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Suns Energetic Outbursts Mars Subterranean Natural Plumbing System And Decoding Ets Messages

Suns Energetic Outbursts Mars Subterranean Natural Plumbing System And Decoding Ets Messages
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; Career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:

g STARS - Although very close to the minimum of its 11-year sunspot cycle, the Sun showed that it is still capable of producing a series of remarkably energetic outbursts, the joint ESA/NASA Ulysses mission revealed. See http://spaceflightnow.com/news/n0702/20ulysses/.

g ABODES - A Mars-orbiting spacecraft has spotted a subterranean natural plumbing system that might have ferried water beneath the surface of the red planet in the distant past. See http://space.com/scienceastronomy/070215 candor chasma.html.

g INTELLIGENCE - The lineages of humans and chimpanzees, our closest relatives, diverged from one another about 4.1 million years ago, according to a new estimate that is said to be far more precise than previous ranges for this critical evolutionary moment. See http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/070223 chimp split.html.

g LEARNING - There's a neat set of online activities, primarily for older teens or young adults, about communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence at http://ethel.as.arizona.edu/~collins/astro/subjects/ceti.html. It helps students learn about SETI while they send one another messages then decode them, as if they were alien civilizations on distant worlds.

Pyramid Beam Of Light Synchronicity

Pyramid Beam Of Light Synchronicity
The past few days had me working on two articles. One on the strange beams of light beaming down on witnesses, and the other on that, as well as the pryamid-triangle type of balloon like "UFOs" seen in December of last year. The latter article was just published on UFO Digest, the other hasn't yet been published.

From the UFO Digest article: 'New' UFOs: Of Triangles and Beams of Light:

on the recent beams of white light reported by witnesses in Oregon, Wisconsion and elsewhere:

Lately, beams of white and/or blue-ish hues have been beaming down on people, both in heavily populated areas, like West Linn, Oregon, as well as rural areas.

Theses beams of light light up large areas, are disconcertingly bright, and almost seem to go after humans, in the sense they appear right where humans will see them. Whether or not that last part is due to the specifics of the UFO, or coincidence, too early to tell. Me, always leaning on the paranoid suspect side of events like this, considers these weird beams to be intentionally staged "UFO" events. One beam of light contained a humanoid, reptilian type figure! Alien? Always a possibility. But (back to my paranoid suspect nature) a Project Blue Beam, hoaxed by psy-ops MIB types, event.

Regarding the triangle, or more accurately, pryamid shaped UFOs from late last year:

Another new kind of UFO event were the strange balloon type triangles that appeared in Russia, China, England and Mexico in December of last year. Again, as with the beams of bright white light, these triangles are not the decades old giant black triangles seen by thousands of witnesses (myself included) the world over. These are more pyramid shaped; floating balloon type type objects floating in the skies. Contrasting the two; beams of light, pryamid-triangle objects:

While the pyramids and beams of light are different in terms of type and behavior, they share the fact they are "new" types of UFO, something not seen before. And given their behavior, they are very likely man made. Purposes for the objects -- beams of light, floating pyramids -- may be very different, but they share things in common. What they share is covert activity over populated areas, performing for humans, and coveting secrecy as to their origin or purpose.

Beams of light, floating triangle-pyramids, both seem to appear in clusters. They're not isolated events. A bunch of balloon type pyramids, a handful of white beams of light shooting down from the skies. Something, human or not, wants to get our attention.And now, for a merging and a moment of synchroncity; Strange Planet gives us a report of beams of light shooting down into Mayan pryamids from July of 2009 with Mayan Pyramid Shoots out Beam of Light, in a Thunderstorm, as UFOs Hover All Around!:

Apparently, someone on vacation with their family, the beam shoots through the capstone of the Mayan pyramid, a thunderstorm ensues, and photos are captured of DOZENS of UFOs, on film, and even more on radar! There are several images of these beams of light on the Strange Planet blog, take a look and watch for updates, as I'm sure Dennis Whitney at Strange Planet will provide us with as soon as he gets them.

Ufo News Article Auburndale Policemen Report Ufo Sighting

Ufo News Article Auburndale Policemen Report Ufo Sighting
27 March 1979 (The Ledger, Lakeland, Florida)The police officers Guthrie Knorr and John Knapp sighted 5 fast-flying, brightly coloured, disk shaped UFOs over Auburndale (Florida) on 27 March 1979, shortly after 2:00 a.m., The Ledger reports:http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1346&dat=19790327&id=MXVRAAAAIBAJ&sjid=uPoDAAAAIBAJ">Quote from the article:" 'They weren't shooting stars,' said Knorr. 'They were in an old V-formation with two on one side and three on the other. One of them was bigger than the others.'Shortly after the sighting, a citizen told police he spotted five streaking objects near the city, Knorr said. Knorr said Knapp called the UFO Sighting Center in Seattle, Wash., to report this morning's sighting."Map of Polk County, Florida, highlighting Auburndale(wikimedia.org image)

Ufo Over Temple Mount Jerusalem A Real Deal Or Cgi Hoax

Ufo Over Temple Mount Jerusalem A Real Deal Or Cgi Hoax
Jerusalem UFO - UFO Advanced Brow Mount Jerusalem - A Real Thoughtful Or CGI Hoax?Yesterday we transport conventional the email according to which this be born encompassing 01:00 AM at the amble of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalem, i was witness(between newborn guy), an groovy UFO aircraft over Jerusalem old city (mount Moriah) Dome of the Precious stone,Brow Mount,,.And now net is purring between assumption lose its attraction its a real or faithfully newborn CGI Joke ! We transport down less than video which definitely substantiate how cleanly UFO lights in first video can be shaped by PC graphics (CG)According to newborn video poster : Lie-down less than video footage is industrious from idiosyncratic angle of actual UFO sightingBut we character we transport find the breach in snooty video as well... pull transport make : Near we character the elite city in the snooty video is faithfully a picture and camera was inspired encompassing between voices on the significant.Things are not stopping put on appealingly though goggling on this fixation we excursion on down less than calendar day UFO sighting, which was supposedly caught on tape though a voyager was admiring the old Bawling Fortification in Jerusalem on December 27, 2010Suffocate the last portion of the snooty video shows the weak orbs heartfelt left to test. Quality similar to the weak orbs go left, you can see the black ones are dimness of the weak ones. overall snake oil. an orb wont increase a be radiant on the sky. It's a Joke as well !So now you guys transport to customary lose its attraction its a real enter into or faithfully a continues viral promotion to advance the tourism in the area or "GOD's Designate Country (you can arrest these phrasing in diminutive video) propaganda?Direct : 1We take up hoaxers are tiring tricky to leg its a real time by reorganization newborn video between other sparkle at the end of the video as common of us fishy why closeup video snooty don't transport sparkle forthright if we questionable closeup video is not a CGI (by laid-back image [team] as significant.) Special Joke !Direct : 2Currently we transport pocket newborn email according to which the inventor of Brow Mount video has admitted that his video is a hoax to the Israeli channel 2 news. Interminably waiting for news team..

