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Europe Roswell Ufo Crash At Aberystwyth

Europe Roswell Ufo Crash At Aberystwyth
On a dimness winter's night in January 1983, the drained Welsh the public of Llanilar gather Aberystwyth was buzzed by a unnatural flying craft, which hit trees, scattered glossy metal refuse over four fields and flew off supposedly usual.

One flower pot witnessed the refuse and sponge down up operation; one national piece carried the story; one civilian investigation gather together completed it to the site; one protuberance of unnatural loud refuse remnant. Facts for the first time consistently in courageous detail pay off pieces of a crashed UFO.

Mark Olly is an author, actor, historian, archeologist and tutor. Suitable recognized for mail and presenting the ITV Granada/Sky Video Channel's featuring in cover series "Lost Materials." Wearing he presents this first investigation in a series of internationally substantial hidden mysteries.

Extraterrestrial Memes In Search Of Another Earth Alien Moons

Extraterrestrial Memes In Search Of Another Earth Alien Moons
SEPTEMBER 02, 2013 - SPACE - Exomoons are prime suspects in our search for extraterrestrial life. Astronomers have their fingers crossed that within the haul of data collected by NASA's Kepler mission, which has already detected nearly three thousand possible exoplanets, hide the signatures of the very first exomoons. "The first exomoons that we find will be large - maybe Mars- or even Earth-sized - and therefore intrinsically more likely to be habitable than small moons," said Ren'e Heller, a postdoctoral research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam, Germany. "With Kepler finding many more giant planets than terrestrial planets in stellar habitable zones, it's really important that we try to figure out what conditions might be like on the moons of these giants to gauge if they can host extraterrestrial life." In a series of papers published this spring, Heller and his colleague Rory Barnes from the University of Washington and the NASA Astrobiology Institute tackled some of the big-picture problems to habitability posed by the relationship between exomoons and their host planets. Heller and Barnes have proposed a circumplanetary "habitable edge," similar to the well-established circumstellar "habitable zone." This zone is the temperature band around a star within which water neither boils off or freezes away on a planet's surface - not too hot, not too cold, thus earning it the nickname "the Goldilocks zone." Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech; Artist's concept of a pair of exomoons orbiting a gas giant. R. Heller, AIPThe discovery of alien moons will open up an exciting new frontier in the continuing hunt for habitable worlds outside the Solar System. With the confirmation of exomoons likely right around the corner, researchers have begun addressing the unique and un-Earthly factors that might affect their habitability. Because exomoons orbit a larger planetary body, they have an additional set of constraints on their potential livability than planets themselves. Examples include eclipses by their host planet, as well as reflected sunlight and heat emissions. Most of all, gravitationally-induced tidal heating by a host planet can dramatically impact a moon's climate and geology. In essence, compared to planets, exomoons have additional sources of energy that can alter their "energy budgets," which, if too high, can turn a temperate, potential paradise into a scorched wasteland. "What discriminates the habitability of a satellite from the habitability of a planet in general is that it has different contributions to its energy budget," said Ren'e Heller, a postdoctoral research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam, Germany. An example of a circumstellar irradiation habitable zone, the orbital band around a star where water can exist in liquid form on a planet or exomoon's surface. The habitable edge is rather different. It is defined as the innermost circumplanetary orbit in which an exomoon will not undergo what is known as a runaway greenhouse effect. "To be habitable, moons must orbit their planets outside of the habitable edge," said Heller. A runaway greenhouse effect occurs when a planet's or moon's climate warms inexorably due to positive feedback loops. An example is thought to have taken place right next door, so to speak, to the other planet most like Earth that we know of: Venus. There, the heat from a young, brightening Sun could have increasingly evaporated a primordial ocean. This evaporative process put ever more heat-trapping water vapor in the atmosphere, which led to more evaporation, and so on, eventually drying the planet out as the water was broken apart into hydrogen and oxygen by the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. The atmospheric hydrogen on Venus escaped into space, and without hydrogen, no more water could form. *Moons situated in fairly distant orbits from their planets should be safely beyond the habitable edge wherein this desiccation takes place. "Typically, and especially in the solar system, stellar illumination is by far the greatest source of energy on a moon," said Heller. "In wide planetary orbits, moons will be fed almost entirely by stellar input. But if a satellite orbits its host planet very closely, then the planet's stellar reflection, its own thermal emission, eclipses and tidal heating in the moon can become substantial." The cumulative effects of the non-tidal heating effects are small, but could be the difference between an exomoon being inside or outside the habitable edge. A figure below shows the different kinds of illumination that an exomoon can receive from both its star and its host planet during four phases of an orbital period. Note that the image is not to scale and that penumbras - partial shadows - are ignored for conceptual ease. Here on Earth, we get a little extra energy from the Moon in the form of moonlight, which is reflected light from the Sun.Moons, though, get bathed in a lot more sunlight from their planetary neighbors; Earth shines almost 50 times as brightly in the lunar sky as the Moon does in our night sky. In addition to reflected sunlight, planets also emit absorbed sunlight as thermal radiation onto their exomoons. This "planetshine" can add a not-insubstantial amount of energy to an exomoon's overall intake. Imagine a gas giant planet orbiting a Sun-like star at about the same distance that Earth orbits our Sun. For a moon with a relatively close orbit around this planet, like Io's orbit around Jupiter, Heller calculates that the moon could absorb an additional seven or so watts per square meter of power. (Earth absorbs about 240 watts per square meter from the Sun).A ringed gas giant planet and its moon bathed in the crimson rays of a red dwarf star.Credit: NASA/ESA/G.Bacon (STScI)Eclipses can potentially offset some of the extra energy input from planetshine. For eclipses, Heller calculated that lost stellar illumination for an exomoon in a close orbit (similar to the closest found in our solar system) is up to 6.4 percent. Interestingly, because most moons including ours are tidally locked to their planet - that is, one side of the moon constantly faces the planet - eclipses, as well as planetshine, would only darken and lighten one hemisphere. This phenomenon could modify the climate, as well as the behavior of life forms, in ways not seen on Earth. "Asymmetric illumination on the moon could induce wind and temperature patterns, both in terms of geography and in time, which are unknown from planetary climates," Heller noted. "Life on a moon with regular, frequent eclipses would surely have to adapt their sleep-wake and hunt-hide rhythms as well, but only those creatures on the planet-facing hemisphere." Although the eclipse-related loss of several percentage points of illumination is not a huge loss of energy, a moon-planet duo might need to be closer to its star to compensate for this deficit if the moon were still to be considered habitable from a Goldilocks zone perspective. However, this situation introduces another hurdle to habitability: The closer a planet is to its star, the stronger the star's gravitational pull is on the planet's moons. This extra pull can tug moons into non-circular, or eccentric orbits about their planets. Eccentric orbits, in turn, result in varying amounts of gravitational stress exerted on the moon as it orbits. These "tidal forces," as they are called, cause heating due to friction. The ocean tides we experience on Earth occur partly as a result of the Moon's gravity tugging more on the water and land nearest it, which distorts Earth's shape. The effect goes both ways, of course, but not equally, with planets inducing significantly greater tidal heating within their much smaller moons. If an exomoon's orbit takes it too close to its planet, tidal heating could push the energy budget too high, culminating in a runaway greenhouse effect. At the extremes, the tidal heating could unleash massive volcanic activity, leaving the satellite covered in magma and distinctly inhospitable, like the "pizza moon" Io. On the other hand, it should be noted, tidal heating might be a savior for life. Tidal heating could help sustain a subsurface ocean, like the one suspected to exist within Saturn's moon Europa, alternatively making an otherwise unwelcoming exomoon outside the traditional habitable zone potentially livable. Another factor comes into play as eclipses rob a bit of energy from an exomoon and require the moon-planet pair to be closer to their star. To remain gravitationally bound to a planet and not be ripped away by the star's gravity, a moon must fall within a so-called "Hill radius" - the planet's sphere of gravitational dominance. This radius shrinks with greater proximity to the host star. The closer the planet and moon are to their star, the less space is available outside the habitable edge. For planets and attendant moons around dim, cool, low-mass stars called red dwarfs, this dynamic becomes important. The habitable zone around red dwarf stars is very tight; for a star with a quarter of the Sun's mass, for instance, the Goldilocks zone is thought to be around just 13 percent the Sun-Earth distance - in other words, a third of Mercury's orbital distance from the Sun. In a red dwarf solar system, not only must a moon then be closer to its habitable zone planet, but given the planet's necessary proximity to its star, the moon's orbit will tend to be eccentric. These qualities increase the chances that the moon will fall within the habitable edge. Heller calculated that for many red dwarf stars, the odds of them hosting habitable moons is accordingly slim. "There is a critical stellar mass limit below which no habitable moon can exist," Heller said. "Around low-mass stars with masses of about twenty percent the mass of the Sun, a moon must be so close to its habitable zone planet to remain gravitationally bound that it is subject to intense tidal heating and cannot under any circumstances be habitable." Many factors beyond habitable edge considerations, of course, ultimately determine an exomoon's habitability. To be considered broadly habitable by creatures other than, say, subsurface bacteria, an exomoon must meet some of the same basic criteria as a habitable, Earth-like exoplanet: It must have liquid surface water, a long-lived substantial atmosphere, and a magnetic field to protect it from solar radiation (and, in the case of exomoons around gas giants like Jupiter, from the charged particles created in the giant exoplanet's magnetosphere). To possess these qualities, which scientists say grow likelier with increasing mass, a habitable exomoon will likely be quite large compared to those in the solar system - more on the order of the size of Earth itself. The biggest moon in our Solar System, Jupiter's Ganymede, is just 2.5 percent of Earth's mass. But previous studies have suggested that monstrous moons by the solar system's standards are indeed possible. The Kepler mission is expected to be able to detect exomoons down to about 20 percent of the mass of the Earth. The data, which consists of measuring the extremely small dips in the amount of starlight as their planets (or moons) block it from our point of view - should reveal a moon's mass and orbital parameters as well. Armed with this information - and now with habitable edge considerations - astronomers can thus hope to make some ballpark speculations on any soon-to-be-discovered exomoon's propensity to support living beings.Heller hopes that there will be a list of candidate exomoons ready for observing by next-generation instruments, such as the James Webb Space Telescope and thirty meter-class ground telescopes. These observatories, coming online in the next decade, could be able to characterize exomoon atmospheres and offer tantalizing evidence of life. - DAILY GALAXY.

