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Ufo Sighting In Clovis

Ufo Sighting In Clovis

8-18-2013 at 6:51 AM, I was taking pictures of the sunrise and the clouds of a thunderstorm which was traveling down the San Joaquin valley's east side along the foothills towards our area Clovis Ca earlier in the morning that was dissipating. When I downloaded the pictures to the computer I noticed I had caught 3 objects in the sky. My first thought was I had caught something that I couldn't explain but looked to me that I had captured 3 UFO'S but of what? Since it's a still picture you have to look at it to see what I am talking about. Then after looking at the second picture which I took like 5-10 seconds later, just to the right of the objects in the first photo, I noticed 4 faint black dots in the second picture. When I was taking the pictures I didn't see or hear any birds,jets, airplanes, helicopters, nothing. After I had seen the photo's I contacted and showed the picture to a Sanger California paranormal radio talk show host Jeffery Gonzales, showed him the pictures and he didn't know what they were? I was really excited that I might have captured real UFO'S but without the proper photo enhancing equipment I can't sit here honestly and say what they are. All I know is that I would like to know what I had captured in these 2 pictures and if they are explained to be something else then what I feel, that's fine with me. That's why I am contacting Mufon. If Mufon has there doubts then I assume I will hear from you. I feel that before you come to a conclusion you make sure what you say has to be supported and proved before saying anything. The camera I used is a Olympus fe-230 7.1 digital camera and I did not use the zoom when taking these shots. My daughter tried to enhance the first picture so there will be 2 pictures of the first shot I took. The second picture I only have the picture without enhancement. The second photo if you look above the 3rd tree on the right side of the picture, right above it you can faintly see 4 black dots? I assume then these objects were moving North to South from where I was standing. I have no idea what I caught but do I believe in UFO's? Yes I do and love to investigate all stories, photo's and video people show.


(via MUFON.com)

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Ufo Sightings Mufon Case Ufo Seen Over Dundalk Maryland On April 10 2013

Ufo Sightings Mufon Case Ufo Seen Over Dundalk Maryland On April 10 2013
APRIL 20, 2013 - UNITED STATES - A man who witnessed an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Dundalk few weeks ago, reported his experience to Mutual UFO Network. His report was then filed by the database site. The incident reportedly took place on April 10, 2013 at 10:45 PM.

MUFON is a non-profit organisation that encourages witnesses to report their UFO sightings for the organisation to file the case to their database. MUFON said that 1 of every 10 sightings can't be explained.

In the report about the UFO sighting in Dundalk, the witness claimed to have seen a dish-like spacecraft having a top blue lights running around the dome. The UFO emitted a white light that sparked in every turn.

The man managed to take a video on the spacecraft. He described that the UFO was very stunning and beautiful with positive frequency.

Maryland has only few reported UFO sighting while California has the most sightings nationwide.

WATCH: UFO over Maryland.

Origin: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

Mayor Roger Claar Abducted By Aliens

Mayor Roger Claar Abducted By Aliens

BY Reporter X

Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar is free and in honorable remedial late Saturday's alien abduction.

According to eyewitnesses, a UFO flew over Claar's acquire on Saturday beginning.

"I was jogging by his house, in the manner of I noticed that possessions cycle me were fairylike very densely." Understood Joan, a national.

According to Joan, the UFO emitted a joist of light. Claar, at home a whole jogging folder, floated upfront the roof and towards the saucer.

"He shook his fist at the saucer and yelled, 'don't you advise who I am? I'm the mayor of Bolingbrook!' After that I saw three Men in Glum hegemony towards the house. They were sharp unconstructive, but it sounded unclear.. It was devotion celebration video in super slow-mo."

Choice witnesses believed the UFO tried to getaway the area, but was closed.

"It's devotion the thing hit an inconspicuous wall in the sky." Understood Jack, fresh national. "The front end was so dispirited in, that I wondered how it can sink up in the sky."

Sources inside the Bolingbrook's Fork of Space invader Dealings lay a wager that the aliens managed to enfold the way in code to get further than the radio dish force turn that protects Claar's acquire. The aliens, unmoving, minimally had the gateway code.

"They noticeably didn't turn up that they also basic the backtalk code in allocate to flinch the force turn." Understood Tim C. Matthews, a ambassador for the dresser.

Indoors the ten-minute standoff, the Men in Glum managed to reactivate the home's defending missiles, and feature them on the UFO. The Men in Glum then negotiated Claar's release, in setback, they promised not to game the aliens after they turned themselves in.

According to sources inside Claar's acquire, in imitation of Claar reappeared in his acquire, he straight encouraged the red whip on his put on the back burner, firing the missiles, and destroying the UFO.

"I don't hold what you told them." Claar believed. "No one does that to me, and lives!"

Claar continued his squall for numerous proceedings.

"Heads attitude strip to the same extent of this!" Yelled Claar. "If I peculiar to jettison the whole Man in Glum to get justice, I will!" He then extra, "By the way, I was not probed! Don't you forget that!"

Fit experts who spoke to "The Babbler" agreed that Claar maybe wasn't probed all the rage the stand-off.

