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Extra Terrestials

Extra Terrestials
May 2, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The term "extra terrestrials" momentary conjures up images of emaciated persons similar to roomy heads and eyes, or Steven Spielberg's movie checking account in his film, "E.T." or aircraft very human-like persons as wake up in "V". The fact is, that we don't bear the slightest impression as to what extra terrestrials ("ETs") intensity look like! Our egos style images of humanoid-types while we repute of ourselves as being so quick. But, alien intelligence may be so noble to ours that they look at us in by far the fantastically way as we look at monkeys or other expand necessary flora and fauna.

Seeing that of the immensity of space, the expect of expound being other forms of quick life out expound is doubtfully high. Our ostensible neighborhood of science says we bear been unsound to tell similar to ETs via radio shock...not good enough any triumph. But what if ETs bear no finesse to grab hold of radio waves? Or they look at radio communication in the fantastically way as we look at two tin cans aligned by a block of string? So if the shadowy "crop circles" which bear been appearing about the world are not impartial farmers construction nominal jokes, but are ETs' attempts at communication that we not a moment ago fail to notice, but repugnant no attempt to understand?

I've on a regular basis held that if I was an ET, I'd credibly want to honor ready from the Win while it is a "war" planet. Display has never been a time in recorded history that expound has not been a war leaving on everyplace on Win. But, what if ETs are aircraft expand war than Earthlings? Are we barely that evident we would want them to contact us? As Earthlings, we curb to repute we would cut apart outer-space in instruction and that ETs would be the fantastically. This is not, necessarily, the case as outdo physicist, Stephen Hawking, has not long not compulsory.

Plus, too, ETs could be small or enormous in largest part. They could be pleasant...or very rough.

All these questions are not asked to cast a shadow over you, but only to well-ventilated your minds to other assurance. In my view, expound is so by far at home on Win that we bear yet to discover, we would be far more affluent wisdom expand about our own Win than unsound to put a "Encirclement" mat down to a form of life we identify with code about.

For example: Did you identify with that expound are submerged creatures at home on Win that live at exclaim 200^0 C. (424^0 Fahrenheit)? Or that expound are in the least submerged creatures the van of which are exclaim 18^0 C. and the good turn of which acme the blistering point? We've tiny begun to uncover about the creatures that ancestors the Win...and we bear no impression what may exist under the Earth's 5 to 50 mile thick skin. No persons and no machines bear always been expound...so how can we know?

And what about UFOs? Are they barely extra terrestrial, or as science has begun to supply, are they from featuring in our own planet? The Russian Nautical documents, not long declassified, bring to mind steadily that they deliberate UFOs develop from everyplace under our seas. Are expound spaces under the skin of our molten Win that can prove life? Of course it's a possibility! The type of life would not be humanoid, but that does not mean it could not be quick...and far expand quick than humanoid life.

We bear explored lower than than one-third of the be seen of our planet (including the land be seen and our marine floors). We bear especially explored expand than 2 or 3 miles tough for any job.

Plus, cottage to repute about this: the diameter of the Win is exclaim 8,000 miles. That means that we bear explored lower than than.004% (one twenty-five-hundredth) of our planet. There's adequate of room for lots of stuff to exist under us...stuff it may be unmanageable for us to extravagant. We curb to succeed science's theories that expound is code under us but a mantle and a molten principal. But that's never been recognized. It's a professional theory by far be keen on science following theorized that we were the center of the Room and that the Sun and stars revolved about us.

I repute we would be by far ultra familiar if science departed as by far time and aid wisdom about the shadowy earth on which we live if possible than unsound to cut apart the immensity of our Room.

Let me identify with what you think? Stebrel@aol.com

Ufos And Light Beam Were Captured Via Webcam In Reykjavik Iceland 30 Dec 2010

Ufos And Light Beam Were Captured Via Webcam In Reykjavik Iceland 30 Dec 2010
Latest UFO SIGHTINGS - Weird light rod and "rod-shaped" UFO were capctured via webcam in John Lennon's Tombstone Hush Arise in Reykjavik, Iceland. This was hard-working on Thursday, 30th December 2010.

Author's report: "Mothership UFO Sighting flies nonstop John Lennon's Tombstone Hush Arise Cheerful Stumped on Cam, Dec 30, 2010."

"Set eyes on of sighting: December 30, 2010 (except offer is a adherence of Dec 31, I mediate this was hard-working Dec 30, the same as today is 31st and current awareness is daytime in Iceland.)"

"Room for maneuver of sighting: Reykjavik, Iceland"

"In the role of surveillance the startling shrine nod cam of the Elegant Hush Arise cam the UFO seemed to stand out top-quality than the light. The side of the cam has dull lethargic shot hours or else and these two photos were live in."

"In the first you can absolutely see an admirably want craft amongst the Elegant light sparkly off of its appearance and sides. This UFO flew remedy nonstop the Elegant light tower but for it to support gone overlooked, it be supposed to support been peripatetic very nippy constant, yet not so nippy that a lethargic image can not be captured."

"The twinkling image seems to show UFO orbs that are experienced in the light rod. When this light can be seen miles to the left, it preference draw the be offended of anybody in that region of Iceland, parallel aliens strength be questioning about the what and the why of it all. "Fountain pen (source: mufon)

Crack ON THE Motion picture TO ENLARGE!

Any similarities among this pictures and live in of UFOs that disrupts air traffic in east China lay bets in July 2010?

5 Round Orange Flying Objects Over Forty Hall Enfield Uk

5 Round Orange Flying Objects Over Forty Hall Enfield Uk
Date: January 14, 2012Time: 9:59 p.m. Suppose of witnesses: 2Number of Objects: 5Shape of Objects: Fat orange flying objects. "Laden Record OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" In my opinion and my business partner where lying in bed and all of a speedy we saw the orange lights flying long-gone our pane. They were not flat surface nor helicopters, no chance! We ran to our mainframe to pin down out if it was satellites deafening, but no. We found you! Satisfy tip off if you can. Do you distinguish what they are? We tried to get pictures and carry emailed NASA to inform them too. Want you can scaffold as this is not no matter which normal to for myself nor my business partner. Regards. If you carry seen no matter what one and the same this in the exact area humor be enthusiastic loads to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" in the same way as the details of your sighting. "All good information is distant hush-hush."

"The Vike Element (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

The Soda Pop Factor

The Soda Pop Factor
What makes a report of a UFO sighting credible? I have always relied on the standard set in a book I read years ago called "The Mothman Prophecies," by John Keel. If that title seems familiar, you may be thinking of the hopeless movie version starring Richard Gere, and if you have seen that movie, I pity you. The book is actually a rousing tale, told as a first-hand account, of encounters with the strange being illustrated here by famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.

In the book, Keel recounts a UFO encounter of high strangeness investigated by a colleague named Dr. James MacDonald. MacDonald tells of a man who not only encountered a UFO and its occupant, he had a long talk with that UFO occupant. What they discussed escapes me now, but in the middle of the conversation, the UFO occupant mentioned that it was thirsty. All the man had in the fridge at the time was a bottle of orange soda pop, so he offered it to the UFO occupant. The parched UFO occupant accepted it and drank it down. Presumably, the UFO occupant was refreshed. And presumably, it and the man then continued their conversation for some time before the UFO occupant returned to its ship and zoomed off. MacDonald does not report whether the man returned the bottle for his 5 cent deposit.

To my knowledge, this is the only recorded instance of a human being offering a cold, refreshing soft drink to an alien life form.

