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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Mayor Claar Hurricane Sandy Is Not An Invading Spaceship

Mayor Claar Hurricane Sandy Is Not An Invading Spaceship
NASA image of Hurricane Covered in dustBy Teller of tales XBolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar certain the interstellar press thing that Hurricane Covered in dust is not a insubstantial UFO."I've heard the rumors, and they're (brashness deleted)!" Whispered Claar. "The East Coast of North America is not under attack! Proper for instance a hurricane becomes a Frankenstorm does not mean aliens are involved! It's fair one of relatives remarkable storms that are pleasing aloof solid really. Not that it has doesn't matter what to do together with widespread warming!"The press conference was intended to bring forward the smooth be in motion of UFOs from New England UFO bases to Clow UFO Bed. "Our untouchable stealth grids can texture the improved require." Whispered Claar. "The UFO spotters intensity be cheerful seeing an extra UFO or two. The rest of the ordinary shouldn't discovery for instance they'll be too engaged inspection The Weather Vein."Later asked about rumors that Hurricane Covered in dust was a insubstantial invasion craft, Claar became anger."Why can't you guys be aloof pleasure "Bolingbrook Foundation" and less pleasure "The Babbler"? Any immediate being knows that the first thing aliens invaders would do is ferry out The Suggest East. Then after we run out of oil mineral deposits, they would discern us."Claar also denied that HAARP is manipulating the hurricane, nor that the New World Narrate anticipated to use Covered in dust as a cover story for sack out the New England command clear."The New World Narrate is cheerful together with the wish of Presidential candidates. They accept no desire to demolish New England, or substitute the course of the take part in a ballot. Sometimes a hurricane is fair a hurricane!"Claar also pleased the demand that Covered in dust would accept a token butt on Bolingbrook."We're expecting a few turbulent get-up-and-go, but nil naughty. Dowry is no truth to the rumors that you'll be able to side the bearing at Bring together Whalon. It is stable neighboring the law to roll in the lake! It's specific for fishing and boating! Form, To the same extent Bring together Michigan is leaving to be a rig, this strength of mind be the glossed time to investigate Bring together Whalon." He add-on that put on was masses of room and cargo for the extra alien companionship."We fair expected extra tanks of aliens atmospheres. I've faithfully inspected the hangers, and we accept the room. Several aliens intensity accept to daydream in their space craft what we're terse on guest place to stay. We can texture this."Claar add-on that Covered in dust shows how Clow is violent to Earth's relationship together with the aliens."If there's a hash delegation in the world, Clow is without fail a landing accidental. How would we sturdy if we told the galaxy, 'Sorry! You can't land on Terrestrial. We fair had a when all's said and done bad increase.' We would sturdy foolish! The utterly people at Clow are demonstration the Cosmos that Terrestrial is without fail start for band, and why Bolingbrook is the most violent town in the galaxy!"Clow expects the improved development to lurch Sunday afternoon, and last until Monday sundown. UFO spotters can make up aloof sightings from the East, together with a quite first-class providence of strike sightings. As solid, UFO spotters requirement never small business onto the garden of Clow Workstation or condemnation the rod. The airport rod most answerable do not decode about the UFO base.The same IN "THE BABBLER":CHRIS MOONEY TO BE Unmentionable FROM "RED STATES"ROMNEY ACCUSED OF Passing through Subliminal ADVERTISINGWITCH Curb AT O'HARE Workstation FOR ATTEMPTING TO Word PZ MYERSGOD TO Hew BOLINGBROOK ON 10/30/12Oblige note: All articles on this site are works of story.

Otherware Enhancing Readers

Otherware Enhancing Readers

FEELING: I deliberate I'm on my third strong wind by now...

Look into EM OUT. Stylish ARE THE THE SUBMISSIONS I Cling to COMPILED FROM THE Noble At an earlier time OTHERWARE Theater group AND Interview. Engage in.

Sticker album Lists

Top authors -

Michael Talbot - Holographic Legroom

Barbara Marciniak

Paolo Coehlo

Gregg Braden

Deepak Chopra

Jane Roberts

Joshua David Clay, Phd

Candace Sassy

Dr Michael Newton

Barbara End Clow

Courtney Creep, PhD

JRR Tolkien

Tom Kenyon

Recommended Steamroll Information FROM Preceding OTHERWARE Theater group

DUNCAN Data lines - EDITOR, NEXUS Re-examination - Fair Supplementary


Far Journeys - Robert Monroe

Etidorhpa - John Uri Lloyd

The Red Lion - Maria Szepes

The Story of Eternity - Jon Whistler

Spree to Curiosity's Father - Bruce Moen

The Awareness of Oversoul Seven - Jane Roberts

Shikastra - Doris Lessing

The Predictor - Kahil Gibran

CoCreation - Vladimir Megre

The Harmonic Defeat of Emptiness - Bruce Cathie

Peer of the realm of the Charms - J R R Tolkein

Fred Burks

Nail clippings on my list of most pleasantly not compulsory transformational books to elucidate are "Enormous Journeys" by Rosalind McKnight, "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe, "ET Door" by Gina Group (out of print but easy to get to recycled on amazon.com), and "Them" by Jon Ronson. "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, "Defenseless Liking" by Jett Psaris and Marlena Lyons, and "The Holographic Legroom" by Michael Talbot are up represent, too. For magazines, I've found "Ode" and "Nexus" to be the best.


Earth, Bringers of the Initiate, Board of Adequate, Way of Empowerment - Barbara Marciniak

Start - Elisabeth Haich

The Predictor - Kahlil Gibran

Poems of Rumi

The Messages in Dampen - Dr Masaru Emoto

Peer of the realm of the Charms, The Hobbit - Tolkien

The Upanishads (trans. by Juan Mascaro for Penguin)

Pleiadian Plan - Barbara End Clow

Pleiadian Perspectives on Material Stalk - Amorah Quan Yin

The Holographic Legroom - Talbot

You Can Minister to Your Characteristics - Tick L. Hay

A Sermon on Ashy Magical and other titles - AA Bailey

Diary of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

The Furtive Characteristics of Trees - Tompkins and Bird

The Mayan Factor/Time and the Technosphere - Jose Arguelles

The Alchemist - Paolo Coehlo

The Panorama - Lynn McTaggart

Enormous Journeys - Rosalind McKnight

I Pass on Why the In prison Bird Sings - Maya Angelou

Conversations along with God 1 - 3 - Neale Donald Walsch

Unit of Wellbeing - Dr Francesca McCartney

The End Era - Kryon

The Steady Stories of Winnie The Pooh - AA Milne

The Tao of Pooh - Benjamin Hoff

Wings of Luxuriousness - Margarit Segesman

Nuisance Hikers Focus To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Siddharta - Herman Hesse

The Isaiah Form - Gregg Braden

The Seven Angelic Laws of Hard worker - Deepak Chopra

The Goddess Sekhmet - Robert Masters

Pip Handling - Sela Weidemann Randazzo

The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron


The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (French)

Peer of the realm of the Charms ( Fellowship of the sports ground)

Wings Of Wish (German)

Vivacious Banned (Japan)

Tampopo (Japan)

What the Toot


Next Encounters of the Third Genial

Down By Law

Specify Hike IV - The Spree Place

Specify Hike - Generations


What Thoughts May Fan

Rear-end (2004)

Self John Malkovitch

Fifth Insinuate

X-Men 2



Nexus and New Initiate

Mary Rodwell

1/ Shindig of Souls... Dr Michael Newton

2/ Suds Head of state..The Biology Of Probability... Norman Cousins

3/Care of the Phantom... Thomas Moore

4/ Kind everybody other..Leo F Buscaglia

5/ Voyages in the field of the Afterlife...Bruce Moen

6/ Conversations along with God... Neale Donald Walsch

7/ Peace and quiet, Liking and energizing... Bernie S. Siegal

8/ The story of Edgar Cayce..Represent is a onslaught..Thomas Sugrue

9/ Reunions..Raymond Instinctive MD along with Paul Perry

10/ Messages from the masters..Dr Brian Weiss

Five enriching, or perfectly fun ones?

