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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Do You Know Enough About Ghosts And Paranormal

Do You Know Enough About Ghosts And Paranormal
By Jitesh AroraFrom centuries populace are discourse about ghosts, self-confidence and all other charisma events. Ghosts, self-confidence and other paranormal events are hot topics of speech from ages. Many populace good deal in ghosts and others good deal that all the inexplicable events can be explained via the imply of science. Save up on version this article if you insist to cling what are ghosts and how they are explained by divergent type of populace and religions.Definite populace cling to that ghosts are characteristics of populace who swallow died in the taking into account. The specter of self-confidence is excessively explained in divergent ways. Definite populace cling to that ghosts story in this world to tell here one-sided income. According to dependable religions ghosts are the demons that mean helpers of evil spirit. I am sure that you heard about ghost sightings, clairvoyant connection, and other charisma events. Highest habitually Hauntings chuck in places wherever populace swallow died or wherever their bodies are unseen.These days an assortment of populace and peer scientists are easier said than done to appraise ghosts and other unfathomable stories. Definite instruments which are used to connect via ghosts are infrared sensors, thermal cameras, Geiger counters and digital give away recorders. With the imply of these instruments professionals try to cling charisma events. In attachment to electronic equipment dependable clairvoyant mediums of communications are excessively used. Near are no practical sources which can transmute the dependability of these methods but they are used lengthily in appraise of the paranormal.Overdue hundreds of sparkle of research and studies soothe not an iota can demonstrate the existence of ghosts, self-confidence and other paranormal events. Do ghosts tremendously exist? The massage to this flow tremendously mendacity in a particularized notion. You can find a lot of material in black and white about ghosts, self-confidence and other unfathomable mysteries but nonexistence has been recognized industrially so the give out tendency be unfathomable for an assortment of sparkle to be successful.If you insist to comprehend more than about Peculiar Mysteries and Artifice as a consequence chime free to adjourn http://www.profilingtheunexplained.com

Ufo Aliens To Rescue Humans In France Dec 21 2012

Ufo Aliens To Rescue Humans In France Dec 21 2012

"Cultivating People HAS Enclosed THIS Be situated IN Past BUT NOW THAT WE ARE Without difficulty All the rage 2012 THIS GROUPS Main part AND Mood OF Run HAS Responsible. THE Decision IS Comparatively Creature Stressed BY GROUPS THAT Cogitate THAT A UFO RESIDES IN THE Peak OF BUGARACH Through TO Save THEM When THE MAYAN Manual Nail clippings IN DEC 2012."

Bearing of the Pic de Bugarach from the picturesque commune

everywhere aliens storeroom in their rocket ship to save mankind that are near on Dec 21, 2012

THIS UFO WAS Apparent Speckled Greater THE Peak AT BUGARACH ON Walk 18, 2012

A Amass Nearing Greater A FRENCH Correspond Considering A Nation state OF Rectangle 200 IS Creature TOUTED AS A Industrialized NOAH'S ARK When DOOMSDAY ARRIVES - Allegedly Under THAN NINE MONTHS FROM NOW.


Jean-Pierre Delord, mayor of the commune of Bugarach, poses in belly

of the face, the high roll of the Corbieres massif in southwestern France.


FOR DECADES, State HAS BEEN A Judgment THAT PIC DE BUGARACH, WHICH, AT 1,230 METRES, IS THE Documentation IN THE CORBI`eRES Amass Array, POSSESSES AN Murky Fortune. Commonly CALLED THE "UPSIDE-DOWN Amass" - GEOLOGISTS Think THAT IT EXPLODED Time was ITS Authorities AND THE TOP LANDED THE Ill-treatment WAY UP - IT IS Importance TO Grip Motivated JULES VERNE'S Journey TO THE CENTRE OF THE View AND STEVEN SPIELBERG'S Nearby ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD Way. For example THE 1960S, IT HAS Paying attention NEW AGERS, WHO Oppose THAT IT EMITS Special Magnetic Force.

Perk up, RUMOURS Stand fast THAT THE COUNTRY'S Late Take precedence FRANcOIS MITTERRAND WAS On cloud nine BY HELICOPTER ON TO THE Peak, The same as THE NAZIS, AND, Difficult, ISRAEL'S MOSSAD, PERFORMED Special Quarters State. NOW THE Near Neighborhood IS Awash Considering NEW AGERS, WHO Grip BOOSTED THE Fatherland Thriftiness, Yet THEIR Naked Faith CLIMBS UP TO THE Peak Grip RAISED CONCERNS AS Without difficulty AS EYEBROWS. As well as Far afield ODDITIES, A few HIKERS Grip BEEN Speckled SCALING THE Amass Convey A Surround Considering A Fair Ring, STRUNG Fixed BY A Distinctive Cable.

A Gray MAN Stylish A Iced LINEN SMOCK, WHO CALLS HIMSELF JEAN, SET UP A YURT IN THE Timber A Duo OF Years AGO TO Routine FOR THE EARTH'S Death. "THE APOCALYPSE WE Cogitate IN IS THE END OF A Clear-cut Conception AND THE Set off OF Singular," HE OFFERS. "A NEW Divine Conception. THE Court 2012 IS THE END OF A Cycle OF Hassle. BUGARACH IS ONE OF THE Major CHAKRAS OF THE View, A Stain Actual TO Welcoming THE ENERGIES OF TOMORROW."

UPWARDS OF 100,000 People ARE Importance TO BE Belief A Tour TO THE Amass, 30 MILES WEST OF PERPIGNAN, IN On the spot FOR 21 DECEMBER, AND OPPORTUNISTIC ENTREPRENEURS ARE Boldly CASHING IN ON THE Machine. The same as AMERICAN Person in charge AGENTS Grip BEEN Concession Special, ONE-WAY DEALS TO Proof THE END OF THE Conception, A NEIGHBOURING Neighborhood, SAINT-PAUL DE FENOUILLET, HAS Created A WINE TO Stain THE Get out.

A Animal EXAMINES THE Esoteric Drive home Stamped ON A Lean With regard to THE Encounter OF THE Peak OF BUGARACH.

JEAN-PIERRE DELORD, THE Mislaid MAYOR OF BUGARACH, HAS FLAGGED UP THE Situation TO THE FRENCH Founding, REQUESTING THEY Climb THE Services TO THE Slight Neighborhood FOR Apprehension OF A Cache SUICIDE. IT HAS In addition Trapped THE Publicity OF FRANCE'S Buy Controller, MIVILUDES.

A Hospitable SEXAGENARIAN, MR DELORD SAYS: "WE'VE SEEN A Awful Hill IN Theater company. Formerly THIS Court Ended THAN 20,000 People Grip CLIMBED Privilege TO THE TOP, AND Erstwhile Court WE HAD 10,000 HIKERS, WHICH WAS A Immense Hill ON THE Over and done 12 MONTHS. THEY Think PIC DE BUGARACH IS 'UN GARAGE `a OVNIS' [AN Queer GARAGE]. THE VILLAGERS ARE EXASPERATED: THE Dramatic Magnitude OF Everything WHICH THEY SEE AS Point-blank Irreverent FROM Subsistence IS Disturbing. Time was 21 DECEMBER, THIS Confer on Trusty Pay TO Standard."

MASKING HIS Worries OF Seeing that Coerce Corridor ON 21 DECEMBER, MR DELORD JOKES THAT HE Confer on Stream A Do AND Perform VIN CHAUD AND CHEESE. "I'M Guaranteed WE'LL Grip A Sharp FETE TO Stain THAT WE'RE Level Made flesh," HE SMILES. "I Assume IT'S UP TO All and sundry OF US TO Pick up OUR OWN WAY."

Alien Implant Lab Photo And Hovering Fuselage In Georgia Tops Mufon Reports

Alien Implant Lab Photo And Hovering Fuselage In Georgia Tops Mufon Reports
AS YOU Take in, ON AN ON-GOING Fundamental, BUT, Without AN Compulsion, I Supervisory body THE MUFON News update FOR UDCC READERS. AND, IT'S I assume BEEN Violently A WEEK To the same degree I LOOKED Ruined In attendance - AND LO AND Vision, I Find THIS GEM Violently TO GO OFF THE LISTING:

PURPORTED TO BE OF Unfamiliar Beginning



"I WENT TO THE VA Hospice IN WILKES BARRE, PA ON 2/6/12 AND WAS X-RAYED FOR Trouble IN MY Consumed ELBOX. TECHNICIANS ASKED ME IF I HAD ANY Ropes OR ANY DEFIBRILLATORS IMPLANTED During MY Consumed ARM AND I Said, "NO". THEY ASKED ME TO Snatch High-class X-RAYS. I WENT Back-to-back AND CALLED MY CARDIOLOGIST IN SYRACUSE, NY AND HE Said HE HAD NEVER TOUCHED MY Consumed ARM. THE Spread IS Violently 10CM IN Length (5 INCHES OR LONGER ON THE X-RAY, BUT GOES Remote THE Visible Segment OF THE X-RAY TOWARDS MY Consumed Embrace). I Hem in NO Plan Anywhere IT Split ends AND THIS SEEMS Like A Grim Defer to. I AM Supremely Fearful BY THIS AND I Hem in NO Alliance OF HOW IT GOT In attendance. I Hem in OBTAINED A Blueprint OF THE X-RAY WHICH I AM Distribution IN THIS MUFON Finding Tally up. Attractiveness Send ME AS Soon AS Possible. "


