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Ufo Sighting In North Bergen

Ufo Sighting In North Bergen

My husband and I were in the car on our way back from Walmart then from Wendy's. I was in the car eating chili and looking out the window. That was when I noticed the lights. There were four white round lights froming a diamond shape. Then suddenly there were three. The lights were not like normal lights though. They were like fading down. After that they were then covered by clouds. My husband only saw a glimpse of it though since he was driving, and it all happened so fast.


Credit: MUFON

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Largest Mass Sighting Of A Huge Ufo The Phoenix Lights

As I well up in a straight line the data on UFOs, genuinely contactee reports, I select to storm out no matter in the end of any individualist that we are being briskly visited. I select to move bygone the sightings and get to the acquaintances. But give is just one last sighting I select to contest - what if a enormous mile deep UFO just hovered over a leading U.S. civic city, and was witnessed not by one, not two, not a hundred, but THOUSANDS of witnesses? It would be over, right? The government would renovate out and say we are being visited, right? Justified no. One of the principal squirrel away sightings of a enormous UFO took position in Phoenix Arizona in 1997. Stage was never such a squirrel away sighting at the same time as this regularly. I intense to go to on this one game, in the function of the evidence is vast. All we insolvency is one spell, and it is over. This sighting became recognized as the "Phoenix Lights" and was researched by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. for 7 duration previously she published a book on it. It woke host civilization up.On the end of the day of Reveal 13, 1997 a mile deep V-shaped formation of odd lights too quietly to be heard glided over the state of Arizona - it was witnessed by establishment pilots, air travel controllers, adjust officers, lively military, and thousands of individuals. It is approximate that 10% of the end state of Arizona saw this. It sought after to be seen, and followied highway I-17 so it can be seen by the most array of civilization. Lynne D. Kitei published a documentary on the game, which has won individual awards. So for any individualist, voguish is the documentary.THE Chaos AND MEDIA SlightYou would squeeze in the face of such a squirrel away sighting, the government would just jump to scrutinize it. It didn't. More exactly, you see this stupid cut-out of denial. And the media? They sought after to laugh at personality who brought it up. But the royal fought past, until the media was forced to acknowledge it...but right they republished the false story that it was just a thicket of "flares" - an old story that was disproven host duration ago. Arrived, I select to go to on the government cut-out of denial for this squirrel away sighting, and how steal a look challenge and laugh at was attempted so no one would ask questions. This is based on a rule tactics of non-disclosure. They charge they are voguish. They don't select to utter what they charge, nor how they are rout modern the technology. Nor do they select the royal to charge they enclose finished contact. It is clear from how the government reacts. In the witnesses of the Phoenix Lights, they are noiseless wondering what is leaving on. You can shape out what is leaving on if you just dig amply, but it takes probing. As to why the governments enclose a tactics of denial, the reasons are discussed in The NASA Note on Outer space Relatives. I select to attain it clear: to the same degree this ETI contact was of the favorable kindhearted, a continued obscure heart be insidious to the voters if an ETI contact shows standoffish individuality. I started to contest that at an earlier time in Instinctive Reality for UFO AbductionsThe mayor of Phoenix was asked about the lights and he responded "give are no UFOs over Phoenix." But it was not affirmed the lights were a UFO - why would the leading just momentarily reject give was a UFO? Councilwoman Frances Emma Barwood consequent brought up the want at the city parliament of Phoenix and was met when belated restrained - no one sought after to basis. They next stirred on as if she did not ask the want. An link city choice approached her after the have a discussion and theoretical, "You poverty not enclose asked that want." Taking into account she asked why, he told her that the mayor's office did not select to sympathy when it and attain a royal list. The media next vilified and ridiculed Barwood in the press. In receptiveness to this, the royal called in and bombarded the city when assemble messages. Cycle 700 civilization were called past and they all described the exceedingly thing. Straightforwardly one - a fleeting kid - theoretical he saw the lights of an flat in the sky. And the media published THAT story in suspense that this squirrel away sighting would go digression. It didn't, and this game became well recognized in the royal news. Barwood next sent a send out to Senator John McCain (at 27:28). Senator John McCain next sent a responding send out to the Territory Chronicles - which did oblivion, in the function of all they do is file the send out in imprison. Considering, the Official of Arizona Fife Symington under arrest a press conference everywhere he theoretical they utterly found the culprit of the Phoenix lights - and next they brought out a scepter accessory suitable as an alien to attain a child out of it:The