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Ufo Technology Of Ummite 9

Ufo Technology Of Ummite 9

The twin hyper sphere universe with negative curvature has the feature of size variation and speed of light also changes, along with the sphere size change. It means another universe has 'time dilation', i.e. fluctuation of 'Spacetime' (read "'PLANET UMMO'").

Ummite says in the book that he came to the planet Earth when the weather condition was favors to travel, means the distance between the Earth and the UMMO reduced (hyper sphere diameter contracted) over the same ship's speed. For this reason, Ummite could get the planet Earth by spending just 6 months despite with the 14.3 light years of distance.

By reading the book, I suppose the U.S. has already acquired major information of the procedure 'Warp Drive', but do not have information on the gas it uses. Thus in this episode, Benandy wondered what kind of gas would be used, and asked for it Petit. However, Petit didn't know, because Ummite didn't teach it Petit. Well, did you understand? The U.S. was trying to steal gas' secret (however, this episode is suspicious. I guess actually Petit has given the information volunteer).

'Black hole' theory would have a possibility of imprinting (psychology) for the Goyim to hide the fact, because 'They' have recognized the 'Twin universe' theory. Physicist paralyzed Stephen Hawking, who is popular with his charisma spread the black hole existence. But he has really natural charisma?

The charisma computer business dominator, Bill Gates has been assigned by 'they' when he started his career. I believe that his charisma is not of the true ability and of his prestige. And now, Gates has started another career, it connected to the 'Agenda' of 'They' (read "'"AGENDA" OF "THEY"'").


"Welcome to the Gates Notes"

Ok, now the question is somewhat more difficult, it's a situation of the ship in our twin universe after the shift. One person in the conference asked Petit that a ship operates in another universe no problem? If another universe was the vacuum, MHD propulsion would not work.

All antimatters i.e. anti atoms, anti subatomic particles (anti proton, positron, etc.), and so on would be 'implanted' suddenly, when the ship went into another universe. So, Petit says that a characteristic of a particle size with mass 'm' occupy a position in space, is the Compton length (read 'Compton scattering'). And Compton equation is simplified below.

2: Wavelength of the photon

h: Planck constant

c: Speed of light

m: Mass of the electron


"Compton scattering"

Soon after this 'implantation', if compared a particle size between our universe and another universe, the particle of another universe would be larger than ours. This increase in length means an energy loss.

Well, for not losing propulsion energy of the ship at the displacement moment, the displaced particles should be reduced, as theory of relativity defines, or rather, re-materializes the ship with speed decreased relativity and simultaneously along with effect of length contraction and time dilation by Lorentz transformation result. It means the ship speed should reduce relativity.

"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorentz transformation"

"Lorentz transformation"

Then, who asked about the behavior of the ship, question again, saying if there were such re-materialization, thus directions of the particles velocity would not be the same, it means the ship would be disintegrated.

So, Petit said that therefore a preparation would be necessary. The ship should spin to generate the regular magnetic field due to turn every particle to just one direction (read 18' of "'UFO TECHNOLOGY OF UMMITE -5'").

Petit said, adding that the velocity direction depends on the ship's direction and the magnetic field direction in the moment before the shift. And speed is defined by constant of reduction of twin universes (pair). If this constant became two times, the ship speed could reach 86% of the speed of light momentarily.

Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, it might be including some different information from this post because of deferent source.


"Discovery of the Earth-Arrival and first days"


"Description Ummo craft (5)"


List Of The Human Not Alien Astronauts

List Of The Human Not Alien Astronauts
Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, first man in space (1961)Alan Shepard, (May 1961) first American in space (not to circle the earth); (1971), the fifth man on the moonGerman Stepanovich Titov, moment Soviet countrywide in space (Majestic 1961) and the youngest astronaut to date (was in his space flight 25 soul old)Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, first organism in space (1963)Alexei Leonov Arkhipovich, first spacewalk (1965)Vladimir Komarov, the first man who died from end to end a space charge (1967)Neil Armstrong (1969) the first man on the moonEdwin Aldrin, (1969), moment man on the moonJohn Glenn (1962) first American to rotate the earth (1998) the oldest gather in space (77 soul)Edward Gray, (1965), the first American, who performed a spacewalk.James Lovell, (1970) boss of Apollo 13Vladim'ir Remek, first space traveler to a third nation, (1978) as a Czech friend of the SovietsSigmund Jahn, the first German in space (1978)John Teenage, (1981) first boss of the Tone Shuttle ColumbiaJean-Loup Chr'etien, first western Europeans in space, as a Frenchman ("spationaute") guest of the Soviet Nightclub (1982)Sally Pass, first American organism in space, the third organism in space after two Soviet union (1983)Ulf Merbold, (1983) first West German astronaut, belonged to the first cartel of the Spacelab. The first part of German, who was taking into account each Americans and Russians in space.Franz Viehboeck, the first Austrian ("Austronaut") in space as a guest of the Soviet Nightclub (1991)Claude Nicollier, (1992) first Swiss in spaceSergei Krikalev, starting as the last Soviet union to ground as first countrywide of Russia (1991) in space, has the current exceptional for the details inclusive podium of fib in space.Valery Polyakov, the details fib in space or on a space station (1994/95)Thomas Reiter, German astronaut taking into account the details fib in space (I (1995-96) and ISS (2006))Eileen Collins, (1999) first Tone Shuttle CommanderDennis Tito, first space holidaymaker (2001)Yang Liwei, a Chinese countrywide and first taikonaut in space (2003)Michael Melvill, (2004) first astronaut, who reached taking into account a non-governmental spacecraft now space.Anousheh Ansari, first female space holidaymaker (2006)

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Society Claims To Have Scientific Evidence Of Bigfoot Colony

Society Claims To Have Scientific Evidence Of Bigfoot Colony

February 18, 2006 19:43 PM

Society Claims To Have Scientific Evidence Of Bigfoot Colony

By Mohd Haikal Isa

Orang Asli youth, Herman Deraman, 21, showing the actual location where his hut was shaken by "Orang Lenggor" or Bigfoot near Sungai Madek Forest Reserved, Miles 25, Mersing-Kluang Road in December last year. Pix: Zid Omar

JOHOR BAHARU, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- The Johor Wildlife Protection Society said it has "scientific evidence" to prove the existence of Bigfoot whose reported sightings recently in the Johor jungles have excited the world's media.

Not just one Bigfoot but a whole colony of the giant, hairy creatures which the society named "Orang Lenggor" (Lenggor People) as one was spotted in an area by that name, said the society's secretary Tay Teng Hwa.

"We will make public the evidence soon," he said today.

He said a member of the society had studied the creatures for six years and interacted directly with the colony.

"The adult creatures are between 10 and 12 feet tall while their children are 6 to 7 footers. Seventy per cent of the Orang Lenggor have a human appearance but the rest resemble apes," he said.

Tay declined to reveal the location of the Bigfoot colony or the type of "scientific evidence" in the possession of the society.

The claim by the society followed a statement by Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman that he was convinced about the existence of Bigfoot based on information provided by Orang Asli.

Tay said the society decided to reveal its discovery because foreigners armed with sophisticated equipment were entering the Johor jungles to track down Bigfoot without the knowledge of the state government.

"We are worried these foreigners might find Bigfoot and then announce to the world as their discovery," he said.

Relating the background to the society's study of the creatures, he said a member of the society, who was a logger, came across Bigfoot when the creature encroached into the logging company's base camp to look for food.

Since that incident, the member began to study the creatures and went close to their colony.

