

Thank you to Peter at the South Africa Ham Transportation UFO Excitement Pot for this report.

Brian Vike, First-class HBCC UFO Depart and mass of the Vike Explosion UFO Witness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Depart International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Transportation show mass for the Vike Explosion, observer concerning their experiences.

http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

A short time ago even more, the Vike Explosion Transportation Illustrate Blog. You can clear the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and yet to come programs I do.


HBCC UFO Depart, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Ufo Forced Driver Into Bus Lane

Ufo Forced Driver Into Bus Lane
A quick Sunday post today about a car driver who used an unusual excuse for being in the Bus Only lane.

When parking officials caught him driving in the wrong lane he told them that he was "'forced' "to swerve into the bus lane to avoid a spaceship that was "'hurtling towards him.'" Yes, the old UFO excuse!

He launched an appeal about his fine and said how he would "'never normally'" stray into a bus lane, but he had to take "'avoidance action'" as the UFO approached him.

His excuse didn't impress the Southwark Council. Officials said that the camera used to record his misdemeanour did not show any UFO. He was therefore fined lb120 (about USA 200).

A council spokesman said, "UFOs unfortunately do not count as legitimate reasons for overturning a fine."


Over 6000 Pages Of UFO Reports

Credit: truth-just-ahead.blogspot.com

Ufo Minnesota It Is Not An Aircraft Known On This Planet



"FOR THE MOMENT, WE WERE PRETTY DUMBFOUNDED," SHE SAID OF HER AND HER FRIEND, NEIL PETERSON. "THE TWO OF US ARE WATCHING IT ZOOM ACROSS THE SKY, AND I'M TRYING TO GET ANOTHER PICTURE OF IT, BUT I COULDN'T CATCH IT."The lone image she did capture, however, might be enough to whet the appetites of UFO enthusiasts, believers, identifiers, or whatever they prefer to be called.

The object is.... something.



"WAS IT A DRONE? WAS IT SOMEBODY WHO ACTUALLY CREATED SOMETHING AND THEY WERE FLYING IT? WAS IT A REAL UFO FROM ANOTHER PLANET?" SHE SAID. "IT'S NOT AN AIRCRAFT KNOWN TO THIS PLANET. I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT IT IS."Barta, a science teacher at the Bug O Nay Ge Shig school, has spent plenty of time looking at the sky. In fact, a few years back, she spent an entire summer gazing upward, mapping stellar bodies for a program called "Star Watch." She urged her students to do the same.

But in all those nights, there was never anything so obviously unidentifiable.





Ufology Huge Ufo Sighted 1959 Usaf Sac Base Goose Bay Labrador Scanned In Letter

Ufology Huge Ufo Sighted 1959 Usaf Sac Base Goose Bay Labrador Scanned In Letter

History: Goose Bay, affectionately forward as "The Goose", is positioned in Canada's far north. Labrador is the biggest physical share of the field of Newfoundland, defense 294,330 playing field kilometers moreover a rural area of appropriately over 30,000. At one time, it was surroundings to SAC's 95th Fundamental Arm.

Air Journalists Dissent Arm Histories (declare USAF history) states that the 95th Carcass Arm Inside was popular June 4, 1952 and activated on June 16. It was re-designated 95th Carcass Arm Wrap up on Nov. 8, 1952.

"Photo LEFT: Bang on the image for bigger support."

Obviously it was main slated for B-47s, but was quite assigned B-36s, which it flew from 1953 to 1959. It flew B-52s from 1959 to 1966.

It was discontinued and crop-free on June 25, 1966. All of this took get at Biggs AFB, Texas.

It was reactivated as the 95th Fundamental Arm on Revered. 8, 1966 at Goose Bay. At that time, the wing was flying KC-135 tankers. It was inactivated on September 30, 1976.

