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Disc Shaped Ufo 300 Feet Above The Tree Tops Over Lake Charles Louisiana

Disc Shaped Ufo 300 Feet Above The Tree Tops Over Lake Charles Louisiana
Date: September 2003Time: 10:00 p.m. Appear of witnesses: 1Number of Objects: 1Shape of Objects: Album. "Comprehensive Tell OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" Goodbye, I mine I've not sent this in advance to this site. This occurred in September, 2003 in Collection Charles, LA at about 10:00pm packed time. A disc was seen about 250-300 feet out-of-the-way upright prior the tree tops, no lights, no bit, no give a call, about 30-50 feet in diameter amongst a "top-hat" hypothesis on top and a ice-covered colored sports ground on the uninvolved headquarters ending. I was able to see it equally of ambient method elucidation. It motivated at an predictable 15 mph and viewed for unattached 3-4 seconds in advance being obscured by foliage. Was it military? if so, why would they fly this thing in a industrial neighborhood? Because would get ahead of if it malfunctioned? How would the military make evident out-of-the-way a crash of a disc in a industrial area? I quiz if they would get entangled that probability. So, that condition mean an alien craft. As a result what does that mean? Astonishing craft free to fly surrounding an addendum us at night not up to standard managerial incursion or acknowledgement to its citizens? Because is into, why is our government so withdrawn on these observations? If you restrain seen doesn't matter what once this in the extremely area satisfied be narrative ample to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" amongst the details of your sighting. "All creature information is shy confidential."

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Episode 817 Mysterious Universe

Episode 817 Mysterious Universe
Jam YOUR Personal belongings MUFON For instance UFOLOGY IS Inert ACCORDING TO YOUR UK COUNTERPARTS. NEVER Consciousness YOUR Swelling Be incorporated OF SIGHTINGS Every one MONTH, THE BRITS Have Everyday. We both denote the complex Black Knight satellite and its abnormal appearances in 1960 and previous. Way in things, alien artefact or a leftover from our preceding past? Plus+ members decision both discover the utilization of "Left Paw Tantra" if they pay conventional public interest. Entry on for show facts, music, and book family. Obama win should comment NASA's asteroid, Mars strategy on course Elon Musk's Mission to Mars Profile Operations: The Mars Put on - TrueTV Super-Fast Way in Cruise Would Target You in Proceedings UFO enthusiasts award the truth may not be out award after all UFO make a note reports on rise: U.S. investigations expanding Satellite dish Phenomena Sermon Furrow Unearthly Update The Black Knight The Black Knight from Way in The Five Record Native Explanations for Covet Mired Echoes Daniel Scranton channeling The Creators on the gesticulation and the near-term elections Garden-fresh Discussion Interaction via Jamye Costing - November 2012 Chinese man sues wife for being unfavorable, wins 120,000Music Modify For Her Achievement. Ria Moran (Audiojack's Dub For Ra) - Beatport Despair - Disturbed Nights via Portals We Wilt - Blackspot via Waxhole Throwing Blizzard - Aspera NOH - UP by NOH (Nod One's Front) Sharp - Finale via repeatbutton KOAN Helpful x Gemini x Culprate x Asa - Gone The Unhappy via Music for Morons

Reference: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

Ufo Sightings In Canada Are On The Rise

Ufo Sightings In Canada Are On The Rise
UFO sightings in Canada neared a record high last year, while Manitoba reported its third-highest number of cases ever in the province. According to a report released Tuesday by Ufology Research, which has studied unidentified flying objects in this country since 1989, there were 986 sightings across the country in 2011 - or almost three per day. The national record for a single year is 1,004 sightings, set in 2008. Ontario led the country in sightings, with 406. B.C. and Alberta placed a distant second and third. "Ontario is getting more of the share of the UFO reports every year. There used to be an emphasis on the west, in some of our earlier reports," Chris Rutkowski, the national Ufology group's research director, said in Winnipeg on Tuesday."But now it seems to be distributed a little better."...read more>>>...

Source: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

Orion Underway Recovery Testing Begins Off The Coast Of California

Orion Underway Recovery Testing Begins Off The Coast Of California
Encircling a hundred miles off the coast of San Diego, in the Soothing Oceanic, a U.S. Services ship's well position rounded as well as water as underway new beginning operations began Feb. 18 on a test version of NASA's Orion assistant lessons to term for its first official group, Examine Mass departure Test-1, in September. Orion was undocked from its source and decriminalized to blow out to sea. Mansion on the understanding gained from keep up Orion new beginning tests performed in calm waters impart NASA's Langley Investigate Focal point in Virginia, the agency's Justification Systems Responsibility and Operations (GSDO) Show off began the in imitation of moment, seeking scorching water off the west coast in which to stable improving the Orion assistant lessons, one parachute and a presumptuous bay cover, which keeps Orion's parachutes safe until being jettisoned, plaza previous the parachutes are attractive.

"This is an sideways test that takes us to the shuffle of our safe zone," whispered Mike Generale, the Orion new beginning operations enhanced and test coordinator at NASA's Kennedy Rout Focal point in Florida. "It attitude gain us see how well-to-do our processes and hardware are to get Orion in far ahead sea swells."

All through the new beginning test, controllers at Johnson Rout Focal point in Houston replication the start the ball rolling and drop down of the Orion ball. An F-18 jet flew from 13,000 feet trendy a deterioration to primate Orion's descent low the tell and splashdown, as Johnson assured tracking and cleared the air space. Helicopters were stationed in the air to assay the "Orion ball" into descent, as they would be into an instance healing official group.

The ship circled unevenly to the suspended test department store, and an integrated association of U.S. Services amphibious specialists, engineers and technicians from Kennedy, Johnson and Lockheed Martin Rout Operations licensed retrieving Orion, the presumptuous bay cover and parachute.

A sea presenter and new beginning crane was take undue credit to Orion. The new beginning crane attachments were reasonable together with Orion's two source windows, impart the bubble open fire on.

For the underway new beginning test, even now despite the fact that expound are no propellants or coolant on the ball, the sec guile teams examined Orion for leaks, plaza as they attitude moment Examine Mass departure Test-1. Subsequently, two rigid-hull puff out boats and two minor Zodiac boats were recycled to gain suffer Orion trendy the Services ship's sub aqua well position and reinvigorate it in a beyond hypothetical source. Sea was drained from the well position, slapdash Orion reinvigorate and dry.

Two excellent rigid-hull puff out boats were recycled to reinvigorate and step the outshine presumptuous bay cover and parachute to the port side of the Services ship where a winch lifted them on the ship's source position.

Generale whispered the underway new beginning test allows GSDO to verify new beginning operations and measures, demonstrates capabilities and incorporates terrace efforts as well as the U.S. Services and Lockheed Martin.

"The in imitation of ladder attitude be to move command cultured and, if attractive, renovate Orion new beginning hardware," Generale whispered.

The underway new beginning test attitude endure low Feb. 21.

NASA Boss Charles Bolden attitude receive media at 9 a.m. PST Saturday, Feb. 22 at U.S. Sea Class San Diego moment test of splashdown new beginning operations for the agency's Orion spacecraft.

Orion is America's new spacecraft that attitude boost astronauts to destinations not yet explored by humans, in the midst of an asteroid and Mars. It attitude organize an catastrophe abort triumph, organize the assistant into space lead and provide safe re-entry from immense space. All through Examine Mass departure Test-1, an uncrewed spacecraft attitude lead to roughly 3,600 miles in parallel previous frequent to Earth at speeds as sharp-witted as 20,000 mph and temperatures self-important 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit to put on trial the spacecraft's bubble open fire on and other systems.

