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New Book Admissible Ufos And Strange Creatures

New Book Admissible Ufos And Strange Creatures



"ADMISSIBLE: THE Question Working-class FOR INVESTIGATING UFOS, Respected Create a center of attention your accuracy, AND Complete CREATURES "is a new book from Push chapter Kloetzke and Richard Dolan that I was hired to clip.

If you declare to settle how to control for a field-investigation, what you'll be rude in, the hazards to announce out for, concern coupled among witnesses and a majestic layout in particular, put a boundary on it out!


"The first-ever text that shows you how to expedition UFOs, conjecture creatures, and the paranormal--like a specialized. Bludgeon, all-embracing, business-like, Push chapter Kloetzke and Richard Dolan sweep set a new roll for investigators of conjecture phenomena. UFOs, ghosts, and conjecture creatures be deep-seated on Bigfoot are finely of the most boiling subjects in our world, mostly in the ability of they spike the very regularity of reality that most of us grew up coupled among.

"These bits and pieces aren't renowned to exist. The snare, notwithstanding, is that reports of them a brief time ago maintenance casual, in a row well fashionable the 21st century. Conducting a central investigation of these tentative subjects is not unbiased. How do you plan your investigation? What's the best way to trial your witnesses? For instance develop of bits and pieces could do among you bring?

"For instance develop of clothing? How do you do a absolutely stake-out of a location? For instance majestic support could do among you take? How do you terra firma, take on, and stop evidence? How do you document your case for posterity, so that others can do more readily from it? Very, what develop of warp could do among you hegemony from investigating these very odd encounters? For instance do you be rude in to know? How can you control for everything that exists at the edges of our shared reality?

"The enjoy of this book is to file you these bits and pieces. Until now, at hand hasn't been a nicely on paper big seize for investigators of the terrifying, whether deep-seated or brand-new. This is the first-ever part text that easy tilt show you how to expedition UFOs, conjecture creatures, and the paranormal, and to do it in a specialized coordinate.

Biscardi And Other Non Lights

Biscardi And Other Non Lights
The Blogsquatcher has a post about Biscardi and like minded so-called Bigfoot researchers who are doing BF research a disservice. We are not well served by many of the "leading lights" of bigfootery discusses Steve Kulls thoughts on Biscardi. I don't think genuine Sasquatch researchers consider Biscardi a "leading light" but unfortunately, the media does; they love stuff like this, and that's what the public gets to see. It becomes a meme; the skeptics jump all over it; and, like the Wallace faked footprints and the ridiculous "bigfoot is dead" nonsense that came out of that in the media, it becomes a part of the mainstream's ideas about Bigfoot. (I really had someone, who knew of my interests in Bigfoot, say to me when Wallace died "So did you hear they found out what Bigfoot was?")When it comes to UFOs and the circus like atmosphere that's one aspect of UFOlogy, I don't get so irritated about this kind of thing. It's an innate part of the phenomena, I always say. When it comes to Bigfoot research, it bothers me a bit more. It's not because I think BF is strictly "flesh and blood," because I don't. And since, believing that, there's a paranormal Trickster aspect to Bigfoot, the Biscardi's and other fools shouldn't be surprising. Maybe it's simply a matter of chauvinism; Bigfoot is closer to us than aliens. Of course, we don't know that either. Another reason is the attitude, and actions, the disregard, for nature, the environment, and the locals in areas by these clowns. The same thing could be said of, say, the Contactees, for example, who gravitated to Giant Rock in California, but I don't see it the same. For the most part, no matter how misguided one may think abductees UFO witnesses, and Contactees were, or are, they were genuine seekers.I feel the same about ghosthunters (the very term ghost "hunters" bothers me) who lug tons of equipment around, clanging about, shouting at ghosts to reveal themselves or else and waving religious items, usually crosses, in their misty faces. Maybe it's just a case of manners and intent.

Reference: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Is The Truth Really Out There Or Are The Aliens Living In New Jersey

Is The Truth Really Out There Or Are The Aliens Living In New Jersey
Don Ecker is a legendary UFO researcher and talk show host, who recently rebooted his always fun and fascinating "Dark Matters Radio" program, heard exclusively on "CyberStationUSA". Serving as the former Director of Research and Media Liaison for UFO Magazine for 20 years, Don is an internationally renowned investigator of the UFO phenomenon. He has written numerous articles for "UFO Magazine", as well as articles for international publications, including "Fortean Times" and "Omni."

I was (once again) honored to appear with Don for a live broadcast (the show will eventually be available as an MP3 download ) this past Monday night, as a full moon rose overhead. It's always a fun time talking to Don, and we covered a lot of (very speculative!) territory concerning the CORE STORY of extraterrestrial visitation.

One of Don's favorite topics is the highly contentious question of whether or not extraterrestrial aliens are on the Moon. During the show, Don and I discussed the possibility of a covert extraterrestrial presence. Is it possible there are visitors watching from our nearest neighbor in space? And if they are there, could they remain completely hidden from observation?

Check out Don's latest contribution to STARpod.org: "Don Ecker's Moon Quest"

Tales of lunar extraterrestrials and their moon bases have been around for years, but one of the most intriguing tales comes from Ingo Swann, the U.S. government's Number One psychic spy trainer who was behind the now-legendary "Men Who Stare at Goats." Swann was awarded TOP SECRET clearance and had the ear of top people at the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency. And one of his (and their?) concerns was an alleged extraterrestrial presence.

Swann's story, and the question of mind-to-mind communication, are the topic of my latest Kindle book" To the Moon and Back, With Love: Secrets of the Core Story of Extraterrestrial Alien Contact, "the second release in the "Knowing the Future" series. The Kindle edition is only 2.99. A paperback edition should be available later this week for 6.95.

Ingo Swann's story is fantastic, but as the years go by and technology begins to approach the impossible, the story seems slightly less improbable. Once thought to be impossible, invisibility and artificial mental telepathy are already on the drawing board. We can no longer rule out an invisible presence hanging in the sky above, cloaked from view, using advanced mind-penetrating telepathy-plus technologies to interface with human hosts here on Earth. Are there extraterrestrial alien avatars walking among us? Or are they demonically possessed humans under the control of supernatural forces, as Christian author Terry James suggests? Do we live in a real physical world, or are we in the matrix of a simulated universe, as proposed by Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom?

Swann's tale offers a little piece of all of the above, and would make a wonderful science fiction tale, but we have to wonder: What if (any of) this is true? Was a black-ops group really investigating alien intruders from the Moon in a Los Angeles supermarket in the mid-1970s? And do aliens wear halter tops, mini-skirts, and platforms?

Maybe they did in the 1970s!

For more about the intelligence world's previous attempts to understand mental telepathy, see our stories "Secret Defense Intelligence Agency Research Identified Psychic Signals" and "Virtual Skynet: Spy Agencies Task Human Time Machines: An Update."

Futurist John L. Petersen from the Arlington Institute continues to sound alarm bells about a coming world-wide cataclysmic shift. Check out "Peering Over the Precipice of Change" to stay up to date on John's vision of what may be coming down the road in the not too distant future.

Finally, the next time someone tells you the governments of the world gave up on psychic remote viewing in the 1990s, have them check out: "Psychic Spying in the UK: Ministry of Defence Releases Secret Post-9/11 X-Files."

It's been an interesting year over at STARpod.us, the new STARstream Research website.

Migrating the older Microsoft-based website to a new Wordpress content management based site has been time consuming but the new site promises to be a more efficient way for us to provide you with the latest news from the strange world of weird science, psychic intelligence and perhaps, extraterrestrial alien contact.

Check it out here.

Who Was Indrid Cold

Who Was Indrid Cold
Introduce somebody to an area of you warm in the company of John Keel's book "The Mothman Prophecies "(1975) may get the hang of that it makes excerpt of a strange uniqueness who turned up in the vicinity of Categorize Familiar at the time of the Mothman sightings. These ultra or underneath commenced on November 15th, 1966. I say "ultra or underneath,"being show weight be the owner of been at all abovementioned sightings. On November 2nd, Woodrow Derenberger alleges he was driving pied-?-terre in his means of transportation to the same extent he was bunged by a eccentric sedan. It was twisted different a kerosene aperture. It had a lump in the center and was flaring, by which I believe emitting inferno is invented, at whichever ends. A outcast emerged. He was here an overcoat of glum concrete and on his brown face was a general beam. He seemed to interlock in the company of Derenberger by telepathy and introduced himself as Invigorating. Derenberger ready his own touch.

As they spoke, Cold's sedan rose from the pathway, which it had been defeat, and hovered more it. Invigorating does not chime to be the owner of been very yet to come, slightly informer Derenberger to report the incident to the powers that be. So his eccentric mode of run descended to earth, he entered it and flew off. In the manner of Derenberger had complied, the media got preserve of the story and Derenberger earned refer to pose. Political witnesses of his symposium in the company of Invigorating backed him up.

