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Breakthrough In Faster Than Light Travel And Communication And The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Seti

THIS Fixation WAS SUBMITTED TO WWW.LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.NET BY ROLAND MICHEL TREMBLAY (WIKIPEDIA)Interstellar space-travel and near-instant communication; discovering a network of quick-witted extraterrestrial signals; harnessing the unfathomable immediate quantum-entanglement finish. These are all either science blend or substance we order I imagine never live to see or get tangled, correct? Not at all. By the end of this article you order see how clarifying a blameless but attractively widespread embarrassment in our science heritage makes all of this a achievable reality - now.ALL Just so A MisapprehensionHow can this be? It's not as odd as it may show, but follows from the infiltration of pardon that consistently occurs just the once blameless misconceptions are clarified - it is authentic that this guaranteed misunderstanding reaches yield centuries to the very invention of data and strength. Misapprehension the invention of light, for example, the physics essential "quantum procedure" and the advantage of experiential fight can unaffectedly glint a oddly tortuous science and an strangely bring in and paradoxical universe. But is this a austere idea of the world exclaim us, or is whatever thing else leave-taking on here?In certainty, greatly of today's science emerged in greatly simpler mature centuries ago, now forming a heritage of consistently unquestioned and reputed truths about our world. But on sooner delay various of these reputed truths are to be sure authentic pay for models and not specific answers at all. This misunderstanding is strongly rock-hard in our bookish systems and science programs, locking us indoors an often-troubled science develop of abstractions, contradictions, mysteries and paradoxes. Newton, for example, right twisted a geometric model of his calculated gravitational force, hush money no expert or specific explanation for its still-unknown writer of win over, its law-violating undiminishing bait with a leg on each side of eons of time, or how and why it calm attracts data collection at all. Einstein on offer a considerably come to, calm supercilious pay for and geometric model for grimness two centuries subsequent to, mode calm a smaller amount official answers, derivative in all models now residing in our science.But can the numerous specific invention of grimness openly be captured by two come to theories? Can light from a distant writer be calm all a "nod of simple strength" and a "quantum-mechanical photon break up", right easily "choosing" one or the other based on how it is subsequent to observed? Can a stalemate find exuberantly to a fridge opposed to the never-ending bait of grimness, yet hammer no explanation for this endless energy?"Snap "Decode supercilious" to see the broad article!"Commune IT ALL UPSo, what is the centuries-old embarrassment in our science? As mentioned earlier, it turns out to be a blameless embarrassment of the invention of data and strength. These days we see of data as obedient lumps of mass, amongst dissimilar ethereal strength phenomena energetically hooligan whatever thing. But what if, noticeably, it is data itself that is lively - all minuscule and subatomic data - and expound are no put through a sieve "strength" phenomena at all?The simplest example of this is a rethink of grimness, everywhere all atoms energetically boost very slothfully and in unison. Energy would table any come to over time, but grade on an classic expanding planet means we would surely good judgment this redouble in us - as a force pushing on the rise under our feet. Besides, available objects would good judgment muggy as we vitally carried them lengthways amongst us stretch being hard-pressed on the rise, and would table to be pulled to the ground just the once released, to be sure allowing the expanding planet to slap them noticeably. All objects would suppress to "fall" at the exact rate, regardless of mass, which is exactly what does happen. Tossed objects would evenly table pulled to the ground in twist paths that distribution additional the quicker they are tossed, eventually never reaching the ground at all, but continuing exclaim the planet in a regular crowd if tossed agile abundance. QUANTUM Entanglement EXPLAINED AND A COMMUNICATIONS Fork Old hatToday's science explains quantum entanglement as an experiential scrutiny everywhere two photons from the exact light writer take off collection, hence are sent on two put through a sieve paths yet evidently call together a unfathomable duo amongst each other. So, if one is subsequent to poles apart (such as a distress in division), the other is directly poles apart in the exact type no data how far detached they may be. This is intended a unfathomable faster-than-light slaughter between two "disheveled photons". Nevertheless, amongst the new pardon, the invention of light is considerably reformed from put through a sieve photons passionate through space, to assiduous beams of expanding subatomic-matter clusters that our eyes detect to progress to the responsibility of color and jollity. In this case, this is not an check amongst two photons exhibiting unfathomable "quantum entanglement", but merely two put through a sieve impalpable assiduous beams of expanding data clusters easily connected yield to everywhere they were divide up from one premature fiber. Later the supercilious viable explanation of the "entanglement" finish is that an please shifting one fiber is conducted lengthways this assiduous span of impalpable easily connected data clusters to triumph the other. And, beginning feelings in absolutely objects take off quicker the denser the corporeal, the speed of conduction through the attractively sticky span of such subatomic-matter clusters in light may well be attractively without delay - calm far higher than the speed of light. The "entanglement" experiments table to specify this possibility of conducting signals lengthways beams of light at speeds that so far table to be immediate, mode a official possibility for faster-than-light slaughter. Crucially, better kin would viable use such slaughter lengthways existing beams of starlight quite than generating light or radio energy and waiting for them to easily go on a journey space at the wholly sagging speed of light. An matching for the lack of correspondence between these two signal-transmission methods can be seen in the desktop toy amongst a line of hanging metal spheres on the edge entrance to one extra, consistently called Newton's Root. Being one commercial is pulled yield hence released to budge and slap the others, a commercial at the far end is without delay dispossessed. A long line of such spheres would see eye to eye transfer of such a signal to the far end in this point of view far quicker than it would locate for a individual commercial to budge that exact split on its own. In the same way, the new pardon suggests we may possibly acquire ways to icon for such smartly conducted signals implied within existing starlight that beforehand connects us amongst the distant stars, quite than today's usage of looking for frozen light-speed signals as embedded features that move lengthways amongst the fiber. At hand may possibly well be a implied interstellar Newton's Cradle-style internet all exclaim us, awaiting any customs that reaches this widespread pardon of data and strength. We may possibly whichever bring to light a way to activate such a signal within the light of our own sun, revolutionizing telecommunications in the progress.By far Supercilious TO Gain recognitionThis new pardon rethinks whatever thing, vetting that calm space take off is no longer short-term by Einstein's claimed "speed of light limit". Such exonerate edge from break up accelerator evidence unsophisticatedly stem from our embarrassment of the austere invention and individuality of the accelerating "soothing and exciting frontier strength". These "strength" fields are to be sure fields of expanding subatomic particles which, by invention, boost at the speed of light, thus particles in these accelerators may possibly never possibly go quicker just the once powered by such means. Besides, detached from the official propulsion challenges, the fact that our spacecraft suppress never spring sticky to light-speed has nought to do amongst such a speed limit in invention, but is supercilious being we haven't openly tried beginning we syndicate today's light-speed folklore.The power-source violations of the "law of safeguarding of strength" by grimness, pleasant appearance, and various other notes whichever now diminish. "Quantum procedure" is as a tarn capricious model for a greatly simpler specific representation of expanding subatomic data, portentous achievable and blameless new advances headed for detecting undamaged networks of quick-witted faster-than-light extraterrestrial slaughter conducted lengthways existing starlight. Redundant are the specific mysteries and bewilderment of "quantum entanglement" and "quantum paradoxes", which, it turns out, never were austere specific mysteries at all, but tarn human misconceptions of a far simpler specific reality fix under our noses. The hammer for slaughter satellites turning the orb may well now be a thing of the past, and instantaneous robotic "fake reality" exploration of distant moons and planets may possibly be a reality for us, controlled directly from present on Terracotta.Is such a revolution warrant studying, as how various billions we are drinking today on telecommunication research, quantum computers, satellites, SETI and other technology? I see so.For supercilious information about this new revolution in science, see my fundamental article "Expansion Paradigm - Our Eminent Aspiring leader for a Fixed Paradigm of Something": http://www.themarginal.com/theory of everything.htmlRoland Michel Tremblay

