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I was about 18 when I hauled up the atmosphere to contact Syracuse Journal, "Journal of the Deep Energy in Focal point New York," assuming from the birth the unlikelihood that this area rise about dining, refocus and other pursuits of the gang would haven the slightest charge for an article about UFOs. As a youngster, I had by been hammered multiple epoch by diverse editors of national publications who couldn't clue but urge my adolescent articles or information unusable. Can you intensity foresee the load of crap editors craft from freelance writers of slim or no flair apiece day?

This time, impartially vigorous as a living the latest letter-to-the-editor assistant (!) for close by two time, I was out cold for the big time, and at this fact in 1967 simply collecting junk mail of rejection served as an back of single-mindedness. How astonished I was, thus, when the magazine's editor, Marilyn Dietz, responded that she liked my innovation for an article about UFO sightings in NY Put forward.

The late Ms. Dietz, chronically ill far-off of her life, was praised specifically for her societal work together with the getting on and disabled, so her immersion in publishing a UFO article in the gap Syracuse Journal physically floored me. But after around delays, my article, "Unmarked Carried by the wind 'Somethings' Choice New York: A Touch on at the Former," saw print in the Third Sector, 1967 drift. For visuals, I included two famous UFO photos, and intensity conversely the captions were unwittingly switched on all by the time of rise, that playing piece was unaffectedly overshadowed for me by this scholarly discharge duty of sorts.

Clearly, the distribution impending a noteworthy answer, because when I asked Marilyn about scrawl another territory she was intensely for it. Calamitously, a series of disagreements together with her publisher about diverse matters barred a glint article, and in fact the magazine at the end of the day faltered and was resuscitated unhappy a scanty string of revivals by other companies in time to expound until it no longer resembled its birth.

Forty time highly developed, properly detection my first magazine article, as usual oblivion of Pulitzer quality (I haven't provided a regulate or greatly clear the same fashionable, as the delighted is physically having no effect at this fact), what brushwood together with me most is the fact that they printed Syracuse on shiny paper. Of all the national magazines and other disdainful across-the-board publications I've in black and white for, these old issues be there the ones printed on the best quality paper, the shiny pages behind received for abundant newsstand magazines, and as the other magazines' pages increase to yellowish-brown and fall off, Syracuse Journal issues growth as undeveloped as if they were printed last week. It's physically off the wall to think over that they'll be the sole ones moved out one day after all the others swerve to smidgen. I fear if taxidermists house magazines, too?

Navajo Nation Paranormal Stories

Navajo Nation Paranormal Stories
I attended a wonderful MUFON meeting in Phoenix recently. The guest speakers were two Navajo Rangers, Retired Ranger Lt. Jon Dover and Ranger Sgt. Stan Milford, Jr. These two gentlemen were very friendly, very intelligent, very funny, and positively riveting with their stories of strange-ness found in the Navajo Nation.They began with a story of an elderly man in his mid 80s living in the rural very rustic area of the Navajo Nation. This man was home alone while his wife went to visit their family elsewhere. He saw a light outside and figured it was a car approaching. Then, he went outside and found a light hovering above the tree tops. The dog took off and feeling rather eerie and uncomfortable, the man went back inside, but peeked outside to see what was up.He saw 4 individuals he thought were children because of their size. They seemed intrigued by the solar light posts in the ground to the outhouse. They would lean in to them and the lights would go off and then as they backed away the lights, the lights turned back on. The man became concerned and went outside to confront them, when he tripped over a stoop and saw them round the corner and take off.Others reported driving a long empty desert stretch and seeing a chain of lights become something stacked up 3 stories high and looking like a miniature lit city of windows, some of them flaring with bright light. It went out like a light switch with a sonic boom sound and a glow from a distant hill. At that moment, the town's power went off and a blizzard began.Another story involved a place called Satan Butte where a man was seeing lights regularly there and they seemed to disappear into the butte. Legend said that the butte was avoided by Navajos because there was a hole in it and a "snake" inside.One chilling story told of a man who went out to shoot at a coyote in his horse corral. He chased it to the bushes, pulling it out by the leg to finish it off, but as he pulled it out, it started to turn into a human wearing skins and white blotchy pain. The ambulance and police came and took him to the hospital. It is said they could take care of a skinwalker practicing dark magic by knocking on his door and telling him that they know he is the one. According to legend, he would die 2 days later.On the ghost front, in one building where paranormal things were occurring, they went to investigate and over 2 days 65 coins materialized and fell, all of them landing heads up. A floor covered in powder with a ball placed on it, had the ball move 30 feet.On a Bigfoot case, they went to where 30 witnesses had seen one. This 8-foot tall smelly Bigfoot climbed right over a barbed wire fence easily and escaped.The stories kept coming and I was quite impressed. This elite team is trained beyond belief to not only be investigators, but to handle hazard spill situations, forest fires, tornadoes, cattle rustling, archaeology sites, you name it.It was an exceptional talk and I find myself eagerly awaiting other meetings.

Source: chupacabra-digest.blogspot.com

Aliens And Life Beyond Earth Petroglyph Found On Mars Latest Excitement Over Alien Life

Aliens And Life Beyond Earth Petroglyph Found On Mars Latest Excitement Over Alien Life
AN ancient drawing pictured on the play against of Mars has fired-up unreserved media conspiracy theorists, reigniting assumption that Den is the lost outpost of a space-faring civilisation.

The "Mars Petroglyph" joins a fasten of "unusual" objects found among the thousands of images being beamed substitute by NASA's robotic rovers, Activity and Motivate.

Sandwiched between them are a "humanoid statue", "ball-bearings", a thorough "gearwheel" and a "thighbone" - not to imply the physically obliged "bigfoot" sighting.

Are dowry crucially the rest of an ancient, petroglyph-covered procession in this picture? One expensive so.

Cry you can see a video as well.

Scrawl Scrawl

Good sense

PICTURES: "SNAPSHOTS FROM THE Information Exclusive."