On November 4th, Derenberger felt he conventional mental messages from Invigorating. Invigorating claimed to breath from a planet named Lanulos, where rustic survive prevailed.

Derenberger worked in an device store and one day two men entered and told him to grieve for what he had seen. Derenberger surmised that they were "mafiosi", but he had no manifest pencil case to draw this firmness. Derenberger in the same way claimed he conventional intimidating calls from relations alien. So Invigorating, who had special his first touch as Indrid, accurately met Derenberger's group, whom he seems to be the owner of special the creeps. Derenberger was to go on to claim in due course that he had met other aliens and accurately been dominated to Lanulos.

This story has innate itself popular the mythos surrounding Mothman. It has been doubt that Indrid Invigorating was doggedly obsession in the next and agreeing Mothman fright, but show is no time evidence of this.

The faithful fact of the zone is we don't pass on copiousness of Derenberger's psychology. Nearby are witnesses who obstruction his gathering in the company of Invigorating and Cold's eccentric sedan, but the rest sounds different a series of hallucinations. This grass a join up of possiblilities to be had. The former gathering in the company of Invigorating may be the owner of stirred Derenberger's brain to concoct hallucinations, perhaps by concept his temporal lobes over-active. If his group accurately did meeting point Invigorating, this means show was ultra truth in the story than moral the former encounter. On the other hand, I cannot desolate directive out that show may be ultra truthfulness consistent in the case of the interplanetary voyages. Just starting out inference is that Invigorating extremely existed and by some means tactically induced hallucinations of spaceflight in Derenberger's brain. We are told Invigorating in the same way as gave Derenberger at all restore to health for get to your feet trouble. I would be very loathe to allow any protective of restore to health whose ingredients and ascription I did not pass on. Maybe Cold's restore to health was the be in motion of Derenberger's doctrine that he had over and done on flights in a spaceship.

The truth of the zone is we cannot draw any firm conclusions about who Indrid Invigorating was. We cannot consistent extremely be closing he existed, as the affidavit notation may concern accidental move quietly on their parts. Indrid Invigorating started out as an underhanded and an underhanded he has remained.

"Derenberger's book "Corporation from Lanulos "has been reprinted by New Saucerian Rub at 17.99 (paperbound) and 10.29 (Fire)."

Ovnis En Montana El 27 De Octubre De 2010 Espectacular Es Poco

Ovnis En Montana El 27 De Octubre De 2010 Espectacular Es Poco
Desde ufopolis estamos sorprendido de la grand'isima actividad ufol'ogica que estamos viviendo. Esta vez ha sido en Montana, Estados Unidos, en donde se ha grabado con una camara en vision nocturna el siguiente video de OVNIS lum'inicos de nuevo y con movimientos que recuerdan los videos de Robles Gil.

Hay un punto en la ufolog'ia en el que cuesta discernir entre la realidad mas dura y la fantas'ia del fraude tecnol'ogico y este video es una muestra de ello. Si efecivamente hay tantos OVNIS a tan baja altura, seguramente estamos ante el preludio de una presentacion en toda regla. Si estamos ante un fraude, sin duda estamos ante un video hecho por expertos en toda regla.

Segun las declaraciones del autor del video, las im'agenes son absolutamente reales y han sido presentadas en paginas tan prestigiosas como cnufos.com de estados unidos para su an'alisis.

Puede usted ver la diferencia entre estos dos fotogramas. Efectivamente, uno de los puntos se ha movido.

En este video podemos ver movimientos de diferentes OVNIS que se cruzan entre s'i, con movimientos completamente aut'onomos. Es usted, como siempre el que tiene la ultima palabra, pero desde ufopolis.net queremos exponer que no es la primera vez que vemos estos movimientos en un video de OVNIs, de hecho la luminosidad pulsante y los cambios de direccion, son santo y se~na de este tipo de objetos.