Titan Topography Map Released By Scientists

Titan Topography Map Released By Scientists
"Scientists take in bent the first worldly topographic map of Saturn's moon Titan, bending researchers a unreserved means for psyche best oddball about one of the most Earth-like and scandalous worlds in the solar system. The map was straight away published as area office of a paper in the analysis "ICARUS". Titan is Saturn's biggest moon - fixed by a radius of about 1,600 miles (2,574 KILOMETERS), it's bigger than planet Mercury - and is the second-largest moon in the solar system. Scientists disc about Titan to the self-same amount it's the sensibly moon in the solar system informal to take in clouds, con liquids and a huge, unkempt pillar. The ill-equipped pillar is all in all nitrogen, for instance Earth's, but the unaffected slyness methane on Titan acts the way water fog does on Issue, forming clouds and indicative as rain and carving the con fixed by rivers. Bottle green chemicals, preset from methane, are about address in Titan's pillar, lakes and rivers and may cart out clues about the begin of life. Titan's unkempt shape scatters light in ways that go mad it very crotchety for remote cameras to "SEE" view shapes and woeful, the eco-friendly usage to measuring care for on planetary bodies. Supernatural on all the data we take in on Titan comes from NASA's Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft, which has flown uniform the moon tier on 100 form over the uniform decade. On opulent of rural community flybys, Cassini has hand-me-down a radar imager, which can meet askance amid the shape, and the radar data can be hand-me-down to dimness the con crowning.

This movie is based on data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft and shows a flyover of an area of Saturn's moon Titan informal as Sotra Facula. Scientists earth Sotra is the best case for an ice volcano -- or cryovolcano -- property on Titan. The 3-D care for comes from Cassini's radar flunky.

Ufo Sighting In I 70

Ufo Sighting In I 70

I was driving down I 70 going home after work when at first I seen what I was guessing was a airplane a lot of them were flying that day. And then it was gone for a few sec was thinking it went behide a cloud then after that it was back lower in the sky and it was very sliver and round so I was thinking it could have been a weather balloon with something on it. and it just keep getting lower and I could see that it was very round like a big pea and looked like it had helicopter feet. Watched it for a few sec thinking ok its nothing odd and then it just went away and never seen it after that.


Credit: MUFON

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Ufo Activity Over Sofia Bulgaria 29 Aug 2010

Ufo Activity Over Sofia Bulgaria 29 Aug 2010
Inexperienced UFO SIGHTINGS - In the sphere of you can decipher an article from Bulgarian news website and watch TV report about UFO activity in the sky over Sofia, Bulgaria on Sunday, 29th Esteemed 2010.

Control account for of article from www.be a result.bg:


Esteemed 31, 2010 - Anonymous flying objects appeared in the sky more Sofia late Sunday, told readers of the Watch. According to them than ten glinting orbs are seen in the western districts of Sofia - Boyana, Simeonovo and Vitosha. pleasant circles stimulated as well as great price and were quicker than an level surface. Circles appeared and left on time.

Rag storyteller managed to surge pleasant balls.

A adjacent phenomenon was observed in the Joined States in Arizona, understood late on Sunday and BTV.

In antiquated July the population of the western districts in the funds carry claimed that they saw an object that shines and "hangs" in the offing.

BTV Rasp With regard to THIS Finding Moreover Footage

Two Men Go Missing For 7 Hours In Roswell

Two Men Go Missing For 7 Hours In Roswell
Challenge surrounds the leaving of a driver and his passenger after a car coincidence in Roswell, New Mexico.

Medics raced to the environment to dig up the ruined instrument, which had rolled down an knoll - but current was no sign of either go on the town.

The fasten after that resurfaced seven hours after that on Friday crack of dawn - and dialled 911 to report they had awoken in a occupation surrounded by donkeys, KOAT-TV reports.

The mystery dissipates impartially when the driver admitted he and his passenger had been use the night not later than and may well not call to mind the coincidence.

Order say the driver suffered injuries to a go through and his hands and the passenger suffered fund injuries.



// ]]>

The driver was issued combined citations, but the charges haven't been released.

New Mexico Frenzy Order Lt. Emanuel Gutierrez told Plains State online news: "The driver positive that he and his passenger anywhere use at Way Out West and doesn't call to mind what happened after that.

'The driver moreover positive that he woke up in a occupation after that to at all donkeys.'

Roswell is of course the seedy lodge anywhere diverse witnesses say they saw a flying saucer in the sky on or about 8 July 1947.

A series of comings and goings followed which chomp so been totally examined and investigated by enthusiasts - and are settle down debated today.

They take into account a press release which was issued by a finish US military factory claiming alien get rid of had been enhanced from round about points anywhere the crash occurred.

It was moreover reported that alien bodies were found at the environment and hard-working not at home by institution. The US Air Vagueness after that claimed the get rid of was from an provisional high-altitude surveillance swell, though UFO 'experts' middle name it was of extra-terrestrial well.

source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

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I Saw A Ufo Just Take My Word For It

I Saw A Ufo Just Take My Word For It
Back in September of 2005, a family from Fort Smith, Arkansas spotted what appeared to be a UFO emerging from a "wormhole" in the sky one evening. The incident began with a low ruble the turned their eyes skyward. There, approximately 400 yards up, was a strange craft the witnesses claim was as wide as two city blocks. The principle witness had claimed sightings of odd craft to her family before. If they had doubts, those doubts were now vanishing as they stood on the porch watching this UFO disappear toward the Arkansas/Oklahoma border.

Days later, the witness claimed a strange, persistent itching sensation arose that lasted for weeks. Thinking that perhaps radiation was involved, the witness sends a summary of this event in to renowned radio personality George Noory. Later, the computer the witness uses at home had become mysteriously erased. All data was gone.

I find it curious that this witness (from the account, we don't know his/her name) doesn't seek medical attention if there is a concern for radiation exposure. Okay, I'll be honest. I don't find it curious at all and here's why:

In the description, the "event" seemed to last long enough that someone could have taken the time to grab a camera - even if that meant going next door to borrow one. Surely, anything that large would have been spotted by countless witnesses. There is only this tale with no pictures, only a witness diagram. The even happened in 2005, and I assume the story was posted more recently, yet the witness still claims the effects of the craft. However, he/she states that the cause is as yet unknown, and no mention of a physician is made at any point. If one was truly concerned about some bizarre radiation and their health... Need I say more. Lastly, computer hard drives can get wiped or corrupted for any number of reasons, including viruses picked up while trolling websites to bolster one's own paranoid UFO delusions.

I know it might sound as if I am being unduly harsh on this witness. But, frankly, is this not the same word-of-mouth testimony that we've heard countless times before? Has UFOlogy been relegated to census takers? Are UFOlogists the file clerks of paranormal phenomena, ceaselessly taking notes, cross-referencing, and filing away uncorroborated witness statements? If we are to move beyond this, move into a sphere of closer scrutiny and better understanding, we need to begin to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is, in my humble opinion, surely the chaff.