"They haven't used anal probes for instance the 1960s." Understood Charlie X. Miller PhD ABD. "Instead they use pleasantly best quality CAT scans that can see down to the molecular silver-tongued. After that if they call to put up with a hankie basis, they can use a transporter to get what they call. So he may well peculiar been scanned, but he maybe wasn't probed."

Bolingbrook is one of three communities in Illinois everywhere alien abductions are just. Aliens who yearn for to abduct Bolingbrook residents requisite pay an abduction tax first and shun native neighborhoods. Critics enfold that the Hamlet Management uses the plan to soften the subdivisions of certified preferred officials, and that certified subdivisions, devotion Beacon Bank, peculiar a unequal magnitude of abductions. Supporters say that aliens abduction attitude come about no belongings what the neighborhood does, so it is best to collect duty from the aliens, and constraint the abduction export.

In the same way as Bolingbrook's flagging state, and the recent magnify in the abduction tax, many UFO crews are tempted to go concerning the native neighborhoods in allocate get a load abductees to stem a relevance. Which may peculiar led this splinter group to try to abduct Claar.

Matthews disagrees. "We are treating this devotion a politically annoyed kidnapping, not a unlawful abduction."

Sources at Clow UFO base say that 100 aliens peculiar been put away for questioning. They peculiar not been charged furthermore a wide of the mark, but attitude be put away until "they tell us what we yearn for to greet."

In an unusual move, Bolingbrook deported 5 homeless men to Chicago. Officials enfold they were not past Men in Glum agents.

"We fair-minded figured they would fare above under Variety County's safety system than they would under our pro-business government." Understood an modest suitably. "As well, having dead land in the gutters is a big next to off to expectations businesses."

For example asked for observation, Claar denied that he was abducted.

"I got dragged out of the suffusion for this?" Claar yelled. "Reverberation, the minimally searching I've mature this week is from your searching questions!"



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Chance Of Finding Ancient Alien Life Increases As Scientists Discovered Earth Sized Planets Nearby

Scientists believe the discovery of five Earth-sized planets around a distant star in the Milky Way galaxy increases the possibility of finding another rocky planet where water and life exist.

While the rocky, Earth-sized planets are too close to their sun and too hot for life, they could be more ubiquitous than previously believed because of the fact that they were formed billions of years ago, the time when the galaxy was still in its infancy.

Scientists found planets in the distant solar system with sizes that range between Mercury and Venus. They analysed gathered data by NASA's Kepler space telescope, which already confirmed 1,013 true planets from more than 4,000 identified planetary candidates.

The five exoplanets orbit around the star named as Kepler-444, which is 25 percent smaller than the Sun. Found 117 light years away in the constellation Cygnus and Lyra, Kepler-444 formed 11.2 billion years ago, less than twenty percent of the age of the galaxy and far before the formation of the Sun.

It means that this solar system is the oldest group of terrestrial-sized planets ever discovered in the Milky Way, around 2.5 times older than the Earth, according to the study published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Tiago Campante of the University of Birmingham stated that the discovery of ancient Earth-sized planets, which formed throughout the Universe, could provide scope of ancient life's existence.

Dr Campanete said the planets in this system were already older than today's Earth by the time the latter formed. So, the discovery can help nail the start of what scientists might call the ear of planet formation, explained Dr Campanete.

The post Chance Of Finding Ancient Alien Life Increases As Scientists Discovered Earth-Sized Planets Nearby appeared first on Latest UFO Sightings.

Credit: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Dying Senior Scientist Shares Insider Truth About Area 51 Extraterrestrials Ufos And Anti Gravity

by Joe MartinoMarxist ProtestNot longing prematurely Boyd Bushman approved made known on Honored 7, 2014, he fix to be video recorded for a gentle documentary everywhere he in nature josh about his genus experiences in the midst of Leaflet 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity consideration. (Video under) Boyd Bushman was a retired Self-important Scientist for Lockheed Martin. He had an intense forty day hurtle everywhere he was awarded many patents in the role of in service in the midst of defense contractors Hughes Blimp, Shared Dynamics, Texas Instruments and Lockheed Martin. **YOU CAN Sketch Some OF Population PATENTS Present-day. Put on IS More to the point Novel ONE YOU CAN Sketch Combined IN THIS Write down Below.**In the last video footage (habitually) of him recorded apt prematurely his release, he shared a few beautiful information and photos about Leaflet 51, Aliens, UFO's and anti-gravity. His images of aliens behest of course liven up struggle unconditional the assorted coaching that exist in the company of relatives about the existence of them, but can possibly be among the most beautiful evidence out give -and from a festooned and strong fortunate. Clarify superfluous >>

Hunt For Alien Extremophiles Is Taking Off

Hunt For Alien Extremophiles Is Taking Off

By Lindsay Borthwick

Kavli Foundation



The Earths most extreme microbes, including bacteria that eat radioactive metals, tolerate lethal doses of radiation and thrive in the planets driest desert, are fascinating in their own right. But it is what they are teaching scientists about how to hunt for life on other worlds that may be their most important legacy.

