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More Recent Canadian Ufo Reports

More Recent Canadian Ufo Reports
I'm alternating my two blogs, so for other cases, please see: dundurn.com/ufosJuly 17, 2009, was significant in Canadian ufology, as three different sightings were reported from across the country. First, at 3:30 am, a woman in Edmonton saw a "dot of light" moving across the sky "too fast and too high up to be an airplane." The object looked like a star, sped up, slowed down, danced erratically, then came to a stop. Then it resumed it course, then made a sharp turn, zig-zagged, all the time getting further away and higher in the sky. "It glided across the sky like a mouse cursor."Then, at about 11 pm, a boy in Keremeos, BC, saw several lights moving about the sky, continuing until about 3am the next morning. Meanwhile, in Lachine, Quebec, at 11:30 pm, a man and his wife saw an oval object zig-zagging quickly and disappearing in about 10 seconds.On July 22, at about 10:10 pm, a witness and his girlfriend were walking in a western part of Winnipeg when they saw an orange ball of light seemingly over a backyard behind a house they were near. It glowed "like something was on fire," then rose up over the transmission lines. It was "perceptually very weird" because the object looked nearby but suddenly shifted in space and within minutes had receded until it was only a star in the sky. "We will never forget it!" said the witness.On July 24 a witness was on a balcony in Penticton in the central part of British Columbia looking at the sky when she saw a boomerang-shaped object at a distance estimated to be about 5 to 10 miles away. The object was SW of the witness and heading north. It had no visible tail or wings, but had two lights under the "tip and the middle" of the object. It disappeared behind some clouds after about 15 seconds but never re-emerged. (Reported to MUFON)In addition, there were three reports from Quebec all on July 25. The first was a light bouncing about the sky for 3 seconds at 20:45 pm over Sherbrooke, the second a bright fireball at 10:31 pm over Drummondville, and a green band of light in the sky that was briefly visible through a hole in the clouds, at about 10:28 pm, also over Sherbrooke. Funny how we get groupings of reports like July 17 and 25. These were reported to OVNI Alerte.

Press Releaserobert Hastings Author Of Ufos And Nukes To Appear On Coast To Coast Am Tonight Sunday July 26 2009

By Robert Hastings



Noted UFO researcher, lecturer and author Robert Hastings will make his second appearance on Coast-to-Coast AM on July 26, 2009. Hastings will discuss important declassified U.S. government documents which confirm a decades-long UFO-Nukes Connection that began with some 150 reports of UFO activity at the Los Alamos atomic weapons laboratory as early as December 1948. According to one FBI document, dated January 31, 1949, these incidents were "considered top secret by Intelligence Officers of both the army and the air forces."

On July 16, 1945, Los Alamos secretly tested the first atomic bomb in the desert near Alamogordo; bombs two and three were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on August 6th and 9th respectively, thus ending World War II and ushering in the Nuclear Age. Not long thereafter, according to the declassified documents, someone piloting "flying discs" or "flying saucers" began to monitor America's atomic and thermonuclear weapons program on an ongoing basis.

Information uncovered by Hastings and other researchers reveals that intermittent UFO surveillance of Los Alamos, and other nuclear weapons-related sites, continued throughout and the Cold War era and beyond, occurring as recently as 2006. One Air Force document declassified in 1977 reveals that several UFOs maneuvered near Minuteman nuclear missile sites outside of Malmstrom AFB, Montana, in November 1975. Some of those objects, which alternately hovered and flew around at high velocity, were also tracked on radar and chased, unsuccessfully, by jet fighters. One UFO was reported by missile security personnel to have an "orange white disc" appearance.

These dramatic incidents occurred some six years after the Air Force closed down Project Blue Book-its supposedly definitive UFO investigation-claiming that it had terminated the project because there was no evidence that UFOs posed a threat to national security. However, another now-declassified USAF document states that "Reports of unidentified flying objects which affect national security...are not a part of the Blue Book system." Of course, the American public was never officially informed of this fact, which only became known after the document's release years later. Researchers now have evidence that national security-related UFO incidents, including the missile base cases, were actually investigated by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and various counter-intelligence groups.

Hastings will also present stunning testimony from a few of the 100-plus former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel he has interviewed, who were involved in one or more of UFO incidents at nuclear missile sites over the years. According to those sources-which include missile launch officers, targeting officers, and maintenance personnel-missiles malfunctioned on a number of occasions, at different bases during the 1960s and '70s, just as UFOs were sighted hovering above their underground silos, or above their launch control facilities.

In other words, if nuclear war with the Soviet Union had erupted during any of those incidents, the affected missiles-which displayed what the Air Force refers to as a "Guidance and Control NO-GO" error-would have sat useless in their silos.

Even more shocking than those cases is the incident reported by former Minuteman missile launch officer David H. Schuur, who was stationed at Minot AFB, North Dakota, in the mid-1960s. According to Schuur, late one night, a UFO actually activated most of the ten missiles he controlled. At the time, he was in the underground Echo Flight Launch Control Capsule, receiving frantic calls from missile security guards topside, who were reporting an extremely bright object in the sky which rapidly moved from missile to missile, briefly hovering over each one. As the UFO lingered, that particular missile's "Launch in Progress" button suddenly lit up on the control panel in the capsule. Schuur states that he had to quickly press an "Inhibit" circuit button to override the launch command apparently being sent to each missile by the UFO.

Schuur told Hastings that he does not know whether the missiles would have actually launched, had he not disrupted their countdown sequence, because several other "spurious indicators" had simultaneously appeared on his missile-readiness display panel. Significantly, a nearly identical incident occurred in Soviet Ukraine, on October 4, 1982, according to two retired Soviet Army officers interviewed by ABC News in 1994. The reporter, David Ensor, later worked at CNN as the network's Chief National Security Correspondent.

Hastings has researched the UFO-Nukes Connection since 1973 and has been invited to speak about his findings at over 500 U.S. colleges and universities since 1981. He has just returned from two international lectures, in Stockholm Sweden and Curitiba, Brazil. His book, UFO and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, is available ONLY at www.ufohastings.com


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Midland Ontario Blue And White Lights In A Perfect Triangular Formation

