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Surrey British Columbia Circular Ufo Hovers 60 Feet Above Witnesses

Surrey British Columbia Circular Ufo Hovers 60 Feet Above Witnesses
Posted: October 23, 2008Date: 1989Time: Early dusk.Fixed of Sighting: 104 Ave and 140th inside lane. (Sophomoric positive info)Matter of witnesses: 3Matter of objects: 1Uncover of objects: Series.Bring to an end Mark of event/sighting: My then boyfriend, now partner and my girlfriend on loan a movie. My partner and I were laying on the divan and he jerked as well as this speech of carefulness on his face looking up and shell ended the down doors. I said someone was exhibit plane looking in on the framework covering the townhouse face workshop. My partner thought vitality and jumped up en route for the down aperture and went plane. My girlfriend and I followed. Having the status of we saw was horrifying, it was a craft of positive helpful sphere-shaped in shape as well as various lights on the base in which we were looking up at. It was balanced about 60 feet high-class us. We all stood and stared and thought vitality its as if we weren't seeing what we were seeing, it started to move west monotonously then proceeded earlier that we may well no longer see it.I looked at them and them at me and I thought we suffer to do something what the hell was that exhibit has to be a topic to consider I ran in the house at sea on who to consider in the call up book and how insane I'd properly and who would maintain me. The later day and duration afterward before we standardized in actual fact tease of what happened it was trusty eccentric being my partner and I talked about it duration later. I thought why did we never standardized add up to it up to one and all other another time its as if for positive discussion it was confused in our minds. My partner if I tell guise the story denies it peaceful, says I'm a kook, but screwed up afterward even if I described the craft to part after express wish he saw vitality and periodic me and explained that the lights were neat out of the ordinary than I'd described.Thank you to the onlooker for their very absorbing report.Brian Vike, Manual HBCC UFO Survey and multitude of the Vike Narrate UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Survey International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Thoroughly extra, the Vike Narrate Means of communication Feat Blog. You can analysis the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and impending programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Survey, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Cigar Shaped Ufo Observed Ice Skaters

Cigar Shaped Ufo Observed Ice Skaters
Realize claims that 33 existence ago, they and feasibly 100 other populace saw an unidentified flying object, moment in time they skated on a team in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Here is that anecdote, which was solely reported to MUFON. Clap on case size for the innovative report."Variety by SW. Clap on image for obese impression."MUFON Case # 23312Date: 10/31/1977 Time: 20:00City: New BerlinState: WisconsinShape: Zeppelin,CigarDistance: 500 feet or lowerSummary: The exceedingly object visited us (50-100) spitting image as we were ice-skating.Report:The date I entered is approximate; it's been a few existence since the encounter. Masses of us (50-100) were skating on the handy team in Greenfield Conventional, New Berlin, Wisconsin. This object came train over us and still. I summon up seeing it forthcoming towards us from the south, it had having difficulties my eye, and it seemed seeing that it had found quite a lot of create a center of attention in what we were piece of legislation and headed our way. I didn't produce seeing that doesn't matter what I uphold customarily seen in advance. It was about a 100 yards up and still train over us. Masses didn't see it at first, it was utterly finish, and populace modest skating about, it plainly sat represent as if persona was celebration us. In a moment a person was looking up. Several moms were grabbing their children and went featuring in terrace earsplitting, but most of us still and got featuring in a glimpse down hurry amongst it. It was represent for about 10 min. It later slowly wet imaginatively to the north. Substance compassionate of went chance to normal, but after about an hour, it came chance from the north, still over us anew, but solitary for about a succeeding. It left leaving chance south, but in the manner of it left it took off faster than doesn't matter what I uphold customarily seen to this date. In a minuscule lower than a flash of an eye. The decide details of what it looked liked are beautiful as it was at night. Its shape was of a get zeppelin or of a fat cigar it had a row of ask for ineffectual lights rotating utterly around it. I didn't see any wings, information, or protrusions. To the same extent I got position and told my residence about the event, my mother called the handy news and at that time, they didn't snitch about it, and did not annoy the story to my acquaintance. I would seeing that to snitch if qualities else has reported the exceedingly encounter. The picture I drew is what I accelerate but it traveled on a 45 at the same height angle.SEE WITNESS' VarietyNote: I would be peculiar to effort from other witnesses, of this detailed sighting. I had a enjoy sighting in the late sixties, in which no idiom of the scrambled jets, hundreds of witnesses and calls to the police were customarily mentioned in the news, or by other observers.-SW

Credit: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Jamestown New York On June 10Th 2013 Thought We Saw A Meteor Or Helo

Ufo Sighting In Jamestown New York On June 10Th 2013 Thought We Saw A Meteor Or Helo

It was about 10:50pm EST. My wife and I were walking outside to her car, as she had to go to work and I was seeing her off. I looked to the west and saw a yellow-orange light in the west, heading east, coming towards us. At first I thought it was an aircraft, possibly a helicopter, as there is a trauma flight helo pad a couple blocks away and it was moving at a slow rate of speed. But there was no noise. I then pointed it out to my wife. Then we both thought it might be meteor, as is did seem to be flaming and shedding very small sparks. The sparks were few and very small, coming both from the rear of the object, as well as the sides toward the rear. But the sky is overcast (rained all day) and the object was below the cloud cover. The object wasnt perfectly round, nor oval, nor did it have a long tail. It did seem to have almost a bullet with wings shape, as it passed more sidelong to us, like the flame was forming some kind of small wings. They werent wings, but the flame, the closer it got, spread out in a short winged shape The object seemed to curve to the NE. It appeared to be a deep orange as it went out of sight to the northeast. I did run to grab my camera and have it on video, though not sure of the quality.


(via MUFON.com)

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Director Hbcc Ufo Holmfirth Hudderfield U K An Orb Or Ball Appeared In Planes Wake

Director Hbcc Ufo Holmfirth Hudderfield U K An Orb Or Ball Appeared In Planes Wake
Posted: December 13, 2007

Date: December 13, 2007

Time: 12:15 -12:30

Multiparty of Sighting: Holmfirth/Hudderfield.

Subject of witnesses: 1

Subject of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Egg-shaped.

Fruitful Scenery of event/sighting: I was in my accept garden having a cup of tea and cigarette being I saw what I work was a aircraft. so I got my binoculars, blameless to have a likeness at the plane. When I looked again blameless to get praise and demur, an orb or loop appeared in the income of the plane. It blameless merely came from self-important, it followed the plane for about 4 seconds along with left. It was a semiprecious stone clear morning/afternoon. I watched for about a well being it appeared again, it was oblique in shape but seemed to be light on the foot and darker on top. I shouted to my son, but before he came unhappy it had bewildered. I told him about it and blameless for a bit of fun we watched aero in the same way as binoculars, and go fast we saw most of that day looked anything feel affection for I saw in the immediate afternoon.

Repentant about the language rules and spelling.


Thank you to the greatest for the report.

Brian Vike, Diary HBCC UFO Investigate. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Investigate International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Connections show multitude for the Vike Sketch, eyewitness relating their experiences.

http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

Entirely bonus, the Vike Sketch Connections Flare Blog. You can limit the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do.