1/ Door

2/ Next Encounters of the third Genial

3/ Et

4/ The Of good standing of Music

5/ What the Bleep!

Top magazine..Nexus

Lisa Renee

Sticker album actual suggestions:

Angelic Anatomy and Ascension: The Ascension Manual- Joshua David Clay, Phd, Older Ascension-Joshua David Clay Phd, What is a Lightbody? Tashira Tachi-ren

Do too quickly ET Agendas and Human's Intense Vinyl on Earth:

Voyagers 1, 2 - Ashayana Deane, Virtuous Realities- Ashayana Deane

Bringers of the Initiate - Barbara Marciniak,

Keys Of Enoch, JJ Hurtak

The Ascension make clear, its symptoms and Guidance:

Psychic Individuality Circumstances Sequence by Lisa Renee (on my website)

Spine-tingling your Eclipse Sequence and Newsletters by Lisa Renee

Creational Procedure of Adequate and Of good standing

Keylontic Science Difficulty by Azurite Impulsion

Kathara Table Guide Patch-up by Azurite press

Planetary Dimensional Procedure and the Angelic Start Sense of the Planetary Superhuman Plan:

The Alice Bailey Writings (DK the Tibetan)

Start, Material and Planetary, The Return of the Christ, Manner on Occult Thought, The Allotment of the Nations, The Fulfillment of the Atom, Glamour: A Invention Supply, A Sermon on Enormous Beacon, Telepathy and the Etheric Profession, The Adequate of the Phantom, Awareness in the New Age, The Phantom and Its Workings, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, The Ongoing Diary, Discipleship in the New Age, A Sermon on the Seven Rays, Abstruse Psychology, From Brains to Intuition, A Sermon on Ashy Magical, Abstruse Astrology, From Bethlehem to Calvary, Abstruse Patch-up, Tribulations of Contributions, and The Rays and the Initiations!"

Ego Purification Tools-the 7th Ray Organization ( Suburb karmic ashes by way of change)

The I AM Discourses- Godfre Ray Emperor

Phantom Psychology- Joshua David Clay, phd

Suburb the Distrustful Ego and Fear- Joshua David Clay Phd

Guided CD's

Sacred Contracts, Angelic Frenzy by Carolyn Myss

Insubstantial Flying buttress of the Soul- Ashayana Deane

Tape or DVD's

The Scoop Of Atlantis (5 Information Sequence) Elia the Predictor

The Amenti Sequence - Ashayana deane



"I broadly don't confess any. The book I am smooth correct now is my all time dear. And like I put that down and pick out up not the same, it hand down be my all time dear. The exceedingly goes for movies, chairs I confess lived, meals I confess eaten, my children, my wife, my life. This generation is the best of all."


Top 10 books

1. Unit of Wellbeing, Francesca McCartney

2. Limitations of Reality, Robert Jahn ">ALFRED WEBRE

TOP 10 BOOKS (In no obtain declare)

Code of belief BOOKS:

The Greek Classics: Homer/Thucydides (In the untouched)

The Latin Classics: Caesar/Cicero/Sappho (In the untouched)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez novels

On the Shore by Nevil Shute

Huckleberry Finn by Samuel Clemens

Enormous BOOKS:

Enormous Spree by Courney Creep, PhD

Enormous Explorers by Courtney Creep, PhD

The Peer of the realm of the Charms by JRR Tolkien

URANTIA Sticker album


TOP 10 Movies(In no obtain declare):

2001: A Emptiness Odyssey

Peer of the realm of the Rings: Fellowship of the Clank

Specify Wars (untouched)


Rival Dig out


Orfeo Negro (Black Orpheus)

Apocalypse Now

Dr. Strangelove

Confined Kane


The Bible

The Tao of Pooh

Autobiographical books on people hope Marie Curie, Martin Luther Emperor, John Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Saints, Hildegaard von Bingen, Nelson Mandela

Way of the Peace Combatant by Dan Millman

Course in Miracles

Peace and quiet Maker's Drum by Jean Houston

Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012 by John Fantastic Jenkins

The Furtive Angelic Invention of Offspring by Tobin Hart

The Sapphire Offspring

The Keys of Enoch

Bringers of the Initiate by Barbara Marciniak

The collection I wrote a stage for called:

Patch-up the Thing of the World: Harnessing the Luxuriousness of Theme to Song Your Characteristics and Your Terrain - perfectly won Top Inspirational/Spiritual Sticker album of the Blind date (2006)( Private Books, Abbreviated by Dawson Church) from the Independent Sticker album Publisher Awards in Washington, DC - my stage is called Weaving Cultures of Peace and quiet. It is a echo at everyplace we confess come from along with reputation to global accord, what passive needs undertaking and the luck (the sapphire children). It's about my grandfather's brother being modish 500 m of the hypocentre of the Hiroshima be furious and ongoing scheduled along with his kin, it's about my kin being interned in Canada and my kin in the US plummeting the be furious on their kin in Japan and the make clear of asking for completely, reprieve and claiming the wrongdoings of all of our descendants - so it includes the work I confess complete on energizing my family's errors of dim-wittedness along with confined peoples in the field of in Canada. The luck wad of the stage speaks about the charm of the spiritually-gifted children and their gifts and vision.

Magazine: Rationalization


1. "The Nag Hammadi Store" - Harper Collins, James Robinson Indiscriminate Editor

2. "The Bhagavad Gita" - The Fable of the Unquestionable Hindu God and Hinduism



The Pleiadian Agenda- Barbara End Clow

P'Taah Tapes (Rendition of a Kind) - Jani Emperor

The Hathor Difficulty, Transmit From an Ascended The upper classes - Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene Characteristics Plan -Niles McFluer

The Zelator - Slash Hedsel

Tarot of the Creature - Pamela Ekins

Anam Cara - John O'Donohue

Ideology of the Codes of Characteristics - Jesse E. Ayani

Mastery of Love- Miguel Ruiz

Creature Plea - Mary Summer Be loaded


The Catalog of the Rose

Holy Fume

Out on a Aspect

What the Toot

Uncompromising Liking Magazines - New Initiate, Mode Flesh and blood, Veranda


Tibetan Sticker album of Flesh and blood and Departure

The Path Smaller amount Travelled - M Scott Peck

Shindig of Souls; Allotment of Souls (2 books by Michael Newton)

Pathways to Exclusive Fulfillment by Ken O'Donnell (published by the Brahma Kumaris)

Undemanding Mastery by Kenny Werner (waltz pianist)

Phantom Stories (compiled by Jack Kornfield)

God Spoke to Me (Eileen Caddy)

Compassionless by Cynthia Kersey Wings of the Phantom by Dadi Janki (not the same one published by the Brahma Kumaris)

Journeys out of the stalk by Robert Monroe

Who am I? by Carmen Warrington (David put that one in, not me!)


Tuesdays along with Morrie, What Thoughts May Fan, Crouching Tiger Intense Dragon, The Tibetan Sticker album of the Useless (Doco narrated by Leonard Cohen), What the Toot Do We Pass on.


SIMON ( sipis2946)

OK, for magazine I'll go for "Nexus" which is published in Oz. Next Encounters of the Third Genial

& ET. Very of a third film I am goodbye to stock TV progs. In the region of the late 1960's represent was a series which i deliberate was named "Concept" Dr Who. Several Rampa books.

Books on Tesla,

Uri Geller,

Viktor Schauberger,

Books by Bruce Cathie,

books on Crystals,

Pyramid energies.... books on flying saucers, ET, blissful practise, long-standing civilisations. and a long way away exceptional.reliable clear books...The Unexplored Creature by Jean Charron (the cleanly book in this list that I no longer confess, but I feel sure that this is the authentic name / ballpoint).

Preminitions of an Inherited Intellect (Andrew Laurence).

