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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Perth Western Australia Huge Object Changes Shape

Perth Western Australia Huge Object Changes Shape
Posted: December 30, 2007Date: Gripe 31, 1973 Time: Approx: 9:15 p.m.Publish of witnesses: 3 Publish of objects: 1 Balance of objects: Clang shape.Leading Rendering of event/sighting: UFO report from Perth, Western Australia 1973.I be aware of it was 1973 but not sure of the month. Subdue later investigations prevented the night to be 31 Gripe 1973. We didn't observe doesn't matter what down at the time momentously, but our recollections of the qualifications are very strong.We were in Perth, Western Australia, onerous accommodation to our unit on West Shore Side road. We had correct spent my parents podium after dinner at night and I was onerous down a hill towards the shoreline, in the function of my wife commented on the enchantment full moon correct securely of us over the oceanic. After that we realized that the moon was in truth through us.We turned ask for at West Shore Side road and parked on a exertion of land overlooking the shoreline and observed a massive round orange/red sphere bigger than the moon, securely of us over the oceanic. We observed the object for completely a all the same and it appeared to be capricious shape from round to disc shape. The shape appeared to be in the direction of Rottnest Islet, about 12 miles off the drift, so it was massive. It consequently, in a branch of learning of seconds, came truthful at us.I am not evenly sure of the ring-shaped of undertakings, as it became completely difficult. In fact, my wife and I observed the identical object but we can't suitable on ring-shaped of undertakings or timings. We got out of the car but I don't restart thoughtfully triumph out of the car yet I found myself at the chief of the car. Nearby was no efficiently as the object inspired punctually towards us and closed horizontal over us. It appeared to be colossal in coil. Difficult estimations in my sanity through it as big as an aircraft delivery service.The shape untouched, as it came towards us, from being round to saucer shape. At this point I was indeterminate whether the object was sloping up or down as viewed from the chief from my set. Display this time a frozen car pulled up through us on the highway. I uncertain that this car was a Jaguar. The driver abrasion down his pane, rubbed his eyes or face, and consequently accelerated punctually south down the highway. We continued to look at the object for an weak alongside of time. The object punctually inspired backwards towards the atoll over. In a split microscopic it had disappeared over the horizon rejection a ample red/orange buoyant over the horizon. The object consequently persistent the salubrious organize verify to our vantage bottom, hovering patronizing us over.The object appeared to stow a in good health inflexible disc typed shape and a pleasant orange/red light perfectly appeared to stream from now the object and light exact the buffalo hide of the object modish the in the neighborhood air. It else had a black level in the centre at the chief. I may well see what I took to be the buffalo hide of the object and it entered my sanity that I would for example to flash a firearm to see if the shells would adjoin off what may well stow utterly stow been a very thin overstated object. Although this was faint, due to the strange produce of the object. At the identical time as this was leaving exact my head I felt as though I was in dialect along with whatever thing. At about the identical time my wife was upset and understood that she would for example to go on it.It was bright that my wife was upset by the object, and yet my gathering was one of startle. Atypical, in the function of we were whichever experiencing the identical gathering. In the mischievous spirit of the object I felt I was being scanned or observed by whatever thing. Towards the end of the qualifications, I felt that I had been rejected. Thrust seemed tainted by some means for me and I stow downright anxiety utterly today functioning out the timings of this gathering. I am indeterminate as to whether the object correct disappeared forthright from our grasp or retreated at a snail's pace verify towards the atoll and inspired upwards at a high rate of speed and disappeared. We were somewhat flabbergasted and upset by the gathering, went accommodation, drew sketches and discussed whether to report it. We established not to, overdue to ancestors mockery etc.It has been in our recollections perpetually when and we settle down cannot thrust sense of it. Yet we encounter that it is real and did pour out. It has intrigued me so a lot that I stow scarcely had rhythmic regression along with a done psychologist who recorded and witnessed the regression.At this point I do not yearn for to totally go modish what was apparently prevented at these sessions as I am not sure of the attractiveness of rhythmic regression. It seems to me that when our qualifications I stow been upper psychically judicious which has resulted in evident strange experiences.We did nobody about this sighting until July 2002 in the function of I saw a photograph of an harmonized UFO on a website. Difficult investigation prevented that the photograph was tiring by Mr. Carlos Diaz in 1982 in Mexico. While July 2002 I stow attempted to contact people essential along with Mr. Diaz's sighting but to this date, in spite of provision many emails/letters to several people, I stow had no replies.Thank you to the testimony for the very bright report.Brian Vike, Better HBCC UFO Weigh up. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Weigh up International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Weigh up, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

United States Ufo Giant Fireball Falls Towards The Earth Breaking

United States Ufo Giant Fireball Falls Towards The Earth Breaking
"From http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com By Sightings.com" This wrangle lasted for about a little and then all the "UFO's" started colliding modish 2 big lights and then group 2 lights complex modish 1 big light and its progressively lightened modish nothingness. The ecologically aware item lasted about 10 or maybe 8 report. it was... "Unusual at http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com"Attached * United States UFO: Target Waterfall From The Sky And Splits Up To play with... * The UFO Iconoclast(s): Luck magazine - the past premier UFO source * UFO floating at tree line moves on the way to New Hampshire put together - Administrator.com * UFOs sighted in Ladakh: report - Hindustan EpochAMAZON TransactionAn0ma1y (The Paradox War) (Kindl An0ma1y (The Paradox War) (Awaken Translation)By C.J. Moseley Buy new: 0.00 Cap tagged "ufo" by CJ Moseley Customer tags: elves, forteana, time expire, fairies, shapeshifters, indie essayist, aliens, ufo, science creation, castle in the skyAnatomy Of A Phenomena Anatomy of a Phenomena - The Scrupulous and Advocate Know of UFOs (Edge Cost-cutting Manuscript)By Jacques Vallee 3 used and new from 5.00 Cap tagged "ufo" by Rebel Customer tags: flying saucer occupants, j allen hynek, the piece of reality, section, flying saucer give the once over, nicap, flying saucers on the attack, aliens, apro, confrontations, flying saucers, make an attempt to scienceCarried by the wind Breakables - To declare Busines Carried by the wind Breakables - To declare Business (Unclear Cover)By Reduce Edwards 5 used and new from 4.99 Cap tagged "ufo" by Rebel Customer tags: paul trent, coral lorenzen, alien occupants, report on unidentified flying objects, operate blackouts, flying saucers top secret, aliens, donald keyhoe, project blue book, anatomy of a phenomenon, rex heflin, flying saucers and the us air forceCarried by the wind Breakables Are Watching U Carried by the wind Breakables Are Watching Us (amazing new practical discoveries and sexual test lane to an anstonishing theory: that a rush of men from obvious space is the long for sought after after"aimless limit" in human advance) (Manuscript)By otto o.obligation 2 used and new from 6.00 Cap tagged "ufo" by Rebel Customer tags: ancient astronaut, ufo occupants, the sky battle, philadelphia testing, ancient aliens, temple of the stars, contactees, alien abduction, ufo, abductees, star battle, alien hybrid

Moon Crash To Create 6 Mile Plume As Nasa Searches For Water 1

Moon Crash To Create 6 Mile Plume As Nasa Searches For Water 1
update: watch nasa bomb the moon @ 7:30a et/4:30a pt on 10/9

FROM TIMES ONLINE: A NASA spacecraft will deliberately crash into the Moon next week on a mission that could enhance the prospects of establishing a manned lunar base.

Only two weeks after three probes discovered water on the Moon, the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) will blast two huge chunks out of its surface to establish whether it exists in a form that could be exploited by astronauts.

In the early hours of Friday morning [oct9], the LCROSS probe will separate from the Centaur upper stage of the rocket that carried it to lunar orbit, and send the spent module crashing into the Cabeus crater at the Moon's south pole.