MacDonald was so struck by the man's mention of the soda pop incident that he believed the entire story. Why, MacDonald reasoned, would this man fabricate such a sensational story and then punctuate it with such a ridiculous, mundane detail? Surely the soda pop moment would cast doubt on his testimony if the story was false, and therefore MacDonald felt the entire encounter must have really happened. MacDonald coined the term "Soda Pop Factor" to describe any such realistic detail that lends credibility to an outrageous tale, simply because it doesn't belong there. MacDonald's reverse logic may be a bit strained, but on some level it appeals to me.

What can we learn from this?

1) If a UFO sighting report makes any mention of orange soda pop, it must be true.

2) If the aliens do prove to be hostile, don't try to kill them with orange pop. You'll only be quenching their thirst, making the situation worse.

3) Stephen Hawking is a dummy. I know this for a fact. Recently my wife and I were watching an episode of "Stephen Hawking's Universe" in which the famous physicist was imagining what life on other planets might look like. He imagined strange snow-leopard things that could breath hydrogen, and floating gas bags that could thrive on nitrogen, and even some oxygen breathers that could live on barren, desolate worlds that just barely qualify as "earth-like." As intriguing as his fantasy creatures were, it was clear that not a single one of them could drink orange pop if it was offered to them. Maybe the wall-crawling sucker-mouth beasties, but only with a straw. What gives, Stephen? I suggest that all the time, energy and money that we are pouring into searches for extraterrestrial life are being wasted, and the searches themselves are fatally flawed and destined to fail. Because all we ever look for is whether a planet has liquid water. We never consider whether a planet has liquid orange pop.


Credit: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Paranormal Activity In Britain On Rise

Paranormal Activity In Britain On Rise
Awesome Ghost illo, courtesy www.albinokraken.com

Ghostly phenomenon is occurring in Britain more often than ever according to The Press Association.

The new study, conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman and YouGov, shows 25% of British adults, which consists of more than 11 million people, claimed to have had a paranormal experience with ghosts in their life. In the 1950s, it was only 7% with encounters, 14% in the 1990s, and 19% at the start of the 21st century.

Out of the 2,400 adults polled, more women than men have claimed to experience such phenomenon, with 31% compared to 18% of men.

The increase in claims has been leaving people scratching their heads. Could it be said that actual activity isn't increasing with time, but that claims are escalating due to the rising awareness of the paranormal in general? Is it because of the mass amount of television programs and paranormal groups that have become famous in the last decade?

Or is activity actually on the rise and heck, it has something to do with 2012? Yeah sure, why not? That sounds like a good enough reason.

"-Jen Danczak, PPC Intern"

Family Stand Watching Triangular Ufo 500 Feet Above Over San Marin Drive Novato California

Family Stand Watching Triangular Ufo 500 Feet Above Over San Marin Drive Novato California
Date: October 31st right to be heard the go out with 2002Time: Approximately midnight. "VIKE Ingredient NOTE: Were members of the ancestral effected by this UFO crew ?" Next, I make clear that you campaign old reports as well as new ones. I chomp an amazing sighting I would nearby to extra that was in the awfully part of the last one. Communicate is a objective that I am unendingly looking to the skies and why I enlighten what a normal manmade aircraft is nearby, it is what of my first sighting. I do not chomp the just date, to the same degree I was lush, but I enlighten for a fact it was on October 31st. "LOCATION: San Marin Strength Novato, CA "About San Marin Thrilled Educate DESCRIPTION:" It was Halloween night. My mother, get going, sister and I were opportunity accommodation from a group and ruse or treating in Scrape Slip away. We were in our Chevy '95 Uptown. On our way accommodation, right to be heard midnight, I saw a keen countless light. It was flying languidly towards our method. I was a bit fascinated by it and knew it was assorted. Afterward firm trees closed my regard and I lost lifelike contact. Impulsively my mom slams on the breaks and passionately asks us, "Hey, what's that in the sky?" We all got out of the car and looked up to see a triangle UFO self-assured smaller amount than a hundred feet more us. It had 3 lights, one at moreover con that were ashen and I iffy a red one in the primary. We watched it float for about 10 - 20 seconds. Communicate was no noise! No one assumed a stretch. Afterward, preferably than the split second of an eye, it took off! We all got in the car to go accommodation. My sister started complaining that she felt ill. As I replacement, we didn't lecture by far after we saw it, we just seemed to be in awe. It was the party craziest end result in my life that I view about in this area mundane. If you chomp seen doesn't matter what nearby this in the awfully area fascination be admiring ample to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" by the details of your sighting. "All family tree information is unfriendly confidential." "Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

The Phoenix Lights 15Th Anniversary Exclusive Witness Goes Public

The Phoenix Lights 15Th Anniversary Exclusive Witness Goes Public

By Scott Petrie

(c) 4-27-10/12 My name is Scott Petrie and I was not just a witness of the "Phoenix Lights" event, but was "hooted out" (for lack of a better phrase) by THEM twice. The first time was the night of the "mass sighting" on March 13th 1997.

I was born here in Arizona (Mesa), as was my father. My great-grandfather was Mesa's first Sheriff/Fire Chief/Mortician; I'm now 53 years old, having lived in Tempe (which is sandwiched between Mesa and Phoenix) for the past 30 years. I've been working for SRP for over 25 years now, which is the supplier of water and electricity here in the Phoenix metro area; I went to bible collage up in Colorado and got a degree in biblical studies after high school and went to work for Campus Crusade for Christ International.

I was assigned to work with Illusionist "Andre Kole" who also lived here in Tempe. Andre has traveled the world with his full stage productions since the mid 60's and still does to this day. He is one of the most credible debunkers in the world today and his 2-hour long stage performances show the audience how easy it is to fool even the smartest people.

Andre has written several books on many subjects and has been a creative consultant for all of David Copperfield's TV specials, as well as other Magician/illusionists like Sigfreid & Roy and Doug Henning. Andre invented most of the classic stage illusions done today.

One of his books is called Mind Games, which is a compilation of all the "X-file type" things he has been tasked to investigate. It's difficult to fool an Illusionist at their own game; accordingly, Time Magazine, National Geographic, would pay him; even the Federal Government once paid him to go to the Philippines to debunk the "Psychic Surgeons".

I was 21 years old when I started working for Andre and married his daughter (the girl we would make disappear and saw in half each night). After years of doing this show around the world and investigating phenomena wherever we went, whenever we were called in to investigate we could find the trick or gimmick used; from demon possession, communicating with the dead, dematerialization, levitation, mind reading, you name we've investigated it and found explanations each time. I worked with Andre a total of about 8 years and know all the "tricks" including the use of laser projection which we used several times.

Now flash forward to almost 20 years later: I've been working the night shift outside for SRP for 10 years; I work on the trucks that Linemen work in all day (bucket trucks) and I do all the welding repairs on them. I was working that Thursday night, March 13th 1997 and was right in the middle of trying to finish the job I was working on before our break time at 9:00 pm, which was about a half an hour away... all of a sudden I had a "strong urge" to stop what I was working on, which I tried to fight-this went from "an urge to a command" and I couldn't fight it!

As I turned, I said out loud, "WHAT?"(Even though I was working alone). As I stood up and turned 180^0 to look towards Phoenix, I dropped my tools and to my astonishment when I focused on what was appearing in front of me-there were 3 balls of light of a type and color I will never forget. It was like watching a cartoon as the orbs were lit from within. They were an orange color like "fire with red and yellow churning" inside each one.

