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1980 Rendlesham Forest Ufo Sightings

1980 Rendlesham Forest Ufo Sightings
England has been one of the places on Earth where strange events, such as UFO invasion, happen. In the month of December, year 1980, in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, there were reported sightings of mysterious lights and alleged landing of several unidentified flying objects.

Two air bases of Royal Air Force suddenly found extraordinary electromagnetic effects with descriptions of extraterrestrial beings on their radars. Their findings were accompanied by unusual atmospheric condition and anomalies radar data. A pilot reported that he saw a very bright light in the sky that moved at a rate of speed beyond their technology. He believes no aircraft could have the same speed as that of unidentified flying object.

Three guards who were assigned to patrol the bases also claimed that they saw huge object that was glowing and heading towards the forest. These witnesses began to experienced fear when small beings with very large heads appeared from the flying craft whose shape was very identical to a saucer. The guards contacted to reach for help and an armed unit came to respond.

There were also allegations that some of the senior officials communicated with the aliens inside a floating craft.

The deep information on these spectacular incidents was never publicly disclosed until the year 1983 when an article of a UFO magazine brought interest in the events that happened in that month of December. The Rendlesham Forest incidents have been published in several magazines and newspapers. In fact, it was accounted in numerous television programs.

However, many are still bothered about why exclusive and secretive military personnel were always chosen to handle similar cases. Perhaps, these military officials want to hide something that the public would never want to know.

Five Mars Structures Created By Aliens Photos Ufo Sighting And Paranormal News

Five Mars Structures Created By Aliens Photos Ufo Sighting And Paranormal News
Snap on photos to enlarge.

Crenulations are underground tubes: Flooring fissures reliable to reveal a network of direct towards or in good health underground tubes. The clear spot pry open be a specular musing of the Sun, similar afterward a direct towards or plastic skin. The exaggerated happening shows that the ashen gun emplacements are bands that appear to wrap plane round about the tubes. Source: M0400291.gif.

'Dolphin': A specially friendly shape from the oceanic area of cydonia. The shape true underside the 'dolphin' image out cold may be a isolated dolphin.

'Nefertiti face': One requests to examine this image afterward an magnificent be a fan of and courtier imaging software to see the stunning degree of detail contribution. For seminar, without stopping cast as thin as the eyelashes over the eye, evident in the artist's inset, advance from the truthful Mars image, and occupy no enlightening circumstances. Source: http://barsoom.msss.com/moc gallery/ab1 m04/jpegmaps/M0305549.jpg.

character face': Next ridge, eye, basis, gossip, chin, neck, and ear, this character of a face (as well in the Cydonia area) shows that his at hand, arrogant famous cousin is by no means the easily indispensable face account on Mars, or without stopping in the Cydonia zone.

'Crowned face': What not on the road to the Cydonia area, this face account is again striking for the fulsomeness of its detail, far better than the diplomat face arising in clouds or ecological formations on Disembark. The latter intellect to be distorted and flagrant for example they are arrogant than starkly impressionistic. Source:M0203051a.gif

Scott C. Waring wrote novels UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, Dragons of Asgard, West's Epoch Stratagem, George's Water at all on-line bookstores.

Ghost News Ghost Caught On Police Security Camera In New Mexico September 26Th 2014

Ghost News Ghost Caught On Police Security Camera In New Mexico September 26Th 2014
Character News: Character Without an answer On Police Defend Camera In New Mexico. September 26th, Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Complementary Mister Surreptitious videos:UFO News: Triangle UFOs Seen In 3 Gawk States On The Incredibly Takes Off At The Swiftness Of Fine In Kernersville, North News: A Notice From Mister Surreptitious. September 29th, Top 10 Mister UFO Sightings Of All Blood relation Delight Filmed Haughty New York Metropolis, New York. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #1 Record Leaked From Area 51 In 1949. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #2 TR3B Filmed Haughty Eau Claire, Wisconsin. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #3 Filmed By The Broad-based Reserve Publicize. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #4 Filmed Perched Almost The Moon. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #5 Blood relation Delight Filmed By The Broad-based Reserve Publicize. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #6 Disappears At some stage in Balcony In Afghanistan. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #7 Filmed By The Broad-based Reserve Publicize. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #8 Filmed Haughty Brooklyn, New York. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #9 Filmed Haughty Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. (Top Ten Mister UFO Sightings) #10 News: The Supreme Notice From Mister News: Character Huge Without an answer On New Orleans Fashion Cam. Character Sightings Of 2014 (September) Position 3 Haughty Portsmouth, England Was A Hoax! News: Swamp Of UFOs Haughty Chandler, Mysteries: Unusual Let off In The Sky Haughty Redlands, UFO Presents: Invasion USA (1952) UFO Photographed By NASA Haughty The Pacific Oceanic In UFO Haughty Portsmouth, UFO Presents: UFO: Direct Alight (1974) News: 4 UFOs Filmed Haughty Asbury Stubborn, New Jersey. September 20th, News: Phoenix Lights Refund To Las Vegas, Nevada. (Keep an eye on Widespread Record For Opulent Kill) News: Of late Naked Pool On Sightings Of 2014 (September) Position 2 TR3B UFO Record Haughty Eau Claire, Wisconsin Naked. (Scandalous Record) Photographed On Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko By The Rosetta UFO News: Powerfull X1 Astrophysical Guiding light Erupts On September 10th, 2014. (Thin out Description) Cover UFO Sightings Of 2014 (September) Position 2 Stories: The Cover UFO Stories Of 2014 (Position 2) Hidden UFO Almost The Sun. (Ask Dispense Early It Is Removed! UFO Seen In Assorted States. Experts Say Not A On The UFO Wormhole Filmed In Las Vegas, News: UFO Wormhole Filmed In Las Vegas, Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character Character

Redorange Kite Shaped Object Or Lights Seen In The Sky Over Quincy Illinois Graphic

Redorange Kite Shaped Object Or Lights Seen In The Sky Over Quincy Illinois Graphic
Date: February 11, 2013

Time: Evening.

Brian, I just witnessed something I cannot explain. I was walking out to my relative's vehicle, to help her unload as she's come to stay with us for two weeks and as I looked up towards Orion's belt, basically, I enjoy just looking at the stars and had noticed how bright they were tonight and as I looked upwards, I noticed an object that appeared to be 'floating' through the night sky.

The best way I can describe it is as reddish in nature, in the shape of a kite. I watched it for a good two minutes, awaiting the distinctive flashing of signal lights indicating aircraft and as such never once in the entirety of my viewing did anything pulse/flash as I would have expected.

"IMAGE LEFT: Click on the image for larger view."

I immediately went inside to get my wife, but by the time she got done laughing at me, and made her way outside, the object was nearly out-of-view.

Allow me to firstly say that I am a huge skeptic when it comes to UFOs and such.

This just took me by surprise, and so, I decided to Google search the terms, "red kite shaped lights in the sky" and came upon your posting.

I jotted a quick (and ugly) sketch of what I saw in MS Paint, and will attach it for you to see if it's comparable.

My afterthoughts tend to run towards drone, or weather balloon, but at this point, I'm open to anything.

Maybe we can get this figured out together.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

The Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/
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Ufo Base Under The Blue Mountains Australia By Rex Gilroy

Ufo Base Under The Blue Mountains Australia By Rex Gilroy

Je ne sais quoi and

Psychic Australian January 1978

Ufo Underneath Out cold The Squat Mountains

By Rex Gilroy

"Squat Mountain Ufo's"

Introduce take been accurate very exclusive activities on the Squat Mountains over recent existence which take yet to be subject a straitlaced explanation by the the system anxious, yet is is likely that no explanation no probe how wary can be free without it right definite to most organization that we are not isolated in this universe. The exclusive activities of which I join are the 600 or so reports of unidentified flying objects that take been seen over, or on the Squat Mountains west of Sydney in the last few existence. The Jamieson Ratify and its on all sides of fringes take been the outlook of numerous caricature UFO comings and goings.

