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Alien Abduction In 1988 The New World Order Aliens

Alien Abduction In 1988 The New World Order Aliens
How did a guy from Puerto Rico who claimed he was abducted by aliens suffer about a New Foundation Control in 1988? An abduction shot that included a post-Apocalyptic Haunt one world government run by aliens exist on an forced atoll in the average of a low, blemish black sea.The video posted bottom is a 1991 survey counting a man named Amaury Rivera Toro-we'll clasp him 'Rivera'-who claimed he was abducted by aliens in Puerto Rico on May 14, 1988. Rivera was interviewed in 1991 by Jim Cunningham at the Early international UFO Hilltop at the Riveria Gatehouse in Las Vegas. Downhill counting his fantastical shot of an alien abduction plus half-human demon-like beings, an outer space human and holographic projections Rivera fashioned photos of a UFO and a fighter jet Rivera claimed he took soon after his Unfair Argue of the Third Noble. Downhill counting the video we found a in black and white state from Rivera that outdated exclusive details.Door exclusive >>

3 Ufo Sightings In Area S4 With Google Earth Map 108 Foot Craft Under Hanger

3 Ufo Sightings In Area S4 With Google Earth Map 108 Foot Craft Under Hanger
This is published in both my novels Dragons of Asgard & UFO sightings of 2006-2009. Initial UFO Sighting: Ladder to admiration for detection 108-diameter saucer:1. Download Google Grub.2. Be "Part 51," in the search box.3. Barb out until you see two first-class dry lakebeds on the used up of Part 51.4. Barb in on the third lakebed afterward your mouse. Now you are very instantaneous.5. Barb in at the Southern most tip of the lakebed.6. You be obliged to see a to the point ramp afterward a lewdness circle on one end.7. Barb in on the circle where you spur see planes and hangers.8. Barb in on the chief white hang. It's five become old generous than others.9. Partial under one hang you spur okay see a UFO of 108 feet in diameter. Use Google group leader to convey precise book of its portliness, stage from ground and so on.10. Coordinates are: 36,55'35.72" N 116,00'25.33" W11. Google photo date positioned for this background is Dec. 2, 2006.Report on UFO Sighting: Ladder to admiration for detection the 42-foot in diameter saucer to the same degree in flight:1. Start at the 108 UFO at the South side of the exact lake as director.2. Barb out so that you can see first-class of the map director you.3. Attain the mauve usual dot director apparent, "Nevada Seek File."4. Lure to the mauve dot.5. Barb in a bit until you see a blaze mauve dot called, "Auto (Nuclear Seek)."6. Lure to that dot. For that reason examination director it on the map.7. Look toward for the yellow dot apparent, "US Nuke: Orkney."8. Barb in on this spot, equally 400 feet to the used up is the saucer.9. Saucer is dry white. Climb over is about 42 feet in diameter by means of Google Chief. Worth that its shadow below is unmarried from the UFO, intellect its in flight and you can proposition its stage from the ground afterward the Google Chief.10. Coordinates are: 37,11'55.01" N 116,03'19.93" W11. Google photo date positioned this background is Dec. 2, 2006.Third UFO Sighting: Ladder to admiration for detection the "V-shaped" 64.66-foot make equal wingspan in flight craft:1. Start at the Part 51 movie star at the base or type Part 51 stylish the Google search box over and it spur convey you render null and void at hand without delay.2. Use Google group leader and go 3.14 kilometers or 1.95 miles Southwest of Part 51. State you spur see masses small fence in peeks.3. Upon one fence in chirrup is a flying V-shaped craft, which grass a lozenge formed shadow on the ground manage below it.4. Its coordinates on Google Grub are 37^013'02.94"N and 115^050'49.35"W5. Belief this on a digital check, to the same degree looking fluff a digital camera for a first-class infinitesimal to-do. Extremely rotation the Google map from North to South by means of the compass to to-do the UFO craft completely, so you don't to-do it upside down, equally of the satellite angle.6. Google photo date recorded this background on Nov. 14, 2006

Credit: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

Astronaut Bioethics Reproducing In Space Lifeboat Problems And Other Ethical Quandaries Of Mars Journies

By Patrick Lin and Keith Abney Confusion can get up at any twinkle in space exploration. "A respectable notion for skyrocket experimenters to comply with is this: continually reliance that it inner self increase," the editors of the journal "Astronautics "wrote in 1937, and nonbeing has changed: This Splendid, SpaceX's skyrocket blew up on a test flight.

But report in space isn't the last thing that may perhaps get up. You may perhaps suffocate or be high and dry on the moon-a precise hurt. You may perhaps be a lesser untutored in space, arched by space radiation and microgravity here fetal swelling, then raised to the right from the rest of humanity. You may perhaps go mad from the companionable limit of space.

As Prove Advanced Examine Projects Agency's 100-Year Starship Task, Dream up Mars Perfume, Astral Possessions, Echoing Time off Industries, and compound other special and state space programs brand their splendid strategy, we conquer to cogitate sensitively about not only the pure risks of space exploration but whichever officially recognized and tetragon risks.

For case, Mars One is heavy taking down completed thousands of applications to be the first citizens on Mars-and reality divider show stars-with the first load down in the dumps to flare up off in 2023. But is it outfit tetragon to recruit astronauts for a one-way trip-essentially a suicide mission? Or does that consumption a weak ethnic group that has an overdeveloped perception of adventure or other psychological conditions?

As Facebook, OkCupid, and other technology companies recently open, their experiments may perhaps be seen as "human subjects research" in assured key greetings. Moreover, the space firm may perhaps hint itself suspect to this ethically packed perspective and others that haven't been discussed a long way. Time an pirate or scientist doesn't tolerate you from toil laws, for case. Herewith is a natural history of Astronaut Bioethics 101. (Elon Musk, status notes.)

LIFEBOAT Standards IN Time off

Let's spread at one protected chart to set up. In 2025, have doubts about you are the person in charge of a spaceship bringing four crewmembers to the red planet. Before spacecraft were earlier than sent to command somebody to a principal house and cooking put in, and now your ship is only five existence unfashionable from landing and combination a few others earlier than existing. But no matter which has gone desolately wrong: Micrometeorites ply pierced the hull and caused a precise leak. Calculations show existing inner self not be enough oxygen for all four outfit members to dwell. Unless one particularized stops sentient hastily, all four inner self choke before landing. If you pin down outfit one day before sacrificing a outfit limb, then at most two members may perhaps dwell.

As the person in charge of the ship, what obligation you do? If you tender to die, who inner self then pilot the ship in the carry on, faithless landing maneuvers? Necessity the doctor be killed, risking the higher lives of the colonists? Or the obtain, tasked between care the habitations running? So about the scientist who hopes to brand leading discoveries, conceivably outfit alien life? Necessity you brand sure at negligible one staff and one feminine dwell, so higher broadcast is possible-and does it ply to be a couple? Or obligation you clear draw straws?

This consideration of chart may perhaps turn off all too real in the solid higher. Humans, for the first time, are commencing to stab space flight to destinations in which recompense to Retreat is not obligatory only in time frames of months to natural life, if perpetually. In individuals actions, we encounter scarcely new-found circumstances-destinations more than riotous to recompense from than outfit for Christopher Columbus seafaring off to the New Construction.

The habitation modules of Mars One inner self be a inadequate oasis of water and oxygen on an already infertile and roughly windswept Martian crushed, where temperatures endurable in the region of a reduced amount of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Persons astronauts inner self be suspect to the whims of solar and mop storms, meteorite strikes, pure damage, not obligatory alien corruption, and the other not sufficiently glimpsed hazards of Martian active.

This is to say, compound matter can go deceitful on Mars. Unambiguous the dangers and simply thoughtless money, together with health check, what obligation astronauts do if they conquer to make a decision in the middle of the lives of their man astronauts, a so-called lifeboat decision? This is a condemn best answered in exceptional and not here the commotion of the twinkle, for instance our style may be compromised.

Obstacle display is neither excessive nor unprecedented in space or everyplace else. In the summer of 1969, Neil Armstrong and Feel Aldrin returned to Retreat as heroes, as the first men to perpetually walk on the moon. But what if they never ended it back? Controller Nixon had a language prepared for that mess, in black and white by William Safire: "Death has ordained that the men who went to the moon to research in ease inner self hold your fire on the moon to rest in ease.... For the whole human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to ripen inner self take its toll that existing is assured situation of atypical world that is increasingly mankind."


One tricky the all-male crews of the Apollo program never had to woe about was the track of a pregnancy in space. But that won't peculiar honorable for would-be diverse crews headed to Mars, awfully missions display migration.

Time off agencies haven't had to conception between it a long way so far, although astronauts cogitate about sex, and it occasionally gets them in audition, too. Unambiguous strategy now for desire missions, we conquer to raid the erupt as well as the involuntary matter relative to it, such as youthful.

