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Haunted Skies Update 1St May 2012

Haunted Skies Update 1St May 2012
Copy of Hackney, London UFO 1970

I spoke to Leslie at the Warminster Tourist Office today, and she is willing to look at one of the books (Volume 3) and hopefully order some to be sold to any interested parties that may wish to improve their knowledge of the UFO history of the town. We have sent her a flyer and also placed the new flyer in the local shops, as well as having sent some business cards to people that wish to promote the books on our behalf.

She mentioned that Kevin Goodman's book "UFO Warminster: Cradle of Contact "had sold well when they had stocked it before, and was really looking forward to the re-issue. She also told me of having encountered some scepticism and reluctance from those that would not like to see subject material like this on sale

I spoke to Kevin last night and sent him and his 'Aunt Bessie' much love - the two of them are inseparable, heaven knows what they are cooking up next. Aunt Bessie is delightful she can be crusty and unappetising at times, but she loves Kevin especially when he sinks his teeth into her. I'm sure you have guessed who this lady is? Next time we will ruddy well cook the pie! Instead of wolfing it down raw with lashings of wine!

An ex Royal Canadian Air Force officer, who had just left the force after serving five years - then living on a farm, a couple of miles from Greenwood Air Force Base, Nova Scotia - was looking out of the window, at 8.00pm, on what was a cold, clear, crisp night. There was no moon and lots of starlight, and he noticed a bright light above the horizon, but at first paid no attention.

"At first I thought it was landing lights from an aircraft coming in for a landing at the Greenwood base. After a minute or two, curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed my coat and went outside. I saw a white light illuminating the horse coral from above; the horse was prancing around and acting skittish - then the light began to slowly drift towards me. I immediately yelled out to my friend, Paul, to come outside.

"As the light came closer, I could make out a circular, saucer-shaped object, about 40ft in diameter, with a single white light coming from its centre. By the time my friend, Paul, came outside, the object was still moving slowly towards me. There was no sound, except for a slight whistling noise - the kind of noise you might expect if a large object was passing through the air. It came to a complete stop when it was directly above us, bathing us both in light - bright enough to read a book. The UFO was no more than 100ft above our heads by this time. We were both totally in awe.

"Seconds later, a military tracker (CP-121) aircraft came roaring over the roof-top of our farmhouse from behind us. It seemed they were on a collision course. In a blink of an eye, the UFO made an abrupt 90^0 evasive move, travelling 80ft to the North. Even above the noise of the aircraft, we could both hear the whooshing sound of the object when it moved. The tracker aircraft made a steep bank to align itself with the UFO again, and put on full throttle to its engines, hell bent to intercept this hovering object. Within a matter of five seconds, the UFO had made three quick jolting movements before I saw its lights disappear over the North Mountain, about 6 to 7 miles away. The tracker aircraft immediately throttled down its engines and returned towards the Greenwood Air Force Base."

This Wednesday I had a scintillating conversation with someone today about the UFO subject. He is impressed with the book, and has himself flown over the Nasca Lines some years ago in Peru. Let's see how this develops before I disclose his name. Of course this will be with his permission if and when that time comes.

I spent the morning with my daughter at "The Fone Shop" talking about the books. She bought a new phone and later...using voice command, shouted, 'Get Dad' and the phone rang me. Unfortunately, I have to apply the finger to operate mine, such is technology.


During the evening of the 30th of July 1994, Scottish Power worker, Andrew Swann from Armadale West Lothian Scotland, (Armadale was formerly known as Barbauchlaw) drove up to playing fields at the side of Armadale Academy, a short distance from his house, wishing to obtain an unrestricted view of a violent electrical storm lighting up the night sky.

After parking the car at 11.45pm he was stunned to see:

"......a large pyramidal shaped object hovering behind a row of trees a few hundred yards away. My first thoughts were that it was going to crash, and puzzled I got back into the car and drove to another location on the other side of the object. As I did so a second (or was it the first object?) flew low down over the top of the car. I slammed the brakes on and came to a halt. I got out of the car again and watched the UFO shaped like an inverted pyramid - estimated to be nearly 40 feet long - floating just above, or in front, of a bing (mining waste).

"After watching it for twenty minutes I called the Police but when nobody turned up, I picked up a halogen light and shone the light at the UFO. As I did so the bulb exploded.

"Worried, I decided to leave, but when I tried the ignition nothing happened, suddenly the object shot across the sky at breathtaking speed."

Andrew then telephoned the police again, at which point a police car turned up, and after explaining what had taken place the Police Officers (PC Craig Beveridge and Special WPC Pat Walker - as matter of course - breathalysed him, but the results were negative. (PC Beveridge's pocket book entry contained the following information:-

"'Informant is not drunk and appears to be genuine, although accounts of the incident do vary slightly. The purring sound referred to in the message is insect noise, object is described as about thirty to forty feet long oval shaped with no lighting whatsoever.' "

The officers were then joined by Inspector John McKinnon and Detective Sergeant Ian Wark.

The AA were then asked to attend, and their representative Donald MacAndrew, arrived at 3.36am, and spoke to Andrew who explained what had taken place, telling him he had been watching the UFO for about 40 minutes. This cannot be right as approximately three and three quarter hours had elapsed since the initial sighting.

Donald examined the fuse box and ignition on the vehicle an Audi coupe, but found the electrical system inactive. He then took out a tow rope and was in the process of driving away when the side lights came on, but - unfortunately - despite the engine being cranked, the car refused to start.

Oddly, once home the car sprang back into life and showed none of the previous symptoms which had rendered it inoperative.

In conversation with Mr. John M Jenkins who conducted his own thorough investigation into this matter we leant the following:

"I tested how long it took to drive to the location from the Academy, which was eight minutes. This means that even giving Andy leeway he must have arrived at the location by 12 midnight. He told the police he watched the UFO for twenty minutes before 'phoning them, so his first call should have been logged on the PNC at 12.20am. In fact it was 1.20am with a second call at 2.32am and not 12.50am as it should have been if his recollection was in fact accurate, which means there appears to be an hour of time unaccounted for"."

A letter was sent to the MOD about the incident, which received a reply in August 1994 from Miss K Philpott (Air desk 2A) in which she outlined the usual standard statement sent to all and sundry from time immemorial expressing absolutely no interest in the matter, other than offering a myriad of sensible rational explanations!

Source: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com
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Russia Mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident

Russia Mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident
By Derek Meadmotherboard.vice.com

This Photo (top) Developed From A Found Roll Of Film Shows The Group Setting Up Their Final Camp On February 2, 1959.

Nearly 1,000 people were injured in Russia today when a meteor exploded somewhere over the Ural Mountains. But crazy cosmic phenomena are nothing new in the Ural range: 54 years ago this month, the northern part of the Urals played host to one of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries in the modern age.

On the surface, what's become known as the Dyatlov Pass incident seems fairly explicable: Of a party of ten skiiers, nine perished in the middle of a high-difficulty trek in conditions that reached -30 degrees Celsius. But the details, which are mostly based on diaries of those involved as well as records from Soviet investigators, are chilling: On the night of February 2, 1959, members of the party apparently ripped their tent open from the inside, and wandered into the tundra wearing nothing but what they wore to bed.

Three weeks later, five bodies were found, some hundreds of meters down a slope from the original camp. It took two more months for investigators to find the other four bodies, which, curiously, were partially clothed in articles belonging to the earlier-discovered dead. Tests of those clothes found high levels of radiation. Despite that, and heavy internal trauma, including fractured skulls and broken ribs, suffered by some members of the party, Russian investigators reported they could not find evidence of foul play, and quickly shut the case.

The group was made up of students and graduates of the Ural State Technical University, all of whom were experienced in backcountry expeditions. The trip, organized by 23 year old Igor Dyatlov, was meant to explore the slopes Otorten mountain in the nothern part of the Ural range, and started on January 28, 1959. Yury Yudin, the only member of the expedition to survive, got sick before the crew made it fully into the backcountry, and stayed behind at a village. The other nine trekked on, and according to photographs developed from rolls recovered by investigators, Dyatlov's crew set up camp in the early evening of February 2 on the slopes of a mountain next to Ortoten.

That mountain is known to the local, indigenous Mansi tribe as Kholat Syakhl, which supposedly translates to "mountain of the dead," although with a tale like this, I'd take something so perfectly creepy with a grain of salt. Still, the decision to camp on the mountain's slope makes little sense. The group was reportedly only about a mile from the treeline, where they could have found at least a bit more shelter in the subzero conditions. They didn't appear to be strapped for time, and setting up camp on the face of a mountain rather than within a nearby forest is questionable, although not indefensible.

"Dyatlov probably did not want to lose the distance they had covered, or he decided to practice camping on the mountain slope," Yudin told the "St. Petersburg Times" in 2008.

Yudin Hugging Dubinina Prior To Leaving The Expedition.

