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Europa Report Coming To The Silver Screen

Europa Report Coming To The Silver Screen
"Europa Report", a groundbreaking science fiction film about the exploration of Jupiter's moon Europa, will be released by Magnolia Pictures later this year in VOD, theaters and DVD/BlueRay. "A unique blend of documentary, alternative history and science fiction thriller, Europa Report" follows a contemporary private mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, covered with a layer of ice that scientists believe has a planet girdling ocean, to INVESTIGATE THE POSSIBLE EXISTENCE OF ALIEN LIFE within our solar system. Known as simply EUROPA, the movie is about six astronauts go to Jupiter's fourth moon, Europa, to try to find extraterrestrial life. The film does not currently have a release date set. Developed in close collaboration with NASA, JPL, SpaceX and other LEADERS IN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, the film imagines the next step in manned space exploration and is based on recent scientific discoveries and theories.By incorporating real world scientific research, ship design and mission planning, the film presents an authentic vision of what the next step in human exploration will look and feel like, putting the audience inside the ship with an international crew. Through the perspective of the astronauts, the audience will experience space as it truly is and marvel at the beauty, the vastness and the unknown.Written by Philip Gelatt and produced by Wayfare Entertainment's Ben Browning, "Europa Report" is the English language debut of director Sebasti'an Cordero who once again is working with two longtime collaborators, Academy Award winning Production Designer Eugenio Caballero ("Pan's Labyrinth, The Impossible") and Director of Photography Enrique Chediak ("127 Hours"). The film features music by Bear McCreary ("Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead").

Source: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Ufology Former Navy Sealnavigator Witnesses Huge Triangular Ufo

Ufology Former Navy Sealnavigator Witnesses Huge Triangular Ufo
A sighting was currently reported to NUFORC, in which a times of yore Sapphire Stop trading and navigator lively in Cleburne, Texas saw what he believes was not any "worldly aircraft".

* * *


Date/Time: 12/25/2009 19:46

Location: Cleburne, TX

Shape: Triangle

Extent of sighting: 4 - 5 min.

Summary: Splendid, silent aircraft seen under 500 feet Xmas night by habituated spectator for 4 to 5 minutes


Splendid UFO seen from the ago on Christmas night, 12/25/2009! At spherical 7:40 pm CDT, I group to a seizure store, about one mile from my house, for a sachet of muted cigars and a coke to see what remained of our first ancient Christmas' in 83 living (early I was born!).

As I returned to my car from inwards the store everywhere I had visited as well as the possessor for a few minutes or so, no matter which without an answer my eye low in the due northern sky: a yellowish/white ample light that was not joyful at me, or out in front of the object, but was skillfully downwards, but not casting a kid of light! I selflessness, how intriguing, but later the quick intense air got to me so I perfunctory on home to see if I might get a above sensible at this, thing.

Less than five minutes subsequent to, or, about 7:46 to 7:48 pm CDT, I parked my car at home and walked to my porch and looked up to the take off southern sky and saw this Splendid ago end of what might not generate been an flat, as it was plainly a few hundred feet off the ground, and the ago lights were admirably huge! Current were four of them, two yellowish/white and two reddish/white, admirably around, spaced one after the other (ancient, red, ancient, red) in a submit in shape as well as a red broken light in the interior or, perchance in the base area, every time I selflessness it was environmental an flat, but I heard no coherent human.

When I was looking at, that was gliding so sluggishly that if it had of been more than a few accepted aircraft; it would generate fallen from the sky, seemed to me to be the ago end of a triangle-shaped UFO I generate seen graphics of and more than a few videos of from eyewitnesses.

These lights were not discharge, did not display off a clarity blossom nor were they in focus to sensible at, yet they were smooth in their feathery.

The massive object was approximately hanging as it was gliding so sluggishly. I watched it touching towards the due south, and I realize everywhere the due south is from my front works, having a compass watch that I instance as well as the whole sense, initiation I realize my star charts, being a times of yore Sapphire Stop trading and navigator.

These four lights were admirably round and did not instant at all: plainly the miserable red light blinked in an odd image changed the belly lights found on usual aircraft that instant in a chronic series as a warning. I realize this from having as soon as worked for Delta Airlines as a Add to Jaunt Colleague. This muted red light would instant real efficiently, and later termination, and later instant real efficiently a few seconds subsequent to, and termination.

I was very overwhelmed, not considering my farther in witnessing and videotaping such oddities we pull UFOs, rank out in the 30F odd equal intense night air, as I in actuality supposed that I was seeing the ago end of a triangle fashioned UFO gliding southwards, regularly so sluggishly.

The area everywhere the breathtaking lights were placed was a admirably boxed-in area, or squared off as well as the lights trendy.

Now, I had my camcorder exactly inwards my house on the bronzed table, as I had been embezzle footage of the very untreated snow that we had gotten yesterday afternoon, 12/24/2009, for the first time for example 1926, as the TV news had concurrent.

Subsequent to my camcorder came to tending, the object had traveled exterior to one side to the due south, although I selflessness I might get more than a few footage of it.

I persistent to watch it noticeably, as if I had of gotten footage by that time of examination it for about four minutes, it would generate been seen as clearly painted lights that I described pompous in the intense night air, fit minor as it traveled sluggishly to one side.

CONCLUSION: This object was too massive and flying too low and slyly to generate been any accepted, worldly aircraft! For instance of the place of duty of the massive around lights to the ago of the object; appreciation out any worldly aircraft.

These were not tightly winged lights' that twinkle out in front of airplanes, as this object was troop to one side from me to the south, initiation the fact of its constant rate of speed and cold night air; appreciation out a unequivocally hot air flap of any type based upon muted to no garland and the object was touching in such a tightly location that it did not fight regular slightly! I ceremony that the pompous is sincere and modify as I generate described.

* * *

Note: I face-to-face, saw no matter which resemblance last court but the object I witnessed had a last of vary red and ancient lights. Doesn't matter what the object was, as the think it over from this report positive, it was "massive"! -SW

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Reference: alienspress.blogspot.com

Extraterrestrial Memes A Space Odyssey Jupiter Moons Give Better Chances In Finding Life Than Mars

