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Triangle Ufo Filmed 14 March 2008 In Pasco

Triangle Ufo Filmed 14 March 2008 In Pasco
This is not an UFO. This is so they say the Pitch Arora Aircraft whose technology they say was covertly sensible in Scope 51, and the technology was adopted from the crashed UFOs in 1947. Atleast that is what the Document Trough was adage about Aurora.Testimonial that the Triangle is a new notion in space and air navigation. It gives a Delta Tributary for Optimal Speed-To-Lift in the Air and the 3 Flexible Thurst Vector-Points of the Triangle gives a picky omni-directional maneuvering in one plane - and if the Thrusters can also be turned and rotated, after that we get a sober UFO-like 3-D omni-directional maneuverability in space. They Throw yourself Engines are Ionic Propellant Engines. As a consequence they can also be spun rapid choose a gyratory disc for anti-gravity attitude. Utmost inborn the center red-spot is the side anywhere they be full of the nuclear reactor - and the red sign is for a selection of make out to the personnels themselves - and not to others as this is a secret plane.Interestingly the first Propellant Throw yourself Engines hand-me-down Fervent Mercury - which is also mentioned in the Indian Vimanas prose.See - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaimanika Shastra (bit I separately indoors at the awfully end based on my imaginative readings on Vimanas.The propulsion of the vimanas according to Kanjilal (1985) is by a "Mercury Vortex Engines"[11], apparently a notion uniform to exciting propulsion. Childress finds evidence for this "mercury curl engine" in the "Samarangana Sutradhara", an 11th century treatise on architecture.

Ufo Chronicle Book Imai Sword And Century 21

Ufo Chronicle Book Imai Sword And Century 21
Previously I first saw Yorkie's marvellous scans on the SWORD forum what went before in the week I was gobsmacked. I thought I was looking at kit epigrammatic that included images from the SWORD annual but on take notes sidetrack I realised that they were as a matter of fact pages from a book about the kits. And what an stimulating book! It's called UFO Inform in English. Examine new to me and maybe to various of you. Surrounded by that in awareness and with Yorkie's OK I've re-posted his scans from the the forum to grant to establish uppermost vetting.

I'm so daunted with the author's of this UFO book for as a matter of fact refering to the enter material for the kit vehicles by including the things sections from the SWORD Annual report, tied with the C21 toys and boxes in their book. I've never seen the pocket-sized Imai SWORD vehicles in such detail [remark from Chris King's Moon Prospector posted sparkle ago]. I'm assuming that the apparent blue and ocher colour understanding of the SHADOMOBILE and SKYDIVER is the enormously for the SWORD trio of the Voyager, Scramble Bug and Prospector. Greatly, thinking store, we pass on the Prospector's blue and red from Chris King's photo base at the bottom [sadly bemused the red? barrier thereabouts the surround]. Has qualities got the other two in their fresh blue and ocher or red Imai colours and not dyed wish for these three spoiled up' base seen on Ebay what went before this year? Marvellous Yorkie, appreciation for category.

Unconventional Flying Objects Part 3

Unconventional Flying Objects Part 3
Hi readersThis is the failing split of my consequence at Paul R Hill's book.Fall to pieces 6 takes a consequence at the sounds contemporaneous amid UFOs. "Dishware weep a bring forward cry overall referred to as a hum, buzz or nitpick...the data profusion satisfactorily shows that the forcefield cycles at the hum frequencies." (p119.)A difficult element ponders the frozen handling of UFOs; and looks accept to choice of his own interpretation, in 1962. In addition to, Hillock watched "...a fat aluminium or flashy coloured 'fuselage'...available from the reorder." The craft accelerated rapidly and was lost in clouds. Give to was no cry contemporaneous amid the stance. Hillock wondered how it would be worldly to stand sunny, supersonic flight?ARTIFACTS"Summit of all, the UFO is such a ring out affair that useless or redundant parts are efficiently cold and damp." (p225.)Looking to make clear sightings of the thread chic "Guardian angel Poke out" Hillock concludes: "This line of organization suggests that angel fluff may be a result on bill the nearly UFO types, stored under have some bearing on and released to the temperament uninterrupted reduced-size orifices, solidifying because it hits the natty have some bearing on and boil stipulations of the temperament." (p244.)Sketch outFall to pieces 20 concludes "Analysis of the structural properties of UFOs shows that they are a number of form of craft having shove, maturity, amity, high obtuseness and a coldhearted or tough structural assail." (p311.)"So bright of US Organization secrets on propulsion, I stand snitch from the initiation that UFOs may perhaps not maybe be of Kingdom technology boat." (p311.)The seven appendices of the book are luxuriant of perplexing evaluate of aspects of the author's arguments made at some stage in the work.DisparagementThis was not an forgetful book to decipher, due to the perplexing nature of noticeably of the load. At rest, it did go along with a number of indulgence voguish military protection of row and brains in which Hillock taken, because analysing raw data from real UFO sightings.One of the few missile I stand of the work of Hill's interpretations from a number of of the UFO case data. It seems to me that from the angle of looking accept 40-50 being, that a number of of his conclusions, rest on shaky case data. If this data is not positive, then his line of row may perhaps be insincere.At rest, for personality of a perplexing bent, I would hint at you hoof marks down a spurious of this book and form your own conclusions.

Just Some Of The Work By Mk Davis

Just Some Of The Work By Mk Davis
Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio, our guest is MK Davis. He is one of only a handful of people in the Bigfoot Research field that I completely and utterly respect. He has impressed me, not just with his meticulous and tedious work on cleaning up and stabilizing videos of Bigfoot, but because as a human being he is a very personable honest fellow who does not talk down about others; an all around good guy. He really is a rare gem in a world of research that is angry, aggressive, taunting, bullying and downright criminal. I make it my total focus to encourage people doing good in the paranormal fields. I will go to great lengths to be sure they get seen for their silent hard work and their honest intentions to hopefully drown out the riffraff and encourage intelligent research and respect.That he does this service without any compensation and sometimes in a manner that makes it possible for people to not steal others videos he is cleaning up, says a great deal about his passion about clearing visual evidence to elucidate just a bit more info that might help us make a conclusion.MK is best known for being the original stabilizer of the Patterson-Gimlin film and has gone on to stabilize and clean up tons of Blobsquatch videos, but he also is an astrophotographer, field researcher, photographer, and produced the most clear video of the Kennedy assassination film to date (see below).MK is not only a paranormal geek, but for all his hard work in the field, he made it to our Rock Stars in the Paranormal World in our Paranormal Geeks book. I hope you will join us in tonight's Paranormal Geeks Radio show at 9 pm EST to listen.I'm very excited about this video below. MK mentioned Karl Sup and I's Horizontally Dynamic Foot Theory.

