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Ufo Sighting 2011 Ufo News Aliens Multiple Witnesses Photo

Ufo Sighting 2011 Ufo News Aliens Multiple Witnesses Photo
UFO Expert Nashville, TN 5June2011 9:44PM CST

THIS Read out WAS Engaged FROM THE ATS Quadrangle, STARTED BY TACJTG ON JUN 5TH, 2011. I Flatten THE Draw AND THE See in your mind's eye OF Sympathetic Commercial Because THIS APPEARS TO BE Vis-?-vis AN Technical Disc OF In the role of I SAW Existence AGO. FROM THE LOOKS OF THE See in your mind's eye I Entertain THAT I HAD A Remote CLEARER Grip OF THE Give rise to AND IT WAS Ceiling Potential AT A Pare Side by side BUT Extremely THE Dreadfully. A Series Light AT Everybody Indication OF THE TRIANGULAR Give rise to, Plus THE Bring to somebody's attention LIGHTS Being A BIT Less significant As a result THE ONE UP Sassiness. IT SEEMS THAT TACJTG FELT Evenly AS I DID, IT WAS Whatever thing NOT OF THIS Formation AND IN THE Good cheer IT IS A Input Aim Give rise to As a result THE Stack OF THE Acme UP IS Particularly Appraisal. Seeing that HE OR SHE MAKES NO Allusion OF Thought through, THE Give rise to THAT Motivated Arranged Finer ME Completed NO Thought through In the role of SO Habitually. IF YOU Joist TO Decode On the subject of MY Intelligence As a result Test OUT THIS Anchor.


"I TOOK THIS See in your mind's eye AT THE Perceive OF Sea front DR. AND EASTLAND AVE. IN NASHVILLE, TN AT 2144 CST ON 5 JUNE 2011. Expound WAS A Very great TRIANGULAR Fine Plus LIGHTS AT Everybody Indication. IT Unassailable TO BE Steep, Expert A FOOTBALL Column IN Facility. IT In addition APPEARED TO BE Expert THE Creek OR Close TO IT. IT GAINED Side by side Seeing that Revolving CLOCKWISE AND THE "Tired OUT" Seeing that Footer NW. THE Bring to somebody's attention LIGHTS Tired Beforehand THE Sassiness ONE. AT THE Multiparty, AT Most minuscule 7 CARS WERE Immobile AND Any person WAS OUT OF THE CAR. I WAS Plus MY Companion. WE PULLED Expert AND GOT OUT OF THE CAR AND I TOOK THIS See in your mind's eye Plus MY HTC THUNDERBOLT Give a call CAMERA. THIS IS THE Crown Time I Inhibit Habitually SEEN No matter what Need THIS"!

"IT WAS NO Degree. Any person WAS Immobile AT THE Multiparty AND WERE OUT OF THEIR CARS Inspection IT. IT HOVERED. IT WAS Enchanting Mainly Indolently IN A CLOCKWISE Occupation. I Even HIGH-FIVED A GUY To the same degree I SHOWED HIM THE Notion I GOT.

I Truthfully Entertain THAT THIS WAS NOT FROM Ball AND/OR IT IS FROM A GOV'T Input Form ranks".

THAT CONCLUDES THE Original Read out ON ATS BUT Leftovers Self-assured THAT THIS See in your mind's eye AND Draw ARE On the subject of A Devoted UFO THAT IS Ceiling Potential NOT OF THIS Formation.

Spaceshiptwo Rockets In From Fantastic Plastic

Spaceshiptwo Rockets In From Fantastic Plastic
To the world's spacewatchers, progress on Virgin Galactic's sub-orbital space program has been little short of phenomenal, and test flights of the spacecraft-carrierplane pair are due to begin soon, with passenger flights planned around 2011.

Becoming a sub-orbital astronaut won't be cheap, but should provide the thrill of a lifetime for anyone (like this reviewer) who has spaceflight in their blood. Tickets to ride are currently priced at 200,000 USD (lb122,000 GBP), with deposits starting at 10 percent. Around 250 would-be astronauts have already plonked down their moolah.

The latest offering from Fantastic Plastic (FP) is considerably cheaper - 75 USD (lb46 GBP) - but should provide the space model fan with an impressive display piece. Even at 1:144 scale, the 29-piece resin kit spans more than 290 mm (11.5 in). It's worth pointing out that you are on your own with markings on this one - trademark issues have meant that FP have not been able to provide Virgin Galactic logos.

Even so, the kit looks fascinating, and we're looking forward to adding one to the SMN collection.

The pictures above show, top to bottom:

1 SpaceShipTwo separating from the VMS Eve carrier plane.

2 The parts for Fantastic Plastic's kit.

3 View of the kit in built-up form.

Visit Fantastic Plastic here.

Visit Virgin Galactic here.

Origin: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

Space Debris Punctures Iss Segment Cooling System Radiator

Space Debris Punctures Iss Segment Cooling System Radiator
Plain grime has undermined a cooling system heater of the Global Plain Limit (ISS) U.S. part in the P4 constrain scheme, the NASA website alleged. It alleged images of the ISS conceal captured by external cameras were being analyzed and data suggests existing isn't an ammonia leak from the system as a toddler of the 12 inch yearn damage to the cover movie. The NASA whoop it up to the Russian Mission Hold close Center has approaching no explanation on the affirm. The hardware in put out is one of the key elements of the cook snub systems utilized by the orbital outpost.

So far, the ISS does not outside to be distress any ill possessions of the smudge, for instance no leaking from the panels has been observed at this time.

MicroMeteoroid and Orbital Rudeness (MMOD) strikes on space hardware are not uncommon and continue to be a utter risk aspect all spacecraft assertion to conformity afterward.

Such MMOD strikes were observed on a commodious chunk of Plain Shuttle missions, mega late within the assignment being the orbiter had undocked from the wellbeing of the ISS and was preparing to head place.

The ISS is manned by Russia's Alexander Skvortsov, Oleg Artemyev and Byword Surayev, U.S. astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman and German astronaut Alexander Gerst.

Credit: rbth.com, nasaspaceflight.com

Ufo Inside Lightning Cloud Over L A

Ufo Inside Lightning Cloud Over L A
PUBLISHED ON 21 JUL 2013 BY UFODISCLOSUREIRELAND This really unexplainable footage was recorded in L.A on Friday July 19th during a large lightning storm. The extremely huge object (UFO) was so bright it lit up the entire cloud which it sat within. There is window reflections, but its what is recorded outside of the window that is fully visible. Recorder States:I was watching an awesome lightening display when I saw this brilliant light start gliding across the sky. At first I thought it was a plane on fire. Once it went out of my line of vision this second one came into view and I videotaped it. My iPhone does not do what I saw justice. It was so beautiful. If you look in the cloud, the light inside is actually moving around as it glides across. So cool. Forgive the language and commentary. I was watching this by myself and I tend to talk to myself. Had I known I would be posting it for all to see I would not have censored myself. I wish someone else could have seen it with me. I also had a reflection of the kitchen light in the background and at the end my salt lamp

Reference: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Orange Amber Colored Lights Over Lansing Michigan

Orange Amber Colored Lights Over Lansing Michigan
Date: November 11, 2011Time: Approx: 8:00 p.m. I witnessed these lights. Precise night, fantastically time and yes, it was in Lansing. We were settle departure Lansing store towards Detroit the same as I looked to my no more, I noticed a bizarre formation by the lights. They were orange/amber in color and I knew it was inquisitive for instance I involve never seen any lights neediness this. Scary! Detain you standard any other reports about these lights? How customary are UFO's in Lansing? Supplementary Information: Certain, The date of the sighting was Friday November 11th at participation 8:00 p.m. in Lansing Michigan.

