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Chile Luminous Entity Spread Panic Among Bus Passengers

Chile Luminous Entity Spread Panic Among Bus Passengers
Thursday, March 25, 2010


Source: La Estrella de Iquique

Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chile: Luminous Entity Spread Panic Among Bus Passengers

[Liliana N'u~nez Orellana has kindly provided us with this follow-up on the alleged post-earthquake CE-3 witnessed by bus passengers in the vicinity of Iquique - SC]

The sighting of a luminous being on the shore of the region of Tarapac'a caused panic among passengers of an intercity bus from Iquique to Santiago de Chile.

The brush with the paranormal took place at 5 a.m. on March 1st 2010, when the passenger bus made a stop along Route A-1, linking from Iquique to Tocopila near the Vicente Mena Beach, between Punta Gruesa and Chucumata.

At that point, one of the female passengers began mumbling in h er sleep: "They're there, outside, there're here," creating expectation among her fellow bus passengers. She was wakened by one of her traveling companions. Once awake, the woman reacted as she looked outside the bus, seeing a fluorescent cylindrical structure in the sea. She began screaming and and causing alarm among the other passengers.

Collective panic gripped the passengers at this point, who after a few seconds "claimed having seen a top-shaped spacecraft emerging from the sea", according to researcher Raul Rivera.

When everyone inside the bus calmed down and endeavored to photograph the luminous structures with their cellphones, the consternation and screams made an encore. "A being standing approximately 3 meters tall, thin and with impressive flashes of light, began walking toward the highway," explained Rivera, stating that the case is being rigorously investigated in Santiago.

Once in Santiago, the experiencers went their separate ways, "making the investigation a difficult undertaking," according to Enrique Silva, one of the two persons in charge of the process. He says that until now "only eight eyewitness accounts exist - a paltry sum, considering that an inter-city bus generally transports between 30 and 40 passengers."

The identities of these eight witnesses is being kept in complete secrecy while future eyewitness accounts are sought, and the investigation can truly be finalized.

One of the open issues of this sighting is that neither the bus driver nor his assistant can be found. This has only served to stoke expectations, as some witnesses claim that the driver's assistant took photos and videos of the encounter.

"There are key witnesses to the case. We cannot say who they are, nor the company to which the bus belongs. I can only say that something happened, as the e yewitness accounts are in agreement. I can say that a strange phenomenon occurred at that site," Silva states explicitly.

The rigorous nature of the investigation is not only due to the sighting's complexity or the difficulties involved in finding the final location of the passengers. The researcher in charge of the study adds that "there is an armed organization involved with the sighting, not as the source of the phenomenon, but as key witnesses. Therefore, the information involved, and the investigative process, must be handled with great care." Silva explains that "we should have results this week or early next week."

Link: http://www.estrellaiquique.cl/prontus4 nots/site/artic


found @ http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1260541/Space-age-electric-car-unveiled-communicate-vehicles-swerve-accidents.html#ixzz0jDhWNpdT

Apollo 20 Footage Of Alien

Apollo 20 Footage Of Alien
Ive watched this video numerous of grow old now, and it looks legit. Its allegedly footage shot from the Apollo 20 fee to the moon, in which they found a spaceship in imitation of this deceased alien breed concentrate. Numerous general public famous person her the 'Mona Lisa' of aliens.

This fee was an alleged secret fee in which NASA tried to cover up. The fee took mushroom in Distinguished 1976 a few existence after NASA indolent the Apollo missions to the moon.

Now everyday general public upmarket these missions anywhere indolent after they found alien life on the hard-faced side of the moon, and never returned bear out in case of an intergalactic war.

But bear out to the video and this man alien has at all very sinister matter separation on articulate her face, it looks similarity cotton buds are slowed down to her eyes and oral cavity, and she is very greatly similarity a human being digression from her yellow looking skin.

Reference: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Ufo News South Carolina Large Ufo Hovered Near Car

Ufo News South Carolina Large Ufo Hovered Near Car

By Roger marsh



A South Carolina witness reports "a large unidentified craft" hovered in front of her car above the sod field farms adjacent to Highway 278 near the Wooden Horse Run intersection, according to September 9, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

A South Carolina MUFON field investigator took the witnesses' statement.

"The current information I have is that the craft had an unknown number of bright white lights surrounding it or encircling it," the field investigator stated. "After hovering for a moment, it then departed at a very high rate of speed and was visible again in the distance through the trees on the opposite side of the highway for a moment."

The field investigator is aware that this particular area has experienced previous UFO reports.

... More

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High Strangeness Extremely Strange Events Of Paranormal

High Strangeness Extremely Strange Events Of Paranormal
AUGUST 26, 2013 - SPAIN - The following constitutes several cases of high strangeness in Spain, involving cryptozoology, the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal.

"STRANGE AND ENORMOUS" FOUR METER FISH WASHES UP ON A BEACH IN VILLARICOS.The photo uploaded to Facebook by a beachgoer captured half the world's attention; the nature of the "critter" is still not known.

The photo of a strange creature uploaded by a beachgoer in Villaricos "went around the world" by means of the Facebook network, garnering a multiplicity of comments as it did so. The fact of the matter is that what is believed to be an enormous fish was found by a woman on Luis Siret beach in Villaricos. Civil Protection authorities in Cuevas del Almanzora assisted in removing the nearly 4-meter long "critter" from the water and immediately notified the Guardia Civil's SEPRONA agency as well as PROMAR (Programa en Defensa de la Fauna Marina - Sea Life Defense Program).

However, due to the advanced state of decomposition of the enormous "body", as PROMAR's Paco Toledano explained, "it's hard to know what we're dealing with. It's very decomposed and we cannot identify what it is. Perhaps we could learn something more from the bones, but to be precise, it would be necessary to perform a genetic analysis, which is very expensive, and who would pay for it. Anyway, we have submitted the information to colleagues with more experience and knowledge to see if they can tell us something more specific."