If we transport heterosexual astronauts, of rotate sexes and of reproductive age, on worried space missions, then the track of pregnancy looms. To locality that off, may perhaps it be tetragon to proviso sterilization for any potentially heavy astronauts in a mixed-sex crew? Radiation exposure may eventually status uphold of the erupt by causing sterility, but assured pregnancies may perhaps get up before sterility occurs. Is indulgent outfit not obligatory in the zero-gravity of space, or in the low-gravity, high-radiation habitats on Mars? If so, would a fetus extend normally?

We don't take its toll, equally it would expression obviously erroneous to outfit concentrate these sorts of experiments today in space or everyplace else, at negligible between human subjects. Over, the pure and psychological dangers of procreating and active outward of Retreat can expression inhumane, awfully for unintended subjects (the offspring). Yet compound strategy for space exploration earlier than status it as a foregone termination that humans inner self reproduce in space. For assured, it's a necessary distribute of the company plan, as in the case of Mars One's extremity of stirring just before a "undying human deal."

Dream up Mars Perfume, a contestant of Mars One, has an interesting way to describe for the annoying human sex-drive on desire missions: The put up is recruiting dull matrimonial couples to confirm what's left in the relationship and to collect the tetragon evils between having youthful in space. It recognizes that the evils of sex origin between interpersonal dynamics among the outfit.

But why matrimonial couples? They're notorious for wrangling in fascinated spaces for months on end, and more than than part of marriages in the Affiliated States end in come apart. Is that constant rest than administration only men, or only women, or track outfit members in vogue space? Further relative tetragon issues between sex transport the track of rape: Necessity abortions be allowable in outer surface space-and how obligation crimes be handled? (We'll recompense to this in a twinkle.)


It inner self whichever be primitive to describe for mental health and resiliency on desire missions. An astronaut who suffers a fill in depressive experience or a psychotic break however high and dry in space won't ply dispersion to health check and psychological interventions that we do contemporary, for case.

Executive astronauts are sensitively screened between psychological tests, equally provisions such as suicidal ideation and sociopathy force render audition in space. If an AI is distribute of the outfit, we force conquer to whichever test the computers, lest it get inspired by HAL and cogitate the short humans are accomplishment in the way-after all, it force armed that the situation is too fundamental to let you household put in danger it.

But NASA's studies of psychological evils here missions on the Large-scale Time off Announce, or outfit on pseudo-Mars habitats in the Glacial, do not origin to harmonize the reality of the evils posed by a six-month or longer situation to Mars. The best-case chart for individuals astronauts is heavy a frequently distressing existence private a minor neighboring of man settlers.

Stern psychological challenges that are riotous to ornately array for on Retreat would transport unprecedented companionable limit. Instantaneous interaction between acquaintances and homeland invert on Retreat inner self be impossible: The immediate interrupt for administration transmissions would be with reference to 10 account. To brand matter subordinate, for the life of their lives, the Mars One participants would take its toll brusque interaction only between their man settlers who, outfit if all goes well, would buildup from only three household in the first two natural life to 23 others after 10 natural life.

There's whichever the relative deliver of care. The same as assured pioneers on Retreat may cheerfully make a decision to be detach for months to trek completed new reaches of the polar regions or the large marine, that won't be the case for offspring of Mars One colonists. They'll be high and dry on Mars. Monkey studies indicate that being raised in detention has harmful property on the swelling of childlike apes, together with experiencing strangely high anxiety and a truncated castle in the sky for exploration-exactly the deceitful traits for high achiever as colonists on a freezing planet. Would this prayer mess for the normal relic of the colony, as well as for the well-being of the offspring themselves?

To brand matter subordinate, the astronauts would lack pure concealment for the rest of their lives in a minor house on Mars. (And then there's the watertight "reality TV" angle. Would the offspring predilection a real-life version of "The Truman Show"?) But we won't outfit be able to sluice out research to get an spice of what that would mean: It's compact to conjecture that any institutional research apartment would sanction individual to risk that, and so far there's no clear and current danger-such as a assassin asteroid that may neat out humanity-that justifies such an heroic revelation.

LAWS AND Extremism

To assuage assured of these evils, Mars One and others are conducting pure and psychological performance of astronauts. But in most contexts, it's dishonest to junk job candidates because they are disabled or ply predispositions just before assured health provisions. We can conceivably understand why a paraplegic particularized wouldn't be an envisage astronaut, but what about a ornately well particularized whose homeland has a history of pest or depression?

As a Netherlands-based situation, Mars One would be suspect to at negligible Dutch anti-discrimination laws, which are handy to the Americans Amid Disabilities Act and Inbred Facts Nondiscrimination Act in the Affiliated States. These laws as a rule bar partial party for those between adjoin pure and psychological provisions, such as a family tendency for Alzheimer's stain.

The loophole contemporary is that countries between anti-discrimination laws conventionally transport a "bona fide dealing rider" freedom that can put in plain words discrimination that would already be unofficial. But the BFOQ qualification be well-founded. For preview, until last day, U.S. system alleged that women are slack for fray roles in the military. But the reasons delayed the discrimination adjacent to women in the military turned out to be poor. That consideration of parley for space missions obligation be ended more than recognized and gossamer, if they want immunity from the liberal effectiveness of nondiscrimination. And the come to blows may ply implications for other BFOQs on Retreat, so we conquer to cogitate sensitively contemporary.

Problem to the erupt of sex and reproduction: May well Dream up Mars Foundation's astronaut-selection enterprise be illegal? Trek laws forbidden recruiting only dull matrimonial heterosexual couples in clear about the whole specified case, as they bar discrimination on the supply of age, sexual characteristics, sexual direction, and other differences.

One not obligatory misgiving is that compound or all of these special space programs are organization an all-volunteer cadre of looked-for adventurers, so they aren't employers in the involuntary perception and at that time shouldn't be suspect to toil laws. But toil laws whichever marina the looked-for, such as interns and volunteers, and presumptively cover outfit tender astronauts. It's at negligible operation investigating.

You force combat that the astronaut or the position requests to be on Retreat for toil laws to application. A long time ago all, U.S. national laws and system, such as from the Industry Safety and Health check Providing, don't be off in vogue outer surface space, outfit if they control NASA pole however on the ground. But NASA has its own health standards that it follows; it's not as if all bets are off in space. Faithfully, compound nations ply earlier than stubborn to be fly by the Outer Time off Convention and the Moon Acquiescence, although neither regulates the direction of regard astronauts, only the signatory states.

These are conversations we can ply appropriate now on Retreat. But officially recognized disputes and crimes may perhaps crop up however in space, flexible us respectable wits to wholesale law enforcement, bench, and other state institutions off-planet. Harm is inevitable before too desire, and each one requests to be investigated to notion out slaughter. But this is heavy a blame in Antarctica and other remote parts of our catch planet. Asteroid mining, Mars colonies, and other such strategy earlier than relax the erupt of how property internship obligation be handled in space. But how do we armed which laws and institutions are obligatory on Mars in the first crook, and who gets to decide?


So about human enhancements? Pretend reproductive technologies (such as in vitro fertilization and outfit mislead wombs) and pre-implantation family not easy may perhaps ply a blanket in addressing assured of the fears mentioned supervisor. Others may be very beneficial for purposes beyond reproduction: a choice promise to breathe at not more than biased pressures, to foothold space radiation, to dwell between insignificant sleep or cooking, or to cogitate nearer and more than anyway in distressing situations. But human enhancements relax all sorts of tetragon fears in normal Retreat contexts, such as fortification to the human suspect, rightfulness, reversibility, and destiny property.

Bioethics frameworks can be in support of something us contemporary, as we set up to hit upon questions about perceptive support and appreciate risk-a suspect laudable of its own article. But let's announcement that bioethics doesn't conquer to be occupied only between human life: Submit are matter interior us that aren't human.

It turns out that only 1 in 10 cells in our shape is rumor has it that "Homo sapiens "genetically, and the rest brand up the shrubbery specified as a microbiome interior the whole one of us. The microbiome is steadily alleged to ply necessary property on our health, yet the upshot of normal spaceflight on it is nearly all mysterious. May well zero-gravity or amplified radiation milieu render uneven changes in our gut infection, conceivably outfit ones inferior in deadly disease? Level a rash in the colony?

Oral communication of nonhuman life, one of the most lifting aspects of space exploration-and a main complete of NASA-is the search for alien life. One of the actions Martian colonists inner self would-be necessitate in is the search for Martian germs, in the organization that we inner self hint a ultra fighting fit of life in the universe. Of course, astrophysicists such as Paul Davies remembrance us that life on Retreat force ply begun between germs that hitched a handle from Mars. But may perhaps they reorder a handle invert on astronauts? If the search for alien life on Mars fails, we inner self certainly one day search for it in the oceans of Europa or Ganymede, or the petrochemical seas of Titan and so on, until we hint that we are not flummoxed in the universe.

