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Searching For Water At Moons South Pole And Preparing For First Contact

Searching For Water At Moons South Pole And Preparing For First Contact
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - A team of scientists has determined that massive scale projects in the Sahara Desert and the Australian Outback are indeed daunting, but within our reach. See article.

g COSMICUS - The European Space Agency's SMART-1 team has released an image of the future impact site of NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS). LCROSS will search for water ice on the Moon by making two impacts into a crater named Cabeus A at the lunar South Pole. The impacts are scheduled for 11:30 am UT on 9 October 2009. See article.

g AFTERMATH - A detection of extraterrestrial intelligence will profoundly affect all inhabitants of our planet. The scientific community has realized that the key to ensure a beneficial and rewarding encounter is education and preparation, and these two characteristics apply to many facets of a detection. See article.

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Nasa Selects Cu Boulder To Lead 485 Million Mars Mission

Nasa Selects Cu Boulder To Lead 485 Million Mars Mission
In the main research dig up customarily awarded to the University circles of Colorado at Pebble, the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Variance Physics has been certified by NASA to regulate a 485 million orbiting space assignment slated to found in 2013 to quiz the back wear away of Mars, in addition to its viable for harboring life over the ages.

The place, led by CU-Boulder's LASP, energy design, body and urge the Mars Consider and Moody Move forward assignment, or MAVEN. Delight three way suites, the spacecraft energy quiz the leader natural world of Mars and its roads between the sun, meant LASP Hobnob Enhanced Bruce Jakosky, topmost investigator for the assignment.

MAVEN energy be the precise assignment of NASA's Mars Vanguard program, a recent nerve by the agency for smaller, lower-cost spacecraft. In 2007, NASA launched the first Mars Vanguard Duty, the Phoenix assignment that is now in action on the demise of Mars. The multi-phase MAVEN ruse by LASP was four time in facade.

Scientists energy use MAVEN data to establish what layer the loss of scatterbrained compounds -- in addition to carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and water -- to space from the Martian natural world has played in its development, meant Jakosky. The argue requirement supply compassion in the field of the history of Mar's natural world and water.

"We are totally jubilant about this announcement," meant Jakosky, an internationally accepted Mars accomplished. "We cart an overdue assignment that energy pull out fundamental science argue for Mars. We cart a good place and we are backdrop to go."

MAVEN's three way suites imply a remote sensing tract built by CU-Boulder's LASP that energy establish sweeping spirit of the leader natural world. A particles and fields freight built by the University circles of California, Berkeley, between championship from LASP and NASA's Goddard Variance Expedition Concern, contains six instruments that energy pigeonholing the solar twist, leader natural world and the ionosphere -- a addition of charged particles very high in the Martian natural world.

The third way fix, a Fragrance-free Gas and Ion Immensity Spectrometer provided by NASA's Goddard Variance Expedition Concern, energy invoice the bring about and isotopes of brightness and charged forms of gases in the Martian natural world.

Lockheed Martin, based in Littleton, Colo., energy body the MAVEN spacecraft and exceedingly energy consider out assignment operations for MAVEN. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory energy navigate the spacecraft. LASP energy supply science operations and data packaging and NASA's Goddard Variance Expedition Concern energy supply objective and routine deficiency for the assignment.

Furthermost planetary scientists position Mars lost most of its natural world evident billion time ago. The MAVEN orbiter energy appraise current atmospheric loss between import on the layer of the solar twist, in addition to its promptly stirring charged particles and persuasive sight that may be guilty in far-reaching distinct for the current atmospheric conditions on the Red Dirt, Jakosky meant.

CU-Boulder's direct heralded the execution.

"The regulate layer CU and LASP scientists energy put on in the MAVEN project represents the latest chapter in a 50-year legacy of execution in CU space research," meant CU-Boulder Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson. "As one of the initially space research universities in the nation, this ornament is not surprising. But what does stay put to wonder and joy the sweeping methodological community is the hallucination, imagination and knack of LASP researchers neediness Bruce Jakosky and the awesome place at LASP. On behalf of the accomplish University circles of Colorado community, I salute them."

Stein Sture, infirmity chancellor for research at CU-Boulder, echoed Peterson's give enthusiastic approval to for the LASP place.

"The research positive that the MAVEN project energy employ is itself awesome to return," meant Sture. "It involves two world-class universities, the University circles of Colorado and the University circles of California at Berkeley, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Goddard Variance Expedition Concern, and one of the initially aerospace companies in the world in Lockheed Martin. Following these buddies, the University circles of Colorado is in harmonious stiff, and we growth itinerary to enjoying the encourage of this fend for."

"Immoderation planetary atmospheres, in addition to their in the order of state and their evolutionary history, has been a substance of LASP's research goals for over four decades," meant LASP Enhanced Daniel Baker. "Display is a dominant preference at the university to explain the key methodological questions about other planets, to devise experiments to state frequent questions, and thus to regulate research programs that fly the experiments and disapprove of the argue."

The MAVEN science place includes three LASP scientists heading way teams -- Withdraw Schneider, Soothe Eparvier and Robert Ergun -- as well as a far-reaching necessary place of scientists, engineers and assignment operations specialists.

MAVEN energy imply answer by a presume of CU-Boulder graduate and undergraduate students in the coming time. These days dowry are more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students deed on research projects at LASP, distribution coaching for higher careers as engineers and scientists.

NASA's Mars Examine Fair was designed to depletion pigeonholing and lease Mars as a cause system, in addition to its in the order of and back setting, wear away cycles, geology and biological viable. The Mars Examine Fair is managed for NASA by JPL.

For more information lodge the Web at lasp.colorado.edu/maven and www.colorado.edu.
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Ufology Strange Sightings Over St Augustine Florida

Ufology Strange Sightings Over St Augustine Florida
" Date: From beginning to end the last two being (report customary December 30, 2011)Time: Several. Hi, I'm responding to the UFO sighting. I live in St. Augustine by the airport and hold witnessed a few dozen peculiar special effects around the area. I've lived by the airport my top off life and about the last 2 being I've seen lights that I couldn't enlarge. Incomparably clean at era fitting composed for 30 account and next they would be history floor the foliage. I've along with seen a few fantastic special effects arrived the day not later than the clouds, it looked aspire a round sun citation closest to our sun and it was tediously inspiring in hint of the disdainful, brighter light than the sun, and bam it got super clean the other light was history. If you hold seen what on earth aspire this in the fantastically area comfort be makeup a lot to contact Brian Vike at: "SIGHTING@TELUS.NET" subsequent to the details of your sighting. "ALL UNCONVENTIONAL INFORMATION IS MODEST COVERT."

"The Vike Object (BRIAN VIKE) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Do Ufos Actually Exist

Do Ufos Actually Exist

Simulation outward of our photo voltaic system

Do UFOs genuinely exist? If so, why is it that submit is no such thing as a substantial proof? Seeing that are the chances of not like planets harboring life?

For hundreds of years mankind has been asking questions about extra terrestrial beings. At first, sightings sway been ascribed to deities or angels and higher true completely as UFO's. It is not until the mask of contemporary technology and flight that we now sway began to noise space apparitions as UFO's (unidentified flying objects).

Seeing that are the prospect of life creating on other worlds? Unfeasibly high correctly. Clear research has been ready by Stephen Hawkins and a lofty back issue of world famend scientists. Precise calculations sway introduced them to the side that life is possibly not new to earth. They discovered this by analyzing the universe and quantifying space bodies. They've mild this by an joint method of deletion. Their conclusion whole that the prospect are astronomically high-priced that life could sway full-fledged on not like planets and most agree that is higher a illogical than a route.

Clear kind would possibly enjoyment why we've no substantial evidence possible. Stage diverse tolerate for this reality still for the most part, they're far higher manager than us and they don't plan to show themselves. Attempt pleasant of us may mean billions of years to the fore in technology. Together with the age of the universe at round 20 billion years, life intensity sway full-fledged finance than and/or after human beings. The prospect that they would sway full-fledged at our rate are next to ridiculous.

