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Cia Says Ufos Were Us Spy Planes

Cia Says Ufos Were Us Spy Planes
A new report by the Central Intelligence Agency has revealed that more than half of the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) so frequently seen in the sky in the late 1950s and 1960s were in fact US spy planes.

During Project Blue Book, the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes were mistaken for UFOs more than half the time, according to the report published by Dayton Daily News.

"There's no question that a lot of the sightings that take place are in fact our own aircraft, secret military projects or whatever it happens to be," executive director of the Mutual UFO Network David MacDonald said.

"Whether or not 50 percent can be attributed to one or two aircraft, I don't know if I could go along with that or not just because of the diversity of what people were seeing," he added.

The recent declassified CIA report came days after the spy agency acknowledged the existence of the mysterious Area 51, a US airbase rumored to house UFOs.

The site in central Nevada, about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, was used for testing the U-2 spy plane. It was chosen for the U-2 program after an aerial survey was conducted by CIA and Air Force staff.

"After World War II people became increasingly concerned," said Jeffrey Underwood, a National Museum of the US Air Force historian. "They saw things in the air and they didn't know what they were."

Underwood added that other UFO sightings turned out to be surveillance balloons high in the Earth's atmosphere.

The U-2, which is capable of flying above 70,000 feet and was often spotted high above airliners in the 1950s, was one of those strange craft. The SR-71 Blackbird flew above 80,000 feet, according to the report.

"High altitude testing of the U-2 soon led to an unexpected side effect - a tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs)," the report said.

The mistake was made because all commercial planes flew at 10,000 to 20,000 feet, and it was not believed that an aircraft could fly as high as the U-2 and SR-71 did.

"Air Force investigators then attempted to explain such sightings by linking them to natural phenomena," the CIA document said.

Origin: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

Groom Lake Story Declassified

Groom Lake Story Declassified
A equal has sent me this pall from the website of Classification of Original Instigate Officers (AFIO)...Tuesday 2 June 2009, 6 p.m. - Nellis AFB, NV - The AFIO Las Vegas Chapter know-how features: The March, Inferior, and Mistreat of the U-2 and A-12 High Even Survey Programs at Nevada's Heyday AssembleAFIO BulletMembers of the Roadrunners Internationale command disclose about the presently declassified CIA U-2 program at Taiwan; U-2 Guard Aquatone at Heyday Lake; the CIA A-12 Guard Oxcart (which was the presently declassified CIA plane aforementioned the boss collectively specified Air Oblige SR-71) at Heyday Assemble and its committed phase; and Mistreat Black Guard at Kadena, Okinawa. Their occurrence command pop in a fill in video of the first flights of the U-2 and A-12 at Heyday Assemble, a PowerPoint occurrence about the aircraft, and a majestic photo wonder about of the aircraft test, review, and operations. They command equally tattle their CIA draft, cover stories, years and thing at Heyday Assemble, and the push of bizarre missions. Their story was declassified a youthful over a year ago at the CIA's 60th Celebration. Location: Nellis Air Oblige Interior Officers' League.That's character of interesting. It suggests that in the least kin who worked at Link 51 (at smallest in the 1950s and 60s) can rightly talk about it.

Source: ufo-chronicles.blogspot.com

Chupacabra In The Argentine

Chupacabra In The Argentine
In this report we anew stand the elated problem of blood manage. I a moment ago would match to see a kill autopsied in plan to make clear that the blood has been extracted. It seems answerable, but all the linked evidence appears to change from one physical area to the next.We stand the makings freeloader bats in the other examples, but appearing in we get big bird tracks. Or conceivably, the wounded were felled at night and the vultures fashionable at pioneer to try out the thinking and tore off convinced crux.A freeloader bat would drop on the tough and draw blood from the neck in the case of a sheep and from the arteries feeding the udder in the case of a cow.Considering predation by other scavengers can well set down the ultimate evidence in all cases. Amongst the blood extracted, the crux under enemy control would be bloodless and bestow would be meticulous quandary. Yet the chance can upset predators from perpetual their meal. I notice that no one claims that flies stayed to one side.The in a minute precious (by that I mean physically non-compulsory) explanation that fits of laughter the blood sack is a big of the night freeloader bat as big as any big bird that lives of sack big plants at night.It explains farm animals hurt particularly and all these other cases we stand seen. Bandanna harvesting is harmonized in other predation by scavengers who nibbled and finished. That soft bandanna was idiosyncratically under enemy control is in a minute what conservatively happens first. It is unusual for the carcasses to be found forward. That they exist at all is like the scavengers lost weld.A big freeloader bat can drop on a big tough and go in a jiffy for a key blood channel match the jugular move fast. The kill would rapidly seeping away nature and bulge in seconds as the animal's heart pumps the blood charge in the field of the Parasite. It would all be over in a couple of report.This shows us that a well fed bat requirements ten sheep or a video cow at one sitting.Of course in a minute what we can have the expulsion amount in all honesty gets under enemy control as the tough is rapidly shutting down. Consequently we are answerable looking at a feeding rescue influence a perfect of ten or a cut above pounds in perfect which fits of laughter the answerable requirements of a thirty pound bird and its moving provision. This may excessively last it practically convinced time and it may not give somebody a ride to search anew for week or so."CHUPACABRAS ATTACKS IN ARGENTINA? OR Pay A VULTURE ?"Forteans chronicles (english)""Dimanche 12 D'ecembre 2010"Silvia P'erez Simondini - Imagination OVNI"Lu 141 fois""http://www.rhedae-magazine.com/Chupacabras-Attacks-in-Argentina-or-just-a-vulture a787.html""ON FEW OCCASIONS IN THIS Investigation Stand WE HAD ALL OF THE ELEMENTS ON Permit TO In the end Happen A number of CONCLUSIONS ON THIS Be unable to believe your own eyes. At the outset, TO Have OUR READERS UP TO Dart, WE SHALL Deal in YOU Amongst Side with Command ON THE Information.""Report Item FROM THE MISIONES MEDIA:"Ten sheep were dangerously attacked in recent weeks in a reserve farmer's realm in this surrounding area, according to outsider information unfilled to the Sheriff's office, the foundation that has been investigating the supernatural event that has shaken the land of this sour area.In the same way as the attacks occurred on two occasions and constantly at night, the caretakers, cooperative toil and Police officers stand set up a gyratory watch vs. the promise that the supernatural tough may persist anew. It finished a load clear prints to escalate doubts that the police prefers not to support for the time being.Jose Fraga, property-owner of the realm and the plants, stern to report the comings and goings to the Police, and such as he acceptable to file a moan, the company completed him withdraw for the time being, truism "vs. who would the moan be filed?" according to clarifications issued by the police bifurcate.Fraga explained that current one of the pens in his realm, he found a big, stanch trace in three yearning toes." Matching that of a bird, but somewhat substantial," he held, and in help to the injuries to the plants bodies, he added: "The all had go paw marks on their necks."Andres Gonzalez, Sheriff of Campo Viera, confirmed that the attacks occurred increase twofold and that "it is extremely impressive that the tough did not extensive meal any of the sheep. It in a minute killed them by brawny their necks, and blood was in a minute found in that area of the foundation. "appearing in was nothing found in the rest of their bodies."The sheriff noted that he had behind to Fraga's realm in merrymaking in others to see the event for himself. "Pigs ruins samples were broken up, like bestow were traces of mucus and its non-compulsory to march what attacked these creatures, and we confer on acquaint with in a few sparkle," he explained. "Several people are truism other bits and pieces, but we stand to adjourn and evade jumping to conclusions. We a moment ago don't acquaint with what it may be, like a puma or a yaguaret'e would've devoured one of the plants. But in this case bestow are 10 late sheep and none of them were touched, in a minute to shoot them..." held Gonz'alez.The create of the Chupacabras began to get shape in the surrounding area, and cows exhibiting supernatural bite-marks were found en in Campo Grande, approved by connection to the supernatural tough that has snobbish the property-owner of dozens of sheep and advanced cows in a state of discomfort.""IN THE NINTH Division""Fraga's realm is placed in the Ninth Division of Campo Viera, convinced four kilometers to one side from the town center of the surrounding area at the province's heart, practically sponge off of to Ober'a. Yesterday, Miguel Figueredo - gatekeeper of the 175 hectare extend - was astounded by the accomplishments and for the time being cares for the two sheep and one cow that survived the attack. "The sheep stand injuries to their necks, they're clinging to life...they don't through or eat, they're in debauched shape. The cow has bites on its teats and I heard over the radio that other cows had been persecuted in the exact area over in Campo Grande..." he explained, somewhat anxious.""It's as whilst all of the blood had been sucked out. The vet that came appearing in, cut one of them (the sheep) and not square water came out," he supplementary not good enough trepidation.In Fraga's realm, featuring a cattle farm up high, bestow are without hesitation 18 sheep and 50 cows, convinced of them thoughtfulness young. "That's why we're imprisonment a night watch in the police, like bestow are many plants and we stand to act out for them."Utmost of the sheep favorite by the alleged Chupacabras were pregnant, going up timidity about the specific that is dull in the area.""Like IS THE Account BY SILVIA PEREZ SIMONDINI AND MEMBERS OF THE Imagination OVNI Establish""Veterinarian": Arno Stockmanns"Violent Carrier": Jos'e Fraga"Send out of Dear departed Plants": Ten (10)"Plants Permanent the Onslaught": Three (3) Pigs"Casing Description: Ten (10) Pigs were dangerously attacked, in local incisions in their necks, bodies exsanguinated. The aggressor persecuted two a cut above specimens and a cow's udders. The supernatural animal's attacks were local in jugular area. In a question of report, it drained the blood from what's more slain tough.Crows and caranchos (vultures) fly over the carcasses not good enough imminent current the persecuted parts, as if repelled by everything. Bonus parts of the ruins, however, stand been eaten.A three fingered print was found.Ants matured over the sheep carcasses, but turned undo upon reaching the neck area.Antibiotics stand been weakly administered to one of the ongoing plants in an push to shorten your grip the queasiness process: Irondel one 48 hours. Veterinarian Penz from the Municipal of Ober'atested other antibiotics which stand but yielded no domino effect.Based on the photographic cloth standard from the plants property-owner, the in arrears patterns stand been identified:1) Predictable bovine farm animals mutilations - nick in exposure of the chops, capture of bandanna, tendons, ligaments and sift through. Gash completed to the larynx not good enough hyoid bone extirpation."2) Gash to the animal's delve area."3) Follow on the animal's undo in yarn capture."4) Rich nick to the neck area in palpable exsanguination."5) Lacerations on one specimen's face."6) Bulbous cut in nasal unsuitable in different specimen."7) Incised cut on the farther ear.""Essentials"1) Well-defined, three-clawed paw marks were found current the carcasses (uniform to individuals of a very big bird, approximate reel of 18 centimeters) which were well-marked due to go ashore conditions.2) Unorthodox building block observed is the supernatural frolics of the ants, which invaded the foundation but died upon reaching the railroad of the injuries.3) A stanch incised cut on the animal's sift through was found. Current is the promise that the tough was "impaled" to confine it down in the role of producing this cut."Survey"This case was consulted in Dr. Alberto Pariani of the To your place Seminary of La Pampa, not in a minute in help to the injuries, but as how best to work in the ongoing tough, which now displays a reasoning of queasiness that has not been deliberate, in any case the veterinarian's efforts. New antibiotics were not compulsory, and we are in anticipation of reports on their contact."It have to be highlighted that devoted company stand behaved doubtfully in this case. We spell this is due to an incapability to find a unobjectionable conjecture to the accomplishments.It is most important that they plead in the case, in the past the promise of infectious this specific up and about makes it a very most important item of research in shrewdness a unobjectionable approximately timetabled expert means.We are rough and ready to find a way of realization the ongoing specimen to the Seminary of La Pampa, which is dangerous due to the lack of economic financial plan to abide it.The case remains frank, in anticipation of the conclusions of the forensic company of Ober'a, which we shall inform if the plants property-owner does not serve us in a counter.Our gratitude to the Federation Lead of Campo Viera, Mr. Juan Carlos Rios, and the plants property-owner, Mr. Jose Fraga, for their donations and for reporting the case.(Interpretation (c) 2010, Scott Corrales, IHU)"Lire la suite: http://www.rhedae-magazine.com/Chupacabras-Attacks-in-Argentina-or-just-a-vulture a787.html#ixzz18O8XvdFPLess than Green Commons License: Complaint Non-Commercial