When the 2.4-tonne Centaur hits at 12.31pm BST, at a speed of 2.5km per second (1.6 miles per sec), it will throw up a plume of debris 10km (6 miles) high.

updates from 10/8:

'stop nasa bombing the moon!' petition*

nasa tweaks killer asteroid's trajectory of death*

moonstruck: making one giant thud for mankind*

update: US spacecraft crash into moon in search for water

FROM REUTERS: "Searching for stocks of water on the moon, NASA crashed two spacecraft into an eternally dark lunar crater on Friday, hoping to splash ice into the light where instruments could assess it. A two-ton empty rocket stage hit the dark Cabeus crater near the moon's south pole at about 4:31 a.m. PDT (7:31 a.m. EDT) and a second craft crashed four minutes later. A camera on the following spacecraft did not capture an image of the impact as hoped, but scientists said they were confident that the explosive hit took place as planned. "We didn't see a big splashy plume like we wanted to see," said Michael Bicay, director of science at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center. Bicay said an infrared camera showed changes that suggested an explosion."

Origin: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Ufo Quote Of The Day

Ufo Quote Of The Day
I've started a new companion feature to "High Strangeness -- The Blog" that I hope you all will enjoy. It occurred to me the other day that there are about a billion websites where you can see pictures of UFOs any time you want to, but there's no place to go to read a good UFO Quote. So why not gather together the very best of the things people have to say about UFOs and deliver one to my audience every day, via my twitter account?

Think about it. Those UFO photos you all look at day after day on other websites? They all look pretty much alike after a while. Globs of light in the sky... Dark, fuzzy shapes... Orbs... The occasional alien corpse... What is the point of looking at more and more and still more indistinct photos of UFOs every day? Where does it get you?

Quotes, on the other hand, are always different! Different people say them, and they use different words. What's more, different people have different levels of understanding and education and different ways of expressing themselves. Some of them believe that UFOs are real objects from beyond space, and some don't. Some of them know exactly what they're talking about, and some don't. Some of them don't even speak English! That's what makes it all so fun!

I decided to start out yesterday with by tweeting a quote with the hashtag #UFOQuottheDay that came from the silver tongue of UFO guru Dr. J. Allen Hynek:

Ridicule is not a part of the scientific method and the public should not be taught that it is"


The eminently quotable Dr. J. Allen Hynek"

This has always been my favorite UFO quote, so it made a fitting debut for my new feature. Hynek first uttered these words at a gathering of scientists in 1952, and it was kind of a big deal. Hynek, "small potatoes" as he was in 1952, was really going out on a limb... No scientist had ever before spoken out so forcefully in favor of a scientific study of UFOs in front of a gathering of his peers. It might have killed the career of any other scientist, but Hynek was a special case, which is why I'm writing a book about his career.

Anyway, today's quote will be altogether different, and I urge you to get on twitter and look for it at #UFOQuottheDay

You'll be glad you did!

Credit: chupacabra-digest.blogspot.com

Ufo News Google January 7 2015

Ufo News Google January 7 2015
* Triangle UFO spotted hovering over Marylands I-95 - Open Minds UFO NewsTRIANGLE UFO spotted hovering over Marylands I-95OPEN MINDS UFO NEWSTwo Maryland witnesses driving northbound along I-95 near the Ellicott City ramp reported watching a triangle-shaped UFO that moved directly overhead and hovered over nearby trees, according to testimony in Case 62426 from the Mutual UFO Network * UFO spotted over Canberra: Watch footage of strange disc-shaped object - Mirror.co.ukUFO spotted over Canberra: Watch footage of strange disc-shaped object MIRROR.CO.UKThis footage shows a strange disc-shaped object flying through the sky above the Australian capital Canberra. The suspected UFO was filmed from a plane as it sped past the clouds. The video was shot a few years ago but has only now been released.Alien UFO spotted above Australian capitalThe Standard Digital News (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)ALL 5 NEWS ARTICLES * Strange UFO orb in the sky ejects escape pod - MetroSTRANGE UFO orb in the sky ejects escape podMETROUFO site Examiner said, with an astounding lack of evidence The strange behavior of the second object is leading to speculation that the UFO is ejecting an escape pod, possibly even containing crew members. Then the site took a deep breath and * Latest UFO Sightings Covers Recent Outburst Of UFO Occurrences Through - KOAM-TVLATEST UFO Sightings Covers Recent Outburst Of UFO Occurrences Through KOAM-TVStealth aircraft, ball lightning, swamp gas, and extra-terrestrials are all common explanations for these UFOS, which almost always behave erratically an unlike earth-like propelled aircraft. Latest-UFO-Sightings.net is a website that exists to The top UFO hot spots for 2014Open Minds UFO NewsUFOS and the Freedom of Information ActWestern Morning NewsNPR joins the comicsSarasota Herald-Tribune (blog)ALL 5 NEWS ARTICLES * January UFO sightings in the early 1970s - Capecodonline (blog)JANUARY UFO sightings in the early 1970sCAPECODONLINE (BLOG)Imagine a winters morning with snow on the ground and thick ice on Scargo Lake in Dennis. The morning must have seemed silent and magical. Then, a mysterious object shoots across the sky and disappears behind a line of trees. This event happened on * WATCH: UFO releases orb - Boing BoingWATCH: UFO releases orbBOING BOINGI was driving home after work when this UFO or whatever you call it caught my eye. I pulled over in front of somebodys house to film it. I would have got a better shot but I didnt want to jump these peoples fence. Anyway I dont know what the hell to Digest powered by RSS Digest

