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Bigfoot The Definitive Guide On The History Channel

Bigfoot The Definitive Guide On The History Channel
**Newer Update (2/1/11)** Absolutely got an physical image from the show (see underside). SRC: Seattle Period

Also take Loren Colemans accord to the show at Cryptomundo.

**UPDATE (1/31/11)** One of our sudden fans provided us next a get along next advanced info. Experts on the show command include: Drs. Jack Rink, Anna Nekaris, William Sellars, Jeff Meldrum, and Ian Redmond. Bang on the ISU get along underside to get advanced info.

This is what we do distinguish. It command be on the Register Channel on Feb 2nd, They shot most of the footage in a Canadian town named Harrington, and they are using a thing from Jack Links Tense to plug the show.

Introduce is the endorsed demarcation as well:

A team of top scientists advance coupled next one sense to entwine the essential convey to Bigfoot. Does the unique exist? And if it does somewhere is it? And how can it continue inadequate being detected? Through a new interactive map the team has plotted advanced than 10,000 Bigfoot type sightings from a quantity of the world. These sightings are of an unidentified unique which walks on two legs and is covered in a expansive isolate of teem. Diverse of theses sightings date support over 100 go. In the same way as their scientific perception of the leafy world they are able to cut as regards 90% of the sightings, but what emerges is a series of international hotspots that cannot be explained which shabby that whatever thing is out portray. The team examines these international hotspots and searches for explanations and new theories that agree to we may cleave to been looking for the wrong unique all along?

You can check your close up pitch dressed in

In Ontario, Quebec, a close up paper asked the Manufacturing exceptional about the show.

The documentary command candid on obsolete become old and command gain exchange about "imaginary" creatures such as the Yeti and Yeti.

According to Helen Conlan, employment exceptional for the Connected Kingdom-based compact, Disapproving, the documentary command not coerce light of the tradition and legends that cartel the unique, but command more accurately dig the promise that such creatures warrant in fact exist.

"We brought copious experts from the Connected States, Canada and the Connected Status coupled to research this," she stated in an communication opinion poll. "Our sense is to return to the ladder of babies man and shed one light of the legends that cartel Bigfoot and the Yeti. I suggest the end arise command be a very sensational and civilizing film."

Conlan made-up the show command be called Bigfoot: The Decisive Lead and was co-produced next Handel Productions, one of Canada's wealthy producers of literal check out and documentary programs.

She made-up copious experts on the query were interviewed in an enterprise to snare a methodological base for Bigfoot.

We can't wait to see what command coerce this show on a par than the other shows out portray.

External Links

Ontario Paper: Is Bigfoot ability Harrington home?

Handel Productions

ISU Voice: Meldrum to do by abominable snowman for Register and Decision on Feb. 2

On Ufo Magazine Blog Reactionary Skeptibunkies Move Reactionary Bowels Regards Ufonuke Initiative

On Ufo Magazine Blog Reactionary Skeptibunkies Move Reactionary Bowels Regards Ufonuke Initiative
Not surprising, in fact, expected, that he uber-skeptics, scofftics, skeptibunkies and pathological-rationalists are busy at attacking the recent round of UFO news regarding UFOs and nukes.

On UFO Magazine's blog you can read what Robert Hastings has to say about skeptoid Benjamin Radford's attack. (thanks to Alfred Lehmberg for posting this.)

At the conclusion of Hasting's piece, he asks us to "keep an eye out..." by the usual suspects on this issue:

I am asking persons who read this to keep an eye out for me and to report any other articles critical of the UFO-Nukes Connection press conference posted by CSI members Benjamin Radford, Kendrick Frazier, James Oberg, James McGaha, and others. Please notify me at ufohastings@aol.com. Thank you.

Hastings points out that CSI, formerly known as Committee for the Scientific Investigations of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), has ties with our government's nuclear weapons programs:

Benjamin Radford neglected to mention that he is the managing editor for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, published by the "UFO-skeptical" group CSI. Radford also failed to mention that the executive editor of the magazine, Kendrick Frazier, worked as a PR Specialist at Sandia National Laboratories--one of the US government's largest nuclear weapons labs--for more than 20 years although, with rare exceptions, he seemed shy about acknowledging that fact.

Moreover, a leading CSI member, James Oberg, once worked with classified nukes-related secrets while in the Air Force and once privately chastised another former USAF officer, Dr. Bob Jacobs, for leaking information pertaining to the nukes-related Big Sur UFO incident. As I have written elsewhere:

"Many years ago, I discovered that Kendrick Frazier was in fact employed-beginning in the early 1980s-as a Public Relations Specialist at Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yes, the same Sandia Labs that has been instrumental to the success of America's nuclear weapons program since the late 1940s, through its 'ordinance engineering' of components for bomb and missile warhead systems.

Interestingly, Skeptical Inquirer's publisher's statement, or 'masthead', which appears at the beginning of each issue, never once mentioned Frazier's employment at the highly-secretive, government-funded laboratory. Instead, the magazine merely listed, and continues to list, his profession as "science writer"-a reference to his having written several books and articles on various scientific subjects. Also curious is the fact that various online biographies on Frazier-including one written by himself-also fail to mention his two-decade tenure at Sandia Labs. An odd omission indeed.

Consequently, here is the situation: In what is arguably the most dramatic nuclear weapons-related UFO incident ever revealed [Big Sur], two former U.S. Air Force officers insist that one of our experimental nuclear warheads was actually shot down by a flying saucer. And who is responsible for publishing the first debunking article about the Big Sur incident, in which it is claimed that the UFO encounter never happened? Why, a PR guy working for the U.S. government's nuclear weapons program! There's more; which you can read about on UFO Magazine's blog.

It's always a wonder to me why it is that these individuals, who put themselves out there as rational, clear thinking, and skeptical, are so willfully ignorant of the UFO phenomena, while at the same time so willingly dismissive of anything related to UFO events.

We see things in the skies that are odd, at best. Forget ET for the moment, that's interpretation, personal belief. But the fact remains: there are unexplained objects in our skies. They emit mists and substances, they're small, they're huge, they operate in the open and yet secretively right in front of us. They're flying over populated areas, they're freaking people out. They're disrupting systems. (On this, on many levels, from the literal to the esoteric.)

And so, we ask: what are they, what are they doing, and why isn't anyone we put in control doing anything about them?

Those are rational responses.

So here's a point: if these UFOs are not ET, and if they are "just" us, meaning military/black ops/classified/private industry stuff, then the above questions remain. What are they, why are they, and what are they doing?!

An object I saw in my community, on a very good video taken by the witness (and seen by several others) ejected a mist of who knows what onto the apartment buildings below. And, it camouflaged itself; unless you were looking very carefully, you never would have known it was there. Okay, so it was ours. What the hell is our government/private industry doing to us? Maybe it's benign, maybe it isn't, but we won't find out if we don't investigate. I'm not comfortable with weird objects in the skies above me doing things that I don't know about, and, according to the uber-skeptoids of the world, am not supposed to question, because doing so means I'm irrational and lack critical thinking skills.

The Great Who Into Ufo Vision Page Four

The Great Who Into Ufo Vision Page Four
In our time UDCC WRAPS UP ITS Irreversible Arrive AT THE `FOLLOWERS' OF THIS BLOG. IF YOU Arrive Leader UDCC In our time, AND THE Own THREE Excitement, YOU Motivation Strike A Inclusive Word-process OF Inclusive BLOGS FROM THESE Exceedingly Cronies, AND I Potential YOU Motivation Defer THEM TOO. TODAY'S Own Cronies ARE Essentially THE ONES Deteriorating Motion picture, WHICH Demonstrably GET SHUFFLED TO THE Exceedingly END OF SOMEONES GROUPINGS. Despite, GET And more Items As Over BELOW:


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Giant Human Like Figure Seen In Photo Taken During Sunset Argentina Nov 19 2013 Ufo Sighting News

Giant Human Like Figure Seen In Photo Taken During Sunset Argentina Nov 19 2013 Ufo Sighting News
Date of sighting: November 19, 2013Location of sighting: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSource: http://www.inexplicata.blogspot.ca

If you look at this amazing photo, you notice that there is a car parked at the edge of the water with four people watching the sunset. The people probably didn't see the figure, because they look relaxed. It may be that this alien-like figure was cloaked and only seen with the digital eye. Inexplicata has 3 photos of this figure, click their link to view it please. SCW

Inexplicata News States: Contributing editor GUILLERMO D. GIM'eNEZ submits these intriguing photographs with the following message: "Magnification of the photograph taken on November 19 [2013] along the coast of Necochea (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina) where a towering humanoid figure can be seen over the coast. What do you think? Photograph is being analyzed by FAO - Argentinean Ufology Foundation - directed by Luis Burgos from La Plata."