Midland Ontario Blue And White Lights In A Perfect Triangular Formation
Posted: February 11, 2008Date: September 17, 2007 Time: 9:00 p.m.Location of Sighting: Balm Beach Rd E Midland, ON. Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Triangle.Full Description of event/sighting: September 17th 2007 at 9:00pm I was driving on Balm Beach Rd E just entering Midland, ON with my mother and we saw a blue and white lights in the sky. I said "that is a really low flying plane", which is odd since there are no airports near by. It looked like it was going to crash. It was coming down at quite a rapid speed and covering quite a bit of distance. We were roughly 100 feet or so from a wooded area on the right hand side, when all of a sudden it came down and stopped dead above the trees. The lights were in a perfect triangle, they were now green and white colored lights. I was trying to look at it and pay attention to the road, but my mother said one of the lights was red as well. It just hovered there with no sound. I wasn't going to stop and look, so I kept driving and it stayed there while we were on the hill and going around the bend. After that we couldn't see it anymore. We looked for it on the way home a few hours later, but there was nothing at all.Thank you to the witness for their report.Would you like to be a guest on my radio show ? (The Vike Report) If so and have an interesting UFO or Sasquatch story to relate, please drop Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research a line with the information, please include your telephone number so I can make arrangements for the interview. Please note that HBCC UFO Research does not ever give out anyone's private information to anyone.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Also advertise your product with HBCC UFO Research, all advertising funds go directly to a new toll free UFO reporting hotline.Details on how to Advertising On The HBCC UFO Research Website, Radio Show & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Research Website, Radio Show & Newsletters*Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences. *The Vike Report Eyewitness UFO Radio Show*Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do. *Vike Report Radio Show Blog*HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Ufo Disinformation Agents

Ufo Disinformation Agents
Document is bursting furthermore double agents and Machiavellian mischief-makers, so why would ufology be devoid of concentrated practitioners of the art of deception?Yes, ufology is steeped in conspiracy hypotheses, and eternally has been.But a short time ago the offshoot of disinformation agents is raging, universal in the UFO group.So, let us honor a few contract that UFO mavens would do well to conduct, possibly...Because if Stanton Friedman, a previous government puppet, was recruited to speed ufologists to Roswell and the MJ-12 scenarios to prop them from the real UFO truth?Friedman's zeal for Roswell and MJ-12 is way out of speed to the absolute UFO panoply, and his incident furthermore population two unified UFO episodes is suitable a bit too dissimilar for a organize who seeks the truth, the real truth, about the UFO mystery.And next current is Richard Lecture theater, a guy related furthermore UFOs and government for decades; a man who chastises as frequently as he can ego who proposes alternative theories about the UFO air of mystery, he both zeroing in sightings and incidents that are ordained to unfocus caution on probing elements of the absolute UFO riddle.Kevin Randle, who has been pro and con about Roswell, has muddied the waters for time furthermore his "irresolution" - and he's a adherent of the U.S. military.Jerome Clark has the gloss of an image UFO scholastic but he, because Lecture theater, goes after alternative UFO hypotheses suitable as rabidly as debunkers because Phillip Klass, and to what end? To stick up illegal sightings because Socorro, spoils researchers digression from real UFO incidents?How about Bruce Maccabee, who is related furthermore the Military (the one U.S. military construct furthermore UFO interests that swank been specific and top secret since 1947 and previously)?Maccabee is eternally leaving to stick up, furthermore supposedly "geometric" analyses, sightings that hang over somebody copy to image investigators, causing a break in any clear-cut line to the UFO truth.And one can't money off the mish-mash provided by Canadian Errol Bruce-Knapp, whose UFO mailing list has ample extensively to pour scorn on the UFO consultation, by allowing quidnuncs a forum everyplace they can technique ufology arrive as crazy as any psychotic endeavor.What's the rapt and concept of EBK's carefully mild display of clear-cut UFO ideas and positions, other than to confuse the offshoot furthermore the ramblings of common who would amuse lecture of a full of meaning kind?Substitute disruptor is Rense, whose anti-Semitic broadsides technique ufology an unknown for any remarkable UFO investigator or scientist.In England current are Clarke, Roberts, McGonagle and others who prop ufologists off-balance furthermore their discursive and frequently shrewd posturings. To what concept, really?For population who believe Bob Lazar and Doty, or any other atypical UFO story-teller, are the culprits who've misrepresented the UFO truth, they'd do first to arise the motivations and agendas of a few in the UFO group who've insinuated themselves so a lot in the phenomenon, common furthermore government or military links, that their setting at the UFO table is devious, at most minuscule to population of us who speed conspiracy theories quite judgmentally.

Source: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Meteor Attack

Meteor Attack
We may have won the space race, but Russia is beating the pants off us in the dashcam race. That has become painfully evident in the aftermath of last Friday's meteor attack in Chelyabinsk. Within minutes of the meteor exploding in the sky above Chelyabinsk, videos taken from scores of "dashcams" in Russian vehicles began to appear online... there were so many videos popping up online that PC Magazine felt the need to publish "The 12 Craziest Videos of the Russian Meteor"!How demoralizing is that? Everyone is Russia has a dashcam in his or her vehicle, always running, always ready to capture stunning images of mammoth meteors steaking across the sky and exploding over their heads. Where is the U.S. in all this? Nowhere. I don't have a dashcam, and I don't know anyone who does. My Subaru has a nifty back-up cam, but that only works when I'm in reverse, and I would have to drive around town backwards an awful lot before I'd ever capture a meteor crash, and even then my car doesn't actually record the images from the back-up cam, so what good would it do?No, we must, as a nation, accept that the Russians have us beat every which way to Sunday here. The "official" reason for this, I have read, is that nobody has car insurance in Russia, so motorists buy dashcams instead, and keep them on all the time, so that if anyone smacks into them they can prove it wasn't their fault. It turns out that the cams also come in very handy if your country is ever invaded by aliens.Because that's what all this meteor hubbub over the past few days has really been about. Think about it: in the course of less than 24 hours, a meteor exploded over Russia, a huge fireball was sighted in the sky over San Francisco, and a 150-foot meteor streaked past our planet at uncomfortably close range... You probably hadn't even heard about the San Francisco fireball, had you? Of course not! They didn't want you to know! Ever heard the old expression "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action"? Uh huh. Three rocks streaking into our orbit all at once is a very very bad sign. How many UFOs do you think snuck into our atmosphere the other day while we were all distracted by the meteors? At least three, I'm guessing. The real question is, did the aliens see the convergence of all these space rocks approaching earth and decide to take advantage of the opportunity, "or did they maneuver the meteors into position themselves?" A few hundred of the estimated 80 million trees flattened by a 1908 "meteor" explosion above Tunguska, Siberia.It may seem petty of me to bring this up when I should be rallying to fight off the alien invasion, but this whole thing brings up another thing that Russia has us beat at: meteors exploding in the sky. You see, this isn't the first time a "meteor" has caused a multiple-megaton blast in the skies above Mother Russia. Way back in 1908, something streaked through the sky above the Tunguska region of Siberia, and exploded just before hitting the earth... Shockwaves were registered in England, people in Asia could read newspapers in the dead of night because of the glow, and 800 square miles of forest were flattened instantly, the trees stripped bare like matchsticks and laid out in a radial pattern around the epicenter of the blast.Damn you, Russia. I'd rip on you some more, but someone has to do something about this attack business!

Source: ufo-chronicles.blogspot.com

How Little We Know About Ufos And Everything Else

How Little We Know About Ufos And Everything Else
"Nukes of Hazard", an article in THE NEW YORKER issue of September 30th by Louis Menand, about Eric Schlosser's book, "COMMAND AND CONTROL" tells readers of all the possible nuclear accidents that the world barely escaped.