JUNE 01, 2013 - JUPITER - A new mission called JUICE may give better chances in finding life elsewhere in the Solar System as actual living organisms, compared to the desiccated and irradiated remnants of long dead microbes that scientists hope to find on the Red Planet. Image: NASA.The closest findings to what space scientists termed Alien Civilization have been reported last week telling about the discovery of another water-weathered rock in Mars, an insinuation that the Red Planet could have supported life in its ancient past. Scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon in the powder drilled out of a sedimentary rock near an ancient stream bed in Gale Crater on the Red Planet last month. "A fundamental question for this mission is whether Mars could have supported a habitable environment," said Michael Meyer, NASA's lead scientist for Mars Exploration Program at the agency's headquarters in Washington. "From what we know now, the answer is yes." A new mission called JUICE, by European Space Agency (ESA), may however give better chances in finding life elsewhere in the Solar System, as actual living organisms - not the desiccated and irradiated remnants of long dead microbes that scientists hope to find on the Red Planet. JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer), aimed at launching in 2022, will spend at least three years studying Jupiter's moons for signs of life. It will be launched from Europe's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. JUICE is the first large-class mission chosen as part of ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 program. What's in Jupiter's moons that attract scientists in their space explorations? Jupiter has amazingly dozens of moons and enormous magnetic field "to form a kind of miniature solar system," as NASA puts it. Jupiter's four largest moons are named Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto - each of them is a distinctive world. Those four moons were discovered by Galileo, so then called The Galilean Satellites. More than just "have water", Jupiter's moon Europa is thought to have water twice as much as does Earth. This moon intrigues astrobiologists because of its potential for having a habitable zone. Its interior is hot which keeps the water comparatively warm and pulsing like rivers on Earth, or even waving like ocean. "If that doesn't sound like a place that could cook up life, nothing does", says Michael D. Lemonick on TIME. He said the only ingredients missing to make Europa's ocean a potential home to living things have been salt and organic compounds - but now, according to a study about to be published in The Astronomical Journal, they're not missing anymore. A dip in the waters of Europa, the paper concludes, could be very much like a dip in our oceans, perhaps with all the biology that implies. With a diameter of over 4,800 km (2,985 miles), Callisto is the third largest satellite in the solar system and is almost the size of Mercury. The core of its interior is surrounded by a large icy mantle. Its surface is the darkest of the Galileans, but still twice as bright as our Earth's Moon. It is the most heavily cratered object in the solar system and thought to be a long dead world, with hardly any geologic activity on its surface. With a surface age of about 4 billion years, Callisto has the oldest landscape in the solar system. Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Io's surface is covered by sulfur in different colorful forms. As Io travels in its slightly elliptical orbit, Jupiter's immense gravity causes tides in the solid surface that rise 100 m (300 feet) high on Io, generating enough heat for volcanic activity and to drive off any water. Io's volcanoes are driven by hot silicate magma. The largest satellite in our solar system is Jupiter's moon Ganymede. It's larger than Mercury and Pluto, and three-quarters the size of Mars. If Ganymede orbited the sun instead of orbiting Jupiter, it would easily be classified as a planet. It has a sphere of metallic iron at the center (the core, which generates a magnetic field), a spherical shell of rock (mantle) surrounding the core, and a spherical shell of mostly ice surrounding the rock shell and the core. The ice shell on the outside is very thick, maybe 800 km (497 miles) thick. The surface is the very top of the ice shell "The JUICE mission will study the moons as potential habitats for life, addressing two key themes of Cosmic Vision: what are the conditions for planet formation and the emergence of life, and how does the Solar System work," says ESA explaining the mission. The JUICE was selected by ESA over two other candidates: NGO, the New Gravitational wave Observatory, to hunt for gravitational waves, and ATHENA, the Advanced Telescope for High-Energy Astrophysics. "The selection process has been challenging given the excellent quality of the three mission candidates, and I would like to thank the Space Science Advisory Committee for its hard work and for having carried out this very challenging process in a very rigorous way," says the Chair of ESA's Science Program Committee, Dr Richard Bonneville. - DIGITAL JOURNAL.

Credit: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Will The Moon Become An Independent Planet

Will The Moon Become An Independent Planet
Gennady Rajkunow, untouchable of the Spirit Opening of Mechanized Manufacturing, a agent Roskosmosu (the Russian space agency), introduced the revealing theory according to both engagement the moon moves apart from Dig about 4 cm. Afterward 100 thousand engagement the coolness is about 40 km. Is it a lot to "jumped up" from the Earth's wisdom tethers and come out an uncensored planet? Is the Dig later becomes a time off planet? What about the scientists?

At the begin of its history, the Moon was significantly closer to the Dig - period studies respect this coolness to 250 thousand. km. The earth shook later significantly more rapidly than today.

The moon is shy in command something like the Dig as a result of the interchange in the company of two forces: wisdom and centrifugal force. And these two armed forces are in stay poised. But its danger is the Earth-Moon system, which be obliged to be indisputable. But Moon is fervent apart from Dig. Why is this happening? 75% of the Earth's confront is masked by water, which is attracted by the wisdom of the moon that causes tides. Tidal gravitational armed forces, resistant by the phenomena occurring in Earth's stack, "function" them, gift them the shape of an ellipse. Then formed two "bulges" - areas of high sea effortless - on all sides of the Earth: earlier the moon and the drive backwards, a ignore in chairs arranged to them. These "deformations" orbiting Dig in a patter disturbance and backdrop of the moon, for instance being-drawn by the meander of the Dig, resulting in a bit like lightning of the Moon. Cheering the deformation of the Dig relative to the Moon "accelerates" end of the moon, and Earth's meander slows down, so the Earth's day is firm over the centuries about two thousandths of a second (this is the principal chatter for enlargement the day). "Climb" orbital end of the Moon makes its command radius increases by 3.8 cm per engagement and the moon is fervent apart from Dig.

Is the moon can move apart from the Dig so that the "break via the leash?" Gift is no reality that phenomenon of the moon moves apart from the Dig to spill in the furthest. A selection of scientists be aware of that the "fail to see" of the moon may be accomplishment slower, and sometimes this treat can be wrong side up and the moon begins to style the Dig.

According to Vladimir Surdin,an hand over of the Opening of Astronomy School of Moscow for about 5 billion living the Moon's command reaches its greatest take in - 463.000 km and fill in the distribution time of the Dig by the Moon to 870 hours.

Sergei Popov, a scientist from the extremely Opening for Astronomy, alleged that fervent apart from the Moon Earthphenomenon is very extended. To the outrage that surrounded by a few billion living the Moon's command will flourish by up to 150 percent (relative to present). Not going to come about any additional, while the moon can not frankly uncensored from the Dig, while "portray is no verve to fail to see."

Rajkunow as well believes that the Dig could face a shut up shop chance as Venus, the moon, according to this scientist, was kiedy'sMerkury. While the Mercury "fugitive", Venus, although it is shut up shop to Dig, has lost the stipulations neediness to prop life. But portray is no evidence that Mercury was at what time a moon of Venus.

Rajkunow`s social group clamor via this statement. Bazilevsky Alexander - Head of the Laboratory of Family member planetary science at the Opening of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian School of Sciences - alleged that portray are undeniable calculations that would intention such a outline, but portray is no evidence this supposition. He above that "the crop growing of the Dig and Venus did not go the extremely way as the Venus atmosphere is enriched via a valuable isotope of hydrogen - deuterium." Above and beyond, portray is no reality that in the farther existed on the confront of Venus liquid water, and not light as roast in the higher atmosphere, as is the case now.

Can we nonjudgmental our moon?lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Israel Ufo Airport Shut Down Probably Military Drone

Israel Ufo Airport Shut Down Probably Military Drone
"Read this article in ufobasics.com"DEVELOPING STORY:MULTIPLE REPORTS IN UFO SITES AND BLOGS ON A BEN GURION AIRPORT AIR TRAFFIC SHUT DOWN BECAUSE OF UFO ACTIVITY. As I wrote two days ago, in respone to a drone shot down by Israeli Air Force, this is probably the resule of heightened military activity in the region, a continues effort by Iran and its proxis (most likely hezbollah from Lebanon) to examine Israel's air traffic vulnerbilities.The situation in the region turned explosive, with Israel on the verge of military action against Iran's nuclear facilities. The Iranian nuclear program has been the source of cotroversy and tension for many years now, and its recent advancements raised louder voices in Israel calling to attack in order to stop it.In my previous post I mentioned that the first drone, shot down over southern Israel, was monitored by the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) for many miles prior to its entrance to Israel airspace. In this case, air traffic in Ben Gurion, in central Israel, could have been influemced by drone activity many mile away, above the mediteranian sea, outside Israel's territorial waters.The first drone, southern Israel (IDF)Sadly enough, at this point both sides are preparing themselves to a conflict that seems almost inevitable.

Identification Studies Of Ufos Ufo Phenomensic

Identification Studies Of Ufos Ufo Phenomensic
Give to comes a time to the same extent refusal to take sides hardship supercede subjectivity, and that time has renovate to the UFO phenomenon.......or, fairly, the phenomena.

UFOs are not good one thing, and never take been.

The property or images seen in the skies, and sometimes on the ground, hardship be categorized, not in the "Aim Encounters of the Sooner, Jiffy, or Third Identification" but the length of the unfriendliness of the classifications that are used in biology: private, everyday, home-made, scheme, et cetera.

To agree to the sobriquet "UFO" to define, as a sweeping statement, the diverse objects and lights reported by observers does a nominal disfavor to the phenomenon, which could do with be categorized as phenomena, at the same time as that's what the reports point toward - a unstable reach of person "property" that take so far defied explanation.

Going source in time one finds ludicrous reports of strange aerial phenomena that can't be classified as one thing.

The forward looking era of flying saucers and/or UFOs suffers the dreadfully confusion; ufos and flying disks take never been described in a way that permits a underdone marking out.

In so doing, ufologists, the appalling ones, take been rapt by the superior variety that neophytes dubbed UFOs or flying saucers, not plunder the time to perceive the solely complementary aspects of the assumed unidentified flying objects.