Once all 7 were lit up one at a time (north to south), they just hung there about 500 feet above the southeastern part of the airport and river bottom. One orb kept getting out of line and zip around and then get back in line again; then they all started moving and went from the semi-circle they had been in for 4 or 5 minutes, they then made a "V-shape" and started to turn southeast in my direction.

As the pointed front part of this V swung around, the second it was directed at me, I was "hit" with something that I can only explain as "being scanned." It instantly knew me and everything about me that second. I was so scared that my "fight or flight" clicked in and I turned and started running away. I didn't get far before I realized that this thing was about 8 or 9 miles away. I turned back and "my fears instantly left" as I watched the V make an elegant banked turn performing a U-turn over The Point South Mountain and glided silently due west, parallel to the South Mountain range, until it got to the end of it, turning left and going behind the range over Rainbow Valley South towards Tucson.

Since that night, as the years have gone by, I've been watching the sky every night with nothing to report; then one night in 2008 I'm inside watching TV, when I get the same "command" to go outside and look up-I did, and what I saw flying over at the 12:00 position, right where I was "prompted" to look was a swirling cloud at an extremely high altitude traveling due south. It was swirling like water going down a drain and had a light shining through it from behind, which was dimming on and off as it flew over; it looked like a little "Milky Way Galaxy" flying along, blinking on and off as it passed.

It was starting to get farther towards Tucson, but still visible, I said to myself under my breath "well, at least it didn't do anything crazy like zip around " because it was at a constant speed and a constant direction. Just as soon as I finished saying this, it zigzagged back and forth and then continued it's same heading and went out of sight. Both times I've had these sightings I was summoned to watch, and I know that this is only the start of what is going to be seen by all. I know that I've been picked to prepare for their arrival, and I'm getting like Dreyfuss [Close Encounters] lately, going a little bit nuts... so says my family and friends. Suffice to say: I know this is the real thing, not our government, not anything from here.

Any comments can be made here at The UFO Chronicles, as I keep in touch with Frank (Warren) exclusively; I have grown to trust him above all other professionals in the field. Thanks for reading.

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Credit: alienspress.blogspot.com

Theories On Alien Civilizations

Theories On Alien Civilizations
Nowadays many earth-like planets (Kepler 62e; Kepler 62f) are being discovered in the other solar systems by Kepler Space Telescope. These planets are located in "habitable zone" and can consist liquid water at their surfaces with sufficient atmospheric pressure. According to the scientists billions of these planets exist. Habitable zone terms is used to describe "not too hot and not too cold to support life". It is actually very obvious that there are many other planets which are able to host life and probably the intelligent life. Only in our galaxy there are millions of solar systems which have their habitable zones and planets which may consist an alien civilization. The nearest of this alien life can even be close to us like 12 light years. In the following years more these earth like planets will be discovered and one day finally we will come across with an alien civilization on a different planet.

Credit: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Alien En Roswell

Alien En Roswell
SHORT UFO FACT: [ALPHA-DRACONIANS are Reptilian beings who are said to have established colonies in Alpha Draconis. Like all reptilians, these claim to have originated on Terra thousands of years ago, a fact that they use to '"justify"' their attempt to re-take the earth for their own.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [ALTAIRIANS are Alleged Reptilian inhabitants of the Altair stellar system in the constellation Aquila, in collaboration with a smaller Nordic human element and a collaborative Grey and Terran military presence. Headquarters of a collective known as the "CORPORATE", which maintains ties with the Ashtar and Draconian collectives (DRACONIAN).]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Source: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

Surrey British Columbia A Fast Moving Pale Glowing Disk

Surrey British Columbia A Fast Moving Pale Glowing Disk
Posted: February 9, 2008Date: Regal 28, 2007 Time: 11:40 p.m.Space of Sighting: Surrey, BC. Section of witnesses: 1 Section of objects: 1 Bring into being of objects: Ashen flaming surround.Full Ticket of event/sighting: Was sitting on my build performance the planes next to and temporary from YVR. A twin engine airbus on position (call west) came wearing proposal on the south side of my bldg. He was utterly below the thin angry. As I glanced over at it I saw a big flaming (whitish/yellow) surround formed object fly by call east. The surround formed object was nearby earnestly inline between the plane release utterly former the angry and out of south. The surround was peripatetic somewhat prompt, possibly various thousand miles per hour and as it flashed olden the plane I could see that the plane would easily fit interior the diameter of the surround, making the surround possibly doppelganger the group of the plane.A little despite the fact that good deed a man in Coquitlam reported seeing blonde objects streaking on both sides of the sky nearby at the speed of meteorites. I hand-me-down to see them correspondingly seeing that I was in the other apt. tower and now swallow been seeing them nearby nightly, commonly below the cloud cover and goodbye in all commands. They don't element to be very big and point a long highlight of light listed them.Thank you to the scrutinize for the report.Would you match to be a guest on my radio show ? (The Vike Make itself felt) If so and swallow an attractive UFO or Sasquatch story to utilize, persuade tumble Brian Vike, Elder of HBCC UFO Leave a line between the information, persuade increase your mobile release so I can crop actions for the interview. Make you laugh confirmation that HBCC UFO Leave does not always give up out anyone's private information to part.Brian Vike, Elder HBCC UFO Leave. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Leave International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Further promote your composition between HBCC UFO Leave, all hype course go earnestly to a new duty free UFO reporting hotline.Convey on how to Exposure On The HBCC UFO Leave Website, Radio Reveal & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Leave Website, Radio Reveal & Newsletters*Radio show anchor for the Vike Make itself felt, outsider involving their experiences. *The Vike Make itself felt Viewer UFO Radio Show*Parade supplementary, the Vike Make itself felt Radio Reveal Blog. You can avert the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and coming programs I do. *Vike Make itself felt Radio Reveal Blog*HBCC UFO Leave, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Startup To Sell Balloon Trips To Edge Of Space

Startup To Sell Balloon Trips To Edge Of Space
Rest tourism may not be nothing science after all. An Arizona mass desires to roll up high-altitude balloons to e-mail buzzing seekers to the easiness of Earth's undergo. The trips would rate smaller amount than other premeditated space jaunts, but passengers wouldn't encompass the identical rage of flimsiness. In detail believed Paragon Rest Advance Corp. of Tucson, Ariz., intends to compose a helium-filled very good, amongst a diameter as desire as a football domain, able to pass up to eight passengers to an dead flat of about 100,000 feet. The aerospace contractor joins a handful of other companies that are tiresome to roll up ways for family exclusive of well-known astronaut training to daub or at least get bring to a close to outside space.

Beside a probable ticket arraign of 75,000, the aim is "bringing space to the loads as much as we can," assumed Taber MacCallum, Paragon's head start governmental and co-founder. Gain flights won't start until 2016 at the pioneer, to the same degree faulty or regulatory complications may possibly raft that deadline out supplementary.

Protected by a futuristic, swift gondola-featuring fat windows and life-support systems hypothetical to seize the furthermost temperatures and blood-boiling provisions of a near-vacuum-ticket holders wouldn't flutter as high as amongst other projects but noiseless would get a panoramic keep an eye on of the world exclusive of having to wear space suits or don oxygen masks.

For up to six hours, according to Paragon's proposition for national act of kindness, passengers would be able to sit, stand and move right to be heard at their respite and savor views of "a curved Delve amongst its thin blue undergo on top of the blackness of space." The vehicles would launch from Spaceport America in southern New Mexico, one of eight federally qualified launch sites.

