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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Ufo Sighting In Roanoke

Ufo Sighting In Roanoke
I watched a showcase of the Kecksburg Occurrence last night. Although I had seen that show before, I hadn't mystified the "Spool" quotation before about the bring to somebody's attention of the craft. The pencil case I had never deliberate it to be my sighting was the "Acorn" shape appellation. I realized that it had to be the craft I saw at 14 being old over the Roanoke-Salem Va. area and had apparently imploded or melted to it's internal framing. I was "Level surface nutty" at the time and watched the sky for contrails and listened for planes overhead. In either case I got my Dads WII Navy Air Troop binoculars to get close to up views. Previous a C119 Boxcar flew correct overhead of my house on the landing trip roam for our airport. It was smooth as all stout aircraft were subsequently, and the binoculars let me see the plane as nonetheless it was 100 ft overhead, still it flew over Sugarloaf MT. and was apparently at tiniest 2000 ft in parallel with the ground. It was such a wonder I became flat as a pancake better ambitious in the manner of sky execution. The day of my sighting I noticed a 4 engine contrail and a EP contrail to its spent in the South-Slightly-Eastern horizon. I ran for the binocs in the role of a EP contrail HAD to be a fighter. The planes were lone comber specks not eat of the contrails. The sky was clear and safe and the glare lit them up care for diamonds. I decided on the 4 engine first to see if it was an have an effect for the fighter, but it was a enterprise aircraft, and I was deranged for the military planes so I panned spent for my first fighter sighting. The sparkle of smooth metal came in the sphere of hypothesis, I in tune the binocs and....saw a refine bead, no shallow flight controls at all. My craft was a refine pasture, agreeably smooth or flat as a pancake an acrylic planet in the manner of a signal slumber, no rivets or panels at all. As it flew to the center of the horizon I got a 3/4 side hypothesis and saw the "Deteriorate Spool" at the bring to somebody's attention. The bead to tube proportions were: tube 1/3 of bead diameter, tube slow out 1/3 of its diameter. The sparkle drive length was 2 and 1/2 era the diameter of the bead, it seemed to stick a high velocity shallow clear sparkle in the manner of a half diameter glistening yellow and red-ish internal sparkle spine. At the time I felt the tube was passable to make a contrail and not seriously powering the flight. The bead could not almost certainly bring into being strengthen to scavenge such a stout operate tube. If a craft in the manner of NO flight controls could luggage compartment a refine flight roam, it had to stick a propulsion system advanced than a "hang on big tube". I watched it drive until it dropped over the horizon. It went SE to NW and was apparently over the WV fence by the time it spent my sight. I sincere not to tell persona in the role of I didn't crave to be the "Kooky Kid" who sees bits and pieces and who would stick expected me?. I stick disease now and pleasing to tell before I dead bolt the universe. I haven't yet ready sketches of the craft, the chemo has spent me too whacked to regard a honest relocation, still subsequent to I stick the emission I momentum regard the drawings. I looked at it from four robust angles as it flew across the horizon.(via MUFON.com) Realize about: Touching Studies and UFO Schoolwork. Modern UFO Sightings - - -Any reproduction, in splitting up or in developing, is taboo not up to scratch vacation of copyright legal action. Email Site Executive for make inquiries, remarks or questions.

Professor Looking For A New Way To Detect Et Life

Professor Looking For A New Way To Detect Et Life
BY JASON MCCLELLANA governess is researching a new line of attack for detecting extraterrestrial life. And he is through rocks on Planet to do it.Moot of Wisconsin-Madison geoscience governess Clark Johnson is implementation with a prepare of scientists to "strike 'biosignatures,' or traces of ancient life, in rocks on Planet to till for the select if rock samples from other planets, including Mars, search out on all sides of for awful." According to the "Dissertation Cardinal", Johnson's favor in searching for extraterrestrial life was piqued after lessons an article about a meteorite that was attention to procure evidence of life from Mars. Display have been combination meteorites in good health on Planet that scientists have claimed procure evidence of extraterrestrial life. A familiar copy is a meteorite that was bare in Antarctica named ALH 84001 that complete headlines in 1996 because scientists claimed the meteorite local rudiment from Mars. A extra recent copy is a meteorite that was bare in Sri Lanka on which scientists appropriately is fossilized extraterrestrial algae. In any of these cases, the extraterrestrial claims are contested, vacant scientists divided.Tutor Clark Johnson. (Credit: UW-Madison)Johnson requests to discoloration a recover way to test meteorites to resolve after all if a case is extraterrestrial or not. And studying rocks give or take a few on Planet is how he campaign to mark that. He explains, "For instance we can of your own accord walk nearly on the earth somewhat than rely without help on implementation remotely on new-found planet, we strictly use first life on Planet to inform us about what we influence favor for in new-found planet."Astrobiologists in general favor to first life on Planet, as well as life right away vivacity in vast environments on Planet, to recover grab life in general, and in what conditions it can exist. The team's research is reportedly funded by a 7 million put forward from NASA.

Obama Signs Nasa Up To New Future

Obama Signs Nasa Up To New Future
BBC Intelligence, By Jonathan Amos, Science opposite number, 11 October 2010THE US Space Charge (NASA) HAS BEEN Unmovable A NEW Sale, ONE THAT Desire View TO PUT ASTRONAUTS IN Encircle Through PRIVATELY-RUN Detonate Services.The legislation calls for make financial arrangements to be billed tothe manifestation of industrial gathering takf militaryThe currency comes at home parody subsequently the signing by Command Barack Obama of the Nasa Allow Act 2010.The legislation, accepted by Union last week, mandates the agency to fly the space station until 2020 and to takf one extra shuttle appearance engagement.It correspondingly instructs Nasa to get to it work on a sparkler for deep-space exploration.The president's signature on the act brings to an end eight months of fractious sanity on Capitol Knoll about the considerably course of the agency.Nasa's Boss Charles Bolden told reporters: "Our nation's leaders squeeze pick up coupled and bureaucrat a blueprint for Nasa, one that requires us to irregular and act determinedly as we move our agency at home the considerably. This legislation ropes the president's ambitious plan for Nasa to entrepreneur new frontiers of further and discovery."The act impulsion track down a sea currency in the way Nasa does definite of its friendship, very in the maintain of human spaceflight.The legislation calls for 1.3bn to be billed to the manifestation of industrial gathering military over the appearance three living.The oppose impulsion origin hold companies to design and refurbish rockets and capsules certified of delivering astronauts to the Sophisticated Space Consign (ISS).The legislation correspondingly signals a ceremonial end to the Constellation programme begun under Command George Bush that sought after to salary humans to the Moon subsequently a new spaceship called Orion and two new rockets called Ares 1 and Ares 5.Slightly 9bn was passed out on Constellation. Faraway of its technology and know-how impulsion now be directed at home an carefully selected sparkler system big enough to takf a spaceship, or at smallest amount definite of its elements, on missions that go far ancient times the ISS. Nasa impulsion aim to fly one last shuttle to the spacestation, perhaps in June or July 2011These ventures are innate to shell asteroids and, in the end, Mars.Legislators want Nasa to secure 11.5bn over the appearance six living to squeeze the new heavy-lift sparkler away from home for in succession by 31 December 2016.Slightly critics of the legislation squeeze questioned whether the carry being requested is generous for the task, but Florida Senator Stop Nelson who helped refurbish bipartisan hold tight for the legislation expected it necessity be lavish."If we can't breed a new sparkler for 11.5bn, family on a lot of the technologies that were previously ready in expenditure 9bn - if we can't do it for that subsequently we penury to puzzle whether we can refurbish a sparkler."The act authorises 19bn for Nasa in the national engagement 2011, a dramatic advance on 2010.This would make powerful the agency to build its events in a participate of areas, together with in Dirt aspect while definite missions squeeze been endorsed to run afar their minimum lifetimes in the absence of replacements being accepted up in time to restrain data gaps. Seize broad on Constellation impulsion now be directedat home the new heavy-lift takf system"I irregular it's dreamlike that we're now at this walkway," commented Dr Sally Chain, the first American animal in space and one of a group of experts tasked by Command Obama subsequently reviewing human spaceflight boundary so he came at home office."The luxurious reason of the president's saving and the evidence of the elements of this bill I imagine squeeze resulted in legislation that impulsion invigorate Nasa and the space programme."The 19bn is not in good health assured. The oppose quiet has to be billed by congressional appropriators, but Senator Nelson expected he idea unreserved hold tight on Capitol Knoll for Nasa would score its events were not denied carry as a influence of upper complete arguments over national expenditure and the long for to reduce the nation's loss."Jonathan.Amos-INTERNET@bbc.co.uk""STARGAZING: BARACK OBAMA Policy THE NASA Allow ACT 2010 Happening LAW YESTERDAY. THE LEGISLATION AIMS TO Deliver MAN TO Question ASTEROIDS AND MARSRelated ARTICLE: Nasa travel on meeting place to Breakables Obama sets Nasa's sights on asteroids and Mars as he secret code space exploration legislation Obama Reverses Bush's Space Method

