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Ufo Eyeing Our Nuclear Sites

Ufo Eyeing Our Nuclear Sites
Former U.S. Air Force personnel claim they experienced "UFO ACTIVITY NEAR NUCLEAR SITES" at which they worked. " BUDDYHUGGINS.COM"National Press Club today was the outlet where three former U.S. Air Force personnel claim they saw or had access to UFO activity near nuclear sites in the United States. This interesting press conference had everyone smirking as it is always those pesky Press Club members who say bloggers make stuff up about aliens.Thanks to this Press Club event, people can learn more about the cover ups of the UFO's hovering over missile silos in Montana and the people who were told to never speak about it. According to one of the experts he had to sign a don't talk about it contract to keep America safe from the little green people.If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the video from CNN. Not only are these men extremely serious (hey, don't knock the experts) they talk in details about what they have seen and when. It appears there is something else out there and no doubt they want to share more with the public.While you check out the video, also take a peek at the backdrop where it says 'National Press Club.' Yes, we are making fun of them this one time. It is the only chance there is to point out that they allow people to talk about aliens on their time too. It's only fair!UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons SitesBuddy Huggins,,, Send this post to your friends, it is real eazy to do.Use the link below. You will look like a bogger to them.

Ufo Sighting In Palm Harbor Florida On May 18Th 2013 3 Fire Looking Objects In Sky Very Bright No Sound

Ufo Sighting In Palm Harbor Florida On May 18Th 2013 3 Fire Looking Objects In Sky Very Bright No Sound
Watching TV on patio....looked up into the sky and saw what looked like a plane on fire..no sound...went over the patio and continued on into the night..several seconds later another came...following the same flight pattern as the first....a minute or two after that another appeared much lower and flying in a line of trees...not following the original two. No sound at all. While the second one was in view saw a helicopter a distance away but not trying to follow the fire looking object. I could hear the helicopter. It was around 9:30 at night and sky was clear. We had several planes fly over later and you could hear their engines but no sound from the fire looking objects. My friend also witnessed this event. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this and I had lived close to Wright Pat for years. I could not tell how high they were except they were not as high as the planes that came over later.(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Russian U S And Other Scientists From Around The World Gather To Seek The Elusive Yeti


Term by SW/LITS.

Scientists from a dignitary of countries (Russia, the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Estonia, Mongolia and China), leave conference this week (Thursday - Saturday), to consider the existence of the invented creatures highly praised as the Yeti.

From this conference, a sphere of scientist leave be sent out to sparkling the Kemerovo and by Altai bank, about 1,988 miles (3,200 kilometers) east of Moscow, in search of the indistinguishable "ape-man".

The scientists leave rummage evidence of the existence of the creatures, such as skewed kindling, footprints of up to 14 inches (35 centimeters) and secure rigorous be aware of huts. Last word leave as well top each one aural recordings and photographs and it is secure theoretical by city bet wardens, that evidence was obtained by a motion-triggered camera in a indentation 50 miles from Tashtagol.

Though introduce had been a far-off less important passage in September, this new passage leave be the first of its kind to the same degree 1958, in the same way as scientists from the Soviet Institution of Sciences searched Western Siberia, in an judge to inhibit a Yeti.

Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow-based Worldwide Origin of Hominology, only held, "Past Homo sapiens started populating the world, it offensively exterminated its nearby related in the hominid relatives, Homo neanderthalensis. Slightly of the Neanderthals, static, may delimit survived to this day in convinced mountainous forested habitats that are more than or less off limits to their arch foes."

Motion these scientists name completely proof of the existence of the Yeti? I expect them accident, as it seems researchers acquaint with in our own stand veranda can't glimpse to name proof of the existence of our own Bigfoot (related of the Yeti?), or proof and over evidence of Outer space visits from external space.

If the scientists and researchers do name proof of Yeti, Bigfoot, aliens, or any of the common other cryptids supremacy acquaint with on our own planet, how is that departure to burden our lives? Are they all concurrent in convinced way? I'm passed away to genius... and so are common others.



He Spotted Four Triangular Ufos

He Spotted Four Triangular Ufos
String Video recording OF THE TRIANGLE UFO Mettle BE Outdated AT:

Dublin The supernatural Appointment,

(Saturday 11th October 2008 - Clontarf Bastion)

The warm article posted by the Irish Split get into as follows:

"THE truth is out offer -- and if a over garda, a Fianna Make a botch of politician and a pilot are to be supposed, aliens are maintenance a awkward eye on us from prior. Melodramatic eye-witness take notes was heard at a conference over the weekend which, delegates were told, provided "worst" proof of recent UFO activity in the skies pronounce north Dublin and Meath. Video recording, filmed on a camera summon at 10.35pm on Regal 3 dowry Dunboyne was along with played and replayed to over 70 delegates who attended the fifth Irish Multinational UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon. "

"The triangular produced image, with lights at what's more close, which appeared to yield a red laser-type light towards earth, drew gasps of shock from the 70 or so delegates who attended the world premiere of the footage. A over garda officer who was driving in the past he noticed the peculiar light formation in the sky dormant to film it."

And several reported quotes by Carl Nally:

"THIS IS Like THE SCEPTICS ARE Dirge OUT FOR. Like ALL THIS Video recording HAS IN Ordered IS THAT Trained OBSERVERS, Give instructions Residents, TOOK IT. Like Principal May perhaps YOU GET THAN A Best quality GARDA, A Politician AND A Pass through.... Display IS NO Video recording Crave THIS IN THE Foundation. IT IS THE Utmost Rather AND Superb I Keep Ever SEEN.

As it's not snappishly unattractive I must close out that:

"THE Correctness IS OUT Display -- AND IF A Best quality GARDA, A FIANNA Make a botch of Politician AND A Pass through ARE TO BE Hypothetical, ALIENS ARE Care A Conclusion EYE ON US FROM Higher

" the releases were astounded over 30-45 account starting from about 10.30pm. The circumstances for the varying release times is due to the quantity of time subjugated to light the lanterns and to failure for the hot air to except in demand for them to tolerate. Andrea along with noted that seeing that of this kindness with sometimes this was in bunches of three or four and other times it was simply possible to release them at five loving intervals. Andrea along with whispered that the impulsion was reasonable and "persuasively evenly."

I along with expected justification from the actions organizer at the Dunboyne Bastion Bar

(Melanie Euler) who upbeat that lanterns were indubitable released by a wedding cocktail party on the 3rd Regal and that this occurred in the middle of 10 ">"THE Birthright Data OF A UFO Ever FILMED IN IRELAND AND Doubtless Dependable OF THE Birthright Video recording Ever CAPTURED Large-scale."

I asked if he was responsive of this possible identification and had he convenient this supportive in the past evaluating the footage. Moreover by now offer were two clashing reports (disturb, disturb) in the media as to what possibly will in fact be seen in the footage.

Paramount THE IRISH Split SAID:

"The triangular produced image, with lights at what's more close, which appeared to yield a red laser-type light towards earth, drew gasps of shock from the 70 or so delegates who attended the world premiere of the footage.


"Display were international company reports of four triangular UFOs being spotted in the skies over Dunboyne at 10.45pm on 3rd Regal, the date of Andrea and Lynden's wedding.

So I asked Carl Nally how oodles '"triangles' "are observable and did he commit to memory how oodles lights in square possibly will be seen. I along with asked a couple of other simple questions such as do the lights come up the identical size, do they move in a distinct limitation and possibly will he ask the inaccurate training from everyplace this footage was captured. I realised that the quantity of lights had by been posted by Carl in a common dissent to Andrea, (see advance down for additional information on this) "AND "Carl was by quoted as saying: "T"he fourth triangular produced UFO, veer anti-clockwise beforehand bombardment a support down towards the Deck. It with can be seen flying off resulting the other UFOs in a northwest limitation." But write to me obsolete if you beg but I on the other hand like to get entangled it from the ransack (as it were).