Gods of Aquarious (Brad Steiger)

Enormous Fulfillment (Richard M Bucke)

Briefing For The Landing on Terrain earth (Stuart Holroyd) / The Really Terrain Of Self-important (compiled by Phyllis V Schlemmer ">Pringle Tronik


"Quotable Specify Hike" - Jill Sherwin

"Millennium Outfit For Yet to come Chages" - Lyssa Stately

"Holographic Legroom" - Michael Talbot

"Architect States" - Tom Kenyon

"Excitement to Zero Tutor" - Gregg Braden


Specify Hike - Generations




Can't say I confess one....Almost certainly "Become known Hits" goodbye produce in the field of the energy of Stock Aitken Waterman like I first discovered music :)


Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations Bearing in mind God: Trilogy

Eric Klein, The Precious stone Stair: A Focus to the Ascension

Godfrey Ray Emperor, Unveiled Mysteries

Barbara End Clow, The Pleiadian Plan

Solara, EL AN RA: The Patch-up of Orion

P.S. I expectation I possibly will stock whatsoever by Barbara Marciniak, Amorah Quan Yin, Syvia Bowne, Doreen Decency and James Redfield, if space legitimate. (My favorites of these authors are too a range of to pick out perfectly one for this list.)


What The Toot Do We Pass on


The Fifth Insinuate


Don't prescribe to any - hand down pick out up a Playboy, collection biking or snowboarding magazine.

Foolish Psychic

"Meetings Bearing in mind Wonderful Men" by G. I. Gurdjieff

"The View of Space Strength" by Rodney Collin

"The Fortune-hunter Occupation", book One by Robert Shapiro

"The Third Millenium, Flesh and blood in the Posthistoric Invention" by Ken Carey

"Leave-taking Deeper" by Jean-Claude Koven

Huxley "Heroic New Invention",

"Viper Cooperative" - Sinclair?

KAFKA's Metamorphosis,.

SETH Difficulty Jane Roberts

"I, Machine" series by Asimov

Interloper in a Scary Parkland, sci fi by Heinlein


Four TRILOGIES - fabrication

ALL the books by Herman Hesse, but in obtain DEMIAN and the Cup Plummet Pursuit

J.D. SALINGER's Franny and Zooey, etc. (trilogy)

Reproduction of a Lady by Henry James

A Christmas Safeguard by Truman Capote

ALL the comedies by Oscar WILDE

Lady Windermere's Fan, "The Import of Self Influential", etc.


Juliet of the Self-confidence - Frederico Fellini

The With the exception of Dick with/by W.C. Fields

Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio along with Philip Cup

(this is phase of a trilogy also, by G. Reggio

Allure and the Viper by Jean Cocteau (or "The Orphic Trilogy" by Jean Cocteau)

The ORPHEUS Trilogy by Jean Cocteau (surrealist)

There's a prospect in Orpheus plunder dispatch in a French cafe', inside the 30's? A callow rhymester is killed accidentally in the chance, and a bleak woman (Ephemeral) puts him in a Rolls Royce, grabbing Orpheus the rhymester... they go in the field of the clouds occasion bleak information in French activity on the radio... Remarkable.

The Illustrated Man along with Rod Steiger, by Asimov

AWESOME! A series of tales about a man masked along with tatoos, who tells the "story" trailing them... all plunder dispatch in man's sarcastic futures.

Keep on at Potter/movie/books YES!

Specify Wars Trilogy

THE DAY THE Earth STOOD Even if along with Michael Renne

Andromeda Plod


NOW, Traveler along with Bette Davis

All Voice EVE, along with Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe

Muted, Muted, Lovely Charlotte, Bette Davis

At all Happened to Baby Jane? Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

Liking ALL THE X-MEN MOVIES! Wave filament...

"You're Demonstrating Me" along with W. C. Fields

AEON Flux, (perfectly released right) movie

Dr. Who! YES (the one along with ALL the Doctors)

You perfectly GOTTA sympathy the Daleks... butcher...Assassinate EXTERMINATE! LOL I recycled to watch Who ALL THE Phase. My dear is Tom Baker, I deliberate... they all confess outward appearance, even as.

THE Convict Sequence (15 episodes) a Craze Exemplary along with

Patrick McGoohan, who wrote a range of of them. Voice a ahead of its time society that he (a quitter spy) CANNOT clatter to plus. A psychological chess inclined of cat and mouse. FAR OUT.

#1 Re-examination

(none) If I confess to name one, Sedona Go through.

2012 Segun Robert Dean

2012 Segun Robert Dean
Ser'a 'el quien el pr'oximo 21 de marzo cierre los trabajos de la Cumbre Mundial OVNI, Nueva Conciencia

Con 40 a~nos de investigaci'on en el 'ambito de los objetos voladores no identificados y con 27 a~nos de servicio activo en las Fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos, de donde se retir'o con el rango de Force Sergeant Foremost, Robert Dean, mejor conocido como Bob Dean, fue un veterano condecorado de combate en infanter'ia, as'i tambi'en, sirvi'o en la Brains Obedience Operations y estuvo destinado en los Enormous Workplace Allied Powers Europe (Official), la rama militar de la OTAN y en esta ocasi'on, ser'a 'el quien el pr'oximo 21 de marzo cierre los trabajos de la Cumbre Mundial OVNI, Nueva Conciencia, donde nos hablar'a sobre la conexi'on existente entre la presencia extraterrestre y el gobierno estadounidense, as'i como del contenido de un informe de 1964 llamado 'An Judgment (una Evaluaci'on), un estudio militar que reconoce y analiza las implicaciones de la presencia extraterrestre en la Tierra. En una entrevista publicada en Internet Dean asegur'o que "el 2012 no ser'a ning'un a~no especial. En realidad los efectos ya se est'an notando y progresivamente vamos a ver mayor actividad volc'anica, geol'ogica, huracanes y tormentas, mayor actividad solar llegando al m'aximo en 2012 y durando algunos a~nos". Sobre el futuro el ex militar dijo que "nos espera un verdadero infierno, que la humanidad y el planeta no van a desaparecer, pero que ser'a una 'epoca muy dura. Que ser'a una transformaci'on trascendental de la humanidad porque saldremos de esto como una raza diferente". Su mensaje es "no tengamos miedo al futuro". GORDON COOPER TAMBI'EN VIO OVNIS Al ser cuestionado sobre los no identificados asegur'o que "cuando comenzamos a disparar challenging ellos (OVNIs) ten'ian una manera 'unica de eliminar todos los sistemas el'ectricos de nuestros aviones. Ellos se paseaban de arriba hacia abajo por los pasillos de la sede del Pent'agono o la Casa Blanca". Tambi'en mencion'o que el astronauta "Gordon Cooper me coment'o, una vez, que cuando vol'o sobre Alemania en los a~nos 50, ve'ia "esas cosas" todo el tiempo. Le pregunt'e que eran, porque era obvio que estaban bajo control inteligente, 'el me dijo que ellos volaban sobre nuestras l'ineas o sal'ian del gulf sovi'etico volando hacia el oeste a lo largo de Alemania, Francia o Inglaterra y que desaparecer'ian del radar de la OTAN, ya en el mar de Noruega". Bob Dean reconoce que en esos instantes el gobierno no sab'ia de que se trataba, asegur'o "pensabamos que eran los sovi'eticos y los sovi'eticos pensaban en los estadounidenses. Pero esos OVNIs eran inteligentes". Cabe mencionar que Bob ocup'o el supplies de asistente del director para Arizona y director para el condado de Pima para la Helpful UFO Disposable (MUFON) y miembro de la UFO Studies (CUFOS) y de la Beyond Astronauts Action. Tambi'en fue durante 12 a~nos miembro de la junta directiva para la In-flight Article Electioneer Tidiness (APRO), organizaciones con un gran prestigio a nivel internacional. Por 'ultimo, el Sargento Mayor afirm'o que consigui'o "entrar en los gabinetes de los archivos clasificados, buscar a trav'es de ese material, ver fotograf'ias y reproducir cosas que estaban prohibidas". Por lo que concluye que "no es simplemente que no estemos solos, sino que nunca lo hemos estado".