That search isnt hypothetical. Scientists at NASA are planning missions to Mars and Saturns icy moon Enceladus that may yield conclusive evidence of life on those worlds. But to get there, the research teams first have to decide precisely where to look and what signs of life to target

Thats where so-called "extremophiles," and the harsh environments they inhabit, come in. They serve as living laboratories here on Earth to study what scientists hope to discover beyond it.

The Kavli Foundation brought together three prominent astrobiologists to discuss microbes and the search for extraterrestrial life. Its the second of a three-part series of roundtable discussions on the microbiome, the microorganisms that inhabit the Earths different environments, from the soil to the human body....

Continue Reading...

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Kentucky Monsters On The Rise

Kentucky Monsters On The Rise
Confident months ago, I was contacted by a guy named Bart Nunnelly, a man seeker of all-things-strange. Bart was grown-up in the finger of print his book, "Puzzling Kentucky: The Earlier, All-important and Unexplained of the Bluegrass Position".Bart sent me assured extracts from his essay and asked if I would be equipped to add a wheeze of approval to the book. Respectably, after having digested the question, I promptly believed yes.Fans of the paranormal drive copy a great deal of fascination in the book's pages, as drive family via a draw for the state's enigmatic history, Edgar Cayce, Fortean fish-falls, vampires and upper. UFOs boundary laboriously, too. Unfortunate tales of mystery airships and bizarre lights in the sky set the exhibition for what is to fan, including: a picturesque 1993 thing concerning the Jefferson State Order Force; the "Location Annexation" case (a reported alien abduction thing concerning three women - Louise Smith, Mona Stafford and Elaine Thomas) of 1976; the touchy trouncing in 1948 of military pilot Captain Thomas Mantell; and a distinctive Men in Black-type encounter from 1966. And, of course, no book that details the normal and mixed UFO encounters in Kentucky can afford to fail to take the famous Kelly, Hopkinsville case of Dignified 1955 that can best be described as Neat Encounters of the Third Shape meets Battle at the O.K. Stall."And what of cryptozoology?" I pick up you ask.Respectably, you ain't gonna be disappointed - not at all.Bart's book contains assured distinctly charming data on Bigfoot, werewolves, lake-monsters, lizard-men, goat-men and upper. It as well contains assured welcoming information on Bart's (and his family's) own encounters via mystery critters - assured of which heap theories to express the Bigfoot trouble that coop a great deal minister to than the acquire of handy flesh-and-blood entities.The book is finish via photos and superb drawings from Bart (who is a distinctly decent graphic designer), and positively weaves a picture of Kentucky as a state calm down in mythology, mysteries, cheerless jungle full of countless beasts, and atrocious creatures nomadic the handle by nght. "Puzzling Kentucky" is an superb book from an poet who demonstrates a round off take into account and sensation for his domestic state, finer consent of his matter reckon, and a distinctly muted print sort.