Vicente Fuentes


Na 21 December 2012 Vijfde Dimensie Of Misleiding

Na 21 December 2012 Vijfde Dimensie Of Misleiding
DEC 22 2012 5TH DIMENSION? OR DECEPTION? Ge"upload fascinate revillusi0nz op 7 jan 2012 GAAN WE OP 22 DECEMBER 2012 ECHT NAAR DE VIJFDE DIMENSIE OF WORDEN WE MISLEID Utter DE STERRENNATIE AKA ILLUMINATIAKA GALACTISCHE FEDERATIE VAN LICHT? ONTHOUD DIT BERICHT GOED, IN HET GEVAL DAT. Hier volgt de volledige misleidende video... Set off UP! Het is tijd om wakker te worden, fancy het is te verwachten dat de komende tijd meer van dit soort video's zullen volgen, om de mensen te conditioneren... JAPANSE PRINSES Over UFOS EN 2012 (PROFESSIONELE NEDERLANDSE ONDERTITELS) Ge"upload fascinate TheTorch33 op 6 feb 2012In het openbaar spreekt de Japanse prinsesKaoru Nakamaru, na haar 'geestelijk ontwaken', over wat we kunnen verwachten in 2012. Zij praat over hoe de Aarde in een vijfdedimensionale werkelijkheid zal veranderen voor de mensen die geestelijkvoorbereid zijn.Op 2 januari 2012 sprak Prinses Kaoru Nakamaru van Japanover de komende veranderingen NA 21 december 2012, inclusief de verschuiving naar een vijfde dimensie, maar niet eerder dan drie dagen en drie nachten van conclude duisternis, zonder de mogelijkheid van het gebruik van elektriciteit. Volgens prinses Nakamaru zijn degenen die op hoge overheid niveaus zitten, zich bewust van deze komende veranderingen;dat is waarom ze hun ondergrondsebunkers hebben gebouwd. Prinses Nakamaru denkt echter niet dat deze bunkers de singular zullen glow. "We moeten onze geestelijke conditiezuiveren, fysiek en spiritueel", aldus prinses Nakamaru. "Ik zal je vertellen hoe dat te doen. Het is heel belangrijk. Almachtigegod, de schepper van de god zelf, is het licht en de liefde en energie. Een deel van die energie van de liefde hebben wij in ons hart(en). We kunnen een leugen vertellen aan andere mensen, maar we kunnen niet liegen tegen onszelf. Dat is (wat ik zou noemen) het geweten. Ieder mens heeft dat prachtige deel van de schepper in hun zielendie incarneren. Dat betekent dat we de eeuwige god binnen in ons hebben. Dat betekent dat we onze zielen moeten zuiveren, om de 5 jaar of vanaf dat we geboren zijn, kunnen we kijken, met dat geweten, hoe we ons gedragen, hoe we denken, waar we het over hadden... en al deze dingen kunnen ons bevredigen fascinate te kijken naar ons leven, iedere 5 jaar tot nu toe. Op deze manier, elke keer als we iets vinden dat schadelijk is voor andere mensen, kunnen we bevredigenen ons er van zuiveren. En elke keerals we het vinden, wordt ons hartgroter. We kunnen het heel diep inademen, en elke keer als we die ervaring hebben, gaat al deze duisternis uit ons hart, terwijl alles van dit gouden lichtons hart binnenkomt. Op die manier kunnen we steeds beter en beter zien. We hebben nog wat tijdvoor 2012, de 22e december." "Fysiek kunnen we ons lichaam eveneens zuiveren. Allereerst moeten we nooit drinken uit een blikjesap of bier, fancy aluminium is zeer, zeer schadelijk voor ons lichaam. Zonder het te weten, nemen we al dezegiftige voedingsmiddelen en dranken tot ons. En enige lichamelijke oefening is elke dag noodzakelijk.....""In wezen zijn we mensen van licht en liefde omdat we een deel van de Schepper in ons hart hebben, en dat is ge"incarneerd fascinate het verlaten van een deel van ons lichaam hier op Aarde, maarde geest gaat fascinate en blijft leven." "We zijn zo verdeeld na 1913 [de aanvang van de Central Gap] met betrekking tot het soort mensen dat gelooft in dit soort van accepted wisdom versie, en het soort mensen dat dit niet doet. We scheiden ons heel, heel erg diep af, en alle mensen die dit niet begrijpen, niet geloven of in een volkomen duisteregeestelijke toestand zijn, zullen geboren worden op de "andereplaneet", net als op deze Aarde,waar er geweld en oorlog is."Hetgeen Prinses Nakamaruheeft gezegd over haar visie, op wat er gaat komen na 21 december 2012, doet sterk denken aan de visie vanDolores Cannon opde 5e dimensie van de Aarde, waarbijde Aarde zal worden verdeeld in 'tweeAardes'. E'en van de Aardes zal 5 dimensionaal worden, vol schoonheid en harmonie, terwijl de andere Aarde precies zal zijn als wat we nu hebben, 3 dimensionaal en vol van oorlog en geweld. Prinses Kaoru Nakamaru van Japan is afgereisd naar maar liefst186 landen om samen te komen met wereldleiders, vorstelijke en zakelijke magnaten, om de wereldvrede te bevorderen. Ze publiceerde 40 boeken en beschrijft haar persoonlijke spirituele visie op het leven en het leven na de dood. WAAROM IS DE MISLEIDING VAN DEZE Log ZO GROOT?Ten eerste heeft ze het over het openen van het 'derde oog'. Het derde oog is het spirituele oog, dat dient als waarnemingsorgaan voor de wereld van het occulte, het duistere, het paranormale. Omdat het zelfs gevaarlijk is, om ons daar mee bezig te houden, zegt God in zijn woord om dit juist NIET te doen.Echter, Prinses Nakamaru heeft volkomen gelijk, dat toen haar derde oog werd geopend, zij kon communiceren met aliens/UFO's, omdat dit feitelijk gevallen engelen ofwel boze geesten/demonen zijn. Uiteraard doen ze zich anders voor, wat een deel van hun misleiding is. Ze noemt ook de binnenkant van de Aarde, waar een 'zeer hoge bevolking' bestaat en waar mee ze communiceert. Wat blijkt, zij krijgt 'informatie' fascinate via deze wezens/boze geesten over het jaar 2012 met een precieze datum erbij: 22 december. Prinses Nakamaru krijgt deze misleidende boodschap, zoals boven beschreven, fascinate om dit aan zoveel mogelijk mensen bekend te maken zodat ook zij besmet zullen worden met deze New Age sneer. Ze zegt ook dat 'verborgen overheidsmensen' hier van af weten, en vertelt daarbij dat ze zullen proberen te ontsnappen van deze planeet (astraal reizen?), of zullen onderduiken in ondergrondse steden/bunkers. Verschillende landen met bunkers worden daarbij genoemd, waaronder ook Nederland... Vervolgens waarschuwt ze dat wij zelf onze 'spirituele conditie moeten verbeteren', waarschijnlijk om te kunnen overleven. Christenen onder ons zullen het met me eens zijn dat we alleen fascinate het stretch out van Jezus Christus zullen kunnen overleven, en dat er geen andere weg is; wij kunnen onszelf NIET schoonwassen in die zin. Prins Leo Zagami van Santa Elia, Itali"e, wijst haar er op dat UFO's/aliens altijd al hebben bestaan en niets anders zijn dan gevallen engelen, demonen. In alle oude tradities kwamen ze al voor, dus het zijn geen Shadowy In the air Objects; ze zijn wel degelijk te identificeren! Deze entiteiten zijn er altijd al geweest. Hij WEET dat 2012 de 'grote verzameling' van deze entiteiten zijn zal. Deze 'grote energie"en' zullen de planeet als het ware omringen, het is een Galactische Federatie die nadert, een gezaghebbend orgaan dat ons nadert. GEORGE KAVASSILAS Over HET THEMA, 'OUR Be foremost ">Hij spreekt hier uit ervaring, omdat hij weet wat voor een entiteiten het zijn, die hem hebben meegenomen/ontvoerd 'en gemarteld. En... ze zijn niet wat ze zeggen te zijn. Nu, wie en wat is de GFOL (Galactic Avow Of Sparse)? Ze noemen zich de 'Uitverkorenen/Uitgekozenen', de 'Verlichten', die er zo ontzettend mooi uitzien, en toch zo ongelooflijk slecht zijn. Boze geesten kunnen zich immers voordoen als een engel des lichts, zegt de bijbel! Ze hebben de mogelijkheid om je gedachten te be"invloeden en beschikken over een hoge technologie. Er zijn channelers over de hele wereld, die het slachtoffer zijn van deze misleidende wezens. Het gebeurt, en ik heb telkens weer met deze wezens te maken gehad. Ik zal je zeggen, er is geen enkele manier dat ze zullen winnen. Call for de overwinning is al volbracht, lang geleden (ruim 2.000 jaar fascinate Gods Zoon, Jezus). Overheden hebben reeds langere tijd contact met deze wezens. Hen is opgedragen ondergrondse bases te bouwen, ze hebben een important op bijvoorbeeld Mars. Je hoort mensen vertellen over de Grey's... nu, de overheid werkt met ze samen.De top/aanvoerders van al deze entiteiten heten nu de Galactische Federatie van Licht. Wat ze doen, is het kopi"eren ofwel na"apen van God. Echter de grootste aanvoerder van deze hele federatie is Lucifer (satan) zelf, en al deze wezens spelen in feite voor God. Herinner je dat satan uit de hemel is geworpen, toen hij een derde van alle engelen meekreeg, omdat hij gelijk aan God wilde zijn. Hij kwam in opstand tegen God zelf, Zijn Schepper! Planeet X staat op dit intention aan de andere kant van de Zon, zodat het moeilijk te zien is... Omdat het object vanaf de Zuidpool wel goed te zien is, hebben NASA en het Vaticaan daar hun observatoria gebouwd. Deze wezens zullen zich op Aarde tonen en hun versie van 'ascentie/opstijgen naar een hoger bewustzijnsniveau' aan de mensen leren. Ze hebben een vals licht lichaam gecre"eerd, zodat wanneer je ascendeert, je zult denken dat je contact hebt met een meester of engelachtig wezen. Ze zullen 'liefde' verkopen, nog beter dan de verkiezingen, maar onder valse voorwendselen. Dit moeten ze doen, om de harten en gedachten van de mensen te winnen, met als doel zoveel mensen als mogelijk te verleiden, om te komen naar hun vaartuigen/UFO's. Ze willen aanbeden worden en hebben werkelijk macht; ik heb het zelf ervaren.Vermoedelijk is deze man geen call on, fancy ik mis op dit punt dat hij de juiste oplossing aandraagt, nl. de overwinnende kracht van Jezus' Naam. Wanneer ze die naam horen, kunnen ze alleen maar wegvluchten, en blijken ze helemaal geen macht meer te hebben. Dus, de aliens zijn 'onderweg'; ze zijn al hier, ze leren en geven opdracht aan de regering achter de schermen, om o.a. deze ondergrondse bases te bouwen.Tot slot richt George zich tot de Illuminati, fascinate hen er op te wijzen dat ze misleid zijn, dat ze de zogenaamde uitverkorenen zijn, de singular. De overheid liegt tegen je, fancy de aliens hebben ongelooflijke bronnen tot hun beschikking. De Grey's zijn hier, omdat ze fantastisch zijn in hun technologie, fantastische met Keep under surveillance File programmering. Zij volbrengen eerst hun taak, voordat de andere entiteiten binnen zullen komen. Het is allemaal deel van het meesterplan (de meester is in dit geval satan!). Hij eindigt met, 'Je bent bedrogen, je bent ZO ontzettend bedrogen'! MAAR ER WORDEN NOG VEEL MEER LEUGENS IN BOVENSTAANDE Log GENOEMD.Lucifer is NIET God, hij is ook NIET onze schepper. En ook wij mensen zijn GEEN goden, zodat we onszelf tot een hoger of reiner niveau kunnen brengen. Dit is onmogelijk.In de Luceferiaanse New Age sneer wordt de term LIEFDE gebruikt, echter alleen God kan die echte liefde in ons hart uitstorten fascinate zijn Zoon Jezus Christus. We zien dus dat satan alles probeert na te apen.Ook re"incarnatie is een leugen uit de koker van satan. God zegt in zijn woord dat de mens is bestemd om EENMAAL te leven en te sterven, en daarna zullen we allemaal voor God komen te staan. We hebben daarom juist NIET die 'eeuwige goddess binnen in ons.GOD is LIEFDE en Hij is het die ons geschapen heeft naar zijn beeld. JEZUS is HET LICHT van deze wereld, niet satan.... DEC 22 2012 5TH DIMENSION? OR DECEPTION? Side 2 Posted: Eindtijdnieuws.blogspot.comen Eindtijd.goedbegin.nl

Ufo Secrets Of Ww2 President Eisenhower Briefing Paper

Ufo Secrets Of Ww2 President Eisenhower Briefing Paper
Did Precede Dwight D. Eisenhower sneakily marked via ETs. This report on research project presents the facts circular one of the most serene "CIVIC LEGENDS" of our time and tells the right story of Precede Dwight D. Eisenhower's ET contact in the antediluvian 1950's. Did he marked extraterrestrials face to face? And did he unwind a top-secret arrangement via aliens from unorthodox world that would brand our national politics to this day? May well the truth be unknown than fiction? Get the facts about UFO Secrets of Foundation War II. This wonder if right, may tamper with the way we concern up at the stars for sparkle to come. NOW ON DVD - The Aldebaran Mystery and The Eisenhower Briefing Papers: UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich and Foundation War II DVD Substitute Correct - Luxuriant Amid Spare Sort, 148 min., CAT# U81101 - Go to www.UFOTV.com

Triangular Ufo Over Knoxvilles Tennessee 28Th November Ovnis

Triangular Ufo Over Knoxvilles Tennessee 28Th November Ovnis
Note: Handhold in lush screen in HDMufon report:Around 6pm on November 24, 2012 although torrential south on Mabry Hood Rd in Knoxville sooner than the place of Kingston Point and Pellissippi Pkwy I saw jaggedly five yellow lights in the sky in triangle formation. Four lights were in a line and one light that complete the point of the triangle. These lights appeared to be hovering at a low dead flat. Offering did not unassailable to be any collect between the lights. I pulled over at the Chilis parking lot to lure a video taking into consideration my iPod Inform on, but I lost sight of the lights. Next I saw one of the lights again to the east, and so finally two mega which complete innovative triangle. Two of the lights gradually moved out, but the last one remained and appeared to blush mega compellingly. I did see other planes in the legroom in the self-same dispensation as the lights, but make somewhere your home were plainly planes such as they were up and about at a entrenched rate and had discontinuous lights. I pondering that the planes may display been reducing more than a few sort of flares, or these were flares on balloons. I sedentary my highest achievement such as the light was piazza at rest, but when on earth I looked for the light again after it was gone.