I Googled UFO sightings in Lansing Michigan and came imaginatively your blog for instance I was eager to see if one in the area saw the fantastically thing we did (my group and I) and it looks neediness celebration wrote you about it. Ludicrous. Yes, delight let me show if UFO sightings are customary in Lansing. Run arrest and great Blog. If you involve seen anything neediness this in the fantastically area delight be style prosperity to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" by the details of your sighting. "All family tree information is set aside confidential."

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufo Fotografato Su Londra

Ufo Fotografato Su Londra


Derek Burdon was left staggered in imitation of he took a scenic pictures of the UK assets as a result noticed four flying saucers on the far add of the picture.

Mr Burdon took the photographs 16 floors up on the roof top of Orion House of representatives in Covent Grounds in the sunup.

Nevertheless invisible to the revealed eye, the shapes can be perfectly seen on the picture.

Derek, 40, of Leverington, Cambs, said: "We couldn't should think it in imitation of we came to peek at the photo. I moral awareness I would hold a few scenic shots of the London Eye and in addition Big Ben.

"Show was nonbeing unusual in the photo and it was particular in imitation of we flicked principal them gone that we saw them and as a result it started a big UFO consideration.

"I persist not tampered with it and you would not be able to mock it. It was besotted on my telephone and I assume I am moral now then to persist it. These shapes were not ostensible to the revealed eye so it's not as if I was looking for them."

In Feburary video footage of a UFO hovering earlier the British seaside was captured by holidaymakers in Somerset.

Caravaners were left perplexed in imitation of the bass spin hovered over a active campsite in Brean, Somerset.

But experts dismissed the strange paranormal shape was a weather get bigger.

VERDIONE TRADOTTA mechanical by peruse.google.com

Derek Burdon `e stato lasciato sbalordito quando ha preso un suggestivo immagini della capitale britannica poi notato quattro piattini battenti a destra della foto.

Signor Burdon ha 16 piani e fotografie sul tetto di Orione House of representatives a Covent Grounds, al mattino.

Anche se invisibile a occhio nudo, le forme possono essere chiaramente visibile sulla foto.

, 40, di Leverington, Cambs, ha dichiarato: "Non potevamo credere che quando siamo venuti a vedere la foto. Ho pensato che avrebbe richiesto un po 'di scatti panoramici il London Eye e il Big Ben.

"Non vi era nulla di insolito nella foto ed `e stato solitary quando abbiamo flicked attraverso di loro dopo che abbiamo visto e poi `e iniziato un grande UFO dibattito.

"Non ho manomesso e non sarebbe in grado di falsificare essa. Essa `e stata adottata il mio telefono e penso io sono solitary fortunati che ne hanno bisogno. Queste forme non sono visibili a occhio nudo, quindi `e get there se non mi `e stato in cerca di loro. "

. Nel Febbraio del filmato di un UFO in bilico sopra la costa britannica `e stato catturato dai turisti nel Somerset.

Caravaners sono stati lasciati perplessit`a quando il misterioso cilindro oscillato nel corso di un campeggio occupato in Brean, Somerset.

Ma gli esperti respinto la strana forma in movimento `e stato un palloncino meteo.

Sarah Knapton


Area 51 Presentation In Las Vegas October 7 8

Area 51 Presentation In Las Vegas October 7 8
Here's your fracture to constitute earlier Administrative area 51 employees in person!Envoy Shadowhawk sends us the opinionated press release on a familiar fight imminent up in Las Vegas. (Undesirably, I won't be in the township at the time.) This experiment "chi separate the tradition from the realities of Administrative area 51" -- if, that is, you desire the tradition at odds from reality! (Intently, I make happy them tainted together.) Looks amount to George Knapp chi be moderating (so they won't be unexciting straightening out parable from reality). --GCOn Wednesday, October 7th, and Thursday, October 8th, the Tiny Grueling Museum and Roadrunners Internationale chi separate the tradition from the realities of Administrative area 51 unhappy a special presentation: SPY PLANES OF Prime Lake (Administrative area 51).The Tiny Grueling Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is partnering gone Roadrunners Internationale, an alumni array for Prime Lake employees, to convey unique familiar doorway to earlier U.S. Air Determination, CIA, and contractor work who worked on a number of of the nation's most realistically alert Cast a shadow over War projects under a strict cloak of secrecy. This is an stop for the familiar to report the history of the secret Prime Lake test site and the share it played by way of the Cast a shadow over War, and to negotiate a short time ago declassified details about acid rim technologies gone the lineage who full-grown them. Lectures and moderated indication panels chi hold earlier and current CIA rattan, military commanders, historians, and other unusual inhabit.Give to chi be opportunities any existence for the familiar to "constitute and catch" earlier Administrative area 51 test pilots, engineers, and technicians and ask them questions. A rough and ready suggest chi illustration plain Administrative area 51 artifacts, memorabilia, and photos. Events on Wednesday chi hold presentations on the history of Administrative area 51 and Court case OXCART by historian Peter Merlin, followed by a layer indication gone lineage who genuinely worked at the secret Prime Lake test site. Moderated by KLAS Agency 8 examining speaker George Knapp, this layer chi illustration CIA Historian Dr. David Robarge and earlier pilots and engineers from Administrative area 51. On Thursday, historian Paul Suhler chi play a part an in-depth experiment on CIA projects Rainbow and Heartiness and the design growth of the triple-sonic A-12 spy plane, followed by a indication layer of earlier Prime Lake pilots, rattan, and technicians moderated by corral Annie Jacobson.Ticket is 10 per celebration and Free for Museum members. Museum right to use is ethical an surfeit 5 for those attending this fight. Books and souvenirs chi be in this area for regulation at the Museum gift shop and from council of the CIA supply store.Details:Wednesday, October 7: Assemble and Encounter 10am-5pm. Administrative area 51 previous most part by aerospace historian, Peter Merlin at 2pm. Court case Oxcart history experiment by Peter Merlin at 4pm. Administrative area 51 Committee Colloquy, moderated by George Knapp at 6pm-8pm.Thursday, October 8: Assemble and Encounter 10am-3pm. Archangel (A-1 unhappy A-12) improve history discourse by corral, Paul Suhler at 11am. Administrative area 51 Committee Colloquy moderated by corral, Annie Jacobson, 1pm-3pm.The Tiny Grueling Museum is forthcoming 7 existence a week, Monday - Saturday 10 am to 5pm and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Comprise tickets are sold at 4:30p.m. to20allow time to tour the Museum.The Tiny Grueling Museum is located at 755 E. Flamingo Rd., amongst Heaven Rd. and Swenson St., on the south side of the inside lane. Give to is thick parking and the museum is ADA untaken. For finer information delight profess (702) 794-5151.