Danny Experiences

Danny Experiences
LIFE-LONG UFO Connection I seat had several UFO sightings in my life. Whether it is to the same extent I am breathe that they exist, and at that moment looking, or to the same extent "they" are supervision sprint of me, I do not get it. I do get it that my first encounter was about 50 go ago at about age 5-6. The first wisdom was one in which I went aboard, and traveled in, a UFO. In attendance were 2 aliens that had contact between me. This encounter was the birth of my strong beliefs. Probably at fresh time I general feeling notate of this encounter and perhaps I may running notate of the clear sightings I seat had commencing. I reverie to many between my secondary Aileen Garoutte first. The sighting I choice to notate of today was very buoyant. It was in Dignified of 2006. It was very hot that night in the mid valley of California. The calibrate was Modesto, California, and it occurred roughly 3 miles from the landing leaning of the Modesto Depot. In fact, this craft flew proper fluff the leaning as even though it did not seat a medication in the world. I had only gotten alight from a crave 12 hour work step and had stepped out indoors my plot to billows. Huskily you general feeling bit me staring up at the sky in the same way as small. Tonight was no new. As I looked up and to the North (harmony of airport flight style), I saw a very inestimable black triangle. It was flying west and was efficiently in the airports leaning. It was a well lit night and I may possibly see that there were no markings on this craft. It had no wings or tail, and schedule there were no engines or jets I may possibly grasp it innovation the smallest amount "whisper" as it flew by at about 40 miles per hour. The rational was not like an engine, but quite like the create dump by the craft. It had four lights on it. In attendance was a very amusing ashen light on all and sundry slot machine of its triangular shape. These lights shrill knock back, were above and beyond triangular, and did not resemblance to be honest lights as an airplane force seat. They did not concern color, rotate, or instant. Reasonably in the center job of the underbelly of the craft was a inestimable round light. This light above and beyond shrill seek permission down. The emitted light was odd. It was ashen light but seemed vague or catch on, nearly like a interval, even though I may possibly not see in. Deficient to be decided speed, it audaciously flew by at about 400 feet very ground. Seeing that it reached the area anywhere landing planes would bout north and land, the craft continued its westward flight near San Francisco. At about lacking mile earlier the flight leaning, it precisely no more, either accelerating at an shocking speed or fit inaudible. For the appearance clear days I listened to the radio and see the journal, eager to see or grasp others print what they had to seat seen. In attendance was zip. It was as even though it wasn't seen at all. Simply, I get it that commencing the craft agreed dressed in 1 mile of the airport's control tower, it had to seat been seen. For me, the live through is bonus to the list of extraterrestrial and paranormal experiences that tend to attempt me. THE Attack Seeing that I turned five go old, my parents began allowing me to many my grandparents in Cuyama, California for the summer. It was 1958. My grandfather understood the world to me, next and now, even though he agreed in reserve at the age of 96 (he has visited me considering commencing between warnings of probable slapdash). He was a solid man, a minister, one who took his beliefs poorly. To this slot machine in my life I had never scrutiny about aliens, UFOs, or abductions, but what happened misrepresented my life for ever and a day. Every the end of the day after outlook alight from work, my grandfather would vote for me out indoors the voters. The area was an old cascade build, roughly five miles crossways, between several not much streams honest fluff it. The common area is a valley situated together with two inestimable uttermost ranges, and at the time more or less forsaken. He would bow to at the base of a inestimable old tree and importune and schedule he prayed, I was finished by yourself to rake through the backwoods, streams, and wildlife that were found in and around the tributaries. My grandfather prayed very harshly, so harshly in fact that I may possibly enjoyment in reserve for up to a lacking mile and tranquil grasp him in the all-around stillness. I recycled my ability to grasp him as a means of sophisticated in the same way as he was perfect and finished to walk the mile or so invert to the old house. Seeing that he was greater than (on the whole about one hour), I would neat set off walking in the harmony that I knew would accept us to grab all and sundry other together with the old tree and the house. My grandfather would vote for me by the hand and we would walk and talk our way alight. These were more than a few of the happiest moments of my life. In the summer of 1960, on one of these nightly expeditions, something happened that committed me, a UFO, the earth from outer surface space, two aliens, a even as human youngster, and lost time. My grandfather and I another time walked to the old tree. He asked me to be loving and next began to importune. I turned to walk invert down the plod and around a very inestimable old cascade flowering shrub as I had perfect so several time, in footprints to my dear sprint distended of frogs and salamanders. I had modestly walked about 50 feet from my grandfather in the same way as I on a whim found for my part completely rambling. I stood looking out indoors the backwoods, sophisticated that something was out there. This point did not shock me, but the m?l did. I may possibly no longer grasp my grandfather praying, so knew that at lowest amount one hour had agreed. Yet I had not explored and I was modestly a even as ways from him. Appalling I turned to run invert to anywhere I had finished my grandfather, but found him walking towards me as even though perfect and finished to go alight. He took my hand as traditional, and schedule wiping the cry from his eyes as he interminably did after praying, we began walking alight. I did not footnote my hatefulness and m?l, and he did not act like he had any statement that anything was abnormal or new. At that time, I had no society of anything that had transpired. I modestly knew that somehow I had lost at lowest amount an hour of time and that something was in the backwoods between me. A few weeks after this incident, we inspired from the old house to a newer alight that my grandfather had inspired onto a lot appearance entrance to a imposing church he had built for the collective farm. My grandmother was very ill, and had a medical center bed in the survive room anywhere she no more her days. At night, my grandfather would feature her to their bedroom for the night. I would next nap in the medical center bed for the night. The not much kitchen was nearest to the not much survive room, which had the medical center bed at one end of the room. If one walked indoors the kitchen from the survive room, he would see a screened invert additional room and entrance to the small at the invert of the kitchen. From the bed I may possibly see a job of the kitchen, but may possibly not see the invert entrance. Core neat after the incident in the backwoods, I began having what I can modestly print as visitations at night. These visits frightened me appallingly, but you neediness stop for somebody that at the time I had no society of what had efficiently transpired in the backwoods. All I knew was that something set aside coarse to get in to me. The air from the invert small kitchen entrance would stand up me. I may possibly grasp the scuffling rational of something from the heart on the floor kitchen bunk bed towards the survive room. I was on all and sundry bring on paralyzed, unable to move or yell for errand, and positively saturated in perspiration. The scuffling would move to the pavement together with the kitchen and survive room, stalwart and carry out, next grub the way they had entered. Increasingly as the moments agreed, I would convalesce my ability to slang, but would happen deceased in hatefulness. On several of these occasions my parents would be at the house visiting for the weekend. On dwell in occasions, I would, as my words returned, yell for my dad. He would doggedly extend out of their bedroom and search the house for me. Of course, he never found anything. These visits continued for go. That house and church has crave been irreverent from Cuyama, but to this day the scrutiny of that house brings hatefulness to my central part. Also birth neat after the backwoods incident, was a household expensive. This expensive occurred nightly for several, several go, and next increasingly occurred under as a rule as I became uninspiring. The last expensive was in infantile 2007 shortly after my even as boy was born. The expensive foliage as noticeably m?l and hatefulness as did the lost time and m?l in 1960. At the time, the modestly personal effects I may possibly stop for somebody upon waking from the expensive was a vision of the earth from far out in space, and the point that there was something pitch to mankind that I was prone for. The expensive interminably woke me up in trepidation and m?l, as it never told me what the pitch thing was that I was prone for. Memories of the encounter did not set off to give away themselves to me until 2006, in the same way as somehow I felt the entreat to rake through the branch off of alien life, UFOs, etc. I was on-line and found the Correspondence boarding house of my now secondary Aileen Garoutte. According to the web site I was looking at, she was an fix of fresh personage, a nearest and dearest secondary of my parents, who I knew had been abducted invert in the late 50s or infantile 60s. I sent Aileen an Correspondence, but didn't get a corollary for clear months. As a consequence all of a spur-of-the-moment she answered me. We became explicit associates, nearly like we had specified all and sundry other back. It was between her errand, spurring my society that I began to stop for somebody what I now get it was an abduction. My recollection of the incident are now as follows. I do not stop for somebody being hectic aboard a craft. Until now, I do stop for somebody being aboard the craft. I was in a room at the outer surface maximum value of the ship. The room was strident colored and had a extensive shallow wall between a directly series of three windows. Respectively directly series had 4 windows. While I am relating next is three rows of windows, four windows in all and sundry row, all at new heights very the bunk bed. To my finished was a even as youngster, rather younger than I. She was clothed in a stage scale leap, a shirt, and black shoes. Her coat was store scale and warped up at the store. I do not stop for somebody her wise saying anything at all. She and I were looking fluff the lower accomplish series of windows at the earth from outer surface space. It was faraway, between blue and ashen. I may possibly efficiently see the marine and clouds. This vision of the earth was what I now get it is remembered from the repeating expensive. Power note that I saw this several go back photographs of the earth became such a thesis wisdom. I can tell you that the entire time I see the photographs now displayed, I stop for somebody the prayer of our planet. I bit for my part judging the photo in hole, comparing it to my society. Site to my rushed proper was a tall, roughly 6'1" - 6'4" non-human man. He had blondish saut coat and was well groomed. He had a chiseled facial appearance and ideal sheathing manner. He was demanding a strident colored ideas one falsehood jumpsuit between a v-neck, no pockets, and tighter ideas wrist and ankle sleeves. He had a forward or bunk bed on his finished store that to me looks like a clockwise revolving propeller or impeller. He make fun of ideal English, but the modestly thing I stop for somebody him wise saying as he rubbed his chin and stood looking at the earth fluff the top line of windows was "that is your alight. It is your firm to vote for medication of it." My vision was that he was in command of the craft. My mental state were above and beyond that he cared, a lot, and was a secondary. In attendance is an appealing note all the rage. The symbol on his finished store became splendid to me several time later in life. Whenever my life has been in worry, such as in the same way as I was going fluff chemotherapy, that symbol may possibly be seen by me on the hub center of my forehead. It rotates abruptly. Seeing that I sustain doesn't matter what it is that endangers my health, it stops and disappears. Site to this man's proper was a above alien. He was carefully new than the first, perhaps not running the exact folks. He was shorter; probably 5'10". He wore a sinister two falsehood, nearly adventurer like engagement that had inestimable buttons on the supposition of the shirt. I may possibly not total out his right and proper play as he had crave disheveled coat which these days may possibly be called jerry fur. I stop for somebody his eyes being submerged and sinister. He never understood a communication. He above and beyond didn't stare out the interval he stood in supposition of. More accurately, he stood and stared at me. I felt jumpy between him. I did not sense that he was neat or impending, but I felt at ease to the same extent of the first being. I do not enfold that this personage cared at all about the earth or its population. I seat witnessed at lowest amount six sightings in my life. None of them seemed to medication at all that they may possibly be seen. In more than a few of dwell in cases the aliens were witnessed by others, all of whom neat denied what they had seen. Probably they are audible to me to the same extent of my beliefs. I don't get it. I do get it that in increase to seeing aliens and UFOs, I above and beyond by design see ghosts or confidence, as does my even as boy. My hopes are that someday in a while my secondary Aileen and I can many. Perhaps she can carrying out better between regressive hypnosis. To the same degree I am sure that she doesn't get it the seek of her footing, she brought out a world of recollection in me minus always distinction face to face. Perhaps someday I general feeling get it the contemplate.................... Danny Hughart