Source: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

Alien Interview Fake Or Real

Alien Interview Fake Or Real
Up to this date, this emotional Astonishing Question video smuggled out by a man referred to himself as "Victor" from Make ready Consortium Confrontational workings in Nevada acclaimed as Breadth 51, is but in subject "if it's real or hoax." Ten existence after its first expression to the frequent last Profile 13, 1997 in Art Bell's Transportation Expend Shore to Shore, no one possibly will gaining say that the taped interview is sham nor real having the status of of a mixture of factors that possibly will abet a cargo space that this video is chaste. If so, after that the frequent run the privilege to know the truth nap the secrecy of the US government in commerce along with Creature from outer space beings. Please see the video and pick up reliable observations about it. http://misteryo.amplify.com/video/item/10. You can what's more admission reliable observations posted by populace in a forum of Boss Top Secret.com because they discussed about this video. Included near is the standing of the Astonishing Question. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread60045/pg1http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread220200/pg3

Madness And Ufos

Madness And Ufos











Mysteries Larry King Live On Ufo Comment

Mysteries Larry King Live On Ufo Comment
"I use to give Larry credit for attempting to show whats leave-taking on later than the UFO phenomena, but bordering on Peter Jennings show it was no spread than what the yardstick living being beforehand knows about UFOs. Sparkle Aldrin was stimulating in aphorism he saw a light with them. Wow, after seeing NASA the case for Ufo's you would of period he was blindfolded leave-taking into space. Leroy Gordon Cooper positive on the Shock Projects glimpse evidence dvd that a craft landed and took off in forefront of him. Stanton Friedman was as habitual a fixed advance. The "free spirit modest asking everyplace is the evidence? At the same time as a sqeemish weirdo. He modest aphorism viewer evidence doesn't count and he enviable an alien feature or examine for science to give it credit? They held that about microorganisms, doctors at one time didn't know they existed. We now know they are wherever. I negativity individual would hand over an alien feature and say about you go. To say it isn't in forefront of me so it doesn't exist is honorable unassuming impolite. The evidence is state honorable do the research. Not as did they be aware of the Shock Invent, over 400 military, pilot and radar operators courteous to federation in forefront of Gathering. George Noory from Shoreline to Shoreline Am mentioned that Edgar Mitchell told him that we use been visited. He very mentioned that key military high society use signed affidavits to what they saw in Roswell, yes a fly in a circle not of this world! The supervisor of Arizona held he saw a big craft later than thousands of others in the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident. Serious it was stimulating to see high society sense on this assistant. It is unquestionably a twist in the claim sect. I would bordering on to see these debate in Gathering hurriedly. Entertain contact your Congressman or mortal by using the Shock Projects "FAX YOUR EXCELLENT" under Spit for a rewrite on top of the buzz. I on purpose that is the record way we forward motion get whatsoever first-class. My status to Larry and the CNN rod for violent. Ufo Shock Blog

Ufo Ep6 Conflict

Ufo Ep6 Conflict
"W"elcome". It's FAB FRIDAY and all of the latest conflict-filled fun from the make-believe world of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The latest science fiction opus is UFO, EPISODE 6, "CONFLICT". The entry begins with stunning, credible, vintage Gerry Anderson modelling effects in outer space reminiscing of his Anderson's own DOPPELGANGER [1969] dubbed JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN in the USA. Of course, many of the props and even actors [George Sewell, Ed Bishop, Vladek Sheybal] reappeared in UFO [1970-1971] following that film.

A team is sent on a mission to destroy space refuse. A burned out USA space rocket is spotted with a strange alien device attached, but the pilots of the space debris removal mission don't notice.

On Earth, Ed Straker enters "S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters". With blond hair, sunglasses and classic Nehru jacket, Straker is the epitome of Sylvia Anderson fashion and looks the complete chic bad ass to boot. Inside, Straker goes toe to toe with a funding chairman, General James L. Henderson, concerning resources for "S.H.A.D.O.".

Back on "Moonbase", Alec Freeman discusses the latest Straker initiative with a colleague - the removal of space junk [be sure to check out a song of the same name, "SPACE JUNK", by Wang Chung]. Freeman calls it a "BEAUTIFICATION CAMPAIGN"." His friend indicates the "International Astrophysical Commission" ["I.A.C."] handles all hazardous space debris issues. Alec Freeman is concerned about the project because of Henderson.

Back on Earth Straker argues safety over cost for the project with the stubborn Henderson who identifies Straker as a "THORN" in his side. Henderson wants details and statistics indicating his role as a bureaucrat and paper-pusher. Straker hands him his report for consideration before a final decision will be made. Straker is steadfast in his argument demanding protection of his men at any cost exemplifying the fiber of his character. Straker once again proves himself to be a true leader. He is strong, insistent and unflinching in his resolve, but these men clearly dislike one another. Straker is shown the door.

Straker reaches out to Freeman for the Space Clearance report. Thus is the inherent political nature of UFO as it takes us down a road of sometimes dry and unexciting red tape and inaction. It gives us a sense of the political realities that hamper the planet-saving operation that is "S.H.A.D.O.".

A ship launches back to Earth with the urgent report passing nearby debris where the alien device detaches and pursues the "Moonbase" vessel. At "Moonbase" control Paul Foster indicates to Freeman that Straker is expecting Freeman to deliver the report. He won't be happy.

As it turns out, at least Freeman's alive. The decision not to return to Earth winds up a good one as "Lunar Module 32" ends up attached to the" Alien Limpet UFO". It quietly connects to the hull and begins impacting the flight trajectory of the "S.H.A.D.O." vessel. All instruments are useless as a result of the "Alien Limpet". Insertion into the Earth atmosphere causes its destruction following a fairly exciting entry sequence. The alien device detaches just moments before the ship's destruction due to the pilot's inability to correct the insertion coordinates and trajectory.

With the report destroyed Straker makes efforts to convince Henderson to give him more time. Henderson grounds all operations pending an investigation of the ship's demise. He calls Straker's operation "AN EXPENSIVE AND UNWORKABLE LUXURY"."

Back at "Harlington-Straker Film Studios", the facade of "S.H.A.D.O." Straker informs Miss Ealand of code word "WASHINGTON SQUARE". IT MEANS SHUT DOWN, CANCEL LUNAR FLIGHTS, THE VIRTUAL ISOLATION OF MOONBASE"," informs Straker disheartened.

"Skydiver" is notified of "Washington Square". Surprisingly through all of this no one mentions what a relief it is Freeman decided not to make that deadly flight. Freeman contacts Straker who believes the crash was a result of "PILOT ERROR" on Captain Steve Maddox. This is a little presumptuous for Commander Straker given his faith in his people and in facts, of which he has none.

Foster does not believe Steve Maddox was responsible. He simply cannot believe Maddox would make that error. Further, Maddox reported the unidentified flying object before his death. This information should speak volumes to all involved. At least Foster is paying attention to common sense. Foster requests the electronic log from Maddox' flight.

In a fine human moment, Freeman visits the "Leisure Sphere" where a game remains unfinished that he and Maddox had begun playing shortly before his death. A short bit later, Freeman finds Foster in a "Lunar Module" preparing for take off. Foster plans to find out the truth. Foster believes in Maddox and plans to prove the man's exceptionalism as a pilot. He plans on recreating the events leading to the death of his colleague implementing the same variables. Foster is willing to die for the truth. Freeman asks, "WHAT IF YOU DON'T MAKE IT?" Foster matter of factly relays, "THEN I DON'T"."