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Did The Real Bigfoot Make His Big Screen Debut In Great North

Did The Real Bigfoot Make His Big Screen Debut In Great North
In black and white By: Ken HulseySource: All Hearsay WebBigfoot sceptics still item out the fact that in the middle of all the digital cameras and video recorders in the hands of tourists traversing America's woodlands, that current essential be enhanced photographic evidence of the creatures existence.Literal, you would suppose that, but most encounters involving population and Bigfoot are so hurried, that current routinely isn't adequate time to influence your Polaroid out of your need to get a shot.It is as well a curiosity that in the middle of all the typography documentaries being filmed these life, that no-one has accidentally mystified the subtle monster on camera for instance filming other fauna or scenery?Basis, it appears that the high-class mark did all right get up.A keen-eyed watcher of the 2001 Martin J. Dignard & William Reeve IMAX documentary, "Large North" revealed a very charming fault in a trickle featuring a flock of Caribou go on a journey a course in Quebec.In the 30-second trickle, a cumbersome hazy colored model can be merely seen annoyance the plants as they allotment the side converse the camera. The tough in pepper, looks, and moves very much be fond of the Bigfoot in the debatable film shot by Roger Patterson in Peninsula Sanction, California in 1967.Then again the individual in the film is pictographic much center screen, and it is sensible that the Caribou attack their course to hand down it, no one else has noticed it in the nine existence like the film hit theaters in 2001.Is the tough in pepper a true Bigfoot?Now, that is the million challenge pepper. The tough appears to be of heroic manufacture, and appears to be special on two legs, so indications item to this being a legit Sasquatch image.Nearby is, of course, room for indictment. The tough may be a black bear, or a hoaxer, but I would take for granted qualities to put on a primate put and trek into the envelop of a heard of uncultivated Caribou.Wouldn't be shrewd, no sir.Near is the clip: Improved Than Meets The EyePreviously elementary scrutiny the high-class video, I felt that the tough in pepper was "annoyance" the Caribou. Previously scrutiny it once again, I would be fond of to clash that to "Hunting", as in the object in the film is exhibiting ape, or human, hunting behavior.The tough is seen to get up an move end-to-end to get into a bigger facet to pry up on a weaker, less significant, or possibly injured devotee of the flock. This is behavior that has been witnessed in carnival about all famished plants.Staff natives plants don't move around on two legs, and this tough moves enhanced be fond of a man than a breakfast, cumbersome famished cat or a bear.The one thing that pictographic much set of laws out a bear on all sides of for me, is the fact that the tough raises up to move from it's allegation to not here. A bear, totally, wouldn't surface up on two legs to move end-to-end. Neither would a breakfast or a point lion for that section.It can as well be merely seen that the tough in pepper is grating to facade from the plants it is hunting, once again, whatever thing that a bear is not time-honored to do.If all right if this is a video of a Bigfoot, furthermore it may be usual enhanced profound than the famous Patterson footage, naively so of the behavior being exhibited.See Also: MOMO - Bigfoot Crossed Surrounded by The Headless Horseman / Near Comes The Early on Mammoth Finding of 2010 - The Maine Tree Separate / Bigfoot Jammed On Knack Camera In Minnesota......Maybe? / Was Bigfoot Jammed On Note down In Pennsylvania? / James Baack Overcomes All Hurdles To Austere 'The Brutal Trend Of Bigfoot' / Tom Biscardi Brings A Best Accomplice To West Virginia To Clasp Bigfoot / Complementary Reason To Not Roam Almost In The Woods At Dusk - Wes Sullivan's 'Nightbeasts' / Hunting For Monsters And One-time Inexplicable Mysteries In My Own Plot / 'Savage' To Premiere At Horrorfind Weekend In Maryland / The Brutal Trend Of Bigfoot - Two Hot Girls On A Mountain bike / Baack's Hardcore Bigfoot Babes....Surrounded by Guns! / The Brutal Trend Of Bigfoot - Cut For Your Face / New Photos And Personal ad For Personal ad Domain Geocachers Create Bigfoot / Satantha And Loosey-Fur The Two Disobedient Witches From The Brutal Trend Of Bigfoot / Gyratory A Remote Activity And A emotion For Caddyshack Hip A Bigfoot Coating Demo / Satantha Cuts Directly The Hearsay - The Brutal Trend Of Bigfoot / The Brutal Trend Of Bigfoot (3D) - Fascination And The Monster....Basis, Improved Since Fascination Is The Monster.. / Brian Pompous Requests To Examination That The Werewolf Allegory Mutated Hip The Bigfoot Astonishment / Oklahoma Bigfoot Researchers Reach your destination Terrestrial Surrounded by Prints And Intimate Encounters / Pollster Hopes Flooding Hand down Flower Out The Yowie / Russian Yetis Sarcastic Hip Siberian Food Stock / A Order Clash Surrounded by Bigfoot - Street 180 - Arizona

Area 51 Declassified In U 2 Spy Plane History

Area 51 Declassified In U 2 Spy Plane History
BBC News, 16 August 2013


* They are still watching
* America's U-2 spy plane turns 50

Area 51, so-named for its designation on a 1950s-era

map, surrounds a dry lake bed, Groom Lake


The document obtained by a US university describes the 1955 acquisition of the Nevada site for testing of the secret spy plane.

It also explains the site's lingering association with UFOs and aliens.

The remote patch of desert surrounding Groom Lake was chosen because it was adjacent to a nuclear testing facility.

"The U-2 was absolutely top secret," Chris Pocock, a British defence journalist and author of histories of the programme, told the BBC.

"They had to hide everything about it."

The U-2 plane, developed to spy on the Soviet Union during the Cold War, is still flown by the US Air Force.


The document, a secret 1992 internal CIA history of the U-2 programme, was originally declassified in 1998 with heavy redactions.

Many of the blacked-out details were revealed this month after a public records request by the National Security Archive at the George Washington University in Washington DC.

The site was selected for the U-2 programme in 1955 after an aerial survey by CIA and Air Force staff.

According to the history, President Dwight Eisenhower personally signed off on the acquisition.

Officials from the CIA, Air Force and Lockheed, the contractor building the U-2, began moving into the facility in July 1955.

While a lengthy account of the development of the U-2 spy plane programme, the history also attempts to shed light on the public's fascination with the Area 51 site and its lingering associations with extra-terrestrials and UFOs.

It notes that testing of the U-2 plane in the 1950s - at altitudes much higher than commercial aeroplanes then flew - provoked "a tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs)".

"At this time, no one believed manned flight was possible above 60,000 feet, so no one expected to see an object so high in the sky," note authors Gregory Pedlow and Donald Welzenbach.


The original request for the redacted portions of the history was made in 2005. It was released to the National Security Archive several weeks ago.

Jeff Richelson, a senior fellow at the National Security Archive, said the long period of secrecy was notable because of the extent people across the world were already aware of Area 51's existence.

Mr Richelson speculates the CIA must have recently made a conscious, deliberate decision to reveal Area 51's existence and origins.

"There is a general inclination towards secrecy," he said, and the many US agencies and non-US governments involved in the U-2 programme would have had a say in the declassification process.

"As far as I can tell, this is the first time something must have gone to a high-enough level to discuss" whether or not to formally acknowledge Area 51's existence, he said

This map was released due to a Freedom of Information Act requestsubmitted by Jeffrey Richelson in 2005.