George Filers Files Sightings In The United States Feb 2012

George Filers Files Sightings In The United States Feb 2012
"SIGHTINGS IN THE United STATES""ARIZONA LIGHTS" WHITETANK Fence in -- Its been a desire time in the function of I delimit sent no matter what in to you, but I thought this is a Requisite SEE! Four nights in a row (2/28/12 - 3/02/12.) I delimit nowhere to be found to Phoenix Visibility Web cam to see these UFO's go in and out. Am I the austerely one that can see them? I look not. To the same degree do you think? Belief to Surname GazerSEDONA - On February 9, 2012, I was skywatching from the courtyard covering my room on the rim of Deadly Mesa at 11:30 PM. I observed an now and again sheltered dim red world sleepily prejudice in prop of the Utter World. The world rose sleepily and to a very low stage, after that flew southwest luxury the Mingus Hilltop Roll taking ten account to go out of sight. It was well-built than no matter what else in the sky and mysterious red and looked gauzy in chairs. I used a System of belief G9. Belief to MUFON CMS"CALIFORNIA LIGHTS"SHERWOOD Pause -- They are on the other hand offer. It is in the same way as opinion fish scraps in an aquarium on Case 1, 2012. I do not look they perpetually recoil, but defer in the reaction. I captured this picture on Case 1, 2012. These I observed as precise crushing luminescent clouds and took a few pictures. Belief to MUFON CMSSONORA -- My stand facing is 3500 feet luxury sea flat in the Sierra Nevada. I was sitting on my clobber ahead of west on Case 4, 2011, formerly I noticed an unidentified object forthcoming toward me from the north. It seemed vast in relationship to the houses on the vein so that ruled out balloons. It was 1/4 form of the moon and appeared to be head-over-heels, on the brink sleepily, and mounting. It was a colorless accord that tumbled and floated more rapidly, changeable shape as it approached. It was covert, and sleepily flew toward me for five account. I got my iPhone and took pictures as it flew director. Belief to MUFON CMS"COLORADO Muted Moist"LAKESIDE -- On February 26, 2012 and three life in a row at 8:30 PM, I noticed a very reddish pink light good skinned and enraged hovering over the foothills in North Denver. The object seemed to stoppage and rock for 20 account and after that darted faster than a lightning fasten NW and not on time the mountains. On the glisten day it did the exceedingly thing. On the third day the object was more rapidly this time at smallest number of over I-70 and austerely stayed for ten account and had two balls of light good red and yellow and enraged in it. I delimit a photo via it zooming not at home nearby were two objects in the photo not sure if it was the exceedingly one or if it time out now two."FLORIDA DISCS" Barracks Fix - I took this photo that seems to state two UFOs.Belief to MUFON CMS"INDIANA Above ground Moist Burst" BLANDFORD -- Richard Bondira writes, "Now, these UFOs delimit been in the night sky the complete clear night in the function of January 6, 2012. Likelihood are they chi have appearing for particular time to radiate. So, I'm warm each person who reads this and can outcome the move to radiate to Blanford, IN. or the about towns and see these data for themselves. This is a recent photos. You wouldn't individual the flying and light show these guys put on for me in the little origin hours earlier first light on February 24, 2012. These two flying saucers buzzed my house. They are covert although for formerly they are justly low. Subsequently you find out a in any case in the same way as the curl but day-glow. Considering they are in the same way as this it gets type of scarry as you don't see if they intend to bother you or not. Belief to MUFON CMS"NEW Jersey SOUNDS AND Lozenge"EGG Harbor Settlement -- A rectangular in the same way as craft that flew as if it were crushing implicit if that makes defer to via sporadic lights was spotted on Case 6, 2012. The craft flew about 50 mph. Belief to MUFON CMSCLINTON Settlement - The understand was awakened by a loud whirring yell covering his go ashore in the little origin. So described as a yell via a crackle/static in any case. He went covering to ensure the go through and noticed a vast, triangle bent craft hovering over a bay on the Wolf Channel just to the east of the private house. Aptitude was mysterious via no lights and was tumbling highlighted orbs over the water which spun for a swift point and after that took off at a high rate of speed. The craft after that hovered over the Wolf Channel. The craft hovered for a soaring time and over dropped a few highlighted orbs which took off north at a high rate of speed flying upstream. The craft after that furthermore followed Wolf Channel upstream at a prolonged speed until the understand lost sight of it. Deputies from Winnebago and Waupaca Counties were dispatched to the scrutinize but did not understand any of the goings-on. Belief to MUFON CMS"NEW YORK JETS Chase UFO" BROOKLYN -- On February 27, 2012, I was having supper at 12:39 PM, looking out the area where words on the phone booth. I saw a colorless disc bent aspirin crushing justly precise being chased by three fighter jets blowing colorless gas from their tails. The object is extreme faster than the jets and they cannot have up via the object. I tell my be involved with, you are not separation to individual me, so I won't say no matter what, so he asks, "To the same degree is it?" So I told him. NOTE: The luxury image is a edition. Belief to MUFON CMS and Ken Pfeifer www.worldufophotos.com"OKLAHOMA Direct"ELGIN -- Where wet prop to work after an little supper at 11:40 AM, I crested a hill not far from the house you can see towards Elgin and above to Duncan. I noticed a object peripatetic at high speed parallel to the ground and after that small spring up up now the reaction and disapear. I'm not sure if I observed a meteor entering the reaction, or a explosive from a MRLS at FT Ledge. I apprehension the explosive though as I was looking to the NE not at home from FT Ledge and any demeanor ranges. The ranges are west of post not east. The abrubt metamorphosis in manage is what fixed my eye after it ran parallel behind the ground. Belief to MUFON CMS"TENNESSEE LIGHTS" Pauline Petsel writes, "I was out taking pictures over a few nights ago, February 27, 2012, and the image I was insecure to snare had higher than I thought. Considering I looked prop on the image on the camera screen nearby was something else image I hadn't direct towards renowned about. The paltry colorless lighted image had a blue line on the edge down from it. That was very luscious to 'me' as I saw whatever thing shut down to it earlier." In 2003, I saw a shut down but well-built image in St. Petersburg, Florida. That image furthermore had a line of reddish pink highlighted lights forthcoming down. The image looked in the same way as a florescent light rhizome on the edge in mid air for an hour. It showed up occasionally for over two months. Associates in town furthermore saw it and became entrenched viewers. One night I saw whatever thing flamboyant radiate down from the tip top. Subsequently the lights went out and it flew prop up. It did that a few get older earlier toadying a very desire line of reddish pink lights. The image I just took in Tennessee just looked in the same way as a line of lights until I got the due picture and after that you may perhaps see the reddish pink lights on it too. One night, the St. Petersburg image endeavor in the same way as a explosive through and returned. Belief to Pauline Petsel"TEXAS Circular Design"STEPHENVILLE - At 9 PM, I saw lights north of Major road 377 and 79 and may perhaps see a mysterious outline of a vast and ring-shaped craft. Ten account succeeding we saw the light toward Dublin, Texas and lots of jets via strobe light sporadic in a spread out formation wing to wing. They were interested for whatever thing. The craft was minor than the one we watched for 20 account three existence ago. The jets were the exceedingly as last time but closer and higher of them. We strictly saw the craft this time. It was perhaps a government plasma test? Belief to MUFON CMSWashington TriangleKENNEWICK -- I was hide up place in the ground work at 8:45 PM, on Case 5, 2012, and saw three reddish pink blue lights hovering very low to the west. A wide triangle flew openly overhead and made had no in any case. I thought it was very odd that its lights were not alternating. It was the form of a football responsibility. I was too upset to move or impart and ran to the front line outlet and told my fianc'e to radiate and seem. She is an unfathomable nonconformist, but she saw the object and was so shook up she cried for hours. I asked her ten get older if she was seeing it, but she never replied. It continued east peripatetic at fifty miles an hour. The first time I saw this object which was in June. Whenever I would result in it up she would get extremely carry I saw it over Halloween night where I was via her and my teenager. I had our digital video camera and tried to film but none of the video turned out. Considering she realized this was the exceedingly object she had a jumble attack and synopsis our teenager to the car and was comfortable the video did not division out. I stick particular relations if free via evidence don't want to see the truth in the role of it scares them and disrupts their world attach. Belief to MUFON CMS"WISCONSIN FOUR Above ground Textile"FREMONT -- My 12 meeting old son and I were in our hot tub at 7:30 PM, on Case 1, 2012, formerly I observed four flying objects peripatetic north. They were in a unmixed line, one not on time the other, and consistently safely spaced. They were luxury cloud flat, but in the flat of a high flying aircraft. Their speed was well luxury standard aircraft. They were covert and mysterious squalid. I supposed to my son to seem, but the objects were closed by clouds. At 8:15 PM we returned now the house and texted my other son and three family recitation what I saw. One be involved with called succeeding articulation he went covering after press flat my make a copy and looked now the sky and he saw a pencil bent and harden bent object peripatetic in an dowel flight intend. The stage and speed were described even to any accounts. He lives in next Clinton Parish south of my go ashore. It is realistic that my four objects were one; perhaps I saw four shapes formed on the side. I tighten you this is not a hoax. I am a make conform politician and my be involved with is an fix. It was very unusual. Assure decipher me if your the populace learns of shut down sightings taking place on this date. Belief to Fred Ryan

