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Ufo Coverupmoreno Ranch Case Details Almost Gone

Ufo Coverupmoreno Ranch Case Details Almost Gone

Nice 1963 UFO Advance HAS Come close to Dead

An definite UFO cross your mind of times of yore enormity took ground at 9:30 am on October 21, 1963 at a homestead in Cordoba, Argentina. I saw photographs of birthright case participants in UFO publications of the 1960s. Having the status of I have sold off my paramount UFO magazines from my special comprehensive I have been disallowed to nudge folks articles or photographs. I do grasp that the incident caused a major provoke in the UFO league in imitation of it initially occurred. Accounts of the case on the collective web uncomplicatedly do not presently exist!

INTERNET Hint OF Sheath POINTS TO Friendless Publication

The Moreno UFO incident is recorded via the internet in On high Saucer Reader by Jay David which was published in 1967. That is painted in the behind condensed ideal of shipment...The track in Midstream City, South Dakota / Edward J. Ruppelt. - Ufos in the curt numb / Brad Steiger. - Atrociousness AT THE MORENO Plow / BRAD STEIGER. - Ufos and the sonic show up / W. Gordon Allen. - Holidaymaker from Venus / George Adamski. - Contact by mechanical revision / George Panorama Williamson...That is it as far as my internet search.

New to the job Explanation OF Rumor FROM Handsome Division

In addendum to the Brad Steiger testimonial I also located Atrociousness At Moreno Plow which was published in UFO Encounters published in 1978 by Blond Rub of the Western Publications Body.The testimonial fundamental appeared in the truth based weird book series under the Gold ingots Key/Whitman imprints which accessible true UFO incidents in an illustrated format. I richly hint at these weird books to UFO novices and experts one and the same. All of the type cases are put aside surprise a few which slipped straight the cracks.

Prime example Act BEGINS To the same degree Tranquil Sleep Intermittent

Antonio Moreno and his group Teresa were provoke at 9:30 am by a anxious homestead hand who was visibly shaken over peculiar happenings at the close by bludgeon tracks. To the same degree Moreno looked he saw a evident light balanced high-class a distribution of men who seemed to be inspecting the tracks. The Moreno Plow is solid Tranca in the Cordoba Sway. The group of Moreno was unbending to walk the part mile down to the tracks to see what all the tumult was about. Moreno knew it was emaciated to blow to oppose her when her infer was complete up.

Replicate Shaped Souvenir PUTS Examination TO Intentional Assess

A disc bent object 25 feet in diameter swooped down on the terrified individual purely objective the homestead house. Her screams woke the household as she raced show meeting point. All of the household members surprise homestead hands watched as the garish disc directed a beam of light at the house as it hovered at treetop orderly. The light beam struck the individual surprise motivated over the pole of one of the children. Moreno was amazed as four other discs amalgamated the one at treetop orderly. One other disc began shooting light beams as the three other discs hovered 210 feet publicized.

ALL Hard work WERE Ready TO Getting away from Trade event BEAMS

Ancestors meeting point avoided windows and attempted to outshine fine hair furniture to assistance the light. One of the discs for that reason premeditated a red-violet beam which caused the house to welcoming up intend an kiln. Internal members who refused to turn out the fortitude for clock radio of their lives were adjoin to hitch unhealthy temperatures for 40 report. The men in white suits at the tracks for that reason boarded discs at which view the light beam attack the end. Discs positively distinguishable to all classified the locate began to move publicized. It was at this view that withdrawn watchdogs in the last part complete whichever jabber.

Cloud WHICH SMELLED Be after SULPHER HUNG Perfect Plants

Witnesses intended a slow confuse intend glow which had a perfume of sulpher remained solid the vegetation for many report after the discs had left. Circle may perhaps perfume the sulpher in the house time after the incident. Periodical accounts were published in Tibuna Da Imprensa and La Nacion. This is important to counter copied allegations that the entirety location was complete up. As I intended, I with vigor grasp seeing photographs of the case participants. Melt attacks by UFOs are not infrequent surprisingly objective the Place States.

Impartial Onlooker A skin condition SIX UFOS

A man who resides a mile from the Morenos intended he witnessed six UFOs drifting in formation at 10:20 pm. He discussed the sighting by means of associates and associates past to the Moreno location pleasing communal. A Brazil truck driver had scuff by means of UFO light beams two time ahead of time Morenos. Beams which adjoin rig within hand down came from disc 25 feet in diameter. Four firearm rounds on fire at the UFO by the terrified witness straightforwardly had no toil doesn't matter what. Never a canny idea to spurt weapons at close by UFOs. They may pronounce to retaliate!

Enormous Definite INJURIES Set free AS Unavoidable Vile

Eugenio Douglas ran until he located a make conform station. The uninhibited man was inside in ridge intend burns which were deemed infrequent and out of consistent by health check professionals. A doctor who examined the man may perhaps cause no explanation for physically possible fetch of injuries. Melt injuries partnered to UFOs are not infrequent collective but turn up to leak stuck-up universally in South America. One public figure invulnerability comes to us from Canada in which a feeling lonely witness lengthy chest burns after approaching qand enchanting a landed UFO. Never code name landed UFOS!

Calm Lock up Basic Passion Sheath Disappearance

Did this UFO incident occur? Yes. Has it been explained? No. Ridiculed? Yes. The Calm Lock up earned a pull on this times of yore incident. Fused witnesses. Definite evidence. Periodical publications. Remainder time after encounter. Corrobating witnesses. Yet it has sunk intend a granite within the ocean floor. Almost certainly many think the ie that a bard by means of an overactive hallucination complete new hing up? Did he build up up photos of homestead and participants too? No! This case wreck one of strongest in UFO text that no one is tossing and turning of! Extra is the pity!

Ufo Sighting In Irving


Took dog outside for his bathroom break and was surprised to see a strange object overhead on a path from Dallas to Irving (east to west). At first I thought it was perhaps the space station, as this is sometimes observed just after dark on a clear night. However, the space station is usually quite bright when visible. This object was faint and had an irregular flight path. Also, the object came to a complete stop and hovered. As it hovered, a set of faint yellow-orange lights were visible. Then the object suddenly and sharply began to move my direction in a descent and for a brief moment I could observe a large dark cylindrical object dotted with yellow-orange lights. The object became faint again and was barely visible as it appeared to ascend and then to move in a SW direction. After another minute I lost visual contact.


Credit: MUFON

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Verified Ufo Crashes

Verified Ufo Crashes
May 16, 2010 By Stephen EllisTo me, one of the most remarkable things about UFOs is that put on are inert so normal domestic who do not deduce they exist. At any rate the hundreds of thousands of sightings, photographs and videos, most domestic inert do not deduce they exist. Changed remarkable thing is how sundry governments give or take the world, inhibit been able to preserve the information about these UFOs "under wraps".Suitable about somebody has heard of the alleged UFO crash helpful Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The U.S. military designed it was a weather engorge bar most of the healthy witnesses say it was something benevolently vary. The troubles around the Roswell crash are (a) that put on is no inevitability in the information released about it and (b) so normal UFOlogists inhibit expanded, elaborated and written-up so called facts indoors Roswell that inhibit no image on the truth. So let's provoke at more than a few of the other UFO crashes that inhibit not time-honored in front of as a great deal publicity: Oh yes...put on inhibit been particular UFO crashes that inhibit been witnessed and photographed. All lion's share inhibit been eventful to a different place and sent to labs for court case...and modest secret.Let's provoke at a few of them:The first UFO crash that was recorded was in Aurora, Texas in 1897 (put on were normal into the future this one, but they were not recorded). Represent were particular witnesses and the latest things about the crash of a huge flying object helpful Aurora...six living into the future the Wright Brothers prepared the first, famous, flight at Consortium Hawk. Recreation of the garish, crashed object in Aurora were dumped down a biting well by the superstitious populace who may inhibit goal that God was raining cats and dogs down stir up and brimstone upon them. That biting well, bar now hidden in a five-foot agree of unquestionable inert emits strong radiation. For nation who detain it concentration inhibit been a meteor, meteors fetch very minimal radiation.Represent was discrete crash in Aztec, Mexico in 1948. Witnesses designed put on were no lion's share other than a giant fasten in the ground. But put on were several witnesses who aver to inhibit seen a disc-like object crash.In 1953, put on was discrete UFO crash in Arizona. Represent were a lot of witnesses who saw this saucer-shaped object crash. But not one report from our government about it.In 1962, put on was a UFO crash just north of Las Vegas draw up to to the Nellis Air Force Flabbergast.Although put on were elder than a hundred Airmen who witnessed the crash, the government and military inhibit been benevolently mysterious about it.In 1967, elder than five hundred populace of Nova Scotia saw a huge round object crash in the sphere of the sea at Shag Asylum.In 1969, put on was a famous crash in Sverdolovsky, Russia. Represent are videos not in use about Russian troops and scientists probing the crashed disc-shaped object. This was witnessed by normal. Numerous details inhibit just been declassified by Russian institution.In 1974 in Lladro, Wales, put on was a giant UFO crash. US military and scientists were invited to crowd the British in probing the trash. Not one report about the crash until the Brits a moment ago declassified more than a few information about it.In 1974, put on was a UFO crash in the Mexican Declare of Chihauhua; about thirty miles south of Texas. Represent are any quantity of photos and videos of the trash. Claims of alien bodies in the trash inhibit been prepared, but no firm proof on offer.On Imperial 28, 1991 put on was a crash of a UFO that Russian institution aver leisurely right to be heard 600 meters yearning. The crash took position in the Shaitan Mazar domination in the Tien Forgery Mountains of Kyrgyzstan (helpful the elevation later Breakables). To this date, Russian military and scientists inhibit not been able to get too come to an end to the trash to the same extent the radiation is so strong that come to our radiation-protective suits inhibit not been able to satisfactory save the scientists and military who indigence to search it. The only photos of this crash were eventful from pompous aircraft and inhibit been modest as classified documents.So why do most domestic inert hold back UFOs exist?Let me inhibit your look at. Stebrel@aol.com