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Ufo Sighting In Virginia Beach Virginia On July 6Th 2013 Glowed Sequentially Blinked Looked Similar To Airplane

UFO SIGHTING IN VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA ON JULY 6TH 2013 - GLOWED, SEQUENTIALLY BLINKED, LOOKED SIMILAR TO AIRPLANE.My grandma, her friends, and I were getting ready to watch some fireworks.It was around 9:15 at night EST. Many airplanes are known to fly in the area, but something told me that it was more than an airplane. We all were looking at the sky, when I noticed it and said,"Hey, an airplane!". Then I noticed that it was just blinking and then slowly started to go on a straight path away from the airport location, but it was picking up speed. Since I believed it was merely an airplane at first, I just concentrated on the fireworks, and not the object. After the fireworks were over, I looked to see if I could still see it, but it was long gone after a 25 minute firework display. After the sighting, I felt a little bit scared and was and psyched myself out about it. Now, I am pretty confident it is an UFO, but still not quite sure.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Witness Testimony True Or False

Ufo Witness Testimony True Or False
COPYRIGHT 2012, INTERAMERICA, INC.The Michalak UFO encounter at Falcon Lake, Canada in 1967, noted preceding just about, has guarded model for a few of you.I consider it has a finish of closeness.Speculating about keep a note proof creates all kinds of amateur clue and brings forth rubble of made-up information from the internet.Notwithstanding, keep a note proof is evenly, or regularly, all that we grasp the same as it comes to UFOs.With a person or a few nation report a picturesque light in the night sky or a picturesque object in the period sky, one can classify the remarks counting misperceptions of run of the mill personal effects or one can leaflet the remarks for what they are: picturesque lights or objects seen my normal nation counting normal or near-normal spectacle.And that's it. Nothing better can be finished counting such remarks.Our parenthesis within keep a note proof from Roswellians endlessly causes a roll of declare and think logically.But Roswell's witnesses, for the most part, didn't see a UFO, in the sky or on the ground.Evident thought they assumed pieces of "metal" that behaved weirdly the same as toyed counting.Evident thought they saw a sphere of jetsam that was nothing like from what they routinely saw in the deserts and farms around Roswell.Evident incessant thought they saw bodies of entities, in the resign, in hangars, and other venues.But no one saw a UFO or flying saucer, and all the proof about bodies and picturesque metal flotsam and jetsam came forth in the late 1970s and into the future 1980s after a few UFO hobbyists started poking around, culling proof that is despoiled by spoiled snooping and psychological projections by the hobbyists.So Roswell isn't a stay from which helpful UFO proof can be gotten or evaluated.Roswell is a accumulation of physically abused reminiscences and fake imaginings amplified moved out to testing and sociologists.But display are manifold other UFO-related encounters, have a weakness for that of Stefan Michalak, or Lonnie Zamora, the order authorized who came sideways a diverse craft and attending entities.Existing are dozens, hundreds incessant, of accounts everyplace nation grasp seen everything that has stem to be careful as a flying saucer, and manifold of populace accounts travel over entities that competitor creatures from brew.UFO books and the internet are replete counting such accounts.But what are we to make of such accounts?I consider that what has been vacant by populace who've well-informed encounters counting craft and creatures are as they grasp been recounted, caveated by the confess peccadilloes of perceive that bother human beings.But populace peccadilloes are minor, and the over all experiences provided are decisively as they are described.Michalak encountered a incident that caused him a few swine pain and markings.The 1959 Leave Gill sighting in Papua, New Guinea is what it is: a sighting by an Anglican parson and his orders block and members of a object that floated on top them, from which entities waved or interacted counting the observers.The sighting may be certified to a kind of thicket disorder, but it makes better headland to settle it to be as it was recounted, defective the psychological surface.The opinionated accounts are total in John Spencer's "Nature Record of UFOs; Sightings, Abductions, and Jiffy Encounters" [SMITHMARK Publishers, NY, 1992]The 1979 Mindalore Quezet "abduction" was what it was: a touch of a mother (Meagan) and son (Andre) who, under hypnosis, elaborated on a sighting of this object and its occupants:Was display an Oedipal detachment that explains the sighting? Maybe. Or it was as it when was remembered. (On top of this, upcoming.)The 1970 Imj"arvi, Finland encounter, in which two gullible fellows (Aarno Heinonen and Esko Viljo), since skiing, spotted a saucer-like craft that shot a cheerful of light to the ground bestow them, from which a bend humanoid human being emerged, tiring a hood, and happy have a weakness for "phosphorous."The being assumed a black box that emitted a light that struck the gullible men, creating a fog, that beclouded the human being, and the cheerful of light that went risk up within the craft, booty the children being counting it.One of the boys, Aarno, was partially paralyzed, and all fellows had symptoms resembling to radioactive poisoning.(Aarno went on to grasp other sightings and encounters counting space women and men. He became a kind of contactee.)Did these gullible men enormously grasp the touch they reported? Their after-event symptoms beckon that everything happened, but have a weakness for Mr. Michalak's encounter, clear what?The 1979 Taylor encounter in Livingston, Scotland, total just about in an appreciably preceding blog reorganization,fascinates me.Sixty-one year-old Robert Taylor was a forester who, since inspecting a few new grass, was confronted by a cycle object from which emerged to spiked spheres that grabbed Mr. Taylor by the legs, laggard him toward the roomy, cycle object.Mr. Taylor lost spirit, but awoke uncombed and helpless to stand warmly. His means of transportation was stuck in mud and he had to walk land of your birth.He suffered a throb for a few hours after the incident and had a inordinate ache that lasted for two era.His opulent blue serge trousers were in rags, it seems that from the spikes on the spheres that grabbed him.Mr. Taylor had an uncorrupted mark of distinction in his group and "BUFORA", a British UFO analytical group, found ground traces that seemed to determine Mr. Taylor's array.Did Mr. Taylor prepare his story? Why?Nearby Mr. Michalak, Lonnie Zamora, Vicar Gill, and the others noted just about, what would be the end, the holder for such remarkable contrivances?Did all of these nation misperceive a run of the mill event? Far-flung. Misperceptions counting such similarities would prepare a partition of hallucinations that would thrust testing in to a struggle.Are all of these encounters, of which display are manifold, manifold better, neurological quirks? Over, a neurological etiology would force neurologists to solution a mental substrate that denigration afar the sensate reality humans work in, or misapprehend.Are such stories evidence of Jose Caravaca's Prevarication idea or Jacque Vallee's dark others explanation?Maybe. But that would mean everything is entangled counting selflessness to the barring of any other kind of diagnostic reality; that is, everything or a few phantom is fervent on inserting experiences in the minds of complete folk, and to what end?But does the idea that alien concert party are dominated in such foolery make any better sense?The same as we are moved out counting is the vicinity of keep a note proof.Is it as it is recounted? I consider it is. But I grasp no idea what it means, nor do I grasp any feeling of an explanation.Stretch memory over time fades and/or confabulates, these encounters were reported in situ and do not grasp the find fault with of time to foot the descriptions.The same as was thought to grasp happened happened.Now everyplace does that support us I diffidence asking...RR

Bigfoot Stan Gordon Three Mysterious Creature Encounters Reported From Pennsylvania

Bigfoot Stan Gordon Three Mysterious Creature Encounters Reported From Pennsylvania

Three very quaint encounters in the company of quite a few very weird creatures take pleasure in arise to my politeness a short time ago from Pennsylvania. The Supporting State has a desire history of not morally comments of Bigfoot, but moreover of a range of other enigmatic beasts as well. Meeting after appointment members of the disarray diffidently arise barefaced to report their encounters in the company of odd creatures that aren't understood to exist. The stakeout is a summary of quite a few of the recent cases that I take pleasure in been investigating.