Chandrayaan I Discovers Water On Moon

Chandrayaan I Discovers Water On Moon
Chandrayaan-I on its maiden occupation to the Moon has exposed traces of Water conception it one of the main discoveries in recent become old.

"Water ice on the moon has been whatever thing of a divine grail for lunar scientists for a very want time," said Jim Unpolluted, organizer of the Astral Science Partition at NASA Agency in Washington.

"This enormous recognition has radiate about guide the creativeness, firmness and international consideration between NASA and the India Gap Scratch Organisation," he said.

NASA said the M3 kitty found water molecules and hydroxyl at relaxed areas of the entertaining locality of the moon's area, but the water signature appeared stronger at the moon's upper latitudes.

Evidence from the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, or VIMS, on NASA's Cassini spacecraft and the High-Resolution Infrared Imaging Spectrometer on NASA's EPOXI spacecraft contributed to espousal of the recognition.

"The data from Cassini's VIMS department store and M3 comfortably debilitate," said Roger Clark, a US Usual Idea scientist in Denver and sponsor of all the VIMS and M3 teams.

"We see all water and hydroxyl. For instance the abundances are not systematically open, as by a long way as 1,000 water molecule parts-per-million could be in the lunar position. To put that clothed in point of view, if you harvested one ton of the top cloak of the moon's area, you could get as by a long way as 32 ounces of water," Clark said.

Regardless of bestow is a lot senior goodbye on slow the scenes, the world governments are now lethargically jerk to release kind rattling information to the established citizen tuned in to the dusk news, from where they get most of their information. The Moon as we control been made to guide is way senior than a rough-edged satellite gyratory regarding Globe Ground and it is no longer a secret that bestow is astute life on Moon and on most planets opposed to the established brainchild that we are comrade in the universe. For instance we ruminate in words of life at the bottom of elements that gathering all life acquaint with on earth as an extreme crucial for life in established to radiate clothed in being in the conception... bestow are an incalculable come forth of planets and star systems out bestow which growth on complementary beliefs and are based out of wide-ranging other elements of formation.

In 1974, Carl Sagan inevitable a message in twofold predetermine following the forthright firm blocks and elements of life acquaint with on planet earth and following the helpful of his kitty at SETI beamed this message clothed in space in want of contacting astute life everyplace out bestow in the conception. The proliferation consisted of a austere, pictorial message, believed at our putative infinite companions in the disk-shaped star group M13. This group is hazily 21,000 light-years from us, adjoining the maximum of the Cream Way galaxy, and contains something like a third of a million stars.

The transmit was personally deep-seated like it used Arecibo's megawatt aerial share the credit to its 305 alarm clock aerial. The later concentrates the aerial get-up-and-go by healthy it clothed in a very adolescent layer of sky. The waves was counterpart to a 20 trillion watt omnidirectional transmit, and would be significant by a SETI protest march cleanly about everyplace in the galaxy, assuming a picture aerial akin in tubbiness to Arecibo's.The message consists of 1679 bits, decided clothed in 73 ramparts of 23 font per line (these are all essential disable, and may helpful the aliens unravel the message). The "ones" and "zeroes" were transmitted by occurrence varying at the rate of 10 bits per zoom. The aggregate transmit was lower than than three proceedings. A striking fair the message is reproduced acquaint with. It consists, among other things, of the Arecibo reduce in size, our solar system, DNA, a embrace vision of a human, and several of the biochemicals of mortal life.

On the 20th of Splendid, 2001 we got a hot air in the form of a crop circle ( The Arecibo Chilbolton Truncheon Glyph) adjoining the Chilbolton radio reduce in size in Hampshire, UK ! Terje Toftenes' captivating documentary called Truncheon Circles : Crossovers From Something else Mass illustrates benefits the reply and plentiful other subliminal messages from our space brothers...

References :

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El Incidente Ovni De Coyame Mexico

El Incidente Ovni De Coyame Mexico


El incidente OVNI de Coyame primero fue conocido en 1992, cuando una cuenta del caso fue enviada de forma an'onima a un n'umero de investigadores de OVNIs en los Estados Unidos y Europa. La historia alega que un OVNI fue adquirido por el ej'ercito de los Estados Unidos en territorio mexicano en una operaci'on secreta. Un equipo de respuesta r'apida fue montado por los militares de EE.UU. y las agencias de inteligencias y se movieron cerca del pueblo de Coyame, Chihuahua, cerca de la frontera M'exico-Estados Unidos, para adquirir un OVNI que se estrell'o con un avi'on gracious peque~no.

Despu'es cuando el informe surgi'o en 1992, la historia del incidente OVNI de Coyame permaneci'o latente hasta 2005, cuando los productores de la serie de televisi'on por cable "UFOFiles" (Archivos OVNI), mostrado en el "Log Brook" (Sound de Historias), crearon un espect'aculo basado al informe. El espect'aculo, denominado "Roswell de M'exico", fue uno de los varios episodios acerca de los OVNIs que se estrellaron semejantes al incidente de Roswell del 1947.


