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Ufology Salt Lake City Ut Family Has Ufo Sighting And Alien May 9 2010

Ufology Salt Lake City Ut Family Has Ufo Sighting And Alien May 9 2010
"A Salty Lake City, UT, associates watched and chased a shape-shifting UFO that turned clothed in a impartially odd "FLYING HUMANOID" sighting in the night sky on May 9, 2010, according to invoice from the Mutual UFO Feed (MUFON) demonstration reporting database.

The Mothers Day picnic started out impartially normal, amid the performance of an "DIFFERENT SMOKESCREEN" program on the BIO channel.

But normalcy dormant previously the begin and son noticed an object in the sky that appeared to be shape jerky.

"It appeared to be a kite and then it looked the same as a hang glider then previously it was emergence a metamorphose label west at an angle I saw wings or strong points in the swallow and it was the same as it was shape jerky," the reporting demonstration stated. "It was troubled shapes as it was attraction."

One of the witnesses attempted to photograph the object, but afterward whispered the photos did not features the same as what they were seeing.

As the object stirred out cold, quite a few of the associates members gave persecute.

"To the same extent I spotted it appearing in our come first of following it, at become old it appeared to wear wings of quite a few demonstrative and the curious relative amount of it was previously it ascended immediately up it did a loop and it appeared to wear WINGS the same as the Nazca Condor."

While they watched the object, a jet appeared that seemed to be following the object.

"My dad whispered it looked the same as an OV-10 but he wasn't sure and told me to features it up. The plane that flew by it had a two contrails expectations out of it, so from that evidence deserted it had two engines and he whispered it control of been on OV-10 for example of how slow-going it was. At rest, it did begin the same as a inspection aircraft of quite a few demonstrative."

The object then seemed to move in a revolving way, and whichever appeared at this plan to wear wings.

"I labeled it as a flying humanoid as well for example of the stream it stirred and the shape jerky that it was perform. Beginning I seen videos of these "FLYING HUMANOIDS" shape jerky. But this was a stumpy alternating at the vastly time, past it appeared to wear spiked wings of quite a few demonstrative."

The reporting demonstration is hoping someone else in Salty Lake City watched the merriment.

--Please accord out my books at www.amazon.com, Dragons of Asgard & UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, by Scott C. Waring

Bill Clinton A Demand Des Aides Pour Enquter Sur Les Trangers Dossiers Ovni

Bill Clinton A Demand Des Aides Pour Enquter Sur Les Trangers Dossiers Ovni
Le 42`eme Pr'esident est apparu mercredi " Jimmy Kimmel Be a lodger ", il s'est entretenu en fin de soir'ee sur la vie extraterrestre dans l'univers et annotation une visite des extraterrestres pourrait apaiser les luttes internal organs `a Washington.

CLINTON EST CONVAINCU QUE SI LES 'eTRANGERS ONT FAIT VISITER LA TERRE, LA COOP'eRATION BIPARTITE `a WASHINGTON SERAIT INSTANTAN'eE. Arrange Clinton pense que nous ne sommes pas seuls. Dans une presence sur " Jimmy Kimmel Be a lodger ", Clinton a dit que quand il 'etait pr'esident, il a effectivement demand'e des aides fall enqu^eter avec le gouvernement, au sujet des ovnis.

La recherche n'a aucune preuve de E.T., Mais Clinton a dit qu'il ne serait pas exclu que les extraterrestres unaffected.

" Je ne serais pas surpris, " a-t-il dit. " J'esp`ere juste que ce n'est pas comme " Jour de l'Ind'ependance. " LE SUJET EXTRATERRESTRE A 'eT'e SOULEV'e PAR DE TALK-SHOW JIMMY KIMMEL, QUI A DIT QU'IL ALLAIT DEMANDER `a VOIR TOUS LES Collection SUR LES OVNIS S'IL DEVENAIT PR'eSIDENT.

La examination de la vie extraterrestre site lorsque Kimmel a d'eclar'e que s'il devenait ^etre le pr'esident, il demanderait imm'ediatement " `a voir tous les dossiers secrets sur les OVNIS. Avez-vous fait cela? " Demand'e Kimmel. " Sorte de " sourit Clinton.

CLINTON A DIT QU'IL A DEMAND'e Pour S'ASSURER QU'IL N'Y AVAIT PAS 'eTRANGERS `a LA Responsibility 51. Il dit avoir demand'e l'examen au d'ebut de son gleam mandat, apr`es " Neutrality Day " est sorti et le 50e anniversaire de l'accident pr'esum'e OVNI `a Roswell, NM, s'approcha. " D'abord, j'avais des gens qui allaient regarder les enregistrements sur la zone 51 fall s'assurer qu'il n'y avait aucun 'etranger l`a-bas ", a d'eclar'e Clinton, se r'ef'erant `a la wall top secr`ete d'une base de la Jump a'erienne du Nevada. " Mais il n'y a pas 'etrangers l`a-bas ", a dit Mme Clinton. " Quand Roswell est venu, je savais que nous obtiendrions gazillions de lettres, alors j'ai vu tous les papiers Roswell. Si vous avez vu qu'il y avait des 'etrangers l`a-bas, pourriez-vous nous heavy-going ? " Demand'e Kimmel. " Ouais ", a d'eclar'e Mme Clinton, en souriant. ALORS QUE RIEN N'eTAIT CONNU SUR LES OVNIS, CLINTON A DIT QU'IL EST CONNU QU'IL EXISTE D'AUTRES PLAN`eTES L`a-BAS QUI POURRAIT SOUTENIR LA VIE. " Alors, que savons-nous ? " L'ancien pr'esident a continu'e `a l'emission de mercredi store. " Nous savons qu'il y a des milliards d'etoiles et de plan`etes, litt'eralement, l`a. Et l'univers devient de plus ", a-t-il dit. " Au cours des deux derni`eres ann'ees, plus de 20 plan`etes ont 'et'e identifi'es en dehors de notre syst`eme solaire qui semble ^etre assez tenderloin de leurs soleils et assez unyielding qu'ils pourraient ^etre en mesure de soutenir une certaine forme de vie, il est donc plus ou moins susceptibles que nous sommes seuls. " Clinton a plaisant'e qu'une visite par des 'etrangers pourrait ^etre " la seule facon de nous unir dans cette incroyablement divise " monde. " S'ils sont l`a, nous pensons mieux la facon dont toutes les diff'erences entre les peuples de la Terre semblent petites si nous nous sentions menac'es par un envahisseur de l'espace. C'est toute la th'eorie de la " Journ'ee de l'Ind'ependance. " Bill le monde se r'eunit ". Main Imitate Anglais: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/bill-clinton-asked-aides-ufos-article-1.1745121

French Village Encounters A Surge Of Ufo Fanatics

French Village Encounters A Surge Of Ufo Fanatics
The mayor of Bugarach in France called in troops to secure the village from a rush of UFO and alien fanatics who are moving there for safety against what they believe is the end of the Earth, a news report said.

The small village of 189, located southwest of France on the peak of a mountain, called "Pic de Bugarach," has become the focal center of attraction ever since a local resident claimed to have witnessed alien activity.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the village dwellers allude to the peak of Pic de Bugarach as an "alien garage," or the hiding place of aliens who are waiting to take off and rescue human beings on the day of Armageddon, which marks the end of human civilization.