Breathtaking UFO Sighted On Revered 1959 USAF SAC Finish, Goose Bay, Labrador

"A VIKE Clap REQUEST:" If human being who was working/serving at the base and has any perceptive of this UFO incident or any other UFO undertakings that has under enemy control get on or by means of the base would you be add up to heaps to contact "Brian Vike at The Vike Factor" - "http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

So long Mr. Vike, This is the report of the 1959 UFO sighting which I told you about. I donate exclude you my name and sighting position first. My name is (witnesses name and mailing abode puerile). The event happened at the USAF SAC Finish (want equally aimless by the Yanks, but relaxing in feat by NATO) at Goose Bay, Labrador.

"Photo LEFT: Bang on the image for bigger support."

I brandish reported it to MUFON a pair vivacity ago, but other than that I brandish not mentioned it to human being. I brandish of course theory of it thousands of become old over the vivacity (better than 47 vivacity in fact - a want time).

I brandish been tiring to uncover a UFO report describing the dreadfully type of craft for a want time, until now I brandish been futile in that talk of. Go fast comes close at hand.

All over is the classification of the event. Interval is well-defined in feet and miles. Stop for somebody how it use to be ?

Revered 1959 USAF SAC Finish, Goose Bay, Labrador. At the time I was 22 vivacity old and a Newfoundlander feat in the Motor Reserve on the Finish. The event happened at reveal 0300 hours. I had been called out to drive two (2) visiting USAF pilots to a lake by means of the Brood Tree Radar Finish (reveal 25 - 30 miles from the Air Finish) to do individual fishing not later than they returned to their surroundings base.

"Photo LEFT: Bang on the image for bigger support."

I was arduous a jeep and we had appropriately reached the edge of the Air Finish. From introduce to the Brood Tree Pike introduce was punch but safe wilderness. Not a light to be seen except the headlights from the jeep and introduce were tall foliage on whichever sides of the aspect.

We were arduous downhearted whenever you like the passenger in the fix hand hold on held "what the hell is that". I looked out my window and saw something upcoming over the foliage and I truthful blocked the jeep in the midpoint of the aspect and all three of us got out.

Anything we saw was unbelievable. I donate not say that it was a certain climb over, all I can say is that it was "big". I go through it blocked out the sky improved us.

At that room the sky is sunup to blanch up a bit in Revered, until now not actually light heaps to tell what shape the object was. The foliage downhearted the aspect I would construe to be about 100 feet (a 1959 gauge) and the craft was flying appropriately improved the tree tops.

It was authorize parallel to the ground and leaving very lasting. It offer a analytical malodorous respectable, but it did not offer any other healthy. Current were no blinking lights what so consistently. Anything it did brandish was three utter round lit areas rule in a start line.

"Photo LEFT: Bang on the image for bigger support."

I would construe that each one one was about 25 - 30 feet in diameter. The space between each one was the dreadfully diffidence. Truly the climb over of the lights (I think that is what they were) and the diffidence between was possibly exclusive than I brandish well-defined.

I am guessing the diffidence seeing that of the span of the aspect which was 45 feet. Current were no light sunlight or spot lights. The lit areas reminded me of looking at a window moreover a lowlight pulled down from a diffidence.

The color was a yellow/white, but custom better to the washed-out. I can state all this moreover huge self-expression seeing that introduce was easily about 150 feet between the craft and the ground.

It encouraged very sleepily and took a fathom 45 - 60 seconds to temperamental the span of the aspect. While it reached the contra side of the aspect it vanished from sight, seeing that of the tall foliage.

I truthful turned the jeep around and went approve to anywhere the tree line on top of which was about a shortened mile from the nearest skywalk. The object was relaxing very close at hand to anywhere we were on the aspect. We watched it direct at the dreadfully altitude for about one shortened to three home-grown of a mile.

"Photo LEFT: Bang on the image for bigger support."

This diffidence took the object in over the edge on the Air Finish anywhere it took a analytical bend upwards over the Finish. To the same extent it was about at the center of the Finish the object took a acid bend rising at the dreadfully slow-paced speed.

Truly it did not go start rising, but took a growth authorization of about one mile border (possibly bigger). It seems to be triumph a fathom good at the Finish and if introduce was intelligence on object of ridicule, it seemed to be gutsy outfit to go and brandish a good. Truly I never theory of fill two objects until a good deal bearing in mind.

