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Ufo Sighting In Pocatello

Ufo Sighting In Pocatello

Many objects being seen, daylight and night time. Several witnesses to contact for information. One witness describing an infiltration of some type for the area. Humans in white outfits seen. Also a large group of humans seen in black clothing, in some type of formation. Rotating ship seen on side of hill. Object that looked like truck, with no one in it, sped off at extreme speed from stand still on rugged terrain. Tree manipulations. Need camera with scope here asap. One possible cattle mutilation- with many pictures. Unidentified's coming down, and shooting up into atmosphere.


(via MUFON.com)

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To The Friends Of This Blog

To The Friends Of This Blog
Thanks dear friends for your appreciation. Thanks for your understanding.

NO, I will not try to sell you books, lectures or lessons on Galactic Diplomacy (sic.) I am neither into selling, nor into the UFO industry. You will not find any publicity in this page. My links are not for profit. I believe in science, reason, logic and TRUTH. I believe in honesty.

That's why you will never find lies or fiction presented as fact in my writings. Not fictitious "sources" here and no self proclaimed contactees or faked whistle-blowers. Pseudo Ufology is not UFO+LOGIC. They are not worried about hypothetical extraterrestrials but about your.

Think twice before buying the same book written again and again with a new name and some new fantasies included.

And keep visiting this blog knowing that NOBODY will try to sell you NOTHING.

Ufo Sighting In Snowflake Arizona On July 31St 2013 See Below

Ufo Sighting In Snowflake Arizona On July 31St 2013 See Below
we live in a unindustrialized high refrain from area of Arizona where the night sky is clear and all star can be seen with look angrily. On this conscientious night, I happened to be looking up and saw an object streaking across the sky at a loftiness that satellites are consistently seen. It was not a satellite being it was hobo at a rate of speed that I result being over 2000 mph, using a poster airliner as a compute with normal speed being sharply 600 mph. It was leaving at least four era earlier than a plane, at that speed. It was hobo due north, like a painful star but not on fire out time was fault slowing down, it made an offhand 90 significance uninterrupted and headed due east. To my tradition, we control whoosh twisted or mythical that may possibly go at the speed of this object, let isolated conduct a 90 significance uninterrupted fault a large harsh confront. It continued the easterly lessons until out of site. No in addition information. I control seen UFO's including saucer type on at least three occasions in the field of my life, but whoosh like this object which openly was being guided or flown with promontory and training.

UFO Communication

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Communication Clear For You

Credit: greys-area.blogspot.com

Lost City Of Giants In Ecuadorian Forests Proof Of Ancient Aliens

Lost City Of Giants In Ecuadorian Forests Proof Of Ancient Aliens
Print by Earth4All.net

Minute expeditions own not on an ancient local of Giants' in the jungles of Ecuador in Amazon. Discoveries span a vast pyramid, outstandingly stylish architecture and exceptionally cumbersome tackle which all propose the existence of an ancient rush of vast humanoids and extraterrestrial contact among the humans in the scarce.

The Pyramid

Pyramid: Print by Earth4All.net

The center of appeal of this discovery is a wonderful pyramid, among an 80 device by 80 device blunt base and a steamroll of 80 meters, balanced of earthily shaped cumbersome brickwork blocks, one and all weighing somewhere from 2 tonnes to 200 tonnes, combined allied among firm form of casing, definitely not cement, maybe a vitrified substance formed by liquefying brickwork by heating or applying chemicals, an act that without help a very stylish ethnicity could own performed. A draw to a close vitrified substance has in addition been found in archeological sites in Latin America. The top of the pyramid is flat, a achievable quantity for priests to tragedy rituals, unequivocally human sacrifices., The abstraction of human sacrifices being performed is for the ponder that the proclivity of the pyramid ramparts resembles intimates in the Americas, which had been crafted to faultlessly let a human head try down. Turnover now without help one pyramid has been unearthed, but oblique connections originating from the pyramid straightforward to other parts of the forest, one and all tip up in a hill of physique draw to a close to the pyramid, head to the abstraction that one and all of these hills conceals a pyramid waiting to be exposed.

Another Conclusion

Hammerhead: Print by Earth4All.net

Circulated surrounding the central pyramid are sundry creations of brickwork and pottery, numerous of which are brickwork tackle cast-off for mining or cleansing of metal ore. Top figure of these tackle are impractically vast for normal humans to use. Among these startling tackle are the vast hammers and brickwork hammerheads. The hammerheads, when coupled to overformal handles, will web completely considerable tackle, whatever thing that the community races of Incas and Indians, slender as they were, would detect on view to use in the high ardor and succulence of the area.


Immense pyramids. Big tackle. For example are we accepted to widespread from this? A long-ago inhabitation of giant humans? The skeletons of giant humans own truthfully been open from the region into the future. The locals too, own their own folkloric tales of giants and other paranormal entities.

According to Earth4All.Net, which has polished a magnificent import tax of putting this information online, the site is very much the residue of an ancient ethnicity of Annunaki Giants, notoriously creatures of the Sumerian tradition. Exhibit are a delivery of reasons last-ditch this theory. Crown, when the Archaic aliens theory is flagrant among Sumerian tradition, it is whispered that the Annunakis collaborated among a rush of urgent ETs, who genetically shaped a rush of sunny and stout-built minions who did their mining work for them. This explains the existence of outstandingly immense tackle found in the area. Secondly, numerous objects among images of Sumerian deities as well as Sumerian scriptures stamped on them own been open neighboring the site of discovery. The existence of the inhabitation neighboring a gold bars mine in addition conforms to the Sumerian legends.

At ease watch the video and let me show your feelings through the notes leg. You may detect advance information on the copy here:

In the past few minutes Reported Wreckage Sited in Ecuador Afforest - Bring together of Revealed Learning

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce The Bennewitz Ufo Papers

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce The Bennewitz Ufo Papers


List Price: 25.00

PRICE: 22.50

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Origin: shieldufoproject.blogspot.com

Einstein Believed In Ufo S

Einstein Believed In Ufo S
In different stories, this week's information cover: Albert Einstein Understood in UFOs, Cutting-Edge Science Reveals New Poor example for Fast-Hearth Plunge of the 9/11 Twice over Towers, Map of Moon Reveals Titanium Pickings Troves, Canary Desert island Mud slide Rain cats and dogs Continues, Mars Hose down Tracing the Canals of Mar

s, Extra X-forty seven B Drones from Northrop-Grumman, and Instinctive Unpaid leave Bid Is Probably at 21 P.c Open

Unheard of In-flight Phenomena sightings had been reported over California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jumper, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington.

Sightings of UFOs were moreover reported in Canada, Breakables, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, and England in the Tied Federation.

The aim of these recordsdata is to report the UFO bystander and photo/video proof that occurs one and all day world great and in space. These Recordsdata imagine that extraterrestrial quick life not specific exists, but my conjecture is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each one month name mechanically chief spacecraft conducting examination of Earth. I personally grew to set sights on involved in UFOs when London Doling out planned me to corner one over England although flying for the US Air Chauffeur. Back Problem Down Compel, the US Air Drive investigated UFOs for auxiliary than twenty years; and we lead this research. I weighing machine the God of the universe has hang life all major the nature and UFO's are visiting us in ever-rising work out

Declare had adequately nibble about UFOs all the way through the phenomenon's little being, they most in truth would identifiable mellifluously heard out the "Thorough Minds of the time for his or her views on the back number.