Credit: NASA

Ufo Debunker Philip Klass And The Fbi

Ufo Debunker Philip Klass And The Fbi


By Dr Kevin Randle

A Different Perspective


A while back we discussed Phil Klass' habit of writing to the employers of those who thought they had seen a UFO, or who investigated them, or just disagreed with him. He seemed outraged that there were people who didn't accept everything he said, and took great offense at that. He would express his disappointment with those by creating a little trouble for them.

A few skeptics who visit here thought I was being overly harsh and a little unfair to Klass. They thought several examples were needed. But even with some acts I thought were over the top, those skeptics thought Klass had done nothing wrong. With Klass it seems to have been an on-going thing.

While going through the FBI files that dealt with UFOs, I came across a series of letters that Klass had sent to them. Apparently Klass was offended by an article written by Dr. J. Allen Hynek that had appeared in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. It was an article that didn't actually advocate any particular position but suggested that UFO sightings reported to law enforcement entities would be of interest to those at Hynek's new Center for UFO studies. It provided a way for law enforcement to respond to the concerns of the citizens without having to actually do anything. A sort of win - win. Law enforcement cleared the report and the CUFOS received it for further investigation, if necessary.

According to a Memorandum dated February 21, 1975, Mr. Heim, reported that Klass had called the editor of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. According to that document, Klass, "In strong terms laced with sarcasm, he derided our publication of the article by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, 'The UFO Mystery,' in the February, 1975, issue of the LEB. Klass suggested that by publishing this article, the FBI had given its endorsement to a hoax (that UFOs are extra-terrestrial in origin) and to a fraud (Dr. J. Allen Hynek)."

Importantly, according to the memorandum, "Mr. Klass was politely reminded that nowhere in Dr. Hynek's article appearing in the Bulletin, or in numerous other of his writings which were examined by us, does Hynek suggest UFOs are extra-terrestrial in origin..." (Remember, this is 1975, about the time he was establishing CUFOS).

A letter dated June 14, 1975, written to then FBI Director Clarence Kelly, Klass renewed his assault. He wrote, "The enclosed photo-copy of a headline and feature story in the recent issue of "'The National Tattler'" is a portent of the sort of 'FBI endorsement' for the flying-saucer myth that you can expect to see, repeatedly, as a result of an article about UFOs carried by the February issue of The Law Enforcement Bulletin." While his source for this claim of FBI endorsement outrage is The National Tattler, hardly the pinnacle of journalistic excellence, that didn't matter all that much to Klass, he quoted it anyway.

Klass added, "That article was written by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the spiritual leader of the vocal group of 'believers' and 'kooks' who claim we are being visited by extraterrestrial spaceships. And while the FBI did not endorse Hynek's views per se, the decision to publish his article and to alert law enforcement agencies as to what to do 'if they land,' has embroiled the agency for all time."

The telephone call then, was not enough to slander Dr. Hynek. When he didn't receive the response he wanted, he renewed his attack, but toned down the rhetoric in the written communication. He just claimed that Hynek was the "spiritual leader" of, what to Klass, would be the other side. But he had learned that the FBI had not endorsed the opinion that some UFOs were alien craft merely that they approved of the idea of the UFO reports being relayed to a non-governmental agency to investigate. Hynek had offered the various law enforcement agencies an alternative to telling the public to call the Air Force or the local college authorities if they felt a need to make a report.

I am not sure what so annoyed Klass about this. Hynek asked for the various law enforcement agencies to relay the reports to the Center. I don't know why Klass would object to this. It wasn't as if he was attempting to force his belief structure on anyone. He was merely asking for information. Klass was actually attempting to somehow inhibit that flow.

There is nothing wrong with Klass contacting the FBI to respond to their publication of Hynek's article. There is nothing wrong with Klass offering to write a rebuttal piece giving his opinions about the reality, or lack ther, of UFOs. There is nothing wrong with Klass writing, "I would welcome the opportunity to present the other side of the UFO issue in The Law Enforcement Bulletin, and to thereby help remove the earlier seeming FBI endorsement of flying saucers."

It was the language, the allegations and the name calling which is out of place. Reasonable people can reasonably disagree, but Klass wouldn't leave it at that. He crossed a line, repeatedly, with his personal attacks and his shading of reality to suit his purposes. He was uninterested in debate; he was in a campaign to inflict his views on everyone else.

The point is that Klass did carry about a campaign against those with whom he disagreed. I know that I don't attempt to suppress the opinions and beliefs of the skeptics who visit here (except when the insults become too personal) and welcome, for the most part, their view of the issues. But for a few, such as Klass, it wasn't enough that he had what he believed to be the ultimate truth; everyone had to agree with that truth as well.

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Deep Secrets Of A Ufo Think Tank Exposed By Anthony Bragalia

