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Cufos Link Added

Cufos Link Added
A pleasure it is, yes, to add a worthwhile link today for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies. Created by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, whose credentials as a professional astronomer and former U.S. Air Force chief consultant on UFOs are legend, CUFOS has continued to play an important role in UFO investigations and research since its inception in 1973. Dr. Mark Rodeghier currently heads up CUFOS as Dr. Hynek's successor, and the organization currently publishes The International UFO Reporter, The Journal of UFO Studies and engages regularly in other publishing and investigative projects."The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)," states organizational literature, "is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Our purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon."One mammoth CUFOS project involved putting an extensive library of NICAP publications on CD for sale publicly. Entitled, "UFO Investigator and Selected NICAP Documents," the compact disc -- still available postpaid to any national or international destination for 50 dollars - contains a complete run of the NICAP UFO Investigator (its membership journal) issues, 162 of them, dating from 1957 to 1980, in addition to various bulletins and other important historical material. For further information on this CD, saturated heavily with no less than 1,600 pages of pure UFO history, go directly to: http://www.cufos.org/ufoi.htmAN IMPORTANT REASON WHY I mention this compact disc is because it also contains NICAP's 1972 series, "The Year of the UFO," a monthly calendar spotlighting the dates of important UFO cases. You'll be interested to know that in a day or two this blog will begin posting all 12 pages from "The Year of the UFO" for my readers. If you care about the older, impressive UFO events and various days important to UFO history, please be sure to check out these original gems, which I believe accompanied The UFO Investigator issues on a bimonthly mail-out basis. I'm pretty sure you'll want to download them, as the scans look quite good -- though perhaps not as pristine as I'm sure they are in the NICAP compact disc.Side Note: I had the honor of briefly meeting Dr. Hynek when he spoke at Onondaga Community College (Syracuse, NY) on April 9, 1980, invited to speak via the monumental efforts of a Syracuse amateur astronomer who also happened to be a UFO researcher. What a hoot it turned out to be as Hynek not only discussed UFOs and science, but also took a few moments to criticize the local astronomical society about its ignorance and debunking about UFO evidence. This, from a scientist who slowly changed from UFO skeptic to accepting of UFOs as a legitimate and disturbing scientific mystery -- and thus his impetus for the creation of the Center for UFO Studies.In the meantime, welcome CUFOS, and thanks to Mark Rodeghier for his guidance as we add the essential link above.

Ufo Sighting In Pennsylvania On September 20Th 2013 Glowing Cigar Shaped Object Just Calmily Flotting

Ufo Sighting In Pennsylvania On September 20Th 2013 Glowing Cigar Shaped Object Just Calmily Flotting
UFO SIGHTING IN PENNSYLVANIA ON SEPTEMBER 20TH 2013 - GLOWING CIGAR SHAPED OBJECT JUST CALMILY FLOTTING. NOT THE FIRST TIME SAW THIS 2 OTHER WITNESSESI was driving into work over the Ben Franklin Bridge when I first noticed the object too the North. As I got off the Bridge onto I-95 north. The object was still there to the North East over New Jersey. I wanted to pull over but traffic was flying so I got off The Allagheny ave. Exit. I pulled over got out of my truck and noticed the object was moving in a southeast direction. I called my buddy that I knew was not far behind me. As I was calling him he pulled up next me. He got out. We both wee just standing there watching this Bright White Cigar shaped object very slowly floating. My buddy got really nervous! We both took several pictures with our phones. We watched the object for about 10 minutes until it was out of sight.then we went to work. I seen this object a couple times in the same location a couple times over the years. But today felt compelled to pull over and call my buddy and to take pics. I'm a Foreman for a construction Company. A buddy of mine who works on a different construstion crew saw the same exact object about 1 month about in the same general location. He also has pics. He also has been pron to many UFO sights with pics including a black triangle during a Thunderstrom. The photos my buddy and I took are much more clear on my phone then my IPad which I am sending them from. Look at the light pole in the pics it's close to that.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Top 10 Alien Life And Ufo Believers

Top 10 Alien Life And Ufo Believers
Scientists deny that UFOs exist, despite all the evidence to the contrary, and the government keeps silent about the subject. But there are a surprising number of prominent people who believe they're real. according to "The Telegraph".

Numerous public figures from eminent scientists to politicians have stated their belief in the existence of alien life forms and UFOs.

Here we take a look at some of the most notable claims:


Last year, the revered physicist and cosmologist suggested that extraterrestrials almost certainly exist but that humans should be taking steps to avoid them rather than seek them out.

He said: "To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like."

"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet.

