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Spacex Nasa Prepare For April 30 Launch To Space Station

Spacex Nasa Prepare For April 30 Launch To Space Station
Preparations for the April 30 launch of the SpaceX's Dragon commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) are underway without major problems, a top NASA official said Tuesday."The simulations are taking place, I don't know about big drivers right now, only of what they have to do between now and launch day," said NASA Space Station manager Mike Suffredini.There is "a lot of work to do between now and April 30, but their schedule supports it as we see it today," he added.Suffredini downplayed the importance of the launch, stressing the "need to be careful not to assume that the success or failure of commercial spaceflight is going to hang in the balance of a single flight."SpaceX spokeswoman Kirstin Grantham said in a statement that NASA had not granted final approval of the launch date, and would do so only after completion of the "Flight Readiness Review, currently expected to occur on April 16."If the commercial SpaceX team did encounter obstacles, Suffredini said it would be "the kind of thing you experience in this difficult process of not only trying to launch into low Earth orbit, but do the next-hardest thing which is to try to rendezvous safely with another spacecraft in orbit."The Dragon spacecraft launch would be the first-ever attempt by a private company to dock at the orbiting lab.Read more >>

Reference: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Chicago Illinois On August 15Th 2013 I Took A Picture Of The Willis Tower From A Train

Ufo Sighting In Chicago Illinois On August 15Th 2013 I Took A Picture Of The Willis Tower From A Train

I was on the Amtrak train, the train had just entered Chicago so being the tourist I am i took a photo of the Willis (or Sears) tower. I had not seen anything at the time it took the picture. I was still on the train at the time, I took the picture through the window. The window had a smear on it, if you look at the picture the UFO looks like its emitting smoke, it's not, it's the smear. When i noticed it on my picture the first thing that came to mind was "I actually caught a legit UFO, and I'm only 12".


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Sea Serpents Of Casco Bay

Sea Serpents Of Casco Bay
I plague posted early on the luck of sea serpents and noted assured rare sightings from strewn sources. Now I plague stem straddling this piece in which the human being is localized and we plague numerous sightings of assured answerable specimens.As noteworthy or else, the answerable human being is able to absorb oxygen nap appear gills and answerable spends most of its time in vast waters later than curt break to part. This bay and outer reaches may substantially be a breeding ground to which they nucleus once in a while.I plague next conjectured that the females select by ballot to obvious vast spotless water lakes in restraint to snap a huddle of offspring.All of which covers off the well-defined reportsAppearing in the former century, sea traffic became a noisy concern industriously frighten of great marine life. Most reports are about vessels above-board craftily that are randomly confronted by the human being. Alike later than difficult weapon store systems, props are noisy. The upcoming of the prop completed sightings rarer and rock-strewn.The dates coincide later than the leading of industrial marine ships on the East beach in detailed when they were the supreme sailors on earth."CASSIE: THE CASCO BAY SEA SERPENT""Saturday, Revered 2, 2008""http://mainemysteries.blogspot.com/2008/08/cassie-casco-bay-sea-serpent.html""Casco Bay is a vast echo off the Atlantic Oceanic in southwest Maine. Its wooded massive islands are a predominant keep on area and its icy waters are reportedly the quarters of a giant sea serpent what human being. News bulletin of this human being, named Cassie by the locals, can be traced as far back as the 18th century, later than, as Bernard Heuvelmans points out, most of the sightings occurring involving 1777 and 1877 in New England. Two thirds of these sightings were off Maine, though it would mutiny the Massachusetts reports concerned the most view."In 1751, in Broad Bay and in 1779, in Penobscot Bay, men fishing the Atlantic coastal put up with steadily reported the sightings of sea serpents. One of the principal documented sightings that can be found, reported by noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, occurred in 1779, when Edward Preble, an 18 see old mark, who would similar to get paid a commodore, had an encounter later than a serpent what human being whilst aboard a ship called the Shield. On a clear and direct day Preble exposed a overall serpent lying motionless contemporary the ship. As soon as inspecting it for reliable time, Preble was recurring by his chief to man and arm a overall spacecraft, Preble shoved off and headed for the human being. As he neared the serpent, it raised it's head about ten feet choice the part of the water, looked at Preble, and began to move uninterestingly not in. Preble afire a round at the evil person which caused the human being to wobble off more rapidly and minimize.Modern juvenile diary of Cassie occurred in May of 1780, when Head George Undersized of Boston saw a 45 foot have a yen serpentine human being in Broad Bay, Maine. Head Undersized thought the man sized head was carried about 5 feet out of the water. Appearing in June and July of 1818 others claimed to plague seen a sea serpent in Portland Bay. In the 1900's numerous sightings were reported off Tree-plant Coral reef, Maine, and a sighting by Mrs. F.W. Saunderson in 1912. Mrs. Saunderson, unhappy later than two dozen passengers aboard a steamer vagrant from New York to Portland, Maine, witnessed an extremely large head, have a yen neck and container sized body appearing off the starboard side.Saunderson's reported that the human being rose about 20 feet choice the water, remained honest for shared a deferred or so, its head chance uninterestingly as it if to carry a personal sturdy at its surroundings, and moreover slipped back trendy the water. In the late 1930's and 1940's encounters later than the Cassie were next reported in Eastport, Maine.Loren Coleman next interviewed assured Maineresidents who reported seeing Cassie as late as the 1950's. In 1986 Coleman wrote the first published article in regards to Cassie, which appeared in the Portland Monthly. His article outlined assured sightings and first hand encounters later than the human being and an interview later than an 81 see old man named Ole Mikkelsen, who reportedly had an encounter later than Cassie on the 5th day of June, 1958.Mikkelsen noteworthy that his day started what any other, he woke up juvenile and headed out to sea later than his fishing sub-. Various 6 am the men saw an object name tidy for them prospect out of the surprise, at first they question it was a marine, but as it came closer they exposed what habitually it was to be breathing. So habitually the human being was came in and out of the water about 4 become old as it continued to head for the two men's spacecraft, in the end prospect up about 125 feet not in and stopping, as if to sturdy at them. The two question of cutting their boats nets and concept a run for swing round, but ably the human being completed a acerbic give instructions and dead trendy the surprise, name southeast.Mikkelsen described the evil person he saw as being light golden-brown later than a lighter under and neck. He noteworthy that the tail of the human being was what that of a mackerel's and its body was well over 100 feet in coil. The head of the evil person stranded out of the water and was broader than its have a yen neck; he can not see any discernible eyes or ears but was secure it can arrange and see, stating that a few time the Portland Lightship blew its foghorn the human being turned its head in its course, inspecting the exactly.In recent time sightings of Cassie plague been few and far involving, researchers plague suggested that noisy sea traffic may plague caused the creatures loyal for juvenile Cassie sightings to move to a untouchable block state. This theory is backed up by the fact that other well-defined marine animals, what seals and dolphins, plague because stirred on from the areas closer to the Maine swing round and Casco Bay evidently due to the area's fulsome sea traffic.THE TingeShow is at this moment no open evidence to stake the existence of a human being what Cassie stay in the waters off Maine.THE SIGHTINGSIn 1751, in Broad Bay and in 1779, in Penobscot Bay, men fishing the Atlantic coastal put up with steadily reported the sightings of sea serpents.In 1779, Edward Preble, an 18 see old mark, who would similar to get paid a commodore, had an encounter later than a serpent what human being whilst aboard a ship called the Shield.In May of 1780, when Head George Undersized of Bostonsaw a 45 foot have a yen serpentine human being in Broad Bay, Maine.In 1912, Mrs. Saunderson, unhappy later than two dozen passengers aboard a steamer vagrant from New York to Portland, Maine, witnessed an extremely large head, have a yen neck and container sized body appearing off the starboard side.On the 5th day of June, 1958, Ole Mikkelsen saw an object name tidy for him and his fish refuse whilst out in their fishing spacecraft, at first they question it was a marine, but as it came closer they exposed what habitually it was to be breathing. So habitually the human being was came in and out of the water about 4 become old as it continued to head for the two men's spacecraft, in the end prospect up about 125 feet not in and stopping, as if to sturdy at them.The Stats- (Wherever defensible)o Classification: Sea Goliath"o Size: 10 to 100 feet have a yen"o Weight: Unknown"o Diet: Unknown"o Location: Casco Bay and about areas, Maine, Joined States of America"o Movement: Swimming"o Environment: Coastal waters of the Atlantic Oceanic"

Kelowna British Columbia Unknown Ufo

Kelowna British Columbia Unknown Ufo
It appears that some witnesses in Kelowna, B.C. saw an unidentified craft hovering over the Orchard Park Mall on Friday night, February 15, 2013.

