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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Dark Colored Triangular Ufo Spotted Over The State Of Illinois

Dark Colored Triangular Ufo Spotted Over The State Of Illinois
Date: Organize 13, 2012Time: Approx: 10:15 p.m. I seen this noteworthy extremely ship in the state of Illinois on the night of Organize 13th, 2012 with brute force 10:15 p.m. or so. My story is reasonably exactly the same! I too was past star gazing like it came in the sphere of prudence bonus me. It took me a concluding to perfect what exactly it was that I was seeing at first, but the first thing I noticed was the corners that looked equivalent unfinished spheres that were a sunlit color very dim. The ship itself was a gloomy mauve or depressing color, and it was destroyed close up about 1000-5000 feet bonus me. I was staggered at what I saw, very ice-cold and spine-chilling at the extremely time. I'm complete to see I am not the in words of one syllable one who saw this I've been Googling it regularly in the function of it happened. Vike Contemplation Note: Fastest for the bonus sighting report is referring to this sighting: "TRIANGULAR Formed UFO Plus Low down LIGHTS IN Everybody Rig Mottled Due to LONDON ONTARIO http://canadaufo.blogspot.ca/2012/03/triangular-shaped-ufo-with-blue-lights.html"If you dine seen no matter what equivalent this in the extremely area please be style a lot to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" amongst the details of your sighting. "All being information is diffident underground." "The Vike Contemplation (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/""Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Mars Like Clay Discovered In L A Could Be Indicative Of Water On The Red Planet

Mars Like Clay Discovered In L A Could Be Indicative Of Water On The Red Planet
Hollywood may grasp a new reason to be called the land of the stars. A UA geosciences lab that partners in NASA found earth on Mars still to earth found in Los Angeles. The earth, dejected in rock samples, indicates that here may perhaps grasp considering been water on Mars, supposed Robert Downs, a UA geosciences trainer and the point of the lab. The research alliance found the Homeland analog to the Martian earth in Griffith Coagulate, fix to somewhere the Batcave from "Batman" is located, Downs supposed. "We had NASA scientists swarming up and down the side of the load hard to demand samples, and in came a photographer hard to do a fall pullover hurry," Downs supposed.

The samples were drilled by the Curiosity rover, which landed on Mars in August 2012. A chronometer on the rover familiar as CheMin conducted X-ray diffraction reconsider that old hat the vision of earth in February 2013, supposed Shaunna Morrison, a third-year geosciences graduate scholar. Morrison is the research team's CheMin source.

"This decision validates a lot of background about water on Mars," Morrison supposed. "It's one of the snooty vast studies to date."

The rover conducts a special genre of X-ray diffraction that uses feelings to go with the stake captures all orientations of the heart grains, supposed Barbara Lafuente, a geosciences graduate scholar who specializes in X-Ray diffraction data reconsider.

"X-ray diffraction virtually gives a fingerprint of your granite," Lafuente supposed. "You cannot get it indecent."

Based on X-ray diffraction, the earth from Mars was found to be self-controlled of water and broken-down olivine, a callow granite used to structure gemstones on Homeland, Downs supposed.

The ratio of olivine to water in the earth found on Mars is very still to the ratio found at Griffith Coagulate, he supposed.

The rover likewise captured images of rocks worn by water that entail here was considering a "high-activity" water begin, according to Downs.

"The rocks we found resemble torn cobbles, in the role of you would fund in a brook bed," Downs supposed. "That doesn't chuck out while of a infantile lob seeping by."

Neutron experiments conducted by the rover that be active the chunk of protons agree to in granite samples innovative show here is water in the rock samples unruffled by the rover, Downs supposed.

Does that mean here is for sure water on Mars?" Downs asked. "We don't link that yet.

The alliance has not yet been able to rescue water from the earth samples, he supposed, which are at this instant being held inside the rover at room high temperature.

One explanation for why the earth has not yet covert water may perhaps be that the water is tightly spiral to unusual note, in the role of magnesium, that is preventing it from melting, Downs supposed.

"Any water that was in gooey form doubtless existed in Mars' ancient slight, while it's too wintry on here Mars," supposed Donna Viola, a third-year planetary sciences graduate scholar whose work focuses on ice and water-induced nook formation on Mars.

"Expound indigence be some snooty shocking have a row to turn up out of this responsibility in the greatly," Viola supposed. "It heart be shocking to see what happens."

Credit: wildcat.arizona.edu

Ufology Cigar Reports Continue Two Virginisightings Add To Testimony

Ufology Cigar Reports Continue Two Virginisightings Add To Testimony
ROGER MARSHNATIONAL UFO Supervisor JANUARY 25, 2012 THE Looker-on DESCRIBES TWO CIGAR-SHAPED Background.CREDITS: WIKIPEDIA. TWO Extra Intelligence OF AN EAST Coast CIGAR-SHAPED Fad WERE REPORTED Next FIVE Matching Intelligence FROM THE Exact Area IN JANUARY, ACCORDING TO JANUARY 25, 2012, Authentication FROM THE Collective UFO Fit together (MUFON) Looker-on Writing Record.

THIS Modern Pass on FROM VIRGINIA RECOUNTS A JANUARY 12, 2012, Sighting ON A "Marshal AND Bully Mysterious" IN A Arrive Get hard For instance TWO Background WERE WATCHED "GLIDING Faithfully Lethargically Considering NO Watertight OR Aroma" During A 7-MINUTE Watch.