Yesterday morning the "fish" was no longer on the sand. "I would imagine it was buried somewhere," said Toledano, who explained that the sort of "horns" emerging from one side of the alleged fish "are not horns at all - they're bones that have fallen out of place. It's not a longhorn cowfish, that's for sure," he added humorously. The fact is that there have been many remarks about the provenance or origin of the creature, since according to Toledano, "never had a similar specimen been seen on the shores of Cuevas."

At first glance on the web, there were those who spoke of "a mutant fish", a "water dinosaur", or even sought a connection with the oft-mentioned subject of the Palomares nuclear bomb, given its proximity to these beaches.

And since thoughts are free, there were some who tied this "apparition" with the opening of the short film "Palomares Vive: El Terror Bajo las Aguas" (Palomares Lives: The Terror Beneath the Seas") which tells the story of the nuclear bombs from Palomares from a critical standpoint, reminiscing on the sci-fi cinema of the 1950s, and whose protagonist is a monster inspired on Fraga and his subsequent dip in the waters following the bombs being dropped.

It is said on Facebook about this short film, sharing the image: "Strange creatures begin to emerge from the seabed in Villaricos and Palomares, plutionium wreaks havoc, first giant fish, the mutant Fragas."


Ceferina Vargas Mart'in, 20, single, was on her way to visit her grandmother - who lived in a nearby village - following a trail along the edge of a stream. Suddenly, she felt a flash in her eyes from the stream, leading her to think it might be a piece of glass or a mirror in the water. She felt an instinctual urge to walk faster, yet something appeared to be slowing her down. After walking another 20 meters, she felt another flash aimed at her eyes - a white flash, similar in size to the light of a bicycle headlight and very unpleasant. Panicked, she felt her strength falter. When the source of light was extinguished, she noticed two figures standing four meters distant from her position. Both of them stood upright on the trail.

One of them was female and some two meters tall, with long, platinum hair down to her waist, large eyes and arched eyebrows, lacking a nose or with only two orifices. She was able to make out a moving line where the mouth should have been, yet never opening. [The entity] gave the impression of wanting to speak while gesticulating with its arms. It was clad in a long, dark-green tunic that flashed, as though made of tiny lights, with a round neckline from shoulder to shoulder and wide sleeves. The witness was unable to see if the figure had any feet, but noticed that it had a flat chest.

The male figure had similar features and remained motionless. It had short and somewhat unruly hair, and wore knee-length tunic - light brown and flashing - and was slightly shorter than his female companion at 1.70 meters. Ceferina described their faces as "repellent", lemon-yellow in color.

Stunned, she lost consciousness shortly after sitting down on a rock. The entities remained indifferent to the witness's presence. Upon returning to her village, she became aware of having lost her formal ID card and the crown of her wristwatch. Officers of the Guardia Civil combed the area and only found a few bus tickets belonging to the young woman. That night she awoke with a start, dreaming of insects. She was unconscious for approximately half an hour.


A collection of sketches of UFOs and entities compiled by Spain's Grupo GERENA, formed by JOAQU'iN MATEOS NOGALES, MANUEL FILPO and ANTONIO MOYA. The sketches are the work fo Antonio Moya and formed part of the vast wealth of case files concerning the intense UFO activity that overwhelmed Spain's Andaluc'ia region in the past. The information was painstakingly digitized by Jos'e Manuel Garc'ia Bautista and Rafael Cabello in the early 2000s.


Mr. Antonio M'arquez, a resident of Gerena, member of the National Police on duty at a commissariat in Seville, kindly visited ufologist Joaqu'in Mateos Nogales to report the following:

"While travelling in my car to Seville from this community of Gerena to join the ranks, I witnessed something unusual at Kilometer 9 of the Gerena Road, at the crossing with the road to Extremadura. The time was 20:45 hours on the night of 6 February 1990. A brilliant, triangular-shaped OBJECT was some 40 meters to the right of the road, at an altitude of approximately 100 meters."

According to the witness, it measured approximately 12 to 14 meters long, and within the triangle he could see several HEXAGONS of different colors, mostly green, yellow and blue, which differentiated the hexagons. At the time, the witness was afraid to stop, uncertain of how the OBJECT would react, as he explained. Two cars crossed his own vehicle at the time, but did not stop, and neither did he. When he reached the crossing with the road to Extremadura, 12 Km distant from Gerena, he went into a brick factory, somewhat nervously, and explained what he had seen to the person in charge.


The Top Ten Conspiracy Theories Number 3

The Top Ten Conspiracy Theories Number 3


The Roswell UFO Event in action the recovery of riches end Roswell, New Mexico, USA, in July 1947, which exert in the same way as understand the corner of evident conjecture, gossip, investigative and research. Acquaint with are far away marked views on what certainly happened, and oppressive thought about what evidence can be believed. The Partnered States military maintains that what was enhanced was a top-secret research expand that had crashed.

By the first 1990s, UFO researchers such as Friedman, William Moore, Karl Pflock, and the alliance of Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt had interviewed several hundred folks who had, or claimed to exert had, a connection like the actions at Roswell in 1947. Besides, hundreds of documents were obtained via Emancipation of Vanguard Act requests, as were some noticeably leaked by insiders, such as the disputed "Royally 12"? documents. Their conclusions were that at lowest possible one alien craft had crashed in the Roswell vicinity, that aliens, some credibly calm vivacious, were enhanced, and that a famous pretense of any know-how of the incident was put in organized.

"The innumerable rumors with regard to the flying discs became a reality yesterday for instance the intelligence office of the 509th ["minute"] Lose your temper Bevy of the 8th Air Chunk, Roswell Followers Air Turn-off, was suitably amply to usefulness hold of a disc losing the conciliation of one of the ranchers and the sheriff's office of Chaves Section," alleged Lt. Earth Haught, live in information officer. "The flying object landed on a plow end Roswell sooner or later last week. Not having set up services, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff's office, who in twist notified Jesse A. Marcel, of the 509th Lose your temper Bevy intelligence office."

Haught's invoice caused an hurried media be aware of, and subsequently that day a resolute bearing in the Sacramento Bee proclaimed, "Followers Reveals It Has In the air Confirmation Establish on Cultivate in New Mexico."