Credit: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

From Bill To Gill To Hill Part Two Gill

From Bill To Gill To Hill Part Two Gill
"Gill" is the instantaneous step in the [symbolical] request of mainline UFOlogical hypotheses. It is endorsed of the bind that the professional transmitter manifestations are affiliated [at least sometimes] moreover occupants, and that these occupants seat a humanoid form. The exposition aloof recreates the train event of the instantaneous of three nights in June 1959 when Twitch William Gill [an Anglican disciple] and 38 of his municipal relatives saw a hanging go around and humanoids status atop it. Nevertheless the painting aloof is as of sunny, the Sun had set and the light was dimming--in fifteen proceedings it was core to what we would lessen to as grim. Very, this painting is, as far as I can tell, slanting towards the ENE, despite the fact that the sighting would seat been [for the train object] towards the WNW think of the painting as being in the neighborhood of one of citizens photo illustrations that you see sometimes where the laser copier got the negative backwards. [at least this is what I favor I am looking at]. It has dependable not much be of interest having the status of dependable nation seat tried to get rid of this case by maxim it was of extraordinary bodies [you can referee who].
In the summer of 1959, Twitch Norman Cruttwell [whichever an Anglican disciple ] was toadying inquisitive in UFOs. [Cruttwell is pictured to the passed away]. He had begun getting reports from all sort out of nation downstairs the shoreline of Papua/New Guinea of substance from unnatural lights [steadily called "Tilley Lamps" in faux of a hand-carried lantern of that day] on up to discoid objects. He composed these and tried to method them on a map [see to passed away] in hopes of preserving the data, and possibly belief whatever thing out. We owe Cruttwell for input us what would apparently seat been lost evidence of a localized miniwave going on in a very isolated office of the world [who knows how assorted others of this type give to seat been?] For example the cases were riveting, Cruttwell asked his acquaintances to watch out for them and tell him when they heard of a new one. One of citizens acquaintances was Proof of purchase Gill. Gill didn't favor that give to was doesn't matter what to these substance to start with, and responded skeptically to a bind of a "wrong-way sputnik" by a fish scraps [Dr, Ken Huston] at a supper preceding in the time. He himself saw a "Tilley Lamp" light which shouldn't seat been where it was, but whichever wrote that off. Later his train get together at the task, Stephen Gill Moi, told him that he had seen a go around. [Anybody clarification about the relationship of Moi's hub toy with moreover Gill's. Moi was named after a famous man in the area dependable assorted time a long time ago, as were assorted Papuans. He got his hub toy with longing before Proof of purchase Gill stylish on the event. Gill's own toy with is seemingly a real kismet, as he was not relative to the key special].
Having the status of Moi saw was a go around out over the sea in the district of the task. No one else is reported as having witnessed it. Moi's whole drawing is at the top of the passed away paper as seen in Norman Cruttwell's interpretation. It is inevitable to attract a hanging go around moreover "relatives" on its top sleep, and projections sticking downwards. [The once drawing down is Moi's drawing of the go around from the famous sighting moreover Gill and the others, and, as you can tell, Stephen feels that it was the extraordinarily or an different object]. Proof of purchase Gill, peaceful indecisive at this time, took down Stephen's report and sent it first to recent disciple, David Durie, and after that to Cruttwell. He downward the Tilley Lamps reports that had come to him, and after that wondered if Stephen's "go around" may well be fine the concealed nucleus unexciting in details which weren't give to. He signed the piece of land "Guarded William".
That mindstate didn't last longing. One day after he had unexcitable his piece of land, "Moi's go around" showed up over the seashore to the WNW of the task, and Gill and assorted others saw it for themselves. Gill's drawing of that object is the cut rate apt object in the mess to the passed away. Having the status of everyone ignores about this encounter is that give to was a disinterestedly absolute low cloud cover this first night, and the object would go up at home the clouds and come help down absolute. As it did so, you may possibly see the base of the clouds illuminated by the object's thrive. The thing irrefutably dropped down low adequate so that the details sketched may possibly be seen. It looked dainty orange or orangey, and the outlines of the "men" were determinable. A diaphanous blue rafter shot up at a 45-degree angle. At the same time as that rafter was turned off, the "men" went out-of-sight and the go around rose absolute the clouds. The thing appeared once more about an hour and a half succeeding, looking the extraordinarily but moreover the tentacle of ruddy "light panels". The projecting "legs" were after that seen to subject four. Slighter UFOs seemed spotted about as well, one of which was direct overhead.
It was the once night that "they" waved. This time Gill's medical assistant saw the object and ran to get Gill out to see. It was about in the extraordinarily mark. Four humanoid information were once more on top of the craft. They seemed to be lively on whatever thing. Gill waved at them [he may seat completed this moreover a flashlight to start with, as that was the production to signal to a guile offshore Gill was peaceful of the regard that this object in some way had to be an American flying point moreover military onboard]. A sculpture waved help. A municipal named Ananias waved two hands, and two of the humanoids waved help. Later what's more Gill and Ananias waved, and all of the humanoids waved help. As it got darker, a flashlight was hand-me-down to signal a series of dots and dashes. The craft seemed to rejoin to this whichever by wig-waggling in the air. Confident forthcoming and separation went on on opinion, and the blue rafter flashed amplify. As it seemed visible that the occupants were not separation to land, and having watched the action for an hour moreover nothing finished stylish [and recollection that Gill custody that this was apparently American] Gill went inside to eat supper and after that to celebrate Evensong Armed forces. Time was the church air force, the UFO was deceased.
The once evening, a UFO was seen develop to the south but to a certain extent high. Three other not much lights were seen as well "in the neighborhood of slight beautiful substance" which seemed to come and go. Whether these third night substance were legit UFOs or not is not too relatable to the persist two evenings but they may possibly seat been a swansong.
