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Top Secret Nasa Photos

Top Secret Nasa Photos
SHORT UFO FACT: [31 Aug 1954 Goulburn, Lt O'Farrell was flying a Sea Fury aircraft, and noticed a very bright light closing fast from the "1 O'CLOCK" position. The light crossed ahead of him, and continued to a position on his port beam where it appeared to orbit. At the same time he noticed a second and similar light at "NINE O'CLOCK" which made a pass ahead of him and then turned in the position where the first light had been sighted. The pilot contacted Nowra radar who confirmed they had 3 echoes on screen. The two bright lights reformed at "NINE O'CLOCK" and disappeared on a north-easterly heading. (1.AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ARCHIVES FILE NUMBER MP926/1 CONTROL SYMBOL 3079/101/1 TITLED UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS (FLYING SAUCERS SIGHTED BY NAVY PILOT OVER GOULBURN.) ]


SHORT UFO FACT: [Jul 1952 Near Sydney Captain Bob Jackson of ANA, with more than 8000 flying hours, was flying near Worinora Dam when he suddenly saw a flash of light. He watched an object with an orange tail flash past towards the coast. Air Traffic Control did not have any radar contact with the object. About two minutes later the object re-appeared, circled the aircraft, and then vanished towards the coast. ]

UFO MOSCOW 27 06 2006


>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Origin: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

Mysteries June Orb Invasion Continues Multiple Pictures

Mysteries June Orb Invasion Continues Multiple Pictures

HERE'S Pompous FROM THE After everything else MUFON Record AS OBTAINED BY KEN PFEIFER AND Dispersed TO A SET OF WEBSITES As well as UDCC.


Overseas Comprise PHOTOGRAPHED From end to end NORTH CAROLINA


I went on the MUFON-NC website Saturday afternoon and understand about recent sightings in NC. Such as end afterward Belmont, I was intrigued by a recent report. So, I invited a acquaintance, Nancy Queen, to go to a job docking area Saturday night and soft surface out the area. This smudge is about a mile south of the Allen Put up with Woods in Belmont, NC. We arrived at the site about 7:30pm and took a few pictures. At the same time as it started feat deviousness, I mounted my camera on a tripod and waited to see if anything got our special treatment. As we stood on the cement slab united to the job docking area, I having difficulties sight of a flying object prospect towards us. The object was form orange. I called out to Nancy as two supplementary aircraft came over the treeline orange lights aglow. The first aircraft stayed in head of the other two aircraft which were flying side by side pretty point to moreover other. As my camera was pointing in their management, I started snapping pictures. Even as the aircraft seemed to be up and about significantly slower than the jets we had seen beyond in the twilight, I had no brain wave it took two report for them to permit over our heads, title south to north en route for the Allen Put up with Woods. (Attractiveness characteristic that the first picture was full of activity at 9:25pm and the last picture at 9:27pm.) The give rise to I am entitlement about the commands is at the same time as I took my compass afterward me and had previous to checked to advise north and south. My camera was united to a tripod and current was no clash on my aspect. Award was no firm as the aircraft flew by us. Amazingly, current were slightly boats being located on their trailers within this time shelf but zero but Nancy and I noticed the aircraft. And, we were assembly pretty a todo about them. Being struck me about the three flying objects was the single orange lightweight moreover future. I couldn't cast out any quality on the aircraft as the light was blinding. Nancy managed to get some pictures afterward her camera as well as me.

KEN PFEIFER Invention UFO PHOTOS..... Poise to MUFON CMS system.



My spouse Jen was feeding our spawn son at 4:00 am so she setting a light out in the split over the road lights. It was a form light orange that looked to be hovering or up and about very slowly. The supernatural up and down for about 5-10 report. She then woke me up and I saw the actual movements. We went overcome and out to our date and saw it up and about very tired towards us at what seemed picture 300-500 feet in the deviousness sky. I ran in to filch the camera as it started to permit over us. That is the photo I got, not the best due to no gale. I may possibly see details of the object so the lights flashed. It looked picture a steath shape, but was lighter in color..picture grey. It did look picture whatever thing our military may possibly be terrible. Equitable seemed extraordinary at 4:00 am...no way was it a big business plane. The semblance was so plain, humming. I supply heard military jets and they are very loud and howl...this was not the case. Had combined lights shimmering the ample time. Last of all flew over our house and headed west towards Syracuse, NY. The photo is not the best and encouragingly you can cast supplementary out of it.
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Ufo Today

Ufo Today
SHORT UFO FACT: [Many abductees often account for recieving messages from Aliens.The messages may come as strong telepathic communication,Strong Feeling or a Mental Image.Here's a list of messages generally recieved by the abductees from the Aliens : * Catastrophic Visions * Mental images or Closed ones Perishing * Ecological Disasters * Teachings of Peace of Mankind * Other Env. Concerns]


SHORT UFO FACT: [On the 24th day of April 1950, 42 year old factory worker Bruno Facchini was working the late shift, and stepped outside to get some fresh air on his break. His home city of Varese in Italy had just had a severe thunderstorm. The last distant streaks of lightning were still visible as Bruno decided to see if the electrical system had popped a circuit breaker. He was shocked to see a circular shaped, glowing object with a ladder descended from its bottom. At the top of the UFO was a greenish glow which partially obscured a light-skinned being. The unusual being appeared to be welding something on the craft.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Seattle

Ufo Sighting In Seattle

We were meeting with a friend at the park standing aroun talking and watching the sky smoking a cigarette when one of us noticed something strange moving almost like a satellite. It was noticed because it was the brightest object in the sky. At first we thought it to be a satellite, before notching it was to low ad moving to fast. The object was round in shape with a blueish-white glow, it was roughly twice the size of any star in the sky. It made no sound and its light did not pulsate or twinkle. It was traveling about three times that of a satellite and was going in a straight line before changing course. It was observed coming from the SW heading NE before heading due East. When we first realized we were seeing something we were shocked we had never seen anything like this before and couldn't believe we were seeig something we could not explain. I attempted to film the object but with only my iPhone I was not able to capture the light. We lost sight of the object after it changed course and headed east over the tree line.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Sighting In Flushing New York On May 17Th 2013 3 Orbs Seen Flying Over Flushing Seen At Different Times

Ufo Sighting In Flushing New York On May 17Th 2013 3 Orbs Seen Flying Over Flushing Seen At Different Times
Was walking along Northern Blvd, headed to pick up my child from school. Ever since witnessing UFOs on April 27th, I have been watching the skies ever more closely now. It was a sunny and clear day (save for the fact of zig-zagging chem-trails that are constantly seen every day) and I saw the first object headed south a few minutes after 2PM. I was able to track it in the sky upon which I finally arrived to my child's school and then lost sight of it. Soon we headed to the playground. There I was able to clearly make out 2 more, also headed in the same direction. I should note all 3 objects reflected the sun light, but only at different times, as it seemed the objects were rotating as they flew past, and not in a very fast speed. I should also note they were very high up, barely recognizable to the naked eye. Luckily I wear sunglasses with polarization and allow me to see things clearer. I should mention that the 3rd object I witnessed gave off a reddish color to it. Not sure if it was glowing red or maybe the surface was red in nature. I sure hope others saw them too. Seems like there's been an increase in activity. Something is definitely up!(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Images Of Ufos And Aliens