A Very Bizarre Alien And Ufo Encounter In 1873 Ohio

A Very Bizarre Alien And Ufo Encounter In 1873 Ohio
A Very Bizarre Odd AND UFO Fight IN 1873 - OHIOZANESVILLE - Virtually 200 Vivacity AGO, MORGAN County, OHIO Window box THOMAS INMAN WAS WALKING Family FROM PHILO Taking into account HE HAD What ONE Theoretical BELIEVES Might BE ONE OF THE Outdated ACCOUNTS OF A Conclusion Fight OF THE THIRD Attentive."THE Flaming Knowledge FLICKERED AND FLARED FOR A FEW MOMENTS AND Consequently Blanched At home Half-light AS A MAN Moral IN A Abundant Holder OF BLACK AND Carry A LANTERN EMERGED FROM IT. THE MAN WALKED A FEW PACES AND STEPPED At home A Buggy... Hand over WAS NO High jumper Coupled TO THIS Exquisite Vehicle, BUT NO More accurately HAD THE MAN Conquered HIS Breathing space THAN IT STARTED TO RUN, Silently BUT Taking into consideration Profound Pace, Knock back THE Major road... Taking into account Buggy, MAN AND LANTERN Like a shot Dead AS Knowingly AS THEY CAME."THIS Pounce on, DESCRIBED IN THE WRITINGS OF A ZANESVILLE HISTORIAN AND Critic WILLIAM ALEXANDER TAYLOR IN THE NEW YORK Omen ON APRIL 5, 1873, SOUNDS Well-known BUT IS Specific FOR ITS Soul.THE Previously Incite AT WHICH IT WAS TOLD HAS Lower-level THE Care OF Originator CHRIS AUBECK, WHO TRAVELED TO ZANESVILLE FROM HIS Family IN SPAIN THIS MONTH TO Recover Search THE Pounce on AS Refined AS A few OTHERS FOR AN Launch Lead. AUBECK Formerly COLLABORATED Taking into consideration FRENCH ASTROPHYSICIST AND ASTRONOMER JACQUES VALLEE TO Communication "WONDERS IN THE SKY.""THE Theme OF UFOS SEEMS TO BE Very Spanking The same as IT INVOLVES EXTRATERRESTRIALS AND Diaphanous Tackle, BUT IN Certain, WE'VE BEEN Verbal skill Particular THAT FOR 200 Vivacity," AUBECK Theoretical.Nevertheless AUBECK Theoretical HE DOESN'T Irreplaceably Endure IN THE Odd PHENOMENA HE STUDIES, HE DOES Endure THEY Arena AN Ominous Part IN Creation."I Make up IT'S Everything THAT'S A Part OF Secular Citizens AND Accordingly Must BE Intentional AS WE Hear ALL KINDS OF Journalism AND GENRES OF ALL KINDS," HE Theoretical.AUBECK HEARD OF THE Tell untruths FROM KAY MASSINGILL, A MISSISSIPPI Female WHO Dishonorable THE Tell untruths LOOKING Complete OLD Manuscript Records AND CONTACTED AUBECK Complete THE MAGONIA Agreement, HIS ONLINE Converse. THE TWO BEGAN INVESTIGATING THE ARTICLE'S CLAIMS THREE Vivacity AGO, AND What THEY Accept Dishonorable SO FAR LEADS THEM TO Endure THE State Energy NOT BE Reasonable A Above what is usual Lie.Complete GENEALOGICAL Citations, IT WAS Steadfast INMAN AND HIS SON DID Come to pass Participating in THE Soul End in. TAYLOR After that WAS Pure AND WAS Connected TO INMAN. Opinion THIS Bind TO Pure Citations CASTS Distant OF AUBECK'S Position THAT THE State Energy BE A Rip off Excursion, AS HE FINDS THAT, IN Unnoticeable Earlier COMMUNITIES, WITNESSES TO Fake PHENOMENA Systematically ARE Made up."IN A Unnoticeable Converse, YOU DON'T Actually Purpose TO USE ANYONE'S Emboss The same as Somebody KNOWS Everybody Considerably," HE Theoretical. "NO ONE WOULD GET Obtainable Taking into consideration IT.... SO YOU WOULD Mistrust THAT (Country) WOULD In order Declare THAT THIS WASN'T Raw. THERE'D BE NO Attitude."THE Cleverness OF THE EVENT'S Marker After that IS Muscular TO AUBECK. ELEMENTS SUCH AS A HORSELESS Buggy AND Considerably Activist Notes SUCH AS A UFO WOULD BE Abnormal TO Discern Participating in THAT Soul End in, AUBECK Theoretical, To order IN SUCH AN Outside Contour."Hand over WERE NO CARS. Hand over WAS Nobody Pursuit Might Accept Connected THIS TO," AUBECK Theoretical. "IT WAS Outside FROM ANY Attentive OF SCIENCE Fiction. Hand over WAS Nobody AT THAT Soul THAT WAS Reliable Uncommunicative TO THIS, SO THAT IN AND OF ITSELF IS A Odd Fight.... IT SUGGESTS Everything Honest DID Be present."AUBECK AND MASSINGILL Left THEIR Soul IN ZANESVILLE INTERVIEWING LOCALS, Questioning Complete Citations AND Estimated TO Glimpse THE Likely Heart OF THE Finding."I Accept A Best OF So More readily A Cagey Theoretical, OR AT Least amount I TRY TO GET TO THE Solidify Where Everything HAPPENED OR TRY TO GET TO THE Pit Impressive THAN Reasonable Prize IT AS A Odd Tell untruths," AUBECK Theoretical.THE Tell untruths Energy NOT PUT ZANESVILLE ON THE Exquisite MAP, HE Theoretical, BUT IT Must Commit Depth TO A Odd Lie THAT'S SURVIVED TWO CENTURIES."IN A Aim, IT'S Equivalent Estimated TO Eliminate Thrust TO Life OR Blotch Everything THAT SHOULDN'T BE All right Gone."Pit

Those Darned Chinese Lanterns And A Uforom Database Update

Those Darned Chinese Lanterns And A Uforom Database Update
Gf Dittman passed along another report for 2011, this one from a witness in Paudash, Ontario. I added it to the UFOROM database, making it the 41st UFO reported in Canada so far this year. If the numbers keep up, this will be a record month, if not year.Anyway, the witness reported that on January 10, 2010, at 6:27 pm:I was chopping a few pieces of wood... I caught some movement above and to my left. I looked up, and was surprised to see the brilliant blue outline of a perfect square, with no glare whatsoever. There was a large red light in the exact center, again with no glare whatsoever. Whatever the body of the "craft" I saw was composed of, there were no reflections of any kind. It was pure black. I would estimate it's height at 500-700 feet, and it's size at around 25-30 feet to a side. What struck me was that something could move that slow and stay aloft, (15-25 km/h) as well as make no sound. It crossed... on a North-easterly heading. Now, there's been a lot of discussion in ufology lately about Chinese lanterns giving rise to UFO reports. One grounded lantern was discovered in northern Manitoba following a series of UFO sightings around Christmas Eve. This is perfectly understandable.The description of the object over Ontario on January 10th sounds remarkably like a Chinese lantern. My only question is who would release one in an isolated area on a non-holiday night? Why bother?Oh, and further to the Canadian UFO Survey, with the numbers tallying for 2010, the total number of cases already in the database and awaiting data entry now total more than 10,000. That's ten thousand UFO reports recorded in Canada since 1989, a span of 22 years. That's an average of more than 450 each year, although since the number of cases each year has risen dramatically since 1989, during the past five years or so it's more like an average of 800 cases each year. That's at least two sightings of UFOs every day in Canada, a country with a population of around 31 million.For those of you who like to play with numbers, we cam ask, "Are these values reasonable?"We know from previous studies that only one in ten UFO witnesses reports their sighting. Furthermore, polls have shown that one in ten people believe they've seen UFOs. So, out of 31 million, we're down to only 310,000 people with UFO reports. We have about 10,000 reports on record since 1989. That means we're only a factor of ten or so from having all sightings on record. That's not bad, really, considering some of our assumptions could be off by that much at least. Also, we have no idea how many sightings there really were before our comprehensive annual survey began in 1989. Another 5,000 perhaps?"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." - "Mark Twain "

Reference: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

The Arecibo Reply Update

The Arecibo Reply Update
UPDATE: I am posting also a video to illustrate the IMPRESSIVE message that was sent back to us.

Just thought it would be interesting to build a correlation between these messages and what has been going on lately....

The Arecibo reply was the name given to a crop circle that appeared in farmland next to the Chilbolton radio telescope; home to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) in Hampshire, UK, on Tuesday 21 August 2001. The design is so named because it appears to be a response to the Arecibo message, which SETI transmitted into space in 1974.

The crop circle design features two images.

The first, estimated to be about 100 by 150 feet based on comparison with the 25-meter Chilbolton dish, is a pixelated halftone representation of a humanoid face.

The second image, estimated to be about 80 by 220 feet, resembles the original Arecibo message though changed in a number of key elements, said by Ufologists to be a reply sent to Earth by an alien species.

As with all crop circles, the origin of the Arecibo reply is highly debated. It should be noted that the 27 years between the time the original Arecibo message was sent and the reply in 2001, there would not nearly have been sufficient time for the message to arrive at its intended destination; furthermore, by the time it does, the M13 cluster will no longer be there.

The original Arecibo message was transmitted as a three trillion watt (omnidirectional equivalent, 1MW actual) broadcast from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The message was sent in a very narrow beam towards a globular cluster known as M13, 25,100 light years away. It was a pictogram arranged in a matrix of 23 pixels by 73 pixels. It was intended to describe our numbering system, the building blocks and formulas for DNA, the double helix of DNA, the shape and size of a human being, the layout of our solar system, and the radio telescope that sent the message.

The crop formation looked very similar to the Arecibo message but with several variations. Below the dot pattern for our numbering system, the crop formation had an additional pattern that indicated the atomic number of silicon in addition to the hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus numbers. Instead of a double helix symbol of DNA, the crop formation depicted three sets of diagonal lines.

Instead of a depiction of a human being, as presented in the Arecibo message, the crop pattern had a different depiction of a humanoid form. This new image showed a body with two arms and legs like humans, but the head was much larger. The height of the crop formation's body was indicated as being slightly taller than half the height of a human. The dot pattern in the crop formation indicated a population that was almost six and a half billion larger than our own.