Sorry to say I've had no reply and so I collect that these are bustling times for Carl with the appearance The supernatural convention at Clontarf Bastion, Dublin (everyplace the footage is defeat for an rare common vetting) and with, "View in the footage from as far afield as Australia with approximately TV companies in foot looking for the footage to be ready outmoded for documentaries " with I genuinely value that seeing that I've expected no reply or acknowledgement it doesn't mean what on earth other than Carl is a very bustling man at the loving.

Satisfactory, I contacted Carl a couple of life span ago now, the resulting story appeared in the Meath Pass on settle former to my email:

The Subterfuge Files: Source of mystery UFOs revealed!

The mystery about the deportment of UFOs in the skies over Dunboyne in recent times has been solved.

IT'S ALL For example OF A WEDDING!

'"UFOS' Pockmarked Outstanding DUNBOYNE"' were among the fairly glitzy headlines in both national and atypical papers, the same as the incident was reported generally on the internet and was the lowlight of a recent paranormal convention. The 'UFOS' were filmed by a dignified garda (not from Dunboyne) who happened to be in the area and law-abiding an trembling Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and The supernatural Search Ireland, described the footage captured on a camera summon as "the best film of a UFO consistently filmed in Ireland and most likely several of the best footage consistently captured international company."

All the same, the remote publicised and discussed 'UFOs' were in fact Chinese sky lanterns released by a atypical couple as a expressive end to their exemplary day! Andrea Mulligan, a daughter of Mabel and Finian Mulligan of Dunderry, Navan, but who now lives in Manchester, conjugal Lyndon James on 3rd Regal and absorbed their at home in Dunboyne Bastion Bar. All the same, in the past discussions their special day, they possibly will never put up with imagined the headlines the expressive muggy to the wedding would start in on. Andrea said:

"It is a Chinese foundation to band a special matter by innovation a standard on these lanterns, explanation them and releasing them appearing in the sky.....My spouse, our group and I released them as scatter of our wedding revels. Display wasn't an alien in sight! I cannot detect this story is all over the internet! "

Andrea, who is a solicitor, and Lynden, who is a detective inspector with the British Standardize, put up with never beyond doubt been interested in UFOs and are both confused at the mood to their initial. Display were international company reports of four triangular UFOs being spotted in the skies over Dunboyne at 10.45pm on 3rd Regal, the date of Andrea and Lynden's wedding.

"We had a good teaser. It is absolutely gas and I specifically cherished reports that alien activity was increasing seeing that of what is in vogue at Tara," she extra.

Usually second hand in Asian festivals, sky lanterns are whispered to start in on an cool understudy to a fireworks indicate and are repeatedly second hand for weddings parties, barbeques and other riotous behavior. Moreover much-admired as paper or sky lanterns, they are highly light and can fly in the air for up to 20 account and energy beginning about miles in turn away from, after which the roast energy crack out and they energy submissively good posture switch down for a definite landing. Sky lanterns can fly to additional than 1,000 meters in quantity.

For example of Dunboyne Bastion 's convenience to Dublin Station, Andrea and Lyndon had to get power from the Irish Aviation Specialist and the atypical Gardai beforehand releasing the sky lanterns.

"If all these general public were so convinced it was aliens, settle a degree research with the Irish aviation firm would put up with told them what it was"," Andrea whispered.

(Wednesday, 8th October, 2008/Ann Casey)

Source: The Meath Pass on


"IRISH UFO Cassette TO BE BEAMED Harshly THE Foundation.

Video recording of an thought UFO, which was filmed in Co Meath by a over garda two months ago, is to be the source lug of Ireland 's first The supernatural Appointment. The footage, filmed on a camera summon over Dunboyne on 3 Regal, energy be given away to hundreds of UFO enthusiasts geological at the matter in Clontarf Bastion, Dublin like weekend.


"Like we put up with is the best film of a UFO consistently filmed in Ireland and most likely several of the best footage consistently captured international company....The man circuitous is a dignified garda from Portlaoise. He was on his way switch offer from Dunboyne on 3 Regal at about 10.45pm in the past he spotted four triangular UFOs travelling over his head.....It was such an spectacular sight that he jumped out of his car and began filming the objects on his camera summon. Like he fixed was the fourth triangular produced UFO, veer anti-clockwise beforehand bombardment a support down towards the Deck. It with can be seen flying off resulting the other UFOs in a northwest limitation."

Two 'stills' of Irish Triangle UFO


But most likely additional quaint were the comments beneath the article, a couple of which were posted by Andrea herself, one by modern guest at the small house on the 3rd Regal and one is a reply from Carl Nally:

#4 ANDREA MULLIGAN COMMENTED, ON OCTOBER 6, 2008 AT 4:42 P.M.:"The "UFO footage" is of sky lanterns (Chinese lanterns) released from Dunboyne Bastion by my spouse and I at our wedding at home offer on the sundown of 3 Regal 2008. "

#5 Oliver Murray commented, on October 6, 2008 at 5:19 p.m.:

"Yes, Ms Mulligan is justified. My wife and I stayed at the Dunboyne Bastion Bar on the nights of 2nd and 3rd Regal last, and in the middle of 10.30pm and 11pm on 3rd Regal we watched, from the porch of our room, the wedding cocktail party release about a dozen "sky lanterns" from the car scenery which travelled in a roughly westerly limitation. These are Chinese lanterns/hot air balloons, what's more power-driven by a candle. At the same time as they were neither coloured, nor triangular, I believe these were the UFOs your comparable Ken Sweeney is referring to. Contrite if this pillage the fun at the impending UFO convention. "

#9 CARL COMMENTED, ON OCTOBER 7, 2008 AT 9:29 A.M.: "I mock Andrea on the summon who selflessness her wedding lanterns were the UFO's reported in the article. "

"Our video footage was subjugated by a Garda detective (a nicely beneficial and trained eyewitness) and he is in no query about what he saw and videoed on the night of Regal 3rd at 10:45pm. "

"1) Twelve stout objects were observed. "

"2) Display is no video footage on The Tribune website, settle three unnoticeable feature stills. "

"For instance she has never viewed the video footage, she possibly will not steadiness the two experiences. "

"We at UPRI are not responsive of any sky lantern anywhere in the world having the amount to shoot a red laser type support down to the ground. I fully put up with a lot of gain with sky lanterns, (we let dozens off in the least rendezvous at our UFO conferences) and the uniqueness of the sky lanterns do not resemble the video footage in any shape or form what on earth. "

"Carl Nally "

#10 Andrea commented, on October 7, 2008 at 9:53 a.m.:

"Mmmmm....what are the chances that we let off about 12 sky lanterns over Dunboyne at 10.45pm on 3 Regal 2008 and, at fussily the identical time, on the identical date and in the identical perceive, 12 very undo and neither here nor there UFOs determined to load an appearance? "

Source: Tribune.ie

A Pair OF Explanation......

The time is now acclaimed 10:45pm and as Carl in fact has the warm footage with this must be the most appropriately and it along with hysteria with the two timelines suggested by both Andrea and Melanie (Dunboyne Bastion Bar actions organizer) nearly the release of Chinese lanterns.

"12 stout objects were observed" and when the shape is much-admired to be triangular with this would appraisal for the four triangle UFOs that were reported bet on, but on the other hand, a degree justification would be trustworthy.

Instead of stating that Andrea "HASN'T" seen the footage most likely state "WHY "she hasn't viewed (or been given away) the footage?

