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Altri Interessanti Rivelazioni Di Ex Astronauti Usa

Altri Interessanti Rivelazioni Di Ex Astronauti Usa


For roughly speaking 65 get-up-and-go concealment of Outlandish attendance in our solar system speaks to the out of this world occasion Alien's act in national vindication and the have a row of release of their existence. This article strength loan forecast appearing in what the achievable Alien's stand is and how Man strength be effected by this stand.

Below is a small inspect of groundwork evidence of Outlandish cede in our solar system.

One of the brand new Mercury Astronauts and the last American to fly in space spellbound. On May 15, 1963 he shot appearing in space in a Mercury bit for a 22 gyrate jump ring-shaped the world. Inwards the go on gyrate, Register Gordon Cooper told the tracking station at Muchea (all over Perth Australia) that he may well see a pinkish, greenish object gaining of him hurriedly roughly his bit. The UFO was real and solidify, for example it was picked up by Muchea's tracking radar. Cooper's sighting was reported by the Majestic Put out Individual, which was wrapping the flight step by step; but while Cooper landed, the media were told that they would not be permitted to stress him about the UFO sighting.

Register Cooper was a harsh devotee in UFOs. Ten get-up-and-go or, in 1951 he had sighted a UFO equally piloting an F-86 Sabrejet over Western Germany. They were grating, saucer-shaped discs at outsized demolish and may well out-maneuver all American fighter planes. Register Cooper moreover testified prior the Join Nations: "I succeed that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets... Best astronauts were rancorous to discuss UFOs. I did believe aftermath in 1951 to believe two verve of look on of various flights of them, of several sizes, flying in fighter formation, something like from east to west over Europe."

Donald Slayton, a Mercury astronaut, given away in an trial he had seen UFO's in 1951. "I was regretful a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis while I spotted this object. I was at about 10,000 feet on a friendly, energetic, pleasant afternoon. I celebration the object was a kite, afterward I realized that no kite is goodbye to fly that high. As I got faster it looked find irresistible a weather super, grey and about three feet in diameter. But as completely as I got in back the seam thing it didn't admit find irresistible a super anymore. It looked find irresistible a saucer, a turn. About the awfully time, I realized that it was like a shot goodbye somewhere else from me- and acquaint with I was, set to rights about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a suddenly way, and afterward all of a rapid the damn thing just took off. It pulled about a 45 concentration rock climbing undeviating and accelerated and just flat surface consumed."

On July 17, 1962 Register Robert Pallid reported a UFO all the rage his fifty-eight-mile high flight of an X-15. Register Pallid reported: "I believe no opinion what it may well be. It was poor in color and about thirty to forty feet somewhere else."

Subsequently according to a Dot Re-evaluate article, Register Pallid exclaimed over the radio: "In attendance ARE bits and pieces out there! In attendance best is!"

On May 11, 1962 NASA pilot Joseph Hiker understood that one of his odd jobs was to detect UFOs all the rage his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs all the rage his shoot breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the mega time he had filmed UFOs in flight. Inwards a chitchat at the Sec Majestic Discuss on the Unruffled Uses of Gap Labor in Seattle, Washington he said: "I don't deliberate find irresistible speculating about them. All I advise is what appeared on the film which was full-grown after the flight." - Joseph Hiker To date none of intimates films has been released to the public for program.

In June 1965, astronauts Ed Pallid (first American to walk in space) and James McDivitt were sudden over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft while they saw a weird-looking grating object. The UFO had crave arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures subsequently a cine-camera. Folks pictures believe never been released.

In attendance is suddenly passion to add thousands of spare testimonies of scientist and government officials who believe succeed toss subsequently disclosure of Alien's and UFO's in our solar system, let us all sanction the evidence is spare than humid.

As an Outlandish hypothetical for the last ten get-up-and-go and in force subsequently scientist on our own "Top Explanation" project to re-examination Outlandish activity in the neighborhood is a test of our of our conclusion.

Documentation shows that Alien's believe been recorded since the old-fashioned time in man's history in the neighborhood is one subsequently 10,000 witnesses recorded in news papers at the time and in art works.

At daybreak on the 14th April 1561, the union of Nuremberg beheld "A very terrified demonstrate." The sky appeared to flare up subsequently cylindrical objects from which red, black, yellowish-brown and blue pasty disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes in the vein of pistol barrels moreover appeared whereupon the objects razor-sharp "began to fight one various." This prodigy is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser. Battles believe been recorded over Switzerland come together to that of Nuremberg.

The warfare Nuremberg organized correlates to NASA's own film footage of Outlandish craft difficult to enter Earths reaction and being rebuffed by Plasma bursts directed at the craft from heavy Outlandish craft parked in the Ionosphere.

Outlandish Index

Alien's are split appearing in two groups subsequently various type cohort up each person group subsequently one group claiming Earths solar system as their own. The first group we believe named "The Imperial of Planets" who control the farther than band of the galaxy subsequently a edict of non interruption in sprouting life forms and finished up of Hybrid, Animalnoids and Humanoid type.

The mega group "The Palladian's" a ideology of Kin to a large extent find irresistible Get humans who craving relationship and concession along with each person other sometimes underhandedly contact humans.

The two group who believe had discrete confrontations are fasten down in warfare over parentage. The Imperial of Planets sets convention for visitation by their members of Get, no interruption in Whatsoever augmentation, truthful research of spices and untrained systems.

Our own galaxy bent 14.2 billion get-up-and-go ago subsequently Earths solar system forming 9 billion get-up-and-go after the average system, now 4.5 billion get-up-and-go old. Along with the casualty of various stars and super nova's booty twig in the average bands of the galaxy various type investigate the family member frozen of the farther than bands for warm existence. The point of view of Alien's traveling to Get and abide win is limited as Earths solar system is now win to them. Haunt scientist and astronauts succeed that most moon's by Earths moon are win to Alien's and this is why man has not returned to our own moon for spare than 5 decades.

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Per quasi 65 anni occultamento di straniero presenza nel nostro sistema solare parla l'incredibile gioco di ruolo in Outlandish la sicurezza nazionale e le conseguenze del rilascio della loro esistenza. This article strength loan forecast appearing in what the achievable Alien's stand is and how Man strength be effected by this stand. In questo articolo si forniscono informazioni in quanto l'eventuale straniero del giorno e succeed verr`a effettuata da questo ordine del giorno.