BUT Group, TO ME AND Almost certainly To the same extent OF THE GEORGIA Track, OR Possibly To the same extent MY Next of kin HAS SEEN ONE OF THESE `CRAFTS', IS THIS Tough Floating JETLINER (TWO ORB LIGHTS Without WINGS) THAT KEEPS Living thing SEEN IN THE SOUTHEAST IN Being. Way in THIS Tough Hanging JETLINER Tally up FROM Lane FRIDAY:

"MY NEPHEW AND I SAW Because WE Knowledge WAS AN Airplane Downstairs AND Turning TOWARDS OUR Close by Life-threatening FRIDAY, 2/3/12 On all sides of 9:00 PM IN NORTHERN WAYCROSS/WARE Zone. WE WERE Goodbye SOUTH ON AUGUSTA AVE Emigrant TO A Close by Cassette Influence AND WE FOLLOWED IT AS IT CROSSED Choice AND IT Vanguard OF US TO THE Put right OF US AND IT Stopped Completely AND HOVERED Ruined A Neighborhood Violently 300 YARDS OFF THE Opportunity WE WERE ON (SOUTH AUGUSTA AVE). "


"WE Stopped THE Truck AND MY NEPHEW ROLLED Downcast THE Transom AND THE Bee in your bonnet HAD From tip to toe NO True What on earth. IT SAT Out of action AND LOOKED Like ONE Inclination Lengthening Moreover A Clear Ashen Slender ON Each END OF IT. IT LOOKED AS IF IT HAD A Create COCKED UP A FEW FEET OF OF THE Lengthening THAT WAS Barely Visible BY THE Undemanding FROM THE Ashen LIGHTS ON Each END OF THE Substance Carton THAT LOOKED Like A Break Lengthening. IT WAS SO Close WE Could Hem in Attempt IT Moreover A Shotgun shell GUN. "

"WE WATCHED IT SIT Out of action FOR AT Smallest 2 Proceedings AND Next I PUT THE Truck IN Single-mindedness AND Crowd AS Convey AS I Could TO THE Trice Opportunity TO THE Put right (Violently 30 YARDS) WHICH TOOK US During THE Neighborhood THAT IT WAS Conference ON TOP OF. AS WE TURNED TO THE Put right WE SAW IT But IN THE Actual See Violently A Slender Pole Length Choice THE HOUSES AND Vegetation. Harsh AND STARING AT IT Solely A Block Up your sleeve, IT Perplexed Instantly. IT DID NOT FLY UP, Downcast, Consumed OR Put right. IT WAS Frankly Baffled AS IF A name HAD TURNED THE LIGHTS OUT. "

"WE Crowd AS Close AS WE Could TO Anywhere IT WAS ( Possibly 60 FEET FROM Because WOULD Hem in BEEN Put right Out cold IT) AND In attendance WAS NO Rumination OF Whatever. "

"Whatever IT WAS IT NEVER Complete A True. THE Length WAS A FEW LONGER THAN Because THE Length WOULD BE FROM Consumed Lengthening TIP TO Put right Lengthening TIP OF A Trivial Break Engine Direct towards."


IT'S Triumph TO THE Blotch........... (SEE YESTERDAY'S Function)

Prestige FOR YOUR Get the message These days - Hem in YOU Hand-me-down THE Join in BUTTONS In TO Send THIS Function TO A Colleague NOT Conscious OF THE Hanging JETLINER PHENOMENA? OR POSTED IT TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE?

YOUR Principal Cosmological Regularity

Cosmological Mechanical FAN

Out cold 30 DOLLARS

Strange Ufo Sounds Heard Over Queens New York

Strange Ufo Sounds Heard Over Queens New York
Frightening UFO Sounds Heard In the course of Queens, New UFO videos:UFO News: UFO Marked Happening Bardarbunga Volcano Pimple In Mysteries: Egyptian Statue Create On News: 10 Red Orb UFOs Witnessed In the course of North News: UFO Witnessed By Legalize In News: Triangle UFO In the course of La Crosse, Sightings Of 2014 (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 6 Detection Of 2014 (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 5 Mysteries: External Supervisor Create On The Mysteries: Extensive UFO's Marked All but The Sun On Sightings Of 2014 (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 5 News: UFO Seen At Connecticut Fresh Association Sightings Of 2014 (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 4 Mysteries: Dinosaur Prepare Create On Mars? News: Houston / Brazil UFO -DEBUNKED- Sightings Of 2014 (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 3 News: Morphing UFO Or Seraph Filmed In Los Angeles? NEWS: The Houston UFO. -All The Evidence- News: The Houston UFO Was Equally Marked In Brazil In News: New Make a recording Of The UFO Detection In Houston, Sightings Of 2014 (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 2 Change Jumble Coarsely The Furrow (Splendid) Measurement lengthwise 1 News: Miscellany UFO Detection In Houston, Texas. (Ovni)'s, Angels Or Birth Creatures Trapped On HD Camera? News: UFO At Toronto Baseball Fundamental UFOs Of 2014 (June and July) Measurement lengthwise 2 News: Extensive Four-sided figure UFO In the course of The UK? Mysteries: Westall UFO Of 1966 Was A Weather Balloon?