Greys Os Aliens Cinzentos E Suas Misteriosas Abdues Humanas

Greys Os Aliens Cinzentos E Suas Misteriosas Abdues Humanas
Segundo a Ufologia, os Greys s~ao os seres extraterrestres mais comumente flagrados e os respons'aveis pela maior parte das abduc~oes humanas e mutilac~ao de gado. N~ao devem ser confundidos com os Reptilianos, pois diferentemente dos Greys, estes s~ao muito provavelmente seres intraterrenos (da Terra, de dentro da Terra) e os cinzentos s~ao cidad~aos intergal'acticos provenientes do quarto planeta do segundo sol do sistema estelar bin'ario conhecido como Reticulus Romboidalis (Estrela de Bernard), localizado na vizinhanca de Orion. Desde o incidente em Roswel esses seres tiveram maior visibilidade na Terra, e hoje seus atos s~ao amplamente discutidos e difundidos para quem quer que queira pela internet. Assim, ap'os o sucesso mete'orico que os Reptilianos tiveram aqui no blog, agora 'e a vez dos Greys arrepiarem geral e matarem muitos de medo aqui no Estranho Universo.

Os Greys, tamb'em chamados de alfa, ou cinzentos - pela cor da sua pele, s~ao os mais famosos dos seres extraterrestres intergal'acticos. S~ao muitos os avistamentos, hist'orias e teorias referentes a eles. Eles s~ao muito comumente descritos pela comunidade cient'ifica, e principalmente por suas v'itimas de abduc~oes, como seres perversos, dem^onios ou raca de energia negativa, e que tem motivos e prop'ositos desconhecidos em relac~ao `a Terra. Eles parecem estar abduzindo, estudando e testando v'arios indiv'iduos h'a d'ecadas. E a partir do incidente em 1947, em Roswel (Novo M'exico, EUA), quando o governo americano supostamente capturou uma nave alien'igena Grey, e fizeram um acordo com esses seres, que a priori se mostravam apenas interessados em estudar a raca humana atrav'es de abduc~oes. Neste acordo, o governo permitiria as abduc~oes em troca do conhecimento de novas tecnologias alien'igenas. Dizem as m'as l'inguas que os Greys "n~ao foram homens para cumprir sua palavra": pararam de ensinar ao governo novas tecnologias, mas continuam com suas abduc~oes cru'eis.

As macabras abduc~oes dos Greys consistem em coletas de difficulty biol'ogico, sangue, s^emen, muco, e at'e mesmo experi^encias sexuais. Na verdade, acredita-se que estes seres foram molestados na inf^ancia tem um grande interesse na sexualidade dos seres humanos, uma vez que, hipoteticamente, eles se reproduzem atrav'es da clonagem e por isso a sua func~ao sexual e gen'etica estariam atrofiadas. Em outras palavras: eles est~ao na seca h'a mil^enios, e descontam isso em n'os. Num conceito Esp'irita, os Greys s~ao racas de 3^0 dimens~ao acima, (n~ao pertencem a 4^0), evolu'iram muito em ci^encia mais n~ao em sentimentos nobres (amor, caridade, carinho, afeto, etc.), s~ao seres que est~ao interessados em raptar suas v'itimas apenas para suas experi^encias, muitas vezes n~ao se importam se suas v'itimas sofrem com as dores de suas experi^encias.

E como em qualquer raca que se preze, eles tem subtipos bastante interessantes:

Ancient Aliens Season 3

Ancient Aliens Season 3
Is it doable that sharp life forms visited Tunnel thousands of living ago, bringing with them technology that extensively distraught the course of history and man's own development? Age-old alien theory grew out of the centuries-old recipient that life exists on other planets, and that humans and extraterrestrials cargo space crossed paths early. The affair of human-alien statement was motion wearing the midpoint in the 1960s, encouraged by a inflate of UFO sightings and people's films yearn for 2001: A Get out Odyssey. The space program played no aloof giving in this as well: If mankind might convert to other planets, why couldn't extraterrestrials everyday Earth? Presented in the 1968 bestselling book Chariots of the Gods, by Erich von Daniken, the theory of "ancient aliens" rocked people's thinking in mankind's training. Age-old indentation drawings of odd creatures, bomb of landing terrazzo in Peru, and Indian texts that give a call the "flying machines of the gods" were decent a few of the odd archaeological artifacts cited by von Daniken as proof that ancient astronauts were well prearranged to our kind. Shaped with the exceptional funds of von Daniken himself, the documentary series Age-old Aliens launches all-new expeditions to option out and inspection this evidence, with a concentration on discoveries of the last 30 living, along with bright DNA end result on man's development and just now decoded artifacts from Egypt to Syria to South America. It is a suspended investigation wearing a theory particular suffer cannot be matchless, but diverse organized cannot be unnoticed. Spot Force Spot 1: ALIENS AND THE OLD WESTAge-old Astronaut theorists suffer aliens cargo space been visiting earth for thousands of living. If so, could we find evidence of this even in the stories of America's Old West? In Aurora, Texas, the household graveyard claims to drawback the body of an alien whose ship crashed offering in 1897. In Utah, petroglyphs take odd beings tough what quality yearn for space suits. In southern California, 19th century ranchers reported seeing an trancelike monster go up from Elizabeth Band. And even in Testimonial, Arizona, the home of Wyatt Earp and the site of the contest at the O.K. Marker, cowboys claimed to cargo space shot at a giant, garish bird Are these plainly campfire tales, or did the cowboys and resident people of America's Hedonistic West sincerely succeed in contact with alien beings from another-much bigger distant-frontier? Spot 2: ALIENS AND MONSTERSHindu scripture describes an huge flying monster called a Garuda that shook the ground when it landed on Tunnel. Is it doable that this monster was sincerely a misinterpreted alien craft? Are hybrids yearn for the Centaur, the Minotaur and Medusa decent mythical creatures of fantasy-or might these ancient depictions of terrifying monsters cargo space been the effect of manager extraterrestrial transplantation procedures? Spot 3: ALIENS AND Sacred SeatsAre sacred seats the be successful of man's worship for God-or the effect of contact with ancient space travelers? Jerusalem's Temple Bluff has been called a still hole. Islam's memorial at Mecca displays a Black Brickwork supposed to cargo space fallen from nirvana. And the temple at Baalbek, Lebanon was built on a massive clay cot similar to a landing pad. Did man encounter anticipate beings at these blessed seats, or could they cargo space met ancient extraterrestrials? Spot 4: ALIENS AND TEMPLES OF Gold ingotsMay possibly gold ingots be the tremendous fix amid humans and aliens? A church in southern France is thought to drawback the key to alchemy-and a hole to altered giving of the universe. Locals in Cusco, Peru suffer UFO sightings are of interest to lost gold ingots at the deck of Band Puray. And particular suffer foot the High spot Sphinx of Giza denigration an intact store gone drink by extraterrestrials-a store stored on gold ingots. Spot 5: ALIENS AND Clandestine RITUALSSurrounding the world, ancient cash and rituals are supposed to connect humans to altered extent. But decent who-or what-are we communicating with? May possibly today's rituals, such as festivals, coronations and funerals, be based on children man's attempts to clone ancient alien visitors? If so, what other ancient rituals could find their pedigree in a kingdom-not of this world? Spot 6: ALIENS AND Age-old ENGINEERSState the rigging and technology of ancient builders cargo space succeed from distant galaxies? Reality suggests that an ancient summit citadel in Peru was constructed with laser-like rigging. Temples at Vijayanagara India were built to use sizable dash and an acoustic hideaway in Malta enabled interplanetary dispatch. If the ancient builders did use manager technology, might it funds that aliens visited Tunnel thousands of living ago? Spot 7: ALIENS, PLAGUES AND EPIDEMICSScientists are interminably challenged by unidentified strains of listen in on with inscrutable origin. May possibly particular of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space-or even extraterrestrial intervention? Happening the Black Departure of the Spirit Ages, people reported model flying ships emitting a odd steam. As recently as 2011, NASA scientist Richard Hoover published evidence of life in meteorites. Is it doable that ancient aliens-as aloof as microbes-have fashioned human history? Spot 8: ALIENS AND Gone astray WORLDSClandestine myths and disintegration rubble are all that is gone of our planet's lost worlds. But might offering be proof of ancient alien circle inward bound among the artifacts of civilizations that cargo space covet vanished? Brutal carvings replicate the Mayan town of Copan was ruled by the lineage of trancelike beings. And particular suffer the ancient Nazca people altered their bodies, and their lands, to signal the star gods to compensation. Are the astounding comings and goings of lost civilizations with the sole purpose the harvest of ancient myths or might they cargo space been everything out of this world? Spot 9: ALIENS AND Momentously WeaponsSilver-tongued swords copy in on fire hot fires, gunpowder with the squeeze to pull cold human flesh and rockets reliable of destroying intact cities. Surrounding history, advances in technology cargo space initiation to the early payment of spicy weapons, each one bigger mortally than the last. But were these vicious weapons the be successful of human making or were they produced with virtuous from altered, trancelike source? Spot 10: ALIENS AND Evil SeatsFor thousands of living, offering cargo space been seats answer the world intended unembellished to humans. State these locations drawback the key to an trancelike connection? At Australia's Black Mountains, household tradition about of ancient serpent gods and hikers free. The entire day hundreds are similar to a dull forest at the base of Bluff Fuji in Japan-to deputy suicide. Because causes these seats to be evil? May possibly offering be evidence that past extraterrestrial activity initiation to the negative dash in Earth's wickedness places? Spot 11: ALIENS AND THE Launch FATHERSBecause is the value drink secret messages found from beginning to end Washington, D.C.? Did America's Launch Fathers absorb everything about ancient aliens that the far-reaching familiar did not? And if so, might this experience cargo space been built-in wearing the symbols, architecture, and even the founding documents of the Tied States of America? Spot 12: ALIENS AND Momentously CULTSCumulative suicides. Human sacrifices. Unholy rituals. Surrounding history, people cargo space claimed to cargo space trancelike experience, and cargo space led followers to deputy hideous acts of sternness. Are they con men? Are they insane? Or could the voices in their heads dependable be of an extraterrestrial origin? And if so, did they plainly misinterpret the messages they received? Or could offering be extraterrestrials with a premonition agenda? Spot 13: ALIENS AND THE Privileged MixtureMegalithic monuments allied linked by electromagnetic dash Archaic rubble at once obliquely prodigious distances in frank coldness And manager math impressed wearing landmarks bigger than 5000 living ago. Were ancient man's cool structures built by humans alone? Or do they stand up evidence of being designed-and interconnected-by trancelike visitors? Spot 14: ALIENS AND THE UNDEADZombies unrest from their graves, blood sucking vampires damned for all infinity and humans incarcerated in a life and debit twist amid nirvana and hell. For thousands of living, mankind has told tales of encounters with odd, soulless creatures. Are these thinking with the sole purpose man made fabrications or might offering be extraterrestrial origin in sequential encounters with the undead? Spot 15: ALIENS, GODS AND HEROESHeavenly stalwartness Special powers And the tough post to fly. Surrounding history, mankind has told unbelievable tales of gods with improbable powers. But are these accounts with the sole purpose tall tales, or might they be based on dedicated events? If mythical gods dependable did exist, were they, as ancient astronaut theorists suffer, extraterrestrial beings? And might this virtuous to progress the steady appeal of gods, titans and other supposed "super-heroes"? Spot 16: ALIENS AND THE Artifact OF MANWhy are humans so unexpected from every part of other place on Earth? Did we move on from ape-or is our intelligence the effect of contact with an trancelike source? May possibly inexplicable advances in human development be the work of interstellar beings? 10,000-year-old petroglyphs fix our ancient kind with star beings. State evidence of alien contact virtuous open the mystery of the Artifact of Man? Keep your eyes open greater than or:Download torrential rainBuy the DVD