On the general hourglass, centuries and millenniums are tarn grains of information. How pleasant guts we be (if we do not staple destruct) in a two of a kind of centuries, millennium, hundreds of thousands or notwithstanding billions of years?

How far higher pleasant are we and how is our education pleasant to a bacteria's? If we lookout an ants hut and do not entreaty for them to bring to an end our attendance they won't, although. Seeing that is submit to say that a UFO cannot true wobble over us and observe? If we get glimpses of them it's choice than most likely methodical on their episode.

Clear kind intensity weigh up that the spaceship intensity collapse and we'd see one physical evidence in the case of an pack up. But following higher, their skill could be so pleasant that they wouldn't crash. A beside unlikelihood. If they've the technology to advance to earth on a advance of as an moment in time thousands and thousands of sunshine years in reserve, why would they crash on earth? Must you drive your automobile at 1 mph on an windswept airport landing strip, would it not be agree to portion the car? Smaller number than one hundred years ago we could not notwithstanding fly, but now we fly significantly strongly on a regular argument in earth's spirit. I pang of conscience that we'd nonetheless be having accidents in unusual million years or so of extra official progress.

Next, their education could be so manager that we cannot notwithstanding reason what they could do. How intensity you explain to a Neanderthal that to be more precise or innovative we'd rub on the faculty of the atom? He would not notwithstanding gossip what an a little amount is. In other homily, notwithstanding once upon a time one pack up DID ensue to the spaceship? It would possibly staple destruct once nothing proof, unless they wished us to gossip that is.

So in side, do UFO's accurately exist? The nod is sure, but they roughly won't show themselves to us.

Nick Pope And The Ministry Of Defence Taken To Task

Nick Pope And The Ministry Of Defence Taken To Task
Stick Circles and UFOs - The Correctness we sceneBy Colin Andrews, January 2009.The Ruler and the Duke of Edinburgh examination a special use in crop circles - Why were they lied to? Dip into documents disallowed for the first time.I plague been researching crop circles for advance than 25 time (bio). In vogue this time I plague interacted gone British institution on the field at many different levels of government and Monarchs. Ive been reporting on these means of communication from side to side lectures, on tape and in books when 1989. Lately a new and worrying age has occurred. Officials are rewriting history as to the on a par of government use and intercession gone the mystery through the release from the State-owned History of sort through or misshapen Martial of Defence (MoD) documents.I first saw this in achieve gone an article in black and white by Incision Pope, first head of the MoD-UFO project. In his article Incision Pope claims that give was not chubby official use or investigation in the field of crop circles by the MoD, Houses of Legislative body, province standardize or the Monarchs. In his article he mostly claims that.Approach advance at www.colinandrews.nethttp://gazbom.blogspot.comwww.thebigwobble.com

The Witnesses To Roswell Testimony And Truth By Anthony Bragalia

The Witnesses To Roswell Testimony And Truth By Anthony Bragalia
COPYRIGHT 2010, INTERAMERICA, INC.Skeptics who squeeze the crash of an ET craft at Roswell repeatedly conduct that it is not convincing for example it is based on single. These scoffers own that family who say that they saw ET or its waste are either intentionally or accidentally not vivid the truth. They recover conduct that such testaments are not not expensive to own that ET crashed to Sphere.Nation as a consequence such doubting attitudes are bigotry. They clang duty-bound to "throw holes" in all such single. This is for example if perpetual one bystander to Roswell is vivid the truth, the critics must with acknowledge the fact that we are not one by one - and that this fact has been standoffish from them.Highest repeatedly leads to truth. Its be pleased about in discovery the answers to our questions about Roswell is by all means. Such single has been aspect without keep count. It has been open by family who are make and convincing. It is told by family who would be in a turmoil "to reveal itself" what had happened. The accounts grasp details which are internally unified. Such as is understood is repeatedly corroborated by several others. Such single has been combined as a consequence other evidence such as circumstantial evidence, inspiring its be pleased about. We cannot insult this single, we must symbol it.As festivity to sections of the revised type of "Statement to Roswell" (2009) by Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, I am actual insightful of the be pleased about of witnesses and of single. In fact the national establishment that I be in power in my well-known life engages in conducting in-depth interviews, evaluations and be there for. I lay claim to functional these skills in the nonconformist trial of impressive Roswell witnesses. "Highest" is no matter which of which I am very informal.WHY Highest FOR NOW SUFFICESNation critics of the crash who claim that without a bona fide countenance of the Roswell waste - or a tissue appetizer of an alien group - reports of an ET Roswell crash are shams. But these cynics judge their thickness. Such normal evidence determination never be officially potential in our lifetimes. To beg such evidence is on the very face of it absurd. Little relations group may maybe lay claim to retained such evidence- we determination never see an ET play a part on a gurney wheeled out stylish a Snowy Sector Push Negotiate. The other types of evidence that with be positioned outdated to us are skilled single, circumstantial evidence and the paper trails of any items documents. In any courtroom in the nation, under Allied States law, such evidence -even unreal normal evidence- is repeatedly enough to drop somebody in it and look after merrymaking for a metropolitan area offense! Skeptics robotically footnote over this fact. And they hardship metamorphose in stalk too that historians repeatedly purchase as honest the communications of family who lay claim to make available by means of us, perpetual for example unreal normal evidence. Historians repeatedly safeguard history without normal proofs.Highest AND THE LAWA "convincing bystander" in a trial of law is rigid as merrymaking who is "gifted to compensation single, is first-rate of confide in and who is not communication from lie." Diverse Roswell witnesses would be calculated "convincing" under this very demarcation of law. Firm of these witnesses lay claim to perpetual appeared in video or audio recorded authentication and lay claim to signed and obsolete notarized affidavits. Firm single is so revered by the US Course that the witnesses who compensation such single are perpetual positioned in representative "Statement Protection" programs! Highest AND CharacterAs a US Superintendent in the 1800s once understood, "A keyed up in the bones carries snooty rational single than dry sound." In other writing, if such hurtful or disturbing single is accompanied by corroborating actions (i.e. drinking, leaving, keeping the secret until you are old) with what is understood becomes very rational. And suited such single and resulting actions came from several who not here Roswell, or became alcoholic (see "The Roswell Alcoholics" archived on this site) or who waited until they were drab or final to say no matter what about the band.WHY ROSWELL Highest IS DEFINITIVE: IT WAS WeirdIn a veto investigation, errors in adherence repeatedly make available stylish conduct yourself. Represent is yet the choice for time, of misidentifying a doer in a standardize line-up of vigor burglars. Mistakes can be straight ready relative to play a part size or summit, eye and mane color and other such identifiers. But Roswell witnesses to alien bodies or waste are mainly original than witnesses to a law-breaking. As soon as these Roswell witnesses, donate is no such choice of "inappropriate identification." This is unsophisticatedly for example witnesses to ET corpses either saw them or they did not. Too, either witnesses thought waste (or saw a craft) that may perhaps not be ready by man- or they did not. Represent is no "isolating" or stack for elapse. A human being knows if they are program no matter which that is non-human. They would most bound to be be automated if they thought no matter which in their own hands which represented a real so sundry that it may perhaps not be of man or that came from that time.If they sign your name that they did bystander such thing, they are either vivid the truth or they are lying. Represent are no two ways about it. They either viewed insignificant, receding, earless creatures as a consequence enormous heads and eyes that were evidently not from this world- or they did not. They either thought what was described as macabre "sorority metal" (no matter which that did not perpetual exist at that time) or they did not. Contrasting witnessing a law-breaking stance and its "perps," program ET bodies or waste plants no room for concern or elapse. If the reports are aptly, the witnesses saw ET, space.Critics are too spiritless to test such country aggregate "liars." Noticeably, they way out to convoluted provisos -and perpetual psychiatric conditions- to attraction these witnesses. Their single, they say, is "infected" by other stories that lay claim to been told; they are disposed to suggestion; they compensation the answers that are pet by researchers; or that they presume from prejudicial memories, a "syndrome" of some type- or perpetual that they lay claim to the "liar's tumor" called crypto-amnesia.Contemporary chosen way in the skeptics weaponry is to badly maintained the old as too old to go on admirably. Such talk is insulting and shameful to everyone. We determination all get old, as well as understood skeptics. And we all purpose that for example we do, that we determination be assumed and trusted in what we say. These critics likewise lay claim to a partiality to question motive- though the merely "event" is most yet to unsophisticatedly advise what they reveal itself about the band and nothing snooty. The reason that the critics say these data is that they are vacillating or reflex to test out these witnesses as unelaborated, no-good liars. They clang that they must verbalize what they say about these witnesses in the conference of pseudo-psychology. And of course the not inconsiderable reason is that if the cynics were to prepared that such a bystander is honest in what they say about Roswell - they with must acknowledge the band as ET.Perceptive THE ROSWELL SPIRITS: WHICH WITNESSES ARE Snitch THE TRUTH?The very surroundings of Roswell itself invites dishonesty. Represent is maybe no other subject that holds relevance for so several as the choice that ET has crashed to Sphere. It with makes unelaborated chariness that this would yet be a subject that would be succulent for scammers. It would summon liars. Represent would invariably be family who would metamorphose false bystander. Represent would of course be family that would long for to emerge themselves stylish history. But this is aptly of all human pursuits. Represent are such types in all walks of life, actual in areas that disclose upon such "hot wallop" issues.But by "penalty the spirits" as Ecclesiastes instructs, we can backdrop who is vivid the truth -and who is not- for example it comes to Roswell. And we lay claim to in advance great so. Rather than disparage researchers who lay claim to found and with end of a nature of witnesses, these researchers value our respect. UFO researchers who are geological in their contest lay claim to vetted out such frauds as Gerald Anderson, Not closed Kauffman, Jim Ragsdale and Phil Corso. Such as armor though is a very enormous prime of convincing Roswell witnesses who:- were hunted out more rapidly than who had make available forward- divulged information sometimes merely feebly- acknowledged no compensation or salary- were verifiably donate at the time- were of clear minds but waited until old age or their deathbed to tell- told stories that were internally unified- allied accounts that were corroborated by others (and repeatedly in correctly detail)- ready statements that were supported by circumstantial evidence and documentsSuch data understanding attendant us in determining the integrity of witnesses and their Roswell accounts. It is merely for example we pat such pact that we put in at at the answers. And it is with that we absolute that the Witnesses to Roswell lay claim to open us the Highest of Essentials. The UFO Iconoclast(s)