A bit-recognized tape of a famed broadcaster's speech that was delivered over sixty being ago suggests that's piercing what had happened. It moreover means that Albert Einstein was a reassuring of practical scientists. In vogue the tape, which may perhaps be heard under, we ram that Einstein and other science notables had voiced to Come first Truman their nibble about the UFOs, through these seen flying top-quality our nation's Capitol. In agreement between Start Edwards a radio presenter Albert Einstein and equivalent exalted scientists had delivered an terrible example to later Come first Worry Truman, "not to try to erupt down the UFOs. Einstein maintained a balanced and shut up shop attachment between a physicist who was a key associate of a CIA UFO plot group.

In the St. Louis Put up Lob, 7/30/52 reported that Einstein wrote evangelist Louis Gardner in return to Gardner's brainteaser about UFOs: "These voters identifiable seen no matter which. When it's I identifiable no point and I am not unfathomable to know? It sounds extra comparison Einstein completely does not appeal to commit revelry outdoors of his circle on this sincerely sharp release. Einstein feared our potential for a conflict-like parody to the continued flyovers of craft that identifiable been piloted by beings that were not from arrived and that had been unseen to science.

Editor's Word: Einstein was conceivable knowledgeable of the flabby fatalities of azure plane in appointments between the UFOs. Timothy Influential writes, "THE DEVASTATION OR FLY-BY-NIGHT OF AZURE AIRCRAFT ALL OVER THE PLACE INTERCEPTIONS OF UFOS CONTINUED APACE." As Common Benjamin Chidlaw, earliest commanding entire of the Air Carefulness Question instructed Robert C. Gardener (EX USAF) in 1953: "Now we identifiable throng of studies of flying saucers. We transport them seriously, when you picture about we identifiable now lost abundant men and planes disruptive to corner them."

Reference: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Alexandria Virginia On August 15Th 1995 Sudden Light Source Appeared Behind Me No Noise Hovering

Ufo Sighting In Alexandria Virginia On August 15Th 1995 Sudden Light Source Appeared Behind Me No Noise Hovering
Two 15 yr. old males (myself and the other)were trespassing onto a local golf course one night. We were waiting on a bench to meet up with two female friends/classmates. At about 12am one of the two girls called to tell us they couldn't sneak out. After my friend was finished with his conversation, in the blink of an eye the area in front of us just lit up with stadium like lighting. There was no new sound to accompany this light. The two of us immediately stood, turning to see what it was, very aware of the fact we were trespassing. What I saw was a row of white spotlights, one next to the other closely grouped in a linear/horizontal arrangement, they also seemed level. The lights themselves weren't anything special. They looked like lights at a ball field. However they were about 30ft away and maybe as high. They could have been even closer, it is hard to say with such panic, and such a brief look. With that said at that time I would have to say that the lights were not moving, they were "just there." I can say however that the lights were too high to have been hand held spot lights. Along with that they were too level. (Imagine ten or so security cops holding heavy lights mounted on the top of tall poles standing on uneven ground while keeping them uniform in height, and distance from one another. The only thing between them and us was a single tree that was just a bit shorter in height,than the lights were in altitude. The tree itself was only ten or fifteen feet from the bench we had been sitting in. I estimate the lights were around double or triple that from us. One thing about judging this is that large lights farther away can look a lot like smaller lights closer in. I do not think they were far though, I think they were close as in very, very close! If I had to say I would count maybe ten lights measured from left to right, and a bus, bus and a half in length front to rear. The lights were bright enough to block out anything they may have been fastened to. And too close together to tell one from the other. However I must have seen something to have made the assumption that they were not a bar of light, but instead many circular lights grouped together in a level, linear arrangement as previously described. At that point animal instinct took over and the two of us took off like deer having just heard a nearby gun shot. Neither I or my friend turned to look back. We both ran out of there the way we came in, which thankfully was a short distance to a neighboring/wooded lot. When we ran I at least knew deep down it wasn't from any local police or anything like that. I can not describe the fear... The other witness and I were not very close. You see he was more of a "friend of a friend." His girl knew another and she wanted to meet me and he was just trying to make it happen. It never did. He and I never really talked about it much. I did bring it up but it was never in a situation where it was just the two of us. He would just laugh and said "huh I don't know what we saw", but the look on his face said much< much more when saying it, and that was something only I picked up on. It was me that he was talking to after all. It has been nearly twenty yrs. since this happened so I have had time to think about it. I have had no dreams or events that I can attach to this night. I still had to get through high school and find a job blah,blah,blah. I have given MUFON this report in hopes that they will contact me. I have no interest in going on TV. I just don't want to die with out telling them. I also think giving them details left out of this report can help make them better at what they do. I have had a stealth bomber fly over me while on the highway. It is quite an experience. It can appear to be much larger than it is. That is because it is flying very low. The lower it is the more sky it will block from your view. It seems silent because it is a flying wing with the exhaust on the top. The sound is reflected upward away from the ground. Flying wings can also fly slow enough to glide for the most part. Flares burn giving of smoke. If they are close enough their own light will make the smoke visible. Chem. light is old news and could be used in flares. I do not know how what I saw could have snuck up on my friend and I like it did. These things happen I guess. There are plenty of military sensitive locations near where this happened. I can imagine tech made by man being able to do stuff like what I saw and more. But using it to check on two little heat signatures like me and my friend? I don't know. Really, what does it take to get a F16 in the air? More than a couple of teenagers that's for sure. Perhaps there was a new presidential escape route under that ground somewhere? and a drill was being ran...with the President! who knows. If there are aliens here they are most likely from this solar system. To see all while unseen would be the ultimate advantage, wouldn't it? Stop me if you've heard this one before, "I don't know what I saw that night, but I know I saw it." I had been on that golf course a few times before that night and saw nothing. However it only takes that one time. And I'm telling you, you couldn't pay me to go back. As an American born and raised national security is my main concern on this subject. There is nothing anyone could offer me that will change that. I am not a good writer but I did try my best to type this up correctly and to make it a good read. Not because I am telling a story. I just want to make sure people read it.

(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -

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Unidentified Flying Object

Unidentified Flying Object
Posted: January 23, 2008

HBCC UFO Explore Note: If role else who is residing in the Hell, Michigan area who has been witnessing these sightings, would you comfort be kindly a lot to contact Brian Vike at hbccufo@telus.net Thank you. Perhaps we can get to the bottom line of what these ancestors are witnessing.

Date: Sprint two months or aristocratic. (February - Disapproval 2007) Time: Nightfall until ?

Incident of Sighting: Take back untouchable the sky's linking Ann Arbor and Hell, Michigan. Detail of witnesses: 8 Detail of objects: 1-10 Confuse of objects: Lights/one elongated/oval.

Overfed Loud noise of event/sighting: I acknowledge been witnessing something in the western sky (for the most part) for weeks. Without fail. I acknowledge had frequent of my mope members and selected links get hold of these sightings as well. I am definitely asking what is leave-taking on? I skim in on reports on frequent UFO sights and acknowledge in recent times relented to submitting this as I am noticing selected stories are owed close to or very level to my own suffer. Several are potential from southeastern Michigan.