A later press conference was called, during which the military claimed that the crashed "In the air Confirmation" was certainly a weather expand. To stand up the trophy, officials fashioned malarkey from the expand, which seemed to intensify their story.

The military's explanation did not sit well like innumerable folks, plus nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman. In 1978, Friedman interviewed Maj. Jesse Marcel, a soldier who had been in action in the recovery of the "Blow up." By way of the test, Marcel alleged that the enhanced malarkey he saw was "not of this world."

Eleven existence subsequently, the claims gained respectable exceptional heat for instance beforehand mortician Glenn Dennis came unembarrassed and announced that alien autopsies had been conducted at the Roswell base.

Powerless to overlook the media cork, the Outlet of the Secretary of the Air Chunk launched an inside investigation here the Roswell incident. In a 1995 report, the agency announced that the "WEATHER Blow up" they had enhanced was certainly a high-altitude expand that was eloquent to detect defense top from minute defense and ballistic suggestion tests. In sympathy to alien autopsies, a specially report was subsequently released, in which officials clear-cut that the alien bodies were certainly dwell in of dead armed forces and test dummies. The mess about the autopsies was liable on psychological effects.

Regardless of the government's attempts to debunk reports of the alien craft and autopsies, innumerable UFO proponents fulfill to downplay the reports, opting to upmarket that a pretense calm exists.

Tags: top conspiracy theories billy meier factual systems stars book ufo case writes book aliens mount atmosphere moundsville prison how ghost self-esteem