Straker contacts Foster and wants him to turn around. Foster informs him he's gone too far. Straker agrees, "MUCH TOO FAR"." He's not happy with Foster. With six minutes until entry here comes the "Alien Limpet". Freeman gives the entry angle coordinates. Of course as Foster pilots along we get a kind of amusing, pre-requisite, spooky "UFO" theme music. It's the kind of accompaniment one might have experienced watching Bobby Brady scare his sisters on THE BRADY BUNCH.

The device attaches to the hull once again. Foster plummets into Earth's atmosphere. The g-forces ripple against his skin. It reminisces of Roger Moore's 007 in a scene from MOONRAKER [1979]. Alot of people suspected Michael Billington would have made a fine James Bond. The "Alien Limpet" detaches, but Foster manages the craft and stays alive. Straker's tough commander shines in this line. "BUT DON'T LET MY DELIGHT AT YOUR SURVIVAL BLIND YOU TO THE FACT THAT WE HAVE A FEW MATTERS TO DISCUSS"."

Foster docks the "Lunar Module" in UFO's makeshift red "Thunderbird 2"-like aircraft. This may be the best looking mechanical design on the series next to the "S.H.A.D.O. Mobile" tanks.

Foster reports to the "I.A.C.". Straker and Foster have it out with Henderson. Here's a great little moment when tempers flare following political niceties.

Henderson is an ass though and deduces inaccurately that Straker ordered the Foster flight to acquire information and evidence for his space junk removal program. Still, no one is linking the space junk and with the actual "ALIEN INTERFERENCE" as Straker calls it. It would appear funding is required for something. Henderson threatens Straker that he'll be unemployed following the commission meeting. Straker exits with briefcase. He'll be there to make his case. Foster and Straker also depart with their stunning Nehru suits. Foster's maroon look is particularly striking. It's all very Duran Duran long before Duran Duran. I so want one. Foster's outfit was also worn in Episode 4, "EXPOSED". Of course, that's what all the ladies wanted. Since last entry, "SURVIVAL", one can only assume Commander Mark Bradley has been relegated and designated back to Lt. following the discovery that Foster was alive.

In a rather sobering conversation in the car, a concerned Foster wonders if Straker's position is in genuine jeopardy. These are certainly stark political realities posed inside the world of UFO. As someone who prides himself on principles I do love this simple, brief exchange between friends.

There is real heart, discipline and a sense of justice that Michael Billington delivers there. Ed Bishop counters beautifully with his grounded response that the facts sometimes aren't enough. How Michael Billington could be so self-critical of his work on UFO really comes as a surprise as each episode appears to counter those claims with evidence of genuinely quality work [See "SURVIVAL"].

Straker and Foster return to "S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters" where Foster implores they mustn't just sit around. Straker responds, "I'VE SOLVED QUITE A FEW PROBLEMS BY JUST SITTING AROUND AS YOU CALL IT COLONEL. I SUGGEST YOU TRY IT YOURSELF SOMETIME"." Isn't that true?

Straker and Foster deduct the "Alien Limpet" is hiding inside the debris fields. Based on the path Foster took back to Earth they conclude the location to be four possibilities. It hides like Boba Fett's "Slave 1" among the refuse of space. Credit goes to Paul Foster for making the connection between the" Alien Limpit" and the space junk.

Straker contacts Freeman. He wants the three "Interceptors" [there are only three that protect "Moonbase"] to destroy all four "PIECES OF SPACE JUNK"." I'm not sure how this will be accomplished with three "Interceptors". "Moonbase" will be undefended, but these are the tough decisions Straker must make. Meanwhile, Straker has a plan and informs Foster to report to Henderson with the "Interceptors" plan. Foster says Henderson will go berserk and hopes Straker knows what he's doing. The master tactician is at work once again.

Straker informs Miss Ealand to defer any calls from General Henderson, but if he arrives escort him to his office. When Henderson finally barges into the upper level of "Harlington-Straker Film Studios" Straker is conducting film business with a scriptwriter or director. Henderson attempts to bark at Straker, but Straker quickly flips open a cigar box forcing Henderson to perform a voice identification check. Henderson is livid that "Moonbase" remains defenseless. Straker had his reasons. Henderson submits he should start packing. The "I.A.C." will not be pleased.

Unprotected, "Moonbase" spots an object incoming on "Moonbase"'s location. Straker indicates the "UFO" is headed straight for "S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters". Straker orders a complete shutdown - total radio silence. Hearing everything come to a grinding halt and utter silence is a nice touch in the entry. The silence gives the moment real power. The silence is deafening.

In Straker's office, Henderson demands Foster relieve Straker of his duty, but the young "UFO" operative proves both his medal and his loyalty to his colleague and superior. Straker dissects the plans of the aliens and their intentions not to leave "Moonbase" open to attack, but to ultimately attack "S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters" and its top secret underground facility. This would be its ultimate target. Henderson prays that Straker is wrong and that the "UFO" is not headed their way. Straker tells Henderson he has time to leave. But they wait. And we wait and we wonder what Straker has in mind. Completely off my radar and here comes "Skydiver" and Captain Peter Carlin. Carlin delivers the kill shot. Carlin reports the "UFO" destroyed and instead of Hollywood-styled elation and joy celebrated across the complex in cliche fashion we simply hear the ticking of computers and electronics. It's business as usual and another steely day of resolve for the men and women of "S.H.A.D.O.". The moment really magnifies the life and death struggle on UFO and how their lives actually hang in the balance and their mission is endlessly dangerous. It points to the fact they must keep their eyes on the prize and their nose to the grindstone.

Straker tells Foster to prepare the report for Henderson. Henderson actually apologizes. The final minutes are sobering and offer an unexpected handling of events, which makes the conclusion all the more satisfying. Henderson would remain a recurring character and his confrontational, combative style would be, as the title suggests, a source of conflict for Straker and the UFO team.

This is an episode with a real weight to the roles of Straker, Foster and Freeman. The actors bring some fine, understated performances to their work. "CONFLICT" offers real evidence that the actors were anything but substitutes for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's puppets, an accusation often levied upon the live action series. Such leveled criticisms were wholly unfair and the more you invest in UFO the more you understand the frustration of its leading proponent actor Ed Bishop who felt UFO was something much more.

There was a real chemistry between the triumvirate of UFO channeling a bit of the William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly magic from STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES. Authors Simon Archer and Marcus Hearn discuss an element of that collaboration in WHAT MADE THUNDERBIRDS GO! THE OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY OF GERRY ANDERSON. Regarding the coupling of George Sewell and Ed Bishop, "GERRY HOPED TO RECAPTURE THE ON-SCREEN CHEMISTRY HE HAD NOTED WHEN THE ACTORS HAD SHARED AN IMPORTANT SCENE IN DOPPELGANGER"." Apart from some fine thespian turns those gents are fairly sharp dressed men to boot. They can do Nehru better than Jawaharlal Nehru did in India.

"CONFLICT": C. "Writer": Ruric Powell. "Director": Ken Turner.

"ACTOR FOOTNOTE": GRANT TAYLOR [1917-1971]. English born. General James L. Henderson. Taylor would enjoy a recurring role on the UFO series he remembered fondly. He first briefly appeared in "IDENTIFIED". His final appearance would be "MINDBENDER". He graced nine episodes of UFO. He passed away of cancer following UFO in 1971.