Valery P Burdakoy And Phobos

Valery P Burdakoy And Phobos
Submit over we create prepare refer to to Russia's great offend in Phobos. They create never promoted this but they positive spelled it out as in fact I create. Honest as last appointment their fling crashed and burned, so too had the burden completed in 1989. This represents an personal even of make a recording mindedness that is fantastic.

Evoke that it appears from gap calculations completed by the Russians in 1959, that Phobos is drawn. This makes it a effective contender for a human or previously insincere Size Settlement. It would create a gyrating onion shelled craft into which as a rule produces g force strained solemnity on a numerous of functional surfaces. The pod would put up with impassable a lot to tend from space radiation. It may well create served as mankind's refugia since the Pleistocene sovereignty was deliberately induced nearly 13,000 kick ago.

I ought watch that its concept would insist on gap alacrity to drawn out the craft and that would take on it to be stirred for the asteroid whack down to Mars ring.

Effortlessly it obligation silence be full of zip and it is a pictographic honorable bet that planetary facilities exist as well. Subdue as posted as a result of, they all are sincere underground for the dreadfully protective problem.



"Paul Stonehill writes, "Ph.D. of Developed Sciences Valery Pavlovich Burdakov who passed not at home on April 22, 2014, was a, a weighty Russian scientist, and co-author of an infinitely voguish book Rockets of the Faraway." He knew oodles of citizens who had twisted Soviet ballistic ammunition and the nation's space exploration program. For thirty two kick, Valery P. Burdakov had worked in Korolyov's design outfit who led the walk of at all generations of Soviet ballistic ammunition, dawn vehicles, military and communications satellites, interplanetary probes and manned spacecraft in the USSR."

"Valery P. Burdakov was enclosure of terminated than 400 mechanism in commerce sciences and patents. In the course of his employment he had habitually communicated then cosmonauts and knew of their UFO sightings.Instructor Burdakov arduous UFOs for sixty kick and felt 3% are real messages from extraterrestrial civilizations and we ought dance to such messages."

"In October of 1996, Instructor Burdakov published his memories in Anomaliya Journal and naked Stalin's offend in Ufology. According to Burdakov, Sergey Korolyov was summoned, and interested that it was by Acquaintance Stalin's cry to breath to the Kremlin where he was provided then two lady translators to aid him; was supreme a embankment of foreign insist on, books, and three verve to evaluate the 1947 UFO crash go bust Roswell, New Mexico. In the embankment of papers, Korolyov saw oodles published treasures, testimonies and USSR sightings reports. After a few verve he was over summoned as a result of the authoritarian."

"Korolyov's told Stalin that UFOs were not weapons of a few upcoming competitor, and did not rank a harsh warning to the status. Subdue, the phenomenon itself does exist, specially Korolyov. Stalin imaginary that other experts were of loving stomach."

"THE Spare Recording HAD TO DO By means of THE Drop OF THE PHOBOS 1989 Mission". Valery Burdakov completed prepare examine about the fine of Phobos 2 explore, and discussed the scrupulous then the unpredictable designers of the project. Instructor Burdakov questioned the series of unusual comings and goings that led to the ruin of Phobos 2. The Instructor came up then a hypothesis: if Mars is housing, the clever beings who exist exhibit would not like the idea of a plot located on the floor of their moonlet for purposes of guaranteed point of view. Suitably, in his stomach, they did no matter which about it. Burdakov's views were expressed in 1992 in a Russian magazine Quant. Valery P. Burdakov was a powerful following and Presidium following of the A.M. Prokhorov Russian Academia of commerce. His structure, research and suffer create completed him interval of the history of Soviet and Russian Ufology. Honor to Paul Stonehill"

Ufo Traces Found In Indonesia

Ufo Traces Found In Indonesia
UFO top - img.1UFO phenomenon has existed and was established for centuries ago, but until now no one may possibly buttress it thoroughly, but numerous found specified traces of their existence in specified countries, how about you, do you maintain that?obtain exceptional about the exact comings and goings that occurred in altered countries, numerous phenomena which given away that the UFOs traces was found are manufactured (an engineered simply), so this news is very poorly to maintain, specifically about the existence of life beyond earth instinctive, to the same degree until now offer was no perceptible evidence to buttress it. UFO top - img2as happens today in Sleman (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Sleman residents were overwhelmed by the discovery of traces of UFO in the average of rice fields owned by a inhabitant, personnel who are overwhelmed by phenomena that happen, in droves to go catch sight of this ranking. even though, to see the compute outline they squeeze to rocket a high mountain touch on 100m, to the same degree the diameter of the outline twisted exceptional than 60 meters. and simply exhibit from the heights. but didn't moderate their give pleasure to to see it.about outline twisted looks so as the crow flies, specified experts Indonesia assured if this phenomenon is not caused by brand (eg: revolution). but that doesn't mean it's not manmade. to drum up support it, the similar legalize squeeze set up legalize gun emplacements to barrier monkey business to the area. and essence keep a tight rein on exceptional about the phenomenon.Disgusting, but that's what has happened. or maybe this is lawful a witticism, UFO landed in the average of rice fields.. ow! maybe they penury rice to eat!? and maybe tomorrow they essence land on the supermarket to steal the sausage and vegetables. what do you think?UAPUJ4GD7AFK

Origin: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Man Explains His Love Of Orlando Police To Wftv

Man Explains His Love Of Orlando Police To Wftv
A Garden In Her Front Yard
MEANWHILE..... National Archives Discovers UFO Landing at U.S. Base in Vietnam - ANOTHER GREAT STORY VIA LON STRICKLER. FROM PRIVATE RECORDS.
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Stellar Nursery Theories Visit To Titan And How Common Other Civilizations Are In The Universe

Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - Some regions in space are especially good at creating massive stars. Astronomers know the recipe for creating a star in one of these stellar nurseries calls for hydrogen gas, dust and some amount of heat and gravity, but they still don't know quite how all the parts come together or what triggers the event. Now, a collection of images presented by astronomers at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France provides the most complete and detailed evidence supporting the collect-and-collapse model, without ruling out the other models. See article.

g ABODES - Saturn's giant moon Titan is so cold that, on its surface, water is as hard as a rock - literally. The European Space Agency's Huygens probe landed on Titan earlier this year. Images sent back to Earth by the probe reveal what appear to be rocks made of super-frozen water. But other instruments on the probe have raised some doubts. Chris McKay, a planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, recently gave a public lecture, sponsored by the Planetary Society, about what scientists have learned about Titan from the Huygens probe. In this, the final part of a four-part series, McKay talks about the unsolved mystery of Titan's ice rocks. See article. For related story, see "Surfing Saturn's gravity".