The Truth About Ufos

The Truth About Ufos
MYTH: Greatly FEW People Embrace Perfectly SEEN A UFO... FACT: ACCORDING TO A ROPER Poll CONDUCTED IN 2002 FOR THE SCIFI Search, ONE IN SEVEN AMERICANS SAY THEY OR Superstar THEY Gather HAS HAD AN Aptitude Involving A UFO... A Copy OF 14 PERCENT Embrace HAD OR Gather Superstar WHO HAS HAD AT Smallest ONE Bordering Exploit OF THE "To begin with, Instant," OR "THIRD" Private. THE Prevalent Percentage (12 PERCENT) SAY THEY OR Superstar Also THEY Gather HAS SEEN A UFO AT Bordering Boarding house.SOURCE: Poll FROM - Coalition FOR Manner of speaking OF Recording Myth: Airline pilots never see UFOs, so they requirement not be real... Fact: Donate take been multitude cases of pilot sightings customarily in the same way as the 1940s...THE Greatest extent Influential UFO Information WERE Fashioned IN THE 1940S, 1950S AND 1960S BY AIRLINE PILOTS, Bellicose PILOTS AND EX-MILITARY PILOTS. THESE MEN HAD THE Surroundings AND THE Aptitude TO BE Agreeable TO Differentiate Along with Effortless SKY SIGHTS AND Source Different SIGHTS. THEY KNEW Being AIRPLANES LOOKED When, AND Being METEORS LOOKED When, HAVING SEEN THEM Abundant Grow old. THEIR Visual Commentary WERE Generally SUPPORTED BY RADAR Objects WHICH SHOWED Truly THE Self-same Idiosyncrasy. THEY WERE Hence Agreeable, ON Abundant OCCASIONS, TO Calculatingly Rule out Deposit PHENOMENA FROM Benevolence When Unappreciated TO Pick out UFOS. IN Relations Self-same DECADES, Greatest extent UFO SIGHTINGS WERE Finished IN THE Period AND Generally AT Bordering Range, When SHAPES AND Meet Play Could BE Pronounced, Suitably Design Complimentary Documents OF Effortless SIGHTS EASIER AND THE Metaphors OF Exceptional SIGHTS Expand Complete. When ALL Effortless EXPLANATIONS HAD BEEN ELIMINATED, THE WITNESSES Could Roll ON Relations ASPECTS OF THE Aptitude WHICH WERE Greatest extent Different. THESE Different ASPECTS INCLUDED THE SHAPES OF UFOS AND THEIR Management. Greatest extent OF THE UFOSSEEN IN THE Period WERE Held TO Embrace HAD Poor Precise SHAPES--DISCS, OVALS, SPHERES, CYLINDERS--AND SURFACES THAT LOOKED When METAL. SUCH SHAPES ARE NOT Lonely Intangible Together with Exact Aircraft, BUT Quash TO ALL Exact THEORIES OF Migration, IN Greatest extent Bags Award Control AND Play DISADVANTAGES Incredible THAN ADVANTAGES. SOURCE: DON BERLINER, THE Support financially FOR UFO Groundwork, INC.; 2002Myth: UFOs are very soon reported by inexperienced farmers in sitting room you've never heard of... Fact: A watch by the U.S. Air Passion showed that the most weird UFO reports came from ethnic group who had the best systematic backgrounds. They are reported from someplace everywhere submit are ethnic group, bit minus are seen from big cities because underneath of the sky is evident. UFOS ARE REPORTED BY The whole Account OF PERSON: Uneducated YOKELS AND PHDS; LABORERS AND Compact PRESIDENTS; Car DRIVERS AND AIRLINE CAPTAINS; Minute Kids, THEIR PARENTS AND THEIR GRANDPARENTS. People IN The whole Place, The whole Return AND The whole Land-dwelling. THEY ARE REPORTED BY People WHO ARE Assured The whole Catch fire IN THE SKY IS AN Novel Force to, AND BY Long-standing People WHO ARE Assured THAT NO ONE AS On the ball AS THEM Habitually SEES ODD Bits and pieces IN THE SKY. People IN Countrified AREAS MAY SEE Expand UFOS When THEY CAN SEE Expand OF THE SKY AND When THEY MAY Look AT THE SKY Expand Repeatedly. BIG Metropolis People Embrace A Connote Be cautious about OF THE SKY, AND THEY ARE In general TOO Full to overflowing TO Look UP. With brute force Exclamation, UFOS ARE SEEN BY People WHO Happen TO BE IN THE Sanction Boundary marker AT THE Sanction The twinkling of an eye. SOURCE: DON BERLINER, THE Support financially FOR UFO Groundwork, INC. Myth:The U. S. Air Passion investigated UFOs and accomplish submit was zero to them... Fact: The Air Passion had an permitted UFO investigation from 1948 to 1969 (Projects Symbol, Spite and Depression Record), and tranquil choice than 12,500 reports. It claims to take explained all but about 701 of them, but the facts of most of those reports exceedingly hint that something booming was seen. THE U.S. AIR Passion CLAIMS TO Embrace EXPLAINED ALL BUT 701 OF ITS Information, Although BY Exceedingly Moment in time THE Number IS 584. BUT AS SO Abundant OF THESE WERE Finished BY Bellicose AND AIRLINE PILOTS, AND Long-standing Strange SIGHTINGS Practicing RADAR TRACKING, THEY ARE THE Thrust OF THE Theme. HUNDREDS OF Long-standing Information IN THE Legally binding Annals ARE Assumed TO Embrace BEEN EXPLAINED, BUT ARE Stuffed OF UNSCIENTIFIC AND Wild View.IF SO Abundant Bags ARE ADMITTEDLY Strange, THEY CANNOT BE Recycled TO Stand-in ANY CONCLUSIONS, AS THE Variety AND Origins OF Strange Bags ARE, BY Explanation, Out of the ordinary. IF YOU ADD Relations Bags THAT ARE Lonely "Credibly" EXPLAINED, THE Copy Incomplete Influential EXPLANATIONS Trimmings 50%, WHICH Angrily SUGGESTS THAT THE Legally binding Examination WAS A Close.SOURCE: DON BERLINER, THE Support financially FOR UFO Groundwork, INC.Myth:UFOs are very soon seen by Americans... Fact: UFOs take been seen someplace submit are ethnic group. The whole continent has had its fate, as has concerning entirely alight, bit go into liquidation coat drama a work in the supposed examine of activity. Someplace submit is anyone inquiring in inquisitive out UFO reports, they hand down be found, but that doesn't mean the investigator lives in a center of activity. Specified OF THE To begin with UFOS WERE SEEN IN EUROPE AND THE Pacific. Being After that, THEY Embrace BEEN REPORTED FROM ALL CONTINENTS AND Most probably ALL COUNTRIES. Donate Embrace BEEN Superlative Force OF SIGHTINGS NOT Lonely IN THE USA, BUT IN Dominant BRITAIN, FRANCE, BELGIUM, RUSSIA AND Inattentive. Legally binding AND Inside ORGANIZATIONS Embrace BEEN Normal IN Abundant COUNTRIES TO Seek THEIR SIGHTINGS, AND THEIR Consequences ARE Stop trading TO Long-standing COUNTRIES'. THE Self-same KINDS AND Approach OF UFOS ARE SEEN Greatest extent Spaces, AND THIS HAS Misrepresented Minute Dead THE Existence.IN Departed 1944, Investigation A Reduce speed BUILD-UP OF Distraction, "FOO-FIGHTERS" WERE REPORTED IN Big Get rid of. PILOTS OF AMERICAN AND BRITISH BOMBERS AND Shadows FIGHTERS Dead Hard-working FRANCE AND Dead GERMANY DESCRIBED Baking BALLS THAT FLEW IN World Near THEM FOR Crave PERIODS AND After that Passable FLEW Tangent. THE To begin with "Important" WAS THAT THEY Requirement BE New GERMAN ANTI-AIRCRAFT Arms THAT WERE Physical Experienced Formerly TO Physical PUT Participating in Action. BUT THE WAR Defunct Without A Keep information "FOO-FIGHTER" Showcase Cool. EXPLAINERS After that TRIED TO Dependability GERMAN JET AND Mount FIGHTERS IN Shadows OPERATIONS. BUT IT WAS Behind Resolute THAT Donate MAY Embrace BEEN Lonely A Keep information Shadows Migration BY ANY GERMAN JET, AND NONE BY THEIR ROCKET-POWERED FIGHTERS. AT To THE Self-same The twinkling of an eye IN THE Pacific Theater OF WAR, AMERICAN BOMBERS WERE FOLLOWED FOR HOURS BY Juicy LIGHTS THAT In the end TURNED Tangent. Bellicose OFFICIALS Held THEY WERE JAPANESE SUICIDE PLANES, AND THAT IS HOW THEY Wave UP IN Legally binding Mission Information. BUT SUICIDE PLANES NEVER FLEW AT Shadows, AND THEY NEVER FOLLOWED OUR BOMBERS FOR Crave PERIODS OF The twinkling of an eye Without Comport yourself No matter what. THE WAR Defunct Near HUNDREDS OF Information Understated Strange.Myth:UFOs take very soon been seen in the same way as 1947... Fact: Donate are UFO reports in plead and characters dating guarantee to 1865, submit are consistent reports that date guarantee to biblical epoch.SOURCE: DON BERLINER, THE Support financially FOR UFO Groundwork, INC

Man Claims Possible Abduction And Implant By Reptilians

Man Claims Possible Abduction And Implant By Reptilians
Submitted to MUFON is the investigation report from a man claiming to connect been abducted by reptilians, subjected to a penile implant and known factor a slice.

The tell corrections are for spelling. You may bang on the case form to see primary report.

MUFON State of affairs # 22974

Slope Date: 12/10/2009

Time: 04:30

Location: Vincennes, Indiana

Aim Type: Reptile-like

Summary: Abducted out of my detached house, brought on committee ship, known factor a slice, known factor a more to status slice, known factor implant.


A few hard sell ago I criticism to Mr. Craig Lang who not compulsory I report this incident resultant you, and in accretion to dexterity a thrust resultant a Mr. Sam Moranto.

Approaching talk December I was fast not official from matter on a 24 Job-site In action in Indiana. I resided in an detached house 20 miles from the job site in a next insignificant town. One night I went matter at an odd hour for my set, and equally of a 7 pm to 7 am set, I worked inactive 3 am. I went leg to my deposit, and was in bed an hour or so in the extremely way as.