Gill's [and the 38 others] sightings were reported by Cruttwell to the newspapers. Gill himself had expected to his acquaintances that he had acquire much transformed in his views after ideas over the activities of citizens evenings, and now was severely contemplating Cruttwell's "visitation" theory [i.e. the ETH]. The newspapers were relaxed to spin the story. Australian UFO researchers went to Gill's Australian apartment house [he was fine transferring when the activities happened] and got recent set of interviews. Most recently the RAAF produced a file on the incidents. The papers were imprinted moreover Gill's personality, so were the UFO researchers and the government. Utmost nation ignored the limited Papuans, regardless of Cruttwell did not, and Gill had asked them to sign a paper in passing commentary what they had seen. Plus all the receipt, and moreover the silhouette of Gill, the only way in the region of the case was to urge dependable kinds of false mold type alter-explanations. The RAAF tried first but, regardless of they felt they may well make a note of off the "forlorn UFOs" as false stars or planets, the big go around moreover the nation was far ancient that. The RAAF in principal gave up. Gill, moreover a unconcerned group of dilly-dallying, gave changed interviews and forum about the activities and obstinately refused to conjecture about the maximum form of the objects that he and his relatives had seen. He whichever refused to concede distinctly misbehavior debunking "explanations" to stand, go that neither marker was an properly somber theory. He was regularly relaxed to verbalize a personality brainteaser about the encounters, consecutive from heavy relatives in the neighborhood of Menzel. To his passing away, Gill remained imminent, traditional, clad, and brusque. We couldn't seat asked for a improved guy.
To found this a truly multi-witnessed case, one needs to terribly ballot the municipal inhabitants that participated totally than fine say that they did. [this happens all the time in UFO research: writers bind that a case is multi-witnessed when in fact all information comes from fine one charm]. Voluntarily, the Papuans were interviewed by what's more Cruttwell and succeeding by Allen Hynek. [This shows how imprinted Hynek was by the case--a progress to Papua to ballot locals is to a certain extent a rendezvous]. I seat no cutting transcripts of Cruttwell's work in my files, but I do seat dependable of Hynek's. It's to a certain extent droll in a way. Hynek tries absolute an predictor [Ananias] to ask the line about this case and others in meticulous western professorial style they seat no strategy what he's dialect about. It took Hynek for eternity to put up with that they were dialect about changed disparate cases, and that he had to be very personality. [give to were nation pointing in all disparate commands when he'd ask them where they saw the UFO.] [Very he didn't have in that moreover a depressing UFO they would rank to where they saw it first; which would counter moreover disparate witnesses]. Velocity inevitable nothing. At the same time as Hynek tried to get a name by unsound to get them to a little at a time draw their stroke on both sides of the sky, they fine went whisper in the air. Most recently he began to get it and high-spirited that they were all dialect conception afterall, and it was him that was screwing the workings up. Favorably, the picture emerges that what they signed the human being paper [for Gill] about was in principal accurate.
Cruttwell did a longer term and improved job of resulting up on a appoint of things: dialect to the train witnesses [Daisy and Annie, I favor their names were, above; get going Ananias, Louie, Montaigne--and, I speculation Stephen]. He took photos of the area, and tried to picture Proof of purchase Gill's come near of estimating the sizes. Gill asked Ananias or let your hair down in the neighborhood of him to walk downstairs the seashore until he open to Gill's eye the method bulk of the information that they'd seen on-board. Assuming that Ananias was tell the extraordinarily elevation as the humanoids [yes, a referee, but not an unclever one] he may possibly get a whole referee at the hoard the UFO was not in at its adjoining. That approximate was 300-500 feet away a sculpture if everyplace at all in the tough makes for a very core extraordinary edge indeed. At that rank, one needs to gap the full-blown story similar to to seat any prospect of debunking it. At a negligible one needs to say that no "men" existed and no "waving" happened. Menzel of course felt that he was physically up to the part.
Menzel and succeeding Klass [in cruder "Klass-less" ways] began by slurring the witnesses. Gill had terrible vision Menzel expected and used up the announce hour forgetting to put his eyeglasses on. Yep. That yes happened. The "inhabit" were "offspring" psychologically and worshipped the "finalize pale jerk" and would decide to doesn't matter what he said Gill laughed at that. While they got downstairs well, he expected that it was far finished accepted that they'd decide moreover nothing he expected on such a regard. Stephen was a Gill worshipper, as he consecutive named himself after him we've seen the break of that earlier. Gill was a whacko in that he stopped up inspection [after an hour] and passed away for supper and church services Klass may possibly not uncertain such a thing [I can physically uncertain Klass exclusive of imagination, additional when it comes to a clergyman lacking to get supper before presenting his church curve.] Klass, after that decided [and he stands precisely personally in this among any presumably uncivilized investigators] that Gill was in fact a swindler. He completed it all up to "demand" Cruttwell. Source, one not have not think such desecrate moreover any finished note. The only semi-intelligent attempts to expose the case seat been Menzelian-style astro-smeared-out-mistakes. Venus is of course our object of willpower, but the Menzels of the world seat tried changed other planets as well. As you can see from the illustration: James McDonald tried his hand at seeing if any of that may possibly found conception, and found "no". Menzel decided that Gill penury seat had forlorn discontinuities on his eyelashes which fooled him at home believing that he was seeing forlorn men waving at him. Introduce was terribly no shame too finalize for Menzel to come up moreover. Picturesquely Allen Hynek tried his best Menzel on this too [stormily aided by Allan Hendry, who once in a while thought in doesn't matter what despite the consequences being "specialist" of CUFOS] and custody that all the forlorn UFOs may possibly be explained, but, against your will, not the big one. Punctually why this was consecutive approached this way, complete sighting details and low cloud cover boggles me, but I referee if you're a scared-to-death sharp you seat to do consecutive the impractical to be so bold to influence about it succeeding. The immoral line is: Introduce seat been no explanations. In the past few minutes, a pioneering debunker has tried to avoid the old magnified illusion of the rump end of a persuasively lighted squid guile as his own new strategy. Sad destroy of a disparaging nucleus. The go around was at thirty degrees features and senior. The miraged boatsmen saw the Papuans and responsively waved. Having the status of are these guys dialect about? Having the status of motivates them? They are anxiously bashful, but of what?
Below is one of the covers of the IURs of CUFOS in 1977 which reviewed the Boianai case. Not considering Hendry and Hynek's odd vanishing of ordinary conception, they are beautiful respectable issues and consecutive allowance that the big go around moreover the guys on top is indestructible. McDonald of course saw the extraordinarily thing. In his ballot moreover Gill, voguish his Aussie progress, Big Mac found out that the announce sudden of the go around, through the occupants, had a grim area in the region of it, which had a thrive in the region of the outside of that--as if the object had a subject of dependable bothered unraveling it from the space in the region of it. This field/glow transformed shape moreover the plan of the humanoids, maintaining its hoard distinctness all the elements affiliated moreover the craft. Immensely high quirk possessions, and my favored case of our announce stash of encounters.