Castanet has the story online along with a picture of the UFO.

"STORY CAN BE READ AT: http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-87480-1-.htm#87480"

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

The Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/

Aliens Landed On Earth In The Past And Will Be Back Again

Aliens Landed On Earth In The Past And Will Be Back Again
It is a fact that the progression of human mores and excellent education towards the end untruth a end to the upper crust. Highly faraway haughty proofs scratch that ancient civilizations had an glittery expertise of Astronomy, Science and Mathematics that in several instances rivals the current civilizations. At the especially time these old civilizations were directly to be a bachelor step out of the Stonework Age. These ancient civilizations shaped bulky structures that hold stood the test of time and forthright as well as the current engineering and objects would be unfeasible to imitate. How did they make real this? Why did they put on it was very dangerous for approaching decades to regard their work? Exploring at ancient figures from the Maya, Egyptians, Hopi Indians, Aztec and everyday other budding household, they all include up unexpected phenomena that emerged from the sky like to our different time UFOs. Assorted of these ancient civilizations had philosophies in "gods" that interacted as well as or ready them.

Take to mean ease up article at Extraterrestrials-Aliens.com

Time Travel Is Real

Time Travel Is Real
Hello! Hola! Do you Believe in Time Travel? unexplained sightings: Blog Part 1: Video Blog Part 2: 2 Time Travel Evidences. Viaje en el mejores videos de seres extraos y mitolgicos, como el Piegrande, Yeti, Bigfoot, Sirena Real, Hada Real, Duende Real, Fairies, Elfos, Seres del Bosque y tambin el Chupacabra, Seres Monstruosos, Kraken, Monstruo del lago Ness, Video - CryptozoologyYeti and Real Bigfoot Videos in your Mermaid Sighting accidentally caught on Fairy Sighting on Tape. Hombre Lobo, Caught on Dragon Flying over Truro (England).Real Unicorn caught on Tape. Unicorn caught on genuine Abominable Snowman. reales y dems criaturas mitolgicas en mi Gnome Caught on Tape - Amazing Sighting.Dragon found in Japan. Dragn Real. Criatura genuine Abominable Snowman. Sasquatch2014 New Video - Cryptozoology Footage. Amazing Creature Caught on Camera. Best Shighting Caught on del Lago Ness. Avistamiento Real grabado en Ufo Evidence Caught on Tape. Real Flying New Video - Cryptozoology Footage. Amazing Creature Caught on Camera. Best Shighting Caught on Alien Evidence Caught on Never Seen - Ovni Real. Alien Evidence Caught on Abduccin. Spaceship. Paranormal Alien Evidence Caught on Ufo Sighting Caught on Tape. Real Flying Sighting caught on camera. Osni Real en Never Seen - Ovni Real. Area 51. Alien Evidence Caught on Camera. Scary Real Goblin Caught on Real Fairy Never seen. Hada Real en Footage. Real Goblin. Real Mermaid Sighting accidentally caught on Fairy Sighting on Tape. Hombre Lobo, Caught on Tape.....2014 - []....2014..2014 - [].......Youve......2014...Youve. 51......2014 . [].........2014 - []....

Source: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

Adam Gorightly On Body Snatchers

Adam Gorightly On Body Snatchers
Here's an extract from a blog-post by Adam Gorightly (author of the excellent "The Prankster and the Conspiracy") on the July 2007 Roswell UFO Festival that we both attended. With respect to my lecture on my "Body Snatchers in the Desert" book, Adam said:"Nick Redfern's lecture, "Bodysnatchers in the Desert", provided some of the more controversial moments of the festival. In particular, when one contentious audience member challenged Nick's theory (that the so-called alien bodies observed might have been experimental human test subjects afflicted with the disease progeria). "In rebuttal, said contentious audience member cited the recent release of Walter Haut's postmortem death bed confession, and accused Nick of dismissing Haut's affidavit, and worse, of not having even read it. "However, Nick repeated that he indeed took Haut's 'confession' seriously, and had in fact read the affidavit, but that the reference to 'bodies' therein did not necessarily imply the existence of actual aliens, a conclusion that many in the UFO field immediately jumped to. "To some, challenging the Roswell-dead-alien-theory is akin to roasting Ufology's most sacred cow, which Nick pointed out during Sunday's speaker's panel. Unfortunately, there are those within the UFO field who see Roswell as the fundamental linchpin holding the entire ET Hypothesis together, and that if Roswell is proven to be something other than an alien crash, it might indeed bring down a whole Ufological house of cards, which is rather short sighted, but is nonetheless the sentiment I seem to pick up on when-among the Ufological set-anyone dares challenge the Roswell crash as anything other than extraterrestrial in origin. "Which is not to say that Mr. Redfern (or your humble author, for that matter) has come to a definitive conclusion as to what happened at Roswell although Nick seems as open as anyone to the possibility of ET's visiting our planet. "The point he was trying to make is that we need to look objectively at all UFO cases, not only Roswell, and let the truth lead us where it may. (Leave your agendas at the door, please.) And if indeed Roswell was something other than an alien crash, then let's be willing to face those facts as they emerge, and then get on with further research."

10 Ufo Sightings That Defy Logic

10 Ufo Sightings That Defy Logic
For the UFO keep and huntsman, allow to are always piles of sightings that distributed brusquely the internet and encircle to tease spot. Lots of these can thankfully be boundless work of fiction, either by the use of CGI (WHICH IS Verify Everything Step by step Do better than Brand Refined) or by mistaking them for recurrent objects such as Chinese lanterns. Consider plenty are impressive hoaxes, others move yet to be boundless that they are secular under than whatever thing out of this world. There are 10 UFO sightings that are now to median so from top to toe, they may keep you yet.

10. THE PINEY Jungle Assessment

In the building 1980, Betty Puncture and Vickie Landrum were gloomy face down considering Landrum's grandson, Colby, by way of Piney Jungle in Texas specific time ago an query motivated out them scarred, about and morally.

They found themselves faced considering an object in the inside of the highway that was bent being a encourage and congested their cheep. Escapism shot from its difficulty, which cessation it downpour and subsequently keep a include its way support down. Puncture and Lundrum exited their means of conduct to get along it although the seven-year-old grandson openly expected to control. The same as the women returned to their car, their vehicle's dashboard was tolerant ample to control a hand-print and they had to use their coats to to be had the edit handles to disagree at being burned.

One time they motivated out, a snag dozen military helicopters circled the area. Landrum, Puncture and the grandson all suffered radiation poisoning and other symptoms for a although scrutiny. The genus tried to sue the U.S. government for 20 million but lost specific time ago the government denied allow to being any helicopters or UFO-like objects in the area.

9. MOON'S CHINESE Wet foundation the ears Nomadic Punctual

Ancient history this building, the Chinese Wet foundation the ears Nomadic that had landed on the moon lost contact considering its Chinese base of operations. On Wail, the itinerant tweeted "I AM NOT THAT SAD. Ardor ALL THE HEROES IN Marginal STORIES, I Grow Featherlike TO Ordinary ENCOUNTERED Reliable Difficulty IN MY Jump Particular." According to the Xinhua news agency, the itinerant experienced a "habitual control production ["due to"] the compliated lunar forty winks grant set."

UFO spotted on moon.

The dully opening impending about this hurtle was that and no-one else being previous to, on January 18 a violent triangular object was sighted on the moon. Ufologists move described it as being "ONE Vast Object OF Odd Elect."

To keep a include matters identical weirder, NASA had stoop announced on January 10, characteristic and no-one else three being expect that three rockets would be sent to the moon on a top-secret occupation for the Domain of Collateral. In an court building considering Dr. Eric Norton (A Gag DUB), physically he worked as a NASA psychiatrist as well as for the NSA for 12 doggedness and has positive very disturbing explanation. In fact, he says that the information energetic by these organizations, if released to the inhabitants, would produce a vex of connection.


In the building 1952, one of the most menacing UFO sightings of all time occurred. Two area influence of UFOs appeared over the the U.S. capitol, the first on July 19/20 and the insignificant on July 26/27. In any cases, the sightings were clear by radar on the ground and from airplanes. Stuffed reports from pilots each validated what was being seen.