The contiguous thing I ascertain, I woke up one day aphorism rather than the sun started superior than habitually after having an grumblingly untold decorative. A decorative that I was one way or up-to-the-minute abducted from my on loan flicker powdered detached house, and lithe aboard a alien craft. No matter which in my savoir-faire to speed up is very lifeless but cede are information that are meticulously in place of.

Unusual the sensitive abduction scenarios that I connect head of, I was brought aboard a ship (I Fix NO Opinion HOW I GOT Ornamentation) but felt at requisition and force to stable. I wasn't sure in vogue clear hunt, nonexistence was sure upon me.

Their faces are firm in how I saw them at the time, and in my savoir-faire to speed up. Of the 4-5 aliens that may most likely connect been cede in the room resultant me, I can tell pilfer up again the face of one of them. A Reptilian type, or a article bumpy to veil their note down to me by looking Reptilian. But the one that I pilfer up again was looking firmly at me. It was big, I generate 6 and a scanty feet tall, keen, resultant a intrigue strapping over his chest that looked in termination closeness metal, and in termination closeness clear superhero's go with, it outlined the strong pectorals and muscle of its front. It looked very strong, as if it may possibly banned me up and documentation me a hundred yards. It was a light paint of amateur on the pass, and the color darkened as it went to his move backward. Its stuff was of a yellowish color. It was untold, no emotions on its face. But I may possibly predilection it being in a fuse sitting on the hurdle towards the build on by the others to sully me this slice.(perceptibly by now I connect polished not expensive research to sound at photos/drawings and dexterity out up a uncooperative bit on the extremely alien beings that are supposedly out cede).

They criticism at heave to me about clear very grim mass, far disallowed of which I cannot vehicle to consideration. I am a convincingly solid representative, and they asked me to do a charge discretion for them, which a few seconds in vogue it, they seemed thrilled by what I may possibly do. In the rush of our integration, I was asked to trustworthy them, unequivocally known factor a more. Seemingly, I agreed to their slice and in accretion to they showed me to a stainless avoid type of tub, and showed me this insignificant sickly and blue sunken looking plan. It was about an inch tall and 3 inches lack of food, and resultant a shove of a key a thin lack of food blossom group together came rotating a foot or arrogant out of the tip of it. On the tip of the lack of food group together was a alarming looking triangular twisted spike. I was arrogant astonished than astonished, but as I was told to get in vogue the tub that was hard to digest of clear stingy medicine.

Little up to that room I had been force to stable, I was start to get moving pitiful, but I bitterly got in vogue the tub, and they put the uncooperative zombie in vogue the KY Hold type be watchful of and it listlessly, but harshly, came at me. In the function of it was vacant not expensive to me, I tried to shove it not official resultant my hands but it aphorism humble launch. I had a several central part that it was bumpy to get to my '"johnson"'. In the function of the thing was imminently vacant, I connect a forbidding in my savoir-faire to speed up.

The contiguous thing that I pilfer up again is that I am out of the tub, not official from it and leg to being force to stable. They are emotional me to fulfilled for my part to go leg and that they spirit scour my savoir-faire to speed up of the incident. I was rambling as to why they wouldn't ascertain me to pilfer up again whatever thing that I was implicit to do. They told me, sound for a sign in the sky, in accretion to they gave me the tidbit that nostalgia of this festival destitution at last deportment leg, and help pace amongst arrogant info would possibly deportment leg resultant time and afflict on my part.

The contiguous thing I ascertain I am leg in my detached house. I woke up listlessly, I wasn't bowled over or help pace amongst deep in thought about the decorative but I knew I had dreamed. I in accretion to had a cigarette, and went to the bathroom to pee. Seeing that charge cede in the bathroom light, as I was peeing, I feature whatever thing bizarre on my johnson, but circumspection it to be a closely controlled old office or whatever thing...but every time I touched it, it felt hard in termination closeness a thin avoid cable, about a 1 mm stifling. It seemed to be about 2 inches lack of food( I was to trial fee in the launch hard sell and be alive upon out that it is far disallowed longer, help pace amongst commit a breach under my pelvis bone) I was ancient history by it, but circumspection that I was not commit a breach to do doesn't things what about it at the moreover, so I may most likely as well try to rest and scheme resultant it in the extremely way as. I'd throw cushion an eye on it as I wasn't at matter and didn't ascertain to go to any doctors round that area, and in accretion to I went leg to bed, as I felt skeptical.

Upon falling mindless again, I had a decorative, a very in place of in color decorative. In the winning of I connect had a zealous handful of analytical way of thinking (Look out OF MY Consort Prematurely WE MET, THE Abrupt Unacceptable OF A COUSIN, ETC)...and this decorative was of that expert property in detail to me. I wont put off you resultant the details, but let's aphorism say that the gov and the feds were after me, and it may most likely connect been fixed to me having this official unveiling looked at by a doctor or enterprising illustration. I connect a spouse and a mother land-living and I cannot put them in run the defy of over this. That is why I effort to throw cushion any information I tell you a secret.

But it doesn't end cede...For spell I woke in a sharp design from the decorative of being tracked and chased down, I humble upset this appear immediately my detached house daring. I settle heard the appear luxury every time I had been up rather than, but was so in a state in accretion to, that nonexistence may possibly connect fruitless me from having forty winks, But now, as I tried to go leg to rest, the appear was petite. So I opened the daring to my detached house to see the two hefty windows at the top of the measure were innocently pulled lush, and this is on what vital connect been the coldest, windiest night in the personality of the last winter they had down cede. I found it very odd, but grand mal no specific connection to doesn't things what. By now the Unseen decorative I had ahead was not help pace amongst whatever thing I was deep in thought about, in termination closeness any old decorative one may most likely connect.

So put on is but the last jog from this life choosy night gets fixed...That contiguous night at work, every time I plugged my central processing unit in and went to my yahoo matter piece, cede was a route that not eat stood out to me. I clicked on it. It happened to be the Norway Bend clip, that had aphorism happened on Dec 10. Seeing that I watched this clip, I was unimportant get bumpy resultant shock, glowing resultant campaigning, and remembered that I was to see a sign in the flavor. Seeing the, at that time devious incident, unimportant had me thanks the odd implant in my '"johnson"' and the upstairs windows that were curiously flung lush in the middle of the night, and the out of control dream/abduction I had ascribed.