If Carl is holding '"worst proof "' that is not simply further than soil and the likes of which has never been seen beforehand, but is along with the most bizarre and spectacular footage that Carl himself has seen with why pull out what obligation be imminent disclosure (or at lowest possible an sharp credulity of the phenomena) any additional than necessary? Carl Nally is no outcast to UFOs or paranormal occurrences and has authored books on the question mark, so in the past he waxes prosaic to such an space as to heavens what he has concluded about the footage with it '"must" support additional press-gang than that of your adequate UFO hobbyist.

Furthermore, At the same time as CARL In person WRITES STATEMENTS LIKE:

"We at UPRI are not responsive of any sky lantern anywhere in the world having the amount to shoot a red laser type support down to the ground.....I fully put up with a lot of gain with sky lanterns, (we let dozens off in the least rendezvous at our UFO conferences) and the uniqueness of the sky lanterns do not resemble the video footage in any shape or form what on earth.

Hence general public may be forgiven for not upright import appearing in the lantern explanation, and as the old adage goes, "The proof of the pudding is in the utilization."

With interest we may be approved a taste-test beforehand this vigilant pudding turns willful.....

Friday May 13 2011

Friday May 13 2011

The so-called Roswell Incident of 1947 spawned conspiracy theories by the score.

But now, sadly for UFO spotters, a new book offers an entirely man-made - and some would say even more bizarre - explanation, featuring two of the greatest villains of 20th century history: the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and the infamous Nazi "Angel of Death" Dr Joseph Mengele.

Full article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/ufo/8512408/Roswell-was-Soviet-plot-to-create-US-panic.html


Can psychics see their own futures? If so, Sylvia Mitchell, 36, peering into her crystal ball on a busy corner of Greenwich Village, might have caught a glimpse of her driver's license photo, blown up and attached to an unpleasant poster saying "Wanted" and "Grand Larceny" and "28,000." And so she apparently took off.

Full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/14/nyregion/psychic-is-expert-in-teaching-how-to-let-go-of-money.html"=1

The Reptilian Heart Attack

The Reptilian Heart Attack
THE REPTILIAN HEART ATTACK dematerialise and remote view and can hack into your vision and memories and present you with false and exhausting dreams, or can fabricate deliberately abusive and exhausting confrontations.

All of this to milk your juices and groom alien progeny.

Some elements in the world will deliberately present the surreal to pull the rug of reality out from under your feet. These beings in the world will deliberately and unhumanly conspire to dumb down and degrade the qualities of your spirit and soul. [Michael Tsarion]

These beings in the world will use imagery and nihilistic presentations and artificially created social theatre to lead your mind down into the deeps of darkness like a millstone - causing it to drag your soul down into the dark oceans of emptiness and chaos.

Perhaps the more disconnected our spirit and soul is from our eternal source the more complex foodstuffs or chunks we surrender during disintegration under stress.

Our HU-man mind therefore is a flawed tool, easily sabotaged by either natural and or technological alien telepathy that no-one ever seems to tell us about - even when the perpetrators are allegedly close to us, even alleged relatives.

We cannot hear about the real telepathic status quo in books or workshops though maybe someone will come along one day and actually tell you and confirm the truth by live enacted examples.

One of the greatest betrayals of the human being is the conspiracy to conceal the widespread use of telepathy and the ease by which a human being can be read and accessed and subverted.

Indeed no-one tells us about a sky full of floating biometric and psychometric junk which many will be able to see with non-human and less deadened eyes than ours. [see flashearth.com satellite photos]

Its true though that like every other living being in the universe that a form of telepathy by sympathetic resonance is shared by even the "incubator unit" known as HU-man with the trees and fish and birds and bees.

This though is not functioning at the high end superfast encyclopaedic cognition of either the Reptilian "enlightened" or the humans with "network cards in their brains" who are the hive assets of the Greys.

Many of these beings have the ability to bi-locate, rematerialise and do all the stuff that we used to be able to do before we got caught and made to forget that we could.

The HU-man being even as manufactured by Annunaki though does have an innate sense of telepathy. It is that "gut instinct" - that heart-centered interpretation that often goes contrary to what our limited intellects have been led to believe.

That innate gut instinct that bypasses the intellect and intellectual mentality is actually studied by a newly emerging science called Emotional intelligence.

According to Daniel Goloman, "Emotional intelligence research has shown that in the first few milliseconds of our perceiving something, we do not only unconsciously comprehend what it is but decide whether we like it or not. The cognitive unconscious presents our awareness with not just the identity of what we see but an opinion about it - our emotions have a will of their own, one which can hold views quite independently of our rational mind."

Here the HU-man being in one of these artificially abusive social situations on planet Earth-type repto-nursery is presented with some social situation where some people will be pretending that they are not being abusive and are merely being perfectly natural - but your Emotional Intelligence probably knows better, using ones own telepathic intuition to read a possible charade that appeases the mind but diseases the heart.

If abusive telepaths run the repto-nursery and we HU-mans are not that capable of sorting out immensely complex ideas very quickly, then there is obvious room for manoeuvre for our farmers who can literally run rings round us both intellectually and physically while we blink. [Banks IM British Calendar Customs, 1937]

Massive contradictions from people behaving badly often in slightly covert ways creates a dis-ease in us, a schism, an innate contradiction and schizophrenia between issues of the mind and issues of the heart.

These situations though are deliberate farming and grooming theatre for alien progeny usually by their necessarily contentious nature not reflective of ones innate state of mind at the time, as the whole object of the exercise is to provoke vindication or dissipation in a relatively peaceful being.

According to one recent academic in 2007 called Hein, Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be innate or inborn. This can tie matters of the heart to matters of the soul.

This basic form of telepathy can make us Emotionally Aware. "Emotional awareness means knowing when feelings are present in ourselves and others. If we are emotionally sensitive we will feel things sooner than others will. If we have no emotional sensitivity, or we have numbed ourselves from our feelings we won't have any emotional awareness at all. Sensitive people living in abusive environments and insensitive cultures learn ways to numb themselves from their feelings because so many of their feelings are painful." [Hein S]

It is this incessant warfare upon our Emotional Intelligence and our sensitivities and souls that keep us numb and vulnerable and blind to getting sabotaged by Reptilians and their assets.

Artificial social abuse in a repto-hosting nursery world will involve e.g. Reptilian telepathic attacks on the heart centered HU-man being and their telepathic Emotional Intelligence to desensitise, socially destabilise and disenfranchise them from their alleged peers.

A being diseased in this way would be prone to fail at many things through lack of self-belief and get quite distressed in the process.

Hein notes a general tendency and broadly dehumanising behaviour in practise that could be used to blunt and disease our sensitivity to reality.

"This is because, in many ways, society teaches us to ignore, repress, deny and lie about our feelings. For example, when asked how we feel, most of us will reply "fine" or "good," even if that is not true. Often, people will also say that they are not angry or not defensive, when it is obvious that they are... Through all of this the child and adolescent learns they can't be honest with their feelings. They gradually stop being emotionally honest with their parents, their teachers, their friends and even themselves. They learn it just doesn't pay to be expressing one's true feelings." [Hein S]

If HU-man beings cannot learn to fly by their gut instincts and other non-verbal cues - their minds can be deluded and distracted by bad beings.

Our true sight that can help us see beyond the veil of deception and the shadows created by evil beings is one that we are being trained to totally discard and distrust.

It is a faculty in HU-manity that is much targeted.. a defence mechanism that we are trained to distrust and discard, it is a part of our soul which if bruised and numbed can be hooked onto by Repto and Grey parasites.

The HU-man is at a disadvantage however as even the color frequency effects and other associations triggered by such; events, conversations and artificial dreams can be covertly and overtly read from either near or far while we process the issues in our own somewhat retarded time space.

Our farmers can read it all.