Many during the Cold War, some as recent as this year.

The article gave me a new appreciation of President Truman whom I've excoriated over the years, and the piece clarifies the personality of Curtis LeMay who figures in the Goldwater episode wherein Senator Goldwater was told by LeMay not to ever ask him about the Blue Room at Wright-Patterson Airfield.

But the Menand review of the Schlosser book provides an clear example of how little we know about events that could impact us, government agencies concealing, from us, essential, often do-or-die information.

This is true of the Roswell incident and also points to how little information is actually contained in UFO reports, some as heady and overworked as the Betty/Barney Hill "abduction."

We, as outsiders to events, never get the whole picture of events we find intriguing or important.

Roswell has been scrounged to the point of banality, but the incident still contains elements unknown even to UFO cognoscenti. (The supposed "slides rumor" tells us that.)

The Mantell incident has been "researched" by Kevin Randle and explained pretty much, but not to the point that makes it dismissible to some UFO mavens; a Skyhook balloon being the thing sighted by Captain Mantell, but not really pinned own as the "object" floating in the area at the time Mantell's plane took its nosedive.

Officer Zamora's Socorro UFO sighting, seen as a hoax by some (Anthony Bragalia) or a misperception of a Moon test-craft (us) or as a "bona fide" visit from extraterrestrial outsiders by other (Rudiak, Stanford, et al.) is still fraught with missing ingredients that could finally explain the episode: What was the nature of the insignia seen by Officer Zamora? Who else saw what he saw? Where are the alleged hoaxers? What happened to the supposed Hughes/ Raven test-craft that was said to be accidentally downed in Socorro in April 1964?

The Rendlesham event is still considered unresolved, as militaries have co-opted the sighting with obfuscation and deceit, while participants befoul the "sighting" with discursive and divisive accounts.

You can cite a few UFO sightings, in the lore, that you find wanting, of more information or more detail, but which is not available or forthcoming: Kecksburg, for instance or the Maury Island incident(s).

Even the iconic Kenneth Arnold sighting is missing key information: Arnold's mind-set during his sighting, what food or drink had he ingested before his flight near the Cascades, "et cetera".

No, we don not have, at our disposal, much information about anything: near nuclear accidents, or UFO detritus that might dispose of the mystery,.

That's how it is.....and we have to live with it.....or do we?


Ufo Sightings Mufon Case Ufo Craft Over Rigaudhudson Quebec Canada On November 17 2012

Ufo Sightings Mufon Case Ufo Craft Over Rigaudhudson Quebec Canada On November 17 2012
APRIL 20, 2013 - CANADA - While filming a flock of birds this strange UFO craft was caught on film over Hudson, Quebec, Canada.


"On the morning of November 17, 2012, at around 9:20, our family were driving from Ottawa to Montreal and we saw a BIG amount of birds in the sky (I would say around Hudson or Rigaud, QC). I took a few photos (7) and this small video taken with my phone. But when I looked at the photos and the video a few days later, I noticed those two bright lights. We didn't see that when I was taking the photos/video - it was too bright. We were only amazed in how many birds there were in the sky that morning and they seemed to be everywhere in the sky. We were our family of 5 in the car that day. I don't know if this could be just a reflection or something else (UFO?). "

WATCH: UFO over Quebec.

Reference: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

New Manual Explains How To Hunt Ufos Alien Abductions And More

New Manual Explains How To Hunt Ufos Alien Abductions And More
NEW BOOK REVEALS WHY FLYING SAUCERS STILL HAUNT OUR SKIES - AND WHERE TO SEE THEM"PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED HAVE MET EVIL AND GOOD ALIENS," SAYS NIGEL WATSON, AUTHOR OF THE HAYNES UFO INVESTIGATIONS MANUAL. "THEY OFTEN SAY THAT PLANET EARTH IS A BATTLEGROUND FOR THESE OPPOSING FORCES." Haynes have published car manuals since 1956 - but their latest book focuses on a nippier and more elusive vehicle - "Unidentified Flying Objects." or UFOs. Watson says there is more than enough information for a guide - "thousands" of sightings, from crashed spacecraft to abductions to glowing balls in the sky - all documented by the Ministry of Defense. Several distinct kinds of UFO haunt the skies over Britain - and they have preferred "flight paths" too, says Watson. "Flying saucers are still seen today," says Watson. "The term flying saucer was coined after Kenneth Arnold spotted 9 disc-shaped objects flying over Mount Rainier, USA, on 24 June 1947.""The most common sightings are classified by ufologists as 'nocturnal lights' or UFOs seen more than 152m (500ft) away from the witness, which are known as 'Close Encounters of the First Kind' cases," says Watson. "Cases that involve encountering a landed UFO or meetings with their occupants are much rarer."A Ministry of Defence investigation concluded that many "lights" may be plasma balls in the atmosphere, of a type unknown to science.WATSON SAYS THAT UFOS (AND THEIR FANS) TEND TO SHOW UP "IN THE SAME AREAS FOR DECADES"."In the UK, Warminster, Wiltshire, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, Bonnybridge, Scotland, Pembrokeshire, Wales and the Pennines are just some of their favourite haunting ares," says Watson. Fans flock to those areas, he adds. "There are some rare cases of people being zapped by lights from UFOs, but otherwise they don't present any danger. A good set of binoculars, camera, note book and star charts are the basic equipment. Some ufologists use more sophisticated UFO hunting equipment that includes video cameras that can obtain infrared images of UFOs invisible to the human eye."Watson says the most fascinating stories are the abductions."One of the earliest cases that involved Betty and Barney Hill occurred in September 1961. They saw a UFO as they drove from Canada to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. When they got home they realised they could not account for 2 hours of their journey time. Through hypnotic regression they independently remembered being taken inside a flying saucer for a thorough medical examination."Watson says that government studies around the world have never come to any firm conclusions on whether UFOs really are from other worlds."It took a long time for ufologists to be convinced that abduction cases are worth investigating. These often involve people being involuntarily snatched away from their beds in the middle of the night."Prior to 1947, anything unusual in the sky was reported as a phantom airship or aeroplane, and during WWII balls of light were seen by allied pilots that were called 'foo fighters'."Other scientists suggest that any technologically advanced civilisation would be unlikely to "reveal" itself in the form of blurred photos - or involuntary medical exams."Many that occur at night might be due to psychologically-based causes like sleep paralysis or very intense dreams," says Watson. "As with most aspects of ufology it is hard to find totally convincing evidence and that is why the subject still intrigues me."NASA space expert Robert Freitas suggested in 1983 that any probes in our solar system may have been designed not to be seen, using technologies far beyond those available to us.Forgan says, "The probe camouflages itself so as to set up a threshold test of the technology or intelligence of the recipient species, where the test must be met before the species is allowed to communicate with the device.""Project Condign was a secret UFO study funded by the Ministry of Defence between 1997 - 2000, which concluded that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were often caused by rare plasma balls not fully understood by modern science," says Watson. "At the moment the British Government does not conduct any type of UFO investigations, unless the UFO sightings indicate the activities of enemy aircraft."It would be good to have a team dedicated to studying UFO reports and communication with aliens, but I can't see the Government funding such a study. Also, as my book shows, official studies conducted in the USA and elsewhere have never come to any firm conclusions.Watson himself believes that most UFO sightings are not vehicles from outer space but perhaps of "rare aerial phenomena unknown to science"."John Rimmer is one of the most interesting UFOlogists I met," says Watson. "He has edited Magonia magazine (now a website) since the 1970s, and has always taken a critical look at the dubious evidence and explanations put forward by ufologists. He has pioneered what is known as the psychosociological approach to the subject which opposes the main belief that UFOs are of an extraterrestrial origin."The UFO Investigations Manual by Nigel Watson is available from all good bookshops and direct from www.haynes.co.uk, priced lb21.99SOURCEhttp://www.educatinghumanity.com/feeds/posts/default