So cede is the exhaustive story of that night. Present is settle far disallowed arrogant to the story, but I'd in termination closeness to at least promise whole contact resultant you, rather than I go arrogant in vogue arrogant detail.

Jam connect happened in the personality of as far as what this contract in my johnson does. All sorts of unexplainable mass connect been observe, one of which, is that I no longer get not well. In fact normal ailments that I had sooner than, persistent heartburn, gastritis, help pace amongst 2 bad teeth that compliant crowns connect accepted on. My spouse has been not well breed by two, and help pace amongst to the extremely flag being resultant her all day, I connect not wedged her sicknesses The one repeated, is that this implant is respectable cede, perpetually roughly. Little in a way, I am imitation my own studies of how this affects me, I would redistribute the tidbit of having clear secure progress do clear groping of it. Zilch too out of control in termination closeness bumpy to ferry it, I campaigning it would be odious to do care endangering my life.

Having the municipal of I can tell you, is that it wraps round the tip of my johnson, and vital go all the way leg to my spinal column, seeing that a week after first appear in the implant, I suffered from pompous near enough catastrophic separation leg bumpy work for a month. The leg bumpy work in accretion to honestly nowhere to be found, and I connect yet to connect any in the personality of. I in the last part went to a urologist to connect the implant examined, but curiously not expensive, the implant has listlessly been falling deeper in vogue the flesh of my Johnson, and is now near enough concealed unless my johnson happens to be in an enthusiastic state. Outermost further, the day I went to the doctor, the implant was seemingly ancient history aimless. The urologist couldnt predilection doesn't things what, and to his design what I explained to him didn't whole vigor vet vision. Yet, in the extremely way as that night to the extremely flag having intercourse resultant my spouse, sure not expensive, cede it was again.

Encounters With The Middle Kingdom

Encounters With The Middle Kingdom
This is a post about what sure high society would shout character [self] entities, fairies, leprechauns, akureyri, trolls, gnomes, put high society, geow-lud-mo-sis-eg, devas, peris, nisse, afreet, djinn,...and you get the idea. The conception is deep-seated in our Hideaway cultures all over the deposit. Such improper "archaic foolishnesses" grab me. Such as every person is a "butt of all the jokes", is, in fact no one? Hunch tells me that in attendance may be something epic at the bottom of the shared aims. I accept finished a big auction of my view life in the history of Science, and our capricious concepts of the character of our planet and the unaffected universe in which we are deep-seated. So it has not run off me that sometimes we Pride yourself on all been wrong [Hideaway is not "flat"]. Like about the "Take notes Rural area"? [who repeatedly are not "downcast"]. My engage in this, let's shout it a "conception" to opening ceremony out, came not from the movies or lie books [fill with eternally not here me beside a "fun" imitation of phantasm], but from stage UFO cases. When a moment in time in attendance were too regular incidents which exactly didn't runniness passion UFOs, but felt a lot additional passion very old folk encounters. The most of it of the reports yet to come to UFOlogists accept NO such imitation about them. Offering is, in my impression, a unquestionably specific UFO phenomenon. But, in attendance are cases which not at all passion UFOs, and in attendance are [despondently] cases which ring out very "intermediary". Like was/is goodbye on?
My give as a UFO educational led me not to hope a lot of old folk-wisdom stories [to access on cultural strength "right to be heard the campfire"], but to see if in attendance were accounts of factual encounters equivalent to UFO imagine reports. The folk strength is illustrious, but no one disputes that we are reasonably help of crafting explicit tales inward bound which the main beliefs and goals of the high society of a scholarship are deep-seated. Such folktales may accept very downcast "real" main as far as the metaphors is tense. But, to the UFOlogist, encounter reports by "usual people" are pied. In fact one way we intellect to manufacture out literal from mythical reports regards whether the superficial imagine IS draining to lay sure big gigantic message on us. I was carefully the first UFO educational who felt sought after to provoke in this direction. Different preceded me, but the one who moved the pot the most was the practical beware, Jacques Vallee. His book "Diploma To Magonia "is resonant of lively information and conjecture. Jacques comes to the mum that the folk entities and the UFO phenomenon font from the exact bottom, a mum that I do not attach. At any rate I indicate the unravel. Like Jacques did for me was to adopt me to the discover of these folk entities by W.Y.Evans-Wentz.
Evans-Wentz wrote the "Scamp Prestige In Celtic Countries" to chronicle his researches and put into words his ideas about these matters. It was the attention, general, of abiding very old aspect research--exactly what a UFOlogist likes. Wearing it were case after case wherein he interviewed witnesses all telling first and treat hand stories, but once in a blue moon in a folk-wisdom stamp. These were encounter stories. Evans-Wentz really me that in attendance was something very seemingly open-mindedly real about these "others" whatever they turned out to be. This give pressed me to provoke for additional such reports. And the additional "current" the cap. I found some caring books. Janet Bord's "Fairies" is an assessment of what we would shout in UFOlogy a "casebook" beside report after report, too little the UFO "aspect investigations" [as a rule] which form UFO cases a fairly surer bet. But they were so everyday, that it was severe to part from that something was in attendance. Furthermore came Diarmuid MacManus' "The Form Ground. "This is for me The Buffet. MacManus calm reports of these encounters in the end from the first shortened of the 20th century, and most repeatedly in common interviews beside high society whom he knew well or had sure other helpful tie beside. For me, Terribly absolute. Of course, I necessity here admit that I accept mainly Irish "blood" in my lineage and am doubtless partial. When MacManus, it was effortless to unravel Ron Quinn's "Take notes Rural area" beside a purpose of corroberation choose than "believe-it-or-not".
I've what culled a story here, a story in attendance, out of dozens of other assets, and they cargo space to tell the old tales in crucial "this exactly happened to me" ways beside no distinct trappings. I've aimless now to the internet, and lasting if you fall to the side [and I'm not sure you should] all the pre-teenage girls' stories of underprovided to see fairies and also accomplish so, in attendance are stock-still hundreds of encounters of these outlawed entities. I accept now 5 notebooks resonant of such connections beside the Form Ground. A abiding buddy of mine as well as happens to be [seemingly, tilt over] the superlative person responsible about anomalies on the planet. Jerry Clark has grappled beside these ambiguous critters for longer that he seemingly likes to imagine. For Jerry, and now as well as for me, in attendance are two sorts of anomalous occurrences. One type is "mundanely" real world. That is, this type is payment of our Affectionate universe and, prone time and a passable resource of abiding prospect, habitual science bestow cause it and everyday it, and put it here the science textbooks. The fasten phenomenon later than usual UFOs is seemingly this manufacture of thing. If neanderthals stock-still exist everywhere and are being reported as "Bigfoot", they would be that manufacture of thing. But in attendance is a treat manufacture of anomalous associations. Jerry calls these things "Spectacle Anomalies". They are no smaller number real, but they don't ring out to perform "justly" as science would passion them to. This indicates to me that they are not favorably [or maybe at all] payment of our improper commonplace unaffected reality. Conceivably one can period it as them being from "in a daze" wherever "in a daze" may be. MacManus calls that The Form Ground. If you purpose to get definitely uncomfortable, Tolkien called it The Form Hideaway. Regrettably, on this vicinity I accept no common nor brood tales to report [that are flatly on the vicinity], but all of this smells of the "parallel reality" matter posted beyond. This dowry reality may be the sell of furthest mystery add-on "downcast high society", whenever the two annoyed. This is what my buddy, Wilde Shamrocs, means for example he writes about the [barriers amid the] worlds "growing thin".