As a result, the village is gaining overwhelming attention and visits from New Age fanatics who believe the site will provide shelter from the catastrophe they expect in 2012.

The mayor, Jean-Pierre Delord, expressed deep concerns over the matter, saying that it will be difficult to maintain order among 10,000 people in a village of less than 200 residents.

SOURCEThe Korea Times, 24/12/2010

Sea Monster Tails Steamship From Jamaica To Cape Hatteras

Sea Monster Tails Steamship From Jamaica To Cape Hatteras


"Trenton Evening Times, Trenton New Jersey - 18 March 1908"

"Phosphorescent Monster Ate Bananas"

"March 13. At 8 p.m., Thursday, 22^0 06' north, longitude 74^0 21' west. One half mile off starboard bow sighted strange marine monster. It approached and followed ship all night. Friday at 9 a.m. monster crossed our bows. Passengers in a panic. Reduced speed to five knots"

- Extract from the log of the "Admiral Farragut".

Sitting in the doorway of his cabin, collarless and in his shirt sleeves, "Captain Mader" of the fruit steamer "Admiral Farragut", which arrived this week from Port Antonio [Jamaica], told the story:

"We picked the sea serpent up - or rather the monster picked us up - late Thursday night," said he. "I was on the bridge when one of the passengers, an elderly man, rushed up and excitedly called my attention to a phosphorescent light several miles astern. At first I thought it was a new submarine boat. As it came nearer we played the searchlight on it and could see that it was some strange sea monster."It seemed about 120 feet long and threshed its way through the rough sea at a fearful speed. All night long it followed the vessel and during that time most of the passengers and crew remained on deck. The phosphorescent glow of the monster lighted up the sea within a radius of fifty feet.

"On Friday morning about breakfast time the serpent swam within thirty feet of the starboard side. The creature resembled a huge boa constrictor, with the exception that its body was green. From its sides streamed seaweed and other marine growth.

"The monster raised its head several feet above the water. It had huge eyes projecting from the top of its head and two green horns that projected upward nearly five feet. The horns resembled large antennae and moved about continuously.

"Three times the serpent crossed our bows and fearing to run it down, I signalled the engineer to reduce speed to five knots an hour.

"Some of the persons on board thought the monster was hungry and we threw over several sacks of peanuts and a few bunches of bananas. When we arrived off Cape Hatteras late Friday the monster circled around and swam south...."


"We picked the sea serpent up - or rather the monster picked us up - late one night," said he. "I was on the bridge when one of the passengers, an elderly man, rushed up and excitedly called my attention to a phosphorescent light several miles astern. At first I thought it was a new submarine boat. As it came nearer we played the searchlight on it and could see that it was some strange sea monster.

"It seemed about 120 feet long and threshed its way through the rough sea at a fearful speed. All night long it followed the vessel and during that time most of the passengers and crew remained on deck. The phosphorescent glow of the monster lighted up the sea within a radius of fifty feet. What a "fearful speed" might be is unknown to me, but I would assume that it might be faster, at least, than the speed of the ship. The fact that the sea was lit up to a radius of 50 feet indicates that either the plankton were disturbed beyond the "sea serpent" by some means or that it possessed an extremely bright, artificial light source.

"On the next morning about breakfast time, the serpent swam within thirty feet of the starboard side. The creature resembled a huge boa constrictor, with the exception that its body was green. From its side streamed seaweed and other marine growth. Green is a color commonly found in water UFO cases. The snake-like movements of the object could be attributed to a cylindrical object with the water's movement distorting its shape into that of a snake.

"The monster raised its head several feet above the water. It had huge eyes projecting from the top of its head and two green horns that projected upward nearly five feet. The horns resembled large antennae and moved about continually. Five foot horns that resemble antennae are one thing, but to have them "moved about continually" seems more like a mechanical operation.

"Three times the serpent crossed our bows and fearing to run it down, I signaled the engineer to reduce speed to five knots an hour.

"Some of the persons on board thought the monster was hungry, and we threw over several sacks of peanuts and a few bunches of bananas. When we arrived off Cape Hatteras late that day the monster circled around and swam south." - "Oakland [California] Tribune, March 28, 1908."


Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Creatures of the Deep

Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Other Mystery Denizensof the Deep

Mirabilis: A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History"

Officials Suppress Ufo Nuclear Missile Site Ties

Officials Suppress Ufo Nuclear Missile Site Ties

By Bill Wickersham

To The Editor Columbia Daily Tribune


In September 2010, six former U.S. Air Force officers, ranging in rank from first lieutenant to full colonel, testified at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., regarding UFO-related observations and operational "shutdowns" of U.S. nuclear weapons sites in this country and abroad.

A few days ago, another former Air Force Minuteman nuclear missile launch officer, Capt. David Schindele, cited a 1966 UFO incursion at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., at which time he was warned by a superior officer never to speak of the incident again.

Capt. Schindeles testimony brings to mind the statement by the late U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper, who said of UFOs: "For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the U.S.A., our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public."...

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Reference: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Ufo Sightings In United States Ufos Is Seeing Believing

Ufo Sightings In United States Ufos Is Seeing Believing
I've had the fate to met and work plus Ted Loder in the previous on tons occassions, trendy CSETI trainings. He's a vigorous man, plus the nitty-gritty at the suitably point. He's got a accomplished spot of tomfoolery and enjoys life. He is highly convincing to the discovery of new walk off campaign and Steven can count himself happy to plague such a man assisting him. You can bump into a bit more than about him close to.

The entirely unfortunate thing in this article is that the fountain pen, considering more than, had to remark the Elapsed Passage practical show, "UFO Hunters" and the UFO Spasm jam. I'm so starving for articles that can show entirely openly jam...

Retired UNH trainer says the truth is out donate

For beings who may or may not plague visited Mud, aliens sure plague exhausted a lot of time in the universal eye.

The British Ministry of Provide for revealed this month that the person of reported UFO sightings donate rose to 135 last time from 97 in 2006.

History of reported sightings were released for the first time in 2007, including an records dating converse to 1998. Sightings were of shapes, lights and formations, according to British press reports.

Gift hasn't been a literal intensify in the Ally States, but last month, reports of a UFO sighting by more than than 30 people of Stephenville, Texas, completed national news. Territory, including a legalize authoritative, obstruct news raconteur and pilot made-up they saw a tall, come together object plus happy lights flying low and rashly.

Ted Loder, a earlier University circles of New Hampshire oceanography trainer, is a supporter plus the Startle VDT, which moving parts to think about evidence of extraterrestrial life. He lives at the end of a profanity main line in Barrington, constrained by wood wherever he says he has a clear hem in of the stars from the balcony.


(Replete Article: http://www.fosters.com)

Roswell New Mexico

Roswell New Mexico
From top to bottom bankroll do something quite a few wandering after a yearn hot summer. Ken and I are spending the week in New Mexico. We group to see quite a few cumbersome art, wait quite a few stunning photos and possibly see an alien. Our first deactivate was Roswell. I had an consideration that Roswell wasn't a very big local by the number of the dot on the map but I was very astounded when the plane landed at the Roswell Intercontinental Airport and the chief whispered we had to adjournment a few account for them to supply the Flight of stairs out. Stairs? What? Constructively, it was very soon a ascent, indoors the plane parking lot! The "grave" was a small terrace as well as a rental car counter, a pay describe and a one stall bathroom.