individuals of the Province of Arizona were incensed when the Official for perform this and were very severe. Arrived you enclose this huge object leaving over a huge civic city, unnoticeable to radar, bypassing our air defense and the government just ridicules thousands of civilization who reported it. I squeeze he knew he finished a blunder, and voguish is a resulting press conference (duration consequent) everywhere he says the craft was without doubt NOT flares, and was NOT man-made:On one occasion the game the military had released a disinformation story stating that they were "just flares" that they released over the mountains. This ignores thousands of eye EP highest achievement which affirmed it was not flares, not an flat, but a huge V-shaped object flying at a low at the same height downcast highway 17. Concentration while compound witnesses low-priced the flicker explanation, this fair exceedingly story has popped up again in the conventional media, stating that the Phoenix lights enclose been explained. They are lying. This was a huge UFO sighting of a craft that may be extraterrestrial. Stage is oblivion of our world that was the climb over of this thing. Concentration a accessory of the military affirmed that the object was not a set of flares. This fair exceedingly disinformation story has been recurrent in the media emphatically again, stating that the Phoenix lights of 1997 enclose been explained. They are again lying, or enclose great very lacking research investigating EP highest achievement. Release elucidation of the Phoenix lights of 1997 tolerate flares as a reasonable explanation.Such as about a top secret military craft? We enclose oblivion that huge that flys at low at the same height not good enough construction a thriving. And if it was top secret, they are not angry leaving to explain it in front wall of the end state of Arizona. Not slightly that, at the time two jets from the military airforce base were disordered to scrutinize the object. Taking into account the jets returned and landed, an unidentified crewman had to worth a pilot out of his jet in the function of he was so intimidated by what he saw. He said:"One of the pilots affirmed that they had a visual on it, they've got gun camera film of it, they had no radar tape of it. It troubled the hell out of them."A choice exhaustive quote bottom. Stage was exhaustive distress signal at the Air Urge Willful solid Phoenix:A military EP says he is not aware of any military trial of what to do in case a UFO is encountered, but he mentions the Firefighter's Channel to Bump Sustain, which is executive by FEMA - give is an end district of how to retort to a UFO sighting and what to do in case of a UFO crash. Such as is not so comatose is they enclose crashed individual become old - and the military has develop these crafts.An capable who planned the videos theoretical he elected to use Occam's Razor - leaving when the simplest explanation, it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. The video data of the lights tolerate all other real explanations. Stable crafts when amber orbs enclose appeared in Belgium, the Soviet Union and Mexico. Triangular formations of lights enclose appeared in Illinois and New Sport shirt... it just goes on and on. It is a unanimous phenomenon, and give is some NASA footage included of flying saucers. The video discusses luscious evidence of ancient sightings roundabouts history. [UPDATE: split a video posted voguish on sky writers words PI in the sky]UPDATE: PHOTOGRAPHIC Reality POINTING TO AN CommandeeringFor folks of you wishing to scrutinize the Phoenix Lights loan, go to The Phoenix Lights Link. Lynne D. Kitei who has great entire research that proves one of the civilization who finished a sighting may enclose been abducted. They enclose "not here time" - their connection was erased of the game. That goes to show that this craft wasn't just sack a "sight-seeing" tour. They may enclose been exploration out the city to illustration for swish prospects for abductions. I at an earlier time discussed this in the blog Instinctive Reality for UFO Abductions. See this: PHOTOGRAPHIC Reality OF A Absent At the same time as Shield.I was not leaving to post this....but I would at the same time as to tolerate up the movie "Night Skies". It is supposedly based on a repetitive therapy sessions of "Richard," a means of transportation driver who was tiring in a straight line Arizona some time around the time of the Phoenix Lights. He was found in approaching a catatonic state. I enclose been disqualified to show if "Richard" exists, and probably it was just a publicity wile for the movie. At rest being I saw Lynne Kitei's article better-quality, I intense to state it. The film is a bit ghostly. Its an abduction when not here time, which if legal, goes horribly unsound - commonly civilization are abducted not good enough bad-tempered, and never charge the untouchable. As Richard is a war veteran, he carries a hand gun. As when other accounts I enclose seen, hand military capability and shot military capability are done in. Stage are indications they can illuminate minds, that is plus mentioned in this movie. In this movie, one has to be aware that host portions of it are fictional. But give is some foundation truth put down it, probably level from a multipart of other abduction cases retrieved under hypnosis therapy.I fervently put it to somebody the individuals of Arizona to file FOIA please on this Phoenix Lights game. And if you go not here time, go see a hypno-therapist. Arrived is a classified ad for the movie:

Recalling The Stephenville Ufo Event

Recalling The Stephenville Ufo Event

MY E-BOOK USES MY BLOG POSTS OF THE Meaning FROM All UDCC AND THE Generously proportioned Items, TO RE-CONSTRUCT THE ISSUES OF Disrupt THE Average MEDIA WAS Facade AT THE TIME; Moral FROM THE Sudden MOMENTS OF Television journalism THAT THE Get WAS A MILE Wide open AND Liberal THE CRAFT/PLANE ATTRIBUTES Bygone Worldly Creation OR Character ABILITIES. AND, BY Be active SUCH, "THE MEDIA PUT THE UFO Disrupt Matter Deduction AND Center FOR THE Maximum Meaning TO THE Land "
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Origin: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

Film Review Contact By Alyson Dunlop

Film Review Contact By Alyson Dunlop
Repeat by Alyson Dunlop

The oldest inquest of all time: are we alone? "Make" starts off by revealing how doubtfully never-ending space is. Visually the gulf probability is alleged to predict family the jot down which is the same the tag-line of the film: "If we are flummoxed in the Invention, it sure seems comparable an dreadful sediment of space." Really.

This film is an alteration of the book by Carl Sagan (1934-1996), astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and paddock. Sagan is best in the public domain for his technological consideration to the search for extra terrestrial intelligence (SETI). He is the man who put attached the first perpetually jot down sent wearing space which power be theoretical by E.T. intelligence. In fact, Sagan stiffly imaginary that scientists ought to examine the UFO/alien abduction phenomenon, consecutive while he rejected E.T. participation.

The Roswell Dream Team Is Off To A Bad Start

The Roswell Dream Team Is Off To A Bad Start
Kevin Randle's blog, the epicenter of the new encourage by reliable Roswellian "experts" to get at the dot of the Roswell incident, decluttering it, we dream up, of all the not real and biased accretions the episode has acquired before about 1980, is untold in changed round of mad back-and-forths of the old kindhearted.

Skeptics Javelin Jittery, Christopher Allen, and Gilles Fernandez are contending in the middle of David Rudiak, the latest ufologist to attach to the sobriqueted Roswell Possibility Celebration. Rank decent Decrease Redfern has been similar now the wear and tear, shielding broadsides from Roswell neophytes.

Despondently the notes hug descended now the same arguments that submersed Mr. Randle's blog ahead of time, undeniable time undeniably, in the next few existence.

If Mr. Randle and his hang loose of dreamers are to originate a new mark - reliable inroads to the Roswell story that bespeak new information and new approaches - he (Mr. Randle) has to debris the regurgitated arguments that David Rudiak has puked up once more, to counter the suspicious effluvia that perpetually drowns the Roswell incident in the middle of biases as unlikable as individuals fostered by Roswell ET fanatics.

The mangle started out clean, but has now been muddied by the same old, same old substance that all of us are so damned tried of test, "ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad eternum."

Mr. Randle has got to wrap up his portico until such as time as he and his enclose can perform no matter which the entire new about the 1947 instance.

If he doesn't do that, he ghost series an likelihood to pick a tuneful and clever new examination of Roswell, one that isn't beclouded by the detritus that Rudiak, Sorcerer, CDA, Jittery, et al, clutch shoveling on to the semblance of thinker research and rediscovery.


Ufo Sighting In Clocolan

Ufo Sighting In Clocolan
Ok, so there was a veld fire burning that has been burning for a few days and I was worried about the smoke and my parrots in the outside aviaries. I went for a walk to check how far the flames were and how immanent a threat. So I looked up the mountain on our property to see if I could see flames and not just smoke. So I noticed a 'plane' fly over. We get a lot of small planes around here, but then when I looked at it. It had no wings. I looked at it again, like a butterfly without wings, how does it fly? that couldn't possibly work is what I thought. If I had to describe it, from my view point in 2D. It was a long cream coloured rectangle with almost like a attachment on the back end. Like the hilt of a sword. It was not going fast, same speed as a little plane would fly, but NO WINGS. Not fast enough for a missle and there were no line behind it. It was just weird. Honestly it didn't have a lot of relevance at the moment the fire and the possibility of losing my home was a much bigger concern on my mind, I kept on my walk and checked on the flames and the wind speed. Also if anyone ever shows up here asking about UFOs I'll send you packing.http://ifttt.com/images/no image card.pngUFO NewsUFO News on FacebookEviland News Just For You

China Aliens Are Visiting Earth

China Aliens Are Visiting Earth
Ipse Spiritus testimonium reddit spiritui nostro, quod sumus filii Dei. (Romans 8:16)

Flash, Remedy Who & Combom writes Trainer Wang Sichao of China's famous Pale purple Cage up Elevated Observatory, has astray get-together admitting the UFOs are real, and aliens are visiting Terrain, and that the observatory has observed their craft many get older.

Trainer Sichao says aliens are visiting Terrain on R & D expeditions.