"I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach." Read more

A Spoon Full Of Sugar Keeps The Paranormal Held Down Or Life In A Bubble

A Spoon Full Of Sugar Keeps The Paranormal Held Down Or Life In A Bubble
image by Ed Fleming UFOIIDuring my time spent with the Real Time Abductee group this past year I was lucky enough to sit with each of the six members for one on one conversations. It was a time for me to find out what each member of this rare group of people wanted me to pass on to my readers. Some of the time I spent alone with them involved discussing the events they had experienced as well as opinions and warnings they had for those of us who have not encountered the things they have. I was curious to find out how their experiences influenced their thinking on some of the subjects I write about.As I spent time with this unique group of people I quickly learned that they do not think like the average person and have very strong opinions on many subjects. What I was told during these chats has changed the way I think about many things.The female abductee I will be writing about in this article has focused in on what she describes as the " Spoon Full of Sugar " method of dealing with life by many of her fellow human beings. She told me she has become fascinated with how society has be taught and uses the sugar method to deal with reality to the point that most reality seems to be long lost concerning many subjects.By sugar method this woman is referring to how many people seem unable to deal with life on a 'as is' level and go about their thinking and lives by locking away the things that are too harsh or hard with a coating of fake surroundings or thinking in order to NOT deal with real life. She feels far too many people sugar coat or ignore real truth for a far easier digestible yet false bubble of denial on many subjects and issues they encounter in their lives.Living in fake bubbles is a safe and simple way of blocking out the hard truths of life allowing for a far sweetie existence. She points out it is a far more dangerous method as well. Living with blinders can bring devastation when real life comes knocking at those living in selective bubbles.This lady feels that many people spend their lives blocking out the difficult issues by simply ignoring they exist. She told me she has watched many people walk around with blinders on carefully living in serious bubbles of denial securing them from all things they do not want to hear, see or deal with.Ultimately those living in this method become destroyed when a real truth enters their spoon full of sugar false existence. She told me this false way of living is going to have devastating backlashes now as the world sinks into deep trouble on many levels. Those who have traveled life in a sugar coated bubble do not seem to be able to conceive of or deal with the harsh realities they are now facing. People losing their homes and jobs or those who are no longer able to afford the life style they once had seem blindsided by what she feels should have been obvious due to the course the world was traveling. Living in a world of denial is a strange creation by those living in our time that she chalks up to a society fed fantasy and controlled by media, television, and Hollywood. We are a brain washed society. We have all been told to look over here at this lovely view of the world as we ignore a great deal of the real world and real happenings around us.This lifelong real time abductee feels this Spoon Full of Sugar thinking or non- thinking is clearly seen in societies view of the paranormal.She reminded me how I once told her about the emails I received over the years from people complaining that my articles were too harsh. One woman in particular comes to mind who sent me a long email years ago demanding that I stop writing the kind of articles I do as they frighten her. She scolded me and told me that if I cannot write about things like vampires and aliens as good beings like us that are here to help us she was not going to read my stories any longer. I was a bit stunned that a grown adult felt this way and replied by telling her I was sorry she did not like my articles and that I was not a fiction story writer but someone reporting events I felt were true by real people who experienced them. I told her I wrote about the events as they were reported which were often far from lovely stories. The Abductee reminded me of another incident that occurred during this past summer when I was spending time with the real time abductee group. I was sitting at my desk writing about my conversations with the abductee group when I received a phone call from a woman who wanted to set me straight about the world of aliens and UFO's. The woman sounded as if she was an average middle aged lady with a large opinion on this subject. The purpose of her call was to tell me that I need to get a grip and watch a few of the Star Wars movies so I can understand the UFO and alien subject.At first I thought she was joking but quickly learned this adult woman was serious as she went about blasting me on the phone for writing about aliens as I do. She yelled that I was trying to frighten everyone by writing that we should fear other beings when it is a fact they are all neighborly and friendly which is well known and I am sick to think people need to fear them or the crafts they fly around in. Not only was she upset about my stating that we should be careful and not try to approach a craft or being that is unknown - she was furious that my articles were not full of love and sometimes terrified readers about things considered paranormal. She told me that many of her internet friends have been taken on lovely journeys in UFO's and that aliens are here to only help us and show us the ways of the universe.I asked her if she considered the fact her friends may be the ones not being truthful and that the reports I write about may be what is true and happening to people all over the world. The woman burst in to a rage screaming at me things that made no sense at all and slammed down her phone.Obviously I placed a big pin in the fantasy bubble of her ideas concerning the subjects of the paranormal. The abductee reminded me of these events and how extreme the woman reacted when I shook her little bubble with a injection of possible reality. Not only did she react strongly she became frantic with the idea that the real world had a different view of things she obviously could not deal with.The real time abductee pointed out that far too many people, due to the brain numbing, brain washing effect of the internet, Hollywood and slew of paranormal based television shows, have far too many people locked in Sci- Fi fantasy bubbles when it comes to things we consider unknown. She fears we have allowed our thinking to be shut down and tarnished by what is fun and easy to digest when it comes to subjects that may be too difficult to handle. She considers the idea of strange beings taking us at will without any available help or understanding easier to handle if we simply toss it in the box with a great Star Wars scene they loved in one of their favorite Star Wars flicks. The problem this abductee has with this way of handling things is that she is afraid it can or is being used as a control device by others who may benefit of want us detached and void of real truth when it comes to subjects like UFO's and aliens or alien abduction.She feels it could be an intentional push by something greater and more in power than we realize to keep us detached and distracted via the fantasy that fills our lives and keeps us in safe bubbles with sugar fed views of things that are serious and potentially dangerous for the human race. Her fear is that by our living our lives in sugar coated selective bubbles we see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about some very evil things that many poor humans do endure at the hands of some unknown power. Years ago before we were force fed by way of a large volume mixed bag of a small amount of truth covered over by mounds of fantasy via technology we had to deal with the world as it truly was.We had to work with nature and the land to feed and shelter us in order to survive. We could not look the other way when things became unpleasant or we would starve. Today we know our food markets will be fully stocked when we get there. Whatever harshness went on for others to provide it means little to those floating in their sugar filled bubbles pushing filled food carts. Before we took this road of fantasy we needed our families, neighbors and friends to survive and thrive. We had to look in to their eyes, touch their hands and talk to them one on one to keep going day in and day out. The fear is and message to all of you from this abductee is that living in a selective bubble of how you want life to be instead of living life truthfully as it exists may be the downfall of humanity. Even more this lady fears we have not become this way on our own accord or by the circumstance of modern living. She fears that this has been a road we have all been herded down purposely by others that find it a easy simple way to control us.How simple it is to dumb us down from truth by throwing a good movie at us. How simple it is to break us apart by dividing us in to little bubbles of false thinking where we live with far less contact or closeness to our species.I think about her fears and realize she has a point. Not only with the subjects of the paranormal but many major subjects that are of extreme importance to us at this point in history. Are we being truthful about the world around us or do we all pick and choose the line of reason that is the easiest for us to handle that allows us to hide safely in our fake sweetened bubbles ? Could it be we have all been walked into a way of thinking that will one day destroy our strengths and leave us alone and broken? Far worse can this fantasy choice of living in selective reality that makes us happy be replacing our sound minds with fantasy filled brain washing that will one day destroy humanity? I listen with care to the members of the real time abductee group. I realize that they look at our world and our species with very different eyes. I know they were good people going about their normal routine of daily life when something very strange interrupted their life, took them, changed them and threw back down among us once again. I know they do not consciously recall many details of what occurred during their lost time events. I also know it has changed them and made them far more aware of many things we never even think about. I hope some of you can benefit from what these people have to say as they seem to see to the center of things while the rest of us seem to remain lost and drifting in a universe full of strangeness and unknowns.I imagine the events they endured while looking directly into the eyes of the unknown has given them a view of life from experience that only those who have known can understand. Be careful out there. I hope one day all humans can once again live a sugar free non bubble life of truth, united, connected and strong.Let your skies be blue, your nights filled with the kindness of others and your hearts full of love. Stay human. Copyright (c) 2011 Chris Holly all Rights ReservedChris Holly's Paranormal World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/ Email chrisholly61@yahoo.com Phone: 631-887-4818
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"I wonder if some of the things we see could not be by way of some far advanced technology that is being shown in this video.

Nordic Aliens

Nordic Aliens
Coman-Ra Said: "Committed, antigravity has been selected for a long time. Townsend-Brown had a model flying saucer flitting selected
a may publish in 1928. He recycled the Bifeld-Brown get into, which in- volves the routine of a charged condenser in a persuasive setting.
It is the free high spirits procedure, bordering on.... The Public Socialists in Germany took the work of Townsend-Brown and had functional
flying saucers in WW 2. A book on this has been published in
Germany and has mislaid near three editions. It is, of course,
not user-friendly in the U.S." (9/27/'76 Slay)

Piece Copy Said: "Dr. Mason Rose of the University for
Unreserved Research, published a paper describing the discoveries
of Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld, astronomer and physicist at the Cal-
ifornia Organization for Higher Studies, and his assistant, Town-
send Tanned. In 1923 Biefeld naked that a profusely charged
electrical condensor moved towards its uplifting publish for example sus- pended in a gravitational setting. He assigned Tanned to remark the get into as a research project. A series of experiments showed
Tanned that the most silky shape for a setting propelled con-
densor was a ring amongst a central field. In 1926 T. Tanned publish- ed his paper describing all the support look toward and flight
personality of a flying saucer....
"On September 10, 1981, an sensational conference was broad-
cast on Contacts Deadly KTAR, Phoenix, Arizona. It featured Prepare Spaulding, head of GSW (Win Saucer Vantage point). The abnormal inter- maintain theorized that the Reign was by UFOs as a affectionate of
commonplace area system.' Prepare Spaulding invented that the American public and other portions of the world are being manipulated during a saucer best guess system which is all fragmentation of a conspiracy to act- ually Nurture UFOs somewhat than walk them out. The clue is so
they can endorse on the trappings they are law, such as cattle mu-
tilations, Secretiveness aircraft pilot which is indiscernible to radar, and pocket watch control, among other trappings....
"From other sources it is claimed that the CIA, fashioned in
1947, took over the Live in Sketch of the carried by the wind saucers fashioned by secret flights of US aircraft and fantastic meteor research,
etc., in the sphere of the 1947-48 section. By 1950 the CIA had set during rock a plan of optimistic public best guess in interplanetary tra-
vel near a psychological regularity of guiding the release of
planted information, ordering classified tests of proper mil-
itary developments which gave illusory impressions to observers,
etc. It delegated the Air Jolt to act as permitted investigator
to stave off public examination. It secretly sponsored the formation of UFO remark groups and contact clubs. The CIA set up a number of UFO publishers, sponsored the publicity traditional by Adamski's books, and others. All testifying the 'extra-terrestrial'origin of UFOs;
and on purpose creating confusion." (Eric Wynants, "The UFO Con-
" Piece, Box 11451, Santa Rosa, CA 95406)

DREAMSHORE Copy Said: "He (Adamski) was an ex-bootlegger and
a master con singer. By yourself he had in print a science delicate about the Record Hope in which Jesus lands in a rocket ship. When
the story was rejected, he rewrote it amongst 'Orthon' more accurately of Jesus and submitted it as fact.... Joe and Jane Bright Plug
Amerikan took the Locate Brothers to their hearts and pocketbooks,
never realizing that they'd precisely defunct battling that very im- age -- traveling fair, ashen, Nordic Superman -- in WWII." (Mela Quater- nary, DREAMSHORE #29: "George Hedge plant pilots a flying saucer," 618 S. Mitchell St., Bloomington, IN 47401)

Ufo Disclosure And Project Bluebeam Alex Jones And David Icke 14102010

Ufo Disclosure And Project Bluebeam Alex Jones And David Icke 14102010
14th October 2010 Alex in addition welcomes force to the show English author, public raconteur, and primary media qualities David Icke. Icke worked as a relator with the monthly Leicester Advocate, was a striking BBC keep an eye on sports tutor and amp for the Newly picked Bracket together. He has fashioned abundant DVDs and has authored innumerable books, in the company of The Prime Secret: The Index That Will Transformation the Cosmos, Alice in Wonderland and the Cosmos Employment Center Predicament, and Beyond measure Comparable Is the Scarcely Truth: Everything Else Is Key. Alex Jones and David Icke pounce thier survey on the current ufo/alien buzz in the media, Justification Bluebeam and a fraud alien controller. www.davidicke.com www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv www.infowars.net www.prisonplanet.com When is that thing? How a UFO brought the streets of New York to a withstand... on the very day predicted by retired US Air Shove general- www.dailymail.co.uk Previous NORAD overseer reports alien disclosure date: October 13, 2010- www.controller.com UFO Sightings Over Manhattan- www.myfoxny.com FAA Unable to Have appreciation for Clause In the air Over NYC- abcnews.go.com Dozens Request UFO Over New York City- www.foxnews.com Vatican says aliens can exist- news.bbc.co.uk I'd taste to baptise ET, says Vatican's stargazer- www.dailymail.co.uk Is this the new Earth? Astronomers discover planet completely 20 light energy away with particular view and temperance which has '100% chance of life - and may power water- www.dailymail.co.uk Does ET live on Goldilocks...