The town is very small and according to the grapevine beautiful penniless. If it wasn't for the UFO landing I doubt individual would stand perpetually heard of it. In fact the UFO tourist trade is doubtless a frugal diplomacy to their prudence.

Hand over isn't what on earth to do other than the few UFO tourist attractions and quite a few tasteless gift shops. We went to the UFO Museum which was very exciting. Ken was ahead of a "Devotee", I never gave it outlying thinking but they had quite a few believable info, pictures and stories. They moreover had one of the Colored Ponies from the Pursue of Colored Ponies http://www.trailofpaintedponies.com/tale-of-the-trail.php. It had been internal in the old report articles about he UFO landing in Roswell.

UFO Museum

Jovial Sight

Clean Information Paper Report on UFO Break down

Internal UFO Museum

Colored Pony

We moreover went to the Eccentric Responsibility someplace you can pay 3 per character to wait pictures of or as well as alien dummies. Vulgar yet very exotic and daylight, when in Roswell, why not.

It is attainment a trifling odd in hip


Whoa! To the same degree is that alien doing?

Looks thrill he has had a few to many beers

I continually knew he was a trifling latest

ET describe company

Unfortunately and outlying to the be disappointed of Ken you can't accurately go to the UFO crash site. In theory to the same degree it is on self-regulating land and the cattle farm landowner got tired of polite society impending onto his land. Hand over isn't aircraft a sign. I was very astounded, I figured communicate would be tours and a area under discussion exist, to the same degree that is normally how America rolls. Not aircraft a sign to wait a picture of. Hmmmm...makes you burst in on.

Dusk outdoor of Roswell

We were moreover eager to join the list breaking sky slump of Felix Baumgartner occasion we were hip but do to high winds it was late lamented. We did get to key quite a few of the Red Bull gathering that are staying in the enormously implant whilst.Post copyright 2012 Shawnee Franklin-Sharpe all custody shy.
Outing my website at www.shawneefranklinsharpe.com

Apollo 14 Moon Mission

Apollo 14 Moon Mission
On 6 Grand 1969, tersely after the dominant moon landing by Apollo 11, NASA crews for Apollo 13 and Apollo 14 missions known.Morally, had in the past been major that the Mercury hardened Alan Shepard would rank one of the neighboring moon flights. He had been in 1961 the first American in space, despite the fact that its ballistic weapon along with a Mercury-Redstone took 3 barely 15 proceedings and not be led now gang not far off from the Floor had, under this reason, the company of Apollo 14 half-jokingly as the first company out loud newcomers called. Shepard was due to his Meniere's syndrome, a throat blight intimidation, the fine art to fly has been discussed, but he could after vital ear surgical treatment to set of clothes thunderous anew.Shepard was first expected as commander of Apollo 13, at the accuse of Gordon Cooper, who was to come back the commander of Apollo 10 really been in the series. Thus, except, major to get that Shepard Apollo 14 was to endow with him leader time to arrangement. The rank of Apollo 13 went to it but not Cooper, but along with Jim Lovell, who had trained along with his company up gift for Apollo 14. Cooper finished NASA tersely thereafter.As a pilot of the rank classes of Apollo 14 Stuart Roosa was branched, which was aspect bias over Donn Eisele. Eisele had heard how Cooper for log jam company of Apollo 10 and hence would customarily have been despondent in the central company of Apollo 14.The lunar classes pilot Edgar Mitchell was after James McDivitt (who served as commander of Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 space count up to leader awake than Shepard) had turned down this install. Roosa and Mitchell were moreover from the fifth group of astronauts range and had not yet concluded a space flight.The log jam company were Eugene Cernan as commander, after Michael Collins had despondent the post, Ron Evans as pilot of the Apollo rank classes pilot, and Joe Engle as the lander.The suspend ding (suspend company) consisted of Bruce McCandless, William Pogue and Philip Chapman.Chapman was the first astronaut of the sixth range group, which was despondent for a ding. Pogue would be the last adherent of a suspend company, which was later than despondent for an Apollo flight: he started in 1973 along with the aim of Skylab 4.ls Fra Mauro moorland was sighted, which was alleged to be visited by Apollo 13. Gone a argument was solved along with the electrics of the Antares, a very all-embracing mechanical program was waiting for the astronauts. In rider to an elder ALSEP (Apollo Planetary Feature Experiments Packet), the ding had a book of smaller gauges in the bags. These includeda radio isotope generator (RTG)a peaceful seismic andan thunderous seismic experiment, explosives on fire now the moon's surfacea "Suprathermal Ion Detector" experiment to detect gasesa "Aloof Cathode Value" experiment to take action atmospheric pressurea "Charged Particle Planetary Territory" experiment, a print of mortara laser reflector for decisive the turn your back on in the middle of earth and moon (Satellite Laser Ranging)a "Planetary Mobile Magnetometer" experiment,a solar twist experimentas well as trappings to examination the moon's geology and the lunar rock.The first spacewalk (EVA) lasted 5.03 hours, the astronauts crumpled up in the central experiments. Into the back rest age Shepard and Mitchell took help of hammocks, which they hoisted the transfer landing and, at in short supply other significance, the perilously higher take it easy substantiate. The second happen the neighboring day was thought at the patronizing halt of the lunar opening Cone-shaped tool, who has an compelling diameter of 300 m and 40 m grumpy, to get rock samples. They reached the opening is not. The first time carried "Modular Materials Transporter" (MET), a non-powered hand motor vehicle was charisma produce the grumpy moon tidy trying and custody leader time and consideration than gasp air. In rider, the two astronauts were more or less in the south of their pour. In the four hours and 23 proceedings put the astronauts about three kilometers traveled increase to the moon.

A reproduction of the METWas tough by high-resolution images of the LROC put in Grand 2009 that, due to poor territory information to the opening rim at barely 30 m has-been.

lunar truth
moon landing
Out of the ordinary
end of the world
judgement day

The Mystery Of Planet X

The Mystery Of Planet X
No matter which odd is leaving on beyond Neptune, but Pluto is too fragile to go against. Era to name in the planet hunters, says Govert Schilling

Two living ago the solar system lost a planet. Pluto was deemed too a small amount to rank by the side of Mars, Jupiter and the rest, and was demoted to dwarf planet outlook. Pluto's fall from favour no more us next to only eight bona fide planets. But what the solar system has lost, Patryk Lykawka now hopes to talk.


Lykawka, an astronomer at Kobe Literary in Japan, suspects a ninth planet as heavy as Cut down is thrashing beyond Pluto. So far, this frosty "super-Pluto" has absentee gratitude. But not for much longer, Lykawka hopes. "In the field of five living or so, we chi advise for sure if it exists."


Lykawka has turn known of the existence of this planet gratitude to a reckon of perplexing skin in the Kuiper assault, a disc of icy debris in the external solar system, of which Pluto is one of the chief members. He is not preoccupied in lost in thought offer is several planet out offer. "Grant are go into liquidation proposals in the text," says Renu Malhotra at the Literary of Arizona in Tucson, "but Lykawka has complete a extra complete job. I return his representation indigence be unadulterated imperceptible discontent."


Supernatural up a new planet is a tried-andtested way of explaining perplexing notes. In the 19th century, Neptune's existence was predicted on the source of irregularities in the orbit of Uranus. A great deal consequent, American astronomer Percival Lowell idea that particular evolve glitches in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune control be caused by what he dubbed Lair X. In 1930, the search that Lowell initiated led to Clyde Tombaugh's discovery of Pluto.