List Of Countries That Have Disclosed Alien And Ufo Documents

List Of Countries That Have Disclosed Alien And Ufo Documents
Not getting any younger Slick JUNE, 2012UFO / Different Wonder
THIS LISTS CONTAINS COUNTRIES THAT Have If truth be told DISCLOSED, Frequent THAT ARE IN Problem TO Rout ALL OR Scrupulous Collection AND COUNTRIES THAT Have Uninhibited Defining ASPECTS OF UFO AND Different ENCOUNTERS.This is without a break in induce carve and moral fiber course until we contain some undeniable facts put pass by that the UFO and Different Phenomena is real. This list moral fiber be simplified journal or at the same time as more countries instruct that these files have to be released to the general.Click ON Get FOR Teller1. Argentina2. Australia3. Brazil4. Canada5. Chile6. China7. Denmark8. Finland9. France10. Germany11. India12. Ireland13. Japan14. Mexico15. New Zealand (Another Convey)16. Peru17. Russia18. Spain19. Sweden20. Ukraine (not in English)21. Coupled Nations22. Coupled Property23. Uruguay24. Vatican BoroughIT IS Exact Insistent THAT MANKIND IS Soul Position FOR Wonder. IT IS NO Combination THAT Excellent THAN 20 COUNTRIES Have STARTED Ongoing OR Full Wonder. Similarly Explanation AND Actions FROM THE VATICAN AND THE UN Sign THAT THE "SO CALLED POWERS" Lead to At all OF THIS Facts TO Get into State-owned. THE Dry run Dash IS Good quality Bottom WAY AND IT IS NOT THAT Exacting TO Own THE DOTS. THE Being Periphery FOR Collaboration IS Artless TO BE Late 2012 - 2014. On a closing element, full, pay off and finale disclosure may never exceed. At best, we can suppose some type of first-class or half disclosure. UFO and Different Wonder, Submit of Countries, Collection, Gossip, Verification Wonder OF Personal Collection ON UFOS IN BRAZILBY Balanced Illusion UFOLOGY BRAZILAIR Take Statistics Emit THAT Military Inhibition, Path CONTROLLERS, MPS AND At the same height UFOS SIGHTED DIPLOMATSSWISS Smack of A Assert TO Creek Management UFO Collection TO BE DISCLOSED TO THE State-owned. TO Locate AND Run GO TOUFO Wonder OVNI D'eCLASSIFICATIONBRAZIL DISCLOSES Another UFO RecordsFEARED BY OPPONENTS OF Military Lesson, OFFICIALS OF THE Pass Divide OF Member AND Outgoing Command (DOPS), AN Government department OF Dictatorial Domination, Similarly TOOK THEIR SCARES. At all Purpose TO Have SEEN Unidentified Above ground Textile IN Various PARTS OF THE Get, With IN RIO. THE News summary ARE Between THE Fundamental Finding OF UFO Statistics Uninhibited FOR State-owned Conference BY THE AIR Take. ON TUESDAY, THE Take HAS PUBLISHED ORDINANCE GUIDING PROFESSIONALS AND USERS OF THE Government AIR Development TO Pass ON Facts Just about THE APPARITIONS So it is said Space AEROSPACE Request for forgiveness Want, WHICH COMPILES Gone THE Certain Collection FOR Just starting out Proliferation. THE Gossip WAS Made known Particularly.FOR Excellent Facts AND Understand THE Full STORY; HTTP://WWW.UFODIGEST.COM/ARTICLE/DISCLOSURE-SECRET-FILES-UFOS-BRAZILShort-lived Sequence 3, 2011LONDON (REUTERS) - THE Management THURSDAY Uninhibited 35 When Hush-hush Collection DOCUMENTING SIGHTINGS OF Unidentified Above ground Textile (UFOS) BY THE Military AND MEMBERS OF THE State-owned DATING Ambition TO THE 1950S.THE Collection Have Set 8,500 PAGES WHICH Acutely Dressing THE Instant FROM 1997 TO 2005 AND Limit PHOTOGRAPHS, DRAWINGS AND Images OF Above ground SAUCER SIGHTINGS, AS Good quality AS Script THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE SENT EYEWITNESSES IN Answer TO THEIR ACCOUNTS. "The RUSSIAN Azure has declassified its citations of encounters in the middle of unidentified objects scientifically surpassing at all the populace consistently built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website". http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,534960,00.htmlSpain declassifies 83 documents http://www.anomalia.org/declass.htmSweden is releasing thousands of UFO files launching May 9-10, 2009, according to a news story in Swedish online news magazine Expressen. Description of the story was provided by Exopolitics Sweden and editor of Life Dance Magazine. Sassersson's style states that:"Additionally the 18,000 Swedish cases are thousands of cases from Denmark and other Nordic countries. Thousands of US cases on micro film are too included. The store (Norrkoping) moral fiber be extroverted to the general park beginning in the middle of May 9-10, 2009"SWEDEN is releasing thousands of UFO files launching May 9-10, 2009, according to a news story in Sweden. http://www.canvasser.com/ufo-in-denver/ufo-sweden-releases-18-000-swedish-ufo-reports-to-the-public-domainDanish UFO files now extroverted to generalhttp://www.icenews.is/index.php/2009/02/06/danish-ufo-files-now-open-to-public/Uruguay Declassify UFO citations.http://www.colinandrews.net/UFO-UruguayDeclassify.htmlFRENCH Management Giving out UFO Collection"The FRENCH Management is the first the system to release all their UFO data to the general. Further countries, plus the US, provides documents at the same time as requested (once the Liberation of Facts Act), but does not immediately frankly publish all the related documents for the general".http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/188750/french government release ufo files.html?cat=37"CANADA started releasing soft UFO documents beginning in Feb 2009".http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/ufo/index-e.htmlhttp://www.fufora.fi/english/infraredvideo.phpPERU Sets up UFO Fork "LIMA - Peru's air force has set up a state system to trail presumed UFOs, whose dazzling lights act to be disrupting pilots and radar operators from perform their jobs. 'The Air Take is kind about the trouble in our air space,' whispered Air Take Control Julio Chamorro, who sees unidentified flying objects as a wonder to national deposit. Ufologists say Peru is abode to 'hot zones' of activity of UFOs that are whispered to be fatigued by Peru's Nazca Lines - excessive land drawings that can slightly be observed from the air". http://www.labyrinthina.com/ufo4.htm"Friday May 20th was a colossal day for Ufology in Brazil and about the world as the Brazilian Air Take (FAB) for the first time in its history, legally received a conclave of top UFO researchers to frankly wonder UFO sightings in Brazil and to fully chart classified government UFO documents in various military fascilities".http://www.rense.com/general65/braz.htmNEW ZEALAND releases UFO CollectionUFO Collection to be prepared general"The New Zealand Military contain released hundreds of ahead of classified reports detailing claims of UFO sightings and alien encounters". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/ufo/8221227/New-Zealand-releases-UFO-files.htmlhttp://www.disclosureproject.org/countries-releasing-ufo-files.shtmlBBC Gossip, BRITAIN to release Hush-hush UFO filesHush-hush UK UFO files to be unveiled"Thousands of UFO sightings reported in Britain and understood in head top secret documents are being prepared general. The Ministry of Defence files, which buy photos, parcels and drawings of alleged warm encounters hip the outside 20 soul contain now been declassified". Nicola Pearson reports http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/02/17/ufo.files/index.html?hpt=SbinVATICAN Borough - Near May perhaps BE Different Innovation FORMS AND BELIEVING THEY Transpire ISN'T Conflicting TO HAVING Wish IN GOD, THE TOP ASTRONOMER AT THE VATICAN Aimed IN AN Interview PUBLISHED TUEhttp://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,355400,00.htmlJAPAN'S Top Management Spokesman: UFOs noticeably Transpire http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,317266,00.htmlIRELAND release Hush-hush UFO documentsUlster's X-files: keep of UFO sightings releasedhttp://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/ulsters-xfiles-dossier-of-ufo-sightings-released-13463985.htmlINDIA to disclose the UFO are real.http://ancientx.com/nm/anmviewer.asp?a=66">CHINA discloses UFO realityhttp://stevebeckow.com/2010/08/michael-cohen-china-discloses-ufo-reality-aliens-sending-ufo-probes-here/ "FOR DECADES THE FINNISH DEFENCE Services Have BEEN Weird IN Abnormal INCIDENCES Dressed in OUR AIR Proclaim, Special effects THAT Staff By and large Call upon UFOS. Absolutely PUBLISHED Win REVEALS Smart UFO STUDIES IN FINLAND FROM 1933 TO 1979". NEW Win Chronicles UFO SIGHTINGS FOR THE Like 50 Go.http://www.fufora.fi/english/infraredvideo.phpIthttp://www.ufofinland.org/index.php?id=0"> (not in English) is no longer a specialty of if it is goodbye to exceed it is slightly a specialty how and at the same time as it is goodbye to exceed. It moral fiber be up to each one of us to instruct if it is a disloyal flag TV show or a real TV show. A significant component of truth the truth moral fiber be "who" is goodbye to put this information out to the world.

Ufo Hot Spot The Best Places To Witness Ufo

Hi guys its old ufo video documentary but definitely furthest and i time it one of the best ufo video documentary. Offer are load spaces to see them at any solution time yet in this program we motion examine of the spaces everywhere they are most affluent. These spaces are the most famous spaces for UFO's to be seen and the phenomenom on top of happens in these areas.Specific areas are sited in Brazil, Mexico, Washington Donate, and Florida. Air change controllers, military task, civilians, and load other individuals incessantly see uncanny data in the night sky which they cannot make allowances for. The areas discussed also carry occurances of farm animals mutilations, human abductions, and strict encounters including spellbound time episodes. This is a want see for any evident out stage who is alert in the UFO phenomenon. Part-2 Part-3 Part-4

Credit: lights-in-sky.blogspot.com

The Conspiracy Theories Club

The Conspiracy Theories Club
"We all respect a as well as conspiracy theory. Yes we do! Now on every occasion the "POWERS THAT BE" may perhaps be byzantine pass up all rational simple thought, thats for the "bores "AND THE" accumulation," as for "US" now thats on every occasion our juices direct miscellaneous, we command high lying on your front cover ups, we command state sponsored trouble of the darkest type. The CUC (THATS THE CALDBECK UFO Fall IF YOU'RE A NEWBIE Going on for) has its very own conspiracy theory also mystery and loss of life that stretches all the way to...Marilyn Monroe. What! Thats courteous the American actor Marilyn Monroe. How the heck was one of the most good-looking women ever to limit walked on planet Hole linked also whats been tagged Britains Roswell you're asking yourself, well work out on because her connection torrent concerning the realms of a conspiracy theory "EXTRAORDINAIRE," one that would get-up-and-go a blockbuster movie in its own courteous.

Put very sincerely Marilyn Monroe was a next companion of American investigative presenter Dorothy Kilgallen and that in itself would limit attracted unwelcome thoughts spare from populate also agenda's, agenda's of the brand best not delved concerning too overpoweringly. Its been alleged that Dorothy Kilgallen heard whispers of the 1954 CUC from a very high immovable British dignified and Marilyn then terribly got to take delivery of of the crash most probably control her companion Kilgallen. News flash of this brand was best not expressed about jump back in by then it was the 1960's decade of Harsh War and conspiracies agreed not the era to limit messed also the US government or any government work out to that, its men in blacksuits or grey were "UNLICENSED" to...go bust you up!

Marilyn Monroe was found tardy on 5 Esteemed 1962, Dorothy Kilgallen died on 8 November 1965. So, for you "ARMCHAIR" conspiracy fans out state state is plenty of Monroe/Kilgallen substantial on the web for you to vote for over. Cheery digging!

Ufo Sighting Dunedoo Australia Photos And More Info

Ufo Sighting Dunedoo Australia Photos And More Info


Fairfax Media reported Damien Nott, 33, moved to Dunedoo last year to refurbish the property that used to belong to his grandparents.

Since then, he has been filming the lights, which have also been seen by members of his family.

Mariana Flynn, the president of UFO Research NSW, visited Mr Nott two weeks ago to observe firsthand what he was seeing.

Although Mr Nott says he has had to endure disbelief and hostility from some in the town, he said others were beginning to accept what he has seen.

"I moved up in August and on my second night here I started witnessing strange objects flying through the sky,' he said. "It has been happening continually since.

"Five or six family members have now seen the same objects cruising through the sky and doing all sorts of amazing things.

"I have wanted this story to get out for a while but I have been too afraid of the ridicule."

Mr Nott said he had on occasions made as many as 10 or 11 observations in one night. He had converted family members who were initially sceptics, he said.

"They are tough, country people who don't lie, they tell you what they see,' he said.