In the prove of alien corruption, outfit if a remote track, we conquer to cogitate about the quarantine of astronauts. Not more than what situation, if any, obligation we disclaim active astronauts the bring about to recompense to Earth? NASA's Wing of Astral Dependence has protocols in crook, but special businesses, such as Mars One, aren't legitimately hop to comply with them. Think a unwell astronaut on a special spaceflight requirements to recompense to Earth: Who would ply the decree to under protest seize her, outfit if we could? For that matter, how can we take its toll for adjoin whether an astronaut is contaminated before it's too late?

Peer In the past WE Clutch Separate Troll Plunge

Persons bioethical challenges are clear the commencing. Time off agencies ply desire been expert on the health and fortification of their astronauts themselves, and experts are looking at the doctrine of common sense extraterrestrial life or astrobiology. But the track of desire missions means that other companionable dynamics and higher generations turn off information now.

At the end of the day, the whole colony inner self want its sovereignty, history suggests. For Martian settlers, that sovereignty may exist "de facto" from the very set up, so conceivably all bets constant are off where company can't be off. For this reason, between the track of space exploration, we ply a wash speak angrily to in forefront of us to reinvent polish, lacking being bogged down by bequest systems for property, economics, domination, and outfit doctrine.

South Pole And Russia Sightings

South Pole And Russia Sightings

From California, a friend reports:

I have never seen anything interesting in the sky, two of my frinds did have very impressive sightings. One was in the Navy at the South Pole in the 70's and one in Russia. (I don't know the date on that - she was a very young woman at the time.)

The south pole incident involved aliens and his little jeep-like vehicle's engine dying. There were two of them in the jeep at the time, pitch blackness during "wintering over" months. They were involved in a nuclear materials clean-up. He claimed that there was telepathic communication between the two of them and the aliens.

Also mentioned that the mode of these aliens getting from the vessel to the ground was by floating down on a beam of light that was the color of anti-freeze. The greenish light was more of a beam than a flood light, as I understood.

That particular friend died two years ago - he was only 50. All of a sudden he came down with a weird stomach problem, then went to hospital. Before you knew it, he was in a coma that lasted for months on end. Finally, he got so thin and frail he died. Very strange. The odd thing was that before that he was always a super strong looking guy - big muscles and all.

One interesting point, he never wanted to talk to anyone about the whole UFO thing with anyone until he saw a library book in my cubicle called "Crash at Corona" (the Roswell incident).

He was embarrassed about the whole thing because he thought people would think he was weird. He never told the higher-ups in the Navy either. He and the other guy made a pact not to tell because they didn't want to end up in trouble. When I asked if time had been missing or sped up he said yes. The time seemed to go way too fast because when they got back to camp the chores that the others were doing should have been done hours earlier if everything they went through with the ETs had taken normal time.

It was so strange to know a big strong guy that was scared of the dark. He never went to sleep without the TV on.

I suspected radiation poisoning. I remember that he got sick, went to the hospital, felt a little better and then came back to work for a couple of months. Then, he got really sick - almost over night. He figured he got bit by a bug and maybe got some disease from that but they tested and that didn't pan out. Nobody ever said what the hospital finally put down for cause of death. The family was pretty strong willed about not wanting visitors from work, just close family at the hospital.

I asked my friend to contact his Navy friend years ago to compare notes. He tried, but I believe the buddy had died years earlier yet. The other guy was from Louisiana as I recall. My friend said that he was a very nice guy and that during the time that he was in the Navy he did visit with the family on "leave". So he did have a way to go about finding him but, if I'm remembering right, by the time he inquired about the buddy he had already died.

I'm not so sure these two actually went aboard the spaceship. He said he remembered clearly seeing creatures float down... even explained how their feet were pointed downward while descending. Sounded like the incident happened on the ground. He said that when they were approached by the light, the engine died. He reached behind the seat to grab something to defend themselves with, but the next thing he remembered was that they were both standing outside the vehicle near the light beam. Never mentioned being aboard.

The Russian incident involved lots of eye witnesses and it was close enough in broad daylight to spot details on the craft and a saturn-ring-like glow as it powered away. She said it sort of appeared to "discharge energy".

The Russian sighting was at the level of a typical multi-story building height - but not like skyscraper height. This was her second sighting but the more detailed viewing.

Origin: alienspress.blogspot.com

Ufo Conference This Weekend In Bucks County

Ufo Conference This Weekend In Bucks County
BY TIFFANY BENTLEY The Two-way UFO Netting of Pennsylvania donate suffer its fifth almanac Fade away UFO Committee Friday put down Sunday in Langhorne, Pa., in Currency State. A UFO investigator problem class donate be imaginary Friday afternoon. Pennsylvania Two-way UFO Newtork Give Direct John Ventre donate suffer a talk "UFOs in Art and Memo" followed by a potion hour gone food and beverages someplace construct Trustworthy Feschino donate as a consequence around on the Flatwoods, West Virginia UFO case. The utility continues Saturday gone a talk by UFO abduction survivor Travis Walton of the movie "Squirt in the Sky." The day's schedule have in stock speakers, ancient history consideration and pretext theories. A feast and talk gone activist Stephan Bassett, eat gone talks on disclosure and gigantic nothing donate round out the the weekend's schedule Sunday. For registration, set and journey information see to it that mufonpa.com.

Where Is Everybody

Where Is Everybody
Organize is a story in the precise communicate that one day the spicy nuclear physicist, Enrico Fermi,[top, disappeared] was discussing the sculpt of the Making considering generation and the challenge of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations arose. Fermi through a few assumptions: 1). exhibit was at lowest amount one very highly developed civilization; 2). this ethnicity might, albeit considering drawback, pester star-to-star; 3). exhibit were "X" billion stars in the galaxy; 4). the opening in lifetime amid "them" visiting one star and after that situation journey for modern was "Z", wherever whichever X and Z are totally small turf out. Immobile considering Z being realistically overweight than X, the huge age of the galaxy official the star-travelers to get around to all the stars in our galaxy in far under time than was old hat. [this by the way is dreadfully stuck-up bold in the role of one reads the succeeding calculations of Carl Sagan on the insinuate rate of "interstellar emigration".] So, the Extraterrestrials "should "be during but they are not. This became everyday as "The Fermi Paradox". As time has invalid refer, the perfectly of the SETI [search for extraterrestrial intelligence] communicate has through the Fermi Paradox stuck-up realistic. This is on the whole when of the work of Consecutive Drake [bottom, sufficient] who formed his famous "Drake Equation"--named not by him but by his generation as an honorarium--as a contraption of focussing the conference on the try of precise rudimentary factors being above-board in instruct to make happen highly developed civilizations in the first position. Organize are nay-sayers, but the beefy largest part of the connected science communicate believes that it is most possibility that "repeated" such civilizations exist in the Gray Way.
When Gf Marcy of the Academy of California, Berkeley [bottom disappeared] began discovering "extra-solar" planets, the nay-sayers began once again to honk. This was when folks first planets didn't fit the normal theory of planetary formation. I sat listening to him, plentiful period at science conventions, and what I heard was different: the first extra-solar planets were odd-balls when planets of countless bulk and pulling-power [on their star] were the morally planets seeable at the developing crude state of our recognition mechanisms. As we got go kaput, the "normal" planets would daybreak to show up. And they did, and they have space for to do so. Drake's intuition holds. Stationary the "school-of one" [that we're the morally ethnicity everywhere] perseveres. They are intensely forced by no matter which outer layer of science, by the way. They claim the Galaxy to be "clear" of competitors, so that a number of identification of Human Mirror Lot can one day crop on both sides of it. To gash this, the other speculation in the Fermi Paradox constraint be true; that space pester is realizable. The SETI communicate tends to NOT think this. Organizations visualize the British Interplanetary Overtone fix down for the count a spicy array of toil broadcast that Nuclear-Powered craft are attainable. Immobile if one doesn't buy their designs, it is convoluted to shrug off the designs of techno-genius, Robert At the forefront, [top, sufficient]. At the same time as listening to him, I was just unquestionable of the elegant simplicity of his concepts. Outer space pester may or may not be "sentimental"--but it's by design realizable.
So, the likelihood are considerably beefy that "they're" out exhibit, and considerably beefy that they might pester during. Fermi yet stands. Everywhere are they? School-of-one waterfall goad on Fermi to say: this proves that no sum how meticulous your arguments are, we're the morally clever people in the galaxy. SETI says: no, they're out exhibit, but for a number of parley we can't doubt of, they fix honest not to pester in the stars. The UFO communicate says: Reschedule A MINUTE! The evidence for them being around is all over the place! But whichever SETI [for whom UFOs would end their research] and School-of-One [for whom UFOs would diminution their bizarre model of reality] say: ha-ha, if that were above-board they'd ache fix through themselves stuck-up bold. Obvious? Is flying over the Capitol and the Colorless Rest in DC --twice on sorted out weekends in 1952--UNobvious? How about a locality of a million logged sightings in the UFO databases? Equally about plentiful thousand in-your-face meticulous encounters? No. none of that counts. Why? Equally they never "landed at the Colorless Rest" and set up unforgettable diplomatic relations. Organize is NO evidence "adult" satisfactory for the largest part alteration on this liable than that.
What are the likelihood that we'll customarily get to that point? No one can say of course, but I doubt that it's realizable that we never chi see that day. Why? This is decent a flying guesswork but nurse this possibility: Higher civilizations go refer during the centuries and when you come right down to it understand about all exhibit is to know about the actual world save stuffing in small details. They'd monument out no matter which about us and our world in about ten report of "dropping by", for justification. But the "Big Questions", Death, Afterlife, GOD, Give, Item...all that continues to leak them. Organize chi be a type of ethnicity that decides that their completion is "nonphysical". They onslaught a set of way of life which cook up their existence and that of opening ceremony practical to them. Organize chi be modern type of ethnicity that comes to the proper conflicting conclusion: it's all meaningless; it's all decent sum and move banging about; there's no top draw on so decent love what you can. And exhibit chi be a third type who doesn't fix the answers and knows it doesn't, but wouldn't mind exploring in hopes of revision no matter which stuck-up about it. Forcibly by lucidity, these are the three options. Equally if the "Spirituals" came here? If they are what they say, they know that nothing is positive set aside free choice--they chi not butt in. We constraint cook up our own way. Equally if the "Conscious At the same time as You Can" group arrives? They chi claim novelty/entertainment. Rough difficulty justs drives our tradition towards supplies they sooner than know about. They cogency "prime-the-pump" to get us stuck-up enthused up and stuck-up fun to vicariously toy considering, but on a big scale, no. And what if the "explorers" showed up? Merely they don't claim to lever open. Their morally glass of revision stuck-up is to statement the "weird and wonderful", in a stuck-up weighty plan than the gaudy thrill seekers. They sooner than know the "awfully", and it has not been satisfactory. If so, as we say, "Everywhere Is Everyone?"--they're sufficient during and conceivably,all of them, fix been for a very ache time. The UFOs ARE the key to Fermi's Paradox and key it in tranquility considering what our science and technology think most possibility to be true: exhibit are repeated, repeated highly developed civilizations, and they CAN get during from exhibit. Equally they tool to do Bearing in mind they get during, differs for each syllabus.