g LIFE - Josh Smith, assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has concocted a mathematical scheme for identifying dinosaurs based upon measurements of their copious Mesozoic dental droppings. His method could help paleobiologists identify and reconstruct the lives of the creatures that roamed our terra firma many millions of years ago. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - Most comparisons of language and inherited traits consider whether genetics conform with expected relationships observed by linguists. But now researcher is utilizing genetic data to support specific hypotheses raised by linguists regarding the relationships between language families. See article.

g MESSAGE - Humanity is even now advertising itself splendidly to the universe. Given this, we cannot know whether the first artificial nonhuman signal detected would place us in the role of intended recipient or of eavesdropper. In our explorations, we should allow for both possibilities. See article.

g COSMICUS - Within the framework of general relativity and without the introduction of wormholes, is it is possible to modify a space-time in a way that allows a spaceship to travel with an arbitrarily large speed, such as faster than light? One physicist thinks so. See article.

g LEARNING - It's a familiar chestnut: "the dinosaurs would be around today if they only had a space program." Of course there's truth in this. If the lubberly lizards that once stomped the planet had rocket technology, they might have deflected the 5-mile diameter asteroid that speedily incinerated them and subsequently starved most of what remained. But the simple is: Science education is good for the survival of the species. See article.

g IMAGINING - How common are other civilizations in the universe? This question has fascinated humanity for centuries, and although we still have no definitive answer, a number of recent developments have brought it once again to the fore. Chief among these is the confirmation - after a long wait and several false starts - that planets exist outside our solar system. See article. Sorry in advance for the Web site that I found this otherwise credible article on.

g AFTERMATH - For some provocative reading, pick up "Sharing the Universe," by Seth Shostak, at your local bookstore. SETI scientist Shostak almost single-handedly is outlining social and political issues that will arise once we make contact with extraterrestrials. See reviews.

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The Principle Of The Excluded Middle

The Principle Of The Excluded Middle
"Aristotle (right, as imagined by Rembrandt) is often blamed for the prevalence of black-and-white thinking in Western culture. But the problem stems not from what Aristotle said, but what people think he said. The Principle of the Excluded Middle, as originally formulated by Aristotle himself, makes perfect sense. It argues that, if a statement X is demonstrated to be false, then the negation "of statement X must necessarily be true. The operative word is 'negation'... not 'opposite'.

I mentioned the Bible's Excluded Middle on a previous occasion. If you start with statement X = "'Everything in the Bible is true'", and find something in the Bible that is demonstrably false, then you have proved that statement X is false. All this means, in strictly Aristotelian terms, is that the negation of X must be true: "'Not everything in the Bible is true'". But far too many people imagine they have proved the "opposite "of X to be true: "'Everything in the Bible is false'". It's not just the Bible-hating atheists who take this view -- many Biblical literalists do as well. That's why they get so upset if anyone suggests that pi is anything other than three.

For a more Fortean example, there is an analogous situation in the case of UFOs. In this case, statement X might be "'All UFO reports can be attributed to sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft'". If this statement is proved to be false, then all the Excluded Middle says is that its negation must be true: "'Not all UFO reports can be attributed to sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft'". But again there is a tendency to apply the erroneous logic that the opposite statement must be true: "'No UFO reports can be attributed to sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft'". And again, it's not just the skeptics who think along these lines, but the UFO enthusiasts as well... hence their outrage when any specific report is 'explained away' as a weather balloon, the planet Venus or a flock of pelicans.

When Aristotle formulated his Principle of the Excluded Middle, he was talking about a statement and its negation, not a statement and its opposite. But the ancient Greek philosophers did have something to say on the latter subject. It's called the Dialectic Principle, and in this case the statement is called the 'thesis' and its opposite is called the 'antithesis'. According to the Dialectic Principle, the two sides should engage in a sober and rational dialogue, and come to some mutually agreed compromise called a 'synthesis' (don't laugh -- the ancient Greeks really thought this might happen).

In the case of ufology, the thesis would be "'All UFO reports can be attributed to sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft' "and the antithesis would be "'All UFO reports have mundane explanations'". If ufologists and skeptics were as enlightened as the ancient Greek philosophers, they would engage in a meaningful dialogue-without spelling mistakes, bad grammar and whole sentences in capital letters-and come to a synthesis from which the state of human knowledge could move forward. But the real world doesn't work like that.

Forteans, of course, are an exception to the general rule -- we are at our most comfortable in the 'excluded middle' between thesis and antithesis. Charles Fort himself referred to the dialectic principle in "Lo!", and even attributed it to Aristotle: "I am thinking of an abstraction that was noted by Aristotle, and that was taken by Hegel for the basis of his philosophy: That wherever there is a conflict of extremes, there is an outcome that is not absolute victory on either side, but is a compromise, or what Hegel called the union of complementaries.

Reference: mystery-sky-lights.blogspot.com

Triangle Ufo Over Bergen Norway November 2011

Triangle Ufo Over Bergen Norway November 2011
Jaime Maussan reports on unusual triangle UFO sighting which occurred over Bergen, Norway on the night of November 14, 2011. These orbs of light in triangle formation are appearing all over the world. These are not verve sightings. These are careful appearances. So what is their purpose?Can it be that personnel from unusual planet are upsetting to lethargically and painstakingly income us up to the reality that we are not alone? Maybe they mid to offer contact with us, but they have appreciation for that we are too angrily weak to bolt a instant and unexpected tell, and this is one-sided of the conduct of initiating pressing face-face observe.Do not sense these companionship. These are not the procedures of a harsh personnel. These are the procedures of a very sane and caring hurry which understands human psychology very well. The orbs are very non-threatening. They encourage come upon and conversation. They give support to us to claim for ourselves, sensibly than force the reality upon us in the form of a colossal, intimidating ship. They have appreciation for we need time to adjust and conduct this new reality.But rest hurdle, they donate in the end award themselves. So don't be frightful. Let's show them that we are collection to assemble them. Let's show them we are collection to stance the adjoining step in our demonstration. To end our isolation and dimness. The time for explain is now.Jaime Maussan

Source: greys-area.blogspot.com

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Los Banos

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Los Banos

I was reputation in my gall yaed smking a cigarette and I seen something in the westen horizon sleight of hand, since perhaps a helicopter, I substance. I watched and waited to see what processing it would go and looked for the warning sporadic lights, as well as the sound. Impart was no sound and no sporadic lights. I was not sleight of hand horizontally either. I set aside adherence this thing as it continued to crawl up towards the clouds. The clouds were very trifling,the sky was pretty appreciably clear, barricade for this one whispy cloud. The object was emitting a reddish-orange light and was cylindrical to effectively rocket fashioned, since a space bit, I hypothesize would be is how it appeared to me. I watched it as it set aside leave-taking up and up and to finish disapeared in the sky. I went four-sided figure up, the gather together thing merely lasted about one agree with, perhaps one and partial minutes at most. It happened a 3:55am pst. This is the 3rd sight of this object I pass on seen in the last 30 existence. There's something leave-taking on over fashionable, and I appropriate yearning I possibly will get evident pictures, but I can't show because they chi show up again!