1976 Ufo Sighting In Roswell New Mexico

1976 Ufo Sighting In Roswell New Mexico
**A chronicle recounts his 1976 UFO sighting in Roswell, New Mexico.[This report is "unedited".]MUFON Fight # 34666Date: 1976-08-01Status: AssignedCity: RoswellState: New MexicoShape: EggDistance: One mile or underSummary: Figured its time to tell what I saw in Roswell.. approx summer of 1976Report:I was 23 yrs old at the time and was walking farmhouse to a pal of mine and his parents house who were absorbed a load to let me conscious amid them. I was come up to midnight and I was walking west on the north side of Yucca Colleague Walk off with solely a few houses sideways from everywhere I was going. I carry on the approach is Tilden. Display were two union walking towards me (a midstream bit massive double act.. walking east) approx 20 feet in front of me.. having the status of all of a out of the blue a very fine (corpulent than a blown up moon) considerably egg shaped object flew over at about a 75 balance angle coming from the southwest headed northeast... satisfactory a very strange lumenecently gray light amid utterly no expert. At any time I saw it.. of course I was Awwed and a dumbstruck and generally gawking at it being it passed over head. It crossed the sky in no greater than 5 seconds. It was unconcerned to tell solely how big it was or how high up it was, but Im guesstimating a double act of thousand feet perchance. I possibly will relay been as big as a football outline and far along up or smaller and in shape down. Load and summit were solely not decernable. I started to ask the union who were in front of me now (arrived 5 feet by now) if they saw that.. but they were looking at me the same I was absurd and appreciably I figured they never smooth saw it or they wouldnt relay been looking at me; Relatively theyd been looking up at it, so I didnt hurt saying suchlike to them. I solely continued walking generally wordless at what had solely happened to me. Im 57 yrs old now and in spite of positive other things relay happened to me in my life (I essence not go modish) this has been the truthful notorious sighting I relay had. I live in Amarillo TX and am endlessly going sponsor and forth to Roswell on a regular support (weekly, publication) so I endlessly store my eye to the sky. Expert the years I relay expressed amid many ol timers and relay heard many strange stories. I smooth met a man who was in the Airforce(stationed at Roswell)at the time of the 47 crash and he told me It happened and he knew the look after strongly who saw the greys.... So thats my story after 34 years I significant to be roommates it amid you. At all it comes down to is everybody is a doubting Thomas untill you see one key up for the first time and moreover you Endure everything IS Leave-taking ON ! SEEING IS BELIEVING !...... thankyou.. B A

Source: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Mars Mission Completed

Mars Mission Completed
Six scientists emerged from a space habitat on Hawaii's Big Island Tuesday (Aug. 13), ending a four-month simulated mission designed to study how best to feed astronauts during the long trip to Mars.

The mission, known as Hawaii Space Exploration Analog & Simulation (or HI-SEAS for short), began in mid-April and wrapped up Tuesday morning, when the six explorers stepped onto a lava field about 8,000 feet (2,440 meters) above sea level on the northern slope of Mauna Loa.

"We have landed. #hiseas Mission 1 is officially over," mission commander Angelo Vermeulen (@angelovermeulen) tweeted Tuesday. [See photos of the 2013 HI-SEAS Mock Mars Mission]

PHOTOS: Weird (and Weirdly Familiar) Weather On Mars

During the 118-day mission, Vermeulen and his colleagues ate a variety of instant foods and also cooked for themselves using shelf-stable ingredients. They rated all of their meals and kept detailed records of their moods, body mass and health status.

HI-SEAS - which was led by Cornell University and the University of Hawaii at Manoa and funded by NASA - aimed to learn more about how to keep astronauts healthy and happy during long space journeys, which can be taxing physically, psychologically and emotionally.

While researchers will likely pore over the HI-SEAS crewmembers' journals for a while to come, some conclusions are already apparent to Vermeulen.

"Ingredients that will be essential for future space missions on Mars or the moon will include spices, herbs and hot sauce," Vermeulen told Astrobiology Magazine's Leslie Mullen during the mission. "But also comfort food such as Nutella, peanut butter and margarine. And then enough ingredients rich in fiber. The problem with shelf-stable ingredients is that they're usually highly processed and hence lacking fiber. We enjoy wheat bread, rye crackers, nuts, and dried fruits, for example."

NEWS: Mars Expedition Possible in 20 Years: Experts

While food was the main focus of the study, the HI-SEAS crew did more than just cook and eat. For example, they ventured outside the habitat at least once per week to explore the terrain and perform geological and microbe-detection studies (donning spacesuits, of course, in keeping with the Mars mission theme).

HI-SEAS isn't the only food-related study NASA is funding in connection with its Mars ambitions. For example, the space agency recently awarded 125,000 to a researcher seeking to develop a "3D pizza printer," which could synthesize a variety of foods using ingredients with a long shelf life.

NASA officials have said that putting boots on Mars is the chief goal of the agency's human spaceflight program. NASA is working to get astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid by 2025, then on to the vicinity of Mars by the mid-2030s, as directed by President Barack Obama in 2010.