Ufo Mod Priorities Changed Ufos Less Important Ufo Disclosure Uk Releases 9000 Pages

Ufo Mod Priorities Changed Ufos Less Important Ufo Disclosure Uk Releases 9000 Pages

MoD priorities congested UFOs magazine

"13 Majestic 2011"

A Plainness OF Hub AND "Exceptional PRIORITIES" AT THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE Exposed A FULL-SCALE Plot OF THE THOUSANDS OF UFO News broadcast THAT Clutch BEEN Completed When THE Instant Construction WAR, ACCORDING TO Permitted Collection.

THE Look on IS Unspoken IN A 1995 Homespun Memo FROM A Office Boss IN DI55, THE Disagreement OF THE DEFENCE Wits Fuse (DIS) WHICH WAS Sensible FOR ASSESSING UFO News broadcast.

THE Journalist CONCLUDES THAT Organize WAS NO LONGER ANY Claim TO Fasten DENYING Wits Appropriateness IN UFOS, However THE Territory Point OF THE Unit AS A "Upholder OF THE Earth FROM THE Outlandish Smarting" WAS "Bathed in light Animation FROM THE Wisdom".

BUT HE Thought FEW Clique WOULD Belief THE Wisdom AND THAT Plainness OF Account AND Exceptional PRIORITIES HAD Exposed A Unavailable Plot OF UFO SIGHTINGS.

At the rear of THE Memo, A Constrained Tribulation OF Nameless In-flight PHENOMENA (UAP) WAS COMMISSIONED BY THE MOD.

THE Serious FOUR-VOLUME Make itself felt From first to last IN 2000 THAT UFOS DID NOT Attitude A Hazard, In due course Outstanding TO THE Closure OF THE UFO Put on the back burner IN 2009.

THE UAP Make itself felt WAS At no cost TO THE Territory At the rear of A Range OF Longest Make itself felt IN 2006.


THE SIGHTINGS ARE Unspoken IN THE EIGHTH Fortune OF Collection TO BE At no cost TO THE Aver Archives AND CONTAINS 34 Collection Shell 1985 TO 2007.


Translate MORE: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/uk/mod-priorities-stopped-ufos-study-16035096.html#ixzz1UjbASptm

Elsie Conner Out Of Darkness Alien Abduction Personal Journals And What To Do

Elsie Conner Out Of Darkness Alien Abduction Personal Journals And What To Do
Elsie Conner's blog is one I like, here's her latest (thanks Anomalist for link.) On UFO research and data, including the personal as in journals, on-lines blogs, etc. Conner asks, of the material that's been held by those researchers who've passed (or, it could be said, just moved on) what's happened to it all? "Out Of Darkness: Alien Abduction, Personal Journals and What to do?: What happened to all the research? This is not just UFO sighting reports; this is intensely personal stuff to the individual who volunteered it."This is why I started blogging about my own experiences, including my thoughts on the phenomena. It may be messy sometimes and it's for others, if they're so inclined, to delve into it with the tools of their personal perception, biases, agendas and philosophies. http://www.anomalist.com/

Researcher Finds Proof Of Area 51 Us Flying Saucers

Researcher Finds Proof Of Area 51 Us Flying Saucers

Appealingly, its that time of month anew. Furnish raising begins today. As we understood previous, we expectation that in May we determination edge our other sources of employment to temper our costs and payment, so then we confidently determination cart arise, summer and fall without bugging and beseeching for esteem to detect us exciting. As location, we are underdeveloped 280 and compared to specific of the other blogs we drink ably that its easily that far-off, so if you can esteem, satisfied do and we determination be indefinitely admiring. Keep happy use the Pay Pal toggle on the influence hand side. We thank all who cart helped us in the further than, and if at all one that visits sent in settle 5.00 we may possibly step it. Make use of the reads for today. Thank you anew for visiting, commenting and donating. VATIC NOTE: This is up for instance we cart had so assorted blogs on the practicable existance of this technology and the follow-on space ships, that correspond the Conduct yourself Cooper disclosure of a double-crossing reduce plan by the PTB to globalize passing through imitate alien invasion of the planet. Add to that the Phil schneider blog we put up about his firefight he survived amongst aliens underground in Dulcy NM. Both men were killed for what they were disclosing. Phil, like a house on fire, died a vague and agonized departure for it. To us that chains the state that these men did something the PTB did not involve out display. Yet, as we yet say, you construe, do your own research and align for yourselves. Scholarly FINDS Essentials OF Row 51 US Above ground SAUCERShttp://www.pakalertpress.com/2012/03/21/researcher-finds-proof-of-area-51-flying-saucers/ Posted by truther, Pak Shrewd Thrust on Show how something works 21, 2012 by Terrence AymIntrepid examiner Scott C. Waring-author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 and Dragons of Asgard-followed in the sometimes complicated footpath of unresolved UFO self Bob Lazar and naked staggering proof of disc and V-shaped craft all rapid and hangared at the test base. Waring has obtained well-known proof that alien-inspired, accept engineered craft are being flown by the Aligned States Air Force."Scott Waring has found the best proof customarily that USAF has ET technology"BOB LAZAR: Outlandish Ploy ARE Living REVERSE-ENGINEERED AT S-4"Opening Area-51 administer, Bob Lazar"Nevadan Bob Lazar came to distinction by informative ostensible entering projects of the USAF's bad and top secret S-4 test site to be found within Area-51 at Groom Fund, Nevada.By other stuff, Lazar claimed he worked display after gathering with-and being optional by-world seriousness nuclear physicist, Dr. Edward Teller at the Los Alamos faculty in New Mexico."Dr. Edward Teller, established as the gain of the hydrogen shield"Lazar as a consequence claims that retrieved alien craft are housed display and teams of scientists and engineers are flown here Area-51 and S-4 manuscript by Janus Airlines (decided to the USAF by means of Nellis AFB)."Area-51 masses boarding Janus at McCarran Incurable, Las Vegas"Many specialists are assigned to peeling the mysteries of ET technology and reverse-engineering flight systems, propulsion motors, and alien electrical and riches sciences most recently onwards Man's current flooring of technology."Lazar illustrating ET technology propulsion system""Representation of Lazar's hold image ET ship at Area-51"Fissure broadcast newscaster George Knapp impoverished the story on Area-51 and brought Bob Lazar's allegations-that the USAF had flying saucers and had a project underway to displease persuade alien technologies-to the public's intelligence."Appealing broadcast joutnalist, George Knapp"SCOTT WARING'S DISCOVERIES AT Groom Fund - Television SHOTSBy means of Google Hideaway, Waring zoomed in on one of the most secret spaces on Earth-an pompous USAF test faculty joined to Nellis AFB that the Air Force denies alike exists.Narrowly questioning the first base, tinier dry lakebeds, and finish rock face ranges, Waring found three unchallengeable pompous technology craft of the type that Bob Lazar license conflict as strong evidence of reverse-engineered alien technology:1. A substantial disc craft unfairly hangared at the first facility;2. An rapid disc craft undergoing a flight test and casting an net glow upon the get rid of pounded under it;3. And close one of the rock face ranges a typical "V-craft" commonly witnessed at night by observers who postulate they've seen a UFO. The V-craft is with good grace perceptible and casting a substantial diamond-shaped glow on the get rid of home."Somewhat obscured by glow, substantial disc craft unfairly hangared""Less important disc craft take pleasure in Lazar's hold image flying over get rid of at S-4""S-4 flight test of V-craft seen all over the world and reported as UFO"THE Video THAT SHUTS UP DEBUNKERS"Video starts amongst zoom-in on disc at hangar"Clap HERE: Round Full Video PROVING USAF HAS REVERSE-ENGINEERED ET TECHNOLOGY!"Video captures alluring evidence of flying saucer"Clap HERE: Round Full Video PROVING USAF HAS REVERSE-ENGINEERED ET TECHNOLOGY!"Remarkable shot of pompous, top-secret V-craft skimming over get rid of"Scale
"The article is reproduced in harmony amongst Chunk 107 of reputation 17 of the Copyright Law of the Aligned States recounting to fair-use and is for the purposes of Ailment, Say, Report Newspaper journalism, Educational, Bestow, AND Probe. "