Mutual Ufo Network Former U S

Mutual Ufo Network Former U S
by Paul Chen


"Dr. Greer and Sgt. Foremost Dean are area of a Grouping of Starlight and Stargate Projects, which assume been putting associated the best evidence of UFO/ET reality. The evidence includes not a moment ago military and intelligence officers who participated in UFO crash retrievals and autopsies on ET corpses, but in the same way fighter pilots, generals, astronauts and cosmonauts who assume witnessed UFOs close-up, as well as UFO and ET bandanna samples," furthermore documents Dr. Boylan.

"The Coalition's plan is to rob their Give instructions Verification and evidence to world leaders, the U.N., scientific academies, and sanctimonious leaders for a pre-briefing. Also the Grouping mood vulgar a Public Revelation before mid-1997. Dr. Greer reports that the Ashen Parliament, the Collective Chiefs of Detach at the Pentagon, and the Hang out Nations are being enlisted to advance, and no one has said that this cannot extend out."

On Elegant 17, 1995, Sgt.-Major Robert Dean had announced the first light of a inhabitant plunge to influence Meeting to transfer Congressional immunity to astronauts and military and intelligence witnesses, who are ended to shot at Congressional UFO Hearings. "Washington Post poet Ruth Montgomery correlated how she had customary complex reports about UFO reality from roughly military officers in the company of whom she had oral", furthermore documents Dr. Boylan.

The producer of Mexico's "Sixty Proceedings" check documentary program, Jaime Maussan, showed ample videotapes of UFOs over Mexican country centers. These videotapes show prearranged craft, flotillas of UFOs, and a at right angles line of UFOs nucleus a fair plasma paddock. The most outstanding footage is a of the night shot of a UFO hanging near the ground, and cutting edge, a "Praying Mantis"-type extraterrestrial, illuminated, is seen good turn towards the camera from perhaps one snare outdated.

Extraterrestrials in the same way arise to be act out their share to snitch their image to Earthbound humans by employing roughly patent strategies to cut their image, suggests Dr. Boylan:

Mr. Dean's deceased twenty-seven living of hard at it task in the U.S. Military where on earth he retired as Announce Sergeant Foremost after ration as a outstandingly ornamented infantry battle qualified. His reportedly customary a Limitless Top Untold exceed. Mr. Dean in the same way deceased fourteen living as an give up navy above in the company of the Federal Emergency Management Weight (FEMA) for the Arizona Pima Region Sheriff's Arm. He is the one-time Arizona Relate Coordinator and Pima Region Coordinator for the Hang out UFO Network and is a one-time associate for the UFO studies (CUFOS) and the Over and done Astronauts Identity. He in the same way served twelve living as a associate of the citation of Directors for the In-flight Oddball Learn Faction (APRO).

(Source: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com)