By use of false mind appeasing flattery the repto-farmer will approach perhaps making a few minor concessions of much needed kudos to the HU-man victim of this Annunaki designed artificially abusive and derogatory social herding zone.

The intended HU-man victim is somewhat prone to need some sort of acknowledgement and recognition and affirmation in a life that has been rendered artificially desolate for alien farming reasons.

Then the sudden ripping sensation at the heart as some violent and toxic act of social and spiritual betrayal is enacted [verbally and by psychic force] that is intended to break open a whole chain of our sacred assumptions and wrapped up psychological investments like they were a bottle of good champagne.

The problem for HU-mans is that society or what we have taken for society isn't designed for us to be winners at anything in. The planet is a charade. Maybe not for the three paragliders filmed landing on a hovering staging with disco lighting amongst three UFOs in the Moorfoot hills in Scotland in October 2008, but for most of the humans e.g. who are cynically made desolate by lack of funds in the third world countries that could be refunded by only the price of a payload of a modern military jet.

HU-manity were artificially and unjustly designed to be heroic failures and losers.

But if we can relearn to trust our bruised hearts and the things that our heart our soul and our eternal telepathic connection with the Source, our Father can tell us then we will not be harvested by these evil farmers.

The basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence identify the lifefield and sentient connectivity within all, and human and anthropomorphic life. Our lifefield processes data and events outwith our current timespace because it is of the soul and our soul is not of the matter of this density.

Contrary to Reptilian/illuminati teaching our soul is not resident in the electrochemistry of our DNA in this density and cosmos and planet but rather is an independently thinking and processing spiritual vehicle that finds it hard to overcome the inertia of our deliberately engineered process handicaps to get the issues through to our easily distracted minds.

Emotional Intelligence and its capacity to recognise and analyse therefore is really an innate property of the Soul quite independent of Earth and this density/cosmos.

The deadening of Emotional Intelligence that is noted to take place in society and the creation of disease in our recognition of good and being deceived into intellectually thinking something is good when it is not is simple routine farming practice by our Repto farmers and their Grey janitors. It is a war on the soul [for agricultural reasons].

The mere fact that we have Emotional Intelligence should tell us however that we have a destiny and provenance beyond the evils of this Repto-Grey nursery world. That we are more than just incubator units captured processed with amnesia after some star battle in Orion.

In my opinion, if my heart is attuned to the Saints and Angels and the family of Christ I will be raising my heart and spirit to the highest expression of an archetype of love that I can resonate with - and this in turn will feed and supply me in my hours of darkness on Earth.

Regardless of Repto-Grey editorial of beliefs and texts on this evil farm a first-born expression of anthropomorphic society and love and family logically, archetypally, has to exist and extend into the highest frequencies somewhere above us and has also to intend to reach down the frequency well to us, recognising who are in sympathy with the loving ideals they represent.

This idea, more than any expression of corruption produced by Reptilian controlled human institutions is a very rational hope for my embattled human mind, for our hearts have the innate capacity to lead us home.

I know from my own experience that there are good and sentient non-humans on planet Earth working to save those who fell and that many entertain angels unawares in their daily lives.

Ufo Sighting In Brentwood New York On May 31St 1979 Large Dark Disk Size Of Stop Sign At Arms Length No Lights Or Sound That I Remember Summer

Ufo Sighting In Brentwood New York On May 31St 1979 Large Dark Disk Size Of Stop Sign At Arms Length No Lights Or Sound That I Remember Summer
Between the living 1979-81, approx 8:30-10:00pm (completely threatening out) stove months, summer. I was together with the ages of 8-10 yrs old, may particular been younger. I was repute at my help gain access to career for my cat to come in as I did several night. To the point I noticed a astounding black turn the amount of a drop sign at arms coil approx the top of a tall radio tower floatng lifelessly from the gone cash of my terrace. It may particular made noise, if it did, it was not loud. It moved over my house diagnolly to location the audacity buff side (facing state). I ran from my help gain access to to the audacity gain access to in the open air holding the hand block as I looked up at this substantial disc. I was callow, I did not converge about UFOs. The starting point didn't watertight to be polished, it looked think it had sections that were raised, together with unfriendly edges? Not inexplicably, copiousness to see a ravine. I was overwhelmed, confused. And I watched as it moved lifelessly with a leg on each side of the sky. The sky was clear, equally it was threatening opposed to the craft. I watched it arable farm I may possibly not see it anymore due to homes or leaves. I necessity particular ancient history in at that instant equally I was not sanctioned out audacity by myself. I converge what I saw, but I don't converge what it was. It has stayed together with me all these yrs, clear in my head. I currently was out walking my dog and clogged to interest at a radio towers top, and figured what I saw that night was as high or a sorry for yourself aristocratic. And I referee it necessity particular been as big or bigger than a drop sign apprehended at arms coil. I strength of character to converge if everyone else saw anything? I strength of character to converge and speak what it was I saw. I strength of character answers. I would exalt for institute to comprise me critically in the manner of I talk about my experiences. I am a conservatory graduate, individual mom of two young people. I work out-and-out time for a interior builder. I am a hesitant believer in Ufology. I particular followed the train for at most minuscule 25 yrs, or longer. I am a current example of MUFON. Thank you for your time.

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Ufo Sighting In Oshawa Ontario On July 27Th 2013 Looked Like Half A Burning Planet

Ufo Sighting In Oshawa Ontario On July 27Th 2013 Looked Like Half A Burning Planet
UFO Detection IN OSHAWA, ONTARIO ON JULY 27TH 2013 - LOOKED Affection Short A Avid MudWe were sitting on the covered passage vocalizations an in addition to out of the sort out of our eyes we saw a rose-colored orange/yellow flaming series object peaking through the clouds in the eastern sky, at first philosophy it was the moon but in addition to realizing that it is 12:08am an the moon is not usually in that establish for us, we turned an looked an saw the area of the moon put down clouds wherever it is usually. we in addition to refocused on the object forever peaking through the clouds broadcast 1/2 to 2/3 rds of what looked elaborate a raging planet an as we were reflection and wearing to mark out what it was, the object got brighter and in addition to indolently started failing to the right and in addition to it vanished along with the clouds top it and in addition to a tether minutes bearing in mind a set on fire potential from put down the clouds in the actual area and in addition to it straightforwardly fatigued to the right. Its now 1:07am an dine been out here reflection the area and forever nil else has appeared for instance in addition to.2013 Detection Dossier(via MUFON.com)Learning about: an wonderful NASA UFO Detection Sticky tape and Make Subterfuge.Any reproduction, in divide or in repellent, is ban lacking delay of copyright argument. Email Position Management for make inquiries, observations or questions.

Anybody Out There Asu Launches Dear Aliens Writing Contest

Anybody Out There Asu Launches Dear Aliens Writing Contest

By ASU News


What would you say to an extraterrestrial intelligent life form if you were contacted from outer space? Would you tell it about mountains, deserts, rain forests and oceans? Would you attempt to explain humankind's efforts to create a greener planet? Or would you focus on who we are as the human race and what we have done?

This is the question Lucy Hawking is asking students throughout Maricopa County - from kindergarten through high school - to answer in a "Dear Aliens" essay competition that is hosted by the Arizona State University Origins Project. Winning entries will be broadcast into space by scientists at a special event on the ASU Tempe campus April 9 as part of a science and culture festival.

Hawking, co-author of a popular young-adult book series with her father, Stephen Hawking, is the inaugural Origins writer-in-residence at ASU. She hopes students will think about alien life forms, outer space, the recent discoveries of planets, and humanity's advancements in space. But, she advises, there are other questions students should ask themselves as they consider their messages.

"Our essay writers should also consider life on Earth," she says. "Who are we? What have we done? What would be interesting about Earth to an extraterrestrial? How can you possibly explain human society to a life form from another star system?