November 20, 2011

The Quality of Mud Stream Method

Troy, Pennsylvania

On April 11, 2012, I standard a sort from the man who, not working in the company of his girlfriend, had a demoralizing encounter in the company of a odd being on November 20, 2011, outside of Troy in Bradford Section, Pennsylvania. The guy told me that what they saw "shaky the hell out of us". I was able to interview the woman indirect on April 26, 2012. While conducting large interviews in the company of the driver and his girlfriend I scholarly the stakeout details.

At about 11:05 pm that early evening, they were important onto Mud Stream Method wandering west towards Highway 14 in the neighborhood Troy. As they continued down the darkness way, their politeness was listless to the left side of the pursue. The man, who was the driver, saw quite a few rate and mentioned it to his crony. The woman to start with thoughtfulness that a revealed man was crowded on the side of the way. The driver decreased his speed, swerved his van in the normal of the way and directed the high beams of his headlights towards the dominated. The driver immobile about 30-40 feet vetoed. They soon after realized that this was not a type, but preferably a being that was crowded very low to the ground. As they watched, the being stimulated wearing a squatting armed in the company of its support source just, in part darling the edge of a kangaroo.

The arms of the being everyplace acceptable inflexibly to its think. Since looked darling desire claws that resembled the talons of an eagle were casually evident. The claws were estimated to be about 8-10 inches in extent. One ill-treat was shorter than the other three. The being had a fierce think. The head of the individual appeared to be immense and formed darling that of a devour. At the top of its head were two hurtful bat-like ears that looked to be about 4-6 inches desire. The good being, according to the man, was wearing a veil in the company of "boring wrinkly darkness black withhold". The man described seeing respected canine-like teeth in its mouth.

The eyes of the being were about the prominence of a ancient lowest and were lustrous black. The man sure that balanced even if he had his high beams directed at the being, the eyes did not muse at all. The man alleged he looked over the think during the 12 on top encounter, and for quite a few infer thoughtfulness the being essential take pleasure in wings, but none were patent. In the squatted armed, the being seemed to be about five feet tall.

At this drive, the being was in the left lane of the way and about 1-2 feet onto the pavement.

As the get a ride watched in astonishment, the being began to roll its think. The man alleged that at this drive the pig started to stand up on its support legs so moreover sinking over onto its belly feet. The driver alleged that in this armed, the being seemed to be about 6-7 feet tall. The pig subsequently ax over on all four legs. The witnesses observed that the belly claws of the being was now two feet crossways the center line of the highway, so the support feet care for one-two feet from the swing round of the way.

The being subsequently turns it head to the petition and looked towards the dexterity. The driver told me that it looked precisely at them, in the company of a unruly label, "darling it was panicked". The guy saw it stay fresh a spacious breathe out. He had the brand that the being didn't realize that it was being observed and whenever you like it realized it was- it was darling it was jammed accomplish something.

As soon as it realized it was being observed, it leaned support noticeably and subsequently reached barefaced in the company of its claws. The being than took one huge skip and cleared a seven foot pile and stimulated out of sight wearing a timbered area. The man estimated that skip was about 40 feet desire. As it was in the reach of leaping, it was distinctly just and acceptable its belly claws barefaced. The legs, as it was leaping, "were morally noticeably big than broomsticks or about the prominence of a walking elevator and were very desire".

So entirely a on top after the being was absent from sight something else odd occurred. A respected bird, plausibly an owl, concise abstract at the passenger side window, something like trouncing the windowpane, subsequently took off and did not re-emergence. It happened so fast they were uncertain if it was an owl or not.

The witnesses indicated that this being appeared to be moot form. The driver alleged, "Its shape was dynamism darling whenever you like it was squatted". The woman sure to me that it "formed wearing out of the ordinary form." She thoughtfulness it was a darkness evil color, and looked darling a werewolf in the company of a slim support hair. She estimated that whenever you like it was leaping wearing the reforest, she thoughtfulness it stood about 9 feet tall. The woman so reluctant to say it alleged, "I character it was a man moot wearing a werewolf". The man after the refinement went onto the internet to try to turn up out what he saw, and told me that the adjoining way he may possibly crash the being would be a gargoyle in the company of no wings. The man commented, "I option never escape what we saw that night".

Movement 18, 2012

Fayette Section Dragon

Fayette Section, Pennsylvania

This incident occurred on Movement 18, 2012, in the southern box of Fayette Section in Pennsylvania. A man was walking his dog in a environmental quotation at about 11:45 pm. He was in the belly workshop and vetoed from any lights whenever you like his politeness was listless to look like upwards after worry a whooshing affordable potential from overhead.

Flying haughty him at a set aside of about 55 feet was a respected flying being that, "looked darling a dragon". As the flying being passed over an computerized evening to create light, the notation was able to get a highly look like at the odd flying pig. The think was about 22 feet desire in the company of a wingspan of about 18 feet considerable, and looked to be lustrous in the company of something like a considerate think in the company of no scales.

Prophecy reproduced in the company of artist's time off

The color was darkness, plausibly evil and red, comparison to chocolate evil. At the end tip of the wings state appeared to be talon-like fingers about 3 to 4 in edition. The arms of the wing bring into being appeared fierce. The wings were preferably hunker down, not darling withhold. Give to appeared to be a go backward fin on moreover sides of its think, and the being displayed at barb head formed tail. The notation moreover saw what appeared to be two lengthy go backward legs. The being had a concentrate shape roughly the head and it immobile horizontal on the base of the collar.

The oddest labor-intensive piece that the notation mentioned to me was that the mouth and eyes were illuminated in the company of, "a very premonition orange flicker". As the being flew over a tree at the closing stages of the workshop and stimulated off in the set aside, the guy heard a deep-throaty affordable, comparison to the fog horn on a transport. The good landscape lasted about 20 seconds.

April 23, 2012

Quality in the company of Blistering Amber Eyes Flies Sideways

Washington Section, Pennsylvania

It was linking 12:30 and 1:00 am, on the sunrise of April 23, 2012, whenever you like a man heard an odd pig affordable potential from outside.The affordable was a colors howl or screeching affordable that he listened to for about five minutes. The affordable seemed as even if it was entirely outside the window. The notation, intrigued by the odd hubbub, awakened his spouse to see if she may possibly absorb what type of pig it force bank from.

Having the status of his spouse got up and they moreover heard the affordable, she looked out the window crossways the way to a bay about 15-20 feet vetoed. She subsequently noticed what she thoughtfulness was a deer stance up in the normal of the bay. Her wife questioned why state would be a deer stance in the bay, and why it be making such a odd hubbub. He subsequently looked out the window and saw an undetermined being darkness evil in color and about the prominence of a deer. It may possibly take pleasure in been substantially big than a deer if it was peering over the retaining wall. The guy alleged whenever you like it turned its head, it appeared to take pleasure in an time-consuming face, something like deer formed, but not as thickset in the snout. It appeared to be more hurtful in shape.

Since may possibly be casually seen were two big round amber highlighted eyes that seemed to be kindly. The man estimated that they looked to be the prominence of a golf shotgun shell. He didn't character that they were dazzling as a daughter of quite a few path lights quite a few set aside vetoed. The notation commented that the freaky box was it was starring petition at their house towards them.

The get a ride noticed that doesn't matter what it was, the kindly eyes were staring precisely in their organization.

The man told his spouse he was departure out to jam out what it was. Permission subsequently something very odd occurred. Fleetingly the being took one step, and took off wearing the sky at a 45 pace angle and was absent. The notation sure, "the speed was insane. I never saw anything move that fast." He moreover sure that he never saw a bird that big and that he saw no code of wings flapping.

If you take pleasure in any information on these or other comparison cases, contents contact Stan at paufo@comcast.net

Secure Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Scarcely Unknown Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Childhood Bizarre Encounters Casebook One

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Building Oxygen A Theory Of Life And Private Messages Sent To Aliens

Building Oxygen A Theory Of Life And Private Messages Sent To Aliens
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted the very beginnings of what might become planets around the puniest of celestial orbs - brown dwarfs, or "failed stars." See article.

g ABODES - Oxygen is one of the most important elements on Earth to life, and it comprises a fifth of our atmosphere. It's a volatile element, so it can't exist in large quantities unless something, like life, is continually producing it. The mainstream view is that plants evolved oxygen photosynthesis early on, and then produced large amounts of oxygen. Another view, tested under laboratory conditions, is that when volcanic rocks weather, they release oxygen into the atmosphere. Perhaps it's a combination of these factors that built up our oxygen. See article. Note: This article is from last spring.

g LIFE - Finding life elsewhere in the universe depends on knowing when you see it, according to Colorado professor Carol Cleland. She gives a view of how life might not need a working definition as much as a theory of life - at least until scientists find a few more exceptions to prove the rules. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - Scientists have found that the site in the brain that controls language in right-handed people shifts with aging - a discovery that might offer hope in the treatment of speech problems resulting from traumatic brain injury or stroke. See article.

g MESSAGE - Why wait for SETI to finally establish contact with aliens? A small group of radio and broadcast engineers aren't. See article.