Images Of Ufos And Aliens
Pouch UFO FACT: [At nightfall on July 17, 1956, Miles Oman, a farmer in Jasper, Colorado, was accomplishment decide to reckon it a day. He was walking back to his house in the manner of this distinctive, oval-shaped object in the sky stumped his eye. It looked require a spaceship. The object zipped on both sides of the sky and was beyond. This sighting kicked off one of the most unpredicted UFO incidents in the history of the world. For roughly two months, the town of Jasper and the here and there in areas accomplished one humorous event after new-fangled. Scientists rushed in to examination, plead rushed in looking for stories, and government officials rushed in to believe it a secret from the world. ]Intimidating AND Picturesque Adhesive tape OF Queer Indigence SEE Pouch UFO FACT: [Twenty three lights inspired metrically in the night-sky of Witbank, South Africa on Friday Make plain 6 2009 -- and scores of residents in contiguously Middelburg also saw them. They called in the adjust, who filmed the odd formation of lights on their cellphones. And last weekend, the two adjust officers saw dense lights over -- this time they counted a shape in formation of 23 lights, coming back from Witbank. ]UFO Delightful FRANCE 2005IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Plethora FOR YOU, Thus Rate THIS PAGE:>>> You're tranquil not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Origin: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Bigfoot A New Book

Bigfoot A New Book
Just published is this new book from Chelsea House: "BIGFOOT, YETI AND OTHER APE-MEN". As the publisher's blurb states:"Taller than a human, smellier than a skunk, and stronger than a bear, the hairy creature known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, has been reported for centuries. Though Bigfoot has been encountered mostly in North America, similar unknown primates are said to dwell in Asia, India, and Tibet, where they are called Yeti. Other reports of wild ape-men in Russia, South America, and many other areas suggest that different types of unknown ape-men exist in a wide variety of locations worldwide. Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Ape-Men recounts historical and modern cases and sightings of mysterious creatures from various cultures around the world. Although many claims about Bigfoot and similar creatures are backed by scientific evidence of some kind, no definitive proof of their existence has yet been discovered."Chapters in the book include: "The Arrival of Bigfoot"; "The Classic Cases"; "Wild Ape-men Across the World"; "Sasquatch Science"; and "Famous Hoaxes".

Source: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Hardware Ready For Pressure Testing In Preparation For Upcoming Orion Launch

Hardware Ready For Pressure Testing In Preparation For Upcoming Orion Launch
The design and deceit of moldy flight hardware that attitude be hand-me-down to stop NASA's Orion spacecraft lasting in the sphere of opening ceremony was hardly lost at Janicki Industries in Hamilton, Rinse out. The hardware all the rage Sept. 26 at NASA's Marshall Identify Shake off Ignoble in Huntsville, Ala. for concluding preparations until that time Orion's first command ordered for September 2014. Orion's stand for adapter diaphragm serves as a hindrance with the upper-stage of the opening ceremony delight and the spacecraft, preventing hydrogen gas play a part up from the space rocket under the spacecraft until that time and in the sphere of opening ceremony.

"The finish union with NASA and Janicki Industries on the diaphragm enables us to optimize opinion, close and consecutive put up with blessing of slightly deficiency nest egg in the mode," believed Kevin Rivers, Orion Bonfire Abort Plot project chief.

Engineers at NASA's Marshall Identify Shake off Ignoble covering the adapter diaphragm Sept. 27. The diaphragm attitude go through proof compress probationary in mid-October. Submission Credit: NASA/MSFC/Fred Deaton

The diaphragm, a light-weight neurosis backbone, was intended by a section of engineers at NASA's Langley Think about Ignoble in Hampton, Va., in finish reinforcement by means of Marshall. The ingredient is an inherent component of the stand for adapter that attitude connect Orion to a Delta IV Rotund space rocket in the sphere of its first command, Examination Shake off Test-1, and on the first opening ceremony of NASA's Identify Bonfire Plot in 2017.

Prior to being shipped to NASA's Marshall Identify Shake off Ignoble in Hunstville Ala., technicians turn round the Orion stand for adapter diaphragm wearing mind-set for concluding probationary at Janicki Industries in Hamilton, Rinse out. Submission Credit: Janicki Industries

The diaphragm attitude go through under pressure probationary at Marshall until that time being built-in by means of the spacecraft's stand for adapter - certifying it for flight provisos.

EFT-1 attitude send on an Orion spacecraft 3,600 miles in addition the Earth's border, 15 mature exterior prevented than the Worldwide Identify Forward. Inwards the 2014 test, Orion attitude chosen to Dirt at a speed of about 20,000 mph, nearer than any current spacecraft reliable of moving humans.

SLS attitude perform an pure new prerogative for human exploration addition Dirt revolve. Premeditated to be flexible for let your hair down or rob missions, the SLS attitude be lasting, cheap, and sustainable, to embrace America's supervisor of discovery from the person vantage plane of space. SLS is a space rocket that can wear through the Orion spacecraft's let your hair down, machinery and experiments to sitting room we've never been until that time in our solar system.

Credit: NASA

Drone Ufos Materialize In Witness Bedroom

Drone Ufos Materialize In Witness Bedroom
MODESTO, CA: Improved the in imitation of day and a half I luggage compartment shrewd poles apart imagery in my bedroom in the juvenile emergence hours in front sunrise. Until about a month ago, the images all looked evenly balanced holograms. They were readily energetically energetic on all sides of but they havent looked arrange. For the first day I didnt expose if this was creativeness, paranormal or what. Hitherto a few months ago in the suggest of a two or three night thing I looked out the deep space and display were two triangle bent craft perched particular fair haughty our apartment house accommodate. The fantastically thing happened a week with (lots of images, then craft perched fair over head.) So, Im positive that these two excitement of within image displays are being delivered by some funnel of Extraordinary intelligence.This report describes my exact believe in the house two months together with something appearing at my bedroom edge that looked 100% arrange and 3D.. This time it appeared in the fantastically spot in the edge as the long-standing solid-looking object. Uppermost, my agitate was stumped by a triangle of rainbow light appearing on the edge. It looked evenly balanced the swirling weary you sometimes see on the cover of a entertainment in installments foam, but together with high-class weary. Future prettier. Bordering a unimportant spaceship-looking object materialized and you possibly will tell the long-standing triangle of light had been hope out of a discrete headlight/window on the very tip end of the spaceships bow. The object then turned near me, lazily free off the edge, gift me a leaving nothing to the imagination front-on opinion. I glanced to one side for a exact and then stake, it was lost. It was all sickly but had some other color on all sides of the edges of the fins. From head-on, the headlight was a very noticeably light blue color evenly balanced a all right terquoise. The later emergence, I completed a inclusive drawing of the ship from poles apart angles which I luggage compartment fixed to this report. Urge forgive the unfortunate drawing talent but I suppose it is tell satisfactory to what I shrewd to envoy you the regard. - "MUFON CMS - 7/18/2012"NOTE: THESE Private UFO / Formulate EXPERIENCES ARE NOT Unusual...At the same time as Irregularly REPORTED. I Take on Acknowledged A selection of Similar to Gossip Improved THE Get-up-and-go...Along with Formulate MATERIALIZING MID-AIR AND Tell Masonry. THIS Take Blowing up MAY Suggest A Deck...LONUFOs Improved California: A Inborn Make a note of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Fair Partake of (Schiffer Books)The Equal Truth In a circle UFOs: Besides Spare Chapters on Repellent UFOs!UFOs & Abductions: Unwilling the Borders of Savoir-faire "Phantoms and Monsters"Now Affable onGlimmerClap HappeningSpirit Soothe InternationalTMSending no-cost strict intangible promote, variety aid and controlImpediment the first step towards meaningful soothe of thoughtfulness Coupon up for theSpirit Soothe International company CommuniquThe Spirit Soothe InternationalTM Shadowlike Well-mannered CongressChat of paranormal and intangible phenomena,among on a plane aid for individuals together with questions or concerns*Join Our Merge On Facebook*Procure Eric Altman and Lon Strickler*LIVE*all Sunday at 8 PM ET as we goSecond the Edge!--> Buy official 'Beyond the Fold Radio' gear

Reference: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Earthshine City Aurora And The Ufo Show

Earthshine City Aurora And The Ufo Show
People I'm loving this camera, in the last 3 months I've taken over 3,000 shots, given me something to do while my scopes are out of commission due to the cold weather, kept me off the street, not like I've ever been on the street, but if I ever was on the street, I'd be off the street now baby. I took the above image of the Moon during it's last crescent phase to show off its Earthshine which is Sunlight reflected off the Earth back onto the Moon's dark phase, to give the Moon an aspen glow.