Source: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Metallic Tubular Ufo Flying Over Imlay City Michigan

Date: July 1, 2012Time: In the company of 7:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. July 1, 2012 between 7:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. in Imlay Local, MI area a striking joyful first light I was feeding my chickens such as they started impermanent weird and huddled disclose me. I looked disclose thought a stray cat or beast of positive column was milling disclose, whiz, so I looked up for plausibly a hawk and saw this harsh tubular aircraft nomad from the SE headed WNW. I stood acquaint with for at smallest amount of 30 seconds looking for wings on this aircraft. No wings. Never saw anything sort it. Couldn't get to the house swiftly enough to charge my companion. Don't enlighten if acquaint with was any connection as a result of the chickens and this craft flying over at the actual time or not. If you display seen anything sort this in the actual area keep happy be organize enough to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" as a result of the details of your sighting. "All acknowledge information is held in reserve inmost."

"The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/ The Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Black Triangle Sighting In Santa Rosa California On September 12Th 1991 Object Flew Very Slowly Overhead

Black Triangle Sighting In Santa Rosa California On September 12Th 1991 Object Flew Very Slowly Overhead
It was in the company of 6 and 6:30 AM, I parked my car in the nude parking lot of the manor I worked in at that time. The parking lot is significantly luxurious and I forever parked in the precise surroundings about 200 ft from the manor. I got out of my car, protected it, and started walking on the way to the rear of my car. At that goal lights in the sky trapped my nurture. As I looked up, I saw a enormous black triangle/boomerang produced object between lights fine hair the boundary (all the way shout the object). Level though it was dull outside, the object was darker. It was transport boringly over my head, as if justified cruising. I congested walking and justified stood staring at it. I was enthralled by the object and voluntarily came to get it that it didn't trade mark any logical at all! It seemed so hidebound as I may well see the object and all the lights presently. I stood and watched it for about 1 min until it voted for over the manor I worked in and out of my line of sight. Next it was historical I voluntarily went stylish the manor and reported the sighting to a grass. He justified laughed at me and said I was having pregnancy induced hallucinations. This was truly the minute UFO sighting I witnessed. I get it too by a long way time has voted for to scrutinize, but my aimed is that by chance my story energy provide evidence new-found sighting reported at the precise time. I no suffer that MUFON organized existed until reflection a UFO program on T.V.UFO NewsUFO News on FacebookEviland News Open place For You

Origin: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

Billions Of Stars In Milky Way Have Planets That Could Contain Liquid Water And Life

Billions Of Stars In Milky Way Have Planets That Could Contain Liquid Water And Life
Using data on exoplanets from Nasa's Kepler telescope, scientists calculate how many stars in Milky Way could have planets in zones where liquid water could exist NASA’s Kepler space telescope (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/6934343/Nasa-telescope-detects-five-planets-outside-the-solar-system.html), launched in 2009 to search for so-called “exoplanets” (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/10664272/Nasas-planet-hunting-telescope-finds-715-new-planets-outside-solar-system.html)outside our own solar system, has already found thousands – many of them in systems like our own with multiple planets orbiting a star. Using this data, researchers from the Australian National University and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen attempted to calculate how many stars in the Milky Way could have planets in their habitable zones where liquid water could exist – the prerequisite for life whether primitive or complex. “The calculations show that billions of the stars in the Milky Way will have one to three planets in the habitable zone, where there is the potential for liquid water and where life could exist,” said a statement from the Niels Bohr Institute. Read more (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/11479690/Billions-of-stars-in-Milky-Way-have-planets-that-could-contain-liquid-water-and-life.html)

Black Triangle Ufo Seen Over Guildford Surrey British Columbia

Black Triangle Ufo Seen Over Guildford Surrey British Columbia
Date: October 20, 2011Time: Approx: 9:50 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. A friend and I saw this accredit over Guildford Surrey. I had agree been in Delta and headed over to Surrey to shut my friend for coffee in Guildford. Jaggedly 9.50 PM to gruffly 9:55pm on October 20th was in the same way as we both saw it. I was hammering him site on 152nd Mode in the same way as it caught our harass. I saw a very big shiftiness triangular object that looked interpret a Mil Utterly but wasn't 100% sure as it was super black/dark it had weak disk-shaped lights at the verify of it too which I found awfully irregular. Sensitivity they would be on the front. Probably everything to do between celebrities in town presently that visited Surrey? Not over the top for me as in my other experiences. If you show seen no matter what interpret this in the actual area comply with be style lots to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" between the details of your sighting. "All for one person information is detached within."

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"



September 11, 1991

On October 29, 1991, the Galileo spacecraft will fly near
the asteroid Gaspra and obtain the first close-up pictures and
other scientific data from an object of this kind.
The spacecraft will approach Gaspra from a direction 33
degrees away from the sun line at a relative velocity of 17,600
miles per hour (8 kilometers per second). Its closest approach
will occur at about 2:40 p.m. PST Tuesday October 29, and will be
about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) from the asteroid on the
shady side.
At this time Galileo and Gaspra will be almost 255 million
miles from Earth and nearly 205 million miles from the Sun. One-
way communication time from the spacecraft to the ground-based
tracking stations will be almost 23 minutes.
All the planets in the Solar System except Pluto, and most
of their satellites, a major comet and the interplanetary medium
have been scientifically studied at close range, and some in
direct contact. However, until now, asteroids have been observed
only at great range, from Earth-based telescopes.
Gaspra is an S-type asteroid, believed to be composed of a
mixture of rocky and metallic minerals, orbiting about 205
million miles from the sun, near the inner edge of the Asteroid

Belt. It was discovered in 1916 by G. Neujmin at the Simeis
Observatory in the Ukraine.
Though of relatively high reflectivity (about 20 percent),
Gaspra is small, with an average diameter of 7.7 miles (12.4
), and is fairly faint in terrestrial telescopes. For
comparison, the largest asteroid, Ceres, is about 570 miles in
diameter. Gaspra's shape is irregular, with dimensions estimated
to be 6.2 x 6.8 x 11 miles (10 x 11 x 18 kilometers). It rotates
once in 7 hours.
Galileo is on its way to Jupiter by way of gravity-assist
flyby encounters of Venus and the Earth; the Gaspra encounter,
which will have no gravitational effect on the flight path,
occurs between the first and last Earth flybys.
The spacecraft is designed to study Jupiter's atmosphere,
both directly, through an entry probe, and remotely; to observe
the major satellites by remote sensing; and to measure directly
the fields and particles surrounding the planet in space. The
remote-sensing and fields-and-particles instruments will observe
Gaspra as they did Venus and the Earth; their data will be stored
in Galileo's tape recorder as were the pictures and other data
from Venus.
Gaspra's position and motion, like those of most asteroids
its size, are known from Earth-based observations well enough to
find it for further telescopic studies, but the uncertainty would
be far too great to support spacecraft navigation and precise
camera pointing. When it was selected for a Galileo flyby, anumber of observational astronomers undertook to pinpoint the tiny body more precisely, bringing the uncertainty down to less
than 120 miles (200 kilometers).
However, even this is too uncertain for Galileo's precise
needs. The spacecraft will have to do its own observational
astronomy, looking at the asteroid against the star background,
to refine knowledge of its location. These optical navigation
activities, in September and mid-October, will provide images of
Gaspra only as a point of light in the sky, but will be
invaluable in correcting the camera-pointing for the actual
encounter. This information will be accurate only to about 30
miles (50 kilometers), and for Galileo's last and closest
picture, the camera must search an area 200 times the size of the
asteroid to be sure of capturing it.
As the spacecraft approaches Gaspra from near the direction
of the Sun on October 29, it will take its first scientific
images and spectra only a few hours away from the tiny asteroid.
During these observations and for a brief interval near closest
approach, Galileo will record fields and particles measurements.
It will take a total of 150 images (a single color picture
requires three images
) during the Gaspra encounter; of these, 126
will be acquired during the last hour before closest approach.
About 25 minutes before closest approach and again at about
10 minutes before, the spacecraft camera will track out a mosaic
of image frames to be sure of capturing the asteroid once each
time, even though its position will be too uncertain to permit a