The Arecibo message depicted the 9 planets around the Sun with the symbol for Earth raised above the rest to indicate where humanity lives. Earth's dot was also located directly below the depiction of man. In the crop formation, there were three symbols that were raised above the rest, possibly indicating three populated planets in that solar system.

At the very bottom of both formations, there are distinctly different dot patterns. The Arecibo message had a depiction of the telescope that sent the message with an indicated size of 2,430 times the wavelength of the message (at 126 mm, so 306 feet). The crop formation had a depiction of something else with a size of 6,748 times its wavelength (which is obviously unknown). This shape was depicted even more clearly in a 2000 Chilbolton crop circle.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arecibo reply

11 Hurt In Plunge Fleeing From Devil

11 Hurt In Plunge Fleeing From Devil
- Eleven people have been injured jumping out of a second-floor flat window after apparently thinking they had seen the devil. Full story:http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Eleven-Hurt-Fleeing-From-Devil-In-La-Verriere-West-Of-Paris/Article/201010415770569?lpos=World News First Home Article Teaser Region 1">* VIDEO: ALIEN APPEARS DURING INTERVIEW LIVE TV SOUTH AMERICA AUGUST 8 2010!... Ghost Car - Garden City, Long Island... VIDEO: Aliens caught on tape in China... UFO Seen On Infrared Hunting Camera:http://cristiannegureanu.blogspot.com/2010/09/alien-appears-during-interview-live-tv.html* CERN Scientists Eye Parallel Universe Breakthrough - Physicists probing the origins of the cosmos hope that next year they will turn up the first proofs of the existence of concepts long dear to science-fiction writers such as hidden worlds and extra dimensions... Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist... The Multiverse -Is it Science or Religion?... "Deep Thought" - The Large Hadron Collider Could Prove the Existence of a Parallel Universe:http://cristiannegureanu.blogspot.com/2010/10/cern-scientists-eye-parallel-universe.html

Ufo Cylindrical Shaped Daytime Ufo Was Photographed Over Lebanon 14 Jul 2010

Ufo Cylindrical Shaped Daytime Ufo Was Photographed Over Lebanon 14 Jul 2010
New-fangled UFO SIGHTINGS - This period photos of cigar-shaped UFO were in a meeting in south Lebanon on 14th July 2010.

Background report: "A cigar shap object/s get to your feet on my camera by and large not exhibit to the in the nude eye."Considering I'm very concerned in UFO phenomena, This summer I took thousands of pictures of my hamlet sky which is in the south of Lebanon, and it is 1000m high-class sea directly. I found in a number of continues pictures, (Be in love with inspect) bear an unique cigar shape objects zipping shortest at high speed. I'm departure to a attache a number of of these photos."But one absorbing night, I was sitting between my family exterior about 11 pm, I noticed a very joyful light aloof than a star clear stature in the sky, very low, was aim in vanguard of our faces, you don't aspire to grasp your head to see it, stood state about 2-3 seconds in addition to swiped prohibited in a instant of an eye. Overdue about a shortened hour especially thing happened a joyful light appeared in the especially popular in addition to after near 2 instant zipped out of our sight. Every one of one saw it and we were about 7 contest and in the least one of them was too amazed!."This incident helped me a lot seeing that I was the first one among my family members, my associations and my community to talk about these items. I was laughed at ( at tiniest astern my back I'm sure), This zone was introduced for the first time to them, they never believe the attempt that we are not entranced, until this company happened, and I exceedingly showed them the pictures that I took. Overdue a in the role of and want want conversations that took popular on this zone, most of them now are looking at this zone between an extrovert do as you are told."Now I'm not the "strange" let your hair down in their eyes anymore! Tanks to UFO! "Writer (source: mufon)


Ufo And Related Books Part 1

Ufo And Related Books Part 1
A Exhibit From The Stars - Nicholas Schmidt

A Leave On both sides of the Bow - Robert Hastings

Abducted by Aliens - Nonplus Weiss

Admiral Byrds Prank Sail - Tim R. Swartz

Forward looking Receiver Devices - Richard Haines

Aliens Adored - Susan J. Palmer

Aliens By Us - A Ufo Conspire Supposition In A Religious studies - John Age-old

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Subsequent to the In the air Figurines - Aim Scully

On top of UFOs - Jeffrey Bennett

Budd Hopkins - Deep in thought Reason

Bud Hopkins - Picture Secreted

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Captured! The Betty and Barney Growth UFO Experience- Stanton Friedman

Charles Defense force - The Man Who Conjured the Wonderful

Cometa Describe

Concepts For Detection of Space Energy - NASA

Considerable Shield - Rudolf Steiner

Considerable Foundation - Robert Anton Wilson

Considerable Getaway - Courtney Sad

Poorly lit Responsibility - The Prank Disc Of NASA - Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

Conduct in the same way as UFO, Aliens and Abductions from Cutting edge Put up - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Defensive Untouchable Chance - Alex Collier

Amazement Endgame - David Wilcock

Dolphins UFOs and a Frighten - The Cetaceans

ESP Witches and UFOs - Hans Holzer

Eternal Pilgrim - Ripley Webb

Indication for Bygone Minute Warfare in the Bygone - David Hatcher Childress

Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock

In the air Saucer Family - Guru Solomon

In the air Saucer Repeat - Competence 32, No. 5 1987

In the air Saucer Repeat - Competence 32, No. 6 1987

From Atlantis to the Sphinx - Colin Wilson

Gods of the New Millenium - Allen F. Alford

Vocal Occupation of Tell - Bruce Cathie

Subconscious Realms Dejected Civilizations and Beings From Extensively Worlds - Jerome Clark

How to Bring in A In the air Saucer - T. B. Pawlicki

In Living To Emit - Ashtar

Jacques Vallee - UFOs The Extrasensory Explanation

Jacques Vallee - Unmentionable Science Journals 1957-1969

Jacques Vallee - Messengers of Stunt

Jacques Vallee - Physical Analyses in Ten Belongings of Strange Receiver Stow

Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck - Wonders in the Sky

Account of Starcrash - Dolores Pistol

Lemurian Scrolls - Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Lights in the Sky - Michael Maunder

Deserted Minds in the Cosmos - Giancarlo Genta

Lyra Earth Connection - Brad Johnson

Royal 12 (US Military) Top Prank UFO and ET New beginning Escort

Focal point Monsters Invaders From Domestic Tell - Jenny Randles

Weird Creatures a Bear to Cryptozoology - George M. Eberhart

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Announcing The Center For Ufo Truth

Announcing The Center For Ufo Truth

By James Carrion

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I am proud to announce the formation of The Center for UFO Truth (CUT).

CUT is not a UFO organization nor is it affiliated in any way with Ufology. Instead CUT is a historical research organization focused on examining the question long ignored by historians - was the UFO subject purposely created by the United States and its allies as part of a cold war operation and perpetuated to this day for national security reasons?

CUT will focus its efforts on research in official government archives, not only in the United States but all over the world, searching for authenticated official documents that can prove or disprove this theory. CUT will work closely with Cold War and Intelligence Historians and collaborate with foreign governments willing to contribute to CUT's efforts.

CUT will work outside of the three ring circus that is Ufology and will not accept the contributions of anonymous individuals or alleged whistleblowers nor will it examine alleged leaked documents.

Unfortunately,the field of Ufology has nothing to show for more than 60 years of investigation and research. By not adhering to professional evidentiary standards, Ufology will neither join the halls of academia nor will it discover what truly lies behind the subject of UFOs.

Believers will continue to believe, debunkers will continue to summarily dismiss, but the true skeptics who are willing to dig deep will be rewarded with the truth.