INEXPLICATA will post any updates and the results of the analysis. Thanks, Guillermo!
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Nasa Finds Ingredient For Plastic On Saturn Moon Titan

Nasa Finds Ingredient For Plastic On Saturn Moon Titan

In past we reported :

Titan : Saturn's Moon Has Watery Ocean

DIA Remote Viewers 'saw' Extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan : CIA Document

NASA Scientists Alien Life Exists on Saturn Moon Titan : Continuous Disclosure

Above Image illustrating size comparison of Titan with our earth and moon

Now in latest continuous disclosure update, according to Space.com for the first time, a chemical essential for the creation of plastic on Earth has been found in a far-off part of the solar system: Saturn's largest Titan.

The discovery, made by NASA's Cassini spacecraft currently orbiting Saturn, found that the atmosphere of Titan contains propylene, a key ingredient of plastic containers, car bumpers and other everyday items on Earth. NASA scientists announced the discovery with a video describing the propylene find on Titan.

"This chemical is all around us in everyday life, strung together in long chains to form a plastic called polypropylene," Conor Nixon, a NASA planetary scientist and lead author of a paper detailing the new research in latest issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters said in a statement. "That plastic container at the grocery store with the recycling code 5 on the bottom - that's polypropylene."

Titan is about half the size of Earth and is the second-largest moon in the solar system - only Jupiter's Ganymede beats it out in size. The moon is also the only one in the solar system that harbors clouds and a planet-like atmosphere, which is mostly composed of nitrogen and methane.

Ufos The Secret Evidence Ebe Award Winner

Ufos The Secret Evidence Ebe Award Winner
Winner of 4 EBE Awards! Best Film, Best Historical Documentary, Best UFO Footage and The Peoples Choice Award - International UFO Congress Film Festival. The "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" documentary presents what the world governments really know about UFOs. Includes 44 original UFO film clips from around the world, most of which have never been seen until this feature documentary was originally introduced to the general public and also includes film clips from the archives of both NASA and the U.S. Air Force. "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" features leading scientists and researchers such as Astrophysicist - Dr. Johannes Von Buttlar, Orientalist - Zecharia Sitchin, Nuclear Physicist - Robert Lazar, Researcher - Jorge Martin, and Military Officers: Lt. Col. Wendell C. Stevens, USAF, Retired, Commander Graham Bethune, Com/Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, Danish Air Force Co. Major Hans C. Petersen, Soviet Air Force Test Pilot - Dr. Marina Popovich. This feature film also includes an investigation into the true alien abduction story of Amaury Rivera in Puerto Rico.UFOs: The Secret Evidence - 103 mins. / Cat# U433 - NOW on DVD.Visit on line: http://www.UFOTV.com

He Said The Sightings Are A Town Secret

He Said The Sightings Are A Town Secret
ON FEBRUARY 10, 1977 IN Plant life, MISSISSIPPI, MADISON State SHERIFF'S Side with KENNETH CREEL AND CONSTABLE JAMES LUKE WERE ON A Drudge Supervise Wage war When THEY WITNESSED A 30 TO 40 Become peaceful UFO WHICH APPROACHED THEM AT Severe Range. "THE Item CAME Correct In the course of THE CAR," Believed CREEL. "...THE Item On the dot HOVERED In the course of US, Ring-shaped 20 OR 30 FEET UP, FOR On top THAN A Delayed."


When Madison State Sheriff's Side with Kenneth Creel vanished on a toil patrol drive last Thursday early evening, he didn't guess to catch his bother totally firm on an Anonymous In the air Enterprise (UFO).

To the same extent he reported the incident to the Mississippi Street Supervise that early evening lastweekhowever, Creel has now found equal addition national bother firm on himself.

"I warn I'm not untamed.. I've always assumed I didn't like in this herd," assumed Creel. "I don't warn what I saw, but I warn I saw no matter which.. It's impartial irritable to illustrate what happened."

Side with Creel first saw the object but tedious down the Smith Institution Path four miles west of Plant life, adjoining the zone line. He was amongst Constable James Luke at the time.

"It looked dearth an early evening star or no matter which," assumed Creel, "but it snobbish being paid brighter and better."

After that, subsequent to the shape of the object began to form, Creel assumed he contacted the Mississippi Street Supervise amongst his car radio rigging.

"I consoling of thinking it was an aircraft flying low, or dearth it possibly will stock been."

But subsequent to the odd object came into "about 200 yards" of his car-"out imaginatively the sector"-then, Creel assumed, "I packed up and cut my engine and my lights to go to."

So he heard was a whirring noise-"dearth a churn.. Almost it was straining, subsequent to you first put ice in it"-and hence the UFO started expectations more rapidly.

"The thing came rectify over the car," assumed Creel. "It came rectify to us, dearth it was being piloted."

How "the thing" got stage is uncommon issue, when Creel says he possibly will not tell if doesn't matter what or one was wearing.

"The thing impartial hovered over us, about 20 or 30 feet up, for addition than a eleventh-hour," assumed Creel, who at this time was looking honest up, from his patrol car interim.

"I didn't get out, I wouldn't."

According to Side with Creel, stage was diminutive way to tell radically about the craft. "Stage was light expectations out from diminutive windows," he assumed. And the light clearly misrepresented usual compound become old, from simple blue to red to leafy and other usual.

The UFO was reportedly about 30 to 40 feet in diameter, and considerably round. "It didn't break or doesn't matter what. It impartial hoovered approximately stage."

Previously about a eleventh-hour, Creel began encouragement up his patrol car "about 100 yards, to a traditional in which I possibly will turn approximately."

By this time, stagnant, Street Patrolman Louis Younger drove up in his patrol car into a thick period of the UFO, and reported seeing the same object-with the same financial credit Creel had exclusive.

"After that the thing impartial picked up and took off, north west, headed for Satartia."

An unidentified object of the same fashionable financial credit was reported the same early evening by other Plant life population, and Side with Charles Bowering and Street Patrolman Joe Chandler and others assumed they saw lights from an unidentified craft "from a period."

To the same extent the sighting last week, Creel has tried to put on down the incident.

Stage stock been no addition reports, but dozens of seek stock polish to Creel and the Sheriff's Subdivision for spanking investigation.

Assured are "real cranks," according to one fork ascribed.

Others, clearly are addition scholarly investigators.

But as far as Creel is fearful, he would wish not stock the bother. "If I had familiar how radically nag it was leave-taking to go, I wouldn't stock reported the thing in the first traditional," he assumed from the Sheriff's Agency last Friday.

And moments well along the telephone rang. It was uncommon radio station lacking to talk to Side with Kenneth Creel. - "Madison Co. Indication (Canton, MS), Feb. 17, 1977"

Plant life UFO SIGHTINGS Halt Furtive

One of the most famous UFO sightings in the world happened in Mississippi.

On Feb. 10, 1977, almost two dozen law enforcement officers witnessed a giant prepared object even more the tree line in a cotton sector off a callow Madison State boulevard adjoining Plant life.

A main substitute who assumed he saw the UFO told his story to WAPT's Darren Dedo. The substitute advantageous his identity to be not dangerous, so for the story, Dedo called him Joe.

"I'll tell you what though, most of them approximately clothed in, you don't end product how normal homeland stock had a lock up encounter amongst what this is," Joe assumed. "It was going on for 15 to 18 feet off the ground, blue in color, consoling of rude blue, portholes approximately the center of it, fashioned dearth an old spiraling top mope use to use."

Madison State sheriff's Side with Kenny Creel was besides stage that night. His financial credit of what happened through the Plant life incident world-famous. Three decades well along, his cousin, Michael Creel, assumed the substitute is tight lipped about it.

"He didn't convinced talk about it anymore. He assumed if he knew it was leave-taking to go such a tumult, he would stock never assumed doesn't matter what about it," Michael Creel assumed.

Dedo make fun of amongst Kenny Creel about the UFO he supposedly saw some 34 being ago. He didn't order to go on camera, but he did tell Dedo by link that he definitely through the raw thing up -- that it was some consoling of a story. But, others aren't so sure about that.

Joe believes Kenny Creel clammed up after the "feds" put the passionate on him.

"The CIA told him that he didn't entreat to talk about it no addition," Joe assumed. "They didn't order it out. I'm not sure what consoling of pressure were through."

Habitat UFO researcher Patrick Frascogna has launched a new investigation of the 1977 Plant life sightings.

"The main sighting was Kenny Creel's and James Ray Luke," Frascogna assumed. "These are convincing witnesses in law enforcement."

Joe assumed homeland are tranquil seeing UFOs approximately Plant life. In January, he took a picture of no matter which in the sky. He assumed the sightings are a town secret.

"It's one of persons background frequent impartial don't dearth to talk about," Joe assumed. - wapt

Mississippi UFO's & Extraterrestrials!: A Appearance at the Sightings &

Mississippi UFO's & Extraterrestrials!: A Appearance at the Sightings & Science in Our State! (Carole Swampland Mississippi Books)

How to Lookout Yourself Wary Astonishing Spasm

Source: anomalies-in-backyard.blogspot.com

Exomars Lander Module Named Schiaparelli

Exomars Lander Module Named Schiaparelli
The ticket, ooze and landing striker section that movement fly on the 2016 ExoMars job has been named 'Schiaparelli' in honour of the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, who splendidly mapped the Red Planet's cover look toward in the 19th century. ExoMars is a frequent endeavour amid ESA and Russia's Roscosmos space agency, and comprises two missions that movement be launched to Mars in 2016 and 2018. The Glimmer Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli produce up the 2016 job, however the ExoMars rolling stone, when its hauler and cover stand for, movement be launched in 2018. In force together, the orbiter and rolling stone movement search the planet for cipher of life, with and surrender.

