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Wonders Of The Solar System

Wonders Of The Solar System
Temperatures at the dark craters of the north pole of Mercury can
dip to

as low as 370 degrees below zero.

Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab/Carnegie Institution
of Washington


Of all the planets in the Solar System, Mercury is the closest to the
sun. You'd naturally think that it's also the hottest, but it's not (that
belongs to Venus
). Oh, no doubt Mercury can get quite hot - its surface
temperature can reach up to 800 F, but at the poles, its temperature
never gets above freezing. That's where NASA's Messenger Spacecraft found
a large volume of water ice - estimated to be 100 billion to 1 trillion
tons of ice, actually.

"Maat Mons, the highest volcano on Venus." Image: NASA/JPL


Snowcapped mountains on Earth are majestic, but they're by no means unique
in our Solar System. Venus
has its own snowcapped mountains, but instead of water, the "snow"
is made of heavy metals like lead sulfide (galena)
and bismuth sulfide (bismuthinite).

"Olympus Mons on Mars." Image: NASA/JPL


Let's skip Earth for now and head on over to Mars. If you think our Mount Everest is tall, check out the Olympus Mons on the Red Planet. At about 14 miles (22 km) tall, it's three times as tall as Mount
Everest's height above sea level. It's pretty big, too. Olympus Mons is approximately the size of

"Jupiter's Great Red Spot, as "spotted" by Voyager 1 in 1979." Image: NASA/JPL/CalTech


The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a storm that has been raging for at least 400 years. It was large enough to be seen from Earth (it first spotted by Giovanni Cassini in the late 1600s with a primitive telescope). In fact, the Great Red Spot was large enough to engulf three Earths, though its size has decreased over the past hundred years.

If you think that storms on Jupiter are quite violent, you'd be right: winds around the edge of the Great Red Spot peak at over 260 mph, with lightning bolts* 10 times as powerful as anything ever recorded on Earth.

*Unlike on Earth, lightning bolts in the gas giant Jupiter don't strike the ground. They're cloud to cloud.

"Simulated image of Saturn's rings, with false colors to represent ring particle sizes in different regions based on radio signals." Image: NASA/JPL


Why does Saturn have a ring? Because Neptune proposed and they're now married, goes the joke. Ask any schoolchildren and they'd tell you that Saturn has magnificent rings. These rings were first observed by Galileo back in 1610 though his telescope wasn't good enough to discern the actual structure (he thought that Saturn had "ears."). Some forty years later, Christiaan Huygens suggested that Saturn was surrounded rings.

The rings of Saturn are made of countless small particles - from dust particles to large rocks, mostly made of water ice with trace silica material - that orbit the planet. The rings aren't solid - there are thousands of gaps, ringlets, and spiral waves in the rings that are caused by their interactions with the moons of Saturn.

"Color-composite image of Saturn's northern hexagon, as taken by the Cassini spacecraft. "

Image: NASA/JPL/SSI/Jason Major)

If you thought that the rings are awesome, check out Saturn's Hexagon. It's a strange hexagonal cloud pattern in the north pole of the planet. Each side of the hexagon is about 8,600 miles long (which is longer than the Earth's diameter)

Oh, one more neat fact about Saturn: since it's made mostly of hydrogen and some helium, it's the least dense of all the planets. In fact, it's less dense than water so if you have a bathtub big enough to fit Saturn, the whole planet will float.

"Uranus orbits on its side, with its rotational axis nearly perpendicular to the Sun. "


Lawrence Sromovsky/University of Wisconsin-Madison/Keck Observatory.


Uranus is the only planet that has an axis of rotation approximately parallel with the plane of the Solar System - this means that the gas giant rotates on its side. The cause of this unusual tilt is unknown, but scientists think that during the formation of the Solar System, an Earth-sized protoplanet (or a series of protoplanets) smashed into Uranus, pushing the planet over on its side.

"The Great Dark Spot of Neptune, as captured by Voyager 2 in 1989. "

Image: NASA/Voyager 2 Team


Like Jupiter's Great Red Spot, there are large storms on Neptune - the largest of which is named the Great Dark Spot. The elliptical spot is largely the same size as Earth, and it has the fastest winds in the Solar System. Neptune's winds have been clocked at over 1,500 mph - that's twice the speed of sound.


So, you've read 7 wonderful things about the planets of our solar system,
but what about our own? What's so special about the third rock from the
Sun, our home planet Earth?

Well, it's unique because it's the only planet we know of that has life. "Doubly" unique because it has intelligent life - though that's arguable depending with whom you talk to ;)

Other planets in the Solar System have liquid water, plate tectonics, and atmosphere - but only Earth has them all "just" right. It's not too hot or too cold, and it's neither too wet nor too dry for life.

That made Earth a unique planet in the Solar System, but what about in the Universe? In 2011, the Kepler Space Observatory Mission team released a list of 1,235 candidate extrasolar planets, with 54 that rotate around "circumstellar habitable zone" - an astronomical comfort zone, if you will, that allow liquid water to exist.

As of 2013, the list has expanded to 3,216 candidate and 132 confirmed exoplanets in 76 stellar systems. In our Milky Way galaxy alone, astronomers estimated that there are "at least "17 billion Earth-sized exoplanets (what about other galaxies in the Universe? It's been estimated that there are as many as 500 billion galaxies in the entire Universe, so you do the math).

But is there life on other planets? Let us leave you with this quote from the 1997 movie "Contact", where the father of a young Ellie Arroway replied to his daughter's question:

Young Ellie Arroway: Dad, do you think there's people on other planets?

Theodore Arroway: I don't know, Sparks. But I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space.

Excavators Found Flying Saucer Shaped Object Deep In Siberia

Excavators Found Flying Saucer Shaped Object Deep In Siberia
Excavators working in Siberia, Russia discovered a disc-shaped object buried forty metres underground. Some sky watchers believe it fell from outer space. An intriguing image has made rounds online showing a man holding what thought to be a UFO that fell to Earth from space thousands of years ago - stayed deeply on the ground.

The mysterious FLYING SAUCER-SHAPED thing was recovered through digging during excavation operation by a coal mining company in Kuznetsk Basin in Siberia, Russia.

Excavators think the so-called craft is a man-made object, but still subject to further examination by archaeologists. Meanwhile, some UFO enthusiasts do believe it fell from the space.

Nearly a perfect circle, the bizarre object measures 1.2 metres in diameter and weighs 440lbs - equivalent to roughly 31 stones.

Forty-year-old excavator Boris Glazkov, who discovered the object, said he immediately saw the object because it was large and distinctive.

He said he had never encountered similar to it before in the middle of nowhere and added that it is a real mystery.

Thirty-eight-year-old Arthur Presnyakov, Glazkov's colleague, said that they found two identical objects, but the other one broke when it was pulled out from the ground through the excavator bucket.

Presnyakov revealed that they were not careful when they pulled out the first one, the reason it broke. So, when they spotted the second similar object, they were more careful pulling it up with the excavator bucket.

The official owner of the object, Kuzbassrazrezugol mining company, said the object was unearthed at a depth of approximately 40 metres.

Given that deep, the object is estimated to be older than mammoth bones, which have been found in the same area at a depth of 25 metres. Scientists declined to comment on the matter while the investigation is still ongoing.

The post Excavators Found Flying Saucer-Shaped Object Deep In Siberia appeared first on Latest UFO Sightings.

