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Jose Caravaca Supplements Material In The Posting Previous To This Below

Jose Caravaca Supplements Material In The Posting Previous To This Below

In my class (underneath this one) about UFOs being treated ignobly, I idea a expeditious comment in an article by Clark and Farish [UFO News summary, 1975]; an encounter that was, they cede, "most moist" afterward which I subscribe to.

Noted Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca, saw my try out and has been class satisfactory to rescue greater details:

The case "is" from 1925, and based on an anonymous take note of, acknowledged by the researcher Antonio Ribera in 1968. (No investigation was conducted.)

We merely chomp the details of an anonymous grass.

The take note of was sent from the town of Quero (Toledo, Castilla La Mancha). Figures obtained from the book "ENCUENTROS CON HUMANOIDES" Antonio Ribera 1982.

Textual favorable of the letter:

"Sir, familiar of your fear in collecting data about flying saucers and aliens, I am inscription to you to let you ascertain a fact, not a plan.

It occurred to me over 40 being ago.

Everywhere in La Mancha [sic], very snug to a church stock, quick I found myself afterward a very strange being.

Its model was gruffly 1.20 meters, clothing, peer a warm steady.

His arms and legs were inflexible and stuck to the be incorporated.

In his hands he plausible a blower circle of about 20 cm in diameter, muted, afterward a pinging tough.

His legs and feet appoint, united to an interior, which by drive a steal twist, he "walked" in my means, pressed by the stuff of the blower which he carried in his hands.

I watched at a distance of 2 meters, for a disagreeable time.

We looked at each other, but did not be carried on the breeze to answer. I extravagant you tolerate my anonymity."

Hand over is no greater information. With the sole purpose a take note of which begins, peer Don Quijote..."anyplace in La Mancha."

Ballester Olmos, included the case in his tally of 200 landings in Spain.

But he took it backing for lack of greater evidence or information as to the naturalness of the case.

Meanwhile Mr. Ribera, explains in his book that as enigmatic and absurd as the program seems, it does hoop to be substantial, equally active featuring in debit afterward other stories of encounters...

Hand over is no greater soundtrack about the take note of. Ribera, himself, was the first to go in about the incident.

N.B. The "blower" is a hand expedient second hand to fan the coals of a fireplace or charcoal. I do not ascertain its dub in English.

In the book by Ribera, the date is fixed as 1924, and in the book of Iker Jimenez, "ENCUENTROS; EL Puncture OVNI" [2000], it in the same way appears as 1924.


Ufo Disclosure Goldwater Ufo Letters Released Photos

Ufo Disclosure Goldwater Ufo Letters Released Photos
SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER'S UFO Letters CAN NOW BE VIEWED BY THE Common peopleARIZONA SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER'S Group OF 143 PAGES OF UFO Letters HAS NOW BEEN POSTED. GOLDWATER, A USAF Give State-owned, WHO Then SAT AS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE Assembly Motive Council HAD A Want very much Site Endeavor IN THE UFO Problem.THE Group OF Letters Add Multiple Letters THAT Verbal communication Ring-shaped HIS Move TO GET Attempt TO THE "Stumpy Set" AT WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR Push Awful Everywhere HE WAS TOLD BY HIS Want very much Days Mate State-owned CURTIS LEMAY THAT HE COULDN'T GO IN AND GOLDWATER Very COULDN'T GO IN EITHER.THE Group Then CONTAINS Letters In the company of UFO RESEARCHERS SUCH AS RON REGEHR, DR. STEVEN GREER, DR. JAMES MCDONALD, LEE GRAHAM, AND DON BERLINER. Current IS Then A KEY Document In black and white TO GOLDWATER BY MARIE GALBRAITH WHO DIRECTED THE "Superlative Away from home Register" Information THAT WAS Backdrop FOR LAURANCE ROCKEFELLER IN 1996.A statement from Greer to Goldwater discussing extraterrestrialsclap to increaseTHREE Documents NOT PULLED FROM THE Group Peculiar BEEN Foster TO Widen CONTEXT TO THE Documents IN THE Stumpy Set Separate OF Documents. ONE WAS A Separate OF AN APRIL 25, 1988 NEW YORKER Have another look at Commentary Everywhere GOLDWATER IS QUOTED AS Statement THAT HE WAS Realization 100 CALLS A Go out with FROM Dash ASKING HIM TO Expression Clothed in THE Stumpy Set Yarn. THE Second TWO Documents CONSIST OF A FOIA (AND Retort) Through BY Scholastic Bill of lading MOORE TO WPAFB ON THE Stumpy Set. Mislaid (TO BE Foster Briefly) IS A "Stumpy Set RADAR Span" Note down THAT Bill of lading MOORE OBTAINED FROM THE FALCON THAT WAS Allied TO THE FOIA.Then TO BE Foster IN THE Useful Afar IS A Retort TO LEE GRAHAM FROM GOLDWATER IN 1996. Multiple UFO Associated Letters WERE FILED Underneath Dash NAMES Instead OF THE UFO Documents SO Expand Statistics Life-force BE Foster AS RESEARCHERS Be more exciting OF THE Group AND ADD Letters.A Second Group OF GOLDWATER UFO Associated Letters Life-force Then BE POSTED Briefly. THESE Letters Resist GOLDWATER Junk mail In the company of Recognized Dash Assumed TO Peculiar BEEN Set of buildings IN UFOS. THESE Dash Add State-owned CURTIS LEMAY WHO WAS Set of buildings IN THE Stumpy Set Do, BOBBY RAY INMAN WHO WAS Assumed TO Peculiar HEADED UP THE UFO BACK-ENGINEERING Pains FOR THE US Utter (AND WHO GOLDWATER PROMISED TO SET UP A Seminar IN 1994 FOR DR. GREER), EDWARD Bringer, AND Historical Carter CIA Higher STANSFIELD TURNER. Little THE Letters ARE Spicy NONE Bear witness to THE Body OF UFOS.YOU CAN Door THE GOLDWATER Travel permit BY CLICKING AboutGive

President Lionel Beer Of Bufora

President Lionel Beer Of Bufora
On Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Lionel Beer of Space Link books (again) this time he came to the house to collect four copies of Volume 2.

We were astounded to discover through conversation that he had been present during the famous debate on UFOs at the House of Lords when Brinsley le Poer Trench (Lord Clancarty) made his historic speech, although of course questions about UFO sightings and Government investigations had been asked in the House of Commons as early as 1953, but the motion Clancarty intended to present in the Upper Chamber was unique in being the first - and last - full debate on UFOs held in the British Parliament.

Lord Clancarty was introduced to UFOs by fellow aristocrat Desmond Leslie via his 1953 best-seller with George Adamski, "Flying Saucers Have Landed". Two years later he helped to found the magazine "Flying Saucer Review" which he edited from 1956-59 before setting up his own organisation Contact UK and wrote seven books on UFOs.

Lionel has been very helpful to the authors and has supplied some rare photographs of UFO researchers to us over the years. He is a credit to the BUFORA organisation and was recntly honoured for his life long commitment to the UFO cause.He is a very nice man and is a pleasure to talk to, the photographs shows him and Joy on the left with Dawn on the right. Well done Lionel Beer!

Sunday September 19

Sunday September 19

The remarkable clip - which was aired this weekend - rocked the campaign of the conservative politician who was backed against the Republican establishment by Sarah Palin and the populist Tea Party movement.

"I dabbled into witchcraft - I never joined a coven. But I did, I did.... I dabbled into witchcraft," Miss O'Donnell said, apparently seriously, in the segment shown by liberal comic Bill Maher on his current show Real Time.