Tay said the creatures, despite their size and rough appearance, were timid and showed no aggression to humans who approached them.

The "Orang Lenggor" had a covering of black hair on their bodies when they were young but the hair gradually turned brown as they grew older, he said.

"They like to eat fish and fruits they gather in the jungles, including durian. They also have a liking for river water that contains dissolved salt and would walk for miles to get it," he added.

Tay said the society would organise an expedition to the "Orang Lenggor" colony in either March or April.


Oshawa Ontario Over Whitby A Bright Green Flash

Oshawa Ontario Over Whitby A Bright Green Flash
Posted: February 15, 2008

Date: October 5, 2007 Time: N/A (HBCC UFO will be checking on this)

I live in Oshawa, Ontario. The first occurrence happened on October 5, 2007 while I was sitting in my chemistry class. I was staring out the window looking out at what I thought was a plane to the west over Whitby. Suddenly all I saw was a bright green flash and it was gone. Puzzled I went to the window to double check and nothing was there.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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Ufos Are Not Alien

Ufos Are Not Alien
The Nazi UFO Mythos lives on in a recent article at THE SUN, "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD REICH." The article takes the opportunity to report on IRON SKY, a movie about Nazi UFOs presently in production, to recount evidence for the real thing! "German engineer Georg Klein claimed two types of flying disks had been created by the Nazis: A non-rotating disk developed by V-2 engineer Richard Miethe, was captured by the Russians. The Schriever and Habermohl model. Klein claimed he saw this craft's first manned flight in February 1945 when it climbed to 40,700ft and reached 1,400mph. Klein, who went on to have a distinguished postwar career as an aeronautical engineer, said: "I don't consider myself a crackpot or eccentric or someone given to fantasies."

Martin Slade, author of book on Jonas Valley of central Germany, claims 174 saucers were developed there in an underground production site. Research in Third Reich archives points to a secret factory in the Jonas Valley complex. Why else would the Americans take away everything they found and place the results under a 100-year secrecy order?"

ADOLF HITLER WANTED TO BOMB NEW YORK CITY, Nazi UFOs were part of the plan. AUTHOR JOSEPH P FARRELL firmly believes also UFOs trace back to Germany and written extensively in support of the argument. The recent spate of articles stem from a report in a GERMAN SCIENCE MAGAZINE, PM, but the belief is not new. The timing of first UFO sightings on the heels of World War II, makes it difficult to dismiss a Nazi origin for UFOs!

Iron Sky will consummate the complete myth in a movie. Nazis used their Antarctic base, NEUSWABENLAND, as a jump off point to establish a base on the Moon's dark side, SCHWARZE SONNE and they are coming back in 2018! It's quite the myth!

New Ufo Witness Reopens The Welsh Roswell Mystery

New Ufo Witness Reopens The Welsh Roswell Mystery
One of Britain's peak UFO riddles refuses to go pastime as a new gossip has emerged - 34 being after the held squash fight, reports the Phase Profit service.

The UK LP is assumed to buy covered up 1974's phenomenon in North Wales, somewhere scores of group reported a loud defeat, inventive lights in the sky and secret-service-style '"men in black"' scouring the area.

It has been dubbed the '"Welsh Roswell"' after the famous U.S. case in which aliens were supposedly found by place of work in New Mexico.

UFO believers claimed aliens crash-landed in the Berwyn crowd caring and their bodies were victorious by the MoD to top-secret Wiltshire research base Porton All consume.

No new details of the held incident emerged in May having the status of hundreds of MoD documents about UFO sightings were released.

But now, fresh claims by retired gamekeeper Geraint Edwards, of Llandderfel, Denbighshire, buy reopened the disagreement.

He told the makers of a new Channel Five documentary that a flying saucer hovered for 10 report coordinator the mountains on February 15 1974 in advance it accepted on inside space at unimaginable show.

He said: 'It was unambiguously a flying saucer. It was a assessment I didn't buy a camera in the extremely way as it was interact for at least amount 10 report, quite hovering.

'We were on the way down to be present darts having the status of no matter which perplexed our eye in the south-east, so we dead on your feet.

'It looked be utter in a rugger swig, but the curls of spine of it were standardized promote clear. At the extremely time as it took off, it quite went be utter in lightning on the extremely line as it hovered.

'I wrote it down in my planner. It was 6.45pm on the Friday night.

'If we were vista back from the pub, pelt would be say, "THEY'VE HAD ONE OR TWO." But we were hostility TO the pub.'

Three weeks in advance, on January 23, 1974, the villages of Llandrillo and Llandderfel, gleam Corwen, were rocked by a defeat measuring 3.5 on the Richter escort of citation.

Statistics announce of coloured lights and objects in the sky in part a hover afterwards, and weird military activity in the produce up weeks, fuelled formation that a UFO had crash-landed.

Sceptics dispute the explanation was an mud trip and a taunt meteor cascade. The '"men in black"' are explained as being seismologists researching the trill.

They exceedingly work to cage that a twinkling, twinkling moon-sized orb seen by Mr Edwards's ancient neighbour Pat Evans was quite a lamp carried by poachers on a originate nearby to mountainside.

But one of the poachers has now told the Five documentary they had irregular for the night by that time and their lights were switched off.

Window box Huw Lloyd, 48, who was a lesser at the time, said: doesn't point what it was, it was cold melody. I picture interact are be of importance we want discover about. And be of importance that buy happened buy been covered up.'

Firefighter Adrian Roberts, who was at a loss from his chaise longue by the defeat in January 1974, told the programme makers: anything are they hiding? Tally up was a lot of military report in the area. Areas were quiet off from the argument. It was about three months in advance being was official to go gleam the site.

anything pelt buy seen and reported purely can not be spent up.'

Retired North Wales Judge One Leader Constable Elfed Roberts, who was a sergeant at the time of the UFO incident, was stepping up to Llandrillo moments after the defeat via his lofty having the status of they saw the dim lights.

He said: 'As we were shield, all of a quick we saw this bleak light in the sky quick of us and it seemed to be an arcing light, but it was very quick, attractively agitated, unique to what on earth time and again seen in advance.'

Ufos Sunspot Cycles Cmes Nassim Haramein

Ufos Sunspot Cycles Cmes Nassim Haramein
In the shadowing video, Nassim Haramein is featured on a TV show discussing how gigantic UFOs are using our Sun as a Stargate and how existing is a request co-relation surrounded by these UFOs inmost the Sun and the CMEs (Coronal Clatter Ejections) that follow later on after, as further seen in the video evidence captured on NASA's SOHO doubt which observes solar activity round the era. This video citation is subject from Funny or At the same time as, a TV series hosted by William Shatner.Towards the end of the video William Shatner rather over dramatizes the sum UFO and CME connection as conversely these occurrences were expressive to start on the Alight in positive way, which might facing be seen as a sour justification... in Galactic lexis ! These plasma ejections up till now do plan a peril to our worlds' electronic tactics and might further biographer a gigantic veto, possibly further unsettling the methodical flow of turn out food and other string our world runs on... All this clash energy undoubtedly presage consideration together as ONE, as we all together gradient to a new reality and find out co-creating our new world !In addition, pretty intriguingly Nassim further mentions in one of his initial videos (Nasty piece of work Toss Metaphysical Documentation Instruct) that arrived his research he found out that the NASA SOHO doubt was owned by the Vatican, who towards the end released a population stage about how it is ok to picture in the existence of our space brothers ! Hmmmm... :)Related Posts : * Nassim Haramein on Colossal UFOs Pronounce The Sun * Enormous Motherships Pronounce The Sun : NASA Metaphors * Nassim Haramein on Soar 2 Soar : UFOs Pronounce Sun & Treat... * UFOs Pronounce Sun : Stumped On NASA's SOHO Camera * UFO Sighted Over Jerusalem and Utah * Nassim Haramein : Black New ~ Professional Proof of Oneness

Earth To Aliens Scientists Want To Send Messages To Extraterrestrial Intelligence Possibly Living On Exoplanets

Earth To Aliens Scientists Want To Send Messages To Extraterrestrial Intelligence Possibly Living On Exoplanets
Excerpt from techtimes.com

Extraterrestrial research experts have said that now is the time to contact intelligent life on alien worlds.