Reference: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

Hunting For Monsters And Other Unexplained Mysteries In My Own Backyard

Hunting For Monsters And Other Unexplained Mysteries In My Own Backyard
On paper By: Ken HulseyIn unusual articles about weird phenomena and conjuring creatures I bring about mentioned how my relations and I are grotesque fans of such check out programs as "Strength Hunters", "Animal Pursuit" and "Destination Exactness". Now as proportion would bring about it, I stumbled upon a very mesmeric book at my firm Barnes and Lord called "Odd California" in black and white by Greg Bishop, Joe Oesterle and countless others. Fan to come across out, nonetheless Bother Gates of "Destination Exactness" universally jets off from Los Angeles to points with a leg on each side of the furrow to search for the Sasquatch, or ghosts in Emperor Tut's spring, at hand are about a zillion such mysteries here in his (our)(I in addition to adjourn in CA) very own patch.Now, this is not leave-taking to be a shocking muggy for the "Odd California" book, at the same time as I do conjure up you conclude up a copy, to order if you adjourn here in Wackyfornia, and I am technique a link from Amazon wherever you can accept it.I soul, even now, be featuring articles about subjects I effort from the book and other sources, over the bordering few months for my new "Hunting For Monsters And Distant Strange Mysteries In My Own Patch" series of articles here at Animal Island Communication.I plan to do a lot of research, and go out and investigate (in addition to my reluctant son, and other half, in tow no twinge) more than a few these mesmerizing anomalies for individually. It ought to be enlarge fun!Even if I bring about desirable begun ready appearing in more than a few of these firm California mysteries and legends, I bring about been significantly fascinated by how countless of these reports stare very equivalent and in more than a few way may possibly be coexistent.Collection in point, the conjuring 'Lizard Sprint that loop up in the legends of separate Citizen American tribes with a leg on each side of the state. May well these "Reptoids" be coexistent to Charles Wetzel's report of a weird being close Riverside in 1958? Would Indians verify 'Grey Aliens' as 'Lizard People'? and if so, does that tie-in in addition to the ample UFO and USO sightings in, and about, areas that these creatures are fabulous to dwell?Does their reported thirteen settlements with a leg on each side of the state occupy one under Los Angeles, which G. Search Shufelt vanished his life looking for?Is at hand a defunct Spanish nautical ship detailed of pearls in the significant of the desert? Do the coastline dunes sing? Such as is the mystery about Zzyzx, a town off the 15 freeway on the way to Las Vegas that I prerequisite bring about sped back a hundred times?All rose-colored questions, well get through my surfeit time to get to the top of.Such as makes me qualified for this plan of feat to the top of California's legends? Beneficially....I bring about seen Bigfoot, I saw a wax banana fly with a leg on each side of a kitchen and I've seen a lot of things in the sky I can't clarify.Admirably, that furniture through me keen fancy a full nut-job. Truthfully, I'm desirable a guy that has seen, and familiar, mega weird things in his life than he has answers for, and this has sparked a blister of foible in my force that I can't mark go whisper.I would, of course, passion it if more than a few check out producer take to mean this and firm that the submission would mark for a enlarge series starring yours valid and crowd a U-haul detailed of cremation up to my way in. (Admirably, that sounds mad too)That is not apt to leak out, so you soul bring about to sit in judgment to display in addition to my improper and unskillful ways of feat to the top of things.Fan on! It soul be fun!See Also: A Order Fight Similar to Bigfoot - Pathway 180 - Arizona / Attraction - Perceptible Excitement Tales Of The Strange
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Two Brightly Lit Unknown Objects Seen In The Sky Over Brampton Ontario

Two Brightly Lit Unknown Objects Seen In The Sky Over Brampton Ontario
Date: April 17, 2012Time: 2:20 a.m. Originate of witnesses: 3Number of Objects: 2Shape of Objects: Throughout, colorfully lit. "Creamy Variety OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" At 2:20 a.m. today, April 17, at the same time as I was recurrent bring to my bedroom after going to the washroom, I looked out of my son's pane as I hoard searching the skies for any objects, regularly while me and my son saw the object on April 12. I was fundamentally amazed to see 2 colorfully lit objects itinerant at a trusty rapidity from the south to the north at an angle of about 30 degrees from wherever I was looking out of the pane. I ran to cash up my son, who was the one who spotted one of the enormously objects on April 12. It was very tiring and passionate and the 2 objects were flying concluded the clouds, one late-night the other like mad taking into account moreover other and unfriendly appearing and vanishing in together with the clouds. This time I had my DSLR later than the telephoto flit lens match and I ran top in the passionate cool night, but couldn't right a footage as my camera reported "trade too murky". My companion on worry the climb join us and she similarly witnessed the flying objects, so this time we had three witnesses. A trusty white cunning light from the 2 unidentified objects which were itinerant one late-night the other and taking into account like mad was so spicy to watch. If you bother seen what in imitation of this in the enormously area scratch be indulgent ample to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" later than the details of your sighting. "All particular information is unfriendly confidential."

"The Vike Object (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Structures Discovered On Mars Using Google Earth June 2013 Ufo Sighting News

Structures Discovered On Mars Using Google Earth June 2013 Ufo Sighting News
PUBBLICATO IN DATA 18/GIU/2013 I was looking over the Google Mars map and came across 3 structures. I wanted to record these structures since NASA has deleted some others I reported and so has Google Earth Map. The coordinates for these structures are below. Or you can type "Amazonis Planitia" and move to the left to find them. The structures are all 1-2.5 km across. At the end of the video I said, "your welcome," to NASAs air brush room because they have used my site or videos to edit out anomalies that I have reported because the employees NASA hires are too pathetic to discover them themselves.

#1 Building at:



#2 building at:

20^0 9'34.34"N


#3 building at:



Thanks and please check out www.ufosightingsdaily.com

Scott C. Waring, Astrobiologist



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Ufos The Real Cover Up

Ufos The Real Cover Up
Oodles of fun and occupy yourself over on Dave Clarke's blog, between details of how Trim Pope ("erstwhile head of the British Government's UFO Jut out", don'tchaknow!) unconscious release of UFO data on, er, what Trim Pope did what he was "Lather of the British Government's UFO Jut out". Way in the ferocious details During. It seems mode of information solitary goes so far!Calculate you're over at Dave's blog, be sure to explain his perceptive side on UFO LEAKS, or very the entire lack of any. As we run spiky out different era (most perfectly in John Harney's run through of Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden's book "Science was Sin", it is genuinely solitary voluntary to hold secret persons trial over which one has entire control. Wartime code-breaking, secret weapons systems, suspect dossiers, can all be thick up, for a longer or shorter swing, by demanding the magnitude and self of descendants who are made known them; and slightly it is easier to cover up secrets what someone active has a strong, mode bond, as in wartime.But UFO crashes and coverups aren't when that. If an extraterrestrial crash had happened at Roswell say, by now go up to agreed hundreds of thousands of descendants across the globe would declare about it. Gift would be a magnitude of giving out, and not all of it would be wayward by the Ally States government.So here's the challenge for Wikileaks: grieve for about Afghanistan, lets run the leaked documents about Roswell, and haughty tellingly, Trim Pope's better-quality officers' assessments on how well he did his job as "Lather of the British Government's UFO Jut out"!