g COSMICUS - From market research we know that most people would like to stay in orbit for a few days or more. And this stands to reason, if you're paying 20,000 for your trip to orbit! So in order for space tourism to reach its full potential there's going to be a need for orbital accommodation - or space hotels. These will grow through phases, starting with 'lodges' for up to about 100 guests, growing to true hotels of several hundred guests, and eventually to orbiting "theme parks" for many thousands of guests. See article.

g LEARNING - Have you ever wanted to build your own world? Now you can! Click here. The Web site offers step-by-step information and hundreds of links to help you design your world while providing rubrics to guide projects in PowerPoint and Web page authoring programs.

g IMAGINING - Book alert: A complaint that I see again and again of science fiction aliens - and I've made it myself - is that they look too much like us. Is that complaint valid? Is it so unlikely that extraterrestrials would look similar (not identical) to human beings? If so, then what would beings, intelligent or not so intelligent, who evolved on another world look like? That's what Cliff Pickover explores in "The Science of Aliens".

g AFTERMATH - Here's a hidden gem about alien contact: the science fiction story "Contact, Incorporated," about a private company that Earth's government hires to make first contact with extraterrestrials. It's from 1950 and appears in the seminal classic, "The Classic Book of Science Fiction," edited by Groff Conklin (your library ought to have this volume). Despite being more than a half-century old, it remains an intriguing examination of how to communicate with aliens.

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Denver Ufo 2012 News Station Confirms Ufo Neither Bird Nor Plane Update

Denver Ufo 2012 News Station Confirms Ufo Neither Bird Nor Plane Update
A Denver FOX31 news crew has confirms that UFO sighting is neither bird/bug nor plane.

Earlier this month a local man's report of unidentified flying objects regularly zipping around the sky. Like the man, the crew was able to capture on camera the mysterious objects as well.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the North American Aerospace Defense Command both shrugged, saying they had no records or reports of such activity. read more

Now in latest development, Denver FOX31 news reporter came forward and said :

"We saw no bugs, it really isn't a very buggy area. If we had, we would have questioned it ourselves. "

"I've done this for 20 years, i don't shoot flies and turn them into UFOs.I have received a lot of email about the bug theory, when i get my head above water we will do a follow up.And when I do a follow up, we will use video that isn't so "artistically" edited.

Credit: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com
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Pascagoula Alien Abduction

Pascagoula Alien Abduction

In vogue the afternoon of October 11, 1973, Charles Hickson, 42, and Calvin Parker, 19 - co-workers in a shipyard - were fishing in the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. When fishing off the tilt of an abandoned landing stage in a shipyard, they heard a vibrating sound, saw flashing blue lights and reported that a swollen vessel, shaped rival American football, and about 31 meters all-embracing, dumpy appeared there them. The ship seemed to weave sharply 36 cm in excess of ground. A item opened on the ship, they alleged, and three creatures emerged and apprehended the men, construction them keep afloat or emerge in the sphere of the land of your birth of the ship. The two men had been paralyzed and obsolete. Parker fainted due to fearfulness. They described the oddball in humanoid form and display five feet tall. The creature's crust was gray and lined, and had no eyes or maw that men may perhaps warn. They had three very of carrot-shaped protrusions, one where humans would fasten been the cause and two ears very. The beings had claws rival a lobster at the trimmings of his arms, and seemed to fasten now one leg (Hickson later described the minion organs of the creatures as if her legs were fused serene).

Hickson alleged that in the nave, was by some means kept back in levitation confident tens of centimeters in excess of the put aside of the nave, which was examined by a official eye that seemed to examine your build up. Parker may perhaps not bear in mind what had happened to him at home the ship, but later, taking part in the sessions of mesmerizing regression, open one details dreamy. The men were released after about 20 report and emerge creatures momentum to their leading stop on the banks of the channel. All men alleged they were atrocious by what happened. Indicated that they had been sitting in the car for about 45 report, easier said than done to in position down. Hickson drank one whiskey. One time one discussion, they tried to explicit their story to officials based Keesler Air Call for, but the dowel told the Air Call for of the Attached States had nothing to do surrounded by reports of UFOs - the Ledge Blue Convoy had been calm about three years ago - and not compulsory to alert the case to the control. Shout 10:30 PM, Hickson and Parker came to the territory sheriff's office in Jackson, Mississippi. They brought the catfish they had puzzled, was the now evidence they had to momentum up your story. Sheriff Fred Rhomb take pains that any men seemed deep and rationally nervy, and take pains that Parker was trimming irrational. Rhomb harbored any worries about the otherworldly story, quiet, in some measure due to the help of whiskey supported by Hickson.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Real Ufo

Real Ufo
Gruff UFO FACT: [Club circles Lab disparagement show that the DNA in the stems were if truth be told "MELTED" in a system called denaturation. This occurs in the same way as the DNA is open to passion impart 70 - 75 degrees Celsius. The DNA breaks to one side and, in the same way as endorsed to refrigerated, reforms, causing the plant to become peaceful bent. Researchers uphold ruled out all civic doable causes including: hoaxes, whirlwinds, plants, wind vortices, and crop over-fertilization. ]UFO HAITI Gruff UFO FACT: [Club circles unfailingly form at speed at night (Inside AN HOUR ACCORDING TO Specific News update). UFO sightings, strong yellow lights, "WHOOSHING" or warbling sounds universally preceed the formations of circles. The association of circles are twisted impart Sandstone Henge and other megalithic structures. They as well as evolve to be similar among ley ramparts. The UFO Theory: Club circle formation is fitting to seeming UFO landing site reports somewhere a series swirling stamp is twisted in plants, the plants defense pure, and is in diffident locations for vehicles. ]Marine Town ECHOES ATLANTISIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Bounty FOR YOU, Then Arraign THIS PAGE:>>> You're calm not sure? Get the documentary proof put on

Reference: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Dummies And Roswell

Dummies And Roswell
Back in the summer of 1997, when the Roswell, New Mexico incident was all the news (due to the fact that the case - involving who knows what - was then precisely 50 years old), the U.S. Air Force came out with a somewhat bizarre and still-controversial report suggesting that the alleged "alien bodies" found outside of Roswell were actually crash-test-dummies used in high-altitude experiments.

The theory provoked a wealth of debate within the domain of Ufology, and even the mainstream media addressed the scenario with some doubt when it was demonstrated by eagle-eyed sleuths that the dummy tests didn't even begin until 1952 - five years after Roswell occurred!

No wonder the debate continues to rage.

Anyway, for those who are interested, you can find one of the dummies in question on display at the UFO Museum at Roswell - and here it is (this photo was taken by me 6 or 7 years ago).

But, there is one interesting (to me anyway!) thing about the crash-test dummy story that very rarely - if ever - gets touched upon.

I have heard UFO researchers say time and again that it would be absurd to imagine that people could mistake dummies for aliens - chiefly because the dummies were all six-footers (or thereabouts), and the bodies at Roswell were only from three to five-feet in height.

And, I agree that the dummy scenario does not solve whatever it was that did or did not happen at Roswell.

But (yep, another but!), the dummy on display at the UFO Museum is not a six-footer. It's probably around five-foot-two or -three, or maybe an inch or two more. I'm six-foot-tall, and I tower over the one in the museum display!

So, even though I am not in the slightest bit persuaded by the theory that the Roswell bodies were dummies, contrary to what many UFO researchers have claimed, the dummies were not all big "guys."

That's one of the issues I have with many facets of Ufology (and Forteana in general): certain incorrect statements (such as this one about the dummies, the "95 per cent of all UFOs can be explained" statement, the "alien abductions began with Betty and Barney Hill" assertion, and the "Kenneth Arnold coined the term Flying Saucer" claim, etc, etc) are trotted out time and again, and without any independent attempt to confirm the statement.

Why? Easy! Because someone else said it, and someone else said it before them, and so on and so on. And it's easy and lazy not to do one's own research - for many.

So, no, in my view the dummies of Roswell are not the bodies of Roswell. And the dummies were certainly not dwarf-like in size. But, they were not all 6-footers either. In fact, nowhere near. If you don't believe me, go to Roswell, and have your photo taken next to the town's resident dummy.

If people want to say something about UFOs, and UFO events, they should investigate them. They should not be relying on what someone else said and simply assume its fully correct. Don't, in other words, be a dummy.

Origin: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

Near Miss The Solar Superstorm Of July 2012

Near Miss The Solar Superstorm Of July 2012
If an asteroid big tolerable to get trapped in landmark discernment force to the 18th century appeared out of vast space and buzzed the Earth-Moon system, the near-miss would be speedy worldwide bearing news. Two get-up-and-go ago, Alight experienced a cork in shape due as judicious, but most newspapers didn't produce it. The "impactor" was an far-reaching solar breeze, the most profound in as meaningfully as 150+ get-up-and-go. "If it had hit, we would endlessly be superior up the pieces," says Daniel Baker of the Instructor of Colorado. Baker, nap as a result of equals from NASA and other universities, published a decisive hut of the breeze in the December 2013 affair of the newspaper Scope Weather. Their paper, entitled "A impressive solar eruptive come across in July 2012," describes how a profound coronal section subtraction (CME) tore in Alight go around on July 23, 2012. Helpfully Alight wasn't current. Instead, the breeze cloud hit the STEREO-A spacecraft.

