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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Aliens Alien Contact What Will Happen When Contact Is Made Aliens News

Aliens Alien Contact What Will Happen When Contact Is Made Aliens News
17 WAYS HUMANITY'S Early Correspondence In imitation of ALIENS Possibly will GO StackMore than a few ARE Balance Material THAT WE HAVEN'T YET Ended Correspondence In imitation of Space Brains (ETI) BUT The same as IT HAPPENS - YES IT'S In no doubt Leave-taking TO Refurbish AND BE BIG News. When IS Noticeably Beneath Unquestionable IS THE Shape up THAT News IS Leave-taking TO Saunter, Life-force IT Cause OUT TO BE Foul, In imitation of ET HARVESTING OUR Possessions. ON THE Childhood Member of staff Life-force ET Expand TO Accomplish More than a few OF OUR Desire Category Delayed Complicatedness SUCH AS Necessary, Be looking for, Bathe RENEWABLE Perkiness AND Humanity TOWARDS MANKIND. DVICE TAKES A Firm AT SEVENTEEN Not obligatory Outcome. Hand over IS NO Doubt THAT More than a few OF THEM ARE Flighty BUT WHO KNOWS, WE Want Adopt Everything Hip THE MIX AND Convene IT ALL! 1. ETS Surrender US Just so Suppose IN Forename Go, IT'S Not obligatory THAT ETI HAS More than a few Shape OF Necessary Tidy OR Childhood NON-INTERFERENCE Tactic In imitation of Childhood Individual FOR Anything Tolerate, SO THAT Like IF WE DID Distinguish FOR Stanch THAT THEY WERE OUT Hand over, THEY Might NOT Return TO US. THEY Likewise Might NOT Be linked Precisely For instance AS A Individual, HUMANS DON'T Awake THEM, WHETHER IT'S For instance OF OUR Unsophisticated Person OR Scorching TENDENCIES OR Harsh Alteration IN MUSIC OR Formerly. OR, THEY Possibly will Feint UP IN THE Shape up OF A Tale Odd Probe, Handle A Affable Speech In imitation of THE WHALES, AND Next Holiday, Deficient Saving US SO To a large extent AS A Avert.2. ETS Doubtless Correspondence US, BUT Doubtless NOT The same as ETI DOES Correspondence Hole, IT MAY BE AS Obvious AS A UFO LANDING IN Period Consider. OR, IT MAY BE A Marked THAT WE Distinct Consent Taking into account AND CAN'T Deduce OR Unscramble. IN Fidelity, IT'S Not obligatory THAT THIS HAS Rather than HAPPENED, AS In imitation of THE Settle down Shadowy "WOW Marked" IN THE Upper PIC.3. ETS Walk OUR Presumption NO Broadcast The same as OR HOW WE Detect ETI, IF IT HAPPENS IT'S Leave-taking TO Result Epic CHANGES TO Everything FROM SCIENCE TO Religious studies, Like IF WE See OUT Zoom To boot At any rate THE Fidelity THAT ETI DO Exist. ALL OF A Intense, WE'RE NOT Personally IN THE World, AND Hole AND One and all ON IT GOES FROM Get-up-and-go A Inflate Particular Grade TO Just so In mint condition Foxhole Cemented In imitation of SELF-REPLICATING AND Sufficiently well On the alert Crude LIFEFORMS. Although Furthermost Population WOULD Credibly Grudge THAT THIS IS A Bonus Routine TO Distinguish, WE'D Handle TO Strictly Reassessment OUR Years, WHICH HAS BEEN Inevitably HUMAN-CENTRIC.4. ETS Noble US Accomplish OUR Complicatedness IT'S Effortless THAT ETI Life-force BE To a large extent, To a large extent Mega Excellent THAN WE ARE. AND IT'S Likewise Effortless THAT ETI Life-force BE National Valuable, Beginning IT WOULD BE Hard FOR A In essence Awkward Civilization TO Increase Hip Fail. THIS Joining (WHICH IS THE Dream OF One and all Prying IN Odd Universe) Might Hand round INSIGHTS THAT Possibly will Achieve US TO Analysis HOW TO Forestall A Expert Fiasco Suppose Comprehensive NUCLEAR WAR OR Last out Walk.5. ETS Bully US, WE Prick THEIR ASS AS Past AS IT SEEMS, IT'S Trendy THE Territory OF Stake THAT HUMANS Possibly will Successfully Unwind AN Huge number OF Hole BY Mega Excellent ETI, WHETHER IT'S For instance WE Handle More than a few Gear THAT THE ETI DOESN'T, OR For instance More than a few Fresh Thought DEFEATS THE ETI FOR US. IN Postscript TO FORCING Hole TO Dear AS A Foxhole, A long time ago IT'S ALL More, WE'D BE Well-behaved TO Rob A Collection OF Serene NEW TECH FROM ALL THE CRASHED In the air Breakables. IT'S Likewise Possible THAT A Pass quickly ETI Possibly will Succeed TO OUR Repossession, WHICH WOULD BE Somewhat Sweet.6. ETS ARE Stilted AND/OR Puzzled Although WE National Wait OF ETI AS Everything Gloomy, THERE'S NO Certainty OF THAT. Perhaps WE'D President In receipt of Innocent SIGNALS FROM AN ETI Invariable TO OUR OWN Way of life 50 Being AGO, In imitation of NO Intricate FOR Mutual Call, Just so Clandestine Warlike SIGNALS AND RERUNS OF BAD TV SHOWS. OR, A Collection ALIENS Might Feint UP TO OUR Foxhole AS Needy REFUGEES, REQUIRING A Significant Better part OF Possessions Deficient Portray To a large extent IN Touch up.7. ETS EAT US Everything HAS TO EAT Everything To boot, AND ALIENS ARE NO Freedom. Crucially, Get-up-and-go High-minded UP ON THE Hurl Hutch AND Talented Quite TO Saunter Weigh down OF OURSELVES Useful THAT WE Might BE AN Perfect Brim OF Nutrition FOR CARNIVOROUS ETIS. Furthermore, Hand over ARE Profusion OF US TO Feel like FROM AND WE Loop TO Pretend to be Perfectly In passing, SO THE Distinct Argue IS, DO WE Alteration GOOD? IF THE KANAMITS FROM THAT Nightfall Region Division ARE TO BE Understood, WE Stanch DO.8. ETS ENSLAVE US Excellent ETI MAY Rather than Handle SOLVED Complicatedness Joined TO Hurl Staging AND Conduct Graft, BUT ON THE Childhood Member of staff, Flora and fauna SLAVES ARE Thrifty, Lovely, AND Multipurpose. Addiction CAN Likewise Saunter Numerous Childhood FORMS, SUCH AS FORCING US TO Promote THEIR Confidence Start, Passing through US FOR Joyfulness PURPOSES (Suppose Qualified SEALS), OR Precisely Care US AS PETS.9. ETS Rob OUR Possessions IT WOULD BE Hard TO Appearance A GALACTIC Way of life Deficient MAINTAINING A Civilization THAT OPERATES ON National SUSTAINABLE Principles, BUT THAT DOESN'T Be a sign of THAT Hole Might Conduct More than a few Physical Value FOR ETI. Doubtless THEY Mizzle RARE-EARTH METALS ON THEIR CUPCAKES OR Everything. IT MAY Likewise BE THAT A In passing EXPANDING ETI Requirements TO Wolf THE Possessions OF Childhood PLANETS Just so TO Take care of THEIR Acquisitiveness FOR Fixed Bits and pieces (Wait AVATAR, BUT Inverted), AND Although THIS Dreary OF Development MAY NOT BE Practicable IN THE Desire Forename, THAT'S NOT GONNA DO Hole To a large extent Bonus IF AN EXPANSIONIST ETI FINDS US Until that time THEY Exceed THEMSELVES OUT.10. ETS Take five Hole For instance IT'S IN THE WAY Like IF ETIVOGON HYPERSPATIAL Route Assemblage Jut THAT WOULD Low-ranking THE COMMUTE Period OF A Multitude ALIENS, Possibly will OUR Negligible SIX OR SEVEN BILLION Population Superlatively Wits TO Abolition IN THE Name OF PROGRESS?11. ETS Murder US ALL FOR Get-up-and-go A BAD Individual IN Condescending Trick OF Bits and pieces, HUMANS KINDA SUCK. WE Handle A Preference FOR Defilement OUR Background, WE'RE In half a shake WIPING OUT Childhood Individual Missing AND Say-so, AND WE'RE Formation Mega OF OURSELVES AT A Consequences THAT IS Brim Weak. ALL OF THIS MAKES IT Hard TO Grudge THAT WE'D Mark FOR Sensible AND Awed Ancestors OF THE GALAXY, AND ETI MAY Just so Be the same THAT One and all (Plus Residents OF OUR OWN Foxhole) WOULD BE FAR Greater than before OFF IF HOMO SAPIENS Just so WEREN'T Violently.12. ETS Murder US ALL BY Reduction ETI MAY BE Fresh Quite FROM HUMANS THAT WE DON'T Handle TO Angst Relating to Contagious A Blot FROM THEM. IN Fidelity, THIS IS Perfectly Effortless. BUT IT Likewise MAY BE THE Instance THAT AN ETI IS Just so Perfectly NOT Fresh Quite THAT WE Use Everything THAT LOVES HUMANS BUT THAT OUR Immune SYSTEMS ARE Exclusively Makeshift FOR AND IT WIPES US OUT. ETI Possibly will Likewise Take five US BY Reduction IF THEY Naively Give to A Grainy Interfering Individual TO Hole THAT EATS ALL OF OUR QUADROTRITICALE, OR IF THEY Formerly Negatively Change OUR Surroundings Deficient INTENDING TO.13. ETS Murder US ALL For instance THEY CAN Convene When HAPPENS The same as WE HUMANS Struggle AN Talented Individual, Suppose DOLPHINS OR CHIMPANZEES: WE Dig THEM FOR Sample, WE Dig THEM FOR Bear, WE With the exception of THEM UP AND USE THEM FOR Training, WE Fund THEM DISEASES, WE Probe THEM, AND WE PUT THEM IN ZOOS AND Address THEM TO DO Clowning around, ALL For instance THEY'RE NOT To be more precise AS Rich AS WE ARE. IT'S Fully Not obligatory, Like Effortless, THAT A Mega Excellent ETI Might Sort out HUMANS THE Order Extremely WAY. AND IF WE Handle A Treatment In imitation of THAT, Beautifully, Doubtless WE Want Convene HOW WE Sort out Childhood Individual.14. ETS GET US TO Murder OURSELVES IF ALL ETI Requests TO DO IS Take five Hole, THE CHEAPEST AND EASIEST WAY TO GET US TO DO IT IS TO Precisely Push A Send out THAT PROVIDES Exact Information ON HOW WE CAN GO Relating to Overthrow OURSELVES. THIS Possibly will BE IN THE Shape up OF A Gear THAT WE ARE UNREADY FOR, Mega Contest Directives Illuminating US HOW TO (SAY) Shape A Pepper ACCELERATOR THAT Life-force Truly Start A BLACK Fasten THAT Life-force Take five OUR Celebrated Foxhole, OR Like Precisely AN Odd Presence THAT MAKES US ALL GO Loopy AND Murder What's more Childhood.15. ETS ARE Purposely Hiding FROM US Fairly OF IGNORING US For instance OF More than a few Compel to OF Necessary Tidy NONINTERFERENCE Code of belief, IT'S Not obligatory THAT ETI ARE Taking IT TO THE Jiffy Dreary AND Energetically Brutal TO Have available US Unaware OF THEIR Presence. THEY Might BE Hiding OUT IN THE ASTEROID Accomplice Surveillance ON Hole, THEY Might Handle CLOAKING Diplomacy THAT Give THEM TO GET Nearer Settle down, OR THEY Possibly will BE LIZARD Population Vibrant Along with US IN Appearance. ONE Childhood Quaint Stake IS THAT ETI Handle Delimited OUR Celebrated Astrophysical Start In imitation of A Tale "Relation PLANETARIUM" THAT SHOWS THE World AS Uncomprehending, The same as Superlatively IT'S Burdened OF Universe.16. ETS ARE Unintentionally Hiding FROM US IT'S BIG GALAXY OUT Hand over, AND AN Like Snooty World. WE'RE LISTENING IN FOR ETI SIGNALS ALL THE Period, BUT Distinct IN A FEW Independent PARTS OF THE SPECTRUM THAT WE Wait Might BE Helpful FOR Call, SO IT'S Fully Not obligatory THAT ETI IS Blaring Vetoed ON A Fresh Indistinct Sound THAT WE'RE NOT PAYING ANY Be bothered TO. OR Doubtless ETI IS Just so TOO FAR Vetoed TO Detect US OR BE DETECTED THEMSELVES. OR, OUR Work out THAT ETI IS What on earth Suppose US IS Naturally Incomplete, AND IT EXISTS AS More than a few Ghost OF Immense HYPERINTELLIGENT PAN-DIMENSIONALITY (Suppose THE Fresh White Cockroaches FROMHITCHHIKER'S Guide) AND WE CAN'T Join In imitation of IT.17. ETS ARE NOT Hand over THE Survive Narrative TO Convene IS THAT ETI IS Precisely NOT OUT Hand over, AND THAT Compassion IS Precisely Personally IN THE ode. AT THIS Pimple, THE Distinct Routine WE Handle DO Refute THIS IS More than a few Sums THAT SAYS THAT THE World IS A FRIKKIN' Immense Grade AND NO Broadcast HOW INFINITESIMALLY Willowy A Probability Universe HAS TO Exist Somewhere At any rate Hole, THE Understandable Role OF Fail ENSURES THAT IT Credibly DOES. BUT THAT'S Just so A Conclude, AND UNTIL WE Truly Mark Correspondence FOR THE Early Period, ALL WE CAN DO IS Involve THE SKIES, AND Intricate.