The same as Pluto turned out to be much too abruptly to tug directly stacks at the two giant planets, the search began for other shadowy planets roving the pitch-black external regions of the solar system. More and more elegant notes suffer now revealed that offer is in fact not an iota peculiar in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, but accepted wisdom of frosty, faint planets quiet turn up to suffer proved irresistible. Big telescopes, supercilious detectors and extra complete surveys suffer so far grow up empty-handed, but none has really ruled out the emergency that offer is an indefinite planet dead on beyond observational dash. The hunt for Lair X is quiet on.


The evidence for Lair X treachery in the zone dead on beyond Neptune, which orbits the sun about 30 era as far outdated as Cut down. This is the derivation of the Kuiper assault, named after planetary scientist Gerard Kuiper, who speculated in 1950 that this zone necessitate to run a assault of debris no more over from the formation of the solar system. The first object in this zone was discovered in 1992 by Dave Jewitt and Jane Luu, enthusiastic at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii, and well over 1000 suffer been spotted to the same extent.


Still most of the well-defined Kuiper assault objects (KBOs) are blue extra than icy clumps a few hundred kilometres across, particular are as big as 1000 kilometres. The chief identified so far, called Eris, is 2400 kilometres across and is 27 per cent extra serious than Pluto. It was its discovery in 2003 by Mike Bronzed, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz enthusiastic at the Palomar Observatory that prompted the Large-scale Planetary Purchase to delineate the term "planet"


- a move that in pirouette led to Pluto's downgrading. Unspectacular as they are, it was clues from this horde of asleep chunks that put planet hunters make on the sniff. The first imply comes from the tersely mocking external lean of the Kuiper assault, particular 50 piercing units from the sun (1 AU being the divorce in the midst of the sun and the Cut down, about 150 million kilometres). At this parallel with the ground, well-defined as the Kuiper crag, the reckon of KBOs drops stunningly. Addition, the assault itself contains be equal with populations of icy rocks next to at smallest possible three very manifest orbits. No matter which be supposed to suffer sculpted the assault, says Lykawka, and that no matter which control well be Lair X.


We advise from Saturn's costume jewelry that later a ring of abruptly orbiting objects has a mocking, well- gravitational carry out of a heavy object orbiting evolve out. Can a go into liquidation phenomenon, on a generously proportioned amount, suffer twisted the Kuiper cliff? Mario Melita at Sovereign Mary Literary of London and Adrian Brunini at the Municipal Literary of La Plata in Argentina argued in 2002 that it may perhaps. They future the existence of a Lair X at smallest possible as serious as Mars and particular 60 AU from the sun (New Scientist, 14 December 2002, p 30). But two living consequent, later Melita looked extra firmly, he discovered a back. Feat next to astronomers at the Literary of London and Queen's Literary Belfast, he found that his future Lair X may perhaps not get to the bottom of all of the Kuiper belt's difficult skin.


Lykawka has now followed this up next to a computer pretentiousness which shows that a serious planet so compact to the Kuiper crag would figure extra of a turmoil amid numerous other objects in the Kuiper assault than is in fact the case.


And that's not all. A variety of of the icy debris in the Kuiper assault goes in this area the sun in step next to Neptune. Pluto is a foremost example: in the time it takes Neptune to orbit the sun three era, Pluto has gone in this area double up


- it is "in firm" next to the planet. Lykawka has outdated that the treat gravitational tug of a Lair X of the concerned not compulsory by Melita and Brunini would smear this elastic orbital remainder and would research far a smaller amount stuffed KBOs than the reckon we really see. "My simulations ruled out numerous other Lair X proposals too," says Lykawka, who out of his PhD research at Kobe Literary last rendezvous. "None of them is exchangeable next to what we advise about the dynamics of the Kuiper assault."


On the contrary, the draw of an faint external planet proved too strong for Lykawka to put off the trail. A extra frosty Lair X control yet get to the bottom of other strange skin in the Kuiper assault, together with a group of objects here the heart unattached of the assault that suffer benevolently prolonged orbits and revolve round the sun at an conundrum angle.


The odd behaviour of particular bodies expected evolve out than the heart Kuiper assault to boot ask explaining. Accommodate Sedna, an object over 1000 kilometres across whose stretched-out orbit takes it 975 AU from the sun prior swooping make in to 76 AU. Sedna is not the only "unconcerned" object


- one that never comes compact to Neptune at all - so may perhaps a party Lair X suffer set them on their odd paths, and to boot announcement for the other Kuiper assault oddities? Lykawka teamed up next to his teammate Tadashi Mukai to find out. "I idea it would be undemanding," he says, "but it wasn't." Using largescale computer simulations, the pair worked out the trip that Lair X would ask to suffer conquered to formulate all the well-defined properties of the Kuiper assault. Our best theories of the in advance life of the solar system embody that dozens of growing planets twisted much closer to the sun, from the colliding and clumping of numerous smaller bodies. Supreme of these Mars or Earthsized objects evolve coalesced hip the giant planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which lastly migrated outdated from their mother country in this area the sun. Gravitational exchanges next to the hatchling giants would suffer flung others


- together with Lykawka and Mukai's Lair X - hip frosty orbits. According to their model, Lair X was expelled by a countrified Neptune hip an prolonged orbit in the external reaches of the solar system. Grant its pomp and circumstance encouraged up the Kuiper assault and swept unattached of it innovative of debris, creating the Kuiper crag. The flicker produce in the orbital history that Lykawka and Mukai intimate for their Lair X to boot has it family in granted theories of planetary flight. Tens of millions of living after Neptune twisted, its gravitational associations next to debris in the external solar system caused the planet to drift down uninterestingly outwards. As it migrated, it captured and swept up KBOs hip stuffed orbits. This way is generally deliberate to be the best explanation for the existence of heavy populations of KBOs, together with Pluto, that are stuffed next to Neptune.


The X contraption According to Lykawka, Neptune's flight short of Lair X hip a frosty, stuffed orbit. By settling hip an intermediate orbit of in the midst of 100 and 170 AU from the sun, Lair X was far stacks outdated to research most other objects in stuffed orbits blas, yet compact stacks for its pomp and circumstance to figure the unconcerned general public of objects have a desire for Sedna.


Finally, Lykawka and Mukai imagine the especially exceptional gravitational exchanges that shape the orbits of abruptly moons in this area planets played a big unattached in the increase of Lair X's orbit. These exchanges were found in 1962 by the Japanese astronomer Yoshihide Kozai later he was looking at the orbits of asteroids. He showed that a group of heavy objects all orbiting in the especially plane can make an inventory the trip of a smaller object and fashion it extra sphere-shaped. This would get to the bottom of why Lair X no longer approaches the Kuiper assault.


Currently Lykawka's Lair X would clutch someplace in the midst of 1000 and 2500 living to unskilled one orbit of the sun, compared to Pluto's 248 living. It would never get any closer to the sun than 80 AU, and its orbital mania may perhaps be as much as 40 degrees from the plane occupied by the obvious planets.


So may perhaps Lykawka and Mukai's planet get to the bottom of outdated the Kuiper belt's architecture? Possibly. "It is rational, from the dynamical parallel with the ground of enfold," says Malhotra, an carry out on planetary flight. "Their design is not effortlessly free of harms, but it has particular sum strengths. I am very breed to this representation."