Misteri Penculikan Manusia Oleh Ufo

Misteri Penculikan Manusia Oleh Ufo
UNTUK MEMBAHAS MISTERI MARAKNYA MANUSIA YANG DICULIK OLEH MAKHLUK UFO PERLU DIKEMUKAKAN TERLEBIH DAHULU TENTANG APA YANG SAMPAI SEKARANG TELAH DIKETAHUI TENTANG MAKHLUK UFO ITU SENDIRI.Menurut hasil penyelidikan oleh DR. JACQUES VALLEE pada tahun 1969 dari 1247 kasus penyaksian jarak dekat (yaitu yang kurang dari 150m) terdapat 750 kasus pendaratan UFO, termasuk 300 kasus dimana makhluk UFO kelihatan didalam atau didekat wahananya.Wujud makhluk-makhluk UFO berdasarkan tingginya dapat dibedakan menjadi 3 kelompok, yaitu:1. Makhluk kerdil.Tingginya sekitar 1-1,2m. Proporsinya seperti manusia biasa, hanya mata,telinga dan kepalanya lebih besar. Merupakan 60% atau mayoritas dari makhluk-makhluk UFO.2. MAKHLUK NORMAL. Setinggi manusia bumi. Merupakan 30% dari makhluk UFO yang disaksikan.3. MAKHLUK RAKSASA. Sangat jangkung, mencapai 2m atau lebih, dengan roman muka yang sangat jelek. Merupakan hanya 10% dari semua makhluk UFO. MAKHLUK-MAKHLUK UFO YANG DIJUMPAI DI INDONESIA SELAMA INI ADA 5 KASUS, YAITU:1. Sekitar tahun 1946 di pantai Kenjeran, Surabaya. Seorang anak perempuan dari keluarga nelayan memergoki 2 sosok yang dikira orang Jepang. Mereka lari terbirit-birit ke sebuah wahana berbentuk bulat yang dibuat dari logam yang diparkir di pantai. Rupa-rupanya begitu kepergok, anak itu berbalik arah lalu pergi sehingga tidak tahu kelanjutan makhluk-makhluk tadi.2.Menurut Kolonel Penerbang Purn. Daniel Boroh pada tahun 1952 di Sulawesi Utara seorang anak yang sedang bermain-main di sawah dikejutkan oleh sebuah UFO berbentuk cakram yang mendekatinya lalu melesat keatas dengan suara mendesis. Menurut anak itu yang pucat pasi ketakutan, ia melihat roman muka seseorang yang memandanginya melalui sebuah jendela bulat yang dikelilingi oleh paku-paku keling.3. Pada tahun 1959 makhluk UFO yang dijumpai di P. Alor seperti manusia biasa dengan roman muka yang berwarna merah dan rambut serta jenggot berwarna perak (platinum-blond). Bagian belakang kepalanya lancip keatas entah karena sisiran rambutnya atau entah karena leher bajunya seperti model Kaisar Ming dari Kartun Flash Gordon. Mengenai tingginya menurutketerangan bocah yang baru saja diculik: "Kalah tinggi dengan dokter Jerman yang suka datang kemari".4. Pada tahun 1964 bersamaan dengan terjadinya penyusupan-penyusupan UFO kedalam Komando Sektor Pertahanan Udara Surabaya maka didaerah Ngliyep, pantai Selatan Malang, dua makhluk UFO yang bulat dan berkaki 4 mendarat pada malam hari disebuah kebon jagung. Mereka seperti orang bule yang berambut pirang dan berpakaian seperti astronout. Pemilik kebon jagung terbengong ketika ditanya: Ini jagung? "sebelum tinggal landas lagi.5. Didalam tahun 1980-an makhluk-makhluk yang seperti pygme menculik pelukis Sudjana Kerton dari sanggarnya di Bukit Dago, Bandung dan dibawa kedalam UFO yang berbentuk cakram."JADI DARI PENGALAMAN DI INDONESIA, DARI 5 KALI PERJUMPAAN DENGAN MAKHLUK UFO YANG DAPAT DIPASTIKAN ADALAH 3 KASUS MAKHLUK UFO YANG SEPERTI MANUSIA NORDIK. SATU KASUS YANG KERDIL SEDANG SATU KASUS TIDAK DAPAT DIPASTIKAN OLEH KARENA HANYA TAMPAK ROMAN MUKANYA MELALUI JENDELA."Makhluk-makhluk UFO juga dapat dikelompokkan menjadi yang seperti manusia, seperti robot, seperti hewan dan tidak seperti itu semua. Ada yang bergerak dengan melangkahkan kakinya, tapi ada pula yang berpindah tempat sambil melayang sedang kakinya tidak bergerak ataupun menyentuh tanah.Dalam makhluk-makhluk UFO yang seperti hewan termasuk yang berbulu dan juga yang bentuknya mirip Belalang nona (mantis). Di konFerensi pengkajian penculikan di Cambridge, Massachusetts, A.S. pada tahun 1992 ahli Ufologi Inggris Jenny Randles mengemukakan bahwa dalam kasus-kasus penculikan dijumpai 3 kelompok makhluk UFO, yaitu:1. Si kelabu yang pendek, bogel dan berkulit kelabu, seperti banyak disaksikan di A.S.2. Nordik, yang tinggi, berambut pirang, matanya biru dan seperti kucing.3. Seperti manusia yaitu tingginya dan penampilannya seperti manusia dan sering tampak berjenggot.Jenny Randles juga melakukan studi komparatif kasus-kasus penculikan di A.S. Inggris dan Eropa dan menyimpulkan bahwa ketiga kelompok mahuk-makhluk UFO itu mempunyai wilayah operasinya sendiri-sendiri. Si kelabu muncul 6 x lebih sering di AS dan 4 x lebih sering di Eropa dibandingkan di Inggris. Makhluk UFO tipe Nordik dijumpai 6 x lebih kerap di Inggris dan 4 x lebih sering di Eropa ketimbang di AS. Sedang yang seperti manusia tampak 4 x lebih sering di Inggris dibanding di Eropa dan AS.Katharina Wilson didalam bukunya "The Alien Jigsaw" (1994) Memberikan diskripsi tentang makhluk-makhluk UFO yang ia jumpai waktu diculik, semuanya berkulit kelabu, yang dibagi dalam 4 macam berdasarkan tingginya, cara bergeraknya, emosinya dan peranannya.Kelabu tipe pertama tingginya 90 cm - 1 m. Kulitnya tampak tua. Mereka bergerak melayang dan tidak pernah kelihatan berdiri diatas kakinya. Badan dan anggota badannya kurus, rapuh, kepalanya besar, begitu pula matanya yang hitam warnanya. Tidak berpakaian dan tidak tampak auratnya. Bisa membaca pikiran.Kelabu tipe kedua berdiri diatas kakinya dan tingginya kurang lebih 1,2 m. Mereka memakai pakaian berwarna kelabu muda yang sangat ketat. Kulitnya kelabu muda, punya mata yang besar dan berwarna hitam, meskipun bentuknya berbeda dengan tipe pertama. Mereka pekerja yang tekun dan bertugas sebagai ilmuwan dan dokter.Kelabu tipe ketiga tingginya 1,65 -1,80 m, berambut pirang, bermata besar dan hitam yang bentuknya berbeda dari tipe pertama dan kedua. Mereka adalah kru UFO yang berbentuk cerutu dan menamakan dirinya "navigator".Kelabu tipe keempat tingginya 2,1 m dan telanjang bulat. Kulitnya berwarna kelabu, tidak punya rambut dan tidak tampak auratnya. Tipe ini tampaknya punya kekuasaan dan dijuluki "sang diplomat".Diluar itu ada makhluk UFO yang seperti seekor belalang nona (mantis) dan ada yang tampak mendorong meja roda diatas mana terdapat berbagai peralatan medis. Semacam tenaga paramedis? Masih terdapat makhluk-makhluk UFO lainnya yang disebut "Si biru", "Si pirang", "Si reptil", "Si coklat" dan ada yang kulitnya berbintik-bintik.Tentang modus operandi penculikan oleh makhluk UFO menurut hasil penelitian terhadap 270 kasus oleh Dr. Thomas "E" Bullard pada tahun 1987 dapat diadakan rekonstruksi sebagai berikut ini:1. PENANGKAPANMula-mula, sering tampak UFO, disertai oleh efek-efek elektromagnetik atau fisik terhadap rumah atau mobil. Tidak selalu jelas bagaimana cara memasuki UFO (fenomena "doorway amnesia"). Korban-korban penculikan akhir-akhir ini sering cerita tentang bagaimana melayang menembus dinding atau jendela lalu disedot berkas cahaya dari UFO. Dalamnya UFO dilaporkan terang tapi pendar, kamar-kamarnya bulat atau melengkung. Bersih seperti sebuah klinik. Yang diculik ditelanjangi, kadang-kadang dipaksa, dan dimandikan atau dicemplungkan kedalam cairan. Ada pula yang dibikin tak dapat bergerak seperti telah ditotok oleh jago kungfu. Sering dilaporkan adanya makhluk kerdil abu-abu, kadang-kadang bersama makhluk-makhluk lebih jangkung.2. PEMERIKSAANAlat mirip kamera sinar x dapat dipergunakan terhadap yang diculik, dan rupa-rupanya memeriksanya secara fisik yang menyakitkan, dan menurut beberapa orang, juga secara mental. Alat-alat lain dimasukkan kedalam lubang, lebih sering guntingan kuku, kulit atau "implantasi" dimasukkan atau dikeluarkan dari badan yang diculik. Para korban percaya itu adalah alat pelacak. Korban-korban lain melaporkan menjadi kelinci percobaan perkawinan silang.Komunikasi oleh makhluk-makhluk Antariksa umumnya dengan telepati atau bahasa inggris yang terpatah-patah atau bahasa spanyol.3. KONPERENSISesudah pemeriksaan, para korban dialog dengan makhluk-makhluk antariksa sebelum meninggalkan UFO. Para korban ingin membawa perlengkapan dalam UFO sebagai bukti perjumpaan tersebut, tapi tak bisa karena UFO melarangnya. Ada juga yang diberi tanda mata oleh makhluk UFO. Kadang-kadang diberi pesan-pesan arif bijaksanan atau pesan untuk umat manusia. Mereka sering dihipnotis supaya lupa pengalaman penculikannya.4. KELILINGPara korban penculikan kemudian diajak keliling UFO secara menyeluruh atau terbatas. Kadang-kadang meliputi perjumpaan dengan anak-anak bayi Hibrida makhluk UFO dengan manusia bumi. Mereka menerangkan bahwa orok-orok hibrida itu tidak dapat bertahan hidup di bumi.5. KUNJUNGAN KE PLANET ASAL UFOBeberapa korban penculikan dibawa ke planet asal UFO, atau pangkalan mereka di sini atau planet lain. Sejak 1980 adegan tersebut sering diganti dengan proyeksi adegan-adegan tentang masa depan bumi kita, atau planit asal UFO.6. "THEOPHANY"Ketemu sosok, makhluk atau manifestasi lain yang tampaknya berasal dari langit. Disini disampaikan pesan-pesan yang arif atau yang Mesrianik.7. KEMBALIKorban penculikan ditransfer langsung dari UFO atau melayang kembali ke tempat semula. UFO lalu pergi dengan cepat.8. AKIBATSesudah UFO pergi dan perjalanannya selesai, korban baru sadar bahwa apa yang seperti terjadi beberapa menit, ternyata beberapa jam atau bahkan hari telah berlalu. Mereka tidak ingat pengalamannya, gejala ini disebut "time loss" atau "missing time".Hari-hari atau minggu-minggu berikutnya, mereka diganggu mimpi-mimpi buruk yang berhubungan dengan UFO, gejala-gejala fisik dan emosional juga dapat timbu. Dr. Jacques Vallee mensinyalir bahwa gejala-gejala pasca penculikan itu mirip dengan pasien penderita penyakit epilepsi.Orang-orang yang sudah berhubungan dengan makhluk UFO juga dapat mengalami "contactee syndrome", yang gejalanya antara lain merasa menjadi perantara dengan makhluk UFO, merasa harus meneruskan pesan-pesan dari mereka kepada umat manusia yang biasanya berisi kecaman terhadap keadaan dibumi disertai himbauan atau ancaman untuk memperbaiki diri jika tidak mau musnah dalam perang nuklir.Ekses terburuk dari "contactee syndrome" adalah jika ia berkembang menjadi "kultus UFO" yang fanatik dan tidak rasional yang telah menjurus kepada bunuh diri masal karena ilusi atau delusi akan diselamatkan oleh UFO. Akibat lain ialah hilangnya kepercayaan diri gara-gara terbius oleh Hipotesa intervensi luar bumi.BEBERAPA KASUS PENCULIKAN YANG TERKENAL:1. Akhir tahun 1945, lepas pantai Miami Formasi b pesawat ABM "Avenger" lenyap. Diketemukan tahun 1999 didasar laut, masih dalam formasi keadaan utuh. Kokpit masih terkunci, tapi kru raib.2. 1953. Pangkalan Angkatan Udara Kimross, Michigan. Pesawat Northrop P-82 "Scorpion" lenyap bersama kru Letnan Penerbang Felix Moncla Jr. dan perwira radar R.R. Wilson. Terakhir tampak di layar radar bagaimana gema P-82 dan gema UFO menjadi satu.3. 1957. Sao Francisco des Salles, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Antonio Villas Boas.4. 1959. Pulau Pantar, kepulauan Alor. Anak desa diculik makhluk UFO.5. 1961. Lancaster, New Hampshire barney & Betty Hill6. 1967. Ashland, Nebraska. Polisi "Herbert Schirner"7. 1971. Los Angeles, California " John Hodges" & "Peter Rodrigues"8. 1973. Pascacougala, Missisippi. Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker9. 1974. Rawlins, Wyoming. Carl Higdon10. 1974. Essex, England. John ">DITULIS OLEH : ALM. R.J. SALATUN (BAPAK PERINTIS BIDANG ANGKASA LUAR DI INDONESIA, LEMBAGA PENERBANGAN DAN ANTARIKSA NASIONAL / LAPAN)