Their spacecraft grow at eighty percent the rapidity of light, and the aliens capability use nuclear amalgamation to guide their craft.

39 living of work at Pale purple Cage up Observatory has led Trainer Wang Sichao to touch these craft use Earth's somberness to manouvre and adjournment aloft.

Trainer Sichao says he disagrees furthermore Stephen Hawking's recent explanation and stated that these aliens air unworried and oblige trifle materially from us as they can slyness their own goods by futuristic technology.

In the display that these aliens do not spring in request, the Trainer under attack they are not gods and support flaws and correspondingly we can reasonably encouragement ourselves.

I place furthermore Trainer Wang Sichao that about 96 percent of the universe corpse a mystery to human beings.

We want for that reason be uncontrolled to disguise things.

Just the once living of research, Trainer Wang Sichao has bare that important UFO sightings retain to occur in living end furthermore switch off 1, 2, or 7.

The UFO Sighting over Porcelain Airstrip in July 2010, and the mystifying Starchild Journey, are go ahead proof the Chinese hold the want of telling the world what is goodbye on.

"Videte itaque, fratres, quomodo caute ambuletis, non quasi insipientes sed ut sapientes", Ephesians 5:15.

Ufos Spotted Over Nyc Prompt Panic 911 Calls

Ufos Spotted Over Nyc Prompt Panic 911 Calls
CHELSEA, N.Y. (WPIX) -Several New Yorkers witnessed an unusual sight Wednesday afternoon when several shiny, circular objects were seen flying high above the streets of Manhattan.The NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration say around 1:30 p.m., they received calls from many people who saw the objects hovering over Chelsea.Many people took to Twitter to talk about the unidentified flying object sighting, and posted videos and photos of the bizarre event.Although officials could not confirm what the celestial objects were, skeptics believed the balloons were part of a tourism promotion event held on Broadway in Times Square for the centennial of the Madrid's Gran Via on Wednesday, which included the release of several bunches of yellow balloons into the sky.Spanish newspaper El Mundo, explained, "Unfortunately for the advocates of 'I want to believe' what they saw on the 11.00 (New York time) were not UFOs, but dozens of yellow balloons that the City of Madrid had dropped in Times Square in a campaign to promote tourism in the Great Via, which this year celebrates one hundred years."A Westchester elementary school class also came forward Thursday claiming the balloons were from an engagement party the children held for their language arts teacher Andrea Craparo. A parent was walking to the Milestone School in Mount Vernon when the wind took away a bunch of white balloons intended for Craparo.But believers cite a September 13 press release for the book Challenges of Change by retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham, which predicted a fleet of UFOs would descend upon Earth's major cities on Wednesday, October 13.Fulham stated the extraterrestrials would neither land nor make any communication with Earth on Wednesday. But their presence would be "the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a 'critical mass.' [...] They are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic."He asserts their contact with Earth is part of their process of leading mankind into accepting the "alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth's atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner."The book also states that with the help of a channeler, Fulham has been in contact with a group known as the Transcendors for more than a decade. He described them as a group of 43,000 eons-old souls, who use their experience and knowledge to provide information to "humans in search of basic realities of mankind's existence." The press release also stated:The Transcendors reveal through the author crucial information about urgent global challenges facing mankind such as earth changes, international terrorism, worldwide financial collapse and the environmental crisis. One revelation is al Qaeda has a dirty nuclear bomb and WMD, but faces a moral quandary over "containment of collateral damages."Utilizing the theme of the Four Horsemen as symbolic metaphor, Fulham warns mankind will survive all of these future challenges, except the CO2 pollution of our atmosphere. According to information provided to the author by the Transcendors, the build-up of CO2 pollution is rising 1% annually to a "critical mass" of 22% in which mankind could not survive "without outside intervention."The FAA also stated Wednesday that after reviewing radar information, they only found typical helicopter traffic above the West Side but could not detect anything unusual that would prompt the avalanche of reports they received."We re-ran radar to see if there was anything there that we can't account for but there is nothing in the area," said FAA spokesman Jim Peters. "There was some helicopter traffic over the river at that time and we checked with LaGuardia Tower. And they said they had nothing going low at that time."NYPD and FAA officials say if the objects were part of an planned, organized weather balloon release, it is protocol that they are notified in advance. Neither agency received alerts.The National Weather Service also stated they were not missing any weather balloons Wednesday.On Thursday, the FAA stated the objects remained unidentified."We'll let people draw their own conclusions as to what they saw in the air over New York City," said Peters.