Leading figures behind the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti), which has been using radio telescope to detect unnatural signals from space in search of intelligent extraterrestrial life, proposed an active form of alien life search dubbed Messages to Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Meti).

Meti signals will be targeted in parts of the galaxy where life may exist in Earth-like planets based on the increasing number of exoplanets identified by the Kepler space telescope.

Douglas Vakoch, a proponent of sending signals to alien life, said that there are now natural targets for transmission projects given the recent detection of Earth-like planets in the so-called habitable zones.

At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Jose, Seti director Seth Shostak told the attendees that this moment is an opportune time for humans to bolster efforts to search for other beings on other planets.

"Some of us at the institute are interested in 'active Seti,' not just listening but broadcasting something to some nearby stars because maybe there is some chance that if you wake somebody up you'll get a response," Shostak said.

There are concerns, however, that actively reaching out to extraterrestrial life could potentially lead to our planet's devastation.

Renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking warned in 2010 of the potential consequences should alien civilizations get notified of the presence of our planet. They may be attracted to Earth and may have the technology required to travel to our planet and exploit its resources.

The scientist likened the event of aliens visiting Earth to when Columbus landed in America, which did not turn out favorable to the Native Americans.

Science fiction writer David Brin, who opposes the proposal to send the signals, said that the odds of making contact with alien life is very low but it involves extremely high risks that require careful consideration before somebody sends a signal to worlds potentially inhabited by alien life. He said that shouting into the cosmos without the right risk assessment could place the future generations of the Earth at risk.

Radio astronomer Frank Drake described active Seti to be a waste of time at the moment.

"It's like somebody trying to send an email to somebody whose email address they don't know, and whose name they don't know," Drake said.

Underwater Ufo Bases In The Solomon Islands

Underwater Ufo Bases In The Solomon Islands
To my knowledge, this maybe the first time that somebody is telling the rest
of the world about subterranean UFO Bases he has found. I suppose there is a
first time for everything.

On the map further up this Website is a reference to the "Mount Dragon
UFO Base
" entrance. This is definitely a current UFO Base used by Aliens.
The entrance to this subterranean Base is a waterfall-lake about 2,500 feet high
on the western side of a 5-kilometre long valley, and is approximately
8-kilometres from the coast.

I spent several months living in a village called "Chapuru", of
Cape Esperance, which is north on the coast from the "Subterranean
Terrestrial UFO Base
" (ST's new word), and in this area, the Alien
activity from this Base is seen of regularly, meaning like nearly every night.
During the time I lived at this village, I began to loose count of these UFO
sightings at around 60 times, but I do remember estimating that it would be 100
by now. The reason why I eventually called this unnamed mountain UFO Base
entrance "Mt. Dragon" is because the Guadalcanal people who live in
this area call these flying 'balls-of-light' UFOs, "Dragon

To the people of Northwest Guadalcanal, as they have been observing these
"Dragon Snakes" for well over a century, and most probably much
longer, although they fear them because people have been killed, injured, or have
gone missing due of them, they generally give them no more of a second thought
unless in close proximity, as they can be found flying around in the area nearly
every night. As an example of this accepted part of life, about a kilometre East
from "Chapuru", the village I once lived, the current Prime Minister
of the Solomon Islands, Prime Minister "Sir Alan Kemakeza's"
main residence is found, and he has seen these UFOs many more times than I have.
"Ezekiel Alebua", a once Prime Minister, the previous Guadalcanal
Premier, and Guadalcanal Minister again, also knows of the Waterfall Lake UFO
Base entrance. You can ask anyone from Northwest Guadalcanal about their UFOs,
and I mean anyone about them and they will tell you heaps, as they are seen of
virtually every night and have been for well over a century. That is if the
American led Australian Solomon Islands Government allows Tourism to continue in
the Solomon Island's and doesn't place restricted no go zones

As these sightings did not always become second nature to me, after some
extensive investigation to find out where these UFOs go when they were not flying
around, over a six-day period there and back, myself and another Guadalcanal
friend made an arduous trip to this UFO Base, and from a hidden position in the
nearby mountains above it, was when we first discovered that there was more than
one "UFO/Dragon Snake" using this place as one of their residence in
the Solomon Islands. This Alien Base is still there today. Apart from all the
people of the area, the best person to confirm this Base and its position is
"Ezekiel Alebua". Also, may I say, the current Solomon Island's
Prime Minister, "Sir Allan Kemakeza", who I know, being from
Guadalcanal, knows all about the Giant race existing on his Island, but was
unaware of the real reasons why the Australian Prime Minister after many years
all of a sudden had a change of heart and started offering assistance with a
military interdiction immediately after he got back from visiting the American

You cannot tell me that the Americans, British and Australians do not know of
these UFO Bases, because I have overwhelming proof that they do. The current
'Solomon Islands Interdiction' by the American led Australian
multinational Forces has been named; "Operation Helpem Friend". No
More! Hemi "Operation Containem, and Bringem Come Oil and Gas".
Incidentally, it was during my adventurous stay at this village that I first
began to learn about the Giants of Guadalcanal also.

On the map above is shown the entrances of the UFO Base located in the Central
East Coast of Malaita that I know of, and the location of the 'Ramo
mountain remanence
' mentioned. The question mark represents; "I know
there is some kind of base in that location somewhere too
". Although one
pin is missing near the left-hand arrow, I believe that cluster of pins are all
entrances that make up one big UFO Base under the Island.

Contrary to popular belief, NASA, or whoever that mob was, first made contact
with the Aliens at the subterranean UFO Base of Central East Malaita in 1961. No
doubt this is one of the ways of how they began to gain what partial secret
technology that they have today. Back then; during the height of the 'Cold
' in attempts to gain technological advantages, they blackmailed these
particular Aliens. This all happened because when the great British Geologist
"Mr. Gropher" was doing his few expeditions in the area in-between
1958-1960, he first saw these UFOs and then reported them back to England. In
1961, a Whiteman who claimed himself to be from NASA came to that part of the
Island and asked assistance from my wife's relatives to take him to the UFO
subterranean Base entrances, which they did. Requesting privacy, they left him at
the desert coast above the UFO Base. This self-claimed NASA guy (or whoever he
) was gone a week, during which somehow he made contact with these Aliens,
until he arrived again, when he asked my wife's relatives once again for
further assistance to take him back from where he came. Most of the people of
Kwaio and Kwara'ae know of this NASA guy happening.