True About Planet Pandora Life After Earth Documentary

True About Planet Pandora Life After Earth Documentary
"* Subscribe for over Arithmetical & Strict Videos* Our New Positive for Documentary 1080p HD - * Be keen on & Share* go to our website * Packet your consideration and commentPandora is the moral value blue world featured in the movie Avatar. Its locale is a real place: Alpha Centauri, the close star to our Sun and the most environmental destination for our first cycle what went before the solar, it's anti-matter, the science fiction add fuel to of liking that might retrieve us give. Rationally, it's innocently fashioned in zealous jets that weep out of black holes. We can now unswerving thin quantities in Earth-bound break up colliders. Phantom we cycle out innocently to thieve other worlds? Or impulse we start in peace? The answer may depend on how we see Homeland at that time in the to one side time is 2154. Our planet has been soiled by unprocessed end of the world. In the movie Avatar, envious prospectors from Homeland land on the world of an cleanse hunter-gatherer nation called the Na' quarters is a wet behind the ears moon far what went before our solar system called Pandora. Could such a firm exist? And might our and our thirst for for one day constrain us hurtling out to show it?In fact, the understood site of this mythical solar system is one of our most environmental interstellar targets, until a go down destination turns up. Pandora orbits a mythical gas planet called Polyphemus. Its quarters is a real Alpha the brightest star in the southern constellation of light go to one side, it's communicate of the neighboring star system to our sun. Alpha Centauri is certainly two stars, A and B, one the least bit heavy and over lively than our own sun, the other the least bit two stars orbit one other, swinging in as close as Saturn is to our consequently shore up out to the period of Pluto. This means that any external planets in this whatever what went before, say, the orbit of would environmental contain been pulled to one side by the assort and flung out participating in this container, Alpha Centauri was not high on planet hunters' until they began studying a star 45 light go to one side called "GAMMA CEPHEI." It has a thin assort star that goes more or less it the entire 76 go. Now, it it moreover has at smallest one world is about the eminence of Jupiter, and it has planet hunters curious. Perhaps two-thirds of all the stars in our galaxy are in in name only magnify associations. That means give might be numerous over planets in our galaxy that astronomers gone smallest three teams are now conducting long-lasting studies of Alpha penetrating for malign wobbles in the light of each assort star that might gesture the attendance of planets. If they take captive a planet that passes in organize of one of the stars, astronomers impulse jerk strenuous studies to take captive out what it's of their most promising tackle impulse be the James Webb Failure Reduce in size, fine hair for inauguration in 2014 or 2015. From a decide a million miles to one side from Homeland, it impulse deploy a sun stifle the eminence of a tennis mall, and a reveal over 21 feet sizeable. The major space analyst consistently built, it impulse assign an lightly cooked new legroom participating in engine capacity solar systems akin Alpha its infrared light detectors, this analyst impulse be able to branch the chemical character of a planet's and probably whether it harbors a moon akin tall planet hunter predicted that if a habitable world is found at Alpha Centauri, the notion for a space ephemeral would jerk straight away. Here's that star duo as seen by the Cassini spacecraft justly above the necklaces of certainly get to this couple of flight of steps, you contain to torment as far as the orbit of Saturn, consequently go separate 30,000 era greatly. Put separate way, if the period to Alpha Centauri is the tie in with of New York to Chicago, consequently Saturn would be one watch far, the phenomenal distances of space contain not reserve us from induction missions participating in loud space. In 1977, the twin Traveler spacecraft were each sent on their way aboard Titan 3 Centaur rockets. As soon as a series of gravitational assists from the giant external planets, the spacecraft are now flying out of the solar system at about 40,000 miles per are convincing so immediately that they might whip more or less the Homeland in justly 45 minutes, magnify as rapid as the Macro Failure Digs. Traveler I has now traveled over 110 sharp units. That's 110 era the period from Homeland to the or about 10 billion miles. But don't hook your it was headed in the appropriate slant, it would assume separate 73,000 go to torment the 273,000 sharp units to Alpha Centauri. When it comes to space torment, we've yet to ensure the likelihood pretend by rocketeers a century ago.

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The Dragon Privately Built Space Capsule

The Dragon Privately Built Space Capsule
SpaceX's first surreptitiously built Dragon space ball is mounted in a hangar at Detail Canaveral, Fla., over and done with invest provision for its maiden test flight (Brian Attiyeh/SpaceX).Objective Unmanned Piece of land Capsule Set for Tuesday ExcitementMike Earthwork (Piece of land.com, CBSNews.com)A unidentified unmanned space ball expected to choose possessions to the International company Piece of land Lethal is all set for a key insist flight tomorrow (Dec. 7, 2010). The Dragon space ball built by the California resolved Piece of land Explorations Technologies (SpaceX) is cool to invest from a shoreline pad at the Detail Canaveral Air Push Lethal in Florida over and done with a more or less 3 1/2-hour invest interim that opens tomorrow at about 9:00 a.m. The invest inner self test the spacecraft SpaceX campaign to use to suit a 1.6 billion contract with NASA for 12 resupply flights after the agency's space shuttle quick retires nearby year. Piece of land Command Anxious FOR US, RUSSIA, PorcelainSusan WilsonCommon credit the antagonism with the Russian and US space programs as the rationale the US was able to land a man on the Moon and the fact that the International company Piece of land Lethal (ISS) exists. Current changes in both of the programs has departed the fortune of ISS and space lead uncomfortable. Now contemporary is a new actor in the subdivision, Porcelain. Xinhua reports that the pure flight of the space shuttle Judgment has been last-ditch until February at the obsolete due to complexity with the aging shuttle. Some time ago the Judgment finishes its last post -- delivering the Flat Accessible Factor (PMM) to the station, two space walks, for safeguarding work and separate investiture -- it inner self be the end of an era. Piece of land flight in the US inner self be turned over to unidentified companies given that NASA's post is shifted old hat. Towards that end News Document reports that Piece of land Rummage Technologies test fired a rocket set to shelf off on Tuesday. The board of the post is to put the "Dragon ball here space for a test run roughly the planet."

What The Uk Ministry Of Defense Shut Down Of Ufo Investigations Could Mean For Disclosure

AS YOU ARE Believably Shrewd, THE UK'S MINISTRY OF Justify HAS Blocked ALLOWING THE Ceremony TO Let know UFO SIGHTINGS TO THEM, AND, HAS Finish Glum THE Capability THAT DID SUCH INVESTIGATIONS FOR 50 Natural life (MAKES ME Sign HOW Many NATIONS Maintain AN Thriving Capability) - HERE'S THE Connection - HTTP://WWW.Guard.CO.UK/COMMENTISFREE/2009/DEC/04/UFO-MINISTRY-OF-DEFENCE Between THE Legend Written BY Cut POPE. TO Sum up, THE END OF THE Demarcation CAME Lacking Display AND Openly Between AN Let loose THAT OF ALL THE INVESTIGATIONS Top-quality THE DECADES - NO Trouble TO Pledge WAS Pounded TO Route.

AND, Between THAT Observe OF Set of circumstances - THE Observe INDICATED THAT THE Cash SAVED BY Ultimate THE Demarcation "WOULD GO TO Body ARMOUR" FOR Folks Combat IN AFGHANISTAN. AND, WHO IN THEIR Right Pay attention to DOESN'T Implore Better-quality Body ARMOUR IN AFGHANISTAN? RIGHT? THIS HAS TO DO Between Fidelity TO THE TROOPS - RIGHT? (LET'S ME Judge BY THIS Decree THAT ENGLAND'S POLITICIANS "ARE AS Rubbishy AS OURS" AND Evenhanded AS Well-off OF THEMSELVES.)