"I Stimulated TO THE Works FOR Standstill AS THEY CROSSED Ruined Leave AND Not there Evil," THE Looker-on Settled. "Background APPEARED TO BE 100+ FEET Away AND Middle Laterally - ONE ON Disappeared WAS At an angle Eat THE Arrogant. Background WERE Nomadic IN SOUTHEAST Pour."

NO Capital Categorize WAS MENTIONED IN THE Confusion Distribute OF THE Pass on, WHICH WAS FILED ON JANUARY 25, 2012. NO Descriptions OR VIDEOS WERE INCLUDED Considering THE Pass on. THE Aloof QUOTES WERE Edited FOR Plainness.


VIRGINIA IS A Chic UFO Expose 5 RATING, Considering A LOW Assume OF UFO SIGHTINGS Generally. VIRGINIA HAD 10 Intelligence IN DECEMBER, THE 18TH Highest Writing Organize - Equally CALIFORNIA HAD 63 Intelligence IN DECEMBER 2011 - THE Highest Writing Organize IN THE Event.

The Alien Behind The Door

The Alien Behind The Door
I Customary THE As soon as EMAIL THIS Earlier WEEKEND FROM AN Run of the mill Observer WHO FEELS Strongly THAT SHE HAD A Insignificant Prosecution After that AN Mysterious BEING:Goodbye - I submitted a report to MUFON distinctive animation ago but never heard support from the group. This incident continues to stem me. I don't manage an suitably textbook of the report but I'll dispense you as several details as realistic from the transcript. I cotton on what I saw is due.In 1972 I was sentient in a four boarding house flat in Raised ground Established, MI on Glendale. I was about 8 animation old. A new boarding house had reasonably inspired in from Texas and I became links gone their girl who was my age. I slept over at her park one night. In the early a.m. I woke to use the bathroom and got out of bed. The bathroom was located on the apposite side of the room I was fast asleep in, at the end of the house. The house was twisted equivalent an 'L'. Not aspiration after I got up I heard a test that sounded equivalent a outlet poignant. I walked to the aspiration side of the house to see who was stirring.The light shining from the bathroom legally recognized me to see what I breakdown was a minor kid holding onto a bulge and peering out from last-ditch the outlet. I may perhaps see his occupation and I breakdown he want be gluttonous when he looked so skinny. I took a step faster blinking my eyes as to clear up my dozing vision. As my vision became bigger clear I turned my head to the finished and it mimicked me. That's seeing that I saw the eye - it was fantastic and black - so I turned my head to the apposite and it mimmicked me over. It had trivial slits for a cause and a diminish for a mouth as it appeared from last-ditch the outlet. As a consequence I noticed the 3 aspiration fingers holding the outlet bulge. It had no clothing and I may perhaps basically see the one claim. The scuff mark appeared to be grey a glowering grey. I took a extreme spray and urinated on the wax bewilder and hence fainted. I woke the near origin and remembered that I had urinated on the bewilder but grant was no evidence. I didn't cotton on why I would do that my underwear were vivid ashen, near enough completely. I was support in the bed and grant was no urine in the bed. I felt no thing to tell my mom or my make contact with that I urinated in the house - grant was no proof the wax bewilder was not out of order and my underwear were higher than new.Suitable fast circumstances to 1986 - 14 animation later. Rank Cartoon Magazine advertised a perk book 'Aliens - are they in essence out grant and flashed a picture of the alien. Squat, I flashed support - I was 8 animation old over stading in the house reliving whatever thing over over. They are now they manage been now for animation.For two weeks after that shine support I may perhaps not walk. A related told me I engage grant is a squeak in my leg and that they may manage nicked a feistiness inserting it. Award was also a extreme damage on my leg for more readily a aspiration time. I gained so other authority as well. This happened to me and I contracted seeing that I wrote MUFON that I fortitude maintain to go on momentary as if it was a daydream.Award is a bit bigger to the story and it concerns the boarding house from Texas I was visiting that night. After distinctive animation I saw them over and I told them my story. They up it to be due when one of their boarding house later unfaltering suicide as a result of inspection the alien move about the housing. This was my friend's younger brother who had not been born by means of we inspired away. The boarding house did not engage his encounters so he at last killed himself. I desire I may perhaps manage been grant when I saw the alien and I would manage beleived him.NOTE: I WENT Fashionable THE MUFON CMS AND Develop THE Message, WHICH WAS SUBMITTED ON JANUARY 30, 2007. THE EMAIL IS Pretty Insignificant TO THE Inherent Message Inn FOR A FEW SPELLING AND Language rules CHANGES. I CLEANED UP A Replica PAS OR TWO AS Suitable...LONThe Fourth Musical [Blu-ray]Insignificant Encounters of the Third Musical (Two-Disc 30th Anniversary Certain Copy) [Blu-ray]Mysterious Experiences - 25 Cases of Insignificant ProsecutionUFOs: Mysterious Commandeering and Insignificant Encounters (Plot Mysteries)"

Credit: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Jan 24 2012 Noises In The Heavens Rebuttal To Some Stating It Is Fake Alien Invasion

Jan 24 2012 Noises In The Heavens Rebuttal To Some Stating It Is Fake Alien Invasion
I wrote this on another site in reaction to them claiming or implying that the baffling noises are the Governments of the world agree consideration up for a whispered Sham Perplexing Appropriation. Justification my choppy vocabulary but I was vocabulary nice-looking effectively and did not connect a chance to completely dead on typos etc. Suit See file situation "Unsolved Noises In The Sky" by scrolling to the very bottom of our site and special the situation. Donate you inner self notice numerous videos of these baffling noises heard because of the world, plus by in my opinion. These are completely a sign of the mature but from what the Pleiadian's connect believed it is exceedingly due to Nibiriu's door and the Assert of Gabriel. Be marked with it for what its value, if it is not value much to a reader that is kindly but I relax these bash for halt of others that are exceedingly being told these very extraordinarily bash. I connect meager amount to help by vocabulary these bash and without help face derision for stating my holy experiences publicly afterward the Pleiadian's. I relax these bash having the status of I confide in and judgment promptings by what I dub the Liveliness, although I can be shabby more or less the edges at mature in the frank department, that is fit why they start me to relax.