Source: shieldufoproject.blogspot.com

The Flying Saucer From Mars And Cda

The Flying Saucer From Mars And Cda
Be there for in the day I pondering that this book by "Cedric Allingham" corroborated the Adamski alien relatives and story:

In the sphere of are the Adamski-like photos that Allingham it would seem took of a flying saucer that allegedly came fro Mars:

But the story was a hoax, concocted, for one peculiar bring about, by admired and credentialed British astronomer, Patrick Moore:

And who was the journalist who unmasked the hoaxer and the unguarded the hoax? Our firm favorite doubtful disapprove, Christopher Allen, unambiguous dressed in and in the UFO empathize as CDA.

Report dressed in for the story

CDA has cachet with us and with relatives who tenderness clear pondering, heroic argumentation, and distrust in its respected and best stare at.

So in the same way as you gate his notes dressed in and vetoed, steal a phase to accept his bent of awareness and research acumen.

Steve Hammons Journalism Tipping Point Media Coverage Of Ufos Now Serious

Steve Hammons Journalism Tipping Point Media Coverage Of Ufos Now Serious
Copy tipping point: Media lay out of UFOs now liable to taxSteve Hammons, September 29, 2010American Ask, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/189048(This article to start with appeared on the Awe-inspiring TV ">The great news lay out of a detail press succinct this week indicates that the topics of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation to Sphere are now a righteous topic of liable to tax inscription.At the same time as previous Air License officers and other military men accessible realistic information in Washington last Monday about unidentified antenna objects in scorching convenience to awkward U.S. military services, American squash, magazines, TV networks and media organizations of all kinds generally encrusted the story in glossed ways.Is it a real idyllic conveying for mature and developed journalistic lay out of this uneven topic? It may be.Behind dwell in deliberate by scientists with reference to contact behind exactly extraterrestrial beings clear in your mind seems to grasp brought fidelity to the completed topic.In accumulation, the recently-published book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Construction Officials Go on the Smooth" by presenter Leslie Kean also raised the moral value of dwell in utter on the decoration. Kean's book, which received adequate path from admired scientists, brought meaning reporting ethics to the exploration of a very testing area for inscription.In accumulation, good UFO incidents such as the 1997 "Phoenix lights" case, the 2006 O'Hare airport sightings and several constant realistic reports measure to grasp securely inspired the loop attacker on mature news lay out.Achievable TakeJudge for a twinkle that in the least of the central accounts of the heart and over and done accident can grasp in the least truth to them.A key allude to of this story is the hard work that our U.S. defense and intelligence communities grasp traditional having the status of the 1940s that in the least UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants are exactly non-human beings.As a get the gist, eager pains were initiated to refer to and hint the accident, and to arbitrator what defense and restrained planning can be suitable.Acquisition and step up of campaigner technologies were also goals, according to in the least researchers. Accurate of these technologies can grasp been inserted indoors American manufacturing, electronic, aviation, space programs and other fields.It has also been understood that at the exact time, elements of the our defense, intelligence and arithmetic communities rumored that an moralizing and acclimation style to yield Americans, and run internationally, for this funny accident was pleasing. Except, other factions may grasp felt that offering essential be count secrecy on the unbroken topic.Are any of these assertions realistic in any way?If so, after that mature bear down on ghoul it would seem opt to problem a explode look, and a especially test look, at any righteous evidence or state that support these kinds of claims.It seems as even though this is now participating in, appreciation to a amount of factors together with eyewitness commentary, realistic research, over and done documents and believably a regular gut impact by several run that offering is in the least truth to these scenarios.Where DO WE GO FROM HERE?But, decisive that in the least UFOs are intelligently-controlled craft of in the least concoct inevitably harmonize raises a amount of spare questions.Who are the visitors? Is offering one type, sure or many? Are they launch, opposed or neutral? Such as do they want? How do they observation humans and planet Earth? How ghoul our world control if this new hint is rank as truth?A straighten transition in the moralizing style about such a accident would inevitably be excellent.And, as in the especially straight-talking day-to-day news lay out, offering clear in your mind can be in the least belongings to be troubled and hot and bothered about, as well as reasons to grasp forthcoming and move attacker in smart ways as population, families, communities, nations and group as a test globally.We can get a adequate guess of how such a transition can act out in the book "A.D., While Disclosure: The Grassroots Train to Sort While Dash" by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel. The book is due out in October and essential sell a righteous blueprint for how we can adjustment to especially unconcealed insight of multihued concert party to Sphere.Dolan is a admired bookish on government and the UFO phenomena. Zabel is a previous CNN presenter and now a film and TV playwright and producer. Each one essential deduct fierce journalistic ethics to this deliberate.The new NBC TV suspense series "The Issue" uses episodic show to derive such a accident, as grasp several other TV shows, movies, novels and hide of inventive fiction - or, in in the least cases, believably fact-based fiction.In the meantime, we lonely get work out the conclude update, rotate on the TV news or look into the Web to obstacle an upward extent of liable to tax, rational and glossed inscription lay out of this entrancing decoration.And, if we opt to work out amid the defiance or delve deeper indoors the several books, documents and over and done information, offering is press flat especially to discover and hold close.Copy ghoul complete to act an from top to toe covering in exploring the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation. The arithmetic, defense, intelligence and the inventive film and TV communities ghoul undeniably also be key contributors in portion us to survey the truth and adjustment to changes.At last, several of our school books and companionship courses can get to be well-run as new information is assistant professor and clear.These all measure to be righteous, common developments that can now be accompanying a trustworthy and composed style of teaching and disclosure about the real lay bare that we humans are not nowhere to be found in this wide-ranging universe. Source:Sbeckow.wordpress.com

Picture More Charged Orbs Observing Another Thunderstorm

Picture More Charged Orbs Observing Another Thunderstorm
Because I WOULD Completely View IT Plagiarized, ORBS Nearby THUNDERSTORMS ARE NOT NEW AND WE'VE HAD Go into liquidation Pictures Past In attendance ON UDCC. OF Train THE Customary `BALL LIGHTENING' IS Incessantly A Source Track OUT Participating in THE Discussion TOO. Consider YESTERDAY, THIS Hint TOO COMES FROM THE KEN PFEIFER Occupation OF Combing THE MUFON News update FOR THE Greatest IN UFO Pictures. HERE'S THE Hint, A Mediate TO KEN'S WEBSITE AND THE Aim OF THE UFOS:

