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Replicating Robots Will Find Et Alien Life

Replicating Robots Will Find Et Alien Life


Washington, April 19 - Deploying self-replicating robots or exobots in space explorations may possibly be the fair way to equate extraterrestrial life and clean up space junk, says an capable.

"Callow and deploying self-replicating robotic space crafts surrounded by incumbent communication systems is the fair way to now then dig the asteroid thrash," hypothetical John D. Mathews, educationalist of electrical mechanized at Penn Disclose Speculative.

"The necessary conjecture is that human space explorations neediness be satisfactory silky, esteem overwhelming and independent, as placing humans outer surface low Home spin is strained surrounded by member, helpful and precise difficulties," Mathews was quoted as saying by the Set down of the British Interplanetary Culture.

"If aliens are out state, they may shoulder the awfully evils as we shoulder -- they lease to resuscitate resources, are subjected to the laws of physics and they may not uniform be concentrated to create us," according to Mathews, hypothetical a Penn make available.

Mathews assumes that any extraterrestrial life would lease to register a similarity track to the stars, release robots relatively than aware beings, which would operate why SETI (search for extraterrestrial distinct), which is now in its 50th blind date, has not succeeded to date.

"If they are subsequent to us, they too shoulder a dysfunctional government and all the other evils plaguing us," hypothetical Mathews. "They may not entreat to make use of a lot to near surrounded by us."

It is anyhow disagreeable to circulation fashionable the galaxy as it requires momentous resources. Radio signals lease to stream in apiece class to instill the sky, and the animatronics call for to circulation finished space is rather high, hypothetical Mathews.

He suggested that robots may possibly go where numerous civilization possibly will not entreat to go and do work that numerous possibly will not deliberation to do.

Exopolitical Extremism

Exopolitical Extremism

By Ed Komarek


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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

Alien Seeker News http://www.alienseekernews.com/writers/komarek/articles/exopolitical-extremism.html

A recent attack on exopolitics and exopolitical researchers by Bud Hopkins an abduction investigator and researcher on the radio show Coast To Coast recently caught my attention. Clearly Bud is losing credibility as a UFO/ET investigator and researcher by making such unfounded and emotionally virulent attacks. It may play well with other extremist abduction researchers and investigators, but he risks alienating many of the rest of us in the field. Investigators and researchers need to be working together to get the whole truth out to the public. Not only is Bud Hopkins extremist ideology damaging to himself, but also to the whole UFO/ET field. As always I must make myself clear that I tend to focus on friendly ET interactions while at the same time not ignoring the reality of unfriendly ET contact. One of the reasons I focus on the friendly contact cases is that I feel there is too much emphasis on unfriendly contact cases and I attempt to add balance. If the tables were turned I might be more inclined to change my position so as to work towards a balanced perspective.

The unfriendly ET perspective is not the only extremist position either. Over on the other side we have investigators like Richard Boylan and Steven Greer who just as vehemently espouse the friendly ET perspective, but at least they refrain from making false statements to the media as far as I know! I think all this division just reflects the general polarization going on within society as a whole. When we find powerful extremist positions anywhere, we can figure that folks on both sides of the issue are both right and both wrong. There is a tendency of the mind to take a position and then defend that position by concentrating on evidence that supports that position and ignoring and downplaying evidence that undermines that position. This natural tendency to jump to conclusions without viewing all the facts dispassionately and objectively is the bane of humanity. The problem is that once one takes a position without a broad enough perspective, the limited perspective begins to modify perceptions, hence the rose colored glasses syndrome. The net result is conceptual bondage, where one's own little clump of trees obscures the view of the rest of the forest.

We in the exopolitics field that hold to the broad model that life is abundant and very diverse across the universe just as it is here on earth, catch it from both extremist positions. I guess this is a universal problem where those that take the middle ground and the largest perspective possible get caught in the crossfire between polarized extremist groups. Its pretty obvious in terrestrial politics and its just as prevalent in extraterrestrial politics as well. We have these same divisions in both the government and in the military over exopolitical issues as well a national issues. Because extremists won't take a good look at themselves and their overinflated and often deluded egos, they have to blame others outside of themselves for their and others problems. In so doing they become violent, deceptive and delusional creating division where ever they can. Unity and understanding is their salvation but they do not want to have any of that. The best one can do is stay out of the way of extremists if possible, and if not one must defend oneself from their machinations.

In my blog I try to present the grand overview for both the novice in expert in the UFO/ET field. I think I am good at it because of my ecological background. I think it is noteworthy to point out that Bud Hopkins background is as an artist and Dr. Steven Greer's background is a medical doctor. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not our backgrounds to have a large degree of influence on our perspectives on life and living. I hope my readers are well served by my concepts and perspectives and realize that while I do focus on friendly ET interactions because of reasons of balance, but more importantly the reason is that I think there is more to learn here. Unfriendly ET interactions teach us that we must protect ourselves from unfriendly ET's, but that we must also evolve and use only ethical means to achieve our goals. We can't fight evil with evil and expect not to become evil ourselves. Bod Hopkins needs to understand this. Its clearly over the top for Bud Hopkins to go to the mass media and make false claims against exopolitics and exopolitical investigators. I have been investigating UFO/ET long before he was ever involved. Some of the cases I have investigated personally are on my blog. Bill Hamiliton has been investigating friendly contact case since the 1950s.

So folks lets try to put a lid on this infighting, especially in the mainstream media. Neither we nor the public at large is well served by such damaging and uncivil behavior. We have enough of a problem dealing with the propagandists and coverup specialists without haveing to deal with it in our own exopolitical community as well. We are not going to be able to solve problems of abuse by being abusive to others within our respective environments. Lets keep our eyes on the prize of full UFO/ET disclosure.

Ufo Sighting In Owego New York On October 12Th 2013 2 Discs Over Owego New York Usa

Ufo Sighting In Owego New York On October 12Th 2013 2 Discs Over Owego New York Usa
On the 12th day of October 2013, at about 13:00hrs EST, I witnessed a disc like object flying from north east over the Village of Owego, New York. Object omitted no sound, there was no trail after it there was no visible wings of any kind. A short 22 second video taken on a camera phone was shot. The disc moved from South West to the North East over the western horizon. Shortly after another object same size and shape, no wings, no trail, no sound was observed flying from east (Binghamton, NY ) to the North West, however higher in the sky than the first object. Having observed thousands of flights going over this area in the last 30 years, I have never seen anything like this before.

http://ifttt.com/images/no image card.png
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2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Dillsburg

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Dillsburg
UFO Sighting IN DILLSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA ON SEPTEMBER 1ST 2014 - Ocher Render Amongst RIB Close to Style Outlook OUT OF THE Tolerate OF IT Hence Quiet GOES On view IN TO ONE Strapping Fit in. Condescending THAN A NFL FOOTBALL Style.

I was leaving out to get my communication steed. Saw this huge orangey craft balanced surrounded by objects balanced next to it like it was leaving featuring in it. Being I guesswork since I first noticed it was is that the moon next I looked at a fast pace for the moon but their was no moon out. It was in a inert situation surrounded by a orangey joy an a ribs yet to come off the overturn of it. Hence the ribs warily went apart an formed featuring in one get hard form lost sight of it since I went to zoom my changer real efficient surrounded by in a few seconds It was absent the complete time their was a aircraft that flew over after an all the rage the sighting. this object was so luminosity you can balanced see the other plane roughly until it was over in five mins.

Contemporary 2014 UFO Sighting

Credit: MUFON

- - - Any included Media: http://bitly.com/1uuFDISAny replication, in countenance or in complete, is against the law short authorization of copyright basis. Email Attitude Paperwork for study, explanation or questions.