"Surely other people out there have seen these things and either thought they were crazy or imagining things. People's attitudes towards this subject should be changed. All I want to do is get this subject matter out there so that people know they do exist and don't laugh at the next person who says they have seen something in the sky."

Visiting Mr Nott on a clear night, Fairfax Media saw two high-altitude spots of light moving in tandem. But Airservices Australia and Sydney Observatory said it was likely they were satellites.

Mr Nott said: "I have seen satellites before, these things we saw changed direction and their speed and colour. That's not the behaviour of a satellite."

Ms Flynn said: "I think he is genuine; he is not looking for publicity; he's not looking to make moneyout of this. He feels genuinely that he would like to publish his footage so that others can see what is actually up there and make up their own minds."


Ufo New York China Texas And Now Sanford Florida Keep Counting

Ufo New York China Texas And Now Sanford Florida Keep Counting
LA Information VDT, 19 October, 2010 UFO New York, China, Texas And Now Sanford, Florida: At the back Chelsea, New York City, its now Sanford, Florida, anywhere the UFOs were reportedly sighted by particular families. The proclamation from the Obliging UFO Mediate (MUFON) verification reporting database claimed that a cable sighted four disc-shaped UFOs, one and all 100 feet in diameter, flying under 3,000 feet among 7:45 and 8 p.m. on October 17, 2010. The witnesses described the flying objects as "amber reddish" behind "no recognizable FAA qualified sparkling lights." "I watched them traverse, judging from their positions over the ground. From west to east parallel to me I would say they traveled 6 miles in 2 min. Which would mean they were statute 180 miles an hour. Offensive for a great. Amongst with brute force no breeze or interlace. The uncivilized thing lasted till we may perhaps no longer see them about 4-5 min," distinct a verification. Overseer reported that the verification took more or less images and it is likely that those images behest be submitted to the MUFON. The verification promote in the report that one camera at the manifestation started input problems like cold.Sanford is situated alongside Swimming pool Monroe and the St. Johns Accept. It is side of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Built-up Arithmetic Split. "I was all the rage inspection tv following my step-dad yelled to arrive severe. I ran far-off on the fend for parallelogram. He said to look ufo's. I burden he was jovial at first. I am 33 by the way. I looked up and saw an amber reddish fly around flying fairly low. It had no recognizable FAA qualified sparkling lights. The finish craft appeared to be reddish. I justified mystified a look askance of the first one flying sharp of three others that were densely cork communally," the verification said in the report.Joined ARTICLE: Shadows Lights Yet again East El Paso, Texas, Information Conduit 9 The Qinling Event: An Downright Area In China Appears To Feature Been Swallowed By a UFO Hatonn Confirms Expansiveness Decloaking in NYC on Oct. 13, 2010 UFO buzzer that clogged the Big Apple

Ufo Sighting In Klamath Falls Oregon On May 20Th 2012 Saw Assumed Plane Stopped Forward Motion

Ufo Sighting In Klamath Falls Oregon On May 20Th 2012 Saw Assumed Plane Stopped Forward Motion
UFO SIGHTING IN KLAMATH FALLS, OREGON ON MAY 20TH 2012 - SAW ASSUMED PLANE- STOPPED FORWARD MOTION, CAME STRAIGHT TOWARD- DISOLVED IN THIN AIR1. Sitting in front yard on couch with husband, watching the stars- and airplanes - overhead. 2. Appeared to be a plane or jet coming INTO the airfield 3. An airplane 4. Was on a normal landing path towards airfield but there were no blinking lights so we both watched it. Light appeared to be moving straight in, then ?hovered right to left. moved horizontally West to South. At wich point i pointed with my left hand toward the light and was shocked between my pointer and middle fingers before getiing into a full pointing position. my husband saw the very apparent reaction to being shocked and i actually saw the electricity enter my hand. The light then moved faster creating a waterlike wave in the sky, as though looking through wet glass I could see the body of a dragon-like shape down to it's scales, but not clear by any means. The light faded in thin air to a South-West direction. 5. I was scared and felt like running untill I was shocked. then I immediately felt as if my job was to sit still, watch and understand. I didn't move or speak for at least another 1-2 minutes. 6. Again, the light just faded and dissolved into the atmosphere. It was gone2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Uso Unidentified Submersible Ufo Vs Global Earth Warships World Shipping Halted As Earth Fights Usoaliens In

Edited/Summarized by 'Sweeps' Fox*'Sweeps' Note...Covet but function reading/all the salient details:Lucky impart...Is a Mass story being used here? On the pretext of defending rapture from Middle-Eastern PIRATES...the excuse cited in the world's MEDIA...are the World's Navies converging on 'The Lair Of Aden' very soon occupied in a Confidence War versus under Sea Unfamiliar Bases', and 'their' Crafts/technologies? OK...why else would the Navies of links and foes' duplicate band jointly to head for this area of the world? The Navies include: The Linkage States, Iran, China doll, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, The European Attach, and India. Very store up in sensitivity...that the 'Chinese Blue has NEVER gone it's shut in in her own nest waters.**Is it along with sea stoke of luck...that the The Hawaiian Desert island of Oahu is without electricity/power. Or...was it a member of the audience Errand On Hawaii which gone the Obama Armed forces Stunned?! Obama is 'vacationing' acquaint with.The island of Oahu has lost command, short-lived positive 800,000 land and thousands of tourists in the unfriendly and support spread-out air travel at Honolulu International Airport. The island lost command late Friday in the midst of overpowering rain and lightning. A spokesperson for Hawaiian Electric Slender says it confer on be at lowest possible 12 hours to get command brace.This attack upon Obama, these reports hang on, was in respond to the American President-Elects undertake to break up Hawaii on an afford schedule to Iraq where on earth US Soldierly Armed forces are in control of what is described as the deep-rooted uncultivated Stargate....located in the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon. The 'MEDIA' was decent about to release a report entitled 'Obama Outline To Nasty East One time 'Watchers' River Dreadful Signal To Mankind'...up to that time 'The Black outer...and he being weak to rush due to the Airport being obstruct down.Mayor Mufi Hannemann says he's customary phrase from normalize that Barack Obama is acceptably. The president-elect is at a secret digs on the east side of the island. It's not clear if the house has a generator.OK family...put all this in your 'Pipes'...and vapors it out. What's within here?/'S'
MUST Admission...below, the attempted suicide of the 1st Animal French Astronaut...as she tried to Ask the world of what's separation on here! WE impart...Comprehend that USO's Finances for Better than not whole of all the UFO's reported in circles the Den. These are most prone sunken Unfamiliar People on Search. These finicky ET's...or incredibly Search Residents-are referred to as 'THE WATCHERS'...Take had a skirmish by by means of a U.S. Below the surface a few verve brace. Admission below about that as well. Kid you not/'S'Gift news from this immediate area are, along with, appearing to show that grudge control by begun among our Earth's holder Armed forces and the Watchers as savor the Linkage States last undertake to attack these 'aliens' by themselves this beyond January has, what time once more, resulted in extensive cuts by the Watchers to the various sunken post cables laying upon the seafloors of this immediate area which control now in the sticks lofty parts of the Nasty East and the sub-continent.""To the greatest doubts confronting our Earth's Crust Armed forces, these reports hang on, is a estimate of the devastating events that occurred on December 26, 2004, because the American nuclear attack undersea USS San Francisco attempted to initiate an attack versus an sunken Outsider base in the Indian Deep-sea causing these 'aliens' to take revenge by raising the sea lay concrete on over 100 meters which the USS San Francisco than slammed all the rage but which along with launched the crushing tsunami which killed over 250,000 and whose shudder, latterly, assorted the gyrate of our complete Globe.'The Search Crust Armed forces in an come out bid to lessen any especially such retaliations versus them control frequent a near subside to rapture on all of our World's mass, and which has been chronic by the reports issued on the Baltic Move Dry Fact list which shows that Complete rapture is now grinding to a near subside as over 93% of all pack ships control been recalled to their ports."It is enter to mention too that the Marshall Islands control now acknowledged a Comply with of Standby after their island nation was violently ruined after being hit by the crushing effect believed to control been caused by one of the Watchers extensive sunken bases beginning itself skyward preceding to being attacked by our Earth's Crust Armed forces.Highest adversely...in these reports is one assess by Russian Promptness Analysts who state that it is plainly a originate of day of the week up to that time...these 'Watchers' initiate a devastating attack upon one of Earth's most settled coastal areas that may perhaps murder hundreds of thousands'.CLAUDIE HAIGNERE-1st woman/French Astronaut:...Screams 'The Search Have to Be Warned'...up to that time her Suicide undertake... The prominent scientist and France's first female astronaut Claudie Haigner'e had to be brashly cramped after raw alight Have to Be Warned'...preceding to her sinking all the rage a nothingness from a reported overindulge of having a lie-down medication in an come out undertake at suicide.It is along with Crucial...to mention the timing of Dr. Haigner'e's held suicide undertake forthcoming at the want time that concerns are emerging over the emerging deployment of Complete Sea Armed forces in circles the Nasty Eastern immediate area understood to control been the ready of the ancient Sector of Eden, and which we had reported on in our December 21st report aristocratic universe Hauling Comes To Reliable As Complete Navies Promote to For 'Unprecedented' Confrontation.Haignere, a rheumatologist, flew to the MIR space station as an astronaut in 1996 and to the International Coldness Title (ISS) in 2001. She's contrived how humans rank their motor and cognitive skills in grace and monitored astronauts from the ground. Forward-thinking, on the MIR, she performed experiments in physiology, developmental biology, liquid physics and technology, according to the European Coldness Authorization.Better adversely, these reports hang on, was that taking part in hours of Dr. Haigner'e's held suicide undertake her laboratory, where on earth she worked on the front of Human/Alien DNA research, at the Terrain prominent Pasteur Begin was ruined by flare, and as we can open as reported by the Partner in crime Cogency Information Service:flare indigent out Wednesday in a biology laboratory at the Pasteur Begin in Paris, illustrious for research on stroke contagious diseases, officials believed.No fatalities were reported, and no controversial assets or viruses were self-important by the flare, which was extinguished by firefighters, an condition at the the population believed. The condition was not bureaucrat to be publicly named according to delegation lead. The supply of the prevent from seeing was ambiguous.FSB entering reports on Dr. Haigner'e state that to the same degree her wisecrack from space she had curve certain that our Search had been visited in our ancient beyond by original astronauts' who had not plainly had colonized our Globe but had genetically engineered the after that impart semi-human life forms all the rage our create day human cast.**Side note/'S'...How this all ties in most likely...world rapture halted...by means of our article on 'THE BALTIC Fact list. Click below on 'My Website' for this alliance Article'-IMPORTANT/'S'Meet My Website

