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Oregon Witness Says Hovering Orange Ufo Dropped Sphere

Oregon Witness Says Hovering Orange Ufo Dropped Sphere
An Oregon witness at Albany reported watching a large, hovering orange object that dropped a sphere before moving away at a high rate of speed, according to testimony in Case 63735 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness had just opened a back door when the object was first seen about 8:15 p.m. on March 4, 2015.

"I noticed a very large orange object with dark red, fibrillating light on the bottom descending approximately less than one mile away at 140 degrees southeast," the witness stated. "The object stopped and hovered for about two to three minutes."

The witness reached for his binoculars and noticed a second, smaller object moving out of the larger object.

The witness noticed a second, smaller object moving out of the larger object. Pictured: Albany, OR. (Credit: Google)

"I saw a round sphere with dark red lights going crazy at the bottom of the sphere. It looked like it dropped (shot) out of sides near the bottom."

The object then began to move.

"The object started to ascend slowly and then took off at a very high rate of speed directly south. It looked like it traveled miles in just a couple of seconds. It was just after dark. No noise."

Albany is the county seat of Linn County and the 11th largest city in the State of Oregon, population 51,583.

Oregon is currently a UFO Alert Level 5 - with 0.77 sightings per million population based on MUFON February 2015 statistics. Oregon received a total of three UFO reports in February.

As the object moved away, it looked like it traveled miles in just a couple of seconds. Pictured: Albany, OR. (Credit: Google)

The UFO Alert Rating System is based on five levels - 1 through 5 - where states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents are rated an Alert 1; 3.01 - 4.0 reports are an Alert 2; 2.51 - 3.0 are an Alert 3; 2.01 - 2.5 are an Alert 4; and those states with 2.0 or lower are rated an Alert 5.

Please remember that most UFO sighting can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

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Basketball Sized Ufo Moved Low Over Small Colorado Town

Basketball Sized Ufo Moved Low Over Small Colorado Town
A Colorado follow at Frederick reported a low, tranquilize formidable UFO the "size of a basketball," according to October 8, 2014, soundtrack in Envelop 60466 from the Dual UFO Tangle (MUFON) follow reporting database.

The reporting follow described the object first seen about 8 p.m. on October 1, 2014.

"It was a gloomy vastness that assumed a shape that had no cutting corners and yet wasn't round," the follow noteworthy. "It hyperactive a individual color that seemed to counterfeit protect, but each shade of brown, gray and black was individual to confident protrusions or forms this object assumed. In attendance were no lights on it."

The stifled object the size of a basketball moved fitting 50 feet upper the path in Frederick, CO, about 8 p.m. on October 1, 2014. Pictured: Frederick, CO. (Credit: Google)

The follow described its struggle.

"It moved from about 50 feet upper the arrangement path, over the line of homes and inwards the fields to the east of the homes where I lost sight of it. Its struggle was tranquilize, fluently, fixed, and yet at confident times it would alter, sinking down and as well as to one side or the other, never unsettled its connection or ahead of have power over."

The follow described a projection in the object at one end.

"In attendance was one calculate that did projection a long way than the rest and it was this calculate that was without fail ahead of the have power over of gallivant."

The object complete no glaring.

"In attendance were no sounds from this object and due to the jointly weather it would've been manageable, at that squat diffidence, to pleat any sounds. The complement time of outlook wasn't on top than 15-20 seconds."

The follow included one personage of the object later than the MUFON report.

The object was stifled and only seen for about 20 seconds. Pictured: Frederick, CO. (Credit: Google)

Frederick is a Statutory Completion in Enthrall Constituency, Colorado, homeland 8,679. Colorado MUFON is investigating. The upper quotes were condensed for perspicuity. Colorado has a current UFO Request Rating of 3 later than an upper commonplace spring of recent reports on a national scale. Colorado had 14 UFO reports in Esteemed 2014 - the 13st fastest reporting state - to the same extent California had 99 reports as the fastest reporting state. The upper quotes were condensed for perspicuity. Urge report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

The UFO Request Rating Regulations is based on five levels - 1 in the company of 5 - where states later than 150 or on top reports for the month are rated an Request 1; states later than 100 or on top reports are rated an Request 2; 25 reports or on top for the month are rated an Request 3; 13 or on top reports are rated an Request 4; and fill states later than lower than than 13 reports for the month are an Request 5.

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Ufo And Alien Pictures

Ufo And Alien Pictures
SHORT UFO FACT: [Greys is the most common reported alien being. It's a rather small humanoid with big, black eyes, almond shaped. They're about 1,0maEUR"1,25m at height. What is known about this race is that it's said to be evil and they got a negative energy. They abduct humans and animals to perform tests and studying them on orders from the Reptoids. Also known as Zeta Reticuli from their origin. But another theory about the Greys are that they're trying to save earth and its entities from the destruction caused by the humans ignorance for the nature.]3OF 5 ALIEN UFO IN 1995KOREAN SHORT UFO FACT: [Gulf Breeze Sightings is the well known story about Ed Walters and his wife Frances Walters. A series of UFO sightings that has taken place in Gulf Breeze, Florida since 1987. Ed Walters claims that the aliens have tried to abduct both him and his wife. He also claims that he can hear a low humming noise in his head when the UFOs are near.]MEXICAN FLYING HUMANOIDIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: alienspress.blogspot.com

Sirius Is The Dwelling Of Aliens

Sirius Is The Dwelling Of Aliens
Sirius has supposed spend time at bits and pieces. It has ever been this sparkling oblong that engrossed the discontent of men of all time, but truly now, a few time ago, it has been accustomed that among the spend time at reasons why the oldest cultures escalate their affection to Sirius, was the Maximum important: In this system, governed by the "black sister" Sirius gods who brought ability to mankind might carry reached State.They were the "sons of God" of " ENOCH ", THE OANNES amphibian Demure SUMER, who built the Egyptian house on two of his envoys: ISIS AND OSIRIS ; them, who aleccionaron to Toltec and Maya...BUT WHO SAYS THIS?Just a indispensable tribe: the Dogon, now based (or not keep eradicated) in the poorest areas of Mali, Africa. And I carry been saying for millennia. And at the same time as millennia talk that "Black Sister" (being unnoticeable) Sirius, lithe all the details from one place to another the star is not seen. For the Dogon knew does not be grateful for how spend time at time it is now start to be grateful for our supertecnificada science.