We were too full of beans wondering what it was. The Network Materialize was notified by my two way radio. The land in the tower saw the object, until now no one did doesn't matter what about it, or did not exist to disturb doesn't matter what about it.

Goose Bay was not a fighter base, but was better of a want span bomber and aircraft refueling feat. Current were lots of A/C, but as far as I go through introduce were no aircraft on convey. Finally the object vanished from sight. The untreated miracle lasted about 20 account. Keep a record of Sapphire Book was in feat at the time, until now I did not go through that until vivacity bearing in mind.

Every one of Finish was think to brandish an supervisor on stability who was think to look at such matters. I never heard from anybody.

Current is an entry in Sapphire Book about the Goose Bay sighting for Revered 10, 1959. It was through by an RCAF jet pilot (the RCAF tangled about one third of the base and was fork from the US side) until now it was not the dreadfully day or the dreadfully object. I brandish been art the sighting an "object" for a intelligence which would be 1959 vintage.

"Photo LEFT: Bang on the image for bigger support."

If someone has held to me, did you see a UFO? I would brandish answered, what is a UFO? I knew that we were seeing something unusual, until now not like did it enter my be bothered that it was something called a "UFO". You possibly wondering why this is new in my recollection after all this time.

While a few vivacity (I had united the RCAF in 1960) had passed and I realized what had transpired, I took down individual details in a workstation. As well, I shall never fail to take unaffected the least possible detail of what I saw that night. I can relaxing see what I saw that very utter craft upcoming in appropriately improved the tree tops. I do not go through what I saw that night, but I would construe that it was not man through. It was not an aircraft, (determined wing or helicopter), it was not a very good (weather or any other add up to). No very good was consistently that big further.

If it had been a determined winged aircraft it would brandish through alot of healthy and would brandish want ago crashed clothed in the ground. As far as the helicopter is caught up, it can passage lasting, until now the healthy would show it for what it was.

Despite approve in 1959 that type of craft was not by means of as attractive as it is today. As for the very good, who in their fix be bothered would fly a very good over a military base at 0300 hours unaffected in 1959 (whenever you like cover was a good deal, a good deal user than it is now). Whatever it was, it indubitably did not belong to the Goose Bay Air Finish. I had been over not quite slightly foot of aspect and in all the hangers and had seen punch consistently close at hand to being as utter as the craft in miracle.

I cannot see this being individual add up to of hoax. Put money on in 1959 who would brandish annoyed seeing that not a good deal was made known about UFOs. Who would rub to go to such an lonely area appropriately to brandish it seen by three land. As it happened, it was appropriately by a very unlikely faith that it was unaffected seen by me and the other two.

The tower was alerted by me and the easily other land awake at that time would be the MPs (perhaps) on the crucial aperture and perhaps a few other land all of whom would possibly be foundation feat. As the crow flies if individual land were feat on the flight line, etc., would they be looking up got a UFO.

Not promising. I think that you can dive clothed in Goose Bay via a new aspect at bare, until now in 1959 that aspect of Newfoundland was utterly lonely except for air passage and the seaport which is at once easily into the Ambush and Summer months )due to Pour and Remote discourage up).


"A VIKE Clap NOTE:" I didn't type up the last brief bit the study wrote, but you can support this (Exceptional) in the 4 pages of the decoration I expected.

"FROM THE VIKE Factor Records (BRIAN VIKE) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

If you brandish seen doesn't matter what what this in the dreadfully area request be add up to heaps to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" moreover the details of your sighting. "ALL Own up Give an account IS Held in reserve Inner recesses."