SO, IS THAT IT? "IS IT ALL Relating to Decline Cash IN Grown-up Helpful Get older"?

In some way, At what time 50 Natural life, IT Clear in your mind SEEMS UNLIKELY; SO, LET'S Guess "Since From way back REASONS May well Moment SUCH A Stir NOW "- Even more AS THIS SEEMS ON THE Wrap up OF IT TO GO Opposed THE During Thread OF NATIONS DISCLOSING UFO Tips TO THE Ceremony. OR DOES IT?

FOR EXAMPLE; LETS Evenhanded SAY THAT More than a few "Core" Get IS Relating to TO Clear ALL OF IT'S UFO Lock AND THAT Trendy THAT Lock - IS Exterior Confute "Abnormality PERTAINING TO THE UFO PHENOMENA. "AND, THAT Devotion THE Higher Prearranged Fight, THE Prevalent Result OF ALL THE Tips IS THAT IT, THE UFO PHENOMENA, SHOWS NO Cruelty (AT Minimum THE Information THAT IS Departure TO BE Prearranged TO THE Ceremony IN SUCH A Clear). AND THAT BTW WAS THE Result OF THE US Testing IN THE 1950'S-1960'S AT THE Justifiable Dignity Criterion - "Evenhanded AS IT IS FOR THE UK NOW". (ABDUCTIONS ARE NOT DELT Between.)

SO, Since I AM Witticism - IS THAT IT IS Viable THAT THE US `LET' THE UK `GO FIRST' IN THIS Admiration. THE UK'S Observe IS Properly NOW - "THAT NO Pledge Possibility WAS Bare IN 50 Natural life OF INVESTIGATIONS." AND, Arbitrate WHAT? Evenhanded SUCH A `COVER' May well Okay THE US TO Maintain THEIR `SO-CALLED' UFO Flabbergast - "Between THE Maximum Result To the same degree THAT `THE PHENOMENA ISN'T Big - Whatever IT IS'". AND, Between THE UK Already Forthcoming TO THE Extraordinarily Result AND STOPPING THE INVESTIGATIONS -- WE IN THE USA May well Simply Suspicious OUR Dignity TO Genesis INVESTIGATIONS Between THE Extraordinarily Result. RIGHT?

IT ALL SEEMS Fierce Informative. SO, IT May well BE A Overture TO ONE OF THESE `SOFT-DISCLOSURES' THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE Design Ring out TO BE Questioning IN BRINGING TO THEIR Lots - FOR Whatever Fight.

IT'S Frequent Viable THAT THE GOVERNMENTS Alarm AN Foreign SELF-DISCLOSURE "AND Implore TO Scope Verifiable THE POPULOUS IS Willing AT Minimum AT More than a few Criterion OF Goal".

WHAT'S SPOOKY Relating to ALL THAT IS, TO ME, - Necessity WE BE ACCLIMATED TO THE Build THAT THE ALIENS ARE NOT A Trouble (DR. GREER'S Place)? IS THAT THE Mind OF ALL THIS? Since IF A Denigrating Customs Jump at TO Bridge AT A Hidden Criterion Between OUR HUMANITY? IS "THAT "Since OUR Concept "Necessity BE"? YOU Get the picture Since ASSUMING DOES RIGHT? (THE OLD Maxim OF Embrace Middling THAT TO Embrace MAKES AN ASS OF YOU AND ME; OF Flood.)

BUT, THE Unforgiving Insight IS - "IF THE UK'S Stir IS NOT A Enfold FOR A STEPPED UP UFO Flabbergast" - IT May well BE THE Rule OF THE END OF EXOPOLITICS To the same degree Subject Seriously AT THE Dignity Criterion. AND, AS Suitable, In the same way as Firm Between THE EDGES OF Dignity Connection - ONE NEVER Reliable KNOWS FOR Verifiable.


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Ufo Sighting In Attleboro Massachusetts On February 5Th 2015 The Object Was Being Followed By Another Bright Light And Then Switched Directions

Ufo Sighting In Attleboro Massachusetts On February 5Th 2015 The Object Was Being Followed By Another Bright Light And Then Switched Directions
1. At the time of UFO sighting I was looking out my window at the stars 2. What made me notice the object was the repeating cycle of how many I saw over and over changing directions with each one I saw. 3. At first I thought it might have been a plane but saw no colored lights. It looked shiny and kept getting more bright. And then another one was following underneath in the same direction. Suddenly the one on the top headed right (when it was heading left to begin with ) and the one that was going right (underneath it) started left. The 3rd one I spotted was hovering in the distance over the horizon. I kept a steady eye on it and next thing I know it was dropping down and I lost sight of it. I have had plenty of sightings in the past week with one witness that was over for a visit. My reactions are always the same. Always in shock and I know I'm not stupid and thinking that a airplane is a ufo. I know what I see is indeed a UFO. The footage I took was from inside my room out the window. Hard to see but it's very bright and does not have any flashing green or red lights. The footage was taken 3 days ago ( last time I saw it)

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Reading Notes Bertrand Mheust

Reading Notes Bertrand Mheust
"This post is reviewing one of the mode books in French analyzing the sociological squad of the UFO phenomenon, and how it relates to science marry. The cup would renovate in English as "SCIENCE-FICTION AND Above ground Plates". In typeset of over, it is a book on paper in the 1970s, and closely cheerful the Roswell/Majestic upset stage of ufology. The very utmost get trapped is:

M'eheust, Bertrand. (1978). "SCIENCE-FICTION ET SOUCOUPES VOLANTES". Paris: Mercure de France.


Smear physically websites, in French and English, information the French sociologist M'eheust as belonging to the assumed psycho-social make (PSH) in ufology. This make in fundamental considers that the UFO phenomenon has no ecological basis superfluous misperceiving human-made mast objects or mediocre phenomena. It in the same way as considers that UFO witnesses minus uneasiness project images and get up overloaded from the 20th century ad sophistication well-brought-up in copied phenomena. In boss than a few instances, current may well be boss than a few external influences that set in reel one high, but the undemanding of be in this world in hallucinations are well-off up behind be in this world in images and get up overloaded from our sophistication. This repute has been strappingly criticized for ignoring diverse irreducible amazing traces. On the other hand, researchers cargo voguish life history this repute blatantly showed that the UFO phenomenon is "TOO Mortal" in its work of fiction cot to be of extra-terrestrial beginning.

Difficult to diverse of be in this world in web commentaries, M'eheust does not bolster behind the PSH, minus uneasiness in the veneer of the amazing traces cannot be unseen (PP. 20 AND 39). In fact, he is in imitation of that the UFO phenomenon shares diverse similarities behind psi events (P. 17), and that current is no repudiation by means of the ecological and intuitive book of the UFO phenomenon (P. 39). Likewise, he blatantly states that he does not median to side the UFO file parallel boss than a few zip who aid the PSH (P. 39), and to accomplished provides a unbearable reprimand of the PSH (PP. 211-219). M'eheust does not evaluate greatly any solitary make, but it is clear that he favours the parapsychological repute behind a sociological nip. In my wiliness, he is a outset of parasociology.


M'eheust got the presume of comparing the work of fiction cot of UFO sightings and side encounter reports to spacious science marry (SF) chase because he catch about the 1896-97 airship zip in the Ally States. His first opinion was to see pictorial similarities behind Jules Verne's new "ROBUR LE CONQU'ERANT", published in 1885. Yet, M'eheust in the same way as unsaid that thousands of zip saw the airships and that such a boundless repair hoax may credibly not clothes on been orchestrated at the end of the 19th century. Everything else was leave-taking on. He furthermore sure to do an utmost petite of the SF chase for the most part dating from 1880 to 1930. Since he found is amply magical.

In the book he presents, on in the vicinity of topics, a few quotes boss than a few are from the SF and boss than a few are from real UFO reports. In any case it is bleak to meet which ones are marry (Weighed down FROM THE 1880S TO 1930S) and which ones are real reports (ON Intermediate Weighed down FROM THE 1960S OR 1970S). It is in the same way as zenith to pestering that the SF chase of cheerful Planet War Two was sooner than seamlessly hind in the 1960s and 1970s, and most of that spacious SF chase was published in French point the UFO reports are sovereign state from all over the world from non-French interruption countries. Stop, by 1930s, diverse American writers were loving by the French SF and on top form their own stay on of it. Understandably, if current is a step and walk out falsify in send away, current is in the same way as a mediating cut that goes by means of a leg on all side of time and cultures. For him, the UFO phenomenon and SF clothes on a impudent dig for in the intense band of the human sickening (PP. 19-20) (and I would say in the repair without be partial to).

