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Jan Val Ellam

Jan Val Ellam
Jan Val Ellam: The date for the official contact is set and it will be for the next few months

Interview given to A. J. Gevaerd, editor. With collaboration of Nelson Vilhena Granado, Reinaldo Prado Mello, and Miriam Heder, consultants


Few people in the World and Brazilian Ufological Community share the reputation of Jan Val Ellam, pseudonym of the executive from the State of Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil, Rogerio de Almeida Freitas. With a similarly easy transit among Brazilian spiritualists, we can say that Ellam is renowned among them as well. Author of 15 books approaching pure spiritualism and mixed ufological and spiritual studies - as well as several others yet to be published -, he excels for making strong and revealing statements in both fields. Ellam seems to have a very precise notion of where ufology and spiritualism meet one another and gives a practical sense to this view by giving lectures that face alien demonstrations in our planet in a unique way. He sees and narrates with exceptional assertiveness the way our visitors interact with the terrestrial human race, which to him is only a small and dormant portion of a broad species of cosmic beings that inhabit countless planets but has no idea of its importance inside this set.

"I don't ask you to believe me, but only to think about what I'm saying. I ask you to think if I'm doing this because I believe to have revelations passed on to me by those many of us call 'cosmic brothers', which they really are: beings very similar to us, though much ahead in evolution, like elder brothers", states the spiritualist ufologist. This is not simply rhetoric. He confesses many times to be surprised with the information he receives - or "accesses" as he prefer to say -, just like someone who finished reading a book and tries to digest what the pages contain. Ellam is far from being a guru or having a mystical profile. Graduated in business administration, he holds a position as executive at the Federation of Commerce, Services, and Tourism of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, besides being a consultant for foreign groups that invest in that State. In order to add credibility to his figure, we should also say that Ellam, while still Freitas more than 20 years ago, was an affiliate field ufologist always ready to go out and investigate cases of ETs attacking humans in the Brazilian Northeast region. He worked with the pioneer ufologist Irene Granchi (president of honor of Brazilian UFO Magazine's Editorial Council) and with the late US journalist Bob Pratt. He was mentioned in his book Brazil: UFO danger Zone.

Powerful forces approaching

His inclination for a spiritualist interpretation for the UFO phenomenon began with his personal experiences. "It was a series of events that transcended the common pattern of human view, which took me to isolate myself even more in my attempts to understand what was happening. I believe I didn't go mad because I have enough good humor to carry on with facts in life", he said to Brazilian UFO Magazine in an interview published in our issue # 103, September 2004. The impact of these events were so strong on Freitas that he chose a pseudonym - Jan Val Ellam - in order to write under these "cosmic brothers'" orders the news perspectives through which he became to see the actions of our visitors on Earth. When questioned about such a strange pseudonym, which made many think of an esoteric nature in his choice, he explains that it was a personal choice saying that in case the messages were of any use it would not matter under which name they would come.

Some Brazilian and foreign spiritualist sectors already mentioned that it is neither Freitas nor Ellam who writes the books, but really strong forces that constantly instruct him. The electrical engineer and Brazilian UFO Magazine's consultant Reinaldo Prado de Albuquerque Mello even compared Elam's activity to a "broadband internet connection with other realities", through which a constant symphony and perfect integration is kept between Ellam and the cosmic intelligences he always quote. He makes no secret on that and admits to be really in constant contact with advanced cosmic intelligences, while seeing them with the spontaneity of a person who has been living with this for years. While more orthodox ufologists question his statements, the fact is that few human beings have the knowledge to write so many books with such a vast, rich, and profound content in such a brief period of time as he did. Ellam write them during the night since he works full time as every mortal and still needs to share his professional activities with presentation of lectures in Brazil and abroad. In other countries, he is also known as the mentor of Projeto Orbum, a manifesto dealing on planetary citizenship (www.orbum.org).

In one of his books, Fator Extraterrestre (Extraterrestrial Factor), Ellam discusses on the origin of life, the understanding called "missing link of the human genesis", the cosmic isolation of our species, the abductions and psychological barriers that impairs a transparent study of the extraterrestrial themes. In a recent conference in Campo Grande (MS) he condemned the insistent religious, scientific, and government deny on the alien presence on Earth, giving reasons why after so many decades of evidence there is still a strong resistance against such reality. "The human being lacks knowledge of his own past and also humbly enough to understand minimal facts that happen since the dawn of ages and links us to the extraterrestrial issues and indicate the broadness of life in the Universe". His lectures and books greatly refer to the figure of Jesus whom he calls a Master and who would be closely linked to the UFO phenomenon. This attracts many of his admirers and a lot of misunderstanding from those who want to set Ufology apart from religious matters.

Radical changes on Earth

"This interpretation of the facts is a mistake", says Ellam. "Since Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with any religion. A study of pre-Bible times shows us that the UFO phenomenon already existed in our planet with great comprehensiveness much before Jesus had come to Earth. And he came as one of our own species, though from other 'room of the Father's house', to show that we were wrong in almost everything we were doing". Ellam is not afraid of attracting the rage of orthodox and doctrinaire spiritualists who see Jesus in an almost religious manner. He calls him an "Authority from the Skies" and believes he came to Earth with special powers and a well-defined and clear message that could not be understood to anyone, not in that time neither today. "Jesus has never asked us to raise religions to him or to the Creator, but only to respect and to love one another, concepts that are an absolutely normal living condition in his world of origin and also in the places he visited, and that only on Earth seem to be senseless".

Jan Val Ellam is a daring man and yet reasonable and known for the seriousness with which he treats all ufological and spiritualist themes without any appeal to sensationalism. Now, he gets totally out of the prudent stance from the previous weeks by surprising everyone with his serious statements concerning facts that are to come to the planet. "I never wanted to show up. I work to spread the information I receive because I find them important to many people. Now, what I've been receiving since last March is so heavy and incisive that I need to reveal to any who wants to listen". In his most recent lectures, Ellam has crossed a barrier untouchable even to the most daring prophets in order to convey facts he says to have made known through his channels. And these are really shocking. Ellam states that he was informed that the moment for an official and formal contact with our extraterrestrial visitors is not only near, but has its date set to happen - within the next months, between November 2006 and April 2007.

Yes, Jan Val Ellam states his cosmic inspirers - the same that guided him to write his rich contented texts - informed him that a global and undeniable presentation is to finally happen and has its date set. "It'll be something for nobody to question. Not the media, nor scientists or governments. There will be no way to question. And after that they will come many other times, always to fill the skies with their gigantic vehicles not to land but to interact with us until the right time comes".

The interview (only 3 Q&A out of 32)

Brazilian UFO Magazine - Many others made similar statements before concerning an official and ultimate contact with ETs, but none of them was so emphatic. Nobody established such a near date for the contact fearing it could not happen. Why are you doing exactly the opposite?

Jan Val Ellam - This is actually one of the issues in my personal drama. If I were spreading a "warning" from my cosmic friends saying that something would happen in a distant future, that would be great for my mind since my personal responsibility would be softened. However, all that's been happening with me since 1986 promoted by these spiritual beings and entities who work together - no matter how orthodox ufologists and spiritualists think - has the power to make me realize that the moment so long announced may finally come into place in the present days. More than this: "they" asked me something they never did before. They asked me to convey the announcement of an official and ultimate contact with extraterrestrial beings by means of the fulfillment of the promise made by Jesus when he was among us, the promise of returning to Earth in his natural condition of an authority from the skies. This will be the first official contact that earthly beings would have with beings from other worlds in the present days.His return would happen a little later in a time between the second half of November 2006 until April 2007.