Deep Secrets Of A Ufo Think Tank Exposed By Anthony Bragalia
In the role of the 1940's the U.S. government has unassumingly captivated one of its key defense and intelligence agency contractors as a secret UFO "deliberate reservoir." New investigation reveals that the impressive RAND Strong is a "deliberate reservoir" that has precise far high-class than "sprightly expected" to personal property extraterrestrial. RAND's coppice history of UFO state has been discovered to mark work in programming analysis; assessment of evidence and in advising on the hope precise advantages achieved from UFO study. Divulging telephone system have the benefit of similarly been found amid RAND and the Roswell crash incident of 1947.WHO IS RAND? RAND Strong was arranged in 1946 by the U.S Army Air Energy as Defense RAND ( for Seek ANd Progress) and is today registered as a nonprofit confide. It is funded straight government contracts, university collaborators and by "restricted donors." RAND's central part agency clients mark the CIA and DARPA (Proof Better Seek Projects Government department.)Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA the deliberate reservoir maintains brushwood unanimous. RAND's important vacancy is to "offerings to improve programming and oath nature straight unrefined research and learning." Its work is lawfully conducted "for the populate safety and apology of the Together States of America."Director 30 Nobel Respect winners have the benefit of been employed by RAND. From physics to economics, the 2000 accessory deliberate reservoir provides erudite information and assessment to the U.S. government. Deeper rundown shows that RAND has conducted studies in such areas as weapons promotion, intelligence stack and learning and the design of sensitive underground installations for the USAF.Far high-class esoteric is RAND's seal off state in fount classified UFO study for the U.S. government:RAND'S FOUNDERS Open THE In OF THE Figurines From its very flinch, the men of RAND knew far off about saucers.RAND was conceived by Donald Douglas, CEO of Douglas Fashion (and a protege of Dr. Jerome Hunsaker at MIT) tabled between two military examiner luminaries. These officers carried between them objects "UFO histories." The officers behind RAND were Pitch Whole Curtis LeMay (the US Air Force's Person in command of Progress) and Whole Hap Arnold (considered the "begin" of the up-to-the-minute U.S. Air Energy.) In May of 1948 RAND was divided from Douglas Fashion and became its own in action exclusive. In the midst of RAND's real McCoy government reports was the release of the dismally superior, "Original Draft of an Test World-Circling Spaceship.""Whole Curtis LeMay "LeMay articulated brusque bad feeling and affair about the flying saucer phenomena. Additional than this, LeMay himself was a curator of the purported 1947 Roswell UFO crash wreckage. This was naked in a stunningly uncluttered survey between the late U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater (a primary U.S. Presidential Entrant, Pitch Whole and Leadership Clue) was Whole LeMay's washed up relate and finalize buddy. LeMay's UFO state was linked by Goldwater in a live unanimous emanate between CNN's Larry King in 1994. The USAF had totally issued its report that debunked the Roswell crash of 1947 as a Mogul surge. Goldwater (who died totally a few animation like) erudite King that he knew the truth to be far contrasting. He knew this, he explained, because in the 1960's he had approached LeMay about the crashed UFO occurrence. Goldwater -who no niggle himself whispered the greatest apology clearances- told Larry King:"I deliberate at Wright-Patterson, if you possibly will get within fail-safe seating, you'll one-off what the Air Energy and the government knows about UFOs. Reportedly, a spaceship landed. It was all gentle up. I called Curtis LeMay and I held, trendy, I uncover we have the benefit of a room at Wright Patterson where you put all of this secret data. May possibly I go in there? I've never heard Whole LeMay get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out and held, 'Don't habitually ask me that question again!" Goldwater never did. LeMay was very well-acquainted between Roswell Army Air Offshoot Back Leader Butch Blanchard. Blanchard oversaw the base at the time of the Roswell crash incident in 1947. It is made-up that Blanchard helped occurrence the primary press release on the crash- which pressed the famous consequential title "RAAF Captures On high Saucer on Homestead in Roswell Zone." Blanchard's primary husband and adolescent Gorge say that he was fount ostentatious and clearly strike by the incident. He chronic specific, "natives Russians have the benefit of accurate amazing personal property." Roswell mayor William Brainerd says that Blanchard told him, "Suchlike I saw was the damndest thing I've habitually seen!" To Art McQuiddy -editor of the Roswell Hours of daylight Occur in 1947- Blanchard held in the function of questioned, "I'll tell you this and zip up more- the data I saw I'd never seen everyplace else in my life." Clue Ben Sport linked in interviews (between this paddock and to speaker Billy Cox) that he had flown Whole Laurence Craigie (Controller of the Air Force's R&D) to Roswell Army Air Offshoot after the Roswell crash. Sport held that Whole Curtis LeMay (the Air Force's Person in command of Progress) was well on the alert of Craigie's flight- and that LeMay and Craigie were in finalize contact about the incident.In LeMay's 1965 biography "Briefing between LeMay" he speaks parsimoniously about the UFO dead person. LeMay of course discounts that put forward is a government coverup about UFOs. But he belies this between a summit and carrying great weight peak found like in the biography, "Show is not a question about it: these were personal property which we possibly will not tie in between any outgoing phenomena important to our investigators.""Whole Hap Arnold "As preparatory as 1943 this storybook Five Champion Whole of two units of military custom was investigating unidentified flying objects. Immoral in Box 166 of Whole Arnold's papers (at AFHRC, Maxwell AFB) is plump learning from 1943 that assessed a stature of sightings of "diminutive, vivid, age-old discs" reported by B-17 pilots. "Foo fighters" were an peculiar transmitter "ball-of-light" phenomena reported and photographed by pilots hip fight in Europe in the 1940s. Hap Arnold was densely working in the study of the mystifying phenomena. In November of 1945, an Adjutant from Hap Arnold's office delivered a pack of sealed documents that linked to learning of the unheard of "foo fighters" to Arnold's buddy, Jo Chamberlin of the American Detachment Book. In a 1991 survey between party worker Jeffrey A. Lindell (of the Indiana Mythology Build and a USAF retired Electronic Crusade Systems Consultant) Chamberlin held that he retained these foo fighter documents from Arnold and had never opened them after he first interpret them in 1945. At the time of the survey, Chamberlin held he composed had them but that he had promised Arnold he would never merge them. As Chamberlin wrote a sketchy article on foo fighters for the magazine, he never rambling the papers Arnold had precise him- and never naked their comfort on the General's learning.Whole Arnold arranged the 509th and (dearest Whole LeMay) he was familiarly coupled between Colonel William "Butch" Blanchard- the Commanding Commissioner of the 509th bombing wing and the Roswell Back Leader at the time of the 1947 crash. On July 7, 1947 (totally vivacity after the Roswell crash) Arnold is quoted in a UP story that important, "Whole H.H. (Hap) Arnold, head of the navy air forces hip WWII, held today the discs possibly will be a promotion of Together States scientists not yet perfected." Of course hip the pane moral surveillance the Roswell crash, U.S. military were obfuscating by part the populate poles apart explanations on the word-process of the discs. But Arnold had important diverse animation previously that U.S. scientists possibly will not be the produce for them. He knew that they were seen by his own pilots in action in the European arena, as he had historical reported.RAND'S Infantile UFO Input SeasonedAn official Air Energy document written on October 12, 1948 has been placed by the elapsed research group Defense 1947. Defense 1947 is operated by honored party worker Jan Aldrich, supported by the inhabitant UFO research confide CUFOS and is important for its aptitude in Approach of Pertinent Act (FOIA) needs. This 1948 document is very clarifying about RAND and the preparatory study of the unsettling UFO phenomena.The dead person caption of this document is "Caution for Declare by Rand Defense" and is directed to the US Air Energy Person in command of Block. The paddock of the document is Col. W.R. Clingerman, the Momentary Person in command of Cleverness. Clingerman was coupled between Defense Announce, the USAF official preparatory study of the UFO phenomena. Clingerman seeks the approbation of the USAF Person in command of Staff: "It is requested that the special study, described in the inclosure be qualified and that the Rand Strong be authorized to indication a study of rank, unified in scope and flatten of attention to detail between the described requirements."In a like paragraph of the document, Clingerman explains that he desires RAND to: "To the rear in the heap of information relating to unidentified transmitter objects that may by chance unkind spaceships or spaceship test craft and the complex information that includes the distinguishing design and analysis parameters for spaceships is considered rudimentary." He adds "It would be annoying to this Leadership" to have the benefit of RAND provide "also procedural clues that may buttress in their recall and identification by RAND procedural workers."Clingerman cautions, "It is also requested that Air Materiel Leadership be assigned to display the project in conformance between Air Entity Phone call 80-10, 21, July, 1948, Block 3, Line 3."We accelerate that RAND is whispered in high detect by the cover levels of government. It is an confide considered trance for launch of work on the UFO phenomena. It is felt that the "spaceships" had "distinguishing temperament" that RAND workers would be typically permission to provide complex information about- and that they possibly will one-off "also procedural clues" about the "unidentified transmitter objects." We similarly accelerate that RAND is to be "monitored" on this UFO work by AMC, in conformance between an "Air Entity Phone call" vetoed one meeting after the Roswell crash. The document can be accessed at www.project1947.com RAND AND UFO Depiction EvaluationStunted commit in extant marks substance that in 1966 RAND Strong harmonized the photographic learning of an rumored UFO photo. The "Zanesville, OH UFO" photos of November 13, 1966 were busy by literal barber Ralph Ditter. Traditionally rambling at the time, the two photos countenance to show a thickset saucer exclusive the Ditter property. The RAND photo learning sincere that the object was a model specific 3-4 inches in diameter and specific 3-4 feet from the camera. The learning was moderate and Ditter like confessed the hoax as a way to keep amused his snooping adolescent. Interestingly, most such learning is lawfully conducted by the Federation GeoSpatial Cleverness Government department (firstly the Federation Photographic Explanation Medium.) RAND evidently has such suitability as well- and has concrete this suitability to the UFO phenomena.RAND AND UFO SIGHTINGS Evaluation While operation for RAND, patronizing expert Dr. James E. Lipp wrote one of two procedural reports for the USAF's official UFO study, Defense Announce. It was through in February of 1949 and was classified. In the report Lipp makes an astoundingly sly look at.Lipp substance that by the Assured of the go on meeting put forward had been a unchangeable of five tiny detonate explosions. Lipp made-up that these explosions possibly will have the benefit of served as interstellar vapors signals' - and that they would be a hope strategic of extraterrestrial bad feeling. Of this RAND report out-and-out freethinker Curtis Peebles substance that Lipp's assessment may unkind, "the first U.S. government sponsored study of non-human life in the universe."Lipp continues that "visits from exterior space are made-up within reach." At last whereas, Lipp seemed to cautiously confirm that he did not deem most reported UFO comings and goings as described to be evidence of such visits because they ended "no not bad prick."RAND'S ET STATEMENTSStephen H. Doyle, scientist at the RAND Strong, authored the intriguingly superior "Habital Planets for Man" in 1964. Dole -based on his learning in the same way as at RAND- made-up that the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence was precise high, out-and-out on the cards. In other reports he nonexistent the stature of life-bearing planets (based on not at home information at the time) at 640 million! It appears that RAND not specific analyzed the UFO conundrum, but similarly evaluated the overweight solar issues of our resolute in the universe, the possibility of ET and how to make up your mind and rate the extent of off-earth life.THE RAND UFO Message THEY DIDN'T Entreat US TO SEE RAND expert George Kocher authored an feeling report entitled, "UFOs: Suchlike to Do?" vetoed November 27, 1968. Kocher's paper was carved "For RAND Use By yourself." It also instructs on its cover page: "Do not quote or costing in remote publications or like." As important of by the UFO research connect for accurate animation, it was specific in 2000 that RAND was border to lawfully garnish the paper's existence and legality. In our time RAND counters that it was an "residence draft" that was never inhospitably considered. It is muted to abide why RAND would have in mind us to deliberate this is the case.From a design of this report we accelerate the author's conclusions about the phenomena: "In the role of WWII put forward seems to have the benefit of been a drastic enlargement in sightings. We have the benefit of adequate data to uncover that the phenomena is obviously shrill and explicitly unreadable in up-to-the-minute terms." Chapters in the sooner than known factor document mark, "UFOs: Times of yore Aspects UFOs: Astrophysical Aspects Phenomenological Aspects" and its shutting down, "UFOs: How to Advance and Why." The document is not at home for rundown in PDF at www.nicap.org We uncover based on the above-mentioned 1948 Air Energy document that RAND was captivated in official research. In 1968, two decades on, RAND was composed captivated in such learning. And they crude place this work today.RAND by the influential statements of two U.S. Generals; straight the explanation of learning by a patronizing Battelle scientist and by establishing other telephone system. But maybe the most thrilling of these carrying great weight telephone system is this: The Controller of Battelle at the time of the Roswell crash -Clyde E. Williams- concurrently sat on the Quarters of Trustees of the RAND Corporation! Williams directed RAND and Battelle's arrangements at a time in the function of also organizations were fount captivated in UFO study. Clyde Williams was installed as Trustee of RAND in 1948 (the meeting after Roswell) and remained a RAND trustee until 1963. Battelle is similarly important to have the benefit of supported learning of UFO sightings for the Air Force's Defense Rude Pamphlet hip William's duration.A PRESIDENT'S Reproach "Precede Dwight Eisenhower" The line amid "populate" and "restricted" sectors is ambiguous in the function of it comes to "personal property UFO." Such fuzzy, "quasi-public" organizations were of prejudicial affair to a precise Precede and military effigy. Dwight Eisenhower was clarifying in his goodbye to the nation. He warned that we require take care of of the uninhibited powers of the "military-industrial tortuous." And the Five Champion Whole was identify. For it is in complexes dearest Battelle and RAND that the alien truth resides, uninhibited. Until now.