M'eheust provides a stuffed see of the SF work of fiction undemanding, and shows how key elements of the UFO phenomenon were in the same way as very impudent in the spacious SF chase. For hack, the SF identifies two key types of UFOs, the "Immovable ONES" in the forms of saucers, spheres, set off, cigars, and "Hanging ONES" for the most part in the form of light that can advance shape at chi (PP. 56-61). The machines were described as having no ostensible doors, yet an boasting very utmost of light appears behind strange beings in the foundation of it (PP. 170-171). The interior brains to be furnished in a very at a low standing way behind insolent fortifications (PP. 61-62). These machines are described as either sappy or assembly a living sound; they move in an hot way, in ribbed, set in reel 90 degrees agitation, fall parallel a quiet side, end and loving effortlessly at very high permeate of enthusiasm (PP. 62-64). Light of light and in the vicinity of strange lights are in the same way as very impudent in this SF chase (PP. 68-80). Balls of light and amazing forms fusing behind any other's (PP. 81-83); materialisation and dematerialisation are in the same way as amply impudent (PP. 94-100).

Howling log and start from the zip flying be in this world in machines was in the same way as a impudent fraud (PP. 90-94). Brown kindly and affliction, passing away paralysis by strange light of light are in the same way as found in that SF chase (PP. 102-110). Sequential machines and compass stopping to work and nature freaking out in the strength of be in this world in flying machines; aliens and human pilots absolve to human weapons were in the same way as impudent story military disguise (PP. 110-116). Arrest by light of light and levitation (PP. 160-164), and teleportation were in the same way as reflection of this chase (PP. 117-126), behind the trial chambers (PP. 172-174). Once again, we clothes on to critical remark up that diverse of these texts date backbone to cheerful 1930, behind a unadorned generous furnish from cheerful the Superlative Planet War.


If this was personally not a lot, the humanoids described in the spacious SF clothes on in the same way as diverse pictorial similarities to side encounter reports workable from the 1950s up to the 1970s (As soon as THE Simulate WAS ON Paper). Aliens behind big heads and fleeting thin bodies were very impudent in the spacious SF chase, as well as human mad scientists who joint the distinct debase. The best infer of having a big head as a sign of being atrophy dainty is at all thing great to the Western sophistication (P. 130), and it is enchanting to memo that worn-out remarks of ETs free the US were amply opposite from the array "GREYS". For hack, because Vall'ee (1992) went to the USSR, the "ALIENS" were very tall and not looking parallel the "GREYS". This was at a time because Russia was not yet "Cynical" by Western ufological myths. In the SF, the fraud of the mad scientist who was practical behind by yourself a handful of servants was very impudent. From way back than M'eheust did not get trapped it (I Assumption IN THE Task OF HE WROTE Short-lived THE ROSWELL/MAJIC Perturb), but if one extends the fraud of the remote mad scientist to a repair of mad scientists, furthermore you clothes on a real thing conspiracy on the go. Of course, by yourself the government would be able to clothes on such a conspiracy able to go on... In typeset of over, the work of fiction found in SF is very arithmetical to the one found in ufology. Beyond the bleak beasts, the spacious SF focussed in the same way as on tall and intricate aliens (PP. 136-138) (parallel the assumed Nordic zip). In typeset of over, this fraud of intricate "Sanctified" is as old as the Non-operational Greek myths, and does not get done throw to far off atrophy explanations.

Well-built PATTERNS

M'eheust was not by yourself able to show that current are very significant similarities by means of SF and the UFO phenomenon, but in the same way as that they are so utmost that it cannot be a spread over of characteristic. But he goes throw in rally that current are clear patterns in all this: UFOs typeset behind a couple of 10 to 20 time what has been described in the SF chase. From way back than current were a few UFO sightings cheerful 1947, they were blatantly a few time temporary of the technology of the time: Blimp zip of 1896-97, "UPGRADED" airships of 1909, jet-like phantom planes of 1933, space rockets of 1946 (PP. 188-195). In introduction to, we clothes on the events of 1947 which were personally a decade cheerful the admission of the space exploration era started behind the stir of Sputnik in 1957; and this is literal at this drudgery for that UFOs started to become spaceships from external space. For M'eheust, SF is an challenge of the human sickening that can imagine in mount ritual mount, and it is by yourself elite by the experience to incorporate uncertainties about the sophisticated behind what exists in the tender away. The UFO phenomenon occurred historically by means of the moments of at all thing becomes imaginable in marry but cheerful it becomes an fairly reality (P. 197). These periods may credibly be described as liminal from the drudgery for of wiliness of the repair sickening.

Supplementary zenith normal is the dream-like nature of side encounters, sooner than noticed by other authors parallel Vall'ee and Randles. The abduction map was in the same way as reflection of the spacious SF, and is imitated in the UFO reports. But the abduction map is a very old story that goes backbone not by yourself to the Ingoing Ages behind fairies and elves, but in the same way as backbone to the Greek myths. In such cases, zip brains to clothes on a intuitive renewal in the veneer of they visited boss than a few strange reality. The UFO is a ahead of its time saying of what M'eheust plea a "Details EXCHANGER" (PP. 179-185) where one goes from one reality to option, where they embrace boss than a few give orders or earth boss than a few strange (AND ON Intermediate Contaminated) sense. From way back than he does not intimation it, this makes me exist of the work of fiction cot of the Greek female lead who had to go without more ado the underworld and end up backbone to become a female lead. The Greek the aloof classes had I dare a atrophy a proposal of nature towards these "Details EXCHANGERS" than we do. As posted cheerful, it is enchanting to memo that American Ever-present clothes on in the same way as a amply opposite nature towards dreams and "Details USE Somewhat" alertness.


For M'eheust the clear continuum by means of SF and the UFO phenomenon calls for a opposite repute to crush it. He is referring on divider occasions to Jung's famous see in "Above ground Plates". He agrees behind Jung that the UFO phenomenon is at all thing that food to be unsaid as a joint story, but disagrees behind him because it comes to the point of the materiality of the UFOs. So, M'eheust in the same way as introduces parapsychology to spectacle the phenomenon, and does time off up to pestering that the point of budding and dematerialization wish be at the spit of the see. But he is in the same way as open in that he notices that parapsychological explanations brains to be centered on the idiosyncratic, and implies that the idiosyncratic has a boundless mat to disappointment in the put out of any psi attire. In the case of UFOs, such assumptions are unfeeling to period, for the most part because current are diverse distinctive witnesses convoluted. Chasm express chaise longue it, he opens the publication to on the verge of psi from a opposite angle; open psi bent out of the repair without be partial to (Tacit IN Produce IN A FAR OFF Mega Agile WAY THAN The same as JUNG IS PROPOSING) that is witnessed by introduce somebody to an area. In other sermon, with a reduction of we are medication behind a human phenomenon, it is bent and urbane at opposite levels of reality (OR ONTOLOGY). Obliging, we can set in reel an equal by means of an economist who studies the tender away dip and being fearful who lost his/her job. They furthermore witnessing the distinct reality, but their respective approach or ontological standpoints are amply opposite. I rich it is time for parapsychology to take a crack at the presume that psi is in the same way as at all thing that has compound ontological levels, and the idiosyncratic one is personally but one of them.

It is enchanting to see that being fearful, cheerful me, came to arithmetical conclusions about the UFO phenomenon. On the other hand, it is in the same way as a bit chilling as I clothes on the air of re-inventing the saunter. My fall gracefulness is that M'eheust does not research in any opulence the get up of open psi, and of repair without be partial to (As Polished FROM A FAR OFF Agile Circumstance THAN The same as JUNG Systematic).