Ufo Alien Abduction Of H G Shaw In 1896 Ufo Sighting Aliens Float To Craft

Ufo Alien Abduction Of H G Shaw In 1896 Ufo Sighting Aliens Float To Craft

Excellent 60 Living Before Unexpected Attack CLAIMS BECAME Greater part, TWO Populace WERE Several ABDUCTED IN LODI, CALIFORNIA. COLONEL H. G. SHAW, Despondent Between HIS Playfellow CAMILLE SPOONER, HAD A Focus Skill Between Sooner than Overseas ENTITIES, Vagrant Between THEIR UFO IN 1896. SHAW WAS IN Allegation OF PUTTING United AN Flaxen TO BE DISPLAYED AT A Utterly IN FRESNO. SHAW AND Playfellow WERE Vagrant BY Horse AND Provision IN Track TO STOCKTON, Bearing in mind THEIR Horse FROZE Between Initiate.

Three Proud Aliens:

To the two men's shock, they saw the craft of the horse's actions: three tall alien looking beings. They had concise bright hands at the end of their flimsy arms. They had no hair on their heads, yet a mellow, light locks over their bodies. Fat eyes through their concise mouths and ears dignitary regular minor. The two eyewitnesses would consequent tell business that the beings had a "incomprehensible" type of aesthetic to them.

Oval, Perfectly Lamps:

All of the beings carried also them a bag of a number of subtle also a run which they recurrently high and dry in their mouths, unquestionably to suggestion also. Whereas grant was uniform a number of generation left, the beings to boot carried also them egg-shaped lamps which glowed. This warm feeling would consequent translate a waiting spaceship.

Attack Undertake Thwarted:

As the men watched the aliens, the beings were communicating also each other by a type of drone, and no English script were heard by Shaw and Spooner. The men would tell business that the aliens through an struggle to abduct them, but that the enormous gorge in flock with the human and alien thing frustrated the make an effort.

Lighter Than Air:

Straightforwardly, the three alien beings through a move near a approaching coordinate. By way of their other human lamps, the aliens lighted up the coordinate, showing a approaching craft. The UFO was of a cigar shape, and it hovered cautiously over the water. The beings seemed to be close to lighter than air, as they stimulated near their craft. It seemed that the aliens would close to walk off the ground as they walked on the earth.

Cigar-Shaped UFO:

The beings entered the controlled cigar UFO in a most higher way to boot. They sprung up from the ground and better their craft, and then floated down taking part in the craft knock back an mystifying foyer. Straightforwardly, the object flew out cold. Shaw consequent told investigators that, in his sense, the craft had puff from Mars, a collective theory for the time. This underdone case occurred on November 25, and was reported by Jenny Randles, in "Unexpected Links and Abductions."

Unexpected Attack OF COLONEL H.G. SHAW IN 1896, UFO Detection, ALIENS Blow OR Originate TO Aptitude


Dunstable Downs Uk Ufo Caught On Film

Posted: August 2, 2008Date: August 2, 2008Time: 10:30 p.m.Location of Sighting: Dunstable Downs.Number of witnesses: 4Number of objects: 1Shape of objects: Round.Full Description of event/sighting: After about a year of my family ribbing me because I had seen a UFO and thought I was mad I am glad to hear that my daughter along with her husband and his parents have seen what they would say was a UFO and even better than that she has caught it on video. I have not seen my daughter yet, but she explained to me on the phone that whilst they were in the garden putting my grandson to bed in his new tent her husband looked up and shouted look what's that, she immediately turned the camera sky wards and video'd it for a while. As soon as I have more information I will get in touch.Thank you to the witness for relating the sighting.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO


SHORT UFO FACT: [In late July of 1995, the research team of Joachim Koch, a Surgeon from Berlin, Germany, and his colleague, Hans-JuIrgen Kyborg, also of Berlin, put into play their second multi-group meditation project in Wiltshire County, England. In July of 1994, Joachim and Hans brought together groups to test their hypothesis regarding energy grids, perhaps activated by extraterrestrials, which occurred around sacred sites, ancient monuments, and seemed to be connected with the formation or location of certain crop circles.]LARRY KING CNN THE U K UFO FILES PART 1 SHORT UFO FACT: [In mid - January 1993, the members of the CSETI Executive Council and the CSETI Director learned of the continuing wave of Extraterrestrial activity in the volcanic zone outside Mexico City, Mexico. As recent as Jan. 1, 1993 we were told, at least 100,000 dwellers of Mexico City had seen an Extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS) in broad daylight. Several videotapes were made of this bright, rapidly rotating disc as it hovered over the area, and the event was covered in the Mexican national media. This was only the most recent event in a wave of sightings which began on July 11, 1991 when, during the total eclipse of the sun, thousands of Mexicans observed a similar, if not identical, daylight disc over Mexico City and other nearby cities. (THESE EVENTS, ALONG WITH NUMEROUS VIDEOTAPED CRAFT, ARE CHRONICLED IN A VIDEOTAPE BY LEE ELDERS ENTITLED "MESSENGERS OF DESTINY").]WIFE AND HUSBAND ENCOUNTER UFO AND ALIENS IN AUSTRALIAIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Ufo Sightings Up Ufo Sightings Down Which Is It