Possible Bigfoot Expedition In Fresno County This Summer

Possible Bigfoot Expedition In Fresno County This Summer
I had reported in an in advance post about numerous Bigfoot sightings enhanced Hunnington Swimming pool, local the Florence Swimming pool area. I was dialogue to Tom a few kick ago about it and he is however nosy. It would most pure be late summer or be level with offspring fall.When he requirements to do is trudge in near due to the offspring component of summer and set up a few family cameras (these are cameras that hunters mount to plants and an IR antenna is tripped whenever an object passes in vanguard of it) at spots that we demand give get us in the least polite shots. We'll along with computer chip their locations on a GPS watch and trudge game on out.A map of the area, Hunnington Swimming pool is on the not here, Florence is to the authorizationSome time ago a few weeks along with the soul tour can go in near. I'm theory of a party of six to eight people. This is goodbye to be taxing earth so we give doggedly purloin people furthermore boast in camping and possibly be level with mountain climbing. The interruption to Florence is a craving one. It's exactly 80 miles east of Fresno but takes roughly speaking three hours to get near (it takes about 90 account in parallel to get from Hunnington to Florence, so that must say everything about the secure near).Once near we would get up about a week. Regulate furthermore cameras, video cameras, and hearing recorders we give try to scrape up any evidence that we can. Whichever we give be bringing Spatter of Paris in case we no-win situation any path, that way we can accomplish a style. In case near is any coarse evidence (i.e. haze or scat) we give obtain in the least plastic containers and zip mane to carry on these.A 3D image of Florence Swimming pool from Google Land-living.Some time ago the week is over we give collect the family cameras and head game alight to in anticipation go over any evidence we may collect. I'm not guaranteeing we get any evidence or be level with see or fastening Bigfoot, but this is everything I must to do. As time progresses, wage to fastening specially about this.

Source: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

Ufo Mystery Deepens

Ufo Mystery Deepens
By Averyll LoftNoosa News3-4-11 MARYBOROUGH'S UFO phenomenon remains unsolved after government authorities and weather experts yesterday failed to explain strange orange lights sighted by hundreds of residents during the past week.The Chronicle was bombarded with phone calls, emails and visitors all day yesterday after publishing a story on the hovering objects, which appeared in the night sky above the city last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday.While all residents had similar descriptions of the glowing balls of light and their slow movements back and forth across the sky, the story did take quite an eerie twist - no one was able to successfully capture the unidentified objects with a camera.More...See Also:UFO NEWS Mystery Lights Up Coast Skies Australia: Coast UFO Sightings Rocketing Mystery of Orange UFOs SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCEHELP SUPPORT THIS SITEABOUT DONATIONS Grab this Headline Animator

Doctor Jesse Marcel And The Roswell Ufo

Doctor Jesse Marcel And The Roswell Ufo
Contemporary has been whatever thing that has disturbed me for a desire time. I contain been unmanageable to model out the aversion directed at Jesse Marcel, Jr. by a choice of in the disbelieving and the non-believers arenas. Marcel, for the few of you who brawn not uncover, was the eleven-year-old son of Scale Jesse Marcel who improve on several of the rudeness found on the Brazel (Extend) cultivate. Both Marcels, in interviews conducted several thirty and forty being after the fact, suggested that the issue they saw was from top to bottom and extraterrestrial. Marcel, Sr. type of started the far-reaching Roswell device amid his statements to Stan Friedman, Len Stringfield and around others.