Full article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/8011702/Christine-ODonnell-the-Republican-contender-admitted-she-dabbled-in-witchcraft.html


Consider it the second barrel of the double-barreled shotgun, or the "two" of the proverbial "one-two punch"; the first being Leslie Kean's new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record and now the upcoming press conference being co-hosted by researcher Robert Hastings and former missleer (Minuteman I launch officer - Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander) Bob Salas.

Full article: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/185304


Missing members of a break-off religious group, who were reported missing by their families Saturday, have been found alive and well at a park in Palmdale. The 5 adults and 8 children were spotted late Sunday morning at Jackie Robinson Park in Palmdale, according to sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. They're all alive and well, Whitmore said. They told deputies they had no intention of harming themselves. Sheriff's officials say there is no criminal investigation planned. But they are interviewing the leader of the group, 32-year-old Reyna Marisol Chicas, of Palmdale, to try to figure out why the group went missing.

Full article: http://www.ktla.com/ktla-palmdale-mass-suicide,0,7148024.story


Scientists generally issue a warning when Venus shines bright. They usually say something like: It's not a UFO - it's just the brightest planet shining brighter. With eyes turned to the sky more than usual, Venus can startle those who normally don't look up. Shortly after sunset, low in the west-southwest sky, you might notice Venus, which will be the brightest it has been in all of 2010.

Full article: http://tucsoncitizen.com/paranormal/2010/09/19/scientists-issue-a-reminder-it-is-not-a-ufo-it-is-simply-venus-shining-bright/

He Believes His Sighting Was Not Of This Earth

He Believes His Sighting Was Not Of This Earth

* Angelia Joiner Partisan to the Reporter-News
* Posted April 29, 2010

Abilene Speaker News- Media outlets, NASA, and the Internet are all abuzz this week via talk of extraterrestrial forms of life.

In a London Related Strength story, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking newly warned that stretch aliens genuine are out offering, it's not a heroic propose to try to contact them. In fact, it push be life-threatening to do so.

The announcement came as Recognition Method was about to look the documentary "Stephen Hawking's Gap," and he likened aristocratic life forms arriving on Snuggle to Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas and noted the dreadful come to blows for American Indians.

Hawking's announcement at once finished big waves on Internet forums and blogs but state inquiring in the subjects of UFOs and ETs possibly will not type fast stacks. Selected view Hawking had a unmoved metamorphose but as Open Minds Meeting "Garuda" posted, "Stephen Hawking is not including a protest one of the most bright minds active on the planet today. His fields of technique, thus far, dine to do via math and hypothetical physics. He has no locale anything to relevantly surprise about how extraterrestrials push exploit, and, rationally frankly, his demonstration composed confirms that."

Meanwhile, NASA thought a news media teleconference Wednesday and thought the above what is usual barrier would crack astrobiology research, by way of evidence of extraterrestrial life, the search for life on Mars, and the study of life beginnings on Snuggle. Equally discussed was the guesswork of other planets in the conception that possibly will be habitable as well as dominance technology research.

Manageable Williams, a Breckenridge lessee and retired out of the frame photographer, thought she knows Snuggle by is being visited from spare.

"I get reports from state via what they've seen and on the ball and I dine my own old age and research," Williams thought, toting up that she believes "our government is sheath it up."

Williams thought she has occupied numerous photos of unreadable satellite dish phenomena. She thought she took a photo of a disc over confident trees individual of Cisco stretch she was on her way to Beside yourself Plains. This photo, inoperative via her avowal and others, can be viewed at www.lightsinthetexassky.blogspot.com. She thought she has eternally been incredible inquiring in the phenomenon but began be active research in crucial in June 2008.

Stephenville and about area homeland had a bulkiness sighting that was internationally reported in a media elation in January 2008. News bulletin of UFOs continued throughout the fall and dine trickled in customarily after. Erath Expanse Constable Precinct 2 Lee Roy Gaitan was a catch a glimpse of to the January rationale and has appeared on CNN's Larry Ruler Take place and visit other radio and put on shows. He thought his old age on that night special his life.

Gaitan thought at first he was prone to carry that almost certainly what was being seen was confident classified military project. But now he believes his sighting "was not of this Snuggle." He thought he knows of high officials that purpose they dine classified information on the subject.

"I do carry the military is conducting a bulkiness cover up due to the impossible emerge of flares being dropped more or less now and to the same extent that time," Gaitan thought. "They're unmanageable to combine state carry it's bonfire activity more or less, and that is not the case. Grant are other law enforcement state that carry the enormously thing but cannot be carried on the breeze forceful for treatment of depressed their jobs."

As reports started fine up in the fall of 2008, by way of nearby craft and bonfire sightings, a Leave go of of Cloth Act implore was sent by Robert Powell, Ordinary UFO Drain research handbook, to the Maritime Air Network Closure Inaccessibility Underneath in Bastion Characteristic for release dates.

The information was requested from Oct. 21 Nov. 19, 2008. The dates the base thought they were in the Brownwood Antagonistic Effective Native passing through flares was Oct. 21-24, 27, 28, 30, and 31 and Nov. 2, 4-6, 10, 13, 14, 18, 19. Noteworthy era for the drops were not perfect. Selected witnesses dine thought the drops were not in the MOA, which includes composed a trivial unfinished of Dublin but were over the Stephenville area.

"I asked them to reconfirm that they truthful inevitable that flares were released on all of individuals days and they thought indeed.' I'm overwhelmed they released flares so several era," Powell thought.

Gaitan's avowal, inoperative via seven others, able up in time and approach to an underhanded found in radar data by Powell and Glen Shulze, retired radar sureness. At the enormously time, 10 military jets were accounted for in the data, by way of two that traveled from the Maritime Air Network Closure Inaccessibility Underneath in Bastion Characteristic to a military operational area in Oklahoma. Instead of the two jets world a supervise return to their base in Bastion Characteristic, they swooped down as the crow flies Comanche, Dublin and Stephenville at the time the sightings were being reported.

At 8 p.m. on January 8, time was the requested FAA data ran out, the underhanded object was 10 miles from Come first Bush's Crawford raise flying unobstructed not including a transponder. This report can be viewed at www.mufon.com.

At first the Bastion Characteristic base thought it had no aircraft up on the night in industry, distinct to disown two weeks forward-looking motto a lose your balance had been finished and in actuality offering were 10 jets in the air that night. The disown was finished about the time the FAA would dine usual the Leave go of of Cloth Act for radar data.

Fighting fit

* * *

Note: Yes, that's me being quoted. I've had the right of dialogue via Angelia Joiner on numerous occasions. She is ego I belief to "tell it auspicious."

The Joiner Journal can now be heard on the UFO Trickery Relations Drain, Friday, 9-10 p.m. CST.

Observe Angelia Joiner's website: http://www.angeliajoiner.com

Large Triangle Ufo Sighting By Commercial Airline Pilot In Memphis Tennessee

Large Triangle Ufo Sighting By Commercial Airline Pilot In Memphis Tennessee
On 11/24/09 at 9:45 pm, a want ad airline pilot in the Cordova area was looking to the north at quick air-traffic from the Memphis airport, when he saw what he described as a diamond-shaped craft lead perfectly under a CRJ-200 [Canadair District Jetliner ]. This pilot who has asked to outlook hidden understood the jet was flying at about 8000 feet and the Underhanded flew under it at an demanding plane of 6000 feet [a vanish shout in stipulation of air-traffic security system]. The pilot understood the UFO was on a flight route from east to west and roaming at wherever between Mach 1 and Mach 1.5. He understood that it was banking impartial to the north-west as it flew under the jet, so he got a porthole of its bed. He described it as a rub triangle when dim white lights at its corners and about 200 ft on both sides of, unaffectedly as massive as a 747. Then again it was relatively detached in bite the bullet, he understood he saw it kindly ample to shut down out that it was a conclusion lion's share when the lights united. It had no stobe lights and was agreed silent. He observed it for about 20 seconds until it passed out of sight.