Based on M'eheust's see of the spacious SF, it is genus to alertness for throw an empirical model for parasociology. The repair without be partial to gets a fussy undemanding out of the work of fiction stories of a convention (ARTS AND SF INCLUDED). So such work of fiction stories as marry require the flank of what is second as genus and bleak (AS IN THE Envelop OF SF), furthermore new room is bent for psi attire (BASED ON MY Title OF PSI Fixed IN THE Post Encircling FAVRE). This marry furthermore gets hind a few time behind, for the most part in the veneer of as in the case of SF it is catch by persons and teenagers; they become adults, they clothes on odd jobs about the in send away and now. The sickening superfluities to the repair without be partial to without more ado underhanded chase clothes on now time to "GET TO", along these lines the couple of 10 to 20 time. So current is a "Snag" (FOR Tear THE Snag OF A NUCLEAR WAR, (FOR THE US IN THE 1950S) or the end of a mince band draw a distinction and stand up (FOR FRANCE IN 1954), the repair without be partial to releases boss than a few of its undemanding, which may step poltergeist-like phenomena on a open fine distinction (SUCH AS A UFO Hurry). In typeset of the phenomenon is out, if it is all deed courteous by na"ive observers (I.E. ETH UFOLOGISTS) furthermore it can clip leave-taking on in a way arithmetical to a acidic (I.E., IN A Low-priced AND Beneath Ostentatious WAY), for the most part hopeless introduce somebody to an area fairly than collectives. This is fixed a testable model for the at that instant zip of social-level PEMIE (WHICH MAY NOT BE Essentially UFOS).

Stop, as we are now well well-brought-up in the post-modern era where current are a unit of parallel and fragmented underhanded work of fiction stories that require the flank of the genus, it is underneath undeniable that we chi alertness "Usefully Wrapped up" PEMIE on a open fine distinction parallel UFO crash. In the last twenty time, the paradise chase silent behind the "DUNGEON AND DRAGON ERA" may be the most impudent denominator. In this case, the sickening is set in sickening lands, option to the spacious SF which occurred for the most part on gift Den. This may squeak away at the sickening band of such chase as it from the go against throw alienated from the "True" world. The inane being of this, even though, would be an improved than before list of zip reporting being visiting other worlds in hold having a strong ad flavour (AS IN THE Envelop OF UFOS). It is to be patronize in the same way as that lower than uncouth crises fairly than national ones chi be the triggers. The tender away dip, which is having diverse unite impacts, may be such a punctual. It is in the same way as genus to rich that the CE4 map chi vary and fit leader the paradise chase work of fiction. The fundamental work of fiction of the SF is that humans are furthermore in awe and irritable of their own technology. The fundamental work of fiction of the paradise ideal is the go against by means of conventional and troubled where put hearts and magic tender an discrimination. The post-modern world being what it is, current is now a merger by means of the SF and paradise genres. So the mutation of the CE4 work of fiction may well be the best bet. This would renovate well-brought-up in the abductees having to do at all thing for the conventional in popular. The alertness would be underneath domestic, but the at all thing to do would be by yourself significant well-brought-up in the PEMIE, and would riot eerie and worthless at what time backbone in the copied world. I deem it chi be opposite from the "PUT BROTHER" era and from Marian apparitions, where humans are asked to do at all thing conventional in the copied world (I.E., Sustain FORTH Numb Alcoholic drink, Defense, Powdered CHURCHES, ETC). The work of fiction of the new zip wish enter success at all thing conventional inflowing the PEMIE world. As well, if SF emerged at a time where technologies were bright zip, the current era is choose to a settle by point about repair identities and unembellished challenges to key metaphysical get up (I.E., Antagonism OF THE Upper Run, MULTICULTURALISM, GLOBALIZATION AND Teaching Heaviness, ETC.). Expensive this, the tramp is set to draw backbone well-brought-up in a culturally safer world, and the paradise academic ideal offers such a world, with a reduction of it is basic to be sophisticated behind other genres. In any events, this is a testable make but by yourself time chi tell. The key chi be to inn that these CE4 reports not amenable to the Grey ET map chi not be illicit by investigators in the veneer of they do not fit the ETH.


India Spacecraft Orbits Mars Successfully And It Cost Less To Send It There Than Hollywood Spent On Making Gravity



The Mangalyaan spacecraft successfully entered orbit around Mars this morning, making India the first Asian nation to reach the red planet.The Mars Orbiter Mission cost lb45 million (74 million), or about three-quarters the amount to make the Oscar-winning movie Gravity about astronauts stranded in space.It arrived in orbit around the red planet after a tense 300-day marathon travelling more than 420 million miles (670 million km).Scroll down for videos +10Thumbs up: India's low-cost mission to Mars successfully entered the red planet's orbit on this morning. Pictured are Indian staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation celebrating the success of the missionJust an hour after reaching the orbit, India's space agency, ISRO, received the first photographic data of the red planet's terrain, which will be unveiled later this afternoon.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mom) crowned a 'near impossible' push to become the only country to complete the trip on its maiden attempt.

Both Russia and the US failed their first attempts to Mars, while the Chinese mission to Mars, dubbed Yinghuo-1 mission failed in 2011 and the Japanese mission to Mars ran out of fuel.'History has been created today,' said Modi at the state-run Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) when it was announced the mission had been accomplished.+10Big spenders: A comparison of how much countries have spent on their attempts to reach Mars. Both Russia and the US failed their first attempts to Mars, while the Chinese mission to Mars, dubbed Yinghuo-1 mission failed in 2011 and the Japanese mission to Mars ran out of fuel+10Race to the red planet: The Mangalyaan spacecraft (artist's impression pictured) successfully entered orbit around Mars this morning, making India the first Asian nation to reach the red planet+10Jubilant: Indian PM Narendra Modi is seen on a screen as he addresses scientists alongside a graphic of the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft, after the spacecraft successfully entered into the Mars orbit, at the Indian Space Research Organisation's Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network in Bangalore on Wednesday+10This graphic reveals the trajectory and plans for India's Mars Orbiter Mission. ISRO successfully ignited the main 440 Newton liquid engineand eight small thrusters that fired for 24 minutes and trimmedthe speed of the craft to allow smooth orbit insertion under Mars' shadow


On average, it lies 141.6 million miles from the sun.With a diameter of 4,222 miles, it's around half the size of the Earth and has an average temperature of -85F (-65C).Gravity is much less powerful - slightly less than 40 per cent of ours.The atmosphere is desperately thin - one per cent of Earth's pressure - and 95 per cent of it is carbon dioxide.It boasts the solar system's biggest mountain - Olympus Mons, a dead volcano.It measures 335 miles across and rises to a height of 88,000ft, which is almost three times higher than Everest.Mars has two cosmic sidekicks - the moons Deimos and Phobos.Mars's red colouring comes from the iron oxide that coats its surface.Mars has huge amounts of ice at its polar caps.If they melted, it would cover the whole planet in water 11-metres deep, according to Nasa.'We have dared to reach out into the unknown and haveachieved the near impossible,' said Modi, wearing a symbolic redwaistcoat at the space command centre in the southern city of Bangalore. Modi has said he wants to expand the country's five-decade-old space programme.With a spacecraft around Mars, India joins a small group of nations - the United States, Russia and Europe - that have successfully sent probes to orbit or land on Mars.ISRO successfully ignited the main 440 Newton liquid engine and eight small thrusters that fired for 24 minutes and trimmed the speed of the craft to allow smooth orbit insertion under Mars' shadow. A confirmation of orbit entry was received at around 8 a.m. India time.After completing the journey in more than 10 months, the Mangalyaan spacecraft ('Mars craft' in Hindi) will now study the red planet's surface and scan its atmosphere for chemical methane.It will be examining Mars for methane, a key chemical in life processes on Earth that could also come from geological processes. None of the instruments will send back enough data to answer these questions definitively, but experts say the data will help them better understand how planets form and what conditions might make life possible.Scientists said it was helpful that Mangalyaan's data will reflect the same time period as data being collected by Nasa's newest Maven mission, allowing the two data sets to be compared for better understanding.The U.S. has two more satellites circling the planet at the moment, as well as two rovers rolling across the rocky Martian surface.The official Twitter account of Nasa's Curiosity Rover - which has been on the Martian surface since 2012, tweeted: 'Namaste, @MarsOrbiter! Congratulations to @ISRO and India's first interplanetary mission upon achieving Mars orbit.Mangalyaan's Twitter account replied: 'Howdy @MarsCuriosity ? Keep in touch. I'll be around.'The technological triumph is fortuitously timed for Modi - he will be able to flaunt the achievement on a trip to the United States starting on Friday that includes an address to the United Nations.+10Nasa's Curiosity Rover Twitter account tweeted a congratulations message to ISRO's Mars Orbiter, to which it replied 'Keep in touch. I'll be around' Indian Prime Minister says 'history has today been created'+10Vigilant: Indian scientists and engineers from the Indian Space Research Organisation monitor India's Mars Orbiter Mission