SUBJECT: Ludicrous PHOTOS OF Peculiar Substance Wrecked COLORADO........... KEN PFEIFER Universe UFO PHOTOS

Ludicrous PHOTOS OF Peculiar Brain Wrecked COLORADO

6-7-12 Fort Mast COLORADO

I am a analysis photographer. I usually go out during storms to make off with pictures like I can set against for my part from the twister itself. I had been photographing lightning from a vantage time which overlooks the new medical wing being built. As soon as utilization all over the place 30 proceedings killing intervals of time-lapse camera work, I speedily noticed 8 lights in-line afterward each person other, afterward one give up light ready over the far not here light, entering manageable propinquity. The lights did not take to twinkle and they defiantly did not move during the 5 proceedings I was photographing them. It had been previously damp dejectedly and this was one of the greatest storms Colorado has seen in 20 lifetime. In the time that the pictures were diligent, it was dry and hadnt been damp for all over the place 1 hour. According to the Air Desire Operations Fundamental, all flights were stranded due to the significant weather and they had zero transmission up on their radar in the area that I was observing the lights - everyplace in between High ground Fruit farm and the Denver area. I did not remark the lights take but they did take to dilute prevented after 5 proceedings. In the great 5 proceedings the lights appeared nev I am a practical photographer. I possess colossal wisdom of outer space aerobics, innate phenomenon, and aircraft identifications. I may possibly not cling a reasonable explanation for the ghost of these lights.

KEN PFEIFER Universe UFO PHOTOS................. Clemency to MUFON CMS system.


My Brainchild To The Faction Who Purchased My 99 Cent UFO Tome On Provoke A few The 2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO Come across Yesterday - Crack This Mediate To Understand by A Put on trial And a big standing to the in the neighborhood 300 who downloaded the free manuscript.


Weird UFO Meet up IN NEW YORK5-30-12 Custodian CORNERS NEW YORK

Grade on financial assistance porch in Custodian Corners NY a town of Saratoga Springs and noticed brand new object in sky outsized and brighter than whatsoever else. Brain to the point prepared fish refuse obstacle spiral description in rival have power over towards moon. Screamed for my confederate Ben as I clearly knew this object was under sharp-witted control and not of current technology. Brain went a short set against and packed up inert and hovered for a few seconds and subsequently splashed financial assistance the rival way ratifying an on potential flat at at smallest 20 times the airplanes speed. Ended the plane hard enjoy it was regard constant. 5 proceedings behind 7 point and order vehicles came shining by intense their horns and sirens. Lived all-around 8 lifetime and possess never seen pompous than three or four go by. Chased them down and found them down a side line of attack and were told to repudiate that it was without prejudice a fire? Sounds a exhaustive enjoy Kecksburg to me.

Condescending Well-built UFO Certain TOMORROW TOO AS I Repress A Sated BIN OF MUFON News update - Amid One CLASSICS Positively. OH, DO YOU Repress ANY Relatives WHO WOULD Consider TO SEE THAT Riot UFO PICTURE? IF SO, Petition Slice THIS Vacancy VIA THE Slice BUTTONS Below. YOU CAN Slice TO GOOGLE In addition to, Twitter, OR FACEBOOK OR Hammer AN EMAIL OF THE Vacancy In the midst of Suitably ONE Crack. TRY IT At the moment.

Paranormal Beausejour Manitobsix To Eight Orange Lightsobjects

Paranormal Beausejour Manitobsix To Eight Orange Lightsobjects
Posted: September 20, 2008

Date: September 20, 2008

Time: 8:25 p.m.

Lay down of Sighting: Beausejour, MB.

Make of witnesses: 3

Make of objects: 6 to 8

Affirm of objects: Knees.

Weighed down The past of event/sighting: Saw six to eight orangey substance leaving spanning the sky from east to west and afterward north. Looked no matter which be equal with the declare detail end windowpane of a zip up. Sure thing not red or ashen precautions lights be equal with on a plane. As well, the paths weren't suitably privilege and they were in a in a muddle group and accurate appeared to stop or stop right down. No fit. This was in plan ahead black sky so the orangey balls appeared very particularly. Never seen any planes shot be equal with this before, predominantly this area. Seemed slower than a mega jet, no fit at all and appeared far to high to be a helicopter.

Thank you to the mull it over for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Dig and huge number of the Vike Charge UFO Witness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Dig International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Message added, the Vike Charge Contacts Show Blog. You can relate the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and imminent programs I do.


HBCC UFO Dig, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Summer 2013 Ufo Reports For The San Joaquin Valley

Summer 2013 Ufo Reports For The San Joaquin Valley
Summer is always a slow time for Weird Fresno (I don't know who hates the heat more, me or the ghosts) and I've been working on a few things but thought I'd post some recent UFO reports from the National UFO Reporting Center as it has been a while. One thing I want to note is that the two sightings from Merced, which read similar, sound like they were reports of the Google Project Loon, where they were testing high altitude balloons to deliver high speed internet to areas that do not have it. I know for a fact that they were testing in the valley recently and one UFO sighting that made the news turned out to be Project Loon. Still that being said, that can't be the reason for all these sightings. Please note that these reports are posted as they were reported on the NUFORC site, I haven't edited them in any way.

Occurred : 8/23/2013 20:30

Location: Fresno, CA

Shape: Light

Duration:2 minutes

Two lights of differnt size and brightness traveled in differnt directions and faded out.

Low in the eastern sky I observed a bright light as bright as Jupiter would be.

Suddenly out of this light came a very small light traveling at a high rate of speed toward the north.

As the small light went away it slowly dimmed out.

At that time I noticed something strange about the big bright light. It looked like it was falling straight down, then suddenly it began to dim and after about 10 seconds it was gone.


Occurred : 8/12/2013 22:00

Location: Hanford, CA

Shape: Sphere

Duration:3 minutes

About four days earlier my husband was working on the flight line at NAS Lemoore, CA, and he and two of his coworkers saw three brights stars moving in a triangle formation when one changed direction and moved off quickly.

Then, I and two neighbors saw the one brights star make a few strange movements then take off quickly.

I am retired military and know this was not an aircraft.

Sincerely, ((name and e-address deleted))

P.S. Keep strong. Your work is important.


Occurred : 8/9/2013 12:15

Location: Merced, CA

Shape: Circle

Duration:1 hour

Two bright dots, moving west to east, viewed in a telescope

At 11:45, on August 09, 2014, a police officer at Merced College asked me (I am an astronomy Professor), what the object in the sky is. He pointed to a bright dot of light that was approximately at zenith and a magnitude brightness of about (-2). The officer said that he was reported about the object about 15 minutes earlier. The skies were clear blue, and the sun was bright, almost at zenith.

I set up the colleges 5 inch Celestron telescope with a 20mm objective.

Under magnification, the object was indeed a disc with what appeared to be a set of "lights" in the 0-90 degree quadrant of the circle. Another astronomy instructor, 2 more police officers and several students observed the object as it moved from zenith to the west. It covered about 25 angular degrees in the span of about 15 minutes. We took photographs of the object with cell phone cameras through the telescope.

While watching the object, an officer saw another, similar object coming in from the east, at about the same magnitude brightness. The object moved westward, until it was at zenith overhead and then continued west. The time it took to travel from an altitude of about 80 degrees to zenith was about 10 minutes. We observed this object under same magnification, and saw a silvery disc, with the same "lights" along the same quadrant.

Both objects left our view, passing westward. The entire viewing time was about 1.5 hours.

Our working hypothesis is that we saw Mylar balloons, or weather balloons, with the sunlight reflecting off the "dimples" along the edge of the balloon.

End of report


Occurred : 8/9/2013 11:00

Location: Merced, CA

Shape: Circle

Duration:3.5 hours

Circular, shiny, reflective object clearly observed in sky on August 9, 2013 at 11:00 am by several witnesses

This circular shiny object that appeared to be static in the sky did not make noise that we could hear. I first observed this object at 11 AM when I looked up into the trees. The object that was visible to the naked eye seemed unnatural to me. I called the attention to my adult daughter who agreed that we were not looking at something that was man-made.

I called 3 other people over to see this thing and they also had no explanation as to what this object was.

I also phoned my husband who, with several co-workers who work at the local college, went outside to see this "UFO". They had no explanation of its origins. They even observed it through a high powered telescope and it still appeared to be shiny, circular, and reflective.

I went home and was unable to see it at 2:30 as there was now a cloud-cover in the area. I will look again after the cloud-cover dissipates to see if it is still there.


Occurred : 8/4/2013 22:00

Location: Clovis, CA

Shape: Light

Duration:30 seconds

Bright light that weaves from left to right and was a fast mover.

At the approximate time indicated my family and I had just come home from a vacation from in Santa Cruz. I was in the process of unloading our vehicle when a very bright light caught my attention from the west (West being Fresno area) I decided that it was nothingbe but a plane and continued unloading the vehicle. At this point I noticed it was moving way faster than any plane I have ever seen...and that's saying something since there is a NGAFB with NORAD connections in Fresno. I then decided to stop unloading temporarily to watch it's path and try to confirm to myself it was a plane.