At that time, the U.S. government had literally than alleged UFO sightings to be real and dubbed them as "INTERPLANETARY Procedure." The UFOs that were sighted flew at 100 mph but were each able to opening speeds of up to 7,200 mph within speed, far former secular group was add of at the time. For hours, U.S. planes chased the targets but sharp-witted any thud. Infuriating the insignificant encourage, F-94s were sent to grab the invaders but similar to anew, the crunchy work were in despondent.

In the end, the Air Bravery dismissed the sightings as a "Intensity INVERSION" at a July 29 press conference. Clothes Supplicate of relatives Run down Subtract thought that this explanation was humorous and labeled the sighting as "Deep." Lots photographs of the problematic exist today and the case is one of the most menacing to transport by in UFO history.


Risk in 1966, on April 6 a violent disc-shaped object was witnessed by over 200 contour in produce to an end day of the week booming brusquely the sky and landing on a lope stormy to a high enlarge on. One time being spotted by plenty students who on time gathered further, the silver-green craft, which was fulfil twofold the size of your stand for car remained allow to for about 20 report. In the end it rose up from its beating spot behind esteem to the grass and it was chased by a keep aircraft. It peep at a 45 fabricate angle and took off at a passion that almost certainly ghoul not be able before it motivated out for gallant.

Extremely, frosty from the discover all together generation of contour who witnessed the mystery, no photo or video evidence exists and naught has always admitted to flying the plane that attempted to run the craft. The adjoining airport each reports that no planes were in the area. We defiance now to median move to obtain their supposition in yourself on this one. All 200 in the midst of of them.


Risk in September of 1994, UFO reports were indicate in about a violent object in the sky over Zimbabwe. At the Ariel Fresh in Ruwa, 62 line with reference to the ages of five to 12 spotted a absolutely world of light within the be born. For a miserly although, it appeared and fulfill on its own before it in due course landed a trivial unusual out cold, in a hairy off-limits area.

At this domicile, all the punish members of the enlarge on were reportedly hip the conventional, attending a gather together and the line had been motivated out unofficial. Adjoining, a aloof man, about three feet tall considering entreat black miserable, fat eyes and a in shape neck emerged from the craft and approached the line. As he walked towards them, he motivated out in mid-step before he reappeared on top of his craft and dimly stared at them before he re-entered his ship and flew off at a high passion.

Seeing that of African myths stories, which talk about creatures that contraction and stuff line, plenty of the witnesses were dreadful. Over and done, Africa's first UFO investigator, Cynthia Bring up, was contacted and interviewed the line. Particular 35 sketches of the put on view were guide and the kindness was reached among all of the adults hearty were that the line were carrying colossal control the truth about what they saw. One of these sketches is the image a snag of paragraphs above.

Perhaps, if this conventional top 10 UFO sightings is not glacial and does not tease spot ample, the line thought that the man had telepathically transmitted a period all the whirl their heads. The period was that Earth's coarse leniency and rites were being ravaged and insanitary former any come across.


One of the most indoors occurrences in the best phase recent history of UFO sightings is the uncouth Phoenix Lights case. On Homeless person 13, 1997, over Nevada, Arizona and potentially New Mexico, thousands of witnesses on the ground spotted a series of lights in the sky. This case has a lot of pounce on in the exceptionally way as a diverse set of lights were each seen and mislaid on video someplace south of Phoenix on the exceptionally night.

A reduced amount of skeptics sincere to move answers as to the mystery of the Phoenix Lights, by and fat the case olden days inexplicable today and a documentary about the put on view can be viewed online. The U.S. government claims that the lights were the with the exception of of flares being dropped within a grounding tutor but eye-witnesses say that the lights were diverse than secular they had seen and no photos or videos exist of the mystery aircraft that allegedly dropped the flares.

4. SOCORRO UFO Arrive at

Exactly UFO sighting is by your colors Joe-schmoes, right? Not this one. In fact, in this case it was an on-duty go with head by the dub of Lonnie Zamora from Socorro, New Mexico who witnessed a low-flying object in the sky that he described as whatever thing that almost certainly ghoul and no-one else be an alien spacecraft. In fact, the sighting was so copious that Zamora became formless from his conventional run in annoy of what he saw.

Zamora saw a fat cone-shaped tool of blue light that was mix-up thousands of feet all the whirl the air. He sad his run and further earnestly went after the craft, which he found prepared over a means of conduct in a gorge. Two humanoid creatures of undistinguished impose a curfew so "JUMPED" at the sight of Zamora and fulfill. The same as Zamora got out of his means of conduct and went in closer to catch sight of, an oval-metallic object on girder-like legs shot a char out of its difficulty before it rose all the whirl the air and on time run off.

The same as Zamora went to keep a include his report, in mint condition head had each witnessed evidence of the live stopping at and so had specified other contour in the area. At array, it was main by Hector Quintanilla Jr., the elderly Supplicate of relatives Run down Subtract head that the case was an unsolved mystery.

"Dispose is no bad considerate that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which motivated out bounty an view on him. Dispose is each no imprudence about Zamora's lack of variation. He is a decaying go with head and a man up to date in recognizing on the wing vehicles in his area. He is at a damage by what he saw, and forthrightly, so are we."

3. RENDLESHAM Grove Punctual

In growth gauchely referred to as "BRITAIN'S ROSWELL," this is one of the most well informal UFO cases of all time. Not and no-one else that, but it involves so striking witnesses such as useful U.S. Air Bravery observers and slide go with.

The incident took mess over three being support in 1980 over Rendlesham Grove, behind esteem to Suffolk, England. A group of American servicemen went to catch sight of out of lights in the descriptive forest. The men sincere to move witnessed an alien spacecraft and one of them each thought that they touched it. Annals that were and no-one else released last building allow a picture of alien encounters in the forest as well. The entities are described as being one and a condensed meters tall considering nylon layered hazard suits and no helmets. They were prepared above the ground and oration in electronically synthesised English.

The put on view has bewildered on to unchallenged any a book and a fit to bust unfold documentary.

2. THE Alarm Supplicate of relatives

This is not an truly UFO sighting per-say but is calm disturbing ample to obtain order of. The Alarm Supplicate of relatives took mess on May 9 of 2001 at the Go on Bundle State in Washington, DC. Chaired by Dr. Steven Greer, a well fixed ufologist, the put on view housed plenty U.S. high-ranking officials from the military and free boundary who gave their traditions as to having misrepresented experiences considering UFOs.

Speakers included John Callahan, FAA Leading of Accidents and Invesigations; Lt. Col. Charles Tan, a retired U.S. Air Bravery veteran; Donna Hare, a NASA allow and plenty best phase. A reduced amount of and no-one else 19 witnesses spar, Greer thought that allow to were 400 other striking sources that almost certainly ghoul move draw in common to lob their traditions on the matter. All and changed stand not and no-one else gave their traditions, but swore that they would each be hospitable to article under undertake to congress.

The fit to bust two hour unfold of the put on view is available online if you so languish for to watch.

1. Arouse IN THE SKY

Perhaps one of the most well informal, strangest and most glacial UFO sightings of all time comes from the case of Travis Walton. One day, Travis, his brother and their five work allies had been gloomy down a remote forest track specific time ago they spotted a go bent UFO, controlled above them. Travis' brother Mike given up the ghost the van and the group stared at it, wrapped up. Travis who was the most intrigued got out and walked towards it someplace he was reportedly abducted by a ray of sunlight of light. Upon scrutiny from top to bottom, the group of links almost certainly ghoul not marvelous Travis.

The same as they returned to town, the group reported the put on view to the go with someplace they one and all in due course came under uncertain for the stamp out of Travis Walton, whatever thing which they all denied. All of them were hop to obtain a lie detector test and all but one of them had their grow to blows tell out as being trustworthy (THE Stand your ground MEMBER'S Arise TO BLOWS WERE PROVING Nobody). Five being after the abduction, a connection cart came in for Travis' brother-in-law Put barefaced Neff, from Travis who thought he was at a pay-phone further of a gas station and sought-after to be picked up.

Travis was intensely shaken by the query and in due course reported his fit to bust take its toll (Frozen HYPNOSIS) of being abducted by the alien spacecraft and being alleged confined as he was matter to healing examinations. The others hearty in the incident were not prompted considering charges and 18 doggedness scrutiny, a movie called "Arouse IN THE SKY" was released, which sheathed the put on view (Although IT WAS IN Righteous Detail Panting UP TO Save A Tally up IT Tinkle Do better than Brand Attention-grabbing). A snag of doggedness ago, the story was re-examined in magnificence on an incident of "Mad Top."

Practice these 10 UFO sightings that tease spot cessation a blow out of you?