Jewitt to boot thinks the representation is rational, time he has particular suspicions. "The nursing is we are so unused of the external solar system that numerous things turn up rational, expected if they are not authentic."


Other dynamicists are extra mortal. The same as Lykawka free his representation at the annual tell of the American Planetary Society's Burst of Astral Sciences last October, Alessandro Morbidelli from the C^ote d'Azur Observatory in Pleasurable, France, dismissed the sole representation as contrived. "Lykawka didn't warning that he is forcing the behaviour of the planet to similar what he requirements."


Morbidelli's teammate Hal Levison from the Southwest Campaign Vertical in Kernel, Colorado, agrees. "Lykawka sculpts the Kuiper assault by heartbreaking and pushing his planet in this area by hand. I don't imagine that it may perhaps suffer happened in the way he describes."


Morbidelli, Levison and two of their colleagues suffer full-grown a curiously be equal with theory for the solar system's in advance history. Called the Pleasurable model, after the French town wherever it originated, it envisages Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune being twisted much closer fixed than they are today, in orbits that suffer tainted over time, finally triggering a series of over-the-top apprehension and furious collisions that another the orbits of the four heavy planets down in the dumps next to a choice of asteroids and ice dwarfs.


They purpose it really explains the orbits of the giant planets, the existence of asteroids that branch Jupiter's trip in this area the sun, and a furious stage called the "late dormant bombardment" that afflicted the internal solar system particular 700 million living after it twisted (New Scientist, 28 November 2006, p 40 ).


In a new, as yet unpublished paper, Levison, Morbidelli and their colleagues to boot conjure up the Pleasurable model to get to the bottom of the properties of the Kuiper assault weak spot the ask for a Lair X


(www.arxiv.org/abs/0712.0553 ). According to their theory, the disc of gas and tidy from which the first icy planetesimals twisted was abruptly and had a mocking external lean, by chance the work out of a fleeting quality direct up tangible. The Kuiper assault twisted and along with consequent lingering as a sole gratitude to the gravitational equipment of the migrating giant planets, they say. Levison and Morbidelli recognize that their model has its own harms. It calculates that most objects in the Kuiper assault indigence suffer orbits harsh out far evolve than notes show, and it has superiority office for well-defined objects next to acutely slanted orbits. The company set of scales these modest points, up till now. "We return that the list of successes of our model outweighs the harms that keep telling," they say.


Levison dismisses as "unphysical" the representation that a planet partially as serious as Cut down sculpted the Kuiper assault, arguing that offer would suffer been a make opinion from the giant ring of icy debris which would suffer pulled Lair X from the orbit that Lykawka and Mukai ensure. "The planet indigence end up in a sphere-shaped orbit at under than 7 billion kilometres (50 AU) from the sun," Levison says.


Lykawka is undeterred by Levison and Morbidelli's criticisms. "Diverse of their interpretation are primitive too mortal and disproportionate," he says. "I'm thought expected extra sensible simulations to investigation this in extra detail."


So does Lair X impartial exist? Bronzed points out that his hunt for heavy KBOs is far from unskilled. "Can Lykawka's planet be out offer and suffer been missed? Logically," he says. Jewitt agrees. "Definite the spottiness and the shortage of published robust sky surveys, one may perhaps put near enough doesn't matter what in the external solar system and it would suffer absentee gratitude until now."


Excellent complete surveys on the horizon indigence catch these fears. Sympathetic, wide-field telescopes such as Pan- STARRS in Hawaii, the Locate Tube Drop in Arizona, and the Significant Synoptic Look at Drop in Chile chi afterward bear the skies, forsaking no quality or space rock unturned.


"I'm always a big fan of theories have a desire for Lykawka's," says Bronzed, "bluntly in the same way as they live on to trade in the whim that we control find no matter which big everywhere out offer. But if big surveys have a desire for Pan-STARRS don't find such a thing, I return it chi suffer to be disorderly."


As customarily, it chi be astronomers who spread the final statement. "The same as we've complete a suitable all-sky investigate, we'll advise whether or not this Mars-like nature exists in the type of orbit Lykawka describes," says Jewitt. "And that chi be that - end of story."


Box -- Lair X: what to show for Patryk Lykawka and Tadashi Mukai's Lair X is a "super-Pluto" finished up of ice and rock. It has a dead body in the midst of 30 and 70 per cent that of Cut down, but chi be much under inscrutable, bending it a go into liquidation diameter to our own planet's


- most likely in the midst of 10,000 and 15,000 kilometres. At 100 to 170 AU from the sun, the sum of bake and light plummeting on the planet would be enormously abruptly so the planet would be flat tire asleep. Life would be excruciating on such a frosty world.


Would Lair X ratify as a bona fide planet, according to the set of laws of the Large-scale Planetary Union? In all probability. It orbits the sun, it would be big stacks to be circular under its own pomp and circumstance, and it near enough certainly has stacks dead body to suffer swept debris from the neighbourhood in this area its orbit. The solar system may suffer nine planets after all.



(c) Govert Schilling

Highlights From The 62210 Bolingbrook Trustee Meeting

UFO Receiver Athletic Cane TO Dramatic piece AT BOLINGBROOK'S 4TH OF JULY Observation

BY Raconteur X

The Gloomy Way Spectacle Trippers, an interstellar in-flight energetic mob, will be performance at the Bolingbrook 4th of July golden jubilee.

Mayor Roger Claar ready the announcement inside the June 22nd woodland kindred parliament.

"These relatives put on an breathtaking show." held Claar. "I can't open describe it. I obtain the term I obtain offspring relatives force use is 'gnarly to the max huge.' I'll have to ask my offspring if that was the state term."

Konbonic, Vital Way of thinking of the MWST, thanked Claar for melt his mob to play a part over Bolingbrook. Konbonic after that announced that one of his pilots would move the Deterministic Wind. According Konbonic, a pilot will travel off his relativistic compensators and call for somebody earlier after that the rush of light. The craft will after that take precedence backwards in time after that ring as regards and clatter sooner than itself in the before.

"Ever since the craft is later the laws of relativity, it will have to clatter sooner than itself in a way that allows it to pay tribute to flying, and chock-a-block the ring. Its our way of coaching new the entrance is routinely fixed."

Claar expressed outfit about the dupe, proverb that he knew of instances wherever the entrance had been tainted. He cited the Bolingbrook Animation War as an advocate.

Konbonic held that it is that you can think of alter to alter the entrance but you can't alter hyper-time.

Claar indolent him. "Temporal workings gives me a stomach-ache."

Konbonic stable the corporation that all collateral would be unavailable. Absolutely bit this will be the first time they've attempted the Deterministic Wind, he was sure it would work.

The mob will play a part over the Bolingbrook Golf Batter inside the pinwheel splash, which is inherent to grounds as regards 9:15 PM. The spacecraft will be roundabout, but Clow UFO Foundation will be acquaint with special goggles to their alien guests.

Trustee Patricia E. Schanks asked if there would be a special cherish for any human who happens to see the performance UFOs.

"They'll get a special go with from The Men in Down." Replied Claar.

BCTV PERFORMS Constraint Break Cut OF JUNE 22ND Back issue

Bolingbrook Native Scrutinize producers prolifically condensed out classified subject from the 6/22/10 come out of the trustee parliament.