As I continued to watch it my mother had come out to help unload the vehicle. When I told her I jokingly said " hey mom look a UFO, haha". It was at that point I realized it was something I had never seen before. As I looked up again my mother chimed in "it's moving in a left to right movement". I watched and to my amazement it indeed was moving from left t! o right very very fast! Almost as like a radio wave on a monitor going up and down on a sort of curve. If you can picture that but of a bright object in the sky that's exactly what it looked like. To make it even more weird there was absolutely no sound to this object. It continued in a NE direction until fading from view.


Sighting Report

Occurred : 8/3/2013 23:00

Location: Fresno, CA

Shape: Light

Duration:7 minutes

I was asleep while my step dad proceeded to go outside to have a cigarette around 11:00 pm. When out of no where he started to wake me up saying come see this, come see this! I hesitated and told him unless it was an emergency not to wake me up, but he proceeded to tell me that I had to come see what was in the Sky.

So I finally got up just to get him to stop bothering me, when I stepped out side i was instantly enamored It was a big blue light that moved effortlessly high in the sky almost like a bird, it flew for a little bit in a direction but would effortlessly turn back around to were it started. It was beautiful and mysterious. Too big and too bright to be a toy or something controlled by someone below, It moved like an aircraft but much more elegantly and effortlessly. Best way to explain it. I don't really believe in Aliens but whatever it was, I have never seen anything quite like it.

After awhile it seemed like it was falling downwards like an air! plane out of control and then it dissipated. Below were it has a choice of picking there were lights on the object, the object was a light.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))


Occurred : 7/27/2013 22:09

Location: Lemoore, CA

Shape: Cross

Duration:1 minute

Silent Flying Cross with 3 round white lights 41 N Lemoore sighting July 27, 2013

Driving on Highway 41 N just entering Lemoore about a mile away from the 198 overpass at a little after 10 pm, looked to my right and saw what I thought might be a low flying crop duster. I closed my sunroof vent thinking I don't want any residue/pesticide getting in my car. But as the aircraft approached my vehicle I started to realize it wasn't making ANY noise. I looked closer and realized it was flying weird, so I looked closer and noticed it was the shape of a cross flying AT me straight up and down like nothing man made that I know can fly. It had three round white lights at the top of the cross and each side of the cross. As I was driving (very tired) and processing all that I saw, I waited for the flying object to make a sound or a gush of wind to push against my car and never felt or heard anything. I quickly looked to my left and did not see a thing! What could disappear like that? As I craned my neck around I saw what I thought looked like a Air traffic control tower (a small one ) in a field behind me dark, and lit up only by tons of tiny blue lights in the form of a circle at the top. So weird...my husband woke up a few minutes later and I told him that I thought I saw a crop duster fly really close to our car but it didn't make any noise...he said " crop duster's don't fly at night" so I told him what I saw and he said he would look on the internet to see if anyone else saw the same thing at the same time since there were tons of other cars on the road. And sure enough, there are....Kinda freaking out now. Looks like these sightings have been going on for some time now...Weird.


"Note from Weird Fresno here. This sounds similar the infamous Interstate 5 Mystery Lights which turned out to be misidentified crop dusters. Crop dusters do indeed fly at night as I was witness to one evening".

Occurred : 7/17/2013 21:14

Location: Selma, CA

Shape: Light

Duration:1 minute

Yellowish/orange light seen moving with the horizon, then made a sharp S patern, changed colors and went straight down rapidly

At 9:14 PM on Saturday July, 27 2013 I was sitting in my back yard in Selma CA with a friend and we both saw what we thought was a helicopter moving South across the night sky to our North-West. It had a very odd orange color light. We continued watching it when it made a vary sharp series of turns in an S shape. Before it disappeared behind the trees it changed to a blueish color then went straight down very rapidly then disappeared.

2 days later, on Monday, July 29 2013 at approx 8:30 PM I was once again in my back yard when I started watching another bright orange light, this time to my immediate East. It moved very rapidly toward the North. At first I assumed it was a F-16(as there is a Airport and Base in the area) but it vanished. It wasn't quite dark yet, so if it merely turned off its lights I would have still seen the plane, but the craft wasn't there anymore and a sound never accompanied the light. Another friend was with me and witnessed this as well.


Occurred : 6/14/2013 21:20

Location: Firebaugh, CA

Shape: Unknown

Duration:1-2 minutes

Appeared to be the size of a large UFO with 3 perfectly round bright white lights, flying 100' off of ground, very slow & silent.

While driving home from San Luis Obispo, CA at approximately 2120 at night, on interstate 5 going North between the Little Panoche Road and Firebaugh CA Exits we saw an unidentified aircraft flying at approximately 100' off the ground. The aircraft was only visible by the 3 large, round, bright white lights that were evenly spaced in a row horizontally. The lights seemed to be about 4 times larger than a car headlight with no other visible lights and we could not make out the shape of the body. Just by looking at the lights and how they were spread out horizontally I would guess that the span of the aircraft would be that of the wing span of a 737 aircraft. We saw the aircraft fly very slowly directly ahead of and in front of us. As the aircraft was on the passenger side of the car, I remarked to my wife to "watch that aircraft, it looks like it is going to land, make an emergency landing", I kept on saying, "watch it, keep an eye on it....! keep on watching it". Then as it came around to the east side of our car and crossed the highway going from the east to the west it quietly flew past and flew around on the west side of the freeway. We thought it was an aircraft that was coming in for an emergency landing, as it was flying at an incredibly slow speed and very low to the ground. The aircraft was silent or at least very quiet because we heard no noise as it passed overhead in front of us. The car windows were up and the radio was on, but something flying that low and slow would have made some noise and turbulence as it passed over, we noticed no noise or abnormal movement of our car from the passing craft. The craft then flew around on the west side of the freeway, disappeared from view and then I saw it in my side and rear view mirrors, my wife also saw the craft as she turned around to look out the back windows. It maneuvered slowly and smoothly unlike any airliner, small aircraft or helicopter w! ould appear to fly. We saw it for what seemed to be approxima! tely 1-2 minutes until we were somewhat farther down the highway and could no longer see the aircrafts lights. I am an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter that has worked at an airport and around aircrafts for over 21 years and I have never seen that configuration of 3 round, large, equally space bright white lights on any aircraft and It seemed to maneuver like no other aircraft that I have seen flying.


Occurred : 6/2/2013 21:45

Location: Fresno, CA

Shape: Light

Duration:10 minutes

6 glowing white orbs and two military jets sighted, two orbs nearly collided

saw 6 ufos they were glowing white orbs two flew straight at each other nearly colliding 2 military jets also flew into few at an unknown elevation the larger of the white orbs continued on in a north west direction while the smaller one went out of view going south west the larger one was then intersected by 4 different glowing white orbs while trans versing the sky they seemed very high up and made no noise the military jets didn't seem to be chasing them but it was very interesting timing that they would show up to see the near collision


Occurred : 5/31/2013 21:45

Location: Fresno, CA

Shape: Light

Duration:15 minutes

formation of 6 orange orbs flying over fresno ca may 31st 2013

at 8 30 my son and i observed 2 brightly glowing orange orbs traveling from the northwest to the southeast over the fresno metropolitan area, they did not blink or have any anti collision or landing lights and made no discernible sound, about half way across the horizon nearly over head they faded and blinked out then a few minutes later two more came in the same direction and blinked out nearly exactly where the first two disappeared this was followed by a 5th object by itself and did the exact same thing by this time my son and i had got to a place where there wasn't as much light pollution just in time to see a sixth object, when this one blinked out it was nearly directly overhead and there was enough daylight left to observe a structured craft of some sort that was round on the bottom these were not satellites since they don't travel in packs they were not conventional aircraft, since they made no sound or had any anti collision lights, i am wondering if maybe they were drones? i am not sure but this is the second time i have observed this same phenomenon, my son and i observed three traveling in the same direction about 6 months ago


Ufo Sighting In Nevada On October 8Th 2008 Large Egg Like Object Spotted While I Was On A Plane

Ufo Sighting In Nevada On October 8Th 2008 Large Egg Like Object Spotted While I Was On A Plane
UFO SIGHTING IN NEVADA ON OCTOBER 8TH 2008 - LARGE EGG-LIKE OBJECT SPOTTED WHILE I WAS ON A PLANEI was flying to California from Illinois when I looked out the window. Here I see this massive egg-shaped object flying by the plane. I took pictures of it and then a video when the object changed direction. It started flying away from the plane so eventually it just went out of sight.LATEST UFO SIGHTINGSCredit: MUFON- - - People are raising thousands of dollars a day using Crowdfunding at GoFundMe.Raise Money for:Healthcare, Medical Bills - Funeral Expenses, Memorial Gifts - Crisis/Emergency Money Needed - Mission Trips, Faith, Church - Education, Tuition, Books - Vet Bills, Animals in Need - Dreams, Hopes and Wishes - Accept Charitable DonationsAny duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

The Strange World Of Planet Ufo

The Strange World Of Planet Ufo
Consequence, Preference ROBINSON! Consequence, Preference ROBINSON!...DANGER: YOU ARE Almost Soil UFO....Boundary THIS Soil AT YOUR OWN Intimidation....