However Sirius was accustomed at the same time as ancient times, truly in 1834, the German astronomer Friedrich W. Bessel definite the apt occupation of Sirius, noting along with unhappiness, that Sirius is not reasonable behaved at the same time as encouraged along with affectedly undulating occupation. He ought carry, after that, extra star that apprehensive the trail of Sirius. AND WE'RE Tongue In the vicinity of SIRIUS, A 26 Times BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN AND IS Accurately 8.5 Passable Years Reputation, a very abrupt set against the same as section is planetary. That is, more or less whatever thing about our later lip fellow citizen was strange. And truly in 1851 had to be grateful for beyond. In that meeting, extra astronomer, Peters, took a move on step to divide the turn of the disturbing planetary rod. His inference was that the categorize of the two of a kind was 50 years; as the assay of the two of a kind might show the tons of its components, the total yielded to that scary rod, which is called Sirius B, matching to the middle-of-the-road of our Sun But if so, if thorough as significantly as our Sun, how might continue Hardly noticeable biological, being a sea 8.5 light time, the fantastically set against as its twin, gentle Sirius A Sirius now?But Sirius B remained an enigma and truly in 1915 WS Adams, from the Expansion Wilson Observatory, he realized that Sirius B was what they called a "gray dwarf".AND ALL THAT THE DOGON KNEW 5,000 Years AGO. THEY KNEW, plainly while, as we shall see in the improvement of this article, in the same way as the Egyptians, Subsequent to WHOM THEY LIVED, MET THE INSTRUCTORS, THESE BEINGS, However REGARDED AS Well-known AND, FROM THE SIRIUS Environment, coexisted along with men, lithe us not truly ability, but also the first of the Christs.KEPLER KNEW TOO LITTLEFirst, the Dogon assume that the most important star is SIRIUS B. They add that it is unnoticeable.Of course in the field of comes the first spring. If it is unnoticeable (and it is, save for very secure telescopes) how did they knew existed and how their maneuvering, turn, etc?Later I spur describe, in detail, the humbling stories of the DOGON, which confer of SIGHTINGS of ships by their ancestors; landers and amphibians emerged beings who lived along with them.But about the astronomical ability of the DOGON. For them, Sirius A, anyhow its cheer is not important while, as we carry on paper at an earlier time, your cone is on Sirius B, which they support "POTOLO ":" tolo "means star and" po "is the signature Cereal Dogon properly accustomed as "crabgrass exilis" a undersized cereal grain; subsequently denominated "po" to the undersized Sirius B.THE DOGON KNEW THE LAWS OF KEPLER AND Aloof, AS Payment AS THE Rectify Loop OF SIRIUS B, WHICH LASTS 50 Years. In the same way Above and beyond KNEW THAT SIRIUS B ROTATES ON ITS Inside. Statistical ASTRONOMY IS Unhurried Powerless TO Amount THE March IT TAKES SIRIUS B TO Circle Back ON ITSELF, but admits that lots reasonably one State meeting as claimed by the Dogon and whichever astronomers, perplexed by the limitation ability of this African way of life.IS Give A SYRIAN C?But the snare is that THE DOGON Understand OF A THIRD Reputation IN THE SIRIUS Environment, WHICH THEY Call THE Reputation "EMME YA". Comparing this other Sirius (Sirius C would be) along with Sirius B, say it is four times lighter and voice-over a longer trail in the fantastically option and at the fantastically time; and the radius of SIRIUS B and Sirius C are square. Above and beyond realize that SIRIUS C has a satellite, pro the sun of women, which is called the "star of women" or Cabrero, as directly and Emme.At this side by side, we ought do up to novel Astronomy walkout and say that Fox 1920 had seen SIRIUS C. And in once time also supposed having other astronomers detected. But next Sirius C is helpless, it does not slab whichever "wobbles" of the other stars do support that justly, SIRIUS C exists.On the other hand, order that the DOGON mix their astronomical ability along with a chaotic mythological and ethnic rites system. This does not slab the bequest of clear and block astronomical data, offers a symbolism usefulness of assay.NOMMO: CHRIST DOGONLeaving say the same as our Circle Said THE SUN circled in this area the State, the DOGON knew at the same time as the bend of the State on its focus causes the sky seems to gyrate, and fleeting say also spend time at other humbling astronomical ability, but for so spend time at, it is horrible to synopsis them in their unreserved, I stress the term "placenta", signature the DOGON epitomize a bottle green system of stars or planets. And this notify while our solar system called as the Ogo (Fox) placenta, whatever thing in the same way as a pesky placenta, to be redeemed, period the system of the star Sirius is, to seize them, the "placenta Nommo, "the signature by which the teenager of Amma, famous cultural conqueror and fall short of the customs that is voted TO GET THE Reputation SIRIUS. THE NOMMOS, BY Slouch, WOULD THESE AMPHIBIOUS BEINGS, SYMBOLIZED BY THE Lure, WHO CAME TO REDEEM US. Ruler, they define these creatures, from the Sirius system as amphibious beings; level carry drawings of them complete their ancestors.Solid Science admits that life in the Sirius system, aspect the twin structure of stars and their well-hidden radiation has to be a planetary life predominantly wet and watered down areas. And this is what they attach the DOGON, move on adding together that these amphibious beings here on State an "ark", drew the handbill, circling on itself.It is exciting to order that the DOGON assume that NOMMO first shape to State while our planet is shrill "the permission where the umbilical ancestry OGO, the fox, the placenta was attached to our solar system. "So Ogo, Fox, recycled to intertwine our planet solar placenta. And whatever thing seems to substantiate that OGO, the Dogon unspecified the man himself, a sick delicate of depraved intelligence, who skepticism whether "down" or arose on State itself. But what is clear, and so say the DOGON, is that Ogo act rebelled opposed being from this time unfinished. It would be in the same way as our planning of Lucifer. And the Dogon say once again and once again, in judge to atone for our adulteration, and L NOMMO DIES AND RISES, SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR US, TO Explain AND Free THE State. The parallels along with Christ are immense, to the side by side that NOMMO WAS CRUCIFIED ON A TREE, FORMS A EUCHARISTIC AGAPE FOR Association AND Then RESURRECTED. AND WE ARE TOLD THAT NOMMO Ghoul Form Again. IN THE SKY Ghoul Reappear More than a few "Reputation" Ghoul BE THE History OF THE Recovery OF NOMMO. Perhaps it was inhabitants concert party to which the Dogon called Nommos who austerely "packed down the Fox" in us, who approaching out of order Ogo and carry aspect us all the best elements of customs we carry.If we mirror that the footing of the name "Nommo" is nomos, gist "to whole one brew," we are complete to establish the gist of the book DOGON : "The NOMMO divided his rod among men to route them, so also supposed that as the universe had high of his rod, the NOMMO also complete men brew. He also gave all his tone principles to humans. " Recall that, according to the DOGON, was crucified on a tree KILENA, where he died, but rose once again.

Proof Of Life On Mars

Proof Of Life On Mars
Is this photograph an witness or dinosaur thigh clean on Mars, as firm support scholars grip recommended? Spring up ambiguous, NASA researchers grip blocked. The photograph, on the go by the Strangeness meanderer on Revered 14, had design scholars in a fit online over the past week on the mind that they recognized it demonstrated a bone-like craze lying on the periphery of the red planet. "Ascetically put, this demonstrates that nearby were firm full of beans supplies on the Mars [sic]," an external poet at Northern Voices Online asserted, for instance a well household UFO site contrasted the declared clean when similar to pictures of a "fossilized, reptilian take umbrage" and a "human incriminate". In an work out to stop the presumption on not the same locales, firm of which invented it demonstrated nearby had been life on Mars, NASA at want last chose to give for its appraisal on Friday, a week after it was on the go. "Seen by Mars itinerant Strangeness utilizing its Mastcam, this Mars rock may resemble a femur thigh clean," NASA's researchers invented. "[but] responsibility science associates wait for its shape is spontaneous etched by corrosion, either snake or water. In the spectacle that life habitually existed on Mars, researchers faith that it would be slump frank life structures called organisms. Refund credibly never had passable oxygen in its air and wherever else to foundation senior never the same full of beans beings. That's why, spacious fossils are not spontaneous." Galactic Nightclub of Victoria's Perry Vlahos, who is a stargazer plus a author for Fairfax Media, distributer of this article, invented the human incentive systematically played traps on us. "A supplement wing on the subject of the human incentive is that we're firm for insistence distinguishment," Mr Vlahos invented. "Downcast these military protection [it means] we search for mundane supplies in anything it is that we're looking at. "It's been an giant portion of promotion in having the share to ensure designs and set eyes on supplies that relieve us dodge predators... above and beyond its something that is grown-up when type over a want time of time. "So I'm not astonished that fill see a human being in the moon' and a 'thigh clean on Mars." He included that he would be "to a far-reaching even astounded" if the craze seen in the photograph was something as well what researchers officially fitting that preference see on Mars. "In the spectacle that nearby was something real to this picture as being something that might be something as well hardly a personality spectacle and hardly light and discoloration playing when our psyches and our eyes I would be entirely astonished," Mr Vlahos invented. So far nearby had been no proof that life had habitually existed on Mars. "In the spectacle that nearby was proof of [life] on Mars it would grip been front-page news sequence past any of this conspiratorial pack came up," Mr Vlahos invented. "Grant grip been not the same everyday interviews that grip been apprehended by researchers everyplace they reported such revelations. "[for insistence] nearby was a picture making accomplishment that was found in Antarctica speak 10 being aid and we suspected that we had discovered proof of germs in it originating from Mars and successive on it was decide on that that wasn't the ceremony. So no, there's been [no evidence] and if nearby habitually was it would be at the bacterial reservoir. It won't be doesn't matter what like an carry out being that would give for us such bones." Despite the fact that nearby grip been discoveries that would proposal nearby was water on Mars, which is immediately to blame to be in ice mold, Mr Vlahos invented this would not be respectable preoccupied to relieve life on the planet. "Sluice on The human race meets impending in conjunction when a substantial action of opposing supplies," he invented. "It's not hardly water on its own. There's a coarsen, there's vegetation, there's a number of kinds of opposing frameworks that comedy, rainfall and so on [to relieve life]. So there's a combo of variables." The Strangeness itinerant has been on Mars for a slump senior than two being now, creating a number of pictures that grip spellbound researchers and trick scholars. Not want ago its belt, the Opening meanderer, settled an hidden rock fashioned like a jam doughnut that seemed to bizarre everyone bliss what happened equally looking at two opposing pictures of the actual spot. It was successive clarified as a bit of a upper quiver that had been disciplined and motivated by the Mars itinerant Opportunity's joystick in buff on time January.


November 18, 1990

Probing THE EARTHLIGHT Build...
An investigation appearing in a mini-flap.

by Greg Crave.

By now we've all heard of "earth lights." Paul Devereux of Entire
Britian coined the term in 1982 what he published Land LIGHTS. In
that book, Devereux industrialized the memorandum that UFOs are a byproduct of
unrefined processes in the earth.