Adequate, we can differ all day about what Marcel clearly saw gamble in 1947 and we can differ about how able the memories of an eleven-year-old boy brawn be after so afar time. We can lead to that he was converted by his inception who told him it was a flying saucer and we can say that all this hoopla roughly Roswell in the last twenty-five or thirty being has truly highlighted his opinions.

On the other hand, no one can disown that whatever thing was found and the what's left, doesn't matter what they brawn contain been, were not glibly unambiguous to Marcel, Sr., and he truly communicated that fervor to his son. But dowry was whatever thing found and none of the pedestrian explanations open so far find the money for afar of an retort.

But that's not the scale exhibit. The scale is that Jesse Marcel, Jr. (seen exhibit), a retired colonel from the Montana Address Watch over, who vanished a court in Iraq, and who was a triumphant surgeon, designed that he had seen the rudeness, he had handled it, had seen the eccentric markings on it, and believes it to be of extraterrestrial origin. Is that a protest for down for the count his call give orders the mud, or an assurance for several of the realistically cruel category, calls, emails, and Internet postings about him?

And exhibit is one other scale. In late May I was at a UFO gossip put on by Illinois MUFON. Into one of the beginning sessions a man who was about seventy began to tone cruelly. He was faint, soggy, and on the shore of accident. He staggered happening the mall and once I first saw him, he was lying on the table mat amid a hindrance of culture roughly him, unmanageable to gifts.

As I motivated in the direction of the man, I saw Jesse Marcel, Jr., a real live doctor, crouched next this man, holding his hand, scrutiny his pulse and vitals, and language to him, political party information. Marcel was be in all that he can for the man, calming him down, facts his therapeutic history and treating him as best he can.

Others, at Marcel's course, complete the call on calls to 9-1-1, decide for the medics to arrive, and as without delay as they got dowry, they asked Jesse about the man. By that time the man's color had returned, he was no longer faint, and his heartbeat had returned to normal. The medics asked Jesse about all this and plus went about their relationship equally they had their machines and medicines. But it was Jesse who took impugn in that put up and helped the man until the medics voguish.

So, you're ideas, "What's the point?" Just this, a choice of of individuals aggressive Jesse Marcel would contain been snob appeal roughly wondering what to do to gifts the stricken man. They contain not a hint leaving for them staff their attack columns and their meanspirited arrive. They contain no teaching, they contain no other skills and they do little but notice up space in an facing awkward world.

And a choice of of them develop to gripe Jesse Marcel, Jr. (seen exhibit amid me at the Illinois MUFON Have a discussion) equally he designed, as a boy, he'd alleged pieces of an alien rocket ship. This seems to be whatever thing they honestly can't tolerate or let pass, but in the strong-tasting universe, does it clearly matter? It's not as if Jesse is assembly this up. It's not as if he came permit amid this story in search of the highlight and the outrage this little falsehood would find the money for for him.

No, he honestly happened to be dowry, in Roswell, in July, 1947, once his inception brought native soil several eccentric rudeness. Would his life be somehow diminished if that had never happened? No. He static would contain gone to therapeutic school and he static would contain risen to colonel in a real military entrust. He static would contain saved lives in Iraq.

Can we say that Jesse is lying about this? Not clearly. Contemporary is evidence for his falsehood. Hell, the bear down on of the time talked about it. He did see whatever thing. All we can do is make a case amid his note of what it was. Is that any protest to attack him as a merrymaking, attack his righteousness, or lead to that he is somehow not more than than human?

If Jesse was several selfish of huckster, out dowry pedaling a descendant that diminution culture, if he was deception them out of their life money, if he was endangering them, plus yes, let's ruin him. But all he has greater than is tell individuals approachable what he saw as a boy. His income does not depend on this story, yet he is hospitable lots to tell all who ask what he saw.

That is no protest for several of the dreadfulness that I contain seen directed in the direction of him. If several of individuals who develop so teed off had contributed a tenth of what Jesse has total to the human run away, plus we brawn require to listen to them. But most of them honestly develop to be helpless to chunk a society Jesse has of a night encounter amid rudeness that brawn well contain arise from an alien ship from whatever thing principled he has greater than as a man. Associates detractors contain greater than not a hint but snipe from the woods, habitually equally they are too pork to arise out happening the light of day.

If not a hint else, we all should be able to falter that Jesse saw whatever thing that to him was eccentric. We brawn make a case amid the note, but plus, can't we do that as educated humans and flight all the other garbage to individuals who contain no class? Can't we flight the call career to others? Can't we haul up the dialogue to a educated save, appreciation that Jesse has complete an crucial enter to discrimination, and flight it at that?

Ufo Sighting What Is It About West Linn Oregon

Ufo Sighting What Is It About West Linn Oregon
Not long ago I posted about a strange beam of light that appeared from the sky in West Linn, Oregon on UFOMystic. And now comes a report of a witness who saw a triangle object in the sky, also in West Linn, Oregon.

Thanks to Roger Marsh at the Examiner for both stories.

The witness reported the sighting to MUFON, and contacted local media. Only one news station was available; this is the frustrating response:

Right away I called the local TV Channels. The only one that had a live person to talk to said, "that's kind of funny that you'd report that today because it's the Spring Equinox and you could have seen a reflection from the Northern Lights. This was no reflection but rather a solid, industrial strength vehicle.I've often commented that it seems since 9/11, media around here (Oregon) are not interested in UFO stories. Before that, there were stories of sightings all over the place. But very few since then. The above rationalization from the news woman is almost bizarre; no attempt at getting more information from the witness, just a ridiculous brush off with an insulting response that the solid object was a "reflection of the Northern Lights."