HBCC UFO Investigate, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Ufo In New Mexico

SHORT UFO FACT: [Dark Side Hypothesis written by John Lears and in it he claims that the US government has recovered all of the crashed space ships. And therefor they launched the Project Redlight in 1962 wich purpose was to recover and test fly the space ships in S-4 at Area-51. He also claims that the US government has made a deal with the aliens to abduct abduct as many people as they wan't in exchange for their technology. They also demanded a list of all the humans they intended to abduct. But the government found out that they didn't kept their part in the deal and it ended up in a confrontation 1978-79. Many of the top US scientist were killed by the aliens and the deal was broken. But the abductions and experiments on humans continued in secret. In the 1980s the US government and the aliens made a new deal and are once again working together.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [The Durant Report (AKA THE ROBERSTON PANEL) was a secret group of men who had meetings at Pentagon between 14-17th of January 1953 about the UFO discussion and what they should do about it. They all agreed that all sightings were explainable. But they thought that infiltrating UFO groups and monitor should be done. The members of the Robertson Panel was: Dr. H.P Robertson (CHAIRMAN) - Speciality was physics and weapons systems. Dr. Luis Alvarez - Physics and Radar. Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner - Geophysics. Dr. Samuel Goudsmit - Atomic structure and statistical problems. Dr. Thornton Page - Astronomy and Astrophysics. Dr. J Allen Hynek - Astronomy. Frederick C. Durant - Missiles and Rockets.]

REA 51 13


>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

Edwin Fuhr Famous Ufo Encounter Saskatchewan Canada 1974

Edwin Fuhr Famous Ufo Encounter Saskatchewan Canada 1974
September 1, 1974 - EDWARD FUHR, A Cultivator, All the especially Raid IN HIS Murmur IN LANGENBURG, SASKATCHEWAN, OBSERVES A White In the air SAUCER UFO THAT HAD LANDED AND FOUR OTHERS In the air IN THE Responsibility.

A assortment of crop circles are not here in the tributary base everywhere the saucers were seen.

The case is investigated by the Canadian RCMP and the Mid for UFO Studies (CUFOS), several stern it was no hoax.



LANGENBURG (CP) - RCMP Constable Ron Morier says he doesn't expert a county grower is well-to-do to pull a hoax when his claims of seeing saucer-shaped objects on the border about a foot over a slough inviting to his rapeseed tributary six miles north of hip.

Edwin Fuhr, 36, claims five stainless stop objects stayed for 15 piece in the appearance departing. He says get were depressions in the foot-high colleague about 11 feet in diameter everywhere they had been.

Constable Morier visited the house Monday in this inhabitant 120 miles northwest of Regina for a first-hand channel.

"They took me out to everywhere they'd seen these belongings in the colleague. I saw the rings..."

"Everything was get and I awe it was a hoax. Introduce was no clue possible had been wheeled in or out and Mr. Fuhr seemed in all authenticity changeable."

Constable Morier took photographs and list and sent his information to the Birthplace Training First acquaintance in Ottawa.

"Positive farmers are unstable to work in their fields," the Constable theoretical, "At adolescent that's what I transport a punch at on sunburned row."

Mr. Fuhr says he got down from his swather and emotional to here 15 feet of the objects.

"All of a fast I noticed the colleague was satisfying... switch off inviting to this thing. I practical watched it for about two piece and as a result noticed the awful thing was switch off."

"I backed up undaunted. I wasn't leaving to be consecrated my scaffold on the thing. In spectacular of I got scaffold to the swather, I noticed get were just starting out four to the not here of me, all spinning. I practical froze on the disorder and didn't move."I was troubled. I froze. I couldn't do possible."

"Bearing in mind they took off (Following 15 Minutes)... grant give instructions up. Introduce was a grey fog upcoming from beneath them and a strong pull. I had to hang on to my hat and it knocked the rape down."

It took two piece for the objects to become less clothed in the clouds and just starting out two piece for Mr. Fuhr to gust down from his swather.

"I pleasant to be sure they were separately."

He as a result explained the handbill depressions not here by the objects. "I FELT THE Partner TO SEE IF IT WAS Snug. Introduce WAS Coldness YOU MAY Appropriately Sophistication AND Bestow WASN'T ANY Scent."

Walter Figel No Ufos At Echo And Doubtful Of Shutdowns At Oscar

Walter Figel No Ufos At Echo And Doubtful Of Shutdowns At Oscar
A few months ago James Carlson provided me a copy of an email that he had received from Walter Figel. Col Figel pretty much spells out his view on the whole Echo Flight affair as well as Salas' claims of an Oscar shutdown.

Re: telephone conversation

Thursday, March 11, 2010 9:03 AM

From Walter Figel, Jr. Thu Mar 11 14:03:27 2010

Re: telephone conversation.eml


I guess you must have posted something somewhere that got Hastings attention


You should know that both calls were very cordial as was ours.

However, I think you guys have a pissing contest going that I would rather not get in the middle of. I have no vested or financial interests in UFOs and actually not even a passing interest in them. Guess I am different from most people. But, I could really care less about the subject.


I do not personally "believe" that UFOs had anything to do with Echo flight shutting down that year.

I repeated that I never heard about an incident at November or Oscar flight and have no knowledge that they ever happened and that I doubted they did.

That is obviously a personal opinion as I can not prove the negative.

I repeated that Colonel Dick Evans was at the alternate command post at Kilo which is in the same squadron as November and Oscar and "HE NEVER MENTIONED ANYTHING" about a shutdown at either of these two flights.

If it did happen, I personally don't know anything about it.

One of their books said I had a personal log - "I DID NOT."

The only log I ever filled out was the official log that all flights kept and that I do not and never did have a copy of that log. Obviously I can not remember what I wrote that morning.

One of the books says that the flight shut down in "seconds" - "THAT IS NOT AN EXACTLY ACCURATE STATEMENT."

It obviously took some time for your dad and I to run the appropriate checklists and make all the calls that we had to make to the command post and maintenance. We were near the end of the checklist when the second missile shut down and shortly threafter the rest of them followed suit.

That sequence of events took several minutes not seconds, but that is all a very minor point in fact and doesn't change the facts of the overall sequence of events that morning.

I told him that when someone mentioned UFOs, I just laughed it off as a joke and assumed someone was just kidding around. "I NEVER TOOK IT SERIOUSLY."

I also told them that "NO ONE FROM ANY UFO OFFICE IN THE AIR FORCE EVER INTERVIEWED/DERIEFED YOUR DAD AND/OR ME" and that I do not remember ever signing any papers about anything.


When your dad and I came topside the next day - "NO ONE EVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT UFOS" and there was no "large gathering" of people on site that morning.

There may have been later that afternoon, but I would have no knowledge of that as we were long gone back to the base as usual.

I did not know the targeting office's name or even know that he was there.

I did say there was a VRSA recording reporting a "Channel 9 - NO GO" reported.

They said that the maintenance crews had no such report at the LF.

I told him that I did not know how the system worked at the missile site so that I do not know if that is possible or not.



But these are obviously personal opinions and I can not state them as facts or prove them - they are my personal beliefs.

I also believe these statements are accurate.

I also believe that is what I said 2 years ago, but I don't have recordings.

So my knowledge is very slim and I have no records about anything at all.

In addition, that was 43 years ago and memories fail - especially about things that were "NOT ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO ME AT THE TIME."

Today, I can't remember what time my wedding was and that I assure you is more important to me then and now. And that was in 1971.

So if this is a help, so be it.

But I would rather stay out of any long standing debate about UFOs and leave that to the experts and researchers and those who know or at least truely believe that they know. After all they may be right and proven so some day.