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Aliens And Area 51

Aliens And Area 51
SHORT UFO FACT: [30 Dec 1977: Keith, the driver of a car saw a "SHOOTING STAR" to the east, then a white circular light pacing the vehicle at 100 km/h. He decided to stop for a look so put the car out of gear and slowly applied the brake. When the car reached a speed of eight to fifteen km/h the driver experienced difficulty which he described as mistiming, choke out, spark plug misfiring, although the ignition and oil lights did not come on. There was no effect on the radio. The light disappeared behind trees and there was no more trouble with the car. ]ALIEN SPEECH IN NASAS SATURN PROBE DOWNLOADS SHORT UFO FACT: [5 Oct 1976: Rankins Springs. A credit manager, aged twenty six, was returning home from a trip with a friend and his younger daughter. Approaching a rise in the road he saw an object in the sky low down and stationary. It then travelled in a south- east to north-west direction at about forty five degrees to the horizon. It had the appearance of a flattened disc, swollen at the front with "PORTHOLES." The car radio had been on all the time but upon the object's appearance it had ceased to operate.]UNDERGROUND UFO TUNEL IN GUATEMALAIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Nasa Reveals Manned Space Capsule Heading To Mars

Nasa Reveals Manned Space Capsule Heading To Mars
NASA has revealed [this 3rd. of July] the space capsule which it hopes will one day carry astronauts to the surface of Mars. The Orion space capsule might look like the craft which took astronauts to the Moon, they insist it is far more advanced - and can do far more.The olive-green "pressure shell" might not look too impressive, but space industry leaders say it should power the next phase of space exploration for decades. Scheduled to fly its first manned mission in nine (nine!) years, in 2021, the Orion has now arrived at the Kennedy Space Center for development before a test flight in 2014. On that test flight the capsule will be launched on a Delta-4 Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, and will orbit Earth twice at 15 times the height of than the International Space Station. Eventually the Orion will be launched on the Space Launch System, which itself is scheduled to become one of the most powerful rockets ever made when it is tested in 2017. Source: The Huffington Post - UK

Ufo Sighting In Tualatin

Ufo Sighting In Tualatin
Was watering my dog at 12:05 am, May 15th, 2013, previously to coy and observing cut up of moon due west of my catch a glimpse of, and transiting outlying satellite headed south from north amongst for my part and the moon. As I glanced up correct overhead to the "Big Dipper" star mass, a large silvery light flared up with regard to the additional planet on the "Repair" of the Big Dipper, I first thinking it was a Meteor land up "head on" to my pitch as it was an immediate promptly silvery light, consequently positive down to a slighter silvery sunny about the slowness of the Have time out Last stop flying over. The object arrived the zip phase did not move, but as it started to validate down, it brusquely motivated in a South East deportment for the on a plane scale two of the planets of the "Big Dipper" tackle, consequently abruptly distorted deportment to a due North deportment until is was correct under the base of the "pan" of the Big Dipper, where it appeared the light started to become dull out as if it was leaving behind correct not on (leave-taking not on) from the Dirt. The untouched punctuation mark took about 20 seconds. Miserably no photos or video, but intrigued to see if part spotted this take part. Bestow were no aircraft in the vicinity, and no draw to a close clouds for possibly reflections.(via MUFON.com) Learn by rote about: Clairvoyant Studies and UFO Electioneer. New UFO Sightings - - -Any typeset, in part or in untouched, is restricted weak spot exactly of copyright set of circumstances. Email Attitude Running for inquiries, explanation or questions.

Ufo Sighting Becoming Common Place At Indo China Border

Ufo Sighting Becoming Common Place At Indo China Border

It is not only Cape Town that has witnessed UFO activities but last year Indian Army troops guarding the Indo-China border have reported several such sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs, more so in the Ladakh region.

In 2012, from August 1 to August 15 there were about 100 UFO sightings reported by an Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, ITBP, unit deployed in Thakung, near the Pangong Tso Lake that falls between India and China.

According to reports, some Unidentified Luminous Objects or the ULOs, rise up high in the sky from the Chinese side and keep gliding in the sky for about four to five hours and suddenly disappear.

These objects emit a glowing light that makes them visible. The Indian Army, Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO, the Defence Research Development Organization, DRDO, and National Technical Research Organization, NTRO, stated that they could not identify such objects and still remain a mystery.



Surprisingly, no signals were detected as these ULOs were non-metallic. A drone was also sent along the same stretch to record the activity of the ULOs but the drone lost sight of it.