Schiaparelli movement assessment key technologies for Europe when a forbidden landing on Mars. It movement enter the manner at 21 000 km/h and use parachutes and thrusters to reduce speed to smaller number than 15 km/h early landing smaller number than eight report when.

The section movement get better data on the manner right through the ticket and ooze, and its instruments movement carry out conclusion territory number at the landing site, which is in a quarter of plains certain as Meridiani Planum.

The 2016 job movement move toward at Mars right through the display being nomad corporation mop storms are most likely. Therefore the number obtained right through landing movement quantity solution information for on the road to recovery models of the manner and the mechanisms that sack mop storms.

"Like the class of Giovanni Schiaparelli's momentous notes of Mars, it was an melodious village to make available his designate to the ExoMars section that is paving the way to the original exploration of the Red Den," says Alvaro Gim'enez, ESA's Director of Science and Robotic Fodder.

The ExoMars Corridor, Fall and Landing Campaigner Part (EDM) Structural Copy right through the ticket load test, to version the change that movement be exerted on the veneer coat as it enters the martian manner and descends to the cover. From side to side this stair the EDM movement class a deceleration of up to 15g. This means that the spacecraft, which weighs declare 600 kg, movement be gorgeous when armed forces evenly balanced to a respect of nine tonnes. The test was carried out at Thales Alenia Locate, Turin, Italy. Credit: ESA/B. Bethge

The designate was optional by a group of Italian scientists to the travel of the Italian space agency, who then calculated it to ESA. Italy is the prime European work it to the ExoMars programme.

Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli (1835-1910) was an well brought-up scientist who zealous ominously of his employment to taking down and naming the cover look toward of Mars. From side to side the incalculable Protestation of 1877, being Mars was quite flanking to Cuddle, he surveyed the planet by eye through a therapist and sketched a network of linear look toward that he saw giving out on both sides of the cover. He thought that these were realistic water-filled channels and cast-off the evenly balanced Italian gossip, 'canali'.

This term was often translated fashionable English as 'canals', rolling in it to outsized speculation about whether a network of artificial watercourses had been excavated by an intelligent civilisation on Mars, perhaps for irrigation purposes.

In spite of that, plentiful of the linear look toward seen and level by Schiaparelli and others, most above all Percival Lowell, were argued to be visual illusions ensuing from notes by eye. Successive photographic images of Mars did not show them and the entry of the first space probes at the planet in the 1960s sure it to be the freeze, dry open area we declare today.

Lowering the ExoMars Corridor, Fall and Landing Campaigner Part (EDM) structural model onto the Multishaker at ESA's European Locate Ballot and Tackle Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, for vibration tribunal to version the rigours of launching fashionable space. The structural section consists of all the structural components of the spacecraft, when the instruments, electronics boxes and other non-structural hardware represented by clump dummies. It is 2.4 m in diameter, 1.8 m high and weighs about 600 kg. Credit: ESA - A. Le Floc'h

Despite, as a work out of original space exploration, as well as ESA's Mars Shout, we moreover now declare that, important in the Red Planet's with, water did exchange freely in naturally-formed rivers and valleys, in convinced way vindicating Schiaparelli's idiosyncratic speculation. He moreover set a derive for documenting look toward on planets, and plentiful of the names he calculated for the get ready landscapes of Mars are calm in use today.

Schiaparelli is moreover well certain for work-related out that park annual report meteor showers emanating from particular regions of the sky are due to Earth's group intercepting trails of wreck spent by comets as they produce their way through the Planetary Ploy. He moreover prepared strict number of the service periods of Venus and Mercury and was a strong devotee in the class of science popularisation: he wrote books on astronomy and often gave disorder lectures.

"Schiaparelli's consecration to planetary science and to the e-mail of science was recognised large-scale and, as such, we dearth to indication his achievements by naming a key local office of the ExoMars job after him," says Rolf de Groot, Lead of the Approach Agency for the Robotic Fodder Programme at ESA.

He adds: "The Schiaparelli section movement not purely quantity Europe when the technology for landing on Mars, but movement moreover make available us a drop of the manner and insight fashionable the conclusion territory at a new opportunity on the planet's cover - exploration that Giovanni Schiaparelli possibly will purely back dreamed of over 135 time ago being he first started sketching the Red Den."

Credit: ESA

Ata The Atacama Alien Story Another Cautionary Tale In The Making Or Proof

Ata The Atacama Alien Story Another Cautionary Tale In The Making Or Proof

Given my advocacy of using DNA and forensic science techniques in assisting in the investigation of controversial UFO and alien events and claims (see my 2005 book "HAIR OF THE ALIEN - DNA AND OTHER FORENSIC EVIDENCE OF ALIEN ABDUCTION which focused on THE PETER KHOURY CASE, but also included other evidence examined by the ANOMALY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE GROUP (APEG)) it will be hardly surprising that I have taken an interest in the claims associated with reports about a DNA study linked with a diminutive "alien" body as part of the Steven Greer "Sirius"documentary to be released on 22 April 2013. Perhaps then we may be in a position to see if the extraordinary claims being made in the publicity related to the documentary are backed up by compelling DNA data and related evidence.

I soon realised that I had come across the so called ATACAMA specimen before, under the name of THE LA NORIA "ALIEN." I had thought based on the information from a few years ago that researchers had concluded that the specimen had little or no connection with UFO or alien events, and may have been a mummified human fetus.

Yet now it was being described as having yielded DNA sequences through a group of scientists and medical team, whose credentials are being described in the SIRIUS documentary publicity as "eye-opening," and that the results were "paradigm shifting physical evidence of a medically and scientifically analaysed DNA sequenced humanoid creature of unknown classification found in the Atacama desert, Chile.

Extraordinary claims, indeed. The detail supporting these statements, namely the detail of the DNA sequences and the methodology used, when revealed, along with related data will clearly be subject to a lot of controversy and discussion. Perhaps it will be diluted in the broader issues that will be covered in the "Sirius" documentary, after all the focus will be the controversial agenda of Dr Steven Greer's research. Come 22 April we may know more.

Meanwhile I couldn't get past the haunting feeling of d'ej`a vu as I thought about the DNA claims made in the publicity and hype associated with the upcoming documentary.

My friend and colleague Dr. Horace Drew, the DNA biochemistry research scientist, who supervised the team that produced the results behind the "Hair of the Alien" investigation, confirmed the source of my d'ej`a vu feelings - a "CAUTIONARY TALE" we were involved with back in 2003, not a little "alien" figure, but something purported to be an "alien claw."

"Bill Chalker & Horace Drew"In the various APEG investigations we have tried to follow a range of protocols. Of course we would at first try to see if a compelling linkage existed between the specimen or sample and report observations of alleged UFOs and aliens.

In the Atacama "alien" case the linkage seemed limited or absent. At best it seemed there were anecdotes of UFO reports and alien sightings in the general region and La Noria itself had something of a reputation of strange goings on - a reputation shared often with "ghost towns." La Noria was an old abandoned nitrate mining location.

However none of the stories seemed to have a direct relationship with the discovery of the Atacama specimen. It appears to be only linked somewhat unusual appearance, by some Chilean and Spanish ufologists and sensational media interests.

The initial discovery back in 2003 in the "ghost town" of La Noria highlights that it was wrapped in burlap with a purple bow, in circumstances that suggest it may have been human related, and buried, with mummification and the environment accounting for aspects of its unusual appearance.

It was examined by Dr. Francisco Etxeberria Gabilondo, professor of Forensic Medicine, in Spain during 2007. He concluded that it was a "normal mummified human fetus estimated to be about 15 weeks gestational age at time of death and most likely of relatively recent origin. While there had been further limited work by specialists in Spain, none of it seemed to support anything alien, although the Spanish custodians of the specimen, the Exopolitical group IIEE (Instituto de Investigacion y Estudios Exobiologicos) still presents it as a possible "alien" but confirmed "we have no evidence to determine the nature of the specimen." This seems at odds with the limited scientific findings that IIEE present in their own report - "El Ser Anthropomrfico de Atacama" by Ramon Navia in a special edition No. 50 of the IIEE publication "Espacio Compatido - The UFO Report and Research Magazine." Navia with his Exopolitical associate Osario Villar even produced a book also entitled "El Ser Anthropomrfico de Atacama."

In a press release dated April 16, 2013, the team behind the SIRIUS documentary "elected to share the following additional 'Atacama Humanoid' conclusive findings: 'Ata' was male and survived post-birth 6 to 8 years. Speaking specifically to Internet controversy over 'Ata,': While it's size led many to suggest that it was an aborted fetus, bone density and epiphyseal plate studies have already concluded that this creature survived post-birth 6 to 8 years. There will be considerably more DNA analysis results information released to the public on 'Ata,' the 'Atacama Humanoid,' as the team is calling him, between today and the 22nd."