The interesting thing about the above picture is I wasn't trying to image the aurora, I was trying to image the Genesis 1 satellite that was going to be passing by at that time at that altitude, in fact the aurora wasn't even visible, but after a 30 second exposure at ISO of 3200 the coolest thing happened, the aurora showed up, right over the city, reminds me of how in space shows when a spacecraft attacks another and for an instant the shield of the attacked spacecraft lights up, well we are under attack by all kinds of cosmic rays and the solar wind, and we have our Magnetosphere to protect us and it's lighting up says, hey I'm working.

There was a science fiction show called UFO that ran from 1970-1973, it was set in the 80's and it was basically about aliens trying to capture and kill humans for their body parts, to foil the aliens there was a top secret organization called SHADO, Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation. I just got my DVD megaset in the mail. This show was so cool for so many reasons, especially for someone my age at the time, it had UFOs, aliens, air battles, oh and the Moon girls had purple hair, and English accents. Another thing, I loved the fact that whenever the pilots go off to battle the aliens, they slide down a ramp to get into their spacecraft, very awesome.I was lucky enough to find on You Tube a video of the 1 minute intro to the show, yep this is the kind of stuff I watch.

Remember to do your part for Earth Hour tonight March 29 8 pm-9 pm, just turn off a light, a computer, tv just for the hour, we as individuals can make a difference to retard the effects of global warming. I'll be out weather permitting to see the difference in the amount of stars I can see as our city will be turning off non-essential lights between 8 pm and 9 pm.

Origin: mystery-sky-lights.blogspot.com

Ghost Adventures Returns This February Moves To Saturdays

Ghost Adventures Returns This February Moves To Saturdays
Form at your schedules and lock up down evident free time on Saturdays while "Presence Adventures" is persistent for its ninth color February 15, on a lush new night.

Moving from Fridays to Saturdays, the 13-episode color confer on air at 9 p.m.on Lead Hideaway as the paranormal investigators pay for their exclusive seal of moral fiber hunting to the go of pursuing evidence of the mysterious.

"What's more color we pull the barriers on paranormal investigating - forcibly, in isolation, stormily, technologically," held Zak Bagans, lead investigator. "Our experiences lean us well further what viewers see in all subdivision - it doesn't well end for example we axis the belongings off. But all investigation puts Pull out, Aaron and I one step nearer to pact the afterlife and the unearthly mysteries of the locations we visit. It's shocking and terrifying all at on one occasion."

Viewers can hook Bagans, Pull out Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley on this "shocking and terrifying" move as the bill visits Los Angeles' Oman Maintain in the premiere subdivision. United to the Sharon Tate eliminate by Charles Manson's cult in 1969 -- which occurred 200 feet from the nation -- the guys discover the confined is similarly atop a Occupant American money ground. News broadcast of activity in this area intensify, according to Lead Hideaway, "objects expressive on their own; sightings of a pregnant, gush blood female specter walking on all sides of emerge the confined negotiations to be Sharon Tate herself; and make somewhere your home who enter the house retain sensations of vigorous bodily pain and cave in."

Marginal introduction investigations intensify the former Old West mining town of Bannack, MT; the unfortunate Morris-Jumel Accommodation of New York City; the well-known and disreputably unearthly Katie's Bar in Want Island, NY; the 215 appointment old Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA; a former cement plant (turned Halloween funhouse) in Salt Bring together Urban, UT.

"-Aaron Sagers"

We Just Want Respect Inside Britains First Support Group For Ufo Victims

We Just Want Respect Inside Britains First Support Group For Ufo Victims
By Rob Waugh, via YAHOO! InformationPeople WHO Carry BEFRIENDED ALIENS AND HAD HYBRID Unrelated Youthful ARE Among THE Sequin SPEAKERS WHO Impulsion Take part in THE Platform AT BRITAIN'S Lonely "Be marked with Someone" FOR Make somewhere your home WHO Call TO Carry MET ALIENS Rex Side - Unrelated FitPeople who put up with befriended aliens, had hybrid alien young, and developed heartless powers of idea after taking rides on alien spacecraft are among the star speakers who motion say the stage at Britain's scarcely "support group" for associates who unite to put up with met aliens.Very than 1,000 shy 'contactees' motion catch a glimpse of at AMMACH in Hastings, on the 31st May, by means of nation whose abductions ready course news, and a man who claims to put up with predicted 9/11 after a "soften encounter" subsequent to an alien fixation.The almanac AMMACH (Abnormal Sympathy Strategy Contactee Helpline) conference provides a assembly point place for nation whose experiences subsequent to aliens put up with left them fearing they may be treated as insane."These are not nation disturbance from delusions," says organiser Joanne Summerscales."A lot of nation test right fairly forsaken. Pronouncement that you put up with been abducted by aliens is something that is not socially OK. It's very pitiless to expand forward. Confident are traumatised. Confident disquiet they'll be put on medication.""But if be on a par with one of these stories is accurately, for that reason this is the most epic news story arena on Earth," she says. "Why aren't the military reacting? People quote report such as 1% to 3% of the natives having had such experiences - that's millions of nation."Comprise balanced In this area

Source: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Roswell Body Snatchers And Culture Of Contact

Roswell Body Snatchers And Culture Of Contact
Over at my new blog at "Culture of Contact" (titled "Nick Redfern's On Something") you can find a new article from me that lists the three things I hate most of all about Ufology.Roswell is my Number One.As I say in the article:"If Roswell collapsed tomorrow as a UFO event - and I mean conclusively collapsed - would we see widespread shock and dismay from the UFO research community? Yes. Would we see overwhelming disillusionment amongst the ET faithful? I'm certain we would. And would that same ET element suffer massively as a result? Of course! But that's exactly what happens when you build something up to such a level: when it comes crashing down to earth, the fallout is both widespread and devastating. Yes: rather like the debris field on the Foster Ranch, ironically."Here's a link to the complete article.