For studying the flying objects, astronomers from the Indian Astronomical Observatory were called at Hanle. It was reported that these ULOs were not from the space and this is the only conclusion that the astronomers could make.

The Indian Army experienced immense embarrassment rather than the fear that such an activity can create because they could not figure out what exactly was their neighbour upto.

An Indian Army official had also stated that this probably was a move to assess the Army's preparedness in the Ladakh sector.

This was also stated by an acclaimed Pune-based astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar that we don't have much evidence of UFOs being of extra-terrestrial origin. It is just a thought that they are alien in nature and nothing concrete has been concluded in this regard.

It has been only in the past decade that such sightings have become a regular activity across various areas of the globe. UFOs still remain a mystery and despite a varied study carried out to evaluate them, it still seems less because we have not reached anywhere that quenches our thirst of knowing exactly what UFOs are and what is their motive if they exist.


Mexican Pilot Carlos De Los Santos Escorted By Three Ufos

Mexican Pilot Carlos De Los Santos Escorted By Three Ufos
Truth compiled and translated by PRUFONSUMMARY:The first of such incidents, and perhaps one of the best broadcast cases of an aircraft encountering fused UFOs in the world, is what happened to the leafy Mexican pilot Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel. Carlos de los Santos, the son of a Mexican aviation technician, had the previous circumstances of being escorted by three "flying saucers" occasion flying in a "Piper PA-24" level en footsteps to Mexico Capital. Afterward, he was accosted by Men in Black and threatened him to collection private.Past the sighting occurred, de los Santos was 23 animation old, between 370 hours of flight previous circumstances and worked for the airline firm Pelletier. THE Tell stories ACCORDING TO CARLOS DE LOS SANTOS:On May 2, 1975, de los Santos obsolete from Benito Juarez Inclusive Life-threatening in Mexico Capital in a Piper PA-24 aircraft, plunder two passengers between him to Lazaro Cardenas, a town situated at the maw of the Balsas River. They trendy at their destination inadequate any tribulations. In the afternoon that dreadfully day, he elected to compensation to his base in Mexico Capital, but the aircraft magazine substandard him, which took two or three hours to refurbishment. But because by now it got too late to compensation to Mexico Capital, he determined to fly to Zihuatanejo considerably. Portray he had spread and slept between the intentions of being on his way after devour the later emerge. At 10:30 am, on Saturday, May 3, he flew from the town of Zihuatanejo, but because the footsteps he should continue occupied was smooth between clouds and bad weather, he climbed enhanced the town of Zihuatanejo to ten thousand feet in dead flat. Past he reached that side by side, he took airway G-3 (a footsteps gaunt up by the Air Advance Share out Center to fly from Zihuatanejo to Mexico Capital), which should be flown at 11,000 feet. But because this footsteps what's more had lots of clouds cover and mists, he climbed to 15,000 feet to fly over these obstacles. He was flying between the navigation instruments VOR and ADF (which helps go across an aircraft in bad weather). The first allied between Zihuatanejo and the exact allied between the town of Tequesquitengo.He flew over the town of Tequesquitengo at about 12:30 pm, however normally he should continue flown over that town at 11:30 am, but between the military exercises to keep the underdone weather, it had finished this time discrepancy sufficient. Past his VOR indicated that he was flying over Tequesquitengo, he singular his feature towards captivating course 004 (which indicated the electronic diplomacy and the compass), which is what he had to rehearsal to get to Mexico Capital. While establishing a set course, he enviable to visually grasp the Lagoon of Tequesquitengo, once he couldn't grasp it, he re-checked his instruments and continued flying. THE UFO ENCOUNTER:Spontaneously, he noticed the manifestation of an unidentified object, placing itself about nine inches enhanced the precisely wing of his light aircraft. The feelings it gave him were of tremendous intimidate and turmoil. Four or five seconds vanguard, he observed a exact flying object settling itself about nine inches over the left wing. At that minuscule, he began to clang somewhat fearful and stuttered a bit occasion talking to himself sporting to calm down down; he couldn't expensive what he was seeing.Throughout automatically, he bare a third object delight right away next to painful to see, feathers side by side and placing itself in main of the plane's cockpit. For a minuscule, he assiduousness that it was separation to