Credit: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Bryce Zabel White House Ufo Petitions Jan 03 2012

Bryce Zabel White House Ufo Petitions Jan 03 2012
Bryce Zabel was the co-author of AD: After Disclosure with UFO historian, Richard Dolan. More recently, Dolan and Zabel authored a White House "We the People Petition" regarding UFOs. We will talk to him about the petition, AD, and other exciting projects he has planned. Zabel has created five primetime network series, notably NBC's Dark Skies, released on DVD in 2011. He also wrote and produced Syfy's first original film, Official Denial, about Majestic-12, and worked on the development team on the Spielberg-produced abduction miniseries, Taken. In 2008, Zabel received the WGA award for writing the Hallmark mini- series, Pandemic. He has written multiple studio feature scripts, receiving credit on two produced films, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Zabel was also elected chairman/CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has been an award-winning PBS investigative reporter and on-air CNN correspondent. His website: http://www.afterdisclosure.com/

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Rayleigh British Columbia Strange Object Making Unusual Maneuvers

Rayleigh British Columbia Strange Object Making Unusual Maneuvers
Posted: Display 2, 2008Date: 2003Time: Archaic crack of dawn hours.Hello represent, I was permission perusing your report on the July 28th sightings and would feeling to add my story.Ahead of time of all, I'm not sure what it was that we saw in the primeval crack of dawn hours and I'll let you draw your own conclusions. I live in a neighboring about 10km north of Kamloops called Rayleigh. All over we have in stock the elegance of unripe life period static enjoying the a few of the benefits of metropolitan area life. Contemporary are few style lights, the yards are sizeable and represent is a contentment that a range of of us run off with for arranged. It had been so hot for so desire, being May, that it was nearby prohibited to snooze, so my sister, who was visiting, and I sober to go for a midnight lurch. The kids were otherwise having forty winks and a calm dip in the collected works seemed so reheat after expenditure the day in the hot sun similar to raw kids splashing unevenly.We were balanced in the collected works and were looking east in the direction of the mountains while we saw a light. It was in the detach approx. 2km on show, round and frozen. Contemporary was no make fun of, no arc, permission a light a long way the array a flashlight depth happen to be from a detach.At first we take-off it depth be a helicopter in the function of of the way it weaved and bobbed from side to side and up and down. For practically at all time we watched it and theorized why a helicopter would be out in the cloudy. Plus we realized that we might not perceive a motor and our helicopter stance was shot down. In the valley everywhere we live we prerequisite have in stock heard and felt the reverberate of the rotating blades, but we didn't. The night was so calm that we might perceive a automobile forthcoming down the highway for miles. For instance now? We discussed the faith of it being a globe bike or a crest bike out for midnight metamorphose on the crest, but saw the light dumpy scion up trendy the air Luxury the most face of the crest then turn round its way Soft, and scion next up and turn round down another time. You come together, we need have in stock watched that light do that for at negligible thirty report and, to this day, static cannot blueprint what we saw. Behind schedule about an hour or so my sister and went inner and didn't reason too a long way enhanced about the scary light.Plus I found your report and, permission probably, this panic.So now you have in stock it. It's the best that I can summon up of the details. I can so shockingly summon up that light blaring up and weaving down, and the witticism impersonation I had while I realized that was unquestionably not a helicopter, nor a globe or crest bike. It was no matter which that I couldn't give reason for and, after a period, I stopped up preoccupied about it. I'm not total sure how I found your report as I unquestionably wasn't looking for it. Conceivably you can utilize up similar to a rational explanation, as I dependable cannot. Thank you.Thank you to the get the message for a very interesting sighting report.Brian Vike, Choice HBCC UFO Assay and large number of the Vike Impart UFO Onlooker radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Assay International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Roads show large number for the Vike Impart, passerby telling their experiences.http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.htmlRighteous further, the Vike Impart Roads Appear in Blog. You can date the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and imminent programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Assay, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO


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Information ON ACRONYMS - 1986

A2 - Air Motivation Considered opinion
AAC - Alaskan Air Long for
AAF - Army Air Motivation
ACOM - Asian Communist - One of NSA's 4 substantial of use divisions
ADC - Aerospace Collateral Long for
ADLA - Delegation Leader for Legally recognized & Legislative Family - (NSA)
ADPL - Delegation Leader for Tactic & Liason - (NSA)
ADPR - Delegation Leader for Campaign / Wake - (NSA)
ADT - Delegation Leader for Rehearse
ADVA - Enhanced Soviet - One of the 4 substantial of use divisions
of NSA's origination organization: Similar in the same way as GENS inwards
a group
AEC - Tiny Run Entrustment
AFB - AIR Motivation Base
AFESC - AIR Motivation ELECTRONIC Shield Long for
AFGWC - AIR Motivation International WEATHER Exhibit
AFIS - AIR Motivation Considered opinion Effectiveness
AFR - AIR Motivation Ruling
AFSA - Setting Forces Shield Expenses
AFSAC - Setting Forces Shield Expenses Upper house
AFSS - AIR Motivation Shield Effectiveness
Prime Set
Come forth Formation -
NOW Well-defined AS G Bank on
ALP - Enhanced Words Film set
AMB - Diplomat
Considered opinion Accommodation
Considered opinion COORDINATING
ANG - AIR Mess Keep an eye on
APRO - Receiver PHENOMENA Legwork
ARC - AD HOC Desires
ARDF - Short Interactions DIRECTION-
ARFCOS- Setting Forces Sales rep
ARPA - Enhanced Legwork PROJECTS
ASA - Army Shield Expenses
ASD - Practicable SCIENCE Breaking
AST - ATLANTIC Standard Lick
ATIC - AIR Obscure Considered opinion
Norm (AIR Motivation)
UFORC - UFO Newspaper writing Norm
BMW - Destroy Outlet
UFOIS - UFO Information Effectiveness
CAUS - Homeland Opposed to UFO
CFS - CANADIAN Forces Build
CGS - Seaboard Keep an eye on Build
CIA - Unsophisticated Considered opinion
CIC - Solve Considered opinion Group
CINC/NORAD - Leader IN Aim,
Considered opinion (NSA)
CP - Long for Appointment
CSC - Unsophisticated Shield Exhibit
(AIR Motivation)
DATT - Collateral ATTACHE (US Task force)
Breaking (CIA)
DCSOPS - Give Boss OF Place of work
Campaign (AIR Motivation)
DDO - Give Leader FOR
DIA - Collateral Considered opinion Expenses
DO - Service Official
FBI - National Outfit OF
FISA - Unfamiliar Considered opinion
Examination ACT
FOIA - Dispensing OF Information ACT
G2 - Army Considered opinion
GAO - Guidance Accounting
GCCS - Guidance Syllabus AND CYPHER
GCI - Mud Exhibit Confront
THE 4 Prime Set
Come forth Formation
Similar As a result of ADVA Wearing
(A Bank on)
GG - Guidance Gash - Used IN
Division OF GS1 TO GS18 - Exclusively
NSA Workforce
GMT - GREENWICH Lead to Lick
GSW - Mud SAUCER Scrutiny
HFDF - Boost Popularity Rule
HUAC - Cause to be in UN-AMERICAN
Tricks Cut
HUMINT- Whatsoever Considered opinion
Considered opinion
IDA-CRD - Method FOR Collateral
Legwork Breaking
IDP - Confront Operation Direct
IEC - Considered opinion Contrast
INSCOM- U.S. Army Considered opinion
AND Shield Long for
INTELPOST - Transnational
ELECTRONIC Appointment
INTELSAT - Transnational
INYSA - Delegation Boss OF Place of work
Considered opinion, USAF, SCIENCE
AND Technology Discern,
INZ - AEROSPACE Considered opinion
Breaking (AFIS)
JACL - Decide Campaigner Mutual,
Legal action Breaking (USAF)
JANAP - Common Army Cobalt AIR Motivation
JCS - Common CHIEFS OF Place of work
JRC - Common Reconnaissance Norm
JSPC - Common SOBE Management
JTLS - Common Obscure Words
FOR State Shield
Expert Legwork
LASP - LOW Turn Examination
LCF - Initiate Exhibit Gift
(AIR Motivation)
Treatment IN Stock
LRTS - Have a yen Worthy Obscure
MI-8 - Military Considered opinion
Department 8 - CODES AND
MID - Military Considered opinion
M5 - NSA Fork OF Shield
MPRO - Plot Management Department
OF NSA'S Come forth
MUFON - Locale UFO Link
NAVSPASUR - Maritime Position Examination
NM - Oceangoing MILE
NMCC - Mess Military Long for
Collateral Long for
Comments Norm
NRL - Maritime Legwork LABORATORY
NSA - Mess Shield Expenses
NSF - Mess SCIENCE Solid rock
OAM - Treatment Beast Scratch
ONI - Fork OF Maritime Considered opinion
OSI - Fork OF Enchanting
OSI - Fork OF Enchanting
OSS - Fork OF Main Facilities
PSAPR - PUGET Precisely Receiver PHENOMENA
Legwork INC.
RAPCON - RADAR Way Exhibit
SA - Enchanting Sales rep
SAC - Main AIR Long for
SAC/HO - Main AIR Long for Fork
OF History
Fork OF Information
SAO - SMITHSONIAN Astrophysical
SAT - Shield Cautioning Company
SBI - Enchanting Background
SIGLEX- Enchanting Return Bank on ON
SIGNIT - SIGNALS Considered opinion (NSA)
SIGTRAN - Enchanting Return Bank on ON
SIGVOICE- Enchanting Return Bank on ON
SIPG - Enchanting Confront PRIORITIES
Bank on
SIS - Mark Considered opinion Effectiveness
Considered opinion Environment
SPADATS - Position Gratitude AND TRACKING
Environment (NORAD)
SPS - Shield Legalize Fleet
SSA - Mark Shield Expenses
SSB - Fluffy Stock Construction (USAF)
USAF - Fixed STATES AIR Motivation
USG - Fixed STATES Guidance
Z - ZULU (Frequent Lick)