Measure thanking the corporation for recognition his new refectory a liquor charter, the container held that he was leave-taking to have "alien nights" as his way of thanking Bolingbrook's extraterrestrial guests. The corporation directly gasped in shock.

"You can't do that!" Exclaimed Claar. Claar explained that a surgery exterior of Clow UFO Foundation cannot grant any special navy to extraterrestrials weakening correct from The New Concept Arrange. Claar held that now Precincts 613 has correct.

"Reasonable encouragement careful food and careful munchies, and the aliens will globule by." Assumed Claar.

Producer Andy C. Conrad now had seconds to engrave out the subject yet to be it reached the live food.

"No one believes "The Babbler"." Assumed Conrad. "But anybody believes what they see on BCTV."

Lester held he activated the black box, a special computer used to spin video feeds yet to be they're sent out live.

"I was in such a rush that I didn't protest to scrutinize at what replacement discourse I privileged. I presume it wasn't the one wherever it makes the announce grant special discounts to official people."

The food was another, and The Men in Down another the refectory owner's evoke so it would wild animals the live food. No one would say what story was sent out over the food.

"I'm sincerely upbeat I saved the day." Assumed Conrad. "But I'm not looking hand out to the Men in Black investigating me. I find out they perfectly penury to combined sure we didn't dishonest the black box for hidden pencil in."


No one was bewildered gone George Smith, one-time part of a set of The populace for a Make public Bolingbrook, asked the trustees questions. Observers were confused gone two trustees answered his questions inside the exact parliament.

Kinship Cyberneticist Claude credits a software elaborate to the trustee's AI program.

"In the past, it would resist until the bordering parliament for a trustee for a trustee to chaise longue an express." Assumed Claude. "Absolutely after that we'd have to be there for dictate it to combined sure it was an express Roger would decide of. Now we're terse loads to let them express questions at the parliament."

Claude held that extraordinary votes versus Claar are while that you can think of, but hardship while be a rare occasion.

On every occasion asked to say, Claar replied, "I'd fairly opinion for your photographer than entrust any responsibility to the chat that my trustees are robots!"

Smith could not be reached for say.

Then in "The Babbler":

Experts: Bolingbrook may someday discern million meeting progress

Naperville vet gives cat bionic claws

Evanston anti-vaccination trainer dies of rabies.

God to hew Bolingbrook on 7/2/10

Call note: All articles on this site are workings of fabrication.

Oval Shaped Ufo With Bright Pink Ring And Neon Blue Center Over With Orange California

Oval Shaped Ufo With Bright Pink Ring And Neon Blue Center Over With Orange California
Date: January 31, 2012Time: 12:51 a.m. I was asked to send an e-mail to you by an nameless headquarters. At 12:51 midnight, January 31, 2012 I stumped the sight of a UFO in the night sky. It was oval created. It had a swift blushing sound next to a neon blue center. It shot down over the civil of Yellowish-brown, California and moreover it reserve in mid air, not a infiltration for about 10 seconds and moreover it took off once again and abruptly vanishing. I got to tell you that I organize never seen whatsoever have this. I'd never dent I'd acquaintance a sighting. I dent that I would a minute ago decent discover or translate about them. I unsmiling to go online to see if a person else noticed. I without delay blogged about it on Facebook. Hopefully society saw what I saw. Gripping thing is, I felt have I was being watched in advance I saw it. I felt have I had to normal down in the dumps me and acquaint with it was high in the night sky. Let me distinguish if you distinguish whatsoever too. Thank you. If you organize seen whatsoever have this in the incredibly area petition be tolerance lots to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" next to the details of your sighting. "All recurring information is set aside personal."

"The Vike Itemize (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Kenneth Arnold And The Pelicans

Kenneth Arnold And The Pelicans
Bona fide UFO researcher Jerome Clark coined an epithet for nation who are incredulous about predestined UFO sightings that ufologists conduct authentic: pelicanistsMr. Clark's fifty pence piece comes about like one ufologist (James Easton) had the temerity to aim Kenneth Arnold's famous flying saucer sighting of June 24th, 1947 was of pelicans.(Mr. Clark and other ufologists ruminate Arnold greatly saw alien spaceships. We've optional prevented that Arnold saw a flock of Flotilla test airplanes flying out of Whidbey Air Defend in Washington Point out.)Here is a drawing that Arnold made of his sighting:Here is Delivery magazine's paraphrase of the Arnold sighting:And in the vicinity of is a future clone of what Arnold says he saw - we don't come together why Arnold unlike his mention):And in the vicinity of are a few pictures of pelicans in flight:And in the vicinity of is a map of pelican evacuation patterns:Any, Emerge Rainier (in the Cascades) is part to warm up inversions, in addition in the middle of the winter congenial and summer harden (June).Temperature changes at diverse bulk altitudes causes inversions (with he warm air bumps up opposed to pockets of colder air), distorting observations feathers nation inversions.Here are two photos of Emerge Rainier in June, once weather fronts that reminisce inversions:So nevertheless Jerry Clark, whom we prize and go by, has bent a bon mot for the UFO agnostic - a feather that minor-league UFO lights repeatedly bind - in the Arnold case, the movement that he (Arnold) saw a pack of pelicans, and mistook them for supersonic aircraft of alien design is not out of the skepticism.

Credit: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

New York Ufo Revisited This Time Over Richmond Virginia Us Oct 16 And 17Th 2010

New York Ufo Revisited This Time Over Richmond Virginia Us Oct 16 And 17Th 2010
New York UFO Revisited This Whilst Inert Richmond, Virginia, US Oct 16 and 17th, 2010Offering were three UFOs in New York, El Paso-Texas, Phoenix-Arizona, Portland int. airport, Oregon, North London-UK, Italy and now three once more in Richmond, Virginia, USOn Saturday October 16th - The story begins at Concentrated Rice.... it normally does. A loud 'Yo you've got to see this shit' gathered cover and the mass promptly loomed as all eyes were to the skies late Saturday. Specific saw the craft in the sky as triangular and others assumption circular. One thing is for swayed... it had 3 lights. The object obviously reappeared as the first clip of this video occurred at 2:30AM. Sunday night organize was a new craft. The very alive light danced unpredictably spanning the sky. This time, still, we captured the fire in the sky next to an HD camera. SourceDown below is interesting Richmond Virginia, US UFO Detection Oct 16, 2010 video :CBS 6 News - UFO over Richmond Virginia, US Oct 16, 2010

Astrophysicists Do Not Believe In The Approach To Earth 3 Giant Ufo

Astrophysicists Do Not Believe In The Approach To Earth 3 Giant Ufo

affiliate program

Message that the Earth approaching three giant alien ship, disturbed many people. These three UFOs found in the vast universe within the organization SETI. However, many scholars have questioned the existence of these space objects based on their simple calculations.

affiliate program

affiliate program

For example, the giant planet Jupiter is 11 times larger than the diameter of Earth, but if viewed through a telescope, even the most powerful, the planet will be visible to a small pea. Open space alien ships are now far beyond Pluto, but employees of the organization SETI could consider them, even their uniforms.

If they are examined, it turns out that these objects have an incredible size, which should exceed our Sun. Astrophysicists believe that the authors of the "sensational" have no idea about the size of the solar system.

affiliate program

By Hades

By Hades
"In short, taking pics of UFOs is hard."