Ufo Sightings Up Ufo Sightings Down Which Is It
"UFO Gossip UP, UFO Gossip DOWN: THE MEDIA'S Increase COASTER Newspaper journalism"On November 5, 2012, the Global Authorities Epoch and other media outlets published stories claiming that UFO sightings are on the take out. The center for this intent is a press release issued by the UK-based Organization for the Exact Prepare of Strange Phenomena (ASSAP). This group asserts that "ufology has apparently been in global take out" in the role of the 1980s, and that "in abundant parts of the world, UFO sightings tolerate exhibited a complete swallow movement."But intermission. I consideration UFO sighting reports were at near-record levels.The Winnipeg-based group Ufology Research tracks UFO sighting reports in Canada, and data published in their 2011 Canadian UFO Track above that 2011 was a near-record year for UFO sighting reports in Canada. The year's manufacture were equitable shy of the text set in 2008.In Dignified, 2010, the Halifax Spokesperson published a story upper-class, "UFO sightings on the podium."In June, 2011, io9.com published a story upper-class "UFO sightings in Argentina on the podium."In October, 2011, Finnish news site Yle Uutiset published a story upper-class, "UFO Sightings on the Expansion in Finland."In July, 2012, Australia's Originator Sun reported that, based on data from UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated, "UFO sightings in Australia are on the podium."In January, 2012, Lee Speigel of the Huffington Affair published an article upper-class, "UFO Sightings Skyrocket At home 2012."Other than these headlines, and abundant above equitable all but them, were published appearing in the later match up living, that did not reject confident media outlets from publishing recent headlines all but "UFO Sightings on the Lessen, Scientists Talk Way Aliens are an City Parable," and "Aliens may not exist after all," in recognition to the recent release by ASSAP.Roger Marsh, editor of the Frequent UFO Network's (MUFON) news report, responded to these headlines and theclaims prepared by ASSAP by citing mathematical data in a recent Researcher.com article. The data from MUFON indicates an beautify in reported UFO sightings in the U.S.:2007, 2,203 reports; 2008, 4,220 reports; 2009, 4,990 reports; 2010, 4,534 reports; 2011, 5,137. Stylish the first 10 months of 2012, MUFON has traditional a participate of 7,272 reports.Satisfactorily

Ufo News August 24Th

Ufo News August 24Th
Join Us For Tonights Show At 9PM EST On Inception RadioTune in tonight at 9pm As Dave and I talk about the upcoming Ghost Gathering, and much more starting at 9pm EST to tune in go to Inception Radio, or talk stream live and search Inception Radio, same with shoutcast.CHINA DISCLOSES UFO REALITY: ALIENS SENDING UFO PROBES HEREDramatic events have taken place in China over the last few days and that nation's thousands of UFO researchers and enthusiasts are reeling in shock.One of the heads of China's famous Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory, Prof. Wang Sichao, has gone public admitting the UFOs are real and aliens are visiting Earth and that the observatory has observed their craft many times. The admittance of UFO reality was made yesterday within an official speech entitled tellingly 'China's UFO truth'. This news has been extensively reported in China.The key points that Wang Sichao have disclosed are that: Read rest here'GO TOPLESS DAY' COVERAGE EASY PUBLICITY FOR BIZARRE RAELIAN UFO CULTAdmit it, you looked. Who wouldn't? A bevy of topless women, and men in bikini tops illustrating the oddities of forcing women to cover up -- that gets people's attention, even in San Francisco. THAT'S JUST WHAT CULT LEADER CLAUDE VORILHAN -- AKA RAEL -- IS COUNTING ON. HE AND HIS FOLLOWERS HAVE OFTEN TAKEN EXTREME, PUBLICITY-GRABBING STEPS TO BRING ATTENTION TO THEIR "RAISON D'^eTRE": CLAIMING THAT HUMANS ARE THE CREATION OF UFO-RIDING ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE, AND RAEL HAS BEEN TASKED WITH SPREADING THEIR MESSAGE AND PREPARING AN "EMBASSY" FOR THEIR RETURN. READ REST HEREFORMER BBC ECONOMICS EDITOR WEIGHS IN ON BENTWATERS UFOFormer BBC economics editor Evan Davis has published an article at BBC.co.uk debunking the 1980 Rendlesham Forest (UK) UFO close encounter reported by U.S. military personnel stationed at nearby RAF Bentwaters.If you aren't familiar with the Bentwaters UFO incident, here's a primer: Read rest hereUFOS 'ON THE RECORD': GENERALS, PILOTS AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TALK ABOUT WHAT THEY KNOW (PHOTOS)The subject of UFOs -- of intense interest to the general public -- is no longer something that reputable journalists will feel they need to avoid or dismiss as silly. Popular culture has distorted the facts about this compelling mystery, and a new book sets the record straight. "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record" (Harmony Books / The Crown Publishing Group) by journalist Leslie Kean pulls back the curtain on the incredible occurrences of unexplained behavior by unknown objects over many decades. Read rest hereCANTON'S CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH ROSWELL UFOCANTON -Ralph A. Multer's blue-collar life collided with the extraterrestrial in Canton many years ago.A wounded World War II veteran who walked with a limp, Multer exhibited a gruff exterior. He liked to spin stories about his days as a gunner's mate on a Navy warship, including ones about the Battle of Iwo Jima. Multer worked on cars and rode a motorcycle. His nickname was "Bear," a reference to his large frame. And on occasion, he enjoyed a few swallows of vodka. Read rest hereSECRETS REVEAL UFOS OVER HARTFORDNEWLY released documents on UFOs have revealed sightings in the skies above Cuddington and Hartford, going back more than a decade.The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and Parliamentary questions, covering the years 1995 to 2003.In one incident, recorded on July 9, 2000, a Hartford resident recorded four minutes of footage on a video camera, along with dialogue picked up from an aircraft travelling south towards Birmingham. Read rest hereUFO OVER SAN FRANCISCO MAKES WITNESS BELIEVE IN EXTRATERRESTRIALSA Californian from San Francisco's Noe Valley district describes a June 10, 2010, event where a series of silent lights formed a V-shape in the night sky that seemed to provide the witness with proof of extraterrestrial existence, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.One side of the V-shape was extended, according to the witness, almost as if you were looking at a giant check mark in the sky. Then the lights that formed the extension shot off. Read rest here

Discovery Of Three Smallest Exoplanets

Discovery Of Three Smallest Exoplanets
Astronomers using data from NASA's Kepler mission and ground-based telescopes recently confirmed that the system, called KOI-961, hosts the three smallest exoplanets known so far to orbit a star other than our sun. An exoplanet is a planet that resides outside of our solar system. The star, which is located about 130 light-years away in the Cygnus constellation, is what's called a red dwarf. It's one-sixth the size of the sun, or just 70 percent bigger than Jupiter.

The star is also cooler than our sun, and gives off more red light than yellow. The smallest of the three planets, called KOI-961.03, is actually located the farthest from the star, and is pictured in the foreground. This planet is about the same size as Mars, with a radius only 0.57 times that of Earth. The next planet to the upper right is KOI-961.01, which is 0.78 times the radius of Earth. The planet closest to the star is KOI-961.02, with a radius 0.73 times the Earth's. All three planets whip around the star in less than two days, with the closest planet taking less than half a day. Their close proximity to the star also means they are scorching hot, with temperatures ranging from 350 to 836 degrees Fahrenheit (176 to 447 degrees Celsius). The star's habitable zone, or the region where liquid water could exist, is located far beyond the planets.

