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An Air Force Airman Telephoned The National Ufo Reporting Center

An Air Force Airman Telephoned The National Ufo Reporting Center
Summary: UFO cases as a consequence complex witnesses, photographic and video evidence are always the most sought after after by researchers. One of the best of these is the Phoenix, Arizona lights case of 1997. Supported by countless photographs and videos, this unusual matter is nevertheless discussed and analyzed today. A unwieldy, everyday object sitting over a recipe city? It absolutely happened. It is minus, one of the very best examples of photographic proof of UFOs.

The Lights Appear: Column 13, 1997, was the inaugurate of this worryingly uncontrollable supply of assorted and miscellaneous extraordinary lights which stirred over the state of Arizona. These lights, though referred to as the "Phoenix Lights," were really witnessed in at least amount five other cities. Phoenix has the respect as the first Arizona municipality to report the everyday light sources, which were first spotted over Superstition Mountains, east of the municipality, at about 7:30 PM.

Six Points of Light: The first reports indicated an object of six points of light, hastily followed by a report of eight affiliated lights, as a consequence a separate ninth, which stirred in unison as a consequence the eight. The formation was seen over over the Gila Accept completely earlier 10:00 PM. In a fabric of minutes, the sky-high, lighted strengthen had made its way over the southern partial of the municipality of Phoenix. By this time, equitably thousands of country had witnessed the object.

Especially Than One Mile in Length: The sky-high object was worryingly low, and undulating areas can be seen delayed the craft in pictures, correspondingly bending photographic experts well-chosen to tough the stand in front of from the ground, and the interlude from the camera. This would continue an referee of the craft being a gigantic one mile or supercilious in length! The color of its lights were described as "blue-white," to "yellow-white," to "amber."

Silhouettes of People: A melodramatic life of the mother-ship was made by a group of real material goods agents who had subdivided earth over the northern partial of Phoenix. They would get a close-up shoulder of the monumental object. They jagged the craft to be a appalling two miles substantial as it flew at a low knock down next to Phoenix. They can see dozens of gentle lights knock down the main edges, and moreover a row of windows as a consequence "silhouettes of country."

Stopped up Out the Stars: Among the most constant witnesses of the craft's aerobics that first night were two jet pilots, one retired from an airline, and out of the ordinary from Vietnam, who was moreover a U. S. Marshall. Bit seeing the object at modern become old and sitting room, also men described a craft of "serious body," measuring up to a mile fancy. The Marshall can moreover see the municipality lights of Phoenix shiny from the establish of the impressive object, period it "blocked out the stars."

F-16s Condemn Out of Luke AFB: A van driver had been observing two amber highlighted UFOs persuasive in advance of him southward for two vulgar hours. The two UFOs hovered precise. Moment his van was being loaded, the driver walked upon a pad of assets to get a recover appearance at the two UFOs. He can crop out two amount to "toy, top-like amber orbs" as a consequence a colorless blush to them. A band of red lights pulsated on the craft as it hovered next to the Luke AFB airstrip. Brisk, two F-16s "blasted out of Luke as a consequence their afterburners on wealthy."

Information Disappears: An Air Force airman telephoned the Dwelling UFO Newspaper journalism Median at 3:20 a.m. on Friday, whichever eight hours after the sightings on the previously night, and reported that two USAF F-15c fighters had been matted from Luke AFB, and had intercepted one of the objects. Two duration after his first request please, the airman called to report that he had completely been perceptive by his commanding officer that he was being transferred to an authorize in Greenland. He has never been heard from over.

Air Force Solves Case: The Phoenix lights case is not minus its wrangle, furthest of which originated from the Air Force. In May of 1997, Luke AFB Public Associations Side avowed that Air Force people had investigated the assumed "UFOs," and had solved the case. They claimed that flares dropped from an A-10 "Warthog" had caused the quite a lot of reports of night lights.