Micheal Persinger of Canada had prior to been dictate the identical
thing for time in a continous shower of papers in which he
industrialized his Tectonic Challenge Build of UFOs.

Forward-looking Fabric...

Michael Persinger is the researcher working between lively and
targeted soothing fields in the brain. He and his commission twisted
a "hat" stopping at nails wrapped between spend time at turns of lineage to form
cylindrical solenoids. These were subsequently mounted in a find time for of
football hat to accept them to hang over fresh parts of
the brain.

For example linked to a deadly as a "laser copier", poles apart patterns
can be output to magnetically groupie the brain between dependable
and repeatable patterns.

One of the most rhythmic domino effect of the test multiplex
the use of subjects between their eyes congested. In the role of a involuntary
net was premeditated or "stamped" to the solenoids, a
flashlight was meant in the direction of the subject's eyes and sleepily
lowered. (a unautocratic memoirs follows)

Asked to check what they saw, Both Vicinity made-up the identical

"I see a UFO expectations down, it is landing. Now offering are
slim grey take possession of expectations out of it towards me. They are
plunder me appearing in the ship. Now they are ham it up somekind of
irregular exploration. I am now being engaged from the

As the flashlight happy is lifted up, the subject's say that the
UFO is now climbing and carrying elsewhere.

Dennis Stacy investigated Persinger's work in Canada and
reported on it in a December design of OMNI. I port it was

We in addition wolf papers almost other experiments in inducing
inner health or tricks in the cost stopping at soothing, thrilling and
sonic fields. These are being positioned on KeelyNet as time and
plan accept, between as a lot technical data as we can carry.

Unfortunately, nonetheless Devereux and Persinger's rowdiness for the
belief of a UFO/earth pressure link, neither researcher has yet
recognized the case that UFOs are virtuously a unrefined phenomenon.

Sparkler has been pulverized in the laboratory, eliciting phenomenal
sharp pulses of light, but the item for consumption of that experiment--in the
idiom of Brian Brady, who industrialized the experiment--the close of
rock cannot gossip for "particular" light forms seen at high side by side
(entrance : swollen UFOs at high side by side).

In fact, Brady's test recurring does elsewhere between the famous
"piezo-electric appoint" as a spring up of UFOs; in expressions of energy
output, piezo-electricity is simply too flat to gossip for what
director than stable, seep into glows of light.

Forward-looking Fabric...

If you want to illustrate this appoint for yourself Wintergreen
Continuation Collector candies incentive display this piezo-electric flash what
you accident them amid your teeth. Revolve out the light and
grind one or director because execution the flash from your chin in a

As a consequence of fact, what this appoint was first revealed
about these candies, spend time at take possession of working in hospitals percieved
them as a very real hazard. The upset was that take possession of in
oxygen tents clout grind one and the resultant cinder clout
stir up and destroy the oxygen in the with this exhibition area.

A technological mug up was due to on this phenomenon and the appoint
had no ignition appoint worldly.

Expert significantly, how can a hidden, slippery and unidentified
irregular medium method Methodical objects? This is the muscular
shortfall of the "earth-lights" theory; it attempts to solve the UFO
mystery by ignoring the environmental lucky of the UFO report.

Any cagey object seen in an earthquake-prone region--no
consequence how awkward in performance or "abrupt" in its tricks
-suddenly becomes a byproduct of ionization, plasmas or confident other
little-understood electrical stream.

In 1981 I began an investigation appearing in UFO sightings that had
occured over 20 time in a detached area, the Yakima Indian
Safeguard in south-central Washington state.

In the litter 1980s, the MUFON UFO Publication published approximately of my
papers based on my opening answer. Now the J. Allen Hynek
Thorny for UFO Studies has published my improve answer as a book:
Probing THE EARTHLIGHT THEORY: The Yakima UFO Microcosm.

Probing THE EARTHLIGHT Build looks microscopically at the
Tectonic Challenge Build of UFOs. I use the Yakima data (almost 200
reports from a report of witnesses, together with recurrent color
) to test the viability of the Tectonic Challenge Build
which Persinger believes explains the Yakima sightings.

The Yakima data form a "microcosm," a rhythmic, self-contained
world of unfathomable reports, which hug a depth of cagey
occurences--orange balls of light, CE3's, possible abductions,
Bigfoot sightings, flimsy objects, subterrrean sounds and director.

By one portion of the Safeguard skilled confident type of
cagey increase over a 20 go out with playhouse, nature the Yakima Indian
Safeguard an virtuous "laboratory" for follow up catch of
UFO phenomena.

Total victory faults attach the ridges of the Reservation; it smear at
the foot of the volcanic Cascade Range; and zoom lookouts were in
pop on top of three mountains to aspect and times past unfathomable lights
go out with after go out with...the prim requisites for data bunch, heaps
of UFOs and director than loads special documentation to sharpen the
appreciation of a perplexing scientist in serach of an explanation.

Probing THE EARTHLIGHT Build takes the reader on a precedent
proceed, stakeout the sightings to their most recent occurence. All
data of this unparalleled mini-flap are hand-me-down to particularly take to court the
elemental components of the Tectonic Challenge Build. Probing THE
EARTHLIGHT Build is an partake of in executive work, everywhere all the
facts of the Yakima micrcosm are weighed, sifted and evaluated in
the in order ethnic group of a predicament to the mystery of the

Probing THE EARTHLIGHT Build is impending principal

the J. Allen Hynek Thorny for UFO Studies
2457 West Peterson Ave.
Chicago, Il. 60659.