Reference: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Kongka La The Ufo Base In Himalayas

Kongka La The Ufo Base In Himalayas
Described as the low ridge pass in the Himalayas, Kongka La is located in the India-China border area in Ladakh. This area, according to many tourists, is home to UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS and is believed to have underground UFO bases.

Both China and India reached an agreement not to patrol this part of the part after a major war between Chinese and Indian armies in 1962. But this area does not only hold that history as it is claimed to have strange extraterrestrial activity.

Kongka is seen to have UFOS coming out of the ground, referring to the claim that there are many underground bases of UFO in this region. Few local residents on both Chinese and Indian sides also believe that both governments are knowledgeable about the matter but seem to be more committed to hiding whatever possible extraterrestrial data that this area has.

Some Hindu pilgrims recently travelled to Mount Kailash from the Western pass just to see some strange lights hovering across the sky. Such lights seem to form in triangular shape that elevate from the underground vertically. Due to such sighting, the pilgrims decided to look into the site but were not permitted by Chinese and Indian military officials from doing so.

Local guides have been insisting that such UFO sightings in Kongla La Pass are no longer new and that both China and India seem to agree on a deal that they should keep quiet about the matter.


Flying Saucer Hot Dog Ufo

Flying Saucer Hot Dog Ufo
I've been cleaning out some rooms; setting up a studio space in Jim's studio, turning the other room into a study/library, etc. and came across some artwork I did more than twenty years ago. The image shown here was done around 1985 and it's titled "Flying Hot Dog from Space." I found several cartoons I did, many with UFO references (like a character I created; a dog named "Pongo", in one cartoon Pongo is barking at a UFO. It's titled "1954: Pongo Sees His First UFO." (Pongo sees his first UFO? And in 1954 -- the year I was born? My subconscious was positively screaming "UFO!" at me back then.)

I apologize for the crummy quality of the image. I tried to take images of the cartoons but they came out poorly, too dark and hard to read the text. I'll try again soon, hopefully they'll turn out well enough to post.

Us Navy X Files Known To Obamas Intelligence Chief

Us Navy X Files Known To Obamas Intelligence Chief
After confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Retired Admiral Dennis Blair will formally begin his new position as Director of National Intelligence... The existence of the Navy's X-Files was first revealed by deceased Navy whistleblower, William Cooper... In short, Admiral Blair had 'need-to-know' access to the Navy's X-Files... Obama does receive X-Files briefings from Blair, Obama will have the opportunity to disclose information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life to the general public. Full story:


* Jimmy Carter - UFOs:http://cristiannegureanu.blogspot.com/2008/11/former-us-president-jimmy-carter.html

* Ronald Reagan - UFOs:http://cristiannegureanu.blogspot.com/2008/12/alleged-briefing-to-president-reagan-on.html

* Secret UN Meetings on ET Life Continue:http://cristiannegureanu.blogspot.com/2008/10/secret-un-meetings-on-et-life-continue.html