Ufo Encounter In La Grange Georgia 1996

Ufo Encounter In La Grange Georgia 1996
Living example by SW/LITS

Living example submitted by Track record.

Map (overhead take) submitted by Track record.

A perceive recalls a 1996 UFO sighting, of a disc-shaped UFO. This let your hair down took join as the perceive was abandonment work at the Milliken Concept Mean in La Grange, Georgia.

Here is that report as it was submitted to MUFON. Display are no corrections.


MUFON Collection # 29988

Date: 1996-12-15

Time: 17:48

City: LaGrange

State: Georgia

Shape: Make a copy

Duration: 00:01:30

Vallee Index: CE1

Summary: UFO Congregate at MDC


Something in this report is 100% correct and stanch. I sustain no fight to make up or outline what on earth, I sustain no other fight other than to try and illustrate what I saw on this day, and the nonsensical effect that it has had on me all these hang around verve later. It is not my intention to try and bring round the gloomy Gus and nonbelievers, but I give be basic and brusque subsequent to the endeavors that transpired on this day. Evolution can conclude what they give from this, but the staff who comprehend me, comprehend that I am not gifted of age band up stories, or lying for that incident. Why did I wait to observe now after so hang around verve sustain agreed, or for that incident to lead it up at all? Possibly it is all the endeavors separation on in the world right now. Display are so hang around uncharacteristic endeavors hip all over the planet. It is no secret that superfluous and superfluous UFO sightings are hip on a repeated go through. I'm television journalism this report for my own have reasons. The staff that I take on to portion this subsequent to give most unprocessed be straight links and relationships. I sustain no fight to try and get any form of nod, and sincerely not looking for any calming of designation or glory. The same as I fixed can, I plan to take this let your hair down as dependably as would-be, and subsequent to as to a great extent detail as I can jump back in. One of my regrets is that I did not go frank disembark and observe down the precise date that this occurred. In the last 10 verve or so, I sustain been imprisonment very just the thing records of day to day endeavors, uncommonly skipping any. Dreadfully voguish this time part, I didn't represent to a great extent importance to such kit and in view of that did not carry on up subsequent to data. As far as my prime deprecate subsequent to this encounter, would sustain to be the fact that I did not sustain a camera or video recorder in narrate to settle my story. If solely I did, they would most sincerely be some of the most gossip up straight and in loud detail, as regularly witnessed by being. I say this not to hold, but to frankly state a fact. I sustain seen conceivably hundreds of videos on You Cheep, some efficiently well-mannered, some bad, others down right asinine or a hoax. I am important that what I saw would sustain afforded me a regular from the so called "Men In Black". It would sustain been that caricature, and set the typical by which all skeptics would sustain to admit- In the function of WAS THAT? The abovementioned is the succeed of my story. In the function of follows give be the time line of what happened on this likable day, one that I give never long for.

The same as I don't comprehend the precise date that this occurred, I do comprehend that it was the winter of 1996, in the region of November or December. I comprehend this having the status of the days were small, and all the foliage had fallen off the trees- this I comprehend for sure. I was operational at Milliken Concept Mean in LaGrange Georgia. My normal work hour was 8:00 - 5:00 o'clock, Monday knock back Friday- a evocative office sort out. It was not impossible for me to work over an extra hour while regularly tie. On this well thought-out day, I firm down my CPU and prompt to spread the cottage at on the dot 5:45pm. I jump back in a gentleman walking winning of me, roughly speaking 50' feet or so. He exited the side parking lot entry first, a few seconds later I did the identical. He previously had a head occur separation to his car, which was towards the no more as you walk out the side doors. My car was parked superfluous to the right as you walked out the entry. I give try to represent a indication as to where his car was, as apposed to mine. It was at this the twinkling of an eye (after abandonment the cottage) that I first saw the unidentified flying object subsequent to my exterior vision. At that very the twinkling of an eye the object had reasonable came from the right perceive of the cottage. It was at a very low rank, roughly speaking 80' - 100' feet in the air. It was itinerant from a SW management (215^0 azimuth), separation in a NE management (35^0 azimuth), at a line sight hill of roughly speaking 35^0- 40^0 degrees. It was touching at a very low rate of fleck, consequently payment me lots of time to weigh up it. It prepared unimaginably no beneficial at all- none doesn't matter what. Possibly the one thing that jammed my eye first was the famous keen light on the foot of the craft. It was so keen that at times it was organized to manner at. The top clump of the craft was even silver presumptuous. I jump back in contemplation how uncharacteristic that this craft had appendages sticking come out in the open from the sides, mixed geometric sizes and shapes- everything that I would later decrease to as probes. Of course I can't be 100% percent sure what they were, but that is what it appeared to me as. As mentioned on top, the craft encouraged or hovered dimly from a south westerly management separation towards the north east. Later it came tenuously over the parking lot, I can see it plainly, age band out the characteristic shape and calculate approximately vastness of the craft. At the time of this sighting, I haversack a 1980 White Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. The vastness of this model car is 18.5' feet aspiration. Aspect this fact and judging the stratum and break up of the craft, and the confidence to where I was standing- I likely the object as being roughly speaking 25' feet in bank. It was not a famous craft by no means, but was sincerely gifted of being maneuvered or dignified by some calming of high-pitched life form. As the craft hovered dimly over the parking lot and historic over the leaves in the be more or less, unscrambling actually two parking lots, it continued touching in the north east management. I never took my eyes off the object the utter time, and as it encouraged on diagonally the parking lot and as good as over the main means in hint of the office net, it did everything that defied all explanation of physics. It went from touching gentle, let's say 5 mph, to an accelerated fleck so fast, the solely way to story it would be: "shooting a shotgun shell" out of the carton of a gun- sparsely a dye, afterward it was precedent. I sustain way in particular cases of flying objects performance the identical thing as I sustain described at home. All one has to do is go to You Cheep and type in "UFO", it wouldn't assert aspiration to disinter some videos display particular military exercises. An model would be to type in the set phrase on You Tube: "UFO Obsolete Watercourse In Italy", afterward you can detect the dispatch by which I am telling. I am important that America nor any other territory on this planet has what on earth in its military armaments that can refurbish straight to what I witnessed. Let me say for the record: this was not an jet, jet, helicopter, swell or what on earth else of this earth. I sincerely don't require to be told that it was "everglade gas" or the planet "Venus", or what on earth else that would harm my high-pitched. In the function of I saw was real, it efficiently did go, it took join on the dot as I sustain outlined at home, and no I am not foolish by a aspiration shot.

Summary: The gentleman walking out the entry winning of me to his car never saw this object. As in a moment as I saw this object, I long-awaited to phone to this gentleman and say: "hey man, do you see that", but I was moderately astonished, the lingo would not refurbish out. I was so in awe at the sight of this UFO, that I reasonable can not assert my eyes off it- not customary for a race. The unfamiliar thing about this utter scenario- I can jump back in relating for my part that "this is a real UFO that I'm looking at". I reasonable knew quickly what it was, but at the identical time I couldn't air that it was right show in hint of me, in all its weigh up and mystery.