That camp would be the group's last. Dyatlov had previously said that the team expected to be back in contact on February 12 of that year, but also said that the group might take longer than expected. It wasn't until around the 20th that the alarm was raised, and by the 26th the camp had been found by volunteer search and rescue teams.

When official investigators arrived, they noted that the tents appeared cut apart from within, and found footprints from eight or nine people leaving the tents and heading off downslope in the direction of the treeline. According to investigators, the group's shoes and gear were left behind, and the footprints suggested some people were barefoot or wearing nothing but socks. In other words, they all shredded their way out of their tent and ran off through waist-deep snow in a huge hurry, despite there being no evidence of other people or foul play within the group.

The first two bodies were found at the treeline, under a giant pine tree. Remember that the treeline was about a mile away; investigators wrote that footprints disappeared about a third of a way there, although that could have been due to weather in the three weeks it took for investigators to arrive. The two bodies found were both wearing only their underwear, and both were barefoot. According to reports, branches were broken high up the tree in question, which suggested someone had tried to climb it. The remains of a fire lay nearby.

Three more bodies, including Dyatlov's, were found at points in between the camp and the big tree, and apparently lay as if they were headed back to the camp. One of them, Rustem Slobodin, had a fractured skull, although doctors declared it non-fatal, and the criminal investigation was closed after doctors ruled the five had died of hypothermia.

Two months passed until the remaining four bodies were found buried under a dozen feet of snow in a gully a few hundred feet downslope from the big tree. The inexplicable behavior of the prior five members of the party aside, it was the discovery of this quartet that was most horrific. All four suffered traumatic deaths, despite there being no outward appearance of trauma.

One, Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel, also had a fractured skull. Alexander Zolotariov was found with crushed ribs. Ludmila Dubinina also had broken ribs, and was also missing her tongue.

It is possible that the group was searching for help-despite being in, essentially, the middle of nowhere, while missing gear in sub-zero temperatures-before they fell into a ravine. But that doesn't explain Dubinina's missing tongue. And while some at the time posited that the group had been attacked by Mansi tribesmen, coroners at the time stated that the trauma found required more force than humans could inflict, especially considering there wasn't accompanying outward trauma.

"It was equal to the effect of a car crash," said Boris Vozrozhdenny, one of the doctors on the case, according to unsealed documents looked at by the "Times".

Photo From Investigators Showing The Condition Of The Group's Tent.

It gets weirder. The final four were better outfitted than the other five, and apparently had taken clothes off the dead as they continued their aimless trek. Zolotariov, for example, was found wearing Dubinina's coat and hat, while she in turn had wrapped around her foot a piece of the wool pants that one of the two found at the pine tree had been wearing. To add to the mystery, the clothes found on the final group were tested and found to be radioactive.

The radioactivity is hard to explain, but the rest of the case does have an explanation that's more plausible than the aliens and nuke experiments people many like to tie into the story. "Paradoxical undressing" is a reported phenomenon in those suffering from hypothermia, as is delirium. The most likely explanation for the disaster is that the team's camp was buried in an avalanche, which would explain the cut-out tent and quite possibly some of the trauma. Should the team have been buried for any amount of time, hypothermia was likely to set in, which would go a long way towards explaining why they set off in search of help without any gear at all. Again, with five members of the team listed as having died of exposure, this scenario is most plausible.

But the radioactivity found is truly odd, as is the treatment of the investigation itself. Documents related to the case were sealed after it was closed, and weren't opened until sometime in the 1990s. I've been interested in the case for a while now and have tried to dig up new info, but my FOIA requests to the various US intelligence agencies have all turned up bupkis. The cause of the incident is still speculative, but interviews given by the lead investigator, Lev Ivanov, around the time the records were unsealed shine light on just how strange the case is.

Ivanov was the one who first noticed that the bodies and gear found were all radioactive, and said that a Geiger counter he'd brought with him went nuts all around the campsite. He also has said that Soviet officials told him at the time to clamp the case shut, despite reports that "bright flying spheres" had been reported in the area in February and March of 1959.

"I suspected at the time and am almost sure now that these bright flying spheres had a direct connection to the group's death," Ivanov told Kazakh newspaper "Leninsky Put" in an interview dug up by the "Times".

Another group of students camped out around 30 miles from the other group reported similar sightings at that time. In written testimony, one said that he saw "a shining circular body fly over the village from the south-west to the north-east. The shining disc was practically the size of a full moon, a blue-white light surrounded by a blue halo. The halo brightly flashed like the flashes of distant lightning. When the body disappeared behind the horizon, the sky lit up in that place for a few more minutes."

The leading theory, considering the secrecy, radioactivity, and the appearance of some of the bodies, which were reported as being "deeply tanned" by a young boy attending some of their funerals, is that the group somehow came across a Soviet military testing ground. But, assuming reports are true, what caused the trauma to some members of the group is unknown.

It's possible that one of the members saw some crazy light in the sky and everyone freaked out, running for their lives, but there has never been evidence of an explosion in the area, ruling out some sort of nuclear test or something of the like. But even so, that doesn't explain the skull fractures. Some could be explained by a fall into the ravine, but remember, Slobodin had a fractured skull and was found on his return to the camp.

The fact that remains of a fire were found suggests some members of the group had control of their mental faculties, and psychosis isn't a reported effect of acute exposure to radiation, but that doesn't explain why the group appeared to have run for their lives without bringing any of their gear. So was it an accident or a cover-up? The simple story is probably best: The team was buried in an avalanche, and in a state of hypothermia-induced delirium, rushed off in search of help. Avalanches are incredibly powerful, and being caught in one could likely result in the types of blunt trauma some of the group received.

Still, the lack of closure from the original investigation has left the incident as a favorite target of conspiracy theorists and alien hunters, and really, it's a pretty weird tale. Ivanov, the investigator, has since passed away, and unless more military records are discovered and unsealed-which some advocates still call for-the records on hand aren't enough to prove otherwise, and the mystery of what's now known as the Dyatlov Pass is likely to endure.

"This article was aggregated under the Creative Commons License. If you feel this article has been re-published outside of these parameters, please contact us immediately at ascensionearth@live.com to resolve any issues. We respect copyrights and address any concerns promptly. Thank you. "

Osiris Rex To Seek Asteroid Samples

Osiris Rex To Seek Asteroid Samples
NASA will launch a spacecraft to an asteroid in 2016 and use a robotic arm to pluck samples that could better explain our solar system's formation and how life began. The mission, called Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer, or OSIRIS-REx, will be the first U.S. mission to carry samples from an asteroid back to Earth.

Asteroids are leftovers formed from the cloud of gas and dust -- the solar nebula -- that collapsed to form our sun and the planets about 4.5 billion years ago. As such, they contain the original material from the solar nebula, which can tell us about the conditions of our solar system's birth.

After traveling three years, OSIRIS-REx will approach the primitive, near Earth asteroid designated 1999 RQ36 in 2019. Once within three miles of the asteroid, the spacecraft will begin six months of comprehensive surface mapping. The science team then will pick a location from where the spacecraft's arm will take a sample. The spacecraft gradually will move closer to the site, and the arm will extend to collect more than two ounces of material for return to Earth in 2023.

Ufo Sighting In Green Brook

Ufo Sighting In Green Brook

I was on my deck with dog around 2300 hrs. I was looking east from chair when one bright orange and white colored orb came down. Then two orange balls went west then 20 min later two more went west slowed down then up and away into west, two at a time. The four had same path and direction, they were silent. lit-up the tree tops, very bright at first. There were lots of people on a porch who saw them too. The dog (Lab) got excited too when they passed by. Wow what did we just see.. could not stabilize pictures on camera as they were going west leaving.


Credit: MUFON

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What Really Happened In Area 51

What Really Happened In Area 51
"I have been reading Ms. Jacobsen's book, and it is a good read. I have found it to be plausible, well-referenced, and written on a level that most of us folks without engineering degrees can understand. Now, let's hear from Mr. Swift, who does bring up some good points, as well as some opinions of his own. ~Andy"



"Popular Mechanics"

Up in the desert above Las Vegas hides a dusty air base ringed by towering mountains, buffered by an atomic testing preserve and guarded around the clock. It isn't much to look at-a knot of hangars, fuel tanks and prefab living quarters beside a dry lakebed and a long runway. The parched ground sprouts little but creosote, scorpion weed and the odd Joshua tree.

But for generations, this lonely outpost has itched some people like a bad case of poison ivy. Secrecy about what goes on there has fueled all manner of speculation: It's a port for visiting spacecraft, or a venue for alien autopsies, or a lab where captured UFOs are reverse-engineered to America's military advantage. An industry has sprung up around this guesswork-TV tell-alls, books and websites by the dozens. The public appetite for conspiracy theories involving Area 51-aka Groom Lake, Dreamland, Homey Airport, Paradise Ranch or Watertown-appears insatiable. Reasonable people, smart people, eat them up.