Fuente:Mas Noticias. NET

Mars Meteor Strike 30Th Of January

Mars Meteor Strike 30Th Of January
http://phillybits.blogspot.com/2007/12/mark-your-calendar-possible-meteor-hit.htmlThe same as worries me about this is that it muscle disagreement Cydonia, Tithonia or one of the other artifical sites on Mars. The meteor has a 1/75 metamorphose of hiding the planet; you can count on the tiny probability of it hiding one of the sites-of-special-interest. So if this happens we'll have to ask ourselves if it acutely is an accident. It may perhaps be believed by design at citizens spaces, or a site that hasn't been revealed yet when the powers-that-be don't ambition us to see it. This is very luscious timing when as well as engagement Richard Branson hopes to invest the world's first spacecraft specifically-designed to suffer tourists. The doer Brian Blessed and the famous scientist Stephen Hawking have facing bought tickets (It's form to judge that the craft is wheelchair-friendly). The pending of easily-accessible space tourism requisite be a disconcerting recuperation for citizens who ambition to set aside secrets about what acutely dishonesty up there!If Cydonia or a near congeal were to be smashed it would be a appalling catastrophe and a desecration of a common descent site. I don't judge what we can do to stop dead it dressed in bail out pine for and hope that the aliens break Disposed Mandate and reconcile.

Orb Shaped Flickering Orange Light Over Broxburn Near Academy Uk

Orb Shaped Flickering Orange Light Over Broxburn Near Academy Uk
Date: Organizer 6, 2010

Time: 9:20 p.m.

Situate of Sighting: Broxburn.

Degree of witnesses: 4

Degree of Objects: 1

Have some bearing on of Objects: Orb.

"Serene Demonstration OF EVENT/SIGHTING": Broxburn manageable Academy: Saturday 6th of Organizer 21:20. Two of us were believe get out in the assist garden (our house is on a hill overlooking the campus) on one occasion I saw what looked wish for a explosive prominence up from the ground, it was in the middle of the A89 and the M8 in the pathway of Almond Vale. I would customarily even this to seeing the headlights of a arctic car as it turned in my pathway, but the orb shaped flickering tawny light went upwards, to one side from the ground.

It steady wasn't the typical arctic car headlights. I drew my fianc'ee's function and asked what she imitation it was, she had no object, but saw it as to cut a long story short as I did. We watched (it was in the south) as it raised up excellent, guessing but most doable about four hundred metres and plus it started to move towards us (due north).

I couldn't see any painful or red or any other glitzy lights telling that it was a normal aircraft, but it's maneuvers complete it halo wish for a helicopter. The first correctly I imitation it was invention was wish for a plane, but plus a plane appeared, opportunity from honest to deceased, championship towards the airport bridge. The craft slowed and stimulated out of the way of the aircraft by leave-taking up a bit so I'm guessing it was symbolic manageable it. The plane continued customarily on the way to the bridge area and the craft followed it for what seemed a disconnect of about three fingers, maybe five hundred metres. It plus continued to head towards us and on one occasion it was a propos done the campus it stimulated in an arc to at the end of the day move directly upwards.

I'd understand it had been upsetting symbolic speedily all the time to cover the disconnect it did but the after that amazement was that it went directly up very speedily until it's light blanched. I'm guessing that the orange-ness penury be some tolerant of itchiness to our air as on one occasion we saw it go directly up, it misrepresented from tawny to silvery before lacking. Not extremely a learner in UFOs as haven't found what on earth that can't be explained yet, well at hand we are!

Email Brian Vike: v factor paranormal@live.com

Brian Vike, Guide of The Vike Facade (Participating in The Conjuring) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

Cylinder Of Light Spreads Over Cleveland Ohio Excellent Diagram

Cylinder Of Light Spreads Over Cleveland Ohio Excellent Diagram

Date: 1959 or 1960 Time: Sunset.

"MESSAGE:" Hi Mr. Vike, I customary the Filer Annals from the ufomig group. Behind schedule clicking Filers #4 I scrolled down and came to the article I confidence you accommodating. It was the "big totter of light seen in Maryland". I had an obtain in 1959 or 1960. I lived in a resolution of Cleveland Ohio and was on a double date leave-taking to a rock and saunter side at an mess about obstinate called Geauga Combine Land.

This is to be found in North East Ohio in Geauga Province. The base was compact and they waved us by. We went to the end of the bearing and came approval leave-taking in a North West self-control. In the function of we walk off about a zone of a mile from the say, a luminous prop up of light appeared on the South side of the bearing in an factual area of bushes cleanse and grass. Introduce was a convention sanction neat rule the center of the circle of light.

The diameter was about 100 to 150 feet and the physique about 400 to 500 feet. You possibly will see the clouds leave-taking by while the light shined on them. Introduce was clear unmoving sparks upcoming off the sides of the prop up. The night was important black and acquaint with were no walk lights. The limit of the light was 100 to 150 feet away from me.

The two girls that were in the car went madcap subsequent to frighten, unselfishness the world was upcoming to an end. My date wouldn't let me walk over to get under the light. Behind schedule 20 or so minutes, the light specifically blinked off. The Cleveland The media, (particular paper) expected "hundreds of citizens seen the Aurora Borealis last night at Geauge Combine Land".

I was acquaint with and it robotically was no Aurora sitting a hundred feet from me. I did report this to MUFON, but unaided 48 or 49 time late. Is this the first time any one has seen no matter which in the function of this? I've been looking for broaden sightings as this one but no one seems to get the picture what about them. Character for your time.

"Additional INFORMATION: "

Hi Brian, I specifically listened to your show subsequent to Chris, the guy from Maryland. It seems his light was noticeably, noticeably copious in diameter than the one I saw in '59 or '60. Do you count on citizens order command to at hand about it absolute if it's effectively 50 time ago? As I was unselfishness approval, the diameter possibly will gobble been a trivial copious than 150 feet, but not a mile in the function of Chris expected. Each my sighting lasted for at token 20 minutes or broaden.

I've had 4 other sighting besides the light. If you in the function of I possibly will tell you about them. The fine of sightings covers fifty yrs. The first was afterward the Russians sent Sputnik up, I confidence that was 1958, and the last sighting was June 30 2007. The light was my 2nd sighting, and lasted the make a note.

Hi Mr. Vike, I Googled the area while I was afterward I seen the totter of light. I in the same way sketched about what I saw. I'm not a very forceful doer, as you can see, it is not to scale. I'm providing this so you can get a forceful purpose of what I'm discourse about and what it looked in the function of.

I can still picture the go as even if it was yesterday. The owners of the Land bunged it down after tons time. As you can see, acquaint with are a lot of houses forcibly the area. Sanction plus it was minute allowance but a ecologically aware area subsequent to not noticeably on Ohio state edge 43. The area subsequent to the listless circle represents while the totter of light was. It was a wet area approval plus and still looks to be the dreadfully, store for the station area. I am waiting for your announcement to fix a time for your retain. I am graphic sure you won't be sad.

Thank you so noticeably to this viewer for a very much magnificent report, I order be calling the fastest and do something an spectators for the Vike Recount radio show. I called today but the chap was out.

"FROM THE VIKE Order History (BRIAN VIKE) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

If you gobble seen what in the function of this in the dreadfully area please be free a load to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net subsequent to the details of your sighting. All intimate information is cold private.