Brazilian UFO Magazine - If this really comes to happen that will be a moment of great commotion for the humankind indeed. What do you think such fact would cause to the planetary population?

Jan Val Ellam - This fact is to mark the first moment of the so long awaited reintegration of our planet to the cosmic interchange. This would be the end of the isolation experienced by us for so long since we live on Earth under some kind of "cosmic quarantine". After all, we are the "unwanted companions" in this part of the Galaxy, since we commit all sorts of crimes against the dignity of life. After this first visit - which would be objective, clear, unquestionable, filmed and reported, yet very brief, maybe lasting for a few hours or even less - others will happen in order to make terrestrials even more used to resuming their communion with humankinds of other planets. That should be followed by future contacts with many other extraterrestrials species, all of them linked to what I call "cosmic brotherhood ideals".

Brazilian UFO Magazine - Aren't you afraid of being seen as a guru or even a lunatic when presenting these facts in your lectures and to UFO readers? Wouldn't that jeopardize all the credibility you've acquired along two decades of ufological and spiritual work?

Jan Val Ellam - No, I'm not. I'm doing this because I can't find another way to live with these facts. It would be comfortable or even a good strategy to stay quiet according to human standards without exposing myself by setting a date only to say I knew it before. If it were only for my convenience, you can be sure that this would be my choice. However, to my despair, there is an explicit demand from these beings I call "cosmic brothers" which makes me clearly understand what was performed by them along these 20 years of shared experiences. It's as if every other option planned by them had failed and the appeal "from the other side" had the objective of creating another option that didn't exist before once they insist in telling me that I had taken a commitment with this process. I don't know. What I know is that it would be dishonest on my part towards them to refrain in my human condition when the invitations tells us to grow stronger in love, regardless of any price the world my charge for such a daring attitude. What I got from the whole story is that my spirit might have committed itself with them in order to accomplish the task in case they ask me to. Now they came to ask me and I have to find forces to carry on with the orders presented to me. As I'm not a believer and not moved by religious faith, I can only rely on myself, on the philosophical code of behavior I developed as a master rule in my life. I'm now dealing with facts and not with issues arising from spiritualist experiences. There's nothing I can say against facts. I can only watch and live with them while increasing my levels of intellectual reasoning as highly as possible. That's what I've been doing.

The complete interview will soon be made available in English language.

For the Portuguese version of the interview, hit:



"And now a message as of today from A. J. Gevaerd.

I have received a lot of inquiries from people who received my message yesterday, asking me if I believe that the alleged official contact with ETs will actually happen and if the person announcing it, who I interviewed for the Brazilian UFO Magazine, deserves any credit. Some people also wrote me and protested that I published the interview.

I would like to say just a few more things about it.

1. The Brazilian UFO Magazine is not supporting the claims made by Rogerio de Almeida Freitas / Jan Val Ellam. Neither is it rejecting them. The magazine simply played its role as a publication specialized in Ufology and carried out the information as clear as possible. Being the material is an interview, with an obvious interview format, the interviewee Freitas / Ellam is responsible for what he claims.

2. Whoever read the e-mail I sent out yesterday only read 3 of a total of 32 questions. In most of them, I put a lot of pressure on the interviewee Freitas / Ellam, as I was supposed to do. In addition, on the subsequent editions -- two so far, number 127 and 128 -- I have published several articles where researchers express their views about the predictions. And the majority of them are very negative towards what the interviewee Freitas / Ellam claims. We open this issue for debate in the magazine and in its website (www.ufo.com.br), unfortunately only in Portuguese.

3. As the editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, and having served it in such position for almost 23 years now, I had to make a decision about doing and publishing the interview or not when I got the information from the interviewee Freitas / Ellam. Of course I know very well of so many other previous alleged contactees and prophets that had issued similar predictions in the past. And of course I knew that this time it could be just about the same thing. What helped me to make my decision to publish the interview was the fact that the interviewee Freitas / Ellam is a very serious person and in my opinion, the content of his predictions should be known. Not supported, not rejected, but known. His predictions could all be hallucination, but he has a really high reputation and holds top positions in several business circles. He definitely not a lunatic and he has a lot to lose if nothing happens.

4. Personally, I am also neutral. I learned from my 30 years of experience in the UFO field that such claims never really come true. They never had, at least. And I don't know why would this one be any different. However, I keep a open mind about it and I would definitely love that the interviewee Freitas / Ellam prediction of a mass sighting all over the planet come true. Who in this field wouldn't? However, it is not what motivated me to publish the interview, of course, but the content of it, the reputation of the interviewee Freitas / Ellam and the fact that, being a interview, his claims are his responsibilities.

5. At last, this debate is going on in Brazil and a few UFO circles abroad for almost 3 months now, since we released the edition 126 of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, where the polemic interview was published. There has been a very, very hot debate about it in my country, a debate that nearly divided UFO researchers here in two groups, the biggest one of them totally rejecting the interviewee Freitas / Ellam claims. Many people abroad, who received my message yesterday, also rejected the claims. This is really understandable. But for those people, and for most of the people in the UFO field, the next piece of information is even mind-boggling: The interviewee Freitas / Ellam called me last Wed, November 15, and told me that he was 99.9% that the sightings will happen tomorrow, Sat, November 18, 17h30 local Bras'ilia time. And he called me again a couple of hours ago giving me the other 0.1%.

So, if Rogerio de Almeida Freitas / Jan Val Ellam is to be taken seriously, we are supposed to see a mass sighting of UFOs worldwidely tomorrow, Saturday, at 17h30 local Brasilia time.

I am sending out this message only to share with so many colleagues over the world this piece of info. I do not support these claims, and I do not reject them. I will wait and see. What the hell... I've been watching the skies for countless hours for the last 3 decades and a few more tomorrow won't hurt me.

Best regards!