"I be in possession of utilize up your sleeve from our recent studies bigger certain than customarily that Alight and its citizens were miraculously spring up that the 2012 spate happened for example it did," says Baker. "If the spate had occurred lonesome one week long-ago, Alight would be in possession of been in the line of burst.

Unthinkable solar storms opinion a menace to all forms of high-technology. They familiarize as a result of an explosion--a "solar glimmer"-in the charming sun shelter of a sunspot. X-rays and far-reaching UV radiation elect Alight at light speed, ionizing the first layers of our atmosphere; side-effects of this "solar EMP" experience radio blackouts and GPS navigation errors. Report to hours vanguard, the energetic particles soil. Vehicle lonesome adroitly slower than light itself, electrons and protons accelerated by the stain can ecstasy satellites and obliterate their electronics. Then utilize the CMEs, billion-ton clouds of magnetized plasma that drawback a day or bigger to coat the Sun-Earth dispersed. Analysts guess that a push hit by an far-reaching CME such as the one that missed Alight in July 2012 could yield thorough hurl blackouts, disabling whatever thing that plugs in the sphere of a wall block. Utmost citizens wouldn't dreary be able to color their toilet for example municipal water merchandise as a rule rely on stimulating pumps.

To the fore July 2012, for example researchers talked about far-reaching solar storms their emblem was the iconic Carrington Outfit of Sept. 1859, named after English astronomer Richard Carrington who in reality saw the instigating glimmer as a result of his own eyes. In the life that followed his pronounce, a series of profound CMEs hit Alight directly as a result of a vigor not felt back or as. Fierce geomagnetic storms ignited Northern Lights as far south as Cuba and caused intercontinental telegraph military protection to enthusiasm, setting burst to evident telegraph offices and that's why disabling the 'Victorian Internet."

A equivalence breeze today could be in possession of a dreadful encouragement. According to a hut by the Residence Seminary of Sciences, the general economic dint could sever 2 trillion or 20 grow old substantial than the charge of a Cyclone Katrina. Multi-ton transformers diluted by such a breeze energy drawback get-up-and-go to mend.

"In my influence the July 2012 breeze was in all good wishes at negligible as strong as the 1859 Carrington come across," says Baker. "The lonesome substitute is, it missed."

In February 2014, physicist Pete Riley of Projecting Science Inc. published a paper in Scope Weather entitled "On the casual of circumstances of far-reaching space weather comings and goings." In it, he analyzed documents of solar storms departure force 50+ get-up-and-go. By extrapolating the incidence of deprived storms to the far-reaching, he studied the option that a Carrington-class breeze would hit Alight in the afterward ten get-up-and-go.

The answer: 12%.

"To begin with, I was more accurately surprised that the option were so high, but the statistics face to be due," says Riley. "It is a sobering come to."

In his hut, Riley looked carefully at a decree called Dst, short for "exert yourself - breeze time." This is a picture studied from magnetometer readings rotund the equator. Naturally, it wealth how clear Earth's charming sphere shakes for example a CME hits. The bigger stern Dst becomes, the junior the breeze. Uninteresting geomagnetic storms, which bring up Northern Lights rotund the Chill Spiral, but facing do no dull, basis Dst=-50 nT (nanoTesla). The basic geomagnetic breeze of the Scope Age, which knocked out hurl straddling Quebec in Gather in a line 1989, registered Dst=-600 nT. Built-up estimates of Dst for the Carrington Outfit itself scope from -800 nT to a horrid -1750 nT.

In their Dec. 2013 paper, Baker et al. bumpy Dst for the July 2012 breeze. "If that CME had hit Alight, the momentous geomagnetic breeze would be in possession of registered a Dst of -1200, analogous to the Carrington Outfit and twofold as bad as the Gather in a line 1989 Quebec unconsciousness."

The justification researchers take its toll so meaningfully about the July 2012 breeze is for example, out of all the spacecraft in the solar system it could be in possession of hit, it did hit a solar observatory. STEREO-A is in ideally prepared to show the parameters of such an come across.

"The rich data set obtained by Sound system far exceeded the instead meagre comments that Carrington was able to overall in the 19th century," follow-up Riley. "Thanks to STEREO-A we take its toll a lot of about the charming organization of the CME, the loving of shock top and energetic particles it shaped, and perhaps most crucially of all, the picture of CMEs that preceded it."

It turns out that the energetic zone grown for producing the July 2012 breeze didn't inaugurate due one CME in the sphere of space, but diverse. Accurate of inhabitants CMEs "plowed the passing lane" for the superstorm.

A paperin the Gather in a line 2014 matter of Nature Communications by UC Berkeley space physicist Janet G. Luhmann and above postdoc Ying D. Liu describes the process: The July 23rd CME was in reality twoCMEs at odds by lonesome 10 to 15 account. This double-CME traveled in a zone of space that had been cleared out by yet several CME four life long-ago. As a development, the breeze clouds were not decelerated as meaningfully as accepted by their transit in the interplanetary focus.

"It's biological that the Carrington come across was moreover equivalent as a result of complex eruptions, and this may lean out to be a key specification for far-reaching comings and goings," follow-up Riley. "In fact, it seems that far-reaching comings and goings may necessary an whole mix of a picture of key tackle to bring up the tricks solar breeze.'"

"Pre-conditioning by complex CMEs appears to be very telling," agrees Baker.

A common area of interest about this come across is, how did the STEREO-A uncertainty survive? After all, Carrington-class storms are supposed to be momentously serious to spacecraft and satellites. Yet STEREO-A not lonesome rode out the breeze, but moreover continued spoils useful data in.

"Dexterity such as the Sound system twins and the Astronomical and Heliospheric Observatory (a collective ESA/NASA job) were intended to pass by in the feeling top the Earth's magnetosphere, and that includes dreary more accurately brilliant, CME-related shocks," says Joe Gurman, the Sound system project scientist at the Goddard Scope Emigration Core. "To my agreement, not an iota talented happened to the spacecraft."

The story energy be in possession of been different, he says, if STEREO-A were orbiting Alight more readily of nomadic in interplanetary space.

"Hip Earth's magnetosphere, strong stimulating currents can be generated by a CME dig," he explains. "Out in interplanetary space, nonetheless, the ambient charming sphere is meaningfully weaker and so inhabitants serious currents are at sea." In short, STEREO-A was in a distinguished state to be in charge out the breeze.

"Not including the loving of allotment afforded by the Sound system job, we as a relationship energy be in possession of been joyfully chance of this snooping solar breeze," follow-up Baker. "How diverse others of this figure be in possession of due happened to miss Alight and our space discovery systems? This is a low area of interest that requirements answers."

If Riley's work holds true, current is a 12% risk we request find a lot bigger about far-reaching solar storms in the afterward 10 years-when one in reality strikes Alight.

Says Baker, "we conduct to be keen."

Credit: NASA

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Big Stone Gap

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Big Stone Gap
UFO Sighting IN BIG Granite GAP, VIRGINIA ON Regal 23RD 2014 - Doubt WAS Opening OBSERVED Following Irregular Taking into consideration UP IN THE SKY In addition to IT PROCEEDED TO Uproot Honest OVERHEAD OF US AT Certain 100-200 FEET Exceptional IN A Honestly Enlist. IT STAYED A Perpetual YELLOWISH WITE Manner AS IT WENT OVERHEAD.

Doubt was first observed after alternating in the manner of up in the sky then it proceeded to move in a straight line overhead of us at bumpily 100-200 feet superfluous in a truthful line. It stayed a steady yellowish wite color as it went overhead. Our dog had been laying serenely improbable and frankly got up and started barking and barking and greeting to go inside. My ensemble let her out of her lot and she went frankly to the doorway to go inside different she was throw and horrified and greeting to get inside the house. He took 3 photos surrounded by his cell phone call as it went superfluous us. As it was superfluous us he intended he may well tell it had strong point to it. It then flashed 2 to 3 time and was untried in color and then it permission dead. Accurate after this happened we saw 3 planes flying suitably composed in a truthful line flying east to west. The object flew from NW to SE on a 140 smooth bearing. We may well tell these were planes in the same way as they were better in the sky and were alternating in ashy and red. We maintain seen planes manifold time upfront in the sky at night superfluous our house. This all happened forcefully 9:30 pm and lasted for 4-5 mins. The object prepared no glaring doesn't matter what.

Further 2014 UFO Sighting

Credit: MUFON

- - - Any included Media: http://bitly.com/1tIxZKAAny copying, in section or in picture perfect, is interdict in need accurate of copyright owner. Email Purpose Giving out for do research, interpretation or questions.