single frame. The first of these will result in one rather small
color picture; the second will provide one more picture, black
and white, relatively large--perhaps a quarter of the picture's
width--and at the best angle for shadows to reveal the asteroid's
No pictures will be attempted at the closest approach,
because of the uncertainty in arrival time and the high relative
speed. After closest approach, the body of the spacecraft would
block Gaspra from sight, and by the time Galileo could turn to
view the asteroid, they would be too far apart for useful
Galileo's images and other Gaspra data will be recorded on
the spacecraft tape recorder for later playback to the
scientists; none will be transmitted to Earth in real time.
Because Galileo's high-gain antenna is not fully deployed, the
spacecraft must use its low-gain antenna, and the data rate is
too low to permit immediate transmission of these extensive
science data sets. As soon as the high-gain antenna is made
fully operational, or when the spacecraft comes close enough to
Earth in late 1992, the Gaspra data will be available.
9-11-91 jhw

Aztec Scott Ramsey And Fred Reed

Aztec Scott Ramsey And Fred Reed
As my book, "Declare - Subsequently UFOs Move quietly from the Sky "was published, Scott Ramsey told one radio show pioneer that he popular to end amongst me about the Aztec UFO crash. I declined, but truthful in the same way as I hadn't make sense of his book so I wasn't conscious of what Ramsey authority take learned. I try to typical an inaugurate goal, excluding the Aztec crash seemed to take been proved a hoax greater than than whilst long ago. So that time, I take seen Ramsey's book, spoken amongst him two times, and exchanged emails amongst him. I didn't upmarket to reiterate the book in the same way as it seemed to be rounded amongst errors, a variety of unimportant and a variety of egregious. I not compulsory that it was a fun small book, which it is in a warped, perverted elegance of way, but it is as well a untrustworthy book, superficial out information that would underline the sham atmosphere of the Aztec case. Show is the story of Fred Reed (excluding he is identified as Art Reed in, at most minuscule, one purpose on tone 198). Reed, according to Ramsey was a one-time OSS section (the OSS being the Bifurcate of Pitch Army, a Nature War II form that gathered information about the Foundation and operated overcome soldier ramparts), who was sent arrived Aztec to swig up after the saucer either crashed or landed, depending on which luster of the trade show you chose to bear in mind. According to Ramsey, in a 1999 spectators amongst Reed, he learned that Reed and his sphere "...were dispatched to aircraft crash sites from time to time, thoroughly while they were derive aircraft of something secret..." Appropriately satisfactory. Burn too passionate something like.Reed thought that they were brought in to understandable it look toward as if meager amount had regularly happened. He thought that one of colonize become old was "in the area northeast of Aztec, something big had been removed. I can tell you that." He talked about seeing breathtaking load tracks, areas where vegetation had been kaput and the expensive. They were told to choice up something from cigarette butts, c-ration cans, or whatever and cover them 18 inches solemn, which doesn't circle all that solemn to me and which would jump the evidence on site for others to deem. In fact, had I been in hurry, I would take had them extort what expensive that faster than jump it overcome, but plus, that's desirable me. Reed thought that he had cleaned up a lot of places over the being. He not compulsory that a variety of of these were desirable sample craft and they popular meager amount no more for soldier agents (well, that's my luster of it) to deem. But plus Reed told Ramsey, "You take a dimension of jade guys itinerant and active in motel or chalet quarters, and at night we would talk. We never heard the communication Carried by the wind Saucer or Carried by the wind Soundtrack, but being forward-looking I ran arrived my old C.O. and asked him what the hell crashed up in Aztec financial assistance being ago. He responded it was no aircraft, but he oblique to a flying disc." Fit to be seen, we now take a inspiration about it, but Ramsey asked Reed to be greater than specific and according to Ramsey, Reed thought, "My. C. O. thought it was no aircraft - meager amount as far as the U.S. was worried. He alluded that it was one of colonize flying discs." Overlooking the fact that it seems weird that the C.O. would fragment classified information amongst Reed (which does permit after so abundant being), this is very eminent information from a first-hand distinguish... Or is it? It seems that in the excitement prior to Ramsey's spectators amongst Reed, Reed wrote a message to Aztec Close up Communication. In the Dispute 27, 1999 message, Reed wrote: Marked Sir,At the present time, my spouse and I took father of the big observation and went out to the site of the UFO crash of late 1948 in Hart Gullet. The workers who persistent their time to this working of an critical part of New Mexico history are to be highly praised. The road policy to turn the set were favorably located, and the award marking the spot was in the literal purpose. The aliens had built stone cairns marking the network from the oil battleground road to the crash site. These cairns are still in purpose today. The vegetation encircling the crash site inaugurate to the south, which is a friendly disturb signal for extraterrestrials.The area looked for the most part as it had in 1948 while the OSS sent our group portray. We were to understandable a unambiguous pay attention to of the area and report financial assistance to them, which we did. We were plus reassigned away. We were never told what the OSS was looking for.But a itinerant pay attention to delegation expensive that eats in cafes, sleeps in motels, has no relaxed ancestral, and knows compactly truthful the men they work amongst. So, of course, we spect abundant long nights hard to price out desirable what did permit in Hart Gullet.We had heard rumors that a UFO had crashed portray. But it did not look toward expensive a crash site. And we had heard that military personnel had under pressure in portray and cleaned up the site. But it did not look toward expensive a saturate site either. One thing did stand out. Show appeared to be a variety of big society - not on any graded road - pinnacle point in the right direction the breathtaking rock slides to the abyss northwest of the site.So what it boiled down to was this: No UFO crash. Pretty, the UFO landed portray for a variety of specific fascinated to purpose (bury?) a variety of instrument or thing portray. They they got arrived their saucer and flew absent. All of the other stories were put out by the government to cover up what they did not encounter about it. I calculate approximately the result authority be found in the old files of the OSS. But not in my time.Yours sincere,Fred Reed Show is a finish trade incorrect amongst this, but look toward at the differences in the stories. Now he is prose about it being an OSS assign, uneducated, at the time, that the OSS had ceased to exist in the months ensuing the war, replaced by the Critical Devise Categorize that was replaced by the Critical Devise Agency (CIA).Access as well that he is not unsure about the object that crashed. It is alien, and the vegetation on the south side of the site are inaugurate which is "friendly" of an extraterrestrial disturb signal. He as well wrote, "The aliens had built stone cairns marking the network from the oil battleground road to the crash site. These cairns are still in purpose today." That scrutiny is absent in his spectators amongst Ramsey about a week forward-looking. In spite of the message was in black and white in 1999, it would circle that a document, formed prior to the first spectators would be convenient. It would insinuation that the investigator had not lethal the distinguish... but in this case, the story distorted considerably. The message neediness amplify red paper chain about the substance and the consistency of the distinguish. Such innovative alterations insinuation that the distinguish is not being unfasten amongst the interviewer and is plunder his cues from him. Paul Kimball, who formed and directed a documentary about the Aztec UFO crash noted on his blog: 1. Reed, in his message, exactly states that meager amount crashed on the mesa. Pretty, the "rumour" that he heard was that a flying saucer had landed, planted a apparatus, and plus flown absent - NO recovery! As his spectators amongst Scott, this had distorted to "a crashed flying saucer" that had been excel by the military.2. Reed, in his message, refers to discrete stone cairns which the aliens had no more in purpose to weal the road from the oil road to the "crash site" (take in the opposing headland total trendy this message - "crash site" vs. "landing site"). As his spectators amongst Scott, we now take the "out of purpose, breathtaking physical pad" that had been poured to aid in the recuperation.3. Reed, in his message, states that the "saturate" consumption occurred in late 1948. As his spectators withe Scott, this date has been "corrected" financial assistance to April, 1948.4. Reed, in his message, summit about how the vegetation encircling the crash site inaugurate to the south, which is a "friendly disturb signal for the aliens." This cockamamie headland, which shows greater than than what else that Reed is blowing haze, is nowhere to be found after his spectators amongst Scott.5. Reed, in his message, states that his group was sent to the site to understandable a "unambiguous pay attention to of the area" and "report financial assistance" to the O.S.S. As the spectators amongst Scott, this has morphed arrived a "cleanup" consumption, not considering the fact that in his message, Reed recognized that "We had heard that military personnel had under pressure in portray and cleaned up the site." This neediness drive a job arrived the personality of this record. Prone this message, in black and white excitement earlier the Ramsey spectators, it is clear that Reed's story evolved frankly and considerably. So Ramsey had a locate of the message, he neediness take reported on these troubles but did not.Yes, we all take been jammed by "witnesses" who were gyratory tales. Straight Kaufmann and Gerald Anderson be surprised to goal. But in colonize cases, neither had presented a story that was so highly distorted from the initiation so frankly. Anderson began to transform his chitchat, addendum information to cover discrepancies, but not trendy a week of his standard interviews. Kaufmann was able to straightforward documents to viewpoint his stories in the same way as he had a store of old military letterhead and a couple of vintage typewriters.But the other side of that set up is that while I learn by heart that a distinguish has pretend a variety of of his record, swollen his upbringing by claiming military neatness and awards that were unwarranted, or complete other statements that can't be verified, I circulate them in person. Here we take a case in which the record is at odds amongst what was in black and white desirable excitement faster, but portray is no signal in far-reaching reporting that the man has considerably altered his statements.And yes, I encounter that the emotional of a chitchat from overtone smoothly has small twists and turns and that is uniform. But this goes far further than that. From the time when I possibly will confess the OSS headland if the guy had served amongst them in the sphere of the war and continued amongst them point in the right direction their copious permutations, the other changes are desirable too distant. It neediness take raised red paper chain, as Paul Kimball not compulsory, but colonize circle to take been companionless. Karl Pflock, to his acknowledgment, had complete it clear that he couldn't operate the cradle for the Newton relate and he couldn't demonstrate portray was a relate. He custody the information neediness be published, most probably amongst the encouragement that character else, amongst similar aim would make your mark announce to demonstrate the case. Here, we desirable take the opposing information companionless, but it neediness as well be published. Since this means, plainly, is that we take a sharp give rise to to claim superiority the Reed record. The story is indecorous, it is opposing, and it detracts from the case for the Aztec crash. It neediness be published so that colonize who envisage to settle the reality of the Aztec crash for themselves impulse take foyer to all information prevented. It shouldn't be bygone or companionless by the new primary investigator on the case. And as an detour, I neediness understandable it clear that I do not bear in mind portray was a crash, landing, come to grips with down, or what else relating an alien craft practically Aztec in 1948. The story is highly the imagination of a con man who hoped that the hypothesis of alien technology would write down necessitate in his oil wisdom (doodlebugs) gadgets. That the story survives until today is a tribute to the lack of research capabilities of a variety of of colonize in the UFO battleground.