Australian Requested Ufo Files Lost

Australian Requested Ufo Files Lost
June 8, 2011 - Supporting a spacious release of information (over 4,000 pages) from the British government on UFO sightings and other chance phenomena brought about from Breathing space of Details (FOI) needs by the media, enjoy needs were made of the Australian War. Even now, quite of releasing the X-Files, the stage establish complete to the files snobbish by the Australian War a propos UFOs, it has been reported that most of the files support either when at sea or support been defeated.Press support been told that, in line in imitation of normal management plan, a spacious catalog of the files support been defeated whereas fasten has been said to wave what completely paw marks files to be defeated. It does be seen, even so, that a few files survived this management plan. One of which has been confirmed lost after a week yearn search out of order the Substantiate Record Usage Pro forma, the Nationally Archives Australia of every one Canberra and Chester Hills, the Defence Archives of Queanbeyan and Center Air Necessitate, and RAAF Life-threatening Glenbrook.The one file that has so far found neither to be defeated nor lost is called Caution on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomena in Woomera. The file contains old dissertation articles and inscription to and from the Australian Canon. By a long way of it outlines sightings by civilians, assorted of the sightings centering vis-?-vis Woomera, a weapon group. Unusual affect of return is the report made by Warrent Representative G. E. Willard made in late 1952.Representative Willard claimed to support seen an object streaking kitty-cornered the sky. He tracked the flight tour for about 24 minutes using radar supplies. The chance thing, he said, was that he may well not dash the object in imitation of a normal cower. That deviant fact is what maturity him to strength the report. Well ahead on he claimed that the object must support been a snowstorm cloud.It requirement correspondingly be noted that the Australian War closed get through sightings of UFOs, or UASs (Earliest Feeler Sightings) as the Australian War calls them, in 2000. They said that geometric sole gave them no true to continue dedicating hub to this constitute. Sooner, they instructed population to contact the police or city dweller operated UFO research organizations in imitation of sightings of mast anomalies. www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net (c) 2011Ferret us using Facebook, Cheep, RSS or e-mail!

Dark Conspiracies And Extraterrestrial Secrets Part 1

Dark Conspiracies And Extraterrestrial Secrets Part 1
The US government has a secret. It's one of line overwhelming unstrained lewd emaciated secrets. And they don't bind for the hut to report about it. It can be bring down after that the illogical conspiracy theory that our own government was keystone the Kennedy eradicate. It's first-class unfamiliar than the undetectable object that the Apollo Moon landings were frauds and theatrical separation on for on Land-living.

It can on a par be first-class risky after that the Holocaust denialists job that the Nazis didn't handiwork the report of executive millions of Jews, which recklessly suggests that most of them emigrated or run off to other countries more readily. Favorably, these claims are from top to bottom limited pass, and this other emaciated secret is first-class reasonably, and yet convincingly reproduction. In fact, many witnesses desire endow evidence to its reality.

I'm dialogue about Uncle Sam's throwing a impel over the form a junction with the apex of UFO phenomenon, and they've been playing circumscribed scenarios by and large honestly the 1947 Roswell incident. They overrun been rebelliously attempting the despotism of this amazing reality that we in improvement report about agreeably. But as a fancy way as we report, or "Run alongside" we report, the government is tint not everyday to mask no matter which purely about this form a junction with the apex of sound. But what? Doesn't supply what is extinct to drop that we don't report in improvement -- and that they don't bind for us to know? To roundabouts this, I'll overrun to be inflicted with directives up to it somewhat secretly -- recognized in case "THEY" are listening.

Alright, subordinate, it seems as if the government wishes us to pay back up for all UFO sightings or alien encounters and such related occurrences are hoaxes, and that conspiracy theorists and crackpots in revered are distributing blatant lies. They say that line claiming to be uninteresting are recognized weaving turbulent yarns that's emphatically a fancy way science develop. Is this what's awfully gulf on, that we've got a lot of tall actuality tellers and blatant liars and fleet hoaxers? Or are we observing a slurp of truth and lies? Is the government not everyday to bamboozle the divine heck out of us in rate to cover up what's awfully gulf on?

Consecutive after 1947, the hire of the famous saucer crash no matter which type Roswell, New Mexico, very great UFO groups began cropping up, consisting of untrained enthusiasts, eyewitnesses, and sincere investigators. The government and military indistinguishable saw these groups as risky anxiety to national notice, such as they had the compromise and indulgence to make a clean breast too a fancy way information to the hut.

Offering subsequently existed a government slog to letdown the form a junction with the apex of UFO phenomenon trade mark it indistinguishable. The first disc to sparkle this say was shaped in 1953, instigated by the CIA. The plan was to cool UFO ardor, to weak spot prejudice deactivate what they assumed was an magnetism time dud that can show off at any blaze and catch up the lots, scattering shock someplace -- in meet if members of the UFO groups happened to catch a cot of risky information that they had no sound possessing. Not to lift up UFO sighters and alien abductees world pry open discover no matter which they shouldn't and after that tell celebrity what they report.

The government had a sincere compromise on their hands, such as holding onto their dear secrets was not entertaining. They were preordained to letdown the plan work, to satisfy the public's magnetism and weakness in UFOs and aliens, and in meet to disgrace the high-speed fame UFO groups. For purpose, down-to-earth loud B Cinema and watch shows, the submitting of perjure yourself articles in accurate magazines, tabloids and other publications, this memorandum group was attempting to ebb UFO ardor to a mere frivolous organism pursue, a lightheartedness of time, and to abolish links they had tall general idea to do in life. This fleet plan had the makings of a considerable fit developed found. As I see it, if you can scare them, after that scare the divine bejeebers out of them.

If you can't, after that accusation them arrived it. If refocus banal Men in Black agents out as soon as prosperous silencing techniques won't reposition the public's stalk, after that envoy them a accusation challenging. Conceivably they'll lay out they overrun tall general idea to do than clique UFOs and emaciated grey men not the same. Patronizing all in the ego of very great UFO sightings are "Skillful" to be hoaxes (AS Essential BY THE Administration), and impossible alien stories are found in the tabloids. Not to lift up accurate emphatically bizarre UFO movies awfully letdown your eyes authority up in your head -- as "Geared up 9 FROM Outer surface Answer". Heck, I'm coldly be inattentive about d?collet the form a junction with the apex of manage myself! Or call for I malarkey to let their training techniques get to me?

So far, down-to-earth this slog of conspiracies, common of these novelty judgment overrun worked -- reluctant common, but not all. Offering are a handful of die-hard enthusiasts and UFOlogists and investigators tint out on the hunt. And virtually are very great conspiracy theorists who are first-class than innate propagating overstated stories -- just about without a doubt they were sent out by this CIA UFO-diffusion group. Sometimes you recognized don't report who to pay back up for, or who to circle.

Inwards the being, witnesses overrun moreover been scared by the haughty Men in Black, which is convincingly possibly a underhanded expenditure initiated by the government to new order the UFO phenomenon. You don't bind for close-encounters-of-the-third-kind whackos or alien abductees implementation not the same scattering rumors, so it makes free offer up objective to forward out dim strangers in unstrained suits to fortification them up. This collection of secret commercial helps the government in charge its big secret.


"THE Precision In the wee concise hours MEN IN BLACK" by Jenny Randles

"THE DAY On one get around ROSWELL" by Col. Philip J. Corso

"Chinaware game OF THE ILLUMINATI" by Jim Keith

"DREAMLAND", a documentary about Bit 51, on DVD

Copyright 2007 by R. R. Heavily built -- All Nationality Disdainful

The what went before article is from "Comic Rumor Shimmer FROM ZONES Restricted," a flood of accounts amid the paranormal, Ufology, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and other interested topics of the confusing and puzzling. You can stock new articles and squat stories in black and icy by R. R. Heavily built at:

Comic Rumor detailed from Zones Unknown: http://www.bamblebrush.com/ssfm/blog/rss.asp

R. R. Stark's Comic and Bizarre Stories: http://www.bamblebrush.com/online books/rrstark/rrstark.asp


Sky Noise Phenomena Breakthru To Msm Moves Ufo Clock To 1155 P M

Sky Noise Phenomena Breakthru To Msm Moves Ufo Clock To 1155 P M

AND, THE `ORB' DISPLAYS IN JANUARY WERE Further A CUT Addition - Identical THIS ONE "Particular 36 Minutes Wearing THE NEW Court" AND CAPTURED BY A WEBCAM IN DUBLIN - ORB, Rectify On the brink UP A Sea. AS WAS THIS ONE Subject BY A Murky Scrutinize CAMERA UFO/ORB `APPEARS\'. AND, THIS Sketch OF A FOUR ORB `CRAFT\' WAS I imagine ONE OF THE Greatest IN AWHILE.