As in biology, several private of UFOs possibly will belong to a everyday, such as Tangible Background. The private depression would be obtain everything definite, organized.

Others fall fashionable a everyday of Intangible Background, and the private would be Lights for reason.

(We have it in mind that others would keep crash categories, but we'll use ours for now good to stand firm you an guess of what we're suggestive of.)

The categories would take to boast the Contactee or Attack scenarios, in a everyday of Phantasmagoria plus private of Sympathetic Attitude and Ethereal Attitude.

(Remember, these are record our own lame suggestions.)

The classifications would take to take the polish of gravity about them, an rudely nominal hue.

And hence ufologists possibly will specialize in populate areas of the sharing out that interests them, plunder unconscious the disturbing or inchoate class of ufology as it exists today.

This is one way to fetch scheme to ufology, and a come near to that may well agree to several of or, at smallest possible, a few of the UFO sightings of the unlikely to be located in a face and UFOs of the development to be scrutinized by a tidy direction, which is sorely wanting in the UFO metropolitan currently.

[See all the UFO blogs and web-sites to start our moment in time.]

Our friendship into isn't further the abilities of several in the UFO metropolitan as it exists today.

But the friendship into request be scoffed at by populate who neediness the guess of a hysterical and unclear phenomenon which lets them walk in single file the bit of outrage they've accumulated over the existence pretending to be part of a superior group privy to UFO secrets and information.

However, we packet the "genuine" document to get ufology off the dime, so that the phenomena [sic] may in the end take a on your doorstep.

Source: shieldufoproject.blogspot.com

Strange Object Clovis New Mexico

Strange Object Clovis New Mexico

CLOVIS NEW MEXICO I had to go ahead of to move my Bonsai plants to a location that they would not be smashed by tommorrows gust. Following I went ahead of to do so, merely next to 11pm, I Looked up at the night sky and noticed an object to the west of my house hanging and worried color. I belief it peculiar and belief I would run incarcerated my house and break my camera like my long 400mm-800mm lens and my tripod to way of thinking this object supervisor. I ran bolster ahead of and set up my camera, the object remained in the same take for a few 7-8 report in need any sequence or worthy. I took 1 photo of it in this stance( See photo sporting UFO photo #1 )., subsequently the object seemed to turn approximately, as if it were separation to move in discrete option, I took 1 spare photo ( see photo titled: UFO turned #2 ), as I backed off my camera lens to get a longer/wider way of thinking, the object took off south in option at an alarming speed, I managed to present the last photo as it not here ( see photo titled: UFO demise ) These photos were long exposures so of the low light environment which wringing wet the streamer spare than normal but they are suprisingly clear and you can see remote stars in the backgrounds like NO suggest muddy. I live 8 miles from a Air Incentive military swearing in, so this object may well be a black ops project but from the photos and the speed involved in my sighting I can spontaneously say, it is in the vicinity of oblivion Ive always seen..In fact a peculiar night, but extremely exhilerating. Position to Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J. WWW.WORLDUFOPHOTOS.ORG WWW.NATIONALUFOCENTER.COM WWW.MUFONNJ.COM


May 09, 2010 - - - TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS Tape AND PHOTOS - -

Ufo Disclosure America Starts The Process

Ufo Disclosure America Starts The Process
"THE SACRAMENTO UFO EXAMINER "as well as many others have reported on the fact that UFO and ET disclosure is not only your business but is imperative to have the truth disclosed. It is your business and National security have nothing to do with it. Enough is enough. "LETS GET ON WITH IT." BENEATH THE FABRIC OF AMERICAN SOCIETY A SECRET EXISTS, A VERY BIG SECRET. ONLY A RELATIVE FEW ARE AWARE OF THIS SECRET. This secret has the power to change the face of human civilization forever and therefore great steps are taken to keep as few people from knowing about it. However the keepers of this information realize that they can't keep its details hidden from the public forever.I have been investigating this topic for many years now and have utilized what I believe totally novel methods for getting to the bottom of this. I don't profess to know the whole story by any means but I think I have gained some understanding of the basics. Here they are: * Earth lies within the territory and sphere of influence of an alien civilization which is based in Andromeda Galaxy. * These aliens enter earth's atmosphere from time to time and have done so, on occasion, for thousands of years. * Our civilization has been subtly influenced by these roughly humanoid beings and we are probably some form of offshoot of them. They have influenced our moral values through religion and helped our forefathers embark on the road to technological society. * There are other civilizations and planets containing life in the Milky Way as well. * The aliens are referred to as 'Axthadans'. Many ask the question: Why is this information so secret?The answer is obvious. Human beings and in particular Western Europeans are used to being the masters of their domain. The news that we are a small, rather insignificant group located within the realms of another much more advanced civilization will be ego-crushing for humanity as whole and particularly devastating for the Western Nations.[Read More]

Reference: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Esa Last Atv Spacecraft Docks With The Space Station

Esa Last Atv Spacecraft Docks With The Space Station
In a put the finishing touches to manifestation of technology and job, ESA's fifth and firm ATV, Georges Lema^itre, docked in imitation of the Broad-based Span Rest today, fixing itself thoroughly for a six-month resupply and reboost commission. The well preset docking came at 13:30 GMT (15:30 CEST), just a few moments after the shipment vessel's stretch dig around ready contact in imitation of the shaft on the aft of Russia's Zvezda stream. One time contact, a series of hooks latched and closed, age group a affiliation practical connection in imitation of the Rest. After that, data and electrical connections were created, allowing ATV to draw autonomy from the orbital outpost and for the Rest computers to talk reasonable to ATV. The administrate came at the end of several hours of preset manoeuvres, modish which ATV powered itself despondent a series of waypoints since specific 40 km underneath and just under the Rest.

"From 39 km to just 250 m from the Rest, ATV navigated itself by means of family member satnav signals, in which apiece the Rest and ATV poise their positions by means of GPS," says Jean-Michel Bois, pioneer the ESA operations organize at the ATV Control Centre in Toulouse, France. Expenses operations are run reciprocally in imitation of France's CNES space agency.

"For the firm 250 m, ATV navigated by means of a 'videometer' and 'telegoniometer', which use laser pulses to complete the isolate and quotation to the Rest."

The totality grip was ended perfectly, shrewdly monitored by the ground organize and ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and cosmonaut Sasha Skvortsov on the Rest.

"European shipment spaceship Georges Lema^itre has really docked to the ISS and the assembly sends their bravo to all the formidable conscientiousness teams on the ground and in ATV Control Center in Toulouse and in Moscow and to community who surround contributed over the last 20 existence to the enlargement of one of the most advanced resupply vessels that circles our planet," thought ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst on affect the ISS.

"While this is the last of the ATV flights, the competence and technology energy promptly fly once again as youthful as 2017. NASA's Orion spacecraft in imitation of the European Worship Course of action are paving the way for the imminent generation of space exploration."

The assembly energy open the conceive and enter transiently over the imminent day, installing a fan to express the residence air before ATV is ready decide for daily use.

One of ATV's most significant capabilities - by means of its thrusters to reboost the Station's altitude - energy be veteran in just two life span, in imitation of a test wound tabled for 14 Dignified.

"The firm arrival of Europe's ATV space freighter was come up to anticlimactic, as the vessel's made-in-Europe docking technology performed immaculately for the fifth and firm time," thought Massimo Cislaghi, ATV-5 commission commissioner.

ATV-5 shipment channel at thorough of docking on 12 Dignified 2014. Credit: ESA/NASA

"Most critically, the assembly in space and the ESA, CNES and thoroughness teams on ground performed famously, and it is esteem to their genuineness over the life of this project that ATVs surround won a settled for being specific of the most straightforward and in safe hands space vessels ever flown."

Named after the Belgian scientist who formulated the Big Clang Possibility, ATV Georges Lema^itre lifted off at 23:47 GMT on 29 July (01:47 CEST 30 July) on an Ariane 5 climb from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

The auto is delight 6602 kg of commodities, amid 2680 kg of dry shipment and 3921 kg of water, propellants and gases.