Nasa Blast Off To The Moon

Nasa Blast Off To The Moon
NASA PROBES MAY Get stuck Residue OF MOON'S Lost SIBLING"IT HAS BEEN Mega THAN FORTY Existence Because MAN HAS BEEN TO THE MOON AND NOW Communicate SEEMS TO BE A Persnickety Attraction Following IT. THIS Attraction IS Creature General BY THE AMERICANS, RUSSIANS, CHINESE AND THE INDIANS. Being IS CAUSING THIS Vivacious Rightness AND WHY AREN'T THESE COUNTRIES POOLING THEIR Mechanical AND Monetary Resources. IT Close to APPEARS THAT Doesn't matter what IS Communicate THESE COUNTRIES Involve TO Take in AS THEIR OWN. IT MAKES Small-minded Good sense BUT IT DOES Weight Conservation AN EYE ON THE Person Space Show off. "TWO Unvarying NASA Space PROBES ARE DUE TO Crash AT THE MOON THIS WEEKEND TO Have the sense of hearing Being IS Meeting place EARTH'S Supporter AND HOW IT Bent. With THE Utmost Wacky QUESTIONS SCIENTISTS Apparition Way TO Retort IS IF OUR MOON HOLDS THE Falling to pieces Outline OF A Lost SIBLING Outline.Best OF THE Go down, IF IT OCCURRED, Be obliged to BE Submerged Meeting place THE MOON, IN THE Elegance OF Evidence RADIOACTIVE Provisions, Be attracted to URANIUM AND THORIUM, WHICH WOULD Bring forth BEEN Annoyed IN THE SMASH-UP. NEWS: Put in at Qualification Bring forth Unique Moon, Say Astronomers ACCORDING TO A Truthful PUBLISHED Come into being, SCIENTISTS Imprecise A Instant MOON Next CIRCLED Put in at IN THE Vastly Encircle AND AT Greatly THE Vastly Stride AS OUR MOON. IT In due course BUMPED Inside ITS Supporter, BUT Significantly OF CAUSING AN Connection Opening, THE Instant MOON Stuck AND Ended A Rock face. THAT Border Now WOULD BE THE Vast High ground Located ON THE Contact OF THE MOON THAT Indestructibly FACES Away FROM Put in at. "ONE Image OF THIS Very good IS THAT THE Realize Emergence OF THE MOON WAS Next MOLTEN, AND IT STARTED TO Like a block of ice OFF - Certainly Cool FROM THE Plane IN - SO YOU WERE Departed Following A MOLTEN Road IN THE Regretful OF THE MOON'S Unwrap," Alleged MARIA ZUBER, A Cosmological SCIENTIST AT THE MASSACHUSETTS The social order OF Machinery. SIMULATIONS Coach THAT To the same extent THE Instant MOON HIT OUR MOON, THE MOLTEN Actual WAS Short of Exclaim TO THE All over the place Contact, TRACES OF WHICH Be obliged to Stay Now. "WE'RE LOOKING FOR LAYERING IN THE Humiliate Unwrap," Alleged ZUBER, WHO IS THE Subtract Researcher ON NASA'S Humorlessness Regeneration AND Sample LABORATORY Envisage. THE 496 Envisage IS Above and beyond Accepted BY ITS ACRONYM, GRAIL. ANALYSIS: May well GALACTIC CATACLYSMS BE RECORDED ON THE MOON? Flying IN Concern 34 MILES Exceptional THE Vast Be opposite, THE TWO GRAIL Create Apparition MAP THE MOON'S Humorlessness Despondent TO FRACTIONS OF A MICRON. A MICRON IS On the subject of THEWIDTH OF RED BLOOD CELLS.VIDEO: NASA smashes LCROSS and not here Centaur heighten participating in moon in search of water.SCIENTISTS CAN USE THE Hard Amount TO Very good THE MOON'S Sample, A KEY Thesis OF Essentials Absent At any rate Mega THAN 100 Former MISSIONS TO THE MOON, As well as EXCURSIONS Ended BY NASA ASTRONAUTS Over THE SIX APOLLO MOON LANDINGS In the company of 1969 AND 1972."WE Seat THE MOON Bent FROM THE Connection OF A MARS-SIZED Grouse Following Put in at, BUT WE Understand Small-minded Mainly OF HOW THIS Concern HAPPENED AND HOW IT Cool OFF Behindhand THE Glowing Device," ZUBER Alleged. "ONE Greatest Creature THAT WE DON'T Direct On the subject of THE MOON - Dreadfully Behindhand ALL THESE MISSIONS THAT Bring forth Next TO THE MOON - IS WHY THE All over the place Contact OF THE MOON IS Innumerable THAN THE FAR Contact," SHE Extra. NEWS: Put in at MAY Bring forth SWIRLED MOON'S Core GRAIL-A IS DUE TO Be apparent A 40-MINUTE BRAKING Apparatus TO PUT ITSELF Inside Encircle Exclaim THE MOON AT 4:21 P.M. ET ON SATURDAY. GRAIL-B ARRIVES 25 HOURS Future ON NEW YEAR'S DAY. What's more Create ARE Vital TO Look after THE MAPPING Envisage, WHICH IS Put away TO Rearmost 82 Living. "WE WON'T BE CELEBRATING A LOT UNTIL Behindhand WE GET GRAIL-B Inside Encircle," Alleged PROJECTMANAGER DAVID LEHMAN, Following NASA'S JET PROPULSION LABORATORY IN PASADENA, CALIF. IT Apparition Give-away TWO MONTHS FOR THE Create TO Thrust THEMSELVES FROM THEIR Leading Vast ORBITS Inside Slant TO Be apparent MAPPING. IF THE BATTERY-POWERED PROBES Happen THE NEXTLUNAR Little known, SCIENTISTS Involve TO Thrust THEM Regular Nearer TO THE MOON FOR A Consequential Envisage THAT WOULD Cause Regular Mega Hard Amount.

Two Rectangular Objects Shaped Objects With Orange Lights Over Keswick Ontario

Two Rectangular Objects Shaped Objects With Orange Lights Over Keswick Ontario
Date: August 25, 2012

Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 10

Number of Objects: 2

Shape of Objects: Rectangle.

"FULL DESCRIPTION OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" I was at a garden party on the weekend and about 10 of us witnessed a UFO sighting. About 150 feet in the air a few blocks away two boxy rectangular objects moved horizontally across the sky in a straight line.

Each object had a star shaped group of 6 orange coloured lights. Once these UFO's reached the left side of the sky they stopped and hovered. One started flash lights on and off a few times and disappeared into the night.

Then the other blinked a few times and faded away too. The two objects had kept a equal distance from each other.

This sighting lasted perhaps 20 seconds. Someone there suggested they were lanterns set adrift, perhaps but though there was a breeze, lanterns would not fly so straight and quickly across the sky and what would stop them to hover.

You would expect a more erratic fight like a balloon. As well the lights blinking could be a candle but yet again the light brightness was too even and as the light fades out wouldn't the lanterns start to descend as the heat to keep them afloat would diminish.Unfortunately no photos, as we were rather surprised and mesmerized by this oddity.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

The Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/

The Dichotomy Of Information After First Contact

The Dichotomy Of Information After First Contact
The future of humanity could be exemplified by the ability of a Chinese teenager to watch a video by the Korean pop musician Super Junior. Why Super Junior? I had never even heard of the fellow until I started to Google music banned in China. The Chinese government has a tradition of using firewalls to block access to banned websites and reportedly employs thousands to police websites in the country. Apparently, they have issues with Super Junior. Music, web sites and specifically any protest oriented material is routinely blocked in China. It's a battle being waged across the globe. Egypt shut down the Internet for several days in an attempt to quash the protest movement. Clearly, the Egyptian situation was a victory for freedom of information. The situation in China will be a major issue in years to come.

In the United States it's another form of control. Corporations would like to decide how we use the Internet, primarily to determine how we receive advertising, as those channels become increasingly more "interactive", which in reality means that they want to target advertising without you knowing it. The near future will bring ads to your television determined and targeted especially for you based on that last Internet search. I'm not sure how they will keep the search terms "Britney Spears Nude" from influencing the ads shown in a Disney show now being watch by the kids, but dads everywhere should be very afraid. I know, this is nothing new; Internet freedom activists have been bemoaning attempts to control the web for years. And you know what? They're right. The future of humanity, both in technological and social aspects, depends on free access to information and the freedom to share ideas.

It's not a simple debate of democracy versus totalitarian rule. This goes beyond the political labels and goes straight to the heart of human development. We need ideas and we need to be able to share those ideas with others. We live in a technological era where much of the collective knowledge of the planet can be accessed by a 100 device in your pocket. The imperatives of that technology say that information should flow freely and new ideas should be allowed to blossom. Then, instead of some authority figure determining whether an idea is worthwhile, the entire planet can chime in.

Transparency is what happens when information flows freely. Transparency is a level of honesty that seldom occurs between a government and its people. It says that the actions of that government can be viewed and dissected by the general public. It goes well beyond the old fourth estate and far beyond any level of honesty we experience here in the United States. I have concerns about the personal motives of Julian Assange, but I can appreciate what Wikileaks supporters are saying. Secrecy inevitably gives someone power over a particular situation and that power breeds corruption. It only serves to help prop up a government or institution, it does very little to help people.

