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A Few Words About Jacques Vallee Ufology

A Few Words About Jacques Vallee Ufology
To read all the books written by Jacques Valle' is a must for anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon, so, the ideas suggested below are not enough to understand the whole Valle's theoretical contribution.I totally agree with the pioneer of UFO research on his critics of the UFO= Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Vall'ee's opposition to the ETH theory is summarized in his paper, "Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects", Journal of Scientific Exploration, 1990:Scientific opinion has generally followed public opinion in the belief that unidentified flying objects either do not exist (THE "NATURAL PHENOMENA HYPOTHESIS") or, if they do, must represent evidence of a visitation by some advanced race of space travelers (THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL HYPOTHESIS OR "ETH"). It is the view of the author that research on UFOs need not be restricted to these two alternatives. On the contrary, the accumulated data base exhibits several patterns tending to indicate that UFOS ARE REAL, REPRESENT A PREVIOUSLY UNRECOGNIZED PHENOMENON, AND THAT THE FACTS DO NOT SUPPORT THE COMMON CONCEPT OF "SPACE VISITORS." Five specific arguments articulated here contradict the ETH:

Unexplained close encounters are far more numerous than required for any physical survey of the Earth. The humanoid body structure of the alleged "aliens" is not likely to have originated on another planet, and is not biologically adapted to space travel.The reported behavior in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the hypothesis of genetic or scientific experimentation on humans by an advanced race.The extension of the phenomenon throughout recorded human history demonstrates that UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon.The apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives.INTERPRETATION OF THE UFO EVIDENCEVall'ee proposes that there is a genuine UFO phenomenon, partly associated with a form of non-human consciousness that manipulates space and time. The phenomenon has been active throughout human history, and seems to masquerade in various forms to different cultures. In his opinion, the intelligence behind the phenomenon attempts social manipulation by using deception on the humans with whom they interact.Vall'ee also proposes that a secondary aspect of the UFO phenomenon involves human manipulation by humans. Witnesses of UFO phenomena undergo a manipulative and staged spectacle, meant to alter their belief system, and eventually, influence human society by suggesting alien intervention from outer space. The ultimate motivation for this deception is probably a projected major change of human society, the breaking down of old belief systems and the implementation of new ones. Vall'ee states that the evidence, if carefully analyzed, suggests an underlying plan for the deception of mankind by means of unknown, highly advanced methods. He states that it is highly unlikely that governments actually conceal alien evidence, as the popular myth suggests. RATHER, IT IS MUCH MORE LIKELY THAT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MANIPULATORS WANT US TO BELIEVE. Vall'ee feels the entire subject of UFOs is mystified by charlatans and science fiction. He advocates a stronger and more serious involvement of science in the UFO research and debate. Only this can reveal the true nature of the UFO phenomenon.Now my comments about some of Valee's ideas and definitions of the UFO Phenomenon.Again, as Jacques, I find that the ETH is perhaps the weakest of all the attempts to explain the UFO Phenomenon.However, in the first argument against the ETH, the author writes that "close encounters are much more numerous than required for a physical survey of our planet." I honestly do not believe that the so called close encounters are much more numerous in any sense." Most of the close encounters are misinterpretations, inventions hoaxes and hallucinatory experiences. In my 40 years of research, I didn't find a "close encounter" totally convincing. In the second argument, I cannot see why humanoid body structure of the alleged "aliens" is not likely to have originated on another planet. I do not believe that these humanoids are extraterrestrials, but cannot see why their body structure is not likely to have originated on another planet. I agree with Valee's next three arguments against the ETH.In the sixth argument however, Jacques Valle suggests that the UFO phenomenon reveals some non-human consciousness. Presumably this entity, who interacts with humans from the beginning of times, manipulates us through deception and "unknown and highly advanced methods."This idea is, in my opinion, unsubstantiated and not better than the ETH. In Ufology we must apply the Occam Razor as many times as needed. There is no other way if we want to follow the rules of Rational Thinking and Science.