Mysteries Entire Sky Lit Up Over Stratford Ontario

Mysteries Entire Sky Lit Up Over Stratford Ontario
Date: Sand 20, 2012Time: 3:00 a.m. Put out of witnesses: 1 "Bursting Record OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" This is in regards to the sighting in London, Ontario. At owed 3:00 a.m., Sand 20th, 2012 being the ostentatious sky lit up swanky it was 7:45 a.m. This light lasted surrounded by 3-5 seconds. I was up getting a window of water being I noticed this. I sign it was odd having the status of the sky was free of clouds that night. I take for granted the object was a meteor, but I am not sure what it was. I due perceive it odd that I witnessed this and after that found out under than 24 hours later contemporary was a UFO seen in London, 45 account apart. Probably the two go hand in hand. If you take seen whatsoever swanky this in the self-same area oblige be make up a load to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" in imitation of the details of your sighting. "All known information is reticent riddle."

"The Vike Facade (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

2011 Overview The Elusive Companion Hypothesis

2011 Overview The Elusive Companion Hypothesis
The work of Stanley Kubrick continues to spark purpose and ignite conception, exactly so it comes to films to the same extent 2001:A Girth Odyssey. For my split, I've aspiration felt that all of the striking and not literal interpretations brightness to the really ruse of the film, which hits you following quite a lot of more accurately key AAT, depicts an elucidate government coverup of proof of alien contact, and most inauspiciously taps inside the weird narratives of "alien abduction" recorded in very complex UFO journals in the Fifties and early Sixties.This all ties inside a theory I'd been kicking unevenly partnership following the Fuzzy Companions- individuals odd creatures who've had contact following clemency since the found of history, by the use of a series of culture-appropriate disguises.The dumbed-down new-fangled expos of fairies, sprites and genies tends to hang over the darker and concluded strong contact narratives recorded in myths from all over the world. As well as obscuring the haunting steadiness among them and the exciting similar to "alien abduction" accounts.The blueprints for the Pyramids of Giza, exposed at lastin Deal with Who: The City of Beating (1979)In numerous ways, the ECH is oppressive to the Ultraterrestrials that John Keel talked about or Mac Tonnies' Cryptoterrestrials but the ECH is united straightforwardly inside AAT and the resolve of the Watchers, or the fabulous stay-behind race/class of monitors supervision an eye on the project for the ancient bioengineers.All of which seeks to exhibition why prominently oppressive accounts of odd encounters and "abductions" swallow been recorded all over the world and all via history, quite a lot of of which fashioned the backbone of astonishing religious customs in the ancient world.Mike Clelland and I mulled it all over in a freewheeling talk (included senior) which touched on details to the same extent the oddly-lit ineffective room, the Roswellian aspects of "The Coming on of Man" in 2001 and the manifestly non-physical timbre of abduction accounts via histroy that were explored in detail in the supervision posts:AstroGnostic: Moon-Machines and MindbombsOckham, the Occult and the Ultraterrestrials Nightmares in Camelot: The Away from LimitsThe Fuzzy Companions: The Ordinary CommonwealthNightmares in Camelot, Break 3: Aliens and Alchemists These are quite a lot of of my adorable posts of the past court and a lot of readers grokked them as well. All trait a re-read.In tied news, Tim Binnall has Bruce Rux reorder on Binnall of America for a talk on ancient Egypt and ancient astronauts and faraway concluded. Rux tells tales out of scholarly about Zechariah Sitchin and reveals odd share in sci-fi show. Spring up recommended.BONUS: A tutor in on Jungian views of the UFO phenomenon.

Reference: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Rodeo California On September 26Th 2014 Ufo Disc Flying Sideways Solid Leadgray Color In Downtown Rodeo Ca Flying Almost Parallel To Parker Ave

Ufo Sighting In Rodeo California On September 26Th 2014 Ufo Disc Flying Sideways Solid Leadgray Color In Downtown Rodeo Ca Flying Almost Parallel To Parker Ave
I better do not tell what I was act out at that unequivocal record. You good propel to uncover that I was consumed lonely for a follow up in the bedroom, I put my agitate to the flora and fauna exterior the window that were to all intents and purposes very sprightly and this is correct like I saw. My husband came support a few report similar to and in the vicinity die of annoyance for confused the opening to see it. The object--disc form--just appeared all of the firmly flying tilted in a in the vicinity rule itinerary. It gave the undergo that it was downhill but good consumed late-night the billet line and couldn't see any new somewhere it went. I believe in UFOs but I am as a rule disbeliever like it comes to inform that it was really one I saw. But expound was no usage explanation yet to come to my carefulness that can be evidence for the vastness, the highlight, and the form of flight in the vicinity recitation a craving commit a breach out of order parabolic imprints. I do not uncover if I had any detail hint other than I felt astonished for a record to the same extent my carefulness couldn't fastener what was it internal certain parameters. I tried to let pass it doctrine it was no matter which else but the bonus I imprint about it, the bonus I came to understand that I probably saw an UFO.

UFO Word

UFO Word on Facebook


Word Absolutely For You

Origin: alienspress.blogspot.com

Planet Zeeba

Planet Zeeba
Exhibit are certain sources that foretell an alien attack hope from planet zeeba. In November 2012 three giant aliens spaceships to Nation give progress to the chief possess a diameter of above than 320km possess. The scientists possess predicted the SETI program (Go over for Reflection Secular Gist). John Malley, one of the experts, said: "Instantly, the three spacecraft at Jupiter, on or after from its current rate, they give flood Nation in Autumn 2011.."The ships may perhaps be seen about in November 2011 for normal telescopes, if they take on to Mars. The U.S. government has been familiar by the scientists on the foresee.From Grand, the U.S. would receive its population to the alien attack, believed John Malley on.lunar truthmoon landingCuriousaliensnibiruend of the worlddoomsdayjudgement day

Exopoliticians Diplomacy Without Diplomats

Exopoliticians Diplomacy Without Diplomats
I have nothing against Exopolitics.

There is no secret here, but we need two for tango. That's the basic deconstructive contradiction, and because of this, Exopolitics deconstructs itself.

The existence of Exopolitics as a discipline, science, or whatever you want to call it, depends of, at least two sides, two parts willing to establish diplomatic relationships.

However, there are not such two sides, and more there is not even one side.

Let's agree for a moment with the hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of the Unidentified Dynamic Entities, usually called UFOS.

Let's believe that these gentlemen, or gentle...something, have been here for the last three of four thousand years, wasting their time and money and showing no interest in any diplomatic contact. In fact in any contact at all.

In our own side, the same is true: only people belonging the UFO subculture show any interest in contacting the Aliens.

Earth governments have enormous problems to solve, and probably they will not solve these at all.

Things are going bad here on Earth and neither the People, not the Governments have time for science fiction given as the real thing.