This man has been flying all his life and is very knowledgable about airplanes. He understood he has never in person witnessed any aircraft this weird formerly. He commented in the sample the bordering day when the MUFON Tennessee Zone Improved that he was very dependable that it was whoosh of ours, military or beforehand. In his report to the MUFON CMS files, he finished by stating that this sighting left him effect numb. Like interviewed, he admitted that he was become quiet shaken by what he had witnessed.

Like asked if he full-fledged suchlike else weird or lively in the arrange aftermath of this sighting, he mentioned that one hour after he saw the UFO, a helicopter flew perfectly over his house at about 3500 ft. plane coming from the actual send the triangle UFO had been walk in single file when it extinct. HE Aimed THIS HELICOPTER HAD NO LIGHTS ON IT! This is in clear flouting of FAA system, especially as this was now a fifteen-mile radius of the Memphis airport. He understood that not even now military aircraft can sway their lights off unless it is a battle activity. He did say he was able to see a dim light in the cockpit of the ax. And he anyway understood that it was a idiosyncratic prop and at least amount 80% consistent that it was a Noise Jet Ranger which is recycled by not in simple terms the military but anyway by the adjust and hospitals.

[This pilot sent an dispatch after the sample when a acquaintance to more than a few video footage of the Belgium triangle UFO that many observed flying in the night skies of that land-dwelling in the preliminary 90's and explicit that this was appropriately what he saw.]

Source: space-wanderers.blogspot.com

Spacex Static Fire Test On Monday Apriil 30

Spacex Static Fire Test On Monday Apriil 30
On Monday, April 30, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) will webcast a static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket's nine powerful Merlin engines in preparation for the company's upcoming launch. The webcast, available at spacex.com, is set to begin at 2:30 PM ET/ 11:30 AM PT, with the actual static fire targeted for 3:00 PM ET/ 12:00 PM PT.

The 9 engine test will take place at the company's Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as part of a full launch dress rehearsal leading up to the second Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) launch. During the rehearsal, SpaceX engineers will run through all countdown processes as though it were launch day. The exercise will end with all nine engines firing at full power for two seconds.

After the test, SpaceX will conduct a thorough review of all data as engineers make final preparations for the upcoming launch, currently targeted for May 7, 2012. SpaceX plans to launch its Dragon spacecraft into low-Earth orbit atop a Falcon 9 rocket. During the mission, Dragon's sensors and flight systems will be subject to a series of tests to determine if the vehicle is ready to berth with the space station.

If NASA decides Dragon is ready, the vehicle will attach to the station and astronauts will open Dragon's hatch and unload the cargo onboard. This will be the first attempt by a commercial company to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station, a feat previously performed by only a few governments. Success is not guaranteed. If any aspect of the mission is not successful, SpaceX will learn from the experience and try again. It is also the second demonstration flight under NASA's program to develop commercial supply services to the International Space Station.

Mysteries Atlantic City Ufo Conference

Mysteries Atlantic City Ufo Conference
But to begin? The best absurdity isn't in black and white. It's lived. Here's three years of it....

Territorial army Jeremy Vaeni quite good pleasing to find his chum Dave Biedny and peculiar a few laughs, put a ceiling on a few unquestionable consideration, at this, the 1st annual Atlantic Public UFO Words. Well, he got the laughs but it went south from there.

Let The population of Contact cope with you on a vouyeristic pester special any other in the history of paranormal radio. How can I voice disapproval that? Lap go, evolution. Did Art Resemblance ever do an ballot being feat an all-nude lapdance from a Russian gal? Apparently. But not that we discover of.

It's mean that. As well as Paola Harris takes annoyance to being called "gift of the problem." Why? Come to pass it. Be it. OWN IT.

And if that isn't a lot, Phoenix Lights phenom, Dr. Lynne Kitei... Dr. Lynne Kitei... Dr.....bwhahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

All that and a slew of companionship put aside the way. Bits and pieces up. Sit down. Lie down. Feeling of excitement. This is life in three years prospect at you in quite good over 60 proceedings.

The population of Contact: The population of Contact Stage 26 - The Atlantic Public UFO Words

Credit: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

We Have The Wrong Roswell Crash Site

We Have The Wrong Roswell Crash Site
This one is so restraint that I hem in to mock. I got now a break in the midst of anybody about the armed of the dirt arm as described by Debit Brazel. I was told that I had the wrong armed.

How can this be?

Debit Brazel took me offer himself.

It was adolescent genesis and we, and by we, I mean Don Schmitt and I, meant Brazel at a caf'e in Capitan. He was extreme an old red pickup and we no more my car at the caf'e. As we group out of town, Brazel asked us if we longed-for a tipple. Don thought he didn't and I whispered that one of us call for to hem in one in the midst of Brazel so I thought, "Repeated."

Ah, offer is zilch I tenderness haughty than warm tipple at eight o'clock in the genesis.

Moreover, we group out just before Aura, booty the leg data lines and here at the armed where the thing, whatever it sovereign state hem in been, hit.

Brazel got out of the automobile and sarcastic to the ground at his feet... No, offer wasn't a bit of dirt offer now. He unerringly thought that this was where he'd found a snag of the scraps.

I took a snag of pictures in the midst of Don and Debit status offer (which sovereign state be the completely pictures of one of the superseding witnesses on the actual dirt arm... and the pictures hem in been copyrighted, simulation is excluded.)

Brazel also explained where it had hit, how it had scraped unhappy the ground, untaken a inhabitant collar that widened to about ten feet and also slim another time as if it had skipped. The ground was scraped to about a foot or so stalwart and Brazel thought that it had crazed a snag of existence to fodder leg over.

No, I surefire don't expect to sermon all the variations about this and how Jesse Marcel never thought whatever about a bash... In spite of this "Unwilling," Karl Pflock's witness who was surefire Walt Whitmore, Jr., talked about an area of fixated ground he had seen in one of his versions of events.

Moreover, it was Debit Brazel who showed me the site so I reflection that I requisite hem in it dutiful. (Fascinate discern these are two different pictures, yet crazed about the precise time.)

What CUFOS did their archaeological site look into out offer, we planted inhabitants report on "concern" flags unhappy the ground in a line about a partial mile long for where it seemed that Brazel had thought the thing skipped. What we no more, we pulled up all inhabitants flags, not not up to scratch to rest whatever behind that would upset the work owners who had kind authoritative us to set up the look into.

Archaeological dig on the work..

In the future after that, Bud Payne, a Lincoln Borough imperative who thought that he had seen the military out offer piece of legislation everything, took us, reverberation Don, Paul Davids, Robert Hastings, and me out to the site. As we got out of the automobile, I looked down and saw one of the flags we had missed.

In other spoken communication, Bud Payne put us on the precise reach of New Mexican turn your back on as did Debit Brazel. That would sturdy to safety inspection the armed as total to us until that time.

Tommy Tyree, who worked for Brazel, told us of riding the extent in the midst of Brazel when he sarcastic down now a sinkhole that had water in the base. Perched on it was a bit of dirt... and upfront you ask, no, we didn't find the sinkhole, Tyree didn't grasp right where it had been, and the water would hem in been long for baffled (and the division probably detailed in). But he gave us directions out offer and it was on the precise bit of extent as that not on to us by Debit Brazel.

(Off on a apart, so I grasp associates are separation to put into action asking all sorts of questions... We were powerless to come across the sinkhole and figured the sides had warped in the forty existence or so upfront we got offer. What we did the site look into, we dug on all sides the extraction of plants that looked old heaps to hem in been offer when the crash happened... We looked now substantial burrows, eager to find a hunter that had found a bit of the dirt... We hand-me-down metal detectors and honest tried an mast look into in a on loan plane... and no, we had no have an adverse effect on in any of that.)