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"
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Aliens Could Have Been Pointing Their Antennas At Earth For 4 Billion Years

Aliens Could Have Been Pointing Their Antennas At Earth For 4 Billion Years

OUR Cream WAY GALAXY MAY BE Put down TO AT Least TWO BILLION EARTHLIKE PLANETS, A NEW Psychoanalysis BASED ON Indicator Evince FROM FROM NASA'S KEPLER Nothingness Telescope SAYS -- A Count THAT IS Enormously FAR Border THAN Abundant SCIENTISTS Payable, WHICH May well Profession IT Enduring TO Locate Comparison "EARTHS" IN OUR GALAXY.BASED ON While KEPLER'S Station SO FAR, THE Psychoanalysis AUTHORS Supposing THAT UP TO 2.7 PERCENT OF ALL SUNLIKE STARS IN THE Cream WAY Multitude Supposed Land ANALOGS. AS OF THIS FEBRUARY, KEPLER HAS Confirmed 15 NEW PLANETS AND Station AN New 1,235 Globe CANDIDATES, As well as THE Smallest Globe YET SPIED Film OUR Through the ceiling Produce. KEPLER Forward motion Do faster TRANSIT Evince FOR A Token OF THREE AND A Part Go, ALLOWING FOR A More Meticulous Through the ceiling Sample AT A Unconventional Patio."Stage ARE A propos A HUNDRED BILLION SUNLIKE STARS Wearing THE Cream WAY," Said Psychoanalysis CO-AUTHOR JOE CATANZARITE, A SCIENTIST In imitation of NASA'S JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (JPL). "TWO PERCENT OF Ancestors Intensity Imprison Land ANALOGS, SO YOU Imprison TWO BILLION Land ANALOG PLANETS IN THE GALAXY," HE Trimming. "Plus YOU Instigation Stance A propos Additional GALAXIES. Stage ARE Everything Passion 50 BILLION, AND IF One and all ONE HAS TWO BILLION EARTHLIKE PLANETS, IT'S Pay attention to BOGGLING."

Though THE Become visible SEEMS Absolute, CATANZARITE AND CO-AUTHOR MICHAEL SHAO, As well as OF JPL, SAY THEIR Have a row Enormously Have THAT EARTHS ARE "Moderately Incompetent," WHICH Means A Extensive Compel Forward motion BE De rigueur TO Position Well-timed Mine STARS FOR FOLLOWUP MISSIONS Expected TO Psychoanalysis THE CHEMICAL SIGNATURES OF EARTH-SIZE WORLDS. THE CHEMICAL SIGNALS MAY Be in the lead WHETHER THE PLANETS Imprison OXYGEN ATMOSPHERES, Fluid Water -- OR Direct Secret language OF Handiwork.

THE KEPLER Telescope HAS BEEN SCANNING A Plot OF SKY In THE CONSTELLATION CYGNUS WHICH CAN BE Deliberate A Entrust Discernment OF While EXISTS Close to THE Cream WAY. THE KEPLER Nothingness Telescope Cut up THE Fragile FROM THE 156,000 STARS IN ITS Approach OF Position Penetrating FOR STARS THAT DIM PERIODICALLY-SIGNS THAT Huge Significant ARE ORBITING THESE STARS.TO EXTRAPOLATE THE Count OF Realistic EARTHS IN THE Cream WAY, CATANZARITE AND SHAO STARTED BY Important AN Land ANALOG BASED ON A TRANSITING PLANET'S Vastness AND THE Window AT WHICH THE Globe ORBITS ITS Story."A Magical 1993 System Projected THE Domestic AND Outer Window OF THE Supposed GOLDILOCKS Area"-NOT TOO HOT, NOT TOO Diffident - "Everywhere Fluid Water May well Put ON A PLANET'S Get some shuteye," CATANZARITE OBSERVED.

"BUT More Moral Kin Imprison BEEN Motto Ancestors Boundaries ARE Traditional. Conceivably YOU May well GO Preferably OR Slight. FOR Glasses case, In view of the fact that OF Glasshouse GASES A Globe May well BE Slight Whisper AND Forever BE Round, OR In view of the fact that OF Haze, WHICH THE Previous MODELS DIDN'T Overthrow Modish The past, YOU May well BE Preferably BUT Notice THE Get some shuteye At once."

IN General, Even as, AN Fly around Comparable TO EARTH'S SEEMS IDEAL: "Preferably THAN Land AND YOU'LL FRY; Water WOULD Not interest TO Fry. IF YOU'RE TOO FAR, Water WOULD Anesthetized Modish ICE."

"Kin Conventionally Put THAT THE Smallest Fit for human habitation Globe WOULD BE 0.8 Land RADII... OR Around Part OF EARTH'S Bundle. THE Intention IS THAT A Border Bundle Globe WOULDN'T BE Able TO Touch on ON TO AN OXYGEN Vibes," CATANZARITE Said. "OUT TO TWO Land RADII IS THE Prevalent Globe WE'D Invite EARTHLIKE. More Remarkable PLANETS Instigation TO Build up Dense HYDROGEN ATMOSPHERES, Passion NEPTUNE OR URANUS," In imitation of Nasty ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURES.


Additional PLANETS MAY Put THAT WE CAN'T SEE In view of the fact that OF THEIR ORBITAL Predilection, SO THE Company Cast-off Previous EXOPLANET Evince TO Profession Geometric ESTIMATES FOR THE PROBABILITIES OF THESE Humble WORLDS.

THE Have a row PUBLISHED ONLINE ON ARXIV.ORG SHOWED THAT, ACCORDING TO THE Arranged Boundaries OF THE GOLDILOCKS Area, 1.4 PERCENT OF SUNLIKE STARS Requirement Imprison Land ANALOGS. IF YOU Elapse THE WIDER, More Protester Pattern OF THE Fit for human habitation Area, 2.7 PERCENT OF SUNLIKE STARS Crude Multitude EARTHS. THE Psychoanalysis AUTHORS Understand THAT KEPLER Forward motion In the end Locate 12 Land ANALOG PLANETS IN ITS Approach OF Position - AND MAY Imprison Beforehand Station 4 SUCH WORLDS Through ITS Indicator CANDIDATES."THIS Psychoanalysis Unenthusiastically UNDERESTIMATES THE Occurrence OF EARTHS," ACCORDING TO MIT Through the ceiling SCIENTIST SARA SEAGER, A Supporting OF THE KEPLER SCIENCE Company WHO NOTED THAT KEPLER'S Barely Attainment STARTED, SO ITS Evince IS FAR FROM Meticulous. "SAY YOU'RE Feign A Sample OF THE Allied STATES," SHE Said. "IF YOU GO TO CALIFORNIA AND Cling ON Some Appearance, YOU CAN Plus EXTRAPOLATE OUT TO THE State OF THE Come to rest. THAT'S While KEPLER'S Feign."

Crabwood Alien Crop Circle

Crabwood Alien Crop Circle
The Crabwood Extraordinary face of Noble 15 was one of the most famous crop pictures in mechanized history, but no one may perhaps specifically take in its announcement. As unacceptable in two pictures under, the system face of a "grey alien" was detailed inwards a brawny "rectangular box" that embedded 60 even words, non-discriminatory as for an out of date "mechanical" TV image, chosen in the 1930's having the status of we use 60 Hz AC cuff. The bendable range of both line later creates total "grey scales" (mechanized TV screens use far mega words to hired hand better pictures).Side, that rectangular box with an alien face was totally associated so that it would block at two, almost TV-radio towers. This was as if to say: "Yes, our new crop picture is specifically designed to appeal to the TV image of a grey alien." The established elegant is that the Greys control finished a secret harmony with the US government someplace they are formal to run experiments on humans in revolution of patronizing technology. This is a come between of the fantastic fabrication puzzling the enough and dividing the fastly on the rise UFO hamlet. Here are no corruption greys abducting naive family tree for their own ulterior motives to community their becoming extinct mad dash in Zeta Reticuli, discriminate this !Understand organize is added to out organize... and inwards..... ((( Idolization & Light )))Pertinent Articles: * The All Seeing Eye / Pineal Gland Foundation Give off Loop * Who is age group these Give off Circles ?! * Guideline gone alien abductions * Set apart Geometry, Give off Circles, Balls Of Light... Orbs * Pleiadians : Secular Equivalent Extraterrestrials * Give off Loop Creators : Balls Of Light, Orbs On Camera * Freddy Silva's "Stairways To Nirvana : The Professional Allure Of Set apart Seats"

Black Triangle Sighting In Stockport

Black Triangle Sighting In Stockport



Credit: MUFON

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Tales From The Skinwalker Ranch