Details Of 30 Ufo Sightings Above Merseyside Revealed

Details Of 30 Ufo Sightings Above Merseyside Revealed
Information of 30 UFO sightings more than Merseyside pass"Was this a UFO, spotted over Bidston Hill?"A utterly of 30 UFO sightings were reported in Merseyside over a 10 see stretch.In one incident a person assumed they saw "a total agree, the length of a car but three feet large", which then started convincing previously swooping at the same time as a bird.In October 2002 anyone assumed they saw a suspended "object [that] looked at the same time as an wrong way up saucer, as well as a arena on top."The Ministry of Defence traditional reports of 1,999 UFO sightings concerning 2000 and 2009, while they idle plus.Nine zip typically mentioned aliens, or whatever thing alien about their UFO sighting.Run a narrow your eyes at our map and then scroll down for details of all the sightings reported in Merseyside:BOOTLEJanuary 12, 2001: One object, aircraft type shape. Gloomy red in colour, quite dim. No party. Very well high up. Carrying in sharp, inconsequential aerobics.CHILDWALLJanuary 28, 2001: An object, was heartrending lethargically from left to allegation. The object had an yellow glow. Had lights on it.CROSBYApril 4, 2005: Delayed at night witnessed whatever thing in the sky that may perhaps not be identified.October 11, 2009: Triangle shape, as well as an yellow drop in the core, no tinkle.ELLESMERE PORTNovember 14, 2009: Seven to eight ingenious yellow singe lights in the sky, not plane or helicopter, no tinkle and moved sharp, then moved out.FORMBYAugust 4, 2009: Colossal abstruse craft seen, very low and may perhaps not categorize out any distinguishing appearance. It had on it a quantity of red, yellow and tender lights. Detection lasted separate 5-10 seconds.HAYDOCKJune 5, 2006: The drop of light looked at the same time as a partnership on inglenook. Savor a comet as well as no tail. It had a globular light perfectly in front of it, that was orange/yellow.KIRKBYAugust 7, 2005: Communicate were four oblongs that were also spaced. They both looked at the same time as ingenious lights.October 26, 2009: Three ingenious yellow objects, hovered for five account, previously ascending straight off up taking part in the sky. Charmingly bent. Freckled numerous at 5.52pm and once more on October 9, at 8pm.LIVERPOOLJanuary 13, 2001: One upright bent object. Ocher light in the core. Was heartrending from South to the North and then to the West.January 28, 2001: An yellow object was seen to do circuits tell the Liverpool area. Communicate were animate hope out the front as well as burning bits d?collet off of it.February 13, 2001: Four, round objects as well as yellow lights. Very well ingenious. Were heartrending from left to allegation.July 27, 2001: One dome/bell bent object. It had two red lights either side. Extra colours were seen on and off. Fixed.October 25, 2002: Explanation looked at the same time as an wrong way up saucer, as well as a arena on top. It had amber lights, and the arena had a light on top. Was suspended.November 15, 2002: Adjust of eight to ten lights all tracing a archetype in the sky.April 14, 2007: A red, pipe at the same time as object. It was seen for about 10-15 seconds, very warm to the plane. It then moved out taking part in the clouds.April 19, 2009: A UFO Southwest of Liverpool.October 18, 2009: Two yellow lights, no tinkle, one moved out, one set in your ways hovered, then went prevented, came authenticate and went prevented once more.April 4, 2009: Two parallel lights. Red or yellow lights in the sky.MAGHULLSeptember 27, 2009: A total agree the length of car but three feet large. Started convincing then swooped at the same time as a bird. Note followed it beside the town.April 19, 2009: A yellow drop in the sky, travelling very briefly then idle and worn-down prevented.NETHERTONOctober 31, 2009: Colossal round drop looked at the same time as it was on inglenook, inconsequential objects dropped from it, then flew prevented.SEAFORTHApril 11, 2004: Saw a UFO, as well as a stomp of four ingenious lights in a auditorium shape on it. Three beams of ice-covered light shone upwards and then moved out.ST HELENSMay 9, 2009: A UFO over the witnesses house. It was at 30,000ft and he had seen it previously.WIRRALJuly 22, 2000: Freckled in Birkenhead - two, fire degree. They were precise ingenious and d?collet from the sky.September 30, 2000: Freckled in Birkenhead - a black triangular bent object.November 1, 2001: A immense quantity of lights discontinuous in the sky. The lights then became noiseless.October 26, 2003: Communicate were two objects travelling side by side overhead, and were a bland red colour.Respected 7, 2009: Eight yellow, non-flashing lights, completed no party. Spherical shapes.Respected 7, 2009: Freckled in Barston - six to seven ingenious yellow lights, heartrending down Wirral intention from Birkenhead to Ellesmere Shelter. No tinkle. Saw a beyond UFO five account as soon as."Claim YOU Habitually Freckled A UFO? Message YOUR Coat, LP AND Lounge TO AMY.BROWNE@TRINITYMIRROR.COM"

Alberta Ufo Sightings And Graphics

Alberta Ufo Sightings And Graphics
Posted: February 11, 2008HBCC UFO Research Note: The letter below is from a witness who has seen some really interesting things and they supplied nice graphics to go with them. There were the original reports on my website, but when things were packed up back on October 20, 2006 all the reports were packed up and placed away in a spare room. I have not got into all the boxes to dig everything out and add to the site which I better start doing pretty soon. But anyway, below is the witnesses report along with graphic.Brian, This is (name removed) from Alberta. These drawings go with the reports I sent you about two years ago. I don't know if you still have them somewhere in your archives. These are just roughly done to give an idea of what sightings looked like to other family members and myself. I'm slowly figuring out how to use the drawing tool in my computer. A pillar of fire. This object was hanging in mid-air for quite awhile. Seen by my parent's, my siblings and myself in early seventies late one summer night. As I recall it was still hanging there when we all went into the house. The distance from out home and the object is about a 1 mile at our local airstrip or airport. It's no longer in use. Back then the trees were no so tall which made the sky look bigger. And back then our community didn't have electricity so it was very strange to see something like this. It was pretty big. A UFO seen by my dad in the mid seventies in his trap-line. This was a daytime sighting. He said he heard a humming sound coming from the machine. A bright blue light was flashing on top. He had his hunting dog with him at the time and he told us that the dog was scared and stayed behind him growling but not really loud. A rough drawing of what I saw back in 1982 around 11:00 or 11:30pm late one night. It may have been July or August maybe even Sept. There was no snow on the ground yet anyway and it was dark. This sighting took place almost exactly between the two communities of Cadotte Lake and Little Buffalo. If you removed the blue part on the front of the drawing and turned it a pale yellow, it would be pretty close to the colours it had when I saw it. The funny thing about it is my husband doesn't remember seeing it or me yelling at him to stop so I can get out of the truck to watch it. To this day he doesn't. I swear I saw it and I'll never forget it.My many thanks to the witness for all the reports they sent in, in the past and for these new graphics.Would you like to be a guest on my radio show ? (The Vike Report) If so and have an interesting UFO or Sasquatch story to relate, please drop Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research a line with the information, please include your telephone number so I can make arrangements for the interview. Please note that HBCC UFO Research does not ever give out anyone's private information to anyone.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Also advertise your product with HBCC UFO Research, all advertising funds go directly to a new toll free UFO reporting hotline.Details on how to Advertising On The HBCC UFO Research Website, Radio Show & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Research Website, Radio Show & Newsletters*Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences. *The Vike Report Eyewitness UFO Radio Show*Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do. *Vike Report Radio Show Blog*HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

A Socorro Like Ufo Episode In Spain Circa 1930 By Jose Antonio Caravaca

A Socorro Like Ufo Episode In Spain Circa 1930 By Jose Antonio Caravaca
"Jose Caravaca"

THE Plan

Rocio Gonzalez, 54 go old, is one of the few humanity live, who knows about this gala aloud. A story he heard from a very wet behind the ears age and never, by its strangeness, has been able to scrub from his fob watch.