"Any a load boss technology is duplicate from magic." Arthur C. Clark

"You hand in your charm"

"And you go watch the geek"

"Who abstention walks up to you"

"Formerly he hears you be in touch"

"And says, "How does it feelTo be such a freak?"

"And you say, "Impossible"As he hands you a prepare...In the function of something is by clothed in."

"But you don't meet up what it is."

Do you, Mister Jones?

Bob Dylan

"It may be wolves educated to come humans how to sing"

Risk Appraisal Dec. 2007

Presently self gone a addendum clothed in on UFO MEDIA MATTERS about an 'insider' who explained the Greys were well thought-out by additional alien intelligence, and were what you have to do orented choose insects.. The individual who ended this addendum was charismatic he agreeable took it in the midst of a scrap of salt:

"...England, who claimed he worked at Peasemore in an underground faculty. He stated these stuff that Dr.Greer referred to were really Greys... they were ended by and worked for other aliens... He stated that if you tried to remain one from walking where it was whispered to it would move physically you, and if you picked it up it would torture yourself to get free as if it was programmed to occupy yourself completely its what you have to do."

In a recent Linda Moulton Howe article, additional 'insider' describes aliens considered in the midst of pincer hands.

Linda, you are being had.

In additional few tid bits from Linda Howe web:

insider told a UFO bookish that self told him:

"they had erudite how to reverse-engineer from crashed spacecraft that they caringly called Big Blue that was prospect within Kirtland AFB at that time for new pilots to load on for prepare purposes.

Long-standing insiders tales:

"Not completely did that surround not age, but communicate was something about being in the Extraneous craft that diffident all the tribe who worked in it younger...The exceptionally week that the scientists bare the "mechanism Stratagem," they brainstormed on what complain the surround could have the benefit of"( a human that now was a "Mechanism" implanted in the midst of alien life).

John Lear, son of the draftsman and draftsman of Lear jets, reveals from supplementary 'insiders' that the ETS have the benefit of a "time catcher" on the moon.

Exopolitics and Dr.Steven Greer's Astonish Be noticeable and numerous New Age "ethereal ET groups" are claiming that the ETS abducting and sore humans are cloned and programmed by your silent black-ops government group. The government has elegant this, of course, to win over the mutual common in errand of a WAR they plan against the aliens. This certain cluster of groups tells us that all aliens are deeply calm and waiting to assistance us...the completely strike in the ETs' way stopping roomy, burning contact is wantonness America and other countries. According to them.

Consequently add to this the Hipster Joker lobby group who say don't fill --it's completely the projections from the Maoist unruly or assured indistinct trickster annoying to punch your carefulness, choose a hippy from the 60s. The Joker group would, of course, throw out the album of the hurt bed confessions of military officers who were witnesses at Roswell --who smelled the unpleasant smell of alien ruinous bodies and handled the furtive materials-- as honorable bad research.

Joint Abby Parker

UK limited DVD Garza 2003 Large-scale UFO Congress:

She resides not far from Simon Anderson in the same way was entertained by aliens. Tolerance a agreeable they gather round nothing special tribe.

Fully, you have the benefit of the Deranged and Bolts group who are positively educated in the sciences: Vallee, Hynek and biddable old Stan. But if you repugnant all of them within one...you allay could not radiate up in the midst of one biddable creative thinker. Jacques Vallee was in the same way a science fib bard, but he forgot his revelation on this one. These scientists were so up front in their posture that the panorama of savvy ET variety well versed in the humans psyche; how we diagram, act and respond never crossed their minds...The Aliens had honorable got clothed in from the time when we exploded the A-Bomb was the posture at the time.

Stationary other groups correct ETs --or at smallest their vehicles-- are all American secret weapons flying over coarse cities for fun.

But I ingratiate yourself we're honorable unconcealed "human lengthy" if we hand down not extract within adaptation that we have the benefit of been out-thought.

Yep, poorly to consent ETs have the benefit of fooled us at one pool. Sooner than knew our questions earlier we asked, and knew honorable how to depart them unreturned and unanswerable. Yet, after all of that, they're allay exhibiting a coarse specialized apparition clothed in... WOW!

But it seems communicate are allay tribe in our government who do kindness about how secrecy in assured house may crack our nation:

At smallest assured Elevated CIA officials are courteous to go common for assured causes...and maybe go to jail by breaking their guarantee oaths and releasing to the common the straightforward details of the NIE assess of Iran's existent nuclear capabilities. Right to go to jail for the proper cause:


One survive letter. I do consent something is budding along with ETS and humans. It may be the time has last but not least come:

Material Rally Speeds up:


Credit to Anomalist

From what I've work out about ETs and history, they glance elected to accomplish contact in general in the midst of honorable your mundane window box.

So doubtless first contact hand down not be in the midst of a big label vectoring in the ships but the support elites watch. Perhaps first contact hand down be in a inaccessible kinship...in the midst of a gloomy window box...who for that reason blows the carefulness of the widespread world. That would be the Christian thing to do.

Soil UFO is a metaphorical, furtive and terrible kind. But, honorable do faster, it's completely a step of your carefulness.

Joe Capp

UFO Media Matters

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Armona California On August 29Th 2014 Bright Light East Of Hanford Ca

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Armona California On August 29th 2014 Bright Light East Of Hanford Ca
UFO Finding IN ARMONA, CALIFORNIA ON Majestic 29TH 2014 - Rich Light EAST OF HANFORD, CA

I was arduous address at 2:10AM and noticed a streaming light tumbling from the sky, yet to come from the north, tumbling southeast. It appeared to reverse ample in my line of sight taking into account everywhere the Pleadies were in the sky, and bigger in strength. During this time it bigger in coolness and noticeable dimensions, the footstep faded. As completely as the footstep was as soon as, the object appeared to hack in strength and noticeable dimensions, and sped off to the east-southeast at a rapid pace, dying a streaming footstep behind. I work at the base in fuse Lemoore, and back been in the military over 20 being. This was diverse doesn't matter what I back customarily witnessed, and all right was no type of aircraft I back customarily seen.

Modern 2014 UFO Finding

Credit: MUFON

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Ufology Ufo Reports From Around The U S

Ufology Ufo Reports From Around The U S

MUFON Demand # 26770

Date/Time: 2010-11-28 11:45

Location: Madison, Georgia

Shape: Aircraft,Oval,Saturn-like

Description: Hard-wearing light hovering above the grass.


We had been at a associates house objective Madison, GA, for delight and stayed to watch a football hazard. In the wake of the hazard present-day were 9 of us bump objective expression and triumph prepared to retreat. The time was about 11:45 PM.

The landlord of the house noticed an fully dazzling light in the sky exhibition above the treeline that, at first, seemed stock-still at an move toward liberty of one to two miles (best excerpt worsening knowing the acceptably balance of the object). The light began to move unenergetically, at era triumph earlier but energetic on a northwesterly course. We observed the object for about 15 report beforehand it used up taking into account the far treeline. It was indeed not an level or helicopter, but we awareness it possibly will be a aircraft. So far, present-day were no bump lights clear on the object, simply dazzling whitish-blue lights veneer what appeared to be the length of the object. The object seemed to blossom.

Previously screening it gulp down binoculars, the object appeared to stick a dome-like idea on the top and a glowing ensemble cycle the station of the object. We could get trapped in no well-built yet to come from the object as it motivated.

The overwhelming get-together from all and sundry was that it was nearby nothing part of us had habitually seen beforehand. A duo of us held in reserve saw that it had to be a aircraft, blatantly to the same degree that was the simply thing we knew of that would be energetic at that speed and equal. Numerous family awareness we neediness unassailable the make conform, but we crucial not to for the sake of come out in the open nearby we were wild. My ensemble, son and I had about a 65 min drive ground. Previously we got ground she was still so shaken that she did not shameful to go concerning the house acquaintance or go objective on one occasion I took our dogs out.

At 12:01 AM a partner in Monroe, GA, about 15 miles to the northwest of the scene from which we observed the object, sent us a characters send a response to that she had exhibition seen the vastly object convey overhead. Her balance of the object was close up to our observation - an cryptic object once what appeared to be a ensemble verbalize it energetic unenergetically once dazzling lights veneer it.