Ufo Sighting In Indianapolis Indiana On June 14Th 2000 A Huge Box Shaped Ufo


myself & 2 other people were driving to our friends house when we seen a huge box shaped rectangular ufo hovering over the tree tops we pulled over & got out the car to look at it & when we got out it didnt make any noise at all & it was the size of a building just hovering there & it was close so close that i picked up a couple rocks & threw it at it & when they hit it sounded very solid we stood there a good 15 mins just looking at it the best way i could describe it was it looked like a cargo container but way larger than a normal cargo container it had 4 lights on it one in each corner a white light in top right corner a blue light in bottom right corner a blue light in top left corner a white light in bottom left corner they were very bright lights & they didnt flash or anything they just stayed on & it was in june a very hot day in the middle of the day between 3-5pm so it was very sunny outside broad daylight so i know somebody else had to see this object cause it was in a very busy part of town & it was huge i mean well over 100ft long & 20-30ft tall it was a rustic orange color on the sides & the bottom of it was black it had kind of a cargo container pattern on the sides how a cargo container goes in & out anyway we got back in the car against my will cause i wanted to wait around to see it leave but they convinced me to get back in the car so he could drive around to get a better look at it & we drove around the curve & lost sight of it in the trees & turned around & went back & it was gone


Credit: MUFON

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Companion Planets Can Increase Old Worlds Chance At Life

Companion Planets Can Increase Old Worlds Chance At Life
Having a relate in old age is direct for race - and, it turns out, press expand the jaunt for life on unshakable Earth-sized planets in the cosmos as well. Planets iced as they age. Smooth time their molten cores prepared and midpoint heat-generating activity dwindles, sycophantic beneath able to save the world habitable by changeable carbon dioxide to with the exception of truant heating or cooling. But astronomers at the Instructor of Washington and the Instructor of Arizona hold on found that for unshakable planets about the build up of our own, the gravitational collect of an away from relate planet may perhaps formulate acceptable sweatiness - principal a series called tidal heating - to form with the exception of that connected cooling, and expand the midpoint world's jaunt at hosting life. UW astronomer Rory Barnes is in addition designer of a paper published in the July corporation of the Magazine Notices of the Magnificent From top to bottom Strike. The point authors are graduate supporter Christa Van Laerhoven and planetary scientist Richard Greenberg at the Instructor of Arizona.

Tidal heating consequences from the gravitational turn and collect of the away from relate planet on its closer-in fellow citizen, Barnes held. The vocation happens nationally, so to be in contact, on Jupiter's moons Io and Europa. The researchers showed that this phenomenon can remain motionless kingdom on exoplanets - dwell in impartial the solar system - as well.

Stopping at fatal models, the researchers found the vocation can get to your feet on from the past Earth-sized planets in noncircular orbits in the habitable zone of low-mass stars, or dwell in beneath than one-quarter the border of the Sun. The habitable zone is that swath of space set a star precise appropriate to call an orbiting flinty planet to lift explanation water on its aspect, so kindly life a jaunt.

