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An Expedition To Yakutiya To Explore Et Underground Bases

An Expedition To Yakutiya To Explore Et Underground Bases

Concept Report

15 September, 2009

Yakutia24- Yakutiya Ufologist Nikolai Subbotin is breezy, that the territory of Yakutiya was visited by "newcomers" from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Yakutia is a bit of Siberia that is one of the least peopled areas in the world, having about 3,000,000 playground miles and perfectly 1,000,000 populace.

In the tundra, Subbotin asserts, are dome-like entrances and deep underground all-powerful cavities, which are split inwards the place to stay. Such much-repeated structures confine been found in Yakutiya. The arithmetical better-quality of trip up Nikolai Subbotin reported: "In the Tibetan manuscripts, the rolls, it is on paper, that this was an earlier Yakut defense system of our ancient discrimination. Sounds, of course, as fashionable elegant and shakiness, but at any rate, these documents exist in the rolls as described".

Structures are to be found laterally the bed Of the Vilaya water. To expose the locations of the bases, the extra-terrestrials recycled the familiar (crop) circles in the fields. Specifically current, circles are busy under water. Put on are a variety of versions "of structures. Connected - pedigree of ancient discrimination." But ufologists confine examined the older versions (of crop circles) created by ETs (or as the Russians attend to to them, "newcomers").

Selected thousand kick ago, behind Yakuts lived in obese tribes, in individuals seats occurred a cumbersome disorder. As they draft, "the sons of sky indoors flying, in them arose the war amid individuals the populace, which lived on the Acquire."

The trip up command shell of 15 the populace, who specialize in "unfathomable phenomena". The participants command gambol two dome-like objects.


Editor's Note: For example command this mean to the territory of UFO research? If the trip up is booming and they discover the evidence they option (and allocate it amid the world), the compassion can very well contrary our world, nicely in a magnificent way. I wish the trip up a safe annoy and magnificent vividness. Encouragingly no one command be abode, or at least friendly.



Yakutia or the Republic of Sakha takes up most of the North-Eastern Siberia. It is a awful territory (one-sixth the scale of all Russia) is wearing a veil amid overt tundra (in the North), fence ranges 2000-3000 m high (East and South) and taiga (West). More than 40% of the territory defamation very the Iciness Organization. The complication of rural area is under than 1 accessory per mile.

Yakutsk, the wealth of Yakutia, Siberia is a center of diamonds and other incalculable sand. It likewise is freely available for it's Start of Permafrost, Geology Museum, Museum of Titanic and haunt other museums.

Temperatures in Yakutia range from +40 degrees C in summer to -60 degrees C in winter. The Put of Pitiless for the Northern Hemisphere amid the recorded stage -71.2 degrees C is situated in Yakutia.

Yakutia is a land of notable rivers and lakes, hundreds of glaciers and ice crusts. The Lena Spill, noted for its scenic attractiveness, is the narcissism of Yakutia and one of the ten main rivers in the world.



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