En la noche del 25 de agosto de 1974, los radares de defensa a'erea estadounidense detectaron un objeto volador no identificado a punto de cruzar el espacio a'ereo estadounidense viniendo del Golfo de M'exico. El objeto fue rastreado a velocidades de hasta 2.500 mph (millas por hora), a una altura de 75.000 pies. Continuando en esta trayectoria, el objeto entrar'ia el espacio a'ereo de los Estados Unidos sobre Most of it Christi, Texas llegando del Golfo de M'exico.

Al principio se pens'o que el objeto pod'ia haber sido un meteoro. Sin prohibition, el objeto fue rastreado girando y nivel'andose a 45.000 pies, luego a aproximadamente 20.000 pies qued'andose en cada nivel por unos cinco minutos antes de virar de nuevo. Entonces lentific'o su velocidad a unos 1.900 mph (millas por hora). Se elimin'o un meteoro porque un meteoro normalmente no har'ia un treinta y cinco grado de cambio de direcci'on y un cambio de velocidad de esa manera. El objeto no identificado luego comenz'o a descender y girar al mismo tiempo. La bajada fue dada "a cada paso" y no fue curvada como un meteoro lo har'ia.

Dos estaciones de radares militares estadounidense rastrearon el objeto mientras hac'ia su descenso. Cuando el OVNI desapareci'o de los radares se supon'ia que se hab'ia salido fuera del alcance de la detecci'on de los radares. Nadie esperaba que esto fuera un estrellado aterrizaje de un OVNI. Poco despu'es de la detecci'on se llam'o alerta la defensa a'erea. Sin prohibition, antes de que cualquier forma de interceptaci'on pudiera ser lanzada, el objeto se dirigi'o a un curso de inmediato que no lo llevar'ia sobre territorio de los EE.UU.

El objeto despu'es fue rastreado, a'un m'as, entrando el espacio a'ereo mexicano 40 millas al sur de Brownsville, Texas. Los radares de defensa a'erea estadounidense continuaron a rastrear el objeto hasta que se desapareci'o del radar de nuevo cerca del pueblo de Coyame en el estado de Chihuahua, M'exico, no lejos de la frontera con los Estados Unidos. All'i, el objeto se desapareci'o repentinamente de las pantallas de los radares.

El punto de desaparici'on de las pantallas de los radares estaba sobre un room 'arida y escasamente poblada del norte de M'exico. Al principio se asumi'o que el objeto se hab'ia descendido por el horizonte fuera del alcance de los radares y una vigilancia se mantuvo para cualquier reaparici'on del objeto. Pero nada ocurri'o.

Cincuenta y dos minutos despu'es de la desaparici'on, el tr'afico de radio gracious indic'o que un avi'on gracious se hab'ia estrellado en esa zona. Pero estaba claro que ese avi'on desaparecido hab'ia salido de "El Paso Total Incurable" en Texas con destino a la ciudad de M'exico, y no pod'ia, por lo tanto, haber sido el objeto que fue rastreado sobre el Golfo de M'exico. Las interceptaciones de radio fueron informadas a trav'es de canales a la CIA. Es posible que hasta dos agencias del gobierno estadounidense tambi'en recibieran informes adicionales, pero 'estos no se han confirmado hasta la fecha.

La inteligencia estadounidense sigui'o monitoreando las transmisiones de radio mexicanas y encontr'o que las autoridades mexicanas hab'ian comenzado la b'usqueda del avi'on desaparecido. Alrededor de las 10:30 de la ma~nana, lleg'o un informe sobre la radio que los restos del avi'on y la de una segunda aeronave se encontraron en el suelo un par de kil'ometros de distancia de uno al otro. Esta segunda aeronave era de forma circular, en una sola pieza y s'olo estaba poco da~nada. Pocos minutos despu'es un silencio de radio en todas las actividades de b'usqueda fue ordenado por el ej'ercito mexicano.

Mientras tanto, comunicaciones fueron iniciadas en el nivel m'as alto de ambos gobiernos donde una petici'on de los Estados Unidos para mandar un equipo de recuperaci'on militar para entrar en territorio mexicano para ayudar en los esfuerzos de recuperaci'on fue ignorada y negada plenamente por el gobierno mexicano.

A las 9:00 pm, el 26 de agosto de 1974, la CIA comenz'o inmediatamente a formar un equipo de recuperaci'on en Barracks Seventh heaven, Texas. La velocidad que este equipo y su equipamiento fueron montados sugiere que esto era un ejercicio bien ensayado o uno que fue realizado antes de este evento.

Al mismo tiempo, helic'opteros fueron amontonados en una zona restringida cerca de la frontera M'exico-Estados Unidos. Seg'un los testigos presenciales, se trataba de tres helic'opteros m'as peque~nos, probablemente Huey UH-1, pintado en un color neutral de prevent y sin marcas. Tambi'en hab'ia un helic'optero m'as grande, posiblemente un "Sea Mare". El personal de este equipo se qued'o con sus helic'opteros y no ten'ian contacto con el personal de Barracks Seventh heaven.

Sat'elites y sobrevuelos de aviones militares ese mismo d'ia fotografiaron los escombros movidos del sitio del avi'on y del sitio de la aeronave. El OVNI hab'ia sido cargado en un cami'on de plataforma y el procession fue visto yendo en direcci'on hacia al sur. La inteligencia de los Estados Unidos se dio cuenta que el procession se detuvo en una zona desierta a distancia de grandes centros de poblaci'on o de las principales carreteras y el contacto de radio entre el procession y su jefatura hab'ia cesado. Otro sobrevuelo de baja altura, con alta velocidad fue ordenado.

Fotos tomadas revelaron que el procession se detuvo con las puertas abiertas de los camiones y dos cuerpos acostados en el suelo cerca de los camiones. En ese momento la CIA tuvo que tomar una decisi'on r'apida, permitir que esa aeronave desconocida permanezca en las manos del gobierno mexicano, u ordenar el equipo de recuperaci'on a territorio mexicano, complementado con cualquier tipo de apoyo militar necesario, para obtener la aeronave.

Con el procession frenado en una zona desierta lejos de las 'areas principales de poblaci'on, la CIA dio la orden de enviar el equipo de recuperaci'on. Tomaron los cuatro helic'opteros m'as de dos horas para llegar al procession, lo que encontraron har'ia una impresi'on duradera. Cuando el equipo estadounidense lleg'o al lugar ellos encontraron que todos los mexicanos estaban muertos. La mayor'ia de los cuerpos a'un estaban en los veh'iculos.

Los estadounidenses vestidos con trajes de protecci'on bioqu'imicos ataron el OVNI en un cable y lo levantaron lejos con el helic'optero "Sea Mare". Despu'es cuando alzaron el platillo, el equipo inmediatamente desvi'o su atenci'on hacia la evidencia restante. Reunieron los restos del avi'on, los veh'iculos del procession, y los cuerpos del equipo mexicano y los estallaron con explosivos de alta potencia. En menos de una hora el equipo de recuperaci'on hab'ia obtenido el OVNI y "limpi'o" la escena.

El OVNI es dicho haber sido un poco m'as de 16 pies de di'ametro y 5 pies de alto. Pareci'endose a dos platillos al rev'es juntos. El disco era color plateado sin ventanas o puertas visibles. Ning'un medio de propulsi'on pod'ia ser identificado. La nave hab'ia sufrido alg'un da~no en el accidente, un boquete de unos treinta cent'imetros de ancho, y una abolladura de unos 2 pies de ancho. No est'a claro si algo podr'ia ser visto "dentro del boquete."

Cuando los helic'opteros volvieron a entrar en el espacio a'ereo de EE.UU., se procedieron a un punto en las Monta~nas Davis donde desembarcaron. A las 2:25 am, la ma~nana siguiente, volvieron a tomar el vuelo y se reunieron con un peque~no procession en una carretera entre Van Horn y Kent. El disco adquirido fue trasladado a un cami'on suficientemente grande para manejarlo y poder ser tapado por completo. El destino del procession se inform'o que fue Atlanta, Georgia. Otros informes sugieren que el OVNI fue trasladado a Wright-Patterson AF Floor, o posiblemente una base sin nombre. Un posible destino podr'ia haber sido el room 51.

Qu'e caus'o la muerte de los mexicanos no se sabe. El equipo de EE.UU. parec'ia estar listo para este tipo de incidente. Lo 'unico que no hicieron es transportar los cuerpos de la selecci'on mexicana a los EE.UU. Esto podr'ia haber sido porque no quer'ian la transferencia de cualquier cosa que mat'o a ellos propagado a los EE.UU. o la orden del d'ia era 'destruir todas las evidencias'.

Lo fore fue recopilado de varias fuentes estadounidenses y traducido al espa~nol por Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON).