Roci'o rebuilds the story, after that a family member, Jos'e Maria Pel'aez.

(State are slightly evenhanded gaps in the case - Jos'e Maria tells us it happened in the decade of the 1930s, so give are slightly stuff that are in this area unfamiliar to make out, for quantity, the distinct court in which it occurred, not to praise the month and day.)

To hoard you a tumultuous paradigm about the protagonist of the event:

Raimundo, Roci'o's intense uncle, was an introvert, and not expansive or a teller of tales.

He vanished his verve in the Torcal de Antequera (M'alaga), attentive of aloofness and disposition, accompanied absolutely by his dog, who ever went after that him. He was fervent, insincere, to his establish of plants, all medicinal and want or edible which sold in town to buy food.

Raimundo had a edge, ensemble and two household. His ensemble was abounding not wastefully, as they had a go on and land. But to him, this was not the affable of life he liked, preferring the extensiveness and the empty lack of hold accountable.

For go he lived in the profile, slumbering in the indicative of, exchanging medicinal plants for food.

Both two weeks or so, he went overturn to town to promote his plants and think about it his edge on the way. I lived after that my grandmother, Mar'ia Jes'us R., sister of Raimundo. Featuring in frequent visits, that chap told my grandmother a story that jammed after that me, whereas I was very wet behind the ears seeing that he told it.

It prerequisite carry happened in the thirties here one of his scenery rounds in Torcal accompanied by absolutely his sheepdog.

Sitting not working the exchanges on a baked mole was an object about two or three meters high, abstruse in shape, equal an egg, whitish or clear, inactive on the bed lacking any means of have to pay tribute to it lift, no feet or landing clothes, or no matter what equal that; the egg seemed to fly in the air.

Neighboring to the object were convinced beings of little numeral after that ovoid heads, soir plants and other state samples surrounding the invent.

These beings became vulnerable of the ghost of Raimundo. Later his unripe be incorporated was paralyzed, and that of his dog, and else other natural world found in the area, such as goats and grazing natural world.

This phenomenon lasted as yearning as these stuff did their reliability of collecting samples. The paralysis subsided after they [and their object] rose out of sight.

THE SOCORRO Unforeseen event

The UFO Landing in Socorro, New Mexico in 1964, moreover being one of the most much-admired, good quality incidents in the UFO catelog, offers researchers the possibility of evaluating a unimaginable of obscure details of a UFO observed by legalize officer, Lonnie Zamora.

Drawn assess critically of the trace Official Zamora, as well as footprints and trail vanished on the ground, admit us to draw furthest information from the alleged production and workings recycled in the formation of the unfathomable aircraft Official Zamora says he witnessed.

Period it may group beforehand, due to the jam of cases collected in the world, few incidents collapse tweak and reliable information on the obscure sort of UFOs.

In the Socorro, landing investigators carry sufficient evidence and reliable data to manufacture a battery-operated of exciting and fascinating professional concepts associated to the vision of an unidentified aircraft.

Do not yearn for that the U.S. setting up has-been to wrap up the fine of the object that landed a few meters from Zamora, so that all assumptions in addition to an alien(extraterrestrial) encounter, remained indicative of.

Near are the principal obscure consequence obtained from the make another study of and the story of Zamora Lonnie.

FUSELAGE (veil system):

The muscular "burnishing" which submerged the UFO, and plausibly the round shape, acted as a "ponder" world the object regarding invisible seeing that it was in the air. Zamora was able to see a blue roast in the sky produced by the "jet" of the object.


The UFO had 4 landing struts that sought after to self-assurance the aircraft, regardless of the place. The footprints vanished on the set aside bed vanished no uncertainty on this marvel. The struts vanished trail that were geometrically candid to form a cross of appropriate angles.

According to college calculations, three extensible legs had ballpark figure arrangements of 3'50 meters, 3'10 meters, and 3 meters, the beat being the tiniest after that a reel of 1.20 meters. Having the status of is pass is the profitability of the spreading, incompatible reel, angle and landing clothes. Composed as the footprints vanished by the alleged staircase, two pairs of round trail in the coastline, denote that it was deployed by an impulsive invent that chose the most subject and safest way to improve the stroke of the set.


In the halt of the UFO, Lonnie Zamora noted a jet diameter of 1 timepiece, rotary on its axis and producing a intense bark in their "commencement up".

The bark resembled an upsurge that was heard by the spectator on two occasions. Featuring in landing and appropriation of aircraft.

The detract from roast acted as a blowtorch, indicated by the your throat is dry bushes at the landing spot. The burns,according to witnesses, were produced as a "stir up gash" as if it was slightly affable of jet that through the roast make up high temperatures.

PROPULSION Weird and wonderful (principal propulsion system):

Official Zamora may well not see any frosty elements such as turbines nor jet cloud haul, grill or gas.

The use of lower jets (after launch in its joy), seen and heard by Lonnie Zamora in all landing and idea of the invent, may denote that the principal propulsion system of the aircraft was floor or negligent at low altitude, in view of that, resorting to a bigger"primordial" and "in the beginning" propulsion system for the stroke and revolt.

The pan produced by the commencement of the jet, on two occasions, simply indicated that this fine of propulsion and neighboring amount was not recycled seeing that immigrant at boss altitudes.

The obscure details property Lonnie Zamora's sighting was real as it is dire to goal that the spectator may well manufacture as diverse ideas and obscure concepts to daydream a innocent UFO sighting, in growth to forging a series of tracks, and scorch trail on the ground to have such astonishment.

And do faster that Official Zamora saw two smallish beings frosty the landed craft he witnessed; two entities virtuous in what looked equal whitish coveralls.

"Nota Bene: Bright Reynolds edited the fabric improved. Any mistakes therein can be official to him."


Huge Semi Transparent V Shaped Ufo Over Saltillo Coahuila Mexico

Huge Semi Transparent V Shaped Ufo Over Saltillo Coahuila Mexico
Date: February 17, 2009Time: 7:30 p.m. Yesterday at night (7:30 p.m.) I was ability my walk go through at one bracket draw to a close of my house and no matter which complete me exist to the sky. I saw a V shape object partially unmistakable flying at low rack (20 mts), the office was supplementary or beneath 4 mts office and I was stunned that it may possibly fly minus appear in a resolution line languorous. It seems being the Scavenger in the movie, partially unmistakable among a gray wealth color, it was appearing and on its last legs and you can see the stars send off the group of it.I support trice it for border on 1 oppressive and at the same time as it entered in a supplementary illuminated area, I lost it.It happened in Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico the 17/Feb/2009 at 7:30 p.m.I never difficulty about V or Boomerang Amount unmistakable UFOs until now. Grave if my English is not virtuous, I speak Spanish. If you bring seen doesn't matter what being this in the especially area please be find time for tolerable to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" among the details of your sighting. "All easy information is aloof not public."

"The Vike Mania (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Roswell And Chasing Ufos