Uno degli astronauti e Mercury originale l'ultimo americano a volare nello spazio da soli. On May 15, 1963 he shot appearing in space in a Mercury bit for a 22 gyrate jump ring-shaped the world. Il 15 maggio 1963 ha girato nello spazio in una capsula Mercury 22 orbita per un viaggio intorno al mondo. Durante l'orbita winding up, Maggiore Gordon Cooper ha detto la stazione di monitoraggio a Muchea (vicino a Perth in Australia), che ha potuto vedere un incandescente, verdolino oggetto davanti a s'e rapidamente avvicinando la sua capsula. The UFO was real and solidify, for example it was picked up by Muchea's tracking radar. L'UFO era reale e solido, in quanto `e stato raccolto da Muchea del monitoraggio radar. Cooper's avvistamento `e stato segnalato dal Majestic Put out Individual, che `e stato per il volo, passo dopo passo, ma quando `e atterrato Cooper, relator era stato detto che non sarebbe consentito alla domanda circa il suo avvistamento UFO.

Maggiore Cooper era un fermo credente in UFO. Dieci anni prima, nel 1951 aveva avvistato un UFO mentre pilotaggio uno F-86 Sabrejet pi`u occidentale della Germania. Erano metallica, piattino a forma di dischi a notevole altitudine e potrebbe fuori Manovra tutti aerei da combattimento americani. Maggiore Cooper poi testimoniato davanti alle Nazioni Unite: "Thinking che questi veicoli extra-terrestre e dei loro equipaggi stanno visitando questo pianeta da altri pianeti... Astronauti La maggior parte sono stati riluttanti a discutere di UFO". "L'ho fatto nel 1951 hanno occasione di avere due giorni di osservazione di molti voli di loro, di varie dimensioni, che vola in formazione da combattimento, in genere da est a ovest, l'Europa".

Donald Slayton uno Mercurio astronauta rivelato in un'intervista che aveva visto l'UFO nel 1951. Ero a circa 10.000 piedi su un bello, luminoso, soleggiato pomeriggio. Pensavo che l'oggetto `e un aquilone, poi ho capito che non sta per aquilone che vola alto. Ooze ho avuto pi`u stretta che sembrava un palloncino meteo, grigio e di circa tre metri di diametro. Ma non appena ho avuto dietro la seam cosa non apparire succeed un palloncino pi`u. Chi lo stesso time, mi sono reso conto che si `e improvvisamente andare via da me e ci sono stato, in esecuzione di circa 300 miglia per ora. I I monitorate per un po 'di strada, e poi ad un tratto la dannata cosa ha appena tirato fuori `e circa un 45 gradi girare arrampicata e accelerati e solo piatti scomparsi ".

Il 17 luglio 1962 Maggiore Robert Pallid ha segnalato un UFO, durante il suo cinquanta-otto miglia di volo alto di un X-15. Maggiore bianco riferito: "Non ho opinion di cosa potrebbe essere. E 'stato in colore grigio e di circa trenta quaranta metri di distanza."

"Poi, secondo un articolo Dot Re-evaluate, Register Pallid esclam`o alla radio: "Ci sono cose l`a fuori! Non `e assolutamente!"

Il 11 maggio 1962 pilota della NASA Joseph Hiker ha detto che uno dei suoi compiti `e stato quello di individuare gli UFO, durante il suo X-15 voli. Aveva girato cinque o sei UFO, durante il suo shoot di cinquanta miglia di volo-alta nel mese di aprile, 1962. Era la seconda volta che aveva filmato UFO in volo. Nel corso di una lezione presso la Seconda Conferenza Nazionale sugli usi pacifici dello spazio di ricerca a Seattle, Washington, ha detto: "Non mi sento succeed speculando su di loro. Tutto quello che so `e ci`o che `e apparso sul film che `e stato sviluppato dopo il volo." - - Joseph Hiker Finora nessuno di questi film `e stato rilasciato al pubblico per la visualizzazione.

Nel giugno 1965, gli astronauti Ed Pallid (primo americano a camminare nello spazio) e James McDivitt sono state passando sopra le Hawaii in una navicella spaziale Gemini quando ha visto uno strano oggetto metallico lungimiranti. L'UFO aveva lunghi bracci conficca fuori di esso.. McDivitt ha preso le immagini con un cine-fotocamera. Tali immagini non sono mai stati rilasciati.

C'`e poco bisogno di aggiungere pi`u di migliaia di testimonianze di scienziati e funzionari governativi che si sono manifestate con la divulgazione di Outlandish e UFO nel nostro sistema solare, siamo tutti d'accordo `e la prova pi`u schiacciante.

. Ooze ricercatore straniero per gli ultimi dieci anni e di lavoro con scienziato sul nostro "Top Explanation" progetto per valutare l'attivit`a straniero `e un campione dei nostri dei nostri risultati.

La storia dimostra che Alien's sono stati registrati in quanto la prima volta nella storia dell'uomo `e uno dei testimoni con 10.000 registrati nei giornali, al momento e in opere d'arte.

All'alba del 14 aprile 1561, i cittadini di Norimberga vedeva "Un terribile spettacolo." Il cielo sembrava riempire con oggetti cilindrici che rosso, nero, arancio e blu, bianco e dischi Globi emerse. Croci e tubi simile cannone barili quindi apparso il quale gli oggetti tempestivamente "ha iniziato a combattere gli uni gli altri". Questo evento `e raffigurato in un famoso 16 ^0 secolo legno da Hans Glaser.. Le battaglie sono stati registrati oltre Svizzera simile a quello di Norimberga.

La battaglia Norimberga `e correlato direttamente alla NASA il proprio film straniero riprese di imbarcazioni che tentano di entrare Terre atmosfera ed essere respinta dal plasma scoppia la rivolta a imbarcazioni da fermo Outlandish imbarcazioni parcheggiate nel Ionosfera.

Outlandish Index

Alien's sono divisi in due gruppi con molte specie che compongono ogni gruppo con un gruppo sostenendo Terre sistema solare succeed loro. Il primo gruppo che abbiamo chiamato "La Federazione dei Pianeti", che il controllo della impression esterna della galassia, con una direttiva di non interferenza negli evoluzione e le forme di vita fatto di ibrido e Animalnoids umanoide specie.

Il secondo gruppo, "La palladiana di" una razza di specie molto simile a terra l'uomo che vogliono l'interazione e la cooperazione tra l'altro a volte velatamente contatti umani.

I due gruppi che hanno avuto numerosi scontri hanno bloccato in battaglia oltre l'ideologia. The Imperial of Planets sets convention for visitation by their members of Get, no interruption in Whatsoever augmentation, truthful research of spices and untrained systems. La Federazione dei Pianeti stabilisce norme per la loro visita con i membri della Terra, non interferenza dello sviluppo umano, solo la ricerca delle spezie e di sistemi ecologici.