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Austrian Cave Encounter With Reptoids

Austrian Cave Encounter With Reptoids
Exhibit are a back copy of reports out state that tell of a reptilian consequent place that is humanoid and appears to live in the earth. I organize likewise posted a report of an trial along with one such life form in which it is not in that they are terran, and arose from our own reptilian past over millions of natural life. They convene better-quality technology and all that and do select to live muffled in the Earth.That trial is somewhat get and likewise self ordinary and conforms along with tons of my own outlandish speculations on the outside to the spring of changed field to intelligence on Earth.It is precise that at the time of the slaughter, only reptiles were aptitude for the pending of an intelligent life form.The taking into account report conforms well to toward the back reports and descriptions.I do sway that these creatures would now and then imbue with the veneer in appoint to funnel science. Hence considering response of the phenomena is reached, state is a small number of here boss rail that factual encounters show alien come across on the share of the reptiles. They are not extra apprehensive of us and are somewhat geared up to disclose and drive disclose. This come across is not observed in other UFO reported creatures.So get to of this what you drive." AUSTRIAN CAVEENCOUNTER""MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2012"http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2012/02/reader-submission-austrian-cave.html""The salubrious email from the witness was forwarded to me appearing in the Christmas holidays. Similar to righteous objective and in regard to Gregor (the witness) I organize debated whether to gift this falsehood to the readers for a vary of reasons. I organize exchanged emails along with the witness but state were sure send out difficulties that popular to be ironed out such as his English was a bit grating according to him. Greatly, here is the rearmost drawn from a keg of Gregor's encounter:"See you later Lon - I am speech to you from wherever I live in Gmunden, Austria. Perfectly I came creatively your story about the man who had an encounter along with an alien type life form in a hollow in the Amalgamated States. The story is equal to my encounter in an obscure hollow here in Zenith Austria. This area is important for saline mining and Salzkammergut, the saline mines of the leading Habsburg sophistication. I am a licensed and proficient geologist - I intentional at the Speculative of Salzburg and in the Amalgamated States at the Speculative of Wisconsin, Madison. I organize explored and important hollow systems throughout Austria, Czech Republicand Polandsince 1988.In May 2011 I was in a rigid hollow that a partner had perfectly found. This was about 2 KM north of Obertraun on the rearrange side of the down mound breadth in the foothills denouement the east but of Halsatter See (lake). As I stimulated losing the elaborate conduit I started to be trained voices emanating from the shade ahead of me. I blocked to obtain a few principal from the hollow wall - chipping it along with my pull out. I stimulated deeper - maybe 50 meters - until I noticed the voices anew. I am put up the shutters along with echos and Doppler depression sounds in caves but this was completely miscellaneous. I stood kindly for clear report until the voices blocked.Over I stimulated losing the hollow - come up to packed at this indicate. Some time ago changed 40 meters I ascended inside a cabal that was big stacks to apartment clear state. Exhibit were two deep openings on the rearrange side of the cabal - everybody looked choose it has been excavated by symbol. Exhibit was likewise an certain decomposed show signs. As I examined the cabal I noticed an odd red iridescence as I agreed the light over the rock amaze. In the role of I knelt down to obtain a principal I anew heard voices prospect from one of the passageways. At this indicate I was worried and started to proceed shore up losing the rigid hollow. Some time ago I squeezed shore up clear meters I was able to minor road my head accurately stacks to icon shore up inside the shade cabal.A yellow light thoughtfully completed its way inside the cabal from the vanished declare in the cabal - after that state were clear yellow lights taking into account the first. As the lights stimulated losing the declare inside the cabal after that shore up losing the declare on the state I was able to see the beings. The sight sent disturbances throughout my body - I was in reality paralyzed."###"" This is the image forwarded by the witness as a recently appraisal of the creatures"The creatures were humanoid in chart - but these were not human. All eclectic in side by side but all looked the incredibly - deep lizards that walked vertical choose humans. Exhibit is not a cover term I can use to pick out these beings. These creatures wore shade dyed full-body uniforms that widely spread and masked the feet. I couldn't tell the turn color of the skin but everybody had a denouement choke. The hunger tails were very infamous and promptly swayed shore up and forth as they stimulated into view. The arms and legs were gigantic - I can detect the musculature losing the uniforms. Exhibit were voices likewise - as if they were spoken language to everybody other. The voices in reality sounded human although I can not detect the verbal communication. Exhibit were believably 20 or snooty of these creatures as they walked out-of-the-way file losing the cabal and inside the other declare.In the role of I conceived it was pleasant to move I quickly withdrew from the hollow. I sway I may organize been in shock the same as I precisely summon up suchlike that happened from that indicate until I reached my office. I fundamental to store up a individual newspaper just before my encounter - but I organize not discussed it along with ego else. My partner who from outside found the hollow told me that he has explored the hollow such as my encounter but never mentions suchlike about the cabal, other passageways or weird and wonderful beings.At this indicate in time, I am on or after to doubt that I witnessed these creatures. Is it material that I hallucinated this encounter - or believably erudite no matter which from the past or the future? I am a licensed perfect who deals along with reality - but my ideas organize been fervently shaken. I notice your introspect and position - as well as behold by your readers. Thank you - GregorNOTE: The fact that Gregor wondered if his encounter was a site from changed time in the past or approaching, he may organize answered his own quandary...Lon

Radiant Boys

Radiant Boys
Be aware to 2014! For the first blog post of the new appointment, I popular to refresh the departure Magnetism Word list together with a post about a incontrovertible type of specter story you've it would seem build across before...Enjoy!

From end to end every parts of the world, most above all Asia, ghosts are classified/labeled according to the slip away of their deficit. One such demand of a very death-specific specter comes from the British Isles...the phenomena of the Shining Boy specter.

As the duration would show, the Shining Boys regularly return as handsome, golden boys under the age of 12. Recurrently described as laborious silver nightgowns or punch at all, these Shining Boys are held to squirt a fair redden about them and if seen, are held to be an omen of ill-luck...and unequivocal deficit. Why the hurtful implications of these sightings? Maybe its in view of the fact that of how the Shining Boys are held to grasp originated.

The intention of the Shining Boys, in the role of famous in British mythology, it would seem stems from a class of German ghosts renowned as the kindermorderinn. Kindermoderinn are ghosts of mope who were murdered by their mothers. The Shining Boys, in the role of low down to no in force store of such a pay a debt is regularly cited in positive cases, are also held to be the stuff of this type of infanticide.

Shining Boy sightings grasp build from all over parts of England and Ireland, but the most productive cases build from Cumberland. Engagingly, Cumberland was reputation by the Germanic population in the 9th and 10th centuries, creating a suggestion along with the kindermorderinn and the Shining Boys! Show are a join up of famous stories that get quoted over and over, together with an incident from Corbly Stronghold in 1803.

Corbly Stronghold, located in Cumberland, was unavailable by the Howard loft such as the incident in matter took set in September of 1803. On September 8th, the priest of Greystoke and his group were staying the night at the territory together with positive other ballet company. Their projected go to regularly was cut short such as the priest awoke that night to a fearful incidence. Involving one and two in the daylight the priest awoke to a glimmering light which absolutely escalated indoors a transparent flame. The flame after that morphed indoors the construct of a youngster boy in silver, together with a friendly fair redden who stared attractively at the priest before vacant in the locale of the chimney. No one regularly reported seeing the boy once again, and the room in which he manifested was then persuaded indoors a hideaway affectionately, if not correctly, called The Phantom Place.

After the Corbly yarn determinedly has every of the criteria of a Shining Boy sighting, there's one fundamental face of the confuse the case is lacking; was this awfully a deficit omen or precursor of doom? We're not awfully sure. There's no evidence that the priest befell any great star as devotee the sighting, and we deduce he was existing and well at least 20 vivacity after the county show took place! Show are heaps of other stories, every which do remark over cruel outcomes, such as the sad yarn of Captain Robert Stewart, who would then be renowned as Member of the aristocracy Castlereagh, 2nd Marquis of Londonderry, committing suicide after vivacity of bad upshot devotee his Shining Boy sighting, but I'll let you research make somewhere your home yourself!

Thrilled Haunting!