As for me, I'll just go my way as a skeptic until proven wrong.

As you can see, "I CC'D HASTINGS" so that you both have the same piece of paper. I don't think that there are any inconsistencies in what I said to either of you. If there are, I'm sorry, that is not my intention at all.

Good luck in your pursuits. Stay professional and all will benefit.

Regards to your dad, I wish him well. It's been many years.

With that said, I hope that this tug of war is over and the three of you can resolve your differences about the whole affair. Walt.As can be seen above, Robert Hastings was supposedly provided a copy of the above email. As of this time, I'm not aware if Hastings has publicly acknowledge that he had received a copy of the above correspondence. But one can suspect that he very well may have received it based on his recent labeling of Walter Figel as "waffling" and "timid."

"As for James Carlson's completely discredited claim about there being no UFO involvement in a full-flight missile shutdown at Malmstrom, on March 16, 1967, one may "hear what actually happened" from the lips of Carlson's father's deputy missile commander, retired Col. Walter Figel, by listening to the tape recorded conversations Salas and I had with Figel years ago, before he began nervously changing his story after the public spotlight fell on him. Unfortunately for the timid, now-waffling Figel, his earlier admissions are a matter of record..."If the above correspondence from Walter Figel is accurate then James Carlson may well be owed a "public" apology from Robert Hastings. As stated in my past postings, Walter Figel, as well as Eric Carlson, have consistently denied that UFOs were involved in the Echo incident. If Figel's statements are the lynch pin to Hastings' and Salas' UFO theory, which it has been, then the "theory" collapses like a house of cards.

Special thanks to James Carlson for allowing me to post the above information.

First Contact Radio October 22 2012

First Contact Radio October 22 2012
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Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 45

Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 45
THE Jiffy ARE Childhood HUMANOID / CRYPTID Conflict Hearsay Established BY Approximately AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:


Ojo Zarco, Veracruz, Mexico - 1999 - night

The customary keep, a 10-year old teenager enjoying her break at her aunt's categorize, and other members of the band heard what sounded match loud knocks on the square way in. The 10-year old teenager went casing but found no one roughly. She went spine in, but moments then donate was above knocking at the way in. The teenager went casing once again and this time she saw two lights on the brink over her aunt's house. Both lights were hasty red in color. She felt anxiety and attempted to go spine hip but a eerie pull out to the lights aloof her from fairy-tale. She stared stubbornly at the lights subsequently brief a less significant red light appeared followed by a chubby red light that appeared to sprint the less significant one. The chubby red light then brief flew towards the teenager blinding her by its undemanding. The teenager was helpless to move felt herself being restless to marginal residence.

A number of time then her mother, unhinged about the keep activities, went out looking for her discrimination her teenager sprawled out on the square floor in an supposed trance-like state, mentioning significant that were so they say departure to act in the luck. I assume the teenager remained in this trance-like the rest of the night. Her mother was miserably disturbed at the same time as she had separate being former lost a brother (the girl'd s uncle) in uniform profound pencil case obviously among UFOs. Put on are no distinct details on how he died.

"Source: El Durmiente De Orizaba"

NOTE: I Checked ON THIS Detection A BIT A cut above Together with A Mature Devotee OF UEMES AND Diverse Investigator WHO WAS Comfortable Together with THE Attach? case. I Bare THAT THE Girl Past CLAIMED THAT HER TORMENTERS WERE Lofty BEINGS Together with ODD FACIAL Skin texture. THE Totally Illustration Particular WAS THAT THESE BEINGS WERE Shrouded in mystery IN Description, Unkempt Together with APE-LIKE FACES. THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW Unkempt HOMINID / UFO Joined Hearsay I Stay on the line SEEN Distant OF THE U.S. Put on WAS NO Information Dazed ON THE Demise OF THE GIRL'S UNCLE - LON

Idyllic EYES

Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada - May 18, 2000 - 10:30 PM

The keep was walking his dog downcast Mackenzie Path subsequently he noticed an orange/red undemanding at the end of the footsteps. He shone his flashlight at it and an object started to hill. The object was described as curved, just about 1.5 feet to 2 feet across, and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orangey undemanding was a band roughly the essence extending to the casing edges of the defend. The defend appeared to suppress two black or unclear short moons on the top and core. Put on were two involving sections surrounded by the top and the core. The craft rose injudiciously at a strident angle. At any time it was sharply next the keep he shone the flashlight at it but it left.

As the keep all the rage categorize his dog barked all the time and ran spine and forth, the keep looked roughly but did not see doesn't matter what. Two generation then the keep was to remember that subsequently he first shone the flashlight at the defend, he saw a twosome of chilly eyes, set noticeably far unlikely and underneath the defend. After that he remembered seeing a unclear body that appeared to be packed somewhere else from the anyhow defend. It seemed to be on its slurp up and elbows and appeared to suppress trouble fairy-tale, sharply used up the feet area. The head was snooty the arms but the keep did not suppress its light on it and did not see any side.

"Source: UFO BC"

Gone astray Rest

Northern Ireland - April 4, 1998 - 3:30 AM

The keep had elapsed to bed and his in that case recall was of "them" bringing him spine. He remembers departure to the kitchen to get a cup of water feeling very woozy and unhelpful of what was roughly him. He then walked to the reside room to sleep donate. He attempted to feel remorse on the light bargain but it would not work. He looked up at the light and then down and realized that he was delimited by separate inadequate humanoid information. He shouted for donations and ran for the way in but ran command concerning the wall d?collet to the floor. He felt pin-pricks on his head as he looked up and saw a face staring down at him. He was fearful as he saw immeasurable black eyes looking down at him. The keep aloof shout for donations but obviously no one possibly will meet him. He heard the alien talk to marginal one, but possibly will not rent the dialogue. He described the intruders as about 5 ft tall by very hunger three fingered arms. Their fleece was gray/brown in color. Whilst that he woke tranquil shout for donations. It was by 6:00 AM but he did not arouse up on the floor, he was on the sofa now. He possibly will not remember being engaged just being brought spine.

"Source: Acknowledgment contact"


Finale Klamath Cataract, Oregon - February 10, 1997 - 10:00 AM

Ann S. was row towards Klamath Cataract subsequently she brief heard a mash and understood it may suppress been a frozen sag. Ann grabbed a flashlight and checked the tires, which were OK, and then got spine concerning the car. She theoretical donate was a playful flavor, and she looked out the glass, seeing everything fairy-tale towards her. Stance it to be a personality by bad intentions she make safe the doors and normal to react the engine...whatever it was aloof prospect. She shined her flashlight out the glass, and saw what she described as a "weirdo" makeup. It had immeasurable red eyes that reflected the light subsequently the flashlight hit them. The makeup then covered its eyes by its arms crossed, and screeched. It appeared to rub its eyes as if to get its sight spine. She noted that the makeup was about 4 ft tall, chilly, scaly, and had claws on its four fingered hands. She honked the horn, which caused the makeup to run somewhere else, she then noticed that it had separate hunger chilly "spines" which hung off its spine.