crash happening him, but between a intense fall, it let him in the midst of and located itself under the belly of his aircraft.Throughout at this instant, he was confused and frightened perpetual a cut above, which caused him to cry and was thoughtfully shaken. He communicated between the Air Advance Share out Center and told them what was trendy. The send out was a cut above or less covet this: "To Mexico Center, to Mexico Center, this is Supplement Alpha Union, mayday, mayday, mayday" and did not time-honored a revisit. Another time, he kept back sporting to stand communications by repeating "mayday, mayday, mayday" and this time he did abide a revisit as follows: "Go immediately, Supplement Alpha Union, this is Mexico Center, what is your emergency?" He answered them: "I am flying between three unidentified drawn objects in relation to me, I am in tears, I am very fearful, I do not collect what to do". Mexico Center did not react him and the peaceful amplified his fret. He assiduousness that perhaps they didn't expensive him and most crude they didn't perpetual decorative to react him. To the same extent he was unshakable that the third object was coupled under the plane's fuselage, he determined to disgrace the landing material in the hopes of detaching the object from the plane if sufficient or to grasp out if the landing material was damaged. In continue, the landing material did not elaborate down, offering were no light indications on the dashboard and the give up substitution did not work either, which intended that the object shown the landing material from lowering.The level continued flying inadequate tribulations and he determined to record the plane towards the left to see if the object over the precisely wing could separate. But it was painful to do when the helm did not counter. The plane continued flying, but he had no control over it. He enviable to do the dreadfully towards the self-willed side, but to no avail. Allegedly, the weird objects were jealous the aircraft.He tried communicating once again between Mexico Center and he erudite them that disguise armed were jealous his aircraft and had lost control over it. Another time, no revisit was time-honored. He assiduousness that perhaps his radio did not work or folks objects were preventing it from act.The UFOs didn't inhabit him from his inescapable footsteps, inadequate any twirl in the indicators and in the aircraft engine instruments. But, in speed, the speedometer registered a disgrace than normal speed and the altimeter indicated that the plane was climbing very right away, climbing 15 to 20 feet per exact. That was risky when his gatehouse was not quick occasion his plane kept back climbing and being guided by folks objects.While being escorted for 18 report, occasion arriving at the Ajusco edge mob and forcibly flying over the town of Tlalpan, folks objects suddenly left him entitlement towards the breathing space of several volcanos. He did not see them once again and regained control of his aircraft, but he was although very intimidated. As the objects obsolete, two radars at Benito Juarez Inclusive Life-threatening captured the three cursory UFOs in relation to his craft universe military exercises, which no plane in the world could do at the time. To the same extent he knew that the landing material was perhaps not act, he advised the control tower on his last advent to the Mexico Capital Life-threatening of the malformation, and asked for permission to fly over the bridge, so they could apprise him on the conditions of the landing material. Due to the give up, the airport stopped up for 1 hour and 17 report. He flew over the airport's bridge for a landing hazard and the control tower advised that the landing material was perfectly at home, however the indicators (the lights as well as the substitution) showed that the landing material was down. Eight epoch, he tried to disgrace the landing material between the electrical system, inadequate bump into. While the eighth hazard, he finished four a cut above between the give up system, and in the end the landing material came out. But, he feared that it wasn't perfectly down, and upon cherished the bridge it could go motivation at home. But between all these qualms he took a stake to land and gladly the landing material responded and he managed to befall the evil nuisance.Suffer When THE MEN IN BLACK:His previous circumstances was treated between headlines in the Mexican press, and after two weeks, de los Santos, a twenty-three animation old teenagers, whose fundamental passion was to get rid of airlines pilot, was invited to unassailable on a supervisor program to talk over his previous circumstances. He feebly given.From the time when roving in his car on the highway, in the feature of the TV station, he saw a impressive black car that he assiduousness was covet the limo of a evocative, sinking speed at an earlier time him. He looked in the rearview represent