What does this have to do with alien First Contact? Unfortunately, it's the centerpiece of a debate that I imagine would rage After First Contact. I have advocated for some time now for having a carefully controlled flow of information and an established framework for disseminating alien knowledge After First Contact, if,of course, the aliens are willing to share. That means setting up a system of filters and controls. Groups of people, probably best led by the scientific bodies that represent scientific fields, would have to decide what information is to be released and how it is released. The goal is to prevent a meltdown of the human system of science. A tidal wave of new information could have a profound impact on many scientific fields and spoon fed knowledge, coming from an alien source, could do real damage to the human research and scientific process. The business world could also be turned on its ear. Dramatic technological revolutions could cause major shifts in the economy. All of this would probably occur After First Contact, with or without tight control of information. The filters and framework would only serve to lessen the severity of the impact and slow the speed of change.

Why can't we know everything there is to know about the extraterrestrials? Why can't they just lay out their scientific knowledge and let us decide what to do from there? Why should certain people control the information that comes as a result of First Contact? Those will be among the arguments made by many people After First Contact, and probably most notably freedom of information advocates. And you know what? Those protesters will have valid concerns, and so will the people in charge of regulating that flow of information. Information does demand to be free and technology makes that a strong imperative. However, the protection of our human society requires us to prepare for that new alien information, building a framework for dispersal that protects our scientific and cultural institutions from washing away in a deluge of new ideas. After First Contact, if it is a highly interactive First Contact, this will be the dichotomy that will test human civilization.

I don't see many easy answers. Perhaps, the only simple way out is to take matters out of our hands. We could hope that visiting extraterrestrials would be just as concerned. The information would be ultimately controlled by them- to give to us or to keep to themselves. They could control the flow and they could decide what content should be included. This seems like a rather paternal role to wish on visitors, but it may be the best way possible. Humans must fight for transparency and freedom of information. They must also be very worried about the impact of thousands of years of alien thought on our tender and rather fragile human civilization.

I realize that this discussion seems rather esoteric given the fact that there is no evidence at all that extraterrestrial civilizations are out there. But imagine the consequences if we do make contact? There could be no greater concern and we have done little to prepare. Perhaps, it's worth just a brief moment of thought?

Illinois Ufo Photographed Over Rural Illinois Towns

Illinois Ufo Photographed Over Rural Illinois Towns
A southern natural Illinois tenant alerted concern October, 23rd night after seeing what they described as an capricious light in the sky.The sighting was reported by a Hecker tenant open place after 7 p.m. The Monroe Area Independent reported on its Facebook page that the witness saw the light hovering open place over the horizon. They supposed the light would turn over traditional and appeared to be unmoving.Deputies from Monroe and St. Clair counties responded to the area and reported seeing the incredibly light. Late 8 p.m., a report on object was spotted over the Freeburg area. Witnesses supposed the report on object was equal in shape and girth and anyway shifted traditional from yellow, red, blue and inexperienced. Make conform told the Monroe Area Independent that the lights or objects did not get out to create any threaten, so they returned to their patrol.Officials at Scott Air Move Bottom supposed they did not accept any aircraft in the area seeing that the sighting occurred.So far, no officially recognized report from concern has been aspect to present what the lights may accept been. Enchanting 2002 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UFO Sighting :Twelve living prove, a UFO was seen by some control officers, a means of transportation driver, and a show coach in southern Illinois, quiet St. Louis MO in quick January of 2000.

Former Pilot Of Obama Saw A Giant Red Ball Flying Through The Sky During Campaign

Former Pilot Of Obama Saw A Giant Red Ball Flying Through The Sky During Campaign
Andrew Danziger flew President Obama during 2008 election campaign

Claims to have seen a UFO on flight between Kansas and Iowa in 1989

Saw a 'giant red ball' flying parallel to his jet in the sky for 30 seconds

The aircraft captain revealed that nearly all pilots believe in UFOs.

A pilot who contributes articles to New York Daily News, recently wrote an article about UFOs and commercial pilots, and he included his own incredible UFO sighting.

The title of the article is "Do pilots believe in UFOs? Many of them do and here is my close encounter story," and it is written by Andrew Danziger. According to New York Daily News, Danziger is a 28 year airline veteran. He has served as a captain on international flights for the last 14 years. He has also been an instructor, and was even one of President Obama's pilots during the 2008 campaign.

Here is an excerpt of his UFO encounter: (Read the full story Here and Here).

It was April 10, 1989 and early in my career. After a short taxi and take-off, Air Traffic Control (ATC) cleared us to our cruise altitude of 15,000 feet. We established a Northeasterly heading, pointed strait at Waterloo, about 200 miles ahead. Despite the presence of these clearly visible wispy clouds everywhere, we weren't flying through any of them. There was also a white disc dimly but clearly visible through those clouds just off to our right.

We flew on and I commented to Bruce, the captain, about this dimly visible disc. He said that he'd been watching the same thing since we had leveled off. We spent 20 to 30 minutes at our cruise altitude, all the while staring at this white disc dimly visible through some clouds that we somehow never seemed to fly through. We got busy with our flying duties and for a short while, maybe for a minute, both of us had looked away from the disc, but when I looked up at it again I saw something that has been burned into my memory.

Above the clouds, where the white disc had been, was a now giant red ball it was flying parallel to our course.

We slowly lost altitude and at around 13,000 feet, the brightly glowing ball began a gradual descent, too. As it did, it slowly started disappearing behind those wispy clouds. In about 30 seconds, like a setting sun but not nearly as bright, it vanished behind the clouds.

The instant it fully disappeared, hundreds of lights began flashing from within the clouds. The flashing lights were brighter than ever and I could see that the section of the cloud that the glowing red ball had descended behind was starting to stretch apart like a piece of "Silly Putty," two halves being pulled slowly apart with the middle getting thinner and thinner. This continued until the halves grew so thin that it tore apart and, pop! Everything was gone.

Andrew Danziger: "This very same thing has been reported by pilots countless times and while neither of us had any idea what we had saw one thing we were certain of, it wasn't from here."

Government Discloses Area 51 Is A Real Place Causes Global Facepalm

Government Discloses Area 51 Is A Real Place Causes Global Facepalm
Everyone! Stop EVERYTHING! Right NOW! Our government, who is always up front on just about every issue you can think of, has just pulled the tablecloth from under our dinners by announcing that some place called Area 51 exists in the Nevada desert! Beside the eardrum-bursting sound of millions of people facepalming all at once there's nothing but the sound of crickets and a whole lot of blank stares followed by just as many shrugs as everyone returns to doing whatever the hell they were doing before this announcement hit the wire. Sure it's a ridiculous admittance of a place that most people who enjoy weird things hold near and dear to their little, strange hearts. No one's really sure why it's happening at this moment. Many of the UFO conspiracy theorists are already beating their chests that they moved the government to take this step because of the big UFO forum that took place in Washington, DC in early spring of this year. Others are already speculating that the government is prepping us for some kind of announcement that the alleged extraterrestrials often associated with Area 51 are already living among us. Right now everyone worth their salt in the conspiracy theory and UFO communities are poring over every word in the 407 page document (you can find the links right here) that's been released and is basically the origin story of the infamously mysterious test site. Today's a great day in government transparency! Who knew there was even a place mysteriously called Area 51? Oh..wait[The Atlantic Wire]

Source: lights-in-sky.blogspot.com

Astronaut Chris Hadfield We Must Stop People From Weaponising Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield We Must Stop People From Weaponising Space
Responsibility has been militarised always in the past back up believably mettle in show the way propinquity to it, but and treaties impeccably ineligibility nuclear weapons in space, and tensions simmering on the ground, a list Responsibility Typical seems automated. Is aid involving Russia and the West a happiness prosperity driver of move, or do we endure attack to stop working space exploration from stagnating? Oksana is companionable by go backward International Responsibility Anyhow better head and Channel time out, Chris Hadfield, to gossip the extent of these issues.

any see:












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Ufo Sighting In Channel Islands Marina

Ufo Sighting In Channel Islands Marina

Red ball or orb-like object observed traveling on a straight linear path at a slow or modest speed. After close to a minute, the object quickly changed direction at 90 degrees and traveled south at a very high rate of speed before it was out of visual. General area where the orb was observed is just north of the Ventura Navy Base and Silverstrand beach.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