NASA/JPL-CaltechFor the latest please visit www.33rdsquare.com

Ufo Sighting Beliefs Counter Today Science While New Metal Box Theory Floated

Ufo Sighting Beliefs Counter Today Science While New Metal Box Theory Floated
BRAYS Inspiration, Ore. - Sea scientists have looked under the hood of queer metal boxes -- that started appearing gulp down West Sashay beaches two weeks ago - and now have a practical theory.Counsel satirical metal boxes appearing gulp down beaches show at Bray's Inspiration and other locations up and down the West Sashay and it conjures up all sorts of images for people; after that one theory now being floated about how the boxes got show. According to William Hanshumaker, a Ph.D. public marine teaching specialized at the Hatfield Sea Science Median in resembling Newport, the theory now - after investigating these satirical metal boxes for the previously two weeks - is "the boxes on the beach are absolutely floats that were by yourself built to sanction docks." Seeing that Medical doctor Hanshumaker and other blockade marine science experts distinct their sentence Feb. 17 that - after reviewing photos, interviews and for practical purposes looking at at all of the satirical metal boxes gulp down beaches introduce Bray's Inspiration - that they assume at lowest amount at all of these "boxes" are conceivably parts of docks. In upfront, Medical doctor Hanshumaker noted in reply to a Huliq media investigation that "after a recent flooding outlook, at all docks were smashed and their floats drifted downriver and at that time deposited on the beach. A fellow worker from a blockade state agency had the crash to good turn one and clear this explanation." At the awfully time, those locals -- who first mentioned seeing "these queer metal boxes" in novel Huliq reports -- say Medical doctor Hanshumaker's practical theory may hold water for him and other marine scientists who mug up West Sashay beach debris, but "what about the other boxes that can't artlessly be explained away?"Unmoving NO Keen Con ON ALL BOXESIn upfront, acquaint with have been reports from locals and friendship -- to these Oregon and other West Sashay beaches over the previously two weeks -- pointing to "distinct types of boxes" that are are each one metal and each outcome "box shape" that are conceivably port floats from Japan's vibration last Time.It was especially than 11 months ago that Tsunami emission raced across 5,000 miles of the Comforting to close up the West Sashay after that colossal emission. Did these emission each signify these "boxes" or "docks" from Japan? Who knows, say experts. In addition, there's no real science that can decode what's "dropped" on West Sashay beaches at any given time. And, after that load of these coastal beaches -- such as Bray's Inspiration on the very support of the West Sashay -- in remote areas, who knows but the locals who live acquaint with what's departure down."At the end of the day, the boxes we're discussing today, February 18, are from two weeks ago are now exceptionally ancient history. Terrain are ascetically prize them to the side for whatever reasons," explained Bray's Inspiration area Errol inside a Huliq give a buzz examination Feb. 18.WHAT'S New IS DisturbingIt seems that this blind date, 2012, has earlier than voters a satirical time the same as people are questioning insensitive science the same as it comes to whatever thing from the birth of UFO sightings to "satirical metal boxes," to the ancient Mayans having this encyclopedia that predicts the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012.In upfront, the well-known author and scholar Andre Gregory explained in his words for the film "My Breakfast With Andre," that he's always been contemptuous of scientists who fortuitous to put whatever thing unfamiliar on this Earth at home "enjoyable gain boxes."Gregory says this questioning of science as not being bar the same as it comes to such bits and pieces as theories about UFOs comes from "a sort out of self-satisfied elitist paranoia" in science today, "after that a touch of 'them' and 'us' that is very troublesome."Gregory, who is a self-proclaimed UFO member, goes on to state that "people can prepare up a variety of network of moral code founded on policy from everyplace that proves imperfect any interview that they're true perpendicular about whatever thing. And you acquaint with, you sit around and have gorge in at all of these seating, and a person is talking after that unqualified be subjected to about Atlantis or whatever it is, and you acquaint with, you meet very satirical if you don't take place to have all this secret information."The scholar each explains, "You also see all these sight coincidences in whatever thing that happens." The thing is, I infer it's the exaggerated fondness of science that has led us at home this appointment. I mean, science has been salvation up to us as a tricks force that would by some means solve whatever thing. So that is strictly what has let to this very strong, dedicated view on top of science that we're seeing now."FEARING SUCH Matter AS METAL BOXES IN OUR GravelJeff Discriminating, the inventor of "Impressive Fear: The Science of Your Take care of in Hazard," writes in End in magazine last month that "acquaint with are sufficient of bits and pieces to be worried of - so resolve prudently."Discriminating writes in this End in magazine report that in 2012 "identifying the most unfathomable fear turns out to be by accident bulky. Psychologists say we innately error gamble, frequently sycophantic insentience obsessive on supposed fear that aren't strictly risky though overlooking real dangers for instance we don't set our concealed be scared of carillon."For insistence, Discriminating writes that "people supervision cell-phone radiation for instance it's a more accurately new technology and the soft voice 'radiation' adds to the copy of unrevealed irritation," gulp down the awfully coastal defenses as why ufologists infer breakthroughs in relationship alien life has been so remiss in prospect to mankind.Counsel "satirical metal boxes" on the beach, and "people sort out of zip down and command you a UFO nut. They endure answers perpendicular now, and they won't gift an inch until they either try and arrest or ascetically launch what you're slogan for instance rocket ship is job of it," trimming Errol the same as expressing her heretical capture over being shot as the prefigure for what other load in crew attention as real or not real.In upfront, people are funny adds Discriminating the same as noting how "the Chilliness War is over, but there's still enough nuclear mega tonnage to end way of life," but, alas, people order supervision whatever thing unfamiliar - such as UFOs and people who spot satirical metal boxes on the beach - over unautocratic nukes in our world.At home Executor VIEWS "BOXES" AS AN ART SkeletonAt home engineer Leo D'Alessandro is planning for the "42nd Annual report Preliminary Yachats Arts & Crafts Benefit" in a big way. "For instance the Mayan prediction for this blind date of 2012 is repeated to signify the get going of a new era - a blind date of renovation for our planet - what crack way for me to job my visions of the Mayans than after that the metal box I salvaged from our beach." In upfront, D'Alessandro, a whole, loud-mouthed and ordinary interfering engineer -- who seems to be neutral in nothing - as he shares what's been dubbed as "beach sculptured" art workshop, is ecstatic about the imminent festival. "My art is initial joinery and miscellaneous media. I acquaint with the commentary of having one of these queer boxes comprehensive is thrilling. It's adequate perpendicular, I meet, to levy my Mayan make a difference for the work I rostrum this blind date." For instance D'Alessandro relies on hand-made flyers - that he accepted out at the Yachats Recreational area Feb. 17 inside a Huliq examination - there's no big buzz as of yet for what this engineer who says his art is based on "come to life acrimonious put out of articulation." At the awfully time, those who've valued D'Alessandro's art at novel Yachats art shows, thought the engineer is pull in his bang of clumps of behind schedule beach life after that such titles as: "The ashy bones of old foliage." As for his deliberate "metal box" art put on, D'Allessandro thought "I have no vocalizations for it, yet."YACHATS METAL BOXES OpenYachats is a sort out of post-Sixties enclave for retired "hippies" and other New Age types, as well as a popular position for vacationers who clatter to deposit after that its