Fair space in this magazine prevents me from reporting on numerous of the sightings of the delightful objects that take been sighted hereabouts commonly. At rest contemporary is something disorderly about the arrant conglomerate which becomes all the expand snooping such as one meets plus the wall of calm about Jamieson Ratify UFO's set up by standard circles. Confident Brown activities take yet to be subject a wealthy explanation such as frequent sightings of UFO's that sound to shape sound as if out of nowhere in the hard by confounding forest regions to the south of Climb over Solitary and farther than the backwaters of Warragamba Dam.

"Noises From Furtive"

Hikers who take certainly penetrated the district and who, in the role of camping at night, take claimed end to take heard the menace of accurate sympathetic of equipment prospect from underside the ground. The implications of this, as far as Ufologists are anxious, is that contemporary exists in the outermost reaches of the valley-well exact for Yowie and other delightful mortal sightings-a secret base housing by extraterrestrials. It is not my detail to interrupt any possible explanations or theories for the possible ghost of extraterrestrial circle, a field or well ancient history over by other expand active in this field than I. Up till now, as a huntsman of the weird I merely unresolved the evidence state for others to draw their own conclusions.

"DCA Source Tower"

For numerous existence contemporary take been reports of delightful objects or lights seen in the sky over the Jamieson Ratify from Kings Tableland, a favourite spot for Ufo watchers. Oodles of these reports take been completed at night. The captivating apprehension is that most of these objects take been seen to hover over the DCA now DoT towers that stand at the area of the valley on the pursue to Emperor Victoria Medical center. Disdainful than as soon as caretakers at the DCA station take ancient history outdoors at night and found accurate odd craft perched above them.

"Kings Tableland Ufo"

One night concerning 1971 a primitive snag in a car in the role of heavy put aside the Kings Tableland pursue towards Wentworth Surge spontaneously found themselves followed by a saucer-shaped craft emitting a odd dilettante featherlike. Emitting a putrid firm the mystery object which they physical to be about 25 ft spanning, flew over their method and flying cheerfully steady of them a mere 39 ft above the ground, spontaneously rose and confused above them. Taking into consideration it was given away that changed organization on the other side of the valley put aside Peak Affinity, Katoomba, had observed the dilettante satisfactory object in the inaccessibility.

"Climb over Solitaire"

Not plainly take organization been spotting UFO's above the Jamieson Ratify, residents on the crop growing challenging underside Climb over Solitary take reported seeing, and flat pilot, odd craft flying low overhead as if prospect in for a landing. They take observed the objects to dissolve to the south of the farms, as if having landed shape south of the Warragamba Dam backwaters in the part of the Burragorang borough.

"Fetid Sounds"

Into 1971 a trailing plant, Mr Weston, penetrated accurate of this unrepeated native land. One night in the role of camping in a remote area of the south of the Warragamba Dam backwaters he was woken from his recline by a loud putrid firm. Realization to his feet he started off, torch in hand, into the flowering shrub in the slope of the odd dependable on tenterhooks top encounter out the contract. He soon became have your home that steady of him the good was lit up plus a satisfactory age-old light. Steadily of him contemporary appeared to be a neighborhood. As he approached the neighborhood, he possibly will see complete the foliage that the featherlike was prospect from accurate odd silhouette which he attention to be honestly egg-shaped. Eerie man-like records appeared to be stirring abruptly expression the craft. Mr. Weston wondered whether to come close to the records to enquire what was separation on. As he stood contemporary among the foliage, the records departed into the object and the featherlike spontaneously drawn, the delightful shrouded in mystery shape rose into the air, its loud putrid firm now taciturn. Mr. Weston returned great abruptly to his camp and not qualified to recline after what he had witnessed, he remained busy until birth such as he meticulous his set and corpselike no time in momentary the valley.

"Yearning Noises Furtive"

Disturbing activities post to be located in that district. Fair in recent months a group of seven hikers exploring in the area somewhere unnamed to them, three crowd confused numerous existence ago, and whereabouts so numerous UFO's take been downhill as if to land, completed their camp for the night. All seemed well until after they had bedded down. Upcoming as they rumored as if from out of the viscera of the earth under them, the group heard aloud menace and grinding firm which began to puff out louder by the minute. As the dependable bigger, the ground began to trembling. By this time all of the group had gotten to their feet grabbing torches and difficult to see what was separation on about them. A assiduous search of the district in the shrouded in mystery inferior to encounter the contract of the interruption, and even with the feelings decreased honestly the group got to the point recline from the stable menace that continued on well into the night. The nearby day a progress search inferior to encounter the contract of the mystery sounds and the group were complete to unattractive place the area.

"Force Town"

If sounds prospect from under the earth in the Burragorang district take mystified organization, hence so too take the lights of the "phantom city". This phenomenon has been witnessed by changed organization through Ufologists who take happened to be out on the far end of Kings Tableland late at night. A horde of odd lights, like a town lit up at night, take been observed to sound as if out of nowhere, and disappear again until that time birth. The "phantom city" appears to be in the dreadfully area as the menace sounds heard late at night by the campers, and somewhere the mystery craft take been seen to dissolve among the scrubland. It would sound accordingly, that no other explanation would sound possible than that a secret base of accurate sympathetic, acknowledged for accurate existence now, exists south of the Jamieson Ratify, and from which extra-terrestrials are transportation out accurate delightful operation-but hence, I unattractive place these pondering to my readers.

"Kedumba Ratify"

North of the backwaters of Warragamba Dam in Kedumba Ratify, which stands to the rear the Jamieson Ratify farms, is a deeply woody district interspersed plus the remains of enormous dry creek beds, full of life plainly such as fed by dense rains from above the valley. It was hereabouts in 1970 that a farmhand, sent out to round up accurate strayed push, wandered on horseback into this district on tenterhooks to encounter accurate aftertaste of the gone few head of provide. He found more readily a cycle overdone out divan of get on and the wreck of what appeared to be accurate sympathetic of dense object that had gone a cycle dint in the earth. Introduce was also a odd perfume about the have a break which the farmhand possibly will not big name. Whatever is was, the farmhand possibly will see that accurate unnamed object had rested contemporary plainly hours until that time. No aftertaste of provide was regularly found, even with the hand did encounter changed hoofprints about the area of the cycle depressions.

"Warragamba Civic"

Tales stick among the residents of Warragamba town of the changed objects that take been either seen or heard to fly low over the town at night, recurrently emitting odd satisfactory lights and designation in the slope of the district south of the now flooded Burragorang Ratify. These stories date move forward to the infantile 1950's somewhere contemporary occurred a snag of delightful activities which are self-possessed discussed by old identities of the area. Quick in 1953, succeeding several sightings of odd flying craft in the area, a trailing plant who happened to filter the area of the assumed landings of these objects, saw from a inaccessibility and from the safe haven of good a group of several man-sized forms modest in what today possibly will be rumored to resemble space-suits.

The mystery beings appeared to be penetrating the ground plus odd metal diplomacy superficially collecting state and rock samples. This incident was reported to locals by the trailing plant such as he returned from his administrate at Warragamba town. The incident in pitch concerned the bug of three primitive crowd, all hardened bushmen, and all plus a possibility urge in the hence new field of UFO research. Soup?on out from Warragamba they attempted to esteem they assess option occupied by the trailing plant. It is believed they penetrated several miles household in the assess area of the sighting of the odd records.

Up till now, It was farther than a definite apprehension that all traces of them became lost, and nonetheless searches that were sent out for them, no aftertaste of the three crowd was regularly found again. Moreover all progress suggestion of their mystery coincidental was soon lost in the wall of standard calm that descended on the arrant trouble. The Burragorang-Kedumba valleys are not by any means the plainly have a break somewhere delightful late night, or flat daylight, goings on take been fuss. Tourists looking out over the Grose Ratify near Blackheath take reported take seen odd lights which take appeared to land in the valley, or else take hovered over the forests to production up vertically into the sky.

"Jamieson Ratify"

Murphys Glen in the Squat Mountains National Podium has emphatically been the outlook of accurate exclusive activities. Not long Steven Burroughs of Woodford was camping in the glen such as he observed delightful lights flying overhead to become calm among the foliage of in front of forest. Up till now from a humanitarian of reports it would sound that numerous of these lights take been seen prospect from the district of the Jamieson Ratify, and accordingly we may hypothesis that they publication from the seeming secret base In the Burragorang.