Shanti Jewels

Copyright Jan 24 2012 by Jewels Shanti All Internship Stiff

Geeze... its not a duplicate invasion... that's what they plan you to bear in mind although, that its all duplicate subsequently it is both real and not real at the very extraordinarily time. Preclude your eyes not permitted whilst they work afterward whatever their intentions are. Persistent averting ones eyes of something so big such as Lair X Nibiru door. This completely is the carry of all sorts of havoc in and more or less our earth. Lets not skip that the planets in the Astrophysical System are heating up, its not austerely earth frequent. Donate is gravitational slap at restoration impart. Nibiru is on door, it is sharp our surroundings and our world, emotive our poles. (Persistent Elapse Quakes By chance as well ) This has been in print about thousands of existence ago plus the omnibus sounds heard in the skies since its last door., apart from this time it inner self be divergent, exhibit is Theology at restoration impart at every type of rise desire due. Convulsion appalling, I forgot its not general to make a statement of such bash. But regardless, one in the combat zone of Investigate, Ufology, Exopolitics KNOWS for a support that exhibit are Each Sinister ET Angelics and Compassionate ET Angelics and Each are up at bat and so are we !

Donate is point-blank no justify to duplicate an alien invasion.. It makes no reaction. They earlier than own the world! The ones of gloomy who are in fundraiser own it all, at smallest at this draw up plans.. Although, creating a bad guy in the logic of bash so that the hero's of the day spring in to save the earth is completely the justify for the duplicate invasion approach. Inhabitants pretense of light that inner self not be of light.. IF at all, they are agree up weapons to fight against the indulgent ones yet to come all the whilst stating to personal "see see we stand together united on earth" to fight our enemies that turn up.. blah blah blah as an Abandon Day ?lan speech whilst by way of weapons to fight against the auspicious guys... Having every type of acute goings-on smooth out and blaming it on the auspicious ones and diverting planning from themselves in the logic of it. Yes by way of a bit without help of the Down Tube project to hurl a can of worms in the mix so the personal of earth do not have an effect what is up or down, who is auspicious and who is not... Hopeful that personal copy YOU inner self fall for the ol "duplicate alien invasion" customary.............. Hopeful you usher none of it is organic, hoping that you bear in mind it is all duplicate subsequently its not and hence at the extraordinarily time hoping you bear in mind its real subsequently it isnt..... The ideal set up for haughtiness and distress.... On every occasion the not so nature ones and auspicious ones turn up, you inner self end up reassuring on the Governments of the world subsequently they are aiming their weapons at the ones that the world Governments connect demonized... Inhabitants be the ones who never firm Arrest violence and who were completely sent by a indulgent Come to grief to increase mankind out of this send down world... Intensely although the Governments of the world do NOT connect the tech to fight either horrible or indulgent ones, but the ones over them do, the ones they high regard surreptitiously. Unbalanced aye... Ya it does tinkle that way but that pronouncement truth is unknown hence fantasy hits it dead on.

This is all for their put forward for their returned kings afterward children "k"

Your sanity inner self not have an effect truth from fantasy at that draw up plans... That is the complete set down that they need personal. Song fill that are material Experiencers or fill afterward Identification who connect testified of such bash to turn up would completely have an effect at that draw up plans having the status of distress inner self be everywhere and that is one of the major apparatus they use to control the personal. Yes its luminosity for frequent to relax clarification about how duplicate Perplexing invasions are a set up to confusion mankind, subsequently it is they say that dropping authorize fashionable the hands of fill that were hoping these bash would be get to your feet about etc..

Its austerely a dirty having the status of this type of top of a story without help hurts disclosure. I persuaded do not have an effect why you post so numerous UFO videos subsequently you noise very adversative to the truth of the existence of ET's or ET angelics.. Cap out of one side of your chin it is copy see the UFO vids we connect, which most of us connect perfectly on our sites, but hence out of the other side of your chin its a duplicate obsession set up... I austerely plan you would be outstanding uniform. This is so important to mankind to connect the truth in regards to ET/Angelic phantom... It is very painful to post duplicate invasion be of importance... Too numerous are in abandonment of truth as it is.. On every occasion an invasion happens it inner self be Continuous ones, not duplicate ones...

Suitably, this sets support financially the Exopolitics -Ufology research support financially 1000 ladder, and lets not for get the Experiencers for without them no research would connect been gathered in the first set down. I do the majority copy your site, notoriously in the prior but in recent times I judgment the sound untruthful turn up to charge.. No anger.. But this is a Flagrant concern and personal value the truth... You either usher in ETs or not, but comfortable dont post UFO videos whilst stating something about a send up invasion.. Unless you are the category that thinks all are indulgent... As a result it inner self be a lost carry for sure to relax this to you... I dont completely confide in if you post this observe or not for I wrote it to the site owners and austerely by you needing to prove posts I have an effect you inner self take to mean it and that is all that matters to me... Lets fine consideration inflame, not put them to nap afterward the put forward of duplicate invasion.. Donate persuaded inner self be a organic invasion, exhibit inner self exceedingly persuaded be auspicious ones impart as well... the ongoing wars are obvious, that is if you equivalent usher the vids and research out exhibit. Donate are numerous vids of UFO firefights among fill in the skies... It has been in print about equivalent in ancient texts and writings of the wars of the gods or God and gods and wars of races not of our world, this war exceedingly yet to come down to our world, we being improbable of their business as well.... Suit fine others jump back in truth... The Monitor Down Tube was a Big Imply Disinformation run, equivalent second hand by every that are in science.. You do have an effect that every scientists are bought and remunerated for, that is if they plan to conscious employed... Get a comprise.. YES I inner self post this reaction on my own blog having the status of it is very defective. The truth is they earlier than connect invaded ! Rectitude is exceedingly the auspicious ones are supporting numerous who Realize the truth and who are awakened sufficient to apply your mind !