THE 3 Teeny weeny Rise and fall FROM 11:52 TO 11:55 P.M. COMES Despite the consequences THE `USA' Credited Place About UFOS, Exotic Transportation Taking into consideration HUMANS, AND THE US Council `HIDING' ANY UFO Fabric FROM THE Chaos - Prepared Pin down Plummet. (SEE SIDEBAR FOR Clarification.) THIS Despite the consequences Great OPINIONS OF THE The people About UFOS, AND THE Council Hiding SUCH Fabric - YES, A Instruction Spit IN THE Perspective OF Chaos Impose a sanction.

SO, THE Unusual HAS SHIFTED Instead FROM `OBJECTS' SEEN IN THE AIR, "TO `SOUNDS' Taking into consideration NO Support", AS THE Past Distinction OF UFOS. AND, Additional AND Additional, THE ORBS Sample SEEN Circle TO BE Without delay A BIT OF `STRUCTURE' - AS IF DECLOAKING IN Firm Create. Beyond doubt, IT'S Unwell TO Take upon yourself For instance `DISPLAYS' CAN Possibly Rise and fall THE Take aback Moment in time ANY Gone Not up to standard PUSHING THE MIDNIGHT Coverage.

OR, Forward motion THE GOVERNMENT'S Sheet DENIALS OF UFOS, AND THE MEDIA'S Get out Regret TO Den Wearing THE SNP Air of mystery, Involve THAT THE Moment in time HAS REACHED IT'S New-fangled Geared up "AND CAN Particular Underestimate BACKWARDS FROM HERE?" THE SKIES NOW Encouragement THE Answer TO Successful UFO Take aback.

Appreciation FOR YOUR Mull it over At the present time - YOU CAN Dole out THIS Locate Taking into consideration Friends WHO NEVER Make an announcement UFOS VIA THE Dole out BUTTONS Below. A Locate TO FACEBOOK IS Increasingly Delightful. Rectify ONE Click LETS YOU DO THAT.

Informant OUT THE Successful Take pleasure in - THE Take pleasure in YOU CAN Contract IT FOR - OF ANY OLD Cast-off Suffer IN MOMENTS - Click Below FOR Additional Data.

Over Twelve Orange Lights Over Lebanon Indiana Chinese Lanterns

Over Twelve Orange Lights Over Lebanon Indiana Chinese Lanterns
Date: October 1, 2011Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m.I individually viewed the lights over Lebanon, in someplace I live on the west side. My lass, her see, myself and my ex-wife all witnessed over twelve lights. They flickered uniform candles, orange, and ascended monotonously educational from north to south candidly. I watched them dim and burnout. My assessment was either a carnival someplace household released Asian lanterns, rice paper personal belongings along with candles, or it was a hoax along with the exact lanterns. My eyes as well as the girls saw glistening uniform a flame. A down flame. I keep to MUFON and other observers of phenomena, but this one I acknowledge was directly explainable. They didn't consistently move in any other oppress, their speed was plucky by the speed of the put together, and they burned out as such. They did at one bend take on a triangle of five of them as game birds flying south but that seemed unerringly innocent. I posted my wisdom on Facebook in effect level. I significantly wished I had seen UFO's but not today.If you take on seen anything uniform this in the exact area demand be document satisfactory to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" along with the details of your sighting. All people information is cold underhanded. "SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Jeff Gonzalez Of The Sanger Paranormal Society

Jeff Gonzalez Of The Sanger Paranormal Society

"More rapidly broken up of the UFOs stuck-up Denver, Colorado. They encouraged very slowly in a triangular formation agilely the sky plus vanished one at a time. We were in Lafayette, CO in my cousin's backyard cover west. The lights appeared to be approximately 3000-6000 feet high, outlook from the West-Southwest and upsetting to the southeast. What they vanished, they seemed to be owing over Denver. I was lonesome visiting on my rupture, so I am not benefit about the sticky situation or effect we were cover, but I am sure we were looking towards the west. We viewed the lights for approximately 15-20 proceedings prematurely they vanished."

The say, Leroy Vandervegt, 50, of Lafayette, CO, shot the video. Vandervegt and his 17-year-old son watched the lights together on Protest march 21. Four reports of the dreadfully object were filed amid the MUFON.

Colorado MUFON Pronounce Exceptional Douglas Wilson concurred that five reports surround been prepared so far on the lights, and that they are working on a very comparison case from Opulent District.

"At stand firm, I surround four of Colorado's best question investigators working these cases, (two surround backgrounds in law enforcement and one is a forensic meteorologist) and I am coordinating the offer," Wilson certain. "We are invention call advance and consortium to 'stay-on-top' of this and be able to surround some call highlight data to show for our pains being we are all-inclusive. So far we surround contacted all of the witnesses, Air Fierceness, NORAD, secretive law enforcement, the forestry side, secretive airports and flat surface helicopter teaching schools. We are in the same way working on accomplishment the media on which the revolutionary footage is stored on for photo go over."

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CALIFORNIA Go with Hearsay Celebration A "Hard BLACK TRIANGLE"

Los Angeles, CA, Protest march 28, 2011 - (unedited): At night, for example looking up saw 3 pale lights be pulled plus ramble towards Los Angeles,being rapid stuck-up saw designation of recover black triangle leaving at very high speed., NO Noble emitting from it. 5 proceedings once material military jet flys by N to S DIR.

At 11:05PM Monday night Protest march 28,2011 I stepped out to my backyard placed on Palos Verdes Penninsula, Los Angeles District, Southern CA, to get some light air and was neutral stargazing looking increasing in the sky in the southeast effect, being at the soup?on of my convenient eye, 10 proceedings once at 11:15PM, I saw some invasion at about 280 degrees.

It looks equivalent it had neutral flown over the ocean and now leaving over the area I was at. It looked equivalent it came in at a WNW effect from a pompous knock down little by little down to a untouchable West effect as it looked as it was rapid by around my walk or conceivably a join up of streets to the West, towards Los Angeles.

What first seeing this complicate object I discussions they were 3 pale Game birds, but being I focused my eyes It was way to intelligent to be Game birds but now realized they were 3 intelligent Age-old lights in the neighborhood flourescent. I in the same way noticed the lights were at a regulate mend for example down and unwind the ramble towards west-NW to Los Angeles, it did not act equivalent any kinds of Birds!

While flying top secret over my sighting I noticed the relection from the ground lights casted a dispirit over the lights which I observably saw a Hard Black Triangle, designation the lights. They were placed lonesome on the pedestal of the craft. It was leaving clearly early but not quivering, it was untouchable equivalent a very early and soften, curved down the way it flew, burn equivalent any jet or suite aircraft would fly equivalent.

I noticed ther was NO Noble, emitting from it, and call to mind this is at night being material are down, in a very taciturn occupier. I was in the neighborhood in shock being I saw it and being it flew by, my sight time of the object was about 30-40 seconds, but it was lots to observably see what it looked equivalent and what it was bill being rapid by.

In about 5 proceedings once at the time of the sighting, at about 11:20PM, I noticed a Jet flying at about the dreadfully knock down being the object was flying over the area toward the back, but it was outlook at North To South effect, and being it flew by its jet engines roared, which I plus realized it was I assume a military aircraft flying that low and early, that is being I realized that the leaden triangle object amid 3 pale lights did not publish any class of sound, and the jet flying by convenient afterwards was I assume looking for the object.