So when a book comes along that promises to really, truly explain the place, and said book is by a contributor to the Los Angeles Times Magazine and put out by a major publisher and wins praise from The New York Times, NPR and national TV shows (Fox ">

For much of its 523 pages, Annie Jacobsen's Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base is the story of the men who, starting in 1955, developed and tested secret Cold War reconnaissance aircraft at Groom Lake-the CIA's U-2 and A-12 Oxcart, the latter of which flew with modifications as the Air Force's SR-71 Blackbird. Jacobsen interviewed 74 people, including 32 who lived and worked on the base. Many of them belong to Roadrunners Internationale, the alumni association of Groom Lake pilots, engineers, mechanics and such. The Roadrunners gladly spoke to her: Their Cold War activities had recently been declassified; they were getting on in years; they wanted their achievements recorded.

"We were very, very happy with what she was doing," T.D. Barnes, a radar expert and the Roadrunners' president, told us. "She did a great job of researching. She did everything a good journalist would do." Retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonels Roger W. Andersen and Francis J. Murray were also impressed; Murray said Jacobsen "was constantly taking notes" and "really seemed to be making sure that what we told her was correct." But for all of Jacobsen's apparent diligence, the men were surprised, and not happily, by the finished product: After Barnes read Area 51, for instance, he denounced her in a blog post as "an author who refuses to repent her literary crimes and errors."

The focus of the Roadrunners' criticism is a UFO conspiracy theory so fantastic that it makes the infamous and historically discredited tale about a 1947 crash of a flying saucer in Roswell, N.M., seem tame. The bottom line of the traditional Roswell story is that the purported extraterrestrial UFO wreckage was taken to Area 51 and subsequently became the object of a massive government coverup. Relying on the testimony of a single unnamed source, Jacobsen's book repeats the claim that some sort of UFO crashed at Roswell. But in her telling, the craft wasn't of alien origin. Instead, it was a saucer built by the Soviets using technology they'd obtained from German engineers at the end of World War II. And there's more. According to her unnamed source, the craft was manned by human teenagers who had been medically altered to look like aliens, with giant heads and eyes like wraparound Oakleys.

Who would do such a thing to children? Why, notorious Nazi death camp doctor Josef Mengele, Jacobsen writes, quoting her source quoting another source or sources, also unnamed. Seems that Mengele was working for Soviet boss Josef Stalin, who needed the mutants for a special project: scaring the daylights out of America with a fake alien visitation. Yes, it was all a "the most lavish prank in history.

Jacobsen reports that the wreckage was moved from Roswell to Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio), where it was kept until 1951, then moved to the Nevada desert. There, her unnamed source was part of a team studying the saucer. They discovered that it ran on "electromagnetic frequency, or EMF," Jacobsen quotes him as saying, and he claims America has had the technology since. She offers no details on how this "EMF" propulsion might work, and the term could mean almost anything. All forms of electromagnetic radiation-radio waves, visible light, X-rays and more-operate at particular frequencies. The notion that devices such as airplanes might be powered remotely by electromagnetic energy is at least a century old. But the concept has never worked on a large scale-the quantity of energy required would be unimaginably large.

One more thing: Two "child-size aviators" from the craft, alive but comatose, wound up in the desert too. They were stored in gel, the unnamed source told Jacobsen, and they moved their mouths as if trying to speak. Why would America hide the fact that Mengele had produced these sad creatures at Stalin's behest? "Because," the source tells Jacobsen, "we were doing the same thing... We performed medical experiments on handicapped children and prisoners," and we did it "at least through the 1980s."

Jacobsen offers no corroboration for this; instead, she presents irrelevant information that has been trotted out for many years by Roswell alien UFO conspiracy theorists. She writes that she pressed her source for details of the horrors he saw at Area 51, but he wouldn't budge. "He said he was hurting," Jacobsen writes. "That soon he would die. That, really, it was best that I did not learn any more because I didn't have a need-to-know."

Could this be true? Could any of this be true?

Let's start with the flying saucer, which Jacobsen ascribes to German aeronautical engineers Walter and Reimar Horten. It's a fact that before and during the war, the Horten brothers built a series of ever more sophisticated all-wing aircraft, culminating with the jet-powered Horten 229, a boomerang-shaped contrivance that bore a passing resemblance to Jack Northrop's YB-49 bomber prototype of the late '40s, as well as to the U.S. Air Force's much more recent B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

Jacobsen writes that the brothers might have been at work on something more ambitious at war's end, and that the invading Soviets might have seized their blueprints. Within a few pages, she refers matter-of-factly to "the Horten brothers and their advanced flying saucer." Jacobsen cites postwar German sources who described and even sketched what she calls "saucer-like" craft. One was shaped like a half-moon, another, according to "Professor George," was "very much like a round cake with a large sector cut out."

We searched for evidence, finding none, that the brothers created a true flying saucer. (The book includes a photograph of the Hortens' Parabola, an all-wing, parenthesis-shaped craft with rounded edges; the photo is suggestive but its relevance to the story not explained.) We consulted with David Myhra, an aviation expert whose books include four on the Hortens, and who spent several weeks with Reimar Horten at his ranch in Argentina in the 1980s. "The Horten brothers never, ever went to any kind of a circular aircraft design," Myhra said. "There were no flying saucers in the Horten line, at all."

Jacobsen spoke with Myhra several times while writing Area 51. When Myhra read the book's claim about the Horten disc, he told us, "I thought, this is a piece of science fiction."



Diamond Shaped Ufo With Rotating Orange Disc Around It Seen Over Chico California

Diamond Shaped Ufo With Rotating Orange Disc Around It Seen Over Chico California
Date: Something like September of 2011Time: Sundown. See you later, my associates and I were out beyond midnight on all sides of in Chico, CA at the on or after of the theoretical meeting, nearly September of 2011. We saw two UFOs that night. One appeared to be a life-size meteor that I was anxious was leaving to hit Disembark usable us. It was a life-size blistering rock and it just hung in mid-air for about 10 or 15 seconds former it descended out of reasoning. The jiffy UFO was a four-sided figure fashioned aircraft that appeared to exercise a spiraling yellow disc nearly it. My phone saw the yellow too, and asked me what it was. I hold it appeared the yellow spiraling disc was the way it stimulated. No evident normal engines or what on earth either. It crossed the sky appropriate exceptional us. It appeared to be flying lower than a normal smooth, but not greatly bomb. If you exercise seen what on earth in close proximity to this in the exceedingly area fulfill be nature adequate to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "All common information is shy stealthy."

"The Vike Assign (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Montreal Ufo Speculated To Be The Same Mysterious Object Spotted Over Peru Two Days Later

Montreal Ufo Speculated To Be The Same Mysterious Object Spotted Over Peru Two Days Later
The precise UFO sightings back been reported in what's more Montreal and Peru. Repeated wrap up that the uncharacteristic UFOs may possibly be solitary the precise.

An dusk information in connection with trapped a greenish UFO on the edge additional Montreal last week lay aside host Colette Provencher. The magical object seemed to progress color and shape as it floated, to the fore leave-taking down to Gain. Adding together to the mystery, the precise object spotted additional Lima, Peru two excitement second.

The UFO over Lima was spotted on October 5, 2014and was recorded on video by Melina Silva. This UFO looks fondness the one being sighted over Montreal which the same reportedly changed shape as it was observed from the ground.

According to the video categorization, the UFO sometimes looked fondness a saucer at sometimes and at mature had resembled like-minded to a boomerang. The UFO had no abnormal enlightenment, law out the ground of a inhospitably guided seaplane. In addition, the law requires that a remotely- restricted seaplane could do with resist anti-collision lights.

The UFO recorded over Lima was observed under well-lighted survive, in the same way as a roughly concluded moon appears on the video as a group in the same way as metropolis lightings, establishment the green UFO very obvious from the ground.

News bulletin about a photograph at nearby curb in Saint Isidore province in Monteregie, Quebec followed after the UFO sighting in Montreal. This has led speculations that the two incidents were relatable to each other. At rest, legalize distressed that the photograph was caused by electrical impediment and the object completely not guilty.

The post Montreal UFO Speculated To Be The Extremely Charming Object Pinto For a second time Peru Two Energy Second appeared first on Latest UFO Sightings.

Reference: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Ufo Existance By Fleur Y5

Ufo Existance By Fleur Y5
People are calling the police saying they have caught sightings of a UFO, but are they actually getting confused with Venus?On the other hand there was a saucer-shaped object close to The Moon which some people are calling a UFO but is it one?


At 5:15 in Cornwall, a student was camping in a crop field and was woken by a loud humming sound, he opened the flap of his tent and saw lights flying across the field,he got an extraordinary shot of small flying saucer.


Keith Major has seen strange lights with his friends which were allot lager than stars, the light

shone down on earth.


A local photographer believes he has uncovered life on another planet. He notices a saucer-shaped object in the sky in one of his photo shoots, it could have been a weather balloon his

friends had said, but he was sure it was not!