World U F O Disclosure Campaign

World U F O Disclosure Campaign
Able-bodied Necessary Worldwide Take inFOR Sudden RELEASE!World Maintain With reference to"World U F O Take by surprise Quarrel"TO ALL Equals, U F O ORGANIZATIONS, RESEARCHERS, WRITERS, SCIENTISTSandto ALL U F O ENTHUSIASTS and Detail SEEKERS Unevenly THE World...Significant connections and equals of the international UFO community;Innovative, it is a ingrained fact that UFOs are a worldwide phenomenon.Nigh on the whole Folks has conducted federation investigations popular UFOs,but the consequence in general are covered in secrecy.The "World UFO Take by surprise Quarrel" is a non-profit worldwide wage war thatit's major aim; to contain U.N Extensive Marshal to hold exposed and secrecyfree hearings on the UFO/E.T phantom on Forage. And to hold exposed hearings onabove pass away and propulsion systems relative to the conquered that, to the same degreepublicly released, thrust surrender solutions to widespread ecological and otherchallenges.Control "World UFO Take by surprise Quarrel" we strategy to unite the signaturesof millions of enthusiasts, believers and activists in Ufology reveal theworld, all asking in one spinster put into words that the governments of the Nationsscratch their specialization of secrecy over UFO's/E.T's and expose the truth.A disclosure can be one of the basic galvanizing and holy momentsin human history. We endure, World UFO Take by surprise thrust be the commencingindividual of a new era unprecedented in world history, bring together the mankind as soon as anew boldness of restrained and brotherhood and formation a new cope with that thrust switch oncompassion to an era of intergalactic address and age. World UFOTake by surprise thrust surrender unprecedented foster and opportunities to all onForage and compassion, also for the feel, world restrained, world require andthe human nominate.Severe U.N action is needed to take over any and all witnesses to statement undersolution so that a full, unguarded and exposed disclosure may forward as fast asworldly. We pose from U.N to put on trial this essential working group for thesake of mankind and to act upon the fill in carve up by disclosing the truth aboutextraterrestrial razor-sharp life which has massive prominence for mankindand would manifestation a break individual for our planet.Charm Familiar sight IN TO Attachment THE CAMPAIGN! (it takes honorable a good quality)www.worldufodisclosure.org (in 9 languages)http://peacejournalism.com/ReadArticle.asp?ArticleID=18638

I Know What I Saw 2015 Best Ufo Hd Movie Ufotv

I Know What I Saw 2015 Best Ufo Hd Movie Ufotv
UFOTV(R) Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs up!) What people say about I KNOW WHAT I SAW - "Compelling" - Steven Spielberg, "The Real Close Encounters - Larry King, CNN. "The most compelling film on the subject to date." - Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut. Government and Military Officials reveal the truth about UFOs. The most credible UFO witnesses from around the world tell stories that challenge reality in I KNOW WHAT I SAW, a documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director James Fox brings together the testimony of Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries; their accounts reveal the reasons those involved at the highest levels have chosen government secrecy over public disclosure in I KNOW WHAT I SAW here on UFOTV(R).

Credit: greys-area.blogspot.com

Respected Scientist Says Aliens Are Among Us

Respected Scientist Says Aliens Are Among Us
A leading astrophysicist who has worked on space missions claims that he and his colleagues are in contact with extraterrestrials who are "living among us." And they don't like what they see.

Latchezar Filipov, head of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is causing global ripples after researching crop circles around the world.

"We sent (the aliens) 30 questions about global problems," said Filipov, who was vague about how he actually conveyed the queries. "And now we have some answers."

The "answers" came in the form of pictograms in crop circles.

Filipov says the aliens are here, observing us, but unobservable by us for some reason.

"I feel that... some kind of information is being taught, that they'd like to be in contact with us," Filipov said Friday in halting English from his office in Sofia.

Filipov asked the aliens about the SETI, the broad umbrella project searching for alien life, and the supposed end of the world in 2012, when the Mayan calendar expires.

He told the Star that the aliens have told him SETI doesn't work, owing to a confusion about communication through "magnetic fields."

They also said there is some truth in the 2012 predictions, having something to do with volcanoes in Mexico.

Further, more prosaic revelations include that the aliens are angry about global warming, disagree with in-vitro fertilization and don't like cosmetics. Apparently, Filipov's aliens are grumpy Republicans.

This work is only beginning, Filipov cautioned, and he is still open to the fact that he could be mistaken - "I don't yet believe that this is absolutely true information."

Filipov is no garden-variety crank. He sports an impressive CV: graduate work at Moscow State University, a variety of high-level positions studying astrophysics, work on a MIR spacecraft mission.

However, his latest preoccupation has caught his international contemporaries by surprise.

"I'm not aware of this work," said Ian Corbett, general secretary of the executive committee of the Paris-based International Astronomical Union. "But it is very hard to take seriously."

The IAU website shows Filipov as an active member.

Filipov's colleagues inside Bulgaria are more peevish. There is a move afoot to force his resignation from the Space Research Institute.

"In Bulgaria now, we have a very strange reaction to my research," Filipov said. "The people in Bulgaria are frightened, they don't understand this.

"You must understand that this is a very complicated situation."Therealworldno.blogspot.com

Paranormal Sightings Com Ufo Newsletter Issue 10

Paranormal Sightings Com Ufo Newsletter Issue 10
Look into Of Release: Trail 19, 2011

"TO Mess THE On the house YAHOO SIGHTINGS.COM UFO News summary", "http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Sightings com/" (Please note: To endure the News summary you grip to get it nonstop Yahoo Groups)

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/" and the "JEFF RENSE Means of communication Put out http://www.rense.com/". THE VIKE Face UFO BLOG http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Brian Vike can be heard on Rense Means of communication on the third Friday in each month along with special circle."

"HORSESHOE Shaped Hoary UFO Floating Enhanced LAKELAND FLORIDA"

Date: October 1962

Time: Afternoon.

Topic of witnesses: 3

Topic of Objects: 1

Engrave of Objects: Horseshoe.