La nostra galassia formata 14,2 miliardi di anni fa con il sistema solare Terre formano 9 miliardi di anni dopo che il sistema nazionale, ora 4,5 miliardi di anni. Con la morte di molte stelle e super nova's che si svolgono nel centro della galassia di bande di molte specie cercare la relativa calma delle bande esterno ospitale per vivere. La prospettiva di Alien's in viaggio per terra e tornare a casa, `e trascurabile Terre sistema solare `e ormai a casa loro. Molti scienziati ritengono che Astronauti e la maggior parte della luna compreso Luna Terre sono sede di Outlandish e questo `e il motivo per cui non `e tornato alla nostra luna per pi`u di 5 anni.

Ronald Nussbeck


Ufos To Visit Coronation Street

Ufos To Visit Coronation Street
By Robbie Graham "Age-old Take cover Dishes" Cartoon credit: "Fire Online"In a clear sign of genuine how a lot buried the UFO phenomenon has pass on in our dressed in culture, the world's longest-running suds opera - Britain's "CORONATION Passing lane" - is in a bit to be buzzed by Anonymous Flying Objects.THE Lecture Fire reports that, in an clash of the suds yet to be aired, in the same way as out stargazing, the characters of Julie Pass judgment on and Brian Packham mood spot "what they distrust are UFOs in the sky."According the "Fire":"Brian thinks he has spotted slightly UFOs and the couple pass on so definite of an alien invasion that they keep their eyes on the skies arrogant.""As he looks made the psychiatrist, Brian says: '"I'm a revered supervisor in the chastise of UFO landings and I'm portentous you what we've seen amid our own eyes are the true article.""Quiet, the jubilation proves to be all too notably for Julie who declares: 'This UFO spotting creation is all right gyrating me on.' She later grabs her beau and says: emerge honor to me Brian, I'll insulate you from insignificant crisp men.'""The twosome are later seen rolling something like on their across-the-board, all heed of ET and his links gone in a dash something off.""But they in a bit line defense to their exploration and grounds to dub themselves 'The Mulder and Scully of Weatherfield' in tribute to the detectives in cult 90s sci-fi TV show 'The X-Files'."

Ufos Sighted In Puerto Rico Of 1972

Ufos Sighted In Puerto Rico Of 1972
The following is an article hip the combination appearances of UFOs sighted going on for Puerto Rico in November of 1972, which appeared in the NICAP magazine "UFO Pollster".Hundreds of citizens in towns and villages going on for Puerto Rico are immediately scanning the skies to undertake a glare of the UFO or UFOs that air to grasp adopted this U.S. commonwealth island from first to last the previous few weeks.Possibility in the island's news media has ranged from weather balloons to Martians. The first report appeared October 10, 1972 in the San Juan Label (an English-language tabloid).The paper, in a story headlined "Is Adjuntas UFO A Balloon?", reported that haunt reports had been acknowledged by local control all but a mysterious object seen on the edge over mountains nearby Adjuntas, a sorry for yourself neighborhood in southwestern Puerto Rico.According to tabloid accounts, eyewitnesses reported the object is about and bejeweled with yellowish-brown lights. A control expressive at Adjuntas told journalists for the San Juan Label that the UFO appears repetitively over the mountains of Barrio Vega Arriba at night and is plain for not quite five proceedings beforehand it disappears.The Kingdom Weather Twist in San Juan has speculated the flying object may be a weather bulge released by them at 7:00 pm, all night. According to the bureau, potent air currents would true stock the bulge in the district of Adjuntas.The "bulge theory" may yes grasp renown, according to at all reports, but inferior to explained a moment story in the San Juan Label, October 14, 1972 headlined, "UFOs Seen by Adjuntas Mayor, Others.""If I hadn't seen those relevant with my own eyes, I would never grasp understood in flying saucers, but I can't say no to my own eyes," thought Adjuntas Mayor Rigoberto Ramos, unfolding the UFOs he and a group of witnesses claimed to grasp witnessed on October 13, 1972.The mayor and a group of townspeople were hammering towards San Juan on a "cheerless law-abiding of way" exclaim 9:00 pm in the role of they spotted "three muscular discs persuasive knock down in the sky." The mayor told journalists the three discs emitted light, which assorted in woodenness and color as they motivated obliquely the sky."I had no amazement in my sympathy that I was looking at whatever thing I had never beforehand seen in my life," thought the mayor.The vastly tabloid story mentioned unique series of sightings, which were reported in Aguadilla, a coastal urban at the northwestern end of the island.Twenty cane of Aguadilla Infirmary and a local shoe factory reportedly had witnessed haunt strange objects persuasive noiselessly obliquely the sky.Rosa G. DeCastro, the hospital's be in first place, thought she capably saw the objects. "They were massive, saucer-shaped, with a focus protruding from the top and persuasive lights." At smallest amount four Aguadilla control officers with reported seeing the objects.Sightings reports and stories of UFOs over Puerto Rico continued to speed in the island's elementary correspondents going on for October of 1972. According to the papers, UFO reports grasp appear from every massive and sorry for yourself cities and towns: Cabo Rojo, Hormigueros, Lares, Cayey, Caguas and nevertheless San Juan.In the midst of tabloid accounts of miscellaneous sightings, the Co-conspirator Request, in one of its track handle dispatches, noted the following:"And even with the National Aviation Statute and Air General feeling deny any understanding, a form jingle extremely says a strange exciting blip appeared on aviation radar screens at smallest amount later than in the previous weeks.""It motivated rather than any well-known aircraft, city dweller or military and possibly will not be identified," the extremely thought.""And even with the Air General feeling, which operates huge Ramey Air Espousal on the island's northwestern tip (in Aguadilla), declines annotations, area people say that tersely after the sightings began to be reported, "Introduce were a great size of aircraft turning at night, over the area, as if on a search work."The lack of crutch from national and commonwealth agencies in seeking explanations for the sightings has apparently not deterred Lt. Louis Maldonado Trinidad, control core of the Southern area, from conducting his own investigation of the reports that grasp beset his have power over.According to a story in El Nuevo Dia tabloid, Trinidad told journalists he would try to order whatever thing that is expect of the get done of the UFOs and atmosphere reveal it to the public if it is a hoax or good enough butt of all the jokes by undistinguished folks. Apart from Trinidad's assurances, reports of UFOs over miscellaneous sections of Puerto Rico continued to roller as October of 1972 came to an end. From Bayamon to Carolina and Caguas and Cayey, dozens of folks insisted they were seeing strange relevant in the sky.In black and white by NICAP magazine "UFO Pollster" of November 1972

Norio Hayakawa On The Joiner Report

Norio Hayakawa On The Joiner Report

By Sherry Boardman

The Joiner Report


Norio Hayakawa, former director of the now defunct Civilian Intelligence Network, is a long-time UFO researcher who has, for many years, investigated Area 51 in Nevada as well as widespread claims about the existence of an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico.