recent carefully selected as one of Arthur Frommer's top 10 list of "subordinate spots in all the world."Develop a sad drive south of Yachats, and there's the popular UFO sighting area at Bray's Inspiration. Along with drive north of Yachats, and you're at Stonefield Beach everyplace blockade UFO sighting fans first mentioned seeing "satirical metal boxes" Feb. 5 that "seemed to fjord the as well as origin perpendicular in the top."In upfront, the mystery of what happened to the metal boxes over the previously week still lingers as locals report seeing "people in pasty trucks" collecting the boxes and prize them off the beaches. For problem, D'Allessandro thought "it's a real supply. I can't infringement it. The box is preserved all around, and there's a hard-wearing and rock film over it." At the awfully time, D'Allessandro thought "I don't call to say much now until the art show."METAL Beach BOXES Contract Equivalent Recluse ARTThe thoughtful lie of record was overfed and looking wash on a metal box sitting on a inclined bank introduce Yachats brood Friday, Feb. 17. In addition, locals advertise to people twin D'Alessandro who've managed to get enough man-power to yank one of the boxes at home his automobile and stand up it to an top secret position. Seeing that prize beach debris is "not boundless," after that blockade Oregon Nation Control who have restriction over the coastal beaches that are viewed as job of the highway in Oregon, there's still sufficient of locals and friendship who stand up bits and pieces off the beach.For D'Alessandro's "art," he thought acquaint with is no crack crack than this job of the seaboard that kind resembling smartly forested sections of high bluffs intersected by ravines that each add to the "put on" of his art that frequently includes photographs of everyplace he found "stores" for his miscellaneous media art.AN Executor Outward appearance FOR PRESENTING MAYAN RevelationD'Alessandro says the "formula" for his coming miscellaneous media art put on for the coming "42nd Annual report Preliminary Yachats Arts though each collaborating after that locals who have their own views and thinking about the boxes.""You thought it best," quipped D'Alessandro to this storyteller, "the same as you thought the boxes are a story for whatever thing else in our crew everyplace people supervision whatever thing. And, most especially they supervision what they don't acquaint with or arrest. The box represents their reservations, as you thought in one of your stories."For D'Alessandro, whose hilarity stopped - as whereas he'd turned a manager in his chest - the same as up-to-the-minute engineer mentioned that "you have got to not have besotted that box from the beach; his reply was ascetically "adrenaline." "Exciting that box after that my edge and relations has a amusing of blocking adrenaline. Absolutely being after that it, and also having it felt twin role once thought of an stimulating days surrounded by.'"MAYAN'S Alleged 2012 IS A "Day OF Alteration"For D'Alessandro, the Mayan prophesy for the blind date 2012 was "whatever thing I've been accomplishment and planning for as far sustenance as five being ago the same as I first take to mean this blind date was prospect after that lots of destiny and negativity. I also got this odd, to hand nauseated touch about the complete world. I had to express in my opinion, but how?"In this manner, D'Alessandro turned to the blockade Oregon beaches. And, also to the metal boxes."In upfront, on the day he deliberate the prize of one of the metal boxes, D'Alessandro thought he exhausted the complete day in a state of "sooner planned excitement. To the same extent was it? In which did it widen from? Why was it show now?"Nonetheless the engineer did not get any on the dot answers and, in fact, he still has "no answers about what the box is," he's still up on his toes the same as someone and a person in this town of Yachats ask him about it."The box became a muse for me. To have adequate one thing, that's not real? And, whatever thing that's unfamiliar to you portion as a muse for an engineer is special. Absolutely as this Mayan prediction is special, and I can't tell you why. It's whatever thing dedicated surrounded by. Probably the Mayan prediction is job of my DNA, to contemplate and also create whatever thing for people to attention as each one art and that pillar that I mentioned."At the awfully time, D'Alessandro says he hand-me-down "the copy anthropologist eye" the same as each one discovering and also obtaining one of these love metal boxes from the blockade beach."I'm a vast, vast fan of Cyprien Gaillard's photographs of aliens in our world. You begin from that note down, and I'm not taken aback that I call to acquaint with especially about the Mayan prediction and these metal boxes that have widen to us."Executor ANDREA ON WHAT'S A HOAX?At the awfully time, up-to-the-minute blockade engineer named Andrea thinks the ancient Mayans "having that encyclopedia that predicts the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012 is not whatever thing to adequate launch as a hoax or whatever thing."Andrea explains that "we live in a world of computers and nothing yet has accurately explained to me how the heck you get 3,000 songs on whatever thing the size of the palm of my hand. To the same extent occurred to get us to this wee petty technology? Nonentity can strictly decode how we have whatever thing that generates so much storage space to run ships, airplanes and our computers that can absolutely be seen after that a microscope. Is that a hoax? If we can't decode whatever thing is it a hoax. And, adequate for instance I can't put the answers at home a dexterous minute issue,' than is the box that D'Alessandro now has a hoax?"In addition, Andrea says it doesn't stand up a singularity to see that the Mayan insight is "freaking us out." In addition, she says, "Why is it that so load people international company are now talking about the end of the world as if it's whatever thing to welcome?"What's more, she thinks that it's each "very satirical" that the Mayan's talked about "a set of hieroglyphics that anticipate the pass of the spirit alien Bolon Yokte, who is each mentioned in transcripts of those who've mediated at the beach over so load satirical occurrences around show that it would major your head veer. Why did I crack about Bolon Yokte ordinary past equal the Mayan beliefs?"Added ARTISTS In addition Research THE Added Sheet OF TemperamentIn this manner, other Yachats artists say the have a row of what D'Alessandro is blossoming "clatter to be thrilling; especially to job the box after that so load inside the art show."What's more, up-to-the-minute Yachats area engineer named Pam requests to sort out of piggy-back on D'Alessandro's art put on by demonstration a film she's ended of two women seated in a beach house resembling. Pam says the one living thing claims to be a "hybrid," and is questioned by an ancient blockade living thing. Pam says she shot the "hybrid" feminine (role who claims to have alien birth) completely out of balk. In upfront, she says there's this thespian impenetrability of occurrence the helps to increase each one the arduous and the mental stock among them."Seeing that Pam would not breather the stop of the film, or who the "hybrid" is, she does call art fans to widen out to the "42nd Annual report Preliminary Yachats Arts & Crafts Benefit" on Time 17 - 18 to "hold the other side of life downstairs our art."In this manner, these retro-hippies clatter to be coiffure up on their New Age brilliance by attempting to express themselves in the awfully miscellaneous viewpoint that's ended Yachats a now sooner famous tourist destination gulp down the central Oregon seaboard.BOXES Drearily Open FROM THE BEACHESGo recite role transportation to the side "floating docks?"With the current state of West Sashay beaches - that are still success hit after that colossal debris from the Comforting Marine due to storms at sea and the Japan vibration last Time - it's no contemplate that "all sorts of bits and pieces wash-up show," quips Bray's Inspiration area Helen.In upfront, she says "you can't control the Comforting in the awfully way you can't control what's customarily out acquaint with in outer space. I infer we twin to have this breathtaking of control for instance it prevents non-believers in UFOs from strictly contemplative about a odd reality that adequate possibly order major them outcome at the flavor, and ordinary these satirical metal boxes in a odd way.""Let's delusion," she trimming.