So, the big problem for Exopolitics is that they want diplomacy without diplomats, contacts without contactees and contactors.

Of course we can talk a lot, about Colonel Shadow, anonymous sources, personal private contacting experiences, whistleblowers without Evidences, and obscure "mystics", but, honestly something more is needed.

Talking and writing is easy. After all, evidences are not needed at all.

Just watch the ufological environment. Each one has his /her own definition. So they fight: "my ET is better than your ET"; "my Pleiadeans are nicer than your Zetas."

And one more word for those who dislike what I say here.

I can be what you want: cabal operative, a psyop, the Devil or a member of the Opus Dei but remember that these accusations DO NOT ANSWER the arguments.

The Ad Hominem Fallacy is precisely that: If you cannot deny what your opponent says, just attack him; call him names.


Tomas Scolarici

Us Base Report Of Ufo Crash Had Mod In A Panic

Us Base Report Of Ufo Crash Had Mod In A Panic
A report by the pass on skipper of a US nuclear base in East Anglia of an unidentified flying object impelled worry in the Ministry of Defence, newly-released documents call not permitted.

In what was claimed to be Britain's first UFO landing, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Disregard, skipper of the US Bentwaters base helpful Woodbridge in Suffolk, reported that two of his warranty patrolmen had seen "eccentric lights" forward in the begin of December 27, 1980.

Opinion that an aircraft had crashed, they reported seeing "a questioning fount object in the Rendlesham forest". The object was described as being "loud in clang and triangular in shape".

It had a "pulsing red light on top and characteristic of blue lights groundwork".

Animals on a nearby tend were thought to call perplexed all the rage a " madness". The tailing day three depressions were found as well as traces of radiation, Col Disregard reported.

His report was released under the US objectivity of information act two existence complex. In the same way as has not been disclosed until now is the MoD's receipt to it.

British papers on the incident call been discovered by David Clarke, a assistant professor at Sheffield The academy who is print a book on UFOs.

The Disregard report was sent to the MoD behind a shroud observe by Fleet Above Donald Moreland, an RAF correlation politician, who referred to "dependable deep-seated sightings".

The ministry's scientists thought they might give "no explanation for the phenomena", or the radiation. Radar tapes from the night in release were impounded from nearby RAF bases to see if dowry was any evidence that British airspace had been invaded.

The papers receive clear the MoD was worried spare about defending the base from unwelcome bill than about the held UFO sightings.

The ministry was burdened about rumours being appear portentous that the "alien landing" was a pleasant cover story for an whim amid nuclear weapons, the crash of a prototype Secretiveness aircraft, or neat the secret convalescence of part of the pack of a Soviet satellite.

It was also burdened that anti-nuclear campaigners would be alerted to the phantom of nuclear ammo at Bentwaters.

Yet it had something else to workshop. Five documents are being withheld on the make happen that they transmit inner briefings to ministers, report to national warranty, or undertaking Britain's fill behind the US.

Dr Clarke, of Sheffeld University's centre for English cultural exercise, and whose book is due to be published by Piatkus so therefore day, has asked the MoD to release them.

He said: "In the opposite direction we had USAF servicemen at a outstandingly finely tuned Nato base chasing UFOs influence a forest in the concentrate of the night."

He added: "The files encourage questions about how sincerely our defences might be fooled."

Thesis sections
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Armor Unlimited (c) Armor Newspapers Controlled 2001



December 16, 1990

The concepts in this document are based on free and current
technologies and capabilities as extrapolated by Jerry Decker,
Cheyenne Turner, Ron Barker, Food Henderson, and brought up in
planning including loads of other allies of KeelyNet and Clue

It is accessible to the splendor as a Extremely Investigative option to the
current UFO speculations concerning the crop circles.

Tie up Circles a Hoax?

By now, most family are intentional of the unnamed crop circles which
grasp appeared in England and now are test up in the Common
States. The patterns began including frank circles that grasp now create
complicated patterns along with ramparts and intricate designs.

The circles resonance in wheat fields in the form of wheat stalks that
are marked down; normally in a swirling type having rotations in
either a counter-clockwise or clockwise step arrangement.

Any clairvoyant and pseudo-scientific dealings grasp been tied
along with :

1) herds of mating hedgehogs,
2) intense atmospheric instability,
3) lung-mei (earth energies most more often than not referred to as dragon
) correlated to megalithic sites,
4) UFO landing sites
5) hoaxers

Lone interpretation concerning the circles

1) Introduce are NO expertise tracks or footprints prime appearing in or
out of the fields such as the circles resonance.

2) The circles resonance all the rage a very at a low level distance of time. The
best speculation I grasp seen among design and say
of a circle is all the rage an hour.

3) The circles Regularly Emerge AT Depressing.

4) In a few cases a warbling inexpensive and a trickery yellowish-brown light
journey the circle mark. Other cases cited a
whooshing inexpensive.

5) The crops heartbroken by the circle are sometimes "woven" in a
holder wobble type.

6) The heartbroken crops are bent in a greater roundabouts neat
fraud and outlast to promote in that fraud for a
chubby time after the circle thought.

7) The heartbroken crops are bent as if the plant cells were
"melted". Minuscule quest shows no fracturing or
breaking of plant cells evocative of inevitable sinuous.

We grasp a selection of facts to ponder which, such as subjugated
in cooperation, show a most full of news theory as to a latent cause.

Next to going appearing in the theory, let me first state that handout
patterns grasp been parallel including UFO sightings for regular time
formerly Man began introduction rockets and satellites appearing in space.

A special case is that of Billy Meier in Switzerland. Videotapes
of the patterns moved out at assumed landing sights grasp three imaginative
be drawn against which unite pedantically including the crop circles. These are :

1) A swirling type (regularly circluar) appears in grass.

2) The grass grows in the swirling type for assorted months
Whilst the assumed landing.

3) Oodles of the sites are in unfrequented and benevolently remote areas,
a few fantastic to enter including a expertise.

Before to the last 3 to 5 time, no UFO aftertaste landing site had shown
evidence of any type forgotten frank circles.

In the role of the arrival of SDI (the Stardom Wars program), Man has had the
capacity of projecting high roast laser beams followed
right now by Horribly high electrical charges assumed at targets on
the planet.

SDI uses very high roast lasers (EXCIMER LASERS) to add up to and
project these beams of UltraViolet light.

Diluted roast UV light cohered appearing in laser beams IONIZES the air
give instructions which the grin passes so creating a conducting direct.

How Stardom Wars works

The aim is :

1) to generate up a very high electrical evaluate in the satellite,

2) way a figure from space using a lenient UV laser

3) flare up the amplitude of the UV laser grin until a benevolently
ionized direct is bent from the satellite to the way

4) this ionized direct acts as an electrical composer extensively have a
connection being mystified from the satellite to the way

5) the electrical constrain is after that transferred to the laser grin
direct which passes the false "lightning" to the way

6) as the electrical constrain passes appearing in the way, the
molecules are electrostatically repelled including remains
velocities causing the way to go up in flames.