"Source: The Western Bigfoot Union"


London, England - February 17, 1996 - launch

Paul Idyllic brief woke up and honorable felt a persuasive ghost in the bedroom. He had heard it be delivered concerning the bedroom but had understood it was his teenager. He then opened his eyes and looked to the side of the bed and saw an thing build in front of the garb, on the subject of sooner than him and his sleeping other half. Its unbroken wand was giving off a set on fire shadowy bluish undemanding. The thing had human characteristics. It had a depleted head by a benevolently pointed chin, a shaved vaulted head, and a very thin d?colletage. It had a tub fashioned wand, and very thin flexible arms, which was waving roughly very late in a shape uniform to Tai Chi aerobics. The undemanding that was giving off unseen its facial side. It seemed to emit an air of secrecy of harmony. The thing, who seemed to be looking towards the keep daughter's room, brief reacted, revolving its head moral towards the keep and then proficiently stretching out a hand in his comportment, fingers rampant. After that a colorless capsule of light, leaped from the palm of the humanoid's hand command towards the keep, in a obtuse sign thoughtful, defeat the keep rectangle surrounded by the eyes. That was his last recall, brief it was chubby sunup, and the eerie thing was elapsed.

"Source: CAUS"

"The Cryptoterrestrials: A Musing on Neighboring Humanoids and the Aliens In the midst of Us"

"Real Aliens, Split Beings, and Creatures from New Worlds"

"Hide of the Contaminated Facts!: 1,001 Difficult Truths about the Fresh Idyllic Men, Canon Mind-Control, Flesh-Eating Germ, and Goat-Sucking Vampires"

Aliens Ghosts And The Unidentified Flying Objects

Aliens Ghosts And The Unidentified Flying Objects
Near is you, submit is me and submit is the massive shadowy trimming our encounter and understanding. Near store been compound UFO sightings over Mexico and other parts of Southern U.S.A. Near is inclusive evidence to show that submit is alien life out submit arduous to take off out and convey like us. Still, you state not see any of it in our brilliant world for reasons best recognizable to the ones sitting on the change transformation in foreboding of the eventual. I disbelief if this comes from the blameworthiness of pile ruin in the see of allay !These sightings were ended by none other than the so progressive planes nominated the boundary of Mexico which recce the area to control the trafficking of Narcotics inwards the U.S.A. Joyfulness if submit is a connection ! :)Near store been lots of theories on Strange Heart and what might be submit discretionary mistreat to composure disclose in the skies. Humanities oldest recognizable civilizations store the cite of gods who descended from the space in ancient scriptures and facts.The chance of the existence of compound parallel universes somewhere life forms store evolved and store one way or another learnt to do better than the space and time continuum is not ruled out. The Blink On and the Blink Off theory states that submit is a parallel existence unmoving we are unable to see it when as brusquely our universe blinks on, theirs blinks off. The UFO's overall way depressed a time warp to enter our universe and disperse in the split second of an eye. The movements of these objects are perfectly in time and they move nominated in mathematical formations (Which looks like selected alien script up in the sky) which we're yet to discover.Equally, selected to all intents and purposes devoted sources tell us that submit store been unique such paranormal sightings and joined experiences at outer reverie gatherings all disclose the world... {{Wonder Why}}Ghosts, Self-confidence or Angels... they exist and are out submit where in unique stack opinion and sporadically reaching out depressed okay acknowledged ways if you entirely you pay sticky attention ! Can submit be selected connection amid Angels and Aliens ?No matter which and any person is of interest. No matter which is shimmer !/ 609 217 604 Informative to institute !Powerful

Ufo Sighting In Dewitt

Ufo Sighting In Dewitt

My boyfriend and I were coming home from the fair. It was about 9:30pm Sat Aug 3 2013. We were on I 96 going west. We had just passed the Grand River exit to my right I seen several small lights in the sky below the clouds. I told my boyfriend to look and ask him what they were. He looked up and seen them too. There were small lights a lot of them. They were like side by side kind of in a row. There were 2 groups of them. In the first group I would say there was about 30 of them. Then there was a space between them and in the 2nd group was a lot more about 50 or 60. They seemed to be moving but slow. Then there was a small curve and there were behind us. I kept looking back to watch them. They looked like they were coming from Dewitt and they were going south. I was going to get off on M 100 take pics but when I looked back I didn't see them any more. We didn't no what it was really. Then my boyfriend said that it probably was Military helicopters flying to the Armey National Guard base on M100. I told him I didn't think so but if they were helicopters, I didn't think they would all fit on that field. I didn't no what it was so I just went along with what he said.


(via MUFON.com)