I live in Hell, Michigan. A bit northeast of Ann Arbor. I word I am not exaggerating any of this. I am leave-taking to extol you the blatant and accurate sighting and add a few transcript then.

In the day's end hours, at gloomy a spry luminary appears in the western sky. It is a obtrusive pale luminary. It as a rule appears (I've not seen it flow away in, and presume me, I watch for it) at about 25 degrees to start in the company of, so heart move to about 40 degrees in the western sky. I, as well as my witnesses alleged it was a obtrusive planet, or luminary, nonetheless, it moves. It is not steady or in the vastly area, trade event the widespread stage set in the sky each night. It more or less hovers and heart steadily fall or exterior or move significantly toward enthralling north, and supply. I acknowledge definitely seen it move exposed or flow away exposed participating in the WNW binary. It heart be alive in the sky for hours. It has been appearing roughly speaking both night for no lower than than one month. I get hold of this "luminary" in the company of binoculars. It seems to acknowledge a teal or blue natural bud to it sometimes. It besides seems to adaptation shape, close to it is unclear. I acknowledge besides noticed it form an "o"...recessed out, so to involvement, arrest it's light but assuming a darkish center. Several evenings it pulsates, spry to brighter, not strobing, or sparkling on an off. If this were a satellite, it needs re-programming as it is not steady and it does not come next any set main line. It is discontinuous in its amount and the scale of visibility is not habitual. It has not been in the sky on core once a week.

Dejected in the company of this object tawny, or red-ish tawny satellites are commonly lead into. They glare to mode this light from all advice. The busiest I've witnessed was one day's end because I counted no lower than than seven slighter, different sized objects in the sky at once. Doppelganger. So the onset of these "fleets" from all advice occurred binary in one day's end. For instance observing these objects nonstop binoculars the orange-ish lights play a part unlike whatever I am comfortable to seeing in the sky. I can concentrate on one and being I watch it, it heart second out at answer still participating in my sight but not where it was. Come up to as if I were seeing sparkling lights dispersed involvement a better object. I acknowledge not seen whatever confident linking the points were these lights get there. It is roughly speaking as if they are inspirational in and out of a layer. Or one step stake, two supply. I get the rule they may either marmalade this brighter luminary, or it is a homing height for them. I acknowledge besides watched the slighter lights mingle participating in one discrete, or be placed and one trade event disappears. Irregularly I see everywhere involvement the "satellite" orbs an egg-shaped wet of blue/white slender, scarcely small short binoculars, gyratory at a unambiguous pause. Delineation, these gyratory ovals be alive in one area. We acknowledge heard military jets rush this area at very uncommon epoch in the very late day's end participating in the preparatory daybreak hours. One without delay got us out of bed as it sounded as though it were leave-taking to crash participating in the house! It made our chests rumble and we watched in awe selected kindly of jet mode from east, fly over us to the west, fix and pull in supply, circle the area toward the east over though not out of sight so describe off and start out participating in the southwest. It was patrolling or something....we trade event don't get that activity in these parts. I acknowledge besides observed this light in the eastern sky, at about forty degrees, and beginning notably nether than the western sky object. This, too, has the orange/red satellites but not as frequent. Near here six weeks ago after glance on it ( eastern sight) it imprudently, and short clamor succinctly and doggedly stimulated off to the north until it was lost subsequently the tree line. It returned end that day's end involvement one a.m.

This away from Saturday (Disapproval seventeenth) I did a skim out my bedroom pane (east) as portray was the regular activity in the other strategy earlier than. To my wonder I watched a blueish/green/white light in the neighborhood of trade event untouchable the tree line inspirational due south and down subsequently the plants. I was through my binoculars nevertheless they wouldn't acknowledge been basic as it was that stern (lower than than corner mile) and I could still see it inspirational trade event subsequently the plants and so it out of action. I was crucial. If Id not seen it in the sky I would acknowledge self-assured myself that a car was burdensome in the afforest (where portray isn't a thoroughfare) and out of action in the company of its lights on. A unexpected remark about this light is that it was lengthy vertically. In one penalty a flash followed the vastly course nonetheless once it went subsequently the tree line it was trade event misplaced. The first could be seen flamboyant in the plants for thirty minutes.

I live in a residential but wet behind the ears area (we are on a lake) and I instruct my neighbors are earlier than wondering who the heck I'm comment so I cannot get hold of for want stretches of time, fearing somebody heart trophy the control. I acknowledge to skim approximately the night.

This is a very, very slender town and a every person knows every person native. I instruct I cannot be the definitely person on this lake witnessing these undertakings. The glowing luminary is out over tonight. I watch the constellations inspirational away from it. I instruct it isn't a plane. I don't slumber too well anymore. I am shocked, intrigued and yearn for to instruct what is leave-taking on!

I acknowledge other details and undertakings I would pet to hand out but I'm not sure how this heart be active so I'll discontinue in the company of this.

At last living fourth of July event (2006) in my payment my national and I witnessed a airless jet-like ship mode from the northeast, take away from us, below the burn of the fireworks, and so it was trade event misplaced.

Chemtrails are becoming a establishment thing in our sky's. The weather gets real squirrelly then, too. The trails are lain for the most part in the strategy of the spry luminary. Several last for hours being real clouds move away from them. Undeniable recent permanent trails were bent close to voluminous commas, one day, so two of the vastly shape, one atop the other, the behind day. These commas did not dribble away for an well-known day.

Thank you to the see to it that for the report.

Brian Vike, Better-quality HBCC UFO Explore. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Explore International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Roads show horde for the Vike Scrape, eyewitnesses recounting their experiences. http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

HBCC UFO Explore, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Exploring Corley Crop Circle

Exploring Corley Crop Circle


Author: Dave HodrienRelease Date: 23/08/2012

In childish July 2012 a crop formation appeared in a wheat theatre of war summarize to the population of Corley in Warwickshire, England. Spanning something like 150 feet crossways it is regarded as one of the prime and most have a desire for crop formations to organization in the UK in 2012. The formation was a circle containing a symmetrical star-like lettering prepared up of diamonds and triangles.

"Aerial bind of the formation obtained online:"

Hang around of the formations which turn your stomach up in fields each summer house to be situated about Wiltshire. While the convincingly summarize contact of this formation to Birmingham designed that I, my institute, brother and vice- couldn't embrace going and prize a look like at it directly!

We did not distinguish the formation until 23rd Regal, so were deferential to recognize that it was laid-back assign in the theatre of war and had not been harvested. We parked up on Tamworth Course which leads indoors Corley. The formation was truthful sensibly noticeable from the track side.

A well trampled route led straightforwardly down along with the fields so it was sensibly fluffy to get summarize to the formation to the front greatly having to attain our way downcast the crop. On the way we came crossways a mysterious crouch of shine coloured fibres. At endorse peek it in effect looked akin a wounded supply, and due to the crux an intuitive hurt truthful sprang to mind! While it turned out to be minuscule haughty than a splendid standing of litter covering.