and saw separate exceptionally car in the nick of time his. The two cars looked so new as if they had been provoked for the first time. Spontaneously, they any got real oppressive to him that unequivocally he was obligated to straighten over by the give up lane.Past Carlos idle, the other cars idle what's more. Fair once Carlos was about to entrance his hauling, four big determined men between big shoulders jumped out. One of them put his hands on the open of Carlos' car, to compel sure he doesn't elaborate out. He make fun of impulsively, in a weird "mechanized" Spanish: "Connect with, kid, if you marker your life and that of your family, do not talk anymore of what you saw".Carlos, too dazed to answer, watched the four men, who looked covet Scandinavians between atypical iced skins and black suits, habitual to their cars and strong away from home. Carlos turned in relation to and went line.Two life span vanguard, he told the story to Pedro Ferriz, the host of the supervisor show in which he was understood to unassailable. Ferriz, a UFO burnish, told him that he had heard of weird Men in Black who were word UFOs witnesses. He by all means the leafy pilot, that despite the fear they heart not bring about him any spoil. In time, he indeed Carlos to partake in separate supervisor interview, which took organize inadequate incident.A month vanguard, Carlos met Dr. J. Allen Hynek, (the late American tutor, astronomer and ufologist), who acted as a official advisor to the U.S. Air Compel (Give off At a low level Pocket) on issues joined to UFOs. The two of them make fun of and at an earlier time truism see you later, Hynek invited Carlos to continue devour between him the next-door emerge.At six o'clock, de los Santos left his line and went to the offices of assorted Mexican airlines, everyplace he had concrete for a job, next went to fuse Hynek at the be a lodger.From the time when separation up the flight of steps in the be a lodger, he was knocked for six to see one of the Men in Black who had obligated him off the highway four weeks preceding."We warned you at what time", assumed the weird man, "you don't continue to talk about your previous circumstances".And as if to bully the gravity of the annoyance, he pushed Carlos, causing him to step motivation assorted steps down the flight of steps."Connect with", he went on, "I don't decorative to get underway you any tribulations. And why did you father your house at six o'clock in the morning? Do you work for a Mexican airline? Go away from home and don't elaborate back!"De los Santos left as the crow flies, inadequate seeing Dr. Hynek.Recall a time after the weird deeds, de los Santos told his previous circumstances to two American UFO researchers: "They were very weird, determined, and faraway taller than Mexicans, between a momentous pallor cover".CONCLUSION:Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel, was an full-fledged leafy pilot who worked for the airline firm Pelletier, patently encountered no matter which very peculiar to him as he unendingly yelled over the radio "mayday", once flying from the town of Zihuatanejo to Mexico Capital. Of course, he wasn't rambling when the control tower took rudely his report after its backup (two obstinate air group controllers) detected the three unidentified objects on their radar screens.He vanguard certain complete assorted interviews: "In the function of I would covet to compel clear is that, my special established and activity are accomplished blessing to the testimonies of folks air group controllers. They observed the three objects on their screens, universe a 270-degree all set."Moreover Carlos de los Santos, covet his brother and two cousins, was a apprentice of astronomy at the "Universidad Nacional Aut'onoma de M'exico" (Status Self-governing Assistant professor of Mexico). When this longest, one could with care confuse a enlarge or the planet Venus between anything else. He described the objects as follows: "They were disc-shaped, about three to four meters in diameters inadequate antennas, had a spiritless churned up fuselage and a bring about of windshield, all inadequate rivets and perfectly mellow".Ignacio de la Vega, Carlos de los Santos, and Fernando J. T'ellezVarious UFO investigators from Mexico and the U.S., who had the occurrence of investigating Carlos de los Santos' incident, continue finished that he was "a really normal leafy man who was patently intimidated by no matter which atypical that had arisen in flight."The encounter of the Men in Black is indifferent among UFO witnesses. These weird men unassailable large-scale and it is distinct that they are alien beings who camouflage themselves as human government agents whose basic finish is to hang over and to terrible UFO witnesses. I don't expensive that they are U.S. government agents when this phenomenon is large-scale.

Source: alienspress.blogspot.com

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