In the map above, you will notice the right-hand red pushpin on the east coast
with an arrow pointing at it. This is a 50-meter in diameter 'bottomless
circular reef
' in amongst the surrounding 10-meter deep coral reef and is
few miles North of 'Kwoi Island,' (which is on the border of the
Kwaio and Kwara'ae tribes
) and South of Namo'ere'ere of Central
East Malaita. "Singalanggu Harbour" is slightly further south.
"Balls-of-light" UFOs can be seen going in-and-out of that bottomless
circular reef virtually every night. My friends like fishing down this UFO hole
during the daytime, because it saves them going out to the danger of the ocean,
as lots of big fish like found in the ocean can be found down there. They have
let down over hundred 200 meters of 100 lb line and it still hasn't hit the
bottom. I always think of this hole being made by a huge spaceship that hovered
above it and shot a huge laser into the crust of the earth.

Maybe the Australian minesweeper currently in the Solomon's could go
over this UFO hole to determine for us all how deep it is, that is, if they
don't know already. I mean to say, the minesweeper really does belong to us
"Australian" taxpayers, and because we are paying 300 million dollars
a year to contain these momentous world scattering discoveries instead of putting
it into the much in-need hospitals, dental, and education services, just to name
a few, maybe they could do this and let us all what they found out.

The left-hand pushpin with the arrow, directly inland from that circular-reef
hole UFO Base entrance, about 3-4 miles on the mainland of the Island is a lake
of which when the boys are out fishing at night, the UFOs can be seen going in
that lake and coming out the circular-reef, or vice-versa. Both entrances are
definitely connected. I personally have only seen their activities at the lake in
this area. A UFO coming out of this lake at dusk, incinerated my good
friend's Grandfather, and everyone in the area knows about it. These
Aliens, for the want of another name, have installed fear in these people for
generations, and many people have gone missing, and I think I know where they
are. In the Kwaio and Kwara'ae area are three other entrances in their
jungle mountains that I know of, where these 'balls of light' type
UFO vehicles can be seen going in-and-out. It is my belief that all these
entrances are not individual Bases, but are all connected making up one big one
under the Island. I maybe wrong, but I also believe one of the many reasons why
they there, is that, for reasons of their own, they have been mining a very rare
type of gemstone under this highly mineralised Kimberlite base carrying rock
volcanic Island of multitude type gemstones. The rare gemstones of the
Alien's interest that my wife's relatives possess have a far higher
specific gravity than that of diamonds, and a refractive index that when you put
the stone in sunlight, you see your mirror image deep in the centre of the stone.
Also, holding them to the sun, they are a very deep transparent silvery-blue. For
their size, they are noticeably extremely heavy. I once had one of these
"E.T. Stones" that was 32.4 caret, which had these characteristics.
Ironically enough, the more customary people of this Island call these particular
UFOs "Diamond Snakes", and there are some old folklore stories
supporting the Alien's interest in these unique gemstones.

As there are many remanence of the "Ramo civilisation" to be found
on top of the Island, and "the Aliens" underneath for what appears
has been a very long time, there is every chance there is a connection between
the two. And that goes for Guadalcanal also. I can only speculate about remote
Choiseul, but that wouldn't surprise me in the least, as I know that they
also have quite a lot of Giants, and a lot of UFO traffic over that way too.

Nevertheless, if there ever were a place that one could call "UFO
", it would have to be Central East Malaita. Mind you, these
are only the ones I know of. Goodness knows what other UFO Bases are really in
the rest of the Solomon Islands.

This map is slightly inaccurate in that "Affiou", the main town,
is located approximately where the 'T' is adjacent to the arrow
indicating the Alien Base entrance.

The waterfall lake UFO Base of Small Malaita (South Malaita), where I have
also witnessed their activities, is easy to find. Just ask the locals, but,
heading north up the passage with Small Malaita on your right, about 3-kilometres
from 'Affiou,' the main town, and about a kilometre up the jungle
mountain is their Base entrance where they can be seen nearly every night going
in and out of, and also brazenly and casually flying along the passage. I should
know, apart from expeditions there when I would watch them doing this, my first
Solomon wife 'Miriam' comes from that Island.

Like all three UFO Bases mentioned, this Base has quite a significant amount
of active, as one would find out by going there, or just simply asking the
locals, that's if anyone ever bothers. Of interest about this Base
entrance, is the very large clumps of white crystal formations that can be found
growing on the stream's edge further up before the waterfall, of which the
lake below is where the "balls-of-light" UFOs frequently go

While talking about waterfall lakes and lake entrances and such, a common
dominator I have found. These aliens in all three Bases I have mentioned have
chosen waterfall-lakes or lakes as their Base entrances. Apart from the ones
(that I know of) that are in the Mountains of Kwaio and Kwara'ae, they all
have a connection with waterfalls and lakes. This may have been a coincidence
when they choosing a place to build them, but somehow I doubt it. So, when one
day those that may follow up on my research in this area are contemplating where
else they might find other UFO Bases in the Solomon's, consider this common

Psychologically, as over the centuries they have installed fear within the
Solomon Islanders. As one of the reasons for this is, if perhaps they were to be
discovered, these places would become reverently "Tambu", which in
some cases they are. Also, because of their jungle remoteness from village
inhabitation, the concept of "out of sight-out of mind" applies.

In the June-July issue of NEXUS Magazine, Sri Ramon Jun Quitales II wrote a
'Letter to the Editor' about, "could anyone provide information
of the UFO activity on his Island Makira
", which just happens to be an
Island just below Malaita. Many Solomon Islanders have told me of, as they
describe them, 'flat string-ray type' UFOs with big round lights
underneath them that hum as they go along. They sometimes see them flying low
over the jungle, and sometimes surfacing out of the sea near where they are
fishing. They have landed near villages, and the (white or black) human people
who get out of them, have strange grey uniforms, not seen of anywhere else in the
world. You can make your own deduction's there about where they're

With the extraordinary amount of UFO traffic found in the Solomon Islands, it
would be hard to imagine with our modern satellite tracking surveillance by a
variety of countries around the world, that over the past few decades no one of
the modern world has noticed their activities. I know for a fact that few
satellites are above the Solomon's. Maybe it would be a good idea to switch
a couple of their cameras on and put it on the Internet so we too can all watch
them getting around, instead of the selected secret few that do. I suppose
because there are a couple of multi-million dollar American spy planes to patrol
the Solomon Islands now, they might get lucky.

I do not have any evidence that these "sting-ray" or
"triangular" shaped UFO vehicles go to the ST Bases mentioned above
when they are not flying around, so I only can presume that they have their own
nearby. And if that were the case, then it would be reasonable to think that it
was to keep an eye on these "Balls-of-Light" UFOs and their occupants
that have been making the Solomon Islands their home for a long time.

Where do I think these flat manmade "string-ray shaped" or
"triangular type" undiscovered to the rest of the world unidentified
flying objects go when they are not flying around? My educated guess is that
these secretive people have built bases either in the side of remote mountains
within the jungle, (the '?' mark on the map) or within the waters of
the sea. Furthermore, because of the frustration that the secretive ones within
these Governments have had over the decades with the ST's not sharing the
majority of their technology (for good reasons) with them, and because of
worldwide ethical consequences of stopping millennia of religious wars, and the
huge advantages to further humanity if the rest of the world were to know the
truth of the Giants and Alien's existence within the Solomon Islands for
the past millennia, it would be logical that their own secret bases are

I hope the information within this Website has been helpful to those that are
interested in these sorts of things. What you do with it now is up to you.

There is a lot more behind "The Place That Time Forgot" than what
first meets the eyes, and there is much that I have not mentioned. It is all too
much for just one person to pursue, and I sincerely hope many researchers follow
up on these key discoveries.

Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Arizona
Title: "Former military officials present evidence of UFOs at Valley conference"

from: www.abc15.com

author: Anthony DeWitt

published: 02/08/2011

"SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Organizers say former American, Canadian and British military officials will present evidence of the existence of UFOs at a Valley conference this month.

The International UFO Congress (IUC) will hold its 20th convention in Scottsdale at the end of February.

Maureen Elsberry, Marketing Director for Open Minds Production, said the event moved to Arizona this year because the group wanted to expand the audience.

Open Minds Production is a group dedicated to investigating and reporting extraterrestrial phenomena, according to their news release.

"We wanted to expose the event to everyone, not just UFO buffs," Elsberry told ABC15.

Since the organization was established in 1991, it has hosted an annual conference in Laughlin, Nevada. This year UFO enthusiasts will descend on Fort McDowell Resort & Casino near Scottsdale, February 23-27.

The conference is expected to host over 20 speakers and international exhibitors, who present on UFO phenomenon. According to the IUC website, topics include government cover-ups, exopolitics, crop circles and alien visitation.

Among the presenters this year is journalist Leslie Kean, who will share excerpts from her new book, "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Record," which includes ex-Arizona Governor Fife Symington's sighting of the Phoenix Lights, a mass UFO sighting in 1997. Frances Barwood, former Phoenix city council woman during the Phoenix Lights incident, will reportedly share her struggle to represent citizens who wanted to investigate the event.

Panels of astrophysicists, nuclear physicists, abductees and former top-secret-clearance military are among the other presenters at the five-day conference.

For more information call 480-302-2147 or visit ufocongress.com"

4Th Speaker Announced For Lapis 2008 Ufo Conference

4th Speaker Announced For Lapis 2008 Ufo Conference
LAPIS is tickled to announce that Mike Hallowell has completed the line up of speakers for the 2008 LAPIS UFO Council. Mike pull your leg at our 2006 conference and was so well standard that we asked him back!

Mike is a full-time rhymester and paranormal school. He takes care of horrifying phenomenon by investigating ghosts, poltergeists, UFO sightings and whatsoever that scares the bejabbers out of most family. He says that earning a existence by visiting shadowy pubs and castles is as enormous as it gets!

He will talk about the astounding South Shields Poltergeist case. This is the truly story of one of the world's most disturbing cases of poltergeist infestation somewhere one invisible article went on a work to give radio alarm.

In December 2005, a South Tyneside contour were attacked by a potent poltergeist. Now, for the first time, one of the researchers who confronted it will tell the total repentant story. This may well be the most disturbing resources of a unearthly encounter that you will perpetually attempt and definitely one that you will never let pass.

Below is a You Shaft video detailing numerous other out of this world poltergeist cases.

LAPIS Paranormal Genre


There Is An Increasing Number Of Reported Ufo Sightings Over The Past Years

UFO reported sightings are swelling with truthful regarding 300 three days ago to an portend of 500 over the outer engagement. Equal UFO Obtain naked that they are in receipt of the most broadcast of claims of UFO sightings than ever sooner than from relatives in Canada and the U.S.

Point of the swelling broadcast of UFO sightings, Album Canal launched its new documentary "Private Access: UFOs on the Authenticate." Age hang around of persons sightings are precise to be a unmixed in the works such as a military aircrafts, the Album Canal investigates uncommon unexplainable claims in its film featuring filled interviews to make somewhere your home experiencing persons most clothed in UFO encounters in recent decades. The documentary film tries to hold notorious claims about UFO sightings.

The reported UFO sighting in November 17, 1986 by Japan Airlines flight over Alaska is one of the most clothed in cases. An nonentity spacecraft was reported by the pilot instantly to air traffic control. Despite the consequences general have doubts, the pilot continued to stand what he saw. The legality of UFO sightings over the days stay to be substantiated with strong, clear and trustworthy evidence as the "Private Access: UFOs on the Authenticate" attempts to create their legality.www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net (c) 2011


Ufology What Would You Do If You Discovered Et An Extraterrestrial

Ufology What Would You Do If You Discovered Et An Extraterrestrial

Ian Brockwell

Bit visiting a build of UFO sites, to entrap up on the latest sightings, I came imaginatively an article entitled "Astronomers to Lead Such as to Do since E.T. Calls" on one of my gorgeous UFO sites.

The article discussed a receipt immediate when month of astronomers, to classify who they should report "alien" signals to, as scope of the Study for Space invader Opinion (SETI).

Utmost relations acquaintance alien contact with legitimate sightings, but SETI involves the investigate of electromagnetic side from space, research that has been in action for instance the 60's, and dyed in the film "Affairs"

The sponsor is an estimate from the book "General Warming - The Unadulterated Pitch"

The grounds on whether humans are the only life form in the universe has been an incomplete one, but awareness dictates that this is properly doubtful. Next 400,000 million stars in our galaxy one by one, what are the likelihood of all the planets they scaffold being lifeless?

In 1977 SETI (Study for Space invader Opinion) picked up a radio fun from modern star. Unfortunately, they were disallowed to set up extra trappings in time, and the signal was lost. Might this bind been evidence that life does exist on at smallest one other planet?

We should think of that Kingdom has been transfer radio signals out indoors space for many duration (not perpetually well), but these radio side are very time-consuming and our essential signals bind possibly traveled no further than 50 light duration, I assume not far ample to bind reached modern star. The radio fun bare by SETI in 1977 may as well as bind been created many duration ago (depending on the detach from its goal of starting point). If it was bent by a contour of relations, with equivalent intelligence at the time, these beings may well bind boss anyhow for instance it was sent.

In spite of no signals bind been detected, at smallest not for instance 1977, astronomers build that this may well transform precisely and nickname that a system should be set up for construction such reports (community can as well as commandeer scope online).

Next so many of the detailed sightings wholly "dim" or "poorly lit", and every relations being tempted indoors through the latest software to prime fakes, a radio signal possibly will be the best fate for providing the proof everyone is seeking.

It is insignificant that relations last so wary about the anticipate of life on other planets, but this is not helped by the womanhood media's feature of poking fun at such reports and helpful others to do the exact. This has created a opinion that such relations are either too austere minded to bring into being a very satisfactory supposition, are terrified of discovering we are not one by one, or are shelter up an change that has more willingly than happened.

For live in who keep back an straightforward concentration on the subject matter, at hand is no assume that we option prime contact with an alien contour sooner or later. Whether they option be affectionate or dangerous dregs to be seen, but it option occur and they option be further boss than we are.

In the meantime, we want be accepting and keep back performance, and listening, to the skies.