A. J. Gevaerd,Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazinewww.ufo.com.brgevaerd@ufo.com.braj@gevaerd.com

Is It A Ufo Ouroboros Or Karma

Is It A Ufo Ouroboros Or Karma
The UFO phenomenon, tranquillity unfathomable, in toto, has the excellent clout to be annoying the general public and inhabit in the UFO communicate mega.Ostensible ufologists are backup to provocative one assorted in 2007 reasonable as they did in the 1950s.The same as goes encircling comes encircling clearly.The launch pad for the neo-venom is Roswell, which continues to muse over emotions of a unprofessional identification.Populate who see Roswell as proof of an extraterrestrial visitation (via a flying saucer crash) are piqued in the company of inhabit who imagine cream of the crop scenarios, such as a military tragedy, a misinterpreted fill hurtle, or a despicable medical/radiation tribulation.A current brouhaha has David Rudiak, an optometrist by profession and a creative, take notes UFO investigator by drink, bumpy not keen Trim Redfern, a novelist and UFO investigator who has provided compound alternatives for the Roswell experience, together with his most recent "paradigm (in his book, Create Snatchers in the Resign) that the UFO bodies were mentally/physically afflicted Japanese detainees being experimented upon by the U.S. government (by means of balloon-like aircraft) in New Mexico, June and July 1947.David Rudiak believes that extraterrestrial beings, in flying saucers, crashed covering Roswell in 1947 and the Aligned States government has been outside layer up the incident the same as that time.Rudiak has mustered ominously circumstantial evidence, as has UFO pet name Stanton Friedman (among others).Redfern has other detractors in addition Rudiak but he too has constituency, together with the enlightened editor of the UFO e-zine, UFO Review, Stuart Miller, who is no recline in the function of it comes to the UFO phenomenon.The current vituperation, however, is as insolent as it can get in "ufology" in the company of Rudiak blasting personality who dares to bring about that Roswell may be whatsoever other than a mal-visitation by aliens from outdoor space.Redfern, and the Roswell agnostics, are holding their own but the pro-ET ufologists are success rabid, as the 60th anniversary of the Roswell incident approaches.Roswell is not the sum cup of UFO tea repeated in the UFO communicate say but for one it is, and Rudiak is one of inhabit who thinks that Roswell is the smoking gun of the UFO mystery.That he (Rudiak) can now produce himself in the function of any other repute that the extraterrestrial gall surfaces goes to the extract of why scientists, repentant scientists, who stomach their own dust-ups (twist theory for example) to maintain in the company of, yearn for UFOs: the dialectical character is lethal.But this has how it has forever been in UFO circles. The respectable Donald Keyhoe, who too thought in the extraterrestrial explanation and the military stonewalling about UFOs, too met in the company of opprobrium by colleagues who take pains UFOs weight be no matter which other that alien visitations.But the next to of the fail confrontations are definite, in that maltreat and insults are crumble and map out of the "conference" for instance chat and bonhomie stomach been set parenthesis as every person side tries to score points in the company of nonaligned or na"ive observers.(Redfern and Miller place gentlemen in the clash.)Will the current atmospherics put away any time soon? We outlook so. Formerly pertinent new hypotheses for the UFO underground may be quiet.And we wouldn't decorative that to move along, would we?

Credit: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

The Veritas Show Show 12 Richard Dolan

The Veritas Show Show 12 Richard Dolan
Running Time : 2hrs 33mins

Originally Aired : 13th March 2009

Richard Dolan - UFOs and the National Security State

Website : KeyHole Publishing

UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan discussed a plethora of topics, ranging from UFOs, national security, New World Order, September 11, government conspiracies, and much more. He also talked about his new and soon-to-be released book: UFOs and the National Security State - Part 2.


Richard M. Dolan was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1962. He holds an MA in History from the University of Rochester and a BA in History from Alfred University. He earned a Certificate in Political Theory from Oxford University and was a Rhodes Scholar finalist. Prior to his interest in anomalous phenomena, Dolan studied US Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy.

In 2000, he published a 500-page study, UFOs and the National Security State. This is the first volume of a two-part historical narrative of the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon from 1941 to the present. Included are the records of more than fifty military bases relating to innumerable violations of sensitive airspace by unknown objects, demonstrating that the US military has taken the topic of UFOs seriously indeed.

Apollo 14 astronaut and VERITAS SHOW veteran Dr. Edgar Mitchell has called Dolans book "monumental," while Dr. Hal Puthoff, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, has declared it to be "a must-read for serious students in the field." Dolan has published numerous articles on anomalous phenomena, science, and the intelligence community for UFO Magazine. In 2003, he helped to found Phenomena, a magazine dedicated to leading edge issues pertaining to science and society, and for which he continues to serve as Senior Editor and regular contributor.

Richard Dolan also continues to research and write volume two of UFOs and the National Security State. He lives with his family in Rochester, New York.

Sasquatch Expedition Northern British Columbia Canada 2009

Sasquatch Expedition Northern British Columbia Canada 2009
Posted: December 11, 2008

Spine Campbell from UAD Carry out trial command be teaming up surrounded by Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Carry out trial to search for physical evidence of bigfoot/sasquatch in northern British Columbia where all the recent Yeti activity has occupied forward. Spine and Brian command be filming the trek and interviews surrounded by eyewitnesses to the Yeti sightings. Brian Vike is pool liner up other countryside who keep seen or had a frightening trend surrounded by this mortal. Act fore one day in 2009, Spine and Brian's trek direct perceptive British Columbia Canada.

If you keep had an trend surrounded by Yeti in northern British Columbia and would when to get on you story surrounded by Spine and Brian, comfortable touch free to contact either of them at the provided information base. Moreover if you keep dealt surrounded by a pigs or any type of woman wound, Spine Campbell is the peer of the realm to talk surrounded by.

You can contact Brian Vike, Supercilious of HBCC UFO Carry out trial at: 250 845 2180 or direct Brian's email: hbccufo@telus.net or Spine at (306) 893 2248 or direct Barb's email: barb@uadresearch.com

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Ufo Ufo

Ufo Ufo
SHORT UFO FACT: [Airline and military pilots are among the most experienced observers of the sky. Their profession requires them to spend hundreds of hours per year in the air. Few, if any, occupations require more practical knowledge of weather, other aircraft, and unusual activity such as missile tests. Undoubtedly, few groups of observers have seen more meteors or watched planets under a wider variety of sky conditions. In addition, professional pilots normally are trained in rapid identification of anything which may endanger a flight. Therefore, it is significant that airline and military pilots have reported a large number of totally unexplained UFO sightings. ]


SHORT UFO FACT: [1 Jun 1993, Myaree, a computer technician was driving when he suddenly noticed moving green, red and blue lights shaped like an inverted bunsen burner. After dropping behind some trees, the object rose and headed towards him. At this point the car's engine died. The man got out of his car and telephoned friends to tell them what happened. He said a plane was following the object. After some 12 minutes the object left to the south-east and the plane also departed.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Source: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Extraterrestrial Airship Pilot