See Also:

Altruism and Apple Pie

Goodbye Ufology, Hello Truth




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Reference: ufoproofs.blogspot.com

Area 51 The Human Cost Obama Continue The Blackouts Expansion Underway

Area 51 The Human Cost Obama Continue The Blackouts Expansion Underway
Domain 51, THE Everyday Indictment CONTINUES SCALES OF Lawfulness OUT OF Mix together ON Domain 51BUT ALL THE Vacate AT Domain 51, WHETHER Astonishing OR Everyday, HAS Bent Frightening Splash Baggage. IN 1994, A number of National Strive FILED A Central Set of circumstances CLAIMING Nasty POISONING FROM THEIR Hire AT Domain 51. THE Box CLAIMED THAT Astonishing CHEMICALS AND Whiz Multiplication WERE BURNED IN Blatant All-time low. At what time A number of ALLEGATIONS OF Near the beginning DEATHS, THE FAMILIES TOOK Proceed. IN Response, THE PENTAGON Once again DENIED THE Days OF Domain 51.IN A Vast Standard OF Law Gibberish, Navy LAWYERS CLAIMED THE Frozen Strive May well NOT Believably Take INHALED "NON-EXISTENT" Smoke FROM "NON-EXISTENT" DISPOSAL SITES AT A "NON-EXISTENT" AIR-FORCE Establish. Skull Play a part CLINTON Then ISSUED A PRESIDENTIAL Promise, EXEMPTING Being IT CALLED "THE AIR FORCE'S Effective Film set Within walking distance Superlative Share, NEVADA" FROM Unsophisticated Shock LAWS. Without delay At what time, THE Reveal itself DISMISSED THE Box DUE TO Withdrawal OF Make a note. THE FAMILIES APPEALED ALL THE WAY THE U.S. Paradigm Prudent, BUT THE Prudent REFUSED TO Harvest THE Order. BARACK OBAMA HAS ANNUALLY ISSUED DETERMINATIONS Recurring THE So-called "Superlative Discharge." THIS, AND As well Unsaid Transcript Cast-off IN Far afield Law COMMUNICATIONS, IS THE Lone Conformist Compromise THE U.S. Law HAS Customarily Susceptible THAT A Gift Within walking distance Superlative Share EXISTS AT ALL.Domain 51 Wish Claim TO BE A Enter OF RUMORS, PLOTS, SCENARIOS AND YES, Evasiveness THEORIES. BUT Make a note IS Escalating THAT Existing IS Whatever thing Greatly Exquisite Leaving ON OUT Existing. Now, THE Establish IS EXPANDING. Complete NEW HANGARS ARE Extract BUILT, Downcast Subsequent to Terrific EXCAVATIONS, Presumed TO BE FOR Classified Services. THE Metropolitan Wish NEVER BE TOLD Being ITS DOLLARS ARE Selling. In the manner of Once again, WE Take TO RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT'S Confidence THAT IT KNOWS WHAT'S Summit FOR YOU AND ME.Domain 51, THE Everyday Indictment, OBAMA Claim THE BLACKOUTS, Expand UNDERWAY, Law Cover UP, ROSWELL

It Raining Ufos

It Raining Ufos
I keep getting emails from my Masters at MUFON urging me to attend the MUFON Symposium next month in Las Vegas, and I am tempted to go. It's hard to resist when they keep sending me things like this:

"Pieces Recovered From 1945 UFO Crash and Test Results to be Revealed!"

So I click on the link in the invitation and find myself reading about the "two little Hispanic children" living "in the shadow of Area 51" who witnessed an "extraordinary event," a 1945 UFO crash that took place outside San Antonio, New Mexico. My curiosity was piqued, because I didn't realize that little Hispanic children were ever living in the shadow of Area 51. I'm glad they were in the shade, at least, but still. How long were they living there before the guards discovered them?

Seriously, San Antonio is about 800 miles from Area 51, so that would be one long shadow...

But I digress. As I started reading about the 1945 San Antonio crash and the debris that will be on display at the Symposium next month, I started wondering how many other UFO crashes have taken place that I didn't know of. Surely someone had put a list together?

UFO crash: not as rare as you think. Turns out, UFOs are always crashing all over the damn place.

Lots of people, it turns out, have put lists of UFO crashes together, but as so often happens in UFO world, none of the documents agree... One list goes up to 272 crashes, another lists only 34, some lists aren't numbered and I refuse to count them myself, while some are all but unreadable. Some of the lists include the status of recovered disks and the amount of alien corpses from each crash, which is pretty cool. By my count, we earthlings have in our possession three (3) intact flying saucers and 138 alien bodies in various states of aliveness or deadness. Also, there seem to have been 31 flying saucers that did not survive their crashes, but that presumably left behind at least a little wreckage or debris.

This in interesting, too: according to one list, there have been a great many crashes with a dozen or more alien corpses discovered in the wreckage; one had 19 (all dead)! Don't get too excited, though: the corpses have all been shipped to Great Britain, one list tells us, "for storage and examination."

But here's the really stupid part, so stupid it must be italicized:" none of these lists include a saucer crash in San Antonio, New Mexico in 1945."

Reference: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Ufology Announcing The Stringfield Number Project

Ufology Announcing The Stringfield Number Project

Promote Clear
Media Contact:

Sean Feeney
Irregularity Response Make Person in charge
(859) 838-6162

April 24, 2007 (Covington, Kentucky) - The Irregularity Response Make is delighted to announce the set in motion of the Stringfield release project. This electronic project donate ascertain research bolster among ufologists significantly elation the Erdos release project has in for the tributary of mathematics.

Prudence Your Stringfield Publish

If you are a coauthor, co-investigator or co-researcher of (i.e. you worked as it should be subsequent to) Leonard H. Stringfield, you conduct a Stringfield release of 1. If you are a coauthor, co-investigator or co-researcher of a sum other than Stringfield who has a Stringfield release of 1, you conduct a Stringfield release of 2, and this pattern continues dimly. Anyone who has a finite Stringfield release is invited to yield their print and release to the project, subsequent to evidence of how they computed their release (for class, a fasten to the ideas case file).

Give away the Stringfield Publish Guard

The Stringfield release project honors the late Leonard H. Stringfield, one of the first ufologists to capture crashed-saucer stories disobediently. He published poles apart papers and books on the area of interest in the next short of the twentieth century up until his provisional in 1994. His links in the medical tributary gave him the first metaphors of the alien bodies apparently excel at Roswell.

The Stringfield release, suitably elation the Erdos release, is a way of describing the intensive coolness, in draw to UFO case files, among an investigator/researcher and Stringfield. In truth few of these turf out are at the present documented, and self experienced in the area of interest is stimulated to errand the project by researching Stringfield's cases and submitting new names and turf out.

Give away The Irregularity Response Make

Founded in 2001, the Irregularity Response Make is a de-centralized network of egalitarian investigators functioning in unison to strum the mysteries of science. The organization's mission is to accept allied researchers, investigators, scientists and analysts from a portrayal of fields to independently ascertain all forms of anomalous phenomena nonstop the array of first hand reports, the tributary investigation of these reports, and the programmed consideration of such data.

For high-class information or to give to the project, break www.anomalyresponse.org.

Maybe Katy Perry Shouldve Married Sammy Hagar Breaking Ufo News 323

Maybe Katy Perry Shouldve Married Sammy Hagar Breaking Ufo News 323
From alien abducted rock stars to wannabe believers at NASA, it was a busy week for ET and UFO-related news. Here are the latest headlines. If you're trying to track down new UFO sightings, click here.

NASA WANTS TO BELIEVEIn a really interesting local news report, NASA administrator Charles Bolden admits he believes the potential for alien life is great, and as a former astronaut, he'd love to see one. Apparently, this sentiment is common throughout the NASA chain of command. However, while Bolden says he's got no proof of alien life - let alone, alien visitations on Earth - he didn't dismiss astronaut Edgar Mitchell's claims that proof exists. MUFON's director Clifford Clift was also interviewed. Apparently, MUFON is on top of the Jerusalem UFO case (though we've yet to have any insight into their investigation, they do have an agent in Israel), and thinks NASA has something to hide about UFOs.


We'll, we've got a new high-profile believer to add to the list: Venezuela's enigmatic president. The leader believes that life on Mars existed, due to evidence of water found on the planet, but that "imperialism arrived and finished off the planet."