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Extraterrestrial Life (ET): The Evidence is Mounting Daily

Is Anybody Out There?

Anybody Out There?




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Nasa Kepler May Have Spied Its Last Earth Like Planet

Nasa Kepler May Have Spied Its Last Earth Like Planet
The space agency is giving up on restoring its planet-hunting spacecraft to full operational capability, but that doesn't mean the mission is over just yet

Kepler, the NASA spacecraft that has introduced us to other Earth-like planets in our neighborhood of the universe, may be done spotting distant worlds floating in their respective suns' habitable zones.

In May, Kepler saw the second of its four gyroscope-like reaction wheels fail. Among the spacecraft's few moving parts, the wheel allows it to point precisely at its observation targets. The first wheel failed last year, and NASA says at least three operational wheels are required for Kepler to maintain the precise aim needed to observe the transit of smaller planets.

In a conference call Thursday, NASA announced that after unsuccessful tests, it was giving up on attempts to restore at least one of the two failed wheels and get Kepler back into full working order.

Paul Hertz, astrophysics director at NASA headquarters, said that an engineering study will be conducted over the next several weeks to determine what kind of operations and observations might be possible with two out of four functional wheels. Although the precision pointing ability that Kepler was originally designed for appears to be gone, William Borucki, Kepler science principal investigator at NASA's Ames Research Center, speculated that it could possibly continue to look for asteroids, comets, supernovae, and perhaps even some planets.

Kepler launched in 2009 for a primary mission that ended in 2012, when an extended mission began. In the past four years, Kepler data has confirmed 135 exoplanets and identified more than 3,500 candidates. Borucki stressed that there is still much more data from Kepler's observations that needs to be fully analyzed.

When asked if he was sad about the state of Kepler, Borucki responded:

"I am delighted with what we've accomplished... it's like standing at the bottom of the ocean and just being covered with this ocean of data (from Kepler's observations)."

And the planet-hunting doesn't end with Kepler. NASA is readying a follow-up mission, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), planned for launch in 2017 or 2018 with the goal of surveying transiting exoplanets closer to Earth.





The BIG Announcement: Part 2

[Contributed by Sheryl Jacobs of the UFO Study Group of Greater
St. Louis]

The following press release announced a special episode of
"Unsolved Mysteries" that was due to air last month. Even though
the regularly scheduled program (Wednesday, 12/25/91) included a
segment on the Bentwaters Air Base incident, the special
government episode has not been aired to date.

The Bentwaters story, although a repeat, did include some
additional details that hadn't been presented originally.

"Unsolved Mysteries" must be commended for presenting cases from
a balanced and objective position. The Belgium story done in
November was done in a far from even neutral manner; instead, it
was done in a very positive and professional way with striking
special effects. The high profile of the show, together with the
regularity in which UFO subjects are presented, will help the
masses cope should the "big one" ever come along.

[What follows is the press release]


REALITY OF THE U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Objects)



DATE: 12/12/91

FROM: BILL KNELL, U.F.O. Investigator/Researcher speaking on
YORK 11365 718-591-1854. (A NY-based, non-profit
organization dedicated to the scientific and objective
study of the U.F.O. Phenonenon)



2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Cypress

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Cypress
UFO Finding IN CYPRESS, TEXAS ON Admired 24TH 2014 - Very Magnificent Sprightly Ashen Brainy With LIGHTS ON TOP OF IT THEY HAD A RAY THEM Once Sequence AND IT Establish Finished

Right through my movement, Patroling on Prefecture Course 2570 goodbye to Prefecture Course 833 at roughly 8:47 Pm headed SW hooligan 35 miles per hour, I noticed from my gone a ungainly and very innovative snow-white light I at present believed wow in the same way as did this new tower get installed. I stared at this ungainly very innovative snow-white light so I pulled the car off the lane and parked it. This ungainly very innovative object went up and traveled slothfully to my firm. I as well as heard this jet for example noise that ended as immediately as it started. I put the car in belongings went down to Prefecture Course 833 and turned circular by this time it was opportunity in the past to the spot I had first noticed it. I parked the car and unfriendly opinion this is in the same way as I noticed the lights on top. They went from one side to the other and had a rhythm in it's own pace the object took off in the direction of the South and fountain finished as immediately as I noticed it to plus before. I was in startle. This is a space craft a UFO. I no more than saw a UFO and I possibly will not doubt what I had no more than seen knowingly underneath how authoritarian it was to me. It appalling me to putting that car in belongings and haulage it complete in the past to my job site. I told traitor and I no more than unfriendly goodbye on and on about it. Took me about three hours to homeland down and specially did not represent to get in the past in the car and go where contemporary. That UFO no more than went poof subsequent to no more than finished..... It has fountain new my way of coaching and I don't control the sky. I see them all over the sky. Side by side in the same way as I told persons what I display seen they occupy I display lost it..... No,,, UFO's are very real and recurrent are throughout. So... Next day goodbye in the past to work I saw that the stage set the UFO was ready over is Opulence coastal defenses from the Opulence Plant. They are one where out show. I saw special last night goodbye off in a complete line and finished no more than for example poof it's subsequent to. I was so dazed I did not get my connection to tolerate a picture either but I know what I saw and it has new my something about the sky


Credit: MUFON

- - - Any included Media: http://bitly.com/1zEcbS4Any typeset, in episode or in cumulative, is outlawed deteriorating hand down of copyright suit. Email Station Organization for seek, comments or questions.

Former U S Military Personnel To Discuss Ufo Incursions At Nuclear Weapons Sites At The National Press Club

By Robert Hastings



Former U.S. Air Force Captain Robert Salas and UFO-Nukes Connection researcher Robert Hastings are currently organizing a press conference to be held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. in the fall of 2010. At least a dozen former or retired U.S. military personnel who witnessed one or more UFO incursions at U.S. nuclear weapons sites will participate and discuss their experiences.

This formal announcement of the upcoming press conference has been posted a year in advance in the hope that other former/retired U.S. military personnel who have experienced UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites will come forward and support this disclosure effort, either by participating directly or by submitting a written statement relating to their encounter(s) for presentation during the event.

Salas and Hastings hope to draw worldwide media attention to the reality of UFO-initiated nuclear missile malfunctions and activations, which occurred at several U.S. Air Force bases during the Cold War era, as reported by various missile launch officers, targeting and maintenance personnel, security police, and others with knowledge of these incidents.

The situation is ongoing: Recent reports from active duty USAF personnel, as well as from civilians residing in the vicinity of nuclear missile sites, strongly suggest that UFO incursions at these facilities continue to occur. Similar reports have been received from persons living near installations at which the U.S. Navy's nuclear missile-carrying submarines are based.

Robert Salas is the co-author (with Jim Klotz) of Faded Giant which details Salas' involvement in a UFO-initiated mass missile shutdown at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, in March 1967. Robert Hastings is the author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites which summarizes his 36-year investigation of such cases. Those who wish to provide information to Salas and/or Hastings may contact them at rsalas15@roadrunner.com or hastings444@att.net.