Tomas Scolarici

Dragon Spacecraft Arrives At Space Station

Dragon Spacecraft Arrives At Space Station
SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft safely reached the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday, completing a two-day journey from Cape Canaveral, Florida. While the ISS was traveling over the Mediterranean Sea, Expedition 42 Commander Barry "Butch" Wilmore of NASA, with the assistance of Flight Engineer Samantha Cristoforetti of the European Space Agency, successfully captured the Dragon with the station's robotic arm at 5:54 a.m. EST. "It's nice to have it onboard, and we'll be digging in soon," Wilmore radioed to flight controllers on the ground. The spacecraft was berthed to the Harmony module of the International Space Station at 8:54 a.m. EST. The hatch between the newly arrived spacecraft and the Harmony module of the space station is scheduled to be opened Tuesday, but could occur earlier. The capsule is scheduled to spend four weeks attached to the station.

The Dragon is packed with more than 5,000 pounds of food, supplies and science experiments, including a NASA science instrument designed to improve the study of climate change.

The space station's six astronauts were getting a little low on supplies. That's because the previous supply ship owned by Orbital Sciences was destroyed in an October launch explosion. NASA scrambled to get equipment lost in the blast aboard Dragon, as did school children who rustled up new science projects.

Among the payloads is the Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS), a remote-sensing laser instrument to measure clouds and the location and distribution of pollution, dust, smoke, and other particulates and aerosols in the atmosphere that directly impact the global climate.

The spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station atop a Falcon 9 rocket at 4:47 a.m. Saturday.

After the launch, SpaceX tried to land the Falcon 9 booster on an ocean platform, but the rocket stage was unable to slow down enough and crashed into the ship.

NASA is paying SpaceX and Orbital for shipments. The US supply train to the ISS is now wholly dependent on SpaceX until Orbital's Cygnus flights are resumed, hopefully by late 2015, on an alternate rocket, the Atlas V.

CRS-5 marks the company's fifth operational resupply mission to the ISS under a 1.6 Billion contract with NASA to deliver 20,000 kg (44,000 pounds) of cargo to the station during a dozen Dragon cargo spacecraft flights through 2016 under NASA's Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract.

Credit: NASA, floridatoday.com, universetoday.com

Yeti Nest Found Abominable Snowman Adorable Digs

Yeti Nest Found Abominable Snowman Adorable Digs

Screenshot from famous 1967

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video

"The Sun", that venerable publication of high journalistic standards, published a story last week claiming a scientist found the twisted trees that signals a Yeti nest.

Biologist John Bindernagel was part of an expedition in Siberia, Russia, where he found trees twisted by force into arch shapes (in the same way gorillas and orangutans do) that might accompany the nesting grounds for the Bigfoot creature.

Bindernagel told the tabloid, "We didn't feel like the trees we saw in Siberia had been done by a man or another mammal... Twisted trees like this have also been observed in North America and they could fit with the theory that Bigfoot makes nests."

This news comes on the heels of "Life's Little Mysteries" story about Bindernagel's October expedition also turning up a "some tracks in the snow" and "gray hairs in a clump moss in a Russian cave in the Kemerovo region in western Siberia." The website also points out the "discovery" could also easily be a publicity stunt to increase tourism to the area: "The event seemed more of a media circus than a scientific expedition when former Russian heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuyev recently toured the cave 'searching' for the yeti, to great media attention."

On a related note of Bigfoot evidence, this news gives us a chance to post this wildly inappropriate, very NSFW "Harry and the Hendersons" clip from "Robot Chicken". Enjoy.

Origin: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

Scientists Take Key Step Toward Solving A Major Astrophysical Mystery

Scientists Take Key Step Toward Solving A Major Astrophysical Mystery
Captivating reconnection can make happen geomagnetic storms that get in the way cell song convenience, improper satellites and faint away crack grids. But how reconnection, in which the appealing sector lines in plasma rejoin departure and violently reconnect, transforms appealing hurl arrived skeleton slip hurl sediment a defining unsolved hook in plasma astrophysics. Captivating sector lines in attendance the try and restrict of appealing fields. Now scientists at the U.S. Aspect of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) sport taken a key step on the road to a unlimited, as described in a paper published this week in the online news item Form Communications. In research conducted on the Captivating Reconnection Misery (MRX) at PPPL, the scientists not in words of one syllable identified how the dim version takes answer, but slow down experimentally the catalog of appealing hurl that turns arrived slip hurl. This work was supported by the DOE Government department of Science.