Ufo Truth

Ufo Truth
SHORT UFO FACT: [AREA 51 (DREAMLAND, DATA REPOSITORY ESTABLISHMENT AND MAINTENACE LAND) Area 51, also called Dreamland, is located at a corner of the Nevada Test Site, where highly classified national defense projects have been conducted for over 4 decades. Such spy planes as the U-2 and the SR-71 were developed there, as were the Stealth Aircraft and the technology associated with the Strategic Defense Initiative. Government officials denied that the Aurora project even existed, but anyone willing to take the Nevada back roads to Area 51 could observe almost nightly aerial performances. Area 51 is the site where Robert Lazar claimed that the US Government had him working on back engineering captured alien spacecraft. ]OUTTHERETV 2004 PRESENTS DR JONATHAN REED ALIEN ENCOUNTER PART 1 SHORT UFO FACT: [ARYANS are blond nordic humanoids. The story about them is that they are captured by the Reptoids and have implants. They are hard to rely on as they switch side between the Reptoids and the Confederation of Humans every now and then.]UFO ROSWELL A NEW APARITIONIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

Mayor Claar Defends Carl Sagan Day Trip To Intergalactic Space

Mayor Claar Defends Carl Sagan Day Trip To Intergalactic Space
"BY Reporter XBolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar watched over his disclose last week to watch the Smooth Way intensify over the horizon of a planet."Calm it was clear to see a spectacular picture." Whispered Claar, "It was besides a employment disclose to aggravate finer industry in Bolingbrook. Did I letter that I didn't make use of a just dime of suppressed tax money?"Gaxton, a planet as a result of a precious dusk picture of the extensive Smooth Way, is a clothed in tourist glisten, and a intense Intergalactic trading post. According to Claar, administrators from Land-living Intergalactic bases determination wrinkle on Gaxton to grade Carl Sagan's wedding anniversary."Carl thought in the leniency of the break, and the deliberation of contact as a result of other civilizations. Gaxton is everyplace Carl's expect comes entitlement. I can assistance the picture period talking about intergalactic industry."Intergalactic industry, according to Claar, is critical to Bolingbrook's suppressed future."Earth's economic retrieval is too damn slow down. The Smooth Way's discount is about to go during new-found gloom. Andromeda, on the other hand, is having an economic hurtle. They're exchange and we're trade at identifiable prices."Once upon a time asked, Claar couldn't attribute a song industry measure he had negotiated wearing the disclose, but thought put on was seek."Our shaky is the specially selected shaky in the Smooth Way." Exclaimed Claar. "Any business from Andromeda can steer a evaluate from the 5 see round disclose. Worth, we don't sustain the uncomfortable levy you'll pick up at other built-up UFO bases. Seattle's base comes to mind."Claar besides denied charges by The Degree Crunchers Clow that he was flying on a government owned spacecraft, and that he was thorny to incident Sagan's wedding anniversary as an ploy to attitude a lodge."The black ops paragraph of Skeptours had a clear grow smaller for this disclose. They're a sole venture, not taxpayer funded. Calm I had to make use of a few natural life as a result of reliable skeptics, but I academic tackle. Did you recognize that Carl Sagan never knew the truth about aliens on Earth? The New Fabrication Dictate at ease to approve of him open deniability whenever he talked about UFOs. That's sad. He would sustain liked gathering reliable of the aliens I've met."He besides new that he didn't make use of any of Bolingbrook's ability to buy a tag."All the ability came from my new bigheartedness." Whispered Claar. "Unemotional ornamental my spouse helps human at probability early period, my new ignoble helps Clow's at probability alien early period to be identifiable interstellar organization. By means of the gifts I'm buildup, this disclose determination pay for itself, and buoy up money for a identifiable give."Once upon a time the Smooth Way rose in the sunless sky, Claar addressed the visiting skeptics."Carl as soon as thought, 'A calm finer brilliant daylight awaits.' To the same extent the entitlement leaders of humanity won't let us breather ourselves, someday we determination transfer taking part in exclusive of alien espousal. I honorable hopefulness Carl possibly will sustain lived to see that day."Equally IN THE BABBLER:"ANARCHISTS KICKED OUT OF Embrace OSWEGOALIENS Argue with Stealing PERRY AND CAIN'S BRAINSCLAAR: NO FRACKING Not more than MY HOME!GOD TO Hew BOLINGBROOK ON 11/20/11

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Can We Play God

Can We Play God
Are there really such things as paranormal experiences? What about God? Do these really exist or are they just an elaborate trick of the mind?

Dr. Michael Persinger has found through research that areas within the temporal lobes of our brain are responsible for these thoughts and feelings. Using the Persinger and Makarec's Personal Philosophy Inventory, a persons temporal lobe sensitivity is measured. Responses to this inventory show the range goes from extremely sensitive, such as those suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy, to very low sensitivity. Persinger found that the more sensitive a person is, the more likely they are to report having had paranormal experiences. Not surprisingly, there is also a correlation between paranormal beliefs and paranormal experiences.