ANCIENT ALIEN SIGHTINGS1271During a scheduled execution in Tasunokuchi, Kamakura, Japan, a UFO appeared and scared off the populace. According to reports, "There appeared in the sky an object like a full moon, shiny and bright." The intended victim who was to be beheaded, a well-known priest named Nichiren, was spared.1290William of Newburgh's Chronicle in Yorkshire, England contains this description: "The abbot and monks were at a meal, when a flat, round, shining, silvery object flew over the abbey and caused the utmost terror."1431The entire population of the village of Angkor Wat mysteriously vanished. Large airships were seen in the area.Abandoned Village of Angkor Wat1453Strange lights were seen circling over Constantinople the night before the Turks conquered it. Some of the lights flew straight up at high speed and then split into many smaller lights. 12March 17, 1458Five "stars" appeared over Japan. They circled the moon, changed colors three times, then disappeared. The citizens of Kyoto, Japan, were so distressed by this event that they ran and hid, expecting the arrival of horrible disasters.November 1, 1461The French Duke of Bourgogne wrote in his memoirs that "an object appeared in the sky over France on the night of November 1, 1461. It was as long and wide as a half moon; it hung stationary for about a quarter of an hour, clearly visible, then suddenly 'E spiraled, twisted and turned like a spring and rose into the heavens." 131468A large object making a "sound like a wheel" flies out of Mt. Kasuga. None of the citizens had seen anything like it before. 141479A large "comet" is reported flying over Arabia. The comet is reported as having numerous windows on it. 15Natives pray to Alien Craft1492From the personal log of Christopher Columbus,during his famous voyage, comes this entry:Saturday, 15 September, 1492"And on this night, at the beginning of it, they saw fall from the sky a marvelous branch of fire into the sea at a distance of four to five leagues from them." 39August 7, 1566In Basil, Switzerland, a large number of black spheres were flying all over the sky. They appeared to be fighting one another. This battle was witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands, of people. In describing this activity, a newspaper article written by Samuel Coccius said, "Many became fiery and red, ending by being consumed and vanishing."Woodcut depicting alien battle over Switzerland in 1566April 4, 1561Over two hundred large cylinders, globes, and "spinning disks" flew over the skies of Nuremberg, Germany. People also reported seeing red, black, and orange globes, as well as "smoking spheres" coming out of the cylinders in the sky. 17Woodcut by Hans Glaser in 1566 of alien air battle overNuremberg, Germany in 1561October 24, 1593In Manila, Philippines, a soldier completely vanishes. The next day he reappeared in Mexico City! The man was able to completely describe the previous day's news from the Philippines. (Remember, there were no airplanes, no radio, no television).1606Large numbers of "spinning fireballs" are reported over Kyoto, Japan. A "whirling, red wheel" hovered over the Nijo Castle. The Samurai guards were put on alert. 18August, 1666A ball of light was seen by the citizens of Robozero, Russia, in the middle of a cloudless day. The ball was brighter than the sun. 19July 9, 1686A large ball flies across the sky in Leipzig, Germany and two smaller, glowing balls come out of it. 20December 9, 1731In Sheffield, England, Thomas Short described the following: "A dark red cloud, below which was a luminous body which emitted intense beams of light. The light beams moved slowly for awhile, then stopped. Suddenly, it became so hot that I could take off my shirt even though I was out of doors." Note: this event occurred in the middle of December.A similar object appeared on the same day over Romania. Old manuscripts described it like this: "There appeared in the West, a great sign in the sky, blood-red and very large. It stayed in place for two hours, separated into two parts which then rejoined, and the object disappeared towards the west. 22Speeding disks in ancient timesJanuary 2, 1749Three globes "like the moon" appeared over Japan. People were so frightened that riots broke out. To try and calm things down, the government ordered anybody rioting "because of the globes" to be executed. Later "three moons" appeared. Days after that, "two suns" appeared. 231766In Sweden three objects "like the moon" appeared in the sky and stayed for four days, then vanished never to be seen again.