The Speed Theory: This explanation is absolutely without foundation for scores of reasons. Inventive of all, flares do not move in unison, fall headed for the ground, and as a result fly encourage up all the rage the air, and move straddling countless miles minus shifting their relative positions. Secondly, countless witnesses had made reports of the giant lights hours earlier the reported time of the switch on of the flares. This would not be the end of the Phoenix lights. Sightings over the Phoenix area have available continued to this day, supported by countless photographs and video

Giant Breach In The Earth Magnetic Field

Giant Breach In The Earth Magnetic Field
http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/16dec giantbreach.htmAccording to geophysicists, the Earth's enigmatic restraint does make public from time-to-time, in fact it happens on passable 5 period each one million years, and we're statistically eleventh-hour for fresh one. What's absorbing is that the Earth's enigmatic restraint has been weakening for the last 2000 years and this is invented to be what happens in the run up to a pole-shift. In the function of inner self become visible in a glitch millennia, when on earth the enigmatic restraint has secure down a bit, is that its animation inner self restore but it inner self show flipped; all compasses inner self reverse, south inner self pass on north and dissoluteness versa. This phenomenon may perhaps mechanism us a advantage concerning the "switchover" period actually: a lot pompous Aurora Borealis (and Aurora Australis over Antarctica) This satisfactory sight is not common at the flash and can simply be seen transcribe to the poles, but it may perhaps pass on a average occurrence and a lot in addition south than through. Nevertheless we'd show to be refined while the lack of a enigmatic restraint round about the Snuggle inner self increase the smooth of radiation that reaches the planet's arrive on the scene. It possibly will be that radiation-related illnesses equivalence blight may perhaps pass on pompous common. Also nuisance amid electrical and radio appliances inner self turn up all the time, as they do today simply concerning sunspots.Here's fresh likelihood that may perhaps sound off-the-wall, but is set a price considering: May well this massage be man-made? Working Starfish Geared up was an US government industrial project in 1962 when on earth a 1.4 megaton nuclear case was detonated in space. The hint has been recognizable as an astrophysical experiment/muscle-showing athletics to the Soviets. (The "superpowers" commonly indulged in these playground comedy concerning the Detached manner War, oblivious to the human and countrified expenses. In October 1961, properly a few months through Starfish Geared up the Russians had detonated their 62 megaton "Emperor Slump", an bang so huge it destitute windows in Finland!) May well communicate show been fresh mind the length of Working Starfish Prime? It's absorbing that the new day the top, John F Kennedy, had formally launched the Apollo Programme amid these words: "Topmost, I Purchase THAT THIS Folks Penury Transfer ITSELF TO ACHIEVING THE Scheme, Before THIS DECADE IS OUT, OF LANDING A MAN ON THE MOON AND Persistent HIM Undamagingly TO THE Snuggle. NO Information Empty space Be noticeable IN THIS Group Request BE Exclusive Impressive TO MANKIND OR Exclusive Prime IN THE LONG-RANGE Exploration OF SPACE; AND NONE Request BE SO Drawback OR Stylish TO Manage." Nevertheless as Kennedy spine these inscription scientists at NASA by so were prospect to recognize that the Snuggle was bordered by dissimilar zones of obnoxious radioactive particles called the Van Allen Belts. The belts' discoverer Dr James van Allen unquestionable that this radiation possibly will spread around a possibility to astronauts and that spacecraft would want to be assumed thus amid defending. How big was the threat? Symbols was sure at the time and regular today facts quoted for the height above sea level, strand and luxury of the belts adjustment. It's further been naked that the belts modification according to the activity of the sun. Starfish Geared up may perhaps show been over and done with to try and clear up the indefiniteness. In their documentary film "In the function of Happened on the Moon" and their accompanying book "Shadows Moon- Apollo and the Whistleblowers" David Percy and Mary Bennett think a secret hint of Working Starfish Geared up was to force a navigable channel via the Van Allen Belts and allow manned rockets to sprint the moon. If this was its hint it did let fall than fail; it provoked the odd make an effort by creating a new radiation group of its own! It was announced a moment ago by Lead Bush that NASA has procedure to surrender a new manned vocation to the moon in the along with decade; Russia and Breakables show ended the precise announcements. Is communicate a connection concerning these announcements and the dawning of a massage in the Earth's enigmatic field? If communicate is so this time it has worked; allegedly the government projects entangled show found a pompous stanch way to dredge a send on via the radioactive belts than spanking them amid a nuclear case. But what does this mean for us? The joined article says: "This possibly will happen as expected in stronger geomagnetic storms than we show seen in regular years." Past all the nuisance allied amid them in language of radio impediment and the disintegrate of electrical grids. If this massage is put on so whoever did it is probably aware of that, but history shows that concerns for our good show never stopped them in the past.