Extraterrestrial Airship Pilot
Space invader Zeppelin Director "Small-minded Voyager" OverseasBirth: unsignedDeath: Apr. 19, 1897AuroraShrewd StateTexas, USAIn 1896 and 1897, reports of sad airships by way of enticing searchlights were being reported all over the Joined States, from California to Illinois. Hundreds of hurry reported seeing one of these airships in scores of counties in Texas. On Monday dawn a gentle after 6 a.m., April 19, 1897, the airship crashed in Aurora on Identify James Spencer Proctor's attitude, destroying the windmill over his well put aside as well as the judge's flower head garden. Contemporary was a big expulsion, and debris was spread over scores of acres. The airship pilot was nursed in a on your doorstep barn but died that day.According to the Fortress Practice paper the alien resident of the aircraft was subject a Christian burial in the Aurora cemetery. He was put to rest at the middle of the day the day after the crash. The Dallas Morning Data on April 19, 1897 had an article about the crash and scores of other stories about sightings of the airship all over northern Texas. Linking April 15 and April 19 of 1897, the Dallas Morning Data limited to a small area accounts of sightings from 21 other towns. The resident of the airship was reported as being humanoid and puny in amount and the Dallas Morning Data said he "was not an nationwide of this world." Contemporary is extol in clear accounts of eccentric hieroglyphs among the wreckage. Jim Marrs is one of the few hurry who has researched this case in breadth, and according to his book, Overseas Agendas, Bonnie Etoy Oates and Brawley Hoyle Oates bought Identify Proctor's property. Mrs. Oates said that nonentity grew for time in the spot where on earth the airship crashed. The Oates ancestors, legendary Brawley Oates, as well suffered from strength evils such as cysts and goiters so it is said caused by the drinking water from their well.In the 1920's hurry greet to dig up the stem but were unused by locals as well as shotguns. A eccentric gentle headstone was the virtuously enclosure for the gentle airship pilot but it passed on in 1973. Bill Bag cast-off a metal detector at the multi-layered site. He detected three metal areas that influence stomach been wreckage pieces or distinctive luggage. The weekend after the testimonial passed on in 1973, event immature the metal pieces in the multi-layered by way of 3 inch vent and a special way for that purpose. Once upon a time the multi-layered was ill at ease in 1973, cemetery officials hired a lawyer to fight UFO researchers who greet the alien stem exhumed. The cemetery close was troubled about spotted restlessness beginning up again; the town had been devastated from an wave in 1888. Officials are troubled about digging up the incorrect multi-layered, they are not as well marked as they are now. Aim line, lineage in Aurora are very distrustful of their cemetery and are not impulsive to stomach any graves ill at ease.One debunkers claimed communicate was never a windmill at the Proctor place; but in 2008, the partition show UFO Hunters found the windmill struts in the ground in the same way as they did their investigation. They as well bare that metal was composed contained in an old tree which was crushed by the crash. College Marrs, who lives virtuously a few miles outdated from Aurora, talked to three old timers who were composed alive in the 1970's who remembered the crash. One eyewitness he interviewed really saw the airship in the air flying over the town and atypical one witnessed hurry removing the wreckage the back day. The third old meter said her dad told her the crash was a hoax, but she did not stomach any first hand brainstorm. One of her best family was head of the on your doorstep onwards splinter group, and she claimed as well that the crash was a hoax.Such as Supervise of Stop Pervasive Marshall greet UFO incidents investigated after the "Crusade of Las Angeles" in 1942, he asked for a report of all incidents since 1897. Beguilingly a lot, the Joined States Air Force's top secret hypersonic plane is named the Aurora. The government may stomach in advance dug up the stem and immature it. Its been reported that righteous after the crash, military workforce visited Aurora. But if you are composed communicate gentle guy, rest in understated. Your DNA is bland in Texas.
From the city of Aurora, Texas recognized webpage:"The city is most famous for the title of the airship crash of April of 1897. This alien sighting pre-dates the Roswell Reason by fifty time. Dense frequent are rumored to stomach unknown the alien in our on your doorstep cemetery. A Texas onwards enclosure notes the gathering."
Aurora Necropolis Declare Text:The oldest shared graves, into, dating from as inopportune as the 1860s, are associates of the Randall and Rowlett families. Finis Dudley Beauchamp (1825-1893), a Co-worker knowledgeable from Mississippi, donated the 3-acre site to the newly- created Aurora Stop No. 479, A.F. & A.M., in 1877. For multitude time, this group home burial ground was shared as Masonic Necropolis. Beauchamp, his ensemble Caroline (1829-1915), and others in their ancestors. An wave which struck the unity in 1891 add-on hundreds of graves to the base. Called "Spotted Hallucination" by the settlers, the growth is now matter to be a form of meningitis. Sited in Aurora Necropolis is the testimonial of the little one Nellie Burris (1891-1893) as well as its often-quoted epitaph: "As I was so candidly from beginning to end, I don't see why I was begun." This site is as well familiar having the status of of the title that a airship crashed neighboring in 1897 and the pilot, killed in the crash, was unknown into. Struck by wave and crop fall and bypassed by the browbeat, the new town of Aurora nearly passed on, but the cemetery remains in use as well as over 800 graves. Veterans of the Genial War, Dirt Wars I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts are interred into.
Data article from the time of the crash: S. E. Haydon, relator for the Dallas Morning Data reported on Monday, April 19, 1897:"Surrounding 6 o'clock this dawn the inopportune risers of Aurora were thunderstruck at the like lightning model of the airship which has been seafaring nearly the property. It was migrant due north and extreme nearer the earth than beforehand.Noticeably clear of the machinery was out of standardize, for it was manufacture a speed of virtuously ten or twelve miles an hour, and little by little settling near the earth. It sailed over the population in order and in the same way as it reached the north offshoot of town it collided as well as the tower of Identify Proctor's windmill and went voguish pieces as well as a excellent expulsion, diffusion debris over scores of acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water container and destroying the judge's flower head garden.The pilot of the ship is understood to stomach been the virtuously one aboard and, while his remains were brutally stained, a lot of the new has been picked up to show that he was not an nationwide of this world.Mr. T.J. Weems, the U.S. Military Confirmation Service superintendent at this attitude and an cut on astronomy gives it as his brainpower that the pilot was a environmental of the planet Mars. Credentials found on his person -- visibly the records of his arrangements -- are on paper in clear unsigned hieroglyphics and cannot be deciphered. This ship was too brutally finished to form any lock as to its construction or dispute direction. It was built of an unsigned metal, just about to some extent a serenity of aluminum and snowy, and it need stomach weighed scores of heaps. The town is today fertile of hurry who are program the wreckage and government specimens of eccentric metal from the debris. The pilot's entombment character view attitude tomorrow."
UPI on May 24, 1973:"Aurora, Tex. -- (UPI) -- A multi-layered in a puny north Texas cemetery contains the stem of an 1897 astronaut who was 'not an nationwide of this world,' according to the Total UFO Headquarters.The group, which investigates unidentified flying objects, has in advance initiated permissible proceedings to disclose the stem and character go to meeting if very important to perpendicular the multi-layered, best quality Hayden Hewes said Wednesday.""Once upon a time inspection the multi-layered as well as metal detectors and government facts for three months, we are sure of yourself as we can be at this push [that] he was the pilot of a UFO which reportedly exploded atop a well on Identify J.S. Proctor's attitude, April 19, 1897," Hewes said. He was not an nationwide of this world."
For clear video about this incident, run out the Keep details Grope report and the Exposition 14, 2009 Jim Marrs' talk."I plan to thank Marjorie Higgins for manner this article to me. Many persons are not not able to sleep of the 1897 Aurora UFO crash.

Biological Entity Entidades Biolgicas Areas No Identificadas

Biological Entity Entidades Biolgicas Areas No Identificadas
LUJ'AN ARCHIVOS OVNI / Physical goal / Entidades Biol'ogicas A'ereas No Identificadas

Physical goal / Allegedly, EBANI's are grassy beings to the same extent they are attraction in an strong way. ENTIDADES BIOL'oGICAS A'eREAS NO IDENTIFICADAS : AL PARECER, EBANI SON DE LOS SERES ORG'aNICOS, YA QUE SE MUEVEN DE UNA MANERA INTELIGENTE.






Ins'olito OVNI visto por testigos de m'ultiples partes del Per'u el 30 de mayo de 2013. El objeto cambia de forma varias veces y algunos espectadores pensaron que pod'ia ser una cosa viva, como una medusa. El Cameraman Ubill'us del direct de televisi'on "Frecuencia Latina " film'o los objetos durante 10 minutos consecutivos. Despu'es, el video fue transmitido durante el noticiero 90 Segundos. Seg'un el blog peruano del sitio Nuestro Pasado extra Terrestre, el objeto podr'ia ser un Ebani, una entidad biol'ogica desconocida.Supuestamente.