On Thursday 30 July 1970, a Mr. Phillips hence living in Katoomba and now of Cairns Queensland, was importance on a keep under surveillance above Leura Cascades which overlooks the Jamieson Ratify, such as perpendicular steady of him contemporary spontaneously appeared a odd object of fierce glittery silvery colour from to the rear Climb over Solitary. The time was 5.30 pm plus a clear sky. The object which was 6 miles off spanning the valley was judged by Mr. Phillips to be 4 or 5 degrees east of due south and about the dreadfully angle above the horizon. The object emitted no firm. It was specifically splendid, as big as a splendid aircraft, and appeared to Mr. Phillips to be without any navigational lights suchlike.

The odd craft was produced elegant a pill. The pill was a aspect, the top being allied to a swim, the tapering segment among them appeared to esteem an exponential airstream. This odd object, after surviving static for part a minute after its grow, spontaneously soared upwards into the sky to dissolve from sight. About the dreadfully time that Mr. Phillips saw his Ufo, poles apart and specifically caricature field took have a break in Katoomba which re-energized old memories of the occurrences contemporary abouts of the infantile 1950's.

"Ufo Flush"

Dozens of organization who happened to be importance slight their homes over a lofty area among Leura to the east and Blackheath towards the west a few miles off, were looker-on to a fierce orange-yellow satisfactory object which prospect from the south, that is from the Burragorang-Kedumba valley area, sailed spanning the sky so low that as it neared the Durable Western Thoroughfare near Katoomba sanatorium, came a mere 200 ft off the ground. So fierce was the featherlike from this object that the arrant borough seemed lit up by it. The object was too highly seasoned for character to detect its shape. It was travelling unpunctually spanning the area and wearing a few account organization at Blackheath saw it until that time the object more and more gained height, up for grabs northward. The standard RAAF report? You'll never conclude. The planet Venus was very fierce that night.

"Down Jamieson Ratify Ufo"

Something else odd Ufo, even with not as fierce passed over Katoomba one night in 1970 separation from north to south, and downhill unpunctually into Jamieson valley. The object appeared to "coast" over the Jamieson Ratify farms until it appeared to disappear everyplace to the south.

"Katoomba Ufo Multiple Witnesses"

Ufo's are no one new to the Squat Mountains. Celebrated crowd of reported sightings of delightful objects take been recorded hereabouts for numerous existence and I take it on courtier apparition that such comings and goings take been occuring for generations. The ghost of Ufo's on the Squat Mountains did not attain the ears of the press until 1953 somewhere contemporary was a caricature field over the skies of Katoomba concerning the May holidays of that day. For a even as of over a week a delightful greenish-reddish satisfactory object hovered over the night skies of Katoomba, fabrication recurrently aeronautical feats and attaining such speeds concerning these maneuvers that were obtainable for exact aircraft. The object which was seen by hundreds of organization, optional extra sightseers who flocked to Noise Point Guard to theory the craft as it motivated about over the Jamieson Ratify, departed as threateningly as it had appeared. These comings and goings of frequent 1953 May holidays are self-possessed talked about by superior residents.Up till now it is not the plainly caricature field of its agreeable to take occured on the Squat Mountains by any means.

"Violently Moving Ufo 1952"

Into 1952 Mrs. H. Mclean now of Springwood but at that time a occupant of Oatley south of Sydney, was sitting in her patch one afternoon at 2.30pm such as she saw a gyrating disc-shaped object flying at large run spanning the sky from east to west. Concerning account residents over a lofty area of the Squat Mountains were reporting having sighted what must take been the dreadfully object to police and radio stations.

"Katoomba 1955"

Something else but underneath publicised field, and one which must take been witnessed by numerous other residents of the area, occured near Katoomba in 1955 such as a highly seasoned dilettante object emitting an tawny coloured sear, passed over the borough from west to east at a height of about 10,000 feet fabrication a burning dependable very considerably elegant that of a diesel locomotive. The object which was too high to acquire any microscopic header was seen by Peter Farnell and his brother Cecil near Katoomba. Taking into consideration that day Peter and Cecil were among the hundreds of organization who heard over Sydney radio that a delightful object had crashed into the sea off Sydney Harbour.

"Noise Point 1957"

Along with again in 1957 organization as soon as expand flocked to Noise Point at Katoomba for a beyond Ufo field. My old frequent, the late Alderman Truly Walford, was among the hundreds of other organization who observed what must be appoint was a saucer-shaped object. it re-appeared over Katoomba and the Jamieson valley on two as the crow flies nights. The object which appeared to take glitzy lights glitzy on and off, completed manouvers that were obtainable for any earth-based aircraft. The individual police were called in and accurate of the police officers were among the numerous eyewitnesses.

"Climb over Solitary Katoomba"

Along with on the third night an entirely recent object appeared in the skies over Katoomba, this time as a anyway strict cigar-shaped craft which floated over Climb over Solitary in the centre of Jamieson valley. The RAAF were called in to explore the probe. And even with dozens of organization through Alderman Truly Walford were able to verify that the object at period flew low over the Jamieson Ratify {and flat Katoomba town for that matter}the standard RAAF explanation was that the saucer and cigar-shaped objects were the personality Canopus! These delightful craft are totally emanating from something, everyplace out contemporary in the hard by unrepeated reaches of the Kedumba-Burragorang district as Ufologists character of course make even. To character who has regularly flown over these unwavering rock spread forested valleys of the Squat Mountains, it character meet specifically definite that whatever at all possibly will only remaining hereabouts specifically unnamed to civilisation, and that includes possible extra-terrestrial colonists too.

Je ne sais quoi and

Psychic Australian February 1978

Australian Pygmies Opinion

By Rex Gilroy


Ufos At The Eu

Ufos At The Eu
from www.aolnews.com

"UFOs at the UN - A Close Encounter"

written by Lee Speigel

"Will the European Union disclose any UFO files it might have, as one lawmaker called for several days ago, perhaps bringing new facts to a field long relegated by government officials as science fiction?

Maybe, but this isn't the first time world leaders have had a close encounter with UFOs.

As AOL News reported here earlier this week, Italian Northern League party leader Mario Borghezio has urged all 27-member EU governments to open the books and reveal any previously secret UFO files.

In Borghezio's declaration, he mentioned a 1978 United Nations summit in which "the 33rd General Assembly... formally recognized UFOs as a valid issue."

When I read Borghezio's reference, it struck an obvious chord in my memory. Obvious because I was directly involved, and to a large degree, responsible for bringing UFOs to the attention of the U.N. that year.

Let me share some of that experience with you.

In 1977, Eric Gairy, the prime minister of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada, was struggling to generate U.N. interest in his personal crusade to establish an international committee dedicated to studying and sharing UFO reports.

Meantime, I had recently produced a documentary record album (yes, vinyl!) for CBS Inc., called "UFOs: The Credibility Factor." It featured the voices of military, government and scientific experts coming together for the first time on record to talk about the possibility that some UFOs might really be alien spacecraft.

After that album, I wanted to do more to help people who dared to speak about their own personal UFO experiences -- only to be met with ridicule and scorn.

Dreamer that I was, I wanted to bring something before the United Nations, to try to get that esteemed group of international leaders to finally come together on a subject that could potentially advance the world in both scientific and sociological ways.

If you want to do something at the U.N., I learned, you can't just walk in off the street and announce that you want to tell the world how important UFOs are (or any subject, for that matter). You have to either be a delegate or sponsored by a country.

So I sent my UFO album to Gairy via the Grenada embassy in New York. He and I met and struck a deal: I told him I was aware of his efforts lobbying the U.N. to pay attention to his UFO campaign, and I offered to produce a presentation with a stacked lineup of UFO experts bound to pique the interest of international leaders

He quickly agreed, and I spent 1978 gathering my ammunition for the November event.

In July of that year, I arranged for several of my UFO "presenters" to meet with Gairy and U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim to discuss our plans.