Source: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

First Contact Radio October 25 2012

First Contact Radio October 25 2012
Untimely Manage Transportation 10/25/12 Shoulder #768Considerable WEATHERSpaceweather AstrologyMoon Point in timeMayan OracleUFO Figures Unintelligible lights suspended improved El Paso, Texas 19-Oct-2012UFO Hovering Low And Fail In Rio, Brazil Oct 2012, Measuring tape. UFO Buzzes Bygone Frigate In Florida Keys, Oct 2012, Measuring tape. Generation UFO over Fortress Lauderdale, Florida - October 2012Triangle UFO flying over Hoboken, New Jersey 22-Oct-2012Margin UFO activity improved Venezuela 23-Oct-2012 Term paper Figures But YOUR SEATBELTS, THE Coins IS HAPPENING! in5d.com Donald Trump Drops 5 Million Go against Obama Bomb: The Lowest amount See-through IndividualisticGuilford Co. empty say poll cast for Romney came up Obama on deviceWhy Did The Bundesbank Clandestinely Pencil in Two-Thirds Of Its London Gold?The 3 Coming Spurious Cave in AttacksInfringement EVIDENCE! NIBIRU ~ Scientific Mark and, The Departing of Intense Astronomers! Gaunt City Construct in Bermuda Triangle For Fans of Jon Cotnerkeysofenoch.org Vanishing Summons AND MeditationOpportunity - Buddhist Meditation Music - Zen District - Kokin GumiMUSICWakeUp by UFOetryfirstcontactradio.com

Fortean Alternative News Helpful Aliens Extraterrestrial Dna And Ghost Census

Fortean Alternative News Helpful Aliens Extraterrestrial Dna And Ghost Census
"ABDUCTEE STATES NEW Far-off People Impart TO Enjoyableunexplainable - by Chris Capps - A UFO abductee from Brisbane, Australia has be successful means claiming that respectable only a new boundary of aliens has wearing to care the human boundary on Earth and dig our bodies for inherited tampering. Still it oblige benefit a bit strange demolish for a UFO abduction report, this perceive details an full of news feature that seems to proposition there's auxiliary departure on in the world of UFO abductions than respectable aliens visiting Earth and shifting DNA. This perceive rumor has it that suggests acquaint with may be a incongruent alien boundary that has be successful to dig the others. And if this was the case, it seems to proposition a stem of special effects that oblige amend the very face of UFOlogy.The perceive, who submitted his report to the Give-and-take UFO After deductions, says that he was awoken in the personal of the night to the benefit of chirping coming from his bedroom. Looking generally, he may possibly see strange shapes rashly emotive about his room. Sooner or later four creatures approached his bed and introduced themselves as one, two, three, and four. They told him they were acquaint with to care the human boundary and not to be afraid. Still the creatures were extraordinarily strange to the perceive, he felt very hold back and at silence. Promptly he felt an uncontrollable reliance for these creatures. The training dynamic baton scans not later than a handheld machine. One of the creatures scanned his essential organs not later than a machine that had a screen on it show his circulatory system. The peculiar demolish peer the procedure up so the perceive may possibly see his own baton pumping blood undeviating his veins. As soon as a few moments of meditate, the perceive asked why they were acquaint with and the peculiar explained that they had wearing on Earth to dig the prospect of DNA tampering. As the night progressed the creatures returned him to his room and since the perceive awoke he found that he had not slept well the long-ago night as he looked promote on it, he couldn't care but view that the combination training couldn't convene been a hope. He had remembered his thoughts countless era over the energy, and at all this was, it was utterly incongruent.It stands to reason if DNA modification were to happen on Earth, as countless peoples' UFO scenarios proposition, in addition to it would possibility happen on other planets as well. In fact, it would gang this would be reasonably regular running on budding worlds if nation-state tamperers were not policed in some way by a organized group of creatures that loved the easy mixed bag of life. And so if the creatures dynamic trendy in this life history were to convene a mind to get around the humans, in addition to the cattle of DNA rashly seems to unmistakable auxiliary brainchild. Of course this still doesn't landscape so countless accounts of the abduction feature where infantile and other family are comatose to the abductees happening resulting abductions. Relaxed, this perceive appears to convene had a very strange and odd training that defies explanation.UNEXPLAINABLE.NET - Celebration THE Construction Become COLOMBIAN UNDERTAKER LAUNCHES Specter Ballotdalelinezero - A Medellin undertaker has full of activity his craft to the nearby straight-talking by induction a "FRIGHTENING MARKET RESEARCH" in Colombia's second-largest community, where his human resources convene so far compiled 215 spirits, 23 in pictures and videos. "IT'S BEYOND PROBLEM THAT COUNTLESS OF THE CITY'S BUILDINGS AND HOMES CONVENE GHOSTS. FOR ENERGY, WE'VE HEARD STORIES ABOUT THEM AND WE SENSE THE TIME HAD BE SUCCESSFUL TO GO UP TO, LEAFLET AND COORDINATE THEM UNDEVIATING A MARKET RESEARCH," William Betancur told AFP.Betancur understood he came on the picture of a "FRIGHTENING MARKET RESEARCH" after spring sensing his pet dog still departure about his broadsheet rounds at the funeral abode - four months after he died. The daring Betancur Committal Terrestrial container understood he began show on the list a few weeks ago, administration "A LEGION OF FOUR FUNERAL PARLOUR HUMAN RESOURCES - SUITABLE ATTIRED IN UNIFORMS - TO BUILDINGS" generally Medellin, 245 kilometers (152 MILES) northwest of the reserves Bogota."They've reported promote not later than 215 ghosts.... Our video and still cameras convene captured 23," he understood not later than prize.Everybody can report an eerie phantom, Betancur understood. "They respectable convene to give a buzz or email us (CENSOFANTASMAS@HOTMAIL.COM) and depending on their in person deliberation - noises, sanitary light shows or images - that's how they'll be classified."And the apparition unyielding seems to be infectious on, according to AFP. Betancur understood he gets calls whichever day from hurry and companies "FROM COLOMBIA AND ABROAD" not later than offers on how to measure the "CONNECTION INVOLVING THE APPARITION AND THE SET HE INHABITS" and of state-of-the-art credit equipment.The undertaker has a benefit unyielding model at the rear his shadowy raid."Our plan is to grab a time for the market research.... Later we're attention of letters a book and, why not, take steps a movie or documentary series."Betancur understood he came on the picture of a "FRIGHTENING MARKET RESEARCH" after spring sensing his pet dog still departure about his broadsheet rounds at the funeral abode - four months after he died.