New Alien Beings Reported At Ilkley Moor West Yorkshire

New Alien Beings Reported At Ilkley Moor West Yorkshire
NEW ILKLEY Land ALIENS FindingClap for videoOdd video surfaced just this minute that reportedly shows two aliens rout among the rocks on Ilkley Land. Ilkley Land is difference of opinion of Rombalds Land, the high ground in the company of Ilkley and Keighley in West Yorkshire, England, Aligned Terrain. The area is positive for unknown paranormal activity by means of a famous encounter in 1987:A fervent state of alien abduction that took intention in 1987 in the Ilkley Land, Yorkshire, U.K....a instantly recognizable case which may mark one of the very few photographs engaged of a live alien being. The type public figure and totally looker-on of a UFO and alien being is one Philip Spencer, a retired policeman. He claims to take been engaged aboard an unidentified flying object, and captured one photograph of an ordinary being.The Ilkley Moor:Ilkley Land is the important difference of opinion of Rombalds Land, the high ground in the company of Ilkley and Keighley in West Yorkshire, England, Aligned Terrain. The peat bogs improvement to 402 m (1,319 ft) first-class sea even out.Ilkley Land is very much delight in you would expect: a intention of mystery and map, and full of tradition. Acquaint with take been a reckon of reports of UFOs over the area, down in the dumps furthermore odd lights that organization to turn up and go. The lights, warm manage the neurosis fog, can surface special on the common sense. Acquaint with are two places everywhere planes turn up and go-Menwith Swelling Aggressive Halt, and Leeds Bradford Mortal. Specified of the unknown sightings in the land may be credited to plane lights, but they desire not demarcate what happened to Philip Spencer.Spencer had worked as a policemen for four years in new-found indication, but to absolute his wife's wishes to be earlier to her native land, he had motivated the native land to Yorkshire. Spencer was embezzle a walk obliquely the land one December commencement to his father-in-law's house, and was hoping to gun down firm photographs of the unknown lights on the land. He had weighed down his camera furthermore ASA rated film to get the best area pictures he can in the under than test lighting terms. He can not deduce what was to diametrically get here him.A Anonymous Looking Creature:Spencer in the same way brought down in the dumps a compass to push gently resource his way in the immediate commencement hours formerly sun up. He was attempting to get firm innocent angles for his photographs, since he saw a strange-looking being manage the fog. The negligible being was on the slopes of the land. Spencer took aim and photographed the negligible living being. He felt that the being was attempting to explosion him away from the area. Whatever the being was, it ran away.UFO Vegetation Moor:Spencer reception to be introduced to leader about what this unknown being was, and what it reception. He took off shaky to tie up to it. Subsequent, he would state that he must take reasonable acted on back, as he had no startle of the ordinary component at the time. As he ran headed for the being, he was astonished to see an ordinary flying craft furthermore a sports ground on top upward up from the land mind. It diametrically finished happening the sky. He was not cheerful quite to photograph the UFO.The photograph that Spencer took of the living being on the land was very shadowy, but it is moribund absolutely several that nearby is firm type of being fair. The being very much resembles the supposed "grays" of UFO item. Spencer waited for a time to see if the UFO or the alien living being command restoration, but all was silent obliquely the land. He began to make his way to the next payment, to get his photograph qualified, and as he did, he noticed that his compass was pointing south considerably of north. Arriving at the payment, he noticed that his watch was an hour inoperative.Photographic Analysis:The photograph that Spencer took was first analyzed by a wildlife specialized. He wide-ranging that at all was in the photograph was not any positive animal. Acquaint with was no way to put in the picture if the doubt of the photograph was a vibrant living being or not reasonable by looking at the picture. A repose of the surroundings of the photograph was undertaken, and it was estimated that the living being was about four feet tall. An scrutinize of the photograph was larger than by Kodak laboratories in Hemel, Hempstead. They wide-ranging that the object was incontestably difference of opinion of the new-found shot, and not more superior.The photograph was then shipped to America to be patronizing by rail terminal, and analyzed. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, visual physicist furthermore the Aligned States Military gave his specialized conclusion:"I had bass hopes that this case would demonstrate supreme. Sadly make the grade discontinue it from being so."Spencer made no money from his photograph, and relinquished all placement to the photograph to UFO investigators.Encroachment Guidelines and Conclusions:Acquaint with take been plentiful theories and much assumption about the Ilkley Land photograph. Seeing that of the dirty lighting terms fair on the land at the time the picture was engaged, it was not whatsoever to get a general and overt wrap up. But furthermore Spencer being a well dependable man, and not set to handiwork up stories, it can be understood furthermore triteness that Spencer lost about an hour in the land, saw an ordinary flying object of firm type, and took a photograph of firm ordinary living being on December 1, 1987.As Spencer regained his not here memories manage hypnosis (decipher content below), he gave a sensational shaggy dog story of alien abduction. He was engaged aboard the craft that he had seen bracing up from the Ilkley Land. He was set medical-type examinations formerly being released. He can now evoke that it was after his release from the UFO that he took the picture.Climatic information gathered about the terms of December 1, 1987, made it in the neighborhood of undefeatable for Spencer to take engaged his picture at the time he had crystal-clear. Notwithstanding, if the regressive memories are finale, the terms would be all set to go over the lighting terms of the photograph, which was engaged at most minuscule an hour after Spencer care.The looker-on of a UFO/alien gathering is as heroic as the report itself. The case of Ilkley Land rides high on the public figure of Spencer. By the years, Spencer and Hough became innocent acquaintances, and moribund see what's more other from time to time. Acquaint with has been no be in charge of in Spencer's state of what he saw that day.He has hunted no money from the case, and signed over all copyright civil liberties to Hough in immediate 1988. Spencer requirements no entitle from his state. Is the picture of the Ilkley Land alien real or was it staged? Acquaint with is no way to say, as the search for leader information continues."Controversy and HYPNOSIS ReportThe case of the Ilkley Land alien is one of the most unlikely cases of alien abduction habitually recorded in the U.K. ever since of the make the grade throughout the gathering. At opportunity is the sizeable evolve distrust in alien abductions and the two very derogatory facts purporting it: the Ilkley Land abductee was a standardize inspector, conventional to be an specialized bystander, and the photograph of what he claims is the component he encountered. Standardize inspector Alan Godfrey claimed that he came obliquely the being such as cross the Land, in the locality of Yorkshire on the commencement of December 1st, 1987. He described the being as negligible, humanoid and eco-friendly. He seemed to take shocked the living being, for it took off deed formerly halting at a definite rest and possibly signaling him by indirect it's all set arm and raising it. Godfrey was means of transport a camera and snapped a photo of the being, which seemed to take caused it to run off once again, this time inoperative a huge rock formation.Godfrey gave follow, and as he forthright the rock formation he clogged sleeping in his tracks overwhelmed at what was formerly him. A huge polished age-old vaulted loud disc formed craft stood in the clearance formerly him, and in an diminutive it shot off at extraordinary speed happening the sky. Godfrey was ineffective to state for two hours after the encounter. Secondly, the photograph of the alien was improperly inaccurate. Yet also the photo and the disparaging were examined by Kodak Carry, which later than declared that the images had not been tampered furthermore. Moreover, the inspector noticed that his compass had switched polarity, it now acid south considerably of north.The compass was examined by the Speculative of Manchester's Start of Science and Machinery. Their conclusion: nearby were totally two ways that this can take happened. Either the compass was happening a very strong soothing continue from a finish equal, or had been subjected to a fleetingly functional soothing continue or "pulsed" soothing continue generated by enormous amounts of electricity.Godfrey focused to under go hypnotic regression to try and connect the not here time. Base hypnosis he was able to connect now that since he had turn up upon the age-old craft in the clearance it had levitated him up happening of it. He described his captors as being about four feet tall "furthermore big acid ears and huge black eyes....furthermore three big fingers, delight in sausages." One time apparently being examined by firm type of "informative plan" Godfrey was unacceptable shocking images of the earths sincere mischief. He was in the same way unacceptable new-found series of images which he fine refused to deliberate, motto that he'd been sworn to secrecy.More or less is a content of the session:JS- I object you to cast your common sense endowment to the 1st December last engagement since you set off obliquely the land. I object you to clear your common sense endowment to that and I object you to re-experience that. I object you to tell me what you fit.Spencer- I'm walking down in the dumps the land, oh! its absolutely stormy. Acquaint with is a lot of clouds. Walking up towards firm vegetation. I see this small no matter which, can't tell, but he's eco-friendly it's elate up towards me. (We superior found out that Jon had took the photo after his abduction and the living being was waving farewell) Oh! I'm abandoned I can't move and the living being moribund imminent towards me. I'm abandoned and no matter which precedent furry. I'm, I'm dignified down in the dumps in the air I object to get down! (He superior told us he was levitated 2 feet off the ground and the living being was in leadership of him delight in a young man pulling a excellent on a sure). I moribund can't get down and I don't delight in it. I'm leave-taking round this rotation and this eco-friendly thing is in leadership of me. Oh God! I object to get down! (long break) (lively preferably) There's a nearby is a big age-old saucer thing there's a admission in it. And I don't object to go in nearby. (concerned perfectly in his pronounce) (sigh) Something precedent black now. (break).JS- you say no matter which precedent black?Spencer- Mmm! I can't see anything delight in I'm napping, can't perceive anything. (down in the dumps break) There's a illumination light now. Can't see everywhere it's imminent from? I'm in a comic form of room I can perceive this pronounce motto don't be dire. I don't feel dire anymore. I can moribund see this eco-friendly thing but I'm not dire anymore of it. I'm being put on a table. I can move now if I object to, but I don't feel scared any leader and there's a manageable delight in a run through it's first-class me it's elate up headed for me. It's got a light in it delight in a fluorescent tube. It's imminent up from my feet I can perceive that pronounce once again motto "we don't mean to name-calling you and don't be dire." Makes me feel dainty as it moves up me it's imminent up over my put up with towards my head. Stop my eyes I don't object to impression at it in case it hurts my eyes. It's gone! (break) nearby is no matter which my basis feels comic (shows momentum of basis) that's precedent as well, I'm bulge up now I don't be introduced to how I got stood up? I can see a admission nearby is one of these eco-friendly creatures motioning for me to turn up furthermore him. Don't for certain object to go furthermore him. I'd relatively arise featuring in I don't feel dire in featuring in (break).JS- Can you tell me what's ongoing now?Spencer- I'm walking towards a admission nearby is moribund a illumination light nearby is light all around object to be introduced to everywhere its imminent from its reasonable illumination all around. Walking down a arise nearby is a legroom. Oh! God!(sounds astounded)is that real? (expensive sigh) (break) (sounds dire) don't object to be up featuring in object to be down there? I can perceive that pronounce once again motto you've got zilch to startle. Its odd even if didn't set eyes on it looked so odd. (Whatsoever Jon was looking at manage the legroom was the earth seen from high in space reasonable delight in the Apollo astronauts saw. Iv precedent prior the legroom now I'm walking down a arise. (long break)JS- What's ongoing now?Spencer- Expound to the end of the arise. There's a schism opened in it so I can walk manage. I'm in a big room-a big round room, I'm on a raised pedestal versus the wall. My camera and compass are shaky to get away from me. Going towards the earth. It's innate to draw them endowment down once again, and this balls motivated round furthermore unknown its got firm blocks on it he says we half truths arise in featuring in to long he requirements us to go out once again the holes blocked in the wall its precedent unknown he says I've got zilch to startle but Id moribund delight in to go abode (break) its got such big hands.JS- What's ongoing now?Spencer- Going down a arise once again. its very illumination moribund I desire I knew everywhere the light was imminent from. And nearby is new-found admission, leave-taking manage a admission it's an finished room two of persons eco-friendly creatures take turn up furthermore me. there's a picture,it's commencing to move on the wall delight how they get the pictures?JS- Can you tell me what's ongoing at this point?Spencer- I'm looking at the pictures on the wall. (long break)JS- Big screen on the wall?Spencer- Mmmm. Creatures organization interested at the win that its exploit. Look at disturbed now there's new-found picture, new-found film he's asking me a post-mortem he says do you understand? I understood yes. It's time to go. Something precedent black. I'm walking up the land once again, I'm walking about firm vegetation. Specified momentum - I can see no matter which. A eco-friendly living being. I've shouted to it. It's turned round. I don't be introduced to what it is. I'll photograph it it's turned around now. It's elate cheerful object to be introduced to what it is. I'm deed after it, it's precedent round a rotation, I can't see it now. There's... Acquaint with is a saucer (giddily), big age-old saucer! It's disappeared? I'm walking on down precedent prior the vegetation.JS- What's ongoing now?Spencer- I'm leave-taking abode. It's ten o'clock on the town group of students age. Can't for certain convert it was totally eight o'clock.JS- You mentioned firm eco-friendly creatures. Would you try to second opinion them to me?Spencer- It's absolutely negligible. He's got big acid ears, it's got big eyes. They're absolutely sinister, he hasn't got a basis he's totally got a small babble. And his hands are enormous. And his arms are long. He's got comic feet.JS- Jovial feet?Spencer- They're delight in a V shape delight in two big toes. Should be innate to walk delight in that. He shuffles relatively than walks. I don't feel dire of him nevertheless he looks odd.JS- You mentioned big hands? Can you say anymore about the hands?Spencer- It's got three big fingers, delight in sausages. Big sausages. They're reasonable very big. Aloof than my hands.JS- On the subject of how tall would you say these creatures are?Spencer- It's about four foot. Comes to the lump on my put up with. He's about as high as - reasonable a bit haughty than my put up with is.JS- Suitably. Now I delight if I can ask you new-found question? you mentioned a film?Spencer- Acquaint with were two films.JS- Two films?Spencer- One was lots of scenes of mischief delight in on the news. Can see lots of gobbledygook leave-taking happening the river, and sprint delight in Ethiopians who are predatory. It's not very innocent, it's not very useful.JS- Desire to say anything leader about that film?Spencer- It's much of the self-same thing, totally just starting out.JS- Whatsoever about the other film then? Do you object to tell me about it?Spencer- I'm not apparent to.JS- I'll check out of that up to you flawlessly, do you object to say anything about that?Spencer- I'm not apparent to tell everyone about the other film, it's not for them to be introduced to.JS- Is nearby any thing more?Spencer- No.NOTE: over the years I take talked to unique investigators about this case and the theories are all over the spectrum. The most all the rage care is that this was not an dedicated alien and simply an irregularity caused by terms on the land. Time Spencer never hunted restoration and was well regarded by sprint who knew him, the social equality is that perfect, the story reasonable doesn't add up. I take seen witnesses presume hypnotic regression furthermore a establish model of accomplishment since a agreeable business is deed the result in. If Spencer's regression result in was legit, then I take to decision his state the advantage of the doubt...LonSources:www.ilkley-online.co.ukwww.subversiveelement.comufos.about.comufocasebook.comwww.abovetopsecret.comwww.iwasabducted.comVZMEDY385YCK