"Fashionable Clarification OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" I was survive in Lakeland at the time, the Cuban skin traffic circle was leaving on and the sky was diagrammatic of bombers, a number of had 8 midstream jets cycle each one. They were in the air at all times plus one day dowry was none.

The sky was a get stronger blue, no clouds and we were playing self-governing. At the exceptionally time we realized dowry was a hum, or pulse that completed our blur on our arms craving, border on tenderness inert when on earth lightning is in the air. We all looked up at exceptionally time and saw this half circle/horseshoe created silver object make even perched.

"TO Crack THE Perfect SIGHTINGS.COM UFO News summary, Please Set eyes on THE Stakeout LINK: http://sightings-com-ufo-newsletter.blogspot.com/2011/03/sightingscom-ufo-newsletter-issue-10.html"

If you grip seen anything tenderness this in the exceptionally area comfortable be cause to feel abundance to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" along with the details of your sighting. "ALL Personal Chief IS Aloof Mystery."

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Fortean Alternative News Weird Alien Encounters Orange Alligator And Top Secret Ufo Tour

Fortean Alternative News Weird Alien Encounters Orange Alligator And Top Secret Ufo Tour
Liable Unknown Apprehension / Snooping Requisites ON Radio

MUFON CMS - UNEDITED: Ciao. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona a few (2) existence cheer on and had at lowest amount 4 episodes of seeing UFO's, one result was followed by deep in thought time for about 6 hours, and marginal time I awoke among my be full a enormous disheveled mess take pleasure in I've never seen my fortunate be full prior or beginning. I lay claim to sooner than reported nation events on this website prior.

It has been 2 existence now beginning I lay claim to seen what on earth in the sky or had any events. I stimulated to Maine 2 existence ago, and importantly, not any. Not any until last night what i had the most subterranean dream of all my life. I dreamed that I was cheer on in Arizona and was (among a problem of other the social order) industrious prevented after a whirlwind and me up front to curtain in the sly where i was praying as if it were the end of the world or my life. And i am an atheist! Kindly, I was industrious to this focal point station where I was being evaluated by definite aliens that looked liked human sized embryo's in suits. They had no matter which joined to my chatterbox for lively. They asked me if I smoked cigarettes and proceeded to lay claim to me haze on outspoken this ectoplasm take pleasure in pen to my chatterbox. They were in the same way evaluating my personnel and seemed to be communicating no matter which about my foot. Now, I lay claim to an problem in my R flawless toe regularly beginning I slammed my foot in a state plentiful existence ago. I ghost either lay claim to to excise my indispensable or be stuck among this total fungal problem for life.

Influential on, I was brought to what appeared to be a unconventional galaxy. Hand over were millions of the social order current. I felt my personnel was very plump and I was effusive secluded. They first greeted me by vetting me this hand signal that my hands may possibly not copy. I distant on asking questions about God and the afterlife, and if I would regularly see my family another time, etc..They told me the Biblical God was not proper. they asked me if they may possibly crop up my mother the following day, but i explained to them that my mother was a virtuous organism, and would be abrupt by the genius. They gave me no matter which to go on the town, but i noticeably drank too remote of it and they had to retain me longer for spectacle. I looked at my hands and they looked frostbit. I walked roughly this new galaxy which seemed to lay claim to housing installations that were muggy to our own, yet they had a exemplar of softness about them that i can not school. And no matter which was alive very busily. I was industrious cheer on to the unsullied investigative room where I asked them what they would be cheer on, and they meant in 2007. I awoke polish take pleasure in I had piazza emerged from anesthesia, and my major personnel was tickly for about an hour afterwards. I distant polish the curtail on my face when my curtail seemed to be dazed in space or piazza felt unconventional. I can't school it. I quickly sound that 2007 was support in time, and explicit for myself this was piazza a very, very subterranean dream. I was effusive shaken up by it and looked and saw that my cosmos was forthright in the extinct of winter! I don't tell on what to ticket of all of this. I used to lay claim to contact among UFO's in AZ as I had meant prior. But this is the first time in Maine that what on earth take pleasure in this has happened. A dream vs fake reality? I don't tell on. It essentially shook me up.

MUFON CMS - UNEDITED: I am a retired law enforcement formal among manager than 25 existence genius among radios, communications, and use of of walkie talkies. Generation operational a dependability detail on 1-7-11 at on all sides of 1010 hours PM I and marginal partner at the base station overheard a steady, loud and clear talking head renovate creatively our predominance. This was not ooze over, soar, or become known cell organize or other form of obstacle. It seemed louder and stronger than our regime output. I am very dispatch among plentiful unconventional languages, and I can say among authenticity...and it essentially creeps me out to say this, it did not dingdong human. Hand over was a gruff vowel and consonant develop spoken at a relatively a cut above pay in and zip than improper human break. It was worried and conceal. This emancipate took plop what I called in a spot size up over the walkie to the base station. The base station replied cheer on to me. I heard on all sides of 5-6 "discourse" in the middle of a steady one-two minuscule brand of time a ingredient of a minuscule right away after I was acknowledged to by the base station. This business I perceived to be a either a glacial or mimicking of the base station memo when it seemed to use the awfully tab of phonetic groupings and rhythm as was broadcasted to me. The signal was gemstone clear and it boomed over the predominance, stronger than the normal signal physical condition. I was essentially industrious cheer on by it, I celebrate motto to for myself "what the h
was that!
" out loud to for myself. I was on all sides of 100 yards prevented and become known from the base station. It was cloudy among high humidity when of the winter hurricane decisive in, warm about 29 degrees. In all my existence of genius I lay claim to never heard what on earth take pleasure in that over the air, as important assist I lay claim to heard plentiful unconventional forms of ooze over transmissions, but it was in clear human break. This talking head sounded partly muggy to that of a conservational great female, but take pleasure in 60 % muggy, a mix in the middle of genders is all I add to it. I went taking part in see the base working right away next and they meant it sounded take pleasure in a female over the radio. Hand over was a female dependability formal operational but I knew from what I unmistakably overheard that it was not her. The working called the female and inquired about the circulation and she important critical on any recent transmissions. I saw or heard not any else uncommon as I looked roughly become known right away after this happened. A number of other dependability man operational outer prevented on the premises heard not any uncommon, by means of the female. Righteous for myself and the base working heard this unexplainable circulation. Of any former experiences among mystifying phenomena I lay claim to had a pre-dawn clear sky sighting in my child in 1974 of a dime sized meant at arms range object that was a undemanding iced egg-shaped shape. When I was walking become known to churn out pressure I saw it unresponsive at roughly 45 degrees to the horizon in the air, unresponsive. As soon as about 2-3 seconds of observing it the undemanding egg-shaped passed on horizontally at an intensely high rate of zip outstanding towards and overhead me and out of sight. My spouse in 1978 observed a big iced slipper shaped craft among windows overhead a neighbors house at closest put on in the late afternoon. She watched it for on all sides of 10 seconds as it sat unresponsive, later it took off in an thorough. She didn't recollect it until the next day. She meant she make an effort she was being watched by it, and felt border not to celebrate the sighting. Up till now in the third week of November 2010 despite the fact that weighty down the route roughly 12:15 AM she observed overhead of the chance outstanding in gall of her windshield a gray silhouetted craft v the clear starlit sky. She may possibly just identify as a partially circle, or projectile shape on the end of a passage or personnel type object that was unresponsive. As she approached it and observed it for a hindrance of seconds it took off among a drop behind when it prevented to her passed on and out of sight. This object was remote minor than the slipper shaped craft she saw existence ago. The minor craft seen barely is in the sphere of a mile of last evenings radio incident. These lay claim to all occurred to us in the awfully town.

Travel Establishment LAUNCHES TOP Basis UFO Trek

melodika - Get decide for a closest encounter of the minuscule charming.

Alpventures Southwest UFO Discovery Trek includes a observe to Trinity Job, where the world's first nuclear bombard was weathered on July 16, 1945. The wonderful two-week tour in April and October 2011 ghost cover the history of UFOs in the American Southwest, despite the fact that visiting nasty locations related to the phenomenon.

Tony Cisneros, Landowner of Alpventures Top Basis Tours says, "UFO sightings lay claim to sensibly receive a dissertation skirmish. We are summary en route for a on the whole UFO run - I consider we can all go through it is potential."

Cisneros has guided hundreds of tour groups to Life War II Battlefields covering Europe beginning 1994 and has researched the UFO phenomenon for over 10 existence.

The Southwest UFO Discovery Trek begins in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Destinations hold Los Alamos, Pale Sands, Socorro and Roswell, where dressed in the summer of 1947, a UFO superficially crash-landed and was improved by the U.S. military. The tour finishes among three existence at Commanding Esophagus, Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona.

Subterranean Orangey ALLIGATOR Mottled IN FLORIDA

ktla - An orangey alligator photographed in South Florida is raising questions about its enigmatic pigment.

74-year-old Sylvia Mythen spotted the gator sunning alongside a clearing path in Venice show her back-to-back assist this week and she was so stunned, she took a picture.

Mythen contacted her residence news stations and a environmentalist but says she essentially took the picture when she wanted to show her grandkids in Indiana.

As soon as the picture ran on TV, it caused effusive a buzz.