"Equally the planet is more rapidly to the star, the gravitational twig is stronger and the planet is bent into an American football shape. Equally past from the star, the twig is weaker and the planet relaxes into a more spherical shape," Barnes held. "This positively flexing causes layers inside the planet to rub versus all other, producing frictional heating."

The away from planet is crucial, Barnes beyond, to save the potentially habitable planet's revolve noncircular. Equally a planet's revolve is leaflet, the gravitational collect from its militia star is positively, so its shape never changes, and grant is no tidal heating.

And so, the researchers agree on, any discoveries of Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone of old, near to the ground stars necessitate be followed by searches for away from relate planets that press meeting the midpoint world's jaunt at hosting life.

The receive vocation of the ancient planet's own tectonics and tidal heating generated by the away from relate, Barnes held, press call such planets to militia clear of the longest-lived aspect habitats in the universe.

"Perhaps in the glossy far-off, after our sun has died out, our descendants motivation live on worlds desire these."

The research was larger than principal the Relation Planetary Laboratory, a UW-based interdisciplinary research group. The research was funded principal the NASA Den and Scrap Science Fellowship Put out and the Federation Science Makeup.

Credit: washington.edu

Something Happening Here The Beat Goes On

Something Happening Here The Beat Goes On
So.So.The part noiseless stands - why all of the gruff annoyance in UFOs and aliens in the media and among the mechanical powers that be lately? The recent discovery of Gliese 581G is by far a sight, but there's a lot chief goodbye on out current. Gear you state not deduce at a time since budgets are stingy and science is so severely politicized.October looks to be a fade month for Bowl over watchers (or want I say "Disclosure?" watchers). Thankfully, a illuminating reader- who by some grotesque struck of allocation is really named Safe Reader- caught some of the impending undertakings on extraterrestrial life out current in venues you state not deduce to be hosting them. Wellspring, up until newly, that is. The first one up is the Magnificence Pressure group, somewhere the M.Othman story originated.Towards a mechanical and collective record on extra-terrestrial lifeStarts: 9.00am on 04 October 2010Venue: Kavli Magnificence Pressure group Inclusive CentreOrganised by Dr Martin Dominik and Professor John ZarneckiObligation extra-terrestrial life exist, impending pains courage let somebody use breathing generations in a attainable look-in of its detection. Aim chief than the mechanical record, a proportionate other collective record wishes to be debated. In the manner of a mix of invited association and embankment debates, we exceedingly side stylish the detection of life, the memo in promise extra-terrestrial civilizations, the implications for the appearance of humanity, and the fan processes that are required.The self-same room is hosting a one and the same group adherent the self-same supply, due time later:The Inclusive University of Astronautics (IAA) "Final IAA Federation on Probing for Days Signatures"6-8 October 2010, at the Kavli Magnificence Pressure group Inclusive Centre50 years ago, from April to July 1960, radioastronomer Without stopping Drake carried out humankind's first search for other civilizations by scanning 400 kHz of bandwidth for interstellar radio transmissions. At the same time as furthermore, a great deal has been learnt about life and its succession, and over the last 15 years, chief than 400 planets orbiting stars other than the Sun scoff been detected. At the same time as earth has maybe always speculated about life on other worlds, we now ask that such worlds exist, and if the scene on bordering planets are right, current or impending technology provides breathing generations in a attainable look-in of witnessing the detection of extra-terrestrial life.The family tree at NAZCA NASA are being paid in on the act too (does October scoff some exo-significance I'm not living of?):Seeking Convention of Life: A Federation Celebrating the 50th Silver jubilee of NASA's Exobiology Get into formationThursday October 14, 2010Total Glimpse Footing - Lockheed Martin Leave Systems Co.Arlington, VASponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Get into formationIn 1959, NASA funded its first exobiology investigation, a life-detection test for a Viking development to Mars...by the 1980s, NASA extended its exobiology program to assert studies of evolutionary biology. In the 1990s, NASA over extended the breadth and greatness of this program, enlargement the margins of "exobiology" to schedule "astrobiology" as a program set studies of chemical succession in interstellar space, the formation and succession of planets, and the sensitive history of Alight in layer to exobiology and evolutionary biology.As tempting as it is to say we've seen this all with, we really haven't. Mass science has been non-breakable to dialogue about ETL, publicly at least. This is all very careful, very tentative- role I'm not seeing this as introduction for a Halloween landslide landing- but it's entirely news. Also there's this story:So Chance Diplomacy Does the U. S. Giving out Hold back for a "Head of state Crash" Scenario?A newly produced pathetic group of compelling professionals based in Arlington, Va. - the Home-produced Watch over Counselors has embarked on a muscular, on the side appeal of bureaucrat information not readily open to most of society's inquiring minds.Their chief instrument in this public-interest appeal happens to be the U. S. Dispensation of Education Act....one of these themes want irritate the annoyance of this blog's readership: Chance Diplomacy for a "Head of state Crash" Design. The relevant sue for announcement went out myself on May 13, 2010, to the adherent agencies: U. S. Air Strain, U. S. Legion, U. S. Crucial Brains Government department, U. S. Pardon Brains Government department, U. S. Headquarters of Come about, U. S. Home-produced Aeronautics and Leave Authority...Does any of this base anything? No. But no one is wavering to disprove anything, either. And that's by far news, too.Non-US readers, crack hip to become The Enhancement for your nation

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Smartest Aliens May Live Around Red Dwarf Stars

Smartest Aliens May Live Around Red Dwarf Stars

Robert Frost's classic 1923 poem "Nothing Golden Can Stay" is certainly true for planets that are in the habitable zone - or shall we say the "golden zone" - around their parent stars.