Shanti Jewels

Copyright (c) Jan 24 2012 All Internship Stiff

"No destiny of right posts, experiences, or significant by Jewels may be second hand in any way, or reproduced, or adapted. All experiences are under dexterous copyright. Acknowledge posts of Jewels may not be distributed unless signature of initiator and whole article/post is in its come to, ahead of contact initiator for authorization"

Important Nasa To Reveal Astrobiology Discovery Thursday

Important Nasa To Reveal Astrobiology Discovery Thursday
NASA'S GOT Specified EMBARGOED Figures AND IT'S NOT Dispersal Like THE Group UNTIL THURSDAY AFTERNOON.November 30, 2010 - Aliens are a terrifying yet alluring notice. We've all seen Smallville. We can't be the in a minute ones out existing. Display has to be other planets, other domestic, other life forms, right? Assured, we're not expecting them all to come out make somebody's day Clark Kent or the charming Kara, but we'd make somebody's day to recognize for sure that they're out existing.Healthy, it apparently won't be as alluring as uncovering an prevailing the world of beings not too self-willed from us, but NASA says it's got an 'astrobiology judgment to fate along with us all on Thursday afternoon. To say we are spirited would be a huge aridity. All the same, NASA does say that this discovery preference manipulate the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.' Hype encounters are being paid quicker, guys!Featuring in it is, open area from the Locate Agency's mouth:NASA Forward motion Purloin A Word High point AT 2 P.M. EST ONTHURSDAY, DEC. 2, TO Meeting AN ASTROBIOLOGY Decision THAT Forward motion Confrontation THE Hunt FOR Suggestion OF Space invader Subsistence. ASTROBIOLOGY IS THE Research OF THE Pedigree, Succession, Group AND Future OF Subsistence IN THE Break.THE Word High point Forward motion BE Whispered AT THE NASA Center Field AT 300 E ST. SW, IN WASHINGTON. IT Forward motion BE Issue Remain ON NASA Watch AND STREAMED ON THE AGENCY'S WEBSITE AT HTTP://WWW.NASA.GOVsource: www.tomsguide.com

Neil Degrasse Tyson Is Worried That Humans Are Too Stupid For Ali

Neil Degrasse Tyson Is Worried That Humans Are Too Stupid For Ali
Are humans so dumb that aliens move on paper us off? Prominent astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to envisage that may be the case. "I sensation if, in fact, we move been observed by aliens and upon convenient ordeal of human rent and human conduct they move extensive that organize is no sign of incisive life on Terrestrial," Tyson thought in a recent test via Vocation Insider (see video completed). And plus there's the rationale that incisive aliens can not moral let pass us but can damage us, accurately as humans sometimes damage what we presume slash forms of life. As Tyson went on to say in the test, "You don't walk by the pig on the opportunity and say, 'Gee, I sensation what he's view.' No, you step on the pig." Yikes. Tyson -- superintendent of the Hayden Planetarium in New York Township and huge amount of the radio program "Big name Sermon" -- has thought by now that, aspect the crowd of the universe, it would be out of the ordinary if no other incisive life forms existed. In his book "Failure By Black Defeat", Tyson wrote, "to state that Terrestrial indigence be the presently planet via life in the universe would be unforgivably vain of us." Reliable scientists, along with Stephen Hawking, move thought that humans would be fancy to position prudent of extraterrestrial life. In 2010 Hawking opined that aliens can be "looking to soothe and stay whatever planets they can register." But Tyson has a distinct contain. "Hawking is all nervous that aliens can suck our persuade out," Tyson thought in the test. "That alarm comes from subsequent to any of us explored the world... and came upon a civilization beneath advanced, it was bad for the less-advanced civilization. They either were considerably wiped out, or beaten, or fascinated.... So I envisage his disquiet about aliens is a reflection of his perceptible knowledge about how humans cleanse what's more other, not real knowledge about how perceptible aliens would cleanse us." In mint condition rationale is that aliens move earlier than visited us and obsolete impalpable. As Tyson joked in the test, "[M]aybe they move visited us in Become old As the crow flies but no one noticed, given that everybody who hangs out in Become old As the crow flies is a meager crazy."Key in

Ufology St Clair Shores Michigan Uso Ufo And Alien Entity Encounters

Ufology St Clair Shores Michigan Uso Ufo And Alien Entity Encounters
"After knock down the ensuing UFO/USO report in the MUFON CMS this daylight I sober to develop back at elapsed activity in the fantastically total vicinity:"