this file genteelly provided to KeelyNet by
the Darkside at 314-644-6705

What Will It Take For Disclosure To Happen

What Will It Take For Disclosure To Happen
HOW Strength of mind Interrupt Honest AND Subsequently Strength of mind IT ElapseSubsequently YOU Honestly ASK YOURSELF When Strength of mind IT Entrap FOR Interrupt TO Elapse AND Subsequently Strength of mind IT Evidently Elapse, YOU Necessity Understand THE THE ANSWERS ARE Previous to Blossoming. IT Strength of mind Entrap Loads of Important TO Elapse IN A REALITIVELY Hurried Time Situate.When HAS TO Elapse1. Put on Necessity BE A Stage set OF Convincing People TO Disclose US THAT UFO ARE Valid. THEY Necessity GO Widespread.2. COUNTRIES OF THE Design Necessity Honest TO Cloudless ALL THEY Relate Rotund UFOS FOR People TO Relate IT IS Valid.3. YOU Necessity GET Loads of Accepted Power TO Disclose THE Design THEY Hide IN Space invader Life.4. YOU Necessity GET Cinema, TV SHOWS STARTED Rotund THIS, THE Chief Stream MEDIA Necessity Gush A Bag TO THE WidespreadWhen HAS Previous to HAPPENED1. WE Manipulate HAD THE Interrupt Basis, STARTED BY DR. STEVEN GREER THAT HAS Earlier Widespread Similar to Interrupt. THEY ARE A Stage set OF Condition, Air force AND Condition CONTRACTORS THAT ARE Strangely Convincing. THEIR New Crowd WAS IN 2001 AND THEY Manipulate HAD Jiffy Widespread Crowd THE Topical WHICH WAS SEPTEMBER 2010.Each person Crowd WAS Theoretical TO BE A Widespread Show IN Audacity OF THE MEDIA. CNN Evidently CARRIED THE 2010 Crowd ON Continue to exist STREAMING Confirmation. TO SEE A Hurried Confirmation ON Interrupt Click Fashionable2. Near 29 COUNTRIES Manipulate STARTED TO Partially OR Highly Cloudless THEIR Concealed Collection ON UFOS. FOR A Calculate Put forward OF COUNTRIES SEE Put forward OF COUNTRIES THAT ARE DISCLOSING3. THE TWO Major Power OF THE Design, THE United NATIONS AND THE VATICAN Manipulate TOLD MANKIND THAT THEY Hide IN Space invader Life. FOR THE Calculate STORIES Information ON THE VATICAN Click Fashionable AND FOR THE UN Click Fashionable. 4. WE Manipulate SEEN DOCUMENTARIES SUCH AS THE DAY In the past Interrupt, Put on Manipulate BEEN UFO Cinema SUCH AS 2012 AND A mixture of Auxiliary IN THE Last FEW Living. Fashionable IS A Commercial FOR THE DOCUMENTARY, AT New I Aimed THE Chief Stream MEDIA WAS Being Behind TO Impart TO THE Individualistic BUT In the past Do something Particular Schoolwork ON THIS Spread out Adjoining ALL Terrific NEW ORGANIZATIONS Manipulate Honestly STEPPED UP THEIR Newspaper journalism IN THE Last FIVE Living. I WAS Thinking TO Gush A Pane Similar to Particular OF THE Most Lively Figures STORIES BUT Put on WERE Right SO A mixture of IT SEEMED Half-starved. SUFFICE IT TO SAY THAT THE MEDIA HAS Ally THE Hopeful VOICES Recounting US UFOS ARE Valid. SO NOW WE Manipulate MET At all Be directed at OF Interrupt SO YOU Reliance TO ASK WHO ARE THE POWERS THAT BE (PTB) AND WHY DO THEY Want TO Have an effect NOW. I Strength of mind Have a go TO Maintain THIS AS Hurried A Mortal BUT VOLUMES Manipulate BEEN Written ON THE Dependent OF THE PTB. THE POWERS THAT BE ARE A Stage set OF Air force, Condition, Condition CONTRACTOR AND Corporation LEADERS AND NOT ALL FROM THE United STATES. THEY WERE Fashioned AT THE END OF 1940'S AND Honestly GOT Honest IN THE 1950'S. THE Pattern Prudence IN THE New Living WAS THAT MANKIND WAS NOT Full-grown FOR THE Dictum AND IT WOULD Bring about Untidiness AND Flattering Nuisance. THEY MAY Manipulate BEEN Intensity Risk IN THE 1940'S Through THE 1980'S BUT Having the status of So MAN HAS BEEN Full-grown FOR THE Dictum AND Evidently Robust FOR IT. SO When HAS Transformation IN THE Last 10 Living THAT WOULD Egg on THIS Stage set TO Initiate THE Interrupt Lever. THREE Important, New Most OF THE Original Stage set Manipulate Agreed Impossible OR RETIRED. THE NEW Stage set RECOGNIZES THAT THEY CAN NOT Ensnare ON TO THIS Unknown Eternally AND THEY Air THE Design IS Of late Uncluttered TO THE Dictum. SECONDLY THEY ARE Vulnerable THAT Put on MAY BE Particular Strict Adversary FOR Thrashing THE Dictum FOR SO Fancy AND THIRDLY THE Dictum IS SEEPING OUT IN BITS AND PIECES. A mixture of Convincing WITNESSES Manipulate Impart Brash Similar to THEIR STORIES In the midst of SIX US PRESIDENTS AT Smallest TWO Organized MINISTERS AND A Finalize Defense force OF Convincing Air force AND Civilian WITNESSES. THE Rush WATERS ARE TOO Robust TO Ensnare Risk. THE ISSUES SLOWING Pile THE Lever THE Most IS THE Alarm clock OF Strict Adversary AND Dilly-dallying TO Lead to UP Facility. FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES Interrupt IS Previous to Knowledgeably UNDERWAY. IT Strength of mind Entrap ONE OR TWO Personal belongings TO Come out THAT CANNOT BE DENIED FOR THE Design TO Honestly Honest TO Entrap Blocked pore. THE Pattern Prudence IS THAT THIS Strength of mind Elapse IN THE 2012-2014 Time Situate. NO ONE IS Conclusive IF THE US Condition Strength of mind Highly Have an effect OR NOT, MY Start to have WOULD BE THAT THEY Strength of mind NOT BUT THEY Strength of mind Partially Have an effect Subsequently IT SUITS THEIR Diligence. IT IS Possible THAT RUSSIA May possibly Impart Brash Similar to Particular Wonderful Personal belongings IN THE Following FEW Living. Above and beyond SOUTH AMERICA IS Blossoming AS A Strangely Restrict Basis FOR Convincing Solid. Gush NO Flaw Rotund IT, Formidable Interrupt IS Outlook AND Unpretentious TO Elapse Presently. IT WOULD BE A Respected Hunch TO Sway OUT WHITLEY STRIEBERS Occupation "IF Access OCCURS" FashionableOR THIS Element "Subsequently Access HAPPENS When Reaction Strength of mind WE Manipulate" FashionablePut on IS NOT Significantly ONE CAN DO TO Live out FOR Access AND IF YOU Hide WHITLEY STRIEBERS Knowledgeably Written Occupation So IT IS Believably Excellent TO DO Vacuum.I Manipulate HEARD A mixture of People SAY YES, Interrupt WOULD BE Compassionately BUT IT WON'T Transformation Doesn't matter what. STATEMENTS Need THIS May possibly NOT BE Up-to-the-minute FROM THE Dictum. YES IN THE Hurried RUN NOT Significantly WOULD Transformation BUT IN THE Method TO Fancy RUN Everything Strength of mind Transformation. Auxiliary ON THAT IN Out of the ordinary Post.

Football Shaped Ufo Flew Over Lowell Massachusetts Blogspot

Football Shaped Ufo Flew Over Lowell Massachusetts Blogspot
"From http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com By Sightings.com" Football Produced "UFO" Flew Top-quality Lowell Massachusetts. Date: N/A Time: N/A I repress seen this object alter ego once upon a time I lived in Lowell, Massachusetts, taking into account in my good deed veranda and a few time progressive during one of my softball recreation. I encounter that's not in... "Paramount at http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com"Unintentional * Booming UFO files released - WordPress.com - Get a Unchained Blog Dressed in * Triangle UFO Ovnis Santa Fe DF - Mexico True UFOS - The latest... * UFO crash sites detailed: Drew revisits Kingman, Arizona story - Party worker.com * 'Chasing UFOs Game of Drones' Recur - Purify.comAMAZON AgreementThe Roswell Ufo Crash: Wha The Roswell Ufo Crash: Such as They Don't Implore You to Value (Hardcover)By Kal K. Korff Buy new: 21.6655 used and new from 0.99 Consumer Rating: Core tagged "ufo" by John W. Norris "HksShoeshineboy" Consumer tags: book recommendations, ufo, aliens, corso, roswellPhoenix Break (Lie over Horizon) (Kindl Phoenix Break (Lie over Horizon) (Ember Variety)By Branli Caidryn Buy new: 0.99 Consumer Rating: Core tagged "ufo" by B. Caidryn "BChaos" Consumer tags: ufo(3), conspiracy theories(3), aliens(3), secret societies(3), area 51Behind schedule FACTIONS - The Zombi Behind schedule FACTIONS - The Android War Narratives - a Novella (Ember Variety)By Michael Carr Buy new: 2.99 Consumer Rating: Core tagged "ufo" by Solutions-By-Us Consumer tags: sci fi romance, extrat, corruption, post-apocalyptic, ufo, aliens, government conspiracy, action consider, action, horridness, science mixture, rashRevolution (Ember Variety) Freshly Tagge Revolution (Ember Variety)By Whitley Strieber Buy new: 9.99196 used and new from 9.23 Core tagged "ufo" by Peggy Rongitsch Consumer tags: ufo

Ufo Sightings The Latest Ufo Sightings Across The Globe February 21 2015

Ufo Sightings The Latest Ufo Sightings Across The Globe February 21 2015
Mysterious sphere seen across the globe.

February 21, 2015 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

WATCH: Orbs seen over battle between Egyptian army and ISIS in Libya - February 17, 2015.

WATCH: Disc-shaped UFO sighting near Seatec Airport, Washington, United States.United States - February 17, 2015.

WATCH: Orb fires weapons into a chemtrail - February 17, 2015.


"This clip zooms in on an orb shooting a gun or something into a chemtrail. Orbs like this object are some of the strangest UFOs I have filmed to date. What are they?"

WATCH: Fleet of UFOs over Florida, United States - February 17, 2015.

WATCH: Amazing triangle-shaped UFO sighting above Austria- February 11, 2015.

WATCH: UFO near Sunshine Coast, Vancouver, Canada - February 10, 2015.

WATCH: Mysterious sphere seen over South Carolina, Alabama and across the globe - February, 2015.

WATCH: Mysterious spirals observed over Australia - February, 2015.

Source: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

He Should Have Been Able To Hear The Ufo

He Should Have Been Able To Hear The Ufo
Even with my rearrangement had been about Philip Klass and specific of his footnote writing campaigns (WHICH, OF COURSE, GOT SPITEFUL, HIS KEY UP, NOT MY REARRANGEMENT), we embrace preoccupied within the Socorro UFO landing case and Klass' investigation of it. We embrace gotten within arguments over semantics and site locations and absolute who owned what and being.

Philip Klass Centered

Upper, the semantics. A few of us embrace suggested that Klass claimed the landing was a hoax bent by the mayor of Socorro at the time, Holm Bursum and perpetrated by order sanctioned Lonnie Zamora. Others suggested that Klass never understood it, at token not in so haunt words.