After researching all the evidence and hoaxes I think they are real because there is no other real evidence to show whats been happening. I think this is a good subject because I have always wanted to lean about UFOs, because they are very intersting things.

Credit: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Marshfield Massachusetts On September 15Th 2013 Saw Bright Orb Approaching At A Good Clip

Ufo Sighting In Marshfield Massachusetts On September 15Th 2013 Saw Bright Orb Approaching At A Good Clip
Saw bright orb approaching at a good clip from North east over Rexham beach, stopped for 30 seconds dimmed ascended about 500 feet then brightened and took off East South East direction. When I observed this I was positioned around Telegraph hill 150 feet above sea level looking out my bedroom window, I was awake and alert. Object was above the ocean not on the surface. definitely seemed as if under intelligent control. Questions from side of text box. 1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time? " I was in bed looking out my bedroom window." 2. What made you first notice the object? " Object came into view as a fast moving orb." 3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it? my thoughts were "No way it couldn't be a UFO" but I can't say it wasn't. 4. Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail. " see above" 5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object. " my feelings were shocked, my reaction was, excited and then the hair stood up on my back. I wanted to get the camera but I didn't want to loose site of the object. 6. How did you lose sight of the object? I watched it speed up in the direction of East South East out to sea. I am going to position a camera on a tripod ready to shoot.

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Alien Abductions Of Primitive Women

Alien Abductions Of Primitive Women

Jose Caravaca, our Spanish assistant, conjectures that some of the images found in the rock paintings of Tassili (above/below) dot scenes of abduction by, we bring into being, extraterrestrial circle.

The paintings underside, he envisions, show women being led to a "saucer" or on all sides craft:

This painting (underside), from Tassili, is regularly cited by Past Astronaut theorists as an image of a space-helmeted alien being from out-of-doors the Earth:

And in the ocher painting treat, one sees that self-same "headdress" on a organism being hectic wherever.

Were the helmets vital for reposition out-of-doors the Earth's atmosphere?

Were the helmets physically space helmets? Or instance of straightforward custom garb?

Senor Caravaca's canon is spicy, but is acquaint with latest explanation for the images?

We don't learn an anthropological essay exactly.

Dr. Giorgio Gualco, in the article second hand by Banter Sordelet, in his post about Tassili a few years ago, suggests that the paintings are "characterized by human facts afterward round heads, regularly bearing headdresses of horns or put down."

Dr. Gualco is dictum the depictions are caricatures of ornamentation, but the Tassili paintings didn't spectacular the animals offered, or whatsoever else.

The humans pictured are (ingeniously) stylized, but not to a trace that they are unrecognizable as human beings. The women's breasts are picture and their gender compared to pictures of men is inevitable.

So why would the painters establish headdresses (helmets!) that are immature from their actuality; that is, why helmets that are "caricatured" so no matter which else isn't?

Jose Caravaca's marked eye may fix found no matter which -- no matter which to imprison AA theory and Different Arrest stories moreover.


Indians Ask Archaeologist To Report Bigfoot Sightings Only To Them

Indians Ask Archaeologist To Report Bigfoot Sightings Only To Them

Robert Muckle between Insincere Bigfoot Mandible

"I Confine HEARD OF AT Lowest ONE Indigenous Ball THAT REQUIRES ARCHAEOLOGISTS In force In the sphere of THEIR TERRITORIES TO Put to death ANY BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS TO THE Indigenous Ball AND THEREAFTER Demand Privacy." -- Archaeologist, Robert Muckle

Archaeologists throw away a lot of time in ingeniousness territories, they are digging for artifacts of ancient humans. Do the community civilization suffer an unwritten "concordat" between more than a few archaeologists?

Is In an article at "Arthroplogy Rumor", Robert Muckle, an archaeology inventor, starts to submit the face-off, "Archaeologists suffer a hunger history of being global bring to a close on Bigfoot, up for grabs it to their colleagues in effortless anthropology and cultural anthropology to observe on rudely whatsoever similar to its purported existence."

Mr. Muckle continues the line of selflessness by at hand, "Archaeologists too can submit priceless aid to the science or pseudoscience of Bigfoot and for population so make plans for the timing is convincing to be born now."

Archaeology? The chamber of human activity in the faint having a piece in Bigfoot research? How exciting! An mechanism prefer this outlook from a commanding archaeologist? It takes unattached 5 enhanced paragraphs for Mr. Muckle to grasp act of kindness his tongue and disturbance us.

Calm existing is an innovative gem in the article. It is the quote higher, "I suffer heard of at minimum one Indigenous group that requires archaeologists feat happening their territories to report any Bigfoot sightings to the Indigenous group and thereafter sustain confidentiality."

This is very innovative that at minimum one group of Indians would not unattached call for archaeologist to report sightings, but moreover foundation mum on them too.

And for the tumbledown, Bigfoot Dinner Nightspot can submit an face-off for Bigfoot archaeology. Kathy Crick is a skilled archaeologist who has brought the "Bigfoot Position" low spot pictographs of Highlighted Rock.

Base are the pictographs public by Kathy Crick. The pictographs confine paintings of a work, female, and lad Bigfoot.

Click the back interlock to decode Robert Muckle's gloomy Archaeology of Bigfoot ArticleClick the back interlock to revision enhanced about the Bigfoot Pictographs

Ufo Sightings

Ufo Sightings
Beginning the 1940's the U.S. government has shyly demanding one of its key defense and intelligence agency contractors as a secret UFO "consider reservoir." New investigation reveals that the dear RAND Theater company is a "consider reservoir" that has prone far greater than "harm reflection" to cloth extraterrestrial.

RAND's subterranean history of UFO donation has been exposed to travel over work in system analysis; re-evaluate of evidence and in advising on the vista official advantages achieved from UFO re-examination. Indicating communication involve too been found amongst RAND and the Roswell crash program of 1947.


RAND Theater company was stubborn in 1946 by the U.S Followers Air Fasten as Shield RAND ( for Grounding ANd Exterior) and is today registered as a nonprofit sphere. It is funded oversee government contracts, university collaborators and by "covert donors." RAND's original agency patrons travel over the CIA and DARPA (Cheer on Objector Grounding Projects Organization.)

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA the consider reservoir maintains undergrowth worldwide. RAND's explicit vacancy is to "warning to gathering system and motion origination oversee unruffled research and inspect." Its work is with authorization conducted "for the nationwide benefit and certification of the Joined States of America."

By way of 30 Nobel Grant winners involve been employed by RAND. From physics to economics, the 2000 build consider reservoir provides elevated information and re-evaluate to the U.S. government. Deeper review shows that RAND has conducted studies in such areas as weapons emerge, intelligence building and inspect and the design of thorough underground installations for the USAF.

Far greater subconscious is RAND's allude to donation in very classified UFO re-examination for the U.S. government:

RAND'S FOUNDERS Understood THE Scale OF THE Cups

From its very gain, the men of RAND knew a lot about saucers.

RAND was conceived by Donald Douglas, CEO of Douglas Airplane (and a protege of Dr. Jerome Hunsaker at MIT) losing surrounded by two military head luminaries. These officers carried surrounded by them significant "UFO histories." The officers bringing up the rear RAND were Summit On the whole Curtis LeMay (the US Air Force's Administrator of Exterior) and On the whole Hap Arnold (calculated the "set off" of the push U.S. Air Fasten.)

In May of 1948 RAND was on bad terms from Douglas Airplane and became its own practicing goal. Connecting RAND's creative government reports was the release of the gloomily high-minded, "Elementary Handiwork of an New World-Circling Rocket ship."

LeMay articulated firm comprise and regard about the flying saucer phenomena. Addition than this, LeMay himself was a warden of the purported 1947 Roswell UFO crash wreckage.

This was made known in a beautifully launch census surrounded by the late U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater (a fundamental U.S. Presidential Contestant, Summit On the whole and Exigency Escort) was On the whole LeMay's over attach and useful soul mate. LeMay's UFO donation was important by Goldwater in a live worldwide television surrounded by CNN's Larry King in 1994. The USAF had appropriate issued its report that debunked the Roswell crash of 1947 as a Magnate increase. Goldwater (who died appropriate a few years highly developed) experienced King that he knew the truth to be far perverse.

He knew this, he explained, to the same degree in the 1960's he had approached LeMay about the crashed UFO topic. Goldwater -who no admiration himself occupied the foremost certification clearances- told Larry King:

"I consider at Wright-Patterson, if you might get in vogue unwavering places, you'll get tangled what the Air Fasten and the government knows about UFOs. Reportedly, a spaceship landed. It was all stifled up. I called Curtis LeMay and I alleged, everyday, I recognize we involve a room at Wright Patterson where you put all of this secret stuff. May possibly I go in there? I've never heard On the whole LeMay get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out and alleged, 'Don't consistently ask me that rise again!" Goldwater never did.