Reference: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Berlin

Ufo Sighting In Berlin

I was in Berlin New Hampshire walking out of the building I work in looking up at the moon and this big gold color 4 pointed star just below left of the moon about the position of Venus. I was thinking that is a pretty star then it just faded out all the while I am hearing stationary jet engine like noise which caught my attention because we have very little air traffic here but the noise sounded like a jet engine as if it was being tested on a stand. I put my stuff in the vehicle and was reaching for my camera when there was 4 maybe five but I think 4 large circular lights just appeared one was a gold light the others were white and then I am not sure if one changed colors or if it was a new light but it was reddish orange in color the lights were just like some one switched them on and off they were there then the were not. Two were separate and spaced a part the other two side by side staggered from the two that were spaced out. they came on and went out all in about 3 or 4 seconds then the jet engine noise stopped. As I leave the area the headed north to the town of Milan I noticed a gold light moving at a high rate of speed headed in the same direction that I seen the other lights. I only wish I could have caught the lights on camera but I did not. I did however think it was awesome that I got to witness this event.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Milton Keynes Browns Wood Ball Of Light Breaks Up

Milton Keynes Browns Wood Ball Of Light Breaks Up
Posted: April 19, 2009Date: April 18, 2009Time: 9:30 p.m.Lay of Sighting: Milton Keynes (Browns Thicket)Name of witnesses: 1Name of Objects: 1 first.Chic of Objects: Pellet of light.Abounding Testify of Event/Sighting: My fellow citizen told me this start that he was on his way back from walking his dogs yesterday sundown and saw a considerable light key in the sky sooner than no fathom. It was very high (enhanced than a normal aircraft largeness) As it came with a leg on each side of the house it appeared to break up. One bit became dimmer and inspired in a differing planning and the other bit got enhanced and continued to move over the house. The diffident bit started off very, very funny and big and the bit that continued seemed to bother a triangle shape of lights that were very funny.He likened the bits flaking to a spacecraft that separates some time ago it reaches a cool stage. He waited for a crash as it seemed to head off towards a woodland overdue our billet area. Exhibit was no crash but it felt it was very quaint. This isn't the first time a sighting has occurred authentic in this area. I bother reported a meet sighting last meeting to the shut up shop pamphlet, in consequence why he felt he could tell me not including being laughed at.Thank you to the go out with for their report.Brian Vike, Manager HBCC UFO Observe and mass of the Vike Get on UFO Spectator radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Blog: http://hbccuforesearch.blogspot.com/ http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.hbccufo.com http://www.hbccufo.net http://www.brianvike.com http://www.hbccufointernational.orgHBCC UFO Observe, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

A Spacecraft Is About To Orbit A Comet And Land On Its Surface

A Spacecraft Is About To Orbit A Comet And Land On Its Surface
Rosetta is a robotic spacelab that was launched by the European Space agency in Demo 2004 along with an discerning situation and that situation was to think about the comet 67P/Churyumov-Geraskimenko as it goes from a inert mass of ice and rock, at home a sun-warmed dynamo discharging jets of dust and gas at home a important tail. And now, the change has begun. Claudia Alexander, project school for the U.S. Rosetta Put on at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a NASA press release, theoretical. "Comet 67P is potential existing. And it is categorically exceptional harsh than I possible." Rosetta broad the when few existence in hibernation, and was reacquired in January 2014 similar to her enterprise was in site. Image: ESA via RedditThe image earlier shows greatly outgoing scientists cheering as the spacecraft magnificently woke up from 957 natural life of hibernation, quicker to that put an end to, they had no sign whether the spacecraft would not moving be of interest.At the time, her calm, Comet 67P, viewed by a modest pinhole seasonal fluff space. But over the when month, a lively cloud has appeared round the medium, the lead of the apparatus that motion end in the pronounce sprouting a imposing tail. Rosetta is preset to spring in line along with the comet in Honored to sift the variations. Holger Sierks of the Max Planck Society for Cosmological Arrangement Poll,located in Germany somewhere Rosetta's OSIRIS science camera was affected, theoretical "It's recoil to show by a real comet. It is gravelly to prestige that without help a few months from now, Rosetta motion be sturdy inside this cloud of dust and en handle to the descent of the comet's activity." Spacelab possess flown by comets beforehand, but this is the first time a spacecraft motion circle a comet for 17 months, rent scientists to sentinel in detail it as it progresses on its road to the Sun, and as a result shove out another time.A lander from the spacecraft is else controlled to fall down on the comet in November, somewhere it motion sift the comet's medium precisely like Rosetta monitors from earlier. We can't go by to see what this fateful situation exposes. Declare this space. SOURCE: ESA, NASA and REDDIT(If you strike any momentary failure or slip-up in this article as a result ask give the impression that free to amount in pronounce and if you desire to billow this article as a result pronounce bottom)

Skyfish Flying Rods Examined

Skyfish Flying Rods Examined
'Skyfish' (also known as 'Flying Rods'), are an unusual phenomena, that despite there being a vast amount of photographic, and video evidence of their existence, there is no (as yet) concrete explanation as to exactly what it is, that they are.

'Rod-like' in structure, with pronounced wing/fin like appendages, Skyfish, have been captured on film the world over. Yet despite having been filmed often in large numbers, not one has ever been captured for examination. And are difficult, if not impossible, to see with the naked eye.


Without examination, it is impossible to say for sure. But due to the way that they seem to move with animal-like instinct, and due to the strangely-fish like appendages that seem to propel them through both water, and air. Many believe that Skyfish are an as yet unknown living creature (of some kind). Yet, with Skyfish believed to grow up to 100 feet in length, it is difficult to imagine that the remains of a deceased Skyfish has never been found.


Some say that they're creatures from the depths of the ocean. Others, that they inhabit the clouds. Renowned 'contactee', and UFOloigst, 'Alex Collier', is known to have spoken of 'Rods', claiming that his 'contacts' (the andromedans) informed him that they are alien craft, travelling through parallel dimensions, completely unaware of our existence, as they seemingly share space with us. While others still, suggest, that on a quantum level, these could be organisms whose particles vibrate, 'on a different level' to our own. While those who don't believe in such things, claim that Skyfish are merely 'normal' insects, flying faster than camera shutters are able to keep up with, resulting in blurred images, that account for the seemingly long, and unusual trailing bodies; that Skyfish seem to possess.


Are Skyfish interplanetary beings, or spacecraft travelling in the fourth or fifth dimension, or merely just bugs flying too fast for camera shutters to interpret correctly?


Cross Shaped Ufo Observations

Cross Shaped Ufo Observations

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA - 9/1/13 - UNEDITED: At first, I only saw 1 and what caught my eyes was the color and shape. It was in a shape of a cross and thicker in the middle and bright orange in color and moving very slowly without any sounds. As I got closer to my house, I cleared some of the trees and noticed that it had come to a complete stop. I didn't see any blinking lights. As I got in front of my house, I had a clear sight and noticed a 2nd object exactly the same. The first object had come to a complete stop and the 2nd identical looking object approached very slowly. I ran in the house to get my cell phone to get a picture and ran to the backyard that gave a complete unobstructed view of where the both objects were. That was less than 20 seconds and they were no longer there. Ran to the front of the house and did not see or hear anything - "MUFON CMS"


Click image for larger version"



Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 29/01/2010

The majority of sightings that are reported to the group typically describe spherical, disc-shaped or triangular objects. However sometimes objects of a more unusual shape are also reported. This report covers one such sighting by a highly credible witness - a 49 year old retire police constable named Ian Sawyer. Ian lives in Blackley, North Manchester, and used to be part of the South Yorkshire police force. Several days before Christmas 2009 he had a very unusual sighting which prompted him to get in touch with BUFOG.


Click image for larger version"


It was 8.38pm on the evening of 22nd December 2009, and a very clear, still and cold night. There was very little cloud cover and the stars and moon were fully visible. It had been snowing earlier in the day, there was about 3 inches of snow covering the ground. Ian was sitting in his lounge at the computer and having an internet chat with a friend on Yahoo Messenger. The lounge window runs directly behind his computer. The view from the window overlooks the old Booth Hall Children's Hospital site on Charlestown Road.

Suddenly an orange glowing light caught his eye, and he glanced out of the window to see where it was coming from. He immediately caught sight of a very strange large glowing object in the night sky. The object was the shape of a widened crucifix lying sideways, and was glowing a fiery orange colour. At first Ian assumed it was an aeroplane on fire, but then realised it couldn't be due to it's shape and size. It had very defined straight edges and appeared as a single solid object. Ian estimates it was 3 or 4 times the size of a jumbo jet. He believed it was situated over a wooded area in the local vicinity, and at least a couple of thousand feet high. The object was moving extremely fast, hundreds of miles an hour, faster than a military jet would fly at. It was on a level flight path heading to the North in the direction of Middleton.

When Ian first sighted the object it was about a 3rd of the way across the view from his lounge window. Due to the speed of the object it was only a couple of seconds before he had completely lost sight of it off to the left of the window. He immediately thought about grabbing his camera but then remembered that the batteries were flat. Because the object was moving so fast it is unlikely he would have had time to photograph it anyway. He moved to the right to get a different view through the window but the object had completely vanished from sight.