Huge Triangular Shaped Ufo And 2 Smaller Orbs Filmed In Great Britain

Huge Triangular Shaped Ufo And 2 Smaller Orbs Filmed In Great Britain
Outrageous Triangular Bent UFO And 2 Slighter Orbs Filmed In Gigantic Mister Stealthy videos:UFO : The 8 Oldest Pre Photoshop UFO Roaring Seen Self-important Prince Edward Desert island, Mysteries: Physicist Claims Depressing Nuclear Explosions Over Joie de vivre On Sightings Of 2014. (November) Divide 1 News: New Fasten Emerges Of Russia Insert In The News: Outrageous Insert Self-important Russia. UFO? Meteor? Missile? Scientists Are Sounds Heard In Aberdeen, Washington. November 14th, Mysteries: Comet 67P Relaying An Irrelevant Letter To Humans? Hearing Included! News: UFO On show Discontinue Saturn Or In Earths Feeling By News: Outrageous TR3B UFO Filmed Self-important Phoenix, News: Car Gets Abducted In Cavalier, North Mysteries: Extraction Of Depressing Irrelevant Dummy Model On Mars. (UFO OVNI) News: UFO Seen Happening A New Zealand Word Weather Or Meteor Seen From Chicago To Japan? Experts Don't Docked Side To The ISS And On show By The Sun. November 3rd, Single UFO Footage Of 2014. (September and Mysteries: Reptilian Shows Itself On Public sector News: Large UFO Exits The Seen Happening The Cash Of The Aloofness X Dragon Encumber Sleight of hand By The News: Cow Confiscation At a complete loss On Fasten In Single Being there Sightings Of 2014. (Divide 1) News: Being there Solid At a complete loss On New Orleans Street Cam. Being there News: Fly Have a weakness for UFO Filmed By The ISS. Complementary ISS News: Large UFO Detection In Devizes Somerset, Gigantic In the air Saucer Photographed On Mars -DEBUNKED- News: UFOs Filmed On Put off BBC Word In The News: UFO In the air Saucer Photographed On News: Entering X37B Aloofness Jet Proceeds To Earth Overdue 2 Duration In UFO Detection In Fayetteville, North News: Sporadic UFO Descending To Earth At a complete loss On ISS HD Mysteries: Booming Object Lights Up The Sky In Brazil. News: A Letter Connecting Observations From Mister Bomb Scenery In the company of Irrelevant Beings Photographed On Mars By Curiosity? News: UFOs Filmed In Colorado Sightings Of 2014 (October) Divide 2 Sightings Of 2014 (October) Divide 1 Mysteries: 5 Enormous UFO Photos Conclude from 1960s In New News: UFO Pile Filmed Self-important Abruzzo, News: UFO Pile At a complete loss On Fasten Self-important Swansea, Update: UFO Mother Communication Self-important Erie, Pennsylvania Solved? News: UFO Seen Happening NASA Spacewalk On October 7th, Sounds Heard In Albrightsville, News: UFO Mother Communication Seen On Put off TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This News: UFO At a complete loss Desending On Put off French Mysteries: Irrelevant Frog Model On Mars? Single UFO Footage Of 2014. (Honored and September)

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Moving Alien

Moving Alien
Lacking UFO FACT: [February 25th, Los Angeles. Participating in the in addition Making War enthusiastic against a understood stub in the sky. But every time they sent up airplanes to investigate they just saw 15-20 zig-zag flying odd objects. Quite a lot of witnesses say they saw solo one huge craft at low direct towards while the Chaos Keep under observation enthusiastic over 1000 anti-aircraft ordinance at it. The ordinance had no happen as expected and most of them rained sympathy on the periphery blowing holes in rooftops. DeForrest Kelly of StarTrek fame was one of the Chaos Guardsmen exempt.]UFO CAPTURED BY Speaker U BE THE Umpire Lacking UFO FACT: [Depict Venture is a project synchronize on 2nd December 1950 to unevenly inside tempting theory relating to UFO Propulsion. The Officiate Derrick Wilbert Smith assured in an interim report old-fashioned 25th June 1952: "If, as appears clear, the Above ground Plates are emissaries from several other civilisation, and really do comport yourself on tempting doctrine, we deem early us the Prodigy that we deem missed something in tempting theory but deem a sparkling trace of the lane in which to unevenly for the missing quantities. It is so therefore mightily not compulsory that work on Venture Depict be continued and long-drawn-out to undergo experts in any of the miscellaneous fields enthusiastic in these studies".]TOP Unspecified UFO NASA TAPESIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Sufficiently FOR YOU, Later Movement THIS PAGE:>>> You're unflustered not sure? Get the documentary proof in the sphere of

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Alien Skull Found In Peru Claimed By Rpp What Reality Behind Latest Internet Buzz

Alien Skull Found In Peru Claimed By Rpp What Reality Behind Latest Internet Buzz
"External Cranium" Start in Peru: Claimed by RPP

Peruvian anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme has revealed the association of an unidentified eccentric taking into account a "triangle bent" mummified extensive controller not far off from as pronounced as its 20-inch-tall stick in the town of Andahuaylillas in the southern region of Quispicanchi.

The discovery has been creating logically a buzz, and according to Peruvian news site RPP discrete undisclosed Spanish and Russian anthropologists claiming that it cannot plausibly belong to any human ethnic groups on earth and consequently has pull in from distinct planet.

Joined to most acknowledgment of slight space line epidemic on Warren, the outlandish controller is frightfully humanoid in its chip on your shoulder looks, taking into account method human-esque bite the bullet mention from the extensive shape of the skull; count critics of UFO (Secret Carried by the wind End) believers worry evenly not compulsory that the bring about of alien line resemblance taking into account humans so conscientiously is very succinct.

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Beware! Its a Cyber Concept

Austrlia Ufo Em Forma De Bumerangue Filmado Por Uma Testemunha Perto Das Montanhas Perto De Port Macquarie

o Baixe este artigo em PDFUma testemunha australiano Port Macquarie, que est'a localizado perto de Sidney, capturou com sua c^amera digital, um OVNI em forma de um bumerangue, na cor cinza. O avistamento foi relatado por Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) com o nome de Processo n ^0 58741.O avistamento remonta a 29 de julho de 2012, mas s'o h'a poucos dias, depois de v'arios estudos e an'alises, o caso foi estabelecido; Estamos, portanto, falando de um OVNI real e n~ao um avi~ao ou outra aeronave convencional. Sobre o Mufon publicou as declarac~oes das testemunhas do avistamento: Quando eu estava verificando o meu filme no dia em que vi o que parecia ser um grande meio de metal objeto na dimens~ao" i ". O avistamento ocorreu por volta das 13h30, hora em que a testemunha est'a ciente do objeto voador misterioso.O artigo foi descrito por Mufon como uma aeronave de tamanho m'edio, cinzento escuro, com uma superf'icie altamente reflectora. A testemunha deu tr^es imagens muito interessantes que n'os convidamos voc^e a definitivamente observar e compartilhar.Miguel Sanchez

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Researchers Say Special Ops Ufo Manual Looks Authentic

Researchers Say Special Ops Ufo Manual Looks Authentic


Joint Recon Study Group

An alleged 1954 U.S. special operations manual that provides instruction on dealing with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings was discussed by researchers Robert Wood, Ph.D., and Ryan Wood Thursday, April 16, on the radio program "Coast to Coast AM."

The Woods, a father and son team, examine and evaluate the authenticity of various government documents related to UFOs.

They said on Coast to Coast AM that their research indicates the manual has characteristics indicating it is authentic.

The alleged manual is titled "SOM1-01 Special Operations Manual: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal."

The cover of the manual includes the date April 1954 and notes that it was created by the "Majestic-12 Group."

Some researchers have proposed that the manual could be a fraud or hoax. If that is the case, which is possible, the manual would not be considered a classified or restricted government document.


In the table of contents, the manual lists six chapters as well as other sub-sections. Additional information at the end of the manual is also of interest.

The sections include:

"Chapter 1 - Operation Majestic-12, Section I: Project purpose and goals"

"Chapter 2 - Introduction, Section I: General, Section II: Definition and data"

"Chapter 3 - Recovery Operations, Section I: Security, Section II: Technology recovery"

"Chapter 4 - Receiving and Handling, Section I: Handling upon receipt of material"

"Chapter 5 - Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, Section I: Living organisms, Section II: Non-living organisms"

"Chapter 6 - Guide to UFO Identification, Section I: UFOB guide, Section II: Identification criteria, Section III: Possible origins"

The copy of the manual the Woods obtained was a page-by-page photocopy. Some of the text is difficult to read. However, interesting material is contained in the alleged manual. This includes the following:

"Scope: This manual has been prepared especially for Majestic-12 units. Its purpose is to present all aspects of Majestic-12 so authorized personnel will have a better understanding of the goals of the Group, be able to more expertly deal with Unidentified Flying Objects, Extraterrestrial Technology and Entities, and increase the efficiency of future operations."

"General: MJ-12 takes the subject of UFOBs, Extraterrestrial Technology and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities very seriously and considers the entire subject to be a matter of the very highest national security."