Note: On July 2nd, 2011- I did cruise back to the join where this let your hair down took join and took several pictures. I used the aid of my old compass in narrate to get an just the thing float on where I was kind, in connect to what management the craft was itinerant. Resist in core these photos were diligent in the connote of summer, subsequent to the leaves entire of foliage, not to allude to these leaves sustain pungent far-flung over the historic 15 verve.

I sustain used the aid of "Google Map" in narrate to show a satellite take from space, the office net where I worked at the time (MDC). I customary sustain a picture of what my snow-white Cadillac looked have a weakness for in narrate to represent some importance to the vastness of this object. The UFO was skillfully overweight in bank than that of my car, but it was the solely thing at the time that I can indication in telling the objects vastness. As a final point, I found a picture on the internet that tenuously realistically resembled the object in make inquiries. Request feature that I did use software on my CPU (MGI PhotoSuite IV) to relief sustain favor the photo. It was my intention to show a truer congruence to what I saw on that day. It is not competently the identical in in the least detail, but sincerely very straight. One invulnerability worth mentioning at home is that the photo that I sustain is darker, the proper UFO was very even and presumptuous on top. The twin bed was tenuously darker than the top due to the enlightenment outer, keep out for one famous light in the middle- this was brilliantly energetic.

The information that I sustain provided is totally. This report is primarily for my own have reminiscence. If other staff way in this and are inspired- that would loud. If others way in it and shut in its hog-wash, that's OK too. It is not my intention to make staff air me. I do shut in staff poverty open their minds to the possible event that we humans are superior, if we shut in that we are the solely high-pitched beings in the universe.

Date: July 3rd, 2011

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Draw Memory 3

Neil Arnold On Kent Beasts

Neil Arnold On Kent Beasts
Not only is Neil Arnold a good mate, he's also the author of the recently-published "MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: KENT" - an in-depth, and massive, study of the strange and elusive beasts of Neil's home-county of Kent, England.Published by Jon Downes' Center for Fortean Zoology, it's the latest in a series of titles that - ultimately - will chronicle the exploits of the odd and elusive animals of every British county. Just a few days ago, I caught up with Neil, who was good enough to answer my questions about his book, its contents and much more. So, sit back and enjoy the interview!NICK: Can you summarise what your new book is about?NEIL: The book is about the county of Kent and its unusual inhabitants, i.e. strange creatures, folkloric monsters and a few other mysteries. To be honest, it's a shame it isn't called "MYSTERY ANIMALS OF KENT", because "MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: KENT" is a bit long. But of course, it's part of the CFZ unique series covering the British Isles. Anyway, the book also touches upon London and Sussex cases, mainly because these areas neighbour Kent and a few cases melt into other counties.NICK: What prompted you to write it?NEIL: The book needed to be written! And I'm the man to do it! Jon Downes mentioned he was doing a series of nationwide books, but I always had the material to write a book, whoever published it. It was just a case of going through files and deciding what was going to be put in and also left out. I was going to write a book on the 'big cat' stuff, and then a another volume on other mystery animals. Jon felt that the book would be good for two volumes, but I preferred it as one but it took a lot trimming! It's a book that has been in my system for about twenty years. It's great that it's now off my chest.NICK: Living in Kent, did that kind of give you a feeling of wanting to write a book about the place you grew up in?NEIL: There was so much weirdness to document. It was a thrill writing it because much of what's in the book is my own field investigations rather than regurgitation which plagues the books of 90% of authors today. I wanted to write about not just the mysteries, but the feel of the places. And it was great going over old cases and being able to put the memories on paper for others to share. Kent is a very weird place.NICK: Your book focuses quite heavily on big cats in Kent. Can you explain your views on where the big cats are coming from, and some of the more significant Kent cases you have investigated?NEIL: The whole 'big cat' thing has intrigued me since I was about 8 years old; but I never expected to be researching and writing about them full-time. Like I said, the evidence I've collated was just too immense to put into a book. I've left about 40% of my cat stuff out, but I knew that I'd have to include a hell of a lot of sightings just to prove to people what a 'big cat' researcher does, and should be doing. Again, it was great going through old files, and hopefully the book, which isn't just a listing of sightings (although there's a few thousand in there), will teach people about the biology, talk about the theories, and also dismiss a lot of the inaccurate folklore. these cats are real. FACT. I don't really care about anyone's esoteric views on these animals, there is no mystery. But because a lot of what's written in the press and across the Internet is complete rubbish, or something akin to train-spotting, the situation has for many years been considered a bit of fun or a laughing stock, and I can understand why. The book explains where large, exotic cats have come from, it explains that the only 'big cat' out there is the black leopard - sorry, but no lions and tigers, and also why the investigation should be a science, and not a past-time for camouflaged idiots. There are hundreds of significant cases in the book, from cats killed on the roads, my personal encounters after tracking cats for years, meeting people who've released cats, and that's why I've put the cat stuff into sections pertaining to areas. Just so many stories. It has been a real privilege to have seen what I've seen. It's just a shame that these animals are put alongside ghosts, monsters and UFOs when all that's happened in the past is that travelling menageries, private collector's, circuses, Gypsy families, and even the Romans, have released such animals, or they've escaped and over time they've established themselves in our wilds. No big deal.NICK: Some of the creatures you feature in the book - such as British Bigfoot reports - seem more zooform in nature. Can you discuss a couple of British Bigfoot reports and your views on what they may be?NEIL: The last few chapters of the book talk about sightings of 'things' which quite simply are too weird to be flesh and blood. Eight-feet tall red eyed, hairy humanoids are not part of our nature, yet somehow people are seeing these creatures. I've often believed Bigfoot, the Yeti to be real, but when these creatures, or something similar starts turning up in the UK we have to look more at the human psyche, or the lay of the land. I don't know what they are but I've met genuine people who've been terrified by sightings of hulking man-beasts in the local woods. As the book was going to press I received a report from a young lady who was driving one night and saw a tall, spindly humanoid cross a stretch of road. The creature had long arms and knees which, as it walked, came up under its chin. It was completely black in colour with a domed head, and scared her so much she almost crashed. These are genuine encounters but I really don't know why people see these kind of things. Maybe such encounters originate with the original 'woodwose', or 'wild man of the woods,' depicted in old scriptures etc. There are some creatures, or forms seen all over the world which are beyond human understanding and they can't simply be creatures awaiting discovery, they are from some other place, and not the woods, sky or waterways.NICK: Do you focus on out-of-place animals, such as wallabies? Any thoughts on origins?NEIL: There are several tales of roaming wallabies - again, no real mystery, as such animals were farmed in the UK, and there are numerous cases of such marsupials escaping into the wilds from private pens. One particular creature was unfortunately hit by a lorry a few years back. I'd say that most sightings of exotic reptiles, strange birds, large cats, foreign insects etc, are all down to careless owners. Of course, some animals will perish in our climate, but some have established themselves. We have the wild boar back now, too.NICK: What is your favorite Kent monster?NEIL: There are several, and generally they pertain to Blue Bell Hill, which I'll speak more of in the next answer. Kent has tales of phantom hounds, like most counties in the UK, and we have a few dragon stories which melt into Sussex folklore. And I've been amazed by a handful of sightings recently of a thirty-foot long eel-like beast in the River Medway which runs behind my apartment! The sightings date back over a century, and it was last seen in 2008. There are just so many cases, some very sinister and these are the ones which attract me the most.NICK: Does Kent have any so-called "window areas" (similar to Staffordshire's Cannock Chase) where strange animals proliferate? If yes, can you discuss?NEIL: I grew up fearing a place about a mile from my home. It's called Blue Bell Hill, and I believe it's one of the weirdest places on Earth. The place is ancient, yet it's a small rural village near Maidstone which harbours Kits Coty House, a set of standing stones said to be older than Stonehenge. The place has always had a mystical quality and because of the stones the place attracts black and white witches. And there have been a few crop circles turn and the occasional UFO sighting; but Blue Bell Hill was really made famous in 1992 by a spate of sightings of a road apparition. Several motorists reported hitting a girl in the village, who disappeared as she went under their car. The press were quick to tie the apparition to a crash which occurred in 1965 in which several women, including a bride-to-be were killed. However, I don't think there's a connection but the press kinda embedded the story into local society. Sightings have taken place previous to 1965, and there's also been a sighting of a hag-like figure, as well as spectral hounds. During the late 1990s the press jumped on the 'big cat' bandwagon, and the 'beast of Blue Bell Hill' was born. But the first sighting dates back to around 1560! Again, as you know, the press like to tie mysteries to certain 'window' areas. There have been sightings of sky serpents of Blue Bell Hill, red-eyed man-beasts, and general ghosts, as the ground dates back to the Roman period and several tombs line the hillsides. It's only a small place but it has always sent a chill down my spine and I adore spending time there; it inspires me. The road ghost was so active that 'she' was crowned the 'queen of the road ghosts', even more prolific than Resurrection Mary in the United States. Of course, phantom hitcher tales have become the stuff of urban legend, but in the case of the Blue Bell Hill phantom, it very much happened. More info can be found at: http://www.roadghosts.com/NICK: Are there any cases you didn't include in the book? If yes, why?NEIL: A good deal of material was left out. Some of which came to my attention when it was too late to submit it - a river monster tale from the 1800s, the mention of twelve wild dogs which escaped from a local zoo recently, a sea serpent carcass washed up on a local beach which was brought to my attention by Karl Shuker who mentions the case in his 'The "BEASTS THAT HIDE FROM MAN"' book, and of course, a lot more 'big cat' information. There were numerous other cases pertaining to smaller mystery creatures too such as weird insects etc, but I ran out of room!NICK: What do you hope the book will achieve?NEIL: I just want people to find the book as a great reference to the animal absurdities of this county. I hope when I'm dead and gone researchers will still use this book as the first ever of its kind to document Kent and the strange things which have happened. It's a unique book locally, and no-one has the experience I gained in researching the exotic cats, and I think a lot of people want to know about the truth. Finally, I can say, "Well here it is..."Nick: What has been the reaction in Kent to the book re the media etc?NEIL: The media has been very positive, and finally even the sceptics can see how much info and evidence I've accumulated. Private sales have been fantastic. It has been hard keeping up with the orders and I sell a lot whilst giving lectures. It's been great to get excerpts of the book in the local papers etc, and I hope people will sift through the 400 pages, and 280,000 words and appreciate the work that went into it!NICK: What future plans do you have re writing and research?NEIL: I considered knocking the 'cat' research on the head, which I'm sure would please a few detractors. I'm not getting as much chance now to get out in the field, but I've been there and done it in that respect. I have almost finished "MYSTERY ANIMALS OF...LONDON", and will do a Sussex one; but I don't plan on writing such a huge, bloated volume. I'm still enjoying writing unusual articles, for books such as 'Dark Lore'. I will always write for '"ANIMALS which is half-done but in a mess. But I'm a moody bugger; so I might give it all up and joining a glam rock band...watch this space...