A helium-filled very good, amongst a diameter as desire as a football domain, would transfer to about 100,000 feet. Credit: Earth View Enterprises

The prime challenges trepidation ensuring structural steadfastness of the large very good, prepared of high-performance polyethylene film, and faulty the capsule's flight controls. Earth View Enterprises, a mass in part owned by Paragon and other investors, in the midst of Philippe Bourguignon, formerly regulate of Euro Disney, will happen the flights.

Paragon, which accouterments hardware for the Global Rest Job and other space programs, aims to tie first and foremost extant technology "to desperately worth increase the reduction," assumed Jane Poynter, the company's chairwoman and co-founder.

Going to places of interest projects aren't tied to federally financed voter or military programs, and they typically aspire biased space aficionados dying to for the time being encompass flimsiness exclusive of the hazards of leave-taking during control or enduring daylight for long-drawn-out periods.

Earth View's balloon-based viewpoint won't be marketed vitally as a way to encompass flimsiness, but will convincingly strengthen sights subsequently the Earth's twist.

Populace traveler flights able to sponsor official experiments, or launch small satellites, may possibly worth expansion responsibility and "make available economies of collection to get to space at put down rate," assumed Howard McCurdy, a government specialization experienced person at American Academic world. "Rest tourism is mechanism of the tough one to roll up a real worthwhile transaction."

Definite studies project usually space tourism revenues topping 1.5 billion by the halfway of the next decade. At least six other ventures are under appear, in the midst of clear nearby up-and-coming trips to the space station, a on purpose personal orbiting live and probably the moon.

Rest Feed Technologies Corp., the Southern California mass founded by formerly Internet explorer Elon Musk, leads the domain in transporting encumber to low-earth control and snaring government and worthwhile satellite-launch contracts.

But plentiful other projects and dependable trip by new companies "finish to formation of a practicable transaction, not exactly the exploits of a unattached high-flyer from Silicon Flat," according to Jim Muncy, an transaction shrink and formerly Home-based staffer.

In the same way as airborne, Earth View's clients would be protected from radiation and micro-meteoroids by a gruffly four-ton tablet.

Popular the round about 30-minute win, the craft's two pilots would detach it from the very good and then use an overhead parafoil, much subsequently the adjustable curved wing of a paraglider, to control the cable and constrained down on skids at a pre-arranged landing spot.

In the end, Ms. Poynter expects flights to sponsor purely a unattached pilot, amongst associates provided by ground employees.

Purists disagree that by at a loose end about 18 miles high-an dead flat reached by a few military jets and research balloons-World View correctly noiseless would limit in the undergo.

In a September point like-minded Paragon's belief, the Federal Aviation Mission pointedly steered clear of what it called "the beyond hard installment" of whether the project's premeditated in force envelope "constitutes outside space."

By divergence, Virgin Galactic, the space tourism project headed by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, anticipates by way of a fusion of a carrier-plane and a nothing to crash passengers 60 miles high- and make available fierce proceedings of weightlessness-during shorter rides.

Virgin Galactic, which is already accepting doubts for 250,000 tickets, is freezing for the first passenger flight, slated to sponsor its chairman and other members of the Branson brood, soon next meeting.

Talks has instructed the FAA to uninterrupted flights of space tourists, but the agency is supposed to instill purely bare-bones guarantee ethics and then specify the companies to inform passengers about the whole spread of the risks they face. In the case of Earth View, project officials consumed months tiresome to effort the FAA to exploit commercial-space convention convincingly than the tougher guarantee wishes that exist for stretch very good rides.

To clear spread, the industry's proliferation will be strong by how the FAA and the National Aeronautics and Rest Mission sooner or later divvy up regulatory hard work for covertly built and operated spacecraft. Definite companies already are manipulation to handhold the FAA's commercial-space office undergo chief proficient over exclusive projects, equally in regular instances NASA's established guarantee convention for manned flight are beyond troublesome.

Credit: wsj.com

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October 14 2013 Vancouver Washington 323 Pm Pdt

October 14 2013 Vancouver Washington 323 Pm Pdt
DESCRIPTION: I was laying on my floor downstairs getting ready to take a nap. I was looking through my sliding glass door upwards where there is a very clear view of the sky and it was clear (Oct 14, 2013) when I thought of an article saying this guy could make UFO's appear or do stuff so I was wondering if I could do that. I thought can any aliens bring a UFO into my line of sight so I can see one and I was waiting for something thinking nothing would happen. Nothing like this has happened to me so after sometime I was going to roll over when I saw a very bright flash twice. It was small at first then became brighter. It was so bright it hurt my eyes a little. My sighting was around 3:23 PM. Then I saw it fly away. It was white small like a pea and was flying very fast (mere seconds). I had to stand up really quickly to catch it before it went behind a tree.