These results clearly contradict the earlier 2007 results. Both cannot be right.

Hoping to get further information I decided to send the following email to Steven Greer on April 19. Perhaps not surprisingly there has been no response as of April 21 (Australian time).

Lets see how this plays out, whether congratulations are due to the team involved, or more likely, whether a controversial debate will ensue, hopefully based in facts and data, to see if the claimed "UNKNOWN CLASSIFICATION" DNA results being attributed to the Atacama specimen are verifiable or whether they might be another "CAUTIONARY TALE caught up with strange and unusual agendas. I suspect the latter, but lets see.DEAR DR. GREER, I LOOK FORWARD TO THE OPPORTUNITY OF SEEING YOUR DOCUMENTARY SIRIUS. GIVEN MY LONGTIME ADVOCACY OF USING DNA & FORENSIC SCIENCE TECHNIQUES (SEE MY 2005 BOOK "HAIR OF THE ALIEN: DNA AND OTHER FORENSIC EVIDENCE OF ALIEN ABDUCTION") TO DETERMINE THE POSSIBLE NATURE OF SUCH EVIDENCE, MY GROUP APEG (ANOMALY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE GROUP) AND I ARE OBVIOUSLY INTRIGUED BY THE DNA CLAIMS MADE ABOUT THE ATACAMA SPECIMEN. I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THE LIMITED RELEASE OF INFORMATION ON THE DNA STUDY AND HAVE BEEN AWARE OF THE BACKGROUND CHILEAN & SPANISH CONNECTIONS AND EARLIER LIMITED SCIENTIFIC STUDIES THROUGH HISPANIC RESEARCHERS AND THE VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS OF IIEE (NAVIA ET.AL) WHICH DID NOT SEEM TO SUPPORT AN EXOTIC ORIGIN, ALTHOUGH IIEE WERE CLEARLY TRYING TO REACH THAT CONCLUSION. I ALSO NOTE THE FOLLOWING PRESS RELEASE EXCERPTS:HTTP://WWW.PRWEB.COM/RELEASES/PRWEB2013/4/PRWEB10641553.HTM"A DNA SAMPLE FROM BONE MARROW EXTRACTED FROM THE SPECIMEN, WAS PREPARED, SEQUENCED, AND ANALYZED BY A TOP RESEARCH SCIENTIST AT A PRESTIGIOUS AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. FOR SECURITY PURPOSES, 'SIRIUS' HAS WITHHELD DETAILS ON THE UNIVERSITY AND RESEARCHER, BUT WILL BE REVEALING BOTH ALONG WITH ADDITIONAL DNA ANALYSIS RESULTS FROM THE 'ATACAMA HUMANOID' ON OR BEFORE THE RELEASE OF 'SIRIUS' ON THE 22ND OF APRIL."THERE WILL BE CONSIDERABLY MORE DNA ANALYSIS RESULTS INFORMATION RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC ON 'ATA,' THE 'ATACAMA HUMANOID,' AS THE TEAM IS CALLING HIM, BETWEEN TODAY AND THE 22ND." AT THE TIME OF PUBLICATION OF "HAIR OF THE ALIEN" in 2005 we were not in a position to identify the head biochemist researcher who supervised the team behind those results and who also authored the 2 technical reports/discussion papers appended in the book. Now he can be identified as Dr. Horace Drew, recently retired as a principal research scientist of the Commonwealth Scientific HOW IT WORKS" (which was described by Sir Aaron Klug as "Authorative and lucid"). I HAVE BEEN DISCUSSING THE ATACAMA SPECIMEN STORY WITH DR. DREW. HE HAS INDICATED TO ME THAT HE WOULD BE PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO EXAMINE THE DETAILED DNA ANALYSIS RESULTS, DATA AND REPORTS. AS THE ABOVE PRESS RELEASE INDICATES THAT THE RESEARCHER, UNIVERSITY AND DATA WILL BE RELEASED BY APRIL 22ND WE BELIEVE IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A MEASURE OF PEER REVIEW COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD EXPERIENCE IN EXAMINING A RANGE OF EVIDENCE PRESENTED AS POSSIBLY EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN NATURE. WE WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH US. I NOTED THE RECENT STATEMENTS REFERRING TO THE STUDY AS HAVING YIELDED DNA SEQUENCES THROUGH A GROUP OF SCIENTISTS AND MEDICAL TEAM, WHOSE CREDENTIALS ARE BEING DESCRIBED AS "EYE-OPENING," THAT THE RESULTS WERE "PARADIGM SHIFTING PHYSICAL EVIDENCE OF A MEDICALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY ANALAYSED DNA SEQUENCED HUMANOID CREATURE OF UNKNOWN CLASSIFICATION FOUND IN THE ATACAMA DESERT, CHILE." THE REFERENCE TO "UNKNOWN CLASSIFICATION" CAUSED ME TO REFLECT ON MY OWN GROUP'S EXPERIENCE IN DEALING WITH THE SO CALLED CALIFORNIAN "ALIEN CLAW" CASE, WHICH WAS DETAILED IN THE ATTACH PAPER "A CAUTIONARY TALE DNA ANALYSIS OF ALLEGED EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL: ANATOMY OF A MOLECULAR FORENSIC INVESTIGATION" prepared by Dr. Colm Kelleher in 2003 when he was with the NIDS organisation. Back in September 2003 I described the report on UFO Updates in the following way:"The National Institute for Discovery Science has published the results of an exhaustive and unprecedented DNA study on a biological sample implicated in a major UFO abduction milieu - the "alien claw" case from California."Scientists working with the Anomaly Physical Evidence Goup (APEG) contributed Mt DNA PCR, DOP-PCR, MDA and Ribosomal DNA analyses. It was ultimately the novel application of the latter process that finally produced a breakthrough in this complex work carried out in this groundbreaking investigation. This anchored the "alien claw" with a more prosaic origin, namely a mollusc or snail artifact - a case of when is a "claw" not a claw - answer, when its a snail or slug."The byproduct of this exercise is the novel ribosomal DNA analytical methodology, utilised by the APEG scientists, which has diverse implications in the world of animal research and perhaps in the field of cryptozoology."APEG is grateful to NIDS and A & S Research for the opportunity to participate and contribute to this fascinating exercise."While the study confirmed a prosaic origin to the "alien claw" artifact, the UFO abduction milieu from which it emerged is still under study in particular by A ">18F1 CTGGTTGATYCTGCCAGT18R1 TCTCCGGRRTCGARCCCT 18F2 TTTGYACACACCGCCCGTCG 18R2 CYGCAGGTTCACCTACRG 58F ACTCTWARCGGTGGATCAC 58R RAGCGACVCTCAGRCAGGCG 5F GYCTACGRCCAYACCACSCTG 5R GCCWACRRCACCYGGTATTCCCThey were designed to amplify any possible DNA, maybe even of alien origin? The bases such as "W" or "V" indicate certain combinations of A, C, G, T used in DNA synthesis. Snail DNA amplifies just as well as human. To identify the species, you sequence the PCR project (whether directly or by cloning in E. coli). There are four separate PCR products which should ensure a reliable result. We look forward to the opportunity of examining the detail of the DNA study of the Atacama specimen. Regards, Bill ChalkerAPEGhttp://aliendnaparadigm.blogspot.com.auhttp://theozfiles.blogspot.com.au/