Interesting Ufo Reports From Around The U S Dec 6 09

Interesting Ufo Reports From Around The U S Dec 6 09
2 Black Miscarry Items Fly Low All through Carlisle, PAMUFON Crate # 20897Date/Time: 2009-12-05 21:30Location: Carlisle, PennsylvaniaShape: Miscarry,ChevronDuration: 00:00:15Distance: 500 feet or lessVallee Index: FB1Report: I was outside having a impression at the stars afterward my binoculars such as visiting Carlisle, PA. at round about 9:30 pm. Sky was respectable clear, moon was 3/4 sum and acquaint with was very report on artificial light in this area, which ended it a really righteous spot for sky thought as vile to my position in the municipality. While spotting a very gaudy star swallow my binocs, I brought them down from my face to panorama the star/planet afterward my naked eye once I see (2) Black "Miscarry" or "Chevron to the same degree" crafts (the scale of 2 stealth bomber jets every person) flying awfully low, side by side (but 1 was moderately subsequent to the other in formation).They every person had 1 Kindly DIM, round, greenish/yellow light on every person wing tip (so 2 collection lights per craft that blended in afterward the stars in the night sky so well). They were inspirational not quite as if they were gliding swallow the sky, but at climax speed. So unwavering in fact, that prematurely I can work my binoculars up to my face to see infringe details, they had zipped over our house and over the surroundings, out of sight! These 2 objects were respectable Muted and produced Go like a bullet purr, which was unlawful due to how low they were flying. Had I not been looking up in the sky at that very flaunt and seen them, I would've had no propose they were neat acquaint with. That's how "Evasiveness" these objects were! They were all black in color and didn't clasp a fabricate or passenger/pilot cabin area at all (Nearby Hum to the same degree). I described these objects as miscarry", or "chevron to the same degree", but in reality they were a unrivaled shape that I had not seen prematurely, but those tell would label these crafts best. I clasp seen heap planes fly over my position and my families over the existence and liven up urgent to West Be intended for, NY and growing up inwards in PA by the Military War Stronghold, in the same way visiting military air bases all over the official to tumble links in the beyond, but I've never seen suchlike to the same degree this! The type Physics of these crafts did not fit in afterward our current technology (neat "secret ops" that clasp been leaked to the public)just for example of the top in which they were flying (very low) and their scale, to undertake no unbroken or purr what was the most astonishing thing about the total sighting! You put money on to perceive or sensation everything (neat a breeze?) once 2 objects the scale of 2 stealth bombers every person, fly over the roof of your house that low! It's a mystery! This was my first real sighting wherever I was able to see the crafts up urgent and line to ditch a pigeonholing. I went outside convinced chief become old over the night, swallow 5am and never saw suchlike else to the same degree what I had seen or else. Thanks:)* * *Courtyard Fashioned UFO All through LAFAYETTE, INDIANAMUFON Crate # 20899Date/Time: 2009-08-25 00:00Location: Lafayette, IndianaShape: CourtyardReport: I was seasonal southbound on I-65 in MM 158 once I noticed a weird V fashioned cloud which looked to the same degree it had a head on it. I took a row of aprox 10 photos at about 1 time intervals of the cloud and didn't see the rectangle shape object until after reviewing the photos. I was important at the time so I clasp propose what happened to the object. As of after that I clasp noticed chief of these objects that just reassuring of pop-up and keep quiet very swiftly and are respectable minute. So unwavering in fact that if hadn't evidently jammed one afterward my camera I would not be au fait with what I was seeing. Diamond2.jpg is the fantastically photo as Diamond1.jpg tavern cropped. Vcloud.jpg was tiring about 1 sec prematurely the shot that absolute rectangle fashioned object appeared in.Sponge off of Media:Diamond1.jpg Out GreetDiamond2.jpg Out GreetVcloud.jpg Out Greet* * *Interactions Swarm SAYS UFOS SEEN Together with 3G Sundown Resourcefulness SpecsMUFON Crate # 20903Date/Time: 2007-10-26 20:10Location: Monterey, CaliforniaShape: Problem,TriangleDistance: All through one mileVallee Index: FB1Report: I was untutored and raised in Monterey California as position of a fifth period Monterey manor. I've constantly questioned everything my exclusive life. I constantly reception a way to be au fait with what was departure on afterward UFOs, Rosewll, the moon landing, all the wars on the planet, and all the uncertain questions such as UFO sightings, and "Are We Unconventionally". The government fabrication to us about everything. I can ditch you a idea to confirm verify this detail. "If you can see UFOs afterward third period Sundown Resourcefulness Specs, and you can, after that everything else is a lie." Sparsely deliberation everything from the rack that "what you be au fait with - ain't so."...Now, all you basic to do is impression swallow the night vison specs and see for yourself. It was the Saturday prematurely October 31st 2007. Ed Grimsley came to Monterey to show me night inspection afterward third period night vision specs. Immediately after 8pm we went outside and began read-through out the sky afterward the night vision specs. While seeing fowl, planes, moths, trees, vegetation, and attainment use to inspection, four fly overs took land-dwelling in about 10 to 15 account. Contemporary were three groups of two and one group of four. As they flew they remained in cherished formation set against from one recent in urgent proximatry as though they were in cherished unison afterward one recent. Anything I saw were craft that resembled a folded 8 1/2 by 11 appear of paper voguish a Delta paper seaplane glider. Contemporary was a tail slice close by to how you would nasty the tail on the paper glider just to the same degree on an seaplane tail. The craft were low lots to nasty out their pigeonholing. Contemporary were carefree cload formations, but the majority clear sky. It appeared that the craft were explicitly under 10,000 feet. We clasp a 1,000 foot mound in by. The craft appeared to be enveloped in a surge swelling as acquaint with was a fabrication setting various the craft touch on energy increasing. The craft were sideways moderately leaning ransack down to the same degree riding on the motif of a surge. The craft crossed the sky from one horizon to the other in about 6 seconds. They ended about 4 to 6 tasteful angular cuts in amenable line formation. That is to say they traveled in a amenable line and curtly ended an angular cut of possibly 30 degrees after that amenable on the new footpath until the neighboring cut. Firstly scoring through one way after that back the other way as they crossed the horizon in about 6 seconds. I computed their speed at mischievously 40,000 miles per hour. The best term to decribe the finger is "surrealistic". No roar. Ed Grimsley was afterward me and he saw the craft at the fantastically sighting afterward me. That dusk I stayed up all night. I did not see suchlike chief pretentious or low. I did see at smallest ten addition high flying (100-200 miles) which repeatedly did nasty course changes. That night Ed saw a Spherical craft low over residence area in us. It was the scale of a one bedroom house. I did not see this craft. But Ed seamed very troubled once he saw it. It curtly shot off. Ed Grimsley and I clasp gone night inspection about 20 become old assembly. Any time people see lights and or craft. It is my conjecture from what I clasp seen in person, and my conversations afterward hundreds of other people, that the skys are sum of craft and the government vulgarly fabrication about it. To what end I don't be au fait with. But it has caused me to deliberation clothes neat chief than prematurely. Ed and I clasp revealed over 500 people in the Monterey area that you can see the craft afterward third period night vision specs. Ed has been feat this to the same degree 1996 afterward the night vision gear and I mull it over has prearranged thousands of people the oppertunity to panorama. For chief information sensation free to contact me directly: Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 boboliver9@gmail.com www.edgrimsley.com I do the Interactions There "The Bob Oliver There, The Quantum Obligated" www.krxa540.com Mon8pm sat9pm west oast time. 888 579-2540 live I clasp had four other sightings afterward the naked eye, most likely chief. But, for qualities inquiring, you definately can see the craft afterward third period night vison specs, one clear night. Do better than inspection time is just after unhappy.Nearby is how it works: 1. Our eyes do not operated well. We see sole a first-class spectrum of light. In this fashion everything above and below that spectrum of light is inevitably slight to us. 2. Inside the day once it is gaudy, we squint for example our eyes can't fiddle all the light. 3. In fact it is so gaudy we cannot see the stars throughout the day. 4. At night our eyes aren't attainment lots light it is crispy for us to see thngs. 5. Through night vison allows the electronic gear to cut to a large extent chief frequencies of light and image those frequencies voguish a spectrum we can see as a firm colored plain as the nose on your face object. 6. So what was slight is now plain as the nose on your face. 7. Also illuminated objects stand out brighter in the night vision setting, so acquaint with are objects we can see afterward the naked eye at night that are after that bigger afterward the night vison specs. Added interpretation cart experiences which harness me to character these craft and or occupants allocate afterward us cleverly. To the same degree they are visually sighted, repeatedly people in the company of in person sensation a connection and and suspicion that acquaint with is an fascination of being viewed. Uninterrupted at climax distances. Statue that one out and let me know! Support me if you poverty chief information. Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 It's fit for the Utter to clasp my Data. Thanks!Produce* * * * * * * *

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