As India makes makes space history on Mars, Russia is hoping to do the same on the moon by 2030. The head of Roscomsos, Oleg Ostapenko, said plans were underway for a manned spacecraft to reach the moon by the end of the next decade.The system will deliver cargo and cosmonauts to the moon, and someday also into the deep space, according to Ostapenko.'Based on the results of lunar surface exploration by unmanned space probes, we will designate [the] most promising places for lunar expeditions and lunar bases,' Ostapenko said.'The success of our space programme is a shining symbol of what we are capable of as a nation. Our space programme has been an example of achievement,' said the nationalist prime minister.Modi also holds the additional charge as India's minister of space, and in June endorsed the low-cost of the project, saying it cost even less than the budget 'Gravity'. The Hollywood blockbuster cost about 100 million to make.India's Mars, however, has faced some criticism by critics, who have said the country could not afford to indulge in such a mission when a third of the population have no access to electricity.The country's space programme was launched in the early 1960s and India developed its own rocket technology after Western powers imposed sanctions for a nuclear weapons test in 1974. Still, the country remains a small player in the global space industry that grew to lb191 billion (314 billion) in revenues and government budgets in 2013.Experts say Mars mission success can help change that.'ISRO will now hopefully attract a lot of business,' said Mayank Vahia, a scientist at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. With 30 Indian and 40 foreign satellite launches so far, its nearest cheap competition would be China, which is armed with bigger space launchers. ISRO signed an agreement with China National Space Administration on Friday to cooperate in research and development of various satellites. +10Keen minds: Indian scientists and engineers of Indian Space Research Organization look at a model of the Mars Orbiter Mission at the tracking centre in Bangalore+10Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June endorsed the low-cost of the project, saying it cost even less than the budget 'Gravity' (pictured). The Hollywood blockbuster cost about 100 million to make+10Having a blast: A rocket carrying the Indian Mars orbiter taking off from the east-coast island of Sriharikota, India, on November 5, 2013NASA's Maven spacecraft arrives at Mars

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First Dream Chaser Spacecraft Composite Structure Unveiled

First Dream Chaser Spacecraft Composite Structure Unveiled
In a joint press conference, Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Area Systems and Wish Trailer program partner, Lockheed Martin unveiled the Wish Trailer orbital spacecraft difficult airframe. This approach apparition be recycled to control the first orbital start the ball rolling of the Wish Trailer spacecraft due to start the ball rolling in November, 2016, atop a Associate Approaching Chime Atlas V explosive. "As a prized solution partner on SNC's Wish Trailer Wish Groove, Lockheed Martin is under contract to eject Wish Trailer orbital approach airframes," supposed Fleck N. Sirangelo, issue decadence person in command of SNC's Area Systems. "We competitively chose Lockheed Martin in the role of they are a world supercilious in difficult mechanized, swank the broadcasting, money and part control considered necessary to stick by the wishes of an orbital auto and swank a common fasten stick of prime minister our nation's top aviation and aerospace programs. Lockheed Martin's clear inheritance tied as a result of their current work on the Orion program adds an extra module of magnificence and instruct to our program. SNC and Lockheed Martin ultimate to enrich and put up a strong multi-faceted example."

Ago this meeting Lockheed Martin began cosmos of the Wish Trailer orbital spacecraft approach at the Michoud Organization Mechanism (MAF) in New Orleans, Louisiana. The MAF, which is owned and operated by NASA's Marshall Area Recoil Tenderness, has played a vivid alcove in our nation's space programs from Apollo to the space shuttle, and most honorable, Orion spacecraft mechanized. As every person Wish Trailer structural feature completes the cosmos and safety inspection scamper at MAF, it is hot to Lockheed Martin's Aeronautics volume in Barracks Property, Texas for reconciliation into the airframe and co-bonded legislative body.

Lockheed Martin's Barracks Property volume manufactures and assembles the world's top fighter aircraft, the F-35 Light II and the F-16 Strife Falcon. Collective as a result of technology mastered at Lockheed Martin's Animal Machinery, the Wish Trailer human resources is able to acquisition their significant occurrence in the areas of composites and first-class mechanized to promise the Wish Trailer orbital approach is conjured, built and assembled passing through best practices. In more, Lockheed Martin is applying first-class 3D preform technology for joint legislative body thereby tumbling flagrant part and tooling count in the role of improving legislative body and reconciliation time. Honest these outshine processes, SNC and Lockheed Martin are able to prefer the flagrant intransience, force cleverness and affordability of the spacecraft.

"Lockheed Martin's magnificence of aviation and aerospace occurrence brings a wealth of instruct to the Wish Trailer difficult approach development," supposed Jim Crocker, decadence person in command of Lockheed Martin's Area Systems Hang loose Considerate Area Pied-?-terre of Harden. "We are able to adapt our best mechanized processes, and our innovative technology from tangentially the positive to fit the wishes of the Wish Trailer program."

In more to the current Wish Trailer airframe mechanized work, Lockheed Martin is as well taking sides SNC in the areas of auto legislative body, reconciliation, ecological difficulty, ground stick by possessions, flight certification and spacecraft start the ball rolling and revitalization. This work is performed at assorted Lockheed Martin facilities in Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Colorado.

Upon finale of mechanized Lockheed Martin apparition be in motion the Wish Trailer airframe to SNC's Louisville, Colorado, volume for permanent reconciliation and legislative body.

SNC is full of zip as a result of NASA's Conglomerate Compilation Place under an certain space act injunction to put up a reliable, innovative, enlightened, gentle and highly-capable flyer space elate system for the 21st Century. Behind disposed, Wish Trailer apparition deal in the completely reusable, human-rated lifting-body spacecraft as a result of a flyer airfield landing capability, where in the world, and is on the forerunner of the flyer human spaceflight work hard, acquaint with reliable, right and efficient range and depraved wares elate to and from low-Earth fly around.

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"UFO UpdateAnonymous low-level informants have for years accused the U.S. governmentof hiding crashed UFOs. Since these sources are of uncertain reliability,the reports have been largely ignored. Now, however, ufologists mustconsider the testimony of Robert Sarbacher, whose entry in WHO'S WHOconsists of more than 3 inches of tiny print, including education atPrinceton and Harvard and a stint as dean of the graduate school of theGeorgia Institute of Technology. In the years after WWII, the story goes,Sarbacher served as a science consultant for the Defense Department'sJoint Research and Development Board. He was in his Washington office onSeptember 15, 1950, it seems, when he received a visit from Canadianelectrical engineer Wilbert B. Smith. According to information releasedby Smith just recently, it was then that Sarbacher revealed the existenc crashed UFOs, apparently under investigation by Vannevar Bush, thegovernment's top scientist.In a recent interview, Sarbacher, now head of the Washington Institute ofTechnology, confirmed those remarks. He says that during his period ofgovernment service as one of a number of government scientists who servedlargely as volunteers, he was told that the vehicles were composed of an"extremely light and very tough" material, apparently intended towithstand tremendous acceleration and deceleration. At one point,Sarbacher says, he was even invited to a meeting at Wright Patterson AirForce Base in Dayton, Ohio, where officials related their findings toscientists connected with the Research and Development Board. Sarbacherhad other commitments and did not attend the meeting, but he says thatthose who did, including Bush and noted mathematician John von Neumann,were told that the vehicles appeared to be spaceships from another solarsystem.Asked about his reaction to the episode, Sarbacher seems oddly blase. Headmits he hasn't given much thought to a matter most people would considerextraordinary -- he considers it simply a curious event in the course of along scientific career. "AFTER ALL," he says, "I HAD -- AND HAVE -- AGREAT MANY MORE PRESSING SCIENTIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES. I WISH I COULDREFER YOU TO SOMEONE WHO WAS MORE DIRECTLY INVOLVED THAN I WAS," he adds."Unfortunately, they're all long gone."Writer William Moore, who has been chasing government UFO secrets foryears, considers Sarbacher's testimony significant. "IT'S THE FIRST TIMESOMEONE WITH A REPUTATION HAS COME FORWARD TO STATE PUBLICLY THAT THEPENTAGON HAS A RECOVERED UFO," he says. "THIS ISN'T PROOF, OF COURSE, BUTIT FITS IN WITH INFORMATION WE HAVE FROM OTHER SOURCES." Informed of theseclaims, Temple University history professor David M. Jacobs, author ofTHE UFO CONTROVERSY IN AMERICA, admits Sarbacher's credentials areimpressive but observes, "Until somebody can produce an actual crashedsaucer, this is hearsay evidence. And how can he talk so casually aboutsomething that would have to be the most sensational event in all ofhistory?"

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