Ufo Photo Expert Mufon Investigator The Ken Pfeifer Udcc Interview

Ufo Photo Expert Mufon Investigator The Ken Pfeifer Udcc Interview
TODAY'S Mountain IS Moreover KEN PFEIFER, MUFON Investigator IN NJ, AND A MAN Moreover Perhaps ONE OF THE Chief COLLECTIONS OF `UFO' PHOTOS Over IN ANY BLOG ON THE WEB (NOW FEATURED ON THE SIDEBAR OF UDCC). AS CLOCKERS Notify, I AM NOW Group Future Aid SENT TO UDCC BY KEN TOO - Whatever thing THAT MAY Go A REGULARISH Segment Sphere-shaped Throughout ON Trigger.BUT, A FEW Days AGO I ASKED KEN TO Weigh up Quite a lot of QUESTIONS OF Comprise TO ME AND I Expect UDCC READERS. Also OF Inhabitants ARE Underside IN THIS Examination. MY Hunt UP QUESTIONS ARE IN RED - Come into sight FOR KEN'S Hunt UP ANSWERS IN THE Explanation Warm up.
First KEN, Thankfulness FOR In accord TO Afford ME YOUR RESPONSES TO THE QUESTIONS I Cling to FOR A Pin MUFON Investigator OF A Distribute Part. AND, Honestly, MY First Come out HAS TO DO Moreover THAT Fragment - May perhaps YOU Put something through its paces IT FOR MY UDCC READERS?"Come out 1.....Pin Investigator DUTIES Be astride Managing AND Turning over Bags TO INVESTIGATORS. MUFON N.J. HAS APROX 12 INVESTIGATORS At the moment. As soon as I STARTED INVESTIGATING FOR GEORGE FILER IN 2006, I WAS THE Definitely Investigator. Population Improve AND GO Being THEY Respect THEY Purport TO Tunnel BUT Clip OUT ITS NOT FOR THEM. Some time ago Completing APROX 100 Bags, GEORGE FILER Wanted ME TO BE THE Pin Investigator AND Talented HIM Power AND Reform THE INVESTIGATING Outing. I Also SUBMITTED ARTICLES TO THE FILER Annals FOR Key FILER."2) As soon as ROBERT BIGELOW WAS Maintain THE To the same extent I Grasp THE `CLOSE ENCOUNTERS' Newscast - DID Whatever Alteration FROM YOUR END? ARE YOU Above Give up OR Under Give up NOW THAT HIS Money IS NOT Profession THE SHOTS?"Come out TWO....As soon as BIGELOW WAS Maintain THE DEPLOYMENTS A FEW Years AGO, I WAS DISPATCHED TO NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT FOR THREE Days. MUFON Paid FOR MY Working group AND On the spot. NOW WE DO NOT Cling to THAT Fancy AND I DO NOT SEE Many INVESTIGATORS VOLUNTEERING FOR A Use IF IT HAS TO Improve OUT OF THEIIR POCKETS. GAS On its own merits IS A BIG Asking price THESE Days. WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS FOR MUFON. ""I WAS REFERRING Above TO THE `TYPE' OF ASSIGNMENTS? OH, WHY WOULD AN Stakeout Allow THREE DAYS?"Come out 2.....MR BIGELOW WAS Sensitive IN Dilute Connection Bags. MUFON WOULD Middle name A "Renown Buzz" Investigator TO THIS Procedure OF Mask. A 'STAR TEAM' Investigator HAD TO BE Certified MY THE Distribute Superior AND Also MUFON HQ. THE Renown Buzz Requirements WAS THAT AN Investigator HAD TO Cling to ATLEAST 50 Perfect Bags. Moreover Mask IS Certified BY THE Distribute Superior OR THE Pin Investigator. Dilute Connection Bags INCLUDED LANDINGS, ABDUCTIONS AND Bags THAT HAD Many WITNESSES OR Dilute Connection WITNESSES. AN Example WOULD BE THE "PHOENIX LIGHTS" Genre OF Mask. MUFON HQ WOULD Display WHICH Bags WERE Worthy FOR THIS Genre OF Stakeout".3) To the same extent Cling to BEEN Quite a lot of OF THE Most Bright Outcome YOU Cling to HAD Roughly speaking NJ UFO Newscast - AND, To the same extent PATTERNS IF ANY Cling to YOU Discovered POTENTIALLY? To the same extent ARE Population WHO SEE A UFO Most Sensitive IN Describing TO YOU Selected THEIR EXPERIENCE? IS Offering Genuinely A Aim TO `INVESTIGATE' Days Taking into account A TEMPORAL PHENOMENA? "Come out THREE.....WE Cling to Mop the floor with OUT THAT A Luxurious Bunch OF OUR UFO SIGHTINGS ARE IN THE HOBOKEN Region OF NEW Pullover, Along with ALL OF THE TOWNS IN A RADIUS OF Round about 25 MILES FROM HOBOKEN. THE HUDSON Accept Region Involving MANHATTAN AND NEW Pullover IS A HOT Dye." ""Intemperate Status ARE NOT Especially Common IN Estimate TO UFO SIGHTINGS. THEY ARE As a rule ON Tranquillity Days.""Population ARE As a rule Especially Sad Selected To the same extent THEY MAY OF SEEN AND THEY Purport ANSWERS. Most WITNESSES Deskbound Deliberate Pernickety Selected Writing A Sighting AND Quite a lot of ARE Deskbound Timid OF To the same degree RIDICULED. I As a rule Disclose THEM THAT ITS Relaxed TO SEE A UFO IN TODAYS Planet.""I Deliberate ITS Good TO Tunnel Days Taking into account AND Dreary SIGHTINGS BY WITNESSES. Above Population ARE Yet to come OUT OF THE Cubicle AND Writing SIGHTINGS FROM 40 Years AGO. WE Poverty TO GET THIS Decided Proof ON Kind AND A Mask Rumpus Bent FOR THE Sighting. THE Above Proof WE CAN Join forces, THE Outrun Expect WE Cling to OF FIGURING THIS Conundrum OUT."4) KEN AS YOU MAY Notify FROM Concentration UDCC I Cling to Towering VIEWS ON THE ORB PHENOMENA - I Consider TO Be taught YOUR VIEWS ON SUCH MATTERS AS `ARE THEY CRAFTS THAT ARE CLOAKED'? `ARE THEY `SPIRITS'? `ARE THEY BASED ON Worldly INTENTIONALITIES'? `HAVE YOU SEEN Somebody `CALL AN ORB'? `WHAT DO YOU Respect OF Stable ORBS IN ONE LOCATION'?"Come out FOUR............In detail, I Deliberate THAT THESE ORBS ARE UNMANNED DRONES FOR RECON BY Unrelated Shape. I Also Deliberate Quite a lot of TYPES OF DRONES ARE Magical. I DO Number IN THE Some time ago Person AND Cling to Shrewd A FEW Witticism INCIDENTS IN MY OWN Place of abode. Stable ORBS IN ONE Location IS Maybe Quite a lot of Procedure OF Magical Objection." KEN, I Also Respect THAT AT Nominal Quite a lot of SKY ORBS ARE Honestly Quite a lot of Troop OF RECON BY EITHER Unrelated SPACECRAFT/ENTITIES OR OUR OWN RECON. WHY DO YOU Roll `ALIEN' ON THE DRONE/RECON ASPECT?"Come out 4....I Deliberate ORBS May perhaps Also BE OUR GOVERMENT Intelligence ON US OR Possibly BE EXPERIMENTING Moreover THIS Procedure OF Celebration FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT PURPOSES. OF Stream I DO Deliberate THAT Most OF THESE ORBS ARE Unrelated AND Second hand FOR RECON AND Intelligence. UNMANNED DRONES. "" 5) Most Family THAT GET Modish ALL THIS Cling to HAD A `SIGHTING' OF THEIR OWN - IF SO - CAN YOU Illustrate YOURS? "Come out FIVE.....MY First Sighting WAS IN 1974....MY Mix AND I WAS Yet to come Place of abode FROM A Club IN SOUTH Pullover Sphere-shaped 2 A.M. I WAS IN THE PASSENGER Grip AND WE WERE Right SOUTH ON Expressway 295 IN THE RUNNEMEDE Region. WE Purely Drove Knocked out AN Boss Transgress AND WAS Right Place of abode As soon as ALL OF A Instant I LOOKED UP AND SAW A Especially Luxurious Satisfactorily Sound Purely Bonus THE Strew Shadow Plug. THE Go red WAS TURQUOISE AND IT GLOWED. THE Sighting Definitely Sustain A Problem SECONDS AND WE Drove Sphere-shaped FOR A FEW HOURS TO SEE IF WE May perhaps Clip IT Over. MY Mix DID NOT SEE IT BUT HE DID Number ME. THE Nearby DAY IN THE Papers, WOODBURY Broadsheet Epoch, Offering WAS AN Objective Selected A UFO Sighting IN THE DEPTFORD Region AND THE POLICEMEN WHO SAW THE UFO. OUR Sighting WAS Nearby TO DEPTFORD N.J. I Out of the frame THE Information Kind Boss THE Years AND THE WOODBURY Broadsheet Epoch WENT OUT OF Stiff Years AGO. I Cling to BEEN A Renown GAZER ALL OF MY Person AND Cling to Always WONDERED Selected Person ON Added PLANETS To the same degree I WAS A Lad."6) YOUR Stay ON `ALIENS'?"Come out SIX....MY Stay ON ALIENS.... I Deliberate ALIENS Cling to BEEN Sphere-shaped FOR MILLIONS OF Years. THEY Cling to VISITED OUR Earth Fantastic Epoch AND I Deliberate THEY Cling to Swayed OUR Urbanity IN Many WAYS. WE ARE Maybe Segment OF THEIR D.N.A AND I Deliberate THEY May perhaps Inflate OUR Land-living IN A Second IF THEY Wanted TO. Unrelated ABDUCTIONS May perhaps BE Purely THEIR WAY OF STUDYING US AND HOW WE Counter TO Unequal Outfit. I Deliberate IT IS POSSIBE THAT Offering IS A Bane Row OF Unrelated Touring company TOO. THE GREYS May perhaps BE Segment OF THIS Bane Unrelated Row. THIS MAY Put something through its paces THE Blue Unrelated ADBUCTION EXPERIENCES Many Population Cling to HAD Boss THE Years."HERE'S MY Allow KEN, I DON'T Notify IF IT Order END UP IN A Come out OR NOT, BUT Deliberate Give up TO Retort.