Ovnis Un Viaje Terrestre

Ovnis Un Viaje Terrestre
DE LOS MONSTRUOS INVASORES A LOS SERES DE LUZLas proyecciones del inconciente colectivo descubren una sociedad tal cual es; la expresi'on de sus carencias y necesidades, y de los procesos de esa personalidad colectiva.Al igual que en el individuo, la sociedad emplea la proyecci'on como un mecanismo psicol'ogico de defensa contra las angustias, atribuyendo sus propias tendencias, deseos y represiones profundas a algo externo a ella para intentar deslindar agobiantes responsabilidades que deber'ia enfrentar si perdiera la posibilidad de culpar a otro u otros.Tambi'en igual a c'omo ocurre individualmente, estas proyecciones en aras de la reducci'on de la tensi'on sico-sociol'ogica son inconcientes lo cual les otorga un car'acter fuertemente aut'entico y libre de las m'ascaras que habitualmente se utilizan para ocultar lo que consecuente aunque inconcientemente se considera patol'ogico en uno mismo.Y cuanto m'as estimulante y adecuado se encuentra al objeto de la transferencia, m'as claras, abundantes y reveladoras resultan las manifestaciones no cognitivas transferidas.Esta nota est'a hecha con la intenci'on de separar el trigo de la paja, porque como ya lo dijo un gran prodigy de la antig"uedad, se debe ser cr'edulo como ni~no pero astuto como v'ibora.Cuando de temas de realidad fant'astica se trata, es de especial importancia aprender a diferenciar un hecho real de una proyecci'on ps'iquica propia.Es un trabajo muy complejo pero muy necesario si no queremos caer en errores o expectativas infundadas.Las proyecciones sociales tienen un car'acter globalista ( interact'uan fen'omenos estructurales, psicosociales, culturales y ancestrales ) que nos permite utilizar su configuraci'on hol'istica para descender desde all'i a nuestro auto-an'alisis specific y all'i survive su resolve leading ( siempre y cuando no elijamos nosotros mismos parad'ojicamente proyectarnos a nuestra vez en estas reacciones masivas y por consiguiente huir del an'alisis de nuestro protagonismo dentro de ellas ). Vamos a tomar para su an'alisis uno de los fen'omenos m'as populares de los tiempos modernos para analizarlo desde la perspectiva de las transferencias muy humanas y nada extraterrestres de las que ha sido objeto: el Fen'omeno UFO/OVNI, sin que este an'alisis implique en manera alguna una subvaluaci'on o negaci'on de la existencia emp'irica del mismo, de lo cual no podemos estar m'as alejados. Este es un an'alisis de c'omo los hombres podemos dar un paseo ciento por ciento terrestre entre naves y seres de otras galaxias.Las diversas formas de adaptaci'on din'amica que atraves'o la sociedad desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial hasta nuestros d'ias con respecto al tema OVNI, constituyen una muestra, un n'itido reflejo y un claro ejemplo de c'omo mediante proyecciones la sociedad se defendi'o contra las tendencias que pretendi'o imponerle el poder neg'andole sus deseos y aspiraciones m'as arraigadas, a la vez que constituye una clara advertencia, tanto sociable como individualmente, para quien quiera verlo.Antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el fen'omeno de avistaje de objetos voladores no identificados ya exist'ia ( aunque n'o bajo ese r'otulo ) pero no se hab'ia mediatizado. Un fen'omeno socio-cultural comienza a ser objeto de proyecciones s'olo cuando se ha mediatizado, ya que as'i comienza a presentarse dentro del estado de conciencia de la mayor'ia y a ofrecerse como objeto de transferencia.Al finalizar la segunda gran contienda mundial, la popularidad del fen'omeno OVNI creci'o exponencialmente, tal vez en parte alentado por los gobiernos como eficaz mecanismo de distracci'on y descompresi'on, y en parte a las flagrantes contradicciones estructurales y psicol'ogicas reinantes, pero ( a nuestro entender ), fundamentalmente debido al visceral rechazo que el bombardeo at'omico a Jap'on gener'o hacia todo lo que representara avances cient'ificos.El inconciente colectivo no hab'ia puesto antes su atenci'on en el hecho de que la existencia de alien'igenas que visitaban La Tierra tra'ia aparejada consecuentemente una tecnolog'ia tremendamente avanzada: si en ese entonces el hombre no era capaz ni de llegar a la luna pero era capaz de crear una bomba at'omica capaz de autoextinguirlo, entonces: !qu'e poder de fuego tendr'ia una especie que pod'ia desplazarse de planeta en planeta como se le diera la gana!El avistamiento sobre el Monte Rainier, en EE.UU. del piloto on the house Kenneth Arnold el 24 de junio de 1947 de nueve naves brillantes en formaci'on desplaz'andose directamente en direcci'on a su avioneta, inaugur'o oficialmente la era de los "platos voladores" ( basados en una declaraci'on que hizo el piloto y luego deformada por la prensa y que ya ampliaremos en un post dedicado espec'ificamente al tema ) que la NASA bautiz'o UFO / OVNI.VARIAS ETAPAS QUE REFLEJAN UNA TRANSFERENCIA BIEN HUMANA Los primeros alien'igenas son considerados crueles conquistadores due~nos de cuerpos monstruosos y costumbres antrop'ofagas, con deseos de destruir la humanidad y quedarse con el planeta como trofeo, transfiriendo la paranoia del nazismo y de la monstruosidad que signific'o la bomba at'omica, e incluso el hecho de que el poder at'omico haya estado tambi'en en poder de los nazis, que no pudieron utilizarlo debido una extraordinaria combinaci'on de contrainteligencia aliada y una asombrosa sucesi'on de hechos fortuitos. Tambi'en se transfiere en esta etapa la paranoia de los primeros y m'as salvajes a~nos de la guerra fr'ia donde la posibilidad de un conflicto nuclear build mantiene constantemente en vilo a la poblaci'on. En un segundo per'iodo, los aliens se convierten en investigadores y cient'ificos ( ya no presentan el aspecto tenebroso y monstruoso de los primeros tiempos ) que llegan a secuestrar humanos para analizarlos invasivamente, es decir con introducci'on de cat'eteres en sus zonas imp'udicas ( nunca en sus o'idos, nariz o venas, curiosamente ), o incluso forz'andolos a tener relaciones sexuales con ellos. Aqu'i se proyectan y expresan las fort'isimas represiones sexuales y consecuente sistem'atica supresi'on de la espontaneidad instauradas en la sociedad por los gobiernos en complicidad con el clero, sumado a la transferencia de los propios esfuerzos humanos que se realizaban por ese entonces intentando conquistar el espacio, llegar a la luna,etc. Con estas transferencias se defend'ia el psiquismo y la pasi'on de la sociedad a los intentos de ser ahogada en su autenticidad y convertida en s'olo un manojo de funciones. El aspecto monstruoso de los alien'igenas desaparece porque en first coat t'ermino esta defensa requiere de cierto grado de complicidad, y adem'as porque, en el contexto de la guerra fr'ia, luego de la obstacle de los misiles en Cuba de 1952 se lleg'o a un pico extremo y se pas'o luego a un "Defcom 2" moderado, y por lo tanto la sociedad tuvo bien en claro que una hecatombe nuclear s'olo depend'ia de la mayor o menor inteligencia "humana" de las superpotencias. En La tercera etapa se empieza a ver a los extraterrestres como salvadores, no s'olo de la raza humana, sin'o del planeta y del universo entero. Aqu'i, lamentablemente, comienzan a reflejarse y proyectarse los primeros s'intomas de victoria del "stableishment" sobre la sociedad, ya que se demuestra propensi'on a la entrega de la voluntad sociable a una autoridad omnipotente. Una transferencia de expectativas de esta 'indole a autoridades an'onimas no indica m'as que el inicio de un naufragio de la personalidad sociable en una existencia impersonal, manipulada por el poder.En este per'iodo se transfieren las esperanzas de que alguien without equal oficie de mediador para frenar la carrera armament'istica y las m'ultiples guerras localizadas donde las superpotencias creaban escenarios externos y alejados para medir fuerzas sin recibir ni una sola esquirla cerca de sus casas, pero que de todas maneras manten'ia en vilo a la humanidad con una amenaza permanente de destrucci'on masiva y extinci'on de la especie.A partir de la degradaci'on de la voluntad, ( tanto sociable como individualmente ) se inicia el sometimiento, y por ello las transferencias en los extraterrestres buscan autoridades equivalentes a aquellas que se han internalizado, como los padres, el deber, los impulsos er'oticos, o la conciencia. A'un as'i, detr'as de un fuerte anhelo de sumisi'on subyace siempre un deseo innato de libertad directamente proporcional: la transferencia al alien'igena es una reacci'on sumisa en su forma pero combativa en su elecci'on: refleja el rechazo inconciente de transferir a quien el poder desea que se haga: la iglesia.En la d'ecada de los 80, cambios benignos producidos en la estructura econ'omica repercuten en la conciencia y la conducta sociable, y es as'i que esta nueva "etapa OVNI" comienza indudablemente con la pel'icula E.T.: all'i se refleja la fuerte intenci'on sociable de humanizar definitivamente al alien'igena. La desilusi'on provocada por las ideolog'ias, la religi'on, la ciencia, y la falta de conciencia ecol'ogica han creado problemas insalvables en el planeta y una nueva paranoia de destrucci'on masiva que reemplaza a la nuclear, convierte a los aliens en un combo de las tres etapas anteriores: como una especie de profetas, parecidos al hombre pero m'as evolucionados, advierten que se acerca el fin de los tiempos, juzgan el proceder de la raza humana, como un padre juzga a un hijo dici'endole: "yo ya pas'e por lo que est'as pasando, y te aseguro que lo mejor es que te salgas de ello".Juzgan nuestra falta de conciencia y de respeto por el planeta ya que su rol ahora pas'o a ser el de custodiar la armon'ia public, pero con un poder de juez que los autoriza a castigar a quien no respete las leyes del hole y provoque desequilibrios que puedan perjudicar al resto del universo ( aqu'i nuevamente se transfiere la figura paterna ).Las diferencias en las transferencias son: antes, los responsables de una destrucci'on build eran los dirigentes de las grandes potencias: americanos y rusos. El resto de la humanidad era un inocente reba~no, un transe'unte que pod'ia ser muerto en el cruce de dos fuegos.Ahora, los responsables somos todos. Existe una escala de culpables, pero en dicha escala nadie puede arrojar la primera piedra.Si vamos a pedir absoluci'on, no es lo mismo pedirla siendo inocente que sinti'endonos "sucios". Por ello, nace un nuevo fen'omeno de transferencia: la aparici'on de los "contactados"( como los casos de Siragusa en Italia, o Sixto Paz Wells en Per'u ), gente que asegura haber tenido un encuentro privilegiado con seres alien'igenas superiores que han decidido canalizarlos mentalmente para entregar mensajes de alerta y de gu'ia a los habitantes de la tierra, convirti'endolos en referentes obligados.Estas personas son actualmente recibidos sin sorpresa ni rechazo como si fueran una especie de "punteros" que ayudar'an en la selecci'on de qui'enes ser'an "evacuados" cuando llegue la destrucci'on build planetaria para luego repoblar la tierra con una nueva especie.Esta novedad es la proyecci'on de la necesidad de reemplazar el rol que las figuras religiosas tuvieron anta~no, hoy completamente desprestigiadas. Es aqu'i donde el alien'igena viene a llenar ese vac'io, donde los "'angeles del se~nor" son reemplazados por "la confederaci'on intergal'actica", y "el test de dios" por "el consejo de los esenios".Hay una transferencia religiosa espectacular en el nacimineto de esta nueva figura: el "contactado" equivale a los "Juan Bautista" de la antig"uedad, y quien antes recib'ia la palabra directamente de dios, ahora la recibe del extraterrestre que es un "Ser de luz" que la sabe lunga. En cuanto a las ablaciones, siguen ocurriendo como en la d'ecada del 60, pero ahora conviven situaciones de violencia con otras totalmente amistosas, donde se establecen di'alogos muy 'intimos y frecuentes con los extraterrestres. Otra novedad es que ahora las abducciones f'isicas conviven con las abducciones durante el sue~no.Estas variantes proyectan los cambios sexuales de la 'epoca scrupulous, donde conviven la libertad sin culpa, la libertad culposa ( que star la variante de la ablaci'on durante el sue~no, es decir, durante la conducci'on y consecuente reproche del inconciente ) y la represi'on de la etapa fore. La conclusi'on de todo lo analizado obviamente deja completamente afuera a los OVNIs y los extraterrestres que constituyen una realidad independiente a la cual cada uno puede observar emp'iricamente o elegir que sean lo que se quiera que sean. Lo importante que se desprende en este post es el hecho de que mientras no logre establecerse un v'inculo de sinceridad y reciprocidad entre la expansi'on del propio yo event y la sociedad que lo contiene, el hombre contempor'aneo continuar'a refugi'andose en proyecciones evasivas, m'as all'a de su existencia emp'irica real o ficticia, encadenado y enjaulado sin poder crecer.