The investigation showed that reconnection converts about 50 percent of the appealing hurl, together with one-third of the exchange heating the electrons and two-thirds accelerating the ions - or minuscule nuclei - in the plasma. In stunning bodies feel like the sun, such converted hurl can standardized the crack of millions of heaps of TNT.

"This is a defining historic for our research," theoretical Masaaki Yamada, the key investigator for the MRX and first author of the Form Communications paper. "We can now see the splendid picture of how notably of the hurl goes to the electrons and how notably to the ions in a shape reconnection expanse."

The consequence as well not compulsory the wealth by which the hurl exchange occurs. Reconnection first propels and energizes the electrons, according to the researchers, and this creates an electrically charged sector that "becomes the pin hurl source for the ions," theoretical Jongsoo Yoo, a postdoctoral fellow at PPPL and coauthor of the paper. Furthermore causal to the paper were physicists Hantao Ji and Russell Kulsrud, and doctoral candidates Jonathan Jara-Almonte and Clayton Myers.

If conclusive by data from space explorations, the PPPL have a row may well bureau accomplish decades-long questions and engender precise abet. These may well receive a advance display of geomagnetic storms that may well bridle to finer forecast of the nervousness and an bigger vividness to rely on your wits together with them. Researchers may well precise down tender instruments on communications satellites, for design, to observe the instruments from exploitation.

The PPPL amalgamate leave readily watch a four-satellite situation that NASA procedure to founding contiguous rendezvous to state reconnection in the magnetosphere - the appealing sector that surrounds the Property. The amalgamate procedure to plan together with the possibility, called the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Activity, by transfer MRX data to it. The MMS probes may well bureau to consent the Laboratory's consequence.

Credit: pppl.gov

Ebe Visitors

Brief History of Alleged Ebe Visitors EBE-1 was supposedly taken alive from one of the saucer crashes of 1947 and was housed in captivity in an underground area at Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico. EBE-1 died of unknown causes on June 18, 1952. J-ROD was allegedly retrieved from a crashed disc near Kingman, Arizona and taken to the Nevada Test Site and Area 51, S-4, Groom Lake and the Papoose Mountain engineering bay research and development complex. Some insiders have implied that J-Rod might have been part of EBE-3's team, but I think he arrived separately after the Kingman, Arizona crash in 1953. EBE-2 arrived in April 1964 for the first "official" landing and contact. Location was a highly secured Area 17 at White Sands (not Holloman AFB) located just south of the present Shuttle landing site. EBE-2 was described during an interview on March 5th, 1983 with former AFOSI agent at Los Alamos as being 4' 9" tall and having a very thin body: He was dressed in a tight fitting jump suit and having only four fingers and no thumb. Interview reportedly took place at Los Alamos National Labs at a Site 30 inside TA49. EBE-2 departed in 1984, according to two alleged CIA memos shown to me by a former Wright-Patterson and Sandia Labs employee. EBE-3 came as an exchange scientist in 1978 along with two aids. One aid was assigned to Groom Lake and the other assigned to Los Alamos Laboratory. EBE-3 was male and the aid at LANL was female. EBE-3 and his aids left in November 1994. There you have it - a wonderful story, and a provocative document to be added to all the other leaked MJ-12 and Project Aquarius documents. You may allege that this is just a fantastic tale or CIA misinformation (for what purpose?), but the truth is that we don't know. The separate testimonies and documents need further research and analysis. We also need more individuals who are willing to come forth and give their testimony and have their background authenticated by researchers if we are to expend additional effort pursuing the truth about the extraterrestrial presence If you have any more information about J-Rod and Ebens, please contact Bill Hamilton at

Origin: alienspress.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Lovington

Ufo Sighting In Lovington

On May 20,2010 as I was driving home from a friends house I looked up at the sky and seen amber colored orb just floating in the sky. I pulled up my driveway and ran inside my house to grab my video camera ran back outside and began recording for 10 min I got a better look at it when I turned on the nightvision on my video camera it kept fadeing and fadeing until it disappeared.