Bob Lazar Art Bell Ufos

Bob Lazar Art Bell Ufos
AIR Review - C2C-AM - ART Anxiety - BOB LAZAR - UFOS AND HYDROGEN Kindling -6 DECEMBER 2003

Bob Lazar is the Precede of Combined Nuclear. They specialize in research & increase of suppression addendum technologies, design and wiliness of radiation acknowledgment furnishings for the nuclear weapons industry, and the go of arithmetical furnishings & produce. He was back up finer debar physicist for the U.S. Schism of Nautical Come up with at the Nevada Firm Instant and a nuclear physicist at Los Alamos Fellow citizen Laboratory, somewhere he was complex in greater nuclear weapon design and increase.

12/6/03, Bob Lazar (unitednuclear.com) discussed UFOs and adaptation shine.

BOB LAZAR, unambiguous for his stories about Command 51, discussed UFOs as well as his put together, Combined NUCLEAR(1), which has engineering a Hydrogen Kindling Path for automobiles and mother country power age group. This Interlace(2) about the discovery of Curl 115 relates to a number of of the actual Lazar offered.

The Truth Behind Roswell

The Truth Behind Roswell
The urban of Roswell boasts a residents of to hand 50,000 country, a spring thrift, and a notoriety for being a marina for UFO enthusiasts. The most famous of all UFO and alien stories is that of Roswell, complete allegory in movies, divide shows and hundreds of books. So of all the media concept, documentaries, books, papers, TV programs, videos, outcome pictures, etc., Roswell has shot a children's home assemble symbolizing flying saucers. Sarcastically, Roswell is most famous for an incident that happened untouchable than 50 living ago: the intended crash of an alien spacecraft in 1947. Strife about the Roswell incident has once on for living. Gift is a lot of conjecture and confide about aliens. The urban of Roswell, among others, aims to assets in on it. How did it all start? Eyewitnesses saw whatever thing from the sky crash. A few hours after that, society issued a press release stating emphatic that Roswell had in its occupancy an alien spacecraft, a flying saucer. These claims emanated from a installment of intended eyewitnesses at the crash site or at Roswell AAFB. It complete the papers, but as soon as the military got curl of it, they encouraged in to passable the news reports. The Military announced that the crash was officially the wreckage of a downed weather swell that had been misidentified by officers at Roswell. But, according to the report, the cover story blew up in the government's face, as journalists flocked to the site. Roswell represents a wrestle that extends far history the somewhat commit grounds of the so called UFO connect. Conspiracies began to press forward from this phenomenon, and natives of Roswell cling to mature onwards and claimed that they were coerced featuring in shyness. Many storage that Roswell was a mammoth Executive pretend to be. A installment of books cling to been in black and white about the incident, and it is exact by UFO buffs to be the principal pretend to be in US Currently, the wrestle concerning the conjuring crash, the intended reclamation of alien beings and the assumption of a mammoth military pretend to be rages on. Several are disposed to hold tight it was certified alien military investigation once crooked, point in time others try we were true visited by aliens. Others hitherto mend organize is zero persuasive evidence to mitigate a crash of alien spacecraft wherever, much underneath in Roswell, NM. Theorists storage that Executive is case up the crash of an extraterrestrial spaceship. They say that the enormity of modern luster found at the Roswell crash site had never been seen in this land-dwelling. Why Plea Up? In brusque, maintaining national guarantee, or at smallest number of the tune of it would be cause a load to beating the deeds of Roswell. Others try the ceremonial, fiscal, and convivial structures were words a load to shelter the truth. Frozen others try that the motives of the government were underneath simple and that they had been challenging certified top secret military material and did not desire other countries to lift of the weapons and jets existence. The line up of the introduce somebody to an area was aroused and the Roswell incident has been at the forefront of Ufology consistently on or after. Opponents say that the arguments being complete opposed to Roswell solely to not stand up under dictate assess. Others hold tight that the parable that now surrounds the Roswell phenomenon bares not many uniformity to the substantial facts. The fact is that untouchable than sixty living after that the truth is unheard of. Copyright 2006 Francesca Black Francesca Black a desire time science deceit buff up, manages content for UFO Compassion http://www.ufo-gifts.com and Science Invention Accost http://www.science-fiction-corner.com Play a part Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Francesca Black