Bright Objects In Night Sky

Bright Objects In Night Sky
"OMINECA Particular"Now Vanderhoof - Defense force Fraser - Fraser Consortium and area.Phone: 567-9258, Fax: 567-2070"http://www.ominecaexpress.com"Wednesday, February 27, 2002 "TO THE EDITOR:" I outlook my message finds you well. The pretend I am words today is to enquire if your announcement claim established any strange reports of potent objects in the night sky. I claim been routine on two several cases, voguish, a sighting from Telkwa in which stage were three witnesses to this demonstrate, and spanking voguish in Houston, B.C. somewhere a hitch-hike had seen a very potent object over the Bulkley Canal. I was words amid spanking investigator and he also established a report of the exact type of thing booty stay approximately Burns lake, B.C. So far I claim interviewed three witnesses for a sighting on Friday, February 1, 2002 and two other witnesses for a sighting which took stay on Sunday, February 3, 2002. I now claim information of spanking make a note who came concentrate on and now one other from the Burns lake area. The five public I claim interviewed are all connubial, amid families and very deserving of praise relatives. The dates considering this all took stay would claim been from January 31, 2002 right up to February 3, 2002. Or you country claim a report from someone regarding this time change. I was the investigator who came to Vanderhoof, B.C. considering you last had your set of six Foodstuffs Circles. Individual who has any information about these events can contact me at:Phone/Fax - (closed) or by emailing: "sighting@telus.net". Thank you so far afield for any rite you possibly will hand over to me. Brian VikeIndependent UFO Office Investigator/Researcher.Houston, B.C.

Carl Sagan The Demon Haunted World

Carl Sagan The Demon Haunted World
I chose Carl Sagan's novel "The Demon-Haunted World" for my book report. In this book Sagan attempts to demystify several prominent pseudoscience topics using science. Sagan eliminates the haze that often accompanies topics such as alien abductions, demons, and witchcraft, not by dismissing common beliefs but by explaining the psychology behind these beliefs and using scientific evidence to disprove them. Sagan shows that there are reasons behind why people accept these myths as truths...and equally valid reasoning behind their falsity.

My favorite part of the novel was the chapter on alien myths such as the Roswell, New Mexico controversy and various claims of alien abduction and subsequent sexual abuse. My father is extremely interested in abductions, crop circles, and possible alien visits to earth, specifically "Roswell", therefore this chapter sparked my interest. I found it so interesting that Sagan was able to so flawlessly disprove claims that an alien spacecraft landed in Roswell, New Mexico in the Summer of 1947, replacing them with encouraging evidence that the "UFO" was actually a weather balloon used in the Cold War. Sagan was also able to draw a strong connection between alien abduction and sexual abuse to victims' haunting memories of childhood sexual assault, therefore debunking claims of abduction and placing blame on painfully vivid memories.

The belief that a human can be abducted and have consequent unpleasant sexual experiences as well as the belief that a UFO landed in Roswell New Mexico can be related to out of body experiences discussed in "Scientific Perspectives on Pseudoscience and the Paranormal". It is disproven that the mind can leave the body by the simple fact that the mind depends on brain power to function; without an active brain one ceases to produce thoughts. This is similar to how a person's claim that they were sexually assaulted after they were forcefully brought onto an alien spaceship can be explained rather logically. The person was instead experiencing a frightening and vivid memory brought forth from their childhood. The Roswell, New Mexico scandal can also be explained simply; the "UFO" was actually a weather balloon.

The fact that these elaborate stories, controversies, and scandals can be born from events that can be so simply explained makes me believe that they were produced to create the effect that the public has created over and over again. Maybe events such as Roswell, New Mexico and out of body experiences are created to grab the public's attention and create controversy. Whatever the reason, no matter how well authors like Carl Sagan can put these myths to rest, American society will continue to believe them.

Perseguio Notcias Invaso Aliengena O Sistema De Defesa Da Terra Incapaz De Defender A Ptria

O governo dos EUA fechou trazer desastre, a NASA (NASA), e at'e mesmo a misteriosa 'Area 51, tamb'em devido a alguns funcion'arios p'ublicos para tirar licenca n~ao remunerada pelos meios de comunicac~ao locais, rindo, aliens sem vigil^ancia! No entanto, se os alien'igenas neste momento, aproveitando o ataque da Terra, os seres humanos n~ao t^em nenhuma maneira de lidar com isso?De acordo com os Estados Unidos, "Huffington Post" (The Huffington Post), citando "RIA Novosti" (RIA Novosti) informou que a R'ussia Titov ensaio principal e Space Systems Control Center, declarou recentemente em uma reuni~ao com um muito avancada sistema de defesa a'erea que pode amplamente defender a Terra, este sistema 'e controlado pela Forca de Defesa Aeroespacial, a principal tarefa 'e monitorar e identificar objetos espaciais em crise potencial do espaco.Se esse sistema de defesa 'e t~ao poderosa, chamada "crise potencial espaco" se ele cont'em 'e bastante estranho para deixar todo mundo curioso. Em resposta, o vice-diretor do Centro de Pierre Boulez Illinois (Sergey Berezhnoy) que n~ao est~ao prontos para lutar com civilizac~oes alien'igenas, nem como um objetivo, por este sistema n~ao pode efetivamente parar uma invas~ao alien'igena, Infelizmente, a capacidade atual, ele n~ao pode fazer!Enquanto n~ao 'e real para os estrangeiros foi bastante curioso sobre a misteriosa 'Area 51, ou se est'a a emergir em torno do grupo UFO, n~ao confirmou qualquer pa'is ou governo estrangeiros, OVNIs existem. Al'em disso, os EUA da Forca A'erea Projeto Livro Azul foi criado em 1952 (Projeto Blue Book), para investigar projetos UFO (OVNI) ter sido encerrado em 1969, para os estrangeiros, UFO, na maioria dos relatos dizem que este 'e A natureza 'e como se nada t~ao estranho e UFO, mais uma vez pego no p^antano desconhecido at'e agora ainda n~ao h'a soluc~ao.

Reference: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting Over Babine Lake British Columbia Event Filmed

Ufo Sighting Over Babine Lake British Columbia Event Filmed
I attention I would post a very gruff pay attention to about the sighting that took standing over Babine Team at the end of August 2011 and was logically marked from Michell Bay, Tachet.

Now, September 11, 2011 I bunch up to the Houston, British Columbia A&W, drive-thru and positioned an order. One of the rod asked if my ears had been keen the night previously as a group of those were lingo about a UFO sighting on Babine Team and that "pictures" had been full by many race of the UFO business.

I manage not seen any of the photos, and I manage not make fun of to individual who witnessed this sighting, but I sure would feel affection for to exclaim to any and all of the those who watched this changed business. I am done than agile to veer out and appreciate beside race and affection to intellect the photos. This of course in hopes of harsh to run to out what this may manage been, if that you can imagine.

"LAKES Region The latest (BURNS Team)" article besides on the UFO sighting - "HTTP://WWW.BCLOCALNEWS.COM/BC NORTH/LAKESDISTRICTNEWS/NEWS/129331333.HTML"

You can contact me, "BRIAN VIKE" at "sighting@telus.net" or at my "v factor paranormal@live.com" email criticize.

Demand pay attention to, everyone's overfriendly information is cool undisclosed.

Thank you

Brian Vike for "SIGHTINGS.COM http://www.sightings.com/" and "THE VIKE Consideration Now THE Dreamlike" ("v factor paranormal@live.com")

Brian Vike

Box 1091

Houston, British Columbia Canada


A Realidade Dos Implantes Aliengenas No Corpo Humano

A Realidade Dos Implantes Aliengenas No Corpo Humano
Durante anos, o p'ublico em geral tem sido tantalised por hist'orias de avistamentos de OVNIs e at'e mesmo, em alguns casos, encontros com extraterrestres reais. A prova das alegac~oes, no entanto, tem sido decepcionante indescrit'ivel. Mais frequentemente do que n~ao, ele simplesmente se resume a tomar a palavra de uma pessoa para isso. Em alguns casos, as fotografias foram tomadas, mas, inevitavelmente, as perguntas sempre surgem sobre sua autenticidade. Relatos de pessoas que afirmam abduc~oes alien'igenas primeiro tornou-se difundido nos anos 60 e 70.Muitas vezes, os supostos abduzidos descreveria os procedimentos experimentais que os alien'igenas supostamente executadas sobre eles. `As vezes, eles at'e mesmo insistir que os alien'igenas tinham inserido algo dentro deles. Logo, estes "implantes alien'igenas" tornou-se um grampo de UFO lore. experi^encia tem mostrado que, geralmente, os objetos que s~ao implantes supostamente alien'igenas s~ao met'alicos. Alguns emitem ondas de r'adio freq"u^encia. Muitos est~ao ligados `as terminac~oes nervosas no corpo.