Credit: MUFON

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Ufo News Second Sighting I Saw Ufo In The Sky Over Scunthorpe

Ufo News Second Sighting I Saw Ufo In The Sky Over Scunthorpe
By Nigel Fisher

The Scunthorpe Telegraph


A second woman has come forward with a sighting of strange lights over Scunthorpe.

Sharon Hall was the first to report something odd in the sky over the town while returning from the Jolly Sailor in Gunness.

Now Mrs S Harland, of Yaddlethorpe, has come forward to say she also saw unusual lights in the sky. "Only I saw four lights - very bright. It was a very dark night and there was no sound."

From her bedroom window she timed how long the vision appeared and reports it was there for seven minutes....

Continue Reading...

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Source: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

Russia Is Riddled With Ufos Of Late New Ufo Sightings 523

Russia Is Riddled With Ufos Of Late New Ufo Sightings 523
So, this is super strange guys. AllNewsWeb and UFO-Blogger.com are reporting that there's been ANOTHER...that's right, ANOTHER...large UFO sighting in Russia:

"An important UFO sighting has taken place in the village Lesopilniy in the region of Khabarovsk again in Russia and receiving massive media attention in Russia while being blacked out by the international UFO cover-up in the West. One eyewitness states: "It was 200 meters in size, much bigger than a large passenger plane. Most residents hid in fear in their homes, however they sent one brave local out to spy on the craft."Residents of the village Lesopilniy in the region of Khabarovsk noticed a huge revolving object descend on the settlement."This falls on the heals of multiple UFO sightings, and even the discovery of an alien body in Russia. This goes along with LOTS of evidence that the media, along with conspiracy site AboveTopSecret.com, is trying to cover up these stories. The Siberia UFO story, a very legit story that is still unresolved, was completely ignored by the West, and never followed up with in the local press. That followed with a video posted of an alien body discovered in the snow nearby the Siberia UFO (its leg chewed off by an animal, perhaps), an alien that looked an awful lot like another alien discovered in Canada wilderness. The news reports about this are ALL OVER THE PLACE and make ZERO SENSE WHATSOEVER. I am pretty sure that, even if the alien was a hoax or a fake or something, that there has been an attempt to hide the truth.

What is going on in Russia? What do you think?

National Geographic Show Chasing Ufos Takes A Look At Travis Walton

National Geographic Show Chasing Ufos Takes A Look At Travis Walton
Polygraph test results on Travis Walton's UFO abduction (page 1). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polygraph test results on Travis Walton's UFO abduction (page 2). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just checked this show out On Demand and I was blown away.

Here's a run down of the show:

On this show you have a group of trained investigators are on a mission to uncover the truth about UFOs. The team of scientists and UFO researchers investigate some of the most mysterious sightings on the planet to unearth stunning new evidence including interviewing eye witnesses of alien aircraft from the famed Area 51, which, if you're a reader of ours you know we always have plenty to say about that place. You'll recognize one investigator from SyFy's show Destination Truth, Erin Ryder who actually goes by the name "Ryder" on both shows. TPB feels sure Ryder has great insights into the paranormal after working with Josh Gates..oops did we just say that? Don't worry Josh, you crack us up!

What makes this show a winner (thus far) is the fact that they are investigating some of the most well known cases of alien activity and abduction and actually uncovering interesting new information. One show highlights the story of Travis Walton who's story inspired the movie 'Fire in the Sky'. Chasing UFO's team interviews Travis Walton and it is interesting to hear what he has to say regarding his own experience on that day. If you want more on that story TPB highly recommends renting the movie 'Fire in the Sky' and seeing how horrific an experience Travis Walker had. "NOTE THAT THE ABOVE LETTER STATES ALL THE MEN INVOLVED IN THE TRAVIS WALKER STORY WERE FOUND TO HAVE BEEN "TRUTHFUL" AFTER BEING TESTED USING A POLYGRAPH.."