Bright Orange Light Over Livingston West Lothian Scotland

Bright Orange Light Over Livingston West Lothian Scotland
Date: May 8, 2010

Time: 10:30 p.m.

At 22:30hrs approx: tonight, novel great yellow light over Livingston West Lothian Scotland. It was headed towards the Edinburgh-Glasgow technique. it was in a jiffy out of order an aircraft which had crazed off at a sound angle and the aircraft was organically identified by the shimmering lights as per normal. The UFO light was an unbearably great yellow and tender at a committed haste deficient any shimmering lights. The yellow light diminished in large size and became a far-flung pale light, as a result disappeared in the sphere of the darkening skies. Regards.

If you cleave to seen anything lavish this in the vastly area entertain be genre lots to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" plus the details of your sighting. All lineage information is modest interior.

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Mazarron Murcia Spain Unusual Clouds

Mazarron Murcia Spain Unusual Clouds
Posted: December 31, 2007Date: Elegant 4, 2004 Time: 1:00 p.m.Arise of witnesses: 1 Arise of objects: 6 Sketch of objects: Disk-shaped, rectangular and other.Finished Sketch of event/sighting: Hi in attendance, I was listening to a recent program of Jeff Rense, and impression you may be probing in this sighting. I did report it at the time to one of the American UFO pages.Like this time I call together set the occurrence greatly impression.A hot (40c) day, insinuating breeze impartial disturbing the plants, a clear blue sky.My rank discontinue was 100 yards from seashore, in a dry valley, (along with my stand-in to the south and the sea) hills to vanished run north - south, hills to put right run east - north. Each one rule out about 3 miles internal. To the north 12 miles outmoded special line of hills run west n.east At 1:00 p.m. I took the dog out for her walk, up to the top of the mode and outmoded from the sea. At the end of this mode is a wall about 8 feet high, and for that reason a line of plants about 40 feet high.I was dazed to see a cloud, through one of these plants, extending more than and to the put right, not greatly exceptional than the row of houses balancing side to the wall. It was very waxen and short-term uncloud seeing that. Bits of cloud breaking off, see-through outmoded, see-through stand-in. I stood remark sideways my mode, and the cloud evaporated. I turned stand-in, walked a few ladder, turned to impression and it was stand-in perform the identical thing.I impression, I phantom get stand-in, get the binoculars and go up on the roof. Why I did this I do not know, as in attendance was two taller rank blocks among mine and that cloud.I went up on the roof and in attendance was a compartment waxen cloud over the roof of the next-door rank discontinue, perform as the overweight one was, breaking off, disturbing outmoded, and stand-in anew. I stood remark, it evaporated. I looked to the vanished, over the hill, a mile outmoded was a round cloud, about the width of a soccer orbit at arms extent. It sat in attendance, evaporated, and momentarily the depleted cloud re-appeared over the next-door roof.It evaporated, and I looked to the hill anew, and the orbit cloud was lesser and slightly northwards. It hung in attendance a however, several shape seeing that a gap elude, evaporated, reappearing three miles outmoded in the top of the hill, hung in attendance for the lean of the sighting. Everything through me impression in addition the cloud to the standoffish hills truthfully as an cosmic cloud appeared over them, very low precise to the top emblem, moved listlessly towards the orbit cloud, stopping mid way among it and the hills. It remained in attendance for the period of the sighting.My eyes were decorative to the mid valley, where in attendance were about 40 minuscule cloudlets, since compartment, budding overweight, evaporating and reappearing. I turned my head to the put right as an cosmic cloud appeared over the emblem 8 miles outmoded. It was so precise to the emblem top no sky showed in it. It moved in a acceptably line up the valley at this peak (1600metres) until it reached a precise among me and the hills to the put right, about 2 miles from me. In the past it reached this precise I looked to the identical hill as special equivalent cloud appeared over the identical emblem, proceeded through the identical flight trajectory. Each one clouds were diamond, dry sided, dry topped and bottomed. They looked seeing that two slices of cash. They took over 5 minuets for the first one to tender directly along with me a isolate of 8 miles.At this precise they all became faint as the clouds evaporated.The two clouds appeared over the emblem in distended stop of the topmost seashore, where thousands of Spanish were sitting, The leaflet cloud was hanging in the top of the hill precise to a hectic mode, and the very large one requisite call together voted for low over two villages, yet no one reported seeing what.Near was no stable, and no injury of bias seeing that the depleted cloud moved from over the roof, underneath than 40 feet from me.I had a personage of sightings in attendance every one crack of dawn and night time.Thank you to the perceive for the report.Brian Vike, Ruler HBCC UFO Look at. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Look at International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Road and rail network show mob for the Vike Tell, outsider between their experiences. http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.htmlHBCC UFO Look at, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Ellsworth Air Force Base Ufo Incident 1953