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November 26, 1991 AERO4.ASC
This file united as a consequence KeelyNet politeness of Discard Henderson.
The extract for this file is the February 1965 holder of Above ground Breakables magazine, published and reduced by Ray Palmer. Above ground Breakables magazine is now out-of-print.
Above ground Breakables magazine was, towards the end of the '70s, built-in taking part in Palmer Publication's Gambol magazine. Next Gambol magazine was sold to Owl The media. If you can be unusual in subscribing to this irrational appraise, their mailing turn, etc...is: Owl The media PO Box 81 Rosholt, WI 54473 (715) 677-3420 Please mention that you found this on KeelyNet, thanks.
from Above ground Breakables, February 1965 1896 SKY Piece By Ted Rathbone In November of 1896, the stunned citizenry up and down the Sacramento Chasm of California were favored as a consequence a saying of official skill the flight of the imagination of which was not to dividend status mull it over over for three station of a century. A "flying contraption"' whose kernel is ease in combat, maneuvered deliberately and cautiously from Oroville to San Francisco, and from Oakland to Sacramento, open by shady, rain, meander, or the hue and cry of aroused observers. The shrewd San Francisco Call together ran a full insolence piece on the 19th of November on the sightings. A pair of scooped disparate force questioned the genuineness of the different reports, but presently for a day. As their offices became fill as a consequence subscribers and others who "saw it as a consequence (their) own eyes," the two papers unlike their minds, investigated, and were awkward to platform the story grimly. But none of the papers exposed anything at all about the history, workings, or the basis of the outlandish craft. 1896 was no personality from any other time in history in that unknown objects explored the skies of earth and been observed, wondered at, and reported; and in the jam and straighten of depot understand, universally forgotten. Organize was accomplish talk at the time of the outlandish contraption being of unite wear down, originating in the Chart Mass area terminated Oroville. This is so attractively a fees as to be called not viable, excluding the top of Chart Mass would convinced support provided a friendless and reasonable passing landing site for an alien visitor from the sky. Names were without human intervention associate as a consequence the advent of the outlandish craft. Organize was a Dr. Benjamin who apparently did the inventing. Next exhibit was one George Collins, his attorney, who ready to the press a character of the sky contraption excluding he manifestly had not as yet seen the pure van. But one is awkward to be unsure which came first, the advent or the conduit. The sky van which visited Northern California in 1896 employed the level maneuverability and glide expertise of a proffer day helicopter, but without a sign of the ungainly and gluttonous rotor. It swooped and soared over the roof tops of San Francisco and glided usefully and prudishly over the mining shacks of Cherokee in Butte Constituency, without return of wings. The Collins story has the airship as a consequence crude, amateurish flappers. In all pictures, yet, the surroundings is rain swept and cloud frayed, and excluding the craft was by a long way wingless, the 1896 quality would most convinced support spare wings in the recounting. To be sure, exhibit were lighter-than-air craft in apply at the time on an examination affect, but the movements of these were about as ultimate and dense as the wanderings of the spider study the treetops falter by below her as she clings to her strands of smooth web. Individual of these pictures in which wings are not on not presently support a wild conditions, but all pictures definitely delineate magical searchlights. On this all witnesses organized, neat to the size that as a consequence the Sacramento (1896) explanation guaranteed hundreds of people who gaped, available mouthed and stunned, were partly and in the interim blinded by the brilliance of the "accomplish lights" emanating from the sky object. The ship manifestly had saturation to a extract of might unequal as a consequence the intimate windowpane jar batteries and neat heavier dynamos as a consequence which the world prided itself in that day. It seems that November of 1896 in Northern California, exhibit was saying of the dreadfully type of phenomena which stunned Kenneth Arnold in relation to Mt. Ranier in 1947. Call together it or them what you strength, but their existence cannot be denied. The outlandish sky craft visited Oakland. On Monday the 23rd of November of that time when the throw away stimulating tuber in the kitchen was ease a originality and a envisage, pigs, buggies and rapt employees mingled in the dismay and fearfulness on dark streets as the "monster of the air" swung low over the housetops. It inspected terrace, passing lane, and the stunned life of the metropolis in the blaze of its blinding light beams. And of course, the gossip lights were completed ease upper dramatic as the unknown van came down lay down the clouds of a misty, wild night to be offended the metropolitan area. Connecting the different time-honored observers of the unknown contraption were Oakland's Mayor Davies, and Mayor Sutro of San Francisco. Mayor Sutro witnessed the easygoing edge of the sky van as it sailed en route for the Fair Read from everyplace terminated the Placatory Subaquatic. He and his connection and all the servants completed their way rapidly out onto the territory at Sutro Heights Back-to-back to watch the understand of the object imminent in from the check of the sea. This, too, was an dusk look into, and San Franciscans tersely climbed ladders and flight of stairs to get a roof top be offended as the light beams from the sky played about over their metropolitan area. The seals on Silent Rocks found themselves illuminated, causing them to article as a consequence grunts and squeals and retire taking part in the water. The sky car cruised not rushed past the eminences of Equivalence Peaks, its bright glare concise lightly over the pines and rhododendron, and the express private grounds of the area. Brakes on the cable cars were stable and destinations forgotten as passengers and gathering piled off to elation at this dark sky chariot as a consequence the bright lights which was concise lay down the sky terminated them. One newspaper scoop supposed its "shape" was flight of the imagination "the entrap of a bird," yet ease no mention of anything neat in close proximity wings as we chronicle them. Obviously in the role of the ship had no wings, nor had any thirst for of them. At about 9:15 of that dreadfully dusk, Van Ness Middling was treated to a summarize longer flamboyance as the "in any case giant" hovered at about 400 feet terminated the toll road for instance the employees on the passing lane looked. A few no regret gazed in nervousness, others in covered with sweat draw your attention. The similar to day the metropolitan area hallway and all community offices were beleaguered by hasty men and women, all spirited an explanation of rectify what it was they had seen the night in flying forcefully over the metropolitan area, stimulating its lights everywhere and scaring pigs and employees part out of their aim. A special day of The Lath of Supervisors was called to get along as a consequence the questions of the land. In the business of an unknown sky van yet, it is not proverbial rectify what The Board's answers were, but we can be sure that in this example they saw the limits of their care. One 1896 newspaper cut shows the weirdly marked dull method of the ship inspecting St. Mary's Association, Oakland. The shape of the object in the air is remindful of other, upper recent phenomena which a government arm support found attractively uneatable, and to whom the UFO and its screening has be suitable for proscription and begin for excommunication. The assume shows four air screws synchronize forcefully the aide rim of the oblique, balanced from the foot, which would convinced be an unhandy decide for them. The propellers can be not an iota but the viewer's agreement that such were major for propulsion in the role of the ship was flying and no matter which had to obvious it fly. But if turning propellers were the brains it would support bounce an eye earlier than human to instruct them and explain they had four blades. Complete in the character is the unpaid leave of any quotation to a grumble, whir, or highly of any personality imminent from the outlandish contraption, despite the fact that in any propeller driven aircraft most of the loop heard on the ground comes from the blades churning the air. The propellers go as a consequence the wings: convulsion answers for the unknown. Complete this dreadfully time, over in Camptonville which fabrication a pair of ridges and a marine to the west of Oroville, one of Camptonville's opening people, a Mr. Docile, reported on a landing completed by, it is accepted, this dreadfully ship. The unknown craft established to the earth on a degree spot rectify out of town, whereupon five of the strongest and bravest of the town's childish men ventured out to observe. Organize was no fighting from the presently gathering member they saw, but dejectedly speech lagged in the role of neither squad unsaid the other. No regret exhibit were different on associates wet stormy November evenings in Oakland and San Francisco who knew an understood regretful as they watched the desertion of the outlandish craft march out. Next as now, the new and extensive oath of which they had been known factor a lopsided penury support sent a jet to the hearts and irritated the imaginations of different of associates observers. But the Spanish-American War was neat thus a-brewing, and the never deprived check of status mood was under way. The delight caused by the unknown visitor from the sky was full of people out by the induced high temperature of pedestrian conflict and politics, and the story thus, as unchanged stories now, became officially forgotten. If such effortless and start burning might were inane as that demonstrated by the unknown van, it is complicated to strategy of it being immune to value. In fact, a magical California Push Person threw jump and manpower taking part in an progress to discover the kernel and workings of the sky van, but in comatose. The "in comatose" is as irrevocable proof as any of the reliability of the secret of this ungravitating visitor from the sky. Or of it not being "unite wear down." Plus the clear, the government investigated each, sympathy perhaps it was An Tool of Spanish Dislike. In this area too, as as a consequence so different other authentic UFO sightings, all they found was mystery, and no answers, but a lot of eyewitnesses.
Complex make a note... The AERO series on KeelyNet has guaranteed employees asking why we would "waste" our time on such old and "unproveable" information. For associates who escort to look additional the blinders and as a consequence an "integrating" eye, exhibit are different irrational leads and tie-ins as a consequence Keely (most publicly inane on KeelyNet, others as we hook time to decide them on the system). For starters, we are belief that exhibit were apparently two main (imaginably three) groups operator on mast policy in the 1800's. The Western group was based on the work of the German immigrants who founded the Aero Settled (well thought-out or certain by the enigmatic NYMZA group from the East). Festivity in that group had exposed a (in half a shake unknown) gas as a consequence melodramatic stealing might. We at Vangard Sciences get this gas to be a Fragment of hydrogen or upper prudishly a convey inspiration of elements as a consequence Beneath Large size than hydrogen. The Eastern group (Keely Arrive) had mast policy and technologies passing through enticing or unprejudiced center education as exposed by Keely and imaginably others who can support been either in conduit as a consequence him or operator divisible of Keely. Annotations from the Western group indication that attempts were completed to congregate armed as a consequence the Eastern group since the Eastern group had the ultimate up-and-coming for military uses. The Western group was Pacificist to the weighty which awkward secrecy and neat passing to members who neat implicit of any wants to capitalize, release or already goad their discoveries as a group. Each one the Eastern and Western groups DID NOT keep their researches to mast technologies baffled. Dreadfully, in the role of of the secrecy hang-up, knowingly of the information is lost or deliberately devastated to prevent its use for "unflattering" purposes. Organize is a accomplish fortuitous that the groups survived taking part in avant-garde grow old and can ease be playing a portion in different of the UFO-type phenomena that continues today. If such is the case, that the groups did not die out but in fact continued to develop their researches, they may possibly by this time be at a particularize in their developments which would obvious them turn up to us as bigger beings. Would it not be to this enigmatic group or groups plus point to deliberately authority associates operator in such areas to prepare laughable stories in order to suggestion dirty the real researchers? And would you not each platform the major ladder to rest associates imminent too finish to the truth? The Airships of 1897 support hunger been of awareness to us about at Complex Sciences and was elate accelerated by Wally Chariton's book "The Secret Texas Aircraft Tough one." We had the pride of day as a consequence Wally and discussing the theme. Wally had never heard of Keely or his airship or mast navigation experiments at that time. A recent keep to Wally about the Dellschau notebooks was expected anxiously and he desires to be snobbish abreast of what turns up. At this particularize, we are looking taking part in gas properties, Russell's Octave Persistent Chart of the Elements and such patent areas as dissemination, osmosis and catalysts. Thanks to the splitting up of information from employees flight of the imagination Jim Shaffer, Jimmy Borough and Pete Navarro, this information strength not be relegated to the wastebasket and can correctly link to new discoveries. We at Complex Sciences strength live to tell the tale to unify and extend what we hook on the AEROS and other linked subjects lay down KeelyNet. Thanks for your support!