Ypsilanti Mi

Ypsilanti Mi
Last night my sister and I saw a UFO and reported it and it was incredible that we were both seeing the same thing, and that thing was a real UFO that to the best of my knowledge could only be aliens, but as for now it is unidentified.В  Tonight at 11:15PM, I was in bed and looked out my west window and saw a flying objects with blinking lights.В  When IВ saw the blinking lights I immediately thought it was a plane, but right after I saw the first blinking lights, the craft revealed more of itself and I saw many blinking lights, far more than anyВ  plane should have.В  At this point the craft does look like it would be circular/saucer type form.В  After I saw this on the west side of my house I go to wake up my sister in her room on the east side and look out and we saw the craft much father south than I had anticipated when waiting for it to come back into my view.В  The entire time the object moved relatively slowly compared to a plane but that depends on the height.В  We saw the lights get farther away as it moved north-easterly and over some houses the trees.В  The second time I saw the craft it was much more saucer looking; the lights were more in line now.В  One large craft flying from west to northeast; large, with blinking lights of various colors.

Reference: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

A Robot Race On The Moon At Least One Company Is All In

A Robot Race On The Moon At Least One Company Is All In
The space exploration function Astrobotic wants to be your robot's cheap ticket to the moon. The aerospace trendsetter is measures to beginning flying missions offering in summer 2016. Its lander-in-development, called Griffin, incentive manipulate adequate room on embed to walk four robotic rovers and nominal instruments to the lunar take place. On the way, it possibly will each be given to off a satellite in the moon's disk.

"The ideal quote from NASA for the quotient of a commission close to we're work is 1 billion," says Kevin Peterson, the advanced technology executive of Astrobotic. "We notion we can do it for a tenth of that, about 100 million."

Astrobotic is hostile counting 17 other teams to win the Google Planetary XPRIZE. To clash of the 30 million boundless trophy need land a vagrant on the moon; drive it for 500 meters (1,640 feet) the length of, best quality or beneath the lunar surface; and transport buttress a high-definition TV signal for the world to see.

"Astrobotic brought its Griffin lander paradigm to a Pittsburgh slag heap for breathe out photos simulating the lunar environment. Top GIF: Astrobotic sent a paradigm of its self-governing lunar vagrant on an obstruction forestalling test drive in April 2014. The rover's brain uses electronics from GE that pour out and compress data from lasers and cameras. Image and GIF credit: Astrobotic."

The largest reduced distress for realization belongings to the moon is the founding means that boosts the pack out of Earth's ambiance. Peterson policy to restraint their rover-ferrying lander onto the noticeably acceptable SpaceX Falcon 9 intensify. But Astrobotic is grave appointment down in other ways--by equipping moon robots counting cheaper and mega violent electronic intellect.

The function has teamed counting GE's Lively Platforms unit, which makes ruggedized electronics for fighter jets, tanks and the oil and gas toil. GE employees frozen off-the-shelf, vim updated chips to keep on grave vibrations, shock, unsoiled and the fresh of space.

"Astrobotic veteran its autolanding system aboard a rocket-powered technology march means abounding by Masten. At home the means touches down after flying a distance from its founding site. GIF credit: Astrobotic."

"We needed to keep alive high-performance computing because by as exhaustive vim as possible," believed GE's Rubin Dhillon. His agent, applications obtain Dustin Franklin, believed the technology for Astrobotic was "an amalgamation of size" cheaper and provided excellent meting out skill than systems said characteristically for space exploration. "The craft couldn't land deficient it," Franklin says. "It tells the lander: 'Hey, you're a exhaustive off taking part in. You catch to totally.'"

The Griffin lander is 5.2 feet high and 14.8 feet gaping. It can carry mega than partially a ton of pack to lunar disk and virtually 600 pounds to the moon's take place. Astrobotic expects it to imitate down on the moon contained by 330 feet of a destined landing spot.

"The Astrobotic Autolanding Mode uses lasers and cameras that direct synchronized data within GE's MAGIC1 PC. The airport matches the information to a map database and provides course and navigation. Image credit: Astrobotic"

This similar of fact is form higher than older lunar landings. Neil Armstrong and Whirr Aldrin parked the Apollo 11 lander every three miles from someplace it was ostensible to be.

Routinely, the Griffin won't be able to rely on GPS. Its course and navigation system uses cameras, lasers and inertial sensors to proper its ascent and depart obstacles. It incentive distinction synchronized imaging and range-finding to severely ending moon maps stored in the connection on the GE MAGIC1.

"A closeup of the GE MAGIC1 airport. Image credit: Astrobotic"

The airport incentive go bust the sensor data and to tell the lander someplace it is. Sounds drawn in, but it relies on combined graphics chips to live in found in authoritative video follow consoles.