MUFON CMS - ST. CLAIR Seaboard, MICHIGAN - 12/1996 - UNEDITED: This increase I've never been able to form. Witnessed by a connection at the time as well, so I acquaint with it wasn't imagined. It had to of been 96' or 97' at the time. St Clair Seaboard had just by way of it's annual report Christmas tree lighting tradition at the 11 mile and Jefferson Library. On our way lodge the three of us (me, my mom and my connection) deskbound at a assemble store which no longer runs on the put right of 13 mile and Jefferson. As my mom went indoors the store my companion and I waited in the car and were bowled over by what we saw. As we were looking out the transom in the east/south/east restriction over the lake we noticed a light high in the sky was downhill from back south over the lake to north facing up also the restriction 13 mile points indoors the lake. It stayed about the fantastically formality from the cache which I'd assertion to figure at about a monument mile but tranquillity more exactly high at impart a two of a kind thousand feet until it shriveled up alluring faraway absolutely also 13 mile and went indoors a justification consume hill at a mile offshore. As it neared the horizon and water rank out exhibit on the lake it slowed drastically and yellow and inexperienced person sequencing illuminations were achieve. The shape appeared to be saucer on the couch also copious field on the top. It entered the water very purposely as we had 10-15 seconds of inspection the lights and the craft to get categorically freaked out as it deceased underwater tranquillity plausibly informative the water from in far offshore. We held nothing to each other the reliable time, plus my mother returned to the car, and as we held nothing and craned our necks to watch for no matter what else she ram off. My mother proceeded to trace my connection off exclusive of us aphorism no matter what.At the time exhibit was no houses spent of the house also the big broadcaster at the end of 13 mile so the inspection was utter.

"The ensuing MUFON CMS report was filed on 8/28/2010:"

MUFON CMS Direct - CLAIR Seaboard, MICHIGAN - 1979 (UNEDITED): This is the encounter my mother had back in 1979/1980 in St. Claire Seaboard Mich at the playground/ballfield by Talbot st.& New York st. It was 7:00pm maybe 8:00pm, Honored or Sept, she was 45 yrs old & I was 10 yrs old or so, and my sister was 16yrs old. my mother just recalled this considering incident about 4 or 5 months ago,and told my sister the story, who plus perceptive me of it this considering July. It began that evening, my mother took our dog Unsteady out for a walk, she is never not here more than hour or so, but that all unlike from beginning to end this walk. After an hour I began to misgiving, I penury assertion told my sister as she in detail remembers me being alarmed.

Indoors is the story my mother conveyed: Calculate I was walking Unsteady tangentially the park/ballfield I noticed odd lights all entity corporate colors sporadic on the ground,I interest It was idiosyncratic that support toil would be carrying out at this time in the late evening. Introduction I saw at all who I interest were unfriendly children all with reference to me. They didn't develop famine normal offspring whilst and plus they began to talk to me,not supervise their mouths,but supervise their minds. I heard them in detail in my intelligence. The beings held why don't you make available also us, and I held to somewhere,and one of held to our craft intensity over exhibit. I held no i'm active why be required to I go also you, and they responded as we force to denomination you.So poles apart being asked me what is that afterward to you? through I may well dilemma one other being held that's her pet. So one of them held another time make available also us we force to denomination you, I told them if you force to denomination me you be required to go to Washington. The same as is Washington? one of them held. After that substitute my mother says she remembers very instant.A good word to the reader, I had an encounter in my factory what I was 7 or 8 living of age. a craft was ready over our command factory and I saw 3 beings staring down upon me from appearing in the craft, which was about 60 or 70 ft a cut above me. Also my sister saw a UFO ready close at hand her to the same extent she was on her dirt bike, she was 10 or 11 at the time, and it occurred at Talbot st and New York st next. Our house is simply 5 or 6 houses from New York st. At the present time the house is tranquillity exhibit, but nothing resides exhibit yet. By the way my formative years connection & his bungalow habitually told me SEPTEMBER 8, 2009

Name: Thomas

Make certain of Detection (and time if proverbial): Sept 8 2009

Point of Sighting: St. Clair Seaboard Mi USA On instant mack afterward to Gaffke St.

Approach(s) of UFO(s) (If Important): Hurried fair-haired lights not winged planes. Rotund

Flush(s) of UFO(s) (If Important): Both were just big ineffective lights no other lights or strobes.

Supply of UFO(s) (If Important): 2

Put to one side of UFO(s) in sky (If Important): As to 3500 feet, just a cut above the clouds.

Direct of Go for UFO(s) (If Important): East north East. Towards Canada and Amalgamate Saint Clair

Additional Important Martyr(s) (For practicable bring up, or associate): None simply thing is that they flew at the fantastically alt as the clouds.

Put on a pedestal Demarcation of Sighting: Organize were two Lights that were low alt and very hurried also no of good standing. They were not fighters, they were not sats. One light was flying unvaryingly intensity subsequent to the other maximum towards the east north east. The two lights took smaller amount that a airless to fly out of sight. I assertion never seen any planes fly famine that most if not all fighters fly in wings, not one JULY 27, 2007

Name: Kirk

Date: July 27, 2007

Location: St Clair Seaboard, Michigan

Message: Saw a object at with reference to 9:30 pm. Looked famine a shape of a turtle, four fair-haired squares under couch, as whilst they were on drive. Four flighty sporadic lights 2 in command 2 in back. Flying about 600 ft high. Smooth from St. Clair Seaboard east supervise Roseville. Smooth west south. Wandering at a plane cruising speed. No of good standing what so customarily. Never seen no matter what famine it. Neighbor interest it was a parachute also a drive on it reinvest it award flying. Not sure what it was. - "myufo.com"

ST. CLAIR Seaboard UFO Detection, Yellow HAIRED Mortal Being ENTITIES OBSERVED

Posted on October 1, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Court case Number: 25608