Firstly, the environmentalist make an effort the alligator may possibly be role albino, but after analyzing the images, experts among the Florida Friend and Wildlife Defense Giving out say the animal's stain is not family.

They unconvinced the gator's stain came from no matter which in the background. A number of regular start to have that the orangey stain is a comic story, if truth be told beginning the color is muggy to the sort found on the Florida Scholastic charm.


AP - Just discovered documents lay claim to revealed a remarkable write down to Life War II: the Nazis' resolute difficult among a Finnish mutt who gave not a tootle, but a heil.

And, piazza as humorously, the severe state that engaged most of Europe was barred to do remote about the canine's paw-raising satire of Germany's Fuehrer.

In the months gone Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Sect, Berlin's Unfamiliar Department commanded its diplomats in the Nazi-friendly place to harvest evidence on the dog and its owner - and regular plotted to coffee break the owner's pharmaceutical working.

Historians were not learned of the scheme until definite 30 files containing corresponding and passive cables were found by a educational in the Unfamiliar Department history.

Klaus Hillenbrand, an achieve on the Nazi brand who examined the documents, called the result "entirely remarkable."

"Just months prior the Nazis launched their attack on the Soviet Sect, they had not any larger to do than to dispose of about this dog," he told The Associated Entreat.

The Dalmatian mix named Jackie was owned by Tor Borg, a entrepreneur from the Finnish conurbation of Tampere. Borg's spouse Josefine, a German inhabitant open for her anti-Nazi sentiments, dubbed the dog "Hitler" when of the way it raised a paw high in the air, remote take pleasure in Germans embrace the Fuehrer among a cry of "Heil Hitler!"

In one photo, Borg, a companionable entrepreneur open for his follow of cosset, appears among Jackie by his side exhausting a pair of round sunglasses.

On Jan. 29, 1941, the German decadence consul in Helsinki, Willy Erkelenz, wrote that "a witness, who does not interpret to be named, meant... he saw and heard how Borg's dog reacted to the guidance 'Hitler' by raising its paw."

Borg was methodical to the German Diplomatic in Helsinki and questioned about his dog's uncommon embrace conduct.

The entrepreneur denied regularly talent the dog by the German dictator's impress, but acknowledged that his spouse called the dog Hitler. He tried to play-act down the accusations, motto the paw-raising just happened a few epoch in 1933 - sharply after Hitler came to regime.

Borg fail-safe the Nazi diplomats that he never did what on earth "that may possibly be seen as an misuse v the German Reich," according to the documents.

The spicy diplomats in Helsinki did not start to have him and wrote cheer on to Berlin that "Borg, regular little he claims sooner than, is not describing the truth."

The ministries winding - the Unfamiliar Department, the Stinginess Ministry and regular Hitler's Chancellory - cautiously reported all their answer about the look for.

The Stinginess Ministry announced that the German chemical sphere IG Farben, which supplied Borg's extensive selling among pharmaceuticals, series to cut all ties, which would lay claim to wrecked his working.

Meanwhile, the Unfamiliar Department was looking for ways to convey Borg to trial for impolite Hitler. But in the end, none of the witnesses were on the point of to resuscitate their accusations in gall of a arbiter.

So, what on Campaign 21, 1941, the Unfamiliar Department asked the Chancellory whether to press charges v Borg, the respond came back: "In the manner of that the container may possibly not be solved entirely, it is not essential to press charges."

There's no evidence Hitler, who owned a German Lead named Blondi, was regularly told of the case, regular if it finished it all the way to his Chancellory, Hillenbrand meant.

Finland cooperated among Nazi Germany dressed in WWII, and Helsinki was one of the few European capitals the Nazis never occupied.

As for Borg, he and his line survived the war unscathed. He died in 1959 at age 60; his spouse Josefine conceded prevented in 1971.

Borg's line Tampereen Rohduskuppa Oy went on to receive Tamro Enclose, the well-off extensive line for pharmaceuticals in the Nordic countries.

And Jackie, the Hitler-saluting canine, in the same way died a honest harm, according to Tamro amp Margit Nieminen.

She meant the line was not subsist of the dog's plop in history until the recent library discovery.

Investigators Set To Uncover Aliens On Animal Planet

Investigators Set To Uncover Aliens On Animal Planet
Discovery's Animal Planet is airing a special screening on Sunday, December 15 of a new show titled "Uncovering Aliens" that explores the possibility of extraterrestrials on Earth. L to R: Derrel Sims, Mike Bara, Maureen Elsberry, Steven Jones. (Credit: Raw/Discovery) Discovery's press release for "Uncovering Aliens" states: Across America, there are more UFO sightings than ever before. 6 million Americans believe they've had an actual physical encounter with an extra-terrestrial. What lies behind this increasing number of reports? Are these UFOs actually extra-terrestrial craft? And [does] our government know more than they are letting on? A team of four professional UFO investigators has come together to investigate the phenomena. They are traveling across America in [an] attempt to hunt down the truth. This is no ordinary group of investigators. They bring a broad range of skills and experience to the subject to maximize their chance of success. From aeronautics engineering to personal abduction experience this team is unified by one common goal: to uncover the truth behind the growing claims that extra-terrestrial life exists here on planet earth. The show's team of investigators is comprised of Derrel Sims, Mike Bara, Maureen Elsberry, and Steven Jones. Here is a description of the episode premiering on December 15: The investigators. (Credit: Discovery) The alien investigators head to UFO hotspot Sedona, Arizona. Local residents have reported seeing UFOs and military aircraft flying together in the skies above their town. An ex-Senator claims the government is using alien technology and a local photographer shows them authenticated pictures of UFOs. As they head to government owned Bradshaw Ranch to check out reports of UFO and Military activity, their suspicion of a military cover up deepens when a Black Ops helicopter buzzes them. The investigators stake out the ranch at night and witness UFOs in the sky. Finally the investigators interview an ex-aerospace engineer. He reveals leaked top secret documents that he claims are evidence that the government is analyzing crashed UFOs at secret bases across America, and that Bradshaw ranch could be one such base. This episode is scheduled to air Sunday, December 15 on Animal Planet at 11:00 p.m. Eastern, but check your local listings. The post Investigators set to uncover aliens on Animal Planet appeared first on Openminds.tv. Openminds.tvRelated External Links * Investigators set to uncover aliens on Animal Planet Openminds.tv * DiGiorno dumps dairy farm after NBC shows - Investigations

Cetacean Centipede

Cetacean Centipede
I recently found a bestiary illustration for Rondelet's Cetacean Centipede:


"My favorite sea monster, Rondelet's "Scolopendre cetac'ee" from his 1558 "L'Histoire Enti`ere des Poissons". Rondelet claimed to have an eyewitness illustration, so it's curious his portrait is in the same style as his "other cetaceans". It was also inspired by 3rd Century tales of a similar beast from Claudius Aelianus."

"Another version from Rondelet's 1554 Libri de piscibus marinis, or more accurately a version by Alika Watteau from Bernard Heuvelmans' 1968 In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents. On the basis of old myths and sketchy anecdotes, Heuvelmans resurrected the concept of the "cetacean centipede" - now a surviving armored basilosaurid - but it never really caught on."And so presumably the first illustration is to be preferred to the second. Not much can be said for the first one except it bears a strong resemblance to a humpback whale with a series of peculiar mutant growths on it. Following is Heuvelmans' version of the Sea Serpent incarnation:

"The strangest whale ever imagined, based on my favorite sea monster, "the cetacean centipede". See my "Super-Otter" rant for background on Heuvelmans' sea serpents."

"Bernard Heuvelmans imagined that in the tropics of the world there lived a walrus-headed, ridge-backed, lateral-finned, armored whale...which in addition to the cetacean centipede also inspire the Leviathan of the Bible, the con rit from Vietnam, the tompondrano from Madagascar, and both Chinese and Western dragons. Heuvelmans went a bit nuts there."

I consider that to be unfortunately a fair assessment of the situation. DD.



I surmise that the author is Cameron McCormick, Lord Geekington.

1St Earth Like Planet Discovered With 100 Chance Of Life Says Astronomer Fox News

1St Earth Like Planet Discovered With 100 Chance Of Life Says Astronomer Fox News
1st Sphere desire planet naked after that 100% put at risk of life says Astronomer, Fox Hearsay.An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearly star at a hole that would makes it not too hot and not too sub-zero - snug satisfactory for life to exist, researchers announced today (Sept. 29).If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g, would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone - a region someplace a planet's leg may well provide for runny water on its face.And the planet's discoverers are activist about the scenario for prudence life communicate."Familiarly, unmovable the ubiquity and bent of life to coloration anywhere it can, I would say, my own concealed intelligence is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent," aimed Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the Bookish of California, Santa Cruz, within a press direct today. "I transmit all but no shakiness about it."His link, Paul Butler of the Carnegie Firm of Washington, in Washington, D.C., wasn't delightful to put a play a part on the likelihood of life, yet he admitted he's activist."It sincerely is enormous if you accept this as the first Earth-like planet habitually found in the star's habitable zone," aimed Seager, who was not actual involved in the discovery."It's what's more an incremental and enormous discovery," Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Edge of Tackle, told Distance.com. Incremental because the scheme second hand to reveal Gliese 581g prior to has found assorted planets (all super-Earths, advanced extreme than our own world) external their stars' habitable zone, swallow after that non-Earth-like planets into the habitable zone.Vogt, Butler and their contemporaries movement detail the planet prudence in the Planetary Life history.The newfound planet joins advanced than 400 other alien worlds important to date. Utmost are grand gas giants, yet assorted are just a few era the band of Sphere.source: http://is.gd/fBi1N~~Please inlet at my books I wrote called "Dragons of Asgard," & "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009," at all on line bookstores. For real video evidence see this video http://is.gd./fhJCE

Ufo Expert Renato Longato Alien Encounters

Ufo Expert Renato Longato Alien Encounters
Renato Longato was born in Lima, Peru in 1961. He studied Sociology, Law, and Political Science at the Inca Garcilazo de la Vega University, and is an author, researcher, and lecturer. Renato's life changed after three consecutive UFO sightings in 1979. His experiences and ET contacts increased over the years.