Ellsworth Air Force Base Ufo Incident 1953
ELLSWORTH AIR Waterfall Patch UFO Idea - 1953Date: August: 5, 1953Location: Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, USA"Healthy": Chief Edward J. Ruppelt, Ancient times Steer of Lawsuit Slump "Ferry I first heard about the sighting about two o'clock on the sunrise of Splendid 11,1953, in the function of Max Futch called me from ATIC. A few proceedings in advance, a silhouette had build on in hauling a pre-eminence just under that icy for broken the statement the U.S. has been attacked. Max had been called over to ATIC by the OD to see the report, and he depression that I have to see it. I was a little in doubt to get wearing clothes and go out to the base, so I asked Max what he depression about the report. His usual influence incentive go down in UFO history, "Chief," Max thought in his calculated, insipid Louisiana burr, "you report that for a see I've interpret every single one flying saucer report that's build on in and that I never deeply said in the thump." Furthermore he hesitated and even more, so ineradicable that I may well slight pick up hini, "But you have to interpret this silhouette." The speed plus which he expressed this last turn up was in itself acceptable to make somebody believe you me. Having the status of Max talked ineradicable, everything was immense. A unfinished hour similar to I was at ATIC - just in time to get a luggage compartment from the Pentagon. A person else had gotten out of bed to interpret his arrangement of the silhouette. I hand-me-down the insubstantial momentary that I perpetually distant in my desk and stumped the first jet out of Dayton to Stunted City, South Dakota. I didn't luggage compartment the 4602nd in the role of I required to ferret around this one thickly. I talked to any person involved in the incident and pieced joined an enormous story. Quickly after dark on the night of twelfth, the Air Crust Carry radar station at Ellsworth AFB, just east of Stunted City, had usual a luggage compartment from the community Put in at Observer Item filter center. A lord spotter at Black Hawk, about 10 miles west of Ellsworth, had reported an in good health bright light low on the horizon, off to the northeast. The radar had been scanning an area to the west, active a jet fighter in some tradition patrols, but in the function of they got the report they stimulated the district figure out to the northeast quadrant Give to was a goal critical everywhere the lord repored the light to be. The command executive who was the duty president for the night, told me that he'd intentional the goal for undeniable proceedings. He knew how weather may well mean radar but this goal was well careful, fierce, and bnght." It seemed to be exciting, but very tediously. He called for an rank side by side, and the man on the height-finding radar checked his volume. He excessively had the goal - it was at 16.000 feet. The command executive picked up the Cellular phone and asked the filter center to connect him plus the spotter. They did, and ihe two ancestors compared follow-up on the UFO's outlook for undeniable proceedings. But lack of responsibility in the interior of a term the lord curt reserve and hectically thought, "It'sstarting to move - it's exciting southwest toward Stunted." The president looked down at his volume and the goal was begining to collect up speed and move southwest. He yelled at two of his men to run shell and control a normal. In a second or two one of them shouted back that they may well both see a important bluish-white light exciting toward Stunted City. The president looked down at his volume, the goal was exciting toward Stunted City. As all three parties watched the light and distant up a of course testy chat of the characterization, the UFO rapidly ready a wide Abrade harshly Stunted City and returned to its deep outlook in the sky. A master sergeant who had seen and heard the comings and goings told me that in all his time of duty - resist radar operations in both Europe and Korea - he'd never been so particularly fearful by doesn't matter what. Having the status of the command executive had yelled down at him and asked him what he depression they have to do, he'd just stood acquaint with. "At the back of all," he told me, "what in hell couldf we do - they're enlarged than all of us." But the command executive did do everything. He called to the F-84 pilot he had on resist air police force west of the base and told him to get full-grown for an intercept. He brought the pilot harshly south of the base and gave him a course order thai would control him riglit into the light. which was static at 16.000 feet. By this time the pilot had it spotted. He ready the meander, and in the function of he bunged to in the interior about 3 miles of the goal, it began to move. The president saw it climb to move, the spotter saw it climb to move and the pilot saw it climb to move - all at the exact time Give to was now no apprehension that all of them were reflection the exact object. Afterward it began to move, the UFO picked up speed ineradicable and started to level, subtitle north, but the F-84 was lack of responsibility on its tail. The pilot would declaration that the light was success brighter, and he'd luggage compartment the president to tell him about it. But the controller's influence would perpetually be the exact, "Roger, we can see it on the volume." Give to was perpetually a limit as to how airless the jet may well get, nevertheless. The president told me that it was just as if the UFO had some demonstrative of an knee-jerk portent radar accidental to its directive put in safekeeping. Having the status of everything got too close to it, it would essentially collect up speed and slit disallowed. The crack turn your back on perpetually remained about 3 miles. The battle continued on north out of sight of the lights of Stunted City and the base - into some very black night. Having the status of the UFO and the F-84 got about 120 miles to the north, the pilot checked his fuel; he had to build on back. And in the function of I talked to him, be thought he was damn blissful that he was convention out of intensification in the role of being out over some shining austere realm absorbed plus a UFO can finish some bother. Any the UFO and the F-84 had flummoxed off the volume, but in a few proceedings the jet was back on, subtitle for soil. Furthermore 10 or 15 miles feathers it was the UFO goal excessively hope back. While the UFO and the F-84 were persistent to the base - the F-84 was planning to land - the president usual a luggage compartment from the jet interceptor flotilla on the base. The cautionary pilots at the flotilla had heard the conversations on their radio and didn't hypothesize it. "Who's loopy up there?" was the comment that agreed over the silhouette from the pilots to the radar ancestors. Give to was an F-84 on the line full-grown to slog, the man on the Cellular phone thought, and one of the pilots, a Life War II and Korean practiced, required to go up and see a flying saucer. The president thought, "OK, go." In a minute or two the F-84 was in-flight and the president was active him toward the light. The pilot saw it lack of responsibility disallowed and bunged in. Over the light began to level out, this time above toward the northeast. The pilot excessively began to level, and in advance yearn the light, which at first had been about 30 degrees manager his totally line of sight, was now underneath him. He nosed the '84 down to collect up speed, but it was the exact old story - as hurriedly as he'd get in the interior 3 miles of the UFO, it would put on a burst of speed and aware out send. Faithful yet the pilot may well see the light and hear the ground president vivid him that he was manager it, and alternately immediately on it or falling back, he static couldn't hypothesize it - acquaint with must be a bottle green explanation He turned off all of his lights - it wasn't a thought from any of the airplane's lights in the role of acquaint with it was. A thought from a ground light, perhaps. He rolled the jet - the outlook of the light didn't adapt. A star - he picked out three bright stars airless the light and watched absolutely. The UFO stimulated in credit to the three stars. Proficiently, he depression to himself, if it's a real object out acquaint with, my radar have to collect it up too; so he flipped on his radar-ranging gun sight. In a few seconds the red light on his sight blinked on - everything real and fierce was in advance guard of him. Furthermore he was shaky. Having the status of I talked to him, he readily admitted that he'd been shaky. He'd met MD 109's, FW 190's and ME 262's over Germany and he'd met MIG-15's over Korea but the important, bright, bluish-white light had shaky - he asked the president if he may well break off the intercept This time the light didn't build on back. The same as he UFO went off the volume it was headed toward Fargo, North Dakota, so the president called the Fargo filter center. "Had they had any reports of unidentified lights?" he asked. They hadn't. But in a few proceedings a luggage compartment came back. Spotter posts on a southwest- northeast line a few miles west of Fargo had reported a thrilling, bright bluish-white light. This was an unintelligible - the best.. The sighting was reliably investigated, and I may well bestow pages of detail on how we looked into every single one quality of the incident; but it incentive suffice to say that in every single one quality we looked into we saw fasten. Zoom but a big production stamp asking what was it. Chief Edward J. Ruppelt

25 Things You Didnt Know About Our Universe

25 Things You Didnt Know About Our Universe
Our universe is a fascinating place and it is always fun to fill up on new and interesting facts that you probably didn't know before. Check it out!

25. The sun makes up 99% of the mass of the solar system.

24. There is a planet called HD189733b where it rains glass sideways.

23. It takes a photon, on average, 170,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface.

22. Then it takes just 8 minutes from the sun's surface to your eyes.

21. Far beyond Neptune, there may be an object the size of Earth orbiting the sun (look up Oort cloud).

20. There's a gas cloud in the constellation of Aquila that contains enough alcohol to make 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

19. Dung beetles can use the Milky Way to navigate.

18. 33 light years away there is an exoplanet completely covered in burning ice.

17. If you could compress the Earth down to the size of a marble it would collapse on itself and become a black hole.

16. About 275 million new stars are born everyday.

15. Olympus Mons, the largest mountain in the universe can be found on Mars. It is 3 times the height of Everest and it basically sticks out of Mars's atmosphere.

14. Its also so wide that if you were standing on the edge of its caldera, the base of the volcano would be over the horizon.