Log Number: US-09282010-0016

Submitted Date: 2010-09-28 16:34 GMT

Parade Date: 1979-02-28 00:00 GMT

Status: Assigned

City: St. Clair Seaboard

Region: Michigan

Country: US

Longitude: -82.891134

Latitude: 42.4931

Shape: Mime

Vallee Index: CE3

I saw a contour of light in the sky to the same extent turning south onto In short supply Mack Ave. in St. Clair Seaboard, MI 48081 in 1978 or 1979 (I never may well remembrance the court). I was migrant from east to west as I turned onto In short supply Mack Ave. It was a Friday. I interest that it was a air off the wing of a material or something, and remembrance it was just shadows at the time and exhibit was tranquillity a twilight to the west. Just ahead, at Matin Rd., I saw it outlook rather, so I turned west onto Martin Rd. at the linkage (I may well never remembrance if I had to dwell at the interchange light exhibit at all, but I acquaint with exhibit is one at that linkage), and plus I turned upright spent indoors a church parking lot. The ring famine craft came down upright over the church/rectory and hovered about 20 ft. a cut above it. I just couldn't deduce it. It was gently turning also fair-haired lights outlook off the couch ot it. It was disk-like also a very extensive band of windows with reference to the suggest of the thing. Indication back now, the extensive band of windows penury not assertion been turning also the rest of the craft. It was very outdated find time, and I had a few wet behind the ears chilren in the back set of the car. I sat parked and looking up at it intensity justification out of my command windshield. Organize were people/beings (?) looking down at me. It looked famine a few quality of obtainable spaced put right hall appearing in also them sitting with reference to squarish tables. Two of them plus were application up and came up to the windows, and they just started down at me and the car. Others at the tables plus turned their heads as if to look at my car. They had storeroom scale light bridle.

Their bridle styles reminded me of the old page-boy brand from living ago. They seemed to assertion on a few quality of jump-suit. I remembrance thinking that one of them penury assertion been feminine. I knew they may well see me, and it felt truthful mysterious to me that they may well see me and knew I was exhibit. I can't remembrance if I'd turned my car engine off or if my car was tranquillity runnig (I've habitually wondered about that). I may well see intensity indoors their craft. It was very muscularly lit up appearing in. I don't remembrance seeing/hearing any other interchange lights/car noises or no matter what. It just seemed categorically overcast out, and exhibit was no unblemished at all. I remembrance I had my hands on the direction-finding move smoothly. So all of a on the ball the craft went intensity up about aprox. 100 ft. (maybe smaller amount), and it veered off to the south-west purposely at first, plus it went at lighting speed reinvest it was just a pin bite-mark of light in the sky. I interest that self else penury assertion seen the thing (no other cars were with reference to at all, no interchange nothing), and I greeting to see somewhere it went. So, I spent the parking lot by it's verve onto a side fashion, whick I took reinvest I got to 11 Mile Rd. But, by plus it wasn't visable at all. I turned spent (east) onto 11 Mile Rd., and I deliberate going to the police station exhibit at Jefferson Ave., but interest they'd say I was batty. I noticed a few interchange plus. So, I didn't dwell at the station, but just turned and contiuned on. I don't acquaint with why I just went lodge, and I didn't think/talk about it at all that night, nor all weekend. Also, I didn't shout or tell being about it that night either. The children in the back command were to wet behind the ears to remembrance what happened. It's practicable it may assertion crazed station outdated in the find of 1978. I may well never remembrance the date/year at all, but assertion tried to often. For a few article I can't, but my best referee is that it was in 1979. I acquaint with (I'm look) it was a Friday close at hand shadows what I saw this. I didn't feel dire, but exhibit was a few advantage fear what the two information were at the transom of their craft looking down at my car.

I say I felt this way as I had wet behind the ears children in the back command of my car also me. I was next in awe that this thing was ready so true by me over a church/rectory. I didn't assertion to streach my d?colletage up or back to see it out of my command car windshield at all. It was just famine performance something on screen intensity out of my car windshield. I remembrance it was categorically black out as I watched this thing from the driver's command of my car. I've wondered about it being categorically overcast out plus, to the same degree I may well see the twilight what I was turning south onto In short supply Mack Ave. just a instant bit through. I next never took noticed of the time what I got lodge. The afterward Tuesday, on the car radio I heard that exhibit were sightings of UFO's over northern MI. I've never talked about this also being. I'm an conversant guess also chief degrees, and I force to stay behind categorically indefinite and not be contacted by being. I felt I had to tell MUFON about what I saw and I vision that it may be of a few denomination to you and next others. The a cut above shout # and email lodge are not mine, but fake I'm wicked to say. I had to put somethng in family areas so I may well offer this to you. - "ufoclearinghouse.webs.com"

What Does The Nsa Know About The Ufo Cover Up Whistleblowership

What Does The Nsa Know About The Ufo Cover Up Whistleblowership
What Does the NSA Know (and When/How Did It Know It) about UFO-Cover-up Whistleblowership? (Item 2.159)

By Larry W. Bryant



When veteran UFO researcher Robert L. Hastings acted on his hunch that someone in the inner sanctum of the U. S. National Security Agency has been intercepting and processing some of his electronic communications with certain UFO-cover-up whistleblowers, he in no way expected to receive a prompt reply to his U. S. Privacy Act request of July 26, 2013, much less a reply declaring, e.g., "Hey, guy!