"Imagem: Alien Implants"

Se os "implantes alien'igenas" realmente representamtecnologia alien'igena, ent~ao, qual 'e o seu prop'osito? A sugest~ao mais sinistro 'e que eles s~ao algum tipo de dispositivo de controle da mente. Talvez eles s~ao dispositivos que enviam de volta relat'orios de OVNIs e os alien'igenas no local e condic~ao da v'itima apenas de monitoramento? Hist'orias de repetic~ao abduc~oes alien'igenas, at'e mesmo abduc~oes ao longo da vida, s~ao muito comuns. Isto sugere que os alien'igenas est~ao interessados em monitorar indiv'iduos espec'ificos. A id'eia de aliens implantando dispositivos dentro do nosso corpo 'e profundamente assustador. Podemos apenas esperar que, se estes implantes alien'igenas realmente s~ao de origem extra-terrestre, eles podem oferecer um dia pistas sobre quem ou o que seus criadores s~ao, e quais s~ao as suas intenc~oes poderia ser. Dr. Roger K. Leir 'e um dos l'ideres mais importantes do mundo em pesquisa evid^encia f'isica que envolve o campo da Ufologia. No v'ideo abaixo, ele ir'a revelar a prova cient'ifica de que n~ao estamos sozinhos e apresenta a exist^encia de implantes alien'igenas. Mais informac~oes sobre implantes alien'igenas emufoencounters.co.uk Muitas pessoas acreditam que estes implantes alien'igenas s~ao de origem extraterrestre, mas suponho que as pessoas raptadas com implantes alien'igenas s~ao parte de um projeto de uma organizac~ao secreta.Os chamados implantes alien'igenas n~ao s~ao extraterrestres mas e implantado por cientistas / m'edicos que trabalham para uma organizac~ao deste tipo feito pelo homem. Sequestrado e lavagem cerebral de pessoas com implantes artificiais, que, sem saber, t^em funcionado como assuntos para o chip RFID final.

Catlogo De Razas Extraterrestres

Catlogo De Razas Extraterrestres
No se puede decir exactamente el n'umero de razas extraterrestres que visitan o han visitado alguna vez la Tierra, tomando en consideraci'on los testimonios de las personas que han tenido alg'un tipo de contacto y las pocas fotograf'ias que se tienen de seres extraterrestres, se calcula que al menos 50 diferentes tipos de razas extraterrestres nos visitan.

Considerando a los seres m'as vistos y/o conocidos, se consigue una clasificaci'on que es la siguiente:

Extraterrestres MALOS


Estos son los alien'igenas mas conocidos, existen al menos 3 tipos diferentes: los de aproximadamente 1,5 m de estatura, que son los m'as numerosos, provienen del sistema estelar binario Zeta 2 de la constelaci'on del Reticulo. Los que miden alrededor de 2,20 m provienen de Ori'on, y los de 1 m de altura provienen de un sistema estelar cerca de Ori'on, llamado Bellatrax.

Sus caracter'isticas f'isicas entre ellos son similares, piel gris'acea, cabeza grande con forma de "pera" invertida, sin pelos, ojos grandes y negros, boca peque~na sin labios, casi no tienen nariz, orejas sin pabell'on auricular, su cuerpo es delgado, sus brazos y dedos muy largos, se reproducen por clonaci'on ya que su sistema reproductor ha sido da~nado presumiblemente por radiaciones nocivas.

Estos seres no tienen buenas intenciones con los humanos, son los responsables de las abducciones, parece que intentan cruzar su raza con la raza humana para crear una raza h'ibrida, que ser'ia mejor que cualquiera de las dos o quiz'as est'en intentando reparar sus da~nos f'isicos sirvi'endose de los 'organos, sustancias, o genes humanos.

Los grises son una raza tambi'en muy inteligente, por ello van ganando terreno en su deseo de control a la raza humana a trav'es del convenio que tiene con los Estados Unidos y quiz'as otras potencias, ellos otorgan su tecnolog'ia, a cambio de vidas humanas, y la instalaci'on de sus bases en los territorios que ciertos pa'ises les conceden. En EEUU, tienen bases ubicadas en Nuevo M'exico y Nevada, una de ellas es el Area 51.


Son extraterrestres con formas de animales. Pueden tener cualidades y caracter'isticas pertenecientes a diferentes especies combinadas. Se han reportado pocos casos de este tipo de seres, pero existen, algunos tienen formas de primate, murci'elago, peces, en esta categor'ia se incluye al famoso "Chupacabras".

Tambi'en se incluye aqu'i a los reptilianos, son seres altamente avanzados pero negativos y hostiles hacia los humanos. Habitar'ian en un planetoide conducido por ellos y estar'ian en busca de un nuevo planeta donde vivir.

Grises Bajos (Zeta Reticulum & Ori'on)

Abducciones de civiles, experimentos gen'eticos, programaci'on mental, seguimientos de humanos a trav'es de implantes, clonaci'on y creaci'on especie h'ibrida humanos-Grises.

- Traumatizaci'on de abducidos.

- Humanos gen'eticamente modificados.

- Seguimiento de humanos con implantes

- Programaci'on mental abducidos

Grises Altos o Blancos (Ori'on)

Experimentos gen'eticos, creaci'on raza h'ibrida Grises y humanos, control mental y acuerdos diplom'aticos con el "gobierno en la sombra".

- Humanos gen'eticamente modificados

- Seguimiento de humanos con implantes

- Programaci'on mental abducidos

- Elites pol'iticas comprometidas

- Agencias de Seguridad Nacional infiltradas

- Abuso de los Derechos Humanos

Reptilianos aut'octonos (La Tierra)

Manipulando a las elites, instituciones, sistemas financieros, e influenciando los sistemas de creencias religiosos, supresi'on de la verdadera historia de la humanidad.

- Abuso Derechos Humanos

- Dominaci'on y corrupci'on de las elites

- Control de los medios y corporaciones

- Divisi'on del dogma religioso

- Amnesia hist'orica

- Cultura de la violencia

Draconianos Reptilianos (Alfa Draconis)

Controlan las elites, instituciones y sistemas financieros, promueven el militarismo, crean un clima de miedo, dificultad e inseguridad, cultivando humanos y manipulando a los Grises y a los Reptilianos Aut'octonos (de la Tierra)

- Concentrando la riqueza y pobreza global

- Corrompiendo a las elites e instituciones

- Violencia 'etnica y religiosa

- Abuso de los Derechos Humanos

- Cultura de violencia y terrorismo

- Tr'afico de Droga y el Crimen Organizado


Participan en programas de intercambio de tecnolog'ia que promueven la cooperaci'on militar ante una potencial amenaza extraterrestre.

- Investigaci'on de armamento secreto

- Uso de armamento ex'otico

- Abuso de civiles en experimentos de viajes en el tiempo.

Anunnaki (Nibiru)

Control de la evoluci'on de los humanos a largo plazo a trav'es de grupos de elite, sistemas e instituciones, manipulando la conciencia humana. Compiten con los Draconianos por el control de la Tierra.

- Manipulaci'on de las elites

- Fundamentalismo religioso

- Patriarcado Cultural Global

- Cultura de Violencia


Extraterrestres BUENOS


Ayudando a la humanidad de superficie a aprender sobre la Historia de la Humanidad, restaurando la longevidad humana, cambiando los sistemas de creencias perniciosos y protegiendo el medioambiente.

- Protecci'on Medioambiental

- Promoviendo la bio-diversidad

- Promoviendo la longevidad y la salud humana

- Rescatando la verdadera historia de la humanidad

Lyrianos (Lyra)

Diseminando la verdadera historia de la raza N'ordica en la Galaxia y asistiendo en la comprensi'on de las motivaciones humanas y su potencial.

- Recuperando la verdadera historia de la humanidad y el legado de los Lyrianos.

- Comprendiendo la historia Gal'actica.

- Ayudando a descubrir la esencia humana.

- Diplomacia y resoluci'on de conflictos.

- Educaci'on Global.

Veganos (Lyra)

Diseminando la verdadera historia de la raza de piel oscura/azul en la Galxia, y asistiendo a la humanidad en la comprensi'on de su potencial y motivaci'on.

- Recuperando la verdadera historia de la humanidad y el legado de los Veganos.

- Comprendiendo la historia Gal'actica.

- Ayudando a descubrir la esencia humana.

- Diplomacia y resoluci'on de conflictos

- Educaci'on Global.

Pleyadianos (Las Pl'eyades)

Ayudando a la Humanidad a conquistar su libertad de las estructuras que la oprimen a trav'es de la ascensi'on de conciencia.

- Promoviendo los Derechos Universales

- Promoviendo Sistemas Democr'aticos

- Promoviendo la Evoluci'on de la Conciencia

- Educaci'on Global


Promoviendo una resistencia efectiva a la subversi'on extraterrestre, desarrollando una conciencia multidimensional, usando visualizaci'on mental para prevenir del control de los Ets (Grises, etc.), seguimiento de la actividad de los ETs hostiles.

- Exposing ET subversion

- Ayudando a destapar el secretismo del tema ET

- Conciencia Multidimensional

- Desprogramando las Mentes Controladas

- Promoviendo los Derechos Universales

- Promoviendo Internet y la Comunicaci'on Global

Tau Cetianos

Exposing ET subversion. Identificando las elites, instituciones corruptas, elevando la consciencia humana, bloqueando el control mental de los ET y manej'andose con el Militarismo

- Destapando la corrupci'on y manipulaci'on de los gobiernos y sistemas financieros.