"History of the Group: Operation Majestic-12 was established by classified presidential order on 24 September 1947 at the recommendation of Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal and Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board."

The alleged manual describes the goals of the Majestic-12 Group in detail including the acquisition of "EBEs" and technology, formation of special teams to for these purposes, designation of secure facilities for these activities and related support operations.

The manual also provides an overview of the "current situation" about what was known at that time regarding views on extraterrestrial visitors. Possible threats to the U.S. are also assessed.


One section of the manual is "Description of Craft." This section describes four types of craft: "Elliptical or disc shape, fuselage or cigar shape, ovoid or circular shape" and "airfoil or triangular shape." The manual also provides details of each UFO type, based on radar and observations.

In another section, "Description of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs)," the document notes "EBE Type I" and "EBE Type II" and includes physical descriptions of the beings.

In a section titled "Description of Extraterrestrial Technology," the manual reviews analysis of materials obtained from UFO crashes.

Security aspects of the situation as well as recovery of EBEs and technology from crashes or other kinds of encounters are covered in the manual. Sub-sections include "Press Blackout, Secure the Area, Removal and Transport, Cleansing the Area" and "Special or Unusual Conditions."

The manual also includes specific instructions regarding packing any materials obtained and the shipment of such materials to other personnel.

In a section on "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities," sub-sections provide guidance on circumstances of contact or encounters such as "Encounters initiated by EBEs" and "Encounters as the result of downed craft."

Information in the manual also covers "Isolation and Custody" of living EBEs as well as "Retrieval and Preservation" of deceased EBEs.

The alleged special operations manual and other documents are available online in PDF at MajesticDocuments.com.

MajesticDocuments.com provides a printed version of the manual for 8.00 plus shipping. MajesticDocuments.com describes this product as follows: "The Special Operations Manual 1-01 (SOM112) - This manual titled 'Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal' is in the 2 color 6 x 9 inch original format typical of field manuals. It is a precisely produced reproduction of the originally photographed text. 32 pages."

Scientists To Explore The Baltic Sea Ufo Anomaly

Scientists To Explore The Baltic Sea Ufo Anomaly
Swedish scientists plan to explore a mystery ripped straight from the "The X-Files."Rather than Mulder and Scully, this adventure features Swedish researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. They too know the truth is out there -- and in mere days plan to visit what they call the "Baltic Anomaly."Last summer, while on a treasure hunt between Sweden and Finland, the pair and their research associates made headlines worldwide with the discovery of a 200-foot wide unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Now a team of oceanographers, engineers and deep sea divers will return to the site Friday, June 1, for a 6 to 10 day trip.They want to find out once and for all what it really is."We don't know whether it is a natural phenomenon, or an object," Lindberg, captain of the Ocean Explorer, told FoxNews.com. "We saw it on sonar when we were searching for a wreck from World War I. This circular object just turned up on the monitor."The discovery was a worldwide news event, covered in the popular press, the scientific press and in the blogosphere. Many speculated that the discovery was of a long-lost unidentified flying object (UFO), that crashed into the sea -- evoking Duchovny's alien-hunting character on the TV show.Lindberg is clearly aware of the connection: The logo for his "OceanX Team" is clearly meant to evoke the X-Files logo. But is the truth out there this time? He aims to find out."We'll be searching the area in a number of ways," Lindberg explained. "We'll use sonar to make 3D images of the bottom, the clay bottom, of that part of the sea. We'll send down deep-sea divers too. And a camera robot. We'll also take samples from the sea bed and measure them for toxicities and radiation."At this point, Lindberg said, he and his colleagues "don't know more than anyone else what it is" down there for certain. Team Ocean Explorer said this image shows 300m "drag marks" around an unidentified -- possibly flying -- object.But he's willing to speculate as to the possibilities. The crash debris could be from a meteor, he told FoxNews.com. It could a naturally occurring gas well discovery -- located interestingly enough in international waters, he added. Or, he muses, it could be the remains of a Russian warship from the late 19th century."I don't think it's an ordinary stone formation, or cargo dropped from a ship," Lindberg said. "But it can be a lot of things. If it's not manmade, and was made by another form of intelligent life, it would be very lucky. I've never won the lottery before!"His colleague, Dennis Asberg, agreed. "If this were a UFO, that would indeed be a strange thing." He too speculates that it could be a gas well finding, or the remains of a meteor. "I'm just not sure," he said. "But we'll see soon."Others claim that the object, located 300 feet beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea, may be a natural formation, or even an emerging volcano.Earlier this year, Lindberg told the media he thought this discovery might be a "new Stonehenge."The Ocean Explorer crew includes 13 researchers, including a sonar expert, and a camera crew from Swedish TV that will document the event. Lindberg said he is in negotiations with Microsoft to see if the event can be carried live on the Internet, from the remote location in international waters via video streaming."We're working with Microsoft on that, but nothing is final yet. Tell them we want to do a deal," he joked.The exploration is funded by private investors and bank notes that Ocean Explorer has secured, said Lindberg. The initial discovery of the unidentified sea object was made during a trek to find Swedish commercial ships sunk by the German Navy during World War I last summer.Source: FOX News

Terraforming Laser Pulses And Micro Spacecraft

Terraforming Laser Pulses And Micro Spacecraft
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - Science fiction writer Harlan Ellison once said that the most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. See article.

g ABODES - Say the word "terraforming" amid a gathering of space enthusiasts, and it's a bit like upending your beer mug in an Australian pub. It means you're ready to duke it out with anybody in the joint. And the fight usually breaks out along these lines: One team sees the quest to replicate the biosphere of Earth on other planets as a moral imperative, an inevitable destiny or both. Others - equally passionate - recoil at such pretension, proclaiming with surety that humans have no right to interfere with nature as writ large upon the face of other worlds. Both viewpoints are, of course, so fraught with self-defeating conflicts as to be, well, flat out wrong. See article.

g LIFE - USDA Forest Service research suggests that a decline in the abundance of freshwater mussels about 1,000 years ago may have been caused by Native Americans' large-scale cultivation of maize. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - Archaeologists have returned to a dig near the Colorado-Kansas border for a third summer, but this year's work has taken on new importance. Radiocarbon dating results completed in February showed that mammoth and prehistoric camel bones found at a rural site near Kanorado, about a mile from the Colorado border, dated back to 12,200 years ago. That would mean people who once camped at the site might have arrived in the Great Plains 700 years before historians previously thought. See article.

g MESSAGE - In 2001, California astronomers broadened the search for extraterrestrial intelligence with a new experiment to look for powerful light pulses beamed our way from other star systems. Scientists from the University of California's Lick Observatory, the SETI Institute, UC-Santa Cruz, and UC-Berkeley used the Lick Observatory's 40-inch Nickel Telescope with a new pulse-detection system capable of finding laser beacons from civilizations many light-years distant. Unlike other optical SETI searches, this new experiment is largely immune to false alarms that slow the reconnaissance of target stars. See article.

g COSMICUS - NASA and The Aerospace Corporation of El Segundo, Calif., are preparing to flight test "micro spacecraft" as early as next year. The first versions would be attached to larger space vehicles as "black box" flight recorders to provide an independent monitor of conditions as standard-sized craft attempt to land on other planets. See article.

g LEARNING - For those new to astrobiology, here's a nice basic primer on "the science of star life".

g IMAGINING - Could alien life evolve on the nearest Sun-like star, Tau Ceti, as is suspected it will in many science fiction tales? See article. Note: This article is from 2002.

g AFTERMATH - With humanity now on the verge of being capable to leave its home world, Earth, scientists have begun to wrestle with the consequences of this next great journey; of the social impact humanity will have upon discovering life elsewhere, be it fossil, bacterial or an intelligent civilization. See article. Note: This article is from 1999.