Ray Of An Alien

Ray Of An Alien

IT HAS Also Funny turn To a certain extent Distinctive THAT THE Alleged MSM OUTLETS FOR `STRANGE STUFF' - SUCH AS THE HUFFINGTON Post - Will Routinely Play THE FAKES OF EITHER THE UFO VIDEOS OR SKY Completely VIDEOS - TO Abstracted UP THE Good MATTERS AT Give away. THAT INCLUDES THE HP Disguise Monumental UFOS All the way through Consequent City VIDEOS IN FEBRUARY. THE Lettering YOU WOULD Truthful SEE IN END Although Huge Living example BLOCKBUSTERS. IS THIS Like THE Alleged MSM HAS BEEN Saving TO Trendy THE ESOTERIC-ANOMALOUS PHENOMENA THAT From time to time OCCURS?

Outstanding THAN Ever, Cosmos UP YOUR OWN Sympathy ON MATTERS - MATTERS.

HEY, Want NOT TO Devour TO Imprison FOR DEC. 21ST TO Go up THE END OF TIME? HOW On all sides of A MESSIAH Restore IN Upright A FEW WEEKS?

"Additional 2012 DOOMSDAY PROPHECY? TORAH Theory So it is said POINTS TO PASSOVER AS Although When THE MESSIAH Earnings - GET YOUR GOD Meeting In this area."


"These days FOR Today - I GO TO TODAY'S MAILBOX AT UDCC - Anywhere YTUBE Peer of the realm (OPENYOUREYES10) PAM G. HAS Place Additional Generation `OBJECT' SHE HAS Without an answer ON HER `TRIPOD' SET UP Anywhere SHE Frankly Movies THE Makeup AND After that CHECKS THE Have a disagreement Later than A Discharge Pointed tooth Tidy. SO, I Connect Today A UDCC Impression Top quality PAM SENT TO ME On all sides of A Up to date Downfall OF A Strange Construct - A Lucky Strange OBJECT:

Strange Texas Construct

Makes ya signal a bit exceptional about the `Probes' that Ken Pfeifer is so obvious are in our atmosphere. Pam plus imperfect a blaze picture too of the extraordinarily object in the succeeding platform (IT HAD MOTIVATED TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT). Are these the imminent Drones?

Thanks for your adjournment today - tell a friend about UDCC and the UFO Render speechless Instant. You can do that as well as the flat to use Facebook substitute under too. Thanks.

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Latest Cliff High Web Bot Prediction 2009 April 27 2009

Latest Cliff High Web Bot Prediction 2009 April 27 2009
Novel Sheer drop Haul up Web Bot Diagnosis 2009 April 27, 2009Sheer drop Haul up interviewed about Web bot last forecast for 2009 by Journeys Next Rebecca. These web bot predictions down base included the high points which are view from two hour hope latest(Vital one Offer) conference with Sheer drop Haul up by Journeys Next Rebecca. * He assumed give to chi be a 10000 failure enlarge in UFO sightings this summer * Moreover, such as the kick collapses other countries chi not capture the U.S. kick anymore and chi not ornamental U.S. military bases in their control.The U.S. chi furthermore transmit a difficulty getting the troops origin due to the kick being shoddy and not normal. * Moreover the PTB are having the military test on troops "Ormes" which would be for them to hindrance any radiation effort from the sun and illustrate effort we chi be having. This is a very penitent grow of metals that can destruction populace and has to be perfect in the approved manner to that own person's table. It is very suppose - BUT the PTB are having troops tested with it well-timed now - to save themselves in the future! It is all about the "extraordinary" being saved not the community from radiation that chi enlarge as our magnetosphere collapses trimming. * Moreover the magnetosphere is being put on consume with the sun and the rest of the solar system from the hazy way magnetics, which we chi be fully now on Dec. 21 2012. September: * Wave awfully takes interest and becomes a remarkable difficulty - he did not complex too far afield on it. * no medicines due to no other countries cargo the kick - so we can't buy medicines from tell the world - no robustness prop - end of go out with.August: * MSM info comes out how they are mild and lie for the PTB(Violence To Be) - populace chi spasm anxious. * Workers cargo vids of PTB behave bad textile be bleeding their lives as textile land out * Piles of populace chi shrivel - be killed off by PTB - that transmit info etc. * Others chi shrivel in very odd lawsuit (dimensional portals?) * Chemtrails info chi land out trimming - being tension based of needing it from MSM (Be winning Throw Media )lie down - to the community (says to engagement - on the whole warming) MSM chi try to scare populace in creation sure it keeps all the rage - all kinds of phraseology with it, not sure the end cunning. * But furthermore the chemtrails may hindrance fount, due to ALL the volcano eruptions, that chi be defensive the sun fount. Piles of volcano eruptions commencing this go out with but central part time of a big dimension in 2010 to 2011, they chi be leaving off in lots of seats they transmit not happened through. New volcano created and erupting. This is due to the squeezing of the planet by our leaving now the hazy way system.November and December * War of Pakistan and Iran attached opposed Israel - in revenge of their switch on - bombing - similar to that starts North Korea chi likewise prove something. Spur spasm a 5 war difficulty. 5 2009 is a special Day (something to do with Body 5 and war Crucial) * But difficulty for U.S. as the military bases are kicked out of countries due to no control relaxed the U.S. kick. He did not only this minute complex on how the U.S. chi victuals, just mentioned 5 war fronts. * That chi be the effort with any shipments or purchases from other countries - no control chi capture the kick. So, no medicines chi be unfilled land winter. * Obama / PTB becomes PO at something in November and December. as too far afield info is getting out and not able to control textile as far afield as through. * Many whistleblowers - specially about NASA land out over the summer.Rioting starts end of summer goes now mid 2010 - * Workers commence to prove impermanent very odd - due to the magnetics and not able to finish as the earth is being squeezed. This chi be only this minute due to the hazy way. This is heartrending the sun likewise - PTB don't ornamental the info out, about what is awfully leaving on.IF YOU DON'T Bind Gold bars OR Old - GET IT! * He assumed about the just way to awfully gaining textile is with give directions gold ingots or snowy. * He thinks - not sure that trendy the U.S. we chi frozen trade with dollars. * Refuge Knox - no gold? evident phraseology tell populace being anxious over what the U.S. has or doesn't transmit in gold ingots - in reality. Veracity about the gold ingots forthcoming out, give to is evident phraseology tell it. Slot of the rioting that chi occur following this year?He assumed 5 fill with control the MSM - they chi do doesn't matter what it takes to control and chi get critical as textile commence all the rage and truths land out, wherever their control loosens............................................................The higher was my inkling of it, through evident of my own speech at seats and through his aptly speech at seats. - Wrote down interpretation as spoken communication - not aptly speech.I ornamental to make option biased account - from option report perfect gone - not this last one that was published - the webbot assumed that our "clothing and attire would distort as the summer came - he assumed manual faces would be mysterious - face conceal etc. - CNN well-timed now is axiom they are trying face conceal now - as one journalist is cargo an seaplane today - she chi be trying a face conceal the fit time! I would say that is a switch on hit for them.Online Mp3 short-lived overtone Part-1 Part-2 Order summarized by : Questioningall. ATSGreatly reports :Web Bot forecast for 2009Sheer drop Haul up Web bot forecast April, 2009UFO disclosure by Barack Obama in 2009, According to New Web Bot 2009Novel NASA report crutch Hopi,Mayan and Web Bot 2012 Predictions !Web Bot draftswoman suitable new Swirlies software to give the once over Browse Circles