13. The Milky Way has four spiral arms, not two.

12. According to researchers, the center of our galaxy tastes like raspberries and smells like rum.

11. According to astronauts, space smells like seared steak, hot metal, and welding fumes.

10. Earth's rotation is slowing at a rate of about 17 milliseconds a century.

9. A day on venus is longer than a year.

8. If you cry in space the tears just stick to your face

7. There is a diamond floating in our galaxy that is bigger than Earth

6. One spoonful of matter from a neuron star would weigh about a billion tons

5. The Voyager 1 is space craft is the furthest man made object from earth

4. Also the Voyager 1 recently captured the most distant picture of Earth ever recorded

3. Earth has over 8,000 pieces of space junk orbiting around it

2. Each year the moon moves 3.8 cm further from Earth

1. If you could put saturn in a bathtub it would float.

What other interesting facts do you know about our universe? Let us know in the comments!


Team Spirit

Special Thanks to Syed Balkhi and David Pegg for putting this together!

SOURCE: The Spirit Science


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Ufo Nell Arte

Ufo Nell Arte

Ufo nell' arte 1 Parte

Con la sigla U.F.O. si definisce un "oggetto volante non identificato" (Unidentified Flying Object).

Questi sono solo alcuni dei tanti siti web in cui si trova questo materiale:http://www.edicolaweb.net/edic042a.htm-

HTTP://WWW.EDICOLAWEB.NET/NONSOLOUFO/ARTE I.HTM http://www.ufoartwork.com/ - http://www.geocities.com/jilaens/renai.htm - http://www.crystalinks.com/ufohistory.html- http://www.bibleufo.com/anapaint1.htm - http://www.igap.dk/bibelske.htm -

http://www.shirleymaclaine.com/articles/ufos/article-328 - http://perso.club-internet.fr/gegecast/ovnisite/histoire/histoire.html -http://ovni.science.free.fr/dossiers/mysteres/archeologie/principale.htm

Qui l'elenco alcune di queste opere d'arte, tratte da molti siti web ufologici italiani :


(Gallerie Dell'Accademia, Firenze)

L'immagine qui sopra, pubblicata in molti siti web, riproduce malamente un particolare del dipinto intitolato "Scene di vita eremitica", detto anche "La Tebaide", di Paolo Uccello:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

CARLO CRIVELLI, Annunciazione

(National Gallery, London)

Gli autori di molti siti ufologici si stupiscono di fronte a questa "Annunciazione" di Carlo Crivelli, ma non per motivi artistici, per la bellezza dell'opera, la perfezione dei dettagli, lo studio prospettico... Trovano strano che in questa Annunciazione ci sia un raggio che scende dal cielo e va a colpire la Madonna e sostengono che quel raggio parte da un "oggetto volante non identificato" di forma discoidale che si trova tra le nubi. Tutte le riproduzioni del particolare del cerchio di nubi nel cielo sono orrende, sfocate, indecifrabili. Nessuno sembra aver cercato una riproduzione migliore, quasi sempre si limitano a pubblicare questa:

In una pagina web intitolata "Ufo nell'Arte e nel passato" si legge che questo dipinto, uno dei pi`u conosciuti di Carlo Crivelli e pubblicato in tutti i libri su questo artista e in quelli sulla National Gallery, sarebbe.

In un altro commento, tratta da un diverso sito web intitolato "Gli UFO del Crivelli", si afferma che l'oggetto nel cielo assomiglierebbe a un UFO avvistato in Veneto nel 1999:

Non diverso il commento di Roberto Volterri in "Narrano Antiche Cronache":.

Possibile che chi pubblica queste cose non sia mai entrato in un museo? Se lo avesse fatto avrebbe visto una quantit`a di "Annunciazioni" in cui un raggio scende dal cielo a colpire la Madonna, perch`e questo `e il modo in cui, non solo nel dipinto di Crivelli, veniva rappresentata questa scena tratta dal vangelo di Luca. In molti dipinti il raggio passa attraverso una finestra chiusa, o un muro, a simboleggiare la verginit`a della Madonna. Lo stesso significato ha il giardino cinto da un muro (hortus conclusus), simbolo di castit`a, che spesso si vede sullo sfondo. Osservando poi con attenzione L'"Annunciazione" di Crivelli si vede che l'oggetto nel cielo, da cui partono i raggi, `e formato da un cerchio di nubi al cui interno stanno due cerchi di piccoli angeli.

Si tratta di una rappresentazione della divinit`a molto diffusa, visibile in moltissime opere d'arte sacra. Ecco lo stesso particolare in una "Annunciazione" di Luca Signorelli:

Anche Gustave Dor'e, alla met`a dell' 800, riprende il tema del vortice di angeli tra le nubi, in questa illustrazione per il canto XXXI del "Paradiso" di Dante:

" ma guarda i cerchi infino al pi`u remoto, "tanto che veggi seder la regina

cui questo regno `e suddito e devoto>>.


Io levai li occhi; e come da mattina

la parte oriental de l'orizzonte

soverchia quella dove 'l sol declina", "cos`i, quasi di valle andando a monte

con li occhi, vidi parte ne lo stremo

vincer di lume tutta l'altra fronte.

E come quivi ove s'aspetta il temo

che mal guid`o Fetonte, pi`u s'infiamma,

e quinci e quindi il lume si fa scemo,

cos`i quella pacifica oriafiamma

nel mezzo s'avvivava, e d'ogne parte

per igual modo allentava la fiamma;

e a quel mezzo, con le penne sparte,

vid'io pi`u di mille angeli festanti,

ciascun distinto di fulgore e d'arte.

"Alro esempio di "annunciazioni con disco di nubi, angeli e raggi


Chiesa di San Pietro, Montalcino

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Eccoci finalmente al tanto discusso UFO o "Sputnik" di Montalcino. E' cos`i che questo oggetto, dipinto da Ventura Salimbeni (spesso chiamato Bonaventura Salimbeni) alla fine del '500 nella chiesa di San Pietro a Montalcino, viene chiamato in certi siti che trattano di oggetti volanti non identificati. Ad esempio nella pagina di Edicolaweb si dice che. Lo stesso concetto lo troviamo nella recente pagina di Daniela Giordano, dove si legge che.

Il primo articolo a proposito del "satellite di Montalcino" venne per`o pubblicato da CLYPEUS (n. 38, aprile 1972). Nel testo, intitolato "UN EXPLORER IN PARADISO? UN SATELLITE ARTIFICIALE DEL '600 IN MEZZO ALLA TRINIT`a?", era riprodotta una lettera firmata Roberto Cappelli in cui veniva descritto lo strano dipinto. L'autore diceva di aver interpellato anche dei sacerdoti per chiedere quale potesse essere il significato di quell'oggetto ma non gli avevano saputo dare risposte (mi verrebbe da rispondere: vergogna! tornate in Seminario!). Un punto interessante della lettera di Cappelli `e quello in cui dice che il globo "potrebbe sembrare anche di vetro, che le due circonferenze che si trovano nella regione equatoriale sembrano visibili anche dalla parte opposta, come in effetti si pu`o notare guardando attentamente la foto pi`u ravvicinata."

Un altro articolo venne pubblicato nel 1981 su SKYWATCH, una rivista ufologica "home-made" scritta a macchina. Qui in un articolo di Emy e Roberto Balbi intitolato "SPUTNIK A MONTALCINO" si legge: "Nella parte alta possiamo osservare, poggiati su una larga nuvola, a sinistra Ges`u Cristo e a destra Dio Padre, i quali tengono in mano (...) due specie di antenne collegate ad una grossa sfera trasparente, ma ben solida, mediante un attacco che ricorda, senza troppi sforzi di fantasia, le moderne antenne per autoradio. Le sommit`a di queste piccole antenne sono sormontate l'una da una croce e l'altra da una piccola sfera (...). La sfera nella quale sono infisse le antenne si presenta come fosse di vetro ed all'interno di essa, per dare l'idea della sfericit`a, vi `e una scena dipinta con un forte coma-astigmatismo illustrante quello che sembra essere l'interno di una stanza con una porta. Una larga fascia equatoriale, appena accennata tutt'intorno alla sfera e che si vede anche dietro ed essa per indicare la trasparenza, sottolinea ancora una volta chiaramente la realt`a dell'oggetto stesso. Il particolare che comunque ci lascia pi`u perplessi, se gi`a non ve ne fossero altri, `e senz'altro quella protuberanza, a sinistra in basso, simile all'obiettivo per telecamera, all'interno del quale si indovina la presenza di una lente." L'articolo `e presente nel web in una traduzione in spagnolo, dal titolo "Un Sputnik en Montalcino", e come quello in italiano comprende due disegni che dovrebbero evidenziare la somiglianza:

"Le ipotesi ufologiche per`o hanno di recente perso terreno, soprattutto dopo la pubblicazione dell'articolo di SAMUELE GHILARDI, AMOS MIGLIAVACCA e ELENIO SALMISTRARO intitolato "IL SATELLITE DI MONTALCINO". Gli autori descrivono come `e stato analizzato il dipinto con fotografie a distanza ravvicinata, e come le loro conclusioni siano in linea con quanto affermato da Ion Hobana:

Paranormal Television Unidentified Flying Object

Paranormal Television Unidentified Flying Object
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Potatoes Have Red Spots

Potatoes Have Red Spots

THIS Blind date

Unsettled Mysteries UFO Confirmation

this rendezvous

Concerning is a assembly of several pictures and videos of UFOs peculiar arisen in the course of this rendezvous, and as average, statement charge mysterious phenomena as they are shooting the foresight and draw your attention.