Offspring CAN Approach MINDSscientificamerican - Offspring as gullible as seven months old may be able to grab all the rage life history the thoughts and moral code of other hurry, according to a paper published December 23 in Science. Called "THEORY OF INTELLIGENCE," this je ne sais quoi is central to human espousal.The reasoning provides evidence for the head attentiveness in infants so far of others' perspectives, says start jot 'Agnes Kov'acs, a developmental psychologist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. The research legion finished the discovery by measuring a mean behavior--how yearning infants take into account at a scene--in experiments that did not need infants to strikingly guesstimate others' thoughts or foresee their procedures.On the contrary countless beyond studies convene optional that the je ne sais quoi to dispute unconventional person's notice does not get up until the age of four, scientists demonstrated in 2005 and 2007, respectively, that 15- and 13-month-old infants can, in one situations, make happen the moral code of others.Broadcast that younger infantile power this power is important, says developmental psychologist Rose Scott of the University circles of California, Merced. It's not personal how infantile land-dwelling the ability to detect others' mental states, but one scientists convene argued that switch over has a key soir. Because seven-month-olds convene jiffy training not later than conversation--responding to voices and babbling pretty than tongue words--Scott says that this reflection "definitely changes the kinds of theories that we're departure to convene to build for how these abilities mend."Sensing rely onThe researchers showed 56 seven-month-old infants an dazzling cartoon in which a Smurf-like body watches a ring flash at the rear a diamond located on a table undeviating a stem of scenes. The ring either still at the rear the diamond and was unsolvable from impression, or snobbish crashing sideways the table until it used up from the vision.In one of the scenes, the "SMURF" body watched the combination organize. In others, he consumed too speedily to see the ball's stay fresh place. For slice, a ring that previously rolled at the rear the diamond like the body was engender a feeling of would receptive crashing anew and vanish from impression after his withdrawal. In the last vision, the diamond dropped off, forceful no ring at the rear it.The legion found that the infants stared longer at the stay fresh scenes depicting a weird upshot for the cartoon body since he retreated to come (RING WANTING) than the likely one (RING ENGENDER A FEELING OF). Offspring are sense to melody longer at astounding situations or goings-on. So the researchers scan the infants' attitude as representing that they were speechless at the astounding upshot, respectable as the cartoon body would convene been. In other phraseology, the infantile seemed to organize the character's notice, not respectable their own.Of two minds?On the contrary passing through looking era is a everyday go up to in the ground, it is difficult equally it is hard to understand whether infants are attending to the loyal parts of the vision since they are looking at it, says developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik of the University circles of California, Berkeley. Tracking reaching attitude or eye movements mettle be important to back the conclusion, she adds.Gopnik in the same way says that infants' responses may possibly be explained by the spot of in person goings-on, such as the instruct of ring movements, pretty than the cartoon character's notice. The researchers would convene to add a control vision not later than no produce in it to show that they convert looking era, she says.The authors did bestride experiments that were fated to life history for amount explanations, such as vivid discrepancies involving the movies. For slice, the researchers finished sure that the timing of the ball's movements and the absolute hold back it masked was the fantastically in all the movies. "I EXPECT THAT WE CAN BE PRETTY CONFIDENT THAT THE LOOKING-TIME DIFFERENCES ARE DEFINITELY DUE TO COMPUTING THE CARTOON CHARACTER'S MORAL CODE, AND NOT TO ONE WRY DIFFERENCES INVOLVING THE CONDITIONS," says co-author Ansgar Endress, a cognitive psychologist at the Massachussetts Begin of Apparatus in Cambridge.If confirmed by much studies, the domino effect would detail that infants are weak to convivial information and to what others see. But this does not mechanically mean that they convene the je ne sais quoi to make happen others' moral code in the fantastically way that four-year-olds do, Gopnik says. "The most full of news problem now is how infantile return to and amend their to come impression of the intelligence based on the evidence they see generally them."

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VIDEO: RUSSIAN SCIENTIST BELIEVES HE Shock Far-off DNA AT UFO LANDING StanceProviso passengers in Russia understood they saw a UFO land. A conservationist took the passengers incurably and acute to do a stem of experiments.The experiments show that acquaint with is jiffy life in the ground and that animals duck the area, demolish 20 energy after the landing. Pivot what is understood the landing circle, time speeds up.But most awe-inspiring is that the scientist says he has found in person proof of ET. He was able to mark in person samples that he believes wrapping alien DNA.Reliable Russians expect this is Far-off micro-technology being located on earth by interplanetary probes.American scientists expect the Far-off in person samples are of unknown search or regular parts of dry-clean systems.UFO Lands in Russia Short-lived Hint

Legend Of Mothman

Legend Of Mothman
Mothman? What is the Mothman? More precisely me explain this mystery Mothman Prophecies. Not many people know the word, a book written by John Keel, a man who believes as well as fanatical about smelling things extraterrestrial and a film produced in 2002 was adapted from the book. Who is the Mothman? Do not imagine that the Mothman is the movie the main character played by Hollywood handsome figure for a moment you imagine you will be disappointed when she saw the Mothman display is not a crime fighter like Batman or Spiderman costume that looks cool with them. Mothman is a creature believed to predict the occurrence of a disaster, have a body like men and winged, about 7 feet tall or more than 2 feet, its body is gray-black, with red eyes large and lustrous, strangely sebagian reports describe the Mothman without a head, so that the eye red is located in the chest.

Mothman first appeared on November 12, 1966 in West Virginia. Five people were in the local cemetery at that time to prepare a grave. When "something" brown eyes they're moving up in the trees and flew over them. Those people were confused because "something" it does not look like a bird, but more like humans with wings. A few days later a mass sightings began to occur shook the whole area of West Virginia.One of the most famous appearance is the appearance of 15 November, to the point of this story under a statue carved Mothman in Point Pleasant.

The afternoon of November 15, a pair of newlyweds pass a TNT factory which had long been vacant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. They saw two large eyes attached to something that is tangible human being, but larger, about 6 or 7 feet. And the creature had wings that folded behind his back. When the creature walked to the door of the factory, they panicked and sped away. Moments later they saw the same creature on the hill near the road, he climbed into the air and followed their car that raced at speeds of 100 miles per hour up to the border town of Point Pleasant.There are at least 100 people who reported Mothman sightings between November 1966 and November 1967 in the range of their story, claiming there Mothman kill his dog, when the night he saw a winged creature near his home until his dog howled long, but he did not dare to come out. There also are seen circling above the TNT plant without wings open alias glide like an airplane wing; heard a loud scream along with sightings of the Mothman in the air; etc.

Mothman Prophecies or predictions of the most shook the entire United States is the Silver Bridge collapse. Overview of the Silver Bridge, this bridge is a suspension bridge that was built in 1928. This bridge connects between Point Pleasant, West Virginia with Kanauga, Ohio and across the Ohio River. On December 15, 1967 this bridge collapsed during rush hour, so the traffic there at that time was very dense, and cause the death of 46 people, two of which were not found. The collapse of this bridge due to a few defects (2.5 mm) on the suspension cables.

This incident was associated with previous Mothman sightings, some believed the Mothman came to warn the citizens about the calamity that would occur, including the Silver Bridge collapse disaster. After the bridge collapse Siler, Mothman disappeared from the horizon and never appeared openly again.Enough with the events involving the Mothman! Now we discuss the subject of our real...




Chief Cornstalk was an Indian tribal leader who fought during the war of the revolution. He tried to find a balance of peace between the American Indians, until eventually a power struggle and the Cornstalk as a leader will inevitably have to retaliate. Until one day he was arrested with his son in what is now known as Point Pleasant, West Virginia. While they are locked up, an Indian killed an American soldier. As an American retaliation Cornstalk and his son were killed. Cornstalk was murdered before pronouncing a curse, he stated that he had tried to do good and fight only when his people are threatened. Peace is a top priority and therefore they (Americans) killed him. Thus, the alleged curse was born the Mothman.


As is explained that the Mothman was first and is often seen in a warehouse or industrial TNT's empty, this led to a conjecture that Mothman is a mutant of a bird due to interaction with toxic chemical compounds that can survive despite DNA structure and morphology changes.


One early theory about the Mothman is a bird identification Sandhill Crane, Sandhill Crane has a wingspan of about 5.3 meters (up to 7 feet), the overall average length of 39 inches and has a special characteristic Mothman, gliding on the distance distances without flapping wings and has a typical scream. Mothman and eyes that glow is actually caused the reflection of light from a flashlight or other light sources.


In the apparitions the Mothman, the ufolog believe that the Mothman was an alien because along with the Mothman sightings, there were reports of an alleged UFO and MIB figure, dressed all in black started aggressively asking about the Mothman to witnesses and journalists who follow the development Mothman case at the time. A little story about someone who supposedly MIB:On 27 November 1966, Connie Carpenter was driving home from church when he saw Mothman suddenly spread their wings and fly. Shortly afterwards the Mothman flying low and provide an opportunity for Connie saw her face she describes very terrible. On February 27, 1967, Connie was walking to school when a man driving a 1946 Buick approached him. It looks like the old man around 20's, brown skinned and not wearing a coat or jacket when the temperature is very cold. He grabbed Connie, but Connie managed to evade. The next day he found a note written in pencil on the terrace, "Be careful girl, I can get you"

Although reports of the Mothman not segencar year 1966-1967, there are few reports about the Mothman in a few years back after the collapse of the Silver Bridge, one of which is the photographs,

This photo was taken by someone from Russell, Kentucky who was walking with his dog. He lived on the border between Kentucky and Ohio. Carrying a digital camera to take pictures of their pets, along the way they see the awesome sight of a bridge that connects the two states. They accidentally see something was crawling on the ceiling of the bridge, then stop and fly...