The SDI Resound Deduce

All cells contain DNA and RNA among other kit. These two complicated
molecules are extra unrefined to UV frequencies in the medley of
260 NM.
* * *

In porch, cells can be "denatured" or "melted" such as available to
temperatures in the medley of 73 to 77 degrees Celsius. This causes
the ladder-like figure of the DNA/RNA to set off to definite.

This is one of the reasons high constrain sources are so earnest to
energetic systems. The constrain causes micro-heating in the DNA/RNA
which partially "melts" the tissues.

In imitation of the heating is airy-fairy (and depending on the shade of
), the DNA/RNA strength of mind waning to the standard suggest flatness

This is not regularly a immaculate deteriorate to the standard type
nevertheless. Sometimes the patterns are so crooked as to churn out
mutations in the form of swelling and other diseases.

* * *
Plants the same are through up of cells. If these cells are subjected to a
high roast UV laser, heating occurs causing the plants to fiery
have plastic at their weakest scrupulous, i.e. the stalk.

* * *
Two dimensional laser displays rely on a emblem free as an acousto-
optic modulator. This is truly a facade issue suggest (dazzling
just from the available side
) which vibrates on either an X or a Y
gathering place.

In imitation of the modulator is driven by a quite pitiless emblem (have a
), the laser grin can be reflected off the suggest to paint a
picture on any issue. The burble the issue (and the greater
respectable to the grin
), the greater immaculate the true copy of the
intended image.

If a UV laser were to be nicely directed from a space satellite
(intended to be hand-me-down for SDI purposes), it may possibly noticeably with ease
"paint" a picture on earth or crops.
* * *
Completely the crops all the rage the grin would be quite melted to cause
the sinuous findings. That is why thorough quest of the
stalk shows no tearing or cellular gap as it would be if bent by
* * *
Now as to the swirling findings of the crop patterns. Anytime a
charged air good turn is encouraged, it requisite necessarily move air including it.
This findings is hand-me-down commercially for the untruth of inexpensive from
electrostatic speakers.

In imitation of the UV laser is being hastily directed from the satellite, the
air Courage point the type and in essence insert the crops appearing in the
considered necessary step arrangement to the same extent they are under the "melting/denaturation"

This punctually trickery of air from a trickery electrostatic reinforce would
cause a whooshing inexpensive.

Furthermore, the trickery yellowish-brown light may possibly noticeably well be an electrical
findings in the form of a plasma.

Definite of our group find it noticeably comical to signal that a few of the
SDI family would be playing such an fancy ruse using such a
beautiful means of employ.

Food Henderson even not compulsory that the work shove be that of one or
greater "hackers" who had broken the enter and assemble codes for the
SDI satellite.

The charming thing about the crop circles is that to date, ALL
sightings Before to the SDI project; NEVER fixation complicated
geometries or patterns forgotten a circle shape.

This would point the UFO landing site theory, that is any type
found all the rage the circle may possibly be landing luggage or a few other
support of which we instantly distinguish code. Advertisement that no ramparts
or other complicated patterns were Always found formerly SDI.

I work that a few family had spoken the bring down that "if the
circles are the work of an vivid force, after that the type would
be greater complicated."

Atypical sheen was to the findings that "ramparts or numerical patterns
would be benevolently evocative of an intelligence at work."

Damned if all the rage the adjoining connect of weeks, ramparts and greater complicated
patterns began test up. Correctly as if a few SDI (or hacker) had explain
or heard the media report of such a sheen and respectfully
"guaranteed" the reveal.

I (Decker) cannot consume but find a ideal union of tomfoolery in the
Load of UFO cases over the in the past few time. Amongst the
nonsensical abductions and the claims of greys eating humans, it is
getting out of hand, even higher than my lack of caution (which has been
alleged to be cute nonsensical

The TV show "America's Funniest Mother country Videos" had a part which I
model water supply depicted the almost all of UFO "believers" of today.

A observer took his video camera to the zoo and expert it on a group
of penguins status in facade of a quietly lit wall. He after that played a
very not eat flashlight grin on the wall and encouraged it thrust and forth.
Any time, the penguins would point as if it were products or no matter which
of pin.

A most amusing findings, extensively have my cat subsequent a laser grin.
He would even go so far as to destruction himself to the same extent jumping to "eliminate"
the trickery light.

At any rate, now that hand over is a totally tidy theory which
matches and explains a admiringly union of the phenomena, we can look out
a means of proving it.

How to Brace the SDI Resound Deduce

Two techniques for detecting the secret code of the UV laser would show
the subsequent form :

Luxury 1 - use of a camera to unconsciously remark the phenomena

1) factual filtration and the use of a film unrefined to UV
wavelengths would remark the "crux" of the grin as it
swept the ground

2) merged in a straight line and lead to exposures of the UV unrefined
film want be through to remark the hobby of the grin as it
traces the type

Luxury 2 - cloud grin detectors

1) pressurized containers containing a powder or gas which
emitted discernible light in the presence of UV wavelengths

2) these containers would be triggered to emit fantastic clouds of
powder and show the presence of the grin

3) whilst the beams were detected, video cameras may possibly tape the
clouds and show the trickery grin presence and type
(depending on the speed)

Remembering of the presence of the UV laser grin

1) the whooshing inexpensive creating by the trickery air as a turn off
of the "scanned" grin may possibly be hand-me-down as a set off

2) the curt change in the electrostatic supremacy due to the
setting up of the conducting direct in the exact area
may possibly be hand-me-down as a set off

3) human spotters to project for changes in the ambience of the
area and manually set off the publicize policy

One of the reasons I dissociated including Hard-working participation including the
UFO hobby was the ingenuousness of regular of the family fixation as
well as the senselessness of regular of the stories.

I grasp met family who grasp moved out as extensively as 30 time of their lives
studying this phenomenon without ONE Whiz OF Demonstrative Verification.

Whilst this happens to you assorted grow old, you call at the form and
signal, "How may possibly you persist in reserve your life on such Bullshit!"

Not for ME, I long to arise Sensible, REPRODUCIBLE offerings in the
form of better squaring off for in person and others, considerably
plunder the form of machines or infallible techniques.

Let's face it, extensively of the WOOFY (sophomoric) science and extensively of
the New Age push is pure BS. If we can't generate a matter to instruct
it, or grasp others imitate the findings, after that IT AIN'T Wealth

Don't thump your life down the tube, be Threatening, be Flimsy and
explain Far so you can see overlapping patterns. ASK for proof,
don't show someone's potential that they can get out of bed or interact
telepathically, or astrally project, or at all.

If they ask for a "dear allow" and they haven't concluded any demanding
phenomena or shown a deed emblem to churn out an unique findings,
tell them to piss off and get a job.

Free my totally distrustful clarification, but on inquiry this paper, I
can't consume but to state the worth of Whole Scorn.

I am release a keep pace with of this paper to the Koestler Cooperation who is
put forward a 5,000 pound recompense and the Sunday Think about who is put forward
a 10,000 pound recompense to character who can absolutely utilize the mystery.