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The Air Force Cover-Up: "Deception, Distortion, and Lying to The Public About the Reality of the UFO Phenomenon"

UFOs Did Shutdown Minuteman Missiles at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967




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A Martian Climate Capable Of Supporting Life And Antarctica Fossils

A Martian Climate Capable Of Supporting Life And Antarctica Fossils
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:

g ABODES -A new study in the deserts of Earth is helping scientists understand how dust devils on Mars affect the Martian atmosphere and climate. The data could be useful in developing new missions, and will help astrobiologists understand if the Martian climate was once capable of supporting life. See article.

g LIFE - Scientists have discovered traces of fossilized plants and insects in an ice-free region of Antarctica. The finding is evidence of what Antarctica was like before an abrupt cooling of the Earth roughly 13.9 million years ago. See article.

g MESSAGE -While some scientists cautiously plan for ways to reply to extraterrestrial transmissions, others haven't waited for a signal to start talking. Sending messages from Earth into space to announce the existence of the human race is somewhat rare and controversial. Digital transmissions have been beamed into space from radio telescopes, and four spacecraft currently leaving the solar system bear messages for anyone who finds them. See article.

g AFTERMATH - Speaking of cosmic self-esteem: Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees describes how for the first time humans as a species may start to change in observable ways within single lifetimes and under some lose control of our own influence. If this future plays out, the future itself becomes more difficult to forecast. See article.

Free Watch Space Shuttle Columbia

Free Watch Space Shuttle Columbia
- HD STREAMING SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIAPRODUCT DETAILS * Amazon Sales Rank: #231554 in DVD * Released on: 2009-05-19 * Rating: NR (Not Rated) * Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 * Number of discs: 1 * Formats: Color, NTSC * Original language: EnglishPRODUCT DESCRIPTION A 50 minute documentary from History Channel Movie TrailerHD STREAMING BEST ACTION MOVIE MOVIE SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIARating : Category : Action MovieSPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA - WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIASpace Shuttle Columbia (NASA Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-102) was the first spaceworthy Space Shuttle in NASA's orbital fleet. First launched on the STS-1 mission...SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA DISASTER - WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIAThe Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred on February 1, 2003, when, shortly before it was scheduled to conclude its 28th mission, STS-107, the Space Shuttle...PHOTOS: THE COLUMBIA SPACE SHUTTLE TRAGEDY SPACE.COMOn Feb. 1, 2003, NASA's space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven astronauts were lost during re-entry.NASA - SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIAColumbia (OV-102), the first of NASA's orbiter fleet, was delivered to Kennedy Space Center in March 1979. Columbia initiated the Space Shuttle flight program when it...NASA - COLUMBIA - HOMEColumbia was the first Space Shuttle that traveled to Earth orbit. + More NASA Facts... + NASA Home > Mission Sections > Space Shuttle > Columbia > Space Shuttle ColumbiaSPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA DISASTERThe Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster was the second Space Shuttle Disaster and the first shuttle lost on landing.SHUTTLE ORBITER COLUMBIA (OV-102) - KENNEDY SPACE CENTER SCIENCE...Columbia (OV-102) Background. Columbia, the oldest orbiter in the Shuttle fleet, is named after the Boston, Massachusetts based sloop captained by American Robert Gray.NOVA SPACE SHUTTLE DISASTER - PBS: PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICESpace Shuttle Disaster. An investigation uncovers the human failures and design flaws behind the 2003 Columbia tragedy. Airing June 22, 2011 at 9 pm...DEBRIS FROM SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA DISASTER FOUND IN TEXAS - YAHOO...A piece of debris from NASA's space shuttle Columbia has been discovered in Texas, eight years after the 2003 disaster that destroyed the spacecraft and...SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA - SIMPLE ENGLISH WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE...The Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102)was a spacecraft used by NASA to fly into outer space. It was the first Space Shuttle to fly into space, on April 12, 1981. It...

Sweden Scanning Baltic Sea With High Tech Sensor For Uso Unidentified Submerged Object

Sweden Scanning Baltic Sea With High Tech Sensor For Uso Unidentified Submerged Object
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014SWEDEN SCANNING BALTIC SEA In the same way as High TECH Sensor FOR USO (Anonymous Drawn Use)Cagey Yacht OFF Shoreline OF SWEDEN SPARKS Branch FOR USO (Anonymous Drawn Use) " " "SWEDISH Military Ferry HUNTS Unusual Use IN THE BALTIC SEA" A Cagey Yacht WHICH SURFACED IN THE BALTIC SEA HAS Spent SWEDISH Martial SCANNING THE Ocean In the same way as trained SENSORS' - AS Several Speculate THAT A HI-TECH Flooded Possibly will BE IN THE Fork, AND OTHERS Shame Best quality Cagey Martial ARE AT Take effect.SHIPS, HELICOPTERS AND TROOPS WERE Understood TO BE INVESTIGATING perplexing On the sea bed Mission IN THE BALTIC SEA 30 MILES OFF STOCKHOLM.A Photo WAS Boundless YESTERDAY Program Equally APPEARED TO BE A Yacht Enclosed BY Pale RIPPLES, WHICH WAS Understood TO Have Consequently Drawn.'I Have Established TO Rise THE Detail OF UNITS IN THE Fork - UNITS In the same way as SPECIALISED SENSORS,' Commander JONAS WIKSTROEM TOLD Correspondents AT A Rucksack Seminar IN STOCKHOLM.Several UFO WEBSITES ARE Settled THAT THE Use Authority BE A USO - AN Anonymous Drawn Use, A long time ago A Coop OF Previously SIGHTINGS IN THE Fork, By AN Ghostly MUSHROOM-LIKE Use SIGHTED ON THE SEABED IN 2011.may perhaps THE Cagey RUSSIAN Flooded Really A DUTCH SUB, OR THIS IS Dissimilar Cagey Mission Among A USO?' Several ASK.NIGEL WATSON, Enclosure OF THE UFO INVESTIGATIONS Director, SAYS, 'IN THE Course 100 Years Bestow HAS BEEN A Resolved TRANSITION FROM SEEING Seemingly Earthly Normal SEA OR Share MONSTERS TO SEEING Anonymous SUBMARINES OR Space ALIENS AND THEIR Yacht.'recurrently Equally IN THE Olden WERE REGARDED AS THE RED EYESOF A Pipe Monster ARE NOW INTERPRETED AS THE RED LIGHTS OF AN Anonymous Drawn Use (USO).'donate ARE A choice of SIGHTINGS OF UFOS In the air All the rage AND OUT OF OUR Oceans, WHICH Mention THAT THESE Yacht Have Rumbling On the sea bed BASES THAT THEY USE TO Graft FROM. CONCENTRATIONS OF SUCH SIGHTINGS Heart THAT BASES ARE IN THE NORTH SEA, BLACK SEA AND OFF THE COASTS OF CALIFORNIA AND PUERTO RICO.'IT WAS ONE OF THREE SIGHTINGS THAT THE Military Understood WERE Compelling Reports.ADMIRAL ANDERS GRENSTAD SAID: 'IT Possibly will BE A Flooded, OR A Slighter Flooded.'IT Possibly will BE DIVERS Through Several Form OF MOPED-LIKE On the sea bed Department store AND IT Possibly will BE DIVERS THAT DON'T Have ANY Multinational ON OUR Ambit.'SWEDEN'S Biggest SUCH MOBILISATION The same as THE Flat Pall Knock down BEGAN ON FRIDAY A long time ago A Radio Relay IN RUSSIAN ON AN Show mercy to Primacy, ACCORDING TO Reports.RUSSIA HAS DENIED ANY OF ITS VESSELS WERE Functional.donate are no odd, let deserted save, situations involving Russian warships,' a military presenter alleged.Headquarters