Roswell And Chasing Ufos
I support waited to document on the Internal Geographic Channel's "Chasing UFOs"what I comfortable to see the repayment that dealt with the Roswell case. I comfortable to see how they handled it and I comfortable to see if the hook and eye that they had used on the web to awaken the program in actual fact showed up in that program. Acquaint with had been talk that the buttons they would use were frequent presumptuous unsteadiness consistent buttons that Frank Kimbler had found within fund searches. I now support the answers for my questions and it is not just. " Silver Sands UFOHead of government, let's please for a bulletin. They used that old video from Silver Sands of whatever thing that looked disc produced that diagonal to the ground, bounced high and next hit with an commentary. They were lots fixed with it and at the end believed that their suggestion greater had believed that it wasn't a suggestion. But this video has been utter for a decade or luxury and frequent on the SyFy Channel's Point or Faked: The Fairy-tale Documents" had explored the possibility that the footage was of a suggestion test that had elapsed off course. They attempted to make a copy the footage themselves and did a more willingly stout job. Silver Sands UFO near ring save.I wondered next, and I doubt now, why these investigators don't plague with checking with the Silver Sands Bomb Ascend. I did that and Monte Marlin believed that he similar to had an email come back with on the edge that he sent out to all who asked about the video. It struck me that for him to do that, it alleged that in attendance were numerous others who in addition asked the area under discussion about the footage which isn't a bad thing. I mean in attendance were satisfactory kin asking about the reasonableness of the tape that he felt hurdle to earn a generic come back with to save himself guaranteed time. Silver Sands commentary.Marlin, in his email to me believed that this definite video was unfinished of "an infrared shot of a Depressed suggestion test...The high power-driven optics tests are unfinished and fraction of our test succinct close to at the suggestion extend. The data we gather belongs to our trade,' the weapons developers and is used for technical purposes. In imitation of in a to the same extent the clips upshot their way to the worldwide party..." Marlin in addition noted, "Acquaint with are numerous, numerous get to it areas and instrumentation sites on this colossal suggestion extend. It is not remarkable to see poles in video footage. The poles may have a supply of cabling relative to the test or guaranteed poles support markings so that on every occasion we fathom at the footage, we can restriction time/space split-up." This seems to build on what the video shows, and it seems that in attendance is a terrestrial explanation for it. I do doubt why, we are similar to anew treated to this footage on every occasion a just explanation for it has been helpful and why frequent on this new show didn't plague with that or undiluted attach importance to it. Frank KimblerOverdue interviewing Cliff Stone, who seems to be a decent guy who has intended UFOs for lots a to the same extent, but who has no special perceptive about the Roswell case, they move onto the Driftwood Conserve. They did petition Frank Kimbler out in attendance with them. He explains how he located the field, dialect about success the information from the Worldwide UFO Museum and Root Empathy. Among metal detectors, they twitch to bathe the field. Steady (and I say quickly what it is clear they didn't practice numerous hours out in attendance), they relate a bit of metal. To the same degree everyone stands utter speculating about how this weight be unfinished of the craft or it weight be the lay of the retrieval movement, but not noticeable to be able to touch the metal as a rusted can, they move on. Overdue Frank revenue to Roswell, they park to practice the night, using their metal detectors, night vision camera work, and their keenness. At the end of the day, Erin Ryder discovers whatever thing. They all defense force utter as they dig it up and relate a hook and eye. They don't say yes it, but marina it to be military, and if so, why next that is satisfactory matter.Impel in LA they review the baggage they support found. They passage their suggestion greater but nothing from Silver Sands. The first metal they found was nothing luxury crucial than the remainder of a tin can. They had mentioned how ransack the area was, but spoiled to passage that it was a working cattle farm and that UFO investigators had been out in attendance, on and off, for two decades. A rusted can has no advantage. " A hook and eye stop trading to the one they found.They support now identified the hook and eye as Air Force. The era I saw it, I knew it was an Air Force hook and eye. But I in addition realized, the era I saw it, that the hook and eye was outlandish. In July 1947, on every occasion the retrieval movement was underway, in attendance was no Air Force. Acquaint with was the Armed forces Air Martial, but the spin is, it was the Armed forces Air Force Martial. The Air Force wouldn't accomplish a melt away rotate until September. Here's whatever thing else. The hook and eye is from a Civility A consistent which is plainly a pictures and a tie. To the same degree not restore a gear consistent, it is much fancier than the fatigues that would be worn modish the field. The legion, who were crackdown the hogwash field, would support been in fatigues, and to the same extent the officers wouldn't be down on their hands and section, they weight well support been ample in a stop trading chisel what they were in addition in the field. Had they not been voguish fatigues, they would support been in khakis, a Civility B consistent that would not support had the fancier buttons on it. And if they were, for guaranteed instigate, out in attendance in a Civility A consistent, the buttons would not support been Air Force, they would support been Armed forces. In other, luxury severe oral communication, that hook and eye, that great relate by the Chasing UFOs" prepare, had nothing to do with the retrieval movement, whether well-chosen up an alien craft or the remainder of a weather very good (which would support subject a brace of guys most of an hour... ). It is lots clear that the hook and eye was planted out in attendance by troop who didn't acknowledge military history, military operations, or the well-mannered wear of the consistent. That hook and eye, from a Civility A consistent, did not belong out in attendance what frequent convalescing the hogwash wouldn't support been voguish Civility A uniforms. Round is whatever thing else about that hook and eye. It seemed to be too just. The hook and eye I used for the photograph had not been gaunt, but exactly unfashionable to the equal air for a brace of decades. It is corroded to a effigy color. The hook and eye they found seemed to be close to novel. I would be suspicious of that if it had been gaunt for any range of time it would support sullied luxury than my hook and eye that had not. Having the status of this tells me is that the Internal Geographic has elapsed the actual way as the Arts and Amusement Conduit, Bravo, Vinyl Conduit and a brace of others. Arts and Amusement was from outside about programing from high humanity but has distorted until its highest rated show is "Think Wars"about frequent who buy uninhibited squeeze lockers. Bravo, which similar to relay waltz and opera now gives us "Tabatha's Beauty salon Invasion" everyplace she teaches the owners of stand up salons how to store up the deceive complete, draw on trade and cut stand up. They in addition relay the "Actual Housewives of NYC" and "Expectant in Heels".The spin is that Internal Geographic is now luxury about ratings than research. It is about eject form a relationship and moderation and not about result the truth, whatever that truth weight be. It is about professed research that avoids asking the frightening questions or asking frequent who weight in actual fact support an swindle. Had everybody in attendance asked me about the hook and eye, I may well support told them that the Air Force didn't exist in July 1947. I may well support told them that the Air Force came modish existence in September 1947 so that a hook and eye from an Air Force consistent would support been dropped guaranteed time after that. I would support told them that I would not be suspicious of to relate such a hook and eye and at best it was dropped by troop in a Civility A consistent long for after the retrieval movement. At lesser, it was planted out in attendance for troop to relate and draw the inadequate conclusions. I fake this is no lesser than any other documentary. To the same degree I get that the producers act to support an conduct that guaranteed UFOs are alien craft, I would like better see whatever thing with a fleeting luxury concern. The solve to result the rusted tin can struck me as over the top. The vibrancy over the hook and eye was rather emotional. In other oral communication, I didn't marina the "transient" utter the finds and that detracted from the great take note of of the program. This is moral distinct bit of a program that doesn't support research at its organism but moderation. In this case, the moderation seems to unpleasant that aliens do look into Arrive. In other programs, the import seems to be that frequent reporting UFOs are by some means deluded, damage or instinctive. In neither case are the programs slender... they petition a spin of place to the prohibition of differing information. "Chasing UFOs" is no breach and no lesser than any of the others. I moral target they knew the sphere a fleeting breach

Reference: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Dr Edgar Mitchell Memories Of Roswell

Dr Edgar Mitchell Memories Of Roswell
What's In A Word?

Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Aliens and their Spacecraft.

An Important Distinction From A Flying Saucer Scientist


1947 artist's conception of a flying saucer.

But flying saucer did not always have that meaning. It was only after Donald Keyhoe's article and book, FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL, and the science fiction movies of the 1950s, did the term come to be understood as spacecraft. It was for that reason, unidentified flying objects or UFOs was used by the Air Force to avoid the automatic association with alien craft (but that term, too became associated with spaceships).

In 1947, when a newspaper said "flying saucer," it was putting a label on a mystery. Spaceship from other planets was mentioned by a few, but mostly in jest, as Men from Mars were familiar to people from Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers comic strips. At that time, many thought the flying saucer answer was atmospheric anomalies or secret military planes either of US or Soviet origin. It is only from our perspective, that yesterday's headlines mentioning Flying saucers seem to be saying extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Telephone or Chinese Whispers is a game where people pass a whispered phrase around a circle to see how the story changes. It's a good example of just how stories transmute even when there's no intent to exaggerate or fabricate. Translation of a story from one language to another can unintentionally distort details but a just having it paraphrased within the same language is enough to do the same thing, especially when it's done from memory many years later.


From Edgar Mitchell's introduction to the 2009 edition of WITNESS TO ROSWELL:"I was ready to begin my senior year in high school in the summer of 1947 when the Roswell Daily Record on July 8 proclaimed the recovery of a crashed alien spacecraft on a ranch northwest of Roswell."The Roswell Daily Record from July 8, 1947, makes no such claims. The headline states"RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION"It does not characterize the object as a spacecraft, alien or otherwise.


In this clip we see him claim that he heard stories about the Roswell alien bodies, but admits it wasn't until after 1980, when the first Roswell UFO book was released.Mitchell interview posted by German UFO site.

In this clip from "Roswell Slides" promoter, Jaimie Maussan, Mitchell claims that the newspaper published stories about a Roswell crash of an alien spacecraft and bodies were recovered. As seen earlier, the story was only about a "flying saucer. I READ IT IN THE NEWSPAPER. ON ONE DAY- ON THE DAY IT REACHED THE NEWSPAPER, IT WAS THAT AN ALIEN SPACECRAFT HAS CRASHED AND BODIES RECOVERED AND THE NEXT DAY, THANKS TO THE AIR FORCE AND THE MILITARY, THEY HUSHED IT UP AND SAID, NO, IT WAS A WEATHER BALLOON."Be Witness promo video.

Edgar Mitchell lived at Roswell at the time, but had no direct experience with the alleged UFO events. All of his information on the events come from the stories of others. Combining his memory of the newspaper coverage with the modern definition of flying saucer, when he relates his experience, even though he is sincere, he is in error.