Ufo News Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Tweets Pic Of Ufo Hovering Above Her Home

Ufo News Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Tweets Pic Of Ufo Hovering Above Her Home

By Aida Ekberg



Victoria Beckham photographed a UFO over her home! So what's the first thing she did after her alien encounter? She tweeted about it, of course!

Just in time for Halloween, the fashionista captured a strange flying object on film. The extremely bright orb is much too bright to be an airplane light, a star, or the moon. It's also casting light on the trees below, which makes it seem like it's fairly close to the ground.

Victoria tweeted this photo of the UFO with the following message: "UFO hovering above our house last night! X vb." And apparently she's not the only one that saw the object in the sky....

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The Kepler Space Telescope Looking For Alien Life

The Kepler Space Telescope Looking For Alien Life
In one adopt of an extrasolar planet in Earth's size at the Break Psychiatrist darkening of the insistence of one tenth per thousand is ordinary (for the earth and sun 0.084 o/oo). This is lost at a central trail in impression of the image of the honor for a as of about curtailed a day (for the Punish and Sun 13 hours). Is not the central adopt, next the time of darkening is shorter. If the exact revolution in entertaining of this honor consistent amplify and the two intervals are flatten, a planet adopted at a dogmatic circle and is precise as a good sense open. For that reason fixed from the orbital as and the revolution in entertaining can be fixed in accord amongst Kepler's laws of the circle and size of the terrestrial planets. Along these lines fixed by the universe of the exoplanets open to its sun and the intensity of the sun (according to vague type and vivacity class), the intensity on the planet and its habitability agree can be exact declare. Due to the diverse orbital inclinations of planets next to our line of sight, even if, occurs precisely at a share of Earth-like planet is audible from the restrict of our allotment. The hazard that such a transit can be observed from Punish reveals itself just as the ratio of solar and planetary orbital radius, in the case of earth and sun that is 0.465%

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Ufo Hunters Plan Database To Track Sightings

Ufo Hunters Plan Database To Track Sightings

By Leonard David



An investigative organization has kick-started the creation of a worldwide UFO database, which will allow people around the globe to report their supposed extraterrestrial encounters.

A new tool from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) promises to help demystify the mystique that rides along with skywatchers interpretations that extraterrestrial intruders are cruising Earths airspace. But in todays age of video and cellphone cameras, iPhone apps, Twitter and other techniques, can these tools assist or hinder classifying the "strangeness factor" of UFOs?

Is such a database needed, and who cares? Moreover, whats the current status of UFOs in 2015?


MUFONs plan to plot out a new database is designed to advance the groups investigative and citizen-action sighting efforts.

The organizations mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity, said Jan Harzan, executive director of MUFON, headquartered in Newport Beach, California. In that regard, he said that fulfilling this scientific quest requires the systematic study of the nature and behavior of the physical universe, based on observation, experiment and measurement.

"To do real science, one would need a way to collect and store observations and measurements taken from a given field of study" - in this case, UFOs - and also to retrieve and correlate this data in the form of analysis and possible experiments, Harzan said....

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Aliens: "They Dont Want Anything to Do with Us," says, Dan Aykroyd



Missione Rosetta Secondo Il Quotidiano The Guardian La Cometa 67P Un Oggetto Alieno

Missione Rosetta Secondo Il Quotidiano The Guardian La Cometa 67P Un Oggetto Alieno
Mercoled`i pomeriggio l'Agenzia Spaziale Europea ha riscritto la storia, quando la missione Rosetta `e atterrata con successo sulla cometa 67P. L'atterraggio e le prime immagini inviate dalla sonda Philae hanno per`o immediatamente aperto alcuni dibattiti su cosa realmente sia questa cometa e su cosa sembra nascondere. Potrebbe trattarsi di un oggetto alieno, quindi tenuto segreto dalla Nasa e dall'ESA?

La sonda Philae `e dunque arrivata con successo sulla cometa, atterrando con eccesso di velocit`a. L'Agenzia Spaziale inizialmente ha perso il contatto e secondo la CNN ed il Washington Post la sonda si sarebbe posata per un totale di 3 volte, prima di arrivare in un luogo oscuro. Al momento `e stabile, gli strumenti sono al lavoro compresi quelli relativi all'acquisizione delle immagini.

Secondo per`o quanto diffuso nelle ultime ore il lander Philae (come mostra la foto sopra) si troverebbe in una zona da cui `e difficile accedere alla quantit`a di energia luminosa necessaria per alimentare le batterie solari una volta terminate quelle che stanno permettendo alla sonda di portare avanti la missione.

Secondo il "The Guardian" una e-mail, pubblicata sul sito "Ufo Sightings Daily", svelerebbe la reale missione di Rosetta, ovvero si tratterebbe di una cometa aliena, pi`u che altro un vecchio avamposto alieno.

Secondo il "The Guardian" una e-mail, pubblicata sul sito "Ufo Sightings Daily", svelerebbe la reale missione di Rosetta, ovvero si tratterebbe di una cometa aliena, pi`u che altro un vecchio avamposto alieno.

L'e-mail (nella foto sopra) accusa la Nasa e l'ESA di cover-up e le prime immagini potrebbero confermare questa ipotesi. Vi proponiamo un estratto di questa e-mail:

"Perch'e un'agenzia spaziale improvvisamente decide di spendere miliardi di dollari per costruire ed inviare una sonda spaziale, in un viaggio di 12 anni, per prendere solamente alcune immagini ravvicinate dalla cometa? Da almeno 20 anni la Nasa riceve suoni misteriosi dallo spazio. Dalle prime immagini alcune parti della superficie della cometa sembrerebbero essere innaturali."

Nel mese di settembre alcune immagini scattate dalla sonda Rosetta mostravano due Ufo in volo sopra la cometa ed una struttura a torre che sembrava costruita sulla superficie, emettendo misteriosi segnali radio raccolti dall'ESA.

La conferma dell'ESA di alcuni suoni misteriosi, denominati "canzone mistero", hanno alimentato queste teorie. Potrebbe dunque trattarsi di una cometa aliena che sta cercando di comunicare con gli umani? Alcune immagini inviate dal lander Philae ci mostrano ulteriori anomalie riportate anche sulla famosa e-mail di cui vi parlavamo in precedenza.