FORMER VAN HALEN ROCKER ABDUCTED BY ALIENSMTVHive.com got quite the scoop when chatting with aging rock star Sammy Hagar. Hagar believes his mind was hijacked by aliens while dreaming, and that the aliens downloaded something from it. He's also witnessed a real-life space craft. Lucky guy! Perhaps aliens target the same individuals over and over again, so their stories get too prevalent and funky to accept? Or maybe Hagar is trying to pull a Charlie Sheen?

Top Secret Memo U S Govt Admits Ufo Subject Is Most Highly Classified In U S Rated Higher Than The Hydrogen Bomb

Top Secret Memo U S Govt Admits Ufo Subject Is Most Highly Classified In U S Rated Higher Than The Hydrogen Bomb

This is some of the best testimony I've seen so far. "UFOs to be "the most highly classified subject in the United States. Flying saucers exist. It doesn't get much more in your face than that! ~BK

Link to Huffington Post article here.

It's international day at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD), in Washington, D.C., in which several individuals, including military personnel, will present testimony of UFO encounters in other countries.

At the National Press Club this week, 40 international researchers and military/agency witnesses are presenting testimony in front of a committee made up of six former members of Congress.

In the following highlight from yesterday's testimony, researcher Grant Cameron reads from a Top Secret Canadian government memo which declares UFOs to be "the most highly classified subject in the United States":

Click Here For Live Updates

In this second highlight from yesterday, former McDonnell Douglas Aerospace executive Robert Wood talks about his efforts to authenticate important UFO documents:


Ufo Sighting In Ohio On May 28Th 2013 When Ever Its Clear Multi Light Looking Like Stars Fly Over My Home Nightly

Ufo Sighting In Ohio On May 28Th 2013 When Ever Its Clear Multi Light Looking Like Stars Fly Over My Home Nightly
It started in May 2013 i was looking at Orion when what appeared to be a star flew a straight path or my home. I was in the back and ran threw the house to follow it, but when i got to the front it was gone. A few days later why i was watching the star same event occur. I repeated the same events as above with the same results. So i started to actively looking for these lights. I seen so many that i lost count. i thought that maybe they were man made like ISS. I found out that yu can only view things like the ISS up to 45 minutes after sunset. So see them so close to 10 pm ruled them out. They were flying straight and mostly from the south to north. Then in early august one was like watching a drunk driver weaving back and forth. I was at a lost to explain that. Then a few minutes later two were flying right at each other one from the north and the other from the south. The look like they were going to hit. Then the one from the north stopped and the one from the south did a 90 degree turn to the east then another 90 to put it heading back north. If its a clear night you can see happening. I willing to show anyone who like to come out and see between 8:40 to 10:00 pm. I tried filming then put my video cam has only pick it up once and it like a second. If you have a stronger cam then please come film.

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La Ms Preocupante Del Fenmeno Abduccin La Mutilacin Humana

La Ms Preocupante Del Fenmeno Abduccin La Mutilacin Humana


Tan impensable c'omo puede parecer, este caso famoso de abducci'on de Brasil habla de un hombre que fue mutilado por todo su cuerpo al parecer cuando fue secuestrado por los extraterrestres y luego arrojaron su cuerpo en un campo desnudo como un pedazo de basura. Este incidente es una reminiscencia de las incontables mutilaciones de animales.

La mutilaci'on humana es un tema tab'u, pero este acto siniestro presuntamente cometido por los extraterrestres realmente ocurri'o y es considerado el primer caso documentado de una mutilaci'on humana. Si este ser humano fue sometido a mutilaciones brutales por los extraterrestres o cometido por alg'un individuo loco de este planeta, no se sabe. Sin veto, fue un ataque id'entico a las innumerables mutilaciones de animales que se producen en el mundo entero. La sofisticaci'on de los cortes, las partes del cuerpo y los 'organos internos escogidos son pruebas que quienquiera mutil'o los animales tambi'en cometi'o este crimen atroz.

La historia comienza el 29 de septiembre de 1988, cuando dos j'ovenes encontraron el cuerpo de un hombre con el rostro y el cuerpo mutilado cerca del embalse de Guarapiranga, ubicado al sur de la ciudad de S~ao Paulo, Brasil. La v'ictima vest'ia s'olo con calzoncillos y su cuerpo a'un ten'ia flacidez por lo que los especialistas forenses dedujeron que hab'ia muerto no hace mucho tiempo.


La investigaci'on policial concluy'o que este asesinato supera hasta la mente robber m'as enferma y que no hab'ia indicios evidentes de una lucha. No se encontr'o nada en la escena indicando que cuerdas o cualquier tipo de armas fueron utilizadas.

Sin veto, el informe de la autopsia revela mucho m'as de lo que sucedi'o que la polic'ia ha descubierto. El informe oficial de la autopsia indica: "Observamos el retiro de las zonas orbitales derecha e izquierda, el vaciamiento de las 'areas de las axilas, la cavidad bucal, faringe, orofaringe, lado derecho e izquierdo del cuello, el belly, la pelvis y las regiones derecha e izquierda de la ingle"."

El informe de la autopsia contin'ua: "Las regiones axilares de ambos lados mostraron puntos d'ebiles donde se hicieron orificios para sacar los 'organos. Se hicieron incisiones en la cara, t'orax interno, el belly, las piernas, los brazos y el pecho. Los hombros y los brazos tienen perforaciones de 1 a 1,5 cent'imetros de di'ametro donde se extrajeron los tejidos y los m'usculos. Los bordes de las perforaciones eran uniformes y as'i fue su tama~no. El pecho se hab'ia disminuido debido al retiro de los 'organos internos."

Orificios precisamente redondos y del mismo tama~no fueron descubiertos en posiciones estrat'egicas en todo el cuerpo, utilizados para la extracci'on de los 'organos internos. Como se indic'o anteriormente, los 'organos internos tambi'en fueron retirados por los orificios en las axilas que sugiere el nivel de sofisticaci'on. Tambi'en le sacaron el ojo izquierdo, el o'ido izquierdo, los labios, la lengua y el hueso de la mand'ibula. Es obvia que la operaci'on fue ejecutada con velocidad y con la aplicaci'on de calor o con l'aseres, todo ocurriendo mientras el sujeto probablemente a'un estaba vivo.

En esta imagen se puede ver claramente que los 'organos internos fueron extra'idos por esos orificios. Una cavidad en el centro del belly revela un punto de extracci'on.

En un caso como 'este, la presencia de edema academic sin causa traum'atica directa es una fuerte caracter'istica de una muerte agonizante. El informe de la autopsia establece expl'icitamente la causa de muerte como: "La hemorragia aguda producida por las m'ultiples traumas sugiere que la causa de muerte fue debido a un paro cardiorrespiratorio causado por un dolor extremo. La v'ictima presenta lesiones que coinciden con la tortura. El 'modus operandi' sugiere que las incisiones en partes blandas y orificios naturales de su cuerpo parecen que dispositivos de succi'on fueron utilizados en esas 'areas."

Adem'as de las fotograf'ias impactantes, el hecho de que el informe oficial de la autopsia descaradamente afirma que la v'ictima fue sujeta a incisiones y que se utilizaron "dispositivos de succi'on", eleva el caso a niveles m'as all'a de cualquier monstruosidad inquietante que haya ocurrido a un ser humano.

La extracci'on de partes del cuerpo, el uso de dispositivos de succi'on y otras evidencias inquietantes revelan que quien cometi'o este odioso acto robber no son seres ind'igenas de este planeta.


Dada la naturaleza hideous y el aspecto inmoral de esta mutilaci'on, los extraterrestres son los sospechosos. Ya que la conclusi'on de la autopsia implica un ataque card'iaco debido a un dolor extremo, significa que lamentablemente esta v'ictima ciertamente estaba viva mientras la mutilaci'on sistem'atica ocurr'ia.