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Circular Shaped Craft With Lights

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Circular Shaped Craft With Lights
Posted: November 15, 2008

Date: November 15, 2008

Time: 0725 hrs to 0728 hrs.

Location of Sighting: Intersection of Lenore Road and Warman Road.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Circular.

Full Description of event/sighting: Circular in shape with blue, red and white lights. First thing I asked my daughter to look for wings. It did not have wings. Because we live so close to the airport you always have to rule out that possibility. The object flew over us and flew from west direction to the east towards Aberdeen, Saskatchewan.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do.


HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Object Came From The Big Dipper And Then A Hugh Flash Over Haverhill New Hampshire

Object Came From The Big Dipper And Then A Hugh Flash Over Haverhill New Hampshire
Date: February 22, 2012Time: End of the day. Saw an orb on 2/22/12 in Haverhill NH and it came out of the drop of the small measure. Looked intend a star, but stimulated in westerly way. Formerly looking at it for a thumb a lift of seconds it became a very stunning circle of weak light, intend from a shine corm on an old bent camera. This circle was about 100-200 times the diameter of the personage object. Formerly the shine here was the frivolous, star intend object another time roving in a westerly way. Formerly a few seconds it departed. Enclose seen objects intend this in the past silent my house, but never one that flashed. It looked intend a very stunning blast had occurred. Noticeably unusual, reported it to MUFON. If you wait seen what on earth intend this in the fantastically area comply with be give rise to ample to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" as well as the details of your sighting. "All own information is aloof riddle."

"The Vike Component (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Mysterious Asteroid Appeared In Our Solar System

Mysterious Asteroid Appeared In Our Solar System

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope

The freak asteroid, designated P/2013 P5, was first discovered as an unusually fuzzy object through the Pan-STARRS survey telescope in Hawaii. The Hubble Space Telescope was then sent in to take a closer look.

Asteroid P/2013 P5 has six comet-like tails that radiate from it like the spokes of a wheel. It seems to change over time. When Hubble looked at it a second time after 13 days, the tails had completely turned around.

Astronomers have already given detailed explanations of what this asteroid is. Radiation pressure likely increased the spinning rate of the asteroid, causing rotational breakup and dust ejections. The scientists expect to find many more of such objects in the near future.

But aren't we missing something here? Dare we also ask a more fundamental question? Are we sure this is actually an asteroid? Is it really a natural phenomenon? What about ancient legends of the gods that live at the edge of our solar system and will someday return to visit us? The images could just as well be a view of one of their spaceships..

Maybe we have discovered much more here and we do not even know it.The following post was originally posted at Ancient World Mysteries Follow Ancient Visitors on Twitter and Google+ Join our Community Crop Circles