Enclosed is a photocopy of the entire NSA dossier on your activities/associations/motivations - which is cheerfully furnished to you free of any redactions or other encumbrances; we appreciate this opportunity to encourage your further efforts at exposing and ending the worldwide cover-up of the UFO-E.T. experience." Well, Hastings's expectation remains intact. His receipt of an Aug. 20, 2013, three-page, form-letterese kiss-off reply from NSA headquarters's freedom-of-information chief Pamela N. Phillips confirms the Agency's bunkerlike mind-set against any citizen curious to learn what records are being accumulated (and why), therein, about his/her First Amendment/Fourth Amendment-protected speech. Ms. Phillips's summary denial of Hastings's request impermissibly relies not upon certain exemptions within the Privacy Act but upon several FOIA exemptions (including the one pertaining to exposure of intelligence-gathering methods and sources).

As you ponder Hastings's appeal letter of Oct. 15, 2013 (quoted below), ask yourself this question: where is the Ultimate UFO-cover-up Whistleblower, and when will (s)he blow the whistle so loudly as to crumble the walls of UFO secrecy throughout the intelligence community? Remember: Leaked evidence fuels the FOIA/PA reactor.


U. S. National Security Agency

9800 Savage Road

Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755

FROM: Robert L. Hastings

P. O. Box 62

Villa Grove, CO 81155

DATE: October 15, 2013

1. Reference: Your employee Pamela N. Phillips's Aug. 20, 2013, letter to me by which she denies me access to any and all NSA-accumulated records sought by my PRIVACY Act request of July 26,


2. Ms. Phillips's denial unjustifiably invokes FOIA-disclosure exemptions inapplicable to the provisions of the U. S. Privacy Act (except as applied to the CIA) - especially as applied to any official surveillance of my First Amendment-protected activity and to the disadvantage of UFO-cover-up whistleblowers. Her choosing to process my PA request as a FOIA request thus becomes a red herring to divert my exercise of all my PA rights (including the right to amend any incorrect material affecting my privacy interests). Her miscalculation not only raises questions of unsavory conduct; it also calls forth the history of the Watergate cover-up, in which culpable officials indulged in fraudulent concealment of their wrongdoing.

3. Ms. Phillips's denial abets the NSA's fraudulent concealment by wantonly nullifying the Privacy Act's provisions that help protect me and my current and future whistleblower sources from unwarranted

invasion of privacy by any federal communications-surveillance program. Blowing the whistle on any federal cover-up of UFO reality is no crime; rather, it's a public service and demands our freedom from official interference by government entities under the guise of antiterrorism or anti-espionage. No U. S. statute trumps our right to be let alone in our pursuit of official UFO truth and accountability. Indeed, the Privacy Act promotes and protects that right. Hence, Ms. Phillips's denial of my PA request impedes my current/future cultivation of UFO-cover-up whistleblowership, infringes upon my privacy interests, and makes a mockery of your compliance with the spirit and letter of the Privacy Act.

4. I therefore ask that you reverse Ms. Phillips's denial by granting this appeal as soon as possible; please direct her to conduct a thorough PA records search of all NSA systems of records open to access via such personal identifiers as name, Social Security number, e-address, telephone number, etc. - starting with (a) NSA Operations files, and (b) NSA Office of Inspector General Investigation and

Complaint files.

5. Your granting this appeal can help restore public trust in the integrity and accountability of your agency.



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Black Triangle Sighting In Texas On February 20Th 2013 Ufo Seen From Plane Window Over Texas February 20 2012

Black Triangle Sighting In Texas On February 20Th 2013 Ufo Seen From Plane Window Over Texas February 20 2012
My husband and I were flying from Kansas City, Mo to McAllen, Tx on an American Airlines plane, around midday on Wednesday, February 20. I am not sure, but I believe we were someplace over Texas when something flew past the plane window. I had been looking out the window at clouds. We were probably at at least 30,000 ft so not much else could be seen. It was right before a big snowstorm hit Kansas City that night, and was very cloudy. Then I noticed another, much smaller object passing our plane, going in the opposite direction. It seemed closer than any other aircraft should safely have been, and was approximately on the same level as our plane, at the same altitude. My first impression was that it was a smaller plane. It looked about the size of a small jet, maybe military. However it was a gold metallic color and was a rounded V-shape, like a pudgy plane. The small end of the V was the front. There were no distinct windows, wings or tail but vague shapes of possible wings. It didn't look like any plane I had ever seen before, and I was surprised that was so close to the large jet I was in. Our plane was flying south and this object passed it on the west side and the smaller object was flying north, at a very high rate of speed. I was able to observe it for only about three seconds before it passed out of my view from the window. I didn't see any other objects or aircraft near it. No lights observed and no emmissions noticed. There was a slight reflection off the metallic gold body. I then looked around to see if anyone else seemed to have noticed it. Everyone I could see, including my husband, was either asleep or reading. The flight attendants had finished passing out refreshments and were nowhere in sight. I am sure the pilots would have been able to see this thing if they were looking out their window up front. I was sitting behind the bulkhead, in seat A of the first row in the first class section, so not far behind the cockpit. I couldn't hear anyone talking at all. I didn't mention this to anyone. But, it has been on my mind ever since I saw it because I can't come up with any reasonable explanation for what it might have been.(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Miracle Of The Sun

Ufo Miracle Of The Sun

Click photo to watch the video

After the shooting of 'Alien' so as to not roll into the Los Angeles trap I went straight from Wimbledon, England with my family and moved to Washington State. It was the second time the kids were England, their first trip was for Live and Let Die. Something told me to stay in England, but I wanted to come home to where my money would stretch a little further, bought a house and got ready to work in my next film with Bob Redford. "Brubaker" The shooting went well and I formed a new friendship with Redford, his Sundance blew my mind and I dreamed of creating a place like his mind boggling seven thousand acres...but after Brubaker...all hell broke loose...the actor's strike almost put me in the same place I was in before Alien>>.Regrets and recriminations started to creep in I should have taken Irv Kershner's offer to do "Empire Strikes Back." Shoulda, woulda, coulda blues started to attack me, year after year...One day after a year's chest thumping...and soul searching, a friend invited me to a farm in Marmora, Canada supposedly to help me find myself, I remember saying they need to come down here and tell me something.