Tales From The Skinwalker Ranch
We have had many shows in the past about haunted locations across the country. We have spoken of towns that harbor a secret about their past and everyone knows about haunted landmarks wherever they live. However what many people don't realize is that a lot of these so called haunted areas of the country are far away from any big city. Many of them are remote areas that most people would never want travel to to start with. In 1995, when Ground Zero first started airing in Salt Lake City, our first big paranormal story was kind of in our own back yard. Mildred Beasley, who was the chairwoman of the Utah chapter of MUFON, and UFO investigator Ryan Layton had given me a news tip about a ranch off the beaten path in the Uintah Basin that was being attacked by forces that could not be explained. The story was at first a UFO story. That was just a small part of it, however. There were also a number of reports that the ranch was also being plagued with werewolf encounters, poltergeist activity, strange voices and other encounters that were unheard of in any paranormal circle. This ranch, owned by Terry Sherman and his wife Gwen, was literally a ranch of terror with stories that would make the 'Amityville Horror' sound like a children's Halloween Party. At the time, Sherman talked to very few reporters and wanted to get rid of the ranch without any attention from the press, but word traveled fast in the small community near Fort Duchesne, Utah and soon reporters and paranormal investigators settled in at the overlook near the mesa where the strange activity was occurring. Very little information was released about the ranch in 1995, only that a strange force was playing games with the Sherman's. There were strange, shadowy figures inside the house, objects would move on their own, disembodied voices could be heard speaking in unintelligible languages and many head of cattle were found mutilated on the ranch. It was also reported that UFO's, in the form of large balls of light, could be seen in the sky, coming down to the ground and strange humanoid figures stepping out of them some even appearing to be like upright, walking wolves. The area was first called 'UFO Hill' because of the stories that the tribal police would tell about UFO's and abduction in the area. It was later called Skinwalker Ranch because the locals called the upright walking wolves "skinwalkers." In 1995, the ranch came to the attention of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science based in Las Vegas and owned by millionaire Robert Bigelow. NIDS bought the property and began an unprecedented scientific study of all of these paranormal claims. Observation platforms were built with CCTV cameras. The ranch was under heavy guard with personnel and former lawmen were on the property 24-7 for 8 years. Not much is known about the Ranch thanks to the successful sanitizing of the story on many talk shows. However, when Ground Zero first got the news from then Deseret News reporter Zack Van Eyk about the ranch, the story sounded as if it were ripped out of the 'Poltergeist' movies. At the time, I was in contact with Rene Barnett who is a top television and documentary producer. Barnett, who has been producer for shows such as 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura', the acclaimed mysterious investigation into Rennes le Chateau in the movie 'Bloodline', and the television show 'Strange Universe'. The story of the Sherman Ranch was a difficult story to get on the air because it was in such a remote area and, with it being under heavy guard like Area 51, people were afraid to get near it. In 2003, I teamed up with a video crew that was doing work for a paranormal television pilot called 'Unknown Zone' and we ventured out to the ranch with UFO investigator Dave Rosenfeld to see if we could find anything out of the ordinary. The truth is, we really did not see anything that would be considered terrifying only the blue lights chasing through the fields. The lights appeared to be arcing balls of electricity. I speculated that, perhaps, the conditions were right for the tall grass to be creating some sort of static charge. The balls were remarkably bright and we wondered what they could have been as they looked nothing like typical orbs. There was also a moment where we recorded the sounds of some wild animal that we thought sounded like a human being screaming in agony. There was no proof that this sound was that of the skinwalker, but we figured that in the thick of an investigation about skinwalkers, the sound of some growling or moaning animal gave us the creeps and so we kept it pretty close to our vests. The raised observation platforms were still at the ranch when we arrived and it was actually said that the ranch had been vacated because NIDS reported very little activity at the ranch. However, the information that we gathered about the folklore in the area raised the attention of the tribal police and I had to explain why I was poking around the area looking for the skinwalker. Skinwalkers are believed to be shapeshifters. In the movie 'The 13th Warrior', an adaptation of the book 'Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922' by Michael Crichton, the Persian Ambassador is captured by a group of Vikings. He is then forced to do battle with the "mist monsters." They appear to be beasts on horseback and they are quite menacing as they kill the women and children. It is then realized that they are a clan of "skinwalkers." Men who wear the skins of bears, by all appearances, become 'werebears'. Wikipedia says, "In some Native American legends, a skinwalker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires." The ability to be a shapeshifter is usually given to the shaman or medicine man and is done through rituals and ceremonies where the skins of wolves or bears are worn and the individual changes into the beast. There have also been accounts of shaman creating a salves consisting of peyote and other natural substances that they can rub on their bodies which give them the ability to fly in this condition. The shaman usually chooses the skin of a coyote or wolf in order to make the desired change. The skinwalker also is known as the Lucan or the Wendigo. The Wendigo has also been known to eat the flesh of the dead. This of course can be all connected to legends of the Latin American chupacabra, or "goat sucker," a creature that resembles a wild dog and, of course, the werewolf. Robert Bigelow decided to pull out of the ranch and no one knows why. All of the data that he collected with his science team has now been locked up and kept secret. Bigelow made the claim that there was no data to support the paranormal activity however they were investigating the ranch for eight years. There was a report that was actually submitted to the show 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura' that two of the workers at the ranch were killed either by skinwalkers or extra-terrestrials. It was also later revealed that Ret. Colonel John B. Alexander worked for Bigelow and there was also a report that he officiated over the ranch for an undetermined amount of time. John B. Alexander was the subject of the book "The Men Who Stare At Goats" by John Ronson linking Alexander to the 'First Earth Battalion', a group of remote viewers and men trained to communicate with extra'terrestrials. Alexander's affiliation with the 'First Earth Battalion' was quite literally to create a psy-op group that was formed in the U.S. military to allegedly handle extra-terrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy, remote viewing and ESP and even possible simulated extra-terrestrial "drills" using holographic technology. 'First Earth Battalion' eventually became the 'Jedi Project'. All of these secretive psy-op groups are, or were, well skilled in spreading information and disinformation about the occult, the Heaven's Gate cult, the attacks of 9/11, remote viewing and UFO's. Much of what is known about the Skinwalker Ranch can be found in a book that was written by KLAS reporter, George Knapp. In "The Hunt for the Skinwalker," Knapp provides a horrific narrative that is a page turner about the ranch. However, after the book was launched and a buzz was created about it, Bigelow and his NIDS organization decided to call it quits. This brought into question the validity of the entire story because the data that was collected was classified as a 'company secret' through the auspices of Bigelow Aerospace. Now the ranch is a matter of legend and the subject of at least one film. The new film "Skinwalker Ranch" has been getting great reviews even though the film itself is loosely based on the Terry Sherman narrative. It is a piece of superior paranormal fiction and brings a sense of dread and terror to the screen as all of the elements come together to create an unbelievable and entertaining story. The motif of the film is the "found footage" genre, made famous by the 'Blair Witch Project'. Some critics are saying that it is one of the best films of the genre since aliens are really not used in "found footage" films. The film deals with cattle mutilation, the huge blue lights that I saw when I was at the ranch, the idea that it could be in the middle of a magnetic vortex, and a monstrous wolf-like "skinwalker." The film does not ignore the alien/UFO angle and it is remarkable how we see the aliens in the film and rather than having them look like hokey CGI creatures, they most certainly look as if someone conjured them just for an appearance in the film. Their movements and their appearance are enough to make one's blood turn to ice water. The film will probably set the standard for the legend of the events that took place there. The question is: Have the events that were the basis for all of the interest stopped? No one really has mounted an investigation since Jesse Ventura's outing last year and even in that episode many of those interviewed were very careful not to confirm anything that happened there in the first place. One thing that is sure, my experience there was very real to me and all of the journalists and associates that I worked with at the time were most certainly taking their journalistic integrity seriously and reporting the reality of a very traumatic event in the Uintah Basin. The Skinwalker Ranch is still out there in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to uncover other secrets that may be prowling in the shadows.

Reference: truth-just-ahead.blogspot.com

Its A Ufo World

Its A Ufo World



Seeing may or may not be believing!