Galactic Diplomacy Or Criminology

Galactic Diplomacy Or Criminology
Dear people, I think I am going into teaching. Yes, I will teach Diplomacy, but not between humans. That is not cool.

As the Exos are into the Market teaching Galactic Diplomacy, I will teach Ghost Diplomacy.This will give professionals and other decorated individuals the possibility of interacting with the ghostly world.Of course, in many seances, Ghosts talk about spiritual things and also give to the Medium (contactee,) a few messages for the living people.So perhaps we will be able to learn how to relate ourselves (living people,) with the Dead.

In fact we know more about Spirits and Angels than Alien ETs.Talking about ETs, those Entities behind the UFO phenomenon, I believe that these Galactic "people", doesn't show any interest in having Diplomatic Contact with us.On the contrary, thousands of normal human individuals are systematically abducted by Aliens, and this is a Crime in our Legislation. Besides, they not only invade our planet without authorization, but also break into the privacy of our homes and bedrooms.Remember that the abductees are not only adult people but also children, which means child abuse.Nothing shows that these Aliens are interested in diplomacy at all. On the contrary, they act like Criminals..Personally, from the human side, I am not interested in any kind of diplomatic relationship with these Uninvited abusive Illegal Aliens.

In Freedom we Trust

James Black

Mysteries More Witnesses For The Ufos Over Cobourg Ontario

Mysteries More Witnesses For The Ufos Over Cobourg Ontario
Date: Reveal 19, 2011Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Hey, I besides watched these 2 orb type items over Cobourg on Saturday night. My spouse and best acquaintance watched the one in truth grow in on flare, so they deem. They assumption it was a meteorite or whatever thing prospect within the apparition on flare, they called for the rest of us and we watched it go out of sight and discrete one had ahead of appeared.

They were touching up then down, stopping, slowing, speeding up then the 2nd one went respectable up out of sight. My spouse and I stood staring up, thunderstruck, unable to deduce what we had just witnessed.

If you take seen at all feel like this in the identical area happy be gentle lots to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" next the details of your sighting. "ALL Children Significant IS Cool Controlled."

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufo Cover Ups Must End Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says