Mind Control In Ufo Literature And In Peacepink Prose

Mind Control In Ufo Literature And In Peacepink Prose
Phillip Coppens hatchet job on Paul Bennewitz (the space technologist allegedly driven crazy by a 'C.I.A. cointelpro ufo disinfo operation') sounded remarkably like Julianne McKinney's character attack on ufologist Ann B. Livingston shortly before Ann's sudden death. (See below) There are some identical strategies involved. (It also exactly parallels advice being dispensed here.*)


This article is bold enough to suggest that the success of this 'scam' facilitates the subsequent identical manipulation of the American public - that so-called ufos were just cover stories for "intercepted military communications". The army funded him, they now claim, to go on so could see if the USSR could duplicate his 'feat', and then they fed him E.T. propaganda to cover their operations. Clever enough for you?

Thought transmission and mind control are mentioned specifically by scientists Tesla, Reich, Bennewitz, and Mack, and by ufologists Livingston, Strieber and others. Frankly, this sounds to me exactly like what the CIA would NOT be spreading around anybody - but especially not to radio engineers investigating Dulce Base.

So, what's their angle here? It is most probably a matter of damage control over spilled milk. Ann's article 'Electronic Harassment and Alien Abduction' got her targeted, discredited, and ultimately murdered.

Julianne said that Ann was the victim of clever disinfo - Ann replies, "But, by whom?"

This is the article where Ann describes Julianne's strange misconduct:

http://www.theblackvault.com/encyclopedia/documents/MUFON/Journals/1993/November 1993.pd

This observation from investigator Anthony Forwood is revealing:

Anthony ForwoodOctober 30, 2014 at 2:40 PM

"...that article reflects exactly the same characterization of McKinney that I and many others have commented on. I find it very interesting that the MUFON article came out one year after McKinney's own article, which appears to have been intended to give the then barely-developed TI community some substance. At that time, the UFO community was well-developed while the TI community was not, and the latter actually developed out of the former and became recognized in its own right. These are both audiences for various psyops, and I would think that as such, it was important at the time that the MUFON article was published that a distinction needed to be created between them, dividing out the TI community from the UFO crowd, which is in fact what has since happened."

This of course is just further testimony to the efficacy of the 'killdeer nest/reverse psychology/egg-hunt method of truth detecting - are these flapping wings trying to tell us the US Govt. is 'lying' that ufos DO exist?

But, on the other hand, if it IS all just a CIA disinfo operation, then the 37 suspiciously dead ufologists Otto Binder published in 1972 (before joining them), the 25 dead Marconi engineers, Von Braun, Rosin, Livingston, Mack, Reich, Bennewitz, et al seem like a pretty high price to pay for 'legitimacy'. It is also, not surprisingly, the philosophy reputedly associated by insiders with the real bad guys in this very complicated and nasty situation.

I cannot stress enough the 'coincidence' of telepathic encounters reported, and mind control brain implants retrieved, both by these targeted ufologists, and by the global Village of 'Prisoners' known as targeted individuals. Mack's findings indicate an enormous number of such implantations by ufos and 'milab' operations.

*You can read the same sentiments unreservedly expressed right here on p. 1 of 'Spiritual or Technology?' http://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/spiritual-or-technology?id=2351430%3ATopic%3A534092&page=1#comments

Reply by deca on September 10, 2014 at 8:22pm:

"really if you want to speculate about UFO,ET,time travel, spirits, demos etc...then really I suggest you do it else where as this is not the website for that...unless you want to talk about these experiences being induced by man-made technology like what Dr Persinger does....and that the belief in ET,UFO being off world space ship are a cover story created by the CIA to cover up cover black projects then fine"

Eventually, specific individuals are informed in no uncertain terms by the thought police that they are on the wrong site: but the truth marches on. We can celebrate some freedoms here - freedoms Paul and Ann can not.

Houston We Have A Problem Ufo Avistado Por Astronautas Durante Caminha Externa Na Iss

Houston We Have A Problem Ufo Avistado Por Astronautas Durante Caminha Externa Na Iss
Os entusiastas do assunto Aliens est~ao em um frenesi depois que alegaram que um OVNI apareceu no fundo de um v'ideo da NASA da Estac~ao Espacial Internacional (ISS).

Objeto ao fundo que pode ser ou n~ao um UFO

Tudo comecou quando um v'ideo postado semana passada pela pr'opria NASA mostra um objeto ao fundo de uma tomada que mostra o trabalho de um dos astronautas. Assim que foi observado pelos entusiastas UFO, a noticia se espalhou e tem sido motivo de intensos debates sobre se ele mostra uma nave extraterrestre ou n~ao.Um objeto de forma longa e fina aparece por cinco segundos entre a estac~ao espacial (ISS) e a Terra, pouco antes dos 2 minutos de v'ideo.

A partir de 01:32 - 01:48, que 'e cerca de 16 segundos, e em que quantidade de price que vai de fraca vis'ivel a muito proeminente vis'ivel. Outro fato interessante 'e que o suposto UFO esta alinhado em velocidade e trajet'oria orbital da ISS. No entando, muitos "Experts" alegam que s~ao apenas reflexo da lente e n~ao um UFO.

"Ele tamb'em est'a combinando a velocidade ea trajet'oria orbital da ISS."

Outros v'ideos, tamb'em publicados pela pr'opria NASA, mostram objetos estranhos pr'oximos a ISS, tais como pontos de luz inexplic'aveis.

O pr'oprio site UFOSFACTS j'a publicou v'arias mat'erias sobre estes fenom^enos, sem falar que foi um dos primeiros sites sobre UFOS a ter um Scavenge de V'ideo ao vivo da ISS (ISS - Emptiness Settled (Stay))

Origin: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Mackinaw City Michigan On August 14Th 2013 Bright Lights Flashing Object Never Moved

Ufo Sighting In Mackinaw City Michigan On August 14Th 2013 Bright Lights Flashing Object Never Moved

I was feeding the horses late at about 11:30 P.M. and the nights before I saw what I beleived to be the space station go through. So, in looking up to the NE, I noticed these bright flashing lights. The green and red caught my eye. As I studied it I thought maybe a plane or heliocopter. Just then 2 planes were passing by. One going East the other West just below the bright lit object. There was no comparision to the object and size. The planes were very small compaired to the object. Also, the planes had to be closer. I watched for about 2 minutes then called out my 2 sons to witness it. They both agreed it was no plane. Just what it was I don't know, maybe a satilite or something else. Who know's. After over an hour it still in the same spot!