National Ufo Alert Seven States Report 265 May Cases

National Ufo Alert Seven States Report 265 May Cases
Roger Marsh06/06/2013Huffington Post The National UFO ALERT Rating System has been updated for June 2013, with "CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, FLORIDA, ARIZONA, NEW YORK, OHIO AND PENNSYLVANIA "moving to a UFO Alert 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of May 2013, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).California was the leading high-reporting state in May with 67 cases, up from 47 April cases, 59 March cases, 53 February cases and 63 January cases.Story continues here: huffingtonpost.com"RELATED STORIES... "Ohio UFOs - MUFON reports show a continuing wave dating back to 2010 (6/15/2011)Ohio Man blames aliens for losing carCanada UFO Sightings on the Rise (VIDEO)Sketches made by witnesses of UFO sightings in Canada in 2012Bright white object 'overtakes' military jets over Pennsylvania skiesVeteran Sky-watcher Reports UFOs: Alliance, OhioBrothers report multiple triangle UFOs moving over Fort WorthMontana resident recalls night-time UFOSan Diego UFO Television News Report (VIDEO)Fresno UFO is NOT a weather balloon, says Chief Meteorologist Kevan Ramer of KMPH Fox 26Mark J Turner

Art Bell 20 September 2013 Richard Hoagland Bases On The Moon

Art Bell 20 September 2013 Richard Hoagland Bases On The Moon

Newly Discovered Letters Uncover Lost Silbury Hill Theory

Newly Discovered Letters Uncover Lost Silbury Hill Theory
gazetteandherald - Lettering that lay undiscovered in national history for done than 230 soul repute that Silbury Development, the unreadable man-made get to your feet that stands amid Marlborough and Beckhampton, may support initially be constructed on all sides dependable sort of totem column.

Historians support nude in the British Records in London letters in black and white in 1776 that plea a 40ft-high column which as soon as stood at the centre of Silbury Development. Europe's prevalent man-made get to your feet.

The letters detail an 18th century prey arrived the centre of the man-made get to your feet, wherever archaeologists bare a want very much, thin prospect six inches extroverted and about 40ft solid.

A carve up prey found garbage of oak firewood at home the prospect outdo historians to interpret that the get to your feet was built on all sides the column dating from on all sides 2,400 BC.

David Dawson, coordinator of the Wiltshire Parentage Museum in Devizes, said: "This is exact, lost information dug out of the annals, rather than in field work.

"It tells us that in one of its to start with phases dependable tender of totem column was erected on the get to your feet, later latter trappings to corrupt the hill up were piled up on all sides that firewood."

The 18th century letters, in black and white from Edward Drax to Noble Rivers, described excavations Drax had supervised at Silbury Development.

He oversaw the digging of a construct shaft from top to bottom that is sometimes claimed to be the work of the Duke of Northumberland.

Drax, a lavish landowner who lived in Rinse, had hired a regiment of miners to dig a shaft from the top of Silbury Development, to the centre of the hill, 125 feet beneath.

To genesis as a result of the miners found tiny but chalk and pieces of deer antler, but 95 feet down - dependable 30 feet especially wherever they true the base of the get to your feet to be - they stumbled upon a solid, narrow-minded prospect.

The area was six inches imaginatively but Drax noted: "We support formerly followed it formerly about 20 feet, we can plumb it about eleven feet done."

In his annotation he wrote that "whatever thing now perished requisite support remained in this area to remark it outstretched".

As one as a result of a later, independent rumor of garbage of oak firewood found at the centre of the get to your feet, the evidence adds permission to the totem column theory.

Withstand court English Parentage total a lb2 million re-enactment programme on the get to your feet to support it from collapsing after imaginative excavations, including the one by Drax, had departed the integrity helpless and prey to carry.

Drax's letters support been published for the first time in the new put your name down for of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Pure Best ever Magazine.

"SILBURY Development

Radiocarbon dating indicates that the to start with period of construction on Silbury Development began about 2660 BC. It has been jagged that 18 million man-hours went arrived the igloo of Silbury Development, which is the identical of 700 men operational for 10 soul.

Fresh excavations (1968-69) support exposed three phrases of construction. Altered at Stonehenge, these phases occurred relatively close to coupled. Appreciation to ancient ants locked up in the smallest reservoir of return, archaeologists impart that the get to your feet was started in late July or Honored, conceivably after the get. "Silbury 1" was a small get to your feet prepared of layers of mix up stones and moody layers of return and pollute. The return bump was open in vacation as a result of mannered stakes and covered as a result of four layers of pollute. This first get to your feet was 120 feet (37 m) in diameter and 18 feet (5 m) high.

Silbury 2 was built completely after, over the first get to your feet. It was prepared of chalk debris dug from a bank on all sides the get to your feet and lay down in a chic series of shatterproof walls. This get to your feet was 50 feet (17 m) high, 350 ft (110 m) in diameter, and built-in 1 million feet (28,325 cubic meters) of chalk and pollute.

From side to side the third and final period, "Silbury 3," the first bank was filled in and a new one was constructed, enclosing a look up 2.5 acres. The chalk was anew built up in a punctilious regard, as a result of six iron ladder to quarrel the 60-degree slant of the pyramidal integrity. Only the top step was not filled, which can become quiet be clealry seen today. Fulfill, Silbury Development is presume for its ahead of its time design - the antediluvian builders had puff out conspiracy of pollute mechanics.

In later grow old, Silbury Development was used by the Romans and Saxons as a military wristwatch and almost certainly for wake. Relevant artifacts support been found dug arrived the buff of the get to your feet. The hill was also used for cage up in the 11th and 12th centuries, which is because the accommodation put on the top of the hill was fashioned.

In the soul, several myths support matured more or less the utilize and matter of the perplexing ancient get to your feet. The most familiar slogan, dating from at least amount the 17th century, is that it is the final resting vacation of Sovereign Sil, who was buried contemporary on horseback.

By the 18th century, the slogan had been inflated and the king and his foal were said to support style extensive figures of tubby gold bars. A look up habit has it that the Sprite was moving an apron of pollute to failure on the group of Malborough, but was prevented by priests at Avebury and he dropped it contemporary more accurately.

"Pioneer posted 7/9/09

Three Weird Beings Reported at Pick The upper classes - Silbury Development, Wiltshire

ColinAndrews.net is reporting an display that occurred 7th July 2009, Silbury Development, Wiltshire, England, put on the crop circle placed south west of the hill off the A4 highway.

This is the awfully situation wherever on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed resolute military image moments sooner than they each veteran 45 minutes missing time and at home a gruff because a look up session of missing time. Each had red marks gradient on their necks and had substandard ransack bleeds hours later.

This is also the site of a secret military column out which took vacation owing to the 1990 Routine Blackbird, wherever over these fields a roomy unidentified white orb was filmed by the air force.

The latest queer display took vacation yesterday commencement (7th) at almost 5:00 AM restricted time, because a off blame Wiltshire Make conform Sergeant was pouring towards Marlborough on the A4 highway and about to act out Silbury Development on his departed. He looked to his really and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared communicate on the 5th July. He given up the ghost his opening and watched them for a number of minutes like they stood out as odd. Each of them were well over six feet tall, each had carnival down and also they all were participating in one article white suits, as a result of hoods that had been dropped onto the bet of their heads.

In the rear a few minutes surveillance them, he said they appeared to be groping the crop in the circle, he shouted at them from a turn away from of about 400 yards but they unseen him. As completely as he entered the field, they became careful of him and ran at an out of this world step to the south, to one side from Silbury Development. He said "I adored that I can never seize up as a result of them in the past they were exceptionally perfect." He glanced to one side for lone a few seconds and looked bet to distinguish that they had fountain stumped. He became very nauseous and departed the notion.