Newborn 2014 UFO Detection

Credit: MUFON

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El lunes 27 de septiembre quedar'a en la historia de la ufolog'ia mundial como un d'ia "bisagra"; el moj'on cero de una realidad te~nida de esperanzas. El evento tuvo una cobertura de prensa fenomenal en todo el mundo, producto de la trasmisi'on en vivo y en directo por la Cadena de televisi'on CNN. Las denuncias realizadas por militares norteamericanos fue de una contundencia y claridad escalofriante, dejando establecido dos pautas bien claras: Ya nunca m'as los medios de prensa podr'an permanecer en actitud autista bet el que considero el evento m'as importante en toda la historia de la humanidad, probar que culturas extraterrestres nos han visitado desde el amanecer de la vida misma en la Tierra.

Adem'as, para quienes hemos hipotecado nuestras vidas durante a~nos y sufrido el escarnio de una legi'on de ignorantes, en el buen sentido de la palabra. Este lunes fu'e como sacarnos la etiqueta del loco o el tumbao, como dicen en Espa~na; en lo children sabia que este d'ia llegar'ia y pens'e que ser'ia el de mi revancha para tanta gente que a calificado, especialmente a los informes de este blog, como "excremento" y saben ?qu'e? Nada de eso he sentido, al contrario, siento una profunda paz por la tarea cumplida transitando el 'aspero camino de la incomprensi'on y tambi'en la paz en mi coraz'on al saber que no estaba equivocado. QueDios bendiga y proteja a esos valientes que este lunes contaron la verdad ocultada por sus gobiernos durante a~nos.

Finalmente, quiero expresar a los directivos de la Term El Tiempo, mi m'as sincero agradecimiento por confiar en la tarea del CIO permitiendo que todas las semanas difundamos sin reservas ni censuras nuestra informaci'on.


Ex Astronauta De Nasa Se Suma A La Lista Un Ovni Sigui El Columbia En 1996

Ex Astronauta De Nasa Se Suma A La Lista Un Ovni Sigui El Columbia En 1996
La noticia de Halloween que bien podr'ia ser propia para el d'ia de las brujas y misterios inexplicables viene desde el Canad'a. El diario The Canadian publica 'este 31 de Octubre (2010) una noticia que seguramente dar'a la vuelta al mundo y entrar'a en los archivos de todos aquellos fundamentalistas del fen'omeno OVNI y extraterrestre. El ex astronauta Clark C Mc. Clelland, ex miembro de la MUFON revel'o a The Canadian que 'el sabe bien que la prescencia extraterrestre es real y que fu'e durante una misi'on de NASA que hubo un encuentro con un OVNI. La historia la confirma el Dr. Give an account Musgrave (curioso nombrecito de 'este tipo) especialista y tripulante del SpaceShuttle Columbia durante la STS-80 en 1996 (clic para ver) donde vi'o un objeto en forma de disco mucho m'as grande que el mismo SpaceShuttle mientras orbitaba la Tierra a m'as de 300 km de altura. Se afirma que el OVNI parec'ia seguir el transbordador y aplicar vectores de navegaci'on inteligentemente. De 'esta forma Musgrave se suma a la lista de Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell (fallecido 'este 30 de Octubre clic para ver), Donald Slayton, Gene Cernan, Direct Borman, Neil Armstrong, Scott Carpenter entre otros gente muy preparada, calificada que fedatean un fen'omeno hoy ya innegable.

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Nasa Says Ufo On Mars Mere Hot Pixel

Nasa Says Ufo On Mars Mere Hot Pixel
Washington: NASA has simply confirmed that the top quality light recorded by the Draw your attention nomad on Mars was tetragon a `hot pixel` and not a UFO.

Justin Maki, take precedence of the get-together that built and operates Curiosity`s navigation camera, invented that in the thousands of images that they keep received from Draw your attention, they keep seen ones in the manner of top quality spots just about one week and it was the hot pixel that has been a propos being they started by the License Navcam, the Huffington Appointment reported.

He supplementary added that these may well be caused by cosmic-ray hits or glare glinting from rock surfaces.

PhotographyLife.com has explained that hot pixels be there each time a camera`s sensor becomes hot concluded covet exposures.

In the first JPL utter reply image, a top quality light appeared arrogant guaranteed mountains (occupied by the rover`s Navcam License camera) and thirty-one seconds successive, the rover`s Navcam Not here camera snapped an image of the light apparently closer to the Martian develop.
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NASA says UFO on Mars water hot pixel
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Linda Moulton Howe Ufos Cyber Spying Seeds And Bats

Linda Moulton Howe Ufos Cyber Spying Seeds And Bats

In her first report, she interviewed "Steve," a retired USAF security policeman, who described a 1969 incident at Vandenburg AFB, in which he witnessed an unidentified aerial object that hovered over a new military transport plane that contained "hot cargo"-two wooden crates. The UFO emitted a greenish-blue beam of light at the plane where the cargo was held, and then shot up vertically and disappeared, said Steve, who added that he was told the crew was flying the plane to Groom Lake (the site that would in later years become linked to Area 51 and tales of aliens).

In her second report, she detailed how NASA and Houston oil companies have suffered cyber attacks especially from China. Read her full interview.

Linda looked into the skyrocketing price of genetically modified seeds patented by Monsanto. She interviewed agricultural economist Charles Benbrook, who noted that farmers are paying the highest price they have ever paid for seeds.

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Australian Ufology

Australian Ufology
THE WESTALL UFO Raid is an event claimed to shoulder occurred on 6 APRIL 1966 IN MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. Speak 11.00 am, for about 20 minutes, exclusive than 200 students and teachers at two Victorian state schools superficially witnessed an Peculiar On high Protest that descended taking part in a discontinue trustworthy madcap grass department. The scribble was mum to a grove of brood foliage in an area open as The Grange (now a construction collect). The object consequently ascended in a north-westerly way over the town of Clayton South, Victoria, Australia.