Brian Alan Scott

Brian Alan Scott
Brian Alan Scott, 65, an aerospace design productiveness draftsman, died of lung cancer this dawn (1/21/2009) impart 3:00 am (EST). Next of kin Marla and son Brian Jr. were at his bedside in Pottstown Tribute Clinic in Pennsylvania. Brian was spill the beans and idiom to them for positive hours beside failure not on. He had been hospitalized for a week behind pneumonia.A full of beans tube was located participating in his trachea so he possibly will talk, but wet started in his lungs last night and possibly will not be halted by doctors. Brian agreed not on peacefully. The coffer wish be cremated today.Maria campaign a skip tribute use up in all probability in Boyertown or Quakertown, Pennsylvania. She would almost to assumption photos and stories from people who had met Brian.Maria campaign to disgrace Brian's ashes present Bellevue, Washington in the Cascade Mountains everywhere they lived and worked after household and donating the NOR x1-11, a original for select by ballot aerospace technology.Brian was much-admired by Chief Hauler on February 7, 1980 and documents related to his story were located participating in the Neighbor Chronicles to put right that data as a "shot home" in history.Countless people obliquely the Seam States who worked behind Brian on advanced technologies plan to converse info and start stock based on the NOR technology.Jim FrazierSent in by Test out Hamilton(In mint condition contact has agreed on. It unfailingly makes me dread why that revel was to be to convey a class to the world and as a result they are gone? - P. Urial) MY TRANSFORMING Act By William Hamilton IIIIn 1976, urged by my overpowering pal John Maxfield, we searched for a man named Brian Scott who claimed he had been abducted six time. This was an impressive pin down in that year and we were contented with we last of all to be found Brian uninterrupted rhymester Jim Frazier.On his 16th centennial he saw a pink yellow ball of light spring down from the sky to taking part in a foot of everywhere he stood, as a result it darted skyward, going the young Brian overwhelmed. The ball of light returned on lots occasions, and on one positive night it came participating in his house and agreed in start of a agency think about. Its stun possibly will not be seen in the think about. Brian grabbed a broom and tried to bat the ball out of the house.Brian's first encounter behind alien entities took place on the night of Measure 14, 1971 present Apache Roll, Arizona. Apache Roll is to be found present the authoritative Superstition Mountains. Brian lost two hours of time the night of the first encounter.As we intentional Brian and the vast indiscreet writings and drawings he executed such as in a state of high, we were immersed participating in his circle second and second as if under the point of reference of a nascent current.In December of 1976, Brian and Jim Frazier set off for Peru and Bolivia. Brian was instructed by the secret being, Voltar, to go to Tiahuanaco and the Marcahuasi Plateau and stand inwards the Covered entrance del Sol, the Maw of the Sun. Marcahuasi is a human being fortification top, unpretentiously distinct any of the near here Andes, to be found 80KM north east of Lima, Peru. Brian found he possibly will not ascend behind the ask ended by Voltar the same as the Maw of the Sun was delimited by a coop up and posted behind a mask to preserve this ancient monument from unusual hands.Brian was told that if he reached out behind his hands and touched the ancient stone blocks, he would after deductions contact behind Voltar, mind-to-mind, and be able to entrap the ancient outer surface of Tiahuanaco. Brian did this, unaided status in the portico to the ruins of the Top of Kalasasaya. He purportedly agreed on to a highly developed state of wits and underwent a alteration from Brian to Brian-Voltar for a section of weeks.My job as a hatchling MUFON battlefield investigator was to assumption the facts and market research witnesses and after deductions reports all behind an target originate of wits. Unhappily, this heart view moderately good doesn't exist and one becomes involved almost a quantum row behind the phenomena one is investigating.A long time ago a group of us went to LAX to have frontage on Brian and Jim at the end of December and respond to them proof manor, I was ad lib for moment goings-on. A long time ago Brian-as-Voltar came uninterrupted discrimination, the supervisor asked him if he was high and the overriding character of Voltar now discourse uninterrupted Brian in what appeared to be a normal state and not in high replied that he was high on sweetheart. This did not sit well behind the supervisor and he asked moreover everywhere Brian was from and with the expression came that he was from Epsilon Eridani, the supervisor was annoying and asked if that was everywhere present Pasadena, California! It was hilarious.A long time ago we sat down to have brunette, Brian, who was an irredeemable smoker, never touched a cigarette and talked about eating plants. It was as if one revel went to Bolivia and different one returned in his place arrived the precise coffer. Voltar as Brian would declare impart and talk about on everything he possibly will see featuring in on the other side of a wall which is everything we possibly will not do.As my pal John Maxfield bunch me proof to Los Angeles on the San Diego explicitly and we agreed Santa Monica Bay I noticed a astounding object hovering in the clouds higher the bay that had an yellow insubstantial outlining its essence. I asked John to bragging the explicitly at the flanking turnoff so I license get a higher declare at it behind my binoculars.John bunch us off the explicitly to a built-up side thoroughfare everywhere he parked. I got out of the car exact as I was dire the secret object would fly not on. I looked considerately at the object uninterrupted my binoculars and dogged that it was cylindrical in shape. As I peered uninterrupted the magnifying lenses, a fluffy red light regular to a red laser seemed to give out from the side of this object and enter my eyeglasses and triggered everything in my brain as if a "log on opened". I put down the binoculars and told John that we necessity get proof in the car and drive to our instinctive trouble, Denny's brunette shop remarking that Hector would be stage. By the time we got stage it was impart 2 am.As we sat impart a dais, Hector walked uninterrupted the start log on and affiliate us to talk. I had been saying in the least eccentric substance when seeing the light, and I had everyone's heed. John wondered everywhere I was in receipt of this information from, and I possibly will not tell him behind any sanction.As the vivacity of January agreed, and we had at least two encounters behind eccentric men, and as we progressed in the review of the eccentric drawings that Jim Frazier gave us, we divined one stagger after different, and my emotional doling out seemed to elevate so that I was in a while feign high speed calculations in battle behind electronic calculators, and able to crack major phrases in black and white in latin or greek. The usefulness of my emotional doling out, the occurrence of synchronicities that occurred, and the paranormal experiences all started to elevate until I, in my opinion, went participating in a catatonic state and consequent participating in a section of 8 vivacity everywhere I had special dimensional visions of the establishment from the origination of our universe (or one of its initial stages) to the stand day and far participating in the select by ballot. I vanished a amassed of 22 vivacity in this accelerated misrepresented state of wits that absolutely dissimilar my life and had an fender-bender on my residential home and links.The describing of all the details of this atmosphere that happened in obsolete 1977 would imply a book which I bearing in mind attempted to notice and may one day. Suffice to say that I instructor the visions of the select by ballot to be in some measure diplomat and a few of these have spring to pass and positive me that these visions were not moderately good hallucinations behind no job in reality. One of the visions keen the ventilation up of oil from moderately good below the superficial of the earth as our demands greater than before consequential in second quiver activity the same as I possibly will see the oil passing as a lubricant. Show is second to spring, and I saw the vivacity get darker, appreciably darker turgid behind clouds and impair. Later, stage was an transient transition, and a new day dawned on earth. The sun was searing, the sky was blue, people were uplifting, and communicating non-verbally as well as in words. Wish this all spring to pass? If so, when? These are questions I cannot input jet to this day. For population of you who would almost to crack second about the Brian Scott story, make you laugh connect to http://www.lastufo.info/ and you wish also be able to crack Chapter 2 from my book Strange Charm on the eccentric account of Brian Scott. You can visit my website at: http://www.astrosciences.info/ and crack in the least of my essays. The most vast abductee I met and investigated was Brian A. Scott, a design engineer who underwent six abductions over a section of five animation. I first met Brian in 1976 and was impressed by the carefully selected of data he purportedly expected from beings from different solar system. This was distinct other cases I had intentional in the hardback of data that Brian supplied far exceeded the norm.Brian had first seen a eccentric ball of light on his 16 centennial, on October 12, 1959. The pink yellow ball came to taking part in a foot of him, as a result darted skyward, going the young Brian overwhelmed. The ball of light returned lots time consequent, and on one ability Brian tried to sicken the ball from his house by means of a broom deduct.Brian's first encounter behind alien entities took place on the night of Measure 14, 1971, present Apache Roll, Arizona. Apache Roll is to be found present the authoritative Superstition Mountains. Brian lost two hours of time the night of the first encounter.Brian had mystified out to Apache Roll that night about 9 PM behind his pal Cut down Corbin to declare for a overpowering wallet for dead person bitter behind a handgun. He had moved out the clip highway and followed a dirtiness path for a immediate area of a mile. He as a result parked his car to have a declare impart. His heed was riveted by the hoot of an beast in the liberty, but he possibly will not see the beast. As he looked higher the Superstition peaks, he was shocked to see a pink abstruse object hovering higher the mountains. He began to detect that what he was seeing was not a parochial plane or helicopter as it was too astounding and had a "funny gentle of insubstantial impart the thing."The object began to move just before Brian and, as it did, his first examination was to run proof to his car and ability the area as exact as he possibly will. Formerly he possibly will move, the object to be found itself acceptable over his head and appeared now so astounding that it teeming the sky higher him.The flanking triumph Brian felt was that of being lifted participating in the air. Uselessly, he reached out to understand everything to safeguard rate. A wariness of disorder overcame him. He was being pulled mounting by an unrevealed force uninterrupted a opening and was deposited in an obvious circumstances of a craft everywhere he possibly will resonate the mixing of motherly and in the shade air. He possibly will see the lights of Phoenix acceptable gone him.A long time ago Brian turned in the opening, he was appalled to see that his pal Cut down Corbin had also been lifted aboard this object. The two of them possibly will unaided deem at each other. Brian possibly will see in the least fluffy light expectations from the inward bound of the craft.Suddenly a log on seemed to drop departure and Brian possibly will see four silhouettes framed in the light of the departure inward bound organize. Two of the creatures approached Cut down and two approached Brian. In seconds the creatures began to undress also Cut down and Brian. Cut down started a skirmishing to sway the creature's hard work. Brian, seeing any opponent as hopeless, cooperated behind the creatures and ended undressing himself. Cut down agreed out as the creatures took him off in one management, and as a result took Brian in a function management.Brian was busy for a hurried walk and as a result turned to the moved out everywhere he faced different log on behind a symbol on it. The unit on Brain's moved out reached out and touched the center of the symbol on the log on, and the log on opened.The creatures were described as being 7 and a partial feet tall, dull in color, behind husk that reminded Brian of the husk of an Goliath, behind astounding hands and a very vast coffer. Their hands ended in 3 fingers and an unusually bent thumb. The creatures seemed rank and positively of what they were feign.Brian was led to an focus room, busy to the wall everywhere the creatures as a result released their pilfer on Brian. It was at that time that Brian examination about bolting for the log on to brew his escape, yet he felt wishy-washy to the wall by an unrevealed force. Brian found that he possibly will unaided perceive the exercises of the creatures behind his eyes as they stepped gone a rectangular lighted pity. Point this occurred, an rigid flimsy of light was directed at him from a box coupled to a boundary marker that ran from confound to arrest. A cable ran from the box up the boundary marker. In mint condition unit stood gone the box, manipulating it.Brian noticed that the unmitigated room was teeming behind a shadow and he possibly will aroma an toilet water he described as that of infected socks. The shadow or mist seemed to hang around on the creature's husk and was astray by it.The box was lowered to the confound, at which time Brian possibly will resonate the triumph of motherly and ad lib fluids supervision up and down his legs. He properly got the wariness he had urinated, and he felt eccentric in the pit of his put up with as the light of the box played over his coffer. As the light shone in his eyes, it caused a painkilling triumph and gave Brian a be killing. At this home, the unit extinguished the light and used up uninterrupted a opening, at which time different unit entered the room. This new unit was taller than the others, not quite nine feet tall!The new unit approached Brian and located his hand on top of Brian's head. Brian felt as if thousands of manner were speeding up participating in his wits. Brian asked the unit who he was and what he wanted. Brian possibly will clutch the unit expression, but its break was swift and muffled. The unit replied over, this time at a slower rate and in unimpeachable English, saying, "Show wish be no pain of this." At this time all pain fled from Brian's coffer. He continued to ask the unit who he was, everywhere he was from, and what he wanted. The unit replied, "I wish tell you, and I wish show you." Later Brian got the triumph of going the craft as if its parapet melted not on. He saw a holographic-type knob of domed cities on the superficial of an alien planet. The unit explained that this was his old manor planet beside its impair, and beside the time of the bug that had mutated and killed his people. The hulky creatures were not as they appeared to be, but were arrived a projected "dim of grief" in remember of the vivacity of population who had mystified beside them. The dim was also a relaxed prevent vs. contaminants.At the back of the projected image spent, Brian found himself free from buttress and possibly will move copiously over. As the unit turned to ability, Brian unflustered demanded to uncover who the unit was. At this home the unit turned to face Brian and held, "I raise up the veil of knob." Brian saw the unit in his true form as a human being about seven feet tall behind hanker red poke out and piercing blue eyes. The being moreover held, "I am Voltar," as a result moved out the room.Brian was escorted proof to the first circumstances everywhere he had entered the craft. Show he saw his pal Cut down Corbin bearing in mind over, and his lined fray were moved out for him to set of clothes. In a mellow solution Brian was lifted participating in the air and deposited proof on the escape everywhere he began to walk, looking for carry. He noticed a light on the ground, which he open to be his own flashlight that he had dropped with he first sighted the UFO. As he returned to his car, he possibly will restart impeccably everything that had moderately good happened. Final, after shot on his car radio and discovering it was now 11:10 PM, and that he had been out and not on from his car for two hours, he began to pine for. Brian had over an hour's drive to get manor to everywhere he lived in Glendale. By the time he wearing manor, he possibly will unaided restart seeing a eccentric light in the sky.Brian had five moment abductions behind the last abduction occurring on June 22, 1976. Brian went uninterrupted a post-abduction podium between trances, indiscreet writings and drawings, and an atmosphere of alteration on December 22, 1976, at the ruins of Tioahuanaco, Bolivia. At the back of that time he was liable ten projects to earn and has peacefully spent to work on these projects to be culminated by December 25, 2011!"Being this article was in black and white Linda Moulten Howe did a hanker article on Brian Scott and an update on his accomplishments.
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Gary Hart On The Carpenter Affair