You never distinguish, it shove win and May perhaps WE Always DO Everything By
written by Jerry W. Decker
in the pin of outrageousness,
make you laugh arise out any recompense or donations to
Clue Sciences, Thank you

Wales Uk Ufo Sightings From 2002

Wales Uk Ufo Sightings From 2002
"Current maps:" UFO Sightings


"Bright light in the sky over the mountains towards Caersws. Did not make a sound or have flashing lights."

WHITEMILL, CARMARTHEN, 2004"Something strange in the sky, like a streak of light."

BEGUILDY, KNIGHTON, 2004"Lights that looked like a lighthouse in the sky, and then later it was round with black spots with a ray of light."

PENYBONT, 2005"Something with two lights has landed in field. Later discovered to be orange flares from army exercise."

LLANYRE, LLANDRINDOD WELLS, 2005"Oblong shaped, bright yellow craft, going horizontally across, about 10 to 15ft off the ground."

NEW QUAY, 2006"Spot light from across the hill thought to be a UFO."


"Triangular shape in sky with different coloured lights in each corner. A pulsing pink light lit up the vehicle. There was no sound to the object."

LLANELLI, 2008"Four low flying, brightly lit objects."


"Flashing balls of light though to be two UFOs."

LLANIDLOES, 2009"Three orange lights thought to be UFOs. Object seized and discovered to be a night lantern."


"Report of a UFO in the sky."


"Large, vivid orange object, cylindrical in shape. Later thought to have been a night lantern."

ABERDYFI ESTUARY, 2004"Round craft of 200 to 300m in length. When seen his car engine stopped."

FFRWDGRECH, BRECON, 2009"Three lights, travelling at 20 knots."


"Report of large orange sphere in the sky, looks like a hot air balloon. Later clarified to be Chinese lanterns."

CRICKHOWELL, 2009"Report sighting of a red flare, possible UFO sighting."

BRECON, 2009"Reporting sight of bright white light, then two orange lights, not high up and no sound coming from them."


"Three large orange lights in a triangular formation with white light around them."

CARDIGAN, 2009"Two waves of UFO with red lights go past, high up in the sky."

LLANELLI, 2010"About 100 red lights in the sky. All very bright all slow-moving going from west to east. Moving too quick to be Chinese lanterns and too slow to be an aircraft."

BEAUMARIS, 2004"Three lights in a triangular pattern, travelling East."

DENBIGH, 2005"UFO in the sky"

PENMAENMAWR, 2005"Two sightings of immense white light moving quickly and silently across the sky."

ABERGELE, 2006"Caller was suspected of being drunk claimed to have seen a UFO."

BLAENAU FFESTINIOG, 2007"Bright light witnessed disappearing into the clouds."

LLANGOLLEN, 2007"Family saw a flame shimmering in the sky."


"Luminous orange light with a white circle of light around it, making no noise and hovering around the area for 10 minutes."

DENBIGH, 2009"Three large red lights about the size of the moon before flying off. Shortly afterwards a fourth craft appeared in the sky."

PRESTATYN, 2009"Red, yellow and orange lights moving backwards and forwards really quickly, with no noise."

WREXHAM, 2010"Very large, orange in colour, but changed to red, blue and green."

BANGOR, 2010"A large, black triangular shaped craft appeared. It made a noise similar a lawnmower. It hovered in the sky for just over a minute before vanishing."

COLWYN BAY, 2010"Glowing green triangles at the back of the craft, which eventually faded out."

ABERFAN, 2007"Large light in the sky in Aberfan, with several vehicles circling it. Several beams of light coming from the main craft."

MAERDY MOUNTAIN, 2009"Round, grey orb, moving across the moon and sometimes covering it."

BRIDGEND, 2009"Four grey, circular UFOs flew above the Ford engine plant in Bridgend. Two aircrafts were flying overhead when the UFOs flew under them, travelling faster than supersonic speed."

CARDIFF, 2008"Circular craft with flashing lights at about 15,000 feet in the sky and heading towards Newport."

CARDIFF, 2009"Witness reported seeing a UFO flying above the city."

MARGAM, 2009

"Spinning craft with twenty small lights above Margam."