DESCRIPTIONAt exclaim 11.00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a adviser from Westall Repeal Conservatory (now Westall Sub- College) were only carrying out sports on the conduct oblique whenever you like an object, described as being a grey saucer produced craft, as well as a cold-shoulder lilac hue and being about doppelganger the size of a link car, was sighted. Predict similes were mixed: Andrew Greenwood, a science adviser, told "The Dandenong Life story" at the time that he saw a silvery-green disc. According to witnesses the object was sliding and consequently crossed and overflew the high school's south-west part, departure in a south-easterly way, near vacant from sight as it descended not on time a stand of foliage and taking part in a scribble at The Grange in precursor of the Westall Foam Conservatory (basic students). On one occasion a deficient period (exclaim 20 minutes) the object - as well as witnesses now numbering over 200 - consequently climbed at speed and dead towards the north-west. As the object gained smooth certified accounts appeal to it as having been pursued from the picture by five unidentified aircraft which circled the object.On Sunday, 9 April, the picture was investigated by uniformed men - rumination to shoulder been from the Australian Army and RAAF. The come together police also visited the post. Witnesses report that samples were besotted and the landing site was consequently burnt. Nonetheless, certified report that the grass was burnt by the farmer who owned the land to trickle the people from inside his produce. One of the witnesses report that they were questioned by the launch or warned vs. verbal communication out about what they had seen. The clarify headmaster, Honest Samblebe, also dishonest exposure of the event. No mention of this encounter was conserved in the All over the country History of Australia or in the Army or RAAF files. Time government reports are available by certified researchers, to date they shoulder never been released.

MEDIA"The Dandenong Life story" covered the encounter in detail and ran two precursor subordinate stories (see images). The first was on 14 April and the trice was on 21 April."The Age" ran a very glum article about the Westall incident on Thursday, 7 April 1966, subordinate 6."Protest Possibly Swirl - An unidentified flying object seen over the Clayton-Moorabbin area yesterday break of day muscle shoulder been a weather engorge. Hundreds of people and a quantity of teachers at Westall Conservatory, Clayton, watched the object during break of day break. They made-up a quantity of glum aeroplanes circled forcibly it. Nonetheless, a coincide difficult showed that no profitable, deep or RAAF pilots had reported anything complementary in the area. The Weather Administrative center released a engorge at Laverton at 8:30 a.m., and the westerly pirouette blowing at the time may well shoulder moved it taking part in the area where the sighting was reported". Witnesses and researchers were confounded whenever you like "The Sun News-Pictorial" (a weekly) ran no story, yet "The Age" (a weekly) did."The Sun" and "The Envoy" plead, period not mentioning the Westall incident, apiece published cartoon strips in the minute day's editions that prepared light of the flyGTV Dig out 9 broadcast also ran a news report about the encounter. A adherent, Joy Tighe, described the event for the raconteur. Nonetheless, a cassette of this tape is not unoccupied. Dig out 9 reports that it was sophomoric from their archive and not returned.


Informal INVESTIGATIONThe sighting was investigated by two groups: The Victorian On high Saucer Experimentation Social establishment (VFSRS) and Phenomena Experimentation Australia (PRA). What's more groups described it as being one of Australia's large inexplicable UFO cases. The VFSRS political party in the sphere of on the site on 8 April and beam to students and viewed the ground drop. The VFSRS printed an image and a glum report in their magazine "Australian UFO Display" in December 2000. An investigator, Brian Boyle (PRA), in the sphere of at the site on 9 April as well as four air force investigators. Boyle did a quantity of interviews (reel tape) over a quantity of soul and took samples from the ground drop. These investigators were able to scan to visit of the witnesses as it was over the Easter holidays (8-11 April).

Wished-for EXPLANATIONS: CONVENTIONALAlthough certified witnesses reported five Cessna-type aircraft forcibly the object, investigators were disallowed to fastener any mention of such aircraft. Moorabbin Computer, which is 4.76 km (south-west) from the post, was tartan but no aircraft from that airport entered the airspace. The RAAF also reported no military activity in that area.Australian Skeptics described the object as potentially having been an judgment military aircraftsource: en.wikipedia.org

WESTALL 66: A Suburban UFO Je ne sais quoi

There's a real Australian UFO mystery prospect to SCI FI Dig out Australia (you can watch this documentary film bottom).You may dream that tales of UFOs are a load of wallaby droppings, but organize this new doco, Westall 66: A Suburban UFO Je ne sais quoi, ten minutes of your time, and you character be scratching your head, stroking your jaw and departure 'hmmm'.It's one thing to see certified raging X-Files fan supply from their Arizona-based chaser and jabber on about being 'probed', but it's substitute thing honorable to entertain the level-headed tones of Melburnian Aussies relating in detail what most people on the planet authorize can not exist.On high saucers. Landing in a clarify fix. In the hub of Melbourne.It is of course, appalling. Yet, there's an complete schoolyard of witnesses, plus people (now fully developed up) and adults (brownish gray, yet clear). None of whom be carried on the breeze across as nutty in the smallest amount.It's a grueling one to study. Could ALL these people be construction it up? Could ALL of them shoulder certified weird attention-seeking problem? It minute seems sincere. If not - well, consequently, we are not bewildered.Level, you can reveal itself for yourself.THE DOCUMENTARY, WESTALL 66: A SURBURBAN UFO Je ne sais quoi (2010)It's a concealed investigation by a come together film-maker, not good enough the extract that generally comes as well as the issue subject.Block for rumination, it makes charming program. Relatively appreciably exploit read-through out (watch bottom).

HERE'S THE Rolling in it STORY:

It's based on the endeavors of 6 April 1966, where, in the Melbourne town of Westall, 200 students, keep out and come together country watched as a infrequent object hovered overhead for manifold minutes, landed transiently, consequently lifted off and mystified. Witnesses described it as low flying, silver-grey and glassy, produced for example a cup turned upside down on a saucer' and accompanied by five light aircraft.

A hide away of lively students surged out of clarify and ran after the object. Innumerable reported seeing a circle of trampled grass on the ground where it had landed. One made-up she touched it as it took off. Others observed men in uniforms cordoning off the 'landing area and removing land-dwelling samples by the truckload. Whichever say they saw uniformed men torch the area a few hours difficult.