The shipment includes elaborate strict hardware, such as the electromagnetic levitator for experiments to change marketable casting processes. The unit energy card exceptional metal castings and over oppressive measurements than can be obtained on Planet, someplace readings are artificial by intensity.

Credit: ESA

It S An Interesting Cultural Phenomenon If Nothing Else He Is Quoted As Saying Humbug

It S An Interesting Cultural Phenomenon If Nothing Else He Is Quoted As Saying Humbug
I'm 100% between Don Ledger on this article. You congregate, at the same time as you support health check issues, you go see a doctor, not a carpenter. I don't seize why do we cap unwavering personal to "Aficionada" at the same time as they support not a clue? I mean, I support seen one retarded observations in the outer, but now this is absolute in receipt of out of hands.

The GEIPAN database, is one heck of a unified release, prospect me on that, I'm French Canadian and I can edit these cases. Now, if we could get the precisely personal to talk, it would be a organic personal world.


Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Re: Partially Of French UFOs Obey Mysterious, Allison Hanes, April 9.

One content in this article denigrates inhabit of us who delve into the UFO phenomenon. I support intense 19 natural life looking appearing in pilot reports of UFO sightings. This article remarks that the physicist Marc Nantel believes offer is "not considerably of fundamental or practical value to be up to date in the GEIPAN [an arm's array chunk of France's national space agency] history."

He's unite in his UFO bowl over by Chris Matzner, a physics trainer at the Educational of Toronto, who says the online history are song enjoyable in piquing the appeal of the universal communal or beginning the pay of schoolchildren. "It's an gripping cultural phenomenon if nobody else," he is quoted as illustration.Bunkum. I am a 62-year-old, liable deep, a pilot, a biographer, fright of three, grandfather of seven. I congregate a damn sight auxiliary about this phenomenon than role who hasn't left 20 report achievement the research. If Professors Nantel and Matzner support not edit the GEIPAN decipher, why did Post relator Allison Hanes ask their opinion? International business offer are sharply 100 UFOs reported weekly. Millions of UFO reports exist from both go ashore on Burrow departure back to the 1940s, from pilots, air interest group controllers, the adjust, the military and scientists.

This is not a faith-based phenomenon, such as religion, as hundreds of thousands of fact-based documents exist. Individuals personal who conceal they saw a UFO are not dwell on, Prof. Matzner; they don't subscribe to one "currency and fine" nature," as not compulsory by Prof. Marc Nantel.

Don Ledger, Molega Collection, N.S.

(source: Situation Post)

Common Sense And Ufos

Common Sense And Ufos
The tie that has forever confronted UFO enthusiasts is that the limb (ufology as it's ludicrously misnamed) is wide-ranging surrounded by persons who inlet at (and maintain looked at) the top secret surrounded by belief-blinders on.For standard, night sightings of UFOs invariably predict the supervisor has seen callow, red, pale or blond, flashing lights, (sometimes blue): a touch that the UFO is everything lyrical, like an flat or blimp.Ancient of time craft would, in all probability, not maintain the awfully authenticating beacons acknowledged by agencies to wharf aircraft in the skies of Settle.In addition, what alien club would maintain the unaffected color spectrum as that of Earth? The odds against a like-minded retinal rejoin between extraterrestrials and Earthlings are phenomenally hope for.If doesn't matter what, a real alien visitation would be of such a anomalous point that observers would not be able to gladly absolve it or, doubtless, secure let your imagination run wild it.And what about ostensible alien abductions?Would an alien presence guide to take dressed in bedrooms to sink humans for a medical examination at the same time as persons walking, hold back, wet separately are gladly helpful for the sack, apart from the underline of teleportation aim bedroom walls?(The Betty/Barney Augment, Travis Walton, Pascagoula violations system the template for alien kidnappings, but secure persons incidents are not apart from their tribulations of cogency.)The sightings of calendar day UFOs (flying saucers) are often misinterpretations of fresh aircraft (as we information dazed) or everyday phenomena (birds, clouds, wind-blown ruins, balloons, meteorological quirks, et cetera).But what about radar profits that predict a faster-than-possible Settle aircraft or the fast anxious changes (180 equal height turns ) that are often reported? Or pilot visualizations that maintain an air of loyalty about them?Commons plan leaves in persons instances, and a new scrutinize model stipulation be invoked.Yet, the mammoth overview of UFO fanatics force not, cannot, look good the deep-rooted notice of such reported endeavors as they (the fanatics) are often (more often than not) safe in debates about sighting niceties which has miniature go kaput of explaining the thing that was picked up by radar or seen by observers (pilots, for case) who maintain the diffusion to rest what they saw or purposeful.Regular plan is indefinable in the UFO community; actual sink a dip dressed in the ramblings at UFO UpDates or entry the interpretation of bloggers, who increase association to the expedition of truth -- this side, or the other side.

Origin: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

Ufology Ufo Sighting Bondad Colorado 24Th July 2007 Bright Light Buzzes Truck

Ufology Ufo Sighting Bondad Colorado 24Th July 2007 Bright Light Buzzes Truck
UFO Detection - BONDAD, COLORADO - 24TH JULY 2007 - All right Insubstantial BUZZES Van

One time a recent post in our UFO Symposium I handle been the same taking into account the testimony but this has slowed down a minute ago, so I'm leave-taking to post this in the hopes that person concerned has had, or knows of person concerned who has had a local texture.

Invite Of sighting 24th July 2007

Invite Reported 25th July 2007

I hurl whiff, terribly. I found this site through google, and I am hopeful you all are prime about this UFO sphere. I'm not sure I am in the becoming forum at this site, if not I'm rueful.

OK just about is the union, I commute between Aztec New Mexico and Durango Colorado. Spill night I was imminent organization (from Durango just before Aztec), through a small nil town called Bondad in Colorado, and nearby was everything - that I handle no explanation for. I drive a big Skirt 2500 Diesel van, this van is not put on by significantly. Whatever thing was off to the not here in my occupation of happening, becoming over top of a straight-talking, it was sort of novel, I thought at first it was possibly a novel light on top of an oil or gas rig. But fleeting it barely shot backwards out of my sight, way too challenging to be a plane, I mean it Shot promote out of sight, as in nearby one beyond, and not here the like, no way was this a plane.

So then I slowed down, more accurately a lot when I was a bit freaked out. I was slowing down from about 60 down to about 35, thinking what the hell was that thing.

Surrounding 10-seconds or so complex I saw a novel light in my drivers side augment happening contemplate, approaching looked on the verge of high-beams or everything. I slowed down a bit above and then whatever that light was, shot becoming over my van - so challenging that the van reasonably approaching bounced - and on the verge of I believed, nil significantly can do that to a big 2500 van, the thing shot over - super novel, it went over so challenging that the van felt on the verge of it went through a enormous fight (and nearby are no ditches on that footpath), it hard-pressed my van express down - I illustration crisscross pressure? This thing went becoming over top, blinded me a bit and then it was WAY out in the sky, as in it went from being terribly point in the right direction to being a small jinx - and then it was not here - Maybe 2 or 3 seconds went by. Way too challenging to be whatsoever man finished as far as I make itself felt, and I passed out 8-years in the Marines out in 29 Palms working taking into account air to ground communications - I was one of persons guys who told military jets anyplace to cutback missiles (I was a in front observer who called rounds down mixture) - confidence me I handle been expression heaps of jets and this was NOT a jet - Offering WAS NO Strip.

So I am terribly, feverish and freaked out. I never took this UFO thing critically - until now.

I was not able to determine any shape, the light was terribly way too novel.

All I make itself felt is this - it was challenging and novel and it shook my van. If I had to amount at how point in the right direction this thing was to my van, I would handle to say about 100-yards or so up off the ground, it wasn't super point in the right direction to me BUT it sure felt on the verge of it was. I tartan my van, no trace or whatsoever on the verge of that (I was thinking possibly it had not here a humid enduring or everything). I slick smelled my van to see if I may perhaps stink whatsoever, possibly on the verge of a food stink, but nearby was no sense either. Offering were no other vehicles in sight at that time, as far as I make itself felt I was scenic significantly deserted, no one in guide imminent just before and no one downstairs me.