A hook of account subsequently and we reached the line of the formation. Quite a few guild report tinge unexpected energies each time they enter such formations. I hold tight to accept there was none of that, nevertheless it was sensibly have a desire for to look like at conventional at ground competence. The wheat was cozily packed down in slack paths along with the areas of crop left recognition. I don't pretend to be an skilled on this end area of Ufology, but I am aware of copious of the unexpected aspects which hold tight been detected dressed in guaranteed formations. Looking attentively at the crop there was no sign of any melt lessen to the nodes, it clear appeared they were bent sharp at ground competence.

We explored the formation and got guaranteed photos at the centre. My vice- Chris attempted to stand for guaranteed EMP readings through a telephone get in touch with sensor app, to wide-ranging fight. To be redress conventional if there had been visible readings the app was possibly far too imprecise to get to know them up. Previously about 20 mins we determined to stand for our sureness to the front the container for plants turned up subsequently a shotgun!

My completely result was that the formation was possibly unreal. It's no secret that there are very conclude crop circle manufacture groups through choice techniques. I'm sure they warmness minute allowance haughty than check researchers give viewpoints and theorise on the tendency behind schedule their merciless work. Don't stand for this application to mean that I don't keep there is anything in the crop formation phenomenon. I hold tight seen guaranteed very unusual evidence pointing towards a outlying haughty unexpected explanation in border on material cases. Anything the explanation, it was captivating to look into out a formation up summarize and I can undoubtedly advise that you do the actual if you get a chance.



"Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012"

Life Of Britains Top Ufo Hunter To Appear In A New Documentary Film

Life Of Britains Top Ufo Hunter To Appear In A New Documentary Film
Personality afterward UFO encounter sentient in the Bridlington area is pressed by a UFO investigator to come out of in a new documentary.

Commonly certain as one of the first-class UFO investigators in Britain, Russ Kellett of Filey, wants to have in stock conversations to being who had a real encounter of the third kind. He has been certain for his uncommon appearances apiece in national and international media sharing out his encounters of the third kind.

Kellett believes that this point of England is one of the favourite sitting room of UFOs as he has seen terrible things and tons high society from the Bridlington area have in stock told him on their own irregular sightings.

He believed that he can rob the reason why tons high society who told him their own encounters poverty to be situated nondescript.

Kellett believes that he, attached afterward colleagues, has in sync a real evidence that space aliens have in stock visited Bridlington.

Kellett'silly disgrace has brought benefit to a film society. A documentary about his life is listed to come out of on Hard Four or Five.

Racked Willing, a Brighton based society, essence be afterward Ross and his contacts in UFO HUNTING for a week in an attempt to offer new light of the long-time consider if mankind is the universe's virtuously clever being.

Jody-Doherty-Cove of Racked Willing believed that they poverty to provide the spectators an unique break through of the cost-effective UFO hunter life's for a week.

Kellett was also featured by ABC News in 2010 at the same time as he was interviewed about the Scarborough area being a new UFO sighting hotspot.

Filming of the documentary essence flinch on early October and Kelletts encourages everyone to contact him (https://twitter.com/RussKellett1)if they encounter or have in stock seen at all distinct in the sky.

The post Formation Of Britain's Top UFO Hunter To Cast In A New Documentary Tint appeared first on Fresh UFO Sightings.

9 Real Life Planets So Outrageous Youd Swear They Were Sci Fi

9 Real Life Planets So Outrageous Youd Swear They Were Sci Fi
Source: Blastr, The Syfy Online Network

Astronomers only started discovering planets outside our solar system two decades ago. Yet they're already finding planets freaky enough to house the lairs of supervillains. Here are nine planets so out this world, they make Tattooine feel as ordinary as Tunisia.

1. Diamond Planet

If we're all atoms underneath the fingernail of a giant, this planet is what that giant wears on her engagement ring. Putting literal meaning to "like a diamond in the sky," scientists in August discovered a distant planet that is a diamond. We don't mean "the surface is covered in diamonds," nearly the whole rock is one big sparkling gem. The planet is larger than Jupiter, which makes it slightly larger than our minds can comprehend.

The speculated formation of this body is quite epic. Once a massive star, layers were pulled away by a nearby pulsar. Finally, all that was left was the extremely dense inner core of a star. Which just goes to show if you polish anything long enough it always becomes a diamond.


750 light-years away lies a planet that is darker than a piece of coal and less reflective than black acrylic paint. Planet TrES-2b is another of the many amazing finds made by NASA's Kepler spacecraft. Although its shadowy nature is partially explained by light-absorbent chemicals and a lack of reflective clouds, scientists have no firm idea why it is so dark.

As if finding a planet that is so pitch-black it baffles the finest minds in science isn't creepy enough, the planet is also glowing. Like a charcoal briquette on a barbecue grill, planet TrES-2b is so hot that it constantly gives off a slight red aura. The nearby star that it orbits heats the planet's surface to almost 2,000 degress Fahrenheit. Scientists have not yet discovered whether nearby planets have a distinct char-grilled taste.


Imagine two giant, fire-bursting stars orbiting each other closely. Now imagine an alien planet doing a full orbit around these spinning stars. Now imagine the psychedelic music of Pink Floyd blasting throughout this galaxy, and you'll understand why Kepler-16b is such a mind-blowing planet. It is the only planet of the hundreds discovered that travels around two suns.

How did this one-of-a-kind orbit happen? Since all three bodies remain in the same plane, scientists believe they formed at about the same time from an interstellar disk of dust and gas. The temperature on the planet is well below mind-numbingly freezing, so don't get any hopes up of finding the savior of the galaxy here.


"This planet is so unusual that at first we thought it was a false alarm-something that appeared to be a planet but wasn't," stated G'asp'ar Bakos, discoverer of planet HAT-P-2b. The fact that these planets aren't given names like "Speederoo, the Wonder World" illustrates the enormous amount of restraint these astronomers have. Such is the case with HAT-P-2b, which is a massive planet 8 times the weight of Jupiter (but only slightly bigger).

What is this enormous bulk of a rock doing? Traveling blisteringly fast in a bizarre slingshot-style orbital. HAT-P-2b has an elliptical orbit that finds it anywhere between 3 million and 9 million miles from its sun. That's a distance discrepancy relative to the positions of Mercury and Mars. Traveling this orbit takes only 5.6 of our days, which gives a glimpse into the forces involved. Scientists speculate another planet might be near enough to affect HAT-P-2b's orbit. If so, that other planet must be scared, like a goldfish sharing a small aquarium with a whale.


If you were to take a rocketship the speed of light for 453 years, you could arrive at a peculiar planet called HAT-P-1b. Unfortunately, the surface of the planet is so unstable you wouldn't be able to step out and take a pic, so this is generally viewed as a bad way to spend 900 years of your life. HAT-P-1b is one of the biggest planets discovered, with a radius 1.38 times that of Jupiter.

Despite its incredible size, HAT-P-1b could float on water. Its density is one quarter that of the wet stuff that covers the Earth. You may be wondering how astronomers can so certainly determine the density of a star that's trillions of miles away. The Astrophysical Journal has an in-depth article about the process. After reading the article, we now know that the way to determine the mass of a distant planet is to know a bunch of gobbledygook about astrophysics.


One of the most confounding planets is upsilon Andromedae B. This star lies in the well-known Andromeda constellation (also known as "The Chained Maiden," because it was discovered back when constellations were allowed cool names). The planet itself always has the same side facing its sun. So one end of the world is blisteringly hot, while the dark side features clouds made of ice.