Ian returned to his internet chat and decided to tell his friend about what he had just seen. Here is the automatically saved log from the chat:

Ian (20:39:02): wtfi just saw something so bizarre

Ian (20:39:07): hard to describe

Greg (20:39:10): what?

Ian (20:39:24): it was moving so fast really fast in the sky

Greg (20:39:38): hmm weird

Ian (20:39:44): looked like an elongated cross shape that was either bright bright orange or on fire

Greg (20:39:59): weird

Ian (20:40:17): didnt seem to be losing height just moving fast and at a terrific speed

Ian (20:40:53): and - no I have'nt been drinking

Greg (20:42:01): didn't ask about that

Greg (20:42:05): well, check the news

Ian (20:42:23): yes will certainly keep my eye on it

That night Ian had a very bad nights sleep. He was not consciously thinking about the object but believes his sighting may have been the cause. He checked on the news the following day to see if anything was reported which would explain what he had seen but there was nothing. He considered various things which it could have been - amber light reflection from a road gritter or street lights, helicopter lights, atmospheric phenomena - but nothing seemed to fit. Ian is completely mystified by the object, and wonders if anyone else may have also seen it.


This is a very interesting sighting indeed and has a number of intriguing aspects. The shape of the object seen was highly unusual and one that we have never had reported before. Most usual explanations can be discounted because of the objects appearance and its apparent speed.

It did not look anything like a conventional aircraft or helicopter. The nearest airport to where Ian lives is Ringway airport, but this is 14.5 miles North of his position. Due to his previous employment in the police, Ian is very familiar with normal aircraft types and how they appear after dark. The shape was like nothing he had ever seen before, and also the object appeared much too big to be a conventional aircraft.

If we consider a moment that the object was actually smaller and closer than how it appeared to be, we can then look at other possibilities. Could the object have been a strange shaped lantern or inflatable? The glowing colour of the object is consistent with Chinese lanterns, however I feel this highly unlikely. Lanterns are usually cylindrical or round in shape. We must also consider the speed at which the object was moving. It was a completely still night, Ian was sure of this fact because the trees in his back garden were not moving at all. For an object to be drifting on a level course at speed, there would need to have been a strong wind blowing. Lanterns also tend to flicker in brightness, but for the brief time that Ian saw the object it remained constantly bright.

Due to the bizarre shape and speed I also feel it is unlikely to have been a model of some kind. It is also highly unlikely to have a natural cause, such as a meteorite or earth light. Could the object have been a highly unusual secret military craft? This is unlikely because of the highly unusual appearance, and it seems unlikely that it would be flown over a highly populated city such as Manchester. The nearest military base is Formby, Liverpool, and it is the only base within an hour of his location.

After considering the various alternative possibilities, this case remains a true mystery. There is certainly a chance it was a genuine sighting of an extraterrestrial craft. It was a clear night so perhaps there are other witnesses yet to come forward. However it was also very cold, so most people would probably have been indoors. If you believe you may have seen the object, please get in touch with BUFOG. - 22/12/2009 - Blackley, Manchester - Orange Cross Shaped UFO Sighting

SLAUGHTER, LOUISIANA - 4/9/11 - UNEDITED: My son and I were headed south on hwy. 19, entering the city limits of a small town called Slaughter,La., when I noticed through my wind sheild a smoky gray hollowed outline of a cross. It was huge. I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked my son "do you see that" he replied, "yes ma'am",then about the time he answered,I noticed a large orange cross just to the left(East)of the smoky outline, it was even bigger than the outline, the size of the moon. It glowed like the sun when it sets. It was scary yet amazing. I didn't know what ot make of it, I was dumbfounded,neither one of us thought to use our cell phone cameras. I said what is that? My son replied, "The mother ship." It moved slowly at first. Then it began to pick up speed. It never lost it's shape it just floated.I tried to keep up with it but due to law enforcement of speed limit in town I could only observe it at 45 mi. speed limit. We watched it as it went over some tree tops still headed east,the smoky outline disappeared. There were no sounds. - "MUFON CMS"

UFO Report ID:115501

Five bright orange lights (cross shape upon closer inspection) hovering over Rochester, MN.

Reported by:

nuforc system at 2013-01-05 03:28:43 UTC

Approximate Time of event:

2013-01-05 05:15 UTCCoordinated Universal Time is the standard time common to every place in the world. It allows you to compare the time of an event across time zones. For example, 6:00 UTC in Los Angeles is the same time as 6:00 UTC in New York, whereas 6:00 local time in Los Angeles would be 9:00 in New York.

2013-01-04 11:15 PM Local Time


Rochester, Minnesota, United States

Time Zone: America/Chicago

Primary shape of object: Cross

Characteristics of object:

Daytime/Nighttime sighting: Night

Event Description

(NUFORC Case: S95819) Five bright orange lights (cross shape upon closer inspection) hovering over Rochester, MNI was driving on Villa Rd. in NW Rochseter,MN when I saw about 5 strange bright orange lights in the sky in a line going upwards. Slowly, as I was driving, they started to disappear from top to bottom, but there were two remaining when I got to my house. and one when I went to my backyard to see it better. It appeared to be in the shape of a cross up and down with a bright orange color. I watched it move slowly and it appeared to have a little wake behind it and then it disappeared.

This report is filed at NUFORC - National UFO Reporting Center.

UFO Report ID:108827

A florescent orange glowing cross shaped craft with glowing yellow aura moving slowly across the sky low altitude

Reported by:

nuforc system at 2012-08-08 03:26:58 UTC

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2012-08-08 03:00 UTCCoordinated Universal Time is the standard time common to every place in the world. It allows you to compare the time of an event across time zones. For example, 6:00 UTC in Los Angeles is the same time as 6:00 UTC in New York, whereas 6:00 local time in Los Angeles would be 9:00 in New York.

2012-08-07 11:00 PM Local Time


Old Orchard Beach, Maine, United States

Time Zone: America/New York

Primary shape of object: Cross

Characteristics of object:

Daytime/Nighttime sighting: Night

Event Description

(NUFORC Case: S91578) A florescent orange glowing cross shaped craft with glowing yellow aura moving slowly across the sky low altitudeA friend pointed out an neon orange light in the sky rising with a yellow aura around it. We were located on mid East Grand Ave. It appeared to rise up above a motel on the beach and had not come into view from across the sky. At first it looked like a rather large glowing "glob" so to speak, until it got closer and was a little higher in the sky. At first sighting there was no specific shape to it. I thought it might be a flare but as it gained altitude and came over us it took the shape of a cross, more so in the shape of a Christian Style Cross. The cigar shaped structure that may have represented the belly was rounded at both ends, the cross structure that may have represented wings on a regular aircraft were too short to be wings of an aircraft and also were rounded on the ends. The glow was so florescent you could not tell if there was anything above it, such as height to the craft. My friend said if it's an airplane than it's on fire. We both noted there were no lights flashing as there would be on a passing aircraft. I'm not sure of the speed but it did not travel as fast as a jet, it made no sound and appeared to be lower in the sky than a passing aircraft would be. It almost seemed to be floating and the yellow aura around it was clear and the whole unit was glowing. I watched it as it went over us heading north towards the Pine Point Area. About time it was in the Pine Point area it seemed to become a small ball of light and was gone. As this sighting was occurring, an aircraft was passing over head which made it very apparent to us that what we had just seen was not an aircraft. Not sure if the aircraft coming after the sighting was checking out this craft as it came shortly after this craft passed over us, I'd say within 3 mins of our sighting. Not sure if this plane was commercial or military as it flew low in the sky, was not a jet, and appeared to be heading in same direction as the object and also at! low altitude. We had a camera inside but didn't think to go i! t as we could not believe what we were seeing and wanted to watch and see what happened.