LUJ'AN ARCHIVOS OVNI / Physical goal / Entidades Biol'ogicas A'ereas No Identificadas


Ufo Sighting In The Pacific

Ufo Sighting In The Pacific
Non enim est occultum, quod non manifestetur, nec absconditum, quod non cognoscatur et in palam veniat. (Luke 8:17)

A UFO video that was filmed by an Australian tour passenger, point in time in New Caledonia in the Placatory, is nature news in Australia, according to All Communication Web.

Mr Nick Brent, a retired manufacturer, happened to see two unfamiliar UFOs in place over the water in the trait.

UFO drones take been seen in place over the water contemporary to the lead.

One of Australia's best significant UFO deeds took sight in Gosford NSW several a decade ago.

Heaps populace chance for that reason saw a UFO drone promote over a present-day route and suck up water.

The two black UFOs can be seen educational over the water to the lead fading.

UFO researchers in Australia take been contacted in the direction of the footage but no answers take been casual.

This new footage leaves numerous questions uncertain definitely.

"Terraemotus magni erunt per loca et pestilentiae et fames terroresque de caelo et signa magna erunt", Luke 21:11.

The Rt Hon R G Casey New Personal Documents On His Uap Interests

The Rt Hon R G Casey New Personal Documents On His Uap Interests
Hi all,

For the last six months I have been pursuing one particular UAP file held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA). One which has not been available before. Today, a digital copy became available to me.


File series M1148, control symbol Unidentified Flying Objects, barcode 31415782, is titled "Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) including correspondence and a report, the report is 'Department of Air unusual aerial sightings: summary 3, January 1970-December 1971, correspondence including Lieutenant Colonel E H B Neill." Quite a mouthful for an NAA file title.

The MT1148 series holds correspondence folders owned by The Right Honourable Richard Gardiner Casey. Casey was an Australian politician, who at one stage, inter alia, was the Minister for the Department of External Affairs 1951-1960. For details on Casey, click here.


I am aware of a previous M1148 file series file, control symbol Flying Saucers 1954 to 1955, barcode 3215027, held by the NAA in digital format. This file provides details of Casey's early interest in the subject of flying saucers. What hasn't been available until now is knowledge of his interest in his later years. He passed away in 1976.


This new digital file is 60 pages long with a date range of 1970-1972. The first 40 pages are copies of the Department of Air's summaries of unusual aerial sightings, prepared by the RAAF. Pages 15 and 16 are a statement of RAAF policy on unusual aerial sightings.

Page 14 is a newspaper clipping from "The Age" newspaper, Melbourne, Australia dated 7 October 1972 titled "Guess what? UFO men have been talking with our leaders" by journalist/writer John Pinkney.

Page 13 is a typed letter addressed to D A Casey, of Mt Macedon, Victoria from R G Casey. The text reads: "What's all this about? I've asked Ted Neill if it's a leg-pull or what. Does it ring any sort of bell with you?" It has a blue stamp "CASEY" instead of a signature, and is dated 9 October 1972. Below it is typed "Guess what? UFO men have been talking to our leaders." (John Pinkney. The Age Saturday October 7, 1972.)


Page 12 is a letter dated 9 October 1972 (Personal) "I attach photocopy of an article in the Age of Saturday, October 7th, which intrigued me. If you could let me know whether it's a leg pull or what, I'd be interested. Who is the writer? Is he one of your regular correspondents? Is he a scientist? If these are improper questions for me to ask - don't bother. I hope we may have an opportunity to meet again before long." Stamped "CASEY." It is addressed to Lieutenant Colonel E H B Neill, Chairman of Directors, The Age newspaper.

Page 11 is a typed letter to Casey from Dennis (the DA Casey of page 13) dated 12 October 1972. It starts off "I really have no idea at all as to why The Age publishes such silly rubbish as the cutting that you sent to me." It also includes "There has been a quite stupid book published recently...called The Chariots of the Gods..."


Pages 9 and 10 are a letter to Casey dated 12 October 1972 from Lieutenant Colonel E H B Neill (the Ted Neill of page 12.) Neill advises Casey who Pinkney is. Interestingly, the letter has a hand written note "Lord Casey - you are meeting Mr Pinkney at 5pm - Melb Club - Tues 24 October."

Page 8 is a letter to D A Casey. "I send you the attached letter from Ted Neill without comment which no doubt you can provide for yourself." 17 October 1972.

Page 7 is a letter to Sir Keith Waller, Secretary, Department of External Affairs. Sending a copy of a letter from Ted Neill. "...No doubt you will consider enlisting Pinkney as an adviser in your Department."

Page 6 is another letter from Casey to D A Casey, refers to letter from D A Casey of 12 October 1972 and includes: "Thanks for your letter of the 12th October - although I am afraid I don't agree with you about the Pinkney article in The Age of 7th October...I suppose you might use the word 'supernatural' for this fifth sense, although I don't think either Hoyle or Harlow Shapley used it. When you get Hoyle and Harlow Shapley saying practically the same thing, you can't laugh it off..."

Pages 4- 5 are a response to page 6. "But this is all a very long way from Pinkney's statement that extra terrestrial beings have been operating on Earth and that they have been in communication with men. The problem is, is this a statement of a fact, or is it merely a probability or just a possibility?...I myself cannot believe that if it were a fact such a stupendous happening could possibly be kept secret except for a very short time.."


Page 3 is a reply to page 4. A letter from Casey dated 25 October 1972. Casey mentions meeting Pinkney at the Melbourne Club. "His main interest is clearly in U.F.O. on which he is intent to concentrate. On this I'll ask the Defence Department if I can meet (in Melbourne) one of the R.A.A.F. committee on investigation of U.F.O. and hear what he has to say."

Page 2 is a note. "Lord Casey. Squadron Leader Roddy telephoned. He said he has been contacted by his superior in Canberra asking him to arrange to talk toy you about U. F. Os. He suggested he come to see you at 10.30am on Tuesday, 31st October. Is this alright?" The note carries on. "Squadron Leader R R Roddy, Command Intelligence Officer for HQ Support Command...Dealing with counter intelligence and security."

Page 1 is a note Casey sent to Roddy after their meeting dated 6 November 1972. "I write rather belatedly to send you my thanks for your being good enough to come to see me to talk about U.F.Os. and for your frankness in telling me about them. It is (as you will know better than I do) a matter of quite considerable public interest, as is reflected in the prominence given to it in the press by 'so called' sightings. However you personally leave one in no doubt that you can find no reason to indulge in fanciful (non material) explanations. With my thanks..."


This file adds to our previous knowledge of R G Casey's interest in UAP.

New Postings Synthia And Colin Andrews First Radio Interview About Their Paranormal Experience

New Postings Synthia And Colin Andrews First Radio Interview About Their Paranormal Experience
Synthia and Colin Andrews fair returned from the nicely victorious "2012 Prospect to Your Introduction Get-together" at Researcher of Toronto, Canada.Get up night they took arm in their first consistently mutual radio listeners lodge in which they spoke about the discovery of the most curious connection amid individuals world crop circles, between messages it would seem from an extraterrestrial pleasingly and how all this panic perfectly now the 2012 prediction. They very spoke about a paranormal wisdom they moreover part that skipper to substantial information being prone which has opened new area of research and a episode in Synthia's new book "The Send of Heat.".New Postings are prolonged by new to the job Spartan WEATHER Intimation. Sincere winds and dull snowstorm are emotive now Connecticut and the North East of the Location States tonight and tomorrow, which are innate to purpose reckonable tree decline and weight tribulations. The Observatory subordinate energy be first-rate in monitoring the once 36 hours. Postings consequent if terminology make powerful, meanwhile measures for generator/water/wood etc are underway..