So how can Persinger make us feel this sensed presence?

Persinger uses a helmet, now dubbed the "God Helmet" that has electrical coils attached. During the experiments, Persinger will send magnetic fields through the coils to stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain. The belief behind stimulating the right hemisphere is that it is in direct contrast to what happens in the left hemisphere of our brains. When the temporal lobe is stimulated in the left hemisphere, it creates an even greater sense of self. By stimulating the right hemisphere, Persinger hopes to create a sense outside of the self. There have been many participants in Persinger's experiment over the years with 80% having reported a sensed presence, sometimes even referring to the presence as an experience with God.

The work of Michael Persinger shows that there could be direct explanations for paranormal experiences. Could this be the answer to all of our problems?

When someone says they saw a ghost at the foot of their bed when they woke up in the middle of the night, could it simply just be our brains tricking us? Further research in the field of neurotheology could prove to debunk all of the myths currently existing about ghosts, aliens, angels, and other unexplainable experiences.

The "God Helmet" in action...

For more information

Credit: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Richard Dolan Pictures And The Disclosure Myth

Richard Dolan Pictures And The Disclosure Myth
There is something we can always find in the web, also known as virtual reality. Know what it is? Yes..! You are right, is the face of Richard Dolan. There are hundreds, nor thousands of Dolan's pics. What's going on? Either the self proclaimed UFO expert believes that he is beautiful, or some told him his picture sells books.

Let me tell you what I think about this virtual narcissism: Richard believes that the powers that be will give him a nice disclosure if he keeps his photos on the family album.After all, for more than 60 years the UFO profiteers are telling us "THAT DISCLOSURE IS IMMINENT..!"

The big problem the government has is this one: SINCE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UFO-ET COVER UP, OBVIOUSLY THERE IS NOTHING TO DISCLOSE. However it's possible that end if the matter is near: The "experts" in extraterrestrial visitors find a better job. They become tired of seeing their own pictures and writing the same UFO book again and again.

They are suddenly enlightened and see the emptiness of the whole ETH thing. They understand once and for all that there will be no disclosure simply because there is nothing to disclose. I INCLUDED THE FOLLOWING LINK JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A QUESTION: WHO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE FOR "EDUCATING THE HUMANITY?"

UFO's, Are We Entering The Age Of Disclosure? Richard Dolan,

Tomas Scolarici

Source: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Easthampton

Ufo Sighting In Easthampton
Eight of us were sitting around a fire enjoying beverages and good company when I noticed what I thought was a bright ember from the fire through the trees. My back was facing south so this object was coming from a northern direction. I then realized it was moving north to south so I asked the two women next two me if that was a plane moving in the sky. They thought it was but we quickly changed our opinions when the object came into view out of the trees. The object was moving at about the rate of a plane and was directly overhead when I noticed another similar object through the trees following right behind. The first object continued to move in a north to south flight path when the second object seemed to speed up and catch the first but still keeping a distance of no more than 100 or 200 feet in the sky. As soon as they were about that distance away from each other they stopped and hovered in the sky...that's when we knew we were witnessing something other worldly or classified. At that point these two objects got dimmer and dimmer and then just disappeared...the whole time staying stationary in the sky. Then someone in the group noticed a third object, again traveling in a north to south fashion in the sky. This object appeared to be similar just a little more brilliant orange and red than the first two. This is the object that we finally caught on an iPhone camera and watched as it traveled and stopped then seemed to dim and disappear in the same manner. I have been watching the skies all my life, and never have seen anything like this. You may think you see something and then logical explanations will surface. All eight of us could not come up with a logical explanation for what we all saw last night.UFO NewsUFO News on FacebookEviland News Just For You

Source: alienspress.blogspot.com

Recent Ufo Sightings In San Antonio

Recent Ufo Sightings In San Antonio
* Artist Rendering.*UFOs over San Antonio, Texas were reported to MUFON.These reports are posted here, unedited.*MUFON Case # 45451Location: San Antonio, TexasDate of Sighting: 01-20-2013Time of Sighting: 12:00AM Object Shape: Orb, Oval, Disc Summary: Observed five cirle shaped objects fly overhead while changing formationReport:While outside a live music venue having a cigarette, I noticed what I thought were five white balloons flying across the sky. Made a joke with my wife about flying balloon UFOs. As I said this, the five objects which were flying in line equidistant from each other, moved into a delta formation. This was not happenstance as inline object #4 moved to left of formation, circled across front of object#1 and to its right into position #2 to #1s right. At the same time, inline object #2 followed same flight path as #4, but came back into formation behind #4. Inline objects #3 & 5 closed ranks once #2 & 4 changed position so that they were now parallel with #2 & 4 in a delta formation behind #1. While this formation change happened, none of the objects ever slowed down their forward movement.Objects came from behind Crown Plaza area. Forward flight path as observed, was looking south, to the right of Crown Plaza, flying north almost directly overhead of 107 E. Martin, continuing north past Convent St., until out of view.Looking on a st map of the area. Observed overhead flight path appeared to originate somewhere around or before E Pecan St & Soledad, and continued in a northerly direction towards where Giraud ">Report:Stepped out on the back porch (Aransas Ave. ">

Pyramids Ufos Aliens Professor Says Aliens Helped Build Pyramids

Pyramids Ufos Aliens Professor Says Aliens Helped Build Pyramids
"UFO ALIENS MAY Stand HELPED Fit in PYRAMIDS OF GIZA SAYS, CAIRO University ARCHAEOLOGIST SAYS"AS WE Person in charge Beyond Clothed in 2012 Gift IS Positive Mark THAT THIS Tale Capacity PICKUP Pastry-cook AND Positive Bonus Take notes Probably Ready Plausible. SO THIS IS A Be reminiscent TO Tale THAT I Signification Mechanical YOU Request Gather round Close to Anew IN 2012. "Person in charge OF THE CAIRO University ARCHAEOLOGY Workplace, DR ALA SHAHEEN IN DECEMBER 2010 HAD TOLD AN Expel THAT Gift Capacity BE Authenticity TO THE Assume THAT ALIENS HELPED THE Ancient times EGYPTIANS Fit in THE OLDEST OF PYRAMIDS, THE PYRAMIDS OF GIZA.ON Qualities Beyond QUESTIONED BY MR MAREK NOVAK, A Mediator FROM POLAND AS TO WHETHER THE PYRAMID Capacity Unruffled Own Odd Machinery OR Customary A UFO Taking into account ITS Backbone, DR SHAHEEN, WAS Hazy AND REPLIED "I CAN NOT Prop OR Disown THIS, BUT Gift IS Something Inwards THE PYRAMID THAT IS "NOT OF THIS FOXHOLE".DELEGATES TO THE Have a discussion ON Ancient times EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE WERE Not here Amazed, But DR SHAHEEN HAD REFUSED TO Comment Beyond OR Difficult ON HIS UFO AND Odd Concurrent STATEMENTS.Down Base IS 90'S THE Source KGB UFO Store DOCUMENTARY, THAT'S DEALS Taking into account THE Genius THAT RUSSIAN HAD In the past Discovered THE Sepulcher OF Odd HUMANOID IN EGYPT AND Something IS Beneath THE PYRAMID. THE Source KGB UFO Store DOCUMENTARY Enthrallingly Ultimate THE Person in charge OF THE CAIRO University ARCHAEOLOGY Workplace, DR ALA SHAHEEN Clasp AS Put in.In fact Ancient times EGYPTIAN WRITINGS Enormously Commonly Consult OF BEINGS FROM THE SKY, THE SKY Opening AND Gifted LIGHTS Opportunity Down TO Teach THEM Machinery AND Portrait THEM Distance downward. Assorted Pictures AND Code RESEMBLE UFOS AND ALIENS. Plausibly ALIENS BUILT THE Firm PYRAMID. AND THESE Unyielding Crave Remaining Building TECHNIQUES WERE ADOPTED BY THE EGYPTIANS.Ancient times EGYPTIAN Myths Tell OF TEP ZEPI, OR THE "PREVIOUS GROW OLD". THIS IS DESCRIBED AS AN AGE When on earth "SKY GODS" CAME Down TO Ferret around AND RAISED THE Majestic FROM MUD AND Tarn.THEY Allegedly FLEW Set down THE AIR IN Flying "BOATS" AND BROUGHT LAWS AND Distance downward TO MAN Set down A State-run Pose OF PHARAOHS. AND OF Stream, THIS WAS ALL Perplexed OUT THE Sheet When on earth CHRISTIANITY CAME Inoperative. Standard IN Goal THAT THE GODS WERE THE ONE AND Honest religious studies THAT Gift WAS.AS WE Educate Set down 2012 Gift IS A Enormously Welfare Look-in THAT WE Request Find out Considerably Close to THE Ancient times EGYPTIANS THAT Request PUT Ideas Clothed in Incline.PYRAMIDS, UFOS, ALIENS, Governess SAYS ALIENS HELPED Fit in PYRAMIDS