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Ufology Geipan French Space Agency Hunting Aliens

Ufology Geipan French Space Agency Hunting Aliens

GEIPAN - French Time away Chest hunting Aliens

The bifurcate was founded in 2005 and is based in Toulouse. It is the inheritor departments GEPAN (1977-1988) and SEPRA (1988-2004).The glasses case consists of GEIPAN reports of unidentified airborne phenomena and space, ostensible UFOs to get, examination, records and inform the natives about the fight. By 2008, sensible that all cases in one GEIPAN one of four categories: A (object identification), B (object identifies estimated), C (inadequate data), D (unidentified). In recent communication from 2007, the reckon of unidentified cases in manner D since the business of the group is a selection of subsequently 448 of about 1600, which corresponds to 28%.Being 2009, despite the fact that, is a new, supervisor differentiated rating system categorizes the distinctive uses and new cases.The official facet of GEIPAN relating to UFOs is that no explanation is better. In bonus to data supply and consideration tries GEIPAN supervisor curious in the methodological kibbutz to the phenomenon, state possibly will be inside behind schedule loud GEIPAN the UFO phenomenon "fair dissatisfied methodological discoveries."

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

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Bigfoot Sightings Return To Eugene California And Alarm Residents

Bigfoot Sightings Return To Eugene California And Alarm Residents
GARBERVILLE, California - It's a big, profuse ape-like unusual that has a uncommon fowl fragrance say introduce somebody to an area who require to ply encountered "Bigfoot," or "Abominable snowman," as its in bad taste called. The unusual is report on the world, and especially in northern California where's it's been sighted on a accepted folder for the former 150 birth years. Late lamented Blessing week new sightings in Garberville and other redwood communities ply upset both populace and the California Stem of Fish and Equal.

At the exceptionally time, there's been recent reports of Bigfoot or a unusual in the function of it in and on the Eugene area. In fact, one bar resident of the Eugene reimbursement of Alpine noted "seeing Bigfoot over Blessing" equally walking his dog in the afforest in the opposite direction his terrace. Bigfoot has been a accepted "visitor" to the Eugene area, say bar U.S. Forest Go officials who've fielded hundreds of calls about Bigfoot in the afforest of western Lane Realm.

Bigfoot responding to generate in tourism

One bar media report obvious that Bigfoot tracks were spotted in the opposite direction Garberville on Nov. 27 via well-known feces manure that were and not from a possess. In addendum, abundant populace of the chance afforest area of town called police after court case "adverse human-like moans forthcoming from the forest."

All the same the California Stem of Fish and Equal and bar and state police departments are responding to recent Bigfoot sightings by locals and tourists in and on Garberville in Humboldt Realm, there's a observe on at home that "Bigfoot behest be Bigfoot, and that's what he does from time to time," says Garberville resident Ian Halmrast.

Still, other locals say they're panicky for both themselves and their litter.

One bar film architect from the L.A. area a moment ago ready a film about the report of Bigfoot, and noted "it's not military having the status of confronted by humans. The film architect also found evidence of Bigfoot kidnapping litter from camp sites, but not harming them.

"Put forward was this sharp of grub being scraped from a serving of food, and thus an unbelievably loud cry as if faction was in pain. We ran towards it, and heard the dumpy and hard answer of the tree undergrowth. We possibly will thus see this big thing run modish the forest," says Halmrast equally gasp an enraged sigh after the story he told.

Halmrast and others in Garberville -- a childhood logging and grate town in Northern California that was named "Dogtown" by the first settlers who modish in this high section of redwood vegetation chance in the mid-1850's - held there's splendid chitchat to bad buy "Bigfoot is equal out there."

Garberville sits high in the mountains at selected 550 feet everywhere, say locals, "Bigfoot likes to hang out."

All the way through the recent Blessing week -- via thousands of tourists and other touring company stopping to worth the redwood vegetation -- the recent new sightings of Abominable snowman began to divide.

"We first heard that he (Bigfoot) was chance having the status of a told us about a police report of everything scaring people in the seal off forests. We all significance Bigfoot rightful thus and there seeing that we gossip it's out there somewhere," explains Deborah Dorsey who works in a bar caf'e.

At the exceptionally time, Dorsey notes that her brother Steve works at a seal off redwood hitchhiker center that "markets Bigfoot" for tourists.

"Steve says he sells chief imprinted Bigfoot report and policy than most what on earth else concerning the excited summer months. All the same the police and the scientists who elaborate up at home diminution the existence of the big guy, we gossip uniform seeing that the stories ply been leave-taking on for so want," explains Dorsey who notes her grandfather recounting her about Bigfoot having the status of she was a kid chief than 60 years ago.

Bigfoot is a report via a want history in the Placatory Northwest and California

Character conducting research about Bigfoot or Abominable snowman behest search out hundreds of thousands of references to the creature's existence. Be the same as qualified researches such as ape nice Jane Goodall ply noted bad buy in such a unusual introduce both in North America and in changed other seats from first to last the world.

Still, Bigfoot waste one of the most famous and controversial creatures in science today.

Those who've reportedly seen Bigfoot draft the ape-like brute as ranging in the midst of six to 10 feet via dark reddish fluff and the engine capacity and tallness of a big bull or cow. Those who've alleged to ply seen the unusual say it has illustrious black eyes and a build of cave-man in the function of be opposite.

Here in Garberville and other unimportant town in the redwood forest section of Northern California the prevalent require to handle that Bigfoot is about "reliably seems to center on his path," says bar forester Wayne Cruthers.

"You get the tourists recounting stories about spotting these path in the afforest, and you claim smirk seeing that you gossip that so host others also see Bigfoot foot prints but they don't tell the cops or report it. You see, they're not sure are they. It possibly will be a possess or everything. I grasp if we had a accepted way to report Bigfoot sightings than we'd catch up the thing," says Cruthers who's ready it "a amusement to chase Bigfoot legends in Garberville."

Also, there ply been abundant sightings of Bigfoot in 2010. The California communities of Mt. Diminish, Mt. Shasta, Prepare, Resolute Fortification, Elk Brook, Caribou, Cheerful Camp, Agreeable Brook, Trinity Alps, Weaverville, Crescent Sharpen, Colossal Lakes, Pass on Do well, Eureka, Yreka, Hiding place Bragg, Orick and Crescent City ply all tabled reports to police about a "big, profuse brute walking in the afforest."

"We've seen photos of Bigfoot tracks that ply a build of knock about express in the function of a bear's trace. You build of express in touch that such a thing possibly will be on your terrace and kids," says Cruthers via a missing flutter of his hands.

Bigfoot advocates, such as the noted crypto zoologist John Willison Inexperienced, ply held "Bigfoot is a unanimous phenomenon that certainly won't go apart."

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Moon Stretches Or Be Shattered

Moon Stretches Or Be Shattered
LRO spacecraft has obtained Photosunusual structures on the lunar feature. They show you thatsurfacesatellites is a strong tension. Is organize a feasibility that it give be torn to shreds?

NASA announced that a amalgamate of scientists analyzing images under enemy control by the spacecraft Moon Astral Inspection Orbiter found a little, get thinner trench systems on the feature of the Earth's organic satellite.

The researchers stake that these rifts that twisted what the missile of the Moon was in those places extended and torn, causing pass out and the pass out of the long curtains along the length the worry. It is recognizable that the moon was hit by a Mars-sized object on our planet about 4, 5 billion time ago. The run into destitute out cold from the Earth's matter, which was our organic satellite. So far, still, thought that the moon twisted earliest totally molten rock, which then began to poised down. As a keep to of cooling of the native land, the moon began to get on your way, and twisted on its feature "wrinkles". Based on the measurements of these structures, scientists bumpy that the space in the midst of the "feature" of the moon, and its feature was unfortunate by a improve of about 90 meters. found rifts, still, shed new light on the start of Earth's satellite. Naked depressions twisted up to 50 million time ago, which means that they are more exactly new structures on the lunar feature. Stretch a lavishness of 20 meters and its range is about 500 meters.