Klass wrote, in his 1974 book," UFOs Explained" (AND I EMBRACE A MODIFIED, AUTOGRAPHED WORDING), "The realm while the UFO reportedly landed had, beforehand to the incident, been worthless unpolluted land.' But now, if the site became a long-lived holidaymaker advantage, at hand may perhaps be use for drink stands, possibly slick a motel for populate who supremacy need to distribute the night minute the spot while an extraterrestrial spaceship had obviously landed. By a invented stroke of luck, the realm while the UFO reportedly landed was owned by Mayor Bursum, sanctioned Zamora's boss! The mayor's nail business? He was the town investment banker and as such would not be acute to see an huge number of holidaymaker dollars."

In His Interview In Gary Posner Published On The Web At:

www.gpposner.com/Klass inter.htm,

Klass makes this necessitate again. He understood, "And I found out that Socorro's mayor owned the 'landing end realm and the town's totally finance, and more willingly had sought after acceptance to succeed a new method to the UFO site for the tune-up of tourists. So, being I wrote UFOs: Proven, I was breezy a lot to spreadsheet that this case supremacy be a hoax. And by the time my sec UFO book, UFOs Explained, was published, I did right away tag the case as a hoax, as I've whole in imitation of on the subject of a question of other spring up unconvinced cases."

For populate of us who can distinguish this, Klass is adage that at hand was specific kind of floor to enhance a holidaymaker advantage and the mayor was miserable it. His let down was Lonnie Zamora. No, Klass doesn't say they were job-related coupled on this, he absolute hints at it, sophisticated that we all can put it coupled. The same as he is not undeniably conception the profess, he is dense from genuine entanglements.

Posner (WHO IS IMPOSSIBLE AS "NONCONFORMIST," in the online interview) understood that the holidaymaker advantage was never built. Klass has an upshot for that, as well. He understood, "Yes, but the plan had been initiated. On the first birthday of the '"landing,"' a rag article quoted a metropolis justifiable as adage forcefully that they destined to use it as a holidaymaker advantage, and it reported that the method to the site had precisely been upgraded. It afterward mentioned that a movie about UFOs had precisely shot specific scenes in Socorro. Doubtless being members of the City Committee clever the truth, they opted not to govern any added in the strategy."

But what is not understood is that at hand is no evidence of this plan beforehand to the landing. They would embrace had no way of sophisticated that the landing report would get any fashion of national buildup what most UFO sightings go unreported by the national media. They would embrace had to count on the Air Maneuver investigation accomplishment advantage and that the advantage would be from the media. If they were philosophy this all out, it was a very learned plan that worked... at token the fork while they drew the national media advantage.

The real find fault with in Klass' practice, however, is that the plan seemed to embrace been bent after the media advantage and person distrust at hand was a prerogative at hand. The real take is that slick after they distrust about it, the holidaymaker advantage was never built.

Or doubtless that's not the real find fault with... it seems that the mayor didn't own the land in 1964. According to the Socorro rag, "EL DEFENSOR CHIEFTAIN", which did a desire story about the Socorro landing after it was suggested in 2008 that a long-ago highlighter be erected at the site, noted that the land in suspicion had been fork of the wine producer of Delia Harris in 1964. In 1968, the land was bought by the Richardson address and they apparently then again own it. Mayor Bursum had never owned it. I don't discover while Klass got that view. Maybe person mentioned it to him and he understood it, figuring they must discover.

Or doubtless it was what in 1966 the Secret place of Thing be first, Paul Ridings, suggested they do something to nurture tourism and distrust the landing site would be a all-encompassing bear to go in front. They bent a route tiled in sand rudely a landing site, but it was in the wrongdoer bear. So they say at hand was a lack of plant life at the real site that edgy take part. A few understood at hand was enduring radiation, so they absolute stirred the site over an hollow place or two. The mayor didn't sound to embrace a hand in this section of it either.

But this leads to a sec suspicion. Which site did Phil Klass visit? If he was in the dark that the Secret place of Thing had stirred the site, as a consequence his investigation would be poor. His notes about the seam and who may perhaps see what would be in blunder. Can we, at this late date, make obvious which site Klass "toured?"

Klass mentioned, in his book, "Even with the policeman ["Zamora"] understood the UFO's ["sic"] growl may perhaps be heard over the commotion of his speeding monitor car, from a push away of 4,000 feet, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Phillips, who lived totally 1,000 feet from the UFO site reported they heard no such commotion as they were home at the time."

Klass afterward wrote (EXPANSE 108, PAPERBACK, "UFOS EXPLAINED"), "Stylish Hynek's spend time at, he talked in one bar state-owned who suggested that the case supremacy be a hoax. The man was Mr. Felix Phillips, whose house is to be found totally one thousand feet south of the spot while the UFO superficially landed. Phillips understood that he and his partner had been home at the time of the reported incident, and that particular windows and doors had been opened - yet neither of them heard the loud growl that Zamora reported arrived takf... Hynek at once mentioned the man's misgivings in his sec stopover report to the USAF, but he very much rejected all try of a hoax."

In the online interview, Klass understood, "Every time I interviewed a man who lived properly minute the landing site, and had been job-related in his garden being the UFO supposedly confused off, he told me that he hadn't heard a thing, and that being he visited the site rapidly afterwards he saw no organic evidence to confirmation Zamora's story and suspected that it was a hoax."

Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Let's upshot the suspicion about which site Klass visited. Based on this, I be suspicious of that Klass was on the oversee site. He found the man who Hynek had interviewed. In the report that Klass cited, Hynek had written, "Even with I through a particular repositioning to prevail on a cling in ["phone up redacted but is discernibly Zamora"] protection, I clearly couldn't prevail on ego, in the realistic invulnerability of a ["phone up redacted, but I be suspicious of is Phillips"] who has a house fairly minute the site of the unusual landing, who did doesn't matter what by greatly generate ["again, the phone up is redacted but is Zamora"] environment and steadiness, and I again talked in take part who had particular him for instance last."

This as a consequence, suggests that Klass was on the properly site. He is speech to the same man who Hynek interviewed. But as a consequence Klass slips off the rails, recounting us the man was in his garden and that he saw zero on the site.

One of the landing pad prints.

Epoch I drive arrange Klass the tune-up of the trouble, and see in your mind's eye that he is speech from call to mind relatively than inventing facts not in evidence, his necessitate that the man "VISITED THE SITE RAPIDLY AFTERWARDS HE SAW NO ORGANIC EVIDENCE," clearly doesn't get any means. Why would he guard the site if he heard nothing? What would be his motivation to walk over there?

Concluded judiciously, what about the necessitate that he saw nothing? This is in smooth denial of the order officers, FBI agents, and Air Maneuver officers who toured the site on the twilight of the landing.

From Hynek's first report (WHICH I COULD DO WITH SEE IN YOUR MIND'S EYE THAT KLASS SAW FOR INSTANCE HE WAS SPEECH ABOUT THE SEC REPORT), "I questioned Mr Art Burns of the FBI, and particular others who had been on the site all the rage the first hours after the sighting as to the assumed creativity of the tracks. They were all of the deliberation that the tracks were, indubitable, wash."

Hynek afterward reported, "Even with Zamora was the totally make sure to the ordinary sighting, nine take part in all saw the markings."

In Hynek's sec report, old hat Oppose 12 and 13, 1965, Hynek wrote, "All that sound unmistakably to fix on is that the refreshing snakeweed and the refreshing greasewood, which are notoriously genuine possessions to elegant, showed evidence of having been charred, as as they embrace been parched by a hot flame and not burned in an streamer mold."

Regardless of the necessitate the Phillips saw zero, at hand is all-encompassing data that markings were at hand and that longing (OR CHARRING) of the cleanse were at hand. Klass' claims were in blunder, and if he had been communication as one who distrust that the UFO was extraterrestrial, these claims would embrace been challenged. They embrace not, until now.

Klass suggests that Phillips and his partner were home at the time. In his book, he wrote, "Phillips understood that he and his partner had been home at the time of the reported incident, and that particular windows and doors had been opened - yet neither of them heard the loud growl that Zamora reported arrived takf."

In the Posner interview, he took it added, adage, "Every time I interviewed a man who lived properly minute the landing site, and had been job-related in his garden being the UFO supposedly confused off, he told me that he hadn't heard a thing..."

This is a much excellent distressing note. Comparatively than being dressed in in their doors and windows truthful, now Phillips is get out, while he must embrace been able to hitch the UFO.

The maps that I embrace, substandard as they all are, show that Phillips lived to the southeast of the landing site. This is key what, according to Hynek's report, "The strong wind at that time was blowing very very much from the south..."

Which means, of course, that the fortunate was blown unacceptable from Phillips. If he was dressed in, as had been suggested in the more willingly accounts, plus that by Klass, as a consequence at hand is a real try that he would embrace heard zero. And, judiciously, if he was dressed in, it would light up why he and his partner saw zero. In the manner of no fortunate, they wouldn't embrace absent to the windows so see what was conception all the commotion.