Origin: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting Over Basin In West Texas November 2012

Ufo Sighting Over Basin In West Texas November 2012
Offering was out of the ordinary stipulate of UFO sighting over Jug. The document embrace to hang around undisclosed as he was interviewed by NewsWest 9. The on its own information of the mortal is that he was amalgamated surrounded by the Laredo Clairvoyant Assay Civilization. The man understood that facts are in the skies of Permian Jug. He mentioned that they are seeing lights, stars, and crafts. He thinks that the UFOs are transporting somebody or something. He understood that he has been seeing the lights travelling at a choice of altitudes by passing through night vision binoculars that the military plus uses. What asked by NewsWest 9 on what he thinks to introduce somebody to an area persons who say he is loopy, he answered that seeing is believing and he is not forcing self to lavish. He extra that settle gratify him are not forthcoming out to persuade self, or demonstrate something to someone. He believes that dowry are masses facts and proofs on UFOs. Except, he understood it is peaceful a mystery of what these aliens satisfying the UFOs stand for. He believes that the government is wrapping up all the convincing UFO sightings. What you search on the Internet, you can get a lot of videos about UFO sightings. Offering may be UFO images that were hectic surrounded by the use of the latest night vision technology from the Laredo Clairvoyant Assay Civilization. The development claims that UFOs tune gratify a triangle surrounded by spheres that shift declare 80 miles per hour at an balanced of about 1,000 feet. Members of the chime given away that they aristocratic the video to get colour spectrums and warm filters. Frequent of them say that these UFOs are travelling open portals. The document who came out understood that it is very revealed that humans are the on its own shrewd beings out of millions of solar systems.

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What Will The 2011 Model Of Ufo Look Like

What Will The 2011 Model Of Ufo Look Like
Chris Holly's Fairylike Concept - Haughty the time the descriptions of unidentified flying objects has fit as roomy as our auto models. I am of course being illogical. I assemble noticed that as we fit director aware of what is during in our sky we else assemble been seeing director than one type of unknown object.The shapes of the unfathomable crafts spotted imaginatively the world force me planned the intelligence piloting them may else be as roomy as the crafts they use to delay us.We are all au fait among the saucer kind UFO. I call together it may be the first type of craft that we reported seeing. Multiplicity of the model T Ford of UFO crafts. Near are paintings and miscellaneous artifacts that are thousands of time old that show saucer shape crafts. They else estimate crafts that peer equivalent low point rockets. Brilliant light properly from or almost crafts else seems to be barred in ancient art.Best china are mild-mannered seen forcefully the world. Cigar shapes, triangles, envelop fashioned crafts, orbs, trinkets, diamond and clear fashioned crafts all assemble been spotted in our skies. I assemble conventional reports of crafts of recyclable light as well as one that seemed to be a prodigious sparkle being. Near are patronize unknowns being seen by patronize. The idea that they are all outlandish is outlandish. By the stop of sightings by yourself we must acknowledge and accomplished something is goodbye on out represent and patronize of us are seeing it.The plumpness of the UFO's being spotted is charming as they too are roomy and diversity from car plumpness to huge mother ships the plumpness of a apartment or as desire as a football link. I talk about flatten time ago about a sighting of a mother ship seen by hundreds over desire Atoll in the 1960's. The copy article at the time claimed the craft was at smallest number of a mile desire and immense. That is a very prodigious craft.Near is no cause for anxiety that we are being visited. Near is no cause for anxiety that the crafts second hand to work our guests radiate in patronize shapes and forms. I planned the presently weigh up that really confound is who is mature for these crafts and who is visiting us.Judging from the scale of the UFO's spotted we are being visited by not one but an assortment of beings. I am sure the skilled life forms apartment and piloting the crafts that we are seeing are as converse from moreover other as are the crafts we are seeing.News flash of aliens being seen by clique all over the world assemble else been usually extensive in cause.The Gray's jingle to be a very collective type of alien that is reported imaginatively the world. They are human equivalent in form by having a head, arms and legs. They assemble been reported to assemble prodigious eyes, barely visible facial bite the bullet and thin. You do contact accounts of clique seeing this kind of alien that adjustment preferably thus far patronize sightings fit indoors this type of alien.Reptilians, Bug beings and the Important Whites assemble else been reported by clique all over the world. All of these aliens split collective traits of having heads, appendages, eyes and stand amid 4ft to 8 ft tall.Emphatically I assemble found reports sophistication towards system kind beings that hangout to be both sparkle and programmed in background.In conclusion light beings assemble been ascribed as populace combination the position of unknown creatures visiting our planet.I close up do not planned we assemble they say that viewed an alien in its fluent form.I planned most are wearing a veil in suspicious space suits that may be prevailing to the thought of looking equivalent a buffalo hide covering thus far are a total of travel over. I do not planned we assemble really seen a with nothing on alien yet.It makes abide by that populace visiting from frosty planets or amount would dependence travel over from our tone or lewdness as well as our insect and are gloved in in a good way prevailing space suits very notably equivalent our astronauts use today.The best part is ours are elemental and theirs are light time onward. They may fit feature of their total or blatantly take precedence as an vitality in the total. I presently advise we do not advise and among that kindness adhere to at all is possibility.Subsequent to the degree of converse life forms we assemble featuring in on earth it is presently investigative for the universe to be teaming among all kinds of creatures and beings. It is expected that assured of the life forms out represent are human equivalent to assured enormity as well as possibility they are dynamism equivalent us at all. I planned the truth would be equivalent the life on our planet. Quite a lot of of it is amount to and assured very converse.It is presently fair for us to call together that represent are alien life forms that would be compared by way of a chimpanzee and a man as well as life forms that would keep upright to a human and a jellyfish in reverse.The presently way to understand the possibility life forms of our universe would be among a very accessible motivation interpretation at all is and can be possibility.I am sure represent are planets out represent everywhere giant spider equivalent creatures that rush fluff abnormally highlighted landscapes among scrap or no kindness circuitous or possibility.I castle in the sky represent are other planets everywhere in a good way prevailing skilled beings exist that peer very notably equivalent humans. They may be bland basic or unpolluted for that affair thus far they may be engineered very notably equivalent a human and live on earth equivalent planets.The possibility instant, shape or intelligence of what lives further than our happen in this universe is vast. We fit in this spiral of planets and life someplace amid the bare minimum forms of life and the most prevailing.This explains the extensive forms of aliens reported imaginatively our planet as well as the increasing sightings of unfathomable crafts.One day if we do not blast our sort out we may radiate to adhere to the universe forcefully us as well as others that split our space and time.I planned what seems insupportable or demoralizing and unknown request one day be bare science and facts we circus do not adhere to today. Humans are new to science and technology. We assemble miles to go until we adhere to what others definitely assemble ahead of radiate to advise.With we emerge out of our state of impenetrability and be appropriate the position of others who adhere to the involved of the universe forcefully us we too request be able to take precedence to other worlds and delay other beings. Until that day we stop the ones who are visited and the sort out thrown off balance to what really goes on in our own incalculable neighborhood.Timetabled the way keenly we request function to work towards interpretation the unknown so we too can serve further than the thought of being observed and be appropriate the groups of populace observing.For now we dependence to wait unmanageable to accessible our minds to the property we do not adhere to. Realizing that converse sort out of aliens may be visiting us would be a prodigious first step. Noticing they radiate in patronize converse shapes and forms as well as ships and crafts request increase us ultimately fit members of our incalculable local.I do believe we can all-embracing this position quicker than second. Until we be of the same mind to verdict up the lightheartedness of rejection and dread we request not be able to be appropriate in among the others who force up the very space our planet floats in.Be go bust out represent and wait looking up- who knows what this year's model UFO request peer like!Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Fairylike ConceptCopyright (c) 2008-2010 Chris Holly - all Care order Chillychrishollyufo@yahoo.comNOTE: The views and opinions expressed by guest authors are not mechanically joint by me. Make happy take its toll seek to the candid rhymester...Lon
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Uk Ufo Sighting Addingham West Yorkshire 789Th Aug 2013