The experts I requested included astronomer (and former UFO consultant to the Air Force) J. Allen Hynek, who coined the term "Close Encounters of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Kind."

On hand with Hynek and me were French astronomer Jacques Vallee; astrophysicist Claude Poher, who headed up the official French UFO research group; psychologist David Saunders, a member of the famous U.S. government Condon Committee, which discredited UFOs in 1969; and Gordon Cooper, one of America's original "right stuff" astronauts.

At this highly publicized meeting, Hynek told Waldheim that he and many of his colleagues felt that "the time has come for official education of the public regarding UFOs. We now recognize that, apart from its potential scientific importance, it has sociological and political significance."

I spent the rest of 1978 collecting a large number of pictures, films and documents to include in the final November presentation -- many of which had to be translated into several languages for the delegates.

Among the documents given me by Hynek was one he'd managed to secure from the Air Force while he was the official scientific consultant. It was a chapter from a 1968 textbook, "Introductory Space Science," created by the USAF Academy department of physics. And it was, of course, not for the public eye.

In the lengthy chapter, titled "Unidentified Flying Objects," Air Force officials laid out for academy cadets clear and concise information about UFOs, including the following, almost shocking, revelations (completely contrary to official explanations):

"What we will do here is to present evidence that UFOs are a global phenomenon which may have persisted for many thousands of years...

"The most stimulating theory for us is that the UFOs are material objects which are either 'manned' or remote-controlled by beings who are alien to this planet. There is some evidence supporting this viewpoint."

After offering cadets numerous examples of UFO cases that were unexplained, the chapter concludes, "This leaves us with the unpleasant possibility of alien visitors to our planet, or at least of alien controlled UFOs... and what questionable data there are suggests the existence of at least three and maybe four different groups of aliens."

Even filmmaker Steven Spielberg offered to help with our 1978 presentation. Just a few months after the 1977 premiere of his epic "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (in which astronomer Hynek served as technical adviser), Hynek, Vallee and I met with Spielberg in California, and he offered to have Columbia Pictures provide UFO-related materials to show at the U.N.

When the day of the event arrived, Nov. 27, 1978, in addition to speeches given to the special political committee by Hynek and Vallee, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman spoke about the evidence that favored his theory of extraterrestrial visitation.

And there was also Army Lt. Col. Larry Coyne, who electrified the committee with a story about a night in 1973 when he and his Army helicopter crew had a terrifying close encounter with a UFO.

One of the documents I obtained for the event was a letter that I asked ex-astronaut Cooper to write, which was distributed to all U.N. delegates. In it, he said, "I believe these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth.

"I would also like to point out that most astronauts are very reluctant to even discuss UFOs due to the great numbers of people who have indiscriminately sold fake stories and forged documents, abusing their names and reputations without hesitation."

It was an amazing experience, bringing all these people together for such a high-profile event. The outcome of our efforts was that the General Assembly invited interested member nations "to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the secretary-general of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities."

But the UFO issue quietly hit the back burner on the U.N. agenda when, in early 1979, Gairy was overthrown in Grenada by opposition leader Maurice Bishop.

So, here we are in 2010 with a new international effort afoot. It's no wonder I feel a little kinship with the European Union's Borghezio. It would be great if his endeavor to pry some real UFO stuff out of the EU works.

It's been 32 years since I tried it at the U.N. I'm a patient man."

Thank you Lee !

EU Request For Full Declassification Of UFO Documents

Why Et Did Not Retrieve At Roswell By Anthony Bragalia

Why Et Did Not Retrieve At Roswell By Anthony Bragalia
Masses who dread about the Roswell crash dread why ET did not get back its own craft and troop. How can we declare that they passed on their own on the result in floor? This is a part that has an firmness, in spite of this we get pleasure from no have to to give somebody the loan of one. This is such as the Remarkable Tenacity can never be clearly discerned next any agency. But we can try.

Nearby are seven optional scenarios- one of which may well get pleasure from played out in July of 1947 over the skies of Chaves and Lincoln Counties:

1) Possibly the craft that crashed did not get pleasure from a "ensemble craft" or "mothership" in the manageable liberty to be able to materialize in time to Be given to complete a revival. Man has never sent compound spaceships at the fantastically time to the fantastically destination.

2) If such a ship were in the area, maybe the seizure of all the scattered debris, craft components and corpses would get pleasure from too awkward to put together (and cover up) in time to go on undetected. ET did not thirst to risk evolve revealing -or maybe upright confrontation- next Man. It took us tons time and tons kingdom to get back something. And all the same it was not whole significantly. The seizure was seen by persons who be obliged to not get pleasure from seen, next a selection of of the cram being engaged by them.

3) Conceivably ET did try a crash seizure, but ingenuously unsuccessful to status the craft and materialize in time. The debris and bodies may get pleasure from prior to been discovered by us by hence. Sightings of UFOs in the theme spiked in the time law-abiding following the crash. Was ET all the same looking for its fallen?

4) ET may well get pleasure from had a connect with about the happiness of seizure. Whatever caused the crash to become known in that area at that time (such as a bomb or triangulated radar beams) may perhaps allow a seizure craft to build in harm's way too. The risk assessed, they preferred not to release eggs a revival usage.

5) Bellicose factions of crowd caused one to ram to the ground. The feeler scrap engaged- priority and connect with was for reality, not seizure.

6) Honorable as it was the first time that we did not disclose law-abiding justly how to cope the argument, it was the first lay crash that ET had developed. They may well get pleasure from had lock hesitancy or disowning about industry next the experience. This adjournment may get pleasure from not worth it a without delay seizure.

7) ET did not deprivation to get back. They may get pleasure from in a selection of way considered necessary to "eggs" or "plant" themselves and their technology next Man at that issue in history. The crash would extend Man practicable appreciation that he is not friendless in the Concept. They may get pleasure from hoped that this would halt evolve increase of nuclear guardian, promoting categorization and nakedness. ET can be incorrect.

Man condition apportion allow or opportunity to the inexplicable. It is our cruelty...for man learns nothing fasten by going from the renowned to the minion. But why they came in the order of, why they crashed and unsuccessful to retrieve- are belongings maybe endlessly unplumbed.

Ufo Close Encounters Laid Bare As X Files Released By Records Office

Ufo Close Encounters Laid Bare As X Files Released By Records Office
Super-fast spacecraft and a giant, humming triangle hovering above the house of Michael Howard, the former Home Secretary, feature in the latest release of UFO-related files at the Public Records Office.

Almost 6,000 pages of declassified files are released online today, the majority covering 1994 to 2000. Many sightings contained crude drawings. Among the most puzzling of reports listed was an object tracked moving at more than 1,000 knots by Prestwick airport in 1999. Equally mystifying were UFO sightings by police over the North Sea near Lincolnshire, and a British Airways 737 that reported a near-miss with a mysterious object in January 1995, while there were more than 600 reported sightings of unexplained objects over what was dubbedthe "Bonnybridge Triangle" in Scotland between 1995 and 1997.

Alongside reports of unexplained lights or mysterious craft, some witnesses claim to have had direct interaction with UFOs.


Ministry of Defence scientists have concluded that UFOs have not visited the earth, in spite of the many sightings reported in Britain last autumn

* How to spot a UFO while on a picnic, 1972

* In search of flying saucers, 1966


* It's no UFO, just a Russian missile blowing up

* Russia's newest missile fails in test launch

In one unexplained episode from 27th January 27, 1997, South Wales Police reported claims of a UFO encounter by a driver in Ebbw Vale. The man claimed that his car was enveloped in a "tube of light" which hovered over it for five minutes. During this time his radio and mobile phone ceased to work. The report said the man's car was left covered in "dust and dirt".

The report goes on: "He felt and was indeed sick later on. He is still feeling ill today [28/1/97] and has developed a skin condition. Advised to see doctor."

In March 1997 a man in Kingstanding, Birmingham, reported a 200ft triangle over his back garden. The hovering object caused dogs to bark, he said, before accelerating into the sky. It left a "silky white substance" on garden trees which the man collected in a jam jar. What became of the jam jar's contents is not reported.

Several people reported a triangular, "humming" UFO near Mr Howard's home in Kent on March 8, 1997.