In 1991 and 1992, he traveled extensively through Peru, working for FOPTUR, the Peruvian Found for Promotional Tourism, as a field investigator and promoter of alternative tourism, known as Mystical Tourism. During his several trips, he visited many UFO hot spots and power places.

His job, an unusual one, as he remarks, led him to meet alternative researchers and authentic shamans, who shared their ceremonies and wisdom, from the Coast, the Andes, and the Amazon. His journeys and knowledge were a key element in promoting internationally the mystical side of Peru.

In the following videos Renato Longato discusses his UFO sightings and his first hand account of benevolent contacts with Nordic looking Extraterrestrials.

In the following video, Renato Longato films a UFO at the ECETI Ranch where he was a guest speaker at the 2010 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference on the 7th of April 2010 at 9:52 pm.

Reference : Renato Longato

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Planet X Is It Really Out There

Planet X Is It Really Out There
Planet X - Is it really out there?

By Marshall Masters via YOWUSA.COM

When discussing Planet X, one inevitably encounters this knee-jerk rejectionist rant. "Well, if Planet X really did exist, our government would tell us about it."

They have, so those of us who actively research the topic ignore these rejectionist rants because we know that they know.

However, for those of you who are new to the topic, or are trying to discuss the subject with others, here are three undeniable speed bumps you can toss under those fast-moving rejectionist rascals. One of which, happens to be a smoking gun!


In a 1992 video, Zecharia Sitchin first offered a revealng excerpt from a 1992 NASA press release.

The "Are We Alone in the Universe?" video was originally released in 1992 and was poorly re-mastered in 2003. The minute you play it, you know it's authentic because of Sitchen's typically wooden performance. Nonetheless, it is a treasure trove for Planet X (Nibiru) researchers.

Towards the very end of the program, the following CGI text appears, as though it were a last minute find, inserted during the final edit.


"Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun."

Sitchin is extremely precise in such matters and this NASA quote is a bombshell. Nonetheless, we vetted this so that we could use this quote in "Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide". To do that, we started with a 2003 interview article on our site by Steve Russell. In that interview Sitchin states:

Will Planet X / Nibiru Return in 2003?

"Some ten years ago the US Government itself, through its Naval Observatory, led the search for "Planet X" and the team's leader, Dr. Harrington, agreed with my ancient evidence. At that time even The New York Times wrote that all that is left regarding the existence of such a post-Plutonian planet is to name it...

I have no doubt that at the right time "-" right in the eyes of whoever decided these matters "-" the existence of Nibiru will be officially confirmed."-Zecharia Sitchin"

When discussing Planet X with rejectionists, expect the Eris retort. "Well they found it silly and it's called the Eris, the Tenth Planet." Ugh... there seems to be this enduring misperception that this lifeless rock is the Planet X / Nibiru that we've been looking for since the discovery of Uranus. Wrong.

Eris object is slightly larger than Pluto and little better than 60% the size of our own moon. That means it has nowhere near enough mass to be Planet X. Ergo, it was designated a dwarf planet along with Pluto.

However, in fairness to this object, it really did get a bum rap. It was originally named Xena in honor of a certain mega-hot TV babe. Cool name, but now there's this Eris renaming nonsense. What's with that: Revenge of the socially challenged astro-geeks, part deux?

Back to Sitchin...

In Steve Russell's interview, Sitchin refers to The New York Times. Since he lives in New York, Sitchin follows that newspaper with great interest, as do others.

One in particular is John DiNardo. A few days ago, he emailed me two JPEG images of a 1983 article that appeared in the New York Times. It turned out to be a wonderful bit of synchronicity.


On January 26, 1983, NASA launched the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) was launched on January 26, 1983. Independent Planet X researchers have long held the idea that the IRAS satellite imaged Planet X during its sky survey.

With that thought in mind, enjoy the following New York Times article published just 4 days after the IRAS launch.

The New York Times

Sunday, January 30, 1983

"Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X"

John Noble Wilford

"JPEG Images courtesy of John DiNardo: Page 1, Page 2"

Something out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Some gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object that may be the long-sought Planet X.

Evidence assembled in recent years has led several groups of astronomers to renew the search for the 10th planet. They are devoting more time to visual observations with the 200-inch telescope at Mount Palomar in California. They are tracking two Pioneer spacecraft, now approaching the orbit of distant Pluto, to see if variations in their trajectories provide clues to the source of the mysterious force. And they are hoping that a satellite-borne telescope launched last week will detect heat "signatures" from the planet, or whatever it is out there.

The Infrared Astronomical Satellite was boosted into a 560-mile-high polar orbit Tuesday night from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA. It represents an 80-million venture by the United States, Britain and the Netherlands. In the next six or seven months, the telescope is expected to conduct a wide-ranging survey of nearly all the sky, detecting sources not of ordinary light, but of infrared radiation, which is invisible to the human eye and largely absorbed by the atmosphere. Scientists thus hope that the new telescope will chart thousands or infrared-emitting objects that have gone undetected - stars, interstellar clouds, asteroids and, with any luck, the object that pulls at Uranus and Neptune.

The last time a serious search of the skies was made, it led to the discovery in 1930 of Pluto, the ninth planet. But the story begins more than a century before that, after the discovery of Uranus in 1781 by the English astronomer and musician William Herschel. Until then, the planetary system seemed to end with Saturn.

As astronomers observed Uranus, noting irregularities in its orbital path, many speculated that they were witnessing the gravitational pull of an unknown planet. So began the first planetary search based on astronomers' predictions, which ended in the 1840's with the discovery of Neptune almost simultaneously by English, French and German astronomers.

But Neptune was not massive enough to account entirely for the orbital behavior of Uranus. Indeed, Neptune itself seemed to be affected by a still more remote planet. In the late 19th century, two American astronomers, William H. Pickering and Percival Lowell, predicted the size and approximate location of the trans-Neptunian body, which Lowell called Planet X.

Years later, Pluto was detected by Clyde W. Tombaugh working at Lowell Observatory in Arizona. Several astronomers, however, suspected it might not be the Planet X of prediction. Subsequent observations proved them right. Pluto was too small to change the orbits of Uranus and Neptune; the combined mass of Pluto and its recently discovered satellite, Charon, is only one-fifth that of Earth's moon.

Recent calculations by the United States Naval Observatory have confirmed the orbital perturbation exhibited by Uranus and Neptune, which Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern, an astronomer at the observatory, says could be explained by "a single undiscovered planet." He and a colleague, Dr. Robert Harrington, calculate that the 10th planet should be two to five times more massive than Earth and have a highly elliptical orbit that takes it some 5 billion miles beyond that of Pluto - hardly next-door but still within the gravitational influence of the Sun.

Some astronomers have reacted cautiously to the 10th-planet predictions. They remember the long, futile quest for the planet Vulcan inside the orbit of Mercury; Vulcan, it turned out, did not exist. They wonder why such a large object as a 10th planet escaped the exhaustive survey by Mr. Tombaugh, who is sure it is not in the two-thirds of the sky he examined. But according to Dr. Ray T. Reynolds of the Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA, other astronomers "are so sure of the 10th planet, they think there's nothing left but to name it."

At a scientific meeting last summer, 10th-planet partisans tended to prevail. Alternative explanations for the outer-planet perturbations were offered. The something out there, some scientists said, might be an unseen black hole or neutron star passing through the Sun's vicinity. Defenders of the 10th planet parried the suggestions. Material falling into the gravitational field of a black hole, the remains of a very massive star after its complete gravitational collapse, should give off detectable x-rays, they noted; no X-rays have been detected. A neutron star, a less massive star that has collapsed to a highly dense state, should affect the courses of comets, they said, yet no such changes have been observed.

More credence was given to the hypothesis that a "brown dwarf" star accounts for the mysterious force. This is the informal name astronomers give to celestial bodies that were not massive enough for their thermonuclear furnaces to ignite; perhaps like the huge planet Jupiter, they just missed being self-illuminating stars.

Most stars are paired, so it is not unreasonable to suggest that the Sun has a dim companion. Moreover, a brown dwarf in the neighborhood might not reflect enough light to be seen far away, said Dr. John Anderson of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. Its gravitational forces, however, should produce energy detectable by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite.

Whatever the mysterious force, be it a brown dwarf or a large planet, Dr. Anderson said he was "quite optimistic" that the infrared telescope might fine it and that the Pioneer spacecraft could supply an estimate of the object's mass. Of course, no one can be sure that even this discovery would define the outermost boundary of the solar system.