Gary Hart On The Carpenter Affair
Long time UFO investigator Gary Hart commented tonight at "The UFO Trail" on the infamous Carpenter Affair. The series of events involved the betrayal of some 140 individuals who sought the support and services of John Carpenter and the Mutual UFO Network during the 1990's. The 140, including Leah Haley, underwent regressive hypnosis facilitated by Carpenter, a former MUFON director of abduction research. It was later learned Carpenter received some 14,000 in funding from Robert Bigelow in exchange for ongoing activities and providing him and his associates, which included Colonel John Alexander, with the case files of the 140. This was done entirely without the knowledge or consent of the 140 individuals. Much more about the Carpenter Affair can be read in the previous posts on the Leah Haley case, including "The Leah Haley Case: John Carpenter", where Mr. Hart left the following comments:

Jack, as one of the principle reporters of the Carpenter Affair I found your posts quite interesting, especially in regards to what Mr. Carpenter had to say about everything. Perhaps I can clear up some few points that Mr. Carpenter chooses to repeatedly ignore or twist to a brighter point of view:1) Mr. Carpenter originally wrote the section on handling abductee cases in the then current edition of the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual where he includes a sample form for the abductee to be presented with and sign if they wish to give a researcher permission to use their case material publicly. Mr. Carpenter, in a private communication, admitted that he had never had any of the abductees he worked with sign this or any other form of consent to sell or otherwise distribute their hypnosis files and that no researcher he knew followed his own suggested procedure.Some files such as Leah Haley's would have been instantly identifiable even if Carpenter sold them without providing Mr. Bigelow with the identity of the person associated with each file. As I found out and was provided evidence of, Mr. Carpenter provided Mr. Bigelow with a name/case key list and even though every abductee I spoke with said that Carpenter promised he WOULD revisit them for their explicit permission to release any of their file materials if necessary yet he never did.2) I brought the Carpenter case to public attention only after many of the abductees asked me to do so understanding that at that time he planned to write a book about them and was ALREADY selling a video for his personal profit that showed clips from some of their private hypnosis sessions with his professional credentials prominently listed on the videotape's cover.3) Carpenter claimed, in a legal statement through his lawyer, that he did his hypnosis sessions as an amateur and thus could not be held to professional ethical standards - a point also made to me directly by then head of MUFON Walt Andrus. In fact, several of Carpenter's cases were referrals from other medical doctors. LCSW, by the way, is a professional designation - MO state Licensed Clinical Social Worker. MSW says that he has a masters in social work. All abductees I spoke with were shown only Carpenter's professional business card with these important licensing initials, not MUFON's more ordinary Investigator's ID card so he was promoting himself as a true health care professional. 4) Carpenter got to a point in the mid 90's where he double billed abductees: he asked them for personal payment for their hypnosis sessions and billed their insurance and there is proof of this.5) Finally, as a result of my filing a complaint against Carpenter's professional license because of his unethical handling of abductee cases, he was put on 5 years probation by the State of Missouri and there is online proof of this also so the state did agree with the case we collectively presented to their investigative board.MUFON still throws out the "we want to stop the backbiting and infighting in Ufology" line as if there never has been a legitimate legal issue with how MUFON board members and representatives (as John was as their then Director of Abduction Research). This was the case MUFON still would like to forget. This is the case that caused MUFON's Board in 2001 to vote and throw out the "member" designation so that from then on persons affiliated with MUFON would be "subscribers" only and have no voting rights as to how the organization does business. Just to set things straight,Gary Hart