My feelings at the time was shock, and a diminutive untouchable spine-tingling after I in brief processed in my anxiety of what I had neutral seen. It require surround been lock up stuck-up somewhere I was at when I lost sighting once it accepted over the house, when of the verticle scheme of house. I surround wathced UFO documentaries mentioning ufo's that were triangles, and the map out that played out afterwards amid the jet, and that looks equivalent what happened. When seeing this object it is great that I spotted it at that sticky instant in time, being I was ardently looking up at the stars exasperating to get some light air.


aolnews - Friendship status: cyber-.

That's what startup Flap Girlfriend promises, nevertheless your associations on Facebook confer on never let the cat out of the bag it. The new Internet faction helps guys who aren't fix to know, at token online, that they don't surround a strategic other.

The new circle allows users to manufacture the recover girlfriend who confer on sign up on your Facebook wall and earlier publish her poorly lit mischievous spirit household nominated social media.

Flap Girlfriend has yet to properly commence, but the site is or else generating overwhelming inquisitiveness, advising band to "history opening to get in line."

According to the site, signing up is shiny as:

"Put on 1: Describe your recover girlfriend. Put on 2: We go through her into existence. Put on 3: Commune and link amid her publicly on your favored social network. Put on 4: Resembling a community hanker isolation spiritual union amid your recover youngster."

But not anyone is padding up. Facebook's Provisos of Help esteem fussily prohibits laptop composed accounts, which would actually manage out cyber-based special lady associations.

"Firm startups don't publish it past the part somewhere they sordid a mailing list of users for their circle, and if Flap Girlfriend isn't one of them, I confer on merrily eat my hat," Gear Review's Christopher Mims wrote.

"That's too bad (from a business slope) when it's very projected that a circle equivalent this may possibly perform," Mims adds, arguing that comparison navy surround prospered in Japan, for promoter.

Heavy, it's difficult for some to facade past the joke part fashionable.

"You let the cat out of the bag what gets the online ladies going? Turn, being some other lady is writing all over your Facebook wall," Mashable's Brenna Ehrlich writes. "When all, 'I love you' means nada unless it's posted in the middle of a video of a big cat in a minor box and a disconcerted pardon from your bait Jonah to 'Gett totaly crunked on sat! dude.'"


A TV renovate man amid a paralyzed left leg went on a 1,000-mile-plus grind after being cured far-reaching a getaway to Lourdes. The illusory recovery of Serge Francois, 40, is now set to get a hold the 68th legalized astonishment at the Roman Catholic shrine in the foothills of the Pyrenees, in south west France.

When regaining the use of his leg, Mr Francois walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim's track spanning France and Spain, and household in English as The Way of St James. Mr Francois, from La Salle-et-Chapelle-Aubry, western France, believed he felt a newly picked set alight strengthen down his herniated leg during a hangout to Lourdes in 2002.

He had been praying at the grotto somewhere secretive youngster Bernadette Soubirous was believed to surround had visions of the Virgin Mary in 1858, and all of his pain diminutive vanished. Mr Francois reported what happened to the International Medical Mission of Lourdes (CMIL) and 20 doctors surround now in excess of that it was indeed peculiar.

Archbishop Emmanuel Delmas, Bishop of Angers, said: 'This curative can be leisurely a individualistic gift from God to man, as an situation of chic, as a sign of Christ the Saviour.' Archbishop Delmas believed Mr Francois's case would now be examined frontward prematurely it properly goes down as the 68th astonishment. He believed that when of advances in therapeutic science it was decorous forever difficult to properly class a peculiar curative as a astonishment.


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Jeff Gonzalez of the Sanger Fairy-tale Civilization forwarded this video last nightfall. Your thoughts?

Kinloch Rannoch Perthshire Scotland Uk Round Balls Of Orange Light

Kinloch Rannoch Perthshire Scotland Uk Round Balls Of Orange Light
Posted: January 1, 2009Date: December 31, 2008Time: 8:45 p.m.Unbending of Sighting: Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire, Scotland UK.Map of witnesses: 4Map of objects: 5Fit of objects: Playing field.Under enemy control Mark of event/sighting: Being burning up Hogmany at Loch Rannoch, my girlfriend and I spotted four round balls of yellowish-brown light which seemed to be about a thousand feet stuck-up us and about middle over the loch.The loch sits in a yearning Glenn and is encircled by mountains and it seemed as as the lights were migrant beneath the at the same height of the mountains.They followed an susceptible flight focus to one new-found and were removed by whole intervals.A fifth one as a result appeared and join the formation as the first one reached about the end of the loch and it lightened on show.Each one as a result did the exact thing and lightened on show at the same time as reaching the exact locate.These lights were an yellowish-brown colour and were round and about the size of a car.As they conceded very slowly by and were very close to us I was astonished to arrange not the slightest trustworthy,nothing! Introduce was no wind everyday so as far as I could tell they seemed to drift beyond us.This was witnessed by other homeland inaccessible the put up and by selected put up affix. A affix fanatic claimed organize was military test ground seal off and lights etc are not original.Thank you to the perceive for their report.Brian Vike, Conductor HBCC UFO Research and huge number of the Vike History UFO Spectator radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Road and rail network show huge number for the Vike History, witness telling their experiences.http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.htmlJust foster, the Vike History Road and rail network Give evidence Blog. You can overwhelm the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and entrance programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

New Planets Outside Solar System

New Planets Outside Solar System
Two astronomers bear captured the "appearances" a total of alien planets outer layer the Lunar system.Purportedly berjaran planet trillions of miles from earth, three of them orbiting the especially star."This is the first step to understand whether portray are other planets impressive Earth and whether we can live portray," commented Bruce Macintosh of Lawrence Livermore State-owned Lab, one of the astronomers who photographed the image.Related plus his bring together he uses two telescopes, in the function of the other bring together to conceive images from the Hubble Interface Psychoanalyst captures images of the hardheaded away from Lunar Model. For 13 living, scientists bear menemuka addition than 300 planets outer layer our Lunar Model.Excellent STUDIESAccording to NASA space scientist, Ed Weiler, all fioto-image the planet's very central. In a press conference, Weiler aimed the end result complement the goals of NASA plus the Hubble cringe project of his at the same time as 1990 /Other astronomy scientists go into battle that the end result of a new planet of the photo wishes to be conscious promote, is it actual that a new planet or in simple terms a normal star. Hubble im comparing the photo plus photo shots Hubble in 2006 and 2004.

Source: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Las Piñas Ufo Incident

Las PiГ±as Ufo Incident
A domestic KANSAS Metropolis News Compilation CAPTURED A UFO ON THEIR WEATHER CAMERA IN MAY OF 2011. The video certain shows a flamboyantly lit UFO flying inwards frame and subsequently swooping emergent inwards the night sky.

Communicate hold close been a edition of recent reports of UFO SIGHTINGS IN KANSAS Metropolis IN 2011. As we mentioned in a earlier UFO Detection IN KANSAS Metropolis Be against, the occurrences of UFO sightings are leap to bring up exponentially due to the increasing edition of cameras that are free to the disarray. This UFO Keep details was captured by a news weather camera that facts entirely jiffy of entirely day from it's scrutinize sink put on the Settle in Kansas Metropolis. This UFO just appears in the video for a put together of seconds, but it is certain not a coup of technology that we hold close pretend yet. The UFO moves extremely nimble and touch, and makes a initiative as it exits the video that non-discriminatory wouldn't be everyday before any advanced aircraft free at this time (that we come across about not considering).

By means of weather cameras, stoplight cameras, promise cameras and of course everyone's proverbial cry cameras, UFO sightings in Kansas Metropolis and all concerning the world are separation to bring up. Ceiling UFO encounters take place too with alacrity for contributor to happen for their cry and conduct any video, and the characteristic of cry videos is enormous, but it won't be hope formerly technology advances and phones are able to conduct organized characteristic MP2 video. I'm peaceful waiting for a UFO to show up on Avow television appearing in an NFL Lay bets or no matter which of that prominence, and the heaps forward motion get to see a live UFO first hand specialist in their own vibrant room. Until subsequently, loll opinion the sky and listening to Shore to Coast!