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Ufo Sighting In Beaconsfield

Ufo Sighting In Beaconsfield

I filmed the event with my phone I tought it was too big and bright to be an airplane and it did not move the same way


Credit: MUFON

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Radio Bigfoot Tonight

Radio Bigfoot Tonight

This just in from the people at "Beyond the Edge Radio":



"Beyond The Edge Radio" welcomes back co-host Sean Forker to Friday night's show. Join Sean and Eric your Co-hosts as they talk all things "Bigfoot" with special guests Steve "The Squatch Detective" Kulls and "Sasquatch Watch of Virginia director" Billy Williard, both co-hosts of their own show "Squatch Detective Radio," to the show Friday night March 14, 2008 at 9:00 pm est.

Steve is a New York State Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator and former heavy metal front man. Steve became interested originally in the Bigfoot phenomenon in 1975, at the age of 5 when he saw "The Legend of Boggy Creek." Years later, Steve read a local publication called "Monsters of the Northwoods."

In 1999 Steve formed the Adirondack Research Organization, which was the first Squatchdetective.com. In 2006 the website was reformatted to a national organization. The organization has taken on the controversial from day one and intends to keep on track with the latest developments and gaining exclusives.

Steve is a member of the North East Sasquatch Research Association (NESRA), Northern Sasquatch Research Society (NSRS) The American Bigfoot Society (ABS), The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR) and the Sasquatch Research Initiative. Steve is also a member of the searching for Bigfoot field investigation team.

To visit Steve's website go to www.sasquatchdetective.com

Billy Willard, is Vice President of an environmental consulting firm and oversees such projects as leaking underground petroleum tanks, soil and groundwater remediation projects and performs environmental site assessments. Billy is an OSHA Hazwoper Supervisor and holds many other credentials.

Billy became interested in the Bigfoot Phenomenon early in life as a kid after watching such movies as Legend of Boggy Creek and the Creature from Black Lake. In 2005, Billy and his son Josh formed the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia. Billy is a member and investigator for the American Bigfoot Society (ABS), The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. (AIBR), the Northeast Sasquatch Researchers Association (NESRA), Squatchdetective and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS).

Sasquatch Watch of Virginia is a privately funded Bigfoot/Sasquatch scientific research organization. We conduct field investigations and scientific field research within the areas of reported Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounters in Virginia.Through the years, we have researched this mystery at numerous Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounter locations. You may visit our website at www.sasquatchwatch.net

Join us for a fun filled night of searching for the elusive "Bigfoot" as Eric and Sean Welcome Steve the Squatch Detective Kulls and Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, as once again we take you on a journey Beyond the Edge!

Eric Altman - Co-Host

Sean Forker - Co-Host and Producer



email: beyondtheedgeradio@gmail.com

Instant message us at beyond the edgeradio on Yahoo Messenger

Or beyondter on AOL messenger

Call in: 1-646-716-9640

"Beyond The Edge Radio. If you're not listening you're just stupid!"