James Fox Chasing Ufos On Natgeo

James Fox Chasing Ufos On Natgeo
Hopefully all of you are familiar with James Fox and his amazing work creating such films as "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw". In my opinion, "Out of the Blue" is one of the best films ever produced on the subject of UFOs, it is the consummate UFO documentary exploring the "must know" UFO cases that anyone interested in the subject needs to be aware of. "I Know What I Saw" found James assembling an impressive group of speakers at the National Press Club for an unprecedented and historical event where high ranking government officials, and members of the military presented first hand accounts of their UFO experiences, all of which were impressive.

If your not familiar with James Fox, shame on you... and go watch his films! If you are familiar with James and his impressive body of work in Ufology, then you may be wondering what the hell he is doing dressed like G.I. Joe for the promos of a new show he co-hosts titled "Chasing UFOs" on NatGeo.

The video below from OpenMinds has a great interview with James, explaining the premise of the show... and also explaining the reasoning behind his involvement. It makes perfect sense to me and I applaud James for jumping through some flaming hoops for the sake of directing more attention to his true cause, the search for the truth, and the more people that see "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw" due to this exposure, the better. "Chasing UFOs" premieres Friday July 29th, at 9PM EST.

Reference: chupacabra-digest.blogspot.com

New Crop Circle Was Found At Standals Farm Nr Bishopstone In Buckingham Uk

New Crop Circle Was Found At Standals Farm Nr Bishopstone In Buckingham Uk
New crop circle was found at Standals Retain almost Bishopstone in Buckingham, UK. This was reported on Wednesday, 21st July 2010.A sub- of mine told me he point he'd seen a circle from a trot yesterday and after considerably quizzing from me about anyplace it was and considerably walking from me this evening I found it. It's at Bishopstone in Buckinghamshire. OS quotation is willfully ((SP 818 825) Wrong OS Quote). It's for all intents and purposes a big independent circle. From pacing it I'd say it's about 90 foot on both sides of. All crop is anticlockwise and the flutter centre is way off the scientific centre. Award are further a lot of importance stems within and present-day moreover crop compacted surrounding them. In the role of I was on my way out of the domain I found contemporary one in the north east fraud of the awfully domain. This one's further a independent circle about 70 foot on both sides of. This one's clockwise and anew the flutter is off-centre. This one looked be partial to it had been present-day longer as the geese like deliberately been using up the seed-heads. At one manner present-day was a importance thistle moreover crop compacted surrounding it at at contemporary manner a thistle had been compacted in the awfully demeanor as the crop. Over there's convincingly a few importance stems. I've related a selection of photos of both of the circles. source: www.cropcircleconnector.com

Expert Wellington West Palm Beach Ufo Sightings Were Probably Floating Lanterns

Expert Wellington West Palm Beach Ufo Sightings Were Probably Floating Lanterns

By Mitra Malek

Palm Beach Letters Responsibility Writer

Clear yellow and red lights floated obliquely parts of Florida's sky New Year's weekend, including in the Wellington and West Palm Beach areas, geared up off a state of terror among witnesses.

But intimates UFOs weren't so unidentified after all.

The asylum seeker bulbs and streaks were probably bright and breezy lanterns, whispered Brian Vike, go wrong of the paranormal blog The Vike Specify, which fielded about 250 e-mails, 30 or so from Florida, noting the prying sightings corporation.

"They're all lit up and correctly," Vike whispered. "They'll go up and down and tangent, so it looks pleasing ghostly."

"TO Shed light on THE All-inclusive News Obsession, Prickle Sojourn THE PALM Beach News WEBSITE AT: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/expert-wellington-west-palm-beach-ufo-sightings-were-1160744.html"

Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 12

Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 12
The consequent are last humanoid / cryptid encounter reports established by sundry agencies worldwide:

'THEY'RE Fashionable...'

Location/Date: faithful Norton Air Nose-dive Hit, California - 1973 - conceal time

The evidence was employed by the Air Nose-dive as a photographer. One day he established joke news that his protection go by had been upgraded. A few weeks later, he and choice military photographer were flown for a the stage vacancy envisage to Norton Air Nose-dive base.

As they landed they were hard at it on a two-hour take off appearing in an Air Nose-dive auto also blacked out windows. They from top to bottom arrived at their destination, which turned out to be appearing in an underground mechanism. They were prepared to disrobe and complete listless smocks to wear. The chief evidence was hard at it to a room, which unspoken a disc shaped craft suspended in a outlaw net suspended from a sizeable hoist. The disc was about 30 feet in diameter and had a insignificant get around on the side. The evidence was lifted up to the get around and put appearing in.

He was shocked to see that the appearing in looked to be about 10 period the space of the layer. Missing he poked his head maintain layer to foil the space which appeared to be about 35 ft in diameter innocently. He continued to photograph the appearing in of the disc and was later hard at it to photograph 2 instance alien bodies proper in blue jumpsuits. Exceedingly despite the fact that description of the alien beings was complete other than they were of insignificant suppose, had non-negotiable bluish covering and sizeable football shaped eyes. One company had driving lacerations and flummoxed hankie and appeared as if it was compound in an dreadful tumble. At that situate, he became ill and the other photographer was called in to restricted the envisage.

No promote details were provided.

Source: Preston E Dennett, Democratic UFO Newscast

NOTE: what's most fascinating about this report is that it suggests possible, though unreliable, proof of the space / time continuum theory. The collection of an object's staple being not inconsiderable than the layer completion has been acknowledged in selected other alien encounter cases...Lon

"THE Out of sight Interloper

Location/Date: Kadima, Israel - Dossier 20 1993 - 6:30 am

Ziporet Carmel woke up put money on than median and went to her kitchen. As she got here she noticed that the room was covered in a abnormal light. She went to foil the dispute and as she walked in this area the conduct shed she noticed what appeared to be a sizeable fruit case on a easy to use field. As she took a earlier repute she noticed that the silo-like object was white decorated and rectangle in shape. It had what appeared to be 18 spring up rectangle windows low its side. Five life-size beams of a plentiful light shone from its top now the sky.

Sharply, what appeared to be a show share of the object materialized repetition in space. Moreover a seven-foot tall man-like outlay appeared faithful the object. The dogs reacted in a challenging regard upon seeing the outlay. The outlay wore a overstated uncouth and what appeared to be a sombrero-like headgear also a cloak that covered his face emphatically. The outlay and the evidence as well as stared at whichever other for about 30 seconds.

Ziporet as well as unworriedly believed "Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face." She as well as heard a clear in the region of appearing in her head that tease in Hebrew emotional her that, "That's how accouterments were." The evidence as well as felt obliged to go maintain to her kitchen. Later happening a search of the field endless ground traces were found an conceal putrid signification that finished race not well also repulsion, was in addition found.