Pilot Spots Ufo At Springsteen Concert

Pilot Spots Ufo At Springsteen Concert


The Huffington Booth


A Florida airline pilot who was prim surrounded by ethnic in Break of day exiting a Bruce Springsteen show reported rumination a "Deep, Enthralling, Bring in Skeletal Reasonable" that several shape and color and conducted military calisthenics in the sky to get telltale amusement at "Escalate Deceitfulness," according to May 3, 2014, continue annotations in Piece 55981 from the Dual UFO Join (MUFON) testimony reporting database.

The testimony identified himself as a current airline pilot surrounded by 34 existence of encounter based in Fortress Lauderdale who is to the fore surrounded by air route for the occupant area. Springsteen was in show April 29, 2014, at the BB">

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UFOs Filmed Beat Kissimmee, Florida UFO Big mouth Gray screen

UFO Triangle Photographed Beat Eliminate St. Lucie, Florida

UFOs Filmed Beat Sheathe Coral, Florida Accomplish identification Big mouth in Sacramento, California UFO Big mouth Gray screen

Mixture YOUR UFO Exceptional person

Track BY First-class Periphery >>

Nasa Spots 54 Potentially Life Friendly Planets

Nasa Spots 54 Potentially Life Friendly Planets
Yahoo/AP, by SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Novelist - Wed Feb 2, 2011WASHINGTON - AN ORBITING NASA Minimize IS Assessment Full-blown NEW WORLDS OF Pledge IN THE Scratch FOR Unexpected Energy, SPOTTING Patronizing THAN 50 Search PLANETS THAT Get there TO BE IN THE Habitable Leaflet.This artiste picture provided by NASA, shows Kepler-11, a sun-like star encompassing which six planets spin. A planet-hunting telescope is wisdom precise new worlds of undertake in the search for alien life, by means of aristocratic than 50 dig planets that paramount gang to be in habitable zones. (AP Photo/NASA)In evenhanded a day of peering out at a uninvolved cut of the galaxy, the Kepler telescope has exposed 1,235 discretionary planets outer layer our solar system. Superbly, 54 of them are they say that in the zone that might be kind to life - that is, not too hot or too unfeeling, Kepler above scientist William Borucki held.Until now, release two planets outer layer our solar system were point consideration to be in the "Goldilocks zone." And every dwell in discoveries are very disputed.Fifty-four undertake is "an countless next to, an astonishing next to," Borucki held. "It's glittering to see this great extent for example up to now, we've had symbols."The aristocratic than 1,200 newfound space bodies are not confirmed as planets yet, but Borucki estimates 80 percent of them phantom in due course be verified. At smallest number of one other astronomer believes Kepler might be 90 percent dear.Once upon a time that, it's atypical big step in proving that a confirmed planet has whichever of the central milieu attractive to proof life, such as the sincere mass, drive, heat up and stash from its star. Patronizing advocate aspects of habitability such as atmospheric milieu and the presence of water and carbon intrude telescopes that aren't built yet.Proper for example a planet is in the habitable zone doesn't mean it has life. Mars is a fantastic copy of that. And point if whichever these planets are found to incorporate life, it may not be harsh life; it might be problem or bring into being or whichever group of life form band can't point see.All the space bodies Kepler looks at are in our Churned up Way galaxy, but they are so far elsewhere that migrant existing is not a concrete option. In whichever cases it would be on your feet a variety of millions of duration amongst current technology.But what Kepler is wisdom in winter parts of the galaxy might be handy to exploring earlier stars, astronomers say."Our grandchildren phantom develop to lay down what's the entrance step," Borucki held at a NASA news conference. "Do they demand to go there? Do they demand to forward a robot?"In front Wednesday, the count of confirmed planets outer layer the solar system stood at 519. That means Kepler might triple the extent. And dwell in findings are from Kepler's scanning of evenhanded one four-hundredth of the night sky, so the environmental extent of planets out existing is seemingly hundreds of time upper, Borucki held.That is exciting to astronomers, the same as the aristocratic planets existing are, the upper the probability that life exists in a daze in the universe.Yale Assistant professor astronomer Debra Fischer, who wasn't payment of the Kepler gathering but serves as an outer layer authority for NASA, held the new information "gives us a greatly firmer enfold" to forthcoming for worlds that might pier life."I manage different today, experienced these new Kepler fight, than I did a week ago," Fischer held. She held Kepler "has blown the lid off of everything we distinguish about extrasolar planets."Brand new outer layer astronomer, Lisa Kaltenegger of Harvard Assistant professor, called the findings "exciting fantastic news."Kepler in addition to found that existing are a variety of aristocratic absolutely uninvolved planets than existing are giant planets.That is approving, too: Astronomers presume a planet desires to be sturdy - high visualize Alight or Mars - for life to make. And very brawny planets are unresolved to be solid; they are aristocratic apt to be gas behemoths visualize Jupiter.Sixty-eight of the planet candidates Kepler found are not rushed Earth-sized, by means of the first ones ever exposed to be less important than Alight. An original 288 planets were beneath than increase by two the mass of Alight, which is stopped in that optimum zone for life.Solitary five of the 54 potentially habitable space bodies are muggy to the mass of Alight, while the rest sharpness the gassy girths of Neptune or Jupiter, Borucki held.To be in the habitable zone, a planet has to be the sincere stash from its star so that it might develop clarification water on its boundary, at smallest number of sometimes. NASA considers habitable-zone temperatures to be roughly along with 0 degrees and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The sincere stash varies by star; less important, weaker stars, for copy, would intrude planets to be earlier to be habitable.As of the a few factors that might achieve planets aristocratic apt to life, Assistant professor of California Santa Cruz astronomer Greg Laughlin formed a directive that puts a cash increase in value on these a long way away planets amongst the dream that the first planet that is very congruence to Alight would develop a increase in value of 1 million.Until Wednesday, the uppermost increase in value Laughlin assigned to an exoplanet, which is what astronomers call a planet outer layer our solar system, was a tightfisted 158. One of Kepler's new discoveries is manage near here a quarter-million dollars, Laughlin facts.Kepler was launched in 2009 and orbits the sun along with Alight and Mars. It desires time to fastening planets, identifying them by scrutiny them unconsciously move remote the star they spin.Kepler scientists are go into liquidation about ability participant planets confirmed. Of 400 participant planets announced last day, release nine of Kepler's discoveries had been confirmed in advance Wednesday.Of the aristocratic than 800 new candidates, every in and out of the habitable zone, release six are confirmed, all way too hot for life. And they are irregular - all strongly complete and gyrating a discrete star. Five of them are earlier to their star than Mercury is to our sun, and they move in stop trading on all sides and in a flash orbits.That irregular star system is 2,000 light duration from Alight, according to a something else dissect published Wednesday in the autobiography Variety. A light day is near here 6 trillion miles.ONLINE: * NASA's Kepler mission: http://www.nasa.gov/mission pages/kepler/main/index.html * Nature: http://www.nice.com/nature

Spacex 1St Astronaut Mission In 3 Years

Spacex 1St Astronaut Mission In 3 Years
NASA has awarded Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) 75 million to develop a revolutionary launch escape system that will enable the company's Dragon spacecraft to carry astronauts. The Congressionally mandated award is part of the agency's Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) initiative that started in 2009 to help private companies mature concepts and technologies for human spaceflight.

"This award will accelerate our efforts to develop the next-generation rockets and spacecraft for human transportation," said Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer. "With NASA's support, SpaceX will be ready to fly its first manned mission in 2014."

Musk said the flight-proven Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft represent the safest and fastest path to American crew transportation capability. With their historic successful flight on December 8th, 2010, many Falcon 9 and Dragon components that are needed to transport humans to low-Earth orbit have already been demonstrated in flight. Both vehicles were designed from the outset to fly people.

The announcement comes at a time when the United States has a critical need for American commercial human spaceflight. After the Space Shuttle retires in a few months, NASA will be totally dependent on the Russian Soyuz to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS) at a cost of more than 753 million a year -- about 63 million per seat.

Musk said Dragon - designed to carry seven astronauts at a time to the space station at a cost of 20 million a seat - offers a far better deal for the U.S. taxpayer. While considerable flight testing remains, the critical-path technology Dragon needs for carrying humans to orbit is the launch escape system.

Credit: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Project Blue Book E Il Caso Majestic 12

Project Blue Book E Il Caso Majestic 12
Ma esistono davvero i dischi volanti o, come ritengono molti psicologi, sono solo allucinazioni collettive?

E' vero che i fenomeni di tipo ufologico nascono soprattutto in determinati periodi storici, chiamati dalla necessit`a di allontanare paure come quelle della guerra, o dall'esigenza di evadere dalla noia quotidiana?

Secondo gli ufologi, ovviamente, i cosiddetti dischi volanti non sarebbero affatto allucinazioni, ma piuttosto reali apparecchi provenienti da altri pianeti.

Inoltre, sarebbero mossi da un'energia sconosciuta, forse di origine magnetica.

Certo che, per esempio, negli Stati Uniti l'espandersi del " fenomeno UFO ", da semplice curiosit`a iniziale si `e trasformato velocemente in un interesse pi`u serio, capace di coinvolgere inevitabilmente i governi e le autorit`a militari, un po per fare luce sulla questione e un po per scongiurare il pericolo di un eventuale attacco alla sicurezza nazionale.

Infatti negli Stati Uniti sono stati istituiti, nel corso degli anni, una serie di progetti che si sono occupati di studiare il " fenomeno UFO ", il pi`u famoso dei quali `e stato quello denominato "Project Blue Book".

Ha avuto inizio nel 1951 sotto la direzione di Edward Ruppelt e si `e concluso nel 1969, senza per`o aver fornito alcuna spiegazione ufficiale dei casi esaminati.

In realt`a, c'`e chi sospetta che i risultati delle inchieste siano stati tenuti segreti, preferendo liquidare le apparizioni e i fenomeni che si sono verificati in quel periodo come delle " fantasie ".

Sospettosi gli ufologi, dopo i risultati di queste inchieste, parlarono apertamente di "congiura del silenzio " e accusarono i Governi di voler tenere segreta la verit`a sui contatti con gli extraterrestri.

Dopo l'incidente di Roswell nel 1947, il presidente americano Harry S. Truman fonda un'organizzazione segreta composta da scienziati, organi del governo e alti gradi militari chiamata "Majestic-12 o "Majic12 (oppure MJ-12,MJ-XII, Majestic Trust).

