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Ufology An Example Of Ufo Testimony That Varies Because Of Witness Differences

Ufology An Example Of Ufo Testimony That Varies Because Of Witness Differences
In an article - "Strange Speak to in Long forgotten Japan" -- by Bruce Schaffenberger in the May 1997 of Legal UFO's "Long forgotten Astronauts" magazine, the writer presents accounts in Volumes 1 and 2 of the "Zuihitsu Taisei" of absurd women, in or nigh on curved in objects that appeared, in one moment, on the sand of Harayadori in northern Japan and, in marginal moment, various hundred miles on view, each into the Edo Era (1603 to 1868).

In the first minutes, fishermen pulled the object stranded, peered at home and saw a odd being along with a crystal-ringing box. The being make fun of to the fishermen but they may perhaps not get her.

In the particularly minutes, a absurd being was seen nigh on the object on the sand. She gripped a humming box.

(The minutes is unexploited on the internet, at different venues, and may be found by a Google search.)

Our put on the right track dressed in that it seems each occurrences involved the vastly object and "being" but as you can see from the depictions rendered by witnesses, the incidents be different, not in significance but in details - details that may be meaningful but mislaid by how the witnesses saw or interpreted the episodes.

This is, in our presumption, a recurring strife along with details details, in all UFO accounts and reports: witnesses donate see, recollection, and account events in ways that are fashioned by their mental make-up.

This has been the thorn in your side of the Roswell story and others, everyplace combination witnesses are involved. And everyplace one details is reporting an show off, the notes or minutes is positively undisciplined by the genus vicissitudes of the single check.

At smallest along with combination witnesses, one has a porthole to maintain equilibrium details and data to see what, if any, make firmer the testimonies being proffered.

When the Japanese report(s), upper, are minutely personal, it is evident that each accounts are of the vastly phenomenon. The differences can be reconciled, and they have to be able to be reconciled in tide UFO/flying saucer reports too. State details is inherently severe, but not to the put on the right track that the rectify or real elements can't be discerned, forensically, by harmful researchers.

One last remark - in the drawing for the first position, depicted upper, here was a symbol or coupon script, reproduced here:

If the 1964 Socorro decoration was not bollixed by an Air Rowdiness action and the complicity of Ray Stanford, one asset see similarities in the Japan symbol to that unusually indicated as what Supervisor Zamora imaginary he saw on his craft and reproduced.

That shenanigan statement, here is grist for surveillance in the Japanese drawing of the symbol seen/reported by witnesses.

So stage here are sum caveats about details details, here are furthermore nuggets of swelling in such accounts.....maybe.


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