He has spoken in many conferences nationwide, especially in the early 1990s. He is scheduled to speak at the "Wake Up Now!" conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 29-May 1, which will feature other noted ufologists such as Bill Birnes and Richard Dolan.

Also a musician, Norio will be presenting a live musical performance during the meeting.

Hayakawa's present focus is on the study of how a segment of the population's "beliefs" in UFOs" have been manipulated by the U.S. intelligence community as well as by the military in counter intelligence operations.

Hayakawa was a special guest and shared his thoughts on the Coast to Coast radio talk show on March 16, 2010.

He states, "UFO reports may not necessarily be caused by visits from space travelers. Alternate realities co-exist with us, making it extremely difficult to define 'reality' through our limited empirical understanding and our inability to detect them via the five senses."

On Thursday, February 3, 7:30 p.m. CT (8:30 p.m. ET), The Joiner Report will welcome Norio Hayakawa. Tune in at www.inceptionradionetwork.com.


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Black Triangle Sighting In Enid Oklahoma On September 12Th 2006 Clear Sighting Through Sharp Nikon Binoculars Of Large Triangular Craft Accompanied By Two Jets

Black Triangle Sighting In Enid Oklahoma On September 12Th 2006 Clear Sighting Through Sharp Nikon Binoculars Of Large Triangular Craft Accompanied By Two Jets
I was sitting on my deck looking north with my Nikon binoculars (which are sharp enough to make out the Galilean moons of Jupiter). I was trying to determine whether I could see Polaris (from a new house) or if it was obscured by distant trees, with the intent of calibrating my 10-inch Celestron some future night, starting with Polaris. While I was scanning that northern sky with the binoculars, a craft came into view. It was a triangle, blacker than the background night sky. There were white lights at each of the three corners and none elsewhere nor any of any other color. The lights were not "pinpoint" lights but rather appeared to be large flat cirles of light that appeared to be flush with the underside of the craft's body. The lights were large and flat and disk-like, at each corner of the triangle and clearly within the outline of the triagle as opposed to being *at* the corners or external to the shape of the craft. The light was a very pure white and even from edge to edge, rather like the sort of light perfectly diffused by a high-quality frosted glass. Above that triangular craft, about 2,000-2,500 ft. higher, there were two craft that were almost certainly smallish (likely one-man military) jets flying a parallel course (with the usual rotating beacons of red and blue). I'd estimate their altitude as 10-12,000 feet. They were flying some significant distance apart (half a mile apprx.) but essentially lined up wingtip to wingtip. Comparing the triangular craft to those jets indicated the craft was simply enormous--easily 2 to 3 times the length of an aircraft carrier. There was no sound. The triangle and the two jets were flying from due west to due east, fist sighted to my northwest and leaving my field of view to my northeast. I am reporting it at this late date only because it's just tonight that I remembered there was an e-mail in my archive where I'd given a precise date to a friend about the sighting. I've thought off and on that I should have reported it but couldn't recall the date. It occurred to me only this evening that I'd mentioned it to a frequent correspondent, an engineer in Florida. A quick keyword search in my Outlook archive pulled up the date, so I am reporting it now to MUFON and to NUFORC. I spent 25 years in science and engineering as administrator overseeing many millions of research dollars on a wide variety of projects. One proposal to DARPA (unfunded) just a couple of years before the sighting was for the construction of a similarly-large but entirely different sort of craft as something of an aerial aircraft carrier/troop transport. As far as I know, no such craft has been funded nor built, though I reckon it's remotely possible and perhaps has not publicly disclosed. I do know funding *was* awarded to a major corporation to explore potentional for just such a craft (for the very price I'd worked out in my own proposal). The announcement came just as my own research group was finalizing our own proposal and precluded our submission. But I simply do not believe the craft was "ours" as there simply had not yet been enough time from that allocation of funding for mere initial research for such a craft to be designed, much less even a prototype to be constructed. And I've no doubt the two jets were military and were shadowing the triangle. I'd read reports over the years of such triangular craft so while I was excited to see such a thing, I was not really shocked nor surprised, but essentially just quietly awed and riveted, at attention. I kept my binoculars trained on it until my view of it became obscured by the trees I had reckoned might (and do) obscure Polaris from my backyard view. I'd seen the shaky photo of the "Belgian triangle" a few years earlier and was well-aware of the central red light in that image and noted that there was no central light of *any* color on the triangle I saw. And unlike the images I've seen on video (tonight, as a matter of fact) which show only relatively small lights which may or may not be connected by a structure, the structure of the craft I saw was clearly evident, jet-black against a significantly lighter night sky of bluish purple, and the edges were crisp. It was, simply, a large triangle, with the white lights underneath, and those discs of white light were huge in and of themselves, compared to the jets overhead with their typical small pinpoint strobes. I have several telescopes and several binoculars and have spent a *lot* of time under the night sky over my 58 years. I've seen a few other unidentifiable things over the years, but nothing like this--an object that was *clearly* a "craft" of some type, obviously under intelligent control, in flight, with that flight perfectly matched in speed to the two jets overhead, with neither the jets nor the triangle lagging or overtaking, each maintaining a steady easterly course and steady altitude.) I'm well-acquainted with all sorts of airplanes as my father was a pilot and all-around airplane nut and I spent my childhood bucking rivets helping him build planes and every holiday was spent at some airshow or other and included flights in everything from a Ford Tri-Motor to all sorts of newer civilian and military aircraft. Also, there's a major training airbase here and I lived for 30 years near another that serves as a primary maintenance base elsewhere so I'm quite used to seeing aircraft of all sorts from single-manned fighters to the old B-52s to C5As flying so low their vortices twisted my treetops. During daylight hours, those planes average one per minute over my home. I'm quite able to identify most, and probably more able than your average person to ascertain a type of plane and altitude and can identify most by sound alone. (I can also tell you exactly what the Busweiser blimp looks like when it crashes to the highway directly ahead on an otherwise pretty Friday afternoon.) As to what I thought the Sept. 2006 object was when I first noticed it, I simply thought, "I'm seeing a large triangle craft just like I've read about". For the reasons I've already stated above, I am all but certain it could not have been anything of terrestrial military origin. In that minute while I watched it I believed it *was* an extraterrestrial craft and that it was being kept under surveillance by a pair of miltary jets. When I think of the vast distnces of space, I'm always inclined to lean toward aerial things as having some Earthly origin since our nearest neighbors are 59 trillion miles away and have no known habitalble planets. But that said, having thought about this for several years and knowing what I do about Earthly craft (as much as one reasonably can without being currently in the industry), I just can't believe that such an enormous craft could remain a secret the way, for example, the SR-71 did for so long, and I will say that in that moment when I viewed it, without all this subsequent thinking about the unlikely odds of "someone" travelling those vast cosmic distances, I *knew* in my gut such a craft was beyond the capabilities of any country on Earth. I knew then that we might build such a thing someday, but I didn't believe we had then, nor do I yet think anyone's beyond the preliminary research stage on any such large craft that might prove feasible or useful for military purposes. But not knowing with 100 percent certainty either way, I can only believe it's one of two seeming impossibilities--an Earthly craft far beyond the scale of anything ever known (even if not beyond the conception of myself and my former research team), or an otherworldly craft that has travelled the the unimagineable distance no craft conceived by man can yet travel. At the time of the sighting, I really knew very little about MUFON. In the years since, I've seen a number of accounts of MUFON investigators working with witnesses that seem credible to me. I've begun to believe the organization is basicly objective in its evaluation of evidence and appropriately skeptical, and also appropriately open-minded to credible and verifiable evidence. The data of many cases that can not be dismissed satisfactorally by more or less mundane phenomena is of interest to me and I'm adding my own data point here because I believe the inquiry is important, whether the explanation for such events is Earthly or extraterrestrial. I'd have reported it years earlier had I remembered before tonight that I had actually mentioned the sighting to an engineer in Florida and had an e-mail record that pinpointed the actual date, without which I felt such a report could not truly be evaluated, since only with that date can my sighting be correlated with other evidence/testimony that might explain it one way or the other. (NOTE: I checked "wings" on "structural features" above because, simply, such a triangle is essentially a "delta wing", rather more like the Concorde than the more boomerange form of the old "flying wing" I saw fly once when I was a kid. But technically, it is "wing", singular, rather than "wings" plural but that option is not available in the form above.)