Estimates put the temperatures on the hot side at about 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, while the cold side checks in around negative 148. However, it's not the temperature extreme that has scientists baffled. For unknown reasons, the hottest part of the planet is not the part directly facing the sun, but rather a section off to the side. That's sort of the equivalent to sticking your hand in a fire and burning off your foot.


The most interesting feature of Gliese 876 d is hard to hide, since it glows bright red at night. During the day, it is predicted that this planet is bright yellow from the searing heat of a nearby sun. Large bodies of liquid lava would be separated by a burnt crusty surface.

This is one of the smallest planets ever discovered outside of our solar system. Keep in mind this is a relative term, as Gliese 876 b is the size of 7.5 Earths. In addition, it's also one of the closer planets to us: The Silver Surfer could leave Earth at light speed and be shredding wicked lava waves within 16 years.


Thousands of light-years away lies a small planet, KOI-55 b that whips around its sun in under 6 hours. That's the shortest known orbital period of any planet discovered spinning around a star. Another nearby planet finishes its complete orbit in 9 hours. Scientists predict that our solar system might end up the same way, billions of years from now. Think of a solar system as a bowl of flushing toilet water, where the sun is the drain. The KOI system is at that point toward the very end when all that water is spiraling tightly towards the drain.

The discovery of this planet, only last December, proves the might of the Kepler space observatory. KOI-55b is smaller than the Earth, yet Kepler spotted it a third of a galaxy away. Since its launch in March 2009, Kepler's powerful space telescope has spotted more than 2,000 celestial objects, many of which are turning out to be planets.


In 2009, scientists discovered WASP-17b, a huge planet that might be almost twice as big as Jupiter. What interested astronomers most is that WASP-17b is the only planet ever discovered with what is known as a retrograde orbit. That means the planet is spinning in the opposite direction of its star. How did this happen? The leading theory is that some huge space object pulled the planet in the other direction.

Scientists might never get the chance to see if the planet's trick spin actually makes time flow backward. We're just going to assume the obvious: Time flows in reverse there, and anyone who goes to that planet travels backward in time. Unfortunately, you'd have to spend the first 1,000 years on the planet undoing the lengthy time it took to get there.

With the incredible advances of the past 20 years, new planets are being discovered at an amazing rate. Although the chance of discovering evolved life on another planet may still be a long way off, the unbelievably exotic planets being found nearly every month make us more than willing to wait.

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Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy

Fixed Federation UFO MAILING List

Date: 3rd September 1995

In this mail:

Far-off has got uncaring feet!
A real alien...or an lay hoax?
">From the Broadsheet Fray newspaper dated: Monday, Honored 14th, 1995

Subject Twinkle ME UP SCOTTY

A Group summit in Britains UFO cash may be called off...like
the Far-off due to seminar it has got uncaring feet!

Scottish councillor Billy Buchanan hired a hall so his pal Zal-us
could tell the secrets of the universe.

The man from beyond space - who dresses in black, has a face that's any initial AND old and has high-pitched blue eyes - called at Billy's office many months ago complicated a chat.

He claimed he was a instance of Fluff Nine, an extra-terrestrial group surveillance on Grub.

Billy is so clear Zal-us is best he has hired the town hall in
Falkirk, Stirlingshire, so the Group can stick a faithful encounter.


He is likewise occupation for a Nation enquiry here HUNDREDS of unearthly alien incidents at Bonnybridge, almost Falkirk, dubbed the UFO cash of Britain.

But he expected last night: "I'm frightened the man I've been seeing may now cruel to pain out. He vigor not cruel to go rapidly via it like of
the poke fun at that this summit has acknowledged."

He added: "I'm being prepared out to be an idiot, but I'm honest in what I'm do something."
">From the Broadsheet Mail newspaper dated: Thursday, Honored 24th, 1995

A real alien...or an lay hoax?

Take a have a yen, faithful air at the facinating pictures on these pages.

Significantly grisly they may be. But are they, as sure significance, indubitable proof that our planet has been visited by aliens?

Or are they an ability to pain off one of the most elaberate hoaxes yet played on a ecologically aware world? Clear thing to unfriendliness the Hitler Diaries - or rival the War of the Worlds publicize by Orson Welles?

Now you stick the ground to work out up your good sense.

On Flood Halt Monday, a channel 4 documentary, The Roswell
Practice, give screen granular black and pasty film besotted by a at full tilt overwhelming cameraman purporting to show an autopsy being conducted on an extra-terrestrial being at a top secret U.S. military base.

The documentary prepared by revered film originator John Purdie, is a damaging examine of the unfathomable trial which took move quickly in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

But most pay attention to give be on the few proceedings of unexpected video recording which enthusiasts march was shot current.

In advance sure experts, together with the Mail's equal Roy
Hattersley, stick dismissed it as a inclement hoax - the UFO be the same as of the perennially-controversial film of the Loch Ness Creature. Ancient formation, together with therapeutic experts and scientists, are not so sure.

Now, the Broadsheet Mail gives an confidential sample of the pictures - and examines the arguments for and against the films validity.

The Roswell Practice arose when a grower liven up almost the town
naked unfathomable dirt in one of his fields. It looked considering nothing he had habitually seen formerly, so he took it to show his similar sheriff. Such as deep in thought, the sheriff called in experts from the top-secret air force base end. At the time Roswell was one of the
worlds most secret establishments - the straightforwardly U.S. base from which tiny missiles could be launched.

But as a consequence New Mexico, coated by one of the wildest stretches of hand down in the North American continent, was itself the ' Innermost Extract - mansion to numerous restricted defence projects. It was taking part in that Werner von Braun and his German engineers worked on the rockets which would consequent presume space.

The farmers discovery caused pessimism at Roswell and the base
leader authorised his Vigor secretary to put out a declaration
demonstration that his men had the stiff of a flying saucer which had crashed.

But when the worlds media decended on Roswell, the story had
vividly special. For example pursue were outdated, and what they took photographs of, was now then the stiff of sure approving of augment.

The military formation announced that the so-called flying saucer
was, after all, straightforwardly a weather augment.

Communicate the story would stick uninteresting, but for the insistance of many witnesses that it was a pretext to redirect pay attention to from the out of the ordinary discovery that was the being housed in a hangar at the military base.

It was enhanced than two existence consequent that the Pentagon admitted current had been a pretext. But not linking aliens.

For example they had been hitting, they claimed, was a politically-sensitive high-altitude augment recycled to test whether the Soviet Friendship had intellectual how to explosion an tiny not be up to snuff.

Such an eplanation did minuscule to subdue speculation, not least like various witnesses insisted that they had not straightforwardly seen the stiff of a flying saucer at Roswell, but five insensitive aliens.

The professed progress of trial boiled down to this: A flying saucer had crashed almost Roswell and five bodies of aliens - undersized, balding, humanoid information - were found in various stages of dent.
Autopsies had been carried out on at least two and a pretext was
methodical by the as a consequence come first Press Truman.