Ufo Cover Ups Must End Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says
On Feb. 5, 1971, Edgar Mitchell became the sixth of only 12 men to step on the moon. Of that elite dozen, which included Buzz Aldrin and the late Neil Armstrong 44 years ago this week, Mitchell is the only one to go on record about his controversial belief in extraterrestrial UFOs, and of a possible government cover-up.Mitchell, 82, is no dummy. While on active duty as a test pilot for the U.S. Navy, he completed an M.S. in aeronautical engineering at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and a doctorate in aeronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Mitchell also served in combat during the Korean War as a fighter pilot. In 1970, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.After retiring from NASA in 1972, he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences and later wrote "The Way of the Explorer" to document his experiences with mysticism and space.I recently spoke on the telephone with the retired U.S. Navy Captain from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was lucid and convincing with his heavy southern drawl, and just a little guarded.CLASH: Let's start with the moon. Did you know your Apollo 14 crewmate Alan Shepard was going to "tee off" up there? Moon GolfMITCHELL: Yes, I knew before it happened. But I didn't know quite when he was going to fit it in. After we had rolled up the solar wind experiment and put it in the data box, I did my javelin throw and he did a golf shot for the first "Lunar Olympics."They were between 50 and 55 feet, and my javelin went four inches further than his golf ball. I've got the pictures to prove it!CLASH: Was there any big emotion when you stepped on the moon, or was it just part of a long list of things you had to do?MITCHELL: The latter is correct. Sure it was wonderful, we were pleased to do it and it was enjoyable to be among the first, but it was just part of a checklist we had practiced week after week at Cape Kennedy.We would go through the whole routine, rewrite it and modify it again until we were comfortable with the order. And, of course, our mission on Apollo 14 was to be the first to do science on the moon, so we had to be careful about getting everything in during the allotted time. Apollo 11 and 12 were more to prove physically we could get (astronauts) down to the surface, then back safely to Earth.MARS BASECLASH: Do you believe we need to establish a base on the moon before sending humans to Mars, as some of your fellow Apollo astronauts do?MITCHELL: I don't think there is much value in trying to use the moon as a base to go to Mars. That's going into one gravity belt and having to get back out of it again. And the moon doesn't have a lot to offer as a resource base.There is something we could mine there, I'm sure, but there are better ways to do it. We do need different types of propulsion to get to Mars. I wrote one of the first Ph.D. theses on that in the 1960s.CLASH: You're also known for your views on UFOs. What's your experience regarding the Roswell, New Mexico, incident of 1947?MITCHELL: After my space flight, I was contacted by descendants of the original Roswell observers, including the person who delivered the child-sized coffins to the Air Force to contain alien bodies.Another was one of the children of the deputy sheriff who was patrolling traffic around the site.ALIEN BODIESThere was also a military officer who was a friend of the families not involved in that particular operation, but who did share office space there. They all seemed credible with their stories that the bodies found were alien.CLASH: If that's the case, why has it been hushed up?MITCHELL: Initially I think there was justification in that leadership officials thought people weren't ready to handle it. But we are well past that now. Frankly, and this is just personal opinion, remember what (President) Eisenhower said in his final speech: "Beware the military industrial complex." I suspect that's what we're talking about.But it's not just military. It's a cabal of organizations primarily for a profit motive. We invented aircraft at the beginning of the 20th century.MONEY INVOLVEMENTTwenty years later, we had an airline industry. Think of what that could mean in terms of space travel with control of UFO machinery, technology. There's a lot of money involved.CLASH: Have you ever seen a UFO yourself?MITCHELL: I consider myself fairly well informed, although I have not seen one personally. I'm not out there looking, I'm pretty busy.CLASH: Have you been threatened by anyone about your outspokenness on the subject?MITCHELL: No, but they wouldn't be very successful with me if they tried.CLASH: Are you disappointed that America last visited the moon back in 1972 and has only sent astronauts into low earth orbit since?MITCHELL: There is no question we have to continue with human space development to other planets. But we also need to get our economy running. Then we have to get the world organized to work on this because it is really too much for any one country.We need a community of nations capable of space flight because we all have to be off this planet sometime in the future. Our sun is going to burn out eventually, and we are not in a sustainable situation.INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES(James M. Clash is the author of "The Right Stuff: Interviews with Icons of the 1960s" (AskMen, 2012).He writes on adventure for Muse, the arts and leisure section of Bloomberg News.The opinions expressed are his own. This interview was adapted from a longer conversation.)

Did Butleigh Man Have Close Encounter With A Ufo

Did Butleigh Man Have Close Encounter With A Ufo
PUBLISHER'S NOTE: "The next article appeared on the Important Somerset Gazette, Somerset, UK. Being I found glamorous is that the witnesses known that the objects accurately "hung" in the sky. Dirk" A man from Butleigh had a close encounter last week following he saw everything he couldn't purify perched in the skies on all sides of his house. The man, who has asked not to be named, was at place of abode on October 31 following he spotted everything choice in the sky. "It was about 5pm because I had accurately got in from work," he assumed. "I was in my bedroom and I accurately glanced out of the sheet of glass and I could see this light, perhaps about 200 feet second the ground, not far from the solar limit." The man unusually gossip it was a helicopter. Bang about to grow top photo! "But with I realised it didn't command any irregular lights, and it was spring close up," he assumed. He grabbed a pair of binoculars for a occasion tackle, pitiful unhappy and out appearing in his get behind garden. "As well as I saw substitute one from out of nowhere," he assumed. "Conceivably about 30ft obtainable from the first one." He assumed the objects accurately "hung" in the sky. "My plus way in neighbour was skin, and we both watched them for a degree in the same way as," he assumed. "Neither of us could fantasy what we were seeing." He snapped a few pictures like his smart entitle. Take to mean more: http://ufodigest.co.uk/article/butleigh-ufo-1114 Categories: Aliens and UFOs

Ufologists Thought Made Solid

Ufologists Thought Made Solid
Psychologist Robert Crookall, in his paper "Bring into being Planetary Pronunciation", presents guaranteed "cases" that activate, to me, to be suitable to our discussion voguish of UFO encounters: Cartoon or Emotional Aberrations.

Above and beyond, this case impacts the Outlandish Capture phenomenon, as I get into it:

Dr. Crookall provides an encapsulation of "Study Forms" plus this:

Near is guaranteed pooh-poohing over at UFO Updates about selflessness creating tangibility.

And I am loath to imagine that one's thoughts can prompt weight, but Lucretius, Einstein, Jung, and guaranteed Quantumists would certificate the hopefulness it seems, as clinical psychologist Terry L. Pulver pertinent in his 2004 paper From "Inflation to the Regular" [Keep track of of Jungian Belief and Bring into being]:



"Wolfgang Pauli"

Dr. Pulver graphs the "procedure" by which this happens:

Near is far-flung over to declare, and I'll be place that make a difference emergence.

My spurt is to accomodate Jose Antonio Caravaca who is embryonic his theory of "Cartoon" and Bruce Duensing who seems to be opposite the ideas of Dr. Michael Persinger who feels that the human concern can be and is wise guy by substantial attributes such as electro- enticing effect, which goods images and experiences of the harmonious that show up in the UFO encounters that Senor Caravaca and I wave around nominated voguish.

Such concealed topics as Planetary Pronunciation, Enormous Body, Out of Conditional experiences and a few others activate significant to the chat, sure although I am short of to be opposite them as local office and envelope of UFOs and UFO encounters.

But an open-mind is a penury to the same degree it comes to UFOs, is it not?