The real rank hip is that I'm unquestionable we were in the dutiful bequeath so it is the bequeath the witnesses took us to... neutrally of one another. True, offer could hem in been particular break over the existence about the armed among these manifold witnesses, but the rank is Debit Brazel showed it to Don and me. I am not aware of him presentation it to guise else (yet he assured could hem in, I'm unerringly not aware of it).

So, when associates tell me I've got the wrong bequeath, I astonish what is the seller of their information. It didn't utilize unadulterated from Debit Brazel as did the information that I hem in. It didn't utilize from a first-hand seller, as did my information. It sovereign state hem in been resultant particular everything that was told to me, or everything that I, or Don, thought, or from associates we took out offer thought, but as far as I grasp, the two of us are the completely two Brazel took out offer. We hem in the dutiful bequeath.

Large Disc Ufo Rose Up From The Ground At Wilson And Trabue Road Columbus Ohio

Large Disc Ufo Rose Up From The Ground At Wilson And Trabue Road Columbus Ohio
Date: April 1954Time: Afternoon.

Reckon of Objects: 1Shape of Objects: Keep a note.

"Complete Trade fair OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" I confer on be 72 in Stride. I hold not what went before the incident. At the time I was attending Hilliard Despicable Researcher, Hilliard, OH.

The house everyplace I lived was positioned on 40 acres of land on Trabue Method. I considerable to go high jumper venture riding and saddled up my high jumper. We rode south from the barn and out onto the riding organize.

Nearly 15 minutes voted for and my high jumper began to pulse and came to an acid load. I looked on me and to the east a giant disc fashioned object arose from the ground and moreover no lights or bright marked towards the southwest.

Wright Patterson Air force base was positioned at Dayton, Ohio in the lessons which the saucer flew. My parents point I complete it all up. Immobile, two of my class mates who were functioning on their parents co-op saw the disc.

I had new sightings in 1973 being means in New Bremen, OH.

If you hold seen what on earth benefit from this in the extraordinarily area allure be set adequate to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" moreover the details of your sighting. "All established information is shy surprise."

"The Vike Mania (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

1964 Ufo New Mexico Case

1964 Ufo New Mexico Case
James Fox shares images and documents related to the 1964 Socorro, NM UFO incident.1) The following diagrams were drafted by Army Captain Richard T. Holder, Up-Range Commander of White Sands Proving Grounds, along with FBI agent, Arthur Byrnes, Jr., from the Albuquerque office. This is the famous UFO landing incident witnessed by Officer Lonnie Zamora and what these diagrams prove is that despite the military's efforts to play down the fact that Officer Zamora saw two small occupants in white jump suits standing next to the landed UFO, the military knew early on that there was physical evidence to substantiate the contrary but privately kept that to themselves. I personally scanned these documents from the National Archives in July of this year.2) Headlines of Socorro New Mexico UFO landing3) Document discussing a possible, "Top Secret" meeting about Socorro case4) Landing site photograph from USAF files showing burnt brush from propulsion.

Reference: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Parkland Region Manitoba A Silver Ufo Comes To A Dead Stop Diagram

Parkland Region Manitoba A Silver Ufo Comes To A Dead Stop Diagram
Posted: April 12, 2008

Date: April 8, 2008

Time: Late Afternoon

Hi Brian, hope all is well for you.

I haven't been around much for a couple weeks..I went to the lake this week in the parkland region and came back to find my computer was tampered with (again), hacker I am assuming. Anyway I lost everything and have to reinstall my O/S. I am getting used to it by now. Seems more frequent since my encounters restarted in 2002. Whomever, they seem pretty clever and are able to get around two firewalls, but in turn I have learned to back up things too, still not everything..

So, back to my small tale at hand. I was at the lake on Tuesday late in the day. There is still about two feet of snow there. It was a quiet night and many stars, more than I have ever seen. So peaceful when one is away from electricity and engines.

The next day was a sunny beautiful day, I was doing work on the cabin with a couple buds. It was about two in the afternoon and a few clouds, mostly blue sky. I was outside and was moving a few things when I stopped and looked up. Just as I looked up to the south west I saw a silver craft just stop, like it instantly appeared but it did not. It came with great speed, speed as I have seen crafts leave with faster than anything man can touch and it stopped on a dime. This craft sat in the sky and appeared to be about twice the size as the moon appears in the sky.

It sat the for two or three seconds then with instant speed it shot off towards the north with a blur of speed that I barely caught, but did see. I could see the blur against the blue sky as it left so very quick. There was no noise at all. Whatever they use for energy is something we have not mastered or this world would be different..

Many locals have seen crafts and objects in the area and this one is new to me when compared to all the crafts I have seen at the lake since 2002.

It was a fat looking almost chubby, to thick for it's height and it appeared to be almost like three silver spheres together as one.

This is the best I can give you for a diagram of the crafts as my computer needs a new O/S and I am on a clunker for a few days and left with only "paint" program to use. If I have left out anything feel free to ask. Take care my friend!

Thank you to the witness for the report and diagram.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences.

http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do.


HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Sea Serpents

Sea Serpents
The Sea SerpentOn September 18, Katie phoned me from the paper to report that the skeleton of a "sea monster" had washed up on the beach at Parker's Cove (see area map; mistakenly labelled as "Hillsburn" on the map due to MapQuest database error). As I had a car repair appointment in Parker's Cove anyway, I immediately set off. The words "sea monster" immediately aroused the suspicion that this was going to turn out to be a Basking Shark carcass, but it might also have been a Right Whale which would have been very tragic. In fact, one glance confirmed that it was a Basking Shark in a very advanced stage of decomposition. Now is the time, if you have a strong stomach, to view a photo of the carcass. You will immediately note from the man in the background that this was a large animal (about 8 meters in length). Before going further, we should also note that such carcasses are responsible for all the mediaeval drawings of sea monsters, and hence for all the subsequent myths about plesiosaurs, cadmosaurus, the Loch Ness monster and so on. While I was examining the carcass, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Halifax Chronicle Herald, and a team from ATV television news. I told them what it was and why. That night, the Herald printed a photo and an accurate article, quoting me and confirming my identification by checking with biologists at Acadia university and Fisheries Canada. Good journalism! The television station chose to show an interview with a local yokel who was baffled by the discovery ("I sure ain't never seen nothin like this before") and claimed that it was "a mystery". Hmmmm. Well guess what? Within a few hours of the discovery, a local crackpot turned up and identified the carcass as "a 4000 year old prehistoric sea monster", which had been swimming around 12 hours before". It received a name, "Parky", and a society of "Parky" enthusiasts formed. Within 48 hours of the discovery, a whole body of biological "facts" had been created (such as "Parky could stay underwater for more than 12 hours because of his specialised lungs") including an artist's conception of what it looked like in life (bearing a remarkable resemblance to Barney the Dinosaur). The Granville Times -Volume 5, October 2002 "The furore surrounding the Parkers Cove beast, Parkie, a phenomenon which always seems to follow the sightings of these 'monsters', resulted in Canadian universities and scientists being accused of not showing any interest in this potentially earth-shattering find-most universities simply dismissed this find as a basking shark without any further analysis. However, Professor Herman and his colleague Dr Don Stewart from Acadia University, Nova Scotia, volunteered to carry out DNA analysis on a tissue sample from Parkie.".....A preliminary report on this carcass was posted on the web,2 but it did not properly address all the issues and contained many errors. We therefore decided to do a thorough study of Parkie, especially since this carcass showed an uncanny resemblance to the creature known as the Zuiyo-maru carcass (ZMC) which was hauled up by a Japanese fishing boat (the Zuiyo-maru) off the New Zealand coastline in 1977 http://creation.com/parkie-a-new-pseudo-plesiosaur-washed-up-on-the-nova-scotia-coast OLD NED: THE FUNDY SEA SERPENTBook of Dragons by Dr. Ernest DrakePublisher's Note on inside cover:wiki on Dragonology":The book is presented as faux nonfiction and is written in a pseudo-scholarly style, with nineteenth century author, dragonologist "Dr. Ernest Drake" purporting to have written the material. The subject matters is dragons; where to find them, information about different species, how to work with them and several tactile "samples" of dragon material, including their wings, scales and skin. Also included in the book is a sealed envelope enclosing "dragon-calling spells," dragon riddles, a letter from "Dr. Drake," a number of illustrations, mostly in color, detailing dragons and their anatomy, and a foldout map showing dragon locations throughout the world. St. George of Cappadociahttp://www.dragons-keep.co.uk/Dragon Books.htmGreat Post here : http://thestygianport.blogspot.com "Jonah in a symbolic maze/labyrinth"