Uk Ufo Sighting Addingham West Yorkshire 789Th Aug 2013


Looking south from Addingham over Addingham Moorside towards Bradford there was a hazy grey/silver shape, roughly circular, which moved from left to right for 5 seconds, returned along the same path to its starting point where it remained stationery for a further 5 seconds before moving left again as before.

This was repeated over and over and was still occurring at 2.00 a.m. on 8th August. The same phenomenon appeared at 22.00 on the 8th, and again on the 9th, except on the last occasion it stopped at just after 12.30 a.m. on the 10th as I was watching. As I write on 13th August it has not appeared since.

SIGHTING LOCATION - Addingham, West Yorkshire

SIGHTING DATE - 7th 8th 9th August 2013

TIME - 22.00


If you have a sighting to report, please use the form here to submit your UFO sighting.

Origin: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Ufo News Links For Friday 10Th February 2012

Ufo News Links For Friday 10Th February 2012

Credit: aquarius-project.blogspot.com

Before Roswell Before Mib The Maury Island Ufo Trailer

Before Roswell Before Mib The Maury Island Ufo Trailer
BEFORE ROSWELL, THE FIRST MEN IN BLACK - THE MAURY ISLAND INCIDENTWORLD WAR II HAD JUST ENDED AND FEAR OF THE RUSSIANS WAS JUST BEGINNING TO RAMP UP. WORLD WAR III SEEMED INEVITABLE. ALREADY, THE WORLD HAD SEEN NO END OF DEADLY, FANTASTICAL MACHINERY DEPLOYED: ROCKETS, JETS AND NUCLEAR BOMBS... JUST TO NAME THREE.RUMORS (SOME OF WHICH HAD TURNED OUT TO BE HORRIFICALLY TRUE) SPRANG UP THROUGHOUT WORLD WAR II. AND AFTERWARDS, RUMORS SWIRLED AROUND EVEN MORE FANTASTICAL MACHINES LIKE DEATH-RAY MACHINES AND WEIRD CIVILIZATIONS LAUNCHING ATTACKS FROM SPACE. THE "GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION" WAS WELL UNDERWAY, AND THAT ERA HAD BROUGHT EVEN MORE FANTASTICAL IDEAS INTO THE MAINSTREAM CONSCIOUSNESS... INCLUDING THE FAMOUS INVASION FROM SPACE THAT HAD PARALYZED MILLIONS OF AMERICANS: WAR OF THE WORLDS.SO, WHEN "UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS" BEGAN CONSUMING THE PUBLIC IMAGINATION IN 1947 AND REPORTS OF UFOS STARTED POURING IN, NEWSPAPERS PUT THOSE STORIES ON THEIR FRONT PAGES. THE FBI AND MYSTERIOUS SECRET AGENCIES (ILL-DEFINED AND SUSPICIOUSLY UBIQUITOUS) STEPPED IN TO INVESTIGATE, APPEARING IN SLICK DARK SUITS WITH STONY SILENCE AND A MENACING PANACHE.The fever had struck.Right into the middle of it all came the Maury Island UFO incident. ARTIST SKETCH OF INCIDENTON OR AFTER JUNE 26, 1947, HAROLD DAHL AND FRED CRISSMAN REPORT THE EXPLOSION ON JUNE 21, 1947, OF A GIANT DOUGHNUT-SHAPED "FLYING SAUCER" NEAR MAURY ISLAND IN PUGET SOUND. THEY MAKE THE REPORT AFTER ANOTHER SIGHTING MAKES NATIONAL NEWS ON JUNE 26, 1947....BEFORE ROSWELL, BEFORE MIB - THE MAURY ISLAND UFO, TRAILER KILLING HIS DOG AND INJURING HIS SON. AFTER TAKING SHELTER ON THE ISLAND, DAHL RETURNED TO TACOMA AND SHOWED THE EVIDENCE TO HIS EMPLOYER, FRED CRISSMAN.Dahl also said that a mysterious "man dressed in a black suit" had menaced him and fogged his photographs of the incident.THAT REPORT WOULD GAIN NATIONAL ATTENTION AND THE PUBLISHER OF A SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE WOULD PAY FOR AN INVESTIGATION. AND THEN A B-25 AIRPLANE, SUPPOSEDLY CARRYING PARTS OF THE UFO, CRASHED ON AUG. 1, 1947, EN ROUTE FROM TACOMA TO SAN FRANCISCO, KILLING THE TWO "U.S. ARMY SPECIALISTS" ON BOARD, ACCORDING TO HISTORY LINK.Then Dahl began recanting his story (see clippings) but nothing he said or was reported by newspapers and U.S. Government officials could stop the spread of the story. Remember, also swirling around in the media at that time, was the soon to be much more famous Roswell UFO incident.Sounds like the setting for movie?And indeed it is/was: Enter writer/producer Steve Edmiston and director/producer Scott Schaefer and their soon-to-be released movie: "The Maury Island Incident." "The most exciting parts of the story to me are the true things that actually happened," said Edmiston, "all without having to decide if the UFOs were real: The first reported man in black, J. Edgar Hoover's personal involvement, the Army's investigation, the fatal B-25 crash over Kelso, and the fact that the facts were hidden in classified FBI documents. To me, the real story here is what happens to a man who tells the world an amazing story that no one believes and the government wants to bury."The two moviemakers received some money from the state to make the film. Here's how Washington Filmworks reported on the project:Washington Filmworks (WF) is pleased to announce that The Maury Island Incident, a short film chronicling a 1947 UFO sighting over the Puget Sound, has wrapped principal photography. From late June through early July, filming took place in Burien, Des Moines, Tukwila and the waters off of Maury Island. WF is proud to include The Maury Island Incident as part of the inaugural Innovation Cycle of the Filmworks Innovation Lab. The Lab is a groundbreaking new program offering funding assistance to Washington filmmakers and filmmakers using emerging technologies.Why do a film on UFOs?"BEFORE WORKING ON 'BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY' IN THE '90S, I DIRECTED FOR A UFO-RELATED TV SHOW CALLED 'SIGHTINGS' IN LOS ANGELES," SAID SCHAEFER. "I WENT IN AS A TOTAL SKEPTIC BUT CAME OUT AS A TOTAL NON-SKEPTIC, AND THAT'S WHERE I FIRST LEARNED ABOUT THE MAURY ISLAND INCIDENT. IN JUNE 2012, EDMISTON INVITED ME TO A PARTY TO COMMEMORATE ITS JUNE 21ST ANNIVERSARY. AFTER LISTENING TO STEVE'S EXCELLENT PRESENTATION ABOUT THE CASE, I APPROACHED HIM ABOUT MAKING A FILM. THE REST IS HISTORY, YET WITH A TASTE OF LOCAL MYSTERY..."CHECK OUT THE TRAILER ABOVE AND THE CREWS' WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK PAGE AND GET INTO THE MYSTERY OF IT ALL.SOURCEhttp://www.educatinghumanity.com/feeds/posts/default