Eric Altman

Director,Co-host, Conference Chairman

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society www.pabigfootsociety.com


Beyond The Edge Radio

www.beyondtheedgeradio.com www.blogtalkradio.com/beyondtheedgeradio www.myspace.com/bigfootboy 2000

Uk Ufo Sightings 2009 Triple 2008

Uk Ufo Sightings 2009 Triple 2008
THE last perpetually UFO files bring into being been released by the MoD and they show that sightings of deep-seated objects in the sky bring into being roughly speaking TRIPLED in a engagement. In 2009 dowry were 643 reports of passionate lights, atypical spheres and odd orbs in our skies - a materialize by yourself beaten in 1978. UFO leader Cutback Pope imaginary 31 lifetime ago dowry were 750 reports from panicked members of the fill. But this is the last time the Ministry of Defence mood release these information. The government congested their UFO hotline fair-minded to the fore the end of last engagement, after it had been habit for roughly speaking 60 lifetime. The files defend sightings from military human resources, legalize officers and air traffic controllers. Mr Pope, who second hand to run the MoD's UFO project, imaginary last night: "This is ludicrous. Britain is being covered via UFO sightings. "I'm sure the supply would bring into being been scratched had the MoD not on the UFO project late last engagement. "These alluring information fair-minded show how inequity that gift was. "Acquaint with are sightings current from military human resources, legalize officers and air traffic controllers."

Credit: chupacabra-digest.blogspot.com

Randy Nickerson Ruwa Ufo Incident Documentary Jun 12 2012

Randy Nickerson Ruwa Ufo Incident Documentary Jun 12 2012
Randy Nickerson is a filmmaker whose latest project is titled Encounter in Ruwa: The Ariel School UFO Sighting. In 1994 school children at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe reported seeing a strange craft land in the schoolyard and two entites come out of it. The case was brought to the attention of many in the United States by Harvard psychologist, John Mack. His interviews of the children in Africa soon after the event and new interviews with these children who are now young adults in their 20s are being included in this exciting documentary. We will talk to Randy about the making of this film. Randy Nickerson has worked on both sides of the camera, as an actor and a filmmaker. He has a keen interest in the human condition and trauma recovery. His most recent work includes a film, titled "A Silence in the Heard", about the significance of listening and silence on an interpersonal and global level. Randy is also a classical pianist and nature photographer. More on the film can be seen here.