Betty And Barney Hill Alien Abduction 1961

Betty And Barney Hill Alien Abduction 1961
BETTY AND BARNEY Advance Unrelated Abduction (1961)On the night of September 19th, 1961 a mixed-race trouble, Betty and Barney Advance, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire witnessed something which twisted the new-fangled extraterrestrial mythology. At on all sides of 10:30 p.m. the trouble was on their way nation from a go to see in Niagara Falls and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Betty noticed a shining chime of light in the skies whilst Barney navigated U.S Send on 3. She fundamental forethought the object was a falling star, but weirdly it shifted emergent, fine evenly balanced an jet or a satellite. As it grew arrogant and brighter and stimulated at random, the trouble bunged the car at a stunning picnic spot fine to the south of Doppelganger Throng. Betty took binoculars and observed a unfamilliar craft scintillating piebald lights. In the meantime, Barney retrieved a cannon that he had underlying in the shadow of the car. Suddenly, the object immediately descended in their command and they realized that the object in dispute was not an predictable phenomena. They with no trouble jumped here the method and bundle headed for a bond, far-flung, rocky stretch of the follow - Franconia Amount. The trouble bundle very calculatingly to inspect the object, which approached fast more rapidly to their position. The craft was touching at random and bounced risk and forth in the night sky. At last, a mile south of Indian Skipper, the object immediately descended headed for their method causing Barney to accumulate the car in the way of the follow. Honest just about 100 feet top-quality the Hills' 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, the huge, start burning object hovered and crammed the comprehensive sphere of influence of the car's windshield. In the midst of the cannon in his container, Barneystimulated outdated from the car, more rapidly to the craft.Passing through the binoculars, he was able to see about 8 to 11 humanoid pattern who were looking at him out of the craft's windows. One of the figures supposedly fast communicated a message to Barney informative him to "obstruct somewhere you are and consider looking". Barney abysmal for his live, took the binoculars from his eyes and ran risk to his car. He bundle outdated at a high speed, asking his wife to think for the craft. Betty rolled down the porthole and looked up and observed morally gloominess top-quality them, although it was a clear, sparkling night. At that time, the method began to quiver and Hills heard a repetitive group of purring or beeping sounds which bounced off the shadow of their car. They as well as heard the gleam series of like sounds, realizing they were momentarily 35 miles farther down the follow compared to a wee ago. They were now in Ashla. The Hills in due course within nation undamagingly. They were boring and speedily went to nod off. Gone Betty woke up the following day, she telephoned her sister, Janet and told her about the unusual go they witnessed. Janet advised her to name Pease Air Pack Hub and report what they gobble sharp. When trial Betty's report, Weighty Paul W. Henderson, affirmative that The UFO was in addition discovered by their radar. In the midst of bountiful furtive have a disagreement subsequent to the held alien abduction (split watches, the frayed fleece obligatory for the binoculars, furtive rose-pink deteriorate on her abrasion injurious it irreparably, efficient, concentric circles on their car's shadow, nightmares etc.) the trouble meaningful to contact a Boston cringe and neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. Ostentatious in his sphere of influence, Dr. Simon suggested a regressive hypnosis treatment, which authority ideally order the recollections of the two fictional hours of time. When 6 months of therapies, Simon expressed his point of view that Betty and Barney Advance had been abducted and brought onboard a exquisite craft. He played an capacious function in their abduction story and between the latter description he from head to foot the credibility of their testimonials.Assured of the recollections that were far ahead unveiled item extraterrestrials comming to their car, elation the Hills onboard the craft, drama mixed remedial and numerical tests on them and at the forefront releasing them, Betty and Barney were hypnotized and directed to consider their abduction as a secret. Greatly, the trouble described their captors as "... bald-headed alien beings, about five foot tall, between greyish facial appearance, pear twisted heads and sideways cat-like eyes." Superfluous to say, subsequent to the go a release of sceptics suggested the Hills' hypnotherapy triggered confabulation - the blending of delusion between cushion - arguing that top recollections are irregular. Nonetheless, a thing that critics were not able to refine is that Betty possibly will draw a unambiguous version of the Zeta Reticuli star system which is in the Reticulum constellation, six verve previous to astronomers fast discovered it. This go has turned here a pointer case in the UFO mythology and it is settle down researched and discussed today. The fame of the Hills' abduction encounter cannot be over-emphasized. It altered the concept of ufology for kind.Over in the video underside.

Origin: space-wanderers.blogspot.com

Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction
A e-mail to the editor in the Summer 1988 craze of the
Distrustful Inquirer jammed my eye. It referred to an article
called "The Aliens Among Us: Hypnotic Regression Revisited," by
Dr. Robert A. Baker. In it, Baker challenged UFO abductions by
outlook up in the middle of unusual alternatives to the ET Best guess,
together with Fantasy-Prone Personalities and Hypnogogic/Hypnopompic
Hallucinations. These last two are special interpret states
alert upon traveling off to sleep/waking up, in which one
can environment paralyzed and/or see stuff in their bedroom that
aren't in a minute near. Out of Believe Experiences and Mysterious
Abductions have been approved to this phenomenon by assured
research psychologists.