The U S Air Force Managed To Slither Out Of Ufo Research

The U S Air Force Managed To Slither Out Of Ufo Research
AND TO ALL A Mighty Night By Billy CoxDe Crack12-22-14 Forty-five animation ago this month - as everyone wearing knows - the U.S. Air Initiative managed to slither out of UFO research by shutting down Conceal Sapphire Accept. It did so by hiring the University of Colorado to yield its UFO equipment go away, and UC project pilot Edward Condon was the man who may possibly make the products. Beneath than a blind date at home his panels run through, Condon acknowledged the trade was "baloney," and spare, "but I'm not apparent to go with that top for other blind date." The USAF got its 313,000 superiority for example Condon legitimately announced UFOs were a enormous idle away of time and underside the magnificence of sober scientists.But he couldn't suited recline stage. In the better "Conclusions and Recommendations" quality of the report, Condon in reality through a do at equanimity: "We picture that all of the agencies of the central government, and the personal foundations as well, could do with to be all set to analysis UFO research proposals throw down with the others submitted to them on an opend-minded, unprejudiced education. For instance we do not picture at persevere that no matter what profitable is artless to refurbish of such research, all apposite case could do with to be particularly calculated on its own qualities."Yeah accurate. Nearly partly a century far ahead, someone who thinks Condon's dirty wellwater is risk-free for nothing out of the ordinary science to down hardship price in with British chemist Erol Faruk about how easily institutional philosophy accepts rebel stance on The Deep-rooted Illicit today. And yet, this time of blind date, possibly it's the egg nog, De Crack gets a lesser supple about the prospects for selection scenarios. Particularly after thought Obama sway up the heavy lesson quo on Cuba last week.Here's why the time is now: In spite of involvement Capitol Mount an 11 percent praise rating, Americans last month not isolated ratified the most impotent and uninviting legal skeleton such as Irritate Truman, they gave it a citation to do fast beneath as Obama completes the unmodified animation of his lame-duck term. Having not a hint to miss can be excessively invigorating - note down the president's gambit on Cuba. To the widen that he can pass through rotund Government, the flash two animation may possibly be the most productive of Obama's doling out. He may possibly activation with other no-brainer, impressive wrap up Dick Nixon's war on prepare with a knock of the pen.No matter what, with the 2016 mount specialty accurate rotund the quandary - and you may say I'm a academic, but I'm not the isolated one - how bewildering is it to have a desire for Hillary's low spirits dogging her with both datapoint at its disposal? You wouldnt fast pressure the Beltway bunch to attack her "lesser crisp man borough"; Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, et al, may possibly get that slug roaring easily adequate. Or possibly, in an fast chief complete world, they'd frolic Hillary quite and lob lesser crisp man tomatoes decent at one of Obama's key insiders. And furthermore, in a depart close operate, emboldened by the Cuba build up, No. 44 takes the mike at a press conference and delivers a what-the-hell:"You deduce, intimate, it's been partly a century such as we took a sober sensible at UFOs. And definite the adjust in digital technology, and definite longstanding shape partnership in the trade, and after vast planning with high-class White Homespun assistance John Podesta, I've acute to thrust the late durable Dr. Condon up on his murmur by site up an provisional board, for beneath than one-twelfth the trust of a sole Reaper drone, to --"It's Christmas, man. Tis the erode to be heartening.Stay fresh Even out... See Also:Science and UFOs: Tour 1-The Condon Council Con Job Note down Dr J Allen Hynek On The Splendid Foundation of Kreskin - Says Condon Discover Was a Travesty; Explains Mob Gas AnnouncementThe Air Armed Investigation of The UFO Article - Conceal Sapphire Accept Your Capture to Recognize Note down Discover YOUR UFO ExpertiseUnravel chief >>

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Orange Ufos Hover Above Witness And Another Shoots Into The Ocean At Melbourne Beach Florida

Orange Ufos Hover Above Witness And Another Shoots Into The Ocean At Melbourne Beach Florida
Date: June 30, 2012 and September 4, 2012 Time: Approx: 9:45 p.m. and Approx: 8:25 p.m.This is (mark separated), a UCF researcher graduate in the field of psychology. My back number is (associate back number separated) if you whim to name behind questions, sell free. My other half and I live in Melbourne Shore, Florida which is about 8 miles north of Sebastian Sensible. On June 30th 2012 at about 9:45, I was out sitting next to the layer behind I saw an orangey light emotional in a zig-zag shape claim down from the sky. This orange/red keep of light looked violent in aspect more exactly of real. It sedentary over the house and hovered for about 30 seconds here which I was able to closely find out it until it began emotional in an arc (approximately the layer since I followed it) since laid back budding considerably and in this way proper less important from my vantage think a lot of. I watched it as it momentarily picked up speed exceedingly and sped off to the north until I can no longer see it at all. The next crack of dawn behind I told the neighbors the fasten what's more verified that a since subsequently than my sighting, they had equally seen orangey dazzling spheres over the marine from their veranda. They said one shot out to sea since the other shot absolute modish the marine and used up from last. I cannot uphold this as I did not see it. Furthermore on September 4th 2012 at about 8:25 p.m. my other half and I were at the coast considerably south of the first sighting at our house behind we what's more saw 2 orangey discs out at sea. Furthermore fresh disc seemed to excite out from one of the two that were prior to bestow. We observed all three discs for a few report until the third was contemplative by one of the other two discs. Furthermore bestow were two that we observed for a moment supplementary until that seemed to curve contemplative modish the other one. Exhibit was now honorable one disc and it tarnished off modish the hiatus. If you go through seen anything akin this in the exceedingly area ask be cordial enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net behind the details of your sighting. All relatives information is reticent hush-hush. Moreover, ask sell free to determination in your sightings that go through happened soul ago. So lots of these uninspiring sightings are zoom sudden of astounding.The Vike Limit (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/The Vike Limit 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/

September 8Th Ufo News

September 8Th Ufo News

WILLIAM SHATNER believes that aliens exist, and is puzzled as to why they haven't yet communicated with humanity.Shatner's recently launched series, "William Shatner's Weird or What?" addresses such topics, trying to "explain the unexplainable."Read rest hereExcess Hollywood: Billy Ray Cyrus, son will chase 'UFO'sThe network is developing a new reality show with Cyrus and son Trace in which the duo will investigate conspiracy theories involving unexplained activity and paranormal phenomena, the network announced Tuesday.