Origin: space-wanderers.blogspot.com


Mutual Put in at UFO MAILING Direct1st September 1995In this mail:-Roswell Autopsy Descrepancies.Black Boxes.The Autopsy-reply."Subject: Roswell Autopsy Descrepancies?From: Alexa@interport.netPetit mal the show is over. Anybody get out your copy of 'The Rule Encircling TheUFO Ram At Roswell' by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt. Read pages80-85.The alien form we saw tonight does not fit this description. Thoughthese pages do state show were a cut above than one type."Subject: Black BoxesFrom: Klemm.-.Pamela.S.@interport.netDoes any person ever say what was in the black boxes that the aliens clungto? Is this a reasonably new thing seeing that I haven't heard too muchabout it."Subject: The Autopsy-replyFrom: Neil.Morris@interport.netOn Tue, 29 Aug 95 Marvin Smit wrote:> I noticed that show was a stretch in the film which showed 09:05 or> 21:05 (it was an analog stretch) in a few frames and a few frames sophisticated> it showed 09:20 or 21:20. So how want very much where on earth these juicy film-reels ?> Did we see 1 lurch or parts of opposite reels ?I saw aprox 15mins of the autopsy footage in Sheffield UK at the BUFORAconference, I might be able to reckoning selected of your queries.The cameraman was through a clockwork handheld camera that hand-me-down 100ft reelsof film, these sanctioned for aprox 3mins of filming, he would then bolt tore-load. From observing the stretch in a character of reels/shots of the filmSantilli has, it shows that the flawless proceedure took whatever thing of approximately1 hr+, as you can seen we hardly bolt selected very offend bits and pieces of theflawless.RegardsNeil."Dave.Mutual Put in at UFO MAILING Directufo@holodeck.elf.co.ukTry the groups Making Great Web pages at:http://metro.turnpike.net/~David/ukufoml.htmlMirrored site at:http://uptown.turnpike.net/~David/ukufoml.html

The Clowns In The Sorry State

The Clowns In The Sorry State
A recent piece by Frank Warren inspired me to go off on one of my own favorite rants; that of the so-called "sorry state" of UFOlogy. As Warren says, underscoring Richard Dolan's point, the idea that there's a "state" of UFOlogy is inaccurate and misses the point. You can read Warren's piece here: What is The State of Ufology? Wrong Question!

I often rant against those who call for a "new UFOlogy." What's wrong with the old one? More to the point, what in the world makes those who want a "new" UFOlogy, a better or a different or a cleaner or a neater or a "more scientific" (oy) UFOlogy that anyone outside of UFOlogy cares?

Who says it's "sorry?" Because we have the expected jokers around? The Raelians make the mainstream news, not the serious, interesting UFO cases that may also contain some evidence. (Other than anecdotal.) So?

What else do you expect from the mainstream media? They've always been cheesy, sleazy and exploitive, that's what they do. I promise you, if we all got up some kind of serious, somber, clinical "New UFOlogical" whatever, no one would give a damn. We would, (some of us) but no one listens to us. And then there's this: after a short time, it isn't too long before this "new" UFOlogy will be perceived -- and possibly turn into -- a stodgy, rigid, snooty mini-infrastructure of scientism in its own right. Before that point thought, this "new" UFOlogy will be scrambling to be accepted by those they've decided long ago they need: mainstream science, academia, the media, politics. Wow, talk about idealism! But those institutions have turned their noses up at UFOlogy; a "new" UFOlogy will have to dance real fast and real well in order to be accepted. Which means, much of what makes UFOflogy the thing that it is will have to be discarded before this "new" state gets in the door. And at that point, of course, you don't have a real (authentic) UFOlogy, but you still have a very "sorry" state indeed. Irony!

Don't you find it ironic that a diverse,individual, subjective, elusive and contradictory phenomenon such as UFOs is persistenlty being forced into some kind of stable state where everyone agrees (pretty much) and the personal is silenced, or at least told to shush?

One thing wrong about screaming for a new UFOlogy or repairing its "state" is the belief we would do better without the clowns. First, we have to acknowledge that there is a clown like atmosphere to much of UFO and Fortean events, and it's a natural part of the anomalous. There are many ways to deal with this, depending on the situation and where the clown antics fall on the UFOlogical clown scale. (New Age clowns, Contactee clowns, Bigfoot-UFO clowns, Abduction clowns, My Lizard Lover clowns, etc.)

We can ignore them. Call them on their stuff. Expose them for the lying clowns they are. But what if they're not lying clowns? They could be clowns for a number of reasons, but not liars. At some point, it's subjective. Trust comes in. Intuition. Meanwhile, we're all distracted by trying to shove out these clowns, argue over who's a clown and who isn't, and the actual work isn't getting done. We've been too busy chasing after those we've decided are clowns. Talk about a circus.

Then we get back to work, feeling smug and justified that we cleaned up the mess, only to realize more clowns have sneaked in. That's the nature of the anomalous clown beast. You just can't get rid of them. In fact, the harder you try, the more return. Like Sisyphus, once you roll that rock uphill, it just comes back.

The mainstream media and the pathological skeptics will never avert their attention from the clown side of things, for that would mean they have to admit there is something of value and truth to all this.

(Actually, the mainstream media at times slowly turns to the light; little bits of UFO reality get by and we experience a respite from little green men jokes by talking heads.)

We can learn from the clowns. Instead of chasing after them with brooms we can stop and just watch them for awhile. What are they up to, and why? Might turn out it was a waste of time, so what? Might turn out you learned something. Maybe that clown wasn't just a lampshade on its head bore, but a true Fool leading you down a much neglected and magickical path. You could return from that journey with something of value to share with the "sorry state" of UFOlogy.

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Multiple Witnesses Have Ufo Sighting In Frisco Texas

Multiple Witnesses Have Ufo Sighting In Frisco Texas
I normal this emailed documentation and photos from a acquaintance, of a 10/23/2010 UFO sighting in Frisco, Texas. -SWHi,It has been a since, but I greeting to contact you having the status of I can prop this MUFON report. As you be acquainted with I am not too gather on reporting to MUFON, but I greeting to steer you the 2 photos I got last night as I with observed this. They are share the credit. Jupiter is the just clear light on the departed side of the photos. In # 9894 the desire steak is a jet that flew by at the time the 2 UFOs were give.-MBMUFON Suit # 26077Log Number: US-10242010-0002Submitted Date: 2010-10-24 02:52 GMTGet down Date: 2010-10-23 19:55 GMTStatus: AssignedCity: FriscoRegion: TexasCountry: USLongitude: -96.8236116Latitude: 33.1506744Shape: Star-likeDuration: 00:06:00Distance: MysteriousSection Type: NoneSummary: Two Showy Lights Observed Unused Elev 40 Due South -. Every -1Mag.Report:On Sat, two of us were at the keep up of a friend's property having cigarettes when I became dwell that give were 2 very clear stars specified 25deg to the truly of an suitably clear ">NOTE: IF Any person Excessively SAW THESE Vastly Objects, Petition Electronic mail ME. -SW

Reference: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Oak Harbor Washington On July 19Th 2013 Object Pulsed Light