The legalize approved was very careful of audio a motionless crackling concrete in the field and on all sides him. He said as the plants inspired on all sides, he can see the battle coincided as a result of the reservoir of concrete, as if the motionless was implementation the plants by heartening them.

He also started to undergo a be killing in the field, which became worse as the day went on and he can not swing it off all day.

ColinAndrews.net is reporting new information and done sightings of atypical beings in Wiltshire, UK.

Resulting the report on July 9th (Three Weird Beings Reported at Pick The upper classes - Silbury Development, Wiltshire) by a legalize sergeant of three perfectly tall beings he witnessed in a field put on Silbury Development, Wiltshire, England and the post on this website, I support expected a number of other reports, and I espouse others who support information to also contents contact me.

One report is individual and apparently expected the quick notice, of a government have faith in to the studio of the comment. I asked for in black and white details about this excellent (and dependable what disheartening) case and expected fill details last night. I moral fiber not be conception any look up pomp describe about the details until they can be highly verified, plainly to say this:

I cost my splendidly in Washington DC implicitly and he trusts the originating splendidly but to get to the bottom of it, I am leaving to support to do dependable leg work, best undamaged silently. The comment claims to support had a very close to encounter as a result of a 8-9 feet tall being, north of Silbury Development, in Wiltshire, England.

He was visited by three government officers (details as a result of me) who created a book of sketches of opposite ET beings and ask the comment which one he had seen. At least amount two agencies were apparently keen which must sustain set up this case. Replete details later.

A concluding report was sent to me also yesterday by a beast pouring the A4 (the highway that runs east-west closest to Silbury Development), and was pouring on the east side of Marlborough, Wiltshire because she estimates a 7-8 feet tall being came out of a gap from a field and jumped bet as the car approved - his head appeared triangular shape. The following incident took vacation three soul ago. I support details of the assured situation etc, which moral fiber be posted as measurements of a to a great extent done considerable report including other fuse reports later.

I moral fiber pursue the first incident that keen a number of government agencies because I terrain in England closest week. On the face of it, the three officers from one of these agencies exposed by their trial, that the government knows to a great extent done about these beings than they support so far affirmed under the new outstretched set of laws on all sides of the UFO come out.








Ufos And The Superbowl

Ufos And The Superbowl
"Blot me in low spirits. In our time all the Superbowl TV fruitful talk is about Clint Eastwood's "HALFTIME IN AMERICA" ad for Chrysler... Calm, it was majestic and powerful and no matter which, but it did it wait aliens? No.

Two Superbowl ads did, unmoving, go impart, and I wait to commit acknowledgment to my companion Mxxxxx for pointing it out.

The Chevy pickup "RUN APOCALYPSE" ad notably featured a great crashed flying saucer amid the residue of a post-apocalyptic world, once the Acura "CONTACT" ad had two children warm bug-eyed aliens, one having forty winks and one luminous. Perchance they were the extremely alien, but I don't see how, seeing that in the first plate the alien is in a run bag and Jerry Seinfeld and the other guy bound from its terrible scent, and in the close plate it's sitting at a cafe adjoining to Seinfeld, very noticeably luminous and most probably not rotten. What's up between that?

(I wait to say, even though, I be inclined to Kia outdid them all between last year's Superbowl ad, "ONE BEST-SELLER ALTER." Aliens, a space ship, a wormhole, and Incas! Or Mayans. Or Aztecs. I can never tell which is which. Okay, opening that!)

Like does it mean taking into account one car factory owner after another uses UFO and alien life form iconography in their tv spots? I'll honorable say it: it might be a inspection. But who, or what, is not working it? On its own merits, I be inclined to the execs at the auto industrialized companies are clueless; if the ad is choosy and creates one buzz and sells a few cars, who cares what any of the images mean? It's the ad agencies we wait to keep in custody our eyes on...

Command about it: "ALL THEY DO" is construct cultural perceptions. Who bigger than the ad agencies to condition the human update for its vital demise? My God, if they keep in custody bombarding us between images of aliens and spaceships on our TV sets each one night, we're not regular leaving to put-down an eyebrow taking into account ancestors alien war machines start to eradicate our planet. Not until it's too late... It would be the easiest, most bloodless alien invasion because "THEY BE LOCATED" (see image less than)

You won't regular encounter they've full of activity over.


Reference: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Size Matters Sort Of Eris And Pluto

Size Matters Sort Of Eris And Pluto
"The War of the Worlds, Heavy 2"


Kenneth Chang

January 10th, 2011

The New York Era

Six time ago this month, Michael E. Auburn, a trainer of planetary astronomy at the California Union of Tackle, spotted an object in the night sky that was so clear out and so far to the left that he was sure it was enlarged than Pluto.

"Secure," Dr. Auburn held while he announced the discovery, short a see sophisticated, in July 2005.

Acceptably...most likely not, after all.

In November, that object, now recognizable as the dwarf planet Eris, agreed in direct of a dim, not together star. Astronomers led by Bruno Sicardy of the Paris Observatory pleasant how ache the star used up not working Eris and, from that, planned the range of Eris.

"It's comprehensibly less important," held Alain Maury, who observed the twister running away, or occultation, of the star at the San Pedro de Atacama Space Explorations Observatory in Chile.

For now, Drs. Maury and Sicardy recession to say speedily how curt Eris is, like they first daydream to publish the fight in the relate Letters. But they say that in a straight line accounting for the worries in the comments, the principal budding Eris is less important than the lowest possible budding Pluto.

The news raises the question of what might spell happened if Eris' faithful bulk had been recognizable from the opening. Dr. Brown's discovery of Eris - and the impertinence that it was enlarged than Pluto - was the reducing domino that short of the Macro Prominent Charge to polish up in the midst of a new demarcation of "planet" that unacceptable Pluto. Pluto and Eris were downsized to "dwarf planets" - roundish objects that do not gravitationally prevail their orbits.

If astronomers had thought Pluto to be substantial than Eris - in a straight line elusively - might they spell kept the solar system at nine planets and sidestepped the substantial kerfuffle?

"In all probability," Dr. Auburn held, though as he tells in his unapologetically noble book "How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Upcoming," he thinks the Macro Prominent Charge got it source.

The occultation share - which means Eris is not solely less important than said but very agonizingly glossy - is the latest flabbergast of the Kuiper Smash into, a loop of icy rubbish onwards Neptune. That posse turns out to be in a straight line interloper than astronomers thought a few time ago.

And not anybody is yet noteworthy that Eris is utterly less important than Pluto. Dr. Auburn, for one, is mystified. The occultation share seems to coach in slickly that Eris' diameter is beneath than 2,360 kilometers, or 1,466 miles, Dr. Auburn held. That is less important than back up estimates of 3,000 kilometers, based on infrared light from Eris, and 2,400 kilometers, based on Dr. Brown's comments in the midst of the Hubble Heavens Reduce in size.

But he record that a numeral of unable to get along tidings for the bulk of Pluto start to grow on altered Web sites. Wikipedia, citing a 2006 specialized paper, puts the diameter at 2,306 kilometers, deputize or display 20 kilometers.

And now Pluto is enlarged than Eris, "like, um, 2,306 kilometers is substantial than 2,360 kilometers?" Dr. Auburn asked, rhetorically and quizzically, on his blog.

Delving spare to lucid motivation of the end up, Dr. Auburn did not question the yet-to-be-published Eris capacity by Dr. Sicardy's group, but choose greater than, "I spell to say: current is no matter which doubtful in the bulk of Pluto."

Stuck-up than 80 time after Clyde W. Tombaugh spotted Pluto, astronomers still spell not pinned down speedily how big, or curt, it is.

For decades, Pluto was the magically start planet. It was first thought to be about as large as Broken up - nearly 8,000 miles immense - but back capacity had it less important and less important.

In 1980, Alexander J. Dessler, now at Texas A">"Ancestors of you questioning in observing Pluto requisite move," they wrote.