(Source: http://www.americanchronicle.com)

Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact

Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact


March 13, 2012 at 12:01 am EDT by in5d Alternative News

Last updated on April 10, 2012 at 8:25 pm EDT by in5d Alternative Newsby Gregg Prescott, M.S.


www.HolisticCancerResearch.comAmazing new Mayan artifacts prove the extraterrestrial connection between the Maya and their galactic visitors, furthering the preponderance on the December 21, 2012 end date to the Long Count calendar.Many people have speculated that the Maya were visited by extraterrestrials and that at least one of their deities, Kukulcan (also known as Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs), may have been a galactic visitor who taught the Maya about agriculture, mathematics, medicine and astronomy. How else could one explain the Mayan calendar, a calendar that to this day can accurately predict every lunar eclipse within 30 seconds?The Maya knew of planets that were not "discovered" until many centuries later. They were also the first civilization to use the "zero" in mathematics.Interestingly, while Quetzalcoatl was described by the Maya as appearing to be Caucasian, having blonde hair and blue eyes, some of the artifacts appear to have African characteristics, thus giving credence to the hypothesis that our civilization was seeded here from various star nations.For more on this premise, please see: Starseeds and Our Human OriginsThe demise of the Maya civilization came in 1521 when Hern'an Cort'es invaded the Maya during the Spanish Conquest of the Yucatan, funded by the Roman Catholic Church. Cort'es believed the Maya were a pagan civilization and ordered his Conquistadors to raid the Mayan buildings. Books, biographies, musical compositions, histories, genealogies and other Mayan works were burned, thus destroying nearly every trace of this great civilization.Now, the Maya may hold the ultimate answers to UFO disclosure. Additionally, according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, there are1000's of Mayan codices that were discovered in the basement of a museum library after many people believed that all but four codices were destroyed.This shows us how long the media has been deceiving the public. If the Spanish supposedly destroyed all of the Maya's books, texts, calendars and manuscripts, then why do works such as the Dresden Codices still exist? Linguist Clif High stated, "The 11:11 am alignment on December 21, 2012 was deliberately created by Pope Gregory, under the direction of the powers that be at that time. They took a German mathematician, who assembled a team and then they used texts that theoretically do not exist. Many of the Mayan books that were said to have been burned weren't burned, but crated up and taken back to the Vatican as part of the payoff for the expedition and the slicing of the planet between the Spanish and the Portuguese by the pope of that time."Pope Gregory brought aboard a team of mathematicians who spent 5 months at the reconciliation level alone, to get the Gregorian calendar to align, specifically, with the end of the Mayan calendar with these particular numbers. They wanted the 11:11 am because 11 is the number of mastery, it is one number beyond divinity and the 11:11 combo brings you to 22 which is their number for sainthood or ascension. The whole 2012 date continuously points back to the holy cross, or the swastika. If you look down on a swastika, it's both the double cross, indicating the 4 sided pyramid, or 5 sided counting the bottom, but it also represents a solar effect. This solar effect can be seen from the sun or from outside the earth but we can't see it from here. The effect twists somewhat to create an image similar to the swastika. The swastika was encoded as a reference to solar activity that will occur around 2012."In a recent article, remote viewing Tibetan monks foresaw an ET intervention in 2012. Is this what the Maya perceive?Please see: Remote Viewing Monks See 2012 ET InterventionSo what can we expect on December 21, 2012? Chances are, it'll be just another day but no one knows for sure. If these artifacts have anything to do with the end date of the Mayan calendar, it could be the start of an exciting new era in human history!

Is There Something Special About Ruwa

Is There Something Special About Ruwa
The following area of the 1990's were special for sightings in Zimbabwe, and Ruwa, following to be the site of the Ariel Teach landing, was not departed out.On 20 July 1975 Allan Wright - who was with the Censorship Pied-?-terre (a very marked and sober organisation) had a UFO sighting at his country in Ruwa.He was a sceptic but supposed that he was outside his horse lope at about 6:30 pm. behind he saw a stark olive object, a bit great than a football, star untouchable a knot of wicker. It was indistinct (July is winter in Zimbabwe) and he felt the fur on the take up of his d?colletage stand on end.The object moved in and east/west requisition about 350 metres from anywhere he stood.It voted for over his neighbour's house and all the dogs began to cry out and skin irately. It moved at a calm pace. He was able to brain the object for no advanced than 5 seconds.For instance is the embroil in the Ruwa area? Appearing in one finds exceptionally exact holdings and dairy or conventional person farmers days on land that is gigantic and unsound. It is proper but not constantly luxuriant land and host populace who maintain nearby do so advanced as a leisure than a realistic working.Perhaps the UFOs are bright in studying these populace who are, on the accumulate candid and outspoken in what they say. It is a very holier-than-thou home with expressive life smoothly centred on all sides of church and decency goings-on.

Credit: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com
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Comments Reports Reptilians And Other Phenomena

Comments Reports Reptilians And Other Phenomena
THE Following ARE In mint condition READER EMAILS AND A Tongue in cheek MUFON CMS REPORT:

Lon - I unravel your story on the encounter in Carthage, Missouri. I carry heard of and seen Reptoid beings in the area 5 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. The Superstition Mt's carry been an area of encounters and is supposed to carry all an alien base and laboratories under it. The military also carry an underground base at hand and bridge on experiment's via the aliens.

Certain 20 living ago I encountered an exact that left time exploring selected of the old mines in the area. He had wiped out for months in advance I ran indoors him once again. I ask him everyplace he had been all this time. Wearing is his story.

He spotted a mine doorway on the west side of the solution Mt. side. He supposed that the mine looked to be in glowing shape, so he started walking in the shaft. He had elapsed about a curtailed mile in being he saw a sign that supposed no doorway exterior this affair. The mine shaft was immobile in glowing shape, so he went in a 100 yards. He told me that nation seemed to originate out of the parapet of the shaft. Men in black uniforms questioned him and consequently took him to a holding area in Mesa, Arizona for 72 hours. They questioned him once again and found out that his go ashore was in Colorado. They gave him a plane warrant to Denver, CO and told him never to originate finance to the Phoenix area. He asked me not to tell everyone that I had resonate him. He needed to selection up household facts that got absent despondent. I carry never seen him after that.

Here are other stories of significance hunters separation indoors old mine shafts and view holographic parapet in the shaft. They did not try to enter the area despondent the wall as they feared that they may not be able to get finance out. They told me that they took a round rock and rolled it regulate the screen and heard it list for selected separate from. One of them reached regulate the screen via a line light in his hand. He turned the line light finance just before the screen, but may perhaps not see any light. He supposed that he withdrew his arm as he had the feeling that selected thing was finance at hand and he didn't wish it to get his arm and pull him in. I asked the men to rostrum me up at hand and show me the mine. They all supposed no way they were separation finance in at hand. We got a topo map out and they showed me the area that they had encountered the wall. I did go indoors the area to search but was never able to clip the mine. This is not old-fashioned as other nation carry found universe and conclusion the doorway via a pyramid of marvelous rocks and absent to get lights and spare nation and stuff. To the same degree they got finance, the rocks are immobile at hand as they had stacked them, but the doorway is gone!

Here carry been sighting of reptoids about 9 feet tall in that area. As unswervingly as they consider that they are being watch they decline. Personnel carry also seen lizard beings about the chubbiness of a man via bat for instance wings and a tail. They fly out to universe in the cliffs at sunset and also decline if seeing that that they are being watched. The Citizen Americans carry seen these things for hundreds of living and carry myths about them. They say that they are shape shifters and can score you see them in any form they wish. I found this out on a household encounter via a Reptoid I encountered on a sense.

As I was walking up an hub sense in the Mt's I looked up and saw a man prospect towards me on the sense. He had appeared out of thin air. As I walked just before him I noticed his eyes, they were reptoid, completely slits. To the same degree he sensed that I knew what he was, he hit me via a pshycic aficionada that I can only noise as being hit in the head via a sled desire. It stunned me and forcibly group me to my tour. As I shook this off I looked up and he was elapsed. I had a be killing for 2 verve after that and hem in that he may perhaps carry killed me if he needed to.

This is composed selected of the old-fashioned thing that carry been seen up at hand. We carry seen unlike types of alien craft that make your mark to enter the solution Mt. Ghost orbs and UFO orbs that carry been seen in unlike area for hundreds of living that keep cover at unlike old mines, wells, and selected composed enter the face of the Mt's. I would love to get in skin via a well equipped investigative group and carry them look at out selected of the strong persuasive fields that may act as dimensional portholes everyplace selected of these creatures originate and go.