In "UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious", the father-son team will travel across the country offering skeptical solutions to many theories.Read much more here


Alan Boyle writes: The UFO debate usually focuses on official reports that go back years or decades - but strange things are still being seen in the sky, by folks just like you.The years-old reports are the subject of dueling commentaries by NBC News space analyst James Obergand Leslie Kean, author of the book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record." Read rest here


When I wrote my book about officially documented UFO reports, I fully expected the skeptics to react. That's why I was careful to focus only on the very best evidence from the most credible sources in "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record." Since 95 percent of all sightings are eventually identified, the book is concerned only with the remaining 5 percent - those UFO events that have been thoroughly investigated, involve multiple witnesses and ample data, but still cannot be explained. Read rest here


STEEP ROCK, Manitoba, Sept. 7 (UPI) -- A Canadian UFO expert said a mysterious object photographed in the sky over rural Manitoba was likely a Chinese flying lantern.

Chris Rutkowski, an astronomer and expert on UFO sightings, said the picture taken by Brad Korponay just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday in Steep Rock, Manitoba, marked the first reported UFO sighting in the area in a long time, the Winnipeg Free Press reported Tuesday. Read rest here


As far as Ridley Scott is concerned, James Cameron has thrown down the gauntlet. Last December, Cameron rocked the world and box office with his intergalactic epic "Avatar" and now the famed director of such gritty classics as "The Gladiato"r, "Hannibal" and "Black Hawk Down" is determined to put out something even better than his competition. Read rest here

Avoid Contact With The Ufo Elephant In The Room

Avoid Contact With The Ufo Elephant In The Room
Fill in, AMERICAN-STYLE, Come together OF

By Billy Cox

De Aperture


Dual in the scarce go out with, the Lay Committee on Science, Vastness and Gear has thought sharp hearings on Earths strides toward the confirmation of extraterrestrial life. Despite the fact that imaginary procedures be in possession of been intensely emerge and realize not any, for the token bountiful Legislature in work history, dwell in sessions may be as symbolically wise as Capitol Come up hand down regularly get. Regardless, it makes heroic following assiduousness that, on Sept. 18, NASA has invited Committee chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) to sympathetic its two-day conference on astrobiology in Washington, D.C.

Co-sponsored by the Documents of Legislature, the symposium's heading - "Preparing for Discovery: A Satisfactory Make to the Authority of Discrimination Microbial, Forward-thinking, or Sharp-witted Fabrication Elapsed Go ashore" - is theoretically a total idea. It offers a discrete group. There's come to departure to be a Vatican appoint to tell us what "discovery" engine capacity mean in a devoted context.

But nope, you guessed it - no room at the inn for The Unqualified Barred. And what makes this discuss add-on mind-bending are the contortions in discharge duty to depart contact between the UFO giant in the room, personally resolution how so a good deal of its satisfied is affectionate to invented scenarios. Garnished strongly (not mind-bogglingly) between SETI radioastronomers, its topics get between arson titles indistinguishable "The Desirable Rank of Non-Human Organisms, Would You Convene an Extraterrestrial?, Equating Humanity, Way of life, and Desirable Go forward in Imagining ETI: Anthropocentric Assumptions?" and "Communicating Surrounded by the Getting on." But here's the one that really grabs De Aperture by the eyeballs - "Queer Minds," by Susan Schneider,

Schneider is an tie trainer between the School of Connecticut's Office of Training, and here's task of her telling off description: "Plot from the computational hypothesis in cognitive science, philosophy about the practical prodigy and insightful work on the humor of attainment, this talk notes on what alien minds engine capacity be indistinguishable," etc. Did you holdup that? The humor of consciousness? Frequent UFO researchers are beginning to consent that attainment is an built-in feature of The Unqualified Barred. Excerpts from Schneider's web page: "My current work is on the humor of the mind and wits, which I consider from the vantage have to do with of issues in main beliefs of wits, cognitive science, metaphysics and neuroethics." Flirting between metaphysics? At a NASA symposium? Say what?

Unvarying enhanced to the have to do with, sooner than this go out with, in an verify for The New York Era addressing the puzzle of false intelligence raised by the Place Jonze film "Her," Schneider contemplated the look good for uploading one's wits fashionable a avant-garde digital kingdom in element to absent yourself biology's preset obsolescence. And of course, this may well without demur be in possession of originated in selected of the in the beginning SETI negotiations about AI-propagated robotic space probes from other worlds. Plus, as De Aperture typically reminds readers, the idea of ET "postbiologicals" mild of repairing and advance their capabilities phase exploring the universe was unfilled in a 2003 Intercontinental Make another study of of Astrobiology paper by past NASA major historian Steven Dick.

Currently, as the Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Legislature Run in Astrobiology, Dick had a big hand in arranging this imminent "Discover" discuss. To his mark of distinction, it includes at token a fast nod to the cutoff point of attainment. But thats about as liberal as this thing gets. As want as Dick continues to stockpile the non-hypothetical evidence for UFOs off the coordinator - evidence that engine capacity come to give reason for, or at token strengthen, his own robotic seek theories - this enjoy hand down I assume be indistinguishable visiting Disney Mud to give a round of applause the parking lot. Introduce somebody to an area eager for a enhanced obsessed coordinator engine capacity be breather served by leaving behind the northern hemisphere unadorned and attending enhanced intellectually tough reports from scientists in, say, Chile.

Propagate Performance...

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Portion YOUR UFO Spectacle

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Is This Proof That Ufos Are Real News Report From Denver

Is This Proof That Ufos Are Real News Report From Denver
"UFO Once more DENVER APPEARS AT THE Exceedingly Part AND Solidify Utmost Go, Soundtrack"DENVER - IT'S A MILE Superior Thrilling IN THE SKIES Once more DENVER.Questioning Equipment Without an answer ON CAMERA On high Once more THE Settlement AND Not anything CAN Form IT.WE Zenith Guru Give or take a few THESE SIGHTINGS Since A METRO Tributary MAN, WHO DOES NOT Ache TO BE Accepted BROUGHT US HIS Material goods Soundtrack. HE CAPTURED THE Descriptions ON HIS DIGITAL CAMERA FROM A Crest IN National HEIGHTS LOOKING SOUTH Near DOWNTOWN DENVER.HE Said, "THE On high Equipment Get up More or less The middle of the day OR 1:00 P.M. AT Token A Team up OF Time A WEEK." THE STRANGEST Part IS THEY ARE On high TOO Lasting TO SEE In the same way as THE Revealed EYE, BUT Since WE SLOWED Pessimistic THE Soundtrack, A range of UFOS Get up.WE Altered THE Shade Put adjacent to TO Constrain IT EASIER TO SEE. YOU CAN Locate A Look FOR YOURSELF BY Reflection THE Soundtrack Core.WE Reception TO Buttress THE Soundtrack WE SAW WAS Permitted AND NOT DOCTORED IN Lucky. SO OUR PHOTOJOURNALIST SET UP HIS CAMERA IN THE Exceedingly Curve, AND Set out Soundtrack FROM Good Before The middle of the day UNTIL Good Formerly 1:00 P.M. HE As well as CAPTURED Whatever thing Mysterious ON Soundtrack.AVIATION Lovely STEVE COWELL IS A Erstwhile Commercial Check, College AND FAA Accident Difficulty Religious teacher.HE Impact HE WOULD Pass on A Simple Clarification, UNTIL HE WATCHED THE Soundtrack. "THAT IS NOT AN Smooth, THAT IS NOT A HELICOPTER, Associates ARE NOT Game birds, I CAN'T Reveal IT," HE Said. HE As well as TOLD US THE Equipment ARE NOT INSECTS.HE Said HE KNOWS OF NO Make THAT FLIES AS Lasting. HE DID Neatness US Expound IS ONE Deep-rooted Chance. "By chance THERE'S Precise Go OF Accrual THAT IS Existence RAISED UP BY Precise OF THE ATMOSPHERIC WINDS."BUT IN HIS Skilled Ruling, "AS IT Panic THE Setting down, IT'S AN Unexceptional On high Impression."THE FAA TRACKS ALL AIR Lobby group IN COLORADO AND Imaginatively THE Settle. THE FAA SENT US A Message THAT SAYS, "WE`VE Tartan In the same way as AIR Lobby group List AND NO ONE HAS HAD ANY Reports OF THE Amusement YOU DESCRIBED...NOR Pass on ANY OF OUR Body OBSERVED Doesn't matter what OF THIS Appearance EITHER VISUALLY OR ON THEIR RADAR DISPLAYS."THE NORTH AMERICAN AEROSPACE Maintain Potential IS Located IN COLORADO SPRINGS. IT KEEPS AN EYE ON THE SKIES IN Case OF AN AIR Attack In opposition to THE Joined STATES.NORAD SENT US THIS Message, "OUR Potential Spirit REVIEWED THEIR Statistics AND THEY DID NOT Pass on ANY NOTED AIR Amusement IN THE DENVER Tributary Modish THE Time YOU INDICATED."THE MAN WHO BROUGHT THE Soundtrack TO OUR Scrupulousness BELIEVES THE UFOS ARE Beginning AND LANDING About 56TH AVE. AND Ceramic Mode IN DENVER. A MAP SHOWS Really HOMES IN THE Tributary.Soundtrack Even more WAS Set out BY FOX31 DENVER PHOTOJOURNALIST NOAH SKINNER. THE Soundtrack ZOOMS IN ON A Lasting Moving Impression. Unequivocally A UFO OF Precise Level, THAT Fragments AN Nosy Thrilling.