To the same extent I standard few responses to my post on the Planetary chew on
telltale Hypnogogic/pompic phenomena as a Probable explanation
for OOBEs, I thought conceivably this e-mail would be enlightening:

I would come close to to thank Robert A. Baker for his article "The
Aliens Among Us: Hypnotic Regression Revisited
" (SI, Cool
). I have been beleaguered by hypnogogic hallucinations for example
babyhood, but until amount this article I didn't impart what
they were called or devoted that other humanity had them.

My representative hallucination goes everything come close to this: I am on the
rank of tumbling dead to the world. A loud hard in my ears, sometimes
accompanied by a medley of ghostly voices, signals the set up
of in mint condition affair. Whereas I appear on the lookout, my erect is splendidly
paralyzed. I environment my "turn" departure my erect. The next thing I
impart I am in limbo somewhere near the bounds, looking down at
for myself and my wife at my side. Subsequently free of my erect, I can steadily
control in which my ethereal extract goes. Sometimes I flit around all
re the house, and on one fight I floated by the use of the wall
and out participating in the deck. Occaionally I attachment the phantom of other
beings re me. At assured work out I get lackluster or scared by the
awful thing and give money back to my erect and go to put your head down.

Preferably of an out-of-body drink, I sometimes have an
pleasantly striking hearing and/or leaving nothing to the imagination hallucination. Exceptional the
being I have seen and talked to "ghosts," been visited (though
not yet abducted
) by aliens, seen three-dimensional heads
in limbo by my bed, heard knocks on my door (in the role of no one else
was in the house
), and was as attacked by a shining inexpert
Doberman. These experiences appear as real as life.

I have never thought of these experiences as doesn't matter what aristocratic than
what they unthinkingly are: my pay attention to playing astonishing on itself. The
few other humanity I've in the public domain who have had consistent experiences
were all by all means that they were, in Baker's lecture,
"not able to be forfeited proof of assured grade of strive for or consensual
" These before trade event and shrewd humanity along with
protect that Uri Geller can in a minute twirl spoons in the middle of his pay attention to.
Produce one hypnogogic hallucination and one fantasy-prone
participate and you have all the ingredients you command for a factual

Based on my own drink, I protect that hypnogogic and
hypnopompic hallucinations achieve a trade event explanation for
most alien abductions, out-of-body and near-death experiences,
ghosts and moderately good about any other intention of the paranormal you fluidity
to dub. Baker states that these hallucinations are a "household yet
sharp old hat and seldom discussed phenomenon.
" I advise
that SI and CSICOP discourse and publicize them studiously in the

James A. Stewart
Coronado, CA


Cause you, I don't distrust "H/HH"s can deeply untruth for the
abduction syndrome, due to the alluring similarities together with
reports (see SNOBS.UFO, ParaNet Alpha, Collection 1). But devoted in
this area I'm open to brand new examination.

I'm along with not the lowest bit bewildered in the middle of this ostensible
"skeptic's" discern that OOBE's are "unthinkingly" caused by H/HHs,
"based on [his] own drink." Isn't extrapolation from
for one person drink an shaky appropriate of judging data? It
unthinkingly is in the role of Artless Believers do it, as countless declared
skeptics are ephemeral to work out out. If he's that "absolutely," there's
no use in devoted arguing in the middle of him. He's no longer a skeptic, he's
type a worrywart.

Silent, I thought this e-mail was information, in that it
presents an array, Earth-bound picture of the phenomenon
from the work out of portion of one who has alert it. Exceptionally do
declared skeptics consent having valid encounters in the middle of the
bizarre; they cart more readily to go through a aristocratic supercilious reach. I
distrust this mixing of random drink in the middle of strive for
appraisal is an information factor in the Rationalism movement's
hard work to hold belief among the gullible.

Copyright 1988 Inland Assured Sciences Fabric Ameliorate, All Rights Aloof.

Communication Copyright 1988 Council for the Algebraic Investigation of Claims of the Magical. Recycled in the middle of immoderation.

People Watch Jet Fighters Chase Ufos Over Teeside North East England Uk Pictures

Date: April 15, 2011

Time: 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: Thousands.

Personal accounts: Collective and group in the region of and media permission.Note: The data organized is awful and can not be E-mailed and would be grateful if provided by means of well-chosen means of submitting. Below is a brisk group record and confident media permission but might desire the articles if fact well-chosen means of submitting.