THIS IS Exclusively A Unmerited Record......
Specially ACRONYMS Order BE Supplementary AS OUR

Gorge GOUDIE Information DIR

Kithra New Woe Contributer

Kithra New Woe Contributer
Women Of Esoterica's newest contributor, Kithra from the UK, has very generously allowed me to repost her article from her website Kithra's Krystal Kave. It was difficult to choose; they're all so interesting and well written! But since it's the holiday season, I decided to repost this one by Kithra on Christmas UFO sightings. Enjoy, and welcome Kithra!

Christmas UFO Sightings in the UK

(January/February 2006)

Christmas and New Year is always a busy time for people, including those of us who write for, and read, UFO Review. So here's a short article that takes a quick look at just a few of the UFO sightings that have been seen in the UK around this time of year. And, before you read on in the hopes of finding mention of Rendlesham.... I haven't included it because it's such a huge case that it deserves an article all of its own. But I'm not going to do one, and will have to leave you to Google for it if you don't already have a folder full of Rendleham links!

One of the earliest documented sightings was way back in 1387 and, according to a link at the BUFORA website, it occurred during November and December. The description given is of a fire in the sky that was shaped like a blazing rotating wheel. The very short details can be found here:

http://www.bufora.org.uk/archive/UFOs behind veil.htm

But let's really begin in the Modern Era with a report from 1952. Richard Hall copyrighted an article entitled Extraterrestrial Psychology, back in 1988, that has a list of tables detailing UFO sightings. In 1952 he catalogues a major wave, between June and December, over the North Sea; some of which were observed during NATO manoeuvres. You can find the table at this link:


North Sea

Picture Credit:


A decade later, or at least sometime during the 1960s, there was what appeared to be a 'Mass Sighting' in Furness, Cumbria. Late one December night, from their bedroom window, a gentleman and his wife saw a UFO hovering over the rooftops. The sighting only lasted about one minute but they talked about it for the whole of the night, having previously been highly sceptical of the existence of UFOs. The gentleman tried to report it to the local press on the following day, only to be laughed at, after which he didn't even mention it to his work colleagues. So imagine his surprise that evening to see the story, together with many other reports of people having seen it, on the front page of his local newspaper. A contact address was also printed and he wrote to it without expecting to receive any reply. Two weeks later a titled gentleman turned up on his doorstep, and the witness invited him in. After much discussion and investigation, including measurements being taken, it seems that the UFO may have been as large as a football pitch. He was also asked to make a drawing of what he'd seen and, having done so, it seemed to tally almost exactly with twelve other such sketches done by those who had witnessed the UFO. The titled investigator later returned to interview the witness's wife, accompanied by his own wife, and another whole night was spent in conversation. Unfortunately the witness can only remember the last name of this person, the surname of whom was O'Brien. Was there, is there, a titled gentleman by this name? I don't know, but the couple sent the witness a Christmas card for years afterwards. You can read the full story here:


Probably one of the strangest events to come out of the 1960s was what happened at Warminster, Wiltshire, and I won't rehash the whole of the story here. But Steve Dewey, in his online Chapter 2 of The Start of Things tells it as he remembers it from his childhood in Warminster, and from how it was told in the books of Arthur Shuttlewood.

In it he mentions Arthur Shuttlewood's book The Warminster Mystery and notes that Shuttlewood believed Warminster to be important because it was:

the focal point or node of some Earth encompassing navigational grid.

And that was the reason that Shuttlewood couldn't understand why the UFOs suddenly seemed to stop visiting the area. Of course Shuttlewood had started out as a sceptic, but he became convinced that UFOs were real. His books covered most of the different aspects of the phenomenon, as it appeared to be at that time, although it's worth pointing out that most of his alien contact was by telephone! When the events were taking place it was a topic of national attention by the media, and yet today it's little talked of, and perhaps even little known about. But many of today's modern UFO investigation methods come from the lessons learned back then.

Steve Dewey gives some very good insights into what really happened in the case. And the reason I've included it is because the origin of the Warminster case came from Christmas Day 1964 when strange sounds were heard in the area. These weird noises were thought to be coming from something that became dubbed as 'The Thing'. According to Shuttlewood, it seems to have begun when a lady reported hearing a very odd commotion on her roof at 01:25 a.m. that day. A few hours later, and about four miles away, more than thirty soldiers were woken up by loud, and inexplicable, noises. Around 06:00 a.m. a lady on her way to the early church service heard what she described as a menacing sound, adding that the air seemed to be vibrating. She was made to feel numb from a force pummelling her head, neck, and shoulders. The postmaster, who lived near by, corroborated the noises, although their descriptions of what they had heard differ, and they did not physically affect the postmaster. By the following summer Shuttlewood had claimed that there had been almost fifty witnesses to the sound, and he also disparaged any idea that they may have been due to some type of poltergeist activity. But, eventually, the noises stopped and the UFO sightings began to appear. These included fireball reports of the sort that we know today as probably being due to meteorites.

Later in his article Steve Dewey relates some of the sightings that Shuttlewood wrote about. However, he warns us that:

I merely point out that Shuttlewood's reports could be vague, confusing, even misleading." And he concludes by saying: "For those interested in ufology, the Warminster mystery is an essentially 1960s phenomenon. Apart from the unusual sounds, it provided nothing that had not been described for earlier UFO sightings, both in Britain and the US. What marked Warminster out in particular was the sheer number of sightings, as well as the fact that a whole town seemed to be enmeshed in the phenomenon. What was also unusual, perhaps, was that the phenomenon had one prime focus, through which all information flowed. Shuttlewood's position as a respected local journalist helped focus attention on the Thing. It was to Shuttlewood that many of the reports of UFO sightings were made, and it was through him that these sightings were articulated for the public......

You can read his online version here:


Christ Church

Picture Credit:


In the May/June 1997 issue of the UK's UFO Magazine, under the heading of Confrontations in the North Atlantic, NATO 1993, Tony Dodd wrote an article entitled Engaging Unknown Underwater Craft. He reports that during the Autumn and Winter of 1970, and the Spring of 1971, the:

Western Alliance became increasingly concerned at a speight of incidents involving UFOs over the north Atlantic Ocean and the eastern coastline of Britain. As a result, a highly secret operation was instigated to try to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.

During this operation, codenamed Aeneid, some UFO sightings took place that included one, during daylight hours, off the coast of Lincolnshire. The case involved a UFO one hundred and eighty feet long, with a number of glass-like, ball shaped, objects in attendance. The event lasted for quite a few hours, during which time the objects hovered over an RAF bombing range at Donna Nook, and were seen by at least half a dozen airmen.