Everything you see and see within was on paper, revised, and compiled by muchosmisterios, I lecture in this, for example they are attractively doubling-up this fabric sans acceptable or discussion. So if you're construal this on a site other than Muchosmisterios, fortitude vessel you do not stock them, they are larceny the work of others. For instance for us existing is no mystery that can not be shown, dull muchosmisterios.blogspot.com.

muchosmisterios And remember that you fortitude get hold of information about the apocalypse, videos about ghosts, trepidation stories, reports on most extraordinary mysteries and amazing, and extensively above.

UFO Keep an eye on THE Confirmation OF THIS Blind date.

Ufo Sighting In Texas Charter Township Michigan On October 10Th 2014 Hovering Ball Of Light Over Kalamazoo

Ufo Sighting In Texas Charter Township Michigan On October 10Th 2014 Hovering Ball Of Light Over Kalamazoo
I looked out of my cozy up to window and saw what appeared to be a on the brink fireball or object round in shape, that was seen in the southern sky south of Kalamazoo, MI. I alleged it may well be an inward bound plane but current were no planes in the area and it never stirred enough to suggest it may possibly be a plane. It hovered low in the horizon and did numeral to be enchanted basically somewhat. It wasn't moral in spite of this but you may possibly tell it was somewhat enchanted. I used the term fireball but it may possibly possess been a stomp of lights, orang/red in color appearing at a salt away as a fireball. I tried to claim a pic but it was too far old hat. It wasn't a chinese lantern, but based on the salt away and how big it in spite of this appeared, it had to possess been immense. I check Flightradar(iOS app) and current were no flights at all in the area. As soon as on the brink for about 15 mins approx 9:30pm it was perplexed. I did barrier the internet for bar sightings and current possess been sightings need this in this area.

UFO Report

UFO Report on Facebook


Report Merely For You

Unknown Flying Object Photographed Over Tenerife In Spain 5 Nov 2010

Current UFO SIGHTINGS - Hand over is a picture of a sunlight hours UFO spotted on 5th November 2010 at 11:08 am in Acojeja, Tenerife, Spain.

Find out report: "Tenerife is more rapidly insubstantial of plants. Represent are no big bugs, or shimmering flies, adjoining in Europe or USA, intensely not at this side of the volcano. Particular dwindling mosquitoes."

"And the plants on Tenerife are very small cook ones, and big ones adjoining blue-black hawks."

"It also can't be a jet, what there's separate a dwindling airport for tourist group, and no military base or whatsoever."

"The adjoining better airport is on new-found desert island, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Workstation, and just about, whatsoever flying bestow would storage space trapped our attention, since at my before is the volcano and steep edge. It possibly will not honestly fly out-of-the-way from us."

"We heard no honk, since the object on the photo is to be more precise adjoining by."

"I say that what I storage space been trying to photograph a F16 last day, in Holland, and since it was faithfully adjoining by in the air, you possibly will slight see it on my picture."

"On Tenerife we hadn't heard any honk of planes that week. The very small airport is too far out-of-the-way to become aware of that."

"You can see a ajar line at the below of the object. It's a gradient streak pointing towards 2 o'clock, and it is connected to the principal shape also new-found line, on both sides, symmetrically. It looks adjoining a fixation to me."

"This object command be the good reason to beginning believing in UFOs since I storage space no other explanation. If you can launch yourself me an explanation, I'd kindheartedly to become aware of it."

"I hope for to storage space helped you also this."

"And, as a Buddhist, I sustain, I storage space relaxed the truth, and would not fix whatsoever, also the picture is unedited. I storage space it on my phone calm, the different."Author: Annelies M., the Netherlandssource: ufocasebook.com

Bang ON THE Adventure TO ENLARGE!

The Personal Some Links

The Personal Some Links
I have a post on Women Of Esoterica about a recent OOBE that was both surprising and wonderful:

My Utterly Completely Wondrous New Age OOBE

And Alfred makes a many times before said, but always good to be reminded (because we need to be so damn often) comment on UFO Magazine's The Green Room: Shift Happening. I also have a post there about those who demand "accountability" over there.

Lesley comments on Prophet Yahweh and "diversity and UFOlogy" in Diversity in UFOlogy:

Oh yes, I know there are some out there cringing. They think people like Yahweh make everyone involved in Ufology seem like a nut. Speak for yourselves, it is my personal belief that nobody aside from yourself can make you look like a nut. So what if you do look nutty, why do you care? We should have all learned that from our families, almost everyone has that one crazy uncle or some relative that is a total nut, it only causes a few small minded people to think the entire family is nutty.

There is so much more; the world is literally in a "UFO Flap" right now. Scan any of the UFO/Fortean news sites, like The Anomalist, and you'll find many more links that lead to individual sightings, videos of UFOs, personal accounts, news on disclosure, tantalizing hints of things both deeper, darker, heavier, as well as things lighter, brighter, exhilarating, spiraling outwards.

Source: shieldufoproject.blogspot.com

Ufo In The Sea

Ufo In The Sea


I read Greg's post in the forum about UFO's being in the sea and it reminded me of an incident that happened in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, on 30 October 1977. In fact, there are just as many encounters with strange craft in the sea as there are in the skies. I would like to tell you about this encounter, which is fascinating as it raises many questions.

At the time, Ripperstone farm on the Pembrokeshire coast had been the center of many very strange encounters with UFO's. This is just one of many encounters. Mrs Coombs was driving back home with her mother and four children in the car, when she decided to take a short cut, which took her close to the coast... down a dirt road and then up a hill... giving fantastic views out to sea. ( I lived in the area and have driven down the same lanes and can verify the descriptions). The afternoon was clear and visibility good. They were driving up to the farm when they saw a disc glinting in the sun, 40 or 50 feet above the road... gliding silently over the fields ahead of them - towards Stack Rocks.

Stack Rocks is an island in three pieces of sheer jagged rock, rising 87 feet high at the highest point and situated a quarter of a mile off shore - overlooked by Ripperstone farm. It can clearly be seen from the road that hugs the coast and can be seen for miles along the bay. Only sea birds live on the rocks and the sea around the rocks is notorious for heavy swell and the strong currents. The rocks are privately owned by the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel, a little further along the coast.

The disc headed straight to the rocks - lost altitude and moved behind the rocks. Then it re-appeared as they watched and vanished into the rocks between two doors, which seemed to slide open. Mrs Coombs parked the car and they all walked along the coastal path to get a good view. The "doors" were still open and two silvery figures were walking on the edge of the rock. They wore one-piece silver suits and a dark visor on a helmet - covering the head. The two figures emerged from the doors and climbed down the rocks to the shore where they appeared to be examining something. One figure went up again and was working just inside the door. After a short time, the other joined him and the doors slid shut. The family was completely stunned and startled and unsure what to do.

On returning back to the farm house, the telephone rang, it was the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel, she said, " you will never guess what i just seen" and described what the family had just witnessed. She said how she was in the lounge of the hotel, when their attention had been drawn to a flash seawards in the direction of their island. She got her binoculars and watched the figures climb down the rocks. She passed the binoculars to her daughter and husband, who all saw the figures too.

With two independent witnesses it is hard to say that the strange encounter never happened, or was a misidentification. It later came to light that the children had seen the figures before and it seems whatever they were doing they had been doing it for several months.

It poses the question, is there an under ground base in the area? Twice before the family from Ripperstone farm had witnessed craft dive into the sea by the rocks and not to re-appear. It can be no coincidence that further up the coast is the US Underwater Radar Research Station for listening for submarines and at Brawdy, the US Air Base.

There are many encounters with UFO's in the ocean around the world, and I am pretty sure there are bases on Earth and underwater. There is a lot more empty space, practically an unlimited food supply, no neighbors to disturb you," what better place to go un-noticed.

The Roswell UFO

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