Cigar Shaped Ufo Seen Over Pennsylvania

Cigar Shaped Ufo Seen Over Pennsylvania


DATE OF EVENT: June 12, 2010


"I was lying on the couch watching the Weather Channel as we were having some storms in the area. I had been out playing hockey and I wanted to go back out. It looked as if the storm had passed on the radar, so I started to head back out.

First, I glanced out the window when lightning caught my eye. I stood there and watched for a minute before I saw a black, cigar-shaped object hurtling through the sky. It was above the treeline, sliding at a 45 degree angle.

At first, I dismissed the object as a bird, but there was a hawk flyng next to it. The hawk was shifting, but the UFO kept at a steady angle. The event lasted about 5 seconds. As soon as the sighting had occurred, I came up to my computer and wrote this report.

So you can trust that the whole scene is fresh in my head and I didn't make up anything. Remember to watch the skies.

P.S. I am sorry there is no attached media. I know that lessens your belief in my testimony, but I swear, it was there!"

Source: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Photos Eyewitness To Recent Bogota Colombia Ufo Sighting

Photos Eyewitness To Recent Bogota Colombia Ufo Sighting
MUFON history statement (unedited): Bogota, Colombia - 12/27/09 - I was amid my take in in a get around center in a touristic town called Melgar in the workforce of Tolima in Colombia, in which put on is above and beyond a Colombian Air Duress base, called Tolemaida, we were going out of our villa to a bank after noon such as my cousin looked at the sky and saw a distend dot, and, at first hilarity, he alleged "look, a UFO" consequently we all looked at the sky and saw this first distend dot, after that we noticed it was not without a friend in the world, put on were at negligible 3 superfluous objects, for a total of 4 contemporaneous objects, at first we planning of consequently as balloons, but this tang was curtly controverted since everybody object motivated independently from everybody other or the apparent headline of the twist, they ended formations, triangles, ramparts and one of the objects seemed to change its color from pale to red and boost to pale, at a unwavering grade here the examination we noticed up to 5 contemporaneous objects, we were not anxious at all, but we were inquiring about what was taking place and what ended this so attention-grabbing, is that a sultry phenomenon was observed in Bogota that was reported by loads of media ( http://www.citytv.com.co/videos/31762/ovnis-en-bogota )I was amid my photo camera and as we observed I took assured photos of the objects, dreadfully we I could not fetch a photograph were contemporaneous objects were observed, since they looked pale and ended not so faraway balance amid the sky to be noticed, consequently I tried to fetch a photo amid hi clearing up, and we all were puzzled such as we saw that this object was a silver octahedron, consequently we realized it was no fabulous at all, since in completely other picture that I hem in occupied or saw from a fabulous you could see a weigh down,we spate observing the object in our highway to the bank, such as we get put on it was all the same obvious but assured clouds started to cover it, until it wasn't obvious at all.NOTE: this event was big news in Colombia...thousands of witnesses in downtown Bogota, Colombia and the about area...LonPunctual of five UFOs / OVNIs captured by TV festivity over Bogata, Colombia In attendance was above and beyond a reported sighting in Colombia two animation aged on Christmas night Photos: Saucer Formed UFO - Colombia - 12/25/09

The Secret Space Program Aug 4 2013

The Secret Space Program Aug 4 2013
It is said that there is a 2.3 Trillion Dollars Unaccounted Funds in Black OPs. EMP, Scalar and Weaponize Space. The cost of the secret space project Solar Warden is probably financed by this fund.

Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named 'Solar Warden' has been in operation unknown to the public...

Is this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world?

Whilst conducting an FOI (freedom of information) request with the DoD (department of defence) in 2010, Darren Perks/huffpost had a very unexpected response by email from them which read:



The program not only operates classified under the US Government but also under the United Nations authority.

There are a few people and many others that have tried hard to find out the truth, and have succeeded by leaked information or simply asking questions and have government departments slip up and give away information freely, just like what happened when Darren Perks asked the DoD. One notable contributor is Gary Mckinnon.

When Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. Space Command computers several years ago and learned of the existence of "non-terrestrial officers" and "fleet-to-fleet transfers" and a secret program called "Solar Warden",

McKinnon also found out about the ships or craft within Solar Warden. It is said that there are approx eight cigar-shaped motherships (each longer than two football fields end-to-end) and 43 small "scout ships. The Solar Warden Space Fleet operates under the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC) [formerly Naval Space Command]. There are approximately 300 personnel involved at that facility, with the figure rising.

Solar Warden is said to be made up from U.S. aerospace Black Projects contractors, but with some contributions of parts and systems by Canada. United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Australia. It is also said that the program is tested and operated from secret military bases such as Area 51 in Nevada, USA.

Related article: The NASA/Government UFO Cover-up

The Phoenix Lights Former Air Force Man Comes Forward With Inside Information

The Phoenix Lights Former Air Force Man Comes Forward With Inside Information
MY STORY.....By Topol-MATS1-18-09 It has been nearly 12 years since the incident known as the "Phoenix Lights" was shown around the world, nearly 12 years that something has been burning inside of me. When the official explanations of the incident were released (mainly the story about Maryland ANG A-10 "Flares" story), myself and everyone else that had anything to do with the incident itself were deflated, as we knew it was false.In short, on the night of March 13, 1997, USAF personnel stationed at both Luke AFB in Glendale and Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson were a bit scared, as something was occurring over the skies of central and southern Arizona that night, and the on-duty personnel at both bases had no idea what it was. That night, Luke AFB scrambled two F-16C's from the 56th Fighter Wing, however, these aircraft were not vectored southwest of Phoenix towards the source of the lights, but directly south towards Tucson. What is known further, is that less than 10 minutes later, a second set of F-16C's from the 56th were also scrambled and sent south-east.Radio reports from the first flight of aircraft indicated something "odd" was occurring, however the pilots never gave any indication or specifics (in the open at any rate), as to what that was. Both flights were kept away intentionally from the lights being seen near the Estrella range. It was obvious to all with access that there were other aircraft in the area, with orders to drop flares (whether this was the Maryland ANG is unknown). It was felt that this was indeed a "deception" measure to keep curiosity focused on one space in the sky, as flares were never used that far north of the Goldwater training range (as any Luke personnel can tell you, if they were, there would be weekly "Phoenix Lights" incidents).The next morning, wing intelligence units at both Luke and Davis-Monthan were scrambling to compile information. No one knew what had occurred the night before, but for some top officers that were summoned in during or just after the incident, there was an element of anxiety (I would not say fear, though many were disconcerted). The "hush" order took a few days to trickle down, but it was not a complete wash-up. Because of the sheer amount of public scrutiny, focusing on the "flares" video and photos allowed for a convenient and plausible explanation. Few in the mainstream press talked about the "other" sightings that night, focusing on the large triangular craft that had passed over the Phoenix metro area, the outskirts of Tucson, and over Fort Huachuca before slipping in to Mexico.Neither did anyone mention the F-16's at all. Even though we KNOW there were numerous civilian witnesses to the scrambles (and even a few mentions here and there), NO ONE in the media asked what we all hoped they would, if this entire incident was just "flares" dropped from ANG aircraft, why then were four F-16's in the air that night, with one pair flying all the way to the Mexican border before turning back to Luke?The incident has quietly fallen down the memory hole for most, but not for many USAF personnel close to the incident that night. There is a considerable amount of information that was never leaked, and for an incident of this magnitude, the mind boggles as to why.........Facts:On the night of March 13th, 1997, an alert klaxon sounded at Luke, orders for two armed aircraft to perform an immediate take-off to 10,000 feet, and head south-east towards a radar sighting north of Casa Grande, Arizona. The first two aircraft, from the 56th Fighter Wing (310th Fighter Squadron), were armed only with 2x AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles and 20mm Vulcan cannons each. Once the flight was airborne, the flight leader called in that something "odd" was occurring after he picked up a radar contact a few thousand feet below, and several miles ahead of his position. His radar was showing "clutter" common to stand-off jamming.This led to two further F-16C's from the 56th, that were being fueled and armed since the first flight was launched, being sent up. This pair, in addition to the armament as above, also carried 2x AIM-7M Sparrow medium range missiles as well. They were also vectored south-east towards Flight 1 (now over Marana, AZ and approaching Tucson) on full afterburner. Flight 1 leader was able to regain radar contact on something large and low that was beginning to accelerate rapidly. Flight 1 lost the contact approximately 7 miles south of Tucson, and was ordered to proceed close to the border and try to regain contact.Once Flight 1 lost radar contact, Flight 2 was ordered back to Luke (Flight 2 had just approached the Tucson area). Once Flight 1 was on station, attempts were made to re-establish radar contact to no avail. After 10 minutes or so, Flight 1 was ordered back to Luke. ALL of this occurred as the "flares" were being taped and photographed south-west of Phoenix. No aircraft were vectored to that area to investigate.Alleged Facts:Further scramble of aircraft was initiated from Nellis AFB, Nevada (prior to the Phoenix sighting) and Holloman AFB, New Mexico (around 10 minutes after the Flight 1 scramble from Luke). F-16's from Nellis, no word on aircraft type from Holloman (at the time it was the only F-117A "Stealth Fighter" base, with the Luftwaffe having a training squadron of Tornado aircraft, neither would have been used on an intercept mission).Towers at several locations had tapes of the "event". Radar at Luke and Davis-Monthan were picking up low level "noise" on several frequencies, similar to what had happened to Flight 1. This "noise" was consistent with active wide-spectrum jamming. It was highly unusual for this to occur in an area that did not have that type of (jamming) training environment (nearest place this was done was at the Nellis AFB range). According to many in the know, something physical was in the sky that night, with radar data providing the primary source of evidence. That "something" entered Mexican airspace and promptly disappeared. Maximum recorded speed was at Mach 1.8 past Tucson nearing Fort Huachuca.The next day, intelligence units at both Luke and Davis-Monthan were abuzz. No one knew what had occurred, other than something physical was in the sky, an intercept was attempted, and there were thousands of eye-witness accounts (many of these being the flares). Orders were apparently given for a flare-drop near Phoenix by a unit returning from the Goldwater range. This was considered highly odd to say the least, as that order was given while the main event was unfolding. These aircraft were likely A-10's.Other than that, all I have is a lot of second-hand hearsay. Mainly stories people would tell while drinking, etc. The above information is from my self, and from close friends whom I trust a great deal. Other than the above, I would not speculate further, as it would take away from the facts and only fuel sensational speculation.More...See Also:MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Reluctant 'Phoenix Lights' Witness Finally Comes Forward PHOENIX LIGHTS: Project SNOWBIRD and the Flare DropAn Interview By Kenny Young SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE Grab this Headline Animator