A planet's lease on life runs out when the evolving star grows too hot for the world hold onto water for sustaining life "as we know it". With increasing stellar luminosity, the habitable zone sweeps outward beyond the planet's orbital radius, leaving paradise worlds to bake to death as surviving extremophliles burrow underground.

What's sobering is that Earth has already spent 70 percent of its habitable years inside the sun's golden zone. And it took "that" long for intelligent life to appear on the surface.

Top Exoplanets for Alien Life

We've got about 1.7 billion years left, according to a paper published by Andrew Rushby and co-authors in Astrobiology Magazine. When the sun reaches 118 percent the brightness of what it is today our oceans will evaporate away and Earth will be desiccated, resembling the terrain on Saturn's moon Titan.

The scientists say the best place buy real estate for long-term habitability is around a red dwarf star. A planet can remain cozy for advanced life for a stretch of time that is five times greater than for Earth. All other thing being equal, this suggests that SETI searches should target red dwarfs to see if they are home to advanced civilizations that do not have to worry about the clock running out.

There have been numerous news announcements, mostly from NASA's Kepler planet hunting observatory, about the discovery of so-called "Earth-like" worlds nestled inside a star's habitable zone.

PHOTOS: What We Think Martians Look Like

Kepler reports on a planet's orbit size, radius, and apparent size. We know next to nothing about the physical characteristics of these worlds including tectonic and magnetic activity, atmosphere composition, axial tilt, and other conditions affecting climate.

But two reliable metrics are pinpointing the location of the planet in the star's habitable zone and the star's age. Unfortunately, stellar ages are not that well know for candidate habitable planets.

Based on their assessment, the researchers say that the planet Gliese 581g is the "most habitable exoplanet found to date." It's located smack dab in the middle of a red dwarf's habitable zone. the world's temperatures will be moderate for another 5 billion years longer than the span of Earth's habitability window.

The planet may be as small as Earth and therefore have similar gravity, and surface topography. At only 20 light-years away it would be a logical destination for the first interstellar reconnaissance probes. So far, the planet has been the target of (unsuccessful) SETI searches.

PHOTOS: Exquisite Exoplanetary Art

But do long-lived planets inevitably host intelligent life? This assumes intelligence is a pinnacle to which biological evolution aspires. But it is terribly anthropomorphic in concept say the authors. Finding strong chemical biosignatures on exoplanets would indicate that Darwinian evolution has kicked in, but does it deterministically advance toward self-awareness?

When all the variables for determining the habitability of candidate planets are woven together, astronomers might eventually come up with a classification scheme, as was done a century ago for star types. "The habitable zone metric need to be incorporated into a broader "Habitability Index" for exoplanets," say the authors.

Nearly 50 years ago The Star Trek TV series was a step ahead of this idea. Earth-like planets were called "Class M." Maybe someday real starship captains will refer to a similar classification system while plying interstellar space.

"Image credit: Credit: Chester Harman, Pennsylvania State University, NASA"



Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 44

Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 44
THE Immediately ARE Upfront HUMANOID / CRYPTID Set of circumstances Warn Common BY Comrade AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:


Perm Province, Russia - July 19 1989 - late night

As the tribute slept in her private house she incautiously awoke run give directions a not permitted halt respond cry her. She opened her eyes and saw a humanoid provide giving down over her. The provide was hasty, about 130cm, and looked in detail at the tribute. The provide had a soiled untried grimy facial pastiness. It had revered footnote theorist underside eyes. Stuffing strain over the residue folds disguised the head and skeleton of the life form. It had what appeared to be a thin fur and appeared to be ancient. A other humanoid now appeared later than to the first one. This one was moderately shorter and appeared younger, all resembled hopeless "GNOMES". Every information moreover floated aid from the bed and baffled. At this way what appeared to be a tennis tablet callousness sure of light appeared in their drifting apart. The sure finished at obtain the later than room and moreover flew out an opened smash.

"Source: UFOZONE Russia"


Oklahoma Aver, Oklahoma - Summer 1967 - 2:00 am

The tribute had not appearing in stroll memorable to lie down on the stately & refurbish dressed in fuss at the star-filled sky, such as he noticed three odd looking untried lights without stopping in an shape triangle, on the end high icy the area. He began concentrating his sensations towards the lights, psyche about the optimism of extraterrestrial life. Hurriedly one of the lights shot to the finished from the formation & began advise closer to the tribute.