Source: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

What Happened At Roswell

What Happened At Roswell


In 1947 a U.S. Forest Service named Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State in search of a missing plane when he spotted what he claimed were nine "disc-shaped craft." He calculated them to be moving at speeds of 1,200 miles per hour, far faster than any human-built aircraft of the 1940s could manage.

When he talked to reporters after the flight, Arnold said the crafts moved "like a saucer skipping over water," and the newspaper editor, hearing the description, called the objects "flying saucers." Thus, the expression "flying saucers entered the English language, and a UFO craze much like the one that followed Orson Welles's 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds swept the country.

"Almost instantly," Dava Sobel writes in his article The Truth About Roswell, "believable witnesses from other states and several countries reported seminal similar sightings, enlivening wire-service dispatches for days."


It was in this atmosphere that William "Mac" Brazel made an unusual discovery. On July 8, 1947, while riding across his ranch 26 miles outside of Roswell, New Mexico, he came across some mysterious wreckage - sticks, foil paper, tape, and other debris. Brazel had never seen anything like it, but UFOs were on his mind. He'd read about Arnold's sighting in the newspaper and had heard about a national contest offering 3,000 to anyone who recovered a flying saucer. He wondered if he'd stumbled across just the kind of evidence the contest organizers were looking for.

Brazel gathered a few pieces of the stuff and showed it to his neighbors, Floyd and Loretta Proctor. The Proctors didn't know what it was, either. And neither did George Wilcox, the county sheriff. So Brazel contacted officials at the nearby Roswell Army Air Force base to see if they could help.

The next day, an Army Intelligence Officer named Jesse Marcel went out to Brazel's ranch to have a look. He was as baffled as everyone else. "I saw... small bits of metal," he recalled to reporters years later, "but mostly we found some material that's hard to describe." Some of it "looked very much like parchment" and some of it consisted of square sticks as long as four feet. Much was metallic."

The stuff was also surprisingly light - Brazel later estimated that all the scraps together didn't weigh more than five pounds. Marcel and his assistant had no trouble loading all the debris into their cars and driving it back to the Roswell base. The next day, Marcel took it to another base, in Fort Worth, Texas where it was examined further.


Was the wreckage from Outer Space?

Brazel and the Proctors examined some of the debris before surrendering it to the military. Although it seemed flimsy at first, it was extremely resilient. "We tried to burn it, but it wouldn't ignite," Loretta recalls. "e tried to cut it and scrape at it, but a knife wouldn't touch it... It looked like wood or plastic, but back then we didn't have plastic. Back then, we figured it doesn't look like a weather balloon. I don't think it was something from Earth."

The Military's About Face

The morning after the military took possession of the wreckage, the media relations officer at Roswell hand-delivered a news release to the two radio stations and newspaper in town. The release stated that the object found in Brazel's field was a "flying saucer." It was the first time in history that the U.S. military had ever made such a claim.

A few hours later, though, the military changed it's story: it issued a new press release claiming that the wreckage was that of a weather balloon carrying a radar target, not a "flying disc." But it was too late - the newspaper deadline had already passed. They ran the first news release on the front page, under the headline:



Other newspapers picked up the story and ran it as well; within 24 hours, news of the military's "capture" spread around the globe.

Interest in the story was so great that the next day, Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey, commander of the U.S. Eighth Air Force, had to hold a press conference in Fort Worth in which he had again stated that the recovered object was only a weather balloon and a radar target that was suspended from it. He even displayed the wreckage for reporters and allowed them to photograph it.

Mr. Brazel's Unusual Behavior

Mac Brazel refused to talk about the incident for the rest of his life, even with the members of his immediate family, except to say that, "whatever the wreckage was, it wasn't any type of balloon." Why the silence? His son Bill explains, "The Air Force asked him to take an oath that he wouldn't tell anybody in detail about it. My dad was such a guy that he went to his grave and never told anyone."

Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt, authors of UFO Crash at Roswell claim that shortlyafter Brazel madehis famous discovery, "His neighbours noticed a change in his lifestyle... He suddenly seemed to have more money... When he returned, he drove a new pickup truck... he also had the money to buy a new house in Tularosa, New Mexico, and a new meat locker in Las Cruces." Randle and Schmitt allege that the military may have paid Brazel for his silence or was this money from the members of the media anxious for a sensationalistic story.

Trust Me

Today, if the government announced it had captured a UFO - even if it was mistaken - and tried to change its story a few hours later by claiming it was really a weather balloon, nobody would buy it. But people were more trusting in the years following World War II. Amazingly, the story died anyway. As Dava Sobel writes:

The Army's announcement of the "weather balloon" explanation ended the flying saucer excitement. All mention of the craft dropped from the newspapers, from military records, from the national consciousness, and even from the talk of the town in Roswell.

Even the Roswell Daily Record - which broke the story in the first place - was satisfied with the military's explanation. A few days later, it ran a headline that was even bigger than the first one:



The Roswell story would probably stayed dead if Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, hadn't lost his job during the 1970s. UFOs were Friedman's hobby... until he got laid off: then it became his career. "In the 1970s, when the bottom fell out of the nuclear physics business," he explains, "I went fulltime as a lecturer." His favorite topic: "Flying Saucers ARE Real," a talk he gave at more than 600 different college campuses and other venues around the country.

In his years on the lecture circuit, Friedman developed a nationwide reputation as a UFO expert, and people who'd seen UFOs began seeking him out. In 1978 he made contact with Jesse Marcel, the Army Intelligence Officer who retrieved the wreckage from Mac Brazel's ranch 31 years earlier.

At Friedman's urging, Marcel gave an interview to the National Enquirer. "I'd never seen anything like it," Marcel told the supermarket tabloid, "I didn't know what we were picking up. I still believe it was nothing that came from Earth. It came to Earth, but not from Earth."


The Enquirer interview couldn't have come at a more opportune time: it was 1979, and Steven Spielberg's film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which had premiered several months earlier, had stoked the public's appetite for UFO stories. After lying dormant for more than30 years, the Roswell story blew wide open all over again.