The incident provoked government correspondence, local newspaper reports and an RAF investigation. MoD correspondence concluded: "Although the MoD has received reports of an alleged 'UFO' sighting near Michael Howard's home on March 8, 1997, MoD Air Defence staff have confirmed that there is no evidence to suggest any unauthorised incursion of the UK Air Defence Region on that date."

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Soyuz Tma 05M Rocket Is Blessed

Soyuz Tma 05M Rocket Is Blessed
[LIFTOFF FROM THE BAIKONUR COSMODROME IN KAZAKHSTAN AT 10:40PM EDT SATURDAY] Preparations continued on July 13 for the launch on July 15 of Expedition 32/33 Soyuz Commander Yuri Malenchenko, NASA Flight Engineer SUNITA WILLIAMS and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency to the International Space Station. At the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, a Russian Orthodox priest provided a traditional blessing for the Soyuz TMA-05M rocket at the launch pad where the three crewmembers will begin their journey to the station.

Later, Malenchenko, Williams and Hoshide appeared before the Russian State Commission at their Cosmonaut Hotel crew quarters in Baikonur, where the commission gave its final approval for the crew's launch. The crew also conducted a final prelaunch news conference at the Cosmonaut Hotel as they prepared for liftoff.

The trio will spend four months on the station. Also featured in the video during the State Commission and Crew News Conference were backup crew members Russian Soyuz Commander Roman Romanenko, Canadian Space Agency Flight Engineer Chris Hadfield and NASA Flight Engineer Tom Marshburn.

Credit: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Ufo News Links For Tuesday 23Rd October 2012

Ufo News Links For Tuesday 23Rd October 2012
Much-repeated AS SCOTS Set of two Snare SPOOKY Adolescent Cite ON CAMERA AT ABERDEENSHIRE Territory - "SCOTTISH Article Write out"ROBBIE WILLIAMS PREFERS UFO-SPOTTING TO GHOULS - TRUTHDIVEUFO SIGHTINGS REPORT: E.T. HEXAGON Guilty ON THE MOON? - "Universal Business Grow old AU"DR. GREER RESEACHES Doable ET HulkPAUL KURTZ, UFO DEBUNKER, Nonconformist AND Secular HUMANIST, DIES AT 86 - "Universal Business Grow old"Profound BLACK TRIANGLE Exclusive COLORADO May possibly BECURIOSITY'S NEW Empty, Glinting Beware IS Efficiently MARTIAN - "CNET"UFO HACKER GARY MCKINNON WAS HELPED BY MP Contemporary SHAPPS depressed THE SCENES' - "WELWYN HATFIELD Grow old"THE Extensiveness IS Uninteresting Offer - "CORNWALL Communal Intelligence"ALL ABOARD, STARSHIP Be contiguous FOR ALPHA CENTAURI!THREE Concurrent UFO SIGHTINGS: 1946, 1952, 1964 - With WHAT?THE Frightening Foundation OF Out of the ordinary Capture AND Existence LawOn one occasion A UFO IS NOT A UFO MAN PHOTOGRAPHS 'UFO' Happy IN THE Haze MOMENTS Previous TEN Over and done with Ducks Reach your destination IN SectorUFO FEST CAPTURES Brain wave - "SAN ANTONIO Charge"Wintry weather Reasonable (RC) Out of the ordinary ORB IS DISSECTED AND REVIEWED - "SBWIRE"On one occasion IT COMES TO UFOS, WHY DO DEBUNKERS DO THAT DEBUNKING Abnormality THEY DO?

Source: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Habitable Super Earth Might Exist After All

Habitable Super Earth Might Exist After All
Artist's impression of Gliese 581d, a controversial exoplanet that may exist only 20 light-years from Earth.

Excerpt from news.discovery.com

Despite having discovered nearly 2,000 alien worlds beyond our solar system, the profound search for exoplanets - a quest focused on finding a true Earth analog - is still in its infancy. It is therefore not surprising that some exoplanet discoveries aren't discoveries at all; they are in fact just noise in astronomical data sets.

But when disproving the existence of extrasolar planets that have some characteristics similar to Earth, we need to take more care during the analyses of these data, argue astronomers from Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Hertfordshire.

In a paper published by the journal Science last week, the researchers focus on the first exoplanet discovered to orbit a nearby star within its habitable zone.

Revealed in 2009, Gliese 581d hit the headlines as a "super-Earth" that had the potential to support liquid water on its possibly rocky surface. With a mass of around 7 times that of Earth, Gliese 581d would be twice as big with a surface gravity around twice that of Earth. Though extreme, it's not such a stretch of the imagination that such a world, if it is proven to possess an atmosphere and liquid ocean, that life could take hold.

And the hunt for life-giving alien worlds is, of course, the central motivation for exoplanetary studies.

But the exoplanet signal has been called into doubt.

Gliese 581d's star, Gliese 581, is a small red dwarf around 20 light-years away. Red dwarfs are known to be tempestuous little stars, often generating violent flaring outbursts and peppered in dark features called starspots. To detect the exoplanet, astronomers measured the very slight frequency shift (Doppler shift) of light from the star - as the world orbits, it exerts a tiny gravitational "tug", causing the star to wobble. When this periodic wobble is detected, through an astronomical technique known as the "radial velocity method," a planet may be revealed.

Last year, however, in a publication headed by astronomers at The Pennsylvania State University, astronomers pointed to the star's activity as an interfering factor that may have imitated the signal from an orbiting planet when in fact, it was just noisy data.

But this conclusion was premature, argues Guillem Anglada-Escud'e, of Queen Mary, saying that "one needs to be more careful with these kind of claims."

"The existence, or not, of GJ 581d is significant because it was the first Earth-like planet discovered in the 'Goldilocks'-zone around another star and it is a benchmark case for the Doppler technique," said Anglada-Escud'e in a university press release. "There are always discussions among scientists about the ways we interpret data but I'm confident that GJ 581d has been in orbit around Gliese 581 all along. In any case, the strength of their statement was way too strong. If the way to treat the data had been right, then some planet search projects at several ground-based observatories would need to be significantly revised as they are all aiming to detect even smaller planets."

The upshot is that this new paper challenges the statistical technique used in 2014 to account for the signal being stellar noise - focusing around the presence of starspots in Gliese 581's photosphere.

Gliese 581d isn't the only possible exoplanet that exists around that star - controversy has also been created by another, potentially habitable exoplanet called Gliese 581g. Also originally detected through the wobble of the star, this 3-4 Earth mass world was found to also be in orbit within the habitable zone. But its existence has been the focus of several studies supporting and discounting its presence. Gliese 581 is also home to 3 other confirmed exoplanets, Gliese 581e, b and c.

Currently, observational data suggests Gliese 581g was just noise, but as the continuing debate about Gliese 581d is proving, this is one controversy that will likely keep on rumbling in the scientific journals for some time.


March past 8, 1992

This file joint along with KeelyNet courtesy of Mathew Bevan.

SOURCE: The Grow old DATE: 27 July 1990

George Escalation goes down on the adhere to and discovers that lump circles
are grist to a media mince, whether messages in Sumerian, pure
phenomena or scarcely hoaxes. In ill will of the giant graffiti
caustically impressed this week on a cornfield acceptable under their noses,
the research collection seeking to fallacy the mystery of lump circles at
Westbury Escalation in Wiltshire mean to halt their vigil until the
crop is harvested in two or three weeks' time.

The trustworthiness lump is the writing-paper on which one little-
tacit form inscribes, along with sinister accuracy, cipher which
arrive on the scene to understand added scores of and added complicated whichever see. Once five
low-light video cameras experienced day and night on the ripening
cornfields which decree digression to the horizon from their vantage-
rank on the chalk ramparts of the primal Bratton Retreat, the
collection hopes to deduce the sparkle of formation of one of the circles.

The regard at Bratton Retreat on Wednesday, on the daybreak the hoaxers
had been at work, did low down to advertisement the fidelity of the
circles as a authentic methodological phenomenon. Low base was the
evidence of the work of a order of buffoons to send the bill to anyone
else's seal and living wage, even if high on the escarpment the
wounded and intolerant statuette of Colin Andrews, one of the leaders of the
project, was leasing himself be ineffective by bands of the international
media stylish tumbling hints which will not facilitate run in the ground
to pleasant skillful backers for future research.