Go into Ray Santilli.
Mr Santilli is an English factory owner whose association is origination music videos. He was functioning for Polydor history and origination a film about fifties pop stars. At the same time as in America, he met a cameraman who expected he had remarkable footage of Lonely Holly and Elvis Presley at the beggining of their careers. Santilli says he went to the cameramans house, saw the footage and bought it.

Now comes the emotional power of Santilli's story. He says that
the cameraman as a consequence told him he had sure enhanced real McCoy film he vigor be avid in'.

The American explained that within the 1940s he had been tied to
the US military and had been asked to film various top secret
projects in New Mexico. Santilli says the cameraman got sure old cans of film out of his igloo. Extreme of it had disintergrated. But he did project one 20 block shake onto his liven up room wall. That film is what you give see on Earnings 4 on Monday.

It apparently shows an autopsy being carried out on a undersized,
balding, humanoid report - seemingly female.

Santilli says that, standpoint it was sure footage from an old misery movie, he asked what it was. The cameraman told him; 'It's the
Roswell Practice.'

Santilli insists that at that last part he had never heard of the Roswell Practice, but profound to buy the film and show it to sure UFO

They were amazed at the discovery - but frustrated that Santilli
refuses to uprightness or become aware of the cameraman.

Santilli says that he promised him anonymity and refuses to break
that trade in, rival bit he knows most family give cut the film
as a hoax.

The woozy UFO experts released two stills from the film on the
Internet. Being populate pictures were seen by the worlds Vigor, the admission was upsetting. Go weekend Santilli's footage was outdated to a encircled audience at the British UFO Meeting in Sheffield,
where Roy Hattersley saw it and was not amazed.

He wrote: give or take the film, straightforwardly one resemblance is posssible. Communicate is not the slightest confer to imagine that it portrays an autopsy being performed on an alien.'

'Not with, within it's extensive sparkling reel, does it hold
anything that could be appropriately described as evidence or could not be put fixed by any film special possessions discord.'

But is he being too cynical? Is current not rival the remotest
prospective that we vigor be gazing on a personality from especially the stars - via all the upsetting implications that raises?
"Communicate are new articles from this news clipping which I shall post as in a while as reasonable.


Fixed Federation UFO MAILING List
Try the groups Ground Vast Web pages at:
Mirrored site at:

The Coming Crisis Aliens May Not Exist After All Ufo Enthusiasts

The Coming Crisis Aliens May Not Exist After All Ufo Enthusiasts
"From http://thecomingcrisis.blogspot.com By Lynsey" Enthusiasts acknowledge that a continued hose down to award proof and a decline in the detail of on high saucer' sightings suggests that aliens do not exist after all and this may perhaps mean the end of 'Ufologys' the look over of "UFOs" (unidentified flying objects),... "Primary at http://thecomingcrisis.blogspot.com"Relatable * C3: Art Quilts and More: UFO: Rear Bed linen * Cooperative States UFO: 3 Garish Ocher Belongings Flying Completed Tampa... * UFO watchers handhold future after decline in sightings - Pathway 4 Hearsay * UFO Zombie Grendizer the star draw at Japanese exhibition area in Iraq - Asahi ShimbunAMAZON AppreciativeThe Object: Presume One (Kindl The Object: Presume One (Stir Style)By Winston Emerson Buy new: 0.99 Payer Rating: Crown tagged "ufo" by Winston "LouisvilleReader" Payer tags: corruption, suspense, youngster teenager, ufo, aliens, kentucky, action, science invention, turned out man, cityAn0ma1y (The Paradox War) (Kindl An0ma1y (The Paradox War) (Stir Style)By C.J. Moseley Buy new: 3.99 Crown tagged "ufo" by CJ Moseley Payer tags: elves, forteana, time shove, fairies, shapeshifters, indie screenwriter, aliens, ufo, science invention, imagineAnatomy Of A Phenomena Anatomy of a Phenomena - The Microscopic and Independent File of UFOs (Promote F?te Report)By Jacques Vallee 3 recycled and new from 5.00 Crown tagged "ufo" by Way-out Payer tags: flying saucer occupants, j allen hynek, the purpose of reality, size, flying saucer run through, nicap, flying saucers on the attack, aliens, apro, confrontations, flying saucers, accept to scienceFlying Cups - Dedicated Busines Flying Cups - Dedicated Unyielding (Out of the ordinary Strip)By Plain Edwards 5 recycled and new from 4.99 Crown tagged "ufo" by Way-out Payer tags: paul trent, coral lorenzen, alien occupants, report on unidentified flying objects, inspire blackouts, flying saucers top secret, aliens, donald keyhoe, project blue book, anatomy of a phenomenon, rex heflin, flying saucers and the us air force

10Th Annual Mcminville Oregon Ufo Festival

10Th Annual Mcminville Oregon Ufo Festival
It's Headed Right For Us!

The 10th Annual UFO Festival at McMenamins Hotel Oregon

UFO enthusiasts are making plans to converge in Oregon wine country

All are welcome -- event tickets now on sale at www.ufofest.com

McMINNVILLE, Ore.-Thursday, April 2, 2009-The buzz is building as we get closer to the 10th Annual UFO Festival on May 15 and 16, 2009, hosted by McMenamins Hotel Oregon. The festival, set in a small town in the middle of Oregon wine country, explores and celebrates the possibilities of life beyond Earth. On our decade anniversary, we welcome keynote speaker and journalist Linda Moulton Howe, who will discuss a 1974 military encounter with a UFO; Kathleen Marden and Stanton Friedman, co-authors of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience. The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction (2007); and UFO witnesses Kris and Marc Bales. Tickets are 10 per event, 15 for two ticketed events or 25 for all three events; UFO tickets are available at www.ufofest.com.

Skeptics and believers alike are invited to enjoy all the events happening throughout the weekend - an outdoor festival tent and UFO gift shop, live blues and Americana from Gavin Wahl-Stephens, an outlandish alien costume parade, an alien pet costume contest, a performance of the 1938 Orson Welles classic "War of the Worlds" by Willamette Radio Workshop and more! And have a pint or two of McMenamins Alienator Ale, handcrafted especially for the event. To cap off the weekend, attend our Alien Costume Ball for live rock 'n' roll by Big Mama Gayle ">Kathleen Marden o Friday, May 15 o 7 p.m. (in conjunction with Stanton Friedman)

UFO Researcher and Co-Author with Stanton Friedman of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience. The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction (2007)

Marden is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the focus of one of the most well-known alien abductions in UFO history. With UFO research luminary Stanton Friedman, Marden co-authored the story of her aunt and uncle's harrowing 1961 experience. During her long career as a social worker, educator and certified hypnotherapist, Marden implemented model educational programs and taught adult education classes on UFO and abduction history. For 10 years, she served on the MUFON Board of Directors as the Director of Field Investigator Training.

Stanton Friedman o Friday, May 15 o 7 p.m. (in conjunction with Kathleen Marden)

Internationally Recognized UFO Researcher and Lecturer

In 1970, Friedman left his career as a physicist to pursue the scientific investigation of UFOs. Since then, he has lectured at more than 600 colleges and 100 professional groups in 50 states, nine provinces and 16 foreign countries. Friedman has published more than 80 UFO-related papers and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs. He has also provided written testimony to Congressional hearings and appeared twice at the United Nations.

Kris and Marc Bales o Saturday, May 16 o 10 a.m.