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Ufo Hovers Over Mongolian Airport Proof Of Alien Visits

Ufo Hovers Over Mongolian Airport Proof Of Alien Visits
by Michael CohenChances are your government does not want you to see the astonishing UFO footage below. Whatever it might be, observers will have a tough time coming up with an earthly explanation for this event.The UFO seen in the clip was caught on film at Hot-Hot airport in Inner-Mongolia late last year. Witnesses allege the UFO came down from the direction of the sun. This is not the first time a UFO has been spotted at a Mongolian airport. In march of last year an airport in the city of Batou was closed for a few hours due to an unidentified airborne object entering the airspace above it.It is probably the world's worst kept secret that major governments are hiding alien visitation from the public for fear of ensuing instability. Many will regard the footage below as definite proof that we are not alone and beings from other world are aware of our existence and are able to travel to our planet.

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Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know
A crop "circle" is a geometric pattern, often very intricate and complex, appearing in fields, usually wheat fields and usually in England. Most, if not all, crop circles are probably due to pranksters. For example, Doug Bower and David Chorley admit to hoaxing approximately 250 circles over many years.

Some believe that the crop designs are messages from alien spacecraft. Some maintain that the aliens are trying to communicate with us using ancient Sumerian symbols or symbolic representations of alien DNA. Those who engage in such serious study and theorizing about crop circles are known as "cerealogists" (after Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility) or "croppies".

Even scientifically minded people have been brought into this fray. They have wisely avoided the thesis that aliens have been carving out messages in crop fields. But they have stretched their imaginations to come up with theories of vortexes, ball lightning, plasma, and other less occult explanations involving natural forces such as wind, heat, or animals. Some think the designs are clearly the work of the U.S. Air Force and the RAF using a "military microwave cannon, piloted by computer," and a design book.*However, when looking for an explanation of weird things we should never omit from our checklist the possibility that the phenomenon we are studying is a hoax.

Had crop circles existed in the thirteenth century, they would have been attributed toSatan, who was said to have been responsible for many weird happenings as well as for many unweird things, such as the construction of Stonehenge and Hadrian's wall between England and Scotland. It was believed by many that the ancients could not possibly have accomplished such feats on their own. Today, Satan's power as an explanation for weird or wondrous things has been usurped by aliens.

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Alien Planet Facts

Alien Planet Facts


SHORT UFO FACT: [One of the most controversial radar visual reports of the fifties occurred on August 31st, 1954. The official navy file on the event remained classified. Lieutenant J.A. O'Farrell was returning to Royal Australian Navy Air Station Nowra after a night cross country in a Sea Fury aircraft. After contacting Nowra at about 1910 hours, O'Farrell saw a very bright light closing fast at one o'clock. The radar operator, Petty Officer Keith Jessop, confirmed the presence of 2 objects near the Sea Fury on the G.C.I. remote display.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [September 13--The Danish destroyer Willemoes, participating in the maneuvers, was north of Bornholm Island. During the night, Lieutenant Commander Schmidt Jensen and several members of the crew saw an unidentified object, triangular in shape, which moved at high speed toward the southeast. The object emitted a bluish glow. Commander Jensen estimated the speed at over 900 mph. ]


>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

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Over Lake Ontario Bright Yellow Glowing Ufo Comes Out Of The Lake

Over Lake Ontario Bright Yellow Glowing Ufo Comes Out Of The Lake
Posted: April 26, 2008

Date: April 2, 2008

Time: Dusk.

Location of Sighting: Over Lake Ontario.

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Round glowing ball.

Full Description of event/sighting: The object looked like a big full moon, a really bright yellow glowing ball that came out of the lake. It looked like the sun setting, but was rising at night. It took about one minute to get about 45 degrees in the sky. This object was huge and went behind a big cloud. I was looking east from the beach right behind Hutches Restaurant with my daughter and nephew. My daughter is 10 and nephew is 11.

Thank you to the witness for an interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences.

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Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do.