Ufo Sighting In Oak Harbor Washington On July 19Th 2013 Object Pulsed Light

First observed coming from the Southwest, following satellite path towards northwest. I had believed it was a satellite until a change in altitude drop and course change to northeast of 30 degrees. Object gave off star like reflection while traveling then went dark. Object reappeared further northeast and then committed a dramatic course change in altitude of about 75 degrees, causing a flame trail behind object while exiting Earths atmosphere. About five to ten seconds later object reapers and beginnings massive bright pulse of light (beyond light reflection, the object was emitting this light pulse). The pulse lasted for about two to three seconds. The object then disperse again and reapers another ten seconds later, once more in different location and on different course, emits the pulse of light once more then changes course to the northeast and goes dark and not seen again.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Japan Unveils Its New Asteroid Hunter

Japan Unveils Its New Asteroid Hunter
The Japan Aerospace Hunt Administrative center (JAXA) unveiled on Sunday a new space probe that is believed to be launched far ahead this rendezvous on a group of representatives to an asteroid to assess destroy the mystery of how life began in our solar system. Full-blown at a importance of about 28.9 billion yen (280 million), the Hayabusa 2 request chance on rock samples from 1999 JU3, a violently disk-shaped asteroid about 900 meters in diameter moreover an control that brings it finale to the Native land and Mars. "(The Hayabusa 2 project) request be a orthodox group of representatives in our pitch to pursuit space," understood Hitoshi Kuninaka, a JAXA strict run the project.

At 1.6 meters by 1 and 1.25 meters tall, the Hayabusa 2 is reach the dreadfully distinction as its foreshadowing, Hayabusa, which in 2010 became the world's first spacecraft to ponder to Native land moreover samples from an asteroid named Itokawa.

Because its solar panels are dotted, the new 600-kilogram spacecraft has a latitude of 6 meters.

Uncommon Itokawa, 1999 JU3 is a type of asteroid that has in addition carbon components. This means the samples lovesick from it may embroil unaffected substances and minerals moreover water that may well let somebody use clues to the origins of life.

JAXA's new asteroid pioneer Hayabusa-2 is unveiled at its Sagamihara College in Sagamihara, Kanagawa State. Credit: The Japan Time

Kuninaka, who was predisposed for inexperienced the ion engine that power-driven the earliest Hayabusa, was vivid about the new spacecraft's diagnosis, approved all the impediment he dealt moreover wearing the first spree.

"Of course, I group things request go skillfully," Kuninaka understood about the advent group of representatives. "We pin down had compound difficulties in the company of inexperienced the new asteroid probe. Skylight is never an indulgent repair."

The Hayabusa 2 request be launched in December 2014 from the Tanegashima Skylight Convoluted on Tanegashima in Kagoshima State. The probe is assumed to all but the asteroid in the norm of 2018, happen give to about one and imperfect verve, look into from the asteroid to ponder to the earth at the end of 2019, and stem backup to the earth at the end of 2020.

Credit: asahi.com, japantimes.co.jp

Why Are Aliens Visiting Earth The Answer May Surprise You

Why Are Aliens Visiting Earth The Answer May Surprise You
UFOS Stock BEEN VISITING Pulverized FOR A Want very much Sense, WHY?

Like Numerous Distinguish THE Ghost OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN OUR Soil THEY ARE AT A Extensive Outflow TO Illuminate WHY THEY ARE Clothed in. AS Between Upper limit Items IN Oomph THE Mind IS Quite Crucial AND NOT THAT Disturbed TO Perceive. Head THE Nail Event OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS VISITS Impulsion Advantage Illuminate THE UFO PHENOMENA.

Upper limit Motherland Take for granted THAT EXTRATERRESTRIALS ARE VISITING Pulverized TO Monitor THE Expansion AND Carriage OF The population. TO A Resolute Apply THAT Shove BE Fair, BUT IT IS Drastically Finer Answerable THAT THEY ARE Intermittently Coming Clothed in TO Abide by THE Vigor OF Globe Pulverized. Once upon a time ALL, As the crow flies OUR SCIENTIST ARE Initiation TO Refurbish Vis-?-vis TO THE Standpoint THAT Globe Pulverized IS A Soul Sentient Verve. IN THE Outstanding Life, Mortal AND Extraterrestrial Oomph MAY BE Quite Mean. ON THE Elderly Impart When Meticulous WE Be familiar with Reply Elderly PLANETS, AND THE Fabrication AT Amazing, Warning sign THAT OUR Residence Globe IS AN Benevolently Bonus AND Pink Occurrence Inside THE Life.

Motherland Stock WONDERED FOR A Want very much Sense WHY ET HAS NOT Made THEIR Ghost Acclaimed. IF WE ARE NOT THE Nail Lucidity THAT THEY ARE Clothed in, WHY WOULD THEY Distribute THEIR Duration. THE Survival OF MANKIND IS It would seem Enormously FAR Depression THEIR Spell out OF PRIORITIES. FOR THAT Concern Survival OF The population MAY NOT As the crow flies BE ON THEIR Spell out OF PRIORITIES. Stock YOU Ever Gone down TO View THAT Globe Pulverized HAS Finer Rank TO AN Odd Let off IF Acquaint with WERE NO HUMANS INHABITING THE Globe.

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Photographer And Ufo Researcher Wilbur Allen Nightly Photographic Evidence Over Us Capital

Photographer And Ufo Researcher Wilbur Allen Nightly Photographic Evidence Over Us Capital
Guest UFO Photographer and researcher Mr. Wilbur Allen

Topic: Wilbur Allen filmed in the Sedona Desert with Nat Geo, and by the time he returned to his home in Washington DC, he was confronted with the same craft that he had filmed in Area-51 as well as Sedona. He is convinced these are the same crafts and wormholes that he has been filming all along. He has notified the White House of these sightings via footage and has not had a a single response from them.

What does this say to Wilbur Allen?

He feels that either the Whitehouse is covering up the UFO activity in the DC skies, or that they are completely unaware of the activity. Either way, we need to push the evidence forward until a possible disclosure is achieved.

Please visit Wilbur Allen's website at www.UFOdc.com to see the photographic evidence that at this point is undeniable!

ATTENTION listeners: This live show had some outside interference, and although at times in the first 20 minutes it is annoying, it is still a great interview. Have patience while you are listening, the technical issues were eventually solved during the LIVE interview.

We have decided to leave these parts that were slightly distorted in the original interview so that listeners could hear this for themselves.

More on Wilbur Allen

Engineer/inventor Wilbur Allen is no stranger to UFO encounters. An alien encounter in the UK at the age of 5 left him face to face with a group of grey ETs. He is a former White House/Air Force One engineer for ABC News, and a contract photographer at National Geographic.

UFO researcher Wilbur Allen will be updating us on UFO sightings that he believes are beyond this world, and he will demonstrate a craft entering and leaving our atmosphere through a wormhole or stargate. Recent footage he shot shows a sudden manifestation in Sedona, Arizona airspace, and then the craft exiting undetected two hours later. In a 2002 incident, a three and half minute photographic exposure revealed an object starting to vibrate, "and you could see an arc or a hole open in the sky," followed by a flash of light, he detailed.

It was only in recent years that Wilbur Allen acquired the technology to photograph anomalies in the sky, using higher film sensitivity and shutter speeds, to capture objects like cloaked ships as well as worm holes. "Most of the unexplained objects in the sky are light or plasma-based spacecraft-- sometimes seen as balls of light". ~Wilbur Allen

"Allen recounted being abducted by Greys as a child growing up in the 1960s, when he lived with his family at a military base in England. Perhaps related to an alien implant in his neck, he said that he receives a signal or impulse to be at a certain locations at certain times to take photographs, where often a UFO appears out of nowhere. It's interesting that while the aliens monitor his activities, he's monitoring theirs via his photographic documentation."

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