MUFON Demand # 26769

Date/Time: 2010-11-28 00:00 GMT

Location: Conyers, Georgia

Shape: Aircraft,Egg,Oval,Wing

Summary: Detection over Conyers, GA verbalize 12am on November 28 2010


Leaden fluff Salem Road from Expressway 20 towards Obscurity Coordinate Road. Object puzzled my eye to the same degree it was too big to be a plane, the shape was different and the elucidation was substantial. The shape was aircraft nearby, but the shape was almost nearby a arched in office serving dish. the object first appeared to be hovering and with it was energetic off towards the West (I cargo space). I was recalcitrant to drive and preserve the object in my thinker. I did cut and try to get a go beyond quality, but with the grass bunged my sight. It was besides energetic given away from me and triumph minor.

As I lost site, I got sponsor on Salem Road and turned onto Obscurity Coordinate Road heading towards Mcdonough. I puzzled site of the object anew but it was energetic given away and the grass were hindrance my thinker. I tried to preserve up once it and at last lost it all told.

I observe feeling nearby I could not be the simply one seeing this. I awareness about it exhibition being a aircraft, but the time and the quality did not trade me gamble it was whatsoever unsatisfactory of gigantic. In the wake of arriving ground, I searched the skies worsening any luck. I fleeting searched the internet to see if part had reported seeing it. I recount that I saw no matter which other than an methodical aircraft.

I guilt not having a camera departing to get a picture.

* * *


MUFON Demand # 26781

Date/Time: 2006-07-16 09:23 GMT

Status: Submitted

State: Wyoming

Shape: Bullet/Missile,Go round,History

Duration: 00:01:00

Summary: took 2 pictures popular underneath than a insignificant of respectively other; first was normal, the flash had energetic, disk-like object in it


I was once my extraction in The Critical Tetons about four to five vivacity ago on one occasion i was 11 (i am now 16). We were at a lake present-day and i refreshing to sketch a picture of the mountains taking into account the water. So, I took two pictures; each popular the vastly insignificant and reasonably simply a few seconds inaccessible.

The first picture shows a wide thinker of the lake, through the segment that is the flash picture, and has no objects that resemble the obvious object in the flash picture.

The flash picture is the entire a different picture in which I had the vastly angle as the first, simply I zoomed the camera in a down and took the picture simply a few seconds after. You'll check that in the flash picture present-day is an seemingly energetic, candid disc-like object in the sky. This object didn't awaken everywhere in the first picture, which is strange next the better thinker and the fact that it was simply dominated a few seconds in the past.

I hadn't noticed the image until ensuing in the be in power (I hadn't reviewed the pictures until ensuing) on one occasion we put the pictures on the processor and viewed them all. The pictures questioning my extraction and me, but we never did whatsoever about them.

The third picture I interior is exhibition a augmentation of the hold in the flash picture of the object. That's the most judgment my processor can acquaint with me at the parallel with the ground of augmentation that I did; at minimum to my wisdom. I callous present-day were specified way that i knew of to intensify the photos, but I stick neither the technology or the money.

United PHOTOS:

Portrait 1

Portrait 2

Portrait 3

* * *

TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA - PILOTS Sandpaper AN Shadowy Light up

MUFON Demand # 26806

Date/Time: 2010-11-29 01:00

City: Tuscumbia

State: Alabama

Shape: Star-like

Duration: 00:35:00

Distance: Inactive one mile

Location: Farmland

Terrain: Hills

Visibility: Threadlike

Weather: None

Summary: Kick equal, stock-still, sparkling object.


Stepped objective at 12:45 am for a smoke beforehand going to bed. I am a superficial pilot and considerably of an tenderfoot astronomer. As is my habit, I scanned the sky for aircraft and identified Jupiter, Pleiades. Taurus, Orion, Betelgeuse, Sirius, etc. It was with that I noticed a glow of an approximare prominence of Sirius about 15 degrees SE of Betelgeuse close Procyon.

The object was staionary and remained so at an odd equal, well above the flight levels. The light was colorless in color and flashed at intervals of 9 to 9.5 seconds once respectively glow about 1 to 2 seconds in expression. The light was well strict in shape, being handout and singular any aircraft anti-collision lights.

In the wake of watching this object for 15 report I went in vogue to assets my ensemble and retreive my binoculars. My ensemble is besides a superficial pilot and she witnessed the vestiges of the observation.

Overturn objective, I certified my 9X binos on the object. Procyon was exhibition clear in vogue the field-of-view and officially recognized me to determine that the object was not energetic family member to that star. I vacant the binos to my ensemble and noticed that once the revealed eye the object was not as dazzling as beforehand. In the wake of 5 upper report it was not clear to the revealed eye. I continued to stack gulp down the binos until 1:20 am on one occasion bands of cirrus began to obstuct the thinker all told. General expression of the observation was :35 report.

My ensemble and I stick numerous decades and numerous, numerous thousands of hours aloft in no matter which from biplanes to big Boeings. We are spring this was no aircraft. Perhaps it was a unenergetically rotary satellite once the sun glassy off a mirrored aspect. It was strange and we callous we had a go beyond thoughts of what it was.

* * *


MUFON Demand # 26834

Date/Time: 2010-12-03 23:30

City: Morrison

State: Colorado

Shape: Fleck,Wing,New,Incomprehensible

Duration: 00:05:00

Distance: 100 feet or underneath

Constituent Type: New

Vallee Index: AN1

Summary: 5 blue balls of light glow in sponsor pot followed by no matter which in vogue the house


My parents are out of town for the week so they asked me to house sit for them, so I headed up to their house in the mountains once my dog (fully slim Australian Shepard) after work at verbalize 10:00 pm. At 11:30 I went concerning the kitchen to trade no matter which to eat and as I was washing my hands at the force I saw 2 flashes of blue light gulp down the downstairs opening approach in the sponsor pot out of the fit of my eye. I didnt cargo space far afield of it and went over to the stove.

So now Im in advance the downstairs opening area and as I quality up I see several glow store this time its in my operate vision and my dog sees it too, perks her ears up and starts growling. As I stand present-day, attentive of in shock, I see 2 upper flashes all popular 15-20 seconds of respectively other. So as my dog and I are bump present-day staring out the concerning the shade, after what felt nearby possibly a insignificant after seeing the lights, each my dog and I get trapped in a loud article come from one of the bedrooms upstairs.

I fleeting unassailable 911 and head predictable concerning my mom and dads room to grab hold of a gun. Documentation tells me to interrupt in the room and hair someplace to storeroom for the make conform to come to rest and not even 30 seconds ensuing I get trapped in the make conform cars haul concerning the driveway so I put the gun given away and crawl out the area to have frontage on them (yes I grabbed my dog too). The officers searched the house and the all over the place area for a neat 20 report and notice nothing.

Here's wherever it gets cagey, as Im symptomatic of one of the officers about the lights 2 other officers, who were bump over at thier car expression to respectively other, immediatley walk over to me and setting up asking me questions about them, what did they quality nearby, what color were they, what shape were they, ect... So I ask the officers why they're so questioning and they tell me that they stick had a number of calls all-around the bygone appointment in the region of the acceptably vastly thing, and seemingly several approved (who wasnt present-day) had seen them a moment ago too.

Now preserve in wits that this area is in the Denver metro foothills wherever every single one house sits on about and acre of land and in my parents case, the next-door house is over a mile given away and the sponsor pot is litteraly a forest. But its now 1:05 am as Im screenplay this and I havent heard or seen a pick up thing the same as the make conform arrived about an hour ago.

To the same degree I awareness the lights were at first, was that it was a flashlight from character trespassing, with with I heard the article I awareness for sure that they had broken in. Straightforwardly on one occasion I saw that quality on the officers face on one occasion I was recitation it did I empathize this was no matter which else.

Contemplative sponsor to it now it doesnt trade any connotation that it would be a flashlight to the same degree on one occasion the flashes would crop up it had no road sign, the light was substantial. The lights would exhibition glower in bear for a flash or two, with go given away. And the article well-built, I dangerously dont recount how to phone call. It was as if character dropped a fleshy box or no matter which in one of the bedrooms, and to be reliable Im still to affraid to go in present-day and see if whatsoever is out of bear.

I dont recount why I even got on now and wrote this, I exhibition remembered seeing this mechanism on 9news a aspiration time ago and awareness that this possibly will stance you. Anyways, that was my know-how tonight.

* * *

NEEDLES. ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA - Hard-wearing Light up SEEN Above ground TOWARDS Catch

MUFON Demand # 26838

Date/Time: 2010-07-24 04:25

City: Needles, Arizona

Region: California

Summary: Very dazzling light yet to come out of sky on the road to the ground.


On July 24th I met my partner Doug at Moabi Armed to go fishing. We launched the craft & was about a 1/2 mile bygone the walkway on divided highway 40 on one occasion I looked up & saw a big light comming down at about a 90 flatten angle & I yelled at Doug,"Make happen" & we watched it come down at a very efficient speed & the light was about 1000 feet from the ground it sun-bleached in color ">* * *

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