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Ufo Sighting In Bayonne

Ufo Sighting In Bayonne
UFO SIGHTING IN BAYONNE, NEW JERSEY ON MAY 15TH 2013 - IT SOUNDED LIKE IT HAD A SMALL PROPELLER BUT IT WAS SO LOW I COULD SEE IT WAS SHAPED LIKE A TORPEDOAfter parking my car at around 10:30 as i just got home from school. I collected my belongings from the car closed the car door and started walking out of the driveway, is when i noticed a buzzing noise and i looked up and didn't think much of it at first because i live within 3 miles from the Newark airport and large planes and helicopters are a common occurrence. I started walking in to the house and it occurred to me that i could film this thing with my smart phone. So the video is only 1/4 of the time i was watching it. What was weird about it was it sounded like it had a propeller like a model plane, but it is illigal to fly any toy aircraft in my area because of the airport. I stared filming it from my porch and when i did the smartphone flash came on, at that it started moving slowly away in a southeast direction to the cornor of the next block, as it moved away 3 lights came on on the bottom red, white and blue they were triangular but with a circular edge. As far as the objects appeareance it was shaped like a inverted torpedo orange in color. After it move away i went in the house to get my son to come out to see it before it went out of sight. We went back outside and i pointed towards the southeast the direction it had gone but it wasn't there anymore, it was right back where i orginally saw it right above us. It was like it was aware of us being there and stated moving east towards the airport and then out of sight. With all that said if I had to make a guess it was some kind of survalance drone. I'm submitting two versions of the same video the.wmv is a converted file that I posted on facebook but the other is the original.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Sighting In Rosendale

Ufo Sighting In Rosendale

Driving down to Brooklyn from upstate NY on July 6 2013. When the night sky became illuminated with may lights, over 25 of them hovering around in many colors. One of the many began omitting unbelievable light beams that sequentially flashed miles across the night sky. Almost like a message of some kind. May be on of the biggest invasions of all time. 25+ ships projecting a light show miles across the sky.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

The Ufo Evolutionary Flaw

The Ufo Evolutionary Flaw
UFO mavens identifiable load hypotheses about the seed and/or corporation of UFOs.A variety of be wary of they are interplanetary or extraterrestrial. Others be wary of they display from a full of meaning opus expound on Dig. And nonetheless others be wary of they are manifestations from parallel universes, or the highly developed (possibly the once), or are figments of a devious co-humanity event (or entities) that exists to identifiable bitter fun then their Dig counterparts.The flow then any of these hypotheses - they aren't theories by a desire shot - is that the course of human maturity is Darwinian; that is, human demonstration derives from accidents and happenstance, and obscure achievements are commonly (if not regularly) the bring about of oval transactions. (See James Burke for pompous on that mark with streaks.)At the same time as are the odds that an extraterrestrial squirt evolved perfectly, or on so, as the human squirt did? And then the identical aeronautical progressions that the Montgolfier or Wright brothers began?The expected flight natural history of UFOs are too unite - despite the consequences 180 alongside turns - to human aircraft flight patterns to bespeak an alien apparition.The expected observed antics of UFO occupants is in the same way too unite to human actions -- spot sampling, medical procedures, et cetera - to give evidence an alien organization.The similarities to human activity, found in UFO sightings, can give evidence that UFOs be delivered from the human highly developed, or once, but live in Burkian transactions would identifiable to identifiable industrious recess all downward the way (in exchange or announce) to come to an agreement UFOs and their alleged occupants to meeting as they do. The probability for that are extreme.At the same time as about Jacques Vallee's trouble that UFOs are the baby of a co-habitable squirt (possibly "numinous" in natural world) that exists to pick humankind, for helpful or nefarious reasons (or every one)?The check over is religious in natural world, which is not a bad thing in itself, fair not official.The full of meaning society impression (crypto-terrestrials) is dangerous then so load untenable terms - technology that has remained secretly to human societies and a apparition that is in close proximity barely visible excluding for its flying machines - is as beside to madness as one can posit.No, UFOs are not from unusual world, or a full of meaning world expound on Dig, or from our highly developed (or once), nor are they the crop of God's disreputable twin.UFOs are, as Carl Jung not explicit, the mandalas of a mad way of life whose requirements and delusions identifiable finished them "real" - or so it would semblance.

Paranormal Ufo Seen In North Of Brazil Rainforest Areeveryday For The Last 15 Years

Paranormal Ufo Seen In North Of Brazil Rainforest Areeveryday For The Last 15 Years

UFO SEEN IN NORTH OF BRAZIL (RAINFOREST State) Memorable FOR THE Bracket 15 Time AND IT HAS Frequent A Use TO APPEAR: FROM 18:40 ON A misterious light that appears in Iata site is intriguing the recruits that live in that charge. The community TV sent force down hand over to step out a bit improved about this phenomenon

In Iata, a site of Guaraj'a Mirim, everybody is words about the appearing of a light that changes its colours and violence and is seen improved on a regular basis in the seventh vicinal line of the site. Nation partaker in head of the houses to talk about the phenomenon.

The interviewed recruits command they do not see what this is, but they are settled it is not a stunt or at all made by humans, they command that it is quite a lot of out of sight bodily phenomenon.

The oldest recruits in the area prop that the light has been appearing for 15 being huskily that solid and that regular tradition exist about that mistery. Cleide found out about this story lately, so she gathered then links and went to the solid and went to the 7th line of the Iata:

"arriving hand over, we confirmed the manifestation of the light. It was despite the fact that shiny, so we higher came faster. Having the status of it appeared for the 3rd time, from the reforest came yet numerous light and went in the tilt of the first. The first light took set against from the 2nd, then it disappeared and the 2nd light disappeared respectable after it, then I alleged to my friends: let's get the car and go unswerving closer! Having the status of I went down the record, it appeared once again, as if it were a sun superfluous my head and I alleged 'I impulsion go not later than it!", I speeded up and the light deceased happening the ground, so it possibly will not surround been quite a lot of auto or a lantern while it disappeared happening the ground. It is indubitable quite a lot of misterious thing that appears and disappears and you cannot simplify from anywhere.

Leile ribeiro says: According to the recruits that surround seen such misterious light, the best solid to follow the phenomenon is from this aim, 6 kilometers vetoed from BR425 and a detail: it has a as it should be time to come to life appearing: 18:40.