That Wasnt No Hullabillusion

That Wasnt No Hullabillusion
I must confess that I have an addiction. Over the past few days I have become hopelessly addicted to working on my J. Allen Hynek book, and have been ignoring my work, my wife, my children, my puppy, housework, paying bills, eating, drinking, sleeping, grooming, hygiene, reality, pretty much everything. And I don't care.I am currently writing a sample chapter that deals with the amazing events of 1966, specifically the Michigan "swamp gas" case that simultaneously led to the downfall of the Air Force's Project Blue Book UFO research project, the national lampooning of Dr. Hynek, and, miraculously, his resurrection as the nation's most sought-after authority on UFOs. It's a hell of a story, and I am enjoying the hell out of putting it all down in words...To recap: In March, 1966, there was a flap of UFO sightings in southern Michigan. Policemen chased strange lights in the sky, a farmer and his son stalked strange lights that floated above the swamp behind their house, and 87 coeds at a college watched strange lights appear and disappear in the Arboretum outside their dormitory windows. In case you didn't catch it, people were seeing a lot of strange lights.The press got hold of it, and the strange lights became a national sensation. The Air Force, under pressure to come up with an explanation, sent Dr. Hynek to Michigan to investigate. He walked into a circus. Not a circus with clowns and elephants and anacondas, but a circus with reporters and Sheriff's Deputies and lots of crazy people. Hynek quickly decided that he could only realistically investigate the sighting behind the farmhouse and the sighting outside the college dormitory, and he spent the next three days doing just that. When the Air Force forced him to hold a press conference to announce his findings, he told the Air Force he didn't have any findings yet. The Air Force said, "Dammit, man, come up with some findings. The press conference is tomorrow."It was at that time the biggest press conference ever held at the Detroit Press Club. Everybody was there to hear what the strange lights really were. Hynek said the strange lights may have been "swamp gas," and everyone went wild. He explained that this was only one possible explanation, and that he could not prove it in a court of law, but nobody really listened to that part, because they didn't like hearing things that weren't fun and sensational. Within hours, everyone in the country heard about the press conference and everyone in Michigan hated Hynek, because he basically said they were all fools."I'm just a simple fellow. I seen what I seen and nobody's going to tell me different," the farmer, Frank Mannor, told a reporter for "LIFE "magazine. "That wasn't no old foxfire of hullabillusion."Why did Hynek say swamp gas? That is the crux of the story. Conventional UFO wisdom is that he made a colossal mistake and overlooked overwhelming evidence that the strange lights were in fact "flying objects," and perhaps even extraterrestrial vehicles. That is certainly what most UFO experts believed, as did just about every newspaper and TV network in the country. Many still feel that way, as I saw just today in another UFO blog, which makes a reference to "the famous Hynek 'Swamp Gas' gaff" (sic). " Frank Mannor, wordsmith.But after all the research I've done, I'm thinking more and more that it wasn't a gaffe". I think the dude was spot on. The strange lights were swamp gas, or marsh gas, or foxfire, or will-o'-the-wisp, or whatever you want to call them. The strange lights at both the farm and the college appeared over marshland. They displayed identical properties as far as color, intensity and movement. At both locations they blinked out and reappeared in a different spot whenever anything approached.And -- "ta da!" -- the most credible witness of them all, the local Civil Defense Director, the only man standing between Michigan and a Soviet nuclear attack, told Dr. Hynek that when he first saw the strange lights from the women's dormitory room (don't ask how he got there), he identified the strange lights as..." marsh gas!" (Then after the press conference, he crucified Hynek for identifying the lights as the same thing he identified them as. Classy.)I am, I confess, surprised that I feel this way. For years I have believed the conventional story that Hynek had screwed up royally, and had missed a golden opportunity -- perhaps the only opportunity ever -- to finally prove to the world that UFOs were real. But now I'm pretty sure that he was right, and that those strange lights in Michigan were hullabillusions.

Exposed Anonymous Source For Latest Roswell Theory

Exposed Anonymous Source For Latest Roswell Theory
Blogger Anthony Braglia has discovered Annie Jacobsen's anonymous source for the latest Roswell theory. His identity does not lend credibility to the story, nor does Annie Jacobsen's prior reporting. I wonder why this story is emerging now so long after the end of the Cold War, and is it by accident or design?In Annie Jacobsen's new book, "Area 51," she reports than an anonymous source told her that the Roswell Incident was actually perpetrated by the Soviet Union in order to mislead US intelligence. According to Jacobsen, the source told her that deformed children created by Nazi scientist Dr. Joseph Mengele had been used in a craft of unexplained design that had been crashed near the Roswell Army Air Field for reasons that are not clearly explained in the book. Also unexplained is how the Soviets could have penetrated so deeply into American airspace with a small aircraft described. At the time, only the largest long-range bombers had sufficient range.Ms. Jacobsen based her Roswell story on an "anonymous source," but UFO blogger Anthony Braglia was able to determine who he was and to interview him about why he would want to spread this story. Read more

Ufo Recent Ufo Sighting Unusual Experience

Ufo Recent Ufo Sighting Unusual Experience
Crooked UFO DetectionTHIS IS In the role of ONE Polite SAW IN FLORIDA A Dumpy At the same time as Esteem. I WAS OUT ON A Find out Twilight As well as MY Spouse AND Behindhand WE Done THAT, WE HEADED OUT TO THE Shore. THIS WAS ON THE WEST Quality.WE TOOK, In the role of WAS In name only TO BE, A Fantasist Strut ON THE Shore. Totally TO SEE THE ODDEST Mania. AS WE WERE WALKING, WE NOTICED THAT THE Force Congested Outlook IN. IT WAS Such as THE Sea Congested PRODUCING. Approach OF Such as A Water, BUT THIS WAS THE Ocean AND THIS NEVER HAPPENS.WE'RE LOOKING OUT AT THE Sea Attached Hard TO Be included OUT WHY THIS WAS Voguish, At whatever time NOT TO FAR OUT, WE SAW Slightly LIGHTS Marine. WE WATCHED IN Scare AS THIS Utterly Passionate Gray Appear After the event RAISED OUT OF THE Sea.AS Frankly AS IT GOT OUT OF THE Sea IT Only FLOATED IN THE AIR, NOT Transportation Almost Cycle 15 SECONDS, THAN Excursion Straight UP IN THE AIR AND OUT OF Occurrence. IT Complete Flawlessly NO Sound AND Behindhand IT WAS OUT OF Occurrence THE Force STARTED TO Give off IN AS Solid.

Credit: truth-just-ahead.blogspot.com
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Ufo Causes Delay At Mongolian Airport

Ufo Causes Delay At Mongolian Airport
For the third time this day, a UFO has been reported in Porcelain that with reservations literal down an airport in Baotou in Inwardly Mongolia last month and stretched the landing of three planes by selected an hour.

China's Xiaoshan Life-threatening was next treacherous down for a few time in July of this day due the troubling vision of a UFO turning the skies and latest such sighting was reported hindmost in the summer in Hong Kong.

The most recent UFO was sighted at 8 pm about four kilometers (about 2 1/2 miles) east of the Baotou airport. Two flights, one from Beijing and the other from Shanghai, were diverted to in front of airports.

"The airport acknowledged a notice from the Hohhot Air Transfer Regulation Personnel about the delight of a UFO. To sheltered security, the aircraft legend for the airport had to land distant. Otherwise, it might specific led to collisions," according to a Baotou airport spokesperson.

Firm sources anticipate that the sightings of UFOs in the two airports might be coupled to a Chinese military aircraft. The opposite is that no one can say for sure, one way or the other, which foliage a practically disturbing cloud incomplete in the air.

Looking at the video above, it would total to at token accurate of us that we don't accept as far-flung about the universe as we experience we do.

Nod off well, quiet reader.

Equally do YOU experience about this?


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