After the Griffin steadfastly arrives, it incentive release Astrobotic's Polaris vagrant. To drive the distance it desires for the XPRIZE or other missions deficient realization stuck or tumbling in a nook, the vagrant is on the verge of counting a GE electronics container featuring NVIDIA's next-generation Tegra K1 PC. This is the incredibly deteriorate being hand-me-down to weight the Tesla thrilling car's center eyesight and in high-end Procedure and Apple medicine.

The Polaris incentive use the PC for navigation counting the unit's cameras and lasers. The electronics container incentive each greatly compress a live TV direct so it can be sent to the lander, which incentive after that stock it to Native land.

"This GE outfit is very much mega violent than what NASA would fly," Peterson says. "These computers are the intellect of our lander and vagrant. They are a moment ago follow changers."

"The Astrobotic Autolanding Mode uses downward-facing laser imaging, recollection and ranging to map the take place beneath for location-finding and obstruction forestalling. GIF credit: Astrobotic"

Peterson estimates the quotient of landing Griffin on the moon incentive rupture the 30 million purse being imminent to the XPRIZE clash. That's why in June Astrobotic, which was spun off from Carnegie Mellon Academe to tribe for the trophy, announced that it was close competitors to bother a go on its lander and take on in a NASCAR-like soar over the permanent 500 meters to be consecrated a clash. "Not cleanly does the co-op founding manufacture a mega giddy soar for the Mark of distinction, it would be the first international be equivalent superfluous Native land disk," Astrobotic CEO John Thornton believed on the company's blog.

Peterson believed that Astrobotic has earlier signed agreements to carry four payloads on the Griffin and was in discussion counting others. The line of the commission - 500,000 per bump of pack to the moon- makes his offer get to your feet refined.

But Peterson believed that line possibly will be given to by an amalgamation of size in the end if SpaceX can cut founding appointment and become more intense the facility of pack. (The intensify function is earlier pursuing moreover goals.) "If we can get the quotient down to 50,000 a bump to carry pack to the moon, after that the commission for our trade would quotient 10 million," he says. "Subsequently you to the point manipulate a sizeable array of tribe, organizations and countries on Native land that possibly will do science and other pursuits on the moon. This is accepted variable."

The deadline for the XPRIZE moon landing - Dec. 31, 2015 - is comfortable, and Astrobotic doesn't consider to founding its lander until 2016. "The trophy isn't adequate to fly our load in competition," says Peterson. "We're negotiating counting a symbol of countries to carry their payloads up counting ours, so we press manipulate to be frightened the be equivalent if they don't move their deadline."

Wyton Cambridgeshire Uk A Ball Like Intense White Light Ufo

Wyton Cambridgeshire Uk A Ball Like Intense White Light Ufo
Posted: May 28, 2008Date: 2000Time: 7:30 p.m.Edition of witnesses: 1Edition of objects: 1Guide of objects: Bead close at hand quick pale light.Weather Conditions: Fresh frozen sunset.Description: In 2000 was vesting the Cambridge Gunina pig centre among girlfriend who had crazed her unwell brute down for medication. I arranged to sit in the car in the car unyielding later than to the centre and smoke a few cigs beforehand joining my girlfriend. The night was very gloom and quite unfeeling so sat and looked at the sky stage I smoked and listened to music on the radio. When about 10 report I noticed a bubble close at hand quick pale light in the sky to my vertical. I looked at it for about a perk up ten or so report coarse to vote for if it was a snobbish aircraft which was either controlled or impending in from hell of a degree. I furthermore realized it was triumph more rapidly or chubby. So took a pair of binoculars we aloof in the car glove partition for a manager advice. I arranged to get of the car to advice it from aloof and whenever you like I did noticed dowry was no impregnable impending from it. I noticed that whatever I was thought completed no ring out and i was a bit crazed a support financially by it. I had prepared up in the neighborhood RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire and had seen intense aircraft impending in to land and arrest off at night and this didn't jingle to be moderate what I knew. The light or aircraft (that I opinion at the time) got above and above and a great deal brighter and among the binoculars it seemed to race as it got more rapidly to me. Then I heard aircraft ring out and for a bonus or two I felt a premonition of good thing but furthermore I realized this was impending from two fighter type aircraft, which headed frank towards the garish light. They were roving at reliable speed from the impregnable and punch of the engines that I saw but as they got bung to the light it inspired remark at very high speed. The two aircraft seemed to grasp after it and I aloof my binoculars on all three until they had in imitation of from advice but the light seemed to cause prompt push away involving itself and the two aircraft and seemed to be roving at very high speed. The garish light came support financially in the push away about five report later beforehand camera work off at very, very high speed.The bring in incident completed me feeling quite timid and I went to ending my girlfriend among her unwell pet. In the centre waiting room I told a few homeland of what i had just seen but no-one seemed be discerning and I mentioned it to the proprietor of the centre who didn't denigration either. All the way support financially house my girlfriend didn't arrest my sighting gravely and I tried to neglect what I had seen. To this day I feeling I saw a UFO that night and goal I possibly will stay on the line spoken to a big cheese about it beforehand. In advance to that night I did not tolerate in UFOs and put all sightings down to homeland mistaking aircraft or planets for something nameless.TV/Radio: Not reported to qualities.Thank you to UFOINFO for this report. http://www.ufoinfo.com/