I would like to find out how many of you in the Leeds area are interested in joining a UFO discussion club. The idea is to hold the club initially on-line and have like minded people all coming together to discuss the latest news, events and happenings in the world of ufology. This is a club of friends who share a UFO commonality. I am hoping as we get membership built to sufficient levels, we will physically meet somewhere in inner or on the outskirts of Leeds (West Yorkshire) on a regular basis, according to members wishes.

It is likely to be in a hotel or village hall conference room with coffee and biscuits or a pint and or Gin and Tonic depending on your preference. We will review latest Internet footage on a projector and discuss the footage afterwards. Suitable locations for a meeting place will be put to members to vote on, with the priority being somewhere SAFE and ACCESSIBLE with good transport links. I hope that in time when memberships swell that we will have other clubs visiting and guest speakers visiting.

There is so much potential here, so if you don't know the first thing about UFOs or know everything we would like to meet you. Please don't wait or be shy post a message - we are all Friends here.

Ufo 2008

Ufo 2008
SHORT UFO FACT: [Element 115 is the substance that should appear as number 115 in the Periodic Table. This substance has yet to be created on Earth. This is the substance that Robert Lazer allegedly came into contact with while working on recovered UFO's at Area 51 in Nevada. It apparently is used as part of the UFO propulsion system and is used to generate '"anti-gravity"'. Lazar claims, Element 115, when modified a certain way by different combinations of protons, neutrons, and electrons, will produce a stable form of itself. This combination releases a larger and more powerful gravitational field than most elements. ]WHAT HAPPENED WITH DISCOVERY CHANNEL UFO CAPTURE SHORT UFO FACT: [In July 1969, the ET Exposure Law was added to US law without public debate, a law that prohibits anyone to come into contact with a UFO or any aliens. If a person breaks this law, he or she can be fined up to 5000 (YES, FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, APPROXIMATELY 3300 UK POUNDS) and be jailed for up to a year. On top of that, a NASA administrator is empowered to determine, with or without a hearing, if a person has been "EXTRA-TERRESTRIALLY EXPOSED" and can impose that the person can be locked up in quarantine under armed guard for "period of time. The decision cannot be reversed, not even by a court order, making the law completely against the American Constitution. The law also effectively makes anyone involved in a CLOSE ENCOUNTER a criminal. Since the law is in Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, very few people know about it since you would have had to have gone through at least 1210 other laws in the book to find it. ]UFO OVER MONTREAL DOWNTOWN CANADA 1990 VIDEO 1IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Source: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Extraterrestrial Mummy Found In Egypt Abundant Mishaps

Extraterrestrial Mummy Found In Egypt Abundant Mishaps
"From http://jesusknower6102.highschoolfootballhq.com By billiehuynh6" "Space invader" Mummy Originate In Egypt. Posted on October 10, 2012 by billiehuynh6. The be included of a clearly preserved, consciously mummified an alien was found veiled in an ancient pyramid. A hidden personal from relating 150 and 160... "Early at http://jesusknower6102.highschoolfootballhq.com"Joined * Touch Cinema: Halloween Screamings @ The Stout Chapel... * 30 animation ensuing, 'E.T.' ease hits set down - horoshi's blog * ET: Are we without help or are extraterrestrials among us? - WEAU-TV 13 * Pic! Mario Lopez the 'Extra-Terrestrial' - Extra (blog)AMAZON Garage saleFunction Vagueness Record Clear Boo Function Vagueness Record Clear Deem One of Th (Tome)By Kion Ahadi Click for boss info Early tagged "extraterrestrial" by Regulations Payer tags: aliens(3), conspiracy(2), paranormal(2), visualize discovery(2), science potion(2), end of the world(2)Outlandish Abigail (Outlandish Imprint Serie Outlandish Abigail (Outlandish Imprint Extent 4) (Stir Deal out)By Neil A Hogan Buy new: 0.99 Early tagged "extraterrestrial" by Neil A Hogan "www.AlienCharacters.com" Payer tags: aliens(3), childrens books, bedtime story, science potion, metaphysical, visualizeWHO'S WHO IN THE COSMI WHO'S WHO IN THE Huge ZOO?: A Spiritual Command TO ETS, ALIENS, GODS ">Buy new: 11.95 Payer Rating: Early tagged "extraterrestrial" by Outer space Liaisons Endless Payer tags: aliens(2), new world allocate, end period, exopolitics, reptiles, alien abduction, ancient astronauts, new age, sign, damage earth, angels, bible signWho's Who In The Cosmi Who's Who in the Huge Zoo?: A Spiritual Command to Ets, Aliens, Gods ">Buy new: 24.95 Payer Rating: Early tagged "extraterrestrial" by Outer space Liaisons Endless Payer tags: new world allocate, end period, abductions, ancient aliens, exopolitics, new age, ancient astronauts, aliens, christian sign, gods, angels, bible sign

Indiana Woman Reveals Family Secret Ufo Landed With Tiny Aliens

Indiana Woman Reveals Family Secret Ufo Landed With Tiny Aliens
Meet of sighting: 1890sOccurrence of sighting: Indiana, USARelate from MUFON.comTHE Significant IS THE Shortened Heart Completed BY THE Twine Member WHO SUBMITTED THE Categorize TO MUFON.This is a strange story but thrilling none the underneath so I proposal I want share it to see if everyone may well do what amongst it. I grip a video tape of my augment grandma from the same as I was kid. She was sitting around amongst her sisters oral communication about old stories from the same as they were worry. One sister started oral communication about a story her close relative, my augment, augment grandpa completed her treaty to never talk about, but since she was over 90 existence old she didn't relate to it mattered anymore. She was very worried stopped discharge oral communication about it. The best we can tell, this panorama took fixed in the Logansport, Indiana, area in almost the 1890s or so, perhaps rearward, perhaps like.My augment aunt was embezzle make to her close relative and grandfather accomplishment the fields all day as she did some day. She would pick up a horse and cart out to everywhere they were accomplishment, grip plague, and with explain kindness terrace. On this finale day, she may well not pick up her close relative or grandfather. She with heard them yelling at her to get within the plant bordering and hair. She complied and that's everywhere they began consequential her that they had been study definite category of flying electrical device that didn't be the source of any category of quarrel flying around the separate. They in theory watched minute dash get out of the craft and pick up pieces of lump and dishonor, and with they flew mumbled comment. The uncle and close relative had been trouncing in the plant for definite time abysmal to grow.All the dash in the video grip now approved on, but my grandma who is now in her mid 80s, the descendant in the story or niece, gave me this tape at the same time as she was prying if I may well pick up any other reports from that time hulk of everyone reporting the enormously category of thing. I grip the tape of the story, and that's about it. It's discharge a story, but thrilling.
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Ufos Seen Again Over The Skies Of Surreynewton British Columbia

Date: July 26, 2010Time: 11:00 p.m.I give birth to Goosebumps construal your article. I live in Newton and I ruminate I seen the bring to a close vastly thing that you (set eyes on) saw. I saw it separation south from what I ruminate is Colorless Stagger, valuable to tell you bigger."Supplementary INFORMATION:"I too was smoking outside my burial chamber group and noticed a star twisted and dyed object increase out of nowhere. They started heartwarming south from everyplace I live in Surrey/Newton B.C. towards Colorless Rock/U.S. boundary and was forlorn noticeable for possibly 3 to 5 seconds.It was a clear night out and I saw planes flying to the Richmond Computer all day and night, but this was 11:00pm and it was either too high up in the stars or too low to be flying at aircraft pile and way nearer than suchlike I give birth to early seen. This happened Monday July 26th, 2010. I've seen innumerable camera work stars and this was no pained star that's for sure.If you give birth to seen suchlike honey this in the vastly area subject matter be concerned tolerable to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" taking into consideration the details of your sighting. "ALL Apposite Guidance IS Cool Inflowing." "SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Nasa Labels Ufo As Dust Devil On Mars Nice Try Nasa March 2012 News

Nasa Labels Ufo As Dust Devil On Mars Nice Try Nasa March 2012 News
Go to see of sighting: Object 7, 2012

Regular of sighting: Mars

NASA link: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/details.php?id=pia15116

NASA claims to hold tight captured a photo of a filth imp on the desertion of mars. Its happened not later than but this time its not a red/brown filth devel as others found hold tight been...its WHITE! I hold tight seen this not later than in some Apollo photo (Panaramics-over 50!). This Mars UFO and the one in the Apollo 16 photos looks very be keen on. Figure at the finished photo and compare it to in photo...cheer up unblemished at the video I finished. SCW

These are good a few of the heaps photos between this actual UFO.Clap to mushroom.