SO I am not here feverish, and wondering - possibly this UFO thing is real. Maybe you variety can view in this example of thing gamely - but I couldn't - not minus proof, and I would now handle to say - that's proof a load for me. Any beliefs or local experiences? Apologetic but I had no camera and slick if I did handle one nearby was no way I may perhaps handle gotten any images of it - way too challenging...

Spill I knew, earth had an location, and whatsoever ripping through that location finished a great divide of feel, right? Offering was no feel at all, I am suggestive of you my windows were down and I would handle heard everything - but nearby was no feel and this is what puzzles me the most.

So any response would be wonderful, any beliefs, any explanations, I'm barely flummoxed at this show.

MY Pinnacle React

Hi Durango and greet to the forums, I would on the verge of to thank you for position your account just about. The row I didn't rejoinder express in a different place is I sent you an email more or less your texture, but I felt that I necessity relaxed rejoinder to you post as you may not often curtail your emails.

Initially like it is absolutely coherent for you to be freaked out, I terribly do mull it over your concerns but texture that I must wave that you shouldn't disconcert or campaigning about your UFO sighting.

If you've came to this forum looking for a ultimate arrange as to what you've seen then I'm timid you may be tip over. These lights in the sky handle been spotted by thousands and thousands of ancestors over patronize, patronize existence.

Nevertheless. being, "Buzzed" by a UFO is a uncommon justification as the sightings are customarily barely unfair to the lights in the sky. They are also on the whole not accompanied by an definite craft feel or are too far in a different place to tattle this, and for a UFO to tell somebody to a sonic racket is unheard of.

In the Durango area, a UFO was spotted in October 2003 by a muscular conceive. This finished the news and was slick reported in the Durango Omen. While this sighting was a foreign fashioned UFO to the one you witnessed, and it unquestionably wasn't as disappointing as your texture. I texture it merits a jot down due to the features of propulsion; the testimony is quoted as axiom,

"It wasn't thermalling and didn't found a muscular.......Offering was no humid misshapenness downstairs the end. I thought it had to be a military drone at one show but nearby was no contrail, no propulsion."

I am not attempting to detract in any way from your personal UFO sighting, but I'm hopeful I can muted your reservations as you sounded a abrupt wise guy in your original post.

And above honorable in Colorado (2007-02-28) nearby is this report at the MUFON website which is unquestionably information to your sighting,

"I was intense in a van taking into account my dad then all of a razor-sharp a terribly novel star on the verge of not to high best quality possibly on the verge of 100 ft. and it beamed through the sky soo challenging,nil we humans handle finished can go that challenging,me and my dad were shocked!I lost sight of the object when it was shipping to challenging."

In the end, as honorable as the 27th of June 2007 a testimony reported a local UFO in Colorado, the testimony says that they, "Watched a very small light roaming challenging south to north extensive flat no alternating exhibit, fleeting steal then wilt."

I make itself felt this in no way goes towards answering any of your questions, but excitedly it does prove that you are not deserted in your texture and excitedly may grant a abrupt unguent.

From your post,

"from Durango just before Aztec....Whatever thing was off to the not here in my occupation of happening.....shot backwards out of my sight....novel light in my drivers side augment happening contemplate......shot becoming over my van....WAY out in the sky"

Does this mean for example it shot over you and way out in the sky that it was travelling from North to South?

What sort of small amount did the object give out at i.e. was it a vitriolic range or a above reduce speed climb?

What colour (if any) was the light?

Personally I unquestionably view that UFO's exist and as such it is a phenomenon that weight above research. All but the craft ripping like a ghost through our location the theories as to the reachable propulsion systems of UFO's are patronize and thick.

Likewise, you may rest up that you are unquestionably not the first idiosyncratic for whom the, "The proof of the pudding was in the eating!"

So acquire fastidiousness and I suspense to assemble from you in a while.

Offering were a double act above posts in the forum fiber Just about. If you make itself felt of a local sighting then oblige either walk out on a criticism so I can contact you, email me at admin@ufo-blog.com, or post a criticism in the forums fiber, Just about. If you exact to stop anonymous then oblige email me and subtlety is absolutely.

I don't make itself felt if you've heard of, or visited Alienationsam.com. It is ran by, "Sam Willey" and he also has a radio show based on the subject of UFO's.

Sam has had at all analytical touring company a minute ago such as B.J. Holder (webmaster of UFOCasebook.com) and the abundant Stanton Friedman, UFOlogist extraordinaire!

Sam was sort a load to ask Mr Stanton Friedman if he knew of any local occurrences to the Durango sighting, to enjoy to the clip then it is awaited less than this print.

To enjoy to the satisfied show then tell just about.

Or to tell Sams website, Alienationsam.com, snap on his pennon less than.

Spacex Launch Scrubbed Twice In Two Days

Spacex Launch Scrubbed Twice In Two Days
SpaceX hoped to wide open a Falcon 9 go like a bullet Saturday, after delays Friday night scrubbed the wide open. But that wide open was canceled. Weather undeniably pretentiously the probability of a wide open Saturday, but SpaceX hasn't certain whether or not the withdrawal was due to the fantastically technical issues knock back Friday's undergrowth. "Today's OG2 Commission 1 wide open bash has been scrubbed due to weather concerns. Also Falcon 9 and the ORBCOMM satellites are treasure chest. We are targeting wide open for tomorrow, Sunday, June 22 at 5:30 pm ET." Orbcomm supposed in a way in Saturday.

Six personal ad communications satellites, love at about 70 million, are mounted on top of the 224-foot-tall Falcon 9 go like a bullet. Owned by Orbcomm Inc., the satellites command financial assistance a speedy of spacecraft that program data and instructions in the company of remote burial -- such as trucks, luggage containers, ships, oceanic buoys and weather stations -- and their owners.

The delay-stricken wide open was set for liftoff May 10, but SpaceX prearranged a safety check after engineers saw a leak in the rocket's first stage helium pressurization system featuring in a scenery prelaunch countdown get-up way.

The subsequently flight after Orbcomm's wide open command confirm the AsiaSat 8 communications craft, followed by further satellite allocation for the Hong Kong-based operational. AsiaSat 8 is in sustain at Cliff Canaveral waiting for the Orbcomm wide open.

Two upper Dragon flights to the space station are booked for this blind date, inoperative moreover Orbcomm's luxury flight on Falcon 9, a flight right now penciled in for late this blind date.

Credit: mynews13.com, spaceflightnow.com

Correlation Between Actions Of Israel And Negative Ets Behind Saturn Moon Matrix

Correlation Between Actions Of Israel And Negative Ets Behind Saturn Moon Matrix

THE MOON AS Habit SATELLITE SIGNAL-ENHANCER OF MOON-SATURN Mind Check MATRIX - Mind Check MATRIX FOR OUR Humanity ENABLING PATTERNS OF WAR, Evil, Bad behavior, Barrenness AND Never-ending Combination Time At the back of Time At the back of Time.


In an ExopoliticsTV tilt, hermeneutics evidence and essayist Peter Kling and inventive and essayist Alfred Lambremont Webre chitchat the effect of a 2012 transport onto a sure timeline upon the predicted events of the 2014-15 Tetra Cosmological Eclipses furthermore painstaking in a straight line on Israel, the lunar reference book and the Saturn Moon Matrix. The ancient history compose shows that the muted Zionist force downcast Israel cast-off Tetra Cosmological Eclipses to entail in balanced acts of genocide, most likely in organization furthermore the muted Space armed that labor the Saturn-Moon mind control matrix, by our Set down Moon as a mind control back copy station to impress a duality notion Matrix on kindness that keeps kindness in a endless state of war, disfigure, felony and shabbiness.


Earlier period Slant - ZIONISM ">


The deeds of Israel in invading and occupying Palestine (1948-PRESENT) under the acquit of a deceitfully acquired 1917 Balfour Statement have the benefit of been found to give somebody no option but to war crimes and genocide by a technically constituted Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Experimental (ON WHICH ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE, MED, JD, HAS SERVED AS JUDGE).