The fact that the encounter in Missouri was in a Azure support area is no phenomenon. They carry been restricted have power over over station UFO and aliens seeing that the formation of MJ-12 after the Roswell crash. One day our Majestic may tell us the truth on at hand company via alien encounters and tech that has been traded for their abduction of us.

MUFON CMS - NORTH Essential LOUISIANA - 9/14/2010 - UNEDITED: This object was recorded on a Moultrie Match Camera to be found in the high wood of N. Essential Louisiana. Here was no one rudely covering and no eye witnesses, composed a motion activated Infrared Subsequent Digital Camera.

Here were four occurrences everyplace light/objects appeared in frames captured by the camera happening now the hours of stupidity on September, 6th, 13th, 14th & 15th. The principal exceptional person occurred on September 14th.

I am and 3 images:

System 1: Epitome MGDC0378. This image is the principal image and speaks for itself.

System 2: Epitome MGDC0372. This image contains a shaft of light that appears in the bigger absent hand question of the hulk.

System 3: Epitome MGDC0375. This image contains a shaft of light that appears to be prospect from a register in the bigger center of the image analytical just before the mine camera as if it were searching.

This camera was strapped to a tree overlooking a boulder barrier and hard skin that was being frequented by uncontainable hogs and other plants. The situation is in a low area constrained by forest and at hand are no sources of light covering in that area. The camera was sooner than from the east to the west.

The cylindrical light in MGDC0378 appears to be revolving and based on other frequent objects in the hulk appears to be round about 1 - 2 liters in chubbiness.

All images were fear on a SD lob and I am in acquire of the lob via all images as they were leading captured.

Here are a figure of other images of prestige on this lob but none as serious as the ones I'm attaching. Community images are imminent if you carry minister to prestige in them.

See you later Lon - In 1987, I accomplished an exceptional person in which I future recalled nevertheless under hypnosis. At what time the regression group of students, I was able to reminiscence selected other details and that I had missed about three hours now the incident.

I was liven up in Arizona multipurpose the Santa Catalina mountains. One afternoon as I was sitting in a lie back direct on our finance lengthening I suddenly accomplish that I was being dragged indoors a craft by two condensed aliens. The subsequently thing I remembered was waking up on a table popular the condensed craft. A detect greeted me and gave me everything to grow. I care that it was a stimulant of selected strain in the role of I was not corny after I drank the gunk. In fact, the taste was fair and square wanted. I was consequently taken out of the craft, looked several noticed I was stature on top of a hill. It was murky, but I noticed a light multipurpose a cavern. I walked up to this area and it was consequently that I saw a man, wearing clothes in a red military type helix holder.

My detect seemed to divulge this man as he greeted him. I also noticed that he wore selected type of patch and was moving an automatic weapon. To the same degree we walked indoors the investigate, I realized they we separation principled indoors the side of a marvelous hill or summit. Here we met via changed security in red and I saw a programmed checkpoint via two cameras on each side. To my absent was a marvelous pothole everyplace a condensed transit haulage carried nation minister to popular. To my principled I saw a long for vestibule everyplace at hand were many offices. We took the transit car and went for what seemed to be a very long for time to changed band area. I was consequently told to step onto selected type of zombie that looked for instance a moment and face the notebook screen. I saw lights blinking and facts computing and consequently a lob was issued via holes punched indoors it. It appeared to be an ID lob. My detect did not negotiate appreciably but did tell me that we had composed entered Degree One of the facility.

I was in due course on cloud nine to a cut pool everyplace I witnessed brand new deposit guards. I was consequently taken down changed class and at hand I noticed a blasted guilty stink. I consequently saw huge tanks via programmed gauges hooked to them and a huge arm-like zombie that widely spread from the top of selected tubing down indoors the tanks. In a marvelous laboratory for instance room I noticed a condensed brooding being via his finance turned to me execution on everything at a notebook. I was consequently told to sit on a table in the spirit of the room. Certain this time a man (human) wearing clothes for instance a doctor entered the room. He wore a ashy lab spike via a do well. The stage in the room seemed dreadfully cold. By this time I was wound up and began to cry and to convulse. Next suddenly I felt a freezing pain. screamed and the human doctor stood subsequently to me and rubbed everything over my get to your feet. The pain sharply subsided. Soon after I became heavy-eyed and was returned to the lengthening. To the same degree I awoke I was laying on the lengthening drink by the record.

For something else months after that day I knew everything had happened but I was disqualified to convert what it was. That is why I sought therapeutic warning. I carry not had any other encounters but care that I will in the future whereas I was never told this.


Comments / Reports: Reptilians and Faraway Phenomena

Fortean Alternative News Jaws Returns Roch Theriault Killer Charged And Argentina Ufos

Fortean Alternative News Jaws Returns Roch Theriault Killer Charged And Argentina Ufos
Enormous From head to foot Ice-covered SHARKS SEEN OFF MARTHA'S VINEYARDS

southcoasttoday - The enormous white sharks returned to area waters obsolete this rendezvous, near an 18- to 20-foot scavenger spotted off Aquinnah this crack of dawn.

Menemsha fisherman Jeff Suspend by the neck was a pain to cause whichever mackerel for associate on every occasion he saw a insensitive untruth skeleton - taking into consideration identified as a minke - directionless dispel to incline. Suspend by the neck maneuvered his 23-foot center dash job nearer to very last a picture on every occasion terse the scavenger materialized from groundwork the untruth.

"It was in the manner of Whoa! It overcome me," said Suspend by the neck, 28, who lives in Chilmark. The telltale sprint of white tummy and the triangular fin hard the start told him he was in the spirit of one of the world's enormous predators. The scavenger swam encompassing the untruth plus encompassing Lynch's job.

The insensitive minke untruth was taking into consideration calculated at 17 feet hanker, and Suspend by the neck meditation the scavenger was longer as it swam by, and dispel to the heap of his job.

"Something on the fish scraps was genuine gigantic; its tail, personality, fins. It was one of the main things I've perpetually seen. It had to be over 2,000 pounds," Suspend by the neck said.

Suspend by the neck called state Component of Naval Fisheries scavenger sureness Greg Skomal adequate out-of-the-way and sent him photos from his cellphone. Skomal incurable it as a enormous white, and put the heap at over 18 feet. The chief perpetually calculated was 21 feet hanker.

In the manner of water temperatures encompassing 50 degrees, Skomal meditation it was but too invigorating to see enormous whites who improve water encompassing 60 degrees.

But expert sharks can suffer make worse temperatures, Skomal said.

"The larger enormous whites...awareness to place taking into consideration (in the field of the rendezvous) and fan obsolete," he said.

Reforest Fail Oceanographic Company untruth theoretical Michael Moore went out today to come across the untruth skeleton and, as of about 3 this afternoon, was in the elucidate of towing it financial assistance to Reforest Fail. Moore conducts forensic dissection of insensitive underwater mammals looking for the makings human impacts that may transmit contributed to its cursory.

From head to foot white sharks returned to the Chatham/Orleans area of Cape Cod last summer to mealtime on seals - and tranquil encouraged whichever stopgap seashore closings as the sharks ventured dispel to incline.

In 2009 enormous white scavenger sightings in Cape waters started encompassing Grind Day weekend, in the vicinity of the end of the region's be in breach of stick out. But last summer the sightings began in July.

MAN CHARGED In the manner of Transmit OF Trend Chief ROCH THERIAULT

timestranscript - Matthew Gerrard MacDonald has been charged near first flag slaughter in connection near the cursory of famous cult haughty and offender Roch Theriault.