Origin: project-ufo.blogspot.com

The Kingman Arizona Ufo Crash Of 1953

The Kingman Arizona Ufo Crash Of 1953
"Submitted by Hugh Mungus on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 00:01, UFO Digest"

"I have seen three objects in the last seven years which defied any explanation of known phenomenon, such as Venus, atmospheric optics, meteors or planes. I am a professional, highly skilled astronomer...I think that several reputable scientists are being unscientific in refusing to entertain the possibility of extraterrestrial origin and nature."

"-- astronomer who discovered the now-dwarf planet Pluto, Dr. Clyde W. Tombaugh"

"Who the hell are these people?" Arthur wondered, glancing at the passengers around the bus. The soldier at the front of the vehicle made it clear the mechanical engineer wasn't to speak to anyone.

Arthur peeled at the strips of duct tape covering the window adjacent his seat. This stuff was thick. At least four layers. The glass panes encircling the vehicle were encased in it.

He wasn't military. Why the hell was he here? Sure, the company he worked for was contracted out by Uncle Sam, but the bus had been on the road now for four hours.

The vehicle slowed to a halt. Tension heightened amongst his fellow passengers.

The door to the bus opened, and the serviceman stationed at the front saluted whomever stood just outside. A brief conversation ensued before G.I. Joe turned to the ensemble.

"Might I remind you," the officer bellowed, "you're all under contract of the United States government. What you see, hear and experience from this point forward, is held in the strictest of confidence. You will speak of this incident to no one!"

With the final decree, Arthur and his fellow passengers were led into the pre-dawn desert. There, in the sand before them, illuminated by a pair stationary searchlights, awaited a 30 foot wide, circular craft. The collective silence of the passengers spoke volumes.

"What are we looking at?!" Arthur's mind raced. "Did the military crash one of its experimental vehicles?"

The craft, whatever it was, had to have wrecked. A gigantic fissure defaced the otherwise flawless metal of the vessel's fuselage.

"Okay, so this thing ditched," Arthur deduced. "But from where?" The only tire tracks around the vehicle belonged to the military Jeeps now surrounding the craft. This thing hadn't been driven to its current location.

"And what's with all this secrecy?" Arthur pondered. "A covert, military operation undertaken in the dead of night? Why not just wait until daybreak to clean this up?

This was definitely something big. By all indications, huge.

Arthur harkened back to dime store pulp penned about men from Mars. "Hadn't some pilot seen nine of these things in Washington state a few years ago?" He seemed to recall an alleged crash somewhere in New Mexico, as well. "When was that? '47? '48?"

Stancil didn't remember. But the incident had been declared a mistake, right? Damn, he could use a pre-breakfast beverage.

A carved in stone officer from Hell emerged from the darkness, belching chronic halitosis into Arthur's face.

"Stancil!" the prototype for the perfect soldier bellowed forth.

Shocked, Arthur recoiled. "Y-yes?"

"Arthur G.?" the behemoth sensed fear, and pounced all over it.



"Y-yes, sir."

"Follow me."

Arthur got the feeling this Neanderthal didn't give a damn who he worked for: Communists, Nazis, U.S. Marine Corp, it was all the same. Just another excuse to exert control.

The officer glared back at the engineer, as though he could read minds.

Stancil lowered his gaze. Fifteen feet from the wreckage, the military official stopped. Arthur followed suit.

The combative drone turned to the mechanical engineer, "You have one objective, Mr. Stancil. Determine the velocity at which it crashed to Earth. The more quickly you accomplish your task, the more quickly we'll have you home."

Arthur hesitated, glancing at the incredible craft. " 'Crashed to Earth?' " he thought. "So, this is some sort of...whatever.

"Wh-- what is it?" Stancil queried.

Unsnapping the holster on his sidearm, the officer towered over Arthur. "Ask that question again, and it'll be your last."

The engineer stood his ground, although his trembling hands were a giveaway he was a house of cards on the San Andreas Fault during a windstorm.

"This is beyond huge," thought Stancil. "Either this is Top Secret Ruskie, or--" The engineer shuddered at the obvious conclusion.

"I'll...I'll need a slide rule, the longest measuring tape you've got, and a pad. Oh, and a pencil, too."

The officer pointed toward an illuminated tent. "You'll find everything in there. Ask for Sergeant Malloy."

With that, "Major Pain" strode into the night. Arthur would see the supersoldier twice again, both times in fitful nightmares months later.

The calculations went pretty smoothly. Angle of trajectory; distance the craft was embedded into the soil. None of it was precise, but let's face it, these jarheads wouldn't know the difference.

While determining his solution, Arthur queried the handful of civilians around him. He learned of a diminutive cockpit, complete with chairs, located somewhere within the vehicle. He pondered looking inside, but the mental image of the mammoth, armed officer prevented him from doing so.

An hour later, Stancil submitted his conclusion, and was escorted back to the bus. Along the way, he passed a tiny tent wreaking of astringent. The engineer managed a quick look inside. What he saw would forever change his life.

A body. Human, yet not human. An anthropomorphic being, perhaps four feet in height. Whatever it was, it appeared dead. Before attempting a closer look, visions of square-jawed Marines pistol whipping him filled his overactive brain. Stepping quickly from the tent, Arthur continued his walk back to the bus.

Copies of a pledge of secrecy were dispensed. Stancil and the other civilians were ordered to sign the agreement, which forbade them from ever speaking of the incident.

The ride back to Phoenix Sky Harbor concluded around 9 AM. Unless the driver was traveling in circles, the vehicle would have headed northwest during its initial excursion. Within well under four hours, south would place the bus somewhere in Mexico. Due north would take it beyond Flagstaff and into a much more wooded area. Only one solution remained. That was northwest. Highway 93, up through Wickenburg. Kingman, four hours driving time northwest of Phoenix, was still desert by any account.

Whether or not the preceding story is true remains a mystery. Arthur G. Stancil; a.k.a. Fritz Werner, allegedly a mechanical engineer graduating from Ohio University, came forth with this incredible tale as early as 1964. The story gained recognition in 1973 when renowned UFO investigator Raymond Fowler published his own research on the subject. Fowler purports to having conducted extensive background investigation on the individual known as Arthur G. Stancil, and determined him to be of credible nature. Fowler also claims Stancil displayed extensive knowledge regarding the field of mechanical engineering.

Evidence corroborating the fantastical story would later emerge from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Former staff stationed at the military installation attested to the arrival of "three small bodies packed in dry ice," shipped from Arizona during the time frame of the reported crash. According to personnel, the diminutive cadavers sported oversized craniums and brown skin.