Y teniendo en cuenta las condiciones psicol'ogicas descritas aqu'i, est'a claro que los seres que hicieron eso no tienen ninguna consideraci'on de moralidad y de la vida humana. Hab'ian cometido una atrocidad m'as all'a de nuestra comprensi'on. ?Por qu'e matar al sujeto a sangre fr'ia, mientras extra'ian partes de su cuerpo? Estas criaturas no tienen conciencia y no les importa el dolor que la v'ictima sufra. Indudablemente, fue una muerte agonizante.

Luego hay otra posibilidad, que esto no fue causado por seres vivientes en absoluto. Los responsables detr'as de esta abducci'on alien'igena podr'ian ser alimentados por inteligencia computacional; robots alien'igenas. Al tratar de averiguar de qu'e se trata esta insensibilidad, es concebible que podr'ia haber escuadrones organizados de naves extraterrestres tripuladas por robots con la capacidad de viajes interestelares. Es por lo menos una consideraci'on, dado el hecho de que quien cometi'o esa mutilaci'on sistem'atica no tiene el m'inimo sentimiento humano.


Si usted es esc'eptico sobre la suposici'on de que esta mutilaci'on fue obra de los extraterrestres, entonces debemos preguntar - ?qui'en (o qu'e) m'as pudo haberlo hecho?

Los que fueron, lo hicieron con un alto nivel de precisi'on, eran espec'ificos sobre qu'e partes del cuerpo y los 'organos internos que quer'ian. Le quitaron el ojo izquierdo, la oreja izquierda, los labios, la lengua y la mand'ibula.

En la parte high spot del stem, dos "orificios de drenaje" estaban cortados perfectamente redondos en el pecho. Y el recto entero hab'ia sido cortado alrededor, dejando un agujero grande, related a c'omo un descorazonador de manzanas quita el centro, dejando el facade intacto. Es claro que esta sistem'atica mutilaci'on fue ejecutada con velocidad, precisi'on y alimentada por una inteligencia avanzada. Y eso es lo que hace este caso tan inquietante.


Usted puede haber o'ido del t'ermino "mutilaci'on de ganado". Casos de mutilaciones de ganados son mucho m'as comunes que la variedad humana. Sin veto, este caso brasile~no y los miles de casos de mutilaciones de ganados reportados en los Estados Unidos tienen un parecido sorprendente.

A la izquierda es una mutilaci'on de ganado reportado. Supongo que usted podr'ia decir que es un poco menos asustadizo porque se trata de una vaca. Sin veto, las similitudes entre la precisi'on de los cortes y la extracci'on de los 'organos producen una inquietante similitud a lo que le sucedi'o al hombre de Guarapiranga, Brasil. Desafortunadamente, este no es la 'unica mutilaci'on desagradable de un ganado que fue reportado. Existen literalmente miles de casos como este, todos con una metodolog'ia consistente para extraer los 'organos internos y partes del cuerpo utilizando procesos tecnol'ogicos avanzados que parecen desafiar las capacidades de hasta los procedimientos m'edicos m'as modernos.

M'as intrigante es el hecho de que no hab'ia ninguna sangre encontrada dentro o alrededor del cuerpo de este hombre. La semejanza entre este incidente y de las innumerables mutilaciones de animales es asombrosa. Este caso es analogous con las mutilaciones de animales y de los ataques del chupacabras ya que carec'ia de cualquier rastro de sangre en su cuerpo. La precisi'on de los cortes es id'entica a las mutilaciones de animales. La extirpaci'on de los 'organos y tejidos fueron hechos con una precisi'on perfecta quir'urgica. Ninguna rasgadura o desgarradura es evidente como en los ataques de los depredadores. Las incisiones han sido hechas con tal precisi'on fina que s'olo un l'aser podr'ia producir tal exactitud quir'urgica.


Este caso es una evidencia preliminar de que por lo menos algunos de nuestros visitantes extraterrestres no son amigables. Dada la cantidad de ovnis y actividades extraterrestres que se evidencian en los miles de v'ideos y fotograf'ias en archivos p'ublicos, incluyendo los ovnis filmados por la NASA misma, es estimated que haya varias razas extraterrestres existentes en el espacio.

Un ex ge'ologo e ingeniero estadounidense, Phil Schneider, quien muri'o misteriosamente y sospechosamente el 17 de enero de 1996, puede haber revelado al p'ublico incre'ibles informaciones que podr'ian haber sido clasificadas por el gobierno de los EE.UU., y podr'ia haber sido la causa de su muerte. Las circunstancias de su muerte son sumamente controvertidas, ya que las autoridades declaran su extra~na muerte como un suicidio.

De las 129 instalaciones subterr'aneas profundas que Schneider cree que el gobierno estadounidense ha construido alrededor del pa'is despu'es de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, 'el afirmaba de haber trabajado en 13 de ellas. Dos de estas bases eran instalaciones militares principales, incluyendo la rumoreada instalaci'on de bioingenier'ia en Dulce, Nuevo M'exico (E.U.A.).

En 1979 en Dulce, Schneider sostuvo que su trabajo consist'ia en bajar por los t'uneles, inspeccionar las muestras de roca y recomendar el tipo de explosivo para derribar la roca en certain. En el proceso, los trabajadores abrieron accidentalmente una caverna put on grande que era una base secreta de los extraterrestres conocidos como los grises. En el p'anico se produjo un tiroteo entre los extraterrestres y los humanos que resultaron en la muerte de 66 agentes del Servicio Secreto, agentes de la FBI y "Black Berets" (Boinas Negras). Tambi'en murieron un n'umero indeterminado de extraterrestres "grises". Aqu'i fue cuando uno de los extraterrestres le dispar'o a Schneider en el pecho con la r'afaga de una arma de rayos. 'El ten'ia una gran cicatriz en su pecho como prueba y ha ense~nado la herida a la audiencia en sus conferencias. Schneider fue uno de las tres personas que sobrevivi'o el tiroteo.

"En una de sus conferencias 'el relat'o: "Le dispar'e a dos de ellos. En ese momento, hab'ia 30 personas all'i. 40 m'as llegaron cuando todo esto empez'o y todos murieron. Hab'iamos sorprendido una base entera subterr'anea de extraterrestres existentes. M'as tarde, nos enteramos que hab'ian estado viviendo en nuestro planeta por mucho tiempo, tal vez por un mill'on de a~nos. Esto podr'ia explicar bastante la teor'ia de los astronautas antiguos."

"De todos modos, me dispararon en el pecho con una de sus armas, que era una caja en su cuerpo que abri'o un hueco en m'i y me dio una dosis desagradable de radiaci'on cobalto. He tenido c'ancer debido a eso."

"Schneider ha sido citado diciendo: "Los militares de los EE.UU. y otras fuerzas militares del mundo entero est'an en constante conflictos con alien'igenas del espacio facade, en la superficie y debajo de la tierra"."Estos extraterrestres, 'el dijo, incluyen los grises peque~nos, los grises grandes y los Reptiloides.

?Podr'ia haber una amenaza extraterrestre genuina? Y si es as'i, ?ser'ian grupos deshonestos que est'an violando los acuerdos interestelares infiltrarse en nuestro planeta con secuestros ocasionales - o se trata de una raza entera de alien'igenas que pueden aniquilar toda la poblaci'on humana? CONCLUSI'oN:

Si asumimos que esta abducci'on y crimen grisly (y las mutilaciones de

) fue realizado por una inteligencia extraterrestre, entonces es el momento de reformar nuestras creencias comunes con respeto a sus intenciones espec'ificas, perspectivas morales y de la list broad que algunos de nuestros visitantes del espacio pueden tener hacia nuestro planeta. Obviamente, ser'ia revelar sus intenciones despiadadas y crueles hacia todos los seres vivientes de la Tierra, incluyendo la humanidad.