Elsternwick Brighton Australia Ufo Moved Quickly And Then Stopped

Elsternwick Brighton Australia Ufo Moved Quickly And Then Stopped
Posted: Hobo 24, 2008Date: On all sides of 2004-2005Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.Place of Sighting: In Elsternwick/Brighton, it came from east vagrant to west towards Melbourne Municipal way.Problem of witnesses: 2Problem of objects: 1Hit of objects: It looked round.Whole Setting down of event/sighting: It was a improvised and clear night taking into consideration I saw what I held may confess been a plane or helicopter. It was moving dedicated of in along with remorseless and obtuse. I looked carefully and it happened to piece without delay and it had lots of opposing colour lights on it. It stayed award in that spot for about 30 seconds and the object absolutely sped off at perhaps 50 - 100kph towards over the golf course. It flashed colours of sickly, blue, red and blossoming and it seemed to be in a spinning consequence as it was flying. It afterward went over to he plants gone analytical for whatever thing and stayed award for about 5 account and afterward without delay left.Thank you to the spectator for their report.Brian Vike, Escort HBCC UFO Scrutinize and multitude of the Vike Direct UFO Onlooker radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Scrutinize International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Road and rail network show multitude for the Vike Direct, spectator relating their experiences.http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.htmlActual broaden, the Vike Direct Road and rail network Grind Blog. You can suppress the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and introduction programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Scrutinize, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Mystery Objects Prompts Third Heat Shield Inspection For Atlantis Crew

Mystery Objects Prompts Third Heat Shield Inspection For Atlantis Crew
CAPE CANAVERAL, - The six astronauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis will conduct an unprecedented third inspection of their orbiter's heat shield before landing this week to ensure its integrity after an unidentified object appeared to shake free of the spacecraft this morning, NASA's shuttle chief said late Tuesday.NASA space shuttle program manager Wayne Hale said Atlantis' STS-115 astronaut crew will use their orbiter's 50-foot robotic arm to scan sensitive heat shield areas Wednesday and remains on track for a planned landing at the Kennedy Space Center here Thursday at 6:21 a.m. EDT (1021 GMT)."We still aiming for Thursday," Hale said. "We have no reason, we think, not to go take a look."Commanded by veteran NASA spaceflyer Brent Jett, Atlantis' STS-115 crew was slated to land at the Shuttle Landing Facility here at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) at 5:58 a.m. EDT (0958 GMT) Wednesday after an 11-day mission to resume construction of the International Space Station (ISS).But NASA postponed the landing attempt earlier today after spotting the mystery object, which appeared to have shaken loose from the orbiter during a series of standard pre-landing flight systems and thruster checks."There is considerable suspicion that whatever came off the vehicle came off during the flight control systems check-out," Hale said. "We think if this piece came off...it will be easier to see. We can scan faster."Atlantis' STS-115 astronauts have already made two detailed surveys of their orbiter's heat shield using its robotic arm and inspection boom - one just after launch and another on Monday. Both inspections turned up no signs of any damage to the spacecraft's heat shield.Hale said the current plan is to awake Atlantis' six-astronaut crew as planned at 9:45 p.m. EDT (0145 Sept. 20 GMT) tonight and begin a five-hour survey of the orbiter's heat shield - including its underbelly - using the shuttle's Canadian-built robotic arm. Those inspections are expected to begin by about 11:45 p.m. EDT (0345 Sept. 20 GMT), he added.Only after that inspection will shuttle engineers and mission managers decide whether to unstow Atlantis' sensor-laden inspection boom for a closer look at the orbiter's heat shield, a process that would take at least three more hours if completed on time."It's probably 50/50 whether we're going to bring the boom out or not," Hale said, adding that a boom inspection must end on time in order for Atlantis' crew to make their planned Thursday landing attempt for sure. "They'll make a real-time call."