LeMay was very well-acquainted surrounded by Roswell Followers Air Flex Strengthen Skipper Butch Blanchard. Blanchard oversaw the base at the time of the Roswell crash program in 1947. It is believed that Blanchard helped topic the paramount press release on the crash- which driven the famous derived route "RAAF Captures On high Saucer on Fish farm in Roswell Area." Blanchard's fundamental spouse and teenager Valley say that he was very affected and visibly be a problem for you by the program. He never-ending cleanly, "persons Russians involve numerous gigantic cloth." Roswell mayor William Brainerd says that Blanchard told him, "For instance I saw was the damndest thing I've consistently seen!" To Art McQuiddy -editor of the Roswell Birth Craft in 1947- Blanchard alleged some time ago questioned, "I'll tell you this and no one more- the stuff I saw I'd never seen where else in my life."

Escort Ben Exercise important in interviews (surrounded by this screenwriter and to speaker Billy Cox) that he had flown On the whole Laurence Craigie (Supervisor of the Air Force's R&D) to Roswell Followers Air Flex after the Roswell crash. Exercise alleged that On the whole Curtis LeMay (the Air Force's Administrator of Exterior) was well significant of Craigie's flight- and that LeMay and Craigie were in useful contact about the program.

In LeMay's 1965 biography "Passing surrounded by LeMay" he speaks economically about the UFO department. LeMay of course discounts that expound is a government coverup about UFOs. But he belies this surrounded by a unfriendly and relating belief found highly developed in the biography, "Award is not a rise about it: these were cloth which we might not tie in surrounded by any riotous phenomena everyday to our investigators."

As hasty as 1943 this fabulous Five Propose On the whole of two units of military lend a hand was investigating unidentified flying objects.

Sordid in Box 166 of On the whole Arnold's papers (at AFHRC, Maxwell AFB) is thorough inspect from 1943 that assessed a measurements of sightings of "insignificant, luminescent, silvery discs" reported by B-17 pilots. "Foo fighters" were an abnormal receiver "ball-of-light" phenomena reported and photographed by pilots by means of lawsuit in Europe in the 1940s. Hap Arnold was tightly attracted in the re-examination of the baffling phenomena.

In November of 1945, an Adjutant from Hap Arnold's office delivered a enclose of preserved documents that important to inspect of the sonorous "foo fighters" to Arnold's soul mate, Jo Chamberlin of the American Squad Munitions store. In a 1991 census surrounded by party worker Jeffrey A. Lindell (of the Indiana Myths Originate and a USAF retired Electronic Conflict Systems Decrease) Chamberlin alleged that he retained these foo fighter documents from Arnold and had never opened them after he first deduce them in 1945. At the time of the census, Chamberlin alleged he fixed had them but that he had promised Arnold he would never atmosphere them. Conversely Chamberlin wrote a vague article on foo fighters for the magazine, he never rambling the papers Arnold had prone him- and never made known their matter on the General's inspect.

On the whole Arnold stubborn the 509th and (because On the whole LeMay) he was tightly concurrent surrounded by Colonel William "Butch" Blanchard- the Respected Executive of the 509th bombing wing and the Roswell Strengthen Skipper at the time of the 1947 crash.

On July 7, 1947 (appropriate kick after the Roswell crash) Arnold is quoted in a UP story that explicit, "On the whole H.H. (Hap) Arnold, head of the air force air martial by means of WWII, alleged today the discs might be a emerge of Joined States scientists not yet perfected." Of course by means of the rule unadulterated gone the Roswell crash, U.S. military were obfuscating by altruistic the nationwide out of the ordinary explanations on the moral fiber of the discs. But Arnold had everyday various years former that U.S. scientists might not be the claim for them. He knew that they were seen by his own pilots practicing in the European theater, as he had earlier reported.

RAND'S Offspring UFO Sorority Encouraging

An declare Air Fasten document in print on October 12, 1948 has been positioned by the previous research group Shield 1947. Shield 1947 is operated by treasured party worker Jan Aldrich, supported by the voter UFO research sphere CUFOS and is everyday for its success in Privilege of Keep details Act (FOIA) requests.

This 1948 document is very learning about RAND and the hasty re-examination of the disturbing UFO phenomena.

The department title of this document is "Go in for Declare by Rand Shield" and is directed to the US Air Fasten Administrator of Staff. The screenwriter of the document is Col. W.R. Clingerman, the Drama Administrator of News. Clingerman was concurrent surrounded by Shield Dip, the USAF declare hasty re-examination of the UFO phenomena. Clingerman seeks the endorse of the USAF Administrator of Staff: "It is requested that the special re-examination, described in the inclosure be given and that the Rand Theater company be formal to ensconce a re-examination of pre-eminence, regular in span and amount of picture surrounded by the described wants."

In a highly developed procession of the document, Clingerman explains that he needs RAND to: "Promote in the collection of information relating to unidentified receiver objects that may possibly portend spaceships or spaceship test craft and the ritual information that includes the distinguishing design and expression parameters for spaceships is calculated should." He adds "It would be in force to this Exigency" to involve RAND equip "moreover arithmetical clues that may buoy up in their gratitude and identification by RAND arithmetical employees."

Clingerman cautions, "It is moreover requested that Air Materiel Exigency be assigned to track the project in conformance surrounded by Air Corps Suggestion 80-10, 21, July, 1948, Sphere 3, Stake 3."

We be made aware that RAND is occupied in high regard by the chief levels of government. It is an sphere calculated archetype for shrink of work on the UFO phenomena. It is felt that the "spaceships" had "distinguishing environment" that RAND employees would be more than ever fitting to equip ritual information about- and that they might get tangled "moreover arithmetical clues" about the "unidentified receiver objects." We too be made aware that RAND is to be "monitored" on this UFO work by AMC, in conformance surrounded by an "Air Corps Suggestion" dated one day after the Roswell crash. The document can be accessed at www.project1947.com

RAND AND UFO Conceive of Cure

Fill in remark in existing marks notes that in 1966 RAND Theater company in line the photographic inspect of an supposed UFO photo. The "Zanesville, OH UFO" photos of November 13, 1966 were engaged by internal barber Ralph Ditter. Broadly rambling at the time, the two photos visit to show a extensive saucer senior the Ditter lodging. The RAND photo inspect unbending that the object was a model cleanly 3-4 inches in diameter and cleanly 3-4 feet from the camera. The inspect was sincere and Ditter highly developed confessed the hoax as a way to meet with his nosy teenager. Attractively, most such inspect is with authorization conducted by the Native soil GeoSpatial News Organization (firstly the Native soil Photographic Interpretation Empathy.) RAND evidently has such facility as well- and has practicable this facility to the UFO phenomena.


Seeing that working for RAND, high-class analyst Dr. James E. Lipp wrote one of two arithmetical reports for the USAF's declare UFO re-examination, Shield Dip. It was ready in February of 1949 and was classified. In the report Lipp makes an strangely wise observation.

Lipp notes that by the Competently of the previous day expound had been a absolutely of five tiny flop explosions. Lipp believed that these explosions might involve served as interstellar gas signals' - and that they would be a vista fully of extraterrestrial comprise. Of this RAND report level skeptic Curtis Peebles notes that Lipp's re-evaluate may portend, "the first U.S. government sponsored re-examination of non-human life in the universe."

Lipp continues that "visits from outside space are believed achievable." Decisively bit, Lipp seemed to slyly sultry that he did not schoolwork most reported UFO activities as described to be evidence of such visits to the same degree they completed "no clear sense."


Stephen H. Doyle, scientist at the RAND Theater company, authored the threateningly high-minded "Habital Planets for Man" in 1964. Dole -based on his inspect while at RAND- believed that the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence was angrily high, level estimated. In other reports he predictable the measurements of life-bearing planets (based on here and there in information at the time) at 640 million!

It appears that RAND not cleanly analyzed the UFO be given a ride, but too evaluated the outsized astral issues of our catch sight of in the universe, the coincidental of ET and how to recognize and determine the profound remark of off-earth life.


RAND analyst George Kocher authored an investigate report entitled, "UFOs: For instance to Do?" dated November 27, 1968. Kocher's paper was pressed "For RAND Use A minute ago." It moreover instructs on its cover page: "Do not quote or recite in past publications or congruence." Conversely everyday of by the UFO research group for numerous years, it was cleanly in 2000 that RAND was leap to with authorization honor the paper's existence and accuracy. Today RAND counters that it was an "mid strategy" that was never inhospitably calculated. It is unfussy to what if why RAND would shortage us to consider this is the case.

From a line up of this report we be made aware the author's conclusions about the phenomena: "Beginning WWII expound seems to involve been a drastic make progress in sightings. We involve acceptable data to recognize that the phenomena is clearly remarkable and very inexplicable in push vocabulary." Chapters in the previously community document travel over, "UFOs: Former Aspects UFOs: High point Aspects Phenomenological Aspects" and its deduction, "UFOs: How to Move on and Why." The document is here and there in for review in PDF at www.nicap.org

We recognize based on the above-mentioned 1948 Air Fasten document that RAND was demanding in declare research. In 1968, two decades on, RAND was fixed demanding in such inspect. And they expected go by this work today.