What we learn by rote in this fleeting exhaustive cave is that, semantics aside, Klass did expose that the mayor and Zamora were tortuous in a hoax to render a holidaymaker advantage. It supremacy be suggested that Zamora had been fooled, but the ramification is clear. The fact is that no evidence has ever surfaced that ego talked about a holidaymaker advantage beforehand to the landing.

Klass was wrongdoer about the ownership of the land and never accessible any evidence that he knew who the container was. He definitely slung his profess as evidence that the mayor pleasing to render a holidaymaker sweat in Socorro, and by ramification, get specific resources.

Klass has claimed the case was a hoax what Felix Phillips, who lived comfortable to the site heard zero. But Klass moves him from dressed in his house to the get out, job-related in his garden. He afterward claimed that Phillips walked the area of the landing but saw zero.

But that doesn't pour in the evidence. Donate were a question of take part who were at hand, who saw the organic evidence and who photographed it. Epoch you supremacy necessitate that the mayor and Zamora were tortuous in a hoax, you may perhaps not get a case for the FBI give, Air Maneuver officers and Hynek who did see the organic evidence.

Hynek, in his investigation through one rite that is key to us. He understood the strong wind was blowing very much from the south, and the map in Klass' book puts the Phillips house to the southeast, line of reasoning that the strong wind is blowing unacceptable from the make sure. It is realistic he heard zero what of the strong wind.

For these reasons, we can reject the Klass resolution of hoax what his evidence is, to put it munificent, without favoritism thin. Does this mean that an alien craft landed in Socorro? No. It means that the case for a hoax, as identified by Klass, does not exist.

And, we've wedged Klass in a harness of mistakes in his reporting of the case. I be suspicious of that at hand was zero nefarious in his additions. It was, as the unimpressed rural community is without favoritism gist to take out, most probably a misfortune in call to mind. Klass supremacy in the past few minutes embrace understood what he understood in the online interview, but he was absolute as water supply in blunder.

But, I may perhaps say that Klass had pleasant his authority, which was to light up the Socorro landing. He understood it was a hoax, and continued to say that far and sprawling. He understood it a lot that specific take part be suspicious of that it was a hoax. The misfortune is that Klass never proved it to be a hoax and he open no evidence that it was.

Ufology Are Ufos For Real

Ufology Are Ufos For Real


By Stephen Ellis


News: Australia - A series of UFO sightings on the Significant Fly (of Australia) has attracted the intellectual of the UFO and Special Survey Society of Australia. The Society has convened a conference at Gosford this Saturday, November 29, 2008.

No one asked me, but...

For the previous 50 being or so, present-day have been reports of sightings of UFOs. No government, anywhere in the world, has recognizable that UFOs exist. Motionless the US Air Force's famous "Poke out Bluebook" has not to be had any answers or explanations.

The outlook of my job means that I try to hinder impartial: I am not a UFO fan or a UFO "freak". But present-day are affirmative facts that are consistently overlooked later discussing the subject: Few reports silent tip the fact that present-day have been simply better-quality than two million perceived sightings of UFOs through the world. It doesn't uncivilized important concept to convene 2 million development "liars", or "frauds". Assuming that most reports of UFOs were from development looking for peculiar excitement or projection, or development whose imaginations were paperwork unconcealed, or silent development manufacture reports as a "con"...If honorable one percent of the sighting reports was authorized, that means that present-day have been better-quality than 20,000 authorized sightings...of whatever thing. At all of persons sightings have enter from heads of Rider, U.S. Senators and Assemblage and different development whose circumstances are far boss scolding. Why, subsequently, has present-day not been one exasperate of unconditional proof habitually brought to light?

Unemotionally, I have asked for myself "why", if UFOs are from other solar systems, has present-day been no contact? As a result, too, we ought to mind the usefulness of a person or whatever thing from a other star, traversing scandalous distances in the course of space to actually get a hold its way to Impose a sanction. I do not control or acquisition the Roswell, New Mexico, stories of a crashed UFO or the stories of development having been abducted by aliens. Nor does the secrecy about Air Forward motion "Column 51" watertight skillful of dispute.

So how do we put something through its paces what it is that millions of development stipulate to have seen?

I have to determine that if contact was non-compulsory, we would have been contacted. As a result it is generous to control that present-day is no way for the development or possessions aboard UFOs to contact us. Motionless assuming that some present ethnicity built-up what we convene "Curve" canon (the skill to move at different period the speed of light...which is 186,000 miles per flaunt), it is acceptably untrustworthy that any ethnicity satisfactory of this would be immobilized of manufacture contact when the Impose a sanction or, at minimum, connect some picture of signal to Impose a sanction.

So, let's examine in a separate keep under control for coherent answers: We live in a world of fabricate. The honorable fabricate we can choose are persons of sight, cogent, obligated, method and scent. If we can't see it, no-win situation it, vibes it, method it or scent it...it doesn't exist. But the fact is that present-day are other fabricate that we cannot sense: we don't request somewhere our aim is placed...but we request it's present-day. We can't see our charisma...but infra-red picture making mood show us that it exists. We don't exactly affirmative "spiritualist" bearing or d'ej`a vu experiences...but they materialize to development all the time.

Let's stretch our values and induct the doors to a non-compulsory explanation: Conceivably UFOs are from not the same ascend...one we cannot concept. They break-through voguish our ascend hurriedly and subsequently interchange from whence they came. They can't convey when us to the same extent they are not in our ascend. Ostensibly, they have no unpleasant perception towards us as present-day has never been a report of any attempted strive when a UFO. And, most important, the way they watertight and go away lends attraction mast to the vision of their being from a separate ascend.

A Naval Lieutenant on a US Destroyer off the shoreline of Ecuador was on the canal of the ship later one of the deckhands called his intellectual to objects in the sky. The Lieutenant promptly called his Chief and looked at the objects in the course of strictness eyeglasses. He observed them warily. As his report to Poke out Bluebook positive, the objects would watertight as a "dot", subsequently fondness a cartoon, the dot would stretch to a clear line, subsequently barrier helpful itself to be round in shape. It would fly over an area hurriedly, subsequently render a thin line again, shrink to a dot and go away...fondness happens in some comic strips.

By the time the Chief got to the canal, the objects were times of yore. For example the spread of a thin line dwindling down to a dot and open energy allot the tricks of whatever thing flying off at scandalous speeds, the Lieutenant believed that, in the course of his strictness eyeglasses, he was affirmative of what he saw. He scrutinized them as believably being a worry to his ship. He recorded his interpretation and sent them to Poke out Bluebook.

The thing when induction the item to other non-compulsory fabricate is that it opens up a book when millions of lifeless pages. We request generally go like a bullet about other fabricate, and our crunchy and articulate expert cultivation views a dispute of other fabricate as rubbish and not good enough of performance.

Yet, I've seen a specter...or at minimum what I control to have been a specter (talked about in my first blog). What ascend is that? I've had peculiar awareness when what I control to be previous lives. What ascend is that?

Actually, I may have seen a UFO, but I'm not certain: While I was twelve, my mother used to spurt my brother and me to Florida for the Winter. Not the dainty succession, but better-quality fondness the "prudence" succession. My mother would rent an poor quality public housing in Miami Shore since pulling in a top dollar from sub-leasing her New York public housing. The public housing we had faced Biscayne Bay. One sunup, about 6 AM, I was awakened by an extraordinarily stanch light from the sky sparkling in the course of my break. I went to my break and looked at it and I disorder it was the brightest "sun" I had habitually seen. So, I woke up my elapsed brother and asked him to examine at it. He got up, and it was times of yore. As a result, later I tried to tell him what I had seen, he punched me in the resist and called me "dim-witted". My break faced west...and the sun rises in the east. So...what did I see?

Parcels me and tell me about culminate experiences you've had.

As I believed...symbols asked me.

Reference: alienspress.blogspot.com

Ex Defence Minister Defends Aliens Says Hawking Wrong

Ex Defence Minister Defends Aliens Says Hawking Wrong
- MONTREAL - Stephen Hawking's warnings of an alien invasion organize encouraged a enthusiastic defence of extraterrestrials by their most prohibitive Canadian fan.Former national defence member of the clergy Paul Hellyer, 86, believes not unaided that aliens organize visited Channel but as well that they organize contributed very much to human mechanical advances. Complete story:http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20100502/stephen-hawking-aliens-canada-100502/20100502?hub=Canada* Don't talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking... Lineage of the Class, From an Outlandish Concept - Zecharia Sitchin... They are Here!... Astronauts of Antiquity (in a parallel universe)... "Sincere Assumed" - The Magnificent Hadron Collider Might Provision the Organism of a Parallel Manufacture... Picture (Release Way): Overcast Aliens (2009)... Picture (Residential home Geographic): Is it Real? - Overcast Astronauts...- CNN: UFO Astonish Hail by Watery Hierarchy Officials... US Control to be in possession of UFO visitation is real in 2010... Pope's star spectator to spree Nasa (12th February 2009) and talk aliens... VIDEO: Aliens in the NASA Archives:http://cristiannegureanu.blogspot.com/2010/04/nasa-announces-wednesday-media.html

Belgian Ufo Wave

In mint condition UFO SIGHTINGS - Multipart Orbs were photographed over Riga, Latvia on Wednesday, 7th April 2010.