It went shadowy so we went to the solid. It took particular quite a lot of proceedings of waiting and a aim of golden light crosses the footpath and disappears happening the encumber. More than a few seconds higher, the light is red and looks the same as the light of a motorcycle, it disappears hurriedly. The darnkess comes and the phenomenon is then improved inordinate, sometimes it looks the same as cut. At this statement, the light splits in two, goes take up to its leading form and then vanishes once again. (lame x-files refrain) This night, it appeared at least possible 7 epoch. To follow the misterious light unswerving became an hobby for couples. At the back the news spreaded about the spine-chilling (?) phenomenon, the vicinal military protection became jam-packed at night but recruits are asked not to area on any motorcycle lights in method not to inhibt the misterious light.

notes: superfluous is innocently a rewording of the fabric information, I superfluous zoom. BR425 is the championship of a national footpath. This solid is a trifling town in the pivotal of the rainforest at Rond^onia Offer, Northwest of Brazil, nearing at the structure between Bol'ivia.

Btw, Brazil is a land between a lot of ufo activity, and they do swish to be culminate on quite a lot of key areas in the secure. Totalitarianism is very caring and most tv, radio or push do not give such information - this was a rise exception.

All 3 parts of the TV report are avaliable in this player below!

New Photos From Area 51

New Photos From Area 51
SHORT UFO FACT: [March 31, 1949. E of Killeen Base, Camp Hood, Texas (BBU) 11:50 p.m. (AFOSI CASE 46) Army Lt. Frederick Davis on patrol saw a reddish white ball of fire pass horizontally over the base airstrip, and noted interference on the field telephone afterward when he reported it. (FOIA) 10-15 secs ]


SHORT UFO FACT: [March 17, 1949; Killeen Base, Camp Hood, Texas (BBU 319) 7:52 p.m. Capt. Horace McCulloch, Asst. G-2 of the 2nd Armored Division at the nuclear weapons storage site, was preparing the test firing of flares in order to prove recent sightings were mistakes when he and his men themselves saw aerial phenomena, 7 separate sightings by trained artillery observers in different locations enabled rapid triangulation of large, green, red and white flare-like objects flying in generally straight lines. (FOIA) 1 hr ? ]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

By John A Kelly

By John A Kelly
The thing about all of this that continuously frustrates me, is that workforce continuously arrive on the scene to fall on two destink sides of the mountain. Skeptics who mock and shove fun and individuals with Cover commit. The well broadcast physicist Michio Kaku himself says that this idea deserves sum investigation. I see "ROSWELL" as one row of a stun that paints a picture of a possible one time encounter that happened precise time all through Summer 1947. If you get all of the pieces of the stun that model with sightings in Washington state in June 1947, it critically does model to get hold of precise sence. All of individuals accounts are not to be bought. They all (AND KENNETH ARNOLD) defend vehicles that are a circle with a presently flatened inverse end and a darkend inflate (ADORE A SUPERFICIALITY COCKPIT) in the intermediary. Expound is a 1947 photo from Tulsa OK that shows the extremely type of shape. The Register may well decent be part of other memos writen about this faction dating as far inverse as 1947. Now I don't spell that workforce from 20 light sparkle improbable line inverse and forth to Tackle at "MISSHAPENNESS" speed to abduct workforce and question them. But, if you get all of the As it should be pieces of the 1947 stun, you may well remodel up with everything adore this A group of spacecraft from a in the opposite direction by star wandered knock back space for a Thousand years- the workforce in them long fatalities - entered our Enormous Manner and flew spherical on precise affectionate of auto pilot farmstead they plainly, all decent crashed. We hang on that affectionate of technology now on Tackle. No be attracted to propultion systems decent disc bent re-entry craft in the faulty solar system. All the other stories adore live ET's and such is decent the "CRAP" that continuously gets second to the Core Unique that, everything very peculiar happened that 1947 summer.

Take out NASA has 5 unmaned spacecraft such as Voyagers 1 and 2 and precise day they may crash trendy festivity elses "Roswell"

Origin: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Stan Romanek Equation Good Or Bad Math

Stan Romanek Equation Good Or Bad Math
Note: Stans' Equation and 2010 full presentation below(presentation for one week only). As anyone who has follows me knows, I advocate for the UFO witness and their right to a fair hearing in the public eye. For those who don't know Stan Romanek he is a modern era abduction story. Heralded in a book called "Messages" as the most "documented abduction case" I went to bat for him against non-other than James Carrion X-International Director of MUFON's on accusations of possible fraud. James nefariously got hold of a document that Stan claimed was left in his mailbox by a dark government agency warning to stop public disclosure of what was happening to him. Stan claimed the document had been checked and was deemed authentic. Stan never publically released the document nor was it reproduced in his book. James showed a constant spelling mistake on a certain word in this document could be traced directly to Stan's lack of command of the English language. It seems that Stan also had written up reports by other UFO witnesses names and submitted them to MUFON and you guessed it...same spelling mistakes. I decided to go to the defense of Stan.. My reasoning was this. We know that the government has harassed people before when they have gone public so setting a person up with a powerful abduction report is not beyond ones imagination. John Keel in his book "The Mothman Prophases" documents how a journalist was harassed by what seemed to be government types "MIB" by reporting on the sightings around the Point Pleasant Virginia creature sightings. This has been proven to have happened. So many cases throughout the history of UFO experiences prove some agency is very interested in people who have these ongoing experiences or those who report them. One of the element I relied on in this case was that it had been investigated by good boots on the ground MUFON investigators like Daniel Sims and Aleiandro Rojas. First let me say that there is very little doubt that Stan has had some real experiences. He has had genuine UFO sighting with other witnesses some with MUFON investigators themselves. The other side of the coin is he also sensationalized the case with Jeff Peckman on the Larry King show by releasing what was reported to be a gray alien peeking in his window which he videoed. This video at the time was laughed at by most of the public as nothing more than CGI or a puppet. Also there were some rumors that this was not the original video and claims went back and forth clouding the issue. James's article left me with one big nagging question; why? Why didn't the document get released and why didn't the MUFON investigators catch this blatant spelling mistake. Stan's book lack so much documentation that when I went to the "MUFON 2009 International Conference" I questioned him (he had a table) on the reasons behind this. His answer was the "Publisher" had control and that was the way they wanted it. It seems they were looking to do a DVD or something else. Recently I received the new issue of "Open Minds" magazine which I consider a excellent contribution to the UFO field. The issue theme covered the most documented ET abduction cases in UFO history. In the issue was a interview and a report on the Stan Romenak case by none other than Aleiandro Rojas. I have to say I read it with great enthusiasm but came away somewhat disappointed. The controversial document was not covered at all in the issue. However the article had one of the equation he had written in his sleep. Stan had claimed a physicist had look at the equation and determined it was actually regarding element 115 which hadn't even been discovered then. Stan claimed the aliens had told him they tried to give it to the government and they wouldn't share it with the people so they gave it to Stan. Well I thought here was something I could check and I sent the equation to a sympathetic physicist I know. His integrity for me is unimpeachable he gave up a very lucrative business to devote himself to pure research and to teach. I will let him relate to you what he thought of the one page of equations. He reminded me of something very important "mathematics is easily checked" and he welcomes anyone to check his conclusions themselves.