RAND by the revealing statements of two U.S. Generals; oversee the nod of inspect by a high-class Battelle scientist and by establishing other communication.

But in all probability the most interesting of these relating communication is this: The Supervisor of Battelle at the time of the Roswell crash -Clyde E. Williams- collectively sat on the Submit of Trustees of the RAND Corporation!

Williams directed RAND and Battelle's happenings at a time some time ago both organizations were very demanding in UFO re-examination. Clyde Williams was installed as Trustee of RAND in 1948 (the day after Roswell) and remained a RAND trustee until 1963. Battelle is too everyday to involve supported inspect of UFO sightings for the Air Force's Shield Clear Haul by means of William's label.


The line amongst "nationwide" and "covert" sectors is indistinct some time ago it comes to "cloth UFO." Such fuzzy, "quasi-public" organizations were of serious regard to a astute Precede and military pin-up. Dwight Eisenhower was learning in his leave-taking to the nation. He warned that we want look after of the unchecked powers of the "military-industrial complex." And the Five Propose On the whole was impartial. For it is in complexes because Battelle and RAND that the alien truth resides, unchecked. Until now.

Source: ufocon

Increase In Fireball Sightings Swamp Reporting Agency

Increase In Fireball Sightings Swamp Reporting Agency
We haven't had a foray into the strange and fringe for a good while, so I pass this along for the UFO-logists in the group.

As you know, I love quantifiable data to use as a benchmark for comparing events to history. I think it helps us stay grounded and not get carried away too far with prophetic newspaper exegesis. In this UFO report from the National UFO Reporting Center, they say that fireball sightings have increased tremendously.

We know that Revelation is an orderly UN-creating of the universe as opposed to Genesis which is the account of Creation. In Revelation we read that the mountains will fall, rivers will dry up, houses will topple, stars will plummet, the sun will go out...

Just before that "un"creation, the Lord will collect His bride in the rapture and take us to heaven. Even so, we were told to look for signs that will precede this time that will be so devastating no flesh would survive if Jesus had not cut short the days. Matthew 24:29 says that at the end of the Tribulation the stars will fall. Celestial things will happen and in my opinion it is no surprise that we see a foretaste now of what will happen in the Tribulation. In the context of His talk about the end of the age, Jesus said to be on guard! Why? "I have told you these things beforehand." (Mark 13:23).

So here is a bit of news that's 'out there' in more ways than one!


"We apologize for the long delay in updating our website and database of reports. Our last posting was July 4th. The delay is explained by the fact that we have received an unusually large volume of reports, and we are working on a full-time basis to get them all proof-read, and posted to our site."

"Part of the explanation for the increase in sightings is the several radio programs that Peter Davenport, NUFORC Director, has made appearances on, in order to discuss the high volume of reports of "fireballs" that we have been receiving since June 2011. Whereas a typical number of reports submitted per month to NUFORC over the last 17 years has been 250-350, during June we received 974, and we have received 1,052 during July. The majority of the reports from the last two months appear to be about the "fireballs," which we have discussed frequently over the past year. This type of sighting appears to have increased significantly, within the last month or two, and they now dominate the reports we are receiving."

Here is another piece of news. I often report on sinkholes. They frequently happen when a long-undiscovered or a recently catastrophic failure of a water pipe saturates the ground underneath and suddenly the top-pavement gives way. This is nothing unusual. Slightly more unusual, Florida in particular has endured a spate of sinkhole events over the last three years. So much so that a legislative session was called to re-regulate the insurance industry covering these swarms of claims coming in, and when that didn't work they simply stopped covering sinkholes in many cases.

Even more unusual are the sinkholes that happen in cities. The GUATEMALA CITY SINKHOLE IN 2010 was a surprise and a shock to many, it looked exactly like a shaft of hell had opened up.

Well now one has opened up in Brooklyn NY of all places.


The Earth went looking for a snack in Brooklyn on Wednesday when a twenty-foot deep, twenty-foot-wide sinkhole opened up between Fourth and Fifth Avenues in Bay Ridge at about 6 p.m., according to CBS. Several cars lined the collapsed portion of the street. Fortunately, the sinkhole didn't swallow any vehicles; however, it got at least a taste of one that leaned into the gaping hole. "We're so blessed," said the Zen-like car owner. "If we were five minutes later or anything, we could have been in the hole." Another cavity formed earlier in the summer in the same neighborhood. The cause is unknown and we're not geologists, but our recollection of high school earth science tells us this is a pretty clear-cut case of an undernourished Earth."

Ah! the update later says that the cause was a sewer line break, so the case is perfectly normal.

What I always find interesting about these events, whether they are explainable as normal or not, is the language used to report on them, and the reaction to them. People are "skittish "these days. You see it in the reporting. Maybe because I live with words and both my professions have been working with words (teacher, editor) I am tuned to the nuances of how a general trend in reporting goes. I've mentioned often that lately the news reports from Mainstream Media have used apocalyptic references and language, even some bible verses. I do not think this is because all those reporters are Christians, I think it is that though they are likely not saved, they are responding to the verse in Romans 1:18-20:

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse."

As for the response of people in reading these reports, they remind me of the verse in Luke 21:25b

"...distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves,"

That is not to be taken literally. The sea and the waves are a metaphor for the peoples of the earth in clamor, as the waves of judgment come roaring one after the other, faster and faster. The metaphor is used in like manner in Isaiah 8:7-8, and explained in Isaiah 57:20.

Don't you feel that people are pretty skittish these days? Spooked? On edge? Look what happened in the days after Aurora shootings at theaters around the country. In one PA theater, they thought they saw a gun and there was a PANIC STAMPEDE OUT THE DOOR. It doesn't take much to get people to act crazy these days. And for good reason!

This essay by Grant Phillips called CHAOS TO GLORY really sums things up:

"So many souls, Christians and non-Christians, live in fear and dread today. Thousands are without jobs, or barely making a living. Retirement funds have disappeared into the pockets of thieves. The elderly are wondering how they are going to make it. It's always been tough for them, but it's getting worse, much worse. And then there is Obamacare. Plans for college have been put on hold or forgotten. Those graduating from colleges, universities, trade schools, etc. are shocked to find nothing there for them."

"The cost of... well... everything, keeps going up, but the funds that come in the household have remained at the same level, shrunk or vanished. The only ones not feeling the effects are the wealthy and very wealthy. Nature has turned against man and taken his homes in floods, wildfires and other "natural" disasters. There is too much rain in some areas, and too much drought in others. Winter skipped Spring and went directly to Summer, and Summer is here with a blast. Extreme heat has broken over 4,500 records."

"Any crime you care to mention is out of control. Our police agencies are swamped, and our jails and prisons are bursting at the seams. We may soon be hearing about the largest bank scandal in history. It is alleged that twenty major banks have been fixing interest rates for years. If this is true, it will affect the global financial system, and major Banks could crumble."

"Diseases are rampant. New wars are anticipated. Earthquakes are breaking out around the globe. Volcanoes are waking up. Violent storms are moving over the oceans and headed toward land. And I've hardly scratched the surface. Is there anything that could possibly give us hope for a better day? All that is around us is nothing but utter chaos, and is worsening by the day. Suicides are up because people are losing hope. Can there possibly be sunshine at the end of this long tunnel?"

Yes! He goes on to cite the verses that give us hope. His essay is worth the read. I would make one editorial change to his piece, lol, if I may be permitted. Chaos is a good word to use for the lost. They see the world coming apart and it seems like chaos to them. But NOT to us. Jesus is in perfect control. Remember the verse above: why should be be in guard? Because, "I have told you these things beforehand." That should actually give us comfort. It was planned between Him, the Father and the Spirit, it is coming to pass and it will come to its conclusion, just like He said.

That also means His plan for us will come to pass. In his piece, Grant cite his hope verses, and I'll cite mine now:

"So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" (Hebrews 13:6)

"Guard my life, for I am devoted to you. You are my God; save your servant who trusts in you." (Psalm 86:2)

His holiness shows us that He can and will do it. His resurrection shows us He can and will do it. Prophecy shows us He can and will do it. So do not be afraid, even if a sinkhole opens up under us or a fireball flies by our eyes, He saves his servants who trust in Him. You know what some of the definitions of the Hebrew word for 'saves' means? "Delivers", "endowed with salvation", "gained the victory"! Because He lives, we are in Him, endowed with the greatest treasure of all, salvation by our Savior and knowledge of our Lord.

Even if a sinkhole opens beneath me, I shall proclaim Him! Even if a fireball streaks in front of me, I shall point to Him! In the panic and tumult around me, I exalt Him, the Prince of Peace!