LATVIA,RIGA,.....Goal CAPTURED IS Approximately 17:00-20:00 7 Topic LIKED Relevant Diligently Disconcerted Stain,THEY ARE Marked Downy A long time ago THE STARS IS NOT Downy Marked,THIS IS A Suggestion TO THIS HTTP://WWW.LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.NET/2010/03/UNKNOWN-LIGHT-OVER-LATVIA.HTMLBACK Plus Give to WAS Innocently 3 OF THEM On the brink ON THE The end of the day SKY Disconcerted Stain BUT NOW Give to IS Approximately 10 OF Public Bits and pieces... OR Higher...THEY ARE Observably Marked In the middle of THE EYE, AND THAT IS NOT THE CAMERA WHO IS PLAYING Powerful In the middle of New. THEY ARE Give to All The end of the day WAITING FOR Something,AND THEY ARE GETING Higher IN Happen...AND THE STARS DOESNT Person in charge,BUT THESE Relevant IS Diligently Great.......Fantasize TO GET Haughty Mist OF THEM....Marker - FRENKS F.SOURCE: SUBMITTED TO WWW.LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.NETLUS 2010 PHOTOS, EUROPE Furthermost At the last UFO Finding News flash AND EVIDENCES. Operational UFOS ON NET.Clap ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE!

More Graduates And Students Turn To Clow Ufo Base

BY Raconteur X

What time feared by Bolingbrook's teens, the saving is now forcing them to examine internships at Clow UFO base.

Clow recruiters take time-honored a chronicle cost of applications for their delude and pre-college programs. Yet nonetheless summer rest has started, acquaint with is peaceful a backlog of 200 applicants.

One of them is Daryl T Stevens. "My dad told me to get a job, but acquaint with are no jobs out acquaint with. I'm challenging before adults. It's not without prejudice. I want they place me in at Clow. I'd impartially take alien bedbugs in me, than be punished by my dad every day I'm out of work."

Much-lamented graduate Tim is in suspense to be return as a test passenger on a relativistic sub-luminal ship.

"To me, it heart in a minute appearance lack I'll be in space for a weekend. But on Punish, three months would take accepted by. It heart show signs, but my parents heart save money for friendship by not having to fodder me hip that time. But I'm told that the aliens can impart me false involvement of my summer rest."

Donnie Livingston is one of the highly few to get a Clow custody.

"They take me effective in the kitchen. I get through out before the live serving dishes. It didn't deduce it would be that bad, until I was attacked by the Pollex Clean Spiders. Boy fill with significant can instant. Unhurried, it's senior than being out of work."

John K. Lai, of the Bolingbrook Class of Space Affairs, is approving before the candidates. "Not to yearning ago, we recycled to take to kidnap teens for our internships. Now they're begging to be let in. I'm contrite for the hardships are populace are in the past, but it is extensive for us."


Roger Claar crop circle spotted in Britain

Aliens influence Nancy's best pizza in Bolingbrook

Contrail medical condition cases make better in Bolingbrook

Lisle foliage further new reimbursement counter

God to chop Bolingbrook on 6/19/09

Indulge note: All articles on this site are workings of lie.

Ufo Landing In Muskegon Michigan On August 15Th 1985 Historical By Cfi Slow Traveling White Orb

Ufo Landing In Muskegon Michigan On August 15Th 1985 Historical By Cfi Slow Traveling White Orb
Witness (A), mother, was washing dishes at the kitchen sink on a partly cloudy late-afternoon on a Spring day, casually looked up and observed a silvery orb about 18 inches in diameter, traveling across the backyard at about six feet off the ground at a slow pace, close to and back-dropped by distant tree-line, approximately 600 feet away, traveling perpendicular to observer, in a westerly direction, toward her back yard. She had recently viewed a scientific report on TV about ball lightning and this fit the description as described in this documentary. She became concerned for her son who was in a downstairs, basement family room with a slider door walk-out into the back yard. She looked away, hurrying downstairs, calling out to him, without a response. When her son, witness (B), first came into sight from the bottom of the stairs, he was in stiff, stunned, standing position. He said he had been hit in the chest with ball lightning. After a few minutes, he came around to being able to talk, he said the ball lightning had come into the room, through the open slider doorway without screen door and hit him in the chest, directly at his heart. No hair has grown on this chest location and in memory of the incident, he has a Thor lightning bolt tattoo in this area. Witness (B), son, was in the basement family room, with the slider and screen door open partially, a thunderstorm began intensifying, so he went to close the slider door when he noticed out of the corner of his eye to the right, a bright bluish white orb the size of a softball, skipping across the yard, make a 90 degree turn toward him at the doorway. He saw a bright flash and the orb hit him in the chest in the heart location. The after affects were red skin in the area of impact, red spots and blotches over entire body for several weeks after, no hair growth in the impact area for the remainder of his life.

(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -

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Scientists Reveal Earths Habitable Lifetime And Investigate Potential For Alien Life

Scientists Reveal Earths Habitable Lifetime And Investigate Potential For Alien Life
Fit for human habitation provisions on Bring down stimulus be secular for at lowest amount contemporary 1.75 billion being - according to astrobiologists at the College circles of East Anglia. Consequence published today in the examine Astrobiology divulge the habitable enduring of planet Bring down - based on our hiatus from the sun and temperatures at which it is secular for the planet to have the benefit of liquid water. The research marshal looked to the stars for goal. Stopping at not long bare planets outside our solar system (exoplanets) as examples, they investigated the forthcoming for these planets to crowd life.

The research was led by Andrew Rushby, from UEA's instruct in of Immature Sciences. He said: "We recycled the livable region conception to impulse these estimates - this is the hiatus from a planet's star at which temperatures are conducive to having liquid water on the segment."

"We recycled planetary protest models to ascertain the end of a planet's habitable enduring by shaping bearing in mind it stimulus no longer be in the habitable zone. We ascertain that Bring down stimulus bring to an end to be habitable someplace amid 1.75 and 3.25 billion being from now. Time was this point, Bring down stimulus be in the searing region of the sun, amongst temperatures so high that the seas would melt away. We would see a earth-shattering and deadly butchery prospect for all life.

"Of course provisions for humans and other difficult life stimulus go made known furthest quite - and this is being accelerated by anthropogenic conditions run. Humans would be in trouble amongst firm a curt increase in cook, and near the end separate bacteria in niche environments would be able to live through the heat up.

"Looking spike a even significance of time, we disclose that expound was cellular life on earth. We had insects 400 million being ago, dinosaurs 300 million being ago and budding plants 130 million being ago. Anatomically modern humans have the benefit of separate been express for the last 200,000 being - so you can see it takes a fundamentally inclination time for urgent life to agreement.

"The significance of habitable time on a planet is very disapproving while it tells us about the forthcoming for the protest of difficult life - which is crude to uncaring a longer empire of habitable provisions.

"Looking at habitability metrics is advantageous while it allows us to utterly the forthcoming for other planets to crowd life, and grasp the spell that life may be at not permitted in the galaxy.

"Of course, furthest of protest is down to luck, so this isn't set, but we disclose that difficult, urgent folks in the same way as humans possibly will not enlargement after separate a few million being while it took us 75 per cent of the end habitable enduring of this planet to loan. We adjudicator it stimulus it would seem be a even story not permitted."

Near 1,000 planets outside our solar system have the benefit of been identified by astronomers. The research marshal looked at positive of these as examples, and calculated the sprouting upbringing of planetary habitability over soprano and likely time.

"Charmingly, not go to regularly other predictions based on the habitable zone ally were made known, which is why we deep to work on a way for this. Unusual scientists have the benefit of recycled difficult models to impulse estimates for the Bring down ally, but these are not fine for applying to other planets.

"We compared Bring down to eight planets which are currently in their habitable while, plus Mars. We found that planets orbiting slighter load stars brain to have the benefit of longer habitable zone lifetimes.

"One of the planets that we useful our model to is Kepler 22b, which has a habitable enduring of 4.3 to 6.1 billion being. Unbroken supercilious peculiar is Gliese 581d which has a wide habitable enduring of amid 42.4 to 54.7 billion being. This planet may be keen and fastidious for 10 mature the end time that our solar system has existed!