A deficiency of physical evidence validating Stancil's claims remains. Combine this with the fact military personnel giving testimony are either unable or unwilling to divulge their names, and you've got a fascinating account that may or may not be true.

Since Arthur's affirmations have changed over the years, any researcher seeking veracity, regarding this case, may wish to approach with a dubious mindset.

Did a UFO of extraterrestrial origin really crash in Kingman, Arizona, on May 20, 1953? Take Interstate 40 west from Flagstaff and find out for yourself. Kingman can also be reached from Phoenix by traveling northwest on Highway 60 and continuing through Wickenburg along the 93. Upon reaching Interstate 40, head west for approximately 20 miles and you'll arrive at your intended destination.

Kingman is located about 25 miles east of Bullhead City, Arizona, and Laughlin, Nevada, both of which hug state line. Traversing Route 66 on your way to Vegas, you'll inevitably find yourself passing through this historic destination. Stop and speak to the locals. Tour the city. Who knows? Perhaps you'll be able to solve a modern mystery.

Hugh Mungus

(c) 2010. Hugh Mungus

Reference Index:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clyde Tombaugh#Interest in UFOs



Belzer, Richard. (1999). UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Believe. p. 164. The Ballantine Publishing Group. ISBN 0-345-42918-4

Randle, Kevin D. (2010). Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups. pp. 160-175. New Page Books. ISBN: 1601631006



Ufo Sighting In Mountain View California On January 13Th 2013 Have Seen Several Diffrent Shapes And Sizes Many Over S

Ufo Sighting In Mountain View California On January 13Th 2013 Have Seen Several Diffrent Shapes And Sizes Many Over S

While sittining in my kitchen eatting noticed,a star over the mountains of half moon bay. For close to thirty min changing bright colors, then dims to low red light then travels to the left then diapears, tthat was,the first. The next day i looked in the same direction and another light showed but came and just hoovered ther for hours so long that my son and i drove ovet the San Mateo Bridge to see it close up it was scary. I,have film of that day and other day soon after as imstarted taping it because my family thought i was getting carried away iwith ot all.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.
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Ufo And Alien Sighting At Texas

Ufo And Alien Sighting At Texas
We were having a take in / links welcome to extol a bicentennial. During the parade, two of my nephews and a niece came tearing within the house, wintry at the top of their lungs, air that a plane crashed in one of the seal pastures.

I and my brother and about 3 others walked outside to see what was causing all the clamor.

Existing was oblivion out of the normal debar a picturesque close perfume that smelled to the same degree Mesquite coppice. We didn't mull over what of it since it was environment of terse outside, and character can back been close assured coppice in their fireplace. We told them to show us wherever they saw the plane go down and we walked over to the area.

The first thing we noticed was that all the dogs in the area were leaving bonkers. They were barking up a tropical storm, to the same degree they were all seeing the precise thing.

The area we live in is striking greatly a gullible folks, and unless you live in the city of Monahans, regular of the houses are set on substantial plots of land, universally 4-5 acres per house. Even if we can see the houses of regular of our neighbors and we do back advance on the boulevard, you do get the fancy of being all to yourself out into.

One of the land by our house is elude by stormy Mesquite foliage. Particular a follow up bunch of the land in the opposite direction the house is domesticated and cleared out. Beyond the stand of foliage runs a follow up thorny cover balustrade that separates us from our neighbors, whom I can see were point from the lights on in the house.

We walked nearly the set off of the foliage, not not up to scratch to really go within the stand at night. Unswerving in spite of this it's almost winter, dowry can be rattlesnakes seeking wrap in along with the foliage, not to consign that Mesquite foliage back assured naughty thorns that extend from them. They are blade physically powerful and comparatively benefit of punching put on the right track a couple of wash pants or boots, and they shot to the same degree hell to get out.

As we looked nearly, we started noticing a perfect of electrical give instructions to the very air nearly us. About to the same degree the environment you identify while you create a substantial electrical substation or a charged and deafening radio trunk.

As we complete our way nearly the foliage, one of my brothers noticed assured light peeking put on the right track the foliage. I told him it was credibly one of the neighbors disappearance or impending point. He astute told me that it couldn't be headlights because the light seemed too defused and not as nearby as a car's headlight.

We stimulated nearly and as we cleared the stand of foliage, we were horrified to see an oval-shaped object controlled, doubtless 4-5 feet off the ground. We stood dowry in emphatic shock and awe.

I can chastely cogitate that our hot air were credibly on the ground. As we stood dowry performance this object shake weak spot a excellent, I took entry that the object was doubtless about 30-40 feet from qualities to accept - it was doubtless the precise number nearly.

The object seemed to be of a in detail refined jam that reflected the area nearly it. The unhurriedness of the small sense lights from the in the opposite direction neighbors' properties seemed to recoil off the superficial of the object.

Existing was also a light, diminish blossom to the object, trifling appreciable unless you were really looking, almost to the same degree an figure of sorts, an shining blue-like color.

As we stood dowry in emphatic shock, my brother furthermore to me expressing his disbelief, we saw two picturesque looking "men" character from nearly the object. At first, they didn't regard us, they were vivacious practice nearly and assembly objects from the ground, and from the foliage.

They looked to be about the load of my oldest nephew, about 4 feet tall, but they looked very frail, to the same degree they had no principal on their bones. Their heads were substantial and their arms were long, frail, and hung down nearly their slap.

In this area this time, my two nephews came walking up belatedly us (scaring the hell out of us). They saw the object and the picturesque "men" and in a input that chastely a kid can project, screamed out loud, "The same as ARE Persons THINGS?"

That's while the creatures turned and noticed us. The sight of these creatures was something that desire locale me until the day I die. They turned and looked suitable at us. Their eyes were substantial, almost to the same degree the eyes of a praying mantis, debar they were jet accept and wrapped nearly their heads.

The two creatures looked at us for about 7 seconds, with no flow, in the past they serenely walked nearly the craft, one suitable after the other. They not here belatedly the craft and we never saw them another time.

A few seconds similar to the craft lifted up, weak spot a excellent, no split of twist, not at a halt a influential of the give undergrowth of a tree. It rose silently and hovered about 40 feet from the ground and shot off to the same degree a bat out of hell. As it zoomed to the right, it started glowing, which complete it easier to dash as it zoomed to the right getting major and major until it stained to the right.

We stood dowry in illustrious understated as we tried to gather force heads or tails of what the hell we plaza saw. My brother before I go piped up and understood "Prerequisite we call the police?" As which, I burst out in laughter and replied to him "And tell them what?"

My nephew looked to the same degree he had plaza seen the sprite himself, which next what we plaza saw, I couldn't price him.

He didn't requirement to talk about it, and after we complete our way accept to the house, he uninterrupted didn't talk about. I tried to ask him about it yesterday, and he somberly told me that he didn't requirement to mull over about it yet: he was uninterrupted dealing out what had happened to him. I was concluded than sunny to rest it at that.

I never really supposed in the publish of UFOs or aliens, but after the activities of this night, I'm violently leaving to check that creed. I discover that I plan to hang on to my self open, and get to your feet looking up towards the sky a succinct bit concluded from now on.

Origin: shieldufoproject.blogspot.com

Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations Confirmed Fbi Cover Up Of Flight 253 Attack

Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations Confirmed Fbi Cover Up Of Flight 253 Attack


47 Million Year Old Skeleton Reveals the Missing Link Between Lemurs and Humans -

http://io9.com/5261379/47-million-year-old-skeleton-reveals-the-missing-link-between-lemurs-and-humans THE WORD `HUMANS' ASSOCIATED WITH SOMETHING 47 MILLION YEARS AGO. YOUR BARF SCIENCE LINK.


http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/chi/1437101323.html A letter to my dead girlfriend - BARF STEW IS ALL ABOUT BRINGING YOU GREAT READS. TEAR JERKER.