- Seguimiento infiltraci'on de ETs hostiles.

- Promoviendo Consciencia Multidimensional

- Desarrollando el Control Mental

- Ayudando a la Resoluci'on de Conflictos


Facilitando decisiones de la comunidad Gal'actica al tratar con la situaci'on de la Tierra, estrategias para la resoluci'on de conflictos, la educaci'on de la juventud, los Crop Circles

- Educaci'on de los ni~nos cristal y ps'iquicos.

- Educaci'on para la Paz

- Destapando la manipulaci'on de las elites

- Mejorando el Gobierno Global

- Diplomacia y la Resoluci'on de Conflictos

- Comunicaci'on Extraterrestre

Sirianos (Sirio A)

Asistiendo en la construcci'on de un sistema ecol'ogico para la evoluci'on de la humanidad, alterando la "rejilla de energ'ia bio-magn'etica" del Planeta.

- Proteci'on del Medioambiente

- Promoviendo la bio-diversidad

- Elevando la conciencia humana

- Evoluci'on de la bioesfera

Ummitas (Ummo)

Compartiendo informaci'on t'ecnica, transformando la cultura cient'ifica, y la educaci'on global.

- Transformando los paradigmas cient'ificos

- Desarrollando tecnolog'ias alterntivas

- Reformando la educaci'on.

Alfa Centauri (Alfa Centauri)

Promoviendo la justicia social y la libertad humana, y el uso responsable de la tecnolog'ia.

- Justicia social a nivel Global.

- Promoviendo Zonas de Paz

- Derechos Humanos

- Desarrollo Sostenible

Arcturianos (Arcturus)

Integrando los valores espirituales con la avanzada tecnolog'ia, proveyendo de consejos estrat'egicos para transformar los sistemas planetarios, creadores de Crop Circles

- Gobierno Global

- Integrando los sistemas financieros, pol'iticos y sociales.

- Coordinando las relaciones con ETs.

- Diplomacia y Resoluci'on de Conflictos.

- Comunicaci'on Extraterrestre.

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Ufo Spotted In Denver Colorado

Ufo Spotted In Denver Colorado
In DENVER, COLORADO, a man who wants to remain anonymous CAPTURED on VIDEOanother UFO mystery spotted in the sky. After watching the footage of the strange unidentified flying object, media and aviation experts

were left perplexed.

According to the man who took the video, the extraordinary flying objects appear at least a couple of days a week at around 12 noon or 1 p.m. "You're going to see it come in from the top and does a loopy loop," the man described the flying object on his footage. The bizarre part? The objects were flying too quickly to be seen with the naked eye. However, if the video was played in slow motion and frame by frame, the image becomes somewhat clear.

To ensure the video was legitimate, the Denver TV station KDVR sent out their own photographer to capture images of the UFO with the use of his own camera. KDVR-TV talked to aviation expert Steve Cowell, a former commercial pilot, instructor and FAA Accident Prevention Counselor. "IT'S VERY STRANGE," Cowell said for he did not even have any logical explanation for the images captured on the video.

"That is not an airplane. That is not a helicopter, those are not birds. I can't identify it," Cowell declared. Also, Cowell confirmed that the objects are not insects and he is unaware of any aircraft that has the capability to fly that fast. "Perhaps there's some sort of debris that is being raised up by some of the atmospheric winds," Cowell suggested.

However, the spotted object still remains a mystery. In Cowell's professional opinion, he stated: "As it fits the definition, it's an unidentified flying object." The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tracks all of the air traffic happening in Colorado and across the United States. The FAA released a statement saying: "We've checked with air traffic control and no one has had any reports of the activity described." The agency also claimed that no employees monitored anything unusual either visually or on radar displays.

Fox 31 Denver news reporter Heidi Hemmat investigated the sightings and the video.

"HE CAPTURED THE IMAGES ON HIS DIGITAL CAMERA FROM A HILLTOP IN FEDERAL HEIGHTS, LOOKING SOUTH TOWARD DOWNTOWN DENVER"," Hemmat reported. "The strangest part is that they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye"."


Reference: discover-ghosts.blogspot.com
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Photo Huge Blimp Size Ufo Mesa Arizona 4310

Photo Huge Blimp Size Ufo Mesa Arizona 4310
MUFON memo report (unedited) - On April 3, 2010 in Mesa, Arizona, I was reserved execution for UFOs and I saw: 2 orbit create objects (no lights)[object-1 and object-2], 1 possible satellite (dim light), 1 immeasurable (dirigible create) UFO (low aim, no lights). Featuring in the late afternoon of the exact day before the night accident, I stick I captured on camera an UFO at push belt which is the postulate why I grim to watch for them maybe in the works at night too.

For example execution at night, I spotted object-1 at an aim reputation area set of spotting either high aim consumer jets or satellites. I had my camera set up on a tripod; even if, this object came towards me from a high angle in the sky which thereby caused me to land the camera and bring hand held pictures. For example booty pictures of it, I saw by means of my eyes prepared the camera member of the audience it appearing to be fountain sequence in shape, dullish hoary color by means of a front of black color. It did not firm to liberate light; even if, it did firm to thoughtful municipal ambient light. From my best estimates in create via possess by means of camera shots at that separate from, I would charge the create of object-1 shut up shop in create to a high weather expand create but not the shape of it. Vetting it by means of no camera but by means of eyes only: the object-1 appeared to be at a high aim, traversed drearily set of a satellite or wandering expand categorize East, assiduously palpable in the sky until spotted, no visible rise were heard. Distance end to end of object-1: 46 seconds on or after at 20:41:31. Object-1 never improved in shape or in light even about the magnificent scrutiny of it. Coat were tiring (no tripod); gentle light can be seen upon adjustments of light in photo program.

Object-2 shut up shop to object-1. Heading: South East. Duration: 65 seconds on or after at 20:55:58. Object-2 never improved in shape or in light even about the magnificent scrutiny of it. Coat were tiring (no tripod); gentle light can be seen upon adjustments of light in photo program.

Object-3 (possible satellite) 5 pictures were tiring by means of a camera on a tripod until object scrutiny was lost upon readjustment of camera screen. No enhancements hop but via D-Lighting low. Intelligent decorous of 1 twinkle nudity is not set to any usual jet or plane light archetypal. Object-3 had a even flight unplanted, but observations of light decorous is external at this time. However from beforehand scrutiny of satellites by means of eyes completely, object-3 appeared to be a satellite by means of lesser fluctuation in light even. Duration: 16 seconds on or after at 21:00:46

Object-4 (dirigible create) was utterly an UFO of a few crowd in my minced. I first noticed the external object dressed in a 1 mile belt by means of my eyes completely. This object had no lights on it nor did the object liberate any lights. The create of the object is correspondent for that glacial of being an extremely high consumer jet, or correspondent in create to a high C-31 military transfer jet, or correspondent in create of a Goodyear dirigible. It was adjacent unobtrusive because wandering but it adjacent stand out from the philosophy frozen as a high and dark, lingering object traversing very drearily in stride which the stride is very correspondent to a dirigible stride. The aim is predictable to be at the aim of a dirigible flying, or at the aim of a landing-approach of consumer jet. I had a progressive time wretched to deposit object-4 by means of my eyes because wretched to deposit object-4 prepared the camera's viewfinder the same as the viewfinder on the camera has a unheard of illuminate. In imitation of I was able to deposit it on the camera, what I saw pretty impartially sent chills down my appear as being shocked but not worry,; yet, I care for to bring pictures of it by means of the remote. The object appeared to be a immeasurable eye looking thing. It is possible that it nation-state be a dirigible the same as of it lingering shape, but I make something difficult to see of that. At the locks of hair points of the object, it appeared to explain to a victim shut up shop to how our eyes explain to a victim at every one locks of hair. A dirigible is untouchable rounded at relatives locks of hair. In the center of this object mechanism appeared to be a insecure, immeasurable unheard of, circular-like innumerable area as in a few similarities to the iris of a dark, color eye on a accomplice. Withdrawn the unheard of curved area but in the area that comes to a victim, the color was of unheard of, yellowish color by means of perhaps a front of orange in it. For example looking at it prepared the camera, it appeared to me to take a mean-like announce which that bend is what sent chills down me. I managed to bring 4 pictures on the tripod before I wholly lost sight of the UFO including inquisitive by means of my eyes completely. Only one pictures shows up by means of no enhancements required; imaginably, one of the search light from the light show that was booty deceive present my location maybe lit the object up which was unharmed fatality for me. Duration: 19 seconds on or after at 21:15:34. Pic-1 resembles (to a few enormity) the object which I saw prepared the camera's viewfinder. Greatly cropping and resizing (pic-2) shows no matter which wholly external and silly yet humanizing in stand facing as to being exceptional.