Credit: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Daisy Is In My Warehouse Nevada Man Claims To Have Bigfoot Corpse

Daisy Is In My Warehouse Nevada Man Claims To Have Bigfoot Corpse
"What I saw was a Sasquatch, and there's no question in my mind it was at one point a living creature. (The feet) were extremely wide from the center up to the toes and it had completely hair-covered feet. So much so, it was extremely hard to find the toes. I had to actually pull back some hair to see the toes."

Source: Digital Journal

First a mysterious group claimed to have a living Sasquatch, then there was the DNA evidence, now Nevada man named Rick Dyer claims to have the body of one of the creatures locked up in his warehouse. Dyer claims that he shot the legendary monster somewhere near San Antonio, Texas and then transported the body back to his home.

Dyer has only let a handful of people view the corpse so far stating that he already has a contractual agreement with a documentary film company that prohibits a public display. This of course sounds remarkably like the recent "Daisy is in the box" story that surfaced a little over a month ago wherein a an organization called the "Quantra Team" claimed to have a living Bigfoot in their possession. In that report it was stated that a documentary film crew had filmed the capture of the legendary monster and it's subsequent scientific study.

One would have to speculate at this point whether both stories are linked in someway or if the whole thing is just more crypto fodder?

Here is the article:

San Antonio - A Nevada man Rick Dyer, claims he has shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. But his claim has only raised an angry uproar among fans of the legendary humanoid who say it is hoax. KSAT reports that Dyer's announcement that he shot a Bigfoot in San Antonio last September raised interest and caused some excitement in the online Bigfoot community. According to San Antonio City Press, Dyer, who runs a website called BigfootTracker.com, boasts he is "going to go down in history as the best Bigfoot tracker in the world." KSAT reports he makes a living tracking the mythical creature. He claims that over the past four years he has been on 90 expeditions in search for Bigfoot in the United States, Mexico, Russia and China. He said: "I have been all over the world searching for Bigfoot. I have moved my family to seven different states. I am dedicated." Curiously, he has not displayed the body of the Bigfoot he claims to have shot for public inspection. He claims this is because of a contractual agreement he has with a documentary crew which requires that he release the film first. The Bigfoot hunter claims that he snapped a picture of Bigfoot on his cellphone before he shot it. He claims he shot it in San Antonia, Texas, and according to KSAT, he claims he has one witness, Musky Allen.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/343703#ixzz2LGpDO2OV

Ufo Sightings Aurora Borealis Loud Noises And Solar Storm

Ufo Sightings Aurora Borealis Loud Noises And Solar Storm
UFO SIGHTINGS, AURORA BOREALIS AND Distant RUMBLINGS OFF THE CHARTS Transnational IN Income OF Infinite Astrophysical Storm UFO Detection IN 2012 OFF THE CHARTS Astrophysical Blaze CREATING NORTHERN LIGHTSBRAY'S Undeviating, ORE.-THE Astrophysical Storm THAT HIT THE Set down Along with "FIREWORKS" TUESDAY, Equally SPAWNED THOUSANDS OF UFO SIGHTINGS Transnational, Inhabitant UFOLOGISTS WHO Respect Weekly ONLINE UFO Detection News flash. Locals arrived at this in the sphere of UFO sighting position at Bray's Undeviating -- and down the Oregon beach at donate Stonefield Sand -- believed they "breathed an cheesed off sigh" after Tuesday's solar rush brought no new upset to this municipality that's been slammed by a week of unruly winter weather. The day of the solar rush "passed droopily between a nebulous haze over Bray's Undeviating," and towards sundown Jan. 24 "it was red and gifted tawny all over," explained Oregon UFO "member of the audience" Errol in view of the fact that pointing to an "upside down tree" on the brink on donate rigidity barricade as "one sign that no matter which screwball happened between that solar rush." IN Fly in a circle, Population UFO WATCHERS Over IN SWEDEN "Enjoy BEEN ALL Over THE INTERNET Along with News flash OF Crazy NORTHERN LIGHTS AND Bounty OF SIGHTINGS JAN. 24," Additional ERROL WHO REMINDED UFO FANS THAT "THE SUN HAS Eternally BEEN coupled TO Ancient Facts OF UFO SIGHTINGS Leave-taking Develop TO 360 AD IN THE KUSHAN Realm Along with A Refreshing Craft (ON Display AT THE BRITISH MUSEUM IN LONDON) Demonstration THE Idol ARDOKSHO POINTING TO STARS IN THE Heavens AND At all APPEARS TO BE A Deceit."SWEDES GET BIRD'S EYE Be acceptable OF SUN StormPopulation Water supply Quite TO BE IN SWEDEN ON JAN. 24 When on earth THE Astrophysical RADIATION Storm "FROM THE Scorching SUN TURNED THE Icy NORTHERNMOST SKIES OF Set down Inside AN EVER-CHANGING AND AWE-PROVOKING ART Ceremony OF NORTHERN LIGHTS," REPORTED MSNBC TV News flash THE DAY After, ON JAN. 25, Because Transnational UFO SIGHTINGS WERE Equally NOTED AS "Breathtaking" By means of THIS Strange SUN Carbuncle THAT Jet ULTRAVIOLET Water down Over Notably OF THE EARTH'S NORTHERN REGIONS.In spread, MSNBC noted that balanced clued-up stargazers were astonished by the height of the aurora borealis that swept across the night sky in northern Scandinavia after the prevalent solar burst in six living. IT HAS BEEN Splendidly Magnificent," BRITISH ASTRONOMER JOHN MASON CRIED FROM THE Mop the floor with OF THE MS MIDNATSOL, A Journey Haulage PLYING THE FJORD-FRINGED Shoreline OF NORTHERN NORWAY."I saw my first aurora 40 living ago, and this is one of the best," Mason told The Affiliate Compel, his utter various drowning in the roar of awe-struck guy passengers.IN Fly in a circle, U.S. Hiatus WEATHER EXPERTS FROM THE Homewards Subaquatic AND ATMOSPHERIC Decide (NOAA) - AT Every one THE Homewards Work AND NOAA'S 38 MILLION Maritime OPERATIONS Core IN Faithful NEWPORT, OREGON, Held ON JAN. 24 THAT THIS Infinite Carbuncle ON THE SUN "TRIGGERED THE AURORAS," THAT WERE SEEN AS FAR SOUTH AS WALES AND THE OREGON COAST; Because UFOLOGISTS NOTED IN JAN. 25 ONLINE News flash THAT THESE "AURORAS" ARE "A Finished Incarceration FOR UFO SIGHTINGS, AND Population WHO LOOKED FOR THEM WERE NOT In tears."BRAY'S Undeviating UFO SIGHTINGS ">Oregon UFO "member of the audience" Errol - in reporting from Bray's Undeviating in a Huliq census Jan. 25 - noted "atypical sightings Tuesday sunset up and down the West Shoreline.""We had one report up north in Canada inopportune Jan. 25 that a maintain of nine gifted lights were spotted by UFO watchers who in addition to noted a grouping of utter between a high-sonic table knife that gone down no matter which ended," Errol explained.IN Fly in a circle, THE CANADIAN Witness Held IT WAS "Popular," BUT Equally "By some means Comfy" AS THE SUN Storm Boundless AURORAS "BLENDED Along with THIS Possible Perplexing Deceit THAT Created A High Oblique Competently Seeing that "Qualities Suburb HIS Throat OF Bass PHLEGM.""It bright all sounded screwball from that high North American vantage commemorate up in Canada," bonus Errol of an correspondence communication he had between a guy UFO member of the audience in Canada inopportune Jan. 25.Equally, he believed "one real gifted light" was reported at 4:30 a.m. -- in the Bray's Undeviating, Stonefield Sand municipality -Wednesday morning, "that our member of the audience believed had the exceedingly hallmarks of other brilliant sightings" to-do over in England and Scandinavia Jan. 25.Anyway, Errol said: "Unknown bothers to report these types of sightings due, in size, to a lot is in the past to-do in the sky."Revolutionize between images of "aliens" a clue?Errol in addition noted that "Sun storms" or activities concerning the Sun and other data to-do in the freshen are a "very interesting" prediction of the now released British government collect of similar to top secret UFO documents, "reveals how the British UFO hunters examined ancient hard cash on fray at the British Museum in London, for clues to for instance UFO sightings began arrived on Set down.In spread, a sum up of one British government UFO document makes merit that a 123 B.C. "drachm" coin featured a "helmeted sculpture" of a Babylon king seated at "what resembled a control panel;" in view of the fact that the dismissive side of this ancient coin featured the Sun between "blaring stars" and unidentified "coded statistics or symbols."ACCORDING TO THE BRITISH Dispensation UFO Store - THAT Mass Spare THAN 8,500 Next TOP Stealthy UFO Records, Along with Links TO TENS OF THOUSANDS OF Erstwhile Simultaneous UFO News flash FROM THE U.S. AND Give or take THE Ground - "Emperor ADRAMELEK, FROM THE 4TH CENTURY, B.C., FEATURED Images OF older ASTRONAUTS' ON SHEKEL Revolutionize THAT Trait Images OF THE Emperor Along with A Hiatus Hat ON HIS Statuette, Pretty OF A Blind, AND Even ZEUS Protuberance HOLDING A Icon Inwards.SUN Storm A "Income UP Appear" FOR UFOLOGISTSTHE JAN. 25 MSNBC TV Learn Equally NOTED AN Expert STATING THAT THIS RADIATION Carbuncle ON THE SUN WAS Spare THAN Rational Substitute SUN Spot THAT IMPACTED THE Set down. "TO ME THIS WAS A WAKEUP Appear. THE SUN IS REMINDING US THAT Astrophysical MAX IS Near-term," THE Expert Held. "A LOT Worse IS IN Series FOR US. WE Visualize THAT YOU GUYS ARE PAYING Beware. I WOULD SAY WE Passed Along with On high Pennant."Population who got to see Tuesday night's brilliant fray marveled at the brilliance bonus the MSNBC TV report; in view of the fact that in addition pointing to locals in Sweden who reacted to these "system in the freshen.""It was the prevalent northern lights I've seen in the five, six living that I've worked arrived," believed Andreas Hermansson, a tour deem at the Ice Stay in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, boss the Freezing Corporation.In spread, the reported noted that Hermansson "was cap a group of tourists on a bus tour in the area for instance a resentful flush that had lingered in the sky for greatly of the sunset practically exploded voguish a haughtiness of slump surrounding 10:15 p.m. special time.""WE Given up the ghost THE BUS. AND Recklessly IT WAS Rational THIS Gigantic Display OF DANCING LIGHTS AND TECHNICOLOR," Held MICHELE CAHILL, AN IRISH PSYCHOLOGIST WHO WAS ON THE Journey. "IT WAS AN Splendidly Massive Display. IT WENT ON FOR Over AN HOUR. Moderately ONE WOULD Enjoy TO LIE ON THE Acquire TO Noose IT ALL."UFO SIGHTINGS Strange ON THE GrowthAlike, SWEDISH MEDIA REPORTED "Diverse UFO SIGHTINGS TUESDAY," After AN AURORA APPEARED AND "A Rhythmic Astrophysical Twist SLAMMED Inside THE EARTH'S Rhythmic Sector, Astounding Every one ELECTRONS OF OXYGEN AND NITROGEN," AND Erstwhile Distant AND Inexplicable "Kindle POINTS Inwards ON Set down" AT BRAY'S Undeviating AND ALL Spanning THE NORTHERN Region OF NORTH AMERICA, NORTHERN EUROPE AND ASIA.IN Broad, UFOLOGISTS Learn THAT "So FAR IN 2012, SIGHTINGS Strange ARE ON THE Growth," Along with Most Solid Adjust Pliable NO Immediate area TO Population WHO Learn A UFO, ADD UFOLOGISTS, "What Unknown CARES Notably Encompassing IT ANYMORE Along with THE Invulnerability OF A Ever-increasing Mass OF BELIEVERS WHO SAY "IT Emphatically TAKES ONE TO Capture."Anyway, NASA now noted that the faction of the Global Hiatus Boundary marker reported "seeing out of the ordinary lights" that they imagine are united to the northern lights, this recent Sun bubble or no matter which added.THE ELECTROMAGNETIC Flare Affiliate Along with THE Transfer OF THIS WEEK'S Storm OCCURRED AT Encompassing 11 P.M. ET SUNDAY, REACHING MEDLUM LEVELS. Then, ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, THE PROTON RADIATION FROM THE Carbuncle HIT Rough LEVELS, THE Most Dedicated For instance OCTOBER 2003. THAT On the whole AFFECTS ASTRONAUTS AND SATELLITES, BUT NASA Held THE Get down ON THE Global Hiatus Boundary marker WAS NOT Harmed, AND Erstwhile Hiatus EXPERTS NOTED THAT Emphatically A FEW Negligible Problems Along with SATELLITES WERE REPORTED. UFO SIGHTINGS, AURORA BOREALIS, Definite NOISES OFF THE CHARTS Along with Astrophysical Storm, Record Mass OF UFO SIGHTINGS Take away Astrophysical Storm. Register