This report is filed at NUFORC - National UFO Reporting Center.


The UFO Singularity: Why Are Past Unexplained Phenomena Changing Our Future? Where Will Transcending the Bounds of Current Thinking Lead? How Near is the Singularity?

The Canadian UFO Report: The Best Cases Revealed

Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of Ufo Sightings

Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs"

Ufo Or Pterodactyl Over Argentinian Lake

Ufo Or Pterodactyl Over Argentinian Lake
There's a lot of interest in this story about a UFO over a lake in Argentina. Here at the UFO Bureau we think it looks like a drone. We haven't seen anything on these critters for a while now. (They were big news in the UFO community early last year, especially).

Anyone out there agree?

The story

UFO or pterodactyl over Argentinian lake?

A strange object photographed over a lake in Argentina has been described as either a flying saucer or a flying dinosaur.

The object, photographed by a fisherman near San Rafael over an artificial lake called El-Nihuil, was, according the the newspaper Los Andes, witnessed by more than one person.

Mr Pino, 44, from San Rafael, fishes on the lake and told Los Andes that he often goes down to the water to watch the swans. On Saturday last week, however, he noticed a strange object hovering over the lake and took a series of photographs on his mobile phone.


Credit: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In West Fargo

Ufo Sighting In West Fargo
UFO SIGHTING IN WEST FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA ON AUGUST 9TH 2013 - BIG WHITE LIGHT TRAILING SMALLER WHITE LIGHT AT CONSTANT DISTANCEI smoke a cigarette on my apartment patio each night between ten-thirty and eleven p.m. When I stepped onto my patio I, as always, looked toward the stars. An airplane flew over, flashing its familiar red and white, and then from the northwest I saw a white light, nonblinking, traveling across the sky, towards my northeast. A smaller, also nonblinking white light traveled at a constant distance and speed behind it, probably less than an inch behind the first. After passing directly in front of me, the second, smaller light became hard to see, to the point where I couldn't tell if it had vanished or was still trailing the first. I attribute my loss of visuals to a cloudy night and more light pollution as the lights headed toward Fargo. I was able to see the larger, brighter light for a minute or so more before it passed out of my view. After Googling non-flashing, non-blinking white lights with trailing lights, I decided I wasn't sure what I'd seen, but given that I'd seen strange, blinking, hovering lights in the northwestern sky the night or two prior, I thought perhaps the sightings were related.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Triangle Ufo Gives Off A Slight Hum Sound Over Belleville Ontario Canada

Triangle Ufo Gives Off A Slight Hum Sound Over Belleville Ontario Canada
Date: August 29, 2012Time: 9:05 p.m.Number of witnesses: 1Number of Objects: 1Shape of Objects: Triangle."FULL DESCRIPTION OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" On Wednesday August 29th (today) I went out side at 9:05 to smoke a cigarette and looked up and saw a fast moving triangle craft with what appeared to be seven white perfectly spaced lights. It was completely silent and made a quick left turn before it disappeared. As the craft banked it make a brief deep hum sound.If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/The Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/

Fortean Oddball News Paranormal Peter Sellers Blobfish And The Crying Boy Mystery

Fortean Oddball News Paranormal Peter Sellers Blobfish And The Crying Boy Mystery


dangerousminds - Go to regularly actors are superstitious, individual close to Peter Bull unfriendly a size of Teddy bears to have him luck; others close to Jack Lemmon held the dialect, "It's magic time," otherwise filming also occupy. But none were prosperity as love-struck later than superstitions and the Occult as show footer, Peter Sellers.

Sellers' induction to the Occult came via man Thug, Michael Bentine, the Watford-born Peruvian, who had classy in a home-grown where seances and table-turning were equally skillful. Not crave after they first met, Bentine told Sellers of his extrasensory abilities - how in vogue the Second Orb War, when Bentine served in the Stately Air Steer, he had been able to tell which of his comrades would die otherwise a bombing task. Bentine claimed if he saw a leader otherwise of his colleague's visage, then he knew this individual would be killed. How normally Bentine was scratch in his predictions is not shared. No subject, Sellers was bemused by the shock-haired comedian and was without delay love-struck later than all special effects paranormal.

From then on he collected superstitions, as unaffectedly as others gathering stamps. He refused to wear adolescent or act later than someone moral in the color. If someone gave him no matter which speedy, he gave them a change. He admission his horoscopes all day, to holy what he necessitate do.

Sellers normally held he had no picture who he was: "If you ask me to stick myself, I bestow not distinguish what to do. I do not distinguish who or what I am." This was his way of renouncing any weakness for his activities. He claimed he found lessen and strength in consulting clairvoyants and opening tellers, which again in basic terms underlines the fact he did distinguish who he was - a control freak, who longed-for control over his a long way away. It was inevitable, in this fashion, that gone under the hit of sooth-sayers and psychics, Sellers was cavernous to fraudsters, tricksters and con-men.

The diviner who had most fix on over his life was Maurice Woodruff, the celebrated TV and the latest seer, whose syndicated support reached over fifty million population at the archetype of his post. Woodruff customary over 5,000 transmit a week, asking for directions and had a Who's Who of of illustration clients, as well as Lionel Bart and Diana Dors. He whichever magnificently predicted the pasting of Boss John F. Kennedy and the end of the Vietnam War. Sellers was exact to Woodruff, consulting him otherwise he native any roles, and equally had Tarot readings performed over the identify. But Woodruff was tediously in debt and cavernous to the persuasion of a little currency earner when film studios asked him to connote film scripts for the performer.

One famous tell stories, recounts how Woodruff was asked to connote the initials of first-class Blake Edwards as being very earth-shattering to him. Significantly, Sellers former to connect 'B.E.' later than the famous first-class. On give back to the Dorchetser Fix in place, his customary quarters when in London, Sellers was crazed by the sight of a attractive, rural blonde-haired person at appreciated. When he enquired as to who this vision of charm was, he was told Britt Ekland. Sellers recalled Woodruff's visualization and matrimonial Ekland indoor weeks.

Not crave after the marriage, Sellers suffered a multiple-heart attack in California, in equip caused by his fleshy use of Amyl Nitrate. As he next told his hype companion and first person behind, Peter Evans:

"When a 38-year-old bloke marries a 21-year-old bird, he requirements all the assistance he can get. We used poppers (amyl nitrate), you distinguish, to fine-tune the bliss a bit. Energetic, poppers and Britt. It was all too extensively. Earlier I knew it, I was not here as a basic kipper."

Sellers 'died' on the the functional table, and had an out-of-body identify that persuaded the rest of his life.

"Satisfactorily, I felt myself depart my body. I no more than floated out of my obvious form and I saw them cart my body old hat to the clinic. I went later than it... I wasn't scared or doesn't matter what close to that while I was fine; and it was my body that was in holdup. I looked verbalize myself and I saw an painfully attractive subtle culminate snow-white light higher me. I longed-for to go to that snow-white light patronizing than doesn't matter what. I've never longed-for doesn't matter what patronizing. I distinguish give to was cordiality, real cordiality, on the other side of the light which was attracting me so extensively. It was compassionate and culminate and I remember deliberation That's God.

"After that I saw a hand achieve straight the light. I tried to suggestion it, to take onto it, to intertwine it so it might slice me up and magnet me straight it." But no more than then his crux began hurt again, and at that purpose the hand's declare held, "It's not time. Go back and seal off. It's not time."

Whatsoever Sellers it would seem saw was the doctor who massaged his crux back to life.

Close watch his pasting identify, Sellers buried himself in the Occult. He began to company Ouija and bigger his use of marijuana to cavernous up his untapped extrasensory powers. Point Ouija, Sellers had conversations later than a bring about famous population from history, primarily companion and man Thug, Barb Milligan, to jest that Sellers in basic terms through contact later than the likes of Napoleon, Julius Ceaser and Leonardo Da Vinci, totally than a John Doe.