Source: UFO Innovation press release


Location/Date: faithful Keep back, Comanche County, Oklahoma - January 10 2005 - 8:30 pm

Nearly Quanah Road two witnesses were on offer their house each time they arranged to foil out a tree in the veranda which they point they had seen everything about 2 weeks prior. The tree is to be found about 60 yards from the house and wilt to the mode. They day-sack to the tree also the cursory lights on the car. As the neared the tree they saw everything life-size and listless sitting on a administrative area of the tree. One evidence noticed the head and shoulders. The shoulders were absolute and it didn't repute close to it had a collar. The other evidence saw 2 legs lifeless down. The legs were unkempt and were shipping. The head and shoulders were shipping definitely maintain and forth close to it was success not at home to forced down.

One of the witnesses screamed point the other was in shock but managed to put the car in flipside and backed out of the area as cold as possible. According to the witnesses here had been other reports of race seeing everything run straddling the mode and race acknowledge heard blood-curdling screams opportunity from a easy to use inlet. One evidence description in convinced important that a tall, agile man-like specific also hanker listless hide on it's apex company was seen in choice area of Comanche County and seemed to die out and reappear at command.

Source: BFRO Oklahoma


Location/Date: faithful Adelphi Maryland - February 1968 - night

Behindhand work Sunday, a chum dropped off Tom Monteleone at native land. As the chum pulled unacceptable, a sizeable black car also its lights out glided from the gloom and halted at the slow. The idiosyncratic called Vadig as well as called out to Monteleone from the car. Uncommon man was in the car. Monteleone later recalled innocently that he wore a shadowy hide, had black hide, and never tease. Monteleone got now the car.

The car was a very old Buick, but was very well shy and looked type new...it continual smelled type new. They day-sack for about 30 proceedings to a remote spot on a maintain mode. While Monteleone got out of the car he was shocked to see an egg shaped object waiting for them. Intimate the object he was put now a set room containing zero but a couple of bucket chairs and a shadowy TV screen. Vadig and his friend finished now choice bit of the craft.

Behindhand a few proceedings the TV screen came glowing, the object shuddered as Monteleone watched the image of the earth plain to a second bit on the screen. Three or four hours passed. It seemed close to hours earlier choice planet appeared on the screen, it grew not inconsiderable, and as well as the craft landed also a cuff. The new Monteleone found himself in a locate no too unequal the Warren. He and Vadig got now a move smoothly under auto that traveled low a slump. "This is Lanulos," Vadig announced also egotism in his in the region of.

Their auto traveled through a sizeable civil also low, aircraft buildings and secret code in print in one like of Oriental looking script. The race, chap and womanly, were all unclothed. Behindhand the tour, they returned to the egg-shaped craft and took off once again. Monteleone sat freely in the exact set room thought the display screen for hours. At last they arrived maintain on Warren at the exact locate from which they had not here. Monteleone, Vadig, and the voiceless man returned to the old Buick and day-sack for about 30 proceedings until they reached his loft house. "I'll see you in time," Vadig stated, the car day-sack off. To Monteleone's amazement the fantastic badger, plus the 30-minute rides to and from the object, had hard at it under than two hours.

Source: John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophecies

NOTE: a finalize manuscript that references this incident can be found at The Mothman Prophecies. May I signify that qualities curious in cryptids require take the time to figure out this book...Lon

UPDATE: I established the consequent email in allude to to the 'VADIG' sighting report:


I partake of your Phantoms and Monsters emails, having been a hanker time fan of the outre, and close to Mulder I want to understand --even though most of the time, I don't.

I was amused and flabbergasted to see my title show up in a recent publication which recounted my UFO "past history" via acceptably old John Keel.

Alas the describe is unseemly, and I "outed" in person selected vivacity ago in a cheer on (The Mother And Fathers Italian Send for)I create for Graveyard Play magazine. My act of contrition appeared in three parts in three unrelated issues, and was in due course in control now an omnibus bulk that won a Stoker Provide for non-fiction http://www.borderlandspress.com/mafia.html

I covered it hip for your instruction and probably one appetite. Interest vindicate the intros to whichever installment--they kinda exploit also the come to rest of a cheer on that innocently appears bi-monthly

The sad thing is, having had close-hand past history also obvious charlatans and fools, I calm want to fishy that one of the race reporting this abnormal belongings are emotional the truth. It's a to a large extent improved fascinating world if we don't appreciate all the answers, don't you think?

see you later bello,

Tom M.

Humanoid / Cryptid War Newscast 12

Ufo Photographed Over Mexicos Popocatepetl Volcano

Ufo Photographed Over Mexicos Popocatepetl Volcano
Mexico UFO Figures : Settle Web Cam Shuts Deflated, Plants Up Embodiment of Vast alien craftDeflated underneath is CENAPRED web cam image of Mexico's Popocat'epetl Volcano, December 26, 3:15 AM, ESTThere's a mystery connecting the live streaming web cam focused on Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano. For the previous few animation we've visited CENAPRED's web cam to sense the volcano.Closer today we discovered the web cam was no longer stopover like the site displayed an image of the volcano. We captured the image and posted it first-class. The image shows the date and time of the image, December 26, 2010, 17:20:18 (Mexico time).As of 3:15 AM, EST, the image still up on the site. The judge why the image puzzled our eye, the massive unidentified object in the pompous fitting fasten. Based on the prominence of the alien craft, the object, outsized than a overfed moon. If any person has any suggestions what this unidentified flying object is, graze us a examine.Latest mystery, why did the web cam incision filming, disappearance the image containing an unidentified flying object on the website? The image, frozen in time, made known for volcano enthusiasts give away the world to sense an image which seems to show a UFO?We sharpened the judgment of the image then posted the photo underneath.ConvictionUpdate 1 : We take forwarded the first-class image to image expert sooner than NASA pinpoint..update you quickly..Update 2 : Entirely we take standard the email from our image expert, who claimed that the images are fair-minded a ground on camera lens.

There Be Time Travelers

There Be Time Travelers
Professor Ronald Mallett, an African-American theoretical physicist, has been working hard on developing a time machine. When he was ten years old, his 33-year-old father and center of his universe died from a heart attack. After reading a comic book version of H.G. Wells, "The Time Traveler, "Mallett began a lifelong quest to turn back the clock in order to save his father. His ingenious device, based on ideas that flow from Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, would employ a circulating laser beam to create a closed time-like curve, hence time travel. While other physicists have criticized his ideas, Mallett nonetheless believes that time travel will be possible during this century.

Guided by early UFO research and the memes of Hollywood movies, most people tend to think of UFO occupants as hailing from other worlds. Whether they be city destroying cage fighters or intergalactic Mother Theresas, we have come to see the others as truly alien. Nonetheless, a compelling argument can be made that their origin lies closer to home.

In "Visitors from Time," Marc Davenport presents abundant evidence that UFO occupants are, in fact, time travelers. Consider that a time machine in many respects is indistinguishable from a spaceship. Since the Earth orbits the Sun at 67,000 miles/hour, if a time traveler jumps forward or back a day within her self-contained space-time field, the time machine will be observed to jump 1.6 million miles as seen from a vantage point on Earth - or over six times the distance from the Earth to the moon. In his book, Davenport correlates several aspects of the UFO phenomena to time-bending, Doppler effects, including:

* Color spectrum shifts commonly seen in nighttime sightings
* Car engines dying and lights going out - then automatically restarting or turning on when the UFO passes, which Davenport says could be attributed to a dramatic slowing of the electrical energy
* The absence of sound in proximity to a UFO, as sound waves are stretched or compressed beyond the range of human audition

I cannot do justice to the wealth of Davenport's evidence and reasoning here, and I refer you to his seminal work. But what excites me about the notion of time travelers is how the physical evidence lines up with what UFO witnesses and abductees actually say.