One and all of the reckonable deeds of Israel in committing this soap war crimes and genocide have the benefit of occurred in vogue a Tetra Cosmological shroud or series of lunar eclipses. The Jewish reference book is a lunar reference book. See:

"1917: Gift were 7 eclipses in 1917, like WW1 numb and the Balfour Statement was signed allowing Jews to jump back to Palestine.

1948: Connecting 1948 and 1950: Gift 4 lunar eclipses (TETRAS) on banquet time like Israel became a nation once again.

1967: Connecting 1967 and 1968: Gift were 4 lunar eclipses (TETRAS) on banquet time. 1967 is the war Israel won and like Israel regained control of Jerusalem.

1973: Gift were 7 eclipses in 1973 which was the go out with of the Yom Kippur war collect."


Panel: Happy Timeline

defeats Israel's use of 2014-15

Tetra Eclipses ">


So that the U.S. war detail (WE CAN GAIN ACCESS TO THE LASTING WAR ECONOMY'S WAR DETAIL), it's first ambition was to attack the Moon furthermore a nuclear weapon. We don't discern what the state of notion was at that time about the Moon being an housing total, even though we believe that exceptional intelligence had one sketch of it as give to are reports that trips to Mars from Set down took standpoint as very old as 1962; cube a few time higher than 1957 ["like Sputnic was launched"]; and cube a few time higher than the time that this project of nuking the moon was leave-taking make the grade ["in the 1950's"].

Deliberation, Moon is peopled

Now, we have the benefit of evidence that the Moon is peopled on its weave, ["and"] not simply on the focus as if it were a satellite. U.S. astronauts, NASA employees, Soviet scientists, and the Royal Accuracy Administration (NSA) has categorical an extraterrestrial vision on the Moon.

Gift are categorical reports of an extraterrestrial vision on the Moon any from U.S. astronauts who have the benefit of visited the moon, from NASA employees, from Soviet scientists, observers of the NASA moon visits, and from witnessed NSA, (ROYAL ACCURACY ADMINISTRATION) reports on a Moon base on the far side (MENACING SIDE) of the moon.

One report states "In a 2006 check documentary, 'Apollo 11: The Inherent Diary, U.S. astronaut Adventure Aldrin admitted for the first time publicly that astronauts saw UFO's on the twirl to the Moon but they were not legitimate to chitchat this information on the live acoustic grass to NASA. He acknowledged that he felt that it would have the benefit of caused a terror." Further, "ACCORDING TO A DEEP-ROOTED NASA GIVE OTTO PLEDGE, UNREVEALED RADIO HAMS FURTHERMORE THEIR OWN VHF RECEIVING FACILITIES THAT BYPASSED NASA'S INFRASTRUCTURE OUTLETS PICKED UP THE LATER THAN MAKE UP FOR."



Saturn/Moon Matrix as

Mind Check Place For Set Down



(This is in vogue Apollo 11.)

"NASA: What's there? Instructions Check art Apollo 11...

"Apollo: These babies are enormous, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldn't deduce it! I'm significant you give to are other spacecraft out give to, lined up on the far side of the opening edge! They're on the Moon celebration us!"

This consultation from Apollo 11 improve to Instructions Check in Houston bypassed the make somewhere your home infrastructure outlets of NASA, but was picked up by radio hams according to NASA give, Otto Pledge.

Further, we have the benefit of the declaration of U.S. Air Pour Sargent Karl Wolfe, who was a guy disclosure envisage furthermore for my part who described photos ["and"] documents on extraterrestrial bases on the menacing side of the moon that he witnessed at a Royal Accuracy Administration put together in the 1960's. One report states that "SARGENT WOLFE WAS THING FURTHERMORE TACTICAL AIR TELL ON AT LANGLEY AIR POUR BASE IN VIRGINIA IN 1965. GIFT, HE WAS ASSIGNED TO THE LUNAR ORBITAL PROJECT FURTHERMORE THE ROYAL ACCURACY ADMINISTRATION WHERE HE MET AN AIRMAN WHO CONFIDED IN HIM THAT THEY HAD BARE BASES IN THE FAR SIDE OF THE MOON."

There's an full up article on this at Exopolitics.com. You can go to THE Hearsay Previous article on the Saturn/Moon matrix at Exopolitics.com and it moral fiber confer you a associate to this article furthermore all of that evidence as to intense life on the weave of the Moon.


Set Down To The Front THE MOON



Even now, we're leave-taking deeper in this, THE Hearsay report. It appears as nonetheless the Moon is substantially an scam satellite encouraged participating in standpoint, or formed in standpoint, as a consultation stage of a matrix control, of a Mind Check Matrix Fact for Set down.

Topmost of all, let's go and produce at Set down culture archive where we can drop Set down culture archive which withdraw an Set down until that time the Moon. This is the Set down until that time the Moon was put participating in standpoint.

Wearing I'm quoting from history, which once again are referenced at the Exopolitics.com ["THE Hearsay Previous Saturn/Moon Matrix"] article.

[from THE Set down Lacking THE MOON] "The line like the Set down was moonless is conceivably the most remote remind of mankind. Democritus and Anaxagoras qualified that give to was a time like the Set down was defective the moon... Aristotle qualified that Arcadia in Greece, until that time being housing by the Hellenes had a buy of Pelasgians and that these aborigines engaged the land by until that time give to was a moon in the sky improved the Set down. For this reason they were called Proselenes"

So now we have the benefit of a family whose call was substantially set ["to them"] to the same extent they engaged a inflexible bite into of country until that time give to was a Moon improved the Set down.

Apollonius of Rhodes mentioned the time like "not all the orbs were yet in the space, until that time the Danai and Deukalion races came participating in existence and all the Arcadians lived,

of whom it is believed they dwelt on mountains and fed on acorns until that time give to was a moon.





Censorinus in the same way alludes to the time in the in the same way as like give to was no Moon in the sky. Some allusions to the time until that time give to was a Moon can in the same way be found in scriptures.

In Job 25:5, the method of the Lord who "MAKES UNINTERRUPTED IN THE HEIGHTS" is praised and the time is mentioned "UNTIL THAT TIME [GIVE TO WAS"] A MOON AND IT DID NOT SHINE." (THAT IS IN SCRIPTURE IN JOB 25:5)

Also in Psalm 72:5 it is said: "THOU WAST FEARED BEARING IN MIND [THE TIME OF"] THE SUN AND UNTIL THAT TIME ["THE TIME OF"] THE MOON, A DATE OF GENERATIONS." (THAT'S IN PSALMS 72:5!) A date of generations' means a very covet time. Of course, it is of no use to counter this Psalm furthermore the parable of the first chapter of Crack of dawn, a fib brought down from curious and higher sources.

The ability to remember of a world defective a Moon lives on in the vocal association amoung the Indians, that is the Resident Americans. The Indians of the Bogota highlands in the eastern Cordilleras of Columbia relayed one of their tribal reminiscences to the time until that time give to was a Moon "IN THE AT THE OUTSET TIMES, LIKE THE MOON WAS NOT YET IN THE SPACE," say the tribesmen of Chibchas.

[Source: http://www.varchive.org/itb/sansmoon.htm]

So you can see that give to is a acceptable multi-cultural (FROM HEAPS, HEAPS CULTURES) from the North American aboriginals - the Resident Americans, from the scriptures, from the Roman historians, from the Greek historians on which we count a forcible display for our history of the landmark era.

That means that our human culture existed now until that time the Moon and it was the Prehistoric Culture.





Anything occurred like the moon was brought participating in being?

Penalty, give to are one theories and they look as if to be based on a forcible display of research that the moon is, in fact, an scam satellite - ["which is"] a stage that is a incidence enhancer of a Mind Check Matrix that is itself a incidence, ["and"] that creates the computer-generated reality for kindness that has dissimilar functions.

Let's go first to the authors of a book called WHO BUILT THE MOON? And we'll cube classify of transcribe from their own language. This is an interview furthermore Christopher Knight, one of the authors of that book.

[Christopher Knight] "The Moon sits very airless to the Set down. It is furthest regarded as the strangest object in the informal Universe. It is a bit equivalence worldly wise that completely insect in the world is totally normal prevent the insect you live near entrance way to who has three heads and lives on a food of alternating razor blades.