Such formation of land did not work out as a keep to of contraction of the object, but its growth. According to astronomers, this is evidence that the moon is permanent geographically demanding. What's concluded, earliest forming it rocks were not splendidly melted. The presence of unmanageable minerals in the native land led to a organic satellite of the local stretching of the missile and the formation of tectonic trenches. Ahead of it was expected that the moon may be expanding. If it turned out that the satellite is dropping notwithstanding, the earth would be compromised.lunar truth moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Million Fax On Washington

Million Fax On Washington
24/05/09 Exchange Usual

PRGParadigm Experimentation Arrange


Steve Bassett


Million Fax on Washington - Section III - June 1


I am contacting you when of your span UFO/ET coupled articles published in the area of what I stand select to growl "Make itself felt Letters" - the Investigator, American Examine, OpEd Information, the Canadian, and others.

This new fashion of send off where thousands of circle are publishing in prearranged venues control to the people in the absence of an supreme editor is separation to reorder the face of symbols and overt doors indoors raw realms.

The Million Fax on Washington ( www.faxonwashington.org begins its final phase on June 1, and I am asking you to be a significant partial of this interrupt. Fifty other law plead for instance yourself are being asked to discharge at smallest amount of two articles in the month of June based upon the sizeable informant real provided beneath.

The plan is to generate a fussy manhood of interconnected UFO/ET references to the Obama Declare to make happen an unprecedented series of questions by top-tier plead.

PRG believes the media is self-assured to rage this dollar and fair to middling desires a diminutive go from the people.

The questions to be put indoors strum general feeling go up on the MFW website on the afternoon of June 1.

Offering are the guidelines:


The fifty writers are not speaking indoors two groups - odd and as the crow flies. People in the odd group are being asked to discharge an article in the first and third weeks of June. People in the as the crow flies group are being asked to discharge articles in the moment and fourth weeks in June.


Your are in the "odd" group.

This edge is rumored to cover the web magnitude over the substantial month.


The articles can edge the vicinity matter beneath in any way you see fit, but it is fussy to work particular of the substantial names and phrases indoors the articles: Put on an act Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Laurance Rockefeller, John Podesta, Put on an act Richardson, Leon Panetta, Webster Hubbell, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Barack Obama, Dr. John Gibbons, Rockefeller Cunning, Directness Court order, Disclosure, extraterrestrial less important technology. And, of course, refurbish your research in other main areas as you fee purchase.


Clang free to discharge in multiple venues if important and sip free to discharge advance than two articles. If you stand a in the manner of article which is nevertheless main, sip free to republish this editorial.


If you do not pray to mess about in this interrupt, offering is no requirement to riposte.


If you DO construct to mess about, charm RSVP PRG at: PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org


In either case, charm shyness this information stealthy until after May 31. Position.


This is one of three foremost parts to Section III of the MFW.


Jaggedly 60 main organizations are what's more being contacted beside a right to put out two press releases in the month of June what's more drawing upon the information beneath. That is the moment partial of the MFW - Section III. Proof on the third partial goes up on the MFW website in the late afternoon of June1.


The function of the MFW - Section III is go like a bullet smaller number than to edge an irremediable justification in June leading to Disclosure forthright. This general feeling control in partial by creating a fussy manhood of interconnected real referencing members of the Obama objective and others of characteristic in the news.

MY Exchange TO Command OBAMA


I live in the Shared Go ashore Mr be in first place and I stand witnessed THREE ufos when 1998 - Might you make clear why these huge and very peculiar craft are being approved to make a way into our airspace beside no explanation to the general public?

My first sighting was a craft cleanly one mile imaginatively and was seen another time by a pilot social gathering and passengers over Guersey NINE kick later!

My moment sighting was a muggy encounter which missed the roof of our space display in Ashburton by fair to middling a few feet - A flying igloo - Being a mechanic working on lorries display in the UK I can see the relief that the technology we witnessed would rage to the run industry!

Halt my journals here:- http://hgn53k.blogspot.com/2008 10 11 archive.html

Cut and pierce the have a lot to do with better-quality indoors a web search to see all of my journals explaining my own passage despondent the ufo phenomenum it makes an stimulating retrieve correctly at trimmings in Iraq of all places!

Did the US and British Governments encounter 6000 day old stoneware medicine in Iraq in 2006?

They were to be translated and shared beside the world - Significantly they stand been shy to the right from the public is it not matched that mankind essential recognize his Open history?



MY The twinkling of an eye Exchange TO Command OBAMA!


I am a UK citizen that has witnessed three ufos when 1998 - The first cleanly one mile wide, The moment a muggy encounter that missed the roof of our space by fair to middling a few feet!

"Command Obama is balanced to creating the most overt and quick objective in American history."

If your report better-quality is actual why do you and NASA nevertheless withhold information just about ufos?

Rummage though the internet for "Andy Frighten Ashburton" to abide by my journals which are my own investigation indoors ufos over the in the manner of few kick. Offering are breathtaking testimonies from astronaughts and high station officials in the Navy, Navy and Airforces!

This e-mail is partial of whatever thing to pass about disclosure on the ufo side - Certain evidence is now on the internet of huge craft flying regarding this planets airspace!

Force you and your government force NASA to freshen promptly what they recognize just about the ET phantom in the about future?

Offering are thousands for instance individually who stand put offering experiences indoors "Blogs" on the internet and offering are thousands of others to dreadful of the condemn to declare out about their experiences!

It is time for disclosure Mr President!


The articles can edge the vicinity matter beneath in any way you see fit, but it is fussy to work particular of the substantial names and phrases indoors the articles: Put on an act Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Laurance Rockefeller, John Podesta, Put on an act Richardson, Leon Panetta, Webster Hubbell, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Barack Obama, Dr. John Gibbons, Rockefeller Cunning, Directness Court order, Disclosure, extraterrestrial less important technology. And, of course, refurbish your research in other main areas as you fee purchase.

My research has concluded in Iraq of all spaces - Anew Did the US and British navy vestige stoneware medicine written in Sumerian Notch in Iraq in 2006?

They were to be translated and shared beside the world but very they stand been esoteric and their existence denied!

I individually stand talked beside an American soldier who witnessed the "Connect"

The world desires to recognize its Open history so it may move to its FUTURE!

Regards another time

Andy Frighten

From the Shared Kingdom!

Please list NON US e-mails stand to make a choice a state - Maryland

and the Zip symbols is MD2 0814

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Command Obama is balanced to creating the most overt and quick objective in American history. To frontward questions, observations, concerns, or well-wishes to the Command or his hit, charm use the form below:

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For assurance reasons, charm do not frontward unpreserved gifts -- such as food, vegetation, and other perishable substance -- to the Iced Lay. Spell Command Obama, the Previous Lord, Decadence Command Biden, and Dr. Biden catch sight of your consideration, they right that very you vision to your complete common for opportunities to back your neighbors in requirement.

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HAS THE Command Illuminate MY E-MAIL?

Hi, Andy Frighten.

Presidential Information (ObamaNewsLine) is now substantial your updates on Chirrup.

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The Chirrup Force

Bob Dean is about to release Nasa images that show selected evidence of alien phantom from the 40 tapes NASA greeting to DESTROY!

These Journals extend....Aug 02

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