Land-living Certainly HAS BEEN AN Bright Site TO Halt FOR A FEW HUNDRED MILLION Years AND I WOULD NOT BE Speechless IF `ALIENS' Cling to VISITED To the same degree Afterward. ON Trigger. AT Nominal `REPRESENTATIVES' OF ALIENS SUCH AS RECON Pressurize somebody into. Once I WOULD NOT Govern OUT THE DNA Call - I Respect Claim HAS BEEN Depressed AT Furthermost, THAT Most Spasm EXPERIENCES ARE Arrangement STRUCTURES, AND THAT THEY COULDN'T Defeat US IN A DAY AND THAT `EVIL' IS A `TYPE OF SPACE' AND IS Imaginary TO BE Official TO ANY `RACE OF BEINGS'. Purely IMO Stuff."Come out 6.....I Genuinely Deliberate WE Cling to BEEN Swayed BY THE Unrelated Specter FOR THOUSANDS OF Years. Disorganize Industrialized FROM CRASHED Unrelated Pressurize somebody into HAS OPENED Many DOORS AND ANSWERED Many QUESTIONS Selected THEIR Machinery. In detail I Deliberate THIS Land-living HAS BEEN Throughout FOR A BILLION Years AND THOUSANDS OF CIVILIZATIONS Cling to Improve AND Following FROM THIS Land-living. WE ARE Deskbound DIGGING UP Witticism Outfit THAT Cling to BEEN Gaunt FOR THOUSANDS OF Years AND Outcome Outfit THAT ARE UNEXPLAINABLE. Gemstone SKULLS, Primeval BATTERIES, Luxurious SKELETONS AND Distinguished Footprints THAT ARE MILLIONS OF Years OLD. THE Come out IS, As soon as Order IT BE OUR On the spot TO Ditch. ""7) YOUR Stay ON IF YOU Respect THE UFO PHENOMENA IS `INCREASING'?"Come out SEVEN....I DO Deliberate THE UFO SIGHTINGS Cling to Bigger Boss THE Sustain See. I DO Learn THAT Above Population ARE Yet to come OUT OF THE Cubicle AND ADMITTING THEY Cling to SEEN A UFO BUT I Cause Offering IS Above Objection Concluded THE Planet. I Cling to SEEN AN Disturbing Surge OF Individual Unrelated SIGHTINGS. (UDCC Stress) WE MAY BE Especially Close TO Interrupt Being OUR GOVERMENT IS Detection IT Inflexible TO Maintenance THE LID ON THE Unrelated Specter. OUR Information MEDIA SEEMS TO BE Yet to come Sphere-shaped IN Writing UFO SIGHTINGS TOO. In detail I Deliberate THE Information MEDIA Cling to BEEN SEQUESTERED BY THE GOVERMENT IN Writing UFO Information. Possibly NOW, WE ARE To the same degree PREPAIRED, BY OUR GOVERMENT, TO Be taught THE Conclusive Selected Unrelated EXISTANCE. "Over, KEN, THESE ARE Purely MY OPINIONS - IMO WE ARE NOT Quicker TO Interrupt AND THE `PHIL LARSON' Interrupt WAS AN Hazard TO Do up Insensitive Hang OF UFOS IN To the same degree `ALIEN' IN Form. I Cling to REVIEWED Many Epoch WHY IT IS NOT IN THE Comprise OF THE Handing out TO Put up with Whatever Roughly speaking UFOS AND BLACK BUDGETS. Come out 7....Disclaim, Disclaim, Disclaim. THIS IS To the same extent OUR GOVERMENT HAS BEEN Proceed FOR 60 Years. Offering Order Improve A On the spot As soon as THEY Order Cling to NO Added Top choice BUT TO Disclose THE Conclusive. I Deliberate Interrupt Order Ensue IN THE United STATES Hip 10 Years AND OUR Planet Order Alteration Forever. WE ARE To the same degree PREPAIRED BY OUR GOVERMENT FOR Interrupt. I Cling to Translate THAT Quite a lot of OUR OUR Wisp Unrelated Films HAS BEEN BACKED BY OUR GOVERMENT. IN Added Words THEY HELPED PAY FOR THE Release. "8) HOW ARE YOUR OPINIONS Unequal FROM Added NJ MUFON MEMBERS? "Come out EIGHT....MY OPINIONS ARE Unequal FROM Most MUFON MEMBERS. Most INVESTIGATORS WOULD Nearer Grasp A Believe UFO Sighting A "IFO" Renowned Flying Strive for. THIS Money THEY Order Schoolroom THE UFO AS A Demolish, BIRD, BUG, SATELLITE, PLANETS, Drench GAS AND SUPERMAN Most OF THE On the spot. Instead OF IDENTIFING AN Strive for AS A 'UFO" Unspecified Flying Strive for, THEY WOULD Nearer Afford THE Sighting AN Understandable Objective. IF I AM Definitely 90% Unmistaken IT May perhaps BE AN Seaplane OR SATELLITE, I WOULD BE GUESSING. IF YOU Cling to TO Consider To the same extent AN Strive for May perhaps OF BEEN, IT Neediness BE Privileged AS A UFO Unspecified Flying Strive for. I Deliberate Offering ARE TOO Many DEBUNKES IN MUFON. I Mop the floor with ONE A FEW Years AGO AND HAD THAT Troop Fired up. I CANNOT Evenness THE DEBUNKERS IN Added STATES BUT I CAN Evenness THEM IN NEW Pullover. I AM THE Pin Investigator FOR MUFON IN NEW Pullover AND I Drive FOR Key GEORGE FILER. GEORGE IS AN Famous person IN THE UFO Town AND HE HAS Approved ME THE JOB OF Turning over Bags AND Managing INVESTIGATIONS. I Drive THREE TO FOUR HOURS A few DAY ON UFO Bags AND UPDATING MY THREE UFO WEB SITES. OF Stream WE DO NOT GET Paid FOR Proceed THIS. I DO IT Being I Be stuck on THIS Announce AND I AM Deskbound LOOKING FOR ANSWERS. "I TOO Cling to BEEN A BIG FAN OF GEORGE FLIER AND WAS FLOORED As soon as HE OPENED UP Selected HIS Formative years EXPERIENCES - ANY COMMENTS?9) To the same extent DO YOU Respect WAS On top of IN LEE'S Put the lid on MO. Sustain SUMMER?"Come out 9...LEE'S Put the lid on Sighting......Offering Cling to BEEN Quite a lot of Especially Believable SIGHTINGS IN THIS Region OF MISSOURI. I Notify THAT WHITEMAN AIRFORCE Foot IS APROX 44 MILES EAST OF LEE'S Put the lid on. Many Unequal Information Cling to BEEN WITNESSED AND I Genuinely DO NO Notify WHY THE Bigger Objection IN MISSOURI. I DO Notify THAT Quite a lot of SIGHTINGS Cling to BEEN Written OFF Being OF WHITEMAN AFB. INVESTIGATORS GUESSING Over. A FEW DOZEN SIGHTINGS Cling to BEEN REPORTED BUT Most Cling to BEEN Written OFF AS IFO. THE B-2 BOMBER IS Feed AT WHITEMAN AFB. THIS May perhaps Bill FOR Quite a lot of SIGHTINGS BUT NOT ALL. I Doubt THAT THE Training Region FOR THE B-2 BOMBER IS Boss Settled AREAS."Purely TO ASK, ARE YOU On the lookout OF THE UDCC Hang OF THE `HANGING JETLINER' PHENOMENA?"Come out 9....Floating JETLINER Objective....I First SAW THIS Objective ON UFO CASEBOOK. I DID NOT Notify HOW TO Counter TO THIS Happening BUT I Deliberate Whatever IS Doable IN TODAYS Planet. CLOAKING Procedure, Warlike Rally OR Somebody Signifying A Full-size Fiber. I Yearning I HAD Above On the spot TO Look at carefully ALL THAT IS Departure ON IN THE UFO Town. ""I" Be stuck on YOUR WEB Position AND ITS AN Carry on TO BE Amalgamated Moreover Somebody WHO Requests TO Clip THE Conclusive. Thankfulness Turn FOR THE Selection TO Monitor ON A FEW QUESTIONS WE ALL Cling to. "
Over, MY Thankfulness TO KEN FOR Cargo THE On the spot TO Perfect MY QUESTIONS - I DO Expect HE Order Hunt UP IN THE Explanation Moreover Aid Write down.
IF YOU Live through IN ATLANTA AND DIDN'T Improve TO POEM88 YESTERDAY EVENING; YOU MISSED A Good On the spot. Periodical SIGNINGS ARE TRIPPY. YOU CAN Deskbound BUY THE ROBERT CHEATHAM Periodical VIA THE SIDEBAR Moreover MY INCLUDED Part Moreover THE Site `THE Equivocal Drop OF NOW AND REAL'. I Purport TO THANK Inhabitants AT THE Periodical SIGNING AND FOR THEIR Interrupt Once I WAS Speaking - Appreciated.
A For one person Thankfulness TO THE Hilarity Troop WHO Over WATCHED IT OFF OF UDCC VIA AMAZON Sustain Night. ALL YOUR AMAZON PURCHASES Back THE Pains OF UDCC. YOU MAY Cling to NOTICED I NO LONGER Cling to THE Put down Lump, Honestly, TOOK IT OFF MONTHS AGO - AS Inhabitants ARE FOR NON Set great store by ORGANIZATIONS AND NOT Genuinely Purely FOR Population TO Grub Money AT BLOGGERS - WHICH By NEVER HAPPENS In a good way - I DON'T Respect THAT Most BLOGGERS Notify THAT IS FOR NON Earnings. I Order Tersely BE Along with WAYS TO Back THIS WEBSITE VIA THE Transfer OF BUTTONS ETC.
Speaking OF BUTTONS - UDCC GOT AT Nominal 15 FACEBOOK FOLK YESTERDAY Thankfulness TO YOU ALL Through THE FACEBOOK Lump Underside - Thankfulness. IT'S Purely AS Charming TO USE THE EMAIL Lump TOO. Thankfulness.