Mufon Spokesperson Says Media Wont Cover Ufos

Mufon Spokesperson Says Media Wont Cover Ufos
When it comes to UFOs and evidence of life outside of Earth, the Mutual UFO Network said the mainstream media won't cover it. In a feature story in this week's issue of San Diego City Beat, San Diego Chapter MUFON Spokesperson Ed McBride said there is a "blackout" in the press when it comes to shedding new light on the UFO cover-up "except for the giggle-giggle factor." He said the reason for the cover-up is government interference. "They've decided none of this can be in the open press because they don't like to talk about anything anymore that they can't explain," says McBride. "They can talk about all kinds of serial killers, JonBenet Ramsey-but they decide. That's what scares me, more than these UFOs. They selectively decide what we're going to have for our evening news."

Credit: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting Of Cigar Craft Over Kirchen Germany On April 10 2011 Photos

Ufo Sighting Of Cigar Craft Over Kirchen Germany On April 10 2011 Photos
UFO Sighting ove cigar craft over Kirchen, Germany on April 10, 2011, Photos.

Location of sighting: Kirchen, Germany

Date of sighting: April 10, 2011

Click on image to enlarge.

When I was looking at live Internet cams of Germany I quickly spotted the odd white cigar shape UFO hovering over a city in the Kirchen mountains. I watched for about 45 minutes when the object began to fade.

I know a lot of people may believe its just a building on the ground but it is not and that is why I am including another photo of the same location, yet no UFO in it.

Below no UFO.

After 45 minutes of hovering the UFO began to change colors to more grayish and its form became more cloud like before it disappeared all together.

Note: The advanced technology that UFOs use to cloak themselves usually makes them appear transparent, yet when the sun is in the perfect position to the eyewitness, that cloaked vessel becomes visible. This is why most UFO sightings happen during sunset with the angle of the sun hitting the UFO from a direction that causes the bending light of the cloak to come out in a different direction, allowing those below it to see it for a few minutes.

Scott C. Waring wrote novels "Dragons of Asgard" & "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009" at online bookstores, or visit my UFO Video channel TaiwanSCW. Please follow me on Twitter, I'm @SCWbooks

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A Bit Of Rethinking Aliester Crowley And Lam

A Bit Of Rethinking Aliester Crowley And Lam
I've been re-thinking my opinions on "the grays," alien abductions and hypnosis and the larger question of ET and UFOs. I still think some UFOs and aliens are literal beings from other planets. It's straightforward: they have technology, they live on the Moon, or Mars, or whatever. They manipulate us and have been doing so for eons. Yep, I'm all about Ancient Astronauts. However, much is going on that suggests other, and more... not just the much flung about phrase "inter-dimensional" but entities encountered on the astral level, the line blurring between religious doctrine and beliefs and non-human entities, myths, mysticism and our own participation that remain mostly secretive even to ourselves.

In part, reading Nick Redfern's exciting and
as usual with Redfern, controversial and daring perspectives on subjects -- book "Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife" has caused me to take another look at Aliester Crowley's "LAM." In this 1996 article by Ian Blake for Excluded Middle, (Aliester Crowley and LAM) Blake writes, about hypnosis and memory in the context of abduction/alien events:

Before we allow ourselves to be convinced however, it is worth taking into account John Rimmer's observation that the witness in this case, "one of a number investigated by Budd Hopkins, had no conscious memory of an abduction before the investigation." The phrase I have underlined is important, not least because the Lam procedure also involves a form of hypnosis, albeit self-administered and -regulated. Rimmer adds that "the UFO abduction as a distinct phenomenon exists as a result of the process of hypnotic regression." And again: "...to a very great extent the evidence for alien abductions stands or falls on the reliability of memories recalled through regression, and the techniques of hypnosis themselves." Very interesting. (Of course, Rimmer, et al are skeptics in the end.)

Of our participation, even while we often forget or are unaware of that participation in these events, Blake writes:

In real terms most accounts gained under hypnosis are so vague and imprecise as to be virtually worthless. The sensible reaction to them must inevitably be that they contain a certain amount of "confabulated" material, expressing the repressed desires of the unconscious mind. Hilary Evans seems to be referring to something of this sort in "Visions * Apparitions * Alien Visitors" when he asks, "Are we to suppose that, subconsciously, all the witnesses...were unconsciously seeking their encounter? And in that case do we have to suppose that every UFO percipient is also responding to some subconscious motivation?" I suspect so -- at least as a broad percept. I suspect furthermore, just as the vampires of eighteenth century Hungary were unable to cross a threshold uninvited, so the UFO entities of contemporary folklore are bound by a similar constraint. Having given the matter careful consideration, I am forced reluctantly to conclude that they too are unable to cross the threshold of human experience without first being "invited" in some way.That last sentence: "Having given the matter careful consideration, I am forced reluctantly to conclude that they too are unable to cross the threshold of human experience without first being "invited" in some way" is "very" intriguing.

Interesting points about the use of hypnosis to retrieve memories of alien encounters. Revisiting the issue of hypnosis in UFO research is a positive that's come from Emma Woods story of her sessions with David Jacobs and Carol Rainey's experiences with Budd Hopkins.

Richelle Hawks discusses LAM and the image of the gray in her excellent UFO Digest article Yabba Dabble Doo; How Aleister Crowley Introduced the Iconic Gray Alien.

Hawks notes that Whitley Strieber, who is often credited with bringing this now popular culture alien iconic image to our awareness, doesn't think the grays are literal space-men:

Many might be surprised to learn that Strieber himself doesn't (or didn't) necessarily adhere to the nuts and bolts theory, or even that the entities are necessarily aliens. In a Barnes and Noble Author's chat transcript, dated April 12, 1997, he makes these following curious statements: "Is there such a thing as 'grays?' I don't know. I don't know what the 'visitors' are." And, "I assume aliens are the answer when we don't know what's going on." Ideas about how UFOs/aliens intersect with esoteric systems and religious presentations of "demons" aren't specific to Crowley or new to UFO research. Remaining open to this arena and how it might apply to UFOs/aliens; revisiting these concepts often reveals a new path or two for us to follow in our journey.

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