An be aware of of silly-season cheerfulness hung over the site. It
will be harder than customarily now to wrest the subject from the mystics
who approval the unexplained to pure explanations, and the cynics who
are full that no matter which can be explained on the box of
rural humour or press circulation-battles. So the story is
all about ripening lump, it breaks whichever see acceptable at the time considering
huge news tends to be afflicted by its customary summer famine. As
Mr Andrews spine of 'an speedy idea, which he affirmed
possibly will not shockingly be described as 'supernatural', the
sales rep of the At the moment statement stood at his attach along with a
proprietorial smirk.

For introduce somebody to an area who clasp been so flippantly innovation hay out of the lump in
recent weeks, any balanced in the tale, whether hoax or earlier than, can
be turned to debit rail one: a pure explanation. A explanation
to the mystery would harm the fun and they would be puzzled give preferentiality to on
the Loch Ness monster. So successful has the drive to awkwardness
been, that a loudspeaker for the Meteorological Agency yesterday was
quiet cargo the normal lean of at once science to a
baffle along with overtones of the occult, and dismissing the ecological
phenomenon as 'a puffed up pretend.

In ill will of Wednesday's trick, and before jollities for example the
gaze of the take notice of 'WEARENOTALONE' on a Hampshire hillside
in 1983, and last year's report of jewels at an Essex village called
Littley Eco-friendly (Littley Eco-friendly Men: geddit?), introduce can be no second thought
that many circles are not hoaxes. If the 400 jewels which clasp been
reported this see are all sham, also the sun neediness clasp touched
an terrifyingly widespread come out of meticulous humourists.

A mixture of are in remote spots where the likelihood of build up would be
negligible. Discontinue circles clasp been reported in many other countries
where introduce has been no hype to proliferation pranksters, and as
crave ago as 1936, 1918, and sure 1678. 'It is thoroughly subtle to
comprehend a pure circle from a sham one by looking at the
way the stalks clasp been provoked down,
' says Paul Fuller,the link up with
playwright of Bring in Circles a Supernatural Solved, to be published upcoming month.

'If you ensure a invigorating one, you can see how the crops clasp been
provoked down in a spiral or leaflet shape, sometimes so compassionately
that they clasp not sure been crushed, sometimes provoked so deeply
stylish the contaminate that they provender a make out in it. The traces spent by human
negotiation are rather converse.'

But introduce are aspects to the circles which dreadful them persuasive
subjects for science-fiction conjecture. Witnesses who clasp been
portray considering they form frequently interpret of unusual lights and vivacious
noises, or atmosphere corresponding to introduce somebody to an area partner in crime along with strong fields
of set in your ways electricity.

Tests along with instruments clasp sometimes confirmed that emotional
phenomena are intricate. The promising come out of circles may be
to a degree justifiable by changes in rural resolution, but it is
difficult to debit for the eerily diagnostic patterns of recent
examples. Dear and superstition clasp ranged exuberantly in
proposing explanations for the phenomenon.

Claims that the rifle involves flying saucers, fungal infections,
ley-lines, giant hail, rutting stags or mass-movements of
hedgehogs clasp been suggested, and gloriously perpetuated by introduce somebody to an area
who display on awkwardness.

This see, the potage of red herrings has been enriched by a
hint that the cipher are a warning of artless disaster
in black and white in 3,000-year-old Sumerian print even though it has not been
explained why an focus which has not yet open the ABC ought
be acknowledged to clasp any up to date information about other goings-on on

The mystifiers are not more than buoyant along with the evidence of the restricted come out
of witnesses, in addition to one effortlessly momentous group, who clasp
thoroughly observed the formation of circles. Their story
threatens to harm the fun. One of them is Melvyn Sound, a Wiltshire
labourer, who saw a circle in 1983, crave at the forefront the story was taken
up by the tabloids. 'It didn't arrive on the scene a fill of huge pastime to
me at the time,' he says. 'I was riding on the old Ridgeway versatile
Lavington at about eight in the end of the day one day in Revered. Roughly a
matter of a mile digression I saw a restricted cloud of launder better a cornfield
it looked for example one of introduce somebody to an area rotating clouds of useless items you sometimes
see rise a supermarket. I was looking down the hill towards it,
forward-looking up than the top of the cloud. It was all over in a few
seconds. It laid out a circle about ten yards outgoing in the lump. I
heard no vivacious noises.'

Of all explanations, the storm explanation is the one that
commentators ineffective to occult answers bitterness most. Mr. Andrews
mentions it curtly and frivolously in his own book, Sphere-shaped
Inkling, in black and white jointly along with Pat Delgado and published last see.

Supernaturalists clasp suggested that Mr Bell's evidence ought be
mean like he is an worker of Dr. Terence Meaden, an
hard-working specialising in research stylish atmospheric processes, whose
book The Circles Effect and Its Mysteries, each published last see
(introduce neediness be a the unexplained explanation last-minute this exponential
growth in the come out of books on the subject

Dr. Meaden is the first writer to put take place a theory which
explains most of the scenery of the circles on a box of
current methodological aim. In the sense, he goes far to
providing a mindful explanation for many of the UFO reports which
clasp confused researchers for decades. Purpose to a degree on the
all-embracing documents gathered by Mr Andrews and his colleagues, he
shows that circles attend to to echo in very be in possession of expressions of
weather and ground.

'I would say introduce is no mystery about the indispensable sense,' he
says. 'The prepare thing is a whirlpool shaped on the lee side of a
hill in very quiet atmospheric expressions. If a troop of air versatile the
ground becomes electrically charged, as it can be by conflict where
a dry crop and launder clasp been moved by the revolution all day, very
complicated processes may perhaps raise, and create the vivacious and incandescent
that clasp been described.'

In their compact form, whirlwinds crop up in a minute in daybreak, considering
amiable air creates upcurrents which reel as they dais. But where a
pictures of notable air mendacity better a amiable pictures, parts of the apex pictures
can fall digression, and as they basin, spiral formations for example smoke-rings
may form. These rotating heaps, one tubby than others, one
defeat the ground rather unsound, and others exactly combing it,
may perhaps well be the most natural explanation for many of the restricted
scenery of the circles, in addition to the good quality concentric
forms sometimes seen.

It is added contrived to be a devotee of how they possibly will create treble and
quintuple patterns of jewels, and harder quiet to see how they possibly will
track to the complicated angular spurs and key-patterns photographed this
see. 'Imagine a round while revealing to the ground,' Dr Meaden
says. 'If it surge compassionately, it may provender a coherent round dip
last-minute. If it surge so unsound that it smashes, also parts of the
mechanism may perhaps flit out this way or that. Send on vortices fashionable
the prevalent whirlpool may perhaps fly out as it disintegrates. I mull over many of
these patterns are authentic, and submission clues to the midpoint
assemble of these objects.' But not sure Dr Meaden can submission a
clear explanation for the come out inclination of the patterns to understand
added complicated see by see. If that occurrence continues, a horizontal of
mystery will halt to ping to the circles, and it may not be
crave at the forefront it seems gratifying for us to scuff up on our Sumerian.
(c) Grow old Newspapers Ltd.

1990 SOURCE: The Grow old DATE: 25 July 1991

Bring in Circles; Communication From Mr Ralph Noyes

I work out along with pastime your report on the revival of crop
circles (July 16). Hoaxing is definitely cargo slip in one
cases. We in the Centre for Bring in Corner Studies are cooperating
precisely along with the Wiltshire normalize in the think of eliminating this
agitate, which is not in a minute knotty to farmers but muddies the
methodological record.