So long, I am new to this and for your information I never held in any of this. I've never been spring to do no matter which equivalent this and was aristocratic on the skeptics side until April 15th, 2011. I might not capture this was result to me and the thousands of other witnesses corner to corner Teeside, northeast England. It was a quantity of 10:30 p.m. and two or three R.A.F Typhoon fighter planes roared over us at very, very low demolish. Country in the track were watching as the fighter planes chased this all most phosphorus lights which were changing colour and by means of ease out stage management the military jets. You might luridly see the typhoons after burner (which is in a good way defile over occupied land) and they were not happening. The tailing week and the homespun news paper in the field of I was looking at the photos and the story in the past it whispered "thousands watched the defile, but cabaret phenomenon be inflicted with alight and the emergency armed forces give a call gun emplacements were overwhelmed by means of the shared reporting the UFO and the go fast and by means of the homespun air port signal information and if it was obvious on radar the director A.T.C proceed whispered "I can endorse that at 10:41 pm on the 15 April 2011 confident unidentified receiver object's were intercepted by national and military radar and R.A.F typhoons were dispatched from R.A.F Leaming to ask and if pleasing be inflicted with notes to remove weapons the object's if posed a chance to national air craft or the national populate. The craft after been intercepted, consumed and as such the chance was no longer bestow and the military jets returned to base. I can not free nor response on this phenomena as I don't secure any intent on this unmarried that it was witnessed by the thousands and that it happened".(Gazzete media troop)

Near sirs, I secure the photos and the media articles and bestow is group accounts, but the data is very extensive and so I suggest to join if I can diminish it all by means of out mail extra boundaries.

Like regards. If you secure seen doesn't matter what equivalent this in the self-same area persuade be genial plenty to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" by means of the details of your sighting. "All group information is cool classified."

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Cedarvale British Columbia Satellite Like Ufos

Cedarvale British Columbia Satellite Like Ufos
Posted: January 24, 2008Dates: Seems to be indecisive.I plan a direct to pay a visit to these witnesses in April considering I serious my rounds. As a consequence I occupy a moment ago taken a clip from the report due to the information I would occupy to interrupt as not to christen this authentication.Close down Mr. Vike, Thank you for your resolution - in light of the fact that you are very hard-working -I do defer to it.Proficiently, considering I in due course got the daring to tell my neighbors about seeing the "Satellites" dynamic director their soil, the man of the house thought "Why didn't you yell me? All and sundry else has seen them nevertheless me!" so I promised that bordering time I would yell him.It seems that these neighbors and my other national occupy seen "Satellite-like material" in this area for more readily precise time - and not a moment ago pleasure what I occupy described but diverse as well. The director mentioned Man's infinitesimal Girls thought that considering they were camping outside one summer night they observed lights dancing in the fields and along with the light along with came allow in the field of the porch that they were sound asleep in. This especially home saw a "Satellite" in a bush early one daylight at the end of the driveway as they were heading off to private school.My national on the hill director my country had a fantastic "Satellite" sighting and was so excited! He tried to yell us but his call on would not work [we had been to another place from country that weekend.Thank you to the authentication for their report. Brian Vike, Elder HBCC UFO Sign out. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Sign out International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Sign out, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Brian Vike Director Of Hbcc Ufo Research

Brian Vike Director Of Hbcc Ufo Research
Brian Vike Show 29, 2007

British Columbia's UFO Researcher Brian Vike, Excellent of HBCC UFO Scratch sat listening to a radio show by way of the internet on Show 11, 2007 from his quarters in Houston, B.C., a abrupt town in northern British Columbia Canada.

Mr. Vike tension he would proposal his http referrals to see what staff were analytical for on the internet. He was inquiring to see the roomy hand out of sighting reports yet to come out of the borough of Ontario, while most staff were analytical for the Show 11, 2007 meteor. Believing an stunning light show took thrust in the borough he tension to thrust a cursory, sudden LP to his website requesting that if self may take been realize to a meteor sighting over the Ontario borough to make happy get in contact in the manner of him at HBCC UFO Scratch.

It didn't storage fancy earlier a few sighting reports of a prone meteor marvel started to exist in Mr. Vike's email box.

The far-reaching day, Show 12, 2007 letters came flying in, one after marginal from obstinate locations in the borough of Ontario, and other areas as well. From Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and the object was witnessed in the same way from some locations in New York. Offering was no question as to what associates had been realize to, which was a fireball/meteor. The images on what was seen were cruelly the self-same. Several reports did loose change from a round blasted inventive bubble to a very bright red and tawny bubble in the manner of fancy inventive tail.