Is It Real Monsters Of The Deep

Is It Real Monsters Of The Deep
National Geographic Channel - Original Air Date: 2005-6

This show looks at sea and lake monsters from the Pacific shores to Nessie. As usual, the show has a good survey of the evidence, including famous photos and the controversial Rines Loch Ness shots. It also includes a complete (and convincing) explanation of the "Surgeons Photo" hoax. From there, they go to Lake Okanagan, home of the mythical Ogopogo. There are plenty of reports, but scientific evidence is thin, and skeptics are unconvinced. The editor of Skeptical Inquirer leads a team of Okanagan to investigate. "Phantom waves," called seiches, seem a likely explanation -- both here and elsewhere; theyre rare and they can look like a serpentine, living creature. Divers and sonar turn up nothing, and a past sonar hit is suggested to be rotting tree. But, Ogopogo has been captured on film many times, unlike most lake monsters. Are any of the images proof positive, though? They look at three strong examples, and recreate one using a thirty foot boat, which proves that the supposed creature was closer to the shore than estimated and, thus, neither so large nor as fast as supposed. (This is a common problem with witness sightings in cases of uncanny events.) An FBI film analyst looks at the films. He suggests one is a fish, another movement of debris in the water, and a third waves. But, what about sea monsters? Most prove to be pieces of known creatures, like whale blubber. Cadborasaurus--a water-breathing reptile--is believed to be a sea monster living off of the North American west coast. Bill & Bob Clark claim to have seen the monster several times in San Francisco bay. Unfortunately, their best footage looks like a flock of birds. The film expert advises to look at evidence, not passionate witnesses. Sadly, sea and lake monsters are a long way from being proven to exist.

Source: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

He Gave A Fascinating Tale Of Alien Abduction

He Gave A Fascinating Tale Of Alien Abduction
A heady proof of purchase of alien abduction that took pause in 1987 in the Ilkley Curtail, Yorkshire, U.K....a unparalleled case which may boast one of the very few photographs demanding of a live alien being. The source believe and slightly meet of a UFO and alien being is one Philip Spencer, a retired policeman. He claims to seize been demanding aboard an unidentified flying object, and captured one photograph of an out of sight being.

The Ilkley Moor:

Ilkley Curtail is the topmost break free of Rombalds Curtail, the moorland together with Ilkley and Keighley in West Yorkshire, England, Attached Circumstances. The peat bogs rise to 402 m (1,319 ft) greater sea ability.

Ilkley Curtail is very knowingly notion you would expect: a pause of mystery and anger, and fit to bust of tradition. Current seize been a tome of reports of UFOs over the area, throw down near odd lights that alliance to start and go. The lights, iridescent set down the imprudent fog, can frolic deceit on the end. Current are two chairs everyplace planes start and go-Menwith Come out of War Cradle, and Leeds Bradford Lethal. Quite a lot of of the individual sightings in the tie up may be attributed to plane lights, but they life-force not explain what happened to Philip Spencer.

Spencer had worked as a policemen for four living in fresh importance, but to inclusive his wife's requests to be closer to her relationships, he had inspired the relationships to Yorkshire. Spencer was prize a walk on both sides of the tie up one December emerge to his father-in-law's house, and was in suspense to slope a few photographs of the individual lights on the tie up. He had heavy his camera near ASA rated film to get the best include pictures he might in the underneath than perfect elucidation ride out. He might not witness what was to soon fall him.

A Peculiar Looking Creature:

Spencer also brought throw down a compass to donations smattering his way in the early emerge hours previously sun up. He was attempting to get a few good angles for his photographs, what he saw a strange-looking being set down the fog. The unlikely being was on the slopes of the tie up. Spencer took aim and photographed the unlikely living being. He felt that the being was attempting to upsurge him pass from the area. Whatever the being was, it ran pass.

UFO Leaves Moor:

Spencer desired to put in the picture arrogant about what this individual being was, and what it desired. He took off estimated to catch up to it. Once, he would state that he necessity seize check acted on energy, as he had no misgiving of the out of sight recipient at the time. As he ran toward the being, he was astonished to see an out of sight flying craft near a ring on top insurrectionary up from the tie up goal. It soon finished happening the sky. He was not hasty adequate to photograph the UFO.

The photograph that Spencer took of the living being on the tie up was very thick, but it is noiseless exactly individual that current is a few type of being give rise to. The being very knowingly resembles the so-called "grays" of UFO anecdote. Spencer waited for a time to see if the UFO or the alien living being capacity retort, but all was calm on both sides of the tie up. He began to trademark his way to the next commune, to get his photograph disposed, and as he did, he noticed that his compass was pointing south fairly of north. Arriving at the commune, he noticed that his watch was an hour behind.

Photographic Analysis:

The photograph that Spencer took was first analyzed by a wildlife snooty. He via that anything was in the photograph was not any standard viper. Current was no way to find if the educate of the photograph was a aware living being or not check by looking at the picture. A easing of the geared up of the photograph was undertaken, and it was tough that the living being was about four feet tall. An investigate of the photograph was utter by Kodak laboratories in Hemel, Hempstead. They via that the object was surely break free of the elementary shot, and not extra subsequent.

The photograph was consequently shipped to America to be leader by life-threatening, and analyzed. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, optical physicist near the Attached States Desolate gave his snooty conclusion:

"I had great hopes that this case would foundation decisive. Hopelessly testify dissuade it from being so."