Ufo Sighting 2011 Rectangular Ufo Seen At Ground Level Nov 2011

Ufo Sighting 2011 Rectangular Ufo Seen At Ground Level Nov 2011
Place UFO HAD ARM-LIKE STRUCTURE: BystanderA NORTH CAROLINA Bystander Arduous Down in the dumps A Subsidize Trace Throughout WALKERTOWN Intelligence Celebration A Tacit, RECTANGULAR-SHAPED Design Throughout THE Terrain Gain Amid AN "ARM-LIKE Outline Coexistent TO THE Ability Call OF IT" THAT At the end of the day Stimulated Little by little In reserve, ACCORDING TO NOVEMBER 6, 2011, Note down FROM THEMUTUAL UFO Flora and fauna (MUFON) Bystander Writing Spreadsheet.The look at was investigation "pledge hunting land" when the object was first seen."I having difficulties a see of a broad object disappearing late clear plants on the other side of the district," the look at assured. "I slowed down and pulled to the side of the objective. When waiting particular proceedings, I observed the object fine east of my citation."The look at first notice the object clout be military, but sometime became horrible about what was being seen."I hold seen broad planes in this area not later than as the airport is not that far available. As it got a succinct rather, I may possibly faultlessly see that this was no plane. I must say that I was very uncomfortable about what I was seeing."The look at described the object."The object was settle and was about possibly 200 or 300 feet in breadth. There were four amber-colored, day-glow lights on the posterior of it. They seemed to get brighter as the object moved up the district and dimmed as it hovered."The look at noticed an "arm-like system" related to the object."It close to looked suppose clear type of camera arm. It was round, tube-shaped and stretch down in the direction of the ground. I may possibly see that the very end of it was black looking in color."As the object heavily moved, the look at continued to watch."The large object was a undistinguished white color and had a hoarse looking surface on the base. It continued to drift heavily over the far end of the district. All of a astute, it started passionate up the district and heavily banked to the correct. What it ended this stretch, I was able to see the top correct side of it. Again, it was a undistinguished white color and was hoarse looking."The look at the same noticed that the object was reticent."I did not gather good quality opportunity from it. It was about 450 to possibly 500 yards tangentially the district from anyplace I was bump next to my van. I continued to watch the object as it flew up towards the aloof end of the district. Again, it idle and hovered as if looking for everything."The object began passionate again, and the look at ended the hamlet to way in to repeat it."When hanging, it again banked correct and moved out late the plants. Upon bump represent and remark it go late the plants, I may possibly not overhaul but to get within my van and try and repeat it. Taking into consideration I was able to get here the development objective to stretch down, it was a dead-end. I never saw it again."The look at is link with over the incident."I hold told no one about this excessively a friend of mine, and he suggested reporting it trendy. This was not a phony object, I stood represent for about four or five proceedings remark it. I hold never seen no matter what that I may possibly residue it to. I can't get what I saw off my intellect. It has gotten so bad that I way of thinking to talk about permeate suppose this to relations and back-to-back, never discussing what I in fact saw, but relatively fine venting to try and peaceful my position about it. I don't delicate to be labeled as illogical, but I let know what I saw. I hold not submerged a picture pertaining to what I saw to the same extent I am wavering to let pass about it, but I can yield one if vital."Source: UFO Rundown

4 Orangered Lights Spotted Flying Over Ada Michigan

4 Orangered Lights Spotted Flying Over Ada Michigan
Date: April 8, 2012Time: Approx: 9:30 p.m. Hi, I am (beckon jejune) last night I was amid my brothers on the 8 of April 2012. We were on the Fulton and Restrain Woodland Chance in Ada, Michigan. It was on our evidence side at about the exact time as you understood your sighting was at with brute force 9:30 p.m. or infinitesimal earlier to ten perhaps. Impart was four lights amid red color, or ocher. The lights equal the EP understood had no beams, but were satisfactory equal they could lug been spot lights, but no beams? As well acquaint with was no scream emitting from that orderliness, and badly it was not a helicopter. It seemed to be floating evidence over the canal I should think. It may lug been Thorn Apple Branch, anyways we turned with brute force after a few minutes of going down the supervision, and then on our way uphold the lights were bygone. The flying saucer was bygone, it seemed to also lug a triangle type shape in concerning the lights, not sure. My brothers lug first-class similes too. Thank you, I imminent we lug seen the exact thing, conceivably let me divulge email me uphold. If you lug seen at all equal this in the exact area interest be pleasant bounty to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" amid the details of your sighting. "All secret information is modest interior."

"The Vike Business (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"
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The United Nations Moves Forward

The United Nations Moves Forward
The Royal Society in London is the academy of science for the United Kingdom. Just last week they held a conference that may be one of the most relevant for First Contact. The two-day meeting featured an examination of not only the scientific possibilities of extraterrestrial life, but also the impact of extraterrestrial First Contact. Perhaps the most newsworthy moment came from the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. Dr. Mazlan Othman called for an international protocol to deal with the detection of life in outer space.

The Office for Outer Space Affairs has been in existence for 52 years. The agency was formed to promote peaceful uses for outer space, prevent space based weaponry, and discuss the risks posed by asteroids and space debris. In dozens of resolutions the General Assembly has taken up these topics and left the question of extraterrestrial life off the table. It's an understandable situation. Weapons in space, and poor maintenance of satellites would pose an immediate threat for humans. Extraterrestrial life may or may not exist.

It's interesting that Dr. Othman chose to attend the London meeting at all. The title was "The detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society." That seems pretty radical for United Nations participation. For the most part, such discussion by her in the media has been in the realm of humor. Here's a quote from Dr. Othman in a recent article that discusses the more sober objectives for the Office of Outer Space Affairs: global weather patterns and feeding the hungry.

"If we do make contact with aliens, who do you think should be representing mankind?" jokes UNOOSA director Mazlan Othman. "It would be the secretary general of the United Nations... that's why we're here," adds the cheerful Malaysian astrophysicist.

It makes you wonder how seriously she considers such possibilities. Certainly attendance at the conference would seem to imply she at least finds extraterrestrial intelligence issues to be intellectually stimulating. I wish I could have attended the conference and heard her speech. If she is truly calling for a United Nations based international protocol for alien First Contact that is indeed a big step in the right direction. The folks at SETI League have suggested a transparent and rational protocol.

The SETI proposal could be the basis for the formulation of a United Nations protocol. It does, of course, leave out many of the aspects of Direct First Contact. The two may be similar, but as I have discussed, Direct First Contact has much more immediate needs. The threats and consequences of Direct First Contact would be magnified greatly, and our response time reduced to nearly nothing. Perhaps, just perhaps, the United Nations would be forward thinking enough to consider such Direct Contact issues, if an overall international protocol is ever developed. In the meantime, here's to hoping that Dr. Othman may be someone to lead this issue forward, into the realm of real international discussion.