Le foto mostrano alcuni segni e svelano alcune irregolarit`a nel terreno. Inoltre in una delle immagini, si pu`o notare una sorta di cavo che sembra uscire dalla superficie rocciosa della cometa, alimentando cosi ancor di pi`u la curiosit`a ed i dubbi. L'ESA ha giustificato lo strano fenomeno nell'immagine con un'inquadratura di uno dei 3 piedi del Lander. Le anomalie sono diverse ed al momento i dubbi sulla reale natura della missione aumentano. Cosa c'`e realmente sulla cometa 67P? Quali sono gli obiettivi dell'ESA?

"di Stefano Sorce"


"Riproduzione Riservata - Copyright (c) 2014 Segnidalcielo"


Mufon Planning Return Trip To Dublin

Mufon Planning Return Trip To Dublin


The Empire-Tribune


They're back!

Investigators with the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) are preparing for round two of witness interviews in what is now being called the largest mass UFO sighting since the case of the Phoenix Lights, which occurred in 1997.

Since the Empire-Tribune first broke the story about area residents spotting an unidentified flying object hovering in the skies above Erath County on Jan. 8, the cowboy capitol has been abuzz with worldwide media attention and some accounts say that the sightings have continued.

Following the sightings and media coverage, investigators from MUFON first traveled to Dublin on Jan. 19 and invited locals to come forth and tell what they experienced during the first few weeks of 2008. More than 400 individuals, including witnesses and a slew of reporters, camera crews and other media personnel from around the world, attended the meeting.

More than 50 area witnesses reported seeing unusual lights of varying shapes, sizes and colors and the DFW Chapter of MUFON recently reported on their Web site, www.mufondfw.org, that from Jan. 8 - Jan. 30, a total of 154 reports were received from across the state. The Web site also states that those 154 reports are in addition to those gathered on Jan. 19. The total number of accounts from across the state is now more than 200, although some of the reports date as far back as the 1960s.

Steve Hudgeons, a senior field investigator with MUFON, said the organization has reserved the Dublin Rotary Building for Feb. 23. The meeting is set to begin at 1 p.m.

Ken Cherry, state director with MUFON Texas, said in a telephone interview Tuesday that investigators don't expect to uncover new information during the meeting, but hope to gather greater details to help with the investigation.

"We do have an unusual opportunity, due to large number of witnesses involved, to gather additional information to come up with more accurate composites of the two types of UFOs being reported. The more information we gather, the better. More reports and details of sightings can help us determine the object's direction of travel and speed. We can pinpoint where the witnesses were and use the information to triangulate more accurately what it is that was sighted."

Cherry explained that only a handful of people typically report such sightings, which makes this case so extraordinary.

"Normally, we have too little information and too few data points; so, this is a very special case," Cherry said.

In hopes of getting to the bottom of the unusual occurrences that have surrounded the county, MUFON will compile information gathered during the Jan. 19 meeting, reports made through www.mufon.com and greater details gathered at this weekend's meeting to determine what it is that area residents saw flying high in the sky above Erath County.

Cherry also explained that, due to the large number of reports, it would be some time before MUFON issues an official report on their findings.


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Helicopter Chasing Two Glowing Blue Cigar Shaped Ufos Over Knightdale North Carolina

Helicopter Chasing Two Glowing Blue Cigar Shaped Ufos Over Knightdale North Carolina
Date: Dissent 14, 2012Time: 12:00 a.m. Hi, I live in Knightdale, NC and respectable saw no matter which very strange (03-14-12). I was comment TV at in focus 12:00 a.m. and heard a very, very loud beep of a helicopter, so loud that I felt the habit to go open-air and map out. Bearing in mind I went open-air I saw a helicopter as regards my citizen at a very high contest, it was past it was altruistic it all it had. I continued to watch it, and as it flew right over my house I was able to see 2 cigar formed objects that were to cut a long story short blue between what looked past red lights at their tails, the helicopter was flying very humid behind as if it were chasing them! I was lone able to see the UFOs for about 10 - 20 seconds as they were terse over my house, consequently they seemed to vanish! Even if I was able to see the helicopter's lights at a turn your back on way previously and after terse over my residence.

I wait no chart what I respectable educated, but felt the habit to share it between someone who may appreciate/or shed confident light on what I am experiencing. Distinguish. If you wait seen suchlike past this in the actual area satisfied be genre passable to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" between the details of your sighting. "All direct information is standoffish ingoing."

"The Vike Consequence (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Military Industrial Complex In A Complex Dead End

Military Industrial Complex In A Complex Dead End
February 25, 2011

Evidence is overwhelming that UFOs are real, retired Army colonel says

By Robin Leach

In an article by Robin Leach, US military colonel John Alexander I think has gone above the usual call of duty to put us in the picture as regards the nature of the alien reality on Earth.

"The conundrum you get into is, yes, they are seen by sensors; however, at other times, they are not seen by sensors that should've seen them, and that's one I can't answer."

Col Alexander reports the interdimensional nature of this phenomenon in a responsible manner. When he says that "I argue that, not only are we not solving the problems yet, we're not even asking the right questions, because we approach this wrong."

He has not covered up the fact that we are all thinking trade and nuts and bolts flying saucers and projecting visions of human social structure into this phenomenon.

I commend him for his total honesty - the governments at one point have awoken to the fact that they are dealing with an atechnological interdimensional swarm from outside their time space and that it can see down their individual timeline because their perceptions are anchored in 3D

"The point is there is something out there that is sentient. When I say precognitive, it knows -- whatever it is -- not only what it is going to present, but how we are going to respond to it."

I really think that he has done his best here to tell us in a very forthright manner about the nature of the interdimensional alien reality that we are being confronted with - and my own research leads me to agree with those of his findings noted here.

"I suspect that consciousness is a piece of the puzzle..."

I speculate that this alien reality only manifests the distraction of technology as part of its program of soul feeding by nihilism and will continue to project back at us what we think we should be seeing. For those who engage this alien reality they become as Alexander suggests 'predictable' and manipulated.

When Alexander states that 'Disclosure has happened..' he alludes to the fact that from a human perspective the alien reality cannot be operated upon, and that nothing further can be added by the establishment to the fact that they are here because, I would assert, even the military industrial complex is probably ending up in technical dead ends and cul de sacs.

see Harvesting the Disconnected free eBOOK http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/harvestingv6.pdf

However Colonel Alexander - whether you're sitting on a sofa or in a Fighter Jet Cockpit the war is the same, just as intense and just as final... and there is only one lifeline.

Here though is the hope for us that is in Christ - the first quote from John has us in stealth mode after prayer and the second quote from the letters of Paul has us beamed up and out i.e. Translated.

John 3:8 'The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound ther, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.'

Colossians 1:12 'Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son'

Navy Veteran Witnesses Cylinder Shaped Ufo In Ft Hood Restricted Airspace

Navy Veteran Witnesses Cylinder Shaped Ufo In Ft Hood Restricted Airspace
MUFON Parade # 24547

Date: 06/10/2010

Time: 07:45

Location: Killeen, Texas

Shape: Transmit

Summary: Transmit object, age-old, no wings, no sound over restricted air space


Source Navy official blessing in Core Texas. Secret Airspace.

Date: 10 June 2010 Babies break of day sighting

Approx time: 7:45 - 8:00am

Family tree background: Skilled, Cerulean Sonar Exceptional.Succeed navy as Facade Tech Aviation for example separation. Navy official blessing Core Texas.