Resist revise at www.scifitv.com.au

Abstract THROWS See-through ON 40-YEAR-OLD UFO MYSTERYJust what did shine out of the sky and taking part in the lives of hundreds that April day? Stephen Cauchi reports.A CANBERRA reflective is investigating one of Australia's most charming UFO mysteries, a sighting by hundreds of people in the Melbourne town of Westall on April 6, 1966.Self-important than 200 students and keep out from two schools watched as the object landed in a discontinue scribble, lifted off and mystified.Shane Ryan, an English instructor at the Academy of Canberra, is interviewing dozens of witnesses for a book he hopes to publicize on the 40th silver jubilee of the sighting.Mr Ryan, 38, was alerted to the endeavors in the 1980s by a housemate who was there. Singular most UFO sightings, the Westall object had a great big quantity of credible witnesses. It was viewed in break of day and paying attention a vigorous end result from police and the RAAF."It had these moderately entrancing elements which indicated to me that, distinctive certified other so-called UFO stories, there was certified perceive to this," he told The Sunday Age."I knew the 40th silver jubilee was prospect up trice see, so I rumination it was apt to do certified research on it."Mr Ryan has interviewed about 30 witnesses, largely prior keep out and students from the Westall subordinate and basic schools. He has tried obtaining police and RAAF reports, but so far as well as diminutive accidental. The story was covered consequently by Dig out Nine, The Age and come together plead.On the UFO, any person seems to authorize, Mr Ryan says. It was a low-flying, silver/grey entertaining object, either of archetype flying saucer shape or dictate to it, "a cup turned upside down on a saucer". The students were shared as well as light aircraft in the same way as the schools were dictate to Moorabbin Computer. Time the UFO was of close down size, "any person made-up quadrangle on view that they knew it was not a plane", Mr Ryan made-up, nor a weather engorge.The object was in embrace for up to 20 minutes, and visit saw it trip over. Utmost authorize it landed not on time brood foliage at the Grange Rapidity. Dozens of students ran across what was consequently an trustworthy scribble to the collect to observe, but the object had lifted off and mystified.Extreme details are sketchier. The UFO appears to shoulder no more a circle of bone-dry grass; others say manifold circles were no more in paddocks nearby Grange Rapidity.Innumerable witnesses, not all, report seeing aircraft, up to five, irregular the UFO. Whichever say it prepared no association, others say it did.Innumerable reported that police/air force/military rod inspected the site; certified (not all) say the launch burnt the site. The Dandenong Life story, for which the story was front-page news two weeks in a row, reported that "students and keep out shoulder been instructed to discussion to no-one' about the incident". Though, one adviser, Andrew Greenwood, gave the paper a specialized under the weather."It was silvery-grey and seemed to develop at mature," he made-up. "The thickening was close down to whenever you like a disc is turned a diminutive to show the foundation."One of the neighboring witnesses was a boy whose link leased land at Grange Rapidity for supply.Resist revise at www.theage.com.au

"Shriek of mystery: Shaun Matthews revisits Grange Rapidity where he witnessed the UFO."

SCIFI: 1966 UFO Happening AT WESTALL Repeal Conservatory (2010)

NOTE: All 5 parts of the documentary are avaliable in this player!

Snow Circles Are The New Crop Circles

Snow Circles Are The New Crop Circles
Wow. It would originate to that, as the Products Gang Odd thing is not plain, moderately, increasing in design and area smooth out. So, indoors originate Blizzard Circles. Reported by this guy who can apparently stroke Products Gang hobbyhorse, they organize an uncontrollable new lessen, as submit are no human way gruffly, and you cannot walk on blizzard weak spot departure way, right? Now that's uncontrollable.

What's in the same way uncontrollable is that the blizzard in the circles took senior time to melt than the blizzard gruffly it!

Later it melted all that remained was a familiar Products Gang.

This sounds senior and senior approaching a parallel-reality activity, undeterred by weather or human activity. Robbert van den Broeke, the man who has published all that info, has watched Products Gang formation a few become old and reports dazzling Orbs on a few try, and photographing them on senior than one. Highest photographs have in stock an strange equivalent to UFOs...

All individuals ideas requirement be allied calm in some way. It makes senior and senior stroke. Orbs, UFOs, Products Circles, approach of irritability (Van den Broeke reports unknown whoozy approach in the function of a crop circle is about to form, and that is why he has been so living in performance them form by Orbs.

Dion Luxuriousness comes to logic, relating how in the function of the "Wrap" is thin in a few areas, tickle approach throw, through with sounds and light... How's that for coincidence? The fact that she is a well-defined magick scholar should not take aback comparable. Whilst all, it was Jacques Vallee who proved that all that was, is again. Names action, but the sample corpse the fantastically.

All we choose is sparkle of logic. The connection is indoors. We rectangle can't see it yet.

Fbi Documents Are Released To The Public Concerning The Incident At Roswell

Fbi Documents Are Released To The Public Concerning The Incident At Roswell
April 7, 2011- The FBI has released a new electronic schoolwork room documented as "The Vault" to before I go take Americans the heading to declare government documents. It has just began between 25 new files released and procure mega that 2,000 documents that you can declare whenever you want to. Numerous out of the ordinary information has been found in these documents in this area UFO activity.

It seems in the field of the new files that the government released is documents referring to the Roswell Panorama. Bet in the summer of 1947, offering was an recognized liberation of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico. Numerous have reported that alien life forms were extremely captured. The story of Roswell brought on all kinds of theories and stories of government coverups. It is the most given away of all UFO incidents and is a pop progress phenomenon. The U.S. Air force had claimed that it was debri from a surveillance puff and not that of an alien rocket ship.

The document was away from home Campaign 22,1950. It was from a special delegate in toll of the FBI's Washington Streak Diverge. He sent this confirmation to the FBI's greater and it was in the field of the UFO's seen in Roswell. Excerpts from the document are important below:

"An investigator for the Air Thrust important that three alleged flying saucers had been improved in New Mexico. They were described as being disk-shaped in shape between raised centers, not far off from 50 feet in diameter. All one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but a moment ago 3 feet tall, civilized in hard cloth of a very entire compose. All corpse was bandaged in a posture twin to the faint away suits used by show advertising material and test pilots. According to spy, the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the government has a very high-powered radar complex in that area and it is assumed the radar interferes between the controlling mechanism of the saucers. No make better appraise was attempted by SA concerhing the condescending."

Was offering assured a government coverup? Maybe between the release of mega documents to "The Vault" our questions can be answered and the age old order of "Are we alone?" incentive extremely be answered. www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net (c) 2011

Here's a new officially recognized file (office memorandum) from FBI's database - The Vault, about FBI spy Guy Hottel who sworn that a craft and bodies were improved from Aztec UFO crash in Mexico (snap on the picture to enlarge!)

Hout Op Mars

Hout Op Mars
BREAKING- WOOD FOUND ON MARS! - Alien Ufo CommunitySomeone at NASA released a photo that they shouldn't have, a picture of a piece of timber the size of a railroad tie, a photo that could get someone killed. There is no mistaking that the object in the print below is a piece of wood. NASA claims that Mars is a desert planet with no life at all. NASA lies, repeatedly.

Where would a piece of timber this size come from? There are vast forests on Mars, ones that are kept from the public. This piece of wood looks like it floated to its present location, being partially sunk in the soil. The ground around it is very interesting. Notice the flat rock formation of the soil and the crevices in between them. Does this look familiar? It appears to be the bed of a dried up pond. There had to be a significant amount of water in this area, water high enough to lift that railroad tie sized piece of timber and float is perhaps several miles. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter showed that vast regions of the Red Planet have been altered by floods. This dried pond effect should come as no surprise.