UFO Witnesses, Northern Idaho, September 2000

While on an overnight hunting trip, four men witnessed an enormous, triangular object hovering 200 feet above them. The report they filed with the National UFO Reporting Center reads: "My brother and I... like to think we are normal, educated, businesspeople.... We all have excellent eyesight. This was also a 'dry' camp. Although this exceeded the limits of our known comprehension we felt privileged to have witnessed this most incredible piece of equipment." Two of these eyewitnesses will relate their incredible experience.


All ticketed events will be held at the McMinnville Community Center (600 NE Evans St.), just two blocks away from McMenamins Hotel Oregon.

All events are free and welcome to all ages (unless noted).

Friday, May 15

Kathleen Marden event at 7 p.m. o McMinnville Community Center

10 per person; tickets available online or at the door (multi-event discount available)

Live music by Gavin Wahl-Stephens

As part of the Great Northwest Music Tour

7 p.m. o Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon

Live music by Kirby Swatosh & The Moon Rock Patrol

7 p.m. o Cellar Bar at Hotel Oregon o 21 & over

Saturday, May 16

Food event at 10 a.m. o McMinnville Community Center

10 per person; tickets available online or at the door (multi-event discount available)

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Following the Bales presentation: Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (Seattle, WA)

Davenport will discuss UFO cases that were reported in 2008.

Vivid Curve Digeridoo-Making for Kids

Kids can make a cool digeridoo and then walk in the parade and play them.

11 a.m. o U.S. Bank Plaza on Third St. o First come, first serve (up to 50 kids)

UFO Costume Parade

1 p.m. o Third St.

From school groups to marching bands to crazy floats to dancing Hammerheads, all are welcome to participate in the parade! Go to ufofest.com for an application!

Alien Pet Costume Contest

2 p.m. o U.S. Bank Plaza on Third St.

Dress little Spot or Fluffy up as a UFO, an alien or what-have-you! Give your pet a moment in the alien spotlight.

A Performance of Orson Welles' classic "War of the Worlds" by Willamette Radio Workshop

2 p.m. o Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon

Speaker's Forum with Keynote Speaker Linda Moulton Howe, investigative reporter and editor of Earthfiles.com

Doors at 3 p.m.; event at 4 p.m. o McMinnville Community Center

10 per person; tickets available online or at the door (multi-event discount available)

Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Following the Keynote Forum: A Q&A panel emceed by Peter Davenport, including Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman and Peter Robbins.

Live music by Kirby Swatosh & The Moon Rock Patrol

7 p.m. o Cellar Bar at Hotel Oregon o 21 & over

Alien Costume Ball

Featuring the live music of Big Mama Gayle & Her Sugar Daddies

7 p.m. o Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon o 21 ">


The name "McMenamin" is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest, signifying a great place to enjoy handcrafted ales, wine, spirits and pub fare with family and friends. The dream began more than 20 years ago in the hearts of brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin. With 56 properties (including Hotel Oregon) and counting, the siblings are considered to be pioneers of the Pacific Northwest microbrew, historic hotels and music venue industries. Go to mcmenamins.com for additional information.

Truman Really Know About Aliens

Truman Really Know About Aliens
"I do think of reading a CIA file on Pester Truman

in which he was spoken language about the Uninvolved War beginning and that hand over

were aliens from farther space and guaranteed looked corresponding limited humans

and guaranteed looked corresponding insects."

- "Stein," Beforehand Army/CIA UFO Judge

Pester S. Truman, 33rd Business leader from April 12, 1945,

to January 20, 1953, died on December 26, 1972,

at age 88.

To the same degree did Business leader Truman honest cherish about aliens and UFOs? It seems he knew higher than was always let on. As soon as the Roswell cover-up and now the Washington UFO flap of 1952, Truman measure off that UFOs be shot down. Now why would the military shoot at sticky situation gas, weather balloons, or the planet Venus? That what they tell us we're seeing. The way our government has handled the UFO line of reasoning in the past, was alike to a Keystone Cops routine but now accouterments are very loud. Can what you cherish cocktail you a target?

Unconventional countries take expound bold and released their UFO files to the communal. It's covet past due that the U.S. does the awfully.

Reference: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Robert Salas

Robert Salas


by Robert L. Salas

This incident happened almost thirty years ago. Until about two years ago, I had not given it much thought. In the spring of 1967 I was stationed at Malmstrom AFB, Montana. My recollection of the incident was that, while on duty as a Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (DMCCC) at a Minuteman Launch Control Facility

During the morning hours, I received a call from my NCO in charge of site security topside. He said that he and other guards had observed some unidentified flying objects in the vicinity. He said they had over flown the LCF a few times before he phoned. He could only distinguish them as "lights" at that time.

I did not take this report very seriously and simply told him to keep observing them and report back if he saw anything more significant. At the time, I believed the first call to be a joke. Five or ten minutes later, I received a second call from my security NCO. This time he was much more agitated and distraught. He stated that there was a UFO hovering just outside the front gate! He wanted to know what he should do. 1 don't recall what I said except to secure the fenced area. As we were talking, he said he had to go because one of the guards had been injured.

I immediately woke my commander who had been taking his rest period and started to relate the phone conversations. Within seconds, our missiles began shutung down from "Alert" status to "No-Go" status. I recalled that most, if not all, of our missiles had shut down in rapid succession. Normally, if a missile went off alert status, it was due to a power outage at a particular site and the site power generator would come on line and pick up the power load and the LF would come back on line. It was extremely rare for more than one missile to go off line for any length of time. In this case, none of our missiles came back on line. The problem was not lack of power; some signal had been sent to the missiles which caused them to go off alert.

After we reported this incident to the command post, I phoned my security guard to determine what had transpired topside. He informed me that the guard who had approached the UFO had been injured - not seriously. The guard was being removed by helicopter to the base. I do not recall the nature of the injury or how it was incurred. We were relieved by our scheduled replacement crew later that morning. The missiles had still not been brought on line by on-site maintenance. Once topside, I spoke directly with the security guard about the UFOs. The only additional detail he added, that I recalled, was that the UFO had a red glow and appeared to be saucer-shaped. I do not recall any other details about its appearance. He repeated that it had been immediately outside the front gate, hovering silently.

When my commander and I returned to the base, we discussed the incident with our squadron commander and an Air Force investigator from Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). The Colonel was just as shocked about the incident as we were. Neither he, nor anyone else we talked to that day about the incident could explain it or indicated that it was some sort of readiness exercise. After that day, and through the time of my transfer from the base in June 1969, none of the crews, including ours, ever received any additional information on the incident. There was never a report of investigation that was released to the missile crews or any other explanation given of the incident. This was also unusual because we were given regular briefings about any technical areas of concern regarding the readiness of our weapons. These were my recollections at the time the FOIA requests were submitted to the Air Force in January 1995. After nearly a year of submitting these requests and waiting for responses, USAF declassified an incident which appeared to be the one in which I was involved. I will refer to that as the Echo Flight incident.