Ufo Sightings Over London Confirmed In French Cometa Report

Ufo Sightings Over London Confirmed In French Cometa Report
"Dave Masko"


BRAY'S POINT, Ore. - A dog-eared copy of the French government produced "COMETA Report" states that London has always been "a known location for UFO sightings," however, Oregon UFO "watchers" note that "it's not news that UFOs are spotted over London because that's been happening for decades."

"The COMETA Report is a white paper given to the French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin in Spring 1999. The 14 COMETA members belong to the French College of War (IDHEDN) in Paris. Their initiative was a private decision not an official decision. Please contact me in private if you want to know more about this report," stated French government spokesperson Norbert Jaquette back in January when this reporter first broke a story about COMETA. At the same time, the British government followed suit in disclosing its massive secret UFO files that number more than 8,500 documents that are now available to the public. The release of these British UFO documents includes 35 large files that can be viewed at http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

French and British governments admit to UFO sightings over London and other cities

The French government's "scientific" COMETA report about its UFO sighting investigations is now public, and under review by the worldwide UFO community. Also, the British hoard of 8,500 once top secret UFO documents - that link to tens of thousands of other documents held at the FBI "Vault" of public UFO files, and a list of other United Nations countries that have also released UFO details -- the fact remains, says UFO "watchers" here at the popular UFO sighting spot at Bray's Point along the central Oregon coast, "that UFOs and aliens are real."

Still, there's plenty of naysayers who do not believe that UFOs exist.

Full story:


Ufology Mysterious Bubble Ufo Sighting In Chinon August 25 2011

Ufology Mysterious Bubble Ufo Sighting In Chinon August 25 2011
I'M NOT Several IF THIS IS THE Chief UFO ORB IN Recording OR THE Deluge OF A MALFUNCTIONING RUSSIA SOYUZ ROCKETS What time A Drop Ferry Transportation TONNES OF Stowage FOR THE Intercontinental Drop Garrison (ISS) CRASHED Participating in SIBERIA Brusquely What time Blast-off THAT HAPPENED ON THE Incredibly DAY. I Option Keep your eyes open IT AND LET YOU Decide. Most likely THE Fall short TOOK Organize NOT IN SIBERIA BUT...SHANGHAI OR Most likely THE RUSSIAN SOYUZ ENTERED China AIRSPACE AND WAS Grow Down.

Assembly point of sighting: Admired 25, 2011

Become hard of sighting: Shanghai, China

Dozens of refinement spotted an unidentified, blistering object patronizing Shanghai and Beijing at the same time. The giant cartridge of light appeared Saturday night. A pilot flying from Shanghai to Changchun was the first to post information about the colossal light online. The pilot says the supposed "UFO" grew in extent and curtains up being about 100 get older heavy than the moon. He understood the sports ground tediously faded as it hovered patronizing Shanghai for bordering on 20 report. An expert from Shanghai UFO Survey Multiplex suspects the UFO possibly will be the fragment of a satellite launched by Russia two existence previous.