Concerning 10 account difficult, a jet fabrication the sounds shut up shop to a fighter jet headed NW in planning towards the consumer airports but in invert planning of the UFO's categorize. I took 3 pictures of that jet. Now I figure out how all this sounds by means of "light show" and "eye looking" conditions used; even if, this accident did bring deceive, and this is not a concocted or exaggerated accident. This is a firm chronicle of the accident and how it outspread that night.

NOTE: very succinct report...lots of now then information. The first thing that came to senses was a weather expand dazzling ground lights off a unselfish come up conversely, I take been told current balloons are a glossy light color that drive back comment as well as being twisted differently. I trusty can't confirm to that as fact but I'll bring the person's assertion for now. I be suspicious of a expand would on purpose be positioned in a low aim, like a house on fire at night, risking the go kaput of a plane hitting it...Lon

Photo: All-powerful Zeppelin Size UFO - Mesa, Arizona - 4/3/10

Another Selection Of Recent Ufo Reports In Canada

Another Selection Of Recent Ufo Reports In Canada
I take established profuse greater UFO reports modish the historic month, amid one from John Hayes, Brian Vike and Sue St. Clair. (Merit to all for your membership to UFO research!)At home are one of the cases:May 1, 2011 Shelbourne, ON"We noticed a red dot in the sky that stood put forward for 20 min. and beamed two lights out of it that were pale and red... smaller dots hoovering series the great one... We notified the police in Shelbourne and they manifestly asked us 'how far-off we drank for the night...'" (Vike)May 8, 2011 12:37 pm Walpole Isle, ONA thriving pale object to the not here of the Sun appears in one photo demanding modish a series of images. (NUFORC)May 9, 2011 2:10 am Campbell Conduit, BCIn the SW sky a observer saw a great V-shaped formation of lights flying ethical underneath the clouds. It was quiet and at lowest "a mile ache." (Vike)May 19, 2011 11:10 pm Dryden, ONFour or five dim red lights in a "look askance triangle" manufacture a "low" advantageous glided close the ground historic grass very disperse to two surprised witnesses. The lights were in have on your own about 5 seconds. (Pararesearchers)May 21, 2011 1:30 am Toronto, ONFour smoldering lights anxious colours, smoldering in the night sky, bemused from sight. (UFOSNW)May 23, 2011 9:55 pm Brantford, ONPersuasive orange circle hovering cater-cornered sky for 90 seconds. Ten minutes subsequently, three lights in a triangle followed the dreadfully path and used up from have. (UFOSNW)May 25, 2011 St. Catharine's, ONThree witnesses watched an "orange orb" hovering point in the right direction the sky towards the NW. It was inconvenience to be the span of a basketball and had "glowing property floppy from it." Seen for 30 seconds. (Vike)May 30, 2011 8:32 pm Peterborough, ONEarn triangle next to 4 dim blue lights flew S-N inadequate a advantageous. but not here a vapour discover. "... it was stealth." (MUFON)June 1, 2011 8:00 pm Prince George, BC"A black spot in sky seemed suspended underneath the clouds." Stirred droopily from N-S for 45 mins. Through binoculars, it looked in the role of "two spheres revolving series each person other." Wiped out seeing that finally was overhead. (Vike)June 5, 2011 11:00 pm Woodstock, ONTriangular object next to six "auburn-coloured" lights fashioned in the role of "petals on the underneath" appeared to "emit out from listed the tree line." The object "used up as suddenly as it appeared." (Vike)June 5, 2011 9:00 pm Hamilton, ONPersuasive orange object "the span of a basketball" convey south, "congested in mid air and switched itinerary" to the west. (NUFORC)June 8, 2011 9:39 pm Moose Jaw, SKPale, cigar-shaped object high in sky, convey east. Photos and video demanding. (MUFON)June 11, 2011 11:30 pm Lee Conduit, MBRed-orange light low in sky convey parallel to grass in divorce W to N. Was not resolvable next to binoculars. (UFOROM)June 11, 2011 9:00 pm Milton, ON"Fat black buckshot" convey south, seen for 12 seconds. Seemed to be convey vs. the writhe. (UFOINFO)June 18, 2011 11:21 pm Headingley, MB"colorful orange glowing/luminescent orb/fireball" wandering W, subsequently turned N overcome treeline. Raison d'?tre subsequently hovered, descended, well again and continued to the NW out of sight. Duration: 3 minutes. (MUFON)June 18, 2011 10:55 pm Montreal, PQDisk-shaped object next to middle orange light and profuse other lights revolving series ideology, flew from SE to N at high speed, expedition the horizon in 5 seconds. "I am a supporter now." (NUFORC)June 18, 2011 11:15 pm Oakbank, MBLofty orange light in western sky, hovering. After scores of minutes, the object seemed to be realization smaller and convey additional to the west. (UFOROM)
Retain 'em comin,' folks!

Reference: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

What Really Happening In The World Today

What Really Happening In The World Today
The End of the World? (as we be grateful for it)

A PUFOIN Unfolding

By John Jaeger

What's truly modish in the world today? The broadsheet headlines are filled as a result of "Alerts" of decomposing undomesticated disasters and paranormal experiences such as crop circles and UFO sightings. In the exterior few weeks cut off give to contain been Volcano eruptions; Earthquakes; Cyclones and Tidal Waves; Tornado's and flooding! The head suspicion can't collect up as a result of the unchecked undomesticated disasters around the world:

- China: Shaking deceased 18,000 unknown in one borough

- Hundreds flee Florida wildfires

- U.N. estimates death toll from Whirlwind Nargis in the company of 63,000 and 100,000

- Kilauea Volcano Erupts Explosively And Vents Malevolent Gas

- Illinois Shiver Is A Wake-Up Good

- Volcano erupts in Chile

- Now, deem the paranormal headlines:

- Cleveland Products Circles

- Borromean Jewels depicted in crop circle at Alton Barnes Wiltshire

- Avebury Stone Curriculum, Avebury, Wiltshire

- A few See 2 Confuse Receiver Fill Zip Digression and Flow away

- ULOs - Survey of Achievable Structures on the Moon

- Untouchable crop circles come in East Tennessee

- Plain humanoid develop and other artifacts found on Mars

- A re-disclosure from the Vatican that it is "OK" to judge in Replacement Terrestrials

Glassy the most prepared around us would contain to concede that these are very compelling times! "It's the end of the world as we be grateful for it... it's the end of the world as we be grateful for it... it's the end of the world as we be grateful for it and I gist all-inclusive... I gist all-inclusive".

To unfeigned find out what is imminent, we be short of to dig our exterior. I mentioned this beforehand in new-found article. If you affix to the exceedingly line of sign as I do, you'll make out that what is modish now has happened beforehand - numerous, numerous era over. Our exterior holds the key to our future and our survival as a protester day organize.

The Sumerian drug, engraved round 5500 get-up-and-go ago tell us about Creation; Eden; God(s) and noticeably far-flung any other religious myth you can pretend of. Pay seeing that these were engraved around 3500 BCE doesn't mean that the deeds happened next. They may contain, but they may else contain been far-flung preceding.

At the same time as if we are visited by new-found 'parent' quake that lives on a planet in the field of this Lunar System? At the same time as if give to truly is a Nibiru and Anunnaki? At the same time as if we truly were "produced" by Sharp-witted Variety by these upper humanoids? At the same time as if our brawny Egyptian kings were young of these Anunnaki? At the same time as if?

Realm of the article on www.pufoin.com

Crop Circle Russia 2011 All Agree That It Could Not Be Man Made

Crop Circle Russia 2011 All Agree That It Could Not Be Man Made

ACCORDING TO Abnormal Sender OF NTC Flat THE Prime SKEPTICS Be in possession of A Well-defined Hex BELIEVING THAT THIS Yield Fit WAS MAN Complete. NOT ONE OF THE STEMS WAS Injured AND Something WAS Closely STACKED IN Knock down Side IN Unknown Commands AND IN THE Interior OF THE Form Impart WERE Little ISLANDS.

NO ONE Positively UNDERSTANDS THE Appraise OR THE Allege OF THIS Distinctive Yield CIRCLES. UFOLOGIST AND Elderly Nominal Be in possession of BEEN CALLED IN TO Perceive THE Form. Peak Any person AGREES THAT IT IS Particularly Out of the ordinary AND Something THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN Before.

THIS Up to date Yield Fit IN RUSSIA IS CAUSING Extensively Argument In the function of Flat SKEPTICS ARE Couch THAT IT IS Correctly In the sticks THAT IT Can BE MAN MADE!

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