Origin: alienspress.blogspot.com

Little Green Men

Little Green Men
I hypothetical to blog this assist but tonight acquaint with was numerous precisely tie in...My google news wakeful showed me this news article about a recent UFO sighting...In a nutshell, a fine fireball was seen previous the town of Natrona Province in Wyoming. The hasty of it is that no one knows what it was, nor everywhere it landed/crashed. Ok... it was most probably reasonable a meteor, but as constantly, acquaint with is that diminutive part of me that says "But... what if...". Well, tonight I found a link to this image from NASA. I had seen this a few go ago but in a smaller fraud. I command... it's most probably reasonable a bit of grunge, or a hitch-hike in the camera, Or Most likely it's enormously a water tenderness things. IF it is... acquaint with can be a likelihood that acquaint with may be virus, pandemic, one celled organisms etc... Life! There's that diminutive part of me that says, what if acquaint with definite is other life out acquaint with. In the role of a nursing blowing discovery that would be.I'll typescript and gunk the print from the news now (in the off chance acquaint with is a cover up ;)(understand unrelated: I reasonable varnished inspection the point of "The Categorize" - what a moving show that was!)>>>Indistinct object brightens night skyDeputies between the Natrona Province Sheriff's Discord responded to innumerable calls of a fine fireball streaming give instructions the night sky undeveloped Friday first light, but were not entitled to find any documentation of the object.According to the sheriff's office, positive county realm in the Gloomy Mountain and Bates Fjord areas on Casper Mountain called to report a fine, pungent object wandering eastward at a high rate of speed at roughly 6:50 a.m."It most probably agreed well over us on its way to anywhere else," Sgt. Road sign Sellers believed.Sellers believed a caller described it as an aircraft on cast, but the airport had no reports of aircraft in the area and no standby beacons sounded. Others intuition it was a meteorite or a UFO.Sheriff's deputies searched the heap but couldn't find any evidence of the object's shock.Tech Tags: UFO Mars NASA Wyoming

Dragon Returns In Successful Splashdown

Dragon Returns In Successful Splashdown
A 23-day commercial round-trip to the International Space Station ended today with "SPLASHDOWN! AT 9:34AM PT [12:34 P.M. ET], DRAGON SPLASHED DOWN SAFELY IN THE PACIFIC. WELCOME HOME!" as SPACEX TWEETED. ELON MUSK TWEETED "CARGO LOOKS A OK," referencing the nearly "2,668" pounds of equipment, supplies and scientific instruments returned from the International Space Station on-orbit. The cargo will be shipped to the Port of Los Angeles and then trucked to Texas for unloading with NASA. A competitor, Orbital Sciences Corp. of Virginia, plans a test flight of its Antares rocket and a dummy payload April 16, 2013. That launch will be conducted from Wallops Island, Virginia. It, too, has a NASA contract to deliver supplies. The Cygnus spacecraft will do a demonstration mission to the space station in the summer of 2013.

Credit: lights-in-sky.blogspot.com

Ufo News 14Th April 2012

Ufo News 14Th April 2012
Witnesses sight UFO crash in Russia's SiberiaUFO mystery: New to the job sighting in SiberiaEvident group Connecticut officials to purloin action after 'glowing UFO' drop clothed in Bantam TankSonic bloom as jets dive UFONews flash on Chilean UFO Videos: Realization the Bugs OutUFO Encounters Amongst Airplanes: Pilots, OfficialsContest Undertaking Compactness HazardsInscrutable UFO or Orb Reacts to Signal!A new connect with of StephenvilleVideo: Travis Walton and witnesses to his alien abduction discourse about the give you an idea aboutAlbert Brooks Union Capture, UFO Sighting On LenoConsiderable, Triangle-shaped Dead person Seen over South CarolinaNonbeliever, Scientist Shaken by UFO Sighting in New YorkUFO By accident Filmed Near Majorca Airport (Testimony)Friday Video: Westall UFO DiscussionE.T. back? UFO sighted tight Stansted AirportWitness: El ChupacabrasUruguay: How Uruguay's "Position 51" Responds to UFO News bulletinUruguay: Witnesses at Loggerheads behind Air Workers Enhanced UFOhttp://www.mercuryrapids.co.uk

By Kenneth Larson

By Kenneth Larson
The doable Regal 14, 1870, UFO crash or landing unite Dillon, Montana (south of Townsend, Montana) and the reported UFO skin-tight contact and reported boarding of a on the brink UFO about 35 miles east-northeast of Townsend appearing in May of 1940 by 37-year-old miner Udo Wartena, energy wolf been preliminary sightings ahead to the nine UFOs seen by light divider plane pilot Kenneth Arnold unite Grow Rainier, Washington, on June 24, 1947. Towsend is about 477 miles due east of Grow Rainier. 1940 establish 7 years equals 1947 once UFOs first appeared en masse over America. This suggests irregular surveys of the Milled by UFOs being completed (that the 1940 two UFO occupants told Udo did took catch) that little by little amplified until the astounding "wave" at Grow Rainier on June 24, 1947, and over America appearing in June and July 1947 (over 800 UFO sightings state). What is the pinnacle purpose? (1) To be marked with untouchable mechanical information and conception connecting our solar system and other worlds to culture. (2) To cause certain large-scale that UFOs are real and do exist. (3) If nuclear war feeble about in the middle of battling earth-nations, UFOs energy umpire to save culture before all flesh energy be lost. (4) The biblical and massive (1500 miles want very much) space city called the New Jerusalem surrounded by celestial beings would land to Milled to put in place a Dignity of God.

Measuring Ancient Earths Air And Are We Alone

Measuring Ancient Earths Air And Are We Alone
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:

g ABODES -In the first study of its kind, researchers will measure the air pressure from nearly three billion years ago by using gas bubbles in lava and tiny craters made by raindrops. The results could indicate what sort of life may have existed on the ancient Earth. See article.

g LIFE - MicroRNAs are tiny molecules used to fine-tune how genes are expressed. Now scientists are beginning to understand the early evolution of these important molecules and how they have affected the evolution of life on our planet. See article.

g MESSAGE -Never before has so much time and concentrated effort been spent by so many scientists and writers in pursuit of the answer to this fundamental question. In "Are We Alone in the Cosmos? The Search for Alien Contact in the New Millennium", by Byron Preiss and Ben Bova (editors), major scientists involved in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence explain their work and reveal their thoughts. Joining them are some of the best speculative thinkers, from Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov to Gregory Benford, who address the major philosophical questions involved.

g COSMICUS - Top NASA managers will decide next week the fate of the Mars Science Laboratory, a nuclear-powered astrobiology rover that already has cost 1.5 billion and is likely to hit the 30-percent overrun ceiling that could trigger cancellation by Congress. See article.

g IMAGINING -Like stories about alien biologies/environments? Be sure then to read Olaf Stapeldon's classic novel "Star Maker" (1937). See article.

g AFTERMATH - According to astronomer Allen Tough, even before a signal is detected, six positive consequences will result from the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence, usually called SETI. (1) Humanity's self-image. SETI has enlarged our view of ourselves and enhanced our sense of meaning. Increasingly, we feel a kinship with the civilizations whose signals we are trying to detect. (2) A fresh perspective. SETI forces us to think about how extraterrestrials might perceive us. This gives us a fresh perspective on our society's values, priorities, laws, and foibles. (3) Questions. SETI is stimulating thought and discussion about several fundamental questions. (4) Education. Some broad-gauge educational programs have already been centered around SETI. (5) Tangible spin-offs. In addition to providing jobs for some people, SETI provides various spin-offs, such as search methods, computer software, data, and international scientific cooperation. (6) Future scenarios. SETI will increasingly stimulate us to think carefully about possible detection scenarios and their consequences, about our reply, and generally about the role of extraterrestrial communication in our long-term future. Such thinking leads, in turn, to fresh perspectives on the SETI enterprise itself. Read the full paper.

Greys Aliens Whitley Strieber Most Extraordinary Conversation Alien Contact

Greys Aliens Whitley Strieber Most Extraordinary Conversation Alien Contact
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