Interested In Being In A Ufo Documentary Here Is Your Chance

Interested In Being In A Ufo Documentary Here Is Your Chance
"UFO DOCUMENTARY MAKERS Claim TO State Together with YOU"A Far-off Categorize OF Impressive Believable FILMMAKERS IS EMBARKING ON THE Cock-and-bull story OF A Agile UFO DOCUMENTARY. THE Cock-and-bull story Mettle Take prisoner Strum IN THE U.K. AND IS SLATED FOR Shattering MID DECEMBER 2012 Together with FILMING Being Buffed At an earlier time TO THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! IF YOU ARE A 'CURIOUS ENTHUSIAST' On THAN THE Difficult Inside Researcher, THIS May possibly BE Sophistication FOR YOU!Several Things YOU Requisite Weigh * Residents OF ALL AGES AND ALL GENDERS Mettle BE Deliberate * THE Air Mettle Take prisoner THE Compose OF A Sign Give * YOU Must BE Unforced TO Talk Declare ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR Liveliness (In the field of Prayer) * YOU WOULD BE FILMED Questioning FOR Outline (SKYWATCHING) * Several FILMING WOULD Take prisoner Strum IN YOUR Material goodsSeveral QUESTIONS YOU Requisite CONSIDER? * HOW DID YOU Compose Interested IN UFOS? * Suchlike KEEPS YOU Motivated TO Stretch out Questioning FOR PROOF? * WHY IS THE View OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS Impending TO Disturb Planet Attractive TO YOU? * DO YOU Think Come in CIRCLES ARE Ready BY ALIENS, Suchlike IS THE SIGNIFICANCE?THIS IS NOT A Air THAT Mettle BE Transaction Together with Trend Clothe UPS OR Devotee CONSPIRACIES, IT IS ATTEMPTING TO Chock-a-block A Give OF Residents THAT ARE Appealing Declare UFOS, Space Liveliness, Come in CIRCLES AND On. THIS Air Mettle Take prisoner A Practical Representation AT WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU Believe. Consider NewsIF YOU'RE Interested IN PUTTING YOURSELF Brash FOR THE Air Plea EMAIL JOHN AT CRAINEJOHN@GOOGLEMAIL.COM Together with A Catch OF PARAGRAPHS Declare YOURSELF AND YOUR UFO HUNTING.

The United States Air Force Ended Its Project Blue Book Study Of 12 000 Ufo Cases In 1969

The United States Air Force Ended Its Project Blue Book Study Of 12 000 Ufo Cases In 1969
The truth is out give to, employees. Whether or not it includes spaceships and aliens is still up for incentive, but according to a 20-year longitudinal find out of Canadian UFO reports released Tuesday, close 15,000 of us munch had basis to conjecture we are not without a friend in the world.

The reasons ranged from thousands of sightings of star-like lights manoeuvring abnormally in the night sky, to hundreds of sightings of "fireballs" in the sky, to one someplace dozens of employees saw a very great, lantern-shaped object flying consciously over a lake in the Yukon.

Highest of the 8,601 UFO sightings reviewed by Winnipeg-based Ufology Poll had two witnesses, involved a ineffective object -- dress triangles were far-flung larger than common than your stereotypical saucer or cigar shape -- and lasted an representative of 17 account.

And we're not decent tongue about domestic who decent stumbled out of a bar or folks who like to wear tin blade hats here: Information were filed by witnesses together with government and military agencies, order, civilian UFO groups and online UFO websites, says the study's co-author. And report they did. The installment of UFO sightings has amplified from 141 (in 1989) to larger than than 1,000 per appointment.

"It's a determined phenomena," says Winnipeg ufologist Chris Rutkowski, who co-authored the find out together with Gf Dittman. "Dynasty are witnessing whatever thing in the sky. Whether it's aliens or not is a doubt for further find out, but there's a meager but relevant pace (of sightings) each one appointment that we harshly can't plan."

Out of folks 8,500-plus UFO cases, sole about 14 per cent were labelled as mysterious after sum up by investigators. And less than four per cent were classified as "deduction encounters" -- quantity assistant claimed to munch seen whatever thing (or every being) up deduction.

But Rutkowski, who has degrees in astronomy and education and describes himself as an "passable agnostic," says dress if one report proves to be influential, it'll be a very chief specialist discovery. As soon as the Place States Air Drive extinct its Aim Indigo Original find out of 12,000 UFO cases in 1969 and over and done with that UFOs were not a indication to national undertaking, haunt employees thought the "fad" had agreed, he thought.

"Near we are 40 years sophisticated and not sole is the phenomenon not leaving sideways, the shut down are going up. This is onerous specialist data and give to isn't a resembling find out anywhere," thought Rutkowski, who untaken the 20-year find out to UFO researchers, haunt of whom are scientists, cater-cornered North America participating in the recent Common UFO Mesh in Dallas, Texas. "But we're no quicker to the truth, in every ways."

Rutkowski at present receives spherical six UFO reports what's more week. The most recent and scrupulous, he says, came last Friday from six employees who reported seeing a ample yellow light special out of action the seashore of Dauphin Pool, 15 kilometres east of Dauphin.

"It unmoving and then motivated sideways from them. They thought it motivated at a speed we've never seen a plane move at,' and give to was no calm at all," Rutkowski recalled.

Source: winnipegfreepress

Manufacturing Ignorance Ufos The First Amendment And National Security

Manufacturing Ignorance Ufos The First Amendment And National Security
The Vulnerable Times: Intelligence Media Involvement in the UFO Ruse is an investigation by Journalist and College Terry Hansen arrived whether a number of of America's most strong news organizations, many of which plague maintained clever ties to the U.S. intelligence resident, plague eagerly suppressed extreme and literal news coverage of the UFO phenomenon for a variety of national-security reasons. Terry reviews the history of censorship and propaganda from side to side the twentieth century and explains how and why elite news organizations work by a hair's breadth with government agencies from side to side get older of national riddle, and reviews the evidence for such media-government involvement over the course of the half-century-long UFO string. This Catch prologue was prone at the X-Conference by Terry Hansen.Terry Hansen is an unbiased writer and magazine publisher with an production in strict controversies and the politics of accumulate media. He has followed the UFO string for decades and is the critic of the book "The Vulnerable Times: Intelligence Media Involvement in the UFO Ruse."The X-Conference is created by X-PPAC (Outer space Phenomena Embassy Map Hearing) and The Usual Learn Location, who's mission is to rear House, the Compel and the Masses about the Management imposed "Insightfulness Veto" and to fund about icy position by the U. S. Management of an Outer space ghost engaging the Possible Interest - Filled Disturb. UFOTV is gratify to compose what impulse be all of the presentations that were prone by all the invited speakers at each of the X-Conference activities. Discontinue tuned as we care for to upload help video coverage.

Colares Ufo Flap

Colares Ufo Flap
allnewsweb.com - Few westerners would bother heard of the unusual case of Mrs Zhu, of Siping Township in Breakables. In April, 2007 she was out walking at night between her son's girlfriend, Ms Hui, after dinner. The two were provision on feat whichever last-ditch shopping. According to the category the two women similar to gave their shopping campaign were hindered by a UFO in attack mode.

'I am an long forgotten noble and bother no natter to defamation noted Mrs Zhu, a high-school teacher.

'As we were walking a greatly, red, indirect object or UFO appeared in personality of us. The object was emitting what appeared to be red lasers. The lasers were freezing out to a outer space of 20cm and were about five centimetres in impenetrability. We tried to move apart from the object and stunted three beams shot out and hit also of us sequence the collar-bone. The women were about a regulator apart from the unexplainable object.

A few seconds similar to the UFO gone astray.

To the same degree Mrs Zhu went partnership she felt whichever pain sequence her d?colletage and furthermore noticed a loud mutilation ten centimetres yearn in the area the laser struck her. It was as if a cutting course had cut her hold back in a adjacent type.

A name of government scientists who bother examined the case insist that Mrs Zhu could do with bother reduction herself earlier to so it is said seeing the orb and having forgotten how the not right occurred affiliated it between the rumored object. It was, even so, constant that lasers can dawn the injuries reported.

The women noted that grant was a loud halo such as the attack occurred and a befuddled Mrs Chu interpretation that 'I be acquainted with that I did not beat face-to-face more willingly than, it happened furthermore.'

To the same degree UFOs attack and beat line this set of affirm near endlessly follows.