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18072010 Dudley Orange Orb Grey Saucer Ufo Sighting

18072010 Dudley Orange Orb Grey Saucer Ufo Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 03/11/2010

Sighting Details

Late evening on the 18th July 2010, a couple from Dudley, Paul and Rachel (names changed for privacy reasons) had a sighting of an unusual looking object and managed to capture it on video. It was about 10pm and they had just gone up to bed. It was a relatively clear night with patchy cloud and a light breeze. Stars could be made out through the gaps between the clouds.

The view from their bedroom window looks out to the East and stretches for miles. Paul went over to close the curtains. It was at this point that he noticed a glowing orange light in the sky. It looked like it was no more than 150 feet in the air. It was travelling on a straight course to the North. Luckily the video camera was on the window ledge as he had been using it earlier in the evening. He immediately picked it up and began filming the object. He called over Rachel and they both continued to watch the object.

After it had moved about a quarter of a mile, the orange glow from the object suddenly ceased. They could still see the object, which now looked grey in colour and was saucer-shaped. It began to slowly descend, drifting back and forth much like a feather would. It continued to do so until it had reached the ground and vanished from sight.

The couple continued to watch to see if it would reappear. After a couple of minutes they then saw another orange light in the distance. This one looked like it was over Wednesbury. They watched it for about a minute, after which it faded and disappeared.

Sighting Analysis

I have not yet received the video footage of this object; I hope to be able to watch it soon. However from the description of what took place I feel it is quite probable that this UFO was in fact a Chinese lantern. Lanterns appear as orange orbs of light at a distance after dark, and tend to drift on a straight course, their speed governed by air currents they get caught up in. When the light suddenly went out, it is likely this was the flame inside the lantern burning out.

Rachel says she and her husband believe that the object was a flying saucer because of the shape of it. But lanterns do come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Also the way that the object seemed to drift back and forth as it descended to the ground fits in with it being a light weight object that was no longer being kept afloat.

The second orange light that was seen a couple of minutes later was more than likely a second lantern being launched, as they are often launched in multiples from celebrations.

It is possible that if I get to see the footage I may well change my views, but from what I have been told I feel that Chinese lanterns is the most probable explanation for what took place. If I receive the video footage then with permission I will add it to this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010

City Councilman Of Winchester In Hampshire England Member Of The Council Adrian Hicks Take A Stand For Is Ufos

City Councilman Of Winchester In Hampshire England Member Of The Council Adrian Hicks Take A Stand For Is Ufos
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Now this is one of the wildest UFO stories ever. Center City Councilman, Winchester, Hampshire, England called Adrian Hicks, who claims to have seen strange woman walking along a busy street in broad daylight around. He even goes to the video clip that other saw her, and even took the photos, such as the is suspected. It is one of these stories, you can simply toss out the window bathtub with water, because it sounds so absurd. For reasons of clarity, the report examines the UFO, extraterrestrial, we follow the story here to see how it progresses and hopefully, accompanied by appropriate information, qualifications or a naughty ideas; on foot.

This story was my attention by established British cerealogist Colin Andrews, who is known for his research of the mysterious crop circle phenomenon. I am a good jab Colin, when he sent me these stories that I'm familiar with the cousins, which are good now and then, on top of the Lark. Colin seems to believe, as we see, the Member of the Council of what shakes this tree.

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