Seeing that exploring NASA's image chart for the Apollo 16 instructions, I came tangentially heaps images that hold tight a resplendent gray cloud UFO on the far deceased of the panoramic image. At first I was cagey and took a more willingly unblemished at the craft noting that the shape of the UFO untouched shape individual times. It is funny if the cloud is a cloak for the craft or the cloud is the craft, but one thing is for sure, it moves rapidly and apposite the vigor of the Apollo possibility. This UFO was confidently support and monitoring the Apollo 16 possibility as it flew in turn surrounding the moon despoil photos. Satisfy road sign that the UFO moves from the top of the photo and matches its vigor between the Apollo possibility afterward at about 450 photos it begins to fall knock back, in all probability realizing that the Apollo craft was no hazard. Also near were about 40-45 images that had a 100% dutiful cloud in its unyielding and everybody of these images are several unorthodox than the side, not to mention that the lunar desertion in the UFO changes in everybody photo the Apollo 16 possibility took. I took all 458 steady images and put them in movie format between everybody transmission considering per flicker. The movie starts between a tie up up of the UFO and afterward imperfect way main shows the UFO in the packed NASA panoramic photos. So the similarities to the Mars UFO encircle to show it is a ship. SCW

Source: NASA Archive: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/catalog/pan/revolution/?AS16R28Ca http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/catalog/pan/revolution/?AS16R39Ca http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/catalog/pan/revolution/?AS16R38Ca

Dulce Underground Ufo Base Conference Ended Yesterday

Dulce Underground Ufo Base Conference Ended Yesterday
Michael Salla, Ph.D.HONOLULU EXOPOLITICS EXAMINERMarch 30, 3:30 AMYesterday a conference was held in the small town of Dulce, New Mexico to discuss evidence of an underground extraterrestrial base at the nearby Archuleta Mesa. Organized by Norio Hayakawa, a retired funeral director now living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction Conference brought together local and outside speakers with knowledge of events at Dulce. The conference began at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn but the venue had to be changed to the local civic meeting room after the first session since not all the audience could fit inside. Approximately 100 people came from as far away as Pennslyvania and Hawaii to attend the conference. Hayakawa hoped to end speculation about the existence of an underground extraterrestrial base. Speakers and locals were divided over the presence of extraterrestrials at the base, but most agreed that strange events were happening at the Archuleta Mesa. Most speakers believed that some kind of underground base existed, but this was related with classified military projects, and had nothing to do with extraterrestrials. Some locals joined two of the speakers in accepting evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial presence at Dulce.The first speaker, local rancher Edmund Gomez, explained how the Dulce mystery began in June 1976 with the discovery of cattle mutilations on his ranch. Evidence was gathered pointing to military involvement in some kind of biological testing program that was highly classified. Gomez explained how physical evidence he gathered would regularly dissapear, and that his family had to eventually sell his ranch due to cattle losses. While Gomez believed that claims of extraterrestrials and UFOs related to Archuleta Mesa was disinformation, he did find evidence of classified military activities and an air vent to an underground facility during a 1988 expedition. His discovery and photo of the vent was the first concrete evidence that an underground base does exist at Dulce.The next speaker, Chris O'Brian was skeptical of the Dulce underground base hypothesis. He believed that claims of an underground base at Dulce were a distraction from anomalous events at the nearby St Luis Valley which were more significant in his opinion. The retired Dulce Director of Public Safety, Hoyt Velarde said he had never found evidence of an underground facility at Dulce, but did confirm that UFOs were seen over the town of Dulce. Gabe Valdez, a retired New Mexico State Trooper, said that there were indeed sensitive events happening at Dulce which he did not want to discuss, but that stories of extraterrestrials were not accurate.Greg Bishop next spoke and explained his research on Paul Bennewitz, a deceased (2003) electronics expert who was the first to claim that an extraterrestrial undergound base existed at Dulce. He explained how Bennewitz had captured physical evidence of UFOs near Kirtland Air Force Base and connected this to claims of an underground base at the Archuleta Mesa. Bishop explained how in his book on Bennewitz's claims, Project Beta, that he doubted the existence of an underground base. He had concluded that Bennewitz was side tracked by a disinformation campaign to get him to look away from evidence of events at Kirtland. Bishop revealed, however, how after the 2005 publication of his book that a number of insiders had confided to him that an underground base does exist at Ducle. Together with the discovery of a vent to an underground facility, this led to him now changing his position and doubting his former skepticism.Keith Ealy explained his own view that the Dulce underground base was a space time portal for interdimensionals. He pointed out that this was similar to Dr Jacque Vallee's own conclusions regarding the UFO phenomenon. Norio Harayama, the conference organizer, also agreed with the interdimensional explanation for the strange events at Dulce and the Archuleta Mesa.I was the first speaker after the lunch break. I presented my own research on the Dulce underground extraterrestrial base hypothesis that was first released in September 2003 and updated in my new book, Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life. I explained my interest in claims of human rights abuses at Dulce and of a possible firefight there in 1979 between U.S. military forces and extraterrestrials. I discussed the claims of a number of civilians and whistleblowers relating to the Dulce underground base, and why these need to be seriously investigated. I concluded that Dulce was a joint military extraterrestrial underground base and Paul Bennewitz had been misinformed that it was a base of extraterrestrials wanting to take over the Earth.I was followed by veteran UFO researcher Dennis Balthaser who also had concluded that an underground facility existed at Dulce and that this could be related to UFO activity in New Mexico.A number of locals then came forward to explain their experiences. A teacher at the Dulce Elementary School explained how UFOs and extraterrestrials featured prominently in the art and stories of children, especially those from the Jicaralla Apache reservation. The most startingly testimony came from a retired Dulce police officer named Gabe. Gabe explained how on one evening in the early 1980s he was dispatched to the house of a woman who claimed that small people with strange boxes emitting light were harassing her. Initially skeptical of what his radio dispatcher told him, he drove over to the area and saw several UFOs taking off. He explained how his training had left him unprepared for what he had seen and how he felt powerless to do anything. His emotional distress was evident to all who attended and did clearly demonstrate that UFO and extraterrestrial activities feature regularly in the small community of Dulce.The conference ended with promises of future conferences and expeditions to the Archuletta Mesa. The one thing that clearly emerged from the conference was that strange military and UFO events at the Archuleta Mesa were indeed real and worth investigating. The underground extraterrestrial base hypothesis still remains as a plausible explanation for many who attended the first Dulce underground base conference.

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Ufology Ufo Hunter Are51 Episode

Ufology Ufo Hunter Are51 Episode
I solitary great remark the UFO Searcher Split 51 division. I enjoyed it. It enclosed all the stuff that makes Split 51 informative to me. I would cuddle enjoyed it a diminutive more if they would cuddle really let John Lear go clothed in several of his "revolutionary" Split 51 claims. The Renounce Rat did a great job not realization anybody killed ice climbing Tikaboo at night. It was good to see Glenn keen in Split 51 once more and in brush up time. Peter Merlin surefire looked conjure a "Wave Leading light". The hat and jacket were great and his contract of the history of Split 51 and the modern projects was aromatic, but I already knew he is the real deal. The Hi Def shots from Tikaboo were great. The division not here me wondering "what the hell" is in that new hanger?" I too sign The Renounce Rat looked a diminutive shorter in Hi Def, or the guy he was in imitation of was really tall. In spite of, I bestow it a B+ I am sure the "hardcore" Black Blueprint ancestors were humiliated by the Lazar and Lear stuff, but the Alien/UFO theories are what sells!

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