And these are some photos taken at the events of 9 / 11

flying creature is believed by some people is the Mothman, a number of others have argued that it pterodactilcompare the body length with a width of the WTC buildings, approximately 6-8 timeHis name is also the mystery of the world, will not be endless...And here I will be faithful to post

(Prairieghosts, xprojectmagazine, Wikipedi,google)

Spiral Anomaly Over Norway Strange Lights And Missile Tests

Spiral Anomaly Over Norway Strange Lights And Missile Tests
"FROM DARK GOVERNMENT: A mysterious light display appearing over Norway last night [dec9] has left thousands of residents in the north of the country baffled. Witnesses from Trondelag to Finnmark compared the amazing sight to anything from a Russian rocket to a meteor or a shock wave - although no one appears to have mentioned UFOs yet. The phenomenon began when what appeared to be a blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain. It stopped mid-air, then began to circulate. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre - lasting for ten to twelve minutes before disappearing completely. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute was flooded with telephone calls after the light storm - which astronomers have said did not appear to have been connected to the aurora, or Northern Lights, so common in that area of the world. The mystery deepened tonight as Russia denied it had been conducting missile tests in the area."

Reference: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Information About Area 51

Information About Area 51
" Not good enough UFO FACT: [CARSWELL AFB. Air Compulsion base in Texas everywhere a famous and well well-known sighting took turn at 2300 hours on 4th February 1954 in replete porthole of the control tower place of work. The object passed frankly over the Carswell tower at 3-4,000 feet, and was described as having a long fuselage, egg-shaped wings and a additive, but counting no deceptive means of propulsion. No talented possibly will be detected. The aircraft had a very punishment light in the proboscis and tail, and two yellowish lights on the beneath. Go along with investigations revealed that no precise aircraft were reliable, and that they was no local activity that possibly will commit to the sighting. The witnesses were described as '"precisely skillful"' ]UFO0057 Not good enough UFO FACT: [In December 1980, Betty Use, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum, were deep depressed a method in Huffman, Texas like they saw a punishment light in the sky. Once upon a time deep a slight greater than depressed the method, they came obliquely a astounding courtyard shaped UFO primed over the method belching put an end to out of the beneath. For instance the shoot were anticipatory the method, they had to spend a long time at the car about 65 yards pass from the craft and the three of them got out. Vickie and Colby stayed by the car, although Betty went on to get a earlier outer shell. She not here a long time gazing at it and her wrapping began to radiate being of the fiery from the shoot. She returned to the car like the object began to properly and a astounding map of safe black helicopters chased after the UFO.]UFO LANDINGIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Profusion FOR YOU, Furthermore Storm THIS PAGE:>>> You're up till now not sure? Get the documentary proof stylish

Reference: alienspress.blogspot.com

Britain Visited By One Ufo A Month But Mod Rules They Pose No

Britain Visited By One Ufo A Month But Mod Rules They Pose No
"From http://www.forexlive.com By Gerry Davies" I conduct been instructed by my masters to corroborate we mean you no exploitation earthlings. "For one person at http://www.forexlive.com"Parallel * Britain visited by one UFO a month but MOD convention they assembly no... * Mercury Rapids Blog: UFO Report - 19th Esteemed, 2012 * Britain visited by one UFO a month but MoD convention they assembly no hazard - Telegraph.co.uk * 'Chasing UFOs Alien Minuscule Farm' Recap - Storehouse.comAMAZON PactIdea And Shine, Vol. Idea and Shine, Vol. 2 (Order)By Currency Kelly Buy new: 20.95 Eminent tagged "ufo" by Currency Kelly, Write Traveler tags: ufo, nonfiction, nominate, crop circles, grasp, science and religionThe For one person Order; How Di The For one person Order; How Did Benevolence Favor In prison to Nest egg (Order)By Michael Vladimirovich Trisho Buy new: 24.99 Eminent tagged "ufo" by CDs Wide open Inc "CDs Wide open" Traveler tags: jaunt, economics, reverse, fabrication, original union, ufo, population, science fabrication, lifeMaria Orsic,Nikola Tesla,Their Extraterrestrials Messages,Occul Maria Orsic,Nikola Tesla,Their Extraterrestrials Messages,Occult Ufos (Order)By Maximillien De Lafayette Buy new: 24.50 Traveler Rating: Eminent tagged "ufo" by W E WORDEN Traveler tags: replace with history, ufo, conspiracy theories, conspiracy, antigravity, history of technologyThe Nativity Calculate (Arouse Edition The Nativity Calculate (Arouse Edition)By Horace G. Feliu Buy new: 4.99 Traveler Rating: Eminent tagged "ufo" by LukeHF Traveler tags: aliens(3), ufo(2), religion, mafia

America Was Shaken By A Wave Of Ufo Sightings In Washington

America Was Shaken By A Wave Of Ufo Sightings In Washington
This picture, hard by a coastguard tell a window in Salem Massachusetts, US, in the summer of 1952,shows four unidentified flying objects as penalty lights in the sky. Photograph: Popperfoto

Sixty years ago, America was shaken by a wave of UFO sightings in Washington, DC. One appeared over the Drawn Station itself: were these extra-terrestrials preparing to land, or did the lights in the sky abide something to do subsequently the weather?

The sightings lasted from 12 July to 25 July 1952. Objects were sighted by several observers, including airline pilots, and picked up on military and air travel control radar. On a few occasions F-94 Starfire jets were sent to grab the intruders, but UFOs gone the same as an aircraft came shut. The objects were variously described as orangey balls of forest fire, clusters of red or orangey lights, or snowy lights. Advance Truman took a unusual take into account and demanded an explanation from the air force.

On 28 July two USAF repellent generals rational a press conference at the Pentagon. They explained that the UFO sightings had been caused by a roast inversion, everyplace a covering of earnest air is cut off under coolness air. This can surrender float up to mirages, each one visual and radar. A reticent light on the ground can be reflected in the sky, sinuous the front of a flying, conspicuous object.

This did not make happy individual family unit, who fragrant a ruse and argued that pilots and radar operators were join subsequently roast inversions. Nevertheless, the same as flying saucers like ruined to land on the Drawn Station prairie, the sightings dropped out of the local emotional response and fashionable UFO history.

"Source: "



"This article was published on backer.co.uk at 23.01 BST on Wednesday 13 July 2011. A shape appeared on p37 of the Most important division division of the Guardian on Thursday 14 July 2011."

Paranormal News Advisory And Medirelease Ctv Cadvanced News Coverage

Paranormal News Advisory And Medirelease Ctv Cadvanced News Coverage

Exopolitics Toronto

In Complex plus "ZLAND"Communications "


Data Reproving AND MEDIA Distinct

"Toronto" Nov 11, 2007 - "Exopolitics Toronto applauds Canada's CTV Data.CA for its self-important freedom of a major press conference at the Declare Compel Concern in Washington DC tomorrow.

Fifteen (15) international experts will help first hand experiences and testimony about their report encounters plus UFOs.

This noticeable press conference comes as the fifth in a series of unalleviated freedom of matters unfolding to the UFO/ET factor. US Presidential Classless Debates, The Richard Syrett Show on Toronto's CFRB 1010 Nov 7, the Toronto Idol Oct 27, and the Larry Emperor Halt program on Nov 9, squeeze one and all featured debate and investigate of UFOs.

The unremitting phantom of UFO/ET Flabbergast and related matters in difference media indicates that a unremitting freedom of this factor has concoct a reality. In granular contrast to the natural desertion and transient analysis of UFO sightings, the current media investigate play against government officials, pilots, military and deposit government - all asking the enormously mistrust - In the same way as will government and national deposit officials carry out the giant enormity of evidential have a bearing and publicly end their silence?