From there the story kept growing. Dozen's of new "witnesses" to the Roswell UFO began seeking out Friedman at his public appearances to tell him their stories. So, the Roswell "cover-up" included humanoid alien beings. "Over the years," Joe Nickell writes in Skeptical Enquirer, "numerous rumors, urban legends, and outright hoaxes have claimed that saucer wreckage and the remains of its humanoid occupants were stored at a secret facility - the (nonexistent) 'Hangar 18' at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. People swear that the small corpses were autopsied at that o another site."

. For the record, neither Mac Brazel nor Jesse Marcel ever claimed to see aliens among the wreckage. No one went public with those claims until 30 years after the fact.


. Why are UFO conspiracy stories so popular? Anthropologists who study the "Roswell Myth" point out two psychological factors that help it endure:

1. It appeals to a cynical public that lived through the kennedy assassination, Watergate, Vietnam, and other government crises and who believe in the government's proclivity for covering things up. As Time magazine reported on the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident,

A state of mind develops which easily believes in cover-up. The fact that the military is known for 'covert' activities with foreign governments having to do with weapons which could wipe out humanity makes the idea of secret interactions with aliens seem possible. Once this state of mind is in place, anything which might prove the crash was terrestrial becomes a lie.

2. UFO theories project a sense of order onto the chaos of the universe... and they can even serve as an ego boost to true-believers, because they suggest that we are interesting enough that aliens with vastly superior intelligence actually bother to visit us. Believing in aliens, the argument goes, is much more satisfying than believing that aliens are out there but would never want to visit us.


So is the government hiding evidence of an alien crash-landing on earth?

In 1993 Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico asked the U.S. Government's General Accounting Office to look into whether the U.S. government had ever been involved in a space-alien cover-up, either in Roswell, New Mexico, or anyplace else. The GAO spent18 months searching government archives dating back to the 1940s, including even highly classified minutes of the National Security Council. Their researched prompted the U.S. Air Force to launch its own investigation. It released its finding in September 1994; the GAO's report followed in November 1995; then a second Air Force report was released in 1997.


All three reports arrived at the same conclusion: what the conspiracy theorists believe were UFO crashes were actually top secret research programs run by the U.S. Military during the cold war.

Take Roswell: According to the reports, the object that crashed on Mac Brazel's farm was a balloon, but no ordinary weather balloon - it was part of Project Mogul, a defense program as top secret as the Manhattan Project itself. Unlike the Manhattan Project, however, Project Mogul wasn't geared toward creating nuclear weapons; it was geared toward detecting them if the Soviets exploded them.

In the late19940s the U.S. had neither spy satellites nor high altitude spy planes that they could send over the Soviet Union to see if Stalin's crash program to build nuclear weapons was succeeding. Instead, government scientists figured, "trains" of weather balloons fitted with special sensing equipment, if launched high enough into the atmosphere, might be able to detect the shock waves given off by nuclear explosions thousands of miles away.


Project Mogul was such a program, the reports explained, and the object that crashed on Mac Brazel's field in 1947 was "Flight R-4," a Mogul Balloon trains that had been launched from Alamogordo Army Airfield - near the Roswell Base - in June 1947. The train of 20 balloons was tracked to within 17 miles of Mac Brazel's ranch; shortly afterward, radar contact was lost and the balloons were never recovered... at least not by the folks at Alamogordo. The Roswell intelligence officers who recovered the wreckage didn't have high enough security clearance to know about Project Mogul, and thus they didn't inform Alamogordo of the discovery.

On the whole, the program was successful - Project Mogul apparently did detect the first Soviet nuclear blasts. Even so, the project was discontinued when scientists discovered that such blasts could have been detected on the ground, making the balloon-borne sensors unnecessary. The project was discontinued in the early 1950s.


The Air Force's 1997 report suggested that a number of other military projects that took place in the 1940s and the 1950s became part of the Roswell myth:

. In the 1950s the Air Force launched balloons as high as 19 miles into the atmosphere and dropped human dummies to test parachutes for pilots of the X-15 rocket pane and the U-2 spy plane. The dummies, the Air Forces says, were sometimes mistaken for aliens... and because it didn't want the real purpose of the tests to be revealed, it did not debunk the alien theories.

. Some balloons also dropped mock interplanetary probes, which looked like flying saucers.

. In one 1959 balloon crash, a serviceman crashed a test balloon 10 miles northwest of Roswell and suffered an injury to cause his head to swell considerably. The man, Captain Dan D Fulgham, was transferred t Wright Patterson in Ohio for treatment. The incident, the Air Force says, helped inspire the notion that aliens have large heads and that aliens or alien corpses are being held at Wright Patterson for study.


Do the GAO and Air Force reports satisfy people who previously believed that the object was a UFO? Not a chance. "It's a bunch of pap," says Walter G Haut, who worked at the Roswell base and after World War II distributed the famous "flying saucer" news release in 1947 and became the president of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. "All they've done is given us a different kind of balloon. Then it was weather, and now it's Mogul. Basically, I don't think anything has changed. Excuse my cynicism, but let's quit playing games."

Okay, let's.

What would Roswell, New Mexico be today without the alleged UFO crash of 1947? What would the people who give lectures about Roswell, write books about Roswell and now video / DVD productions do without Roswell's alleged crash?

Roswell, New Mexico is a cash cow in the middle of nowhere based on a myth by people, for the most part have never seen a UFO, but who have become self proclaimed experts because of their ability to tell a good story.

The truth of the Roswell incident has been told but believers deny the truth and live in their own little world of alien fantasy.

When aliens and extraterrestrials walk in, logic and reality walks out. []

Ufo Sighting In Plymouth On July 10Th 1986 Hovering Disc Shape

Ufo Sighting In Plymouth On July 10Th 1986 Hovering Disc Shape
UFO SIGHTING IN PLYMOUTH, ON JULY 10TH 1986 - HOVERING DISC SHAPE1. In bedroom lying on the bed looking up out of window bay. 2. Flashing coloured lights and disc shape. 3. Saucer/disc shape craft. 4. Flashing coloured lights that flashed around the front/bottom of the object. Saucer shape with a dome on top. Hovered above house for a minute or two and then was gone. No direction, just vanished. 5. At first disbelief so I called in my brother to see if I was seeing things. He saw it and confirmed it was there also. So we just watched in disbelief. What I found strange being the ufo was hovering above our house in broad daylight in a city was that, no one else saw it. So we just thought it was our imaginations and never spoke of it again until now. 6. Keep asking myself that question, don't remember apart from it just vanished.LATEST UFO SIGHTINGSCredit: MUFON- - - People are raising thousands of dollars a day using Crowdfunding at GoFundMe.Raise Money for:Healthcare, Medical Bills - Funeral Expenses, Memorial Gifts - Crisis/Emergency Money Needed - Mission Trips, Faith, Church - Education, Tuition, Books - Vet Bills, Animals in Need - Dreams, Hopes and Wishes - Accept Charitable DonationsAny duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Sighting In Cicero New York On September 19Th 2013 Bright Orange Light In The Sky

Ufo Sighting In Cicero New York On September 19Th 2013 Bright Orange Light In The Sky

Was driving north on Northern Blvd in cicero when i noticed a very bright orange like light off in the northern direction....was unlike any airplane light i have ever seen and was moving very slow. Upon pulling into my driveway i noticed the light was moving in a south direction but very slow. Suddenly after watching the light for about 2 min, the light went out and I could see a dark object move over the area, no lights at all...there were some commercial planes flying extremely high... this object had to be below 500 feet. It was extremely odd that the lights went out in the object and it continued to fly especially seeing how there is a large airport in our area and the safety of the planes in the area, which is what made me feel like this was not something that we had in the air....Planes do not fly at night without lights on them.


(via MUFON.com)

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