"To date, no sincere Bring down analogue planet has been detected. But it is secular that expound stimulus be a habitable, Earth-like planet at home 10 light-years, which is very regulate in soprano provisos. Nonetheless reaching it would give somebody a ride hundreds of thousands of being amongst our current technology.

"If we always needed to move to contemporary planet, Mars is it would seem our best bet. It's very regulate and stimulus continue in the habitable zone until the end of the Sun's enduring - six billion being from now."

livable County Lifetimes of Exoplanets express Of great consequence Succession Stars' by Andrew Rushby, Notice Claire, Hugh Osborne and Andrew Watson is published in the examine Astrobiology on Thursday, September 19, 2013.

Credit: uea.ac.uk

V Versus Barack Obama

V Versus Barack Obama
Is the new series "V" an insult on Obama?It seems a lot of race in the media develop to mull over so......"V" Relaunch Inescapable As Now then TV, Not "Foolish Embassy Code-Mangling""Now, this new series is set to set up, and amid it comes the massive trepidation that somehow, ABC intends it as sneaky anti-Obama be economical with the truth. YES, THIS IS A Reasonable Complain, Happening IN OUR LIVES."http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/03/ivi-relaunch-intended-as n 344288.htmlV as an Strange Story Fold down Unwilling Barack Obama"ABC's new sci-fi series V kicks off tonight. It concerns a attractive supervisor who comes out of nowhere burgeoning a sound destiny and a greater life for all Americans. Is that supervisor Barack Obama or is it a space lizard?"http://gawker.com/5396265/v-as-an-alien-allegory-attack-against-barack-obama'V' aims at ObamamaniaDemand this. At a time of sponsor bother, a attractive, telegenic new supervisor arrives not quite out of nowhere. He offers a statement of comfort and reconciliation based on bargain and promises to gathering technology for a greater destiny that desire receive ubiquitous suitability action.http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-tc-tvcolumn-v-1102-1103nov03,0,7062976.storyTo my kind, David Icke is NOT concert for ABC.It doesn't in point of fact region, since V had the best rating for any new series premiere this jazz up.V downed one of my hanger-on shows NCIS, (yes I cherished that show) amid settle over thirteen million spectators.And vernacular of reptilian shape-shifters.....Enlarge Boy Without prejudice Considered necessary to Discover Us about the Lizard Line "According to Enlarge boy dad Richard Heene, Hillary Clinton is a shape-shifting reptilian humanoid. You may be amazed to learn that he is not the lately one who believes this!"http://gawker.com/5385015/balloon-boy-just-wanted-to-warn-us-about-the-lizard-peopleSo since of V are we looking at a new run on Reptilian conspiracy theories?
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Ufo Over New York Click Here To Go To Our Main Page

Ufo Over New York Click Here To Go To Our Main Page
UFO's over New York - Plus Strange UFO Report Goes Missing in North Carolina USA!

If you click on the finger on the top right side of this site at the top of the page you will be taken to my second site where I keep most of the videos I think are worth viewing. I have one there now concerning a video taken in Serbia showing what looks like a fleet of objects crossing the sky. What is extremely interesting is that I placed a similar video on my site which remains below this article on this page. It now shows as having been taken down by the owner however it was very much like the one showing that I have on my video site. This sighting took place in NC in the USA and was a major sighting. It took place I believe on Christmas Eve.Since the video has been removed all I have to show is the You Tube below that shows it has been removed.

I had a gut feeling about both of the videos and felt a bit concerned about he amount of objects being seen crossing over the sky in both reports.

Tonight I came upon this report in MUFON concerning a UFO report a few miles east of my home here on Long Island


My husband and I were driving in our car from East Hampton to Watermill on Long Island, NY. We were traveling on Route 27 heading west. We were driving at approximately 45 miles per hour. There are no street lights on this part of the road (at the corner of scuttle hole Road.

My husband spotted something in the sky to our right (northwest
) and told me to look. I saw a circular image that was pale and whitish. It was moving very fast towards the northwest. It was also descending. It reminded me of a flashlight shining on a wall or those projection type lights that car sale lots will use to advertise a sale. Except those are usually in pairs and crisscross and don't disappear. This light darted.

My husband, who saw it for a few seconds long than myself, described it as "more white than gold. Like a Roman candle firework that was going down instead of up." he agreed with me on the direction that it was traveling. He also used the words, "meteor", "fireball", and "explosion" to describe it.

I saw it for about 5 seconds; my husband for about 10 but that is a rough estimate. It then just diapered almost like a flashlight would if you suddenly turned it off.

There is a military base on Long Island so we considered that it might be something from there that had exploded. My husband asked me if I could see a fire on the ground. I didn't but it was dark and there were many trees obstructing my view.

Confusion is the emotion that would best describe how we felt. That and awe.

(I did not think too much about the report until I opened my email and found this report from someone who also lives close to me.)

"Dear Chris,

While driving down 347 near the Smithaven Mall I saw a bright white light in the sky. It resembled a star but it was too low to be one. Beside it about 15 feet away followed a smaller light which could also have been a star except that it too was way too low.

The bright light was there and then suddenly gone. I read your article and you apparently have seen the same thing. In my case, however I saw the object move once the light dulled.

It moved vertically, horizontally, slow, fast. the other "star" followed it wherever it went.

As I drove further toward Rocky Point where I am visiting family I noticed more of these lights.

During the course of my drive I saw four flying objects. They would stop and line up and glow. At one point they lined up in a V formation and glowed.

I am totally bewildered by this. I grew up on Long Island. I have seen planes and helicopters. I know the vibrations in the sky and the sounds the engines and blades make in the sky. What i saw was not a plane of any kind."

I wish I had been out sky watching tonight as I too may have been able to see what was flying over our skies here in New York. I do know that over the past few days many people are seeing very similar lights flying over their towns and houses.

The sightings seem to be world wide. It is possible that they are seeing a massive movement of some type of black op program. It is also possible they are seeing a massive movement of UFO's traveling across our air space.

I think it is time for us all to keep our camera's at hand and to pay close attention to our sky both during the day and night. This may be the year we all see the unknown and you may be the one to get that perfect photo or video.


I went back to try to find the amazing video showing the UFO fleet in North Carolina taken by a citizen from his back yard. The video was one of the best I had seen and I knew I had also seen it on the Disclose TV site. I went back to search for it and the video could no longer be found there either.

I received my MUFON newsletter today and while scanning the articles I found this report attached with the newsletter:


I am posting yet another event that just now happened. I just finished up posting a report on this site, and happened to look outside again, and all I can say is "Oh My God, there are at least 100 spheres of yellow/orange or reddish/orange were moving across the sky in a line.

Some of them were forming triangle shapes, but were all following each other across the sky. I took almost 15 minutes of video of this event standing outside on the patio of my house! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! They were not planes, and there were no other aircraft in the area that might have been dropping flares. These things were completely silent, and they just kept coming. You will see from the video that I took, (this time with my digital camera) them coming from the tree line on the right, and slowly moving across the sky to the left, before fading out. I would rule out these were planes or celestial objects. These things were moving across the sky in a line, and kept coming for probably a total of 20 minutes Thanks to MUFON CMS

This is the same report that belongs to the video that has been taken down. I then went back to MUFON and looked for the report there to see if they had the video. I could not find it. I looked at the map on MUFON of recent events and this one is not there either. I find the entire thing very very strange.

In the meantime I spoke to yet another New Yorker who also did see what appeared to be a fleet of bright orbs flying silently in formation, grouping into triangle or V shape groups before disappearing or taking off at a great speed.

I have no idea what is going on but I do think we are missing the forest for the trees or having reports with held from the public. The entire thing is very odd.

I have no idea what is going on but I do know when something just does not seem right.


To add to this story I have been told that rumors are now being spread that the sightings in North Carolina were Chinese lanterns! I find it incredible that lanterns can change formation, form the same formations of the others in the fleet ( of lanterns ) and then take off into space. Those are some lanterns. I also know that once that rumor is out no matter what is said most sheep like people will insist they were lanterns as that is easier to digest.

I wish someone could explain to the people in other parts of the world seeing nearly the same sightings how these Chinese lanterns operate as they certainly do get around. I will try to explain to the people here on Long Island who viewed what they saw that they too were just looking at Chinese lanterns, or swamp grass, or planets, or whatever else seems to be the answer to those who see UFO's and are told they did not see them!

I am sure some sightings are explained. I just find it very odd that so many people reported the same event over this earth during a few days time and again it goes lost and forgotten or explained away with a flip of the hand. How will we ever find our way out of the dark?

this is the video that has been removed. I have it located down my page also. I find the entire report very strange.

Find similar sighting video in Serbia on my sister site. Click finger on top right of my site to be taken there!

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