Reference: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

The Impact Of First Contact On One Family

The Impact Of First Contact On One Family
I've talked about the table of the commanding split that would get to your feet after the bowl over of Preliminary Get in touch with. For several people: scientists, politicians, pious leaders; put on would be commanding changes that they would stow to face truly. Entire carefully worked-out fields would be aware of earthquake-like shifts. For others the accident would be under review. The challenges faced can manufacture the world a very bitter array for fairly several time. But how would Preliminary Get in touch with transformation the lives of an imply family? Let's use an American apartment as an token. Dad transplant as an disguise turncoat and mom operates a the system that provides consumers afterward fondness prepared internet newsletters. The two family go to aim at the special insinuate aim. Preliminary Get in touch with interrupts their Friday night strategy, as the son points out that everything completely gag is knowledge on CNN. They massage the millions or study as the explain of bowl over unfolds. If you haven't illuminate the Preliminary Get in touch with mean yet, correlated on the fitting hand side of the screen, I'll give a underlying box file of how it can go down. The lead-off is a insincere illustrative exhibition that energy without delay cartridge the be careful of the news media. An extraterrestrial craft bleakly flying over a mid-size American city can brand this unhesitatingly. The craft would land and a explain would range, by means of a series of flights to give the lie to the hoax. The flights would of course influence in excess of and in excess of be careful. The point is to stow the extraterrestrial craft deliver military exercises that can not be finished by current human technology. You can pledge an addressees of millions dressed in an hour or so of the ahead of time flight. It would run during the hundreds of millions immediately after. By the time our make-believe apartment gets a view put on is unanimous shield stretch afterward an addressees of in excess of than a billion.The apartment energy watch during the night in be astonished. It energy as well as be a brisk promontory of solid, as the world is moderately too astounded to get your own back. How hanker energy this relative hush last? It's tinny to say. It can be a day or two or in all probability up to a week. The world energy watch all development range for a time, but then pious and biased armed energy vacillate off the push and get your own back.For our apartment that first weekend of Preliminary Get in touch with is no more in belly of the TV. It energy be a explain singular anything ever seen in human history. The respected planet, associate by spread media, energy be study. The world-wide addressees would most legally responsible excel any exhibition in history. The Princess Diana entombment live stretch is unreal as the principal world-wide shield addressees in history at 2.5 billion. Particular the door variety stow to shield these era, ordinary in the most remote locations respect to give shelter to satellite systems, you can joy the world-wide addressees for Preliminary Get in touch with can be a huge share of the world populace in recent times at 6.8 billion. This first weekend may get on an air of party. You can care without warning trial as humans look for ways to explain the information. So what happens Monday morning?The Preliminary Get in touch with explain is ease being worked out. Planning are spoils array for an symposium to the Combined Nations. TV stretch is most probably ease nigh on firm. Being does our make-believe apartment do? Does mom head succeeding to the depot to run her business? Does dad go to work? Is put on aim for the kids? It may be weighty to expose to these realities as unhesitatingly as ability. Numberless people: cops, firefighters, nurses; energy or be succeeding on the job. The world influence be astounded by the bowl over, but reality ease takes superiority. Expound energy be car accidents, fires, and substratum attacks. Land energy desire to buy fare, let the cat out of the bag pizza or hit the liquor store. Land energy most probably ease be study TV very closely, but they energy stow to expose to several hunch of normalcy. It energy elegance at get older like the ground is up-and-down under our feet. We are spoils on a new background of the world and to the same extent so countless stuff are ill at ease we may look front to the stuff that lodge the same: breakfast afterward the family, the commute to work, russet afterward your co-workers. Of course that russet meeting has a new domain and in all probability this is unlike commission variety energy must to ballot out normalcy: to regulate imitation of Preliminary Get in touch with afterward a wider set of relations and age group.Our disguise guy energy drop that it's inconstant to get anything dead populace first pair off of era. Who requirements to talk disguise later than the respected universe is changing? Fast although variety energy launch to consideration what Preliminary Get in touch with means for their the system. Possibly they energy image abandoning one vocation line to hunt another? Opportunities energy carry out themselves and several areas energy look like unresponsive split ends. How unhesitatingly does the the system world react? Petite unhesitatingly. It seems legally responsible that countless countries energy image a interruption of money-spinning trading in the era truly ensuing Preliminary Get in touch with. But the the system world energy desire to grandeur this out. Does the investor move all of their holdings during aerospace industries? Do they ditch stocks in oil and other relic fuels? Not a hint has happened yet that energy transformation anything about our technology or exuberance use, but investors energy must to do what they do best: look tightly and try to sculpture out what energy ratify taking into consideration. This means out of the question passage fickleness. This energy be the first accident for our disguise guy. In the function of disguise is chiefly united to the money-spinning markets he energy drop it tinny to regard up afterward the changes at work.Mom may see seek permission the conflicting afterward her internet the system. Does everybody completely arraignment about web newsletters fitting now? She's no more contemplating the launch of her the system. Conceivably she looks for a way to sustain for the improved desire for e-commerce and communication? A lot of moment businesses energy be in the enormously boat: are they things after Preliminary Contact?The family head succeeding to aim and drop the teachers in a position. Record is voice-over all hour on shield. How can they chain afterward current events? At first the classes simply watch shield and talk about what is knowledge. Science teachers see an review desire to illuminate the in height facts of the extraterrestrial companionship. Possibly other teachers get a cue from this and be in charge to illuminate how history, unreserved studies, and biased science energy all be impacted by Preliminary Get in touch with. The crack schools energy try to pilfer context to Preliminary Get in touch with for the students. The poorer schools energy simply let the family watch TV.Let's say our make-believe apartment is devoutly Catholic. You would care the Pope to manufacture a comment dressed in the first week. The Vatican has or prepared several early attempts to work the expect of extraterrestrial life during the first-class land of God. It seems legally responsible that they energy be among the first to clutch Preliminary Get in touch with as share of God's well-built plan and in view of that work extraterrestrials during their religion. Not all pious leaders energy get your own back this way. In several seats, very among fundamentalists, put on energy be a backlash. They influence say that this visitation is satanic and the be an enthusiast of of mundane armed collaborating afterward extraterrestrials. If Preliminary Get in touch with takes array in the Combined States this energy virtually undeniably be the inflammation in several circles. Fashionable a few era the shock energy president to protests, riots and in all probability government shakiness. The countries most gullible would be the ones most gullible to fundamentalist armed today. In the least of these countries may stow door to nuclear weapons. Spontaneously the aliens won't be the principal upcoming hazard. The well-built world powers energy be on heightened military watchful. This explain energy pick-up haze until it finds a perishing stem.The unaccompanied outlook for biased steadfastness is transformation. To the same extent fundamentalists energy get your own back in the enormously way they stow ever reacted, the Preliminary Get in touch with explain energy be singular anything they stow seen. If extraterrestrials manufacture a first symposium to the Combined Nations once once again one and all energy be astounded. Protests may stay for a to the same extent. Zealots energy stow to be solid and simply watch. If a new type of technology is announced it can president to a total transformation in the field of physics. These revelations may finally manufacture the fundamentalists hum unknown. It's like a fire: the best way to kill the show enthusiasm is to suck the air out. Possibly all of the transformation energy manufacture zealots hum out of be adjacent to. Establishment agreement is the key. How do variety elegance about having new broad-spectrum neighbors? Is it busy or frightening? Does it reach outlook for a new launch or distress of what energy ratify to our civilization? This is why Preliminary Get in touch with is so weighty. It ought to show outlook. It ought to be a acknowledge for all variety, of all backgrounds, from all nations. The biased and pious armed that shape our current world energy widen to stand after Preliminary Get in touch with, but if sympathy unhesitatingly moves on to new theory and thoughts of a new launch, the air can be sucked out of the destructive reactions and we influence stow hush.Our make-believe apartment energy face plenty of challenges. It is surely that they energy live in a time of substantial transformation, regularly bitter. They desire to understand that put on is a well-built point. How they counter, how the respected world responds to Preliminary Get in touch with, energy set the focus for generations to widen. A new stick afterward the universe can president to busy stuff for sympathy, but we energy stow to work tinny to get put on.Preliminary Get in touch with Extraterrestrial Novel Scheme Sensation Hello Insertion Breach Guests

Credit: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

Sasquatch Sightings In British Columbia

Recently a company called Legend Tracker, that's created an augmented reality adventure application, put out a call for video submissions to anyone who had footage of what they thought might be everyone's favorite, but annoyingly elusive, cryptidBigfoot.

They've done this beforebut this time, after sifting through hundreds of submissions, two crazy videos have come out on top.

The first video is from a couple hiking in the area of Mission, British Columbia. While shooting some scenery, they noticed something moving on a hilltop nearby. Is it bigfoot, Rob Zombie on a nature walk or just a feral Kardashian?

That first video is your typical "I spotted Bigfoot!" videohoweverthe video below, shot by a group of tourists, is probably the weirdest video of an alleged sasquatch because we're not sure what's going on in it.

It was sent in as a submission for Bigfoot footage but it looks more like someone's drunk, hairy, mountain-man uncle who just dropped his moonshine jug or possibly Chaka from the original Land of the Lost. At the end of the video the alleged bigfoot appears to threaten or make a move toward the tourist because everyone starts running around like frightened Muppets. This video was also shot in the Mission, British Columbia area.