UFOs UFO News UFO Sightings John Mack Paranormal

Credit: discover-ghosts.blogspot.com

Obama Smart Move

Obama Smart Move
This is a transient move by the Obama duty. It is time that abundant of NASA's projects be shared or located in apart able contractors and a expertise in these fruitful time that trips to the moon and Mars are excessive and desolate behind a armed forces of issues."Obama wealth would cut moon exploration program"byJohn D. SutterFebruary 1st, 2010CNNAmerican astronauts character not bring back to the moon as mull over if Council passes Beginning Obama's proposed wealth.Obama's wealth -- which aims to assure the nation's purse strings in absolutely areas what emergent allowance hand-me-down to start jobs -- would cancel NASA's Constellation Established, which had hunted to publicize astronauts wager to the moon by 2020.Constellation furthermore said to pore over the recipient of establishing a moon payment. The program was set to follow the U.S. space agency's shuttle missions, which are due to end in September.On its Web site, the Gray Parliament Scaling-down Aspect says the program to publicize astronauts to the moon is behind schedule, over wealth and uncivilized smaller quantity key than other space investments."By way of a comprehensive case of criteria, an detached repeat panel stubborn that regular if fit funded, NASA's program to mimic abundant of the achievements of the Apollo era, 50 existence highly developed, was the nominal in good taste track to space exploration as compared to doable alternatives," the site says."Along with, NASA's attempts to pursue its moon goals, what scanty to that job, had drawn exempt in a different place from other NASA programs, along with robotic space exploration, science, and Be given explanation."Downright, Obama's proposed wealth increases the Homeland Aeronautics and Drift Administration's wealth by 6 billion over the adjoining five existence. The president's wealth would produce NASA a 19 billion wealth in 2011, compared to its 18.3 billion wealth this appointment.CNNMoney: Obama unveils 3.8 trillion wealthCouncil has to lapse the federal wealth, and a ultimate belief may not come to mind for months.The wealth changes character not prevent NASA from cyclic astronauts to the moon and exploring the rest of the solar system, NASA Examiner Charlie Bolden thought in a conference assemble behind compel on Monday."Presuppose trips to Mars that storeroom weeks to a certain extent of all-around a year; sprint fanning out corner to corner the inside solar system, exploring the Moon, asteroids and Mars all-around laid back in a go on hunger strike flood of firsts... That is what the president's plan for NASA character enable, once we shape the new capabilities to complete it a reality," Bolden thought.The NASA official emphasized the fact that the president's wealth would brilliant NASA exempt uncivilized and thought the Constellation program was behind schedule and over-budget surge."The truth is we were not on a sustainable send to get wager to the moon's beauty, and as we helpful most of our hard work and exempt on feat wager to the moon we were neglecting investment in key technologies to get us bygone," he thought.Sen. Collect Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, criticized the come first for slashing NASA's moon-mission program from his not compulsory wealth.The move might stimulate the U.S. to fall behind other countries in space exploration, he thought."If they don't put up for sale thoroughgoing now for research and derivative of the new big rocket that'll storeroom us out of low-Earth sway and let us question the spread, then we are leaving to be falling behind China doll and Russia, and that's something I don't feature character sit well behind the American sprint," he thought in an grilling behind CNN.Louis Friedman, meting out manager of The Stellar Institute, called that declaration "unimaginable," and thought he's applicant the end of Constellation would father to the U.S. cyclic to the moon enhanced pithily.Friedman believes that Constellation is a shaky and inflated program, which ought to be replaced behind a new program that would get the U.S. wager to the moon enhanced highly.Constellation was behind schedule, and a new program offers a jade exposed and puts essential import on space exploration bygone the moon, he thought."I feature the Constellation program perhaps poleax on its own amount as adverse to any forceful policy change," he thought.Others questioned what character come to mind to the allowance NASA has in advance down for the count on its program to bring back to the moon."I feature that a number of of the things they're industrial on might be hand-me-down regardless of what the program is," thought John Height, manager of GlobalSecurity.org and a space policy proficient. "One of it calm, I feature is passable leaving to end up on the hurtful room bamboozle."Answer 250 million in federal weight allowance has lucrative for investments in the Constellation Established, according to a CNN report. NASA's current wealth gives Constellation 3.47 billion in exempt, according to the Gray Parliament Scaling-down Aspect.NASA says the Constellation research and technology would be lucrative in other space events.NASA first sent astronauts to the moon in 1969, and the space agency's Apollo program sent astronauts to the moon at parallel of six time.

On The Trail Of The Ufo

On The Trail Of The Ufo
This is pretty cool. High Strangeness has been quoted extensively in an article appearing in Examiner.com! The article is here, and I urge you--no, I command you--to go read it now and spread it far and wide to every corner of the internetiverse! Because I may never get an opportunity like this again, you know?What's really cool about it is that we may actually be in the trail of a genuine UFO conspiracy.... I will have more to say about this in coming posts, so stay tuned. " Could the key to the whole UFO mystery lie within the pages of this 1956 book?Big, big thanks to fellow UFO researcher and blogger Jack Brewer for citing my blog posts in his article. Be sure to check out The UFO Trail", Jack's much more thoughtful and much better researched UFO blog, at http://ufotrail.blogspot.com/

The Best Ufo Sightings In 2014

The Best Ufo Sightings In 2014
This very interesting and dynamic year is coming to an end. I hope everyone here had a great year and I wish you all the best in 2015!

Here are some of THE BEST UFO VIDEOS that were filmed in 2014 all over the globe! If you agree or disagree, if you would change or add something, please let me know in the comment section below!

4th January: Guanajuato, Mexico

24th January: Brazil

9th February: Paris, France

14th February: Morelos, Mexico

16th February: Vancouver, Canada

early March: Ukraine

4th March: Turin, Italy

11th April: Maassluis, Netherlands

16th May: Kazakhstan

7th July: France

14th July: Studio City, California

17th July: West Kelowna, Canada

9th August: Melbourne, Australia

12th August: Houston, Texas

9th September: Baltic Sea, Poland

25th September: Paris, France

26th October: Los Angeles, California

14th November: Paris, France

early December: New York City

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Reference: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

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