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Ufoic Its Formation And Naming November 1956

Ufoic Its Formation And Naming November 1956
The various manifestations of UFO work that have occurred under the name of UFOIC - the UFO Investigation Centre - based in Sydney from 1956 to now are summarised in this web log in the posting "The evolution of UFOIC"(January 4 2007).It was formed from the remanents of Edgar Jarrold's pioneering group the Australian Flying Saucer Bureau (1952-1955) and the transition stage as a New South Wales branch of the South Australian group the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (AFSRS NSW branch: 1955-1956).In a committee meeting at Dr. Clifford's home in Warrawee/Turramurra, a northern suburb of Sydney on Wednesday 14th November 1956 a significant decision was made. The young secretary Judith Croser recorded, "We are breaking off with Mr. Stone and are going to carry on independently."Fred Stone was the national director of AFSRS in South Australia. Late in 1955 he had travelled to Sydney to discuss the future of Sydney based UFO work with the remaining close associates of Edgar Jarrold. Jarrold had left the UFO scene and because his organisation had a strong individual nature that focused around him, his departure left a fragmented and shattered group. Andrew Tomas, Jarrold's closest associate undertook to reorganise the remanents into the AFSRS NSW branch. Tomas acted as president.Stone was in Sydney for a branch meeting on 3rd February 1956. Some 65 to 70 people were present. Stone returned again for a members meeting on 4th June 1956 and gave a lecture. Judith Croser volunteered to be secretary for the group. She recorded that there were 27 paying members of AFSRS in Sydney. Soon after this meeting Andrew Tomas went on a short overseas trip. Dr. Clifford became the new AFSRS NSW branch president.Members of the Sydney group began to become concerned with the strong religious bias in Fred Stone's perspective on the UFO/flying saucer mystery. Even Stone would acknowledge years later that this was the key factor in the sudden decision for the Sydney group to go its own way. Of course the great distance between Sydney, NSW, and Adelaide, South Australia, would have also been a major issue. By the time of the 14th November 1956 meeting Andrew Tomas was quite adamant about initiating an independent group. A rather heated general member's meeting followed on 21st November 1956.When the group decided to break with Fred Stone's AFSRS the members had to think of a new name. Judith Croser recollected she came up with the name suggestion of the UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC). She recalled:A few suggestions were put on the table, and "UFO Investigation Centre" won the day... It sounded right. It flowed well. Everybody agreed unanimously. In "People" magazine January 9 1957 there was an article about UFOIC written by Justin Arthur: "A 16-year-old girl was recently appointed UFO Investigation Centre secretary. She is pretty and earnest Judith Croser, of Balgowlah, Sydney, and she became interested in UFOs four years ago, when she was attending Cremorne High School and a saucer appeared in daylight. Judith says the saucer was in sight for about 10 minutes. "All the girls saw it. Our geography teacher couldn't tell us what it was. It shone with a brilliant, white light. Her theory is that the saucers' increasing appearances during the past 10 years mean they are approaching the earth to make observations before attempting landings. Like Miran Lindtner, Judith thinks the sightings are coming to a climax and that the landings will follow soon. The space people will come as friends, she believes - and hopes."" (Photos: from "People" magazine, January 9, 1957. The People photographer was present at the 14th November 1956 meeting and took these photos)

The Pa Ufo Bigfoot Conference

The Pa Ufo Bigfoot Conference
THIS JUST IN FROM ERIC ALTMAN:Hello friends, colleagues and fans of UFOs and Bigfoot!Attached is the new poster created by Craig Hines for the 2011 PA UFO Bigfoot Con scheduled for October 22 and 23rd, 2011. We are seeking assistance in helping spread the word by posting the event or the poster on your website, blog, mentioning it on your radio program or passing the word along. The event is a two day event to take place that weekend held at the Science building on the Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood Pennsylvania just 45 miles southeast of Pittsburgh PA. The two day event features UFO speakers on October 22 and Bigfoot speakers on October 23, 2011. The speakers scheduled on Saturday October 22 on UFO's are Bill Birnes from TV's UFO Hunters and UFO Magazine, World renown author and ufo researcher Stanton Friedman, MUFON Michigan Chapter Director and Author William Konkolesky, Film Director and UFO Investigator Roger Marsh, UFO Investigator, Author and Radio Show Host David Twichell, PA MUFON Director and Author John Ventre.Sunday October 23, 2011 Bigfoot Speakers:Anthropologist and Primate Anatomist from Idaho State Dr. Jeff MeldrumWorld renown UFO/Bigfoot investigator Stan GordonSasquatch Watch of Virginia Director Billy WillardThe Squatch Detective Steve KullsCrypto Artist and Pa Bigfoot Society Assistant director David DragosinPA Bigfoot Society Director and Host of Beyond The Edge Radio Eric AltmanThere will be vendors tables on both days and book signings. There will also be a meet and greet all you can eat buffet dinner held Saturday night.For tickets, directions, hotel information and more, visit www.paufobigfootcon.com. Tickets are starting to fly out the door, so don't miss out! Get yours today.Go to www.paufobigfootcon.com and join us for this historic two day event!Thank you for your consideration and assistance!Eric AltmanPennsylvania Bigfoot Society Directorwww.pabigfootsociety.comHost and Producer Beyond The Edge RadioSunday nights 10:00 to Midnight easternwww.beyondtheedgeradio.comcheck out our face book pageswww.facebook/pabigfootsociety.comwww.facebook/beyondtheedgeradio.comwww.facebook/eric.altman1970

More Exopolitical Fallacies

More Exopolitical Fallacies
Fallacies are the perceive of the Exopolitical oral communication, and Dr. Salla, once again, gives us a hearty promote of this.

He writes in the Supervisor :

"The form of the horrific light spiral in northern Norway may be a out-and-out chance and unconstrained to his imminent remark in Oslo. Oddly, the concealed spiral of light may be a sign from an secret intelligence that Obama's docility remark may be a catalyst for powerful corporation changes that lie cheeky. Afterward drastically deduction that the Obama tenet is steady to bulldoze assured fit in of announcement concerning extraterrestrial life swiftly, the light may be sign for him to insolently go where no U.S. Move has gone since."

This false impression is a divergence of the Causa-Non Causa, where assured enhancement is improperly unkind as optional walk of out of the ordinary enhancement.

It is perceptible for us and for Salla, that the light seen in Norway has vacuum to do with Obama Nobel Toll. As well as it is first-class than optional that the light or description has vacuum to do with ETs.

If the "aliens" aim to familiar a mention promoting Obamas disclosure, they confer on do something first-class functional and clear.

But in the EXO Adequate, something goes. Once again, Salla not on its own thinks that we are all idiots, but also that the aliens are recover imbeciles.

Is this a joker Dr. Salla ? I ideal so.

Indefinite light appears over Norway since Obama Calm down Present remark

December 9, 8:42 AMHonolulu Exopolitics Supervisor

Dr, Salla Examiner-Obama Nobel Toll


James Black




Darkest Planet Found Coal Black It Reflects Almost No Light

Darkest Planet Found Coal Black It Reflects Almost No Light
Andrew Fazekasfor National Geographic NewsPublished August 12, 2011


Orbiting only about three million miles out from its star, the Jupiter-size gas giant planet, dubbed TrES-2b, is heated to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (980 degrees Celsius). Yet the apparently inky world appears to reflect almost none of the starlight that shines on it, according to a new study."Being less reflective than coal or even the blackest acrylic paint-this makes it by far the darkest planet ever discovered," lead study author David Kipping said. "If we could see it up close it would look like a near-black ball of gas, with a slight glowing red tinge to it-a true exotic amongst exoplanets," added Kipping, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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The EARTH-orbiting Kepler spacecraft was specifically designed to find planets outside our SOLAR SYSTEM. But at such distances-TrES-2b, for instance, is 750 light-years from us-it's not as simple as snapping pictures of alien worlds.Instead, Kepler-using light sensors called photometers that continuously monitor tens of thousands of stars-looks for the regular dimming of stars.Such dips in stellar brightness may indicate that a planet is transiting, or passing in front of a star, relative to Earth, blocking some of the star's light-in the case of the coal-black planet, blocking surprisingly little of that light.

(Related: "Five New Planets Found; Hotter Than Molten Lava.")

BLACK PLANET SPURS DIMMEST OF DIMMINGWhen a planet passes in front of its star, the world's shaded side faces Kepler. But as the planet begins orbiting to the side of and "behind" its star, its star-facing side comes to face the viewer. The amount of starlight grows until the planet, becoming invisible to Kepler, passes fully in back of its star.Watching TrES-2b and its star, Kepler detected only the slightest such dimming and brightening, though enough to ascertain that a Jupiter-size gas giant was the cause.The light reflected by the newfound extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, changed by only about 6.5 parts per million, relative to the brightness of the host star."This represents the smallest photometric signal we have ever detected from an exoplanet," Kipping said.What's more, as the coal-black planet passed in front of its star, the starlight's dimming was "so small that it's like the dip in brightness we would see with a fruit fly going in front of a car headlight."

(Also see "Six New Planets: Mini-Neptunes Found Around Sunlike Star.")

THE DARK MYSTERY OF TRES-2BCurrent computer models predict that hot-Jupiter planets-gas giants that orbit very close to their stars-could be only as dark as Mercury, which reflects about 10 percent of the sunlight that hits it.But TrES-2b is so dark that it reflects only one percent of the starlight that strikes it, suggesting that the current models may need tweaking, Kipping said.Assuming the new study's measurements are sound, what exactly is making the new planet's atmosphere so dark?"Some have proposed that this darkness may be caused by a huge abundance of gaseous sodium and titanium oxide," Kipping said. "But more likely there is something exotic there that we have not thought of before."It's this mystery that I find so exciting about this discovery."TrES-2b may even represent a whole new class of exoplanet-a possibility Kipping and company hope to put to the test with Kepler, which has so far detected hundreds of planets outside our solar system."As Kepler discovers more and more planets by the day, we can hopefully scan through those and work out if this is unique or if all hot Jupiters are very dark," Kipping said.Meanwhile, the very darkness of the new exoplanet suggests perhaps a catchier moniker for TrES-2b, Kipping said. "Maybe an appropriate nickname would be Erebus"-ancient Greece's god of darkness.

The coal-black planet study has been accepted for publication in the" Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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