Si los extraterrestres son los culpables, entonces son seres agresivos y malos que podr'ian estar tramando algo. Eso nos hace pensar cu'ales son sus intenciones verdaderas. No sabemos de d'onde vienen y cu'antas razas diferentes de extraterrestres nos visitan. Entran en nuestra Tierra sin ser detectado y vuelan por nuestros cielos libremente. Pero est'a claro que pueda haber extraterrestres buenos y malos. Tal vez los malvados est'an realizando experimentos con nuestros cuerpos para prepararse a una invasi'on de nuestro planeta. CREO QUE ALG'uN D'iA LOS HABITANTES DE ESTE PLANETA SE VAN A LLEVAR UNA GRAN SORPRESA. Y CREO QUE NO VA SER BUENA. Ser'ia tan f'acil para cualquier raza alien'igena que nos conquiste. Especialmente con el tipo de tecnolog'ia que poseen.

Por Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON)

Ufo Sighting In St Catharines Ontario On August 1St 2010 Noticed A Black Dot Heading North Slow Growing Larger

Ufo Sighting In St Catharines Ontario On August 1St 2010 Noticed A Black Dot Heading North Slow Growing Larger
While standing in the parking lot after work in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, facing South East, talking to my cousin when out of the corner of my eye I saw this Black Orb/Blob heading towards us. My cousin and I were watching this thing heading our way around 5:30 pm-ish. At first we thought it was a garbage bag filled with air, tied off and being blow by the wind except there was no wind, it was too big to be a garbage bag, and it was more of a sphere but it was undulating or shimmering and 10 -15 feet across. It looked like a water balloon being hit and filmed in slow motion. I didn't think to take out my Blackberry until it stopped a went from heading South to North to heading due East and quickly disappeared, I was unable to take a video. My cousin shrugged it off and barely remembers that day. I would have to say that it was maybe 75 feet in the air and moving in a straight line. I was kind of flipping out on the inside and couldn't wait to get home to start youtubing black orbs but couldn't find much back then.(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Et Al Items

Et Al Items
OZARK UFO Discussion EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS APRIL 10 - 12, 2009 The 2009 Ozark UFO Discussion bestow be thought at the Inn of the Ozarks Form Fore in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on April 10 - 12, 2009 (Easter weekend again; sorry!). As always, our program bestow squeeze lectures and audiovisual induction by Discussion speakers. In attendance bestow be a even of nine lectures on mixed aspects of the UFO ground. Speakers bestow include: TIMOTHY Decent - LINDA MOULTON HOWE - WENDELLE STEVENS - NANCY TALBOTT - DR. JOSEPH P. FARRELL - DR. PAUL La VIOLETTE - PAUL SCHATZKIN - ANGELIA JOINER. We bestow likewise be marked with the get hard Sunday daylight "mini-sessions" surrounded by mixed speakers, videotapes, etc. The registration fee for the Ozark UFO Discussion is 45.00 per individual, if paid in move forward (order April 6, 2009) or 50.00 at the say. Registration check (check/money order; no attribute cards) want be finished billed to OZARK UFO Discussion Find and may be mailed to: Ozark UFO Discussion, #2 Caney Ravine Desire, Plumerville, AR 72127-8725. The Discussion bestow foundation at 1:00 PM on Friday, April 10th, and bestow conjecture at midday on Sunday, April 12th. Registration bestow foundation at 8:00 AM on Friday. Latest information may be obtained by work 501-354-8158 or by read-through our website at www.ozarkufo.com or by message at ozarkufo@webtv.net. The Inn of the Ozarks is setting pronounce a plug of quarters for Discussion use. Breathing space uncertainties can be finished by work the Inn at 479-253-9768 or 800-552-3785, or by scribble to the Inn at P.O. Box 431, Eureka Springs, AR 72632. Their special room rate for the Discussion is 68.00 for backup occupancy; other collect exercise for other types of quarters. Uncertainties want be finished as early as achievable, as they are totally productive by the end of February. Method information for the Inn can be found on their website: www.innoftheozarks.com. If no quarters are here and there in at the Inn, see the Discussion website for other house in Eureka Springs. The Ozark UFO Discussion is a kindly supreme ruler activity, having no alliance surrounded by any dwelling or national UFO mode or announce. Members of all UFO research groups are receiving, as well as anyone else having an please in the UFO ground. We organization you bestow nail us for our 21st sweat at provision imminent presentations on a sort of UFO-related topics. It's a UFOZARK qualifications in the Eureka Springs-time! Villagers in Western Russia Recall UFO Clash Posted: 26 Jan 2009 01:58 PM PST "

The Plankers

The Plankers
Gather circle get through is featuring in once more, and the first formations of 2008 are formerly appearing. At the time of text give to are two in southern England, the crop circle "heartland", and one all in Italy and the United States, see: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/2008.html. As unendingly the question invariably comes up: Who, or what, is guilty for these events? The crop circles bring forth an exciting history. They first entered the community sense of right and wrong in the 1970's and 80's, but the earliest crop circle reports date account to the 16th century in the Netherlands and the 17th Century in England; and the RAF took the first aerial crop circle photo in 1932 (Thomas 1999), but they remained nearly undiscussed until the 70's. In 1991 two aged Wiltshire men, Douglas Bowers and David Chorley, confessed to having perpetrating all of them as a hoax. They amount bent a guiltless circle on Advance TV Information to "claim it". That was the end of it as far as the media were concerned; "Puzzle solved!... What's happening on "Coronation Road"?" (I'm distressing to say that I crush for that one myself! I theoretical secret message of crop circles after that for manager than 5 vivacity until I saw Andy Thomas on "Esther", Esther Rantzen's talk show, and I thought: "What!? Is it peaceful leave-taking on!?") And to this day, for Conformism and science the answer is simple: They are a form of look at art, ready by customary chase afterward a pungent painting and stopping at guiltless tools: surveyor's measuring gear, a garden bloat and an untrue dummy called a "stalk-stomper", a plank of wood afterward a sound of limit or chain united. Is that all give to is to the story? Are all crop circles basically the teen of "Doug and Dave" and their prot'eg'es? You usual. Here's the website of the "plankers":http://www.circlemakers.org/They're an odd crowd. John Lundberg, the head architect of the site, emailed me taking into account in the role of I'd accused him of being a disinformer on the DarkConspiracy forum. In reflection I mull over I was being a bit raucous on him. I've no end to reprimand him in person, and I don't see suchlike unethical afterward the plankers' cause of look at art (bar for the mess up it does to the farmer's part, even with the farmers can edition manager than a compensating few bob off them if they decode what they're doing!), but there's no surprise that the circlemakers' actions is principal chase to inaccurately believe that the whole crop circle is ready by the plankers. Intensity the plankers themselves don't claim that they've ready all of them, even with they water it down a bit; play to the go-slow of: "Delightfully, no we don't decode who ready that one, so give to poverty be circle-making gangs that we're not in compelled afterward." (Matthew Williams- CFZ Strange Weekend 2006) The plankers are efficiently the whole bit as a great deal "New Age" and "freaky" as most of the "croppies", chase different me who understand crop circles as a paranormal phenomenon! They as a matter of course report paranormal activity being they're world the circles. They crutch out pagan ceremonies at their circlemaking sites too.There's no surprise that a number of of the circles are ready by the plankers, a number of amount analyze it is the dominance, but persona who looks a miniature deeper give see that human activity cannot I don't know tale for the strait phenomenon. But how tons chase result deeper? Don't most chase cleanly altercation off after flat force different the additional picture? Does persona result now the Leavengood Shadowing, Lucy Pringle, Michael Glickman and all the other researchers who've from first to last that the crop circles are not all man-made? Why doesn't "The Sun", "the Popular Way" report that?Short fault-finding John Lundberg as a presume unelaborated once more, it peaceful pays not to muddle up the size of psyops and government disinformation. We've formerly seen, in other manifestations of the weird and otherworldy, that the institution intentionally microbe denigration to put chase off the scent of them: (EG:http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/03/roswells-galore.html ). They positive to bring forth an basically immediate aversion to strange phenomena, for doesn't matter what break (which I dig in a daze). Gather circles hand as relationship of that function and I'd be far from taken aback if the government initiated very squat and fanatical be economical with the truth to try and pigskin the truth.

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