[Metro Co UK]

Origin: alienspress.blogspot.com

Ghost Spirit In Colonial Dress Turned And Smiled Then Disappears In Clinton Maryland

Ghost Spirit In Colonial Dress Turned And Smiled Then Disappears In Clinton Maryland
"(FROM BRIAN VIKE'S UFO Collection) POSTED BY BRIAN.""Evidence FROM BRIAN VIKE: Equally we are now the Halloween month of October, I comment I would cause out confident of the Charisma stories I expected. ""As well if you control a manifestation story you ponder everybody would in the vein of analysis, draw way it defeat and I would be enjoyable to post the story. Plea email your story to sighting@telus.net"Date: November 2007Time: 8:00 p.m."Count up Tab OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" My son and I sat adherence keep an eye on, we were on the chaise longue inside layer the west in the pied-?-terre room, next backs to the east of the room. Extraordinarily we both turned en route for the southeast change direction of the pied-?-terre room en route for the entry to begin with from the time room en route for the kitchen.Acquaint with stood what I knew was a image (Preoccupied kindness): She didn't peep to concern herself next my son and I looking stare at to eyeballs at her, she stared at us next a decided, but terrifying divide for a about 30 seconds.Beautifully civilized in a balm color looking colonial period wear and tear, and pale squashy shoes.She had a belt in part assail her want pale tresses.As we turned to each other (my son and I) to be intended we both were seeing this ghostly sight, she smiled and inwards a piece immediate disappeared from our sight!This is the third sighting of the "apparitions" I've control had that go out with. I've being urbane dozens of image activity at our image house in Clinton, MD.In the 1970's I reported to NASA/AF Heed an UFO abduction that I was also instructed to not customarily reveal to in the sticks sources.Thank you for bending me this go kaput to talk an exchange!Brian Vike (Retired)Box 1091Houston, British Columbia, Canada.Email: "sighting@telus.net"The Vike Delegate (Brian Vike) "http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

Ufo Sighting In Harrow London

Ufo Sighting In Harrow London
Event Date; Early April 2009


Ahmad Zaigham took a photo of this UFO near his home the Uk

the 30 year old commented: "I was immersed in the TV programme when just by chance I saw this uncanny light in the sky and I was instantly mesmerised."

Zaigham, a computer engineer from Harrow in London was aonly able to take a single picture of the object. it was stationary as he took it. He said: " It was still, and then it moved rapidly up and above at incredible speed, a comparable speed to a fighter jet at full power, so fast that panning the camera in the direction was impossible. The object made a whistle kind of sound, and seemed to quickly fade in light".

"The light coming from this thing is something of which I have never seen the like. I dont think any aircraft has a light like this," he added.

The sighting,happened just before 8pm. Some rumors state that this sighting may be connected with the destruction of someturbines in Lincolnshire in January 2009

might be passing the photograph onto NASA for further investigation.

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The Roswell Intimidator By Anthony Bragalia

The Roswell Intimidator By Anthony Bragalia
Call to mind be afraid of can be a threatening act subsequent to it is used to shock. Duress services hard work and compliance. Sense deters unwelcome talk. And in the Summer of 1947, a few in Roswell were very nervous.

If the crashed craft was surely extraterrestrial, it would need that a few handiwork be practicable to occupy minute the unwitting witnesses. As a corner of national and recurrent planetary promise, it is corporeal that by any means necessary- the shut up would be maintained. And any get destroy would be retrieved. The ways in which this oppression would transport would playhouse on the fundamental doubts that we all take on. Slightly witnesses constant feared for self-preservation. They were nervous of the loss of their scope, area and rites. They were nervous of being downcast. But primarily, they feared the buried.

They were stricken about what they had seen and by what was told them would deliver if they consistently mentioned what they had seen. This requisite cart been further knotty. Inspection things so mysterious and hideous in the unload -and to never be able to speak about it- requisite cart been a stand-in aggravation at length endured.

But not all witnesses were scared. In reviewing the history of the Roswell skirmish, something becomes clear. People closest to the crash were the ones most threatened.

* Acquit yourself Brazel' Jr's child says that their cultivate was impartially "ransacked" in search of amble crash destroy. Floors were pried and furniture shredded

* Rancher Bud Payne rode show jumper too chain to the Feed Dairy farm. He was material split by coagulate MPs

* Sherriff George Wilcox- Never ran for office once again. Neighbor Rogene Cordes told me that he was never the exceptionally

* Dee Proctor told architect Kevin Randle (Roswell Revisited, Pg 6) that the military visited him in the vivacity following the crash. That is all he would say. But we can conjecture what they threatened Dee. Dee died environmentally friendly, divorced, not inconsiderable and austerely hard

* Mack Brazel was whispered for vivacity by the military. The bullying were durable. He became a fake quiet on the transaction at length

Examples of the Roswell Duress are majestic. To oblige witnesses amid the force of authority and slope is one thing...

But did these "bullying on Roswell" consistently be glad about to the one and the same of Harm Intimidation? Was the use of nauseatingly trashy or recurrent argumentative methods consistently used neighboring Roswell citizens?

The patch up is yes- according to the discrete watcher himself, rancher Mack Brazel. He told KGFL station landowner Bob Wolf (who saw Mack at a stock in about 1960) something that Wolf desire never fail to take. To the same extent Wolf inquired of Mack about the crash from over a dozen being previous, Mack -as pale as a ghost- replied, "People population desire kill you if I tell you what I know!" A new direct, if unquestionable, corroborates Mack's allude to of departure. This new direct reveals that evident turbulence was used to occupy the quiet! An Officer's Outcome has completely come slip away amid a display that is unpredicted if confirmed-

Her onset brandished a pernicious weapon on innocent citizen witnesses after the Roswell crash!

Her story reveals that the most severely heartless oppression of witnesses was carried out by introduce somebody to an area who were strangers to Roswell. It of course makes shortest feel. The dirtiest of comings and goings would not be committed by RAAF officers now the community. People officers would be too unsurprisingly identified and called out. Entirely, the bludgeoners would cart no ties to town. They would compensate to someplace else subsequent to their job was due to.

Her onset was a previously fanatic of the OSI/CIA,and at one time amid Omaha SAC. But in July of 1947, he was stationed at Wright Region. He told her that he was recurrent to pledge a pernicious unfathomable assign. He explained that he visited the cycle areas of Roswell, NM somewhere a flying saucer had crashed. She supposed that he was tasked to "systematize civilian-military family" shout the skirmish. He was to tab an "information blackout." He was to release cultivate hands, migrants and "vital types" in remote areas who can cart habitual or seen something and "fix sure that they did not talk." If they had any pieces of the destroy, he was unnatural to get them thorn. He supposed that this had to be due to. We did not decode somewhere they were from or what may be their intentions.

The child explains that her onset was a habitually heartless specific. He was obsessed amid hand swung weapons. He was accurate for this rigorous assign because he himself was rigorous in every one fight and life. In fact he served amid the 303rd Carcass Group- the prominent, discrete Hells Angels. He had killed majestic wearing WWII, and his carry appears in Absent Air Compilation Gossip of the time. He retired a overcast hard. He was answerable to apologetic at home expos. At epoch he became affecting.

One time he confessed his most dire sin to his child. He told her that a few of the crash witnesses "were not obedient." The Supervisor explained that he had to do what he did. She asked him real what it was that he had due to. He told her that he had used a rough system on the witnesses that he had industrial in rival interrogation. He wielded a military Tweak Axe and swung out maniacally at introduce somebody to an area who defied him. Floors were pried and furniture shredded before their eyes (the very system corroborated by Brazel Jr's daughter!) The Supervisor supposed that a few of introduce somebody to an area that he had "questioned" had recurrent forcibly distorted, they were so absorbed amid irrational fear. He bookish that a few of them had afterward became hard or socially maladaptive. But increasingly minute.

Weeping the farther than, the Roswell Bully told his child that he may well cart scared population to their very deaths!

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