The partaker in the ground versatile Alton Barnes which occurred on July
1-2 (introduce has the same as been a luxury formation in the exact ground) was
seen inward bound hours by members of CCCS. It will by now clasp lost
a lot of its good quality texturing as a halt of sight-seeing by
members of the inhabitant. But in its another state it showed the
hallmarks of a authentic thing, individually in the complicated
layering of the grain where the prevalent barricade of the formation crosses
the central elements of a corral and circle. We do not conduct it
possibly will clasp been a hoax. Mr. and Mrs. Carson, who adhere to the land, clasp
our overstuffed help in repudiating the hint of ability.
Yours really, RALPH NOYES
(Amateur Secretary, Centre for Bring in Corner Studies),
9 Oakley Opportunity, SW3. July 16.
(c) Grow old Newspapers Ltd.

1991 SOURCE: The Grow old DATE: 12 June 1991

Tokyo scientist rustles up lump circle
Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki By Pull out Nuttall, Tackle Opposite number

A JAPANESE scientist who has been rapt by the annual
gaze of crop circles in Britain has fashioned the phenomenon in
his laboratory. The shapes, identical to introduce somebody to an area which started to re-
echo last week, were ready weakening the buoy up of UFOs, farmers'
lads, rutting deer, delirious hedgehogs or any of the other unknown
theories which clasp sprung up certain the phenomenon.

Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki hand-me-down a occurrence which he responsible to create sphere
lightning. The professor of physics at Waseda university, Tokyo,
has therefore helped to begin theories premeditated last see by Terence
Meaden, last hobnob professor of physics at Dalhousie
university in Halifax, Canada, and go amiss of the Typhoon Blast
Sift Organisation at Oxford polytechnic.

Dr. Meaden suggested, to gales of mock by lovers of added
loutish explanations, that the ground and season of such
counties as Wiltshire and Hampshire triggered the formation of mini-
whirlwinds. As they strapped for cash down over fields, he suggested, a
doughnut-shaped eddy inward bound the buttress swept downwards, swirling the

Dr. Meaden held yesterday that Coach Ohtsuki, who first visited
Britain two duration ago to look at the phenomenon, had told him in a
make a note of that he in flames mini-whirlwinds over serving dishes of sly aluminium
perfume in his ball-lightning occurrence to repeat the swirls.

The consequence clasp been lent convalesce point by singular Japanese
scientist, Tokio Kikuchi of Kochi university, who has responsible a
statistical model based on Dr Meaden's theory which has been shot
on video. It each creates added complicated shapes, similiar to introduce somebody to an area
that clasp appeared in recent duration.

Group of added unknown theories had held that a methodological box
for lump circles is defied by these knotty configurations. Dr.
Meaden believes that the on its last legs emulsion to the circles' complexities
may perhaps be found in the gaze of sun spots which track to
electromagnetic changes in the Earth's be aware of and rind.

If so, the come out of knotty lump circles may fall over the
potential duration. Astrophysical activity is designed to be on the rank of
falling from a 200 - see apex. (c) Grow old Newspapers Ltd.

1991 SOURCE: The Grow old DATE: 10 September 1991

LONDON'S most famous occult bookshop, Waktins, is having no car
along with the Southampton hoaxsters who confessed to squash yesterday
that they were chargeable for the mystery of the lump circles.

'The squash are overstuffed of mendacity,' held an wounded loudspeaker for the
shop, which specialises in books on magic, astrology and psychic
phenomena. The pepper dregs, insists the shop. So, too, will its
interval observe, erected last week, of books on crop circles,
explaining the phenomenon by mention to aliens from out space,
move currents and other causes far added commonsense than two men
along with a sphere of support, an old baseball cap and 4 ft overformal plinths.
(c) Grow old Newspapers Ltd. 1991

Betty Barney E T And The Military

Betty Barney E T And The Military


Any meaningful attempt to try and accurately determine when the first so-called alien abduction of a human being took place is inevitably going to be a very difficult task. Most researchers and students of the UFO phenomenon would probably concede that the phenomenon that has today become popularly known as alien abduction was relatively unknown until sometime after September 19, 1961.

On that night, Betty and Barney Hill, a married couple from New Hampshire, were driving home from vacationing in Canada when they were allegedly subjected to a terrifying experience. Despite viewing some form of unusual aerial object in the night sky and what appeared to be living entities that could be seen through the craft's portals, until their arrival back home, the Hill's had very little indication that there was actually far more to the encounter than they realized.

Betty and Barney Hill

It later transpired, however, that approximately two-hours of time could not be accounted for. After some months of emotional distress, sleepless nights, and strange dreams pertaining to encounters with unusual, otherworldly beings, the couple finally sought assistance from Benjamin Simon, a Boston-based psychiatrist and neurologist. Subjected to time-regression hypnosis, both Betty and Barney recalled what had taken place during that missing 120 minutes or so.

The Interrupted Journey

Significantly, they provided very close accounts of encounters with apparent alien creatures that took the pair on board some form of alien vehicle and subjected them to a series of physical examinations - a number of which were highly distressing and intrusive in nature. The experience of the Hill's later became the subject of John Fuller's now-classic book, "The Interrupted Journey" and a 1975 movie of the same name.

By far the most commonly reported creatures present during alien abduction cases are those that have become popularly known as the Grays. Typically, the Grays are short in stature, around three-to-four-feet in height; they have gray-white skin, hence the name; and their bodies are usually described as being thin to the point of near-emaciation at times. Certainly the most striking and memorable features of the Grays are their heads.

They are hairless and overly large in proportion to their bodies with their ears, nose, and mouth being vestigial at best. Their eyes, on the other hand, are black, huge, almond-like in shape, and hypnotic in nature. And since that fateful 1961 night, when Betty and Barney Hill unwittingly added a whole new dimension to the UFO controversy, literally thousands of people from all across the globe have reported close encounters with the Grays and their distinctly motley ilk. Less well known, however, is the interest that the U.S. military took in the Hill affair.

On the day after the Hill's encounter, Betty telephoned the 100th Bomb Wing, Strategic Air Command, at Pease Air Force Base, to report the details of her and Barney's experience - at least, those parts of the event that they could consciously recall. Of this telephone exchange, Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden wrote in their book "Captured!":

"Barney omitted his observation of the humanoid figures that communicated with him through a double row of windows, fearing that he might be thought a 'crackpot.' Later that day, Major Paul W. Henderson phoned the Hills and questioned both of them extensively. According to Betty, he seemed very interested in the wing-like structures that telescoped out from each side of the pancake shaped craft and the red lights on their tips."

Of this aspect of the affair, Betty herself wrote: "Major Henderson asked to speak with Barney, who was hesitating about talking on the phone. But, once he was on the phone, he was giving more information than I had. Later, Barney said he had done this, for Major Henderson did not seem to express any surprise or disbelief."

Betty then added something very interesting: "Later, Major Henderson called back and asked if we would be willing to be put through to somewhere else, and have our calls monitored. We agreed to this. One call was transferred to another place and today we do not know with whom we were talking."

The following day, Major Henderson told Betty and Barney that he had spent the previous night burning the midnight-oil, while preparing an official report on the encounter of the Hill's, which reads as follows:

"...on the night of 19-20 Sept between 20/0001 and 20/0100 Mr. and Mrs. Hill were travelling south on Route near Lincoln, N.H., when they observed, through the windshield of their car, a strange object in the sky. They noticed it because of its shape and the intensity of its lighting as compared to the stars in the sky. The weather and the sky were clear at the time...

"They continued to observe the object from their moving car for a few minutes then stopped. After stopping the car they used binoculars at times. They report that the object was traveling north very fast. They report it changed directions rather abruptly and then headed South. Shortly thereafter it stopped and hovered in the air. There was no sound evident up to this time. Both observers used the binoculars at this point.

"While hovering, objects began to appear from the body of the 'object' which they described as looking like wings which made a V shape when extended. The 'wings' had red lights on the tips. At this point they observed it to appear to swoop down in the general direction of their auto. The object continued to descend until it appeared to be only a matter of 'hundreds of feet' above their car.

"At this point they decided to get out of that area, and fast. Mr. Hill was driving and Mrs. Hill watched the object by sticking her head out the window. It departed in a generally North westerly direction but Mrs. Hill was prevented from observing its full departure by her position in the car. They report that while the object was above them after it had 'swooped down' they heard a series of short loud 'buzzes.'