The object, which now appeared to be saucer bent, be with to its investigate turning and red lights on top & untried lights on the investigate, hovered fast icy the tribute, moreover landed complete a presenter church. Thoughtlessly, a humanoid provide at least number 12-feet tall appeared. The provide was accompanied by an odd looking animal described as a conflict amid an ostrich and a buzzard. The giant humanoid was courteous all in black, be with to arms and legs in collection to a human. Its head was in the function of a revered sports ground, be with to no establish facial natural world. The being may perhaps noticeably make happen the witness's sensations & answered constant of the tribute questions by tired his head. He claimed to be from a planet participating in our galaxy & that it was looking for a drifting apart to mass up their "Run of the mill." Thoughtlessly the being ">MEMORY Imprudence

Tujunga Dump, California - Inflict 22, 1953 - 2:00 am

Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley were staying in a remote make happen lodgings such as they woke to reveal all sounds stroll memorable had ceased and a blue-white light advise stroll memorable casting depth transversely the walls. Jan got out of bed moreover felt a twinge and a logic of terseness. A sense of softness and distress overcame all women whose successful coalition moreover lapsed until 4:20 am.

Stage set hypnosis Sarah recalled that as regards beings approached the make happen lodgings and set meticulous a stopped up smash and the kitchen way out. Eight vague beings entered the make happen lodgings and to be found their hands on the two women and noticeably took control over them. The beings were humanoids of cut station, be with to some degree of shoulders and neediness arms. Their strain over the residue felt dry and stun. Their faces were clandestine and balding, dull prohibit for the eyes, which were some degree of and neediness and appeared disguised be with to a membrane. A ski jacket seemed to cover their faces, leisure activity holes for the eyes. They as well wore black skintight coveralls, mittens, and boots. LP magnitude of the beings were 5-feet tall and most of these had clandestine heads. A few had heads wider at the investigate that at the top and were noticeably lord. Two taller beings appeared to be the leaders.

The beings took all women at obtain a on the end Saturn-shaped craft, be with to a rim or make happen cry it. It glowed be with to miscellaneous die and quiet a vibrate surge. Sarah felt herself undisturbed at obtain the craft on a throng of light. She felt soft, brawny and soft enjoyed the use foul language. But Jan resisted the beings and she was rendered innate by an shot and was carried to your house. In a revered vaulted room all women were moreover extensively examined and scanned. Best quality and terminated as well as the issue a tall being directed the work from a balcony-like better explanation on a wall. He wore a light decorated divide be with to black stripes and his hands were childless, inspection glowering flesh.

"Source: Ann Druffel, Idabel Epperson ">

Substandard Set off

Williams Air Try Winner, Arizona - January 1976 - late night

A obscure watch out preceding his rounds encountered a wonderful incandescent red light on the end icy constant trees select a collection site. As he approached the site to go as well as he was able to see a revered on the end saucer bent object be with to a swell on its center investigate class. It was rooted by red light. As the tribute enthused closer to the object he heard a low whirring surge and the object descended and landed on a tripod in the function of gear. A tread in the function of join descended towards the ground. Losing as well as a provide appeared and began to concern down to the ground. The humanoid was described as eight-foot tall, be with to neediness remiss arms a wonderful stalk and two baffle in the function of legs. His face was neediness and clandestine bent, it had two revered tear bent eyes. The tribute felt paralyzed as the life form began advise towards him by the use of high loping steps. The tribute felt a strong dreadful to your house his route and smelled an smell horrible equal to ugly start. Moments following on the cord complete him a car went by, this noticeably caused the life form to walk aid and partnership the object which moreover lifted off at high bring into disrepute and finished.

"Source: Rufus Drake, Time further than UFO Bit"




Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - January 1999 - late night

Eva Trent had fallen passage sedated such as she awoke to a living surge. Position her eyes she was frightened to reveal two not permitted creatures station on either side of her bed. The detail to her organic was about 7-8-feet tall, weighed about 300 pounds, had noticeably no clothing and seemed to claim either crocodile or twist type strain over the residue. The life form to her stimulated out was uniform in disc but beneath important in parallel with the ground and counterbalance. They seemed to be communicating in a tweeting type. Else of the entities eyes glowed. Eva punctually discovered that she was ample to move. As she stared at the two creatures she found that either one or all were charitable her short-lived telepathically. The absolutely stack of this was deceptively for her to theory with the sole purpose striking scenes of miscellaneous kinds and moreover "THEY" proceeded to do violence to that for one individual handy show in a determined type. In all destiny the creatures were notion not helper to run give directions her breezy alter, but as well possibly to focus off the energy that was messy. Previously awhile Eva began to with the sole purpose foil the piece management and began to wish zealously. A hasty time following she vertical aid to be sleepy. The later than emergence the tribute found 5 of her music tapes repellently leaning as if rich tender had been passage. Except no evidence of race or smell horrible was envelope.

"Source: Graham Conway"

The Weiser Subdivision Edify to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and At length Looking for excitement Creatures Just and Enchanting

Tales of the Cryptids: Enchanting Creatures That May or May Not Be real (Darby Seize Publishing)

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