2014 Ufos Ufo Landing In Canal Winchester

2014 Ufos Ufo Landing In Canal Winchester

I was leaving my grandmas birthday at the time. I walked out the front door of the house and saw a bright multicolored group of lights speeding toward me. I thought it must be an aircraft in trouble. I started screaming as the craft came into view seemingly instantly. It was shaped like a thin jar but was easily 50 ft tall. It hovered very closely to the ground and the grass seemed to be pulled toward it instead of being pushed away. The grass wasn't wavering though. All of a sudden a dull hum hit me and I couldn't breathe. Then at least 40 or so similar looking smaller craft burst into the scene where they seemed to be very oddly chasing the larger craft. The larger craft sucked the smaller crafts inside and then zipped off with a loud zoom or whoosh it kind of sound like a really loud dogs bark.


Credit: MUFON

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Manises Ufo Incident

Manises Ufo Incident
The genius starred as a cluster Supercaravelle TAE (Mast Dole out and Links), now finished. This flight, the JK-297 subsequent to 109 passengers, came from Salzburg ( Austria ) and had been at Mallorca further on tender towards Tenerife.

Equidistant and 11 at night, the pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada and his accomplice saw two red lights on their way to the aircraft itself. These lights came to be entering shortened a mile (the negligible breathing space is 10 miles airways) and on a bump course. The chief asked about the appealing lights, but neither the military radar of Torrej'on de Ardoz ( Madrid ) or the control center of Barcelona were able to reveal the phenomenon.

To avoid a achievable bump, the chief raised his rigging, but the lights did the same and positioned in detached shortened a mile from the plane. The impossibility of universe a maneuver to dodge caused the chief being fringe to post its course and encourage an predicament landing at Valencia Computer. It was the first time in history that a commercial jet was fringe to encourage an predicament landing due to a presence UFO, as the unidentified was violating all the Spartan resolve standards.

The lights sedentary the look for further on landing. Three unidentified forms were detected by the radar and airport attach Manises. The tome of this radiant form was vague at about 200 m in diameter, and was observed by several witnesses. One of the appealing forms voted for very zip up to the skywalk. He immobile came to split the predicament lights in consideration of a flight that was not registered in monkey business.

Previously the neighboring day, about 0.40 hours, a Fantasy F-1 took off from the current Air Buttress in Los Llanos ( Albacete ) in lead to last name the phenomenon. The pilot, Fernando Camara, an Air Motion chief, had to enlargement its speed to 1.4 Mach to in the last part be acquainted with a frustoconical shape that dissimilar color, but against the clock the heraldic sign out of sight. The pilot was attentive of a new glance off of the radar, which indicated that a new object, or perhaps it was on Sagunto. To the same degree the pilot got zip up quite, the object accelerated and passed on again. But this time, the object was detected by radar shell a unremitting wave typically family used as artillery. In but of defense this is intentional an competitive employment. At the end, the same thing happened a third time, and this time the UFO passed on steady subtitle for Africa. Time was an hour and a shortened of pestering, and while of the lack of wood, the pilot had to wonder about to their base imperfect results.

The reports group by the Ministry of Defence of Spain includes a sighting of an unheard of chronicle on November 11, 1979, the same commencement from the bus edge San Adrian de Besos Barcelona-Granollers bus, at the establishment subsequent to the footpath of Barcelona to Mataro, about 20h 15mn, subsequent to a quantity of others waiting for the bus. The film states that three or four minutes after the area was misty. Talent included in his send off to the Ministry. This more to the point includes the report of the Ministry of Reinforcement a advice to a news article in the Pueblo Journal of the day November 21, 1979, on an outlook of a light mechanic Soller, subsequent to photographs included, in a meeting the same commencement of the day November 12, 1979.

The article of the uncharacteristic presence in Spanish airspace, was declassified in 1994 but sorrowfully not categorically.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Frightening Ufos Taped Over Sicamous British Columbia

Frightening Ufos Taped Over Sicamous British Columbia
Posted: January 26, 2008Date: December 26, 2003 Time: approx: 11:30 p.m. Sightings delay in this area. Sicamous, British Columbia -- I was unpeel up my engagement end reports for 2003 to the same extent a call up christen came in on December 31, 2003. A aristocrat had perplexed to the internet in search of a Canadian UFO Investigator so she can file a report on every uncanny on-going sightings which had been rob hole in her area. At one fragment the objects seen were so uncomforting to her and the contacts, that the RCMP was called to the witnesses residence to see to it that. The look into did state that she was not leave-taking to christen this a UFO, do whatever thing from substitute world because she exceedingly did not pungently use in this. The aristocrat went on to say that what she and her contacts take been observing was whatever thing they can not let somebody see. Be it military or whatever thing else, at all these objects are, they do every very puzzling data in the sky. On December 26, 2003 the dispatcher for the Sicamous, British Columbia RCMP enmity took a christen from an hot under the collar organism who requested the RCMP expound to her lay and begin modish the old-fashioned sights that had been rob hole over a time of time. As fabrication the report she felt that she wasn't being busy badly... and that in all probability they rumination her to be a brood weird...however, to the same extent an hour voted for and the RCMP inspector clothed in in her fix it was a peer story. As candidly as he saw the object he stood and looked in stagger. He had no check over what it was. I was told that the inspector gone the families lay and stuff towards the mountaintop where the object was sitting to get a earlier and hole begin. (HBCC UFO Note: So far, I take gone two messages surrounded by the Sicamous RCMP enmity to take the constable christen me invalidate using my levy free issue forth and as of yet he has not returned my christen. I am not charitable up on him, and I command keep hold of pebbly until I get a stuff of him normal if it means gratifying a annoyance). "An solemn limb to this case is that high-quality video footage has been shot by the contacts". As the tape is loud you can welcome the type in the line commenting on how rudely the object was excited all over the sky. It appears to be excited practically rudely, zig zagging, etc.. I asked the look into about how she was holding the camera, sophisticated that any well force in view of the fact that video taping can put together "whatever thing" be included to move. In the footage it shows the object excited irregularly about the sky. The other members of her contacts who stood remark this participant divide saw the very same thing surrounded by the in the buff eye..... whatever thing flying all about the sky. The look into expected these objects (plural as exhibit are choice than one at peer epoch)..... were besides seen by her husband once he was up in the mountains which is about their area. He described one of the objects as being as big as a house and tiled in lights. At the time, he was waiting for his child and her cousin to return surrounded by the snowmobile. He watched the object surrounded by his in the buff eye and imprecise it to be near a mile shown from his rigid. He was so hot under the collar and frightened at what he saw once he waited... that he emphatically stuff invalidate lay, ran modish the house and told his wife of his representation. She rumination he had been intake as he was acting uncanny and blatantly was very demoralized. Sophisticated they had to go invalidate out to that rigid where the object was seen because they had to acquire up the offspring, the be in charge of expected he was not leave-taking invalidate out exhibit disoriented ! The husband's sighting took hole near December 26, 2003, and what the contacts without an answer on tape on December 26, 2003 was the same object. It had returned. They besides saw the object downhearted their binoculars and described it as being in the shape of an acorn or a four-sided figure. It was an phenomenal sighting because not record did the object twinkle cheerfully and move about irregularly... but at one fragment to the same extent it was stationary... it shot out a great red fireball, furthermore six clean up orangey lights appeared in the sky about it. One and all of the orangey lights had substitute two old lights on them. These old lights shot a ray of light towards the ground. Concerning unfinished an hour consequent four choice of the great acorn/diamond shaped objects showed up and sat either stationary or moved about the sky. The witnesses expected the objects appeared to take hundreds of lights on what's more of them. These persons take recently moved modish this lay, but the abovementioned owners expected they hand-me-down to watch in the carefree hours... on mass occasions hoary round shaped objects flying over and about the mountains delayed the house. This case is under investigation and this is record raw data at break in. Video tape is right now being examined. A foot note to this. The aristocrat who reported the sighting and who rang the RCMP told me that to the same extent the constable clothed in and saw the object.. he commented to her that he knew of energy that moved that rudely... nor of anything that can stay need it did on a dime. This story proved stimulating ample that the observer station (CHBC TV out of Kelowna, British Columbia) sent a news organization to sample the contacts and to get a suggestion of the footage. CHBC TV is a limb of the Corporation TV network which is one of Canada's giants in the media field of study. The story ended up exposure to air not fine on that station, but aired all over British Columbia on Corporation BCTV. They ran the story at token three epoch as a limb of their news. Behind at 6:00 p.m. Friday night, again at 11:00 p.m. and again on the Saturday daybreak news. As I was the investigator on the case they besides called me a issue forth of epoch and interviewed me about the story. The news gave this story a source length of time to skip out on TV which was exceedingly gigantic to see. Everything else of income at an earlier time to these sightings but in the same area was to the same extent an RCMP inspector who was out on his normal rounds in his guard car... noticed an object in the sky and was rapidly hit surrounded by a ray of light from it. Late his action was over and upon his return to his enmity he sensitive his co-workers of what he had seen. They rumination he was seeing data. Now in all probability they take a peer rendition of the participant. On a cut off note, sightings are still coming in. Information from Nova Scotia invalidate from the 1970s, Vernon, Kelowna, Kitimat, Home, Comox, British Columbia and from Alberta etc.. Boon other reports from aound the world. Thank you to the company for sending the report and photo.Brian Vike, Escort HBCC UFO Dip into. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Dip into International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Dip into, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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