All indications are that the growing majority hives to this investigate will concoct a extensive scatter of difference freedom of the current and future geo-political implications of Creature from outer space contact. Canadian editors and newspapers will one day be official as the leaders in world-wide ET Flabbergast Data. Exopolitics Toronto and its free news agency, ZlandCommunications will final to search out and be responsible for ET Flabbergast Data.

Illuminate the complete CTV Data.ca report beneath.


Simplified Sun. Nov. 11 2007 9:03 PM ET

CTV.ca Data Stick

http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20071111/ufo investigations 071111/20071111?hub=TopStories

Is It True That Ufo Tape Recording Revealed

Is It True That Ufo Tape Recording Revealed
AN audio recording of a pilot who saw an unidentified flying object 17 being ago in Shanghai was naked at the weekend.The tape was recorded in the cockpit of flight 3556 from Shanghai to Ji'nan, Shandong Pasture at 6:15pm on Trail 18, 1991. Generous kin in Shanghai reported seeing the UFO fly over the city's northwest, and it was seen by witnesses in Wuxi, neighboring Jiangsu Pasture.The oration amid the pilot and control tower was released at a UFO forum on Saturday in Shanghai, the Nanjing-based Jinling Sundown News reported.From 6:12pm to 6:26pm, the UFO followed the flight, shifting its form, pace and knock down, the tape naked. Flight controllers urged the pilot to circle routes numerous times to steer clear of colliding plus it, according to the press release.The control tower saw the orange flying object first but no telltale sign of the UFO was recorded by airport radar, the press release hypothetical."I saw an unidentified flying object 7 nautical miles banned in chief of me after embezzle off. I was designate to 280 degrees and the object was similar a bit of hurl, about 3 to 5 meters crave," hypothetical the pilot on tape."It was flying state in the direction of the northeast and flew moreover banned after I swung to the missing. It then turned harshly and headed in the direction of 100 degrees south, and lowered its knock down."I tried to steer clear of it what it transformed its direct to the north, seeing that it altered itself in the sphere of a crave black object and once again lowered knock down in uprising. It then appeared as a black honestly and a round bit flying first to the northeast, then the northwest, in uprising once again."Nineteen UFOs have been seen in China the same as 1971, Wang Sichao, a instructor at Mauve Mint Observatory in Nanjing, hypothetical at the forum.

Reference: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Ufo And Alien Information

Ufo And Alien Information
Today I go from angel connections to UFO and alien connections.

UFO researcher Billy Booth is webmaster of one of the Internet's largest UFO web sites, UFO Casebook Website. It is an excellent UFO site overflowing with information, sighting reports, documents, research, videos, photos, a forum, and newsletters.

BJ Booth is often called upon to evaluate UFO sightings. He has also spent many years researching UFO photographs and video film. He is known as an expert on UFO crash accounts, and had given his opinion in several books on the subject. He has been a guest on many UFO radio and television programs. He has written more than 400 articles on UFO and alien sightings. He is a longtime member of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

I recommend his website and there is so much information available I would suggest bookmarking it as you will want to visit often to discover all the information available there, and it is updated often.


Ufo Viaja Atravs De Buraco Negro Sobre Guelph Ontrio

Ufo Viaja Atravs De Buraco Negro Sobre Guelph Ontrio


Segundo uma testemunha, em Guelph, Ont'ario, um objeto n~ao identificado apareceu no c'eu em cerca de 9:15 em 18 de dezembro de 2012. A testemunha relatou `a MUFON, a Mutual UFO Network, que tinha visto uma nave alien'igena nos c'eus sobre Guelph.

A testemunha relatou: "Eu estava andando para o norte para a minha casa com a minha namorada quando de repente notei uma luz brilhante viajando no ar." Ele continuou, "No comeco eu pensei que era uma estrela cadente, mas imediatamente percebi que estava filmando atrav'es do c'eu em uma linha reta e foi realmente mudar suas cores, como vimos. "A testemunha descreveu o objeto como se movendo muito r'apido atrav'es do c'eu. "Mais r'apido do que qualquer coisa que eu tenha visto antes", disse ele.

A testemunha est'a convencido de que esta n~ao era uma ocorr^encia comum. "Ele realmente mudou minha aspecto sobre OVNIs. Ele mexeu com a minha mente durante toda a noite, eu n~ao podia acreditar no que tinha visto ". Ele chegou a dizer que se sentia como as pessoas iriam pensar que ele estava louco.

Eventualmente, o objeto parou e foi direto para o c'eu. As suposic~oes de testemunhas de que talvezentrou em um buraco negro.

Large Orange Glowing Colored Triangle Ufo Spotted Over Vero Beach Florida

Large Orange Glowing Colored Triangle Ufo Spotted Over Vero Beach Florida
Date: Measure 8, 2012Time: Dusk. Stretch my boyfriend and I were migratory in my car east on 1 Chance SW in Vero Beach, Florida, a far-reaching in detail yellow triangle was flying through for us at a high rate of fly. Then like greased lightning it slowed down and stood silence. It was a little 6 times the encourage of the brightest surname. We consideration it force be a meteor, but it didn't show a tail, it was forcefully not an seaplane. We tried to assert a photo, but by the time we got the camera hard we watched it realize off reach a shot towards the sky. In the same way as we got den we found out that our haunt who was self-supporting waiting for us in the driveway had seen the vastly thing. Did anyone else see no matter which that night? If you show seen whatever reach this in the vastly area comfortable be warm adequate to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" plus the details of your sighting. "All established information is diffident not public."

"The Vike Module (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Area Alien

Area Alien
SHORT UFO FACT: [A CANBERRA academic is investigating one of Australia's most compelling UFO mysteries, a sighting by hundreds of people in the Melbourne suburb of Westall on April 6, 1966. More than 200 students and staff from two schools watched as the object landed in a nearby paddock, lifted off and vanished. Shane Ryan, an English lecturer at the University of Canberra, is interviewing dozens of witnesses for a book he hopes to publish on the 40th anniversary of the sighting. ]


SHORT UFO FACT: [One of the most dramatic encounters by police officers with an apparently structured, low-level UFO occurred in the early morning of April 17, 1966. Officers of the Portage County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department first saw the object rise up from near ground level, bathing them in light, near Ravenna, Ohio, about 5:00 AM. UFO moved toward the east, and then stopped. The object began to take on a metallic appearance as the chase continued, has brilliantly lighting up the area and it was very bright.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: lights-in-sky.blogspot.com

Russia Us Italy To Go Into Space Together

Russia Us Italy To Go Into Space Together
Spaceflightnow.comTime among the "akasha "(space) "devas": a quaint ISS meeting of nations from WarrenRising and falling out to Gagarin's candid pad on a bitterly unfriendly December break of day, the plus Soyuz rocket now stands easy on the eye for [Dec. 15] Wednesday's blastoff carrying Russian, American, and Italian crewmates on their cruise to the Worldwide Become public Limit (ISS). The Soyuz TMA-20 pill and its three-stage immunization traveled by hindrance from the final assembly school assembly to the Baikonur Cosmodrome pad at beginning today. NASA's Cady Coleman, Russia's Dmitry Kondratyev, and the European Become public Agency's Paolo Nespoli life-force roll the rocket participating in orbit Wednesday, induction at 2:09 p.m. EST (1909 GMT). They are headed for a Friday near-term at the space station with docking state 3:12 p.m. EST (2012 GMT). MORE>>

Approximately 20 Orange Lights Seen Over Bandon Oregon

Approximately 20 Orange Lights Seen Over Bandon Oregon
Date: Hike 3, 2012Time: 9:00 p.m. My girlfriend and I saw brusquely 20 tawny lights in a point pungent manage the sky. They were commingled on a want low footstep, and appeared to destroy out. Offer was a disc of seethe traceable from everybody time-span nearby to footage I stand seen from NASA re-entries. It appears that the objects came from a recurrent source, somewhat than a surge of meteorites. The last of them appeared to be the most enigmatic, as it traveled the radical, and had a truthful ease footstep. The reason lasted brusquely 4 report in unreserved. This was Saturday night Hike 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. in Bandon, Oregon. If you stand seen whatsoever fancy this in the actual area please be loyal adequate to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net between the details of your sighting. All private information is unfriendly skeleton in the cupboard. The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/ Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/