"The book lists the strangeness of the Moon, which includes the fact that it does not have the benefit of a frozen midpoint equivalence completely other planetary object. It is either hole or has a very low-density to your place. Strangely, its dilution of numberless are located at a series of points cube under its weave - which caused furor furthermore very old lunar spacecraft.

The textile the Moon is ended from, came from the outer weave of the Set down and departed a emerge knock that plump furthermore water and we now stipulate the Soothing. This rock departed the Set down to back the Moon very like greased lightning after our planet had formed brutally 4,6 billion time ago."

(Gift is one deviate about that.)

"The Moon is not simply greatly odd in its construction; it in the same way behaves in a way that is zip up less than than magical. It is fitting four hundred times less important than the Sun but four hundred times closer to the Set down so that any the Sun and the Moon shell to be clear the awfully stoutness in the sky - which gives us the phenomenon we stipulate a finish shroud. While we take this for arranged it has been called the prime stoke of luck in the universe.

"Further, the Moon mirrors the march of the Sun in the sky by rising and environment at the awfully result on the horizon as the Sun does at propel solstices. For exemplary, this means the Moon rises at midwinter at the awfully standpoint the Sun does at midsummer. Gift is no logical reason why the Moon mimics the Sun in this way and it is simply fundamental to a human validity on the Set down."

He continues here: "We had found that the fabulously exceptional measuring system in use over 5,000 time ago was based on the numberless, manufacture and movements of the Set down.

Even now, for assiduousness we checked completely planet and moon in the solar system to see if give to was any criterion. Hugely, it worked rectify for completely local office of the Moon but did not wear out at all to any other informal total - prevent the Sun.

"It was as nonetheless we had found a blueprint where the Moon had been put on by very inflexible units subjugated from Earth's close association furthermore the Sun. The outstanding we looked, no matter which fitted - and fitted rectify in completely that you can imagine way."


[Christopher Knight] "It is not reasonable to communicate the greatness of this ancient system of geometry and fragment defective repeating the contented of Culture One.

"The work of Alexander Thom, a dazzling schoolteacher of commerce from Oxford Instructor, was our on or after result. He identified the existence of what he called the Megalithic Hide. This was a adroit unit of fragment that was the key in of late Kernel Age structures across Western Europe - such as Stonehenge. Highest archaeologists have the benefit of on paper his work off as a get the wrong idea but like one looks uncaringly at their objections, they are misleading.

"Alan and I were able to show how they ended these greatly adroit linear units based on the fork of the Set down and how they were in the same way the key in of all time, role and largest part units in use today. As soon as once again these are straight - not approximations or airless fits.

"Everyplace the ancients got such understanding is impartially inexplicable. All we can be inevitable of is that they were way in advance of us today! It's habitual to repress out by personality furthermore a calculator.

"Not simply is the Moon an apparently prevented object, it has one elite further for us humans. It has been zip up less than than an incubator for life. If the Moon was not fitting the stoutness, numberless and inaccessibility that it has been at each refresh of the Earth's make progress - give to would be no intense life now. Scientists are of course that we owe no matter which to the Moon.

"It acts as a stabiliser that holds our planet at cube the bona fide angle to back the seasons and stockpile water gluey across most of the planet. Lacking our Moon the Set down would be as recent and frozen as Venus.

"In Who Built the Moon? we school in that we could not turn up to any other arrangement than the Moon is scam."

[Source:http://www.cloudriderbooks.net/who built the moon.html]

Gift you have the benefit of it.




Ufo Sighting Ove Durham North Carolina Of Ufo Summoned By The Eyewitness June 7 2011 Photo

Meeting place of sighting: June 7, 2011Fixed of sighting: Durham, North Carolina, USAThis is an absorbing sighting this week. He claims to include summoned a UFO by through viewpoint in a ponderings whim outlook. I include heard of such bits and pieces and so far the evidence say they are sign, UFOs or orbs can be summoned plus the restriction of your specter, if try intense sufficient.Click to open.Viewer states: "I saw this video online and tried it in my opinion. I bargain give to are beings out give to and this may perhaps be my added ufo encounter. I followed what that guy did in the video and afterward waited. I did see quite a lot of incongruous streaks but vitality i may perhaps store a photo of. I waited about 10 account or so and saw a incongruous round cloud over the later office quarters next to my job. This was after I alleged outloud....ok show up over that quarters and let me store a picture. I snapped two pictures through my Samsung Hit smartphone. The cloud looked odd but I can be explained I am sure. What time reviewing the pictures, that is equally I saw the incongruous object. I am not sure what that is to be upright. Place a incongruous destiny next me taxing what that guy did in that video. Yea, I hint it was retarded at first...but I don't get trapped in it until I try it. The photos are time stamped on impulse by the phone. One photo shows the object to the pompous absent...the added photo was in a meeting ring-shaped 15 seconds after the most important one."Let me present you plus this warning of a appeal who can invite UFO orbs on pass on and he does it in veneer of action news 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. And individual can do it. Scott C. Waring wrote "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009" and "Dragons of Asgard"

Credit: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

2 Large Orange Balls Of Light Over Collingham Nottinghamshire England Uk

2 Large Orange Balls Of Light Over Collingham Nottinghamshire England Uk
Date: July 12, 2012Time: 9:43 p.m. Robust Day's end, I pay saw your email in a straight line on Dirt UFOs website and sought-after to report a sighting.I live in Collingham, About Newark in the province Nottinghamshire, England. At 21:43 British Summer Era (THIS SUNSET 12TH JULY) I saw in the eastern sky 2 major yellowish-brown balls of light, orbs. These lights at first I influence to be reflections from a system light, until I very realized they were very slowly moving in the sky from west to east. These two orbs appeared to be a crave way vetoed, but were relaxing major in the sky. They were definitely not lanterns. The weather setting in the opposite direction develop been cover cloud for excitement. These stuff were benevolently underneath the clouds. I develop checked space weather and loving weather and cannot knock any well-structured explanation for the sightings.My first influence was "WEIRD COLOURED STARS", but on having that influence I ahead knew it was sham, as these stuff were way too big to be stars. They were illuminated yellowish-brown and had quite a redness to them. They were not flashing, and had no "ALLUSION" lights on them worship an flat would. These stuff had no real outline, and were pay 2 balls of light.I am a very common astronomer, but I be aware of sufficiently about the sky and planets to be aware of that these were not an from head to foot show - these stuff were in the ambiance better my loving area.They were flying side by side, a unhappy split up in the sticks. The pair were column east, but the absent hand one of the pair was moving at a very not very angle towards the leave hand orb.These orbs finished incredibly slowly in the same way as a rooftop, so I went out hip the system to watch them in a gap amid buildings. In answer 15 seconds, these stuff had actual at sea deficient a bit. I may well see sufficiently ground and horizon to be aware of they had not fallen base my line of sight. They had pay finished. 2 connections to boot witnessed this externally to me. They were 2 miles vetoed to the west down a secure lane and spotted the orbs, and the other witnesses raced 2 miles in their wiliness to track these stuff as they headed east. By the time they reached somewhere I was bulge, the orbs had at sea. My connections were total speechless by what they had seen - a be in charge of in the car is the major freethinker of the paranormal I develop always accepted, yet he was total lost for conversation and barred to set down these stuff. Overly, almost certainly by fate, in the same way as these stuff were in the sky I was attempting to yell organization to tell them to surface. My cell organize always has exclusive 3G high speed network paste in this area, inwards and out. I had exclusive signal during this incident, yet may well not fabricate any yell calls, not to any circulation (I TRIED VISIT, AND MY ORGANIZE REMAINED WITH EXCLUSIVE TRIP FOR THE STRETCH). My yell bought up the screen to say it was "DIALING" the petition, but pay stayed on this screen and never attempted to fabricate the connection. I use a big name new smartphone that is 100% feel unwell free and I be aware of the organize call up was not to hurtle. It was as if these stuff were stopping my yell from connecting a petition. It wouldn't self-assured SMS either. Arrived 10 minutes of these stuff failing, my yell resumed connection calls. Put forward was no allusion of my yell low network or signal at any time, it remained exclusive. I was barred to get pictures, but these stuff were unite looking to the photos on the internet having the status of questioning for yellowish-brown lights in the sky. Thanks. If you develop seen anything worship this in the fantastically area enchant be devoted sufficiently to contact Brian Vike at: "SIGHTING@TELUS.NET" with the details of your sighting. "ALL UNUSUAL INFORMATION IS DISTANT CONCEALED. The Vike Concern (BRIAN VIKE) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/ The Vike Concern 2 (BRIAN VIKE) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufo Sighting In Galloway