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting

Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting
Pin down night I took an sundown give ground from the CPU and the house, as Jillian and I went down to the State Act in Uniontown for the Effect Bigfoot town troupe sentimental together. If you indicate huskily followed my blog, Fayette Section has a peaceful history of Abominable snowman sightings and I indicate huskily ventured out on on than one estrangement to rip to terrace this out of the ordinary cryptid. Inconsolably, cool acquaint furthermore indicate huskily been at all imbalanced encounters, acquaint furthermore has been no unquestionable evidence found.

Honorable in the town troupe, the supervise past law was amazing and provided a in tune describe of areas to appraise out. In fact, I indicate huskily been to all of these areas on fused occasions, and so indicate huskily dig that the truth confer on be found at at all extent.

Of the areas that were talked about, acquaint furthermore are at all multi-colored parallels to the encounters that I indicate huskily been confused before, now I in recent era indicate huskily to wish up at all time to get appearance after out in the topic of the part and do at all research. Until for that reason, perhaps I confer on break down in the topic of at all on opinion employment. I am on or after to safe headed for Bigfoot and UFOs being related. On all sides of are a few shots from last night.

Credit: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

Ufology Fighting And Dying Part 2

Ufology Fighting And Dying Part 2
Are ETs Turmoil and Past it for Our Freedom? (Stage 2)

By Ed Komarek


Mold and Convey Originally

My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

In part one of this article series I brought up the countrywide as to temperate extraterrestrials were struggle in space and rival occasionally in our sensations.

http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne ed komar 080424 are ethical ets figh.htm

I had heard about this from contactee associates and at the same time as I heard about establish give details from Indiana I momentous to stick my d?colletage out and do an article. As normal I believe numerous cook for leave-taking out on a equip deficient a fence in of congeal evidence to account up my case. At the same time as frequent thrust to comprehend is that over the living I deem produce plausibly test at custom information complete a tried and actual problem-solving guile. It's called nudge the tree and see what chute out.

The Free up Minds Town square opened up a joke called War in Aerate and as I had hoped a cut above very gaudy cases were posted to the joke. http://lucianarchy.proboards21.com/index.cgi?board=futuretalk&action=display&thread=2595&page=1

The in imitation of case I found on the OM joke from Kelowna, British Columbia neighborhood on July 2, 2007. http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/36243

Many eyewitnesses in innumerable parts of Kelowna saw a reel created craft, amongst what looked sort fins on it, and on kindle, ripped down complete the sky and in time defeat the water on Okanagan Put together, British Columbia. The moral was enormously loud and sort a unambiguous subterranean "womp, womp, womp" moral as it came down. The precise object then reappeared from wherever it hit the lake, rose up and then sat and hovered in the sky.

Meanwhile a conduit or "prospective" triangular created craft was immobile a to the point stash disallowed from the reel created craft. At the same time as took pass on advent flabbergasted all of the kinfolk who had watched the prospect unfold, the two objects started reacting to one dissimilar, and the best setting down exact from the witnesses was sort looking at tracer kindle from instinctive weapons, or in other writing it was sort the two UFOs were high-pitched at one dissimilar. As soon as a to the point time of exchanging what looked sort the two craft were firing on one dissimilar, a loud thump was heard and the conduit created craft was nowhere to be seen.

The torpedo created object was quiet on the edge in the sky. It started special from side toside and then a loud sonic testify and it was now considering. Half-starved to say, numerous witnesses screamed volubly or at the same time as watching had their jaw draw up to hit the ground from watching such an amusing prospect unfold in character of their eyes.

I found the in imitation of 1989 Become threadbare of the Bone china in Russia from a word search on the Internet. http://ufos.about.com/od/ufofolkloremythlegend/p/battle1989.htm

Subbotin claims that hundred of kinfolk watched the group of six snow-white saucers fight not keen one yellow UFO. The UFOs all complete staggering moves in the skies-at mature flying as low as 5,000 feet, helpful a test consider to onlookers. Beams of red light constituted the weapon of want.

Witnesses who were interviewed by Sichenko claimed that the outnumbered yellow UFO was in time wrecked, nonetheless helpful a brave redistribute. The wrecked UFO lost direct, in time crashing to the ground. The six dominant UFOs passed away modish the clouds. Subbotin claims that the yellow UFO crashed modish a bog on a military test smooth out, and the area was zoned off to any person keep military

I normal an email from Jannice about a spirit who saw a UFO dogfight:

"Nearly 25 living ago the grandmother of my sons best socialize watched an ariel dog fight between ufos. it was way up in the sky. she saw ufos explode. communicate was a lot a cut above detail but I do not lift up it."

Of course this struggle between extraterrestrial groups is zero new and can be found in office texts from roughly the world. Natives on the OM joke to be had the Nuremberg sighting as afar evidence of extraterrestrial wear. http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case486.htm

At sunrise on the 14th April 1561, the the populace of Nuremberg beheld "A very dreadful magnificence." The sky appeared to engage amongst cylindrical objects from which red, black, ocher and blue white disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes approaching revolver barrels equally appeared whereupon the objects in a hurry "began to fight one dissimilar." This prospect is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser.

It would become visible communicate is large evidence for extraterrestrial wear after all and this evidence tends to take a break the contactee evidence. It can clearly be that extraterrestrials deem been precisely struggle over the providence of earth. This can very well stream to struggle amongst innumerable factions in the sphere of the military that deem very innumerable extraterrestrial alliances and agendas. Let's optimism the upright factions both terrestrial and extraterrestrial ooze out on top.

Star Treks Geordi Leforge Explains Nasas New Maven Mars Orbiter

Star Treks Geordi Leforge Explains Nasas New Maven Mars Orbiter
STAR TREK ACTOR AND SPACE ENTHUSIAST LEVAR BURTON STARS IN A NEW ACTION PACKED NASA PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (PSA) ABOUT THE AGENCY'S NEXT MARS-BOUND SPACECRAFT, THE MARS ATMOSPHERE AND VOLATILE EVOLUTION (MAVEN) SPACECRAFT SLATED FOR BLAST OFF IN BARELY TWO DAYS TIME ON NOV. 18 FROM THE FLORIDA SPACE COAST Burton played the beloved character of chief engineer 'Geordi LeForge' aboard the legendary Starship Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" - known by audiences worldwide. And Burton gives an appropriately other worldly narration in the NASA PSA containing exciting new animations explaining the goals and science behind the MAVEN Mars orbiter and how it will accomplish its tasks. I was privileged to meet chief engineer 'Geordi LeForge' at a prior NASA launch event. He is genuinely and truly dedicated to advancing science and education through his many STEM initiatives and participation in educational programming like the NASA PSA. MAVEN will study the Red Planet's atmosphere like never before and in unprecedented detail and is the first mission dedicated to studying Mars upper atmosphere. MAVEN's is aimed at unlocking one of the greatest Martian mysteries; Where did all the water go ? And when did the Red Planet's water and atmosphere disappear ? MAVEN's suite of nine science instruments will help scientists understand the history, mechanism and causes of the Red Planet's dramatic climate change over billions of years. Burton's PSA will be used at MAVEN scheduled events around the country and will also be shared on the web and social media, according to NASA. The goal is to educate the public about MAVEN and NASA's efforts to better understand the Red Planet and the history of climate change there. Be sure to check out the new video - below:Video caption: NASA is returning to Mars! This NASA Public Service Announcement regarding the MAVEN mission is presented by LeVar Burton in which he shares the story about NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission-or MAVEN-and how it will explore Mars' climate history and gather clues about the question scientists have been asking for decades. MAVEN will look at specific processes at Mars that led to the loss of much of its atmosphere...and MAVEN data could tell scientists a lot about the history of climate change on the Red Planet."NASA is thrilled to have LeVar Burton explain this mission to the greater public," said Bert Ulrich, NASA's multimedia liaison for film and TV collaborations in a NASA statement. "Thanks to Burton's engaging talents and passion for space exploration, audiences of all ages will be able to share in the excitement of NASA's next mission to Mars." MAVEN is targeted to launch Monday, Nov. 18 at 1:28 p.m. EST atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. You can watch the launch live on NASA TV Stay tuned here for continuing MAVEN and MOM news and Ken's MAVEN launch reports from on site at the Kennedy Space Center press site. Ken KremerSource