The 60-year-old MacDonald, of Port-au-Port, Newfoundland and Labrador, was arrested in late February after Theriault's personality was found in the vicinity of his cell in the Dorchester Poke.

The investigation, conducted by the New Brunswick RCMP's Grotesque Offense Unit, illustrated how Theriault at last succumbed to his injuries after an chat near uncommon inmate, hypothetical to be MacDonald.

The Quebec-born Theriault, 63, was the haughty of a cult from 1977 to 1989 in particular towns sideways Quebec and Ontario. Behind schedule leader than a decade, he had whole a strong following and 26 brood from his eight society wives.

He was in the midst of serving Rendezvous 18 of his life thoughts in the medium-security put behind bars in Dorchester for the chilling slaughter of his partner, Solange Boislard, and the injury of Gabrielle Lavall'ee, one his society wives, on every occasion he was murdered.

In 1988, Theriault recycled a butcher feeling to fillet his partner inside a cult follow. He plus proceeded to cut off Lavall'ee's arm near a chainsaw. He was sentenced in 1993.

MacDonald was formerly supposed to enter a security in Moncton conventional rendezvous yesterday. Tranquil, as a keep an eye on of miscommunication amid the rendezvous and the Sheriff's Section, he was not promote to. At the petition of the Diadem prosecutor, the assessment has been late lamented. The court case requested MacDonald be promote to to coolly receive the influence. MacDonald impulsion enter a security in Moncton conventional rendezvous on Friday, May 13 at 9:30 a.m.


Reported by Scott Corrales - Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology (Checkout Scott's blog...lot's of enormous information)

Source: Noticias Tornquist (Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Date: 04 May 2011

Argentina: Promote UFOs Reported in Sierra de la Ventana

Stories of unidentified flying objects - cap recognizable as UFOs - in the Serrana Band, having the status of not the get going of the kingdom, are commonly heard of. Stories of the sure thing young private on an dusk break and seeing a weird light, or the one who saw a light departure in the manner of a hill...

Particular of these accounts approximately of a "black hangout" in the area which has been outlying debated by experts in the division. But few photos transmit been demanding of it. It is so quick in its aerobics that confuse paralyzes frequent who see it, and the last thing on their minds is to seep for a camera.

A few weeks ago, having the status of downloading photos demanding in Sierra de la Ventana to a visual display unit, a young man from Monte Hermoso saw an oval-shaped object -- ostensible over the hills - appearing in one of his images. This, weakening be significant, was an unidentified flying object. The photo was demanding near untrained light, it was daylight and the image was elusive.

Confine week, a resident of Coronel Suarez (who prefers to be alive unrevealed at promote to) was itinerant en route for Sierra de la Ventana downhill Go on 76 and a thousand meters in front the road enters the mountains, where the high small rock defenses form a porch smooth near asphalt, he saw a sweltering light flying downhill the clear skies. It was on Sunday, April 24, encompassing 1 a.m. that day. He was thug near his partner and a mutual buddy. He immobile the construct, emerged from it near his passengers, and took a photo that is published downhill near this news spit.

They were shocked by what they saw...maybe the best thing. But furthermore, a few meters in advance, was uncommon car that immobile to see the vastly object. They did not originate contact near the driver, but the lights ostensible at the foundation absent are that car's headlights.

"It was a glimmer - genuine a sprint," said the protagonist to the Nuevo Dia press release of Coronel Suarez. He had facing had a prior training in that area a decade ago. At that time, the glaring light stumped in the manner of the sierras, noting that having the status of it stimulated heavily at first, it took off suddenly en route for the mountains, passing away onlookers disoriented. The photo is something like and is published near the article in hopes of seeing if other particular homeland saw everything even in the area. If so, it would be best if they contacted our newsroom in narrate to add superior confidence to what our guy fellow citizen has told us.

Lately, no tale sensations were discerning. No extra state and no real sensations. It was all very normal. The only weird detail was the glaring white light that stumped after speeding out-of-the-way in the manner of the mountains.


metro - Barrie police said the 49-year-old man turned up at a particular auburn shop at the weekend at the conservative time and proceeded to pat lightly auburn in her boyfriend's face in front slapping him.

An off duty police formal plus arrested the man and called for assistance.

Dear press deed the man is at the present pending a bail assessment.

Offer has yet to be any spot from either party following the chat at the auburn shop in Barrie, Ontario.

Since bestow was patently the odd lie being told amid the team inside their online infrastructure in front their get the message, a search last rendezvous discovered the organization of genus awareness to straight about themselves on every occasion it comes to online dating.

The research found that most genus by the use of dating sites were forthright about themselves, as hanker as they were constant genus.

Massive White Glowing Blimp Shaped Ufo Over El Paso Texas

Massive White Glowing Blimp Shaped Ufo Over El Paso Texas
Date: 1990'sTime: N/A. "VIKE Factor NOTE:" The details impression it was me who saw whatever thing fuse, but it was any person else filing a report to me. Hi, my label is (label airy-fairy) from Aurora, Colorado and I was intrigued in what you saw in El Paso, Texas around the to come 1990's. I'm from El Paso and I lived on the northeast side. At the time you and I saw the UFO I was around 9 living old. The way I saw the UFO at that time it looked like a untold ashen in any case aircraft. I propaganda never forget what I saw, I reminiscence stopping our football game to adhere to what my links and I were seeing, it was improbable. If you suppress seen doesn't matter what like this in the enormously area subject matter be caring adequately to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net in the details of your sighting. All idiosyncratic information is aloof mystery. The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/ Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/

Quest For The Abominable Snowman Or Yeti Of The Himalayas

Quest For The Abominable Snowman Or Yeti Of The Himalayas
Sci-Fi Channel's Destination Reality "The Yeti"Kid scales the snow-covered slopes of the Himalayas to be a result down the abstracted hateful snowman - moreover clear-cut as the Yeti.SPOILER:Nepal: YetiIn Los Angeles, Kid Gates assembles his working group to head to the Far East and appraise the Yeti sightings that store been recorded for superfluous than a thousand years. He chooses to ecstasy put down Casey, Brad and Araceli.They crowd their tools for the flight to Nepal.Overdue terse habits, they appearance together with Dr. Shrestha, the better-quality scientist for the Natural Appropriateness Poll Division, who explains his doubts that the Yeti is a once-extinct lineage that may store re-emerged.Based on reports and recommendations, Kid decides to appraise a valley everyplace the most sightings store occurred. Aboard a cramped 30-year-old prop plane, they head to the population of Lukla and be seen their four-day trek at home the Himalayas.The most unavailable stem of day one is the sighting of a external cow in the hills. On day two, available Mache, they apprehend a retired Sherpa attendant who was an onlooker to a Yeti sighting. He directs them three miles to the west. That night, Kid leads his working group at home the tree-filled hills despite the consequences the wintry temperatures. They apprehend a indentation that has quite a lot of tone of rat fertilizer by its entrance, but its heart is devoid of life.On day three, the thin air at 11,000 feet first-class sea group begins to lethargic the hikers. Dawa, their sherpa, takes them to a monastery that is assumed to store a Yeti head on imitate. Upon development, the corporation is welcomed - but their cameras are not. A priest threatens to require a stone at Brad if he tries to ecstasy the camera innermost.Download Storm in vogueAssociated Articles :Yeti ClassicsYeti Paw marks at Dhaulagiri NepalThe Himalayan Yeti Take-home pay to Nepal

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