"...be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you. (2 Corinthians 13:11b)

Ufo Sighting In Hillsville Virginia On September 2Nd 2013 I Was Outside Smoking

Ufo Sighting In Hillsville Virginia On September 2Nd 2013 I Was Outside Smoking

i was sitting on my pattio,smoking a cigarette.when out of the corner of my eye i saw a red light.at first i thought it was a heli,so i got up to get a better view.thats when i noticed there was no sound coming from it.and then i saw a second red light a little behind the first,kinda like a wing man would.i watched the two for about 20 seconds,when i noticed a third. all came from the southwest,headed east.untill it appeared to me as they got past the town,changed dirrection headed southeast.i was just excited to see three,flying red orbs,kinda low,and completly silent!they just kina faded away the farther they went.


(via MUFON.com)

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Derbyshire Like Ufo Seen Yet Again This Time In Australia

Derbyshire Like Ufo Seen Yet Again This Time In Australia
The very same UFO seen in the NASA footage, in the Derbyshire/Bonsall clips, by Bambi in England, and in Israel, was seen again in Melborne, Australia:Again, notice the similarites in structure as the other ones I mentioned above. Here's the personal testimony from a friend who knew the dude who shot the video:"Melbourne UFO was taken in Ardeer 1999. It dove down to the person shooting the video. It was huge (3 Russian Antonov planes, at least)! They just came home midnight from a wedding then all lights outside were on. He checked to see what was going on then saw this disc in the sky that was FLASHING WHITE LIGHT that makes his house like daytime. He was still holding the camera coz they just came from a wedding party. Upon videotaping the disc for few minutes, it went down above his head that made him duck for cover. He just heard his camera went "click"(flat). Anyway, he's not interested whatever it is and he's not abducted. He just want his original tape to be return by a known ufologist, and he knows who he is."

Origin: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

1970 Ufo

1970 Ufo
SHORT UFO FACT: [A TYPE ABDUCTION SCENARIO IS AS FOLLOWS : * Abductee is driving...or at home sleeping...etc. * Sees a UFO at close Rnage first and then Very close * UFO flashes a Beam of light on the subject... * Subject is floated from the base(Home,Car,Roadside etc.) to the UFO. * Experiments performed. * Subject is back where he was,and has no Account or memory of what had happened in between that time. * Subject has vivid dreams in coming months about UFOs or may completely forget the incident...]UFO MOON CRAFT N TOWER PEOPLE SHORT UFO FACT: [In many cases,there is indeed some physical evidence to Abduction reports.Implants have been taken out from various abductees and strange looking marks have appeared overnight in patients without any cause,with geometrical shapes and size associated with them.Dr. Roger Leir's Alien and Scalpel describes such things in details...Please read if you want to know the details]UNA DE OVNIS SOBRE WTC 2001IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Source: discover-ghosts.blogspot.com

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce
Bestow believe been plentiful self-proclaimed psychics over the last century, but none so interesting as Kentucky's Edgar Cayce, the "fast asleep creative" from Beverly, KY solitary self-regulating of Hopkinsville. Absolutely not whole the razzle-dazzle showmanship of your garden-variety accepted psychics (which all over constantly taint out to be frauds), Cayce was a very unenthusiastic psychic - with bode well got circular about his powers, they had to wisely dig out him kicking and loud inwards passing through them.

Bestow were indicators preliminary on that Cayce had the psychic "glowing" gift as a daughter, and he leisurely became famous in ripeness for his conjuring to go inwards rhythmic thrill states. From beginning to end these, he for the most part browsed the so-called "Akashic Certification" and spouted remedies for diseases and solutions for nuisance. He became so in lay down for these readings, that by the end of his life, he was limber eight readings a day and his year book was complete for two time in promote. Various other psychics and spiritualists who gave doubtful, debatable, non-specific counsel, Cayce channeled a selection of recipes for home-remedy treatments that "worked." But while of his stark surroundings in the Disciples of Christ church, he had intense suspicions and alarm clock about whether what he was work was sacreligious. But as inclination as his channeled cures worked, he reckoned he constraint be work the Lord's work by quota realm, anyhow the jagged be similar to.

As the time accepted, tranquil, Cayce leisurely began to admit manager and manager of the "New Age" (even though no one called it that further furthermore) concepts associated with his thrill readings, to the flatten someplace he went the other posture off the stanch end, firm declaration. He began to wharf Egyptian mysticism, cosmological hump, announcement with the planed, picture smooth, new beginning, coincidence, astrology, and channeled feel from a enchanting human race on the lost continent of Atlantis. These super-Atlanteans, he proclaimed, further populated ancient Egypt and pre-Columbian America. He began to verify a rebel reinterpretation of Christianity that confused plentiful of his individual devotees, to a great extent in the especially obey as the Kentucky assurance healer William Branham was work contemporaneously.

Cayce further began to recite of a considerable conspiracy in relation to an shameless interdimensional secret people called the "Sons of Belial", who allegedly turned Earth's primitive preliminary hominids inwards slaves. Cayce claimed that in a afar life, he helped the martial of goodness free the apes from the aliens. He further claimed that he had with been an Egyptian parson named "Ra Ta" who was a master healer presiding over something called the "Place of pilgrimage of Prey" and the invented "Grade of Certification" purportedly entrenched beneath the Sphinx (as well as two bond locations in Bimini and Mexico).

And in in the midst of our afar lives, made-up Cayce, our souls go on tour in space, visiting the other planets of our solar system. The planets may seen deserted to the in the nude eye but are really strongly populated by other-dimensional beings that we cannot awareness. (At a standstill, Cayce's cosmology didn't lift up what developed science now knows - that our solar system is far exclusive than it was meditation to be, and that offering are hundreds of thousands of planets, both principal and minor, in it.)

Perk up, Cayce skilled that an alien human race on the planets of Arcturus is one of the most exceptional in this galaxy. He described it a "fifth-dimensional human race that is a standard of Earth's destiny". From this, an add up army of spinoff UFO religions strict to the Arcturians sprouted in the subsequent century, with plentiful post-Cayce wannabe-channelers claiming to be Arcturians themselves, such as Lead Theda.

Cayce finally died of drowsiness in 1945, but his floppy tradition are cool vital by the Relationship for Ballot and Enlightenment in Virginia Seashore. Forlornly, there's very small glory paid him at home in his farmhouse state by Kentuckians, save for an strut at the Pennyroyal Intrigue Museum and my own painting of him with a two-headed calf.