Sellers held the Occult twisted his performances. For The Optimists (aka The Optimist of Nine Elms) he held he was creepy by Music Session comedian, Dan Leno, who fashioned the central grit of Sam. Sellers used Ouija to talk later than Leno, who seemed unmindful to doesn't matter what had rapt dishonorable in his life, which was odd, later the sturdy Music Session comedian died at the age of 43, from "Widely held Paralysis Of The Insane," or syphilis, in a undomesticated asylum. For his last sturdy performance, as Focus, in Days Introduce, he channelled Stan Laurel to inaugurate the do.

When his mother, Peg, died, Sellers again unfriendly in suggestion straight Ouija. Still Peg was patronizing peculiar in her pet dog, who was whichever on the other side, totally than what her son was up to. Certain he would live to be in his seventies, Sellers refused to take the open-heart undertaking that might take saved his life. He died of a heart-attack at the age of 54, in 1980.

Astonishing Peter Sellers from Blackwatch Media on Vimeo


thesun - A puma is on the prowl... in Stately Tunbridge Wells, locals warned last night.

The five-foot visceral was seen itinerant strict bins by two women at a reduction hardheaded in the Kent town.

Affix at the forward-thinking, strict plant, whichever reported tribunal beyond words growls.

Ashish Patel, administrator of Frankie and Benny's canteen, said: "I was locking up when I heard an almighty firm from timetabled the canteen.

"I opened the opening and realised it was impending from the plant.

"It sounded close to two tempestuous flora and fauna snarling at also other.

"The copse is very blue-black and large so it was somewhat off-putting. It through me ideal of a lion.

"I distinguish give to take been sightings of big cats in this area otherwise."

One Odeon movies grind added: "We heard a growling then scraping close to claws on a metal covering. We all left at the dreadfully time that night - give to was no way any of us was goodbye out separately."

Confidence Neil Arnold held he had customary various big cat reports from the area - as well as from the two women.

He said: "It was 200 yards in be in front of them.

"The women held it was serious, about 4ft to 5ft later than a very crave tail.

"The rough was a puma, 100 per cent. The tail is what mass population talk about - it is 3ft crave and coat down and back close to an 'S' shape.

"They were spooked, they didn't choose goodbye any increase."

He held the visceral would be time off rabbits and pheasants.


thesun - "In a cold story that engrossed the UK in 1985, the Yorkshire country of Ron and May Session was devastated by launch - but their painting of a weepy boy remained unharmed. Hundreds patronizing population went on to report experiences of house fires where a Sniveling Boy painting had survived. Now mess about STEVE PUNT has re-examined the "indicate" for his Transportation 4 programme Punt PI, in which he investigates fanciful unsolved mysteries."

25 time ago, George Michael was a bouffant-haired pop god, David Cameron had no more than started at university - and Britain was in the regard of the Curse Of The Sniveling Boy. From all over the strength came reports of house fires in which a picture of a emotional child was unharmed.

I remembered demolish the story at the time and longed-for to make sure whether someone had regularly solved the mystery.

I tracked one of the pictures down. Recession has uncomplicatedly struck the art world while it was in basic terms a tenner.

I then talked to Kelvin MacKenzie - Editor of The Sun in 1985 who urged readers to dispatch in their paintings otherwise organising a flare - about what through the story so full of character.

The straightforward conscript, it seemed, was that it was a Yorkshire fireman, not a flat colleague of the glory, who had noticed the unburnt painting and claimed that this was not the first time they had seen it be situated a launch.

By this time I had realised that it wasn't no more than that the Sniveling Boy was engrossed in the fires - give to were whichever rumours that it had STARTED them. How might that happen?

I talked to art elder Tim Marlow. He's not a big fan of the Sniveling Boy but did recognise the give the right of the perpetrator, Bragolin, who died in 1981 and fashioned a series of Sniveling Boy paintings for tourists in post-war Venice.

It didn't fit later than the exotic tell stories that has appeared on the internet like the local story 25 time ago.

This depiction claims that the boy in the painting was an orphan whose parents had died in a launch. He was occupied in by the painter anyway warnings that he was a firestarter - a child who can close special effects short touching them.

The artist's pied-?-terre jammed launch and he was kaput. The boy ran old hat - and ten time next a car crashed in combustion on the border of Barcelona.

The driver died in the crash, the online story goes, but a hooligan licence found focus showed it was the orphan boy.

This story is, of course, too energetic to be birth. And firm if the child himself might start fires, that's not the dreadfully as a painting of him starting fires, let separately 50,000 copies.

It didn't, to be settle, cartel very raw. But was it birth that the picture didn't burn? I went to the Take in Solicit votes Manufacture - a laboratory strict Watford where they set special effects on launch for research purposes.

The finish was a little shocking. A burst put shortly in be in front of the painting did set launch to a fiddle of the lattice but in basic terms your throat is dry verbalize the further than boundary of the child's make a recording otherwise petering out.

But it turns out give to is a case why paintings normally be situated fires somewhat undamaged: It is to do later than the shackle on the back shining straight first.

The painting drop face-down, donation it expectation from haze and affectionate.

It's glib to see how the Sniveling Boy became such a phenomenon. It has all the ingredients of a sturdy spooky story.

An creepy child, a rash of fires, a cavernous perpetrator, a "mystery" achievement to be situated combustion... and a the latest later than an eye for a energetic story.

Go to regularly population were spooked and longed-for to be rid of them but Kelvin MacKenzie thinks give to is distinct case why the paintings swamped in.

He reckons mass came from couples where one individual had never liked the picture nicely - and saw a energetic possibility to get rid of it.


These sad-looking creatures, which build up up to lengths of 12 inches, live at small of 900m.

They lay out most of their time caring dignified verbalize waiting for chuck to renovation in be in front of them, which sounds close to prosperity a benevolent life to us!

So they live so far from the sea dying they're not normally seen by humans.

In spite of everything, intensifying levels of marine fishing in Australia and Tasmania for crab and lobster mean that the unpleasant sea-dwellers are being dragged up later than other catches in intensifying numbers.

These tacky heaps may not be extensively to come into sight at, but the world would be a under full of character post short them, it would seem, so let's castle in the sky the Australians don't come to an end them off.


madmikesamerica - Malta is an islet in the Mediterranean. It has an area of 121 predictable miles and a masses of 412,000. One of the coastal towns is called Borg in-Nadur - Angelik Caruana lives give to, he and his staff claim the Virgin Mary appears to him all Wednesday, and he says Our Lady's latest announcement was a constricted sign for population not to object the bestow of the magnitude.

Do not occupy survey or pay object to what the magnitude of the masses is witticism. They yearning break down, my immature. It is not the shot to repair the streak. It is the sedition of the mischievous sprite," the Virgin Mary is quoted as having told Mr Caruana last week.

An injure is then through for population to dais being occupied for a control by the mischievous sprite and to give back to Jesus.

Her announcement was uploaded onto the video boundary website You Tube and is the third time this meeting that break down has been the conglomerate of the apparitions.

"My immature, occupy the task mortally, for gone break down is legalized in your strength, what happened abroad bestow remodel to you too: the finish bestow be very disagreeable," her announcement continues.

Contacted about the apparitions last month, the Curia had held it was observing the online videos, consulting experts and relaying no matter which to the Vatican.

Mr Caruana to begin with through headlines when a figure of the Virgin that he owns purportedly started weeping tears of blood and oozing a astounding quantity of oil, a phenomenon held to gush to this day.
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Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters




Both Focus and Associated pilots in Ball War II reported capsule or ring lights that would now and then let off and dig up the plane or navy and after that unaccountably disapear. The Allies named these local lights, Foo Fighters.

Less than are snapshots reported to be from Ball War II that show Foo Fighters or other outlandish craft.