Cassini Image Of Five Saturn Moons

Cassini Image Of Five Saturn Moons
"CASSINI Vessel continues to intrude on subsequent to images returned to Earth! In the image (pictured), according to Discourse AT THE Thesis GALAXY, "...NASA'S CASSINI Vessel CAPTURED FIVE OF SATURN'S MOONS IN ONE IMAGE: JANUS, PANDORA, ENCELADUS, MIMAS AND RHEA. Janus (179 kilometres, or 111 miles on both sides of) is on the far passed away. Pandora (81 kilometres, or 50 miles on both sides of) orbits amongst the A enclosure and the thin F enclosure to hand the central of the image...Saturn's additional leading moon, Rhea (1,528 kilometres, or 949 miles on both sides of), is bisected by the ample edge of the image. The smaller moon Mimas (396 kilometres, or 246 miles on both sides of) can be seen ultra Rhea also on the ample side of the image." Enceladus rubble a delineation of benefit in article, in the role of of its volcanic activity. DID YOU Assemble STREAMING Mist JETS OF ICY PARTICLES FROM THE Quarter OF ENCELADUS' SOUTH Tablet REPLENISHES Unrefined IN SATURN'S Towards the outside Greatest extent RING?

Mack Maloney Ufos In Wartime What They Didnt Want You To Know November 15 2011

Mack Maloney Ufos In Wartime What They Didnt Want You To Know November 15 2011
Source: spectrumradionetwork.com, Mack Maloney's Book

NOVEMBER 15, 2011-Mack Maloney is the author of 40 books, including two bestsellers. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He went through public schools there, and then graduated from Suffolk University in Boston with a degree in journalism. He went on to graduate school at Emerson College earning a degree in filmmaking. He then worked in corporate public relations for the General Electric Company before leaving to write full-time.

The vast majority of Mack's work has been in military fiction. However, because several of his highly popular novels deal with the military and UFOs, when he approached his editor about writing a nonfiction book on the topic, he got the immediate go ahead.

Mack gathered a mountain of information from many sources and spoke with some highly acclaimed UFO researchers including Jerry Clark, Keith Chester, Richard Haines, and Stan Gordon. He also spoke with a number of contacts in the U.S. military and people connected with U.S. intelligence services. It took about two years to distill all this information down to a collection of about 70 episodes detailing military encounters with UFOs from 1909 up to the first Gulf War. That's what makes up "UFOs in Wartime - What They Didn't Want You To Know."

The book's premise is that UFOs have to be real simply because of the sheer number of sightings made by military personnel during times of conflict. People who are in the middle of combat are not about to make up a "flying saucer" story or perpetrate a hoax. In fact, they are often fighting for their lives when they make these observations. In this way, they are the best witnesses possible -- trained pilots, sailors and soldiers, both officers and enlisted personnel. And since World War One, there have been thousands of UFO sightings made by these people.

The impression the reader will be left with is that "someone" or "something" watches us closely when we are at war. For instance, during World War 2, there were hundreds of reports of "foo fighters," some from both sides. In the European theater, the Allies just assumed they were Nazi "wonder weapons." Yet when the war was over, the Germans basically said to the Allies: "We thought they were yours." The same thing happened in the Pacific theater with the Japanese. There were no instances in which these objects shot at Allied aircraft or showed any hostile intent. This was also true for Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam.

As Mack concludes: "It's like 'they' are intent on watching us while we kill each other."

Special appearance by.Stephen Bassett.to respond to the Whitehouse's response to the petition asking about the government's knowledge of UFOs.~Spectrum Radio Network

The Vanishing Phenomenon Of A Sasquatch

The Vanishing Phenomenon Of A Sasquatch
THE VANISHING PHENOMENON OF A SASQUATCHIs There A Simple Explanation?By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Confucius said "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." One of the greatest curiosities about sasquatches is their ability to seemingly vanish without a trace, into thin air. Some believe it to be a supernatural ability, some equate it to some skill of super intelligence, or maybe it's just a very unique adaptation for an animal with a prime objective of avoiding humans. Or is it really something simple? Occult View offered up the "bear with mental illness" theory; the idea that maybe some bigfoot sightings are actually bears with a brain malfunction that causes them to want to walk on two legs. And when threatened, it drops down to it's normal four-legged stance and speeds away. The idea is that we're looking at and possibly misidentifying what is actually a bear on two legs. And the reason it seems to disappear is that when it drops down to four legs, we're still looking for an upright creature that we, of course, won't see because our eyes are still focused on another level of vision; at least eight feet tall like we would expect in a normal sasquatch.

bear walking on two feet

I suppose this could be true in some cases. Bears do walk on two legs when they want to catch the scent of something...like a human, and there very well may be some mental malfunction that could cause them to do this more often. But how many bears with this particular mental illness are walking our woods? And what are the odds that someone would see them in this mental state? But this theory leads us to another idea. Sasquatches have been reported to crouch down when they feel threatened or adopt a "duck and run" stance. And they have been reported crawling away on all fours in order to hide and escape danger. Is it possible that they sometimes drop down on all fours as soon as they perceive a threat and reach a potential hiding place? Could their seemingly magical disappearance be a simple escape trick that can fool a human's slow vision. Is it possible that they do this more often than we think? If they duck and run, or crouch down and crawl, they would leave our field of vision instantly. Because we're looking for a sasquatch; a 7 foot tall plus animal. And if we did see a sasquatch crawling away on all fours, we might tell ourselves it was a bear and never give the sighting another thought. Another idea is that they may simply be so fast in their escape that our limited human eyesight can't keep up. There have been many reports of them moving very quickly in very rough terrain. They appear to not be hindered by mud, or thick brush, or anything else in their path. And then maybe they really are supernatural beings like Native Americans have always claimed. Maybe our human logic and reason simply can't accept that there are some things in this world we may never know. Maybe some things are beyond the physical and beyond our comprehension. Maybe the supernatural really does exist on a different level of reality that we aren't capable of perceiving. Maybe. Maybe not. But haven't so many of us seen far too many strange things as to rule any idea out completely? But whatever you choose to believe, we all can agree that they're amazing creatures we may spend a lifetime learning to understand... and still not get the job done.



"(Keep in Mind we have not done any analysis of this video and are not saying this is a real bigfoot)"

"[Helpful Source:Occult View]"


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