Jim Klotz, the investigator who had submitted the FOIA requests, and I had previously narrowed the time period by retrieving news reports from the Great Falls Tribune about UFO sightings during the early part of 1967. I had recalled reading such reports after my incident. In fact there were many news articles about UFO sightings a few weeks before and one week after the Echo incident. We requested USAF to release any information they had of such an incident that occurred during the spring of 1967. We made no reference to UFO sightings in our request. As a result of these FOIA requests USAF sent us copies of the unit histories for the 341st Strategic Missile Wing, Great Falls, Montana for 1967. The histories, which included the Echo incident, had been classified. In addition, USAF sent copies of some previously classified messages regarding the incident. One message was sent from SAC headquarters. The Echo incident, as related in one of those messages, is described as loss of strategic alert of all ten missiles within ten seconds of each other for no apparent reason and a "...cause for grave concern... [to SAC head quarters]". The date of the Echo incident is March 16,1967. When we received this information, I assumed that I was in the Echo capsule during this incident because the events of the incident were very similar to my recollection.

The first unit history (January - March 1967, pg. 38) also has a brief statement suggesting reports of UFO activity. It states the following: "Rumors of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) around the area of Echo Flight during the time of fault were disproven. A Mobile Strike Team, which had checked all November Flight's LFs (launch facilities) on the morning of 16 March 67, were questioned and stated that no unusual activity or sightings were observed." This statement was informative in that there would be no reason to query the November Flight strike team (security) about rumors of UFOs in the area of Echo Flight. This is the only reference to UFOs regarding this incident in any of the documents received from USAF and the statement is simply untrue. None of the reports we received from guards or maintenance personnel were ever retracted.

After reading this statement I recalled something my commander had said during our incident. After we reported the incident to the command post, he had received a call from another LCC. After that call he turned to me and said, "The same thing happened at another flight." With this new recollection, I began to question if I was at Echo during the time of our incident since I knew I was assigned to the 490th Squadron, which did not have responsibility for Echo Flight. We did however, occasionally, man LCCs outside our own squadron.

With some assistance, I was eventually able to contact on old friend who had served with me at Malmstrom. He recalled the Echo incident and was certain that I was not in that LCC at the time of the incident. He also recalled the names of the Echo crew and the name of my commander. With some additional effort, and a lot of phone calls, I was able to locate and speak with both crew members of Echo, the commander of the Echo relief crew, and my own commander.

As a result of these conversations, more information was revealed. The Echo MCCC related to me that prior to the shutdown of all his missiles he had received more than one report from security patrols and maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs, one was directly above one of the LFs in Echo Flight. The Echo crew confirmed that they had spoken to my commander that day and told him of their incident. They also told me that they were flown to SAC Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska the next day and had to brief CINCSAC (Commander in Chief Strategic Air Command) about their incident. The Echo DMCCC also informed me that he had written an extensive log of the Incident and turned that over to staff officers at SAC headquarters. They certainly did report the UFO sightings and their guards and maintenance personnel were interviewed about their sightings by Air Force investigators. The MCCC of the crew that relieved the Echo crew also confirmed that the Echo crew had spoken to him about the UFO sightings during the time immediately preceding their shutdown incident.

My own MCCC confirmed my recollection of events with the exception that he recalled that about five of our ten missiles shut down in rapid succession. My own recollection is that it was more than five. However, he did add something I had not recalled. We sent a security patrol to our LFs after the shutdown of our missiles and they reported sighting another UFO during that patrol. They also lost radio contact with our site immediately after reporting the UFO.

To summarize the events of that morning:

UFOs were sighted by security personnel at our LCC (probably November Flight), at one of our LFs, and by other security personnel at Echo LFs and these were reported separately to the capsule crews at both LCCs. These reports were made at or about the time Minuteman Strategic missiles shut down at both sites. USAF has confirmed that all of Echo flights missiles shutdown within seconds of each other. There was no apparent reason for these shutdowns.

Further discussions with individuals from Boeing who had provided technical assistance and performed additional tests during the investigation into the cause of these shutdowns, confirmed that there was never a resolution as to cause or explanation for these incidents. The unit histories for 1967 also confirm that conclusion.

Since the termination of Project Blue Book, the Air Force has maintained the position that no reported UFO incident has ever affected national security. The incident I described above clearly had national security implications. The Air Force has clearly and deliberately hidden the fact that a large number of Air Force personnel reported sighting UFOs at the time many of our strategic missiles became, unaccountably, disabled.

Source: MUFON, MUJ-345, 15

The Rendlesham 2012 Conference

Sunday June 17 at: 10am - 11.30pm. Tickets are lb20 each. Entry is strictly ticket only, tickets will be available on the door.

Buy your tickets HERE






MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (JULY 1) UPI - A NASA scientist insists a 10th planet may be orbiting the sun even though two space probes have not been able to find any trace of it in the dim outer reaches of the solar system.

Dr. John Anderson, a celestial mechanics investigator with NASA's Pioneer spacecraft project, told reporters at Ames Research Center at Moffett Field Tuesday that if the planet exists, it travels at nearly right angles to the plane of the orbits of the nine known planets in a looping ellipse so elongated it only nears the sun every 700 to 1,000 years.

Anderson, who published his ideas last year in 'The Galaxy and the Solar System,' called his theory 'an important contribution to the understanding of the dynamics of the outer solar system.'

Analysis of the trajectories of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft during the past five years shows no indication of gravitational effects that would be expected if an unknown planet was in a normal, circular orbit beyond Uranus and But 19th century records indicate the orbits of the outer planets were disturbed in a subtle manner, which Anderson suspects may have been caused by gravitational effects associated with the undiscovered planet.

'The best explanation for an object very likely to have been there for at least 100 years, and then disappearing, is a planet on a greatly elongated orbit,' Anderson said.

'I think that's the most likely possibility if you take all the current data.
It's a good possibility and a good working hypothesis. If it isn't Planet X, then I throw up my hands and can't say what it is,' Anderson said.


ood working hypothesis. If it isn't Planet X,
then I throw up my hands and c

Reference: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Bright Blue Stationary Ufo Over Rural Oshawa Ontario

Bright Blue Stationary Ufo Over Rural Oshawa Ontario
Date: December 19, 2010Time: 11:40 p.m.

While on route from my home in rural Oshawa to visit my friend. I passed Winchester while heading south on Simcoe, where I then noticed a bright blue stationary object in the sky. I original thought it was a cell phone tower, then I saw a slight movement from this bright blue object. I thought it was my imagination, the object then moved even more at which I then pulled over and got out of my car, to observe the object.

When I got out my car I quickly snapped a picture using my blackberry (the picture is just a blur with a small white object as the UFO. I will be sending an email of it later to you when I have access to a computer). I then observed the object making aerobatic movements over the new subdivision northeast of Durham college across from Conline road, the object then changed colour to a light blue, then back to a darker bright blue.

After around 30 to 45 seconds of the object moving around in patterns I've never seen done before by any kind of aircraft, it then seemed to disappear into cloud coverage by just becoming stationary and going straight up. This incident was extremely disconcerting to me as I did not believe in the UFO phenomenon until a couple of hours ago, but what I saw tonight was not made by man or was just top secret military stuff, but I doubt that.

The scariest part is when I Googled this and found others around the Durham region/world who had seen similar events from your BlogSpot. What is going on in this world. If you have answers or knowledge to what I saw or what they are or what there doing, because when I called the police they did not seem to care because its a common occurrence which is even more frightening.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL."

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

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