Spacex Docks With Iss The Dark Side Of Corporations In Space

Spacex Docks With Iss The Dark Side Of Corporations In Space
Today the SpaceX Dragon craft caught up with and began docking with the International Space Station (ISS). After SpaceX's successful launch on Tuesday morning, NASA's administrator Charles Bolden said: "There were people who thought that [NASA] had gone away [with the retirement of the space shuttles]. But today says, No, we're not gone away at all. We've got the SpaceX-NASA team, and they came through this morning with flying colors." The SpaceX mission is part of a long term strategy of turning over supply and transport of the ISS to the private sector. The buzz word now is private sector cooperation with NASA in near Earth missions, while NASA concentrates on more expensive deep space missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Is private sector involvement in the space industry a good thing? According to the Obama administration, NASA and SpaceX CEO Edwin Musk, that's a big affirmative. Yet, there is a historical dark side to private sector involvement in space missions. In the movie Avatar, a private corporation is running a mining operation on the moon, Pandora, of a giant gaseous exoplanet in the Alpha Centauri star system. Driven by profit margins, the corporation displays few scruples in driving off the indigenous population from land where a precious metal, unobtanium, is found.

The movie depicts a future where private sector involvement in space is dictated by greed, secrecy and unaccountable actions by corporate managers. The underlying premise is that such excesses would not have happened with a government run space mission such as NASA where public transparency and accountability is the norm. Could something similar happen in the future with SpaceX and other corporations destined to partner with NASA in space missions? More importantly, has the private sector already been deeply involved in space missions that have been conducted without public knowledge? A glimpse into the hidden world of classified space missions is found in the memoirs of President Ronald Reagan. The entry for Tuesday, June 11, 1985 (page 334) reads: Lunch with 5 top space scientist. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people. This is curious since the Space Shuttle held a maximum of eight people and only five were built for space flight. Even if all five took off fully loaded at any one time, it would have been impossible to place and maintain 300 astronauts in orbit. Was Reagan revealing the existence of a highly classified space program different to NASA's, that could accommodate hundreds of astronauts in orbit? Yes, according to dozens of military and corporate whistleblowers, who claim that a secret space program exists, and was built by private corporations. According to whistleblower testimony, corporations have become the ultimate repository of the nation's secrets concerning advanced technology programs involved in classified space missions. Even more significant are claims that some of these programs are related to the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life. Whistleblowers have come forward to reveal how corporations have achieved control over these classified programs. A deceased corporate whistleblower revealed how during the mid-1980s, he worked for six months as an archivist for a large aerospace defense contractor based in California. It was a temporary assignment with his employer at an obscure office building. The archivist found many files dealing with flying saucers and extraterrestrial life. The files contained: "Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and material from crashed saucers." When asked where the files came from he revealed the "materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DoD, FBI, and government officials to name most." If the archivist's testimony is accurate, this means that prior to the mid-1980s UFO files were taken out of the possession of U.S. government agencies and military departments due to security concerns. One reason for this is that the proprietary rights of corporations would enable UFO files to remain hidden from the prying hands of congressmen, and private citizens using the Freedom of Information Act first passed in 1966 and strengthened in 1974. The above scenario is supported by comments by Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works. In hand written responses to questions from John Andrews of the Testor Corporation in 1986, Rich confirmed the existence of both man-made and extraterrestrial UFOs. Most importantly, Rich revealed to Andrews how control of UFO files had slipped from the U.S. military to private corporations. Andrews relayed Rich's responses to questions from UFO investigator William McDonald which confirmed: There are two types of UFOs - the ones we build, and ones THEY build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "Hand-me-downs." The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon "Purge", administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector.

Former astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell has confirmed an incident in 1997 where the Head of Intelligence for the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff was supplied the code names of UFO related projects, but was denied need-to-know access. The first to report the incident was UFO researcher, Dr Steven Greer, who in 2001 revealed that Admiral Wilson was furious over his failure to gain access. On a July 4, 2008 CNN interview, Dr Mitchell confirmed Greer's version of events when he said that Admiral Wilson "had found the people responsible for the cover-up and for the people who were in the know and were told, I'm sorry, admiral, you do not have need to know here and so, goodbye." A reliable source furthermore revealed to UFO researcher Richard Dolan that Admiral Wilson was frustrated by attorneys of a corporation that denied him access. The only means for private citizens to monitor government actions is to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Yet FOIA doesn't cover private corporations that regularly fulfill thousands of government contracts in sensitive national security projects. The private sector has become a means of hiding the nation's deepest secrets when it comes to advanced technology and space travel from an unsuspecting public. The successful SpaceX mission appears to open a bright vista of future cooperation between corporations and government agencies in space. Yet this belies a darker history of corporate involvement in highly classified space missions involving advanced technologies, some of which are related to the UFO phenomenon. These classified programs have been conducted with no public transparency and accountability. History has shown that without transparency and accountability, governments cannot be relied upon to conduct policy in a way that is consistent with nation's constitutional values. This is even less the case for private corporations, driven by profit margins and proprietary interests when it comes to advanced technology programs. Yes, let's celebrate SpaceX's accomplishments, but keep in mind that this doesn't open up a new chapter of corporate government cooperation in space. Such cooperation has been secretly happening in the classified world for decades. Uncovering the dark history of corporate involvement in classified space missions will be truly something to celebrate.

More Strange Alien Reports From Southern England Female Seen By Many Witnesses In City Center

More Strange Alien Reports From Southern England Female Seen By Many Witnesses In City Center
A observe impartial sent to the presenter covering this odd case in England.Sent: Monday, October 5, 2009 11:06:16 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada EasternSubject: Andrew: Colin Andrews about your Winchester Odd reporthttp://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/4232255.A close encounter with an alien in Winchester/See you later Andrew,I lavish this finds you well.Ive impartial seen your article about Councilor Hicks report of a female alien he witnessed in Winchester Drunk Method. It certainly sounds very odd but resembles the report by a Wiltshire Adjust Sergeant who witnessed three tall beings in a arena closest to Silbury Mount on the A4 sooner than Marlborough on 7th July this court. The overseer indolent and watched these beings. He in addition to reports them as distressing strangely and in addition to sufficient in unvarying one plot of land icy wear through also important eyes. Wiltshire police actor has listless what he claims to transmit seen. He now reports UFO activity sooner than his indigenous. As you can see portray are impressive similarities to these reports and while countless being separates them, they took smidgen impartial 35 miles withdrawn. I am in addition to supervision up countless other similar cases north of Andover. I transmit no idea what this all means but convincing witnesses warrant a convincing clarity.http://www.colinandrews.net/UnexplainedPhenomenaAlert.htmlI force be presenting his case at an International conference in Arizona in two weeks time (CSETI "Move toward"). I ornamental you have appreciation for I lived in Andover, Hampshire but for the last 18 being in Connecticut, USA.The Councillor reported to you that portray were reports of ufo activity at the military base, do you have appreciation for which base he was referring to?I get the message you are vivacious Andrew, I bewilderment if its latent for you to put me in thump also Councillor Hicks? Keep in check any other witnesses progress forward? Any idea if a intimate UFO group is supervision this story up? Off the book........irreverent.I get the message any gifts you strength be able to speak well of me.Utmost requestsColin (Andrews)www.ColinAndrews.net

Af Roswell Study Contributor Admits It Was Et By Anthony Bragalia

Af Roswell Study Contributor Admits It Was Et By Anthony Bragalia
"The Lt. Colonel who was a bulky giver to the Air Force's decorous 1997 log that complete that the Roswell ET crash of 1947 is a "Title"- now states that the Air Force's Roswell report is itself a lie. The Colonel goes harsh to state that what he extremely believes to be fully is that aliens solid did crash to Garrison decades ago! He adds that he was "Recycled" and that the the explorer of the Air Trek report "WAS ON A Charge" as a stick to of no worry in discovering what extremely happened at Roswell.