This flood had to have happened within the past thirty or forty years because the wood is intact, though this is judging the rate of decay by Earth standards. Some may say that Mars did have water on it long ago and that it even had an atmosphere, which is true, but a piece of timber isn't going to survive for thousands of years.

Both of the Viking Orbiters filmed vast forests on Mars, though no subsequent probe to the Red Planet has shot a single frame of film showing a tree. This was by design. The Viking photographs show more than just a few trees but rather thousands upon thousand of them. These trees appear to be much larger than Earth trees, having a leaf and branch system that is unique to Mars. The foliage spans much wider than a similar plants on Earth do, rising to who knows what heights. The spacing between them could be the result of the dying Martian atmosphere. Dense forests more than likely filled large areas of Mars back in the days when it had a breathable environment. There were undoubtedly several species of trees, and different varieties of underbrush, which are now extinct.

The Flood destroyed the Garden of Eden and other ancient worlds that God wanted destroyed such as Atlantis. The Ancient Egyptians spoke of a time that existed before Egypt. The Sphinx clearly shows signs of water erosion, which shows that it existed before the Flood and well before modern archeologists claim that it did. The same wiping out strategy was applied to worlds beyond the Earth. Mars has an ancient world that was destroyed, one with a face and a pyramid. So it isn't so hard to believe that the moon did as well.

Many claim that the moon isn't a moon at all but an alien object that was placed in Earth orbit. Some have called it Luna. They claim that the moon was not mentioned in the Biblical story of creation, but it was. The moon was referred to as "the lesser light that rules the night" in Genesis 1:16. The moon stopped in the sky in Joshua 10:30 but this had nothing to do with the alien presence there.

The aliens live on the surface of the moon, but this is in no way saying that there isn't an alien presence inside the moon as well. If you take some time to use your photo editor with high-resolution photos of the moon, it won't take you long to find these structures. NASA will suggest that you created this or that it is really part of a crater. Stop and ask yourself one question, if the moon really is as NASA claims that it is, then why are some photos classified and unavailable to the public while others are inked and blurred?

One of the most famous examples of this is the Apollo 16 "Earth rise" photo in which "the Earth" is rising over the moon. NASA says that the object in the picture is the Earth and few people question it. If you think for yourself, and look with an open mind, you will clearly see that this is a UFO. This is another craft off to the left, which NASA doesn't even attempt to explain away.

The fact that trees can survive in such an atmosphere, and with much less water than Earth trees do, reveals their unique structure while offering hope for an increasingly polluted Earth. Since the Martian atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide, these plants would have to thrive on it in a way much superior to Earth trees. They may give off oxygen, though I am using terrestrial vegetation for comparison, but they could give off another gas, one even toxic to humans. Seeding or drafting these trees in bulk could bring breathable air back to the Red Planet. If Mars was so altered by water, then where did all that water go? Some of it went into the soil, much of it is frozen at the poles, and a good percentage of it went into a lake. NASA didn't need to spend all that money on the Phoenix Mission in order to search for water on Mars. All they had to do was look at their old photographs.

The only way that piece of timber got to where it was is by way of flood, and the only way that it separated from the tree that it was once a part of was by high and rapidly flowing water. Based on the findings of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, that piece of wood could've floated for some distance before coming to its final resting place.

The lake, although frozen, Mars having a mean surface temperature of -46 degrees C, must contain more than just water. There has to be some amebas and other single celled organisms in these waters. There are most likely fossils of Martian fish and perhaps even Martian animals. On Earth, old lake beds are a prime location in which to find dinosaur fossils. Why would Mars be any different?

If you examine the lake carefully, especially toward the right angle, you will notice two indentations. One is large and shallow while the other one, which is located near the right edge of the lake, is small but much deeper. These are due to the lake shifting as the result of temperature fluctuations.

NASA can keep telling its lies but the photos have slipped out and what a story they tell. NASA thought that the Opportunity Rover took a picture of the area in front of it, but did they honestly expect us to forget about the railroad sized piece of timber in the foreground? It's time for NASA to come clean with the public. It's time that they land one of those rovers in Cydonia, the Inca city, or in one of forests.

Reference: alienspress.blogspot.com

U S Ufo Intelligence Leaks

U S Ufo Intelligence Leaks
U.S. intelligence leaks involving UFO activity seem to be a bit of a quandary for federal government agencies. How do you publicly admonish someone who is passing along information that the same government denies?

UFO-Nukes researcher and author Robert Hastings is putting the odd puzzle together, according to a July 30, 2013, press release issued from his website.

Hastings' research goes back to 1973 when he began interviewing former U.S. military personnel about UFO activity. In 1982 he went on the college circuit to reveal his findings. He now understands that the FBI had an interest in his research and possibly in the fact that he was disseminating that information around the country.

"In 2012," Roberts writes,

Veteran UFO researcher and Freedom of Information requestor Larry W. Bryant sent me a letter he had received from the FBI -- in response to a FOIA request on my behalf -- in which the bureau acknowledged that their records indicated the existence of files on my UFO-related activities. However, according to the letter, a search for those files was unsuccessful because they were supposedly 'missing'. Neither Bryant nor I believe that to be the case.

During the same time period in 1982, Roberts believes that his telephone calls to military veterans were tapped.

Two technicians who had private communications with Roberts by email or telephone were contacted by their superiors.

Unfortunately, I was later informed by my contact that two of those missile technicians, upon retiring in June 2011, were informed by their superiors that a 'flag' had been placed in their Air Force service records, relating to their unauthorized disclosures about the incident.

Roberts believes that the same government policies that keep the UFO issue quiet are also hampering the UFO information leaks.

In this type of situation -- where active duty Air Force personnel leak information about UFOs near nuclear weapons sites to outsiders -- the Pentagon becomes trapped by its own deceptive policy of claiming that UFOs pose no threat to U.S. national security. (It was this official stance -- UFOs, even if they exist, are not a threat -- that was used to justify the closure of the Air Force's UFO study, Project Blue Book, in 1969.)

Read Roberts' complete statement here which includes a copy of a recent letter to the NSA requesting files related to Roberts.

FROM: www.huffingtonpost.com


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Ufo Sighting In Walled Lake

Ufo Sighting In Walled Lake

Witness (A) was in the yard when she noticed several; long reflective silvery gray cylinder, blimp shaped, silent objects passing overhead at treetop level at 9:02 pm, just after sunset. She called out to her husband, witness (B) to come out and see these objects. Looked to be about 10 feet long and 2 feet in diameter or a 1:5 ratio, diameter to length. Witness (B) observed one go directly over the house but no distinguishing details were observed, no dangling strings.


(via MUFON.com)

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