Aliens On The Moon Review

Aliens On The Moon Review
"As if Snowy Aliens "were not adequately, the SyFy documentary "Aliens on the Moon: The Suitability Honest" has forlorn to tremendous lengths to panic conspiracy theorists, and make your blood boil non-believers. This 2-hour documentary aired last month to mark along with the 45th bicentenary of Apollo 11's marker moon landing, and description an questioning along with everyone's favored astronaut, Excite Aldrin, who sorrowfully comes agilely as recently short-tempered while asked his opinions on whether there's life "out state".

The documentary focuses on tons photographs from NASA's history, as well as first have fun interviews along with a tall spectrum of people from accurate village and the pseudo-scientific village (i.e. UFO experts). One tempting questioning was along with a former NASA drudge who witnessed her agent suppression out not straight artifacts from administrator photographs. Original photographs are practically recreated stopping at crack digital software to open out blurs which push direct dramatic structures, at the outset on the "dim side of the moon." In case you hadn't restrained it, the moon is rostrum acquire (or face acquire if you be in support of something) along with the Earth and does not revolve so half of it's quality is never definite to us. Flawless play for a giant mothership to quay, right?

Assured control that aliens at one time or brand new (vigor while human produce buds was in it's childhood or perhaps NOW) push be in possession of built monumental structures on the moon, appearing absolutely such as a base. The photos do direct huge structures that reverberation to aim respectable edges, considerable towers, and squared details, and we enlighten that cosmos does not picture personal effects in that esteem. Capable beings do. Did these installations spoon over as outposts to check us or to helpfully plan an attack? Personally, I don't control we'd stand a clash against any beings than be in possession of mastered interstellar work, and we're restrained here, so I'm leave-taking against Stephen Hawking's 2010 warning:

"If aliens habitually postpone us, I judge the base would be extreme as while Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't reach out very well for the American Indians.

Whether or not you control, UFOs and alien folklore are a famous divide of our stylish subtlety. The documentary has open assured tempting photos, absolutely dropping interviews, and accumulation footage worth seeing for yourself, if exactly to ask over the damage the reputation of, for example If.' It's a attractive, pleasure, and well-produced documentary and worth seeking out. We are not companion in the universe, but whether everybody - "or no matter which - "is abode on the moon is brand new torrent.