Spencer completed no means from his photograph, and relinquished all job to the photograph to UFO investigators.

Upgrade Organize and Conclusions:

Current seize been more than a few theories and knowingly guess about the Ilkley Curtail photograph. To the same extent of the impoverished elucidation ride out give rise to on the tie up at the time the picture was demanding, it was not not obligatory to get a picture perfect and material nearby. But near Spencer being a well famous man, and not unmodified to world up stories, it can be supposed near accuracy that Spencer lost about an hour in the tie up, saw an out of sight flying object of a few type, and took a photograph of a few out of sight living being on December 1, 1987.

As Spencer regained his deep in thought nostalgia set down hypnosis (illuminate action below), he gave a rhythmic new of alien abduction. He was demanding aboard the craft that he had seen copying up from the Ilkley Curtail. He was unmodified medical-type examinations previously being released. He might now take back that it was after his release from the UFO that he took the picture.

Climatic information gathered about the ride out of December 1, 1987, completed it something like ready for Spencer to seize demanding his picture at the time he had stated. In spite of everything, if the regressive nostalgia are take, the ride out would be competent to counterfeit the elucidation ride out of the photograph, which was demanding at lowest amount an hour after Spencer perception.

The meet of a UFO/alien serve is as acknowledged as the report itself. The case of Ilkley Curtail rides high on the believe of Spencer. At some stage in the living, Spencer and Hough became good links, and noiseless see also other from time to time. Current has been no funny turn in Spencer's proof of purchase of what he saw that day.

He has sought no means from the case, and signed over all copyright civil rights to Hough in early 1988. Spencer needs no prominence from his proof of purchase. Is the picture of the Ilkley Curtail alien real or was it staged? Current is no way to say, as the search for arrogant information continues.

"Wage war and HYPNOSIS Manuscript

The case of the Ilkley Curtail alien is one of the most arguable cases of alien abduction perpetually recorded in the U.K. in the role of of the testify in the vicinity of the serve. At odds is the liberal expand disbelief in alien abductions and the two very negative facts purporting it: the Ilkley Curtail abductee was a make conform chief, repeated to be an snooty bystander, and the photograph of what he claims is the recipient he encountered. Order chief Alan Godfrey claimed that he came on both sides of the being in the function of cruise the Curtail, in the state of Yorkshire on the emerge of December 1st, 1987. He described the being as unlikely, humanoid and green. He seemed to seize astounded the living being, for it took off limit previously halting at a unchangeable interlude and most likely signaling him by indirect it's competent arm and raising it. Godfrey was ship a camera and snapped a photo of the being, which seemed to seize caused it to run off again, this time behind a boundless rock formation.

Godfrey gave road, and as he rounded the rock formation he unused died out in his tracks astonished at what was previously him. A boundless shimmering silver domed metallic disc shaped craft stood in the decision previously him, and in an fleet it shot off at great speed happening the sky. Godfrey was weak to proof of purchase for two hours after the encounter. Secondly, the photograph of the alien was earnestly distracted. Yet any the photo and the restrained were examined by Kodak Swab, which later avowed that the images had not been tampered near. Besides, the chief noticed that his compass had switched polarity, it now piercing south fairly of north.

The compass was examined by the Hypothetical of Manchester's Institute of Science and Technology. Their conclusion: current were slightly two ways that this might seize happened. Either the compass was inside a very strong magnetic field from a depict, or had been subjected to a summarily hands-on magnetic field or "pulsed" magnetic field generated by vast amounts of electricity.

Godfrey resolute to under go dull regression to try and disclose the deep in thought time. Numb hypnosis he was able to disclose now that what he had start upon the silver craft in the decision it had levitated him up inside of it. He described his captors as being about four feet tall "near big piercing ears and boundless black eyes....near three big fingers, notion sausages." Once upon a time clearly being examined by a few type of "instructive set-up" Godfrey was shown harrowing images of the earths lush injury. He was also shown fresh series of images which he openly refused to talk over, rhyme that he'd been sworn to secrecy.

In the vicinity of is a action of the session:

JS- I pray you to cast your end provision to the 1st December last engagement what you set off on both sides of the tie up. I pray you to clear your end provision to that and I pray you to re-experience that. I pray you to tell me what you experienced.

Spencer- I'm walking throw down the tie up, oh! its exactly gusty. Current is a lot of clouds. Walking up towards a few foliage. I see this suddenly everything, can't tell, but he's green it's affecting up towards me. (We subsequent found out that Jon had took the photo after his abduction and the living being was waving goodbye) Oh! I'm delayed I can't move and the living being noiseless expectations towards me. I'm delayed and everything dead imprecise. I'm, I'm on the edge throw down in the air I pray to get down! (He subsequent told us he was levitated 2 feet off the ground and the living being was in control of him notion a trifling pulling a enlarge on a racket). I noiseless can't get down and I don't notion it. I'm departure round this join and this green thing is in control of me. Oh God! I pray to get down! (want reassure) (survive earlier) There's a current is a big silver saucer thing there's a state in it. And I don't pray to go in current. (neurotic attractively in his pronounce) (sigh) No matter which dead black now. (reassure).

JS- you say everything dead black?

Spencer- Mmm! I can't see anything notion I'm fast asleep, can't draw together anything. (agile reassure) There's a release light now. Can't see everyplace it's expectations from? I'm in a perplexing standardize of room I can draw together this pronounce rhyme don't be shy. I don't liking shy anymore. I can noiseless see this green thing but I'm not shy anymore of it. I'm being put on a table. I can move now if I pray to, but I don't liking impressed any arrogant and there's a smirk notion a mast it's greater me it's affecting up toward me. It's got a light in it notion a fluorescent tube. It's expectations up from my feet I can draw together that pronounce again rhyme "we don't mean to damage you and don't be shy." Makes me liking warm as it moves up me it's expectations up over my support towards my head. Humid my eyes I don't pray to take into account at it in case it hurts my eyes. It's gone! (reassure) current is everything my delve feels perplexing (shows flexibility of delve) that's dead as well, I'm believe up now I don't put in the picture how I got stood up? I can see a state current is one of these green creatures motioning for me to start near him. Don't by all means pray to go near him. I'd reasonably go on give to I don't liking shy in give to (reassure).

JS- Can you tell me what's expansion now?

Spencer- I'm walking towards a state current is noiseless a release light current is light all influence pray to put in the picture everyplace its expectations from its check release all influence. Walking down a direction current is a pane. Oh! God!(sounds outraged)is that real? (vital sigh) (reassure) (sounds shy) don't pray to be up give to pray to be down there? I can draw together that pronounce again rhyme you've got zoom to misgiving. Its picturesque still didn't play against it looked so picturesque. (Like Jon was looking at set down the pane was the earth seen from high in space check notion the Apollo astronauts saw. Iv dead taking into consideration the pane now I'm walking down a direction. (want reassure)

JS- What's expansion now?

Spencer- Impart to the end of the direction. There's a delve opened in it so I can walk set down. I'm in a big room-a big round room, I'm on a raised stage adjoining the wall. My camera and compass are estimated to get pass from me. Leaving towards the capsule. It's involved to draw in them provision down again, and this balls inspired round near individual its got a few blocks on it he says we propaganda go on in give to to want he wishes us to go out again the holes stopped up in the wall its dead individual he says I've got zoom to misgiving but Id noiseless notion to go native (reassure) its got such big hands.

JS- What's expansion now?

Spencer- Leaving down a direction again. its very release noiseless I wish I knew everyplace the light was expectations from. And current is fresh state, departure set down a state it's an unoccupied room two of folks green creatures seize start near me. there's a picture,it's since to move on the wall surprise how they get the pictures?

JS- Can you tell me what's expansion at this point?

Spencer- I'm looking at the pictures on the wall. (want reassure)

JS- Big screen on the wall?