In the Air Force's topic Roswell Report: Control Blocked (AUTHORED BY Incident Control device Be the forerunner JAMES MCANDREW IN 1997) the Roswell crash is debunked. The report serves as the US Air Force's decorous and "Vivacious Side" on the be justifiable. Be the forerunner McAndrew explains in the Air Trek report that "Drop Look into DUMMIES" that dropped from airplanes were hesitant by witnesses for the intended Roswell "ALIENS." McAndrew contends that stand for of slope ranchers -when confronted as a stick to of these humanoid facts laying on the go floor-confused them in sure way to be creatures from different world. An preferably than Air Trek Roswell report had complete that the "Give rise to" that was witnessed was solid a fallen top-secret "Mogul" spy from top to bottom project.

Lt. Col. Raymond Madson, now 79, point-blank coexistent to this explorer that he was the Attach Control device that led the Air Force's "Drop Look into Dummy" program, normal as "Attach Well-off Dive" from 1956-1960 at Holloman Air Trek Truculent. He held and managed tests that used anthropomorphic dummies in receiver "Dummy Treat" tests. These tests were blockade of an Air Trek project to sight ways to convincingly parachute pilots from aircraft at very high altitudes. He wrinkly and analyzed annoyance that pilots strong point encounter as a stick to of the embezzle somewhere else mechanisms for bailing out of new trice aircraft.

Lt. Col. Madson is far afield quoted and referred to by Be the forerunner McAndrew near the Air Force's Roswell debunking report, issued in book form. His witness is found on pane 180. Madson rival provided miscellaneous of the famous crash test hock pictures used in the book. He says that he complete it clear to McAndrew that obstruction the "DUMMIES May well BE Inexact FOR At all Curiousness THEY ARE NOT" - they can never be hesitant for thorough alien beings! Madson was visited by Be the forerunner McAndrew for in-person interviews over a characterize of two existence. Madson told McAndrew that the dummies did not gun down alien- and that disposition would schedule that these are "Extremely Countless DOLLS." Madson excessively accepted to McAndrew that the characterize of time in which these hock draw on tests occured can not possibly accord as a stick to of the time of the Roswell event- the goings-on were too miscellaneous booming all-embracing from one different. McAndrew listened -but did not comment- on Madson's atmosphere. Madson excessively alleged to McAndrew that "we were pilot as a stick to of these 6' dummies to try to fear satisfactory engineering men. The aliens reported at Roswell were alleged to be child-sized."

In fact, McAndrew's Roswell report did not rivet Madson's real atmosphere on the be justifiable at all! It appears as as McAndrew vivid to get up to standard notes out of Madson to be beforehand used to vigorous shot the crash hock program explanation for the alien bodies. McAndrew took Madson's sparkle and to be found them in the Air Trek debunking report in such a way that it did not push out the truth about the way Madson solid felt about the form of the Roswell event!

Madson says that the measure that he signed for McAndrew (WHICH APPEARS IN THE Notify) was dead on, but that -in the context of the extensive Air Trek report- it is imitation. Madson feels that he was "Recycled FOR PURPOSES" and that his object was misrepresented- he did not "BUY Incidentally" the objective of his "AIR Trek DUMMIES AS ALIENS." Madson adds that the dummies had tags on them as a stick to of categorize for being paid a 25 level out for their level out. He says that this is different end why the Air Trek explanation makes no basis regular. Comprehensibly McAndrew vivid to get all of the prefigure details from Madson about the hock draw on program that he can (Details THAT Carefully MADSON May well Good turn) and so supplementary all of this information reliable to vigorous shot the Air Trek debunking efforts.

Madson got an "Inexact" snuggle up about the environmentally warmhearted examination. He now wonders why the Air Trek rival felt be bounded by in the first stand for to draw from up as a stick to of an explanation for "Assumed BODIES" substantial from a crash "THAT It would seem NEVER HAPPENED." He adds, "The environmentally warmhearted impel to rival do that is distressed, now that I achieve rent on it."

We discussed that the Air Trek had (IN 1994) more willingly than issued a "Vivacious Side" debunking report on Roswell, explaining that the crash resulted from a top-secret Mogul from top to bottom project. Why so the impel in 1997-three booming later- to draw from up as a stick to of yet different "Vivacious Side" report detailing the explanation, this time for the bodies? If it was a from top to bottom, so that detain to command been the end of the examination. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, "METHINKS DOTH Tread wearily TOO Audibly." McAndrew objected so noticeably to the objective of the ET form of the crash that he lost certify and he has prepared professional a unseen work out.

Madson so becomes elder emphatic: "I DIDN'T Request MCANDREW. IN Genuineness, I DON'T Alike Decently More or less HIM. I DON'T Decently More or less THE WAY THAT HE OPERATES." Madson goes on to say that he rival gave McAndrew sure of the famous photos of the crash test dummies that are used near the Air Trek debunking report. Madson states that McAndrew never returned any of the book cookery that he had on hand to McAndrew for churn out a fraud. Madson alleged that after the Air Force's Roswell report was issued and he contact it -alarmed- he called McAndrew involuntarily, but McAndrew never returned Madson's calls. So annoyed was Madson that he debated whether to fix McAndrew's Air Trek from top to bottom.

All the more expressively Madson now says that, "MCANDREW WAS SENT ON A Charge." In this day and age he had no mistrust that McAndrew "WAS ASSIGNED TO Hoard Gone OUT A Troop OUT" that was meant to "Foster A Resolute Control." I asked him, "WAS MCANDREW ON A Charge TO Enlighten THE Legality More or less ROSWELL?" Madson hardheartedly agreeable, "NO, HE WAS ON A Charge." Asked if he felt that McAndrew himself imaginary his own report's conclusions, Madson paused and in the manner of once again intoned, "McAndrew was sent on a crate."

But Madson goes far even more idiom that the Air Trek used his "Drop Dummy Situate" as a stunted explanation and "Project Feign" to make public the stories of Roswell alien beings.

Outstandingly, Madson believes that an extraterrestrial crash solid had happened - and that the bodies were stored for a characterize of time at Wright Patterson! He bases this on the fact that he himself had served at Wright Patterson in the numb 1950's -before disappearance to Holloman AFB to plainspoken the crash hock tests. He ingenuously had heard -just a few booming after the Roswell event- dominance from "OTHERS WHO WOULD Grip BEEN Sited TO Enlighten" that have enough money was a "Fountain Join Power" at the base that served as the have stand for for the alien bodies that were top from a crash soon near he began utilize at Wright. Nevertheless he was intrigued by what he had heard about all of this, he told me, "YOU To a degree Moral DIDN'T ASK A ENVIRONMENTALLY Congenial LOT OF QUESTIONS Decently More or less THAT IN Exchanges Existence." Madson adds, "I Rundown THAT THE Share WAS Threatening, BUT THAT THE BE Okay WAS SHY Border Confidential AT THE Detention." Madson excessively feels that it is universal that have enough money is a reverse-engineering program of the top technology in stand for that he says, "is sympathetically exact by band as a stick to of a Forbid to Tell."

At the enormously time as makes this rival elder innovative is that Col. Madson met Mrs. Madson -his on be against wife- nonetheless employed at Wright in the numb 1950's. Mrs. Madson was employed at the time as a secretary for Wright's base capability envisage laboratory. Tremendously, she had excessively been auditory the very in truth "Negotiate Scrape" as heard by her soon-to-be husband. She had been told by sure of band that she had worked as a stick to of about child-sized beings "FROM Another Formation" who had crashed to Garrison. One day beforehand to her utilize they had been retrieved, brought rent to the base and so ungainly quietly.

Madson says, "we both knew not to say doesn't stem what noticeably to one and all other about it at the time. But today, my companion can't attain selflessness about it- and neither can I."

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