... which is why there were so many more of them when fewer people had cameras with them all the time? I'm not sure I understand your argument here.

How many of the UFO pics taken before the explosion of digital photography were taken with zoom lenses and/or tripods? In what way was it easier to take those photos before?

Come to think of it, what we have now is a lot more photos of "orbs", which is what I'd expect to see from more people having flash cameras in general. And the ubiquity of video cameras gets us an increase in videos of "rods". So, yeah, I think we might actually be seeing the raw number of photos of certain types of UFOs which can be easily explained as camera artifacts going up.

Perhaps we're seeing fewer photos like the "Spaceman" because a lot of the people who have cameras now also have Photoshop (or equivalent), and can adjust the levels to make it obvious that the alien in the background is actually their over-exposed wife standing on a hidden berm and looking away from the camera "they take it to the local paper. And, uh, also there aren't really all that many local papers any more.

Origin: lights-in-sky.blogspot.com

Ufos Do Not Attempt To Save People

Ufos Do Not Attempt To Save People
Apparently God intervened on behalf of the Hebrew peoples for instance they were miscellaneous by the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses, as recounted in Exodus of The Old Gravestone.

But that's been about it.

God didn't impede development pogroms, and wasn't visible inside their attempted obliteration by Hitler.

And what about the certain district Indians of the Americas who were massacred by Spanish conquistadors and colonial settlers?

Everywhere was God then?

But what about UFOs? Everywhere were they, and where are they inside assaults on humankind?

Level if one discounts ahead of time ancient times references to unusual aircraft in the skies over Hangout, one can't bequeath the not to be trusted accounts of UFOs inside recent wars (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, et cetera) nor their understood manifestation inside the devastation of peoples by marauding armies (as in Pottery inside the Mao time) or Darfur (today).

UFOs, what God, do not arbitrate in catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes, and the what) and UFOs do not hazard to save inhabitants in heartrending occurrence.

They do clang harmlessly and erratically but for no clear theorize and to no human avail.

And what does this plague to do amongst Stanton Friedman? Faint, Mr. Friedman is the classic extraterrestrial ufologist: he believes UFOs are circle from other worlds, amongst purposes overseas (hence far) by human beings.

Mr. Friedman, what the Hebrews after Exodus and the Darfurians now, hopes that UFOs moral fiber save mankind from itself we're guessing, or UFOs moral fiber contribute an epiphany of a few sympathetic for Earthlings.

But that dream is what went by the pavement for the Mongolians and Tibetans as they were being slaughtered by their Chinese neighbors, as it has for multiple peoples of the World who plague been subjected to cruelties and enormous inhumanities in the further era, for instance UFOs are understood to undeniably exist, by way of the evidence, as cited by Mr. Friedman (and others).

And UFOs, if one accepts their all-pervading manifestation from 1947 to today, plague not, artificial and, it seems, moral fiber not attach to, a personality that command make less burdensome human judgment.

What does that say about the bulk of the mystery, the UFO coordinator or hope against hope for being surrounding, or appearing here?

God is subsequent to or lifeless (according to Nietzsche and Richard Elliott Friedman - no attach to Stanton - in The Indiscernible Character of God).

And UFOs? They are as moribund as God, for all dexterous purposes.

Stanton Friedman? Glowing and well, but not about to plague a UFO shock we're ashamed to tell him.

Why First Contact Should Reach The Entire Planet

Why First Contact Should Reach The Entire Planet
It's the classic UFO mythology: the government involved in a contact conspiracy with extraterrestrials. Decisions are made behind closed doors. The future of the human race is held in the hands of a powerful few. Why is this such a worry for people? Perhaps because it violates something important to all of us: the right of discovery and knowledge. Discovery is a basic part of the human condition. The pursuit of knowledge is the practice that leads to discovery. We have a fundamental right to pursue knowledge and learn more about our world, no matter how large it may be, and no matter how little of it we have thus far discovered.First Contact must be a hello for the entire world, free of government constrictions and government self-interest. This isn't to say government is not part of the process. But it should be a transparent process where governments act as facilitators.I have spoken of the need to control the information flow in the years after First Contact. So, how do these two ideas coexist? The control of technological and scientific information is critical to make sure our paradigms don't collapse overnight. There will have to be careful thought into how we acquire new technological knowledge and how we fit our scientific practices to a new view of the universe. This can be done in an open and transparent fashion. Government should simply help bring the most important parties together: researchers, academics, and the leaders of scientific associations. These experts should decide how new information should be released and perhaps most importantly how humans can continue to learn and make their own discoveries while encountering this vast sea of knowledge, brought to us by other civilizations.The people of the planet Earth have a right to an honest, open First Contact. It should be a positive welcome to the entire Human race. Now granted, this assumes a lot. If the extraterrestrial beings are aggressive or threatening there is no doubt that government would assume control of the situation, and few would question this reaction. However, if an extraterrestrial civilization presents itself in a positive and non-threatening manner, government agencies should stay on the periphery and let First Contact happen organically. It would be undoubtedly the most important event in human history. Don't we have a basic right to an honest and open hello?First Contact Extraterrestrial Alien Proposal Idea Hello Introduction Space Visitors

Reference: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Emmaus Pennsylvania On November 2Nd 2013 Saw Reddish Orange Sphere

Ufo Sighting In Emmaus Pennsylvania On November 2Nd 2013 Saw Reddish Orange Sphere

Saw reddish-orange sphere, while walking about 8 PM, hovering with brightness varying slightly in eastern sky. No movement at all. Watched it a minute or two, then walked under some trees and saw that it was gone when I saw open sky again.


Credit: MUFON

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A Resource For Ufo Sightings Overlooked By Aficionados Of The Phenomenon

A Resource For Ufo Sightings Overlooked By Aficionados Of The Phenomenon
Intellectually scourged "assiduous" Immanuel Velikovsky adult a theory about how our planetary (solar) system and Place were produced and wounded person to catastrophes that were recorded by humans in many histories and bury, such as The Bible, (Asian) Indian hymns and stories, Greek myths, Egyptian hieroglyphic rest, Homer, and many, many expand ancient accounts.

His theory may be found in two bury, "Worlds in Racket" [1950] and "Place in Effervescence" [1955].

Science has eschewed Velikovsky's theory, but his insights rasp popping up as NASA and cosmologists consider the planets in our system.

To the same degree Velikovsky insisted that astrophysical happenings were what humans saw and recorded, one can phrase on show his interpretations to isolate what can be UFO sightings.

For lawsuit, this...

In The Borough of God by Augustine it is written:

"From the book of Marcus Varro, entitled Of the Silhouette of the Roman Associates, I implicate counsel for counsel the observation instance: impart occurred a infrequent celestial portent; for Castor credentials that in the engorge attribute Venus, called Vesperugo by Plautus, and the pleasing Hesperus by Homer, impart occurred so weird a fact, that it diverse its color, portliness, form, course, which never happened in advance nor what. Adrastus of Cyzicus and Dion of Naples, famous mathematicians, understood this occurred in the family of Ogyges'" ["Worlds in Racket", A Delta Believe, 1965, Piece 158]

Velikovsky supplemented his theory in gone books, "Oedipus and Akhnaton" [1960], "Peoples of the Sea", "Ages in Tumult", "Ramses II and his Age", and "Mortal Amnesia".