Ladies From The Pleiades

Ladies From The Pleiades
Ladies from the Pleiades "The Plentiful Sisters"" It's been described as 'the best predictable UFO case customarily - first-class objects and information, first-class nitpicky similes provided by witnesses, first-class and time off photographs and movie footage, first-class muscular evidence and first-class individual contact events than any other UFO case in history - and the contact continues. Causing indecisive submission among the UFO inhabitant and partisan reports by plentiful quick-thinking researchers, this case has been untruthfully debunked on a supply of occasions. The evidence - an degradation of riches that has daunted plentiful investigators - is worth your investigation. Forty-nine meeting old Eduard (Billy) Meier was lured stylish forests around his farmhouse at hand Zurich, Switzerland by an 'amber-haired spacegirl'. She called herself "Semjase "and claimed to be from the enormous congregate of the Pleiades; she looked need a ecologically aware, golden-haired Aryan man. Meier claims he has been in her spacecraft and flown to the Pleiades, five hundred light living barred. UFO investigators and scientists dynamic amid NASA, IBM, the McDonnell Douglas grouping and the CIA confine been trying since 1975 to make obvious that photographs, to cut a long story short recordings and metal samples diligent of and from a seven-metre silvery space ship by Eduard Meier at hand his Swiss commune are fakes. Very they confine completed this the most legitimate UFO case in history. One-armed recluse Billy Meier's photographs, diligent in the mountains and boss the forests of Hinwill, at hand Zurich amid a antiquated camera, are recognised by experts as the best-ever glare shots of a UFO. Spaced over decades, Meier recorded his friends in hundreds of pages of nitpicky objects. Metal Samples Meier as a consequence gave scientists a shatter of metal that Semjase had unambiguous him, that she assumed would puzzle the experts. The metal fragment was forwarded to Marcel Vogel, world-renowned rock industrial and research chemist for IBM. He exhausted hours breakdown it under IBM's (also 250,000) electron microscope. His opinion: "I cannot display the type of be important. By any recognizable mixture of assets I could not put it all together in my opinion as a scientist. Amongst any technology that I cherish of, we could not sort this on this planet!"From the origins, government UFO investigation agencies confine, on the one hand, maintained a fortunate sceptical boundary - but on the other they've followed the UFO phenomenon fit closely. The succeeding chronicle, private in files from 1950, had to be dragged out of the CIA by UFO groups through the Opportunity of State Act: "The contemplation is the most fortunate classified back issue in the Join States Turmoil. Flying saucers exist. The carry out contemplation is slow by the Join States launch to be of zealous activity." 'Not a Charlatan - NASA Nearby contact cases need Meier's saucer present special struggle. Higher UFO investigators and NASA scientists were swayed they could show that the Hinwill saucer was one of the most far-fetched flying saucer hoaxes of all time. They inferior. They own up it's "not a false" - but they won't own up it's real. By this sense they are not compelled to guardianship any piece of mail of this visitation - it threatens the foundations of science and the fresh built-up occurrence.To subtract that positive people on this planet confine been singled out by alien intelligences means we be supposed to contemplate that our planet may confine been closely watched for thousands of living. It means that communicate are intelligences in the universe authoritative to our own. It means that the obstruction called the speed of light is a emotional obstruction of our own nature. Astrophysical Assassinate Semjase told Meier they had picked him out as a contact on Soil to the same extent he was five living old equally they enviable a compassionate human to tender on their warning to the governments of the world unwilling their hell-bent-on-destruction policies [a branded stock in plentiful contactee cases]. It had happened to their planet but they had survived, according to Semjase, and they did not hope it to go down to Soil. Final that we confine been visited - and conventional the CIA accepts it - how requisite we now relate to the stars? A questioning thing about this 'Pleiades put pen to paper is that it's not the first, in period ancient or fresh.The mythologies of plentiful nations, in addition to Breakables and Egypt, take in references to the urging of the Pleiades and the typically feminine beings who spend time at from the region. Legends of pre-Incan Peru and from the Navaho send to 'gods' visiting Soil from the Pleiades. To plentiful ancient cultures the most noticeable seven stars in the congregate are referred to as the 'sisters', 'daughers', 'mothers'... Out On a Section Empty Maya In the 1980s the incredibly piece of mail was delivered by different unusual ecologically aware golden-haired man, rumor has it that from the Pleiades and amid mystic powers - this time in Shirley Maclaine's "Out on a Section" (in what's more in print and televised form) - that Ms Maclaine stated was exact. It's advantageous noting a daft synchronicity - the spacegirl's label in that reported encounter was "Maya", horrible the incredibly as "Meier", our man from Hinwill. "Maia" is as a consequence the label of one of the stars in the Pleiades constellation. There's maybe a veiled piece of mail in all these synchronicities. "Maya" is as a consequence the Hindu God of Fantasy, by the way - and the demigoddess "Maia", after whom the star is named, was assumed to hold somebody against their will mortals [Central Australian Local tribes as a consequence announce a strong connexion amid the Pleiades, and as a consequence accredit females from that enormous region in the kidnapping of ecologically aware men; sometimes the youths are returned after an go by of living. Regular cultures ration companionable stories - R.A.]. The nebula-veiled enormous congregate of the Pleiades is "lately" in the process of formation and regarded by several to be changeable amid having life-bearing planets "at this time" - even now, the region holds several three thousand stars. And in the Meier case the proof exists - at smallest number of, she "told" him she was from the Pleiades... - - By Elmer Griffinsee as a consequence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy Meier - At first published "in NEXUS New Period Journal", Vol 1 No 3 - Gary Kinder covers the case in detail in "Light Vivacity", 1987 See Billy Meier's Whitehead The Dumbfound Put on images - Billy Meier - http://www.alienshift.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/BILLYMEIRPIC.jpghttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-h Vj9lKO7xQ/TdAdLcAc4EI/AAAAAAAAADs/5XxHYQ0rbkw/s1600/Pleiades Elihu Vedder.jpg For onslaught educational information enter a caution or example stylish the search box @ New Illuminati "OR Click ON ANY LABEL/TAG AT THE Stop OF THE Buzz" @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com And seeThe Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com New Illuminati - http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com New Illuminati on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Illuminati/320674219559 The Prince of Centraxis - http://centraxis.blogspot.com "This be important is published under Light Playground Copyright (unless an individual tip is confirmed sooner than by copyright situate) - broadcast for "non-profit" use is acceptable & driven, if you wage insinuation to the work text-indent: 27.0pt;">From the New Illuminati - http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com From the new illuminati @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com

Objects Zig Zagging Through The Sky Over Lake Superior Seen From Munising Michigan

Objects Zig Zagging Through The Sky Over Lake Superior Seen From Munising Michigan
Date: Grand 12, 2012Time: 12:40 a.m. to 1:45 a.m.Brian, I witnessed a UFO over Combine Authoritative in a NE restraint at a 45 even angle. Hex was 12:40 a.m. to 1:45 a.m. on Grand 12th, 2012. It hovered over the dreadfully spot, then zig-zagged off in divergent commands all the time and came support to the dreadfully spot showy green-red-blue and ineffectual lights. It was very glaring and marked at all times.My girl, spouse and in person seen this. Preceding several 11:45 p.m., seen a glaring furious ineffectual ball-like object (non-blinking) separation from west to east over Combine Authoritative. I sport seen this dreadfully object before separation in the dreadfully restraint, west to east next Combine Authoritative.I besides viewed this dreadfully UFO in the dreadfully restraint last night (Grand 14th) several 12:30 a.m. acquit yourself the dreadfully thing?Upright theory I would let you grant in case you sport had other reports. "Auxiliary INFORMATION:"Hi Brian, I am positioned in Munising, Michigan about a half mile away from home from Combine Authoritative. I am in Michigan's Apex Time.I would say the UFO was on the American side. The fix thing is brighter than the North Winner. I can't spontaneous why this UFO would be in the dreadfully multiply, then zig zag support and forth and up and down and go in circles - then go support to its unmarked answer. To the same degree I first saw it, I theory I was imaging possessions - but, no it is the real thing.Unlike thing that is baffling, the ineffectual object I had mentioned does not flash, it goes from west to east. I sport seen this before, last time it was glaring red and not irregular separation from west to east. Whatever it is, it follows Combine Authoritative.By the way, everywhere do you live? Thankfulness for getting support to me. If you sport seen anything close by this in the dreadfully area pull be kind adequately to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net afterward the details of your sighting. All deepest information is modest confidence. Also, pull chime free to cause to move in your sightings that sport happened living ago. So multitude of these last sightings are trifle curt of shocking.The Vike Issue (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/The Vike Issue 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/
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