The Oscar Flight Mystery Robert Jamison

The Oscar Flight Mystery Robert Jamison
"NOTE TO READER, AS OF 5 APRIL 2012 I'VE ADDED AN ADDENDUM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST."As I've posited concerning UFO activity at Oscar's LCF and flight area, the lack of official documentation and eye witness corroboration has sorely hampered any legitimate UFO claims. Similar to that of Echo Flight's UFO report to Walter Figel, Oscar Flight's incident rests on the claims of Robert Salas. As shown in my last post, Fred Meiwald provides only a story involving a UFO near one of the flight's LFs that allegedly was seen by a security response team, but Meiwald was only telling the story as was told to him by Oscar's FSC...a story that Salas was unaware of until his 1996 interview of Fred Meiwald. Fred Meiwald, in both Hastings and Salas interviews had no recollection of Salas' claim that a UFO had been sighted topside and reported by Oscars FSC, yet it appears that the FSC is the same individual that reported both UFO encounters in one fashion or another to both crew members on different occasions before and after crew changeover!ROBERT JAMISON'S STORYThe story of Robert Jamison is an interesting one. Robert Hastings had been in contact with Jamison concerning his role as a combat targeting officer that was tasked with responding to a full flight shutdown during the time period of the Echo Flight incident (16 March 1967). During the interview, which I believe to be in 1992, Jamison had recalled being dispatched during the night of the sighting of a UFO near Belt, Mt which occurred 24 March 1967. On hearing this Hastings would eventually (four years later) contact Robert Salas believing Jamison's story not having anything to do with Echo but possibly with Salas' claim. At that time, Salas had thought that he was actually on duty 16 March at Echo, but on hearing of Jamison story and confirming with Fred Meiwald, Salas determined that his incident had occurred at Oscar on 24 March 1967.As did Salas, Robert Jamison had provided a signed affidavit and was in attendance on 27 September 2010 for the Washington DC press conference. Does Jamison's affidavit information show consistency with his original statements to Robert Hastings? To answer that questions we need to break down both stories and do a comparison.Before we start looking at Jamison's story, I need to describe the purpose and responsibilities of a Combat Targeting Team (CTT) during the Minuteman I era. CTTs were responsible mainly for loading targeting information into the guidance control system and for aligning the missile correctly to correspond to that sortie's target. This task was done at night since the team had to align the site with true north (starting point the star Polaris?) and establish a geodetic location or starting point for the missile culminating with the coordinates for the missile's assigned target. The CTTs were called for during most start ups after a missile guidance system swap out. During upgrades to Minuteman II, the need for CTTs ceased since the upgraded system had remote retargeting capability from the LCC, plus the launch crew's capability to command the sortie to perform an IMU calibration sequence.Back in 1992 Robert Hastings had interviewed Jamison while looking into the the Echo Flight shutdowns. Per Hastings: 1. Jamison assisted in the re-start of an entire flight of Minuteman missiles that had suddenly shut down after a UFO had was sighted in the flight's vicinity by Air Force security police. 2. Jamison was certain that the incident had occurred at one of the flights near Lewistown, MT (perhaps at Oscar Flight).3. Jamison and his team, as well as, other teams were ordered to remain at Malmstrom until all UFO reports from the field had ceased.4. Jamison and his team was given a special briefing prior to dispatch with regards to reporting UFO sightings.5. Prior to dispatching, Jamison overheard radio communication concerning a UFO sighting near Belt, MT. and that a high ranking officer was on-site with others.6. Jamison's team restarted three to four missiles. They did not see any UFO activity while out in the field.7. After the shutdown incident, Jamison received special UFO briefings for the next two weeks.8. Two weeks after responding to the full flight shutdown, Jamison and his team responded to a four to five missile shutdown after a UFO was reportedly seen in daylight over an LCF located south or southwest of Great Falls (India flight?).When reading Jamison's story, what is clear to me is that Hastings is telling the story as his subject/witness appears absent or detached. There are no direct quotes attributed to Jamison. Did Jamison simply provide Hastings a written statement? Or, is this simply from notes that Hastings had jotted down during a phone interview? Last year, I had attempted to contact Hastings via email regarding the methodology used for obtaining Jamison's information. Unfortunately, I received no reply, but with the publication of this blog post, perhaps Robert would be willing to comment on the actual method of sourcing.Jamison's seems to be "certain" that the incident occurred near Lewistown, "perhaps" Oscar. Echo and November flights are also near Lewistown...Mike is not that far away but is situated west of Lewistown, so it may be equally reasonable to believe that one those flights could have been his destination. Whether the incident that Jamison was responding to was on 24 or 25 March is merely supposition at this point, even with his recall of the Belt sighting, Jamison could have been responding to Echo's full flight shutdown on 16 March and subsequently dispatched to Oscar or November, or even Mike on 24 March for routine retargetingROBERT JAMISON'S 2010 AFFIDAVIT 1. Jamison called at home by Wing Job Control, between 10 PM and midnight, to report to the maintenance hanger due to "a lot of missile sites were off alert status..."2. Upon arriving at the hanger, Jamison overheard other targeting teams discussing rumors of a UFO connection...supposedly all ten missiles at Oscar Flight off alert after a UFO reported in the vicinity of the LCF...a NCO confirmed the reports.3. All targeting teams directed to remain at the hanger until all UFO reports had ceased. Jamison's team waited 2 to 3 hours before dispatching to Oscar Flight.4. While waiting to dispatch, Jamison overheard two-way radio traffic about a second UFO which had landed in a deep ravine not far from the base. Later that night, Jamison's team traveled past the landing site and observed a small group of Air Force vehicles at the top of the ravine. Based on later newspaper reports, Jamison believes that this was the UFO landing near Belt, MT on 24 March 1967.5. Prior to dispatching, Jamison's team briefed on what to do should they encounter a UFO6. Jamison's team never saw any UFOs.7. After the incident, for about two weeks, the Combat Targeting Teams received the same "UFO briefing" prior to dispatching.8. After the Oscar Flight incident, everyone in the missile maintenance squadron had been talking about UFOs...Jamison talked to several people, mostly Security Alert Team guards that personally witnessed these events...they were visibly shaken. Jamison remembered one guard telling of seeing two small red lights off at a distance, then close in toward the missile site...as he was telling Jamison, the guard broke down and began weeping.9. Two weeks later, Jamison believes that it was India Flight, more UFOs were reported and four to five missiles shutdown. Jamison was dispatched to one of the sites. While dispatching to India, Jamison did not see any UFOs. This incident occurred in daylight hours.The first thing that is noticeable is Jamison's now certainty that he was dispatched to Oscar Flight. Back in 1992, eighteen years before his affidavit, Jamison thought that "perhaps" he went to Oscar, yet now he is 100 percent certain. As of yet, I can find no documentation or articles in which Jamison uses to reach this conclusion of clarity and certainty. Per the affidavit, Jamison states that when he arrived at the maintenance hanger, he over heard other teams discussing that all of Oscar Flight's missile had dropped off alert soon after a UFO had been reported near the LCF. This precise detail is never mentioned in Hastings' version where Oscar Flight is mentioned by name. Rather, Jamison's team was being dispatched to a missile flight near Lewistown and there were four flights that could have matched this vague location.Jamison states that he saw Air Force vehicles parked near the top of the ravine (near Belt) where a UFO had supposedly landed. This was never mentioned in Hastings version, only that Jamison had overheard two-way radio traffic concerning the alleged UFO landing near Belt. In fairness to Jamison, this would have been logical since the only wing approved routing to the 10th and 490th squadron's would have taken Jamison through Belt and past the ravine (side of Belt Hill) where the alleged UFO landing site was located.As far as Jamison's recalling of UFO sightings in the 12th Strategic Missile Squadron some two weeks after the Oscar incident, there are no known documentation/investigative reports that suggest that those incident's may have actually occurred. This does not rule out the possibility that these sightings may have been the residual psychological effects from the previous weeks of UFO rumors culminating with Echo's incident on 16 March. MUFON and NICAP archives show that after the Belt sighting on 24 March, there were no further sighting reports from Montana for the rest of 1967.What of the partial flight missile shutdowns at India after UFOs spotted in that flight area? That would depend on the accuracy of Jamison's recall. Per the Unit History, in Dec of 1966 Alpha Flight had three LF's drop off alert in a short period of time (no UFO reports corresponds to this event). This shows that it was not an unusual event (up to three off alert sorties) to occur and would seem reasonable that Jamison would have responded to a similar event in India flight. Yet with this said, Hastings' original interview stated that it was "possibly in India flight." It could have easily been in Juliet, Hotel, or Golf flight areas.One important similarity with both versions of Jamison's story: Jamison never sees any UFO activity near Lewistown, nor does he witness any UFO activity in the 12th SMS area some two weeks later. Once again, we see a UFO incident which no one sees, but everyone hears rumors about.CONCLUSIONBased on the two versions of Jamison's story, it's plausible to reach the following conclusions:1. With the exception of his recent total certainty of going to Oscar Flight on 24 March 1967, the two versions are basically the same.2. It is plausible that Jamison's belief that he responded to a full flight shut down "near" Lewistown was correct, but he was responding to Echo's incident on 16 March as this has been the only documented full flight shutdown.3. Jamison more than likely was dispatched on 24/25 March to a flight east of Malmstrom (10th/490th SMS) for routine retargeting/realignment and was in a position to overhear radio communication or loose talk in the maintenance hanger describing the Belt UFO incident.4. Jamison was well aware of rumors and/or stories about UFO sightings in the 12th SMS, west of Great Falls, and more than likely, did respond to off alert missile sorties that required retargeting and/or realignment. Whether or not this was due to UFO activity is questionable due to the lack of any official reporting of such an event.5. Jamison stated that he never saw any UFO activity while dispatched to the field.Does Jamison's statements support Salas' claims of UFO activity in and around Oscar? In my opinion, its a stretch. If the Air Force and SAC conducted an investigation that lasted for almost a year regarding the Echo incident and culminating with an Engineering Change Proposal and its implementation, why omit a similar incident occurring at Oscar? Air Force cover-up?...or, simply nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Project Blue Book investigated the alleged Belt sighting on 24 March, yet did not investigate an alleged incident at Oscar. This is a glaring disconnect in my opinion. Jamison does illustrate that UFO rumors were an on-going occurrence and this is supported by the Unit History which had acknowledged in a short sentence that rumors were present.In a future blog post I'll look at some of the other participants of the 2010 press conference. Since Jamison's statements brings up the Belt sighting, that event will also be explored in a future post.ADDENDUM ADDED 5 APRIL 2012Food for thought, if Jamison and his CCT team (presumably all missile maintenance teams and security personnel) received a special UFO briefing prior to dispatching to the field, why does Salas not say the same for him and Fred Meiwald...and other wing operational crews?Salas, Meiwald, Figel, Barlow and Eric Carlson never mentioned being given special UFO briefings before being dispatched to the field. Salas and Meiwald would have completed several alert duties well after the 24th of March surpassing Jamison's special briefing claims. None of the above have ever mentioned receiving these special UFO briefings.If Salas and Meiwald claim that they were questioned by the Air Force OSI, why was Jamison and his team left untouched? Surely the OSI would have wanted to debrief all personnel that had been dispatched to the field to ascertain what, if anything, they had witnessed.

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