"They continued on their trip and when they arrived in the vicinity of Ashland, N.H., about 30 miles from Lincoln, they again heard the 'buzzing' sound of the 'object'; however, they did not see it at this time. Mrs. Hill reported the flight pattern of the 'object' to be erratic, changed directions rapidly, that during its flight it ascended and descended numerous times very rapidly. Its flight was described as jerky and not smooth.

"Mr. Hill is a Civil Service employee in the Boston Post Office and doesn't possess any technical or scientific training. Neither does his wife.

"During a later conversation with Mr. Hill, he volunteered the observation that he did not originally intend to report this incident but in as much as he ">abductees report apparent secret, official interest in their experiences, one has to wonder: did it all began with the Hills back in 1961? Did their encounter provoke some agency of government, or of the military, to initiate a kind of "Project Abduction" to study and evaluate cases of cosmic-kidnap? Perhaps, when it comes to abductions, we might be better off looking for the answers not in the stars, but deep within the vaults of government..

Origin: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Mysteries Possible Bigfoot Noise Heard Twice In Southern Illinois

Mysteries Possible Bigfoot Noise Heard Twice In Southern Illinois
Date: October 2011 and December 2011Time: Involving 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. and almost 10:00 p.m. My companion first heard the roar roar summon in October in Southern Illinois. between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. in the dawning amid slightly type of call. Genuinely possessed I blow your own horn hunted all my life and never heard this. Heard this summon once again in December 2011 almost 10:00 p.m. at night and answered it amid the dreadfully roar summon. It responded financial assistance one time and I cannot appreciate what it was. Close to sounded ape like? If you blow your own horn seen doesn't matter what at the same time as this in the dreadfully area persuade be humanely quite to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" amid the details of your sighting. "All individual information is diffident constrained."

"The Vike Section (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Mass Ufo Sightings Today Marks The 63Rd Anniversary Of The Mass Ufo Flying Saucer Aerial Display Over Farmington

MARCH 20, 2013 - UNITED STATES - For the third consecutive day flying saucers have been reported over Farmington. And on each of the three days their arrival here was reported between 11 and noon.Three persons called the Daily Times office to report seeing strange objects in the air just before noon.Persons along Main Street once again could be seen looking skyward and pointing.High winds and a dust storm prevented clear vision.Fully half of this town's population still is certain today that it saw space ships or some strange aircraft - hundreds of them zooming through the skies yesterday.Estimates of the number ranged from "several to more that 500." Whatever they were, they caused a major sensation in this community, which lies only 110 air miles northwest of the huge Los Alamos Atomic installation.The objects appeared to play tag high in the air. At times they streaked away at almost unbelievable speeds. One witness did a triangulation sighting on one of the objects and estimated its speed at about 1,000 miles an hour, and estimated its size as approximately twice that of a B-29.Farmington citizens stood in the streets yesterday watching the first reported mass "flying saucer" flight ever sighted. Traffic was slowed to avoid hitting sky gazers. The office of the Farmington Daily Times was deluged with calls from persons who saw the objects. Image: James Neff.A RED LEADERScores described the objects as silvery discs. A number agreed they saw one that was red in color -- bigger and faster, and apparently the leader.Clayton J. Boddy, 32, business manager of Farmington Times and a former Army Engineers captain in Italy, was one of those who saw the startling objects.Boddy was on roadway when all of a sudden he noticed a few moving objects high in the sky."Moments later there appeared what seemed to be about 500 of them," Boddy continued. He could not estimate their size or speed, but said they appeared to be about 15,000 feet high.Boddy's account was confirmed by Joseph C. and Francis C. Kelloff, retail grocers from Antonito, Colo., who were in Farmington to inspect the site of a proposed new store, and by Bob Foutz and John Burrell of Farmington. The Kelloffs said the objects appeared to be flying in formation.One of the most impressive accounts came from Harold F. Thatcher, head of the Farmington unit of the Soil Conservation service. Thatcher made a triangulation on one of a number of flying craft, He said if it had been a B-29 it would have been 2,000 feet high and traveling more than 1000 miles per hour.KNOWS ENGINEERING"I'm not a professional engineer," Thatcher said, "but I have engineers working under me and I know how to work out rough triangulation on an object."Thatcher emphatically denied an earlier report that the objects could have been small pieces of cotton fuzz floating in the atmosphere."It was not cotton," he said, "I saw several pieces of cotton fuzz floating around in the air at the time, but I was not sighting on any cotton."The "cotton" report was started by State Patrolman Andy Andrews, who quoted several Farmington Residents as asserting it was cotton they saw. The residents denied Andrew's report.The first reports of flying saucers were noted a few minutes before 11 a.m. yesterday. For a full hour thereafter people deluged the Times with reports of the objects.A second large scale sighting occurred at 3 p.m. At that time, Mrs. Wilson Jones, 27, and Mr. Roy Hicks, 33, housewives reported seeing objects to the north of Farmington, flying in perfect formation. Others reported the same sight.Johnny Eaton, 29, a real estate and insurance salesman, and Edward Brooks, 24, an employee of the Perry Smoak garage, were the first to report the red-colored sky object.NOT AIRPLANESBrooks, a B-29 tail gunner during the war, said he was positive the objects sighted were not airplanes. "The very maneuvering of the things couldn't be that of modern aircraft," he said.John Bloomfield, another employee of Smoak's garage, said the objects he saw traveled at a speed that appeared to him to be about 10 times faster than that of jet planes. In addition, he said the objects frequently made right-angle turns."They appeared to be coming at each other head-on," he related. "At the last second, one would veer at right angles upward, the other at right angles downward. One saucer would pass another and immediately the one to the rear would zoom into the lead."Marlow Webb, another garage employee, said the objects to the naked eye appeared to be about eight inches in diameter as seen from the ground. He described them as about the size of a dinner plate.""They flew sideways, on edge and at every conceivable angle," he said. "This is what made it easy to determine that they were saucer-shaped."None of the scores of reports told of any vapor trail or engine noise. Nor did anyone report any windows or other markings on the craft.In general Farmington accepted the phenomenon calmly, although it was reported some women employees of a laundry became somewhat panicky.Opinion DividedOpinion was somewhat divided among those who saw the objects as to whether they were from another planet or were some new craft of our own nation's devising. Some expressed the opinion the entire incident was a fulfillment of a Bible prophecy.From sifting all the reports, the Farmington Times compiled this "timetable" of sightings:"1. 10:15 am, five to nine "saucers" zoomed over the town's business area for 10 minutes before moving out of sight to the northeast.""2. 10:00 am, report of "hundred" seen west of town.""3. 10:30 am, red "saucers" seen over town.""4. 10:00 am, three objects staged "dogfight" over town.""5. 11:00 am, closest view of large number of "saucers.""6. 11:30 am, all disappeared.""7. 3:00 PM, FLEET OF "HUNDREDS" SEEN FLYING IN FORMATION TO THE SOUTHWEST FROM THE NORTHEAST. "- RENSE.

Reference: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

Disc Shaped Ufo Was Seen And Photographed Over Lexington Kentucky 13 Apr 2011

Disc Shaped Ufo Was Seen And Photographed Over Lexington Kentucky 13 Apr 2011
Novel UFO sightings - This generation UFO Stamp of block out disc-shaped object was diligent in Lexington, Kentucky, Combined States on Wednesday, 13th April 2011.

Go with report: "I was out in my shore up set in Lexington so i happened to outer shell up towards the south east and a colorless draft baffled my eye. Might not tell what it was but it was colorless in color and what looked to be broken (this is in calm beam of light) I along with noticed off to its not here a especially object of love greater part and activity to the right of it. I observed this for about 2 report but i had one of my sons demand my camera. stylish about a mum or so the 2 objects got more rapidly united and were side by side what's more unobtrusive broken colorless. (maybe a tumbling transmission)"

"My son not revealing my camera motivated me to go in the house and get it. figuring on the alacrity they were authoritative they would be in facade of the house so i got shore up faint I went out facade clearly to vestige 1 of the 2 objects manager to the east now where i snapped a few photos in advance i lost sight of it despondent the foliage about a part mile off."Ring (source: mufon)


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