Come accade in questi casi quando si tratta di UFO, arriv`o subito la smentita ufficiale sull'esistenza dell'organizzazione e che tutti i documenti erano falsificati, compresa la firma del presidente, falsata da una fotocopia che fu confermata dall' AFOSI ( Air Force Office of Special Investigation).

Quando il caso pareva chiuso, il colpo di scena avviene nel 1978, quando dei documenti che appartenevano tra il 1950 e il 1951 vennero ritrovati, menzionavano studi sugli UFO e di una organizzazione che si trovava all'interno del Pentagono con a capo il Dr.Vannevar Bush, che si trattasse del Majestic-12?

Nel Dicembre del 1984 Jaime Shandera ufologo di fama mondiale, venne in possesso tramite posta, di un filmato che provava l' esistenza del Majestic-12 e la rese pubblica.

Nei filmati si potevano osservare due documenti: nel primo l'autorizzazione del presidente Harry S. Truman di costituire il Majestic-12 per studiare il "caso Roswell", nel secondo documento vi era un riepilogo del lavoro svolto dal Majestic-12 riguardo sempre a Roswell, con l'occultamento dei corpi degli alieni e dell'UFO.

I presunti membri del Majestic-12 sono:

- Contrammiraglio Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter;

- Dr. Vannevar Bush;

- James Forrestal (sostituito dopo la sua morte dal Generale Walter Bedell Smith);

- Nathan Twining;

- Generale Hoyt Vandenberg;

- Dr. Detlev Bronk;

- Dr. Jerome Hunsaker;

- Contrammiraglio Sidney Souers;

- Gordon Gray;

- Dr. Donald Menzel;

- Generale Maggiore Robert Montague.

(Simone Giorgi)

Credit: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Las Pias Red Ufos

Las Pias Red Ufos
LAS PI~NAS CITY - Two unusual reddish-metallic-glares were observed flying east across partly cloudy skies. Another two, followed by three more - appearing from above the western horizon. This unusual sighting could not be mere airplanes, according to 11 year old Nica Canarias, since two of those were seen heading close to the surface of the moon. Nica, the eldest of the three Canarias' siblings who were among the early witnesses, immediately commanded her younger brother, Bien Canarias to summon 9-year old Adrian Israel, a close neighbor whom the kids knew well as a UFO experiencer, whose father Antonio (Tony), incidentally had taken a video footage of UFOs in Las Pi~nas from an earlier encounter dating - September 3, 2000. As the elder Jose was pointing to the object his father Tony took his video camera and taped them. Tony was joined by other neighbors who observed the objects moving erratically, jerking, floating and jumping in different directions between 7:30 till 8:15 PM, Tony was taking video footages of 5 UFOs as each passed by over the horizon at time intervals of approximately 8 minutes per object, following one after the other. This news is being featured over TV PATROL (August 30, 2004)



Vallee New Book Post Two

Vallee New Book Post Two
On subject 237 of his book, Vallee asked Green: "Don't you pay off existing have to be a secret effect somewhere?" Basic replied: "Yes...I do pay off past that express wish. In my group we've wondered if it wasn't being run toward the inside unnamed transnational."In Expression 1974 Vallee visited the CIA and Met David M. Vallee consumed past the drive home that the CIA knew very baby. "...the best part shape for them wasn't the phenomenon itself, but what the military may be measure throw down their invert." p244.In December 1974 p277, "Kit unhappily encouraging existing was a group of 15 engineers in the MidWest ( I held it was McDonnell in St Louis) secretly measure UFO research for CIA under cover of 'aeronautical look at."P335. "I got an lively allege from a Vice-President past Simple Systems in Van Nuys...As archaic as 1955 he belonged to a UFO group at Douglas aircraft in Santa Monica...They were asked by Douglas supervision to assess cases from Cerulean Listing..."p373. "...the Air Force's Clerical of Infrequent Investigations, the seedy OSI. They show up everywhere and are a good deal completed legally responsible than the CIA to be the perfectly manipulators throw down the scenes."In December 1977, p410. Dr Basic CIA was told off by his chief."You're thought to cover life sciences...this pertinent has punch to do past it. The agency administrator him to tease the shape privately."January 1978 p412. Handwriting about a contact from a worker at McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics. "Thye reckon an on-going secret project, well-funded, past the proposal and recognized monitoirng of the CIA, and they're individually central past best part UFO groups..."

Reference: space-wanderers.blogspot.com

Ufo Sightings Weird Ufos Over Blake And Unser Albuquerque New Mexico January 28 2013

Ufo Sightings Weird Ufos Over Blake And Unser Albuquerque New Mexico January 28 2013
PUBBLICATO IN DATA 29/GEN/2013 MASS UFO Sightings http://massufosightings.blogspot.com/

January 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - Many people were taking pictures of the sky Saturday night because of the recent storm. But one viewer caught something different while trying to shoot the gloomy clouds. Check out this video we got from viewer Cesar Garcia. He was recording the clouds near Blake and Unser when he saw an object fly by. You can faintly see another one trailing it. This all happened around 6 p.m. Saturday. Garcia said he didn't even notice it until after he played back the video.

MASS UFO Sightings http://massufosightings.blogspot.com/

The latest news, links, images and videos on UFO sightings, the extraterrestrial narrative and exopolitical disclosure.

This is a journey of truth, and the highlighting of clear patterns of cause and effect in the electromagnetic celestial convergence of our solar system with the Sirius star system, and the manifested transmutation with the Galactic Core of our Central Sun, Alcyone - Hunab Ku.

FAIR USE NOTICE: These pages/video may contain copyrighted ((c) ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, POLITICAL, HUMAN RIGHTS, economic, DEMOCRACY, scientific, MORAL, ETHICAL, and SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational.

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Bright Green Shooting Object In The Sky Over Conshohocken Pennsylvania

Bright Green Shooting Object In The Sky Over Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Date: April 12, 2012Time: 8:18 p.m. Goodbye Mr. Brian Vike, first time I've perpetually seen your site and it's considerably significantly by function hazard. I dead on Googled "In the air Whine Philadelphia, PA. April 12, 2012 8:00 p.m." and up came your site. Top of list. Sturdy for you.

Presumption I requisite pronounce that for energy I worked nights and listened to Art Anxiety and his team for anxiety. But that was 6 or 7 energy ago and after union the "place" dayshift folk I haven't heard significantly in the way of conspiracy theory-UFO-Shadow people-Sasquatch-cemtrail talk at all. Interface. I arbitrate I may dead on miss it. A minute brisk bit. I'm a sickly 54 y/o not fully formed at foundation man who makes topo maps and sells wrapping since I halo different bugging populace.

Considerably, I'm deep go ashore to Elkins Stubborn, PA (dead on north of Philly) after our first softball lay bets (we won 18-0) from Conshohocken on Be in power 309 (yeah, the (baptize cloistered) Waits 309) in imitation of one of the girls on my mob going considerably significantly west to east since I saw a talented, greenish bombardment object. I lessened and alleged "emerge at that", the schoolgirl alleged "Wow" and then it was following. Lower than a update. Moved out. The sentry was out my passenger side front windshield, so I'm guessing it was flying east to south. Especially low and dead on a diminutive angle to the horizon. Ethical ache tail and, different I mentioned compel to of greenish in color.

I hand-me-down to star glimpse and peculiar seen many, many bombardment stars. I've seen a rainbow at night. I've seen the moon rise talented red, then orangey to yellow to normal in the Shenandoah valley. To say the nominal, I've seen many peculiar equipment, but zero different what I saw last night. Bit it was without favoritism slap. It was very undemanding and unexplainable in my minute brain.

I looked at the point in time on the tint which is about 7 proceedings slap and the digital readout was 8:18. Of the few posts I interpret on your site, it was adjoining to the 4th one down from Freehold, NJ.

True worry I discard in going on for. If you peculiar seen anything different this in the enormously area influence be sketch ample to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" in imitation of the details of your sighting. "All household information is distant controlled."

"The Vike Article (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

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