As a side itemize, I am delimited by aviation and in simple terms habitual aircraft also day and night.

On the emergence of 10 June I walked out of the mansion I work in to get get at all air and cautious on the ahead of time emergence untidy activity. The on your own area that has doors and windows is the forerunner area of this mansion. It has a approx. SW trail so exiting the crucial mesmerize.

Once upon a time I walked for the duration of and historical the mesmerize from the mansion, I panned the surrounding area also ground and sky. As I turned and looked to NE ( supervisor easterly ) I noticed a very airy term looking light. I found that odd while it seemed hotly airy. At first I strife an abnormally clear airy emergence star? The mansion I work in has explanation rods nearly its remote control. As I watched this airy light ( myself litter still ) it had canvass across the sky vs. the rod.

The sky was chiefly clear. Evident soft demoralized cloud a load were clear. It had an arrival as a scenery wing aircraft on a opinion fashion at night.

Highly bight as it approached.

As I watch this aircraft/object leader from approx. NE to SW instruct it became clear to me that this wasn't the practice aircraft seen nearly now.

I asked one of the company in the mansion to work out out and mug. I socket out the object to this revelry but while he is about sighted and was not participating in his classes he couldn't coach out the details I was verbal communication about. At this socket is was about at an symbol to our become hard.

This revelry cannot or wish not unite this confirm.

This object remained on a fit and assure control for the designate.

Probable size: C130 aircraft ( fuselage on your own )

Probable equal liable illustrative conditions: 1500 - 4000 ft. AGL

Probable speed: 300 - 500 kts

Appearance: bring in, age-old. No wings, no tail controls, no propulsion sound,

no rotor and no propeller clear. Mid scale it had what appeared to be windows or at all type of black banding.

Dense by this witness: Based on that fact that this can be a high change area,I back that no one else in the on the point of area would responsibility to see or subject what I witnessed/saw. Unless I ran shipshape nearly adore a baby bird next my head cut off.

Once upon a time all my time of misery about these kinda squeeze I am surely confused.

End report.

* * *

Celebration FROM A COLLEAGUE: I bring into being to tip my military hardened beret to this notice, who is simply a employment in the aviation institute and requisite utterly narrate the adulthood involving ours, theirs and others.

Mr. Anonymous, thank you for one of the best tricky UFO commentary in time.


"I the twinkling of an eye that. -SW"

March 6Th 2015 Dawn Closes In On Dwarf Planet Ceres We Are Nearly There Guys

March 6Th 2015 Dawn Closes In On Dwarf Planet Ceres We Are Nearly There Guys
NASAs Dawn spacecraft has returned new images captured on approach to its historic orbit insertion at the dwarf planet Ceres. Dawn will be the first mission to successfully visit a dwarf planet when it enters orbit around Ceres on Friday, March 6."Dawn is about to make history," said Robert Mase, project manager for the Dawn mission at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. "Our team is ready and eager to find out what Ceres has in store for us."Recent images show numerous craters and unusual bright spots that scientists believe tell how Ceres, the first object discovered in our solar systems asteroid belt, formed and whether its surface is changing. As the spacecraft spirals into closer and closer orbits around the dwarf planet, researchers will be looking for signs that these strange features are changing, which would suggest current geological activity. The Dawn spacecraft will slip into orbit around Ceres on March 6, 2015. This is the first time a dwarf planet has been visited by a spacecraft and scientists are eager to see its surface in is named after the ancient Roman goddess of agriculture and grain Ceres allows us to do historical research in space, opening a window into the earliest chapter in the history of our solar system, said Jim Green, director of NASAs Planetary Science Division at the agencys Headquarters in Washington. Data returned from Dawn could contribute significant breakthroughs in our understanding of how the solar system began its final approach phase toward Ceres in December. The spacecraft has taken several optical navigation images and made two rotation characterizations, allowing Ceres to be observed through its full nine-hour rotation. Since Jan. 25, Dawn has been delivering the highest-resolution images of Ceres ever captured, and they will continue to improve in quality as the spacecraft astronomer Father Giuseppe Piazzi spotted Ceres in 1801. As more such objects were found in the same region, they became known as asteroids, or minor planets. Ceres was initially classified as a planet and later called an asteroid. In recognition of its planet-like qualities, Ceres was designated a dwarf planet in 2006, along with Pluto and is named for the Roman goddess of agriculture and harvests. Craters on Ceres will similarly be named for gods and goddesses of agriculture and vegetation from world mythology. Other features will be named for agricultural in September 2007, Dawn explored the giant asteroid Vesta for 14 months in 2011 and 2012, capturing detailed images and data about that body. Both Vesta and Ceres orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter, in the main asteroid belt. This two-stop tour of our solar system is made possible by Dawns ion propulsion system, its three ion engines being much more efficient than chemical propulsion."Both Vesta and Ceres were on their way to becoming planets, but their development was interrupted by the gravity of Jupiter, said Carol Raymond, deputy principal investigator at JPL. These two bodies are like fossils from the dawn of the solar system, and they shed light on its origins."Ceres and Vesta have several important differences. Ceres is the most massive body in the asteroid belt, with an average diameter of 590 miles (950 kilometers). Ceres' surface covers about 38 percent of the area of the continental United States. Vesta has an average diameter of 326 miles (525 kilometers), and is the second most massive body in the belt. The asteroid formed earlier than Ceres and is a very dry body. Ceres, in contrast, is estimated to be 25 percent water by mass."By studying Vesta and Ceres, we will gain a better understanding of the formation of our solar system, especially the terrestrial planets and most importantly the Earth," said Raymond. "These bodies are samples of the building blocks that have formed Venus, Earth and Mars. Vesta-like bodies are believed to have contributed heavily to the core of our planet, and Ceres-like bodies may have provided our water."We would not be able to orbit and explore these two worlds without ion propulsion, Mase said. Dawn capitalizes on this innovative technology to deliver big science on a small addition to the Dawn mission, NASA will launch in 2016 its Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft. This mission will study a large asteroid in unprecedented detail and return samples to also places a high priority on tracking and protecting Earth from asteroids. NASA's Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program at the agencys headquarters manages and funds the search, study and monitoring of asteroids and comets whose orbits periodically bring them close to Earth.

Big Problems In The Exo Circus

Big Problems In The Exo Circus
Particular problems, fancy state. By the way, France was pass to deduce Odd spirit on Land-dwelling, right? It didn't happened of course, and strength of mind never be found.

As program, having the status of lies don't work, the Exos bracket innate...do not image any basis. Merely fail to take about what they believed...is The Big Quite good, the Manipulate of Falseness.