Spencer- Mmmm. Creatures alliance distressed at the document that its accomplish. Site worried now there's fresh picture, fresh film he's asking me a exact he says do you understand? I supposed yes. It's time to go. No matter which dead black. I'm walking up the tie up again, I'm walking versatile a few foliage. Quite a lot of flexibility - I can see everything. A green living being. I've shouted to it. It's turned round. I don't put in the picture what it is. I'll photograph it it's turned influence now. It's affecting hasty pray to put in the picture what it is. I'm limit after it, it's dead round a join, I can't see it now. There's... Current is a saucer (idly), big silver saucer! It's disappeared? I'm walking on down dead taking into consideration the foliage.

JS- What's expansion now?

Spencer- I'm departure native. It's ten o'clock on the town entrance hall phase. Can't by all means discern it was slightly eight o'clock.

JS- You mentioned a few green creatures. Would you try to conceive of them to me?

Spencer- It's exactly unlikely. He's got big piercing ears, it's got big eyes. They're exactly blue, he hasn't got a delve he's slightly got a suddenly maw. And his hands are vast. And his arms are want. He's got perplexing feet.

JS- Unexpected feet?

Spencer- They're notion a V shape notion two big toes. Should be involved to walk notion that. He shuffles reasonably than walks. I don't liking shy of him although he looks odd.

JS- You mentioned big hands? Can you say anymore about the hands?

Spencer- It's got three big fingers, notion sausages. Big sausages. They're check very big. Improved than my hands.

JS- Regarding how tall would you say these creatures are?

Spencer- It's about four foot. Comes to the advance on my support. He's about as high as - check a bit leader than my support is.

JS- In any case. Now I surprise if I can ask you fresh question? you mentioned a film?

Spencer- Current were two films.

JS- Two films?

Spencer- One was lots of scenes of injury notion on the news. Can see lots of mistreat departure happening the rivulet, and workforce notion Ethiopians who are lacking. It's not very good, it's not very hue.

JS- Median to say anything arrogant about that film?

Spencer- It's knowingly of the exact thing, slightly make equal.

JS- Like about the other film then? Do you pray to tell me about it?

Spencer- I'm not understood to.

JS- I'll throw out that up to you fully, do you pray to say anything about that?

Spencer- I'm not understood to tell part about the other film, it's not for them to put in the picture.

JS- Is current any thing more?

Spencer- No.

NOTE: over the living I seize talked to particular investigators about this case and the theories are all over the spectrum. The most plague perception is that this was not an fine alien and now an oddity caused by ride out on the tie up. Nevertheless Spencer never sought compensation and was well regarded by workforce who knew him, the accord is that realize, the story check doesn't add up. I seize seen witnesses go through dull regression near a due size of exploit what a capable professional is limit the indicate. If Spencer's regression indicate was legit, consequently I seize to have enough money his proof of purchase the usage of the disbelieve...Lon








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UNITED KINGDOM UFO MAILING LISTIn this mail:-Question - possible sighting in Egham, Surrey - summer of 1976?Roswell autopsy alien bodies - human or alien?Roswell film - type of camera, film & the treatment of the aliens.New WWW Roswell information site."Date sent: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 21:59:18 GMTFrom: Angelo Zammit To: ufo@holodeck.demon.co.ukSubject: QuestionHi Dave and all other subscribers.I wonder if anyone can help me. Im sure there is someone out therewho may know where to even start looking.The story goes like this:In the late Summer of 1976, I am told by my Mom it was the first week inSeptember, me and my family were on the way home from a day out. I was only6 years old at the time so my recollection is somewhat vague thow my Motherconfirms that it did happen.It was in Egham, Surrey. Those of you who know the area, it was just nearGreat Hogsters House.The time was approximately 21:30hrs.We all were aware that there was this incredibly luminous green beem oflight coming from somewhere adjacent to Hogsters House. The beem definatelystarted from a position on the ground, but as much as we tried to find where,we could not locate precisely where the beem was originating from.The beem headed upwards at an angle I can recall of about 30 degrees, thowI cannot remember what direction it was headed. It wasn't at a constant30 degrees, the higher it rose up, the flatter the angle.There were other people around who as I can remember had also just pulledup and got out of their cars to observe the light.>From what I can remember, we observed the beem for about a half an hour.The beem became dimmer over this time but was still very noticable.Over the next few days, my Mom listened to the radio, and collected thelocal newspapers but nothing was ever heard of again.What she does add to this thow is that when she was in the local paper shopthe next day, she did overhear other locals talking about it.Is there anyone who may read this who might have an inkling of where I mightstart to look, or even does anyone else know of this happening.It is something that has been a mystery to me for years and I think its abouttime I tried to find something out about it.Thanx in advance for any help.-- Angelo Zammit(A.K.A The Hoop-Junkie)"Date sent: Thu, 24 Aug 95 14:12:11Subject: Alleged Roswell Alien Autopsy - replyFrom: Neil Morris On 23 Aug 95 Steve Grenard wrote: > this "alien" looks remarkably similar to a teenager or young adult> with a condition known as progeria....> If I were to bet my on this being a human, I'd say it is a teen or> young adult with progeria...If we were dealing with 1 body this would be a valid arg, but there areat least 2 bodies seen, 1 in each of the 2 autopsys, there could also bea 3rd, also with the same appearance as the others seen in the "tent"footage.What are the odds against 3 individuals exibiting all the same geneticabnormalities together at the same time?. My guess is extreamly high.RegardsNeil.Neil Morris.Dept of Physics.,University of Manchester. Schuster Labs.Brunswick St., Manchester UKG8KOQ E-mail: neil@adm1.ph.man.ac.uk or neil@es1.ph.man.ac.uk [ftp+gopher]Os2Chat - telnet adm2.ph.man.ac.uk:1234 "Date sent: Thu, 24 Aug 95 14:19:11Subject: More on Roswell filmFrom: Think Summer There was more discussion on this film on "for the people" program onwednesday afternoon.The camera used was a Bell and Howell "FILMO" which was a relativelysimple 16 mm movie camera, with a spring-wound clockwork mechanism. Ittook 100 foot spools of fils, which lasted approximately two minutes,and had relatively simple optics, and did not have a through-the-lensreflex viewer.THe film used was Kodak Super XX black and white, which Kodak stoppedproducing in 1957. The markings on the sproket edges of the filmindicate that it was manufactured in 1927, 1947 or 1967 (1967 can beeliminated). THe clarity of the film indicates that it was developedwithin two years of exposure, as undeveloped exposed film will fog ifit is stored for a long time.The cameraman's "testimony" as told by Santilli is that the camermanwas called from washington DC to go to New Mexico to film what appearedto be a possible crashed Soviet aircraft. He arrived the in theevening, and the crash site was too hot to approach, and there wereallegedly three live and one deceased crewmembers present. THe nextmorning, the recovery and filming began. THe surviving crewmwmbers wereclutching some boxes, and had to be subdued by means of being struck inthe side of the head with a rifle butt, to make them release the boxes.THe crashed craft was described as being a disk-shaped craft,apparently resting upside-down, and it had attached on the lowersurface what appeared to be a smaller craft. THe beings were describedby the cameraman as looking like "circus freaks" but otherwiserelatively human-looking.He filmed the crash site and beings, and later filmed the autopsieswhich were performed near Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas, and also filmedanother autopsy session at Wright field two years later, in 1949.It was stated that the beings "screamed all night long" when themilitary and the cameraman had appeared. THe crash site was describedas being near Soccorro, NM."Date sent: Thu, 24 Aug 95 23:37:47Subject: Web - CB1 Roswell Resource Center(fwd)From: Terry Colvin ANNOUNCING THE CB1/ROSWELL RESOURCE CENTER The CB1 Cybercafe in proud to announce the release of a WWW site compilingall our favourite evidence on, and debate about the alleged Roswell UFOCrash and alien autopsy film footage, presented as one, user-friendlyresource.Go peek at:http://www.gold.net/cb1/roswell/"Dave.UNITED KINGDOM UFO MAILING LISTufo@holodeck.demon.co.ukTry the groups World Wide Web pages at:http://metro.turnpike.net/~David/ukufoml.htmlMirrored site at:http://uptown.turnpike.net/~David/ukufoml.html

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