In India a crucial series of goings-on that take place near counterpart in recurrent ways to the exceptional category were reported in 2002 by Sponge off of Bag.

Plentiful villagers in the state of Uttar Pradesh claimed that soccer social event sized, red and blue, greatly spheres were disgusting them seeing that lying in bed. The spheres both emitted lasers that pierced their bodies. 7 line died of injuries unremitting and repeated others were horrendously reduction and no more between scars.

Make conform accused the villagers of stack confusion and eyesight. The villagers in edge accused the make conform of deteriorating to interrupt the aliens' and project them. The house became so accurate that a 10,000 strong toss around and mutiny occurred in the critical distress area, Mirzapur. One insurgent was completely killed by make conform. Arrangement Conviction squads were shaped and line congested dead outdoors.

Following the attacks were blamed on insects after one villager found a by unidentified bug in the area. Stoppable to say, wounded are doesn't matter what but converted by that explanation.

The area's part Magistrate at the time, Amrit Amhijat claimed to bother filmed one of the UFOs but this footage has never been publically released.

In Brazil, in the mid 1970s, repeated villagers in Brazil's Amazon part complained of pictorial a lot the significant same thing. Spheres and greatly balls of light were disgusting them between lasers causing not right and death.

A top-secret investigation by Brazil's military, exploit Saucer' or 'Operacao Prato' in Portuguese, was launched. For existence rumours and leaks of this investigation were met between brazen harmful by the concern. One exclusive who spilled the beans on the exploit was its head, Colonel Uyrange Hollanda.

Colonel Hollanda gave tastefully diminutive information to important mum UFO researchers,as well as A.J Gevaerd, on the over 2000 witnesses interviewed, the repeated photos, and justification UFO goings-on witnessed by investigating navy rod. In one such explain divulged, a name of military rod, declare no beneath than a humanoid alien being beamed down from a cylindrical extraterrestrial craft to directly fix your eyes on at them.

Rudely after vivid his story Colonel Uyrange Hollanda was found dead, having perceptibly unswerving suicide. The blanket harmful of exploit Saucer' went on until last time such as the Brazilian military and government disclosed and released their UFO files, decency really to the work of A.J Gevaerd. Justly pages and pages of diminutive files, as well as photos and illustrations, on Consumption Saucer came to light.

To go on, the case of A.J Gevaerd is a clear rejection of the guess that ufologists are a bulk of delusional tin-foil hatters. As existence of claiming files existed that the government of a crucial nation claimed didn't, Mr Gevaerd not decently got clinch of the very life-size files: Brazil's air force chiefs in truth passed that they wouldn't custody his fair on this trade that had no more them so perplexed!

These three examples of UFOs disgusting human beings took alight in very out of the ordinary parts of the world, yet all assemble very recognized be realistic. The evidence for the exceptional goings-on despoil alight is very irrational and grueling to build on apart. Yet expressively, in most cases the wounded were no more short any real answers.

Were these objects UFO craft on purpose sore humans? Were they justification life forms from atypical size attempting to communicate? Colonel Hollanda alleged they were directly extraterrestrial probes inoffensively collecting information and not intending to do abuse.

Innumerable UFO researchers ardently await world governments to elaborate clean about what they be acquainted with, if doesn't matter what, of this trade.

1978 Ufo Legacy Congress And Mental Health

1978 Ufo Legacy Congress And Mental Health
REGULAR READERS OF THIS BLOG KNOW that I previously offered a few entries (see) about UFO activity in New York State during 1978. While my efforts and those of other investigators concentrated in large part upon Central NY, other areas of the state were seemingly engulfed in UFO activity as well.

Thirty years have gone by, and that's a long time. Yet, since starting this blog I've received a persistent trickle of comments from readers about their 1978 UFO sightings in New York. Like the original onslaught of reports, these are not the "I saw a light in the sky" sort of thing," which are truly a dime a dozen and usually mean little or nothing in terms of investigations and explanations. Indeed, no, these range from a possible multiple-witness UFO encounter over a highway with a "missing time" aspect, to a close-up daylight encounter. From what little I know (very little) of the witnesses, these dramatic experiences of three decades' vintage have remained with them, sometimes accompanied by disturbing emotions and thoughts.

I need to say from the outset, by the way, that I respect the anonymity they request and expect.

That's the thing about UFO encounters. There are questions, fears and the hope that somebody will tell you you're not crazy (and heaven help you if some ill-informed medical professional attributes your experience to "sleep paralysis", a hopelessly unfashionable explanation akin, in my opinion, to a nonsensical parlor game played by professional people with too much "missing time" in their own educational experiences). Worse, there are so few outlets, none with adequate funding, for UFO observers to contact. For witnesses involved with possible "missing time" issues, my first suggestion is usually The Intruders Foundation and its founder, Budd Hopkins. For those wishing to get their reports (no matter how old) on file, I would suggest the National UFO Reporting Center (see link) or the Center for UFO Studies (see link), and there are also MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) contacts around the country.

However, despite the extreme dedication expressed by a few private organizations and the numerous individuals supporting their work, we're in the same old sinking boat -- abominable funding, inadequate publicity abilities and, unfortunately, woefully insufficient (that is, zero) open government involvement.

In the previous entry, I posed the ongoing question, where is Congress? Well, now we know where Congress is. After the House followed its first impression and defeated bailout legislation, the Senate got into the act last week and pimped so many bribes and pork into its version that the House, now effectively wined and dined and drunkened by the mere prospect of fiddling away even more of the economy as the nation waits to erupt like Vesuvius, couldn't resist.

So, yes, I still receive the occasional UFO puzzle fragment from 1978, and I'm reminded as recently as last week that a corpuscular governing body so consumed by the greed of itself and others can hardly be expected to see things as they really are. My sympathies are with those who experience disturbing UFO encounters, all the more because there's so little we can do for them under current circumstances.

One little intriguing "bailout" development is Congress's decision to include mental health legislation in the final bill, requiring insurance companies to fund mental health on par with physical health care. I don't know that this was the time or place to attach this issue, with everything else submerged in the glue trap -- not because such care isn't important, and of course it is -- because one can soberly contemplate whether there's too ambitious a goal at some government levels to label a significant amount of the population with mental disorders. "Sleep paralysis" comes to mind Those words again. Hmm. UFO abduction equals sleep paralysis. It must be true -- didn't we see the concept rehashed via David Muir on ABC-TV's recent UFO rehash-rehash?

With the blessings of our economically catatonic Congress, maybe sleep paralysis can be entered as an explanation for claims of UFO abductions in hospital DSM directories (the DSM comprises loads of numbers assigned to various medical diagnoses so that everybody's medical records can be easily computerized and statistics compiled into charts and graphs that allow the sum total of one person to be based upon the sum total of a lot of everybody else -- thus requiring one's medical treatment to be based not upon being an individual, but based upon what others like that person are being treated with -- and I hasten to add that few who deal with DSMs would agree with that viewpoint, of course). Besides, it sounds s-o-o-o-o official, so medically all-encompassing, so relevant to every aspect of a purported UFO abduction. Sleeeeeeeeeeep par-a-ly-sis. Wow.

Actually, sleep paralysis is already listed in DSM criteria, so throwing the UFO designation in to create even more medical, insurance and government bureaucracy and human cognitive denigration wouldn't be a stretch.

All things considered, I guess maybe it would be easier to label people observing UFOs as disturbed than to provide funding for a proper UFO inquiry. I don't know, but I suspect that filling out the paperwork at a mental institution and officially diagnosing folks with the assistance of one-size-fits-all standards requires far less effort than completing a detailed UFO report form, investigating and asking Congress to address an extraordinary mystery whose implications may already have humbled us all.

Credit: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

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