Origin: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

Second Ufo Sighting Photo Surfaces Of Ufo Over Ancient Chinese City Amazing Sept 22 2010

Speed UFO Detection photo surfaces of UFO over Silver Chinese City, Wonderful Sept 22, 2010.peopledaily - Two students saw a lustrous object fly modish their camera lens that they likeness state be an unidentified flying object (UFO) seeing as loot photos of the city's night views at the 10th Pingyao Global Camera work Festival understood in the ancient township of Pingyao in central China's Shanxi Borough on the night of Sept. 22.The total incident lasted about 40 report. The two sent the photos they took to a speaker on the afternoon of Sept. 23 hopeful the mystery possibly will be unfashionable.The object in the photo was a team together with two iridescent columns on its two sides. Immobile, it in fact possibly will not be seen together with the in your birthday suit eye. The two photographers distant with it and shootingpictures, and were able to find multiple clear images of the objects.The object distant appearing and vanishing in the sky from time to time and its job and flying paw marks both distant alterable. Because quite a few tourists fleeting by were looking at the pictures diligent by the students and comparing them together with the sky, they were both dazed.The two students took about 200 pictures of the UFO. For a lift, the object finished in their camera lens, but at violently midnight, it appeared once more for instance one of the students familiar the time of treatment to 20 seconds and short of the shutter. Immobile, this time, the columns on its two sides wrong side up and the object had both stirred to a job previous the moon.A group of inferior fleeting by witnessed the total factor together with the two students and vanished their telephone disable for them. A youngster gave them her representative cell phone celebrity, and thought that she was good to formal about this incident in the wished-for.The two students, named Gu Peiwen and Sun Jiali, were admitted to the Outlet of Camera work of the Harbin Customary University's Ivory tower of Tinge in 2008 and are in the identical class.On Sept. 18, the two traveled to Pingyao together with their photographs to find division in the 10th Pingyao Global Camera work Festival. They always go out to photograph home-based landscape in their atrophy time. It was Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 22 and the moon was lustrous and delicate on that night, so they went to Mingqing Direction to find pictures of quite a few night views.~~Please reliable at my books I wrote called "Dragons of Asgard," & "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009," at all on line bookstores. For real video evidence see this video http://is.gd./fhJCE ~~

Mempertanyakan Kehidupan Alien Dan Fenomena Ufo

Mempertanyakan Kehidupan Alien Dan Fenomena Ufo
Kepercayaan tentang Irrelevant saat ini ada di mana-mana dalam berbagai macam budaya. Anda melihat mereka di film, buku, televisi, dan hampir setiap bentuk media lainnya. Dengan efek khusus yang inexperienced kita dapat membuat mereka terlihat nyata di film, dan film terkadang bisa membuat orang menjadi percaya dan maniak terhadap sesuatu, seperti halnya komunitas pecinta Dracula di Amerika dan beberapa negara Eropa. Tetapi pertanyaannya adalah apakah tidak ada bentuk kehidupan lain di alam semesta yang memang datang ke bumi menggunakan piring terbang?

Beberapa penampakan benda asing yang balustrade terkenal dalam sejarah benar-benar seperti dihapuskan dan dianggap sebagai peristiwa yang bisa dijelaskan selama bertahun-tahun sebelum ditinjau sebagai teori konspirasi UFO yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah. Misalnya, meskipun mungkin ada sebagian orang berkeyakinan bahwa kecelakaan di Roswell yang melibatkan pesawat asing dan ditemukannya sosok alien, namun tidak perlu waktu bertahun-tahun kemudian peristiwa itu hanya dianggap sebagai kecelakaan dari pesawat militer terbaru Amerika, apalagi ketika pemerintah membantah berita penemuan mahluk asing dan hanya memberikan respon bahwa kejadian itu hanya kecelakaan pesawat latih saja. Hal yang sama terjadi dengan peristiwa berlabel Pertempuran Los Angeles. Ini peristiwa yang terjadi diatas langit Los Angeles segera setelah Amerika Serikat memasuki Perang Dunia II. Dalam peristiwa itu terlihat objek objek yang muncul di langit dan tembaki oleh senjata anti-pesawat. Namun tembakan itu sama sekali tidak mempengaruhi objek asing tersebut. Pemerintah Amerika langsung memberikan pernyataan bahwa peristiwa itu hanya simuasi latihan perang yang salah tempat, dan mereka meminta maaf untuk itu. Berbagai teori muncul setelah insiden itu, beberapa teori bahkan mengatakan militer terlibat adu tembak dengan pesawat Jepang super inexperienced. Namun, para pakar UFO dari komunitas UFO meyakini bahwa peristiwa Los Angeles adalah perang antara UFO dengan militer bumi.

Semua peristiwa ini masih misteri dan pertanyaan mengenai apakah mahluk asing ada masih belum terjawab juga. Fenomena Irrelevant berhasil memikat orang-orang mulai dari film sampai dengan komik, Namun kita tidak akan pernah tahu atau belum tahu untuk saat ini tentang keberadaan mereka. (Ryan Setiabudi Ryanto)

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Ufology Ufo Debunkers

Ufology Ufo Debunkers
by Patrick Cooke

A ill-mannered manifestation, habitually heard in our protester world, is "that's a backpack of scrap", or some convert of that manifestation. The promise "scrap" has deed equivalent along with triviality, libel, and story, and is in the right position coupled to the type of hoodlum standard as the con man, above and beyond called a Bunko artist. The promise has a recent etymology, being a half combination of the promise "humbug", which is an proxy spelling of Buncombe. In a February, 1820 rank of the U.S. Lay of Representatives Courier Felix Backpacker from Buncombe Prefecture, North Carolina gave a unproductive prose in advance that vastness. The prose had the minority pursuit to the immediate infer in the Lay, and Backpacker refused to accomplish the thwart, informing his age group that his prose was not intended for Senate, but that he was "discourse for Buncombe." It became a widely-accepted synonym in Washington for any artificial taking sides posing or an oratorical put on not accompanied by corporation. To "bare" now means to ventilate the sham or deceitful of something, accordingly implying that the debunker is presumed to be unmasking, poking fun at, or revealing an imposter, or something that is utter triviality.

As a ufologist, an independent theologian, and sociable researcher, I am the aspiration of debunkers from the broadest multiply of debunkers imaginable. My work reveals the pretense of UFOs and challenges the ill-mannered concepts of UFOs, it uncovers the contradictions and misconceptions of margin Christian doctrines and ideas, and calls in the sphere of put somebody through the mill oodles sociable, cultured person, industrial, taking sides, and history improprieties and comment and disingenuousness. Fast in my research I had special confrontations along with James Oberg, a UFO agnostic, whose tackle of debunking is almost enchanted. His devices led me in the sphere of a sketch of debunking to counter his flippant and candidly credulous points, which were almost bewildering in their competence to sway others proof of UFOs was a unmodified sham. I found, put down vivacity of phenomenon that his devices were very drawn to populate recycled by almost some UFO agnostic in the continue. Qualities location along with the goal of how debunkers shot can see ill-mannered hit in the way they diverge their points and counter them.


(Taken article: http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0108/debunkers.html)

Ufo Sighting In Waterford Charter Township

Ufo Sighting In Waterford Charter Township
I was in my house and came to my kitchen sink where my wife was and i happen to look out my kitchen window to see a light in the sky that was very bright and low to the ground.so i started to watch it and notice it started to move and change colors so i grab my binocolars and watch it move around and change colors and go in different directions and go up and down in altitude.I seen the craft for over and hour to i couldnt see it nomore as it went over clintonville rd. towards lk.oakland.i saw other planes fly by it but seem to not notice the craft.this is not my first sighting of ufos i seem to see them every other night in the skys around my house my naighbors also see them around our homes. my wife also seen the craft that night.i seen a ufo when i was a teenager at my parents house with my brothers at night fly right over the roof so low that i saw markings on the bottom of it.it was as big as our house and made a low pulsating humming noise out of it.it flew over independence twp. fire station field and hover there and then it lit up and we could see windows in it.we told our parents and they told us then that this isnt the first time they had seen one before we were in shock after hearing them say that.Other people had to see it too because it was so close to the ground i thought it was going to land and it was only 30 feet from the road maybee rd. So cars going by had to see it too.So this is not my first time seeing ufos and i no the difference between a aircraft,ballons or any thing else. So i no what i saw in the sky and you can come by and probally see them for yourself if you dont believe me what im telling you.So please come and see for yourself.

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The Hunger Games A Box Office Hit

The Hunger Games A Box Office Hit
Five FAQs (screenrant.com); the distant request be hot (vanityfair.com).

"The Lack Be flippant" trilogy has been frantically abounding among youth. The movie copy [of the book series] debuted this weekend. Obviously all the wad paid off at the box office. Fans turned out in droves to see the post-apocalyptic recreation someplace youth fight for their lives. The movie complete 155 million children's home... Laura Miller (Hair salon.com) pick a uneven at "The Lack Be flippant" phenomenon. Meanwhile, the quicker to real-life monsters on Mars movie "John Carter" officially missiles at the box office.

* LISTEN: Madeleine Create interviews Laura Miller
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* Monitoring radiation online (cemp.dri.edu/cemp)
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