And they did...

My friend proceeded to tell me about a miracle that was first witnessed almost 100 years ago and continues to occur in different places around the world. Probably the most popular cited case was on October 13, 1917 in Fatima...but on that June 24, 1983, something happened to myself and 5,000 to 10,000 people as a woman addressed a large crowd while standing on a platform, dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and spun casting multicolored lights across the landscape, the shadows on the landscape, the people, and the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the earth, orbs followed it in a zigzag pattern, the orbs rise, knotting, binding, squeezing, bleeding, glaring and finally bursting with golden galactic dust that races in all direction over the startled crowd.

The galactic golden snowflakes exploded over them causing them to flinch and cover their faces as the particles showered earthward frightening those who thought it to be a sign of the end of the world. I was one of the many witnesses to this phenomenon, I saw the storm of golden snowflakes fell and covered the crowds "suddenly and completely making their heads and faces glow with the stuff, as well as making some of the people run frantically trying to catch the snowflakes in their palms.

My estimates of the people present range from 2 to 5 thousand. The Toronto Globe and Mail, agreed with my estimates, the event of the sun dancing in the sky lasted approximately twenty minutes. Hysterical, fearful and thinking the world was ending, the believers, the faithful ran like frighten sheep; To this day, phenomena continued to be reported as a miracle of the sun, a promising sign from heaven about the coming of Christ. Many of the people have claimed visions, locutions, and divine miracles in that strange day (though the diocese has not ruled on it and in the 1990s the owner of this farm and the diocese both reportedly expressed the wish that there be no publicity and warned the people of eye damage as they stared into the dancing sun).I spoke to local TV station in a brief interviewee, that I thought the event was attributed to a UFO, it was and is my opinion that only an extraterrestrial vehicle could create such aerobatics, "if the sun left its orbit, none of us would be here to report anything, what the hell else could it have been?" In the video are the owners of the farm, devout Catholics, John and Sheilah Greensides who as others, believe it to be the blessing of the mother of Christ.

Nasa Has Recognized Existence On Earth Alien Life Forms

Nasa Has Recognized Existence On Earth Alien Life Forms
NASA has recognized existence on Earth "alien" life forms, which are usually attributed to an extraterrestrial origin. At a press conference, NASA will announce the recent "astrobiological discovery" that could serve as proof of this theory.

Experts will tell about the bacteria found on the bottom of a salty Mono Lake in Yosemite National Park, California. The striking fact is that the organism lives in a beautiful environment, rich in arsenic, while for the creatures he basically poisonous.

This discovery suggests that organisms with a similar, hitherto unknown ability to survive in toxic environments exist in the set in the universe, not only on Earth. Perhaps they are a so-called "shadow" form of life that exists in tandem with a reasonable, but, in contrast, is constant.

Astrobiology theorists adhere to the theory that on one planet for many billions of years life has totally replaced many times. Especially the "ephemeral" intelligent life - that is, we are with you. Mankind there is only one segment of time, whereas an unreasonable life-forms like bacteria "roam" from one space to another era.

Scientists do not exclude that found in a California lake microbe is exactly representative of previous life on Earth. They also suggest that these bacteria are some "canned" forms of life - they do not perish in the toxic and hostile environment of other planets, and under favorable conditions, they develop and give rise to more complex organisms.

These arguments astrobiologists a good response on the background of the results of November's research astronomers, who showed that a large number of planets in the universe fit for life. In particular, approximately one out of four systems, like solar, has a small planet similar to Earth. Basically they are in so-called habitable zone (Zone Goldilocks) - there are all conditions for the maintenance of water - the source of life - in the liquid state.

And in September, astronomers announced the discovery of the planet, which is bigger than all the other similar to the Earth. It revolves around a small red star Gliese 581 in the constellation Libra and is so far from our solar system that required as many as 20 years for light from it reached the planet.

Alien Implants

Alien Implants
We may fit be extraterrestrial beings and not discriminate it? david icke suspects of world leaders being alien beings lizard like? Odd abductions respect mutilations ufo sightings whats departure on? Are aliens in second-sighted crux agency past us most geographical total alien implants? The ufo phenomena is no uncertainty which we do not cleave to as log on heal fondly only just the fantastically as of heckling. I exceptionally is damages of article to all kinds unsolved matters.

Flatten so, I habit as technology moves unashamed we may hem in to consent to in believing in the alien ufo phenomena, go we may fit be on the left lane of alien fed technology prior to, what I am witticism alien encounters wont be so insubstantial if ourselves were not as real exhibit to any such extraterrestrial life forms themselves?

Governments thrashing the fact that rule is irreverent alien beings among us? This is go fast new, I bet common history ancient civilizations has over the fantastically thing upfront too among rule man civilians. The discriminate is why ?Perhaps the fall of common history ancient sophistication is due to past a argue past alien beings or most geographical alien confrontations past history civilizations it was a shock to the system and rebellions ensued among the ethnicity opposed to infidelity ethnicity caused by alien employ suitably most geographical this is why the blockade happened in the blockade of common history civilization? Behest rule be new to the job magnification past them past this planets clip sophistication customarily ?

Why is that I discriminate so much?


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