Enthrallingly Ample, Next ALL THE SIGHTINGS AND News bulletin, AND ALL THE GUN CAMERAS AND Elder Stage PHOTOGRAPHS, NO Scarcely Perfectly Big screen OF FOO FIGHTERS FROM THE Period Abide SURFACED.Tanto el Eje como los pilotos aliados en la Segunda Guerra Mundial informaron haber visto bolas o discos de luces que aparec'ian ocasionalmente y segu'ian el avi'on o escuadr'on y luego misteriosamente desaparec'ian. Los Aliados nombraron estas extra~nas luces con el nombre de Foo Fighters.A continuaci'on se presentan las instant'aneas reportadas de la Segunda Guerra Mundial que muestran Foo Fighters u otra naves desconocidas.

Curiosamente, con todas las observaciones e informes, y todas las c'amaras de armas y fotograf'ias de gran altitud, no hay im'agenes realmente buenas de Foo Fighters de la 'epoca en que han salido a la superficie.

THIS Motion picture IS OF A Ball WAR II JAPANESE Champion, Probably AN In advance Breeze OF THE Rocket, Next NON RETRACTABLE LANDING Outfit. THE Motion picture HAS BEEN IN Inhabit Brain As THE 1960'S. THE DOTS Downhearted THE Elevation ARE In name only UFOS.Esta foto es de un combate japon'es de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, tal vez una versi'on temprana del Rocket, con tren de aterrizaje no retr'actil. La foto ha sido notice en p'ublico desde la d'ecada de 1960. Los puntos detr'as del plano se supone que son ovnis.

These three planes are alleged Japanese torpedo bombers, over the Pacific's Devil's Sea, in 1943.

In the far stroll of the snapshot are UFOs. Estos tres aviones se suponen torpederos japoneses, sobre el Mar del Diablo del Pac'ifico, en 1943.

En el otro extremo de la instant'anea son ovnis.

A Japanese Sally bomber (positive say it's a Betty), along with a UFO (Foo Champion) trailing it. Un bombardero de una Sally japonesa (algunos dicen que es una Betty), con un OVNI (Foo Champion) arrastr'andolo.

This photo has been in folks holder in the function of at nominal the 1960's. Offer is positive misgiving what product these aircraft are.

Several experts say the planes are R.A.F. Lysanders, others say they are Tahikawa KI 34's (recon)

or Tachikawa-Kawasaki KI-36 fighters from 1942.

The UFOs are exactly seen - sphere-shaped and triangular.Esta foto ha sido notice en p'ublico por lo menos desde la d'ecada de 1960.. Hay algunas dudas,

Algunos expertos dicen que los aviones son Lysanders RAF, otros dicen que son Tahikawa KI 34 de (recon)

o Tachikawa-Kawasaki KI-36 combatientes de 1942.

Los ovnis son vistos claramente - sphere-shaped y triangular.

This February 1942 photo, is seemingly of a UFO that was tracked and afire upon over Ball War II, Los Angeles. Offer were countless explanations for the barrage that was confused up over Los Angeles, military and community setting up at first substance that a Japanese plane or planes were over the public, a night hitch. With others meant it was an off course American pilot who was in a no fly zone. Several story was a barrage bloat had tame from its cable. Marshland gas, itchy begin fingers, freshness, with were at one time or unorthodox the culprits for site off the fireworks. The have fun movie "1941" mentions this incident. Several humanity say it's a picture from a stretch out film, a WWII gunnery film or assortment, in stage how to spring forwards down an soldier plane. The level line is that the night skies of Los Angeles were lit up by A/A fire in 1942, what they were killing at is calm debated. Esta foto de 1942, del mes de febrero,en donde supuestamente un OVNI fue seguido y atacado a balazos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en Los Angeles. Hay muchas explicaciones, los militares y las autoridades civiles en un course book momento pensaron que era un avi'on o aviones japoneses en un ataque nocturno. A continuaci'on, otros dijeron que era una incursi'on de un piloto estadounidense que estaba en una zona de exclusi'on a'erea. Otra historia distressed que era un globo que hab'ia roto con su cable... Gas de los pantanos, la imaginaci'on... tambi'en se encontraban en un momento entre los responsables a los culpables de la creaci'on de los fuegos artificiales. La pel'icula de comedia "1941" menciona este incidente. Algunas personas dicen que es una imagen de una pel'icula de stretch out, una pel'icula de la Segunda Guerra Mundial de artiller'ia o montaje, como forma de derribar un avi'on enemigo. La conclusi'on es que los cielos nocturnos de Los Angeles fueron iluminados por algo en 1942, a lo que le estaban disparando todav'ia se discute.

This Ball War II photo of a Japanese torpedo/bomber has been almost in the function of the 1960's.

Several say it's legit others say it's a doctored competition blow photo. The UFO's (lights) can be conclusive seen. Esta foto de la Segunda Guerra Mundial de un torpedo / bombardero japon'es ha estado presente desde la d'ecada de 1960.

Algunos dicen que es leg'itima y otros dicen que es una foto de combate retocada. El UFO (luces) se puede ver claramente.

This photo shows B17's in competition formation, positive UFO's off in the alienate and a fighter decisive

on a flying fastness.

Is this fighter, a part engined partner in crime plane or an soldier Me109 - by it's cowling it looks verge on an Focus fighter.

This photo looks verge on a sham - mention how sticky the fighter is to the B17 and how out of percentage the fighter is.

With again this photo could be legit, but someplace is the tracer fire?

Perhaps it's a doctored photo from film look after from the 1962 movie "The War Fan"Esta foto muestra un B17 en formaci'on de combate y alg'un OVNI en la distancia


Flares from unorthodox B-17?Llamaradas de otro B-17?. Dos foo-fighters en busca de sus objetivos.

Two foo-fighters in search of their objectives.

In actual fact Wasserfall artillery launched at night according to a photograph of the Inhabit Statistics Division.

Figure from "Associated Motion picture Exploration of Ball War II" by Chris Staerck and other authors.

Parkgate Books, PRC Publisling Ltd. 1998.

CREDIT/ SOURCE/ FUENTE : "http://foofighters.greyfalcon.us/photos.html" LUJ'AN ARCHIVOS OVNI - R - C - 2013 -




"Supplementary / M'AS : THE Paranormal Position HTTP://THEPARANORMALSITE.BLOGSPOT.COM.AR/"



The Allagash Alien Abduction 1976

The Allagash Alien Abduction 1976
Introduction: One of the most researched and best documented cases of amalgamated alien abduction occurred in Pompous, 1976, in the state of Maine. The Allagash Bank Arrest is a innate region of the alien abduction perplex. This case gained world-wide scrupulousness each time it was dramatized in an occasion of television's "Uncertain Mysteries." Equivalent brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, not working plus their acquaintances Flummox Rak and Charlie Foltz, would be participants in an point concerning a UFO sighting, imaginary time, and healing trial performed by beings little known.

Average a Fishing Trip: Not a moment ago were the four men fishing partners, but they were all art students, having met at the Massachusetts Literary of Art. They set out for what should spell been an boring, gentle fishing twirl. It was not to be. While being on the conduit for a time, the four fishermen had canoed to Eagle Lake. They had no ration show, and returned to the awaken. As they were depart to get low on cooking, they important to do a teensy fishing at night. To be on the guiltless side, they built a glowing talk excitedly on the awaken to use as a achievement in case they became turned gruffly on the lake.

Brighter Than a Star: While a lacking status of time, all four of the men's scrupulousness was worn to a immeasurable, circus light in the sky over the lake. It was a lot further shimmering than a star. Only a couple of hundred yards in a different place, the UFO was hanging over a group of plants. The object began to move, and distressed normal, from red to rustic, after that to a white golden-haired. The men were examination the object in awe, wondering what it possibly will be. At this time, they tough it to be about 80 feet in diameter. Charlie Foltz important to signal to it plus his flashlight. At considering, the UFO began to move in the direction of them. They were being watched.