Astronomers ended it a notify to vanquish Velikovsky's views and stand been rather flourishing.

But that's not what we have got to be troubled in.

Our allure is in the cited bury and accounts that band to be sightings of UFOs.

Velikovsky's books hand sources that sphere in ways that muscle - "might!" - boost Previous Astronaut theories.

The difference is that Velikovsky's "earth-shattering" intrusions don't corrupt in or associate in humans; his happenings pause observational, not intercessional.

Equally, many of Velikovsky's cited happenings were eschewed, it seems, by the Vallee/Aubeck book, "Wonders in the Sky", maybe in the role of Chris Aubeck's starting place backdrop (Yahoo Magonia X) for many of the sightings in his and Vallee's book was precise by the maneuverings of UFO stalwarts such as Jerry Clark, who engaged sightings and source put up to his (Clark's) persist of the UFO phenomenon.

I smell you get your hands on Velikovsky's books. Escape the earth-shattering theory if you delight - a slip-up, as I see it - and cull the happenings that bespeak UFOs in living of old.

If UFOs were as anticyclone as they give the impression that to stand been, their termination belies current hypotheses about military misidentifications, mental aberrations, or moving by entities out to perplex developed the populace.

The glow and learning of Dr. Velikovsky fortitude convey you, in a sum of ways; that is undoubted.


Underground Cities Found On Mars Nov 2014 Ufo Sighting News

Underground Cities Found On Mars Nov 2014 Ufo Sighting News
Distinguish of discovery: November 24, 2014Standpoint of discovery: MarsNASA source: http://ida.wr.usgs.gov/fullres/complete/ab1014/ab101406.jpgDivine intervention its real structures: 95%This is inexperienced photo from the Mars Global Voyager assignment from put money on in 1996. I enjoy seen these cozy up to areas of land in the past. They were on the moon in craters not one time but hundreds. This is a fake Mars appearance for underside the appearance cities. The roof recurrently comes in clear, partially clear, grey and regular black squares, but are never respectable undo squares. For example makes this one abnormal is that the land area unruffled has the Mars dust/dirt on it, everyplace I enjoy never seen this cessation roof appearance in the past, although the design is the same. For a desire time I understood and unruffled do that these roofs in the same way symbolize lettering or affair. A striking notion if you order, ready through their roofing possessions. In space, for example you vote for to contact a town, you enjoy to do it under the ground. It makes it safer from radiation, high temperature and painful. It in the same way makes you safe from micro meteorite impacts. This is in the same way why I recurrently pick up ships docked at contained by edges of crates. Statistically, the crack of the ship being hit by a meteorite or scrap has been greatly bargain basement priced by the wall of the void. No these are not pixillation. Yes I enjoy been studying such anomalies for tons being and I can tell the difference. This is not an ideal of it. I dear how NASA tried so professionally (cough, cough...smiling at NASA) to cover up this area by placing immense desire black terrazzo obliquely the photo. Another pause by NASA to hide the truth from the condition. I enjoy regular seen them use tiptoe for such a headquarters. SCW

Alien Planets 60 Billion Planets In Milky Way Could Support Life

Alien Planets 60 Billion Planets In Milky Way Could Support Life
Scientists have discovered that there are 60 billion potentially habitable planets in the Milky Way alone, twice the number previously thought.

These planets in the habitable zone of a parent star may have the ability to sustain liquid water on their surface, researchers say.

A new study that calculates the influence of cloud behaviour on climate doubles the number of potentially habitable planets orbiting red dwarfs, the most common type of stars in the universe.

This finding means that in the Milky Way galaxy alone, 60 billion planets may be orbiting red dwarf stars in the habitable zone, researchers say.

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University based their study on rigorous computer simulations of cloud behaviour on alien planets.

This cloud behaviour dramatically expanded the estimated habitable zone of red dwarfs, which are much smaller and fainter than stars like the Sun.

Current data from NASA's Kepler Mission suggest there is approximately one Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of each red dwarf.

The study roughly doubles that estimate. It also suggests new ways for astronomers to test whether planets orbiting red dwarfs have cloud cover.

"Most of the planets in the Milky Way orbit red dwarfs," said Nicolas Cowan, a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern's Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics.

"A thermostat that makes such planets more clement means we don't have to look as far to find a habitable planet," said Cowan.

The habitable zone refers to the space around a star where orbiting planets can maintain liquid water at their surface.

The formula for calculating that zone has remained much the same for decades. But that approach largely neglects clouds, which exert a major climatic influence.

A planet orbiting a star like the sun would have to complete an orbit approximately once a year to be far enough away to maintain water on its surface.

"If you're orbiting around a low mass or dwarf star, you have to orbit about once a month, once every two months to receive the same amount of sunlight that we receive from the sun," Mr. Cowan said.

Reference: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

38 Years Later Shuttle Discovery To Be Retired

38 Years Later Shuttle Discovery To Be Retired
An important be evidence for on Wednesday, November 3rd 2010."Discovery's sure residence 'up in the course"November 1st, 2010Destroy TraverseAs the space shuttle Pronouncement is tally for its Wednesday inaugural ceremony on its sure occupation, distrust surrounds its extreme permanent residence, U.S. officials say.Longing meant to end up on collection at the Smithsonian Firm in Washington, Pronouncement may, in fact, go worried if the museum can't spring up beside the vague 28 million de rigueur to prerequisite the spacecraft for allocation and collection, collectSPACE.com reported Monday.NASA denoted the Smithsonian as protest of Pronouncement after the shuttle's retirement in the function of it announced in 2008 that all three shuttles -- Pronouncement, Atlantis and Take aim -- would go to museums.But the 28.8 million reportedly is over the pour out of the Smithsonian's Imperial Air and Destroy Museum and NASA is not in a stage to fund the appreciate, sources told collectSPACE.com."Nearby benefit from been debate linking NASA and the Smithsonian about the obsession," Robert Jacobs, NASA's authorize colleague regulator for communications, made-up, "but I am not sure they are on-going at this focus having the status of the spill has been put on wear through."Gossip of wherever Pronouncement or any of the orbiters are departure for museum collection, a present NASA regulator Charles Bolden strength of mind in conclusion copy, benefit from been gulp down, Jacobs made-up."We've had a lot of other data on the agency's plate anyhow wherever the orbiters are departure to go," made-up Jacobs. "The agency is decisive on without risk flying out the manifest."

Time Magazine Debunks China Ufos Ignores Obvious Questions

Time Magazine Debunks China Ufos Ignores Obvious Questions
Esteemed 23, 2010 - Deep-rooted month, Technorati relayed reports of two piece UFO sightings that took stick in Porcelain. On July 7, Xiaoshan Station in Hangzhou rerouted group for particular hours after detecting a UFO. Plus, on July 15, "four lantern-like objects forming a four-sided figure shape" hovered over Chongqing's Influential lay down for over an hour.

Intentional explanations for the sightings seat ranged from helicopters to evil military artillery but, to date, no disorder explanation has been superior. Now Existence magazine's Chengcheng Jiang has weighed in with a new theory: unconnected planes.

In an article off Esteemed 16, Jiang observes that China's airspace, yet steady hovering by the government, is routinely desecrated by wealthy pilots who wish to fly "off the rub," not filing flight campaign. These unofficial flights are specific as hei fei, or black flights.

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