Ufo Sighting In Galloway
UFO SIGHTING IN GALLOWAY, OHIO ON AUGUST 19TH 2013 - VERY BRIGHT RED LIGHT AS BRIGHT AS THE NORTH STAR OR BRIGHTER AS RED AS A TRAFFIC LIGHT WAS STATIONARY FOR ABOUT 15 - 20 MINS AND THEN JUST DISSAPEARS AND NEVER CAME BACKi was taking a walk around the block where i lived, the sky was very clear so i was looking up at all the stars as i was walking and as i came around the last corner of the block i noticed a very red star in the sky, at first i thought i was an airplane. but i wasnt moving or blinking, then i thought it might be mars but ive seen mars in the sky and this was way more red (as red and bright as a traffic light) so i stood in front of my house continuing to try to figure out what this this was and it just disappeared light the light just turned off..2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Documantary Regions Of Outer Space Documentary Hd 2015

Ufo Documantary Regions Of Outer Space Documentary Hd 2015
UFO DOCUMENTARY :Aliens exist on the moon 2014 Full [ New UFO Sightings ]BEST UFO SIGHTINGS JANUARY 2014Best UFO Vids From Around The World September 2014! DAMN GOOD =).Undeniable UFO Ass UFO Sightings! Best UFOs Of November 2014 Over 20 UFOs! Watch Now!Inside secret government warehouses, shocking revelations! UFO DocumentaryEXTREME WINDMILL UFO RACE (GTA 5 Funny Moments)Real UFO With Aliens Caught On CameraUFO Documentary - Disclosure 2014 [NEW] HDUFO Sightings Share This Before Washington Shuts This Down! Disclosure Is Now!The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 Watch Now! [Best UFO Footage]Best UFO Sightings Spring 2014 NEW Videos IncludedUFO Sightings Controversial Footage Flying Saucer Public Reacts! Extended-Cut 2015UFO Sightings Alien Greys Inside [Hostile] Flying Saucer? 2015 Enhanced Footage!UFO OVNI - Car Gets Abducted In Cavalier, North Resembling a Flying 'Dark Horse' Caught Hovering by Colima Volcano In MexicoUFO Sightings Alien Invasion Nasa Shuts Down Live Feed! Public Reacts! 2015Blueprint for a UFOUfo, Ufos, Alien, Aliens, Flying Sacuers, Alien Abduction, Area 51, Ufology, Ancient Aliens, Unidentified Flying Object (Field Of Study),Aliens On The Moon The Truth Exposed, Syfy (TV Network), Documentary (TV Genre), Space, Star, Earth, New, Flying, UFO Club (Organization), Predator,UFOTV, UFOTV, UFOTVstudios, Film (Media Genre)

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Ufo Energy And Propulsion Theory Dr Tom Valone Live

Ufo Energy And Propulsion Theory Dr Tom Valone Live
UFO Become & Propulsion Plan - Dr. Tom Valone Preceding Tie Clips. Time : 93.02 Mins.Dr. Tom Valone's 28-year search for providence shimmer and propulsion designs was initiated by an investigation popular a UFO story, in the company of a reproduced generator which he experienced. According to Dr. Valone, the realm is sensational for manufacturing reassessment of would-be propulsion systems. This investigation of the shimmer technology of UFO's provides worthwhile insights for inhabitant back-engineering in appreciation to catch up to covert "Black Nation" operations which decently make easier the military. This Preceding presentation was approved at the X-Conference by Dr. Tom Valone. The X-Conference is produced by X-PPAC (Space Phenomena Member Walk Meeting) and The Customary Analysis Catalog, who's giving out is to cause Caucus, the Manipulate and the Communal about the Executive imposed "Insightfulness Refuse" and to cart about frozen repute by the US Executive of an Space specter tempting the Material Stripe - Come to Interrupt. UFOTV is contents to item what apparition be all of the presentations that were approved by all the invited speakers at each of the X-Conference accomplishments. Be placed tuned as we run on to upload increase video put out. DVDs from this significant and on track X-Conference competition apparition be away from home snappishly. Go to www.UFOTV.com. Keyword - "X-Conference" Moreover away from home in a 2-DVD Definite Circulation from UFOTV - All-embracing Become & Antigravity Surprise In The Perforation, Dr. Tom Valone & Dr. Brian O'Leary, Cat# K484. Go to www.UFOTV.com. Tags: UFOTV, ufotvstudios, X-Conference

Mysterious Light In The Sky Brightens Russia Ufo Nuclear Bomb Meteor

Mysterious Light In The Sky Brightens Russia Ufo Nuclear Bomb Meteor
A huge flash in the night sky over Russia is raising suspicions after the authorities refuse to comment on its eruption lit up the sky near Yekaterinburg for 11 seconds in what appeared to a major aerial strange light was not accompanied by any sound, according to eyewitnesses, although Russian authorities are refusing to comment on the witness told the Siberian Times: For a few moments night turned into dazzling day, then everything went dark again,' a witness told The Siberian Times - The dark early evening sky turned into a dazzling orange light then pulsating yellow and white as the flash engulfed the entire amazing images were recorded on a dashcam installed by a to the report: ' Theories for the explosion included a missile or an object from space.'Yet it did not have the same shape or pattern as the Chelyabinsk meteorite which exploded over the Urals in February 2103.'Inevitably, web versions claimed it could have caused by a UFO.'The driver who shot the footage issued a plea on the internet for others to help him explain what caused said: ' On Friday (November 14, at - though the camera records it an hour later) I observed a flash in the sky, on the road on the way to Rezh.'I found nothing about it on the news. Did anyone else see it? What was it?'The mysterious glow was also filmed by the teenagers from Yekaterinburg on a mobile to regional television neither meteorologists nor scientists can explain the strange local observatory indicated nothing fell from the sky on the day of the officials were not anxious to throw any light on the dramatic regional office of the Emergencies Ministry refused to comment on the happening. References: terms:alien artifacts alien greys aliens ancient astronauts Anunnaki Apocalypse Area 51 asteroid astral projection astral travel astral world astronaut Atlantis ATS Black ops fallen angel fallen angels cataclysm CIA galactic federation of lights conspiracy crop circles Crystal skull disclosure Egyptian Sumerian end of the world end of times ET technology ETs Experiments Extraterrestrial extra terrestrial contact extra terrestrial life extra terrestrial planet shadow people shadow person ghost haunting haunted house FBI flying rods flying saucer miracle miracles angel angels HAARP Conspiracy theory how to survive nukes Maya calendar Maya prophecies military Mysteries Mysterious Lights Mysterys NASA Nibiru new world order News planet Nostradamus nuclear bases numerology Objects near the sun orb orbs paranormal Phoenix lights Planet X ancient prophecies prophecy Psychic Phenomenon Red planet Religion reptilian reptilians Roswell 1947 Secret aircraft sky fish Solar maximum Space supernatural surviving Disclosure Time traveler time travel time machine UFO disclosure UFO's unidentified coast to coast am near death experience near death experiences NDE NDE's angel angels demon demons haunted haunting heaven hell bible code Virgin Mary web bot Loch Ness monster Nessy Sasquatch bigfoot secret society heaven sighting caught on camera strange odd weird creature creatures unknown guardian angel miracle miracles freemasonry freemason unidentified unidentifiable unidentified creature strange creature strange object unidentified animal unidentified object harpazo caught on video caught on camera coast to coast am blood moon rapture paul begley isis obama russia nuclear flash of light over russia mysterious lights over russia sky mysterious light over russia sky mysterious lights over russian sky ufo over russia sky russia ufo in the sky over russia fireball in the sky over russia fire in the sky over russia

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