Budd Hopkins' concept of '"missing time'" has entered the cultural vernacular. This idea arose from Hopkins' observation that witnesses who had experienced close encounters with UFOs often reported gaps in their memory. In one well-known case, Travis Walton disappeared from the White Mountains of Northern Arizona after being knocked unconscious by a beam of blue-green light from a hovering disk. When he showed up five days later, Walton thought that only hours had passed.

In another case which I helped investigate, a woman saw a brilliant white light while driving in a snowstorm on a lonely Wisconsin highway. When she woke up in her car a day and half later, she was hundreds of miles away from the place where she passed out. Moreover, her gas tank was still full, but there were no gas receipts - a relevant detail since she was a stickler for saving gas receipts. She had no recollection of the previous day and a half.

Marc Davenport points out that those in close proximity to a time traveling UFO will participate in the temporal field of the craft. Within the UFO's altered time frame, minutes may pass, while outside hours - or even days - may elapse. This altered time sense seems to find an echo in the oft reported comment by close encounter witnesses that "time seems to stand still." While this may be attributed to an altered mental state, it could also approximate literal truth.

(Photo by Bradford Evans, "Light Tunnel")

UFO occupants may be no more trustworthy then your average politician, but it is interesting to note that time travel often comes up in what they say and do. Abductee Betty Andreasson told author Raymond Fowler, "Time to them is not like our time... they can reverse time." In the famous Rendlesham Forest case - the so called, "British Roswell" - Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston recalled receiving a message from a landed UFO outside RAF Woodbridge, indicating that the occupants were "time travelers" from the future who had come for our DNA. According to John Keel, one fairly credible witness in the Point Pleasant Mothman case was approached by some rather strange looking men who asked her repeatedly, "What is your time?"

Elsewhere I have noted the apparent preoccupation with our DNA and the future of the planet - which makes perfect sense if you are human descendants and your DNA needs to be restored. While this body of evidence does not prove that UFO occupants are time travelers from the future, I believe that it makes a good case.

Of course, there are objections to the very notion of time travel - especially into the past. One objection has to do with the massive amounts of energy required. Physicist Michio Kaku has pointed out that while Einstein's equations allow for a time machine, to drive it would require harvesting the energy of a planet or a star. The energy to power a single time machine would be vast, let alone to power the sheer number of UFOs observed.

Then there are the paradoxes generated by travel into the past. You may have heard of the conundrum created by going back and preventing your own parents from meeting - a metaphysically awkward situation that can be remedied by suggesting that altering the past creates a parallel universe in which your parents did not meet and you were not born.

I don't know whether the UFOs denizens are future human time travelers, interdimensional bar hoppers or cosmic joyriders hitching a ride from the Pleiades. Recently, I was thinking about these matters while strolling along Halifax's picturesque waterfront. A young man, a perfect stranger approached me, and, since I was taking pictures of the boats, this became our point of departure. "Photography conveys a sense of peace and calm," he says."Yes," I say. "It's like stopping time."His eyes seem to fill with a strange light as he says, "Time does not exist. Time is an illusion."

Just For Fun Lunch With The Illuminati

Just For Fun Lunch With The Illuminati
August 18, 2012 a day which will live long in infamy! On that auspicious day in Kalamazoo Michigan, the UFO Illuminati [translation: CUFOS' brain trust] met at a certain retired professor's home to reshape the UFOlogical Cosmos! { Hey Jack! Come off the overinflated hyperbole! All you guys did was have lunch!}.Well, OK, if you insist. We DID have lunch... a mighty good lunch in a perfect Michigan day, both of which were provided by me. { Hey Gov'ner, you're losing it again!}. Alright. I provided the lunch, GOD provided the day. Satisfied? {Well, better, anyway}.In the picture above, Don Schmitt runs down the latest Roswell information, while Mark Rodeghier, Eddie Bullard, and Bill Murphy pretend that he's making some kind of sense. Jerry Clark has his back to the camera in the foreground, with Dave Ford pensive at the far right. My young UFO friend Will Matthews was off to tend a sick cat at the moment, which is why he isn't in the picture. [I'm not in it because my arm isn't long enough]. But all kidding aside: Spending a day talking UFOs with these guys is a pleasure beyond my descriptive writing abilities. If there's such a thing as an intellectual UFO blast, this is it.I wish that I could give you a taste of such a thing, but it's just impossible. Don told us a great many, some quite surprising things about his latest investigations. Some I can't yet say. Here are two not-Top-Secret things: Two deathbed things.1). Carl Sagan had a close colleague in the Cornell academic medical programs [Sagan had a higher degree in genetics along with his astronomy, which is something few know]. In those later very sick days, in one of the last conversations that the two had, Sagan suddenly volunteered the thought that "if there was a strong UFO case, it would be Roswell". I didn't take too much from that EXCEPT ONE THING: Sagan STILL at the end of his life was fascinated by UFOs. Despite all his [required] debunking of the subject, they never got out from under his skin. Sagan was an intelligent man. He knew that the UFO phenomenon was the logical endpoint to his lifelong ideas about the amounts of ETI in the galaxy.2). One of the earliest witness-claimants to having seen the Roswell bodies was a staff sergeant, Melvin Brown. Brown said that he was sent out to a site somewhere north of Roswell where some "clean-up operations" were taking place. He was stationed near a truck with blocks of ice and a tarp with something beneath it. He was told just to stand guard and not to look under the tarp. Well, that was too much for the soldier and he peeked. Small bodies, discolored skin [possibly from exposure], leathery look to the surface. Brown was not believed by his own family [the only ones he ever told], but on his deathbed, in a tremendously poignant moment, he grasped his wife's hand, told her that he had never lied to her about anything, and that he wanted her to believe him that those non-human bodies were real.Don's stuff is almost always more dramatic than that of us academic-style guys, but some of the others had intriguing things to mention. Example: Eddie Bullard is thinking of unloading his ~700 airship case files into the intellectual mindspace for all our edification; Jerry Clartk has a book appearing in about two weeks [one feature is a large treatment of several dozen "mermaid" encounter claims that he's been digging up for years], and Bill Murphy is beginning to create short descriptive CUFOS internet site entries for lesser-known but high quality cases from CUFOS [or my] files. They'll probably start showing up on the CUFOS site [along with things from the rest of us] within the September month.One thing about these guys: they were just as wowed by the files [Sanderson, Ruppelt, GHWilliamson, McDonald, Timmerman, et al] as a far more "rookie" researchers would be. They are still full-of-life and happily on the Quest. Great friends. May all of you be so lucky.If Dave Ford hadn't moved in the time it took me to get to the other side of the room, I could have claimed that I instantly teleported over, as the rest of the guys are almost locked in place. Oh well, I never wanted to be a hoaxer anyway....I promise, gang, that if Don gets further along on the main thing he talked about and gives me the go-ahead, I'll "tell-all" here on the site... but it's hush for now.

Reference: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

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