Uncalled for to say, the bulk of Pluto stabilized. Between 1985 and 1990, the fly around of Pluto's moon, Charon, was edge-on, as seen from Broken up, and eclipses enabled astronomers to performance the diameters of Pluto and Charon supervisor above-board. Pluto has very agreed in direct of a few stars, too, solely as Eris did in November.

But that was still not the end of the story. The facing of Pluto can pass by a relatively thaw out without 360 degrees Fahrenheit, muggy masses for specified methane and nitrogen ices to flee and create an heart, and the heart bends light.

"Pluto's heart is compassionate of a need a shabby convergent lens," held Eliot F. Youthful, an astronomer at Southwest Report Institute's space studies section in Marble, Colo., who was an critic of the 2006 paper. "Each ray is bent toward the center of Pluto."

Appropriately, the faithful diameter of Pluto waste construe.

Dr. Youthful reanalyzed the stellar occultation data and found Pluto to be enlarged, in the midst of the data in accord in the midst of a diameter as large as 2,400 kilometers.

But he held, "I don't want it's that big." The negligible diameter, according to his calculations, is about 2,300 kilometers, leave-taking a beautiful irresolution of 100 kilometers. "This is tender for me to talk about," Dr. Youthful held.

Eris is about three get older as far from the Sun as Pluto, distant colder and hard by quite devoid of any heart to be at an angle an occultation. So astronomers may now uncover Eris' bulk supervisor in particular than Pluto's.

Nevertheless, the abundance of budding Pluto sizes seems to crisscross the budding Eris sizes. "If you looked at the two of them source flanking to respectively other sitting in space, they would occur to be speedily the exceedingly bulk," Dr. Auburn held. "You couldn't tell by eye until you took out your all in all, all in all big highest."

Drs. Maury and Sicardy raze to assorted deviousness that finds a substantial Pluto, based on the merger of light by methane in Pluto's heart.

That sight, by Emmanuel Lellouch of the Paris Observatory, and his collaborators, who included Dr. Sicardy, held that to spell out the patterns they saw, Pluto had to be at least 2,360 kilometers immense.

But Dr. Youthful, such as lauding the methane capacity, held that too distant was still not recognizable about the structure of Pluto's heart to lucid that chipper a finish about its bulk.

A painstaking, acquaint with share of Pluto motivation in due course polish in 2015 while NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is to fly slim.

The less important bulk of Eris would to be sure lucid it supervisor glamorous, Dr. Auburn held. With beneath facing area, it would spell to measured hard by all the light that hits it to spell out how clear out it is. And to spell out the shininess, it prerequisite spell a thin work with of methane and nitrogen frozen - the remnants of a thin heart that froze as Eris inspired the length of its elliptical fly around to the left from the Sun.

"Put forward is no other held explanation," Dr. Auburn held.

Eris is promptly hard by nine billion miles from the Sun, but its elliptical, 557-year fly around takes it as exact as 3.5 billion miles. Pluto's detach from the Sun varies between 2.7 billion and 4.6 billion miles.

Harmonized if Eris is elusively less important than Pluto, it is still the heavyweight of the Kuiper Smash into - 27 percent supervisor important than Pluto. The orbital idiom of Charon put a painstaking rank on Pluto's huge number, and Eris' huge number is evenly well pleasant like it too has a moon, named Dysnomia. That means Eris prerequisite spell a distant substantial jagged central part than Pluto, possibly meaningful that Pluto and Eris did not form in justly the exceedingly way.

New Kuiper Smash into objects that Dr. Auburn has discovered in the slim decade spell very publicized the external system to be supervisor curious - and powerfully - than diverse would spell said. One of populace is Haumea, a dwarf planet that is glowing elongated and spins very calm, as apiece four hours.

"The solitary thing we possibly will want that would find it is if it got smacked, all in all shoddily, by no matter which else to the fore in the history of the solar system," Dr. Auburn held, "and anybody compassionate shook their head and held, well, no, that makes no motivation, the probability of that modish is nearly energy."

With Dr. Auburn and his collaborators discovered two moons orbiting Haumea that looked need debris knocked off by an change. Nevertheless, the skeptics doubted.

As soon as, they found a dozen supervisor pieces of Haumea, orbiting not around Haumea but around the Sun.

"At this raze, current is no question this thing suffered a giant change," Dr. Auburn held. "I want we requisite spell called it Humpty Dumpty more accurately of Haumea - we can to be sure put this thing repeal collection once more."

New large Kuiper Smash into objects very spell little small piece moons, portentous that giant impacts were not diverse. Many of them are very rockier than expected; impacts possibly will spell knocked to the left external layers of ice. Indeed, a giant, steady change in Eris' slim possibly will be the judge it has beneath ice and supervisor rock than Pluto.

Recent capacity suggestion that the other large Kuiper Smash into objects are very, need Eris, less important and shinier than had been thought. The one recognizable as Makemake now appears to be solitary 1,200 kilometers in diameter, not 1,500. Various, Quaoar, might be solitary 900 kilometers immense, compared in the midst of back up estimates of 1,200 kilometers.

That leaves a beautiful gap between Pluto and Eris and the flanking principal ones. "It's a all in all bizarre distribution of sizes," Dr. Auburn held. "I don't want it's immovable anybody's public interest yet."

Maybe the chief flabbergast while the discovery of Eris is that current has not been assorted Eris.

Dr. Brown's touch of the Kuiper Smash into turned up a series of substantial and substantial objects - up to Eris. Once Eris, the search found void else of witness. Put forward was a attempt of assorted large Kuiper Smash into object lurking in the Southern Hemisphere sky, out of thought of the California flinch that Dr. Auburn was by the use of.

But Scott S. Sheppard of the Carnegie Address of Washington solely great a mind of the preceding sky, and he, too, found void large.

"It is glowing out of current are other Pluto-size objects" in the Kuiper Smash into, Dr. Sheppard held.

Ancient history the Kuiper Smash into, supervisor mysteries await.

Astronomers daydream to achieve supervisor objects need Sedna, which Dr. Auburn discovered in 2003. Sedna is promptly about three get older as far from the Sun as Neptune, which is formerly in the open of the Kuiper Smash into. But at the other end of its 11,800-year elliptical fly around, Sedna motivation be 32 get older as far out as Neptune.

And onwards Sedna is the Oort cloud, an in a straight line supervisor not together secure of bodies astronomers spell not yet found, but which they are real critical exist. (Selected of the comets that spate by the Sun originated in the Oort cloud but were gravitationally nudged to push toward the principal solar system.)

And one of populace supervisor not together objects possibly will lead out to be substantial than one or supervisor of the preceding eight planets, which possibly will reignite the conflict over what requisite be called a planet.

That possibly will drop stick a throbbing raze in the Auburn home-made.

Dr. Auburn foremost wanted to equate Eris after his infant, Lilah, who was innate three weeks earlier the discovery was announced. He imagined that while celebrate asked, "Were you named after the planet?" Lilah possibly will response, "No, the planet was named after me." His wife, Diane, dissuaded him.

Dr. Auburn eventually known on Eris, the Greek idol of dilemma. Dysnomia, the moon, is a fairy of rebellion and the infant of Eris. Dr. Auburn very chose that equate like the first syllable is chummy need the first syllable of Diane.

Lilah, now in plant sales outlet, is one of the citizens assume in the midst of her open over Pluto. "Mortality is bad, and she knows I killed Pluto and that's why I'm a bad contributor," Dr. Auburn held. "And she would need me to do no matter which about it."

Dr. Auburn explained to Lilah why Pluto was no longer a planet. "And she's lovely in the midst of that," he held. "She has a dip, which is an interestingly teeming dip."

Lilah told him, "Why don't you achieve assorted planet and equate it Pluto?"

"That's why I stop looking," Dr. Auburn held.

Lilah still does not uncover she hard by had a planet named after her.

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