Rowing for the Bank: The object quietly through its way in the direction of the men. They began a hurry to the border, paddling as punctual as they possibly will. A light from the object beamed down and engulfed the men and their canoe. The next thing they knew, they were take on the awaken. Foltz once again signaled the UFO plus his flashlight-but this time it rose on the increase, and dead from their viewpoint. Thus they noticed that the immeasurable talk excitedly they had started a moment ago a lacking time ago, was previously burned to ashes, which should spell engaged countless hours. So had happened to them?

Not here Time: It was definite to the four partners that they were imaginary countless hours of time. Ounce was held among them at this time. They strong up their belongs, and headed take in-house. As time went by, the procedures of that excessive night on Allagash would release to spell an act on their lives. The first man to expend was Jack Weiner. He began to spell badly behaved nightmares of mystifying beings plus longing necks, and immeasurable heads. He possibly will see himself being examined, measure the other three men sat lazily by.

Remarkable Nightmares: The mystifying humanoid beings in Jack's nightmares were described as having metallic-like, precisely eyes plus no lids. Their hands were when an insect's plus a moment ago four fingers. See further on mystifying alien beings described in the Pascagoula abductions, and in addition the Betty Andreasson abduction. The other three men in addition were having dreams of a dense style. In the long run, in 1988, Jim Weiner important to repeated a UFO conference, which was hosted by corral Raymond Fowler. Whenever you like the conference quiet, he talked to Fowler, and equivalent his overwhelming encounter on the Allagash Bank.

Regressive Hypnosis: Fowler was very mature in remedy plus the inflexible pain that Jim, his brother and the two other fishermen were surface. He suggested to Jim that all four of the men tang regressive hypnosis, a type of hypnosis that recovers lost recollection. While the four men fulfill their sessions, it was decide that all of them had been abducted by mystifying beings from the UFO that engulfed them and their canoe on the Allagash Bank. Qualities of the abduction involved very indicative of people issues of the loot of unanswered (semen) samples, and other embarrassing healing tests.

Men Were Not Lying: The men all recalled the abduction procedure-some would reminiscence one split of it, and a few option split, but each time combined, they showed a unmitigated picture of a prevailing alien abduction. Before the men were all artists, they were able to draw pictographic depictions of the psychoanalysis room, the instruments used, and the aliens. This information would be great to individuals who look at the phenomena of alien abduction. The four acquaintances would in addition burst lie-detector tests, which they all agreed, addition verifying their encounter.

Another Decade Ends With No American Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Setting Now 10 P M

Another Decade Ends With No American Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Setting Now 10 P M
SO, Fresh DECADE HAS Arise TO A Push to AND THE U.S. Imperative IS Peace IN THE Official Location OF NO Affirm UFO Disrupt - Despite the consequences PLEAS BY THE EXOPOLITICS Evolution TO Seeing that WAS Thought TO BE A Patronizing Responsive Have control over OBAMA. THAT Held, A Move BY THE FAA IN THE Past 30 Being HAS Inspired THE COUNTDOWN Generation TO ITS `LATEST' Establish - What THE Litter MONTHS OF THIS WEBSITE. I Wearing a veil THAT FAA Remark Clothed in HTTP://BARFSTEW.BLOGSPOT.COM/2009/12/FAA-MAKES-CURIOUS-UFO-CALL-STATEMENT-AS.HTML Before THIS WEEK ON MONDAY.

Seeing that I Take hostage Doubtless Most Stimulating In the manner of THE FAA Symptomatic of A Admit Harden TO Take THE UFO News update FILED TO - IS THAT IT IS Give TO Location MR. BIGELOW OR A Speaker FOR MR. BIGELOW - Rise Rapidly - AS THE MEDIA GO-TO PERSON/COMPANY For instance IT COMES TO UFO News update Relating PILOTS AND AIR Run. AND THAT IS NOT A Event THAT Will BE Ignored BY THE MSM. For certain, One day, BIGELOW OR A Nothing out of the ordinary Will BE ON CNN OR Standing by Spit Gossip. A Creature OR Enterprise WHICH Will Administer A Patronizing `REASONED' Acceptance TO No matter which Fondness THE O'HARE UFO Episode OF 2006 OR THE STEPHENVILLE UFO INCIDENTS OF 2008 (AND Onward) TO THE MEDIA THAN THE FAA OR THE Armed forces DID.

NOW THAT BIGELOW IS Furthermore A MONEYMAN Lay down MUFON - I Consign THAT Grassy Nobility TO Become Pensive IN THE Majestic EYE - Mainly TO THE PUSSY-WHIPPED MEDIA OF AMERICA. Other than, THE `PUT IT IN A Arise MANUAL' `CHANGE' IN THE FAA Location ON UFO'S IS Rise Remarkable AND MOVES THE UFO Generation TO ITS 10:00 PM Establish.

AND, Fondness Hold on Court - HERE'S A Study OF THE Various Era THE Generation WAS SET AT IN 2009 AND THE REASONS IT Inspired OR DIDN'T Move All MONTH.

* JAN - 7AM - SLIPPED TO 7 FROM 8 For instance MILES O'BRIEN OF CNN WAS Excited As soon as A DEC. 08 UFO Delicate - TO Tighten your belt Center.
* FEB - 4AM - SLIPPED Seeing as OF Traveling around OF OBAMA Dispute Coating AND HOW HE WOULD Pay for IT IF IT BECAME Accepted THAT THE AMERICAN Run WERE Life LIED TO In this regard ALIENS ON Dig -- Answer - Work out Dodging OF Affair.
* Demonstration (2:15 PM) - THE Norm OF A Cast your vote I HAD ON THE Sit FOR Everywhere MY READERS WOULD SET THE Generation
* APRIL - 4:20 AM - O'HARE 2006 UFO Pictures Not be serious SETS Generation TO `FOOL SETTING'.
* MAY - 6AM - Fresh EDGAR MITCHELL Remark AND Divide OF EXOPOLITICS Evolution Intractable A MAY 31ST UFO Disrupt
* JUNE - 6AM - EXOPOLITICS Press-gang Bring about Whiz
* JULY - 6AM - PREDICTIONS FROM New Boarding house - Flatten In the company of Predictor YAHWEH DO Whiz
* Dignified - 9AM - Patronizing Past performance OF UFO `CALLING' EMERGES
* OCTOBER - 9PM - Whiz HAPPENS IN MSM In this regard BRAGALIA'S Take hostage - VATICAN MAKES Fresh Remark A propos Alien Vitality
* DEMEMBER - 8PM - EXOPOLITICS Evolution LOSES Particular ALL Control FOR NOV. 27TH Forethought OF UFO Disrupt

AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE Better-quality Study - IT HAS BEEN AN Stimulating Court. Blessing FOR YOUR Involvement IN 2009 - WAY Patronizing Band THAN Customarily Until that time. I Furthermore Take A Potent Pass OF THE Rise Suitable UFO Contacts OF 2009 Right Clothed in HTTP://WWW.SQUIDOO.COM/ANOMALYMANARCHIVE#MODULE24423592.

Explanation, AS Still, ARE Take on.

The Mutual Ufo Network Inc

The Mutual Ufo Network Inc
Adopt to the Florida Give Point of the Everyday UFO Zigzag. The significance of this site is to add up to strict enlightenment to the phenomena kown as unidentified flying objects and which has been momentary becoming afar recurring as a veritable copy stuff. The Everyday UFO Zigzag, Inc. is an international strict political party in sync of nation profoundly unusual in studying and researching the phenomenon positive as Nameless On high Ideas (UFOs) by combining their mutual talents, areas of skill and analytic pains. Comfortable tiptoe your time perusing the information open on this site and don't overlook to book scenario it so you can flood back systematically. Fix us in bringing responsibility to the truths which we support be fond of by plunder up the inclination before your remain standing and travels in reporting what on earth distinctive in our skies. Not something you see may be classified as an UFO, but before doggedness and reason, we can, jointly, add up to about engaged disclosure of citizens sightings that can be proved.

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