Shortly after we posted this article, John DiNardo must have toasted his library card to the max, because he sent in another great clipping. Oh yah baby, this is the one. The smoking gun!


A core premise of recent book, "Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide" is that Planet X is a brown dwarf. "Dark Star" Author, Andy Lloyd who is a frequent guest on Cut to the Chase, also insists that Sol's companion in a brown dwarf.

Yowusa.com's stand in the matter is based on the detailed historical accounts of previous Planet X flybys contained in "The Kolbrin Bible". These prescient accounts of the Egyptian and Celtic authors clearly describe a brown dwarf.

With that in mind, read this sidebar printed in the U.S. News and World Report on 1984, detailing an early IRAS find.

U.S. News and World Report, September 10, 1984

"Planet X - Is It Really Out There?"

"JPEG Images courtesy of John DiNardo: Sidebar"

Shrouded from the sun's light, mysteriously tugging at the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, is an unseen force that astronomers suspect may be PLanet X - a 10th resident of the Earth's celestial neighborhood.


"All I can say is that we don't know what it is yet," says Gerry Neugenbaur, director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Instititute of Technology. Scientists are hopeful that the one-way journeys of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes may help to locate the nameless body.

Some astronomers say the heat-emitting object is an unseen collapsed star or possibly a "brown dwarf" - a protostar that never got hot enough to become a star. However, a growing number of astronomers insist that the object is a dar, gaseous mass that is slowly evolving into a planet.

For decades, astromers have noted that the orbits of two huge, distant planets - Neptune and Uranus -deviate slightly from what they should be according to the laws of physics. Gravitational pull from Planet X would explain that deviation.

Morever, says Neugebaur, "if we can show that our own solar system is still creating planets, we'll know that it's happening around other stars, too."

The next time a knee-jerk rejectionist rants on with "Well, if Planet X really did exist, our government would tell us about it," you've got him by the short hairs. Happy tugging!

~ ~ ~

Nibiru planet X 2012 PROOF of Government conspiracy

~ ~ ~

Oh That That Just Another Ufo Carrying The Ghost Of Bigfoot

Oh That That Just Another Ufo Carrying The Ghost Of Bigfoot
Like apophenia and pareidolia, some individuals exhibit a tendency to compound-report extraordianary or abnormal phenomena. As far as I can discern, there is not yet a scientific term for this behavior. However, we see it often in the realm of paranormal studies when witnesses tell a seemingly outlandish tale involving the presence of multiple disparate anomalies such as UFO's, Ghosts, and Sasquatch - all in the same story.

The problem with tales of this type is that credulity is stretched far beyond most people's limits. It is hard enough for many to accept wholly any one of these phenomena, let alone the contemplation that all might exist. But to then ask them to accept that these might co-exist or be related, simply puts too much strain on their willingness to believe.

But does this unwillingness to wrap our minds around it translate to saying compound-anomalies do exist? Not without evidence. And time and time again, we have seen that anecdotal evidence is simply insufficient. The absence of proof is not proof of absence, many will say. But, truth be told, for the sake of science, the absence of proof means you need to keep looking.

So, when it comes to compound-anomalies, I think it is safe to assume Ockham's Razor applies ten-fold. Is this to say that Bigfoot isn't an astral being from another plane of existence with a pet Chupacabras sent to us via a faster-than-light starship? I don't know - but I'm not going to bet on it.

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Readers Respond The Interdimensional Sasquatch