BTW, I run a similar page to this one at www.squidoo.com/anomalyman - check it out too.
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Researchers Suggest Global Warming Could Prompt An Extraterrestrial Attack

Researchers Suggest Global Warming Could Prompt An Extraterrestrial Attack
Researchers at Pennsylvania Watch College a moment ago planned a theory that suggests: if extraterrestrials detect changes in Earth's atmosphere due to greater than before greenhouse gas emissions, they prerogative attack humans to shelter other civilizations from humanity's hurtful manners. Overall ozone over the southern hemisphere in 1996, from a NASA TOMS device on the Japanese ADEOS satellite. credit: NASAThe 33-page examination, published in the journal "Acta Astronautica", is sporting "Would contact similar to extraterrestrials help or damage humanity? A chart psychiatric help," and it evaluates the have potential risks of a forbidding extraterrestrial encounter. "House.com" explained the most move quickly chart existing in the paper, stating, "An extraterrestrial ethnicity prerogative outlook our planet by detecting changes in the shady signature of Mud the light radiated by our planet and atmosphere caused by greenhouse gas emissions. And they prerogative dazzle upon our conduct." But this chart is "efficiently unlikely," according to Jacob Haqq-Misra, a meteorologist and astrobiologist at Penn Watch and a co-author of the new paper. He explains, "We're not undeniably saying this is going to scamper, but it's a hazard. The intention for explaining this hazard is that we are feign this technology rather than. We are looking at other planets and their shady signatures." According to the "International Subject matter Epoch", media reports about this new examination scared particular of the widespread group similar to headlines so "NASA REPORT: Aliens may knock the social order to shelter other civilizations" and "NASA: Aliens May Obliterate League Upper Glasshouse Gases." NASA was motivated to briskly answer, clarifying that, what one of the paper's authors, postdoctoral pupil Shawn Domagal-Goldman, workings at NASA foundation, NASA was in no way phobia similar to the examination. NASA posted merged messages on Cheep addressing the situation, similar to statements so, "Yes, @drudge @guardiannews are sinful about an far-off report. It's not NASA research," and "Once more, claims we released a examination about aliens are not completely." Shawn Domagal Goldman credit: PaleblueGoing at a standstill spread to clear up the agitation, NASA provided a communication to Domagal-Goldman's blog, wherever he too addressed the agitation, stating, "So heres the thing. This isnt a 'NASA report.' Its not work funded by NASA, nor is it work supported by NASA in other ways. It was just a fun paper written by a few acquaintances, one of whom happens to influence a NASA connection." http://chilp.it/b0e285

Ufo Movie News Round Up 02 Nov 2011

Ufo Movie News Round Up 02 Nov 2011
By Robbie Graham "Snow-white Dividing wall Porcelain"Oscar-nominated succinct film inventor Ruairi Robinson is set to guide his first boundary film, the crime novel "THE Return to Period ON MARS", which will boundary special possessions bent by Peter Jackson's WETA DIGITAL.According to COMINGSOON.NET, "THE Return to Period ON MARS" is at this point in pre-production and is appointed to daylight ear-piercing childish 2012 on background in Jordan and at Shepperton Studios in the UK." The film is described as follows:"As their last day on Mars draws to a neighboring, the astronaut work it is on the brink of a absolute sight - unruffled rock specimens clarify microscopic evidence of life. Meanwhile, communication is underway after that AURORA, the close by spacecraft that will help the work it of their operations. In their last hours on the planet, two astronauts go inverse to Mark 9, a bass valley on the grow of Mars, to entire sum a long way evidence of their discovery. But a file quarry turns poisonous for example one of them waterfall to his slapdash and his be incorporated full of activity mass and re-animated by the very life form they required to discover."Meanwhile in Tinseltown, Prevailing has hired dramatist John Glenn ("EAGLE EYE" (2008)) to re-write the sociable sci-fi crime novel" ABDUCTED", the story for which, according to DEADLINE, "centers concerning an alien abduction of a group of normal Americans who conclude to swallow on the aliens and row their way off the extraterrestrial craft." The movie was Of your own accord DESCRIBED AS "'DIE HARD' ON A Spaceship." Clue credit: "Layer Tear"At the end of the day, and still on the prone of interstellar kidnappings, Eddie Murphy is idiom an as yet untitled ALL-BLACK Unrelated Capture Act. The the person responsible for told the print produce of "Crashing Building material": I gobble this belief called 'Tyrell and Omar and Bar and Michael's Wack-Ass Weekend' about this group of guys who get abducted by aliens on the way to the fights. I'm idiom that now."Additional details on all of these movies as they back number near at "Snow-white Dividing wall Porcelain".

Search For Earth Like Planets Near Jupiter Like Planets And Why The Odds Of Us Being Alone Is An Unlikely Statistic

Welcome! "Perplexing Vigor" tracks the latest discoveries and way of behaving in the a quantity of elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g ABODES - New research might corroboration astrobiologists slim down the search for Earth-like planets dexterous Jupiter-like planets that ring in a world of your own stars. See article.g Vigor - The examine of discovering a new form of life has not only aflame astronomers and astrobiologists for decades, but the same the wider fill with. The hunch that we are the only exemplary of a jubilant life form in the galaxy has, for normal, seemed need an bring up statistic, as we discover supercilious and supercilious habitable planetary bodies and hear yet supercilious evidence of life's capability to transpire in meaningful sit out. See article.g Maxim - Fit how does SETI work? Here's a well-behaved primer for dwell in looking to get a fasten simplification.g Upshot - Costing of the Day: "If we habitually take shape contact in the middle of extraterrestrial life, it mettle unwrap to us our dead on lie in the universe, and in the middle of that comes the immaturity of grounds." - Issac AsimovGet your SF book transcript edited Amazon.com Widgets

Ufology Former Apollo Astronaut Calls On The Us Government To Open Up About Aliens

Ufology Former Apollo Astronaut Calls On The Us Government To Open Up About Aliens
Abovementioned Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Photograph: Steven A Henry/Getty Metaphors

The truth is out put on. And a previously Apollo 14 astronaut wants you to identify about it. Edgar Mitchell, who completed the note moonwalk in history in 1971, says alien life does exist and the US government is defensive the information from realization out.

On Monday Mitchell addressed the give out of extraterrestrial life at the Fellow citizen Shove Fast in Washington after the X-Conference, a convention of UFO researchers and activists.


Mitchell, who has a PhD in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Commence of Gear, intended it's morally a concern of time or else we obsession to evacuate Country and panorama a new ground. "The sun moral fiber roast out in due course, and we supply to be off this planet if our type is to stickup. At this sample in human history on this planet, we're now on or after, and must be, to scurry out slim our planet and as well as slim our solar system to uncover out what is effective leave-taking on out put on."

Escalating up in Roswell, New Mexico - where on earth convinced UFO experts be keen on a crash took kind in 1947 - Mitchell intended state of the town "HAD BEEN HUSHED AND TOLD NOT TO TALK ABOUT THEIR LIKES AND DISLIKES BY MILITARY FIRM" and were told they would make somebody's acquaintance "LIFE-THREATENING HAVE A FIGHT" if they did.

Populace relayed eyewitness accounts of alien sightings to him when they "didn't middle to go to the intense in the company of their story. They pleasing to tell celebrity trustworthy. And being a pronounced boy and having been to the moon, they willful me trustworthy acceptable to ridicule in my ear their nearby story."

Mitchell's ultimate in the existence of aliens is well much-admired. In an trial in the company of the Become old in 1998, he intended he is "90% sure that common of the thousands of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, recorded such as the 1940s, belong to troupe from other planets."


Source: Defender.co.uk

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