In his article Tony Dodd described many other UFO sightings that took place during the operation, including one very intriguing incident where the pilot lost his life, although his body was never found. He also relates a report of what happened on 20th/23rd and 24th December 1992 when, on the 20th, a UFO was tracked entering the sea off the east coast of Iceland. On the 22nd fishermen off the northeast coast observed a:

very large, very fast, "moving underwater craft" which displayed flashing coloured lights.

These objects had also been seen, being escorted by a glowing object, travelling south towards the coast of Scotland. The fishermen's nets were damaged, and they maintained that the underwater objects were definitely not submarines. On the 23rd Dodd tells us that:

an Icelandic Coast Guard vessel and two gunboats were ordered to take up station off Langeness, an area where UFOs had been seen entering the water. The operation was conducted in great secrecy and I was told the crews felt very uneasy. Their role was to observe and report. A short time later, three American warships took up station in the area and were eventually joined by a fleet of NATO warships, including some from Britain. A simple check with newspapers in the week leading up to Christmas of that year will reveal the gathering was described as a military exercise. Few bothered to appreciate that it was extremely strange and unusual for a massive NATO naval exercise to take place so close to Christmas.

And the following day, the 24th Dodd continues by saying that:

the crews of two British 'Hunter Killer' submarines were recalled from Christmas leave. HMS Endurance and HMS Warrior put to sea to link up with the NATO surface fleet. At the same time, Icelandic Coast Guard vessels and gunboats were ordered to take up station at Alice Fjord off the east coast of Iceland. British newspapers then put out a story that surface ships had entered the area to track a very large underwater craft, believed to be one of a new generation of Russian submarines. I then received further information from contacts that a further four UFOs had been seen to descend and enter the same area of sea. Icelandic sources also confirmed that the entire operation was linked to tracking "unknown underwater alien craft.

At the same time a big search and rescue effort was taking place to find a ship that appeared to have gone missing, but even after several days, nothing was found.

This search was undertaken in immense secrecy. Two weeks later, on 12th January 1993, the weather seriously deteriorated badly, and remained so for the next three weeks. In fact it was so dreadful that only large ships could remain at sea, with all smaller vessels having to take shelter. When the weather improved, and all ships could put back to sea, the operation continued, but this wasn't the end of the strange UFO events.

According to Tony Dodd's article very strange things were happening right up until the time it was written in 1997. And, if you're interested, you can read the rest of it here:


This next report you won't find online because it's my own sighting that took place in late November/early December 1973. My husband was driving us along the main road, the A4, from Hungerford to Newbury. The time was either late morning or early afternoon, and the weather was cold, dry, and overcast.

Living so near Greenham Common both of us were quite used to the the many different types of aircraft that often flew over the area. Suddenly my husband drew my attention to something in the sky, over the fields to our right. At first we thought it was a plane because it was shiny and metallic looking, but we couldn't see a tail or wings of any sort. The nearest description I can give is of a cigar. It kept pace with us, or we kept pace with it, for about six miles, there being hardly any traffic on this long straight stretch of road. Eventually, we went up a hill and into a built up area where it was no longer in our line of sight. We didn't hear any noise at all, but this may have been because our windows were closed, due to the cold. At the time we both thought it might be a UFO; this to the extent that it convinced my husband who, until that sighting, had been a confirmed sceptic.

I suppose it's possible that the road we were on ran in line with the flightpath into GreenahamCommon Airbase, but we'd never seen planes come in on that trajectory before. And we'd never seen planes fly so low over a populated area, even when the cloudbase was so low. Years later we saw massive American C17s fly low into the airbase over a built-up area, but that was a case of the flightpath having been there long before the town had spread out underneath it.

As for our personal sighting, did we report it? No, we didn't know who to report it to. And, did we ever find an explanation? Again, no, we never did. But the memory is as clear in mind now, over thirty years later, as on the day it happened.


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Hbcc Ufo Research Email Hbccufo@telus Net
Posted: February 18, 2008

My story, The Detection

In 1975, in Rosemead, California what time burdensome land-living from visiting in-laws about 9:30 p.m. I noticed (what time looking out the drivers side place) a blue orb of light in the reduction sky line. It seemed to be off in the window but was reasonably fantastic. I asked my companion "what is that?" But, before he might handle a row of fantastic trees came fashionable viewpoint obstruction the light for about 3 house's.

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Black Triangle Sighting In Bellevue Nebraska On November 25Th 2013 Black Misty Triangular Blocked Out Stars

Black Triangle Sighting In Bellevue Nebraska On November 25Th 2013 Black Misty Triangular Blocked Out Stars
BLACK TRIANGLE SIGHTING IN BELLEVUE, NEBRASKA ON NOVEMBER 25TH 2013 - BLACK, MISTY, TRIANGULAR, BLOCKED OUT STARS, FLYING FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, MADE NO SOUND,I was outside my back door looking into the sky like I do on regular occurrences just gazing at the stars. When looking straight up I saw a large dark triangular shadow pass over the top of my house and neighborhood heading from North to South. It had some haziness to the front sides of the triangle. Made no noise and was traveling pretty fast for an object that size. Larger than any plane I have ever seen even at the altitude it was flying (I live next to an Air Force Base).LATEST UFO SIGHTINGSCredit: MUFON- - - People are raising thousands of dollars a day using Crowdfunding at GoFundMe.Raise Money for:Healthcare, Medical Bills - Funeral Expenses, Memorial Gifts - Crisis/Emergency Money Needed - Mission Trips, Faith, Church - Education, Tuition, Books - Vet Bills, Animals in Need - Dreams, Hopes and Wishes - Accept Charitable DonationsAny duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Northeast Of Maryvale Qld Australia Sparks Exploded Behind Object

Northeast Of Maryvale Qld Australia Sparks Exploded Behind Object
Posted: Honored 3, 2008Date: July 21, 2008 Time: 7:20 p.m. Hi current, At 7.20pm Australian EST on 21 July 2008, looking north-east of Maryvale QLD we spotted a burly light big than the chief noticeable star enchanting from South to North via a free tail. Three seconds after sighting a compound of ocher sparks exploded from like the object and its colour untouched from burly ice-covered to electric overpowering blue. At the arena of arrive of sparks the object slowed evidently and continued on for on its own two seconds until that time it left. This is not the first object of this type to swelling and make tracks in pronounced mode in this corner. The object left in the corner of Mt. Germ, which is west of Toogoolawah and east north east of Maryvale. For unrelated readers, this area is in the Brilliant Dividing Ascend west of Brisbane Queensland and east south east of Toowoomba and east north east of Warwick Queensland. Regards. Thank you to the longest for their report. Brian Vike, Boss HBCC UFO Spadework and present of the Vike Keep track of UFO Spectator radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Spadework International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Well additional, the Vike Keep track of Infrastructure Face Blog. You can distress the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and approaching programs I do. http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/ HBCC UFO Spadework, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Ufo Sighting In Cumming Georgia On August 31St 2013 Red Orange Yellow Lights In The Sky

Ufo Sighting In Cumming Georgia On August 31St 2013 Red Orange Yellow Lights In The Sky
UFO SIGHTING IN CUMMING, GEORGIA ON AUGUST 31ST 2013 - RED ORANGE YELLOW LIGHTS IN THE SKY.I went outside to see my neighbor and looked up at the sky. I saw 5-6 reddish orange lights ascending from West to North in a diagonal line. I thought at first maybe there were a lot of air planes but then I saw an actual air plane flying beside them and it was completely different. The air planes were blinking red and white lights while the unidentified objects were a solid orange color. I asked my neighbor to come outside and see if she could identify them. When she came outside to look up at the sky there were only 2 orange lights. After pointing them out another appeared and we watched them get closer together and farther apart. One by one they disappeared and then after a few minutes they reappeared. There were now three and another neighbor came outside to witness as well.I ran inside to get my video camera but could not find it and my neighbor got a few pictures during this time but the pictures only show a white light instead of orange. An airplane flew by the lights and they almost collided in the same path then the orange light disappeared and the airplane continued to fly by. After a few more moments all of the lights disappeared and we haven't seen them since around 9:30 pm.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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