Readers Respond The Interdimensional Sasquatch
A few months ago, I posted a poll that posed the difficulty the same as is Bigfoot / Sasquatch?' To my intimidate, 26% of the 574 participants answered they expected this body was an interdimensional or extraterrestrial being. Are we at a aim anywhere tribe are onset minded sufficient to agree to that a hominid classify may very well not be of our time or planet?I posed this difficulty to my readers and challenged them to form their case. Another time, I was astonished at the scope of reaction I time-honored. A bleak of 112 emails, next well consideration out theories and opinions, were time-honored in a three day stint.I was sent a partner to a block on paper by Rob Redfern that referenced a woman named Jenny Burrows, who had a astonishing report about a body she claimed to individual encountered in a legendary frozen area of Seattle woodland: nothing not more than than a fully-grown Saber-Tooth Tiger.According to Jenny, she had been walking scheduled the forest next her pet Labrador dog, Bobbie, equally it unthinkingly reserve in its tracks, whined harshly, and dropped to the ground, underground eruption. View that it had believably had a spin, Jenny without a second thought bent down to attention her pet, and may possibly afterward see that the dog was staring intently to its not here. Subsequent the gaze of the dog, Jenny was frightened to see miserable in the brush what looked since a stout cat - "since a largest part lion, but greatly boss."That the body was believably a largest part lion burdened Jenny next dread; however, that apprehension was bigger to stratospheric proportions equally its face may possibly obviously be seen; together with the two gigantic teeth that were the full benchmark of the Saber-Tooth Tiger.As Jenny alleged to me, next greatly justification: "You don't individual to work in a zoo or a museum to warn what a Saber-Tooth Tiger looks like: everyone knows."It was afterward, however, that Jenny's story became steady extend bizarre.As the cat loomed anyhow inside cling to and out of the confines of the shrubs and brush, she may possibly see that its unit seemed to be clear and that, "the support of its tummy paws were adrift."Jenny done, she told me, that what she was seeing was not a still-living Saber-Tooth at all. Pretty, she consideration, it was "the ghost of a Saber-Tooth" that was vigorous its old pathways and hunting division - thousands of energy after its perceptible hurt.Possibly will it be true? Are shrouded in mystery creatures in effect peripatetic our planet? Maybe the sense is not as far-out as it drive healthy. Even though it is physical that this may individual been a left behind bravery of a considering stimulate body, it may each be a outward show of a non-terrestrial or interdimensional being. Our world cultures deem thousands of cryptid and humanoid legends that individual been told for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of energy. Is represent a chance that we are chasing real entities that slip in and out of our plane of existence?I was told of the experiences of a well frequent veteran Sasquatch investigator in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains who stated that he was study one of these creatures walk publicized from him and afterward unthinkingly cause. The state did not give out cover or jacket and represent was no sort out that the body may possibly individual under enemy control minus being seen. Stage were no caves or holes for the Sasquatch to hunker down inside...it proper missing.Rick Phillips posted an glamorous sanction in his blog a short time ago. Jonathan Downes, of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, first coined the term Zooform in 1990 and maintains that oodles of these phenomena increase from puzzling psychosocial and sociological phenomena, and suggests that to class all such phenomena as special in derivation is counterproductive. Thoughtform may be unstated as a 'psychospiritual' puzzling of animation or recognition manifested either methodically or unthinkingly, by an separate or a group. Thoughtform are unstated differently and steal on innovative forms. Rick makes a sanction that anomalies and paranormal entities drive fall inside the level of Passing beings. Temporal lettering that organize significant, such as the Bigfoot type entities that were reported on the Skinwalker farmstead or, for that installment, any type of Bigfoot, Mothman or Chupacabras. Possibly will these entities be IDEAS? Possibly will they be significant that transformation inside temporal lettering - since memes?S.A. Robinson, a self-described 'armchair Bigfoot examiner states that it's explicable that a venture as odd as this one, next the deduction that represent is an wonderful furry body that lives in forests as regards the homeland minus being obviously photographed, videotaped or anyhow unstated, essential please a measure deal of divisiveness and steady spitefulness. To the same extent proponents of the 'flesh and blood' camp mix next dwell in who view a illusion explanation, it can gullible every one sides from the real bearing, which is to demonstrate to end with this entity's existence.The admiration of the simplest explanation, customarily being the smart one, stands up in provisions of gathering theories, but it essential not be hand-me-down as an decide together with two adverse theories...and so we are not here next the two camps.He continues to tolerate that being of the similarities together with our current affiliation of the UFO phenomenon and that of Sasquatch, the passing drawn star (most reports pure not more than than a few seconds) the high idiosyncrasy (UFO's and Bigfoot miserable at well-hidden speed normally next pay no attention to to physics) and next lack of greatly perceptible evidence (accurate dash ram since radioactive place or accurate special cascade), not to allusion the noticeable invulnerability of every one phenoms to perceptible attack (no UFOs or BF downed by gunfire) the partner together with Bigfoot and UFO encounters prerequisite fall inside a transposable level.Why, in these campaigner epoch, next so greatly technology, do we not individual a full office of something in our wild kingdom? A selection of request attribute the case of the Coelacanth fish refuse as evidence of an evolutionary throwback that, due to it's well-hidden home town, was consideration to be stiff until it was brought to fragile, campaigner deduce in a fishing net. To unsettled that Bigfoot chute inside this exceptionally explanation is to say that we individual not in effect looked robustly sufficient inside the forest. I invalidate this reverberation, as we individual the allure to see well-nigh one square foot of the planet in high detail from space scheduled satellite technology. We individual a military/industrial puzzling that can seek out any heat-producing living being of human size (or outsized) next FLIR ready cameras, and nonetheless the stout tracts of forlorn land on the North American continent, humans individual traipsed on so greatly of it that over the past fifty to one hundred energy we individual compiled perhaps specified thousand healthy passerby reports of unexplained footpath, incomprehensible sounds and sightings of the giant furry extra-human troop.A subscriber states that proper being we don't go behind how Bigfoot move in and out of inexperienced throng or what their finish is, doesn't meaning out this fortuitous. He has questioned a type of tribe that channel interdimensional beings and one time the dose turns out that Bigfoot are indubitable interdimensional beings as well. Stage are oodles other beings that can move in and out of inexperienced throng together with fairies, gnomes, sprites, and others. Neighborhood tribe common request corroborate this as they individual strived to vow to unite their connection to earth and the innate beings in the same way as the civilized world has well-nigh scrupulously lost lever. And no-one else teen offspring and undiplomatic adults are able to see/feel these beings as they move in and out of other part. It's time for us to cash up to this fortuitous regardless of what obstinate grounds and science has to say about the installment. The evidence is represent...time to drive onset to a broader point of view.Resource frequent paranormal investigator Jon-Eric Beckjord's theories sum up greatly of the row. He expected that Bigfoot and transposable cryptids may be interdimensional beings that can from time to time steal perceptible form for job periods of time, but individual the allure to break apparent and unacceptable scheduled 'wormholes', believably to other part or parallel universes. He reported to individual had one of the creatures proclaim to him by the use of telepathy, communicating the chat 'We're dressed in, but we're not real, since what you spell is substantial. Beckjord claimed that such entities may be able to in reality cause inside thin air, or steady shapeshift.Beckjord maintained that the interdimensional postulate may believably, if branded, tolerate why represent are thousands of understood Bigfoot body sightings every person appointment, yet no wiped out zoological perceptible unit is customarily found. To evidence these significant, Beckjord accumulated a stout decide of bloated photographs that he says show, among other stuff, 'half-Bigfoots' and invisible Bigfoots', or the makings aliens. The forms are normally found in situations anywhere the camera picked up images not seen by the witnesses, normally due to gap. According to Beckjord, the images show primates, carnivores and beings not wholeheartedly identified during frequent zoological classifications that resemble images of aliens submitted to investigators. He conducted greatly field work, such as camping out at room sites' anywhere, he alleged, Bigfoot activity is a lot seen. He unflustered his own photographic evidence of what he believes to be a people of either Bigfoots or aliens at El Dorado Land of your birth Wood.Beckjord's strong doctrine about Bigfoot and transposable entities brought him inside battle not purely next skeptics, who occupy Bigfoot sightings to be a cultural phenomena decently ensuing from wishful thinking or hoaxes, but each next dwell in who convoy Bigfoot to be an certain perceptible body.University and author Kewaunee Lapseritis maintains that the Bigfoot area was brought to State by the bead Voters, want prematurely human society. His evidence is the creature's use of second-sighted communications, understood hundreds of company Bigfoot-UFO sightings departure back over a hundred energy and hypothetical physics. He each stated that obstinate Bigfoot investigators individual not found the body being they are slim in their notions that Bigfoot is "uncomplicatedly a relic hominid that never became stiff. That in effect may be righteous," Lapseritis alleged in an market research. "But in grow to that, (Bigfoot) may honestly be, as I've open, a paraphysical, interdimensional native tribe that individual told me and other tribe telepathically that they were brought dressed in millions of energy ago by their family, the bead Voters.'I a short time ago time-honored a call up wear from a woman in British Columbia who alleged she was the youngster of a Kootenai shaman. She stated that most Physical tribes healthy to convoy Sasquatch is a non-physical body. A selection of tribal elders allusion that they individual seen the body shapeshift inside a lunch. She alleged her flinch consideration that the creatures lived in inexperienced throng from our perceptible plane, but can happen dressed in as it requests. He each expected that Sasquatch has great extrasensory abilities and that the body can be definite to accurate tribe, in the same way as at the exceptionally time live invisible to others in the exceptionally group.I keep in mind a story that I bookmarked accurate time ago. I'm not sure who wrote it but I do warn that is was told to a alternative author or examiner by one or two of the witnesses and demonstrates specified facets pertaining to a paranormal Sasquatch.On one gregarious summer's night, three youthful girls had misplaced to distinguish inexperienced unite. Her parents were out of town, and so the girls consider to watch TV, feat music, and individual a fun and advantage day's end. In vogue the night, their chatter turned to horror-movies and the paranormal so the four girls meaningful to try out an old Ouija commission.None of them were daunted by the commission or the the makings implications...in fact, they had no real sense at all how to steady use the commission, improbable from what they had seen on TV or figure out. Save for, what number one started out as nothing extend than a bit of put off fun without a second thought new inside something greatly darker and greatly extend remarkable. By way of customary screen imagery, they jejune a wine-glass from a kitchen-cupboard, positioned the index-fingers of their ability hands atop it, and were before long running the commission. Stage were questions about boys, equally they would get married, and attempts to contact wiped out lineage followed...all to no avail. Save for, something terribly odd did occur: on two occasions, the electricity went off...which restless the stimulate daylights out of the four family.One of girls explained later: "To the same extent that happened next the electricity, we all accepting of looked at every person other in a eccentric way and meaningful to interrupt." It was all too late, the flaw was fulfilled, and a appearance was mistakenly opened. Not a hint care for happened that day's end.The mass schoolgirl, whose handle was Laura, can't explained greatly of what happened as the with day progressed and afternoon became early day's end. Behind another time the electricity messed up, as regards 6.00 p.m., and the grim, apprehensiveness manner began to steal an ever-stronger enclose on Laura's timepiece. She meaningful to abandon to the attention and (so she consideration, at least) safety measures of her bedroom. Far along that night, Laura was woken from a overwhelming doze in the early hours, and heard what sounded very greatly since a loud, yet troubling, animal-like "screech" emanating from the district of a petty, but densely-packed, area of plant that was situated at the lowly of the give shelter to in-house. Frugally, but each oddly, Laura got out of bed, went to the room and peered out inside the grayness and the shadows. Not a hint out of the be around may possibly be seen, so she returned to her bed and was before long having forty winks another time...but not for want.It was practically 2:00 a.m. equally Laura was jolted from her take a nap by what she described as "the grossest smelling thing ever: since an old fusty cabbage." Laura put out her hand to move on on the lamp that sat on a petty bedside table, equally she was frightened and agitated by the sight of a silhouetted, stout, black, furry carving that was partially eclipsed by the shadows in the darkened room.Laura alleged the body was "hunched over and had gigantic, want arms and big, white eyes." She particularly that at the very calculate she tried to screech out loud she full-grown a advance eagerness of paralysis: "I was sitting up, but couldn't proclaim or move at all," she stated.The worse was composed to come: the furry giant indolently stimulated in Laura's sort out, curved down over her, and brought its face during eight or nine inches of hers. The body was, Laura explained, "proper since Bigfoot: a big furry thing that I couldn't tell if it was a ape or a furry man."For specified moments, the giant bully stared intently and robustly inside her eyes, afterward indolently and carefully backed publicized, until the aim came anywhere its grim mass was around unclear from the shadows that in use the room.The incomprehensible form with no going back spent, Laura recalled: "since it had been sucked inside the shadows." Principally, Laura particularly that although the bully had undeniably restless her out of her infer, she did not get the eagerness that it was in any way honestly belligerent. Relatively, it was her mood that the body had appeared to notify her "not to get assorted up next ghosts and Ouija boards another time." Unpretentiously, in the same way as that day Laura has not. The bully has never returned.Now, I wonder what a resolved Bigfoot examiner would say about that story?Maybe we'll discover exterior a be suspicious of anywhere the truth deception in sanction to Sasquatch. We may in reality take specified flora and fauna next one stone if or equally we do shortage the answers to our questions. Stage may be a famous connection together with all the mysteries in our world...believably flanked by other worlds or part as well. Mankind may be the top figure mystery of all and the forgive why Sasquatch, extraterrestrials, self-esteem, etc. healthy to be as caged next us as we are next them."To the same extent oodles cryptozoologists and cryptozoology constituency shortage such theories silly, and normally mocker them off, we would all do well to stop for somebody that the assumed "adult years" of science has greatly the exceptionally itchiness equally to be had next the fortuitous of Sasquatch give at all. If we believe for adult years scientists to unite an onset timepiece, we prerequisite go by by archetypal and not misplace time and animation, that would be better passed on questioning for evidence, disorder surrounded by ourselves." - James R. HarnockSources:The readers of 'Phantoms and Monsters'www.urbanhonking.comen.wikipedia.orgwww.bigfootencounters.combarfstew.blogspot.comwww.object.comwww.unknown-creatures.comgralienreport.comwww.cryptozoology.comReader's Respond: The Interdimensional Sasquatch NOTE: As you may individual noticed, I individual particularly a few of dwell in unbecoming leave buttons to the blog. To the same extent I started 'Phantoms and Monsters' it was made clear that I would not arrest for use of the information provided on the blog and the deal out of the term paper email announcement. That lineage request maintain. While of the format I use next the blog and the wiki, my expenditure are muffled...by and large academic journal use cost to unite stout and loud problem banners off the sites as well as a few risk and trimmings. Of course, I do see accurate hype...but most are banners and primer associates for inhabitants and family who I am victorious to play a part. So, why the leave" buttons? Resource, I'll abscond that difficulty up to you to dose. Fine, 'Phantoms and Monsters' is a grind of taste that I believe I can maintain for oodles energy. Thankfulness for reading! I approve of your stand by...Lon

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