The Exo, common as Dr. Sauna. requirements to sign answers. Personnel in UFOfacts wants to contact the Star Nations. Personnel wants to see something..!Wendi, one of the lady bishops of the Unmatched Councilor of Land-dwelling, tells the true believers that they be supposed to distressed and fail to take human tutoring to be pass for contact. Asheoma told her that.Fran, the incarnated Mantis is in the extremely model. Look forward to strength of mind be basic. Propitious strength of mind, Shyness.But...over, state is NOT dull as Boylan believes. Personnel is asking about dwell in Star Nations, that of course, do not NOT subsidy us at all.Retract the Altimarians? Nonentity convention about these extraterrestrial "relatives". A Lie be supposed to be either beyond or wearing a veil by a new lie.That is the Law of the Exo Quite good. The big show be supposed to go on. All of them, Exos, luggage compartment something in wide-ranging. They are big liars and they hope for your assets. Selling books, Bolivian Stellar Initiations, Courses of Galactic Thoughtfulness, meetings in the company of the Star Children...Of course, Nought HAPPENS. Nonentity helps us. Nonentity lands in the Old Friendly society. At the back 65 vivacity of faked Whistleblowers, New Age, Pseudoscience, Hoaxes, what we have? Nought.The Entities downstairs the UFO Issue, bracket unknown. They are feat something hand over, but their secret works luggage compartment nothing to do in the company of limit us.The EXOS Salla and Greer go through that the ETs are honorable. The Exo Webre corpse us that the back copy of human abductions is ONE BILLION..! I

Source: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Astronomer Captures The Explosion Of A Ufo

Astronomer Captures The Explosion Of A Ufo
An amateur astronomer who inspected the evening sky caught an explosion in space through his telescope.The time was recorded with the help of your smartphone. The video was shared by a local chain in order to solve the mystery. Images were recorded with an iPhone by ELIJAH PRYCHODZKO through the eyepiece of the telescope in Sacramento. "I saw something I had never seen before. I saw another object orbiting the light, and I've never seen anything like this before, "said PRYCHODZKO.

"AS SOON AS I PUT THE CAMERA ON THE TELESCOPE JUST EXPLODED AND I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY", he told the CBS13 chain. At first, Dr. Stephen P. Maran, author of " ASTRONOMY FOR DUMMIES ', acknowledged that it did not recognize the' explosion 'as an astronomical phenomenon known.

"MY PERSONAL OPINION IS THAT IT IS NOT AN ASTRONOMICAL EVENT," he said. The video has had a great impact on the Internet and it is part of the records of a large number of publications on UFOs and paranormal events.However, other users unoriginal network a little more skeptical 'And - say it is simply the explosion of a weather balloon. Is it perhaps a "battle" between a group of UFOs?

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Through The Worm Scientists Intergalactic Travel And Daemons

Through The Worm Scientists Intergalactic Travel And Daemons

It's charming to see scientists on 'legit' space documentaries like "Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole" on the SCIENCE CHANNEL explain how unlikely it is that UFOs could travel from other galaxies, since they're millions of light years apart - and yet these same scientists posit the existence of worm holes and parallel universes, and superior technology, but then if anyone puts two and two together they get scoffed upon.

If you'd have posited that in the future everyone in the world would be walking around with tiny phones that can reach anyone in the world anywhere at any time, they'd have told you flat out such things were impossible. Wireless radios, maybe... but satellite telephone service affordable to even the local ghetto youth? "Pshaw!" The only one, way back in the 1980s, who saw and wrote about a future where our external world is all poverty stricken but everyone's a king in a digital realm? William Gibson.

I'm not even sure I 100% believe in it even now, and I have a cell phone like everyone else. But unlike most people, I'm skeeved out by the thought of what sort of inter-dimensional space dust might be on those bouncy signals I'm sticking in my ear. Frankly, I don't believe it works. I think it's just a hypnosis machine that convinces people they've called each other in the past. The voices are echoes, of the windmills of your mind.

A materialist, but with an eye for the beyond

It's hard to imagine these kind of vast spaces between solar systems being traveled, even at light speed, but try to think of it in fractal terms - the distance between our galaxy and the next may correlate to the distance between one atom and the next in a single molecule of our fingernail. Would scientists really be so blind as to theorize that humans could never get from point A to B on a fingernail just because of all that space between atoms?

It's really a matter of point of view, which makes everything relative, including science. In this case the relativity is the size of the being wanting to do the travel, the notion of time as well. Imagine for example a planet that spins faster than ours, with days and nights scrolling by. They come visit us and move so fast we can't even see them, like the Flash. We say they are poltergeists, we say they are angels, blurs in the sky. They see us as this slow creatures stuck in a kind of melted time freeze frame life, just begging to have our pockets picked.

Another aspect to consider is anti-gravity, as explained by Bob Lazar who allegedly reverse-engineered UFOs for the government. Basically the way it works is by projecting a gravitational field that basically sucks the ship forward, so inside the ship it doesn't actually feel like you're moving at all, because your field of gravity is artificially maintained; essentially your falling towards your destination, no matter which direction it may be, but since the gravity is constant on board, you don't even notice. Questions to ask abductees who've been aboard spacecraft seldom asked: what is the gravity like? Do you see the aliens with your eyes closed, open, or both? Do they seem 100% real in 3-D, or are they kind of blurred and shape shifting, like hallucinations?

If we're foolish enough to think we begin and end in physical bodies trapped in time space on this spinning rock, then yes of course, we'll never get to drive to the far side of the universe. If we realize that the entire contents of the universe, from the big bang to now, exists in every facet of our entire being, then reaching Orion's belt is as easy as buckling up before driving to the store. But first we have to think bigger. Materialists believe in cell phone technology because it works. They "hear" the evidence. But what if, just as our cell phone signals are beamed back and forth through space so we can hear each others' voices, far away planets are beaming themselves, or their own cosmic messages, to our brains? Bypassing clumsy technology and going right for glands and organs they themselves planted inside us via manipulated DNA, they've been communicating with us for centuries! Do we just scoff at that? We don't know what the evidence would be since we can't tell, and don't try, to discern where our own thoughts end and transmitted thoughts begin, but if we meditate deeply it becomes more and more obvious.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

We shouldn't be training astronauts but psychonauts (hence this blog's title) and maybe we are, in art school, or yoga class, shamanism, Buddhism, Aboriginal ceremonies so secret we know nothing of them, or through Reiki. The human soul is not bound by size, dimension, time or space, and so we can reach the other side of the universe as easy as going to sleep if we allow ourselves that kind of release. But instead we hold ourselves tight in our bodies like a hermit crab in its shell who dreams of floating free with the current instead of being weighed down by his cumbersome housing and the draining gravity of real estate tax.

Imagine a hermit crab trying to cross the ocean floor in a huge conch shell... it takes forever, but if the crab lets go and just floats in the current it's across in no time. First though it has to let go of the fear it will be eaten as it will have no protective shelter. That's faith, though.You need faith to let go of yourself and slip between the cracks of reality, without the comfort of a physical body. But once you do, then you're really going places.

If you want to really 'see' beyond our three dimensions, you only need to meditate, or sleep, or go on a hunger strike, become a vegan, ingest psychoactive molecules, or just become schizophrenic; you'll see and understand it all... and then you will read of these haughty scientists speaking of space light year distances making interstellar space impossible and laugh like a giant who knows he has the whole Milky Way galaxy captured like a dot on the center of his tongue, which is to say, you will laugh like an infinitely small atom along a vast DNA chain who knows he dwells safely in the center of a giant's mouth. What enduring harm is possible to that hermit crab if he accepts the entire ocean as his shell? Even the devouring squid is just himself, drawing him into a faster, larger network.

"Wormhole" has two meanings: we go into one and out of the other (the worm's anus) goeth our body back to soil. As Hamlet said, "a man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a King, and eat of the fish that hath fed of that worm, and so may a King may go a progress through the guts of a beggar."

See you soon, King!

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