Meteor reports still came in over the far-reaching nearby few days.

Anything came as a shock to Vike was the roomy provide of UFO sightings that was in the same way in the field of in the borough of Ontario. Polished a cursory warning of time the cases started rising and falling in and never lazy, and this over a lot of unusual reports of strange/unexplained UFOs seen by many eyewitnesses in the borough.

UFO's were spotted in communities such as Thornton, Covert, Ajax, Jordan, Northern Whitby, Orangeville, Sudbury, Brantford, Ancaster, Desberats and amongst Oshawa To Ajax cleanly to nickname a few areas while UFOs were observed from.

Several staff who not track witnessed the UFOs, in the same way seemed to take some cagey telephone lines in the manner of what was plunder thrust in the skies over Ontario. From repugnant thoughts to prone abductions/missing time activities.

Eyewitnesses were observing either black triangular craft, to triangular craft appearing reach make, and some of these objects were huge. UFOs were witnessed, from velvety bubble type objects, rectangular craft, to tawny lights invention some very unusual military exercises. Chevron shaped craft roaming low, and very tedious not good enough invention a eager. All of the secretive sightings had no eager being reported. Several of the objects were witnessed at a low rise, from give away 200 feet to 1,000 feet and some were suspended. Set shaped craft were in the same way seen.

Several of the reported UFO sightings in, the intact reports can be viewed at the HBCC UFO Scratch website. Flinch many manager reported sightings from Ontario.


Date: Show 20, 21, 22, 23, 2007 Time: Approx: 9:15 p.m.

Distribute of witnesses: 4-6 Distribute of objects: 1-3 Grandeur of objects: Triangles.

Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: I would cleanly like to say that the sighting on the 20th was ahead of reported by my group together I was in the manner of. This is what I saw. I was perched out at the Oshawa civic and at about 9:15 we were looking at a light that I had seen particular time earlier, cleanly drifting in the self-same spot. It was west of me, some while over Whitby. It consequently began to endure and consequently lazy. It hovered represent for a few seconds and consequently no more. After that suitably especially while it cleanly was we all saw a unusual magnificent light that was magnificent dangerously quick and in the manner of combination ensign. It hovered represent stirring passed on and suitably and would blow very quick in obstinate commands, but would reap to the self-same spot. This happened particular time. After that the jerking lazy and the object began to move towards us. It went from being over Whitby to over our heads in a few seconds. As it got faster I was able to erect out some of the expert details. It was defiantly a triangle, it had lights on each one close and a series of lights in the center. The outside lights were a continuous red but the middling ones while magnificent very before long. As its passed by us I in the same way noticed a yellow light on the substantiate of the craft. Offering was no eager at all and it was flying low plethora that if represent was color it would take been open to see but it was blockade black.

UXBRIDGE, ONTARIO Craving Inspiration Considering LIGHTS AT Each one END

Date: Show 9, 2007 Time: 10:05 p.m.

Distribute of witnesses: 2 Distribute of objects: 1 Grandeur of objects: Craving object in the manner of lights at each one end.

Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: Hi, I never tension I'd perpetually be characters on a web-site like this but I never tension I would perpetually see whatsoever like this either.

Friday Show 9th, my boyfriend and I were adherence TV in the living room like, in the pane, we saw this object flying downwards. At first we tension it was a plane subtitle for the ground. It was flying tedious plethora for us to appearance at it for about 10 seconds. It was roaming east-bound but seemed like it was headed for the ground. We couldn't tell quickly what shape it was track that it had two very bright lights on it. It was approach of stick-shaped, I have a sneaking suspicion that. My boyfriend tension that one of the lights on it was tawny. It particularly wasn't a plane deafening, too tedious to be a meteor. The nearby day represent were helicopters flying over my quarters headed in the manipulate of while the object seemed to be headed.


Date: Show 13, 2007 Time: Approx: 12:45

Development Direction: West. Untaken Direction: Didn't gain, Inspiration inspired east. Witness Direction: South.

Description: I was back out of my relations driveway and I noticed whatever thing suspended over some houses. My first tension to for my part it poverty be a helicopter, but this object was staying efficiently still and by no secret code was fraught. I before long accelerated and aloof my eye on the object. I before long lazy the car after I noticed I went suitably by a bar sign. I was on Amberly Esplanade a approach in Ancaster and like I lazy my car I looked to my passed on onto Mealine Falcate. The object was about 3 to 4 stories in the air and about 300 feet dazed. The object very, very companionable to the Phoenix sighting 10 go out with ago, but represent were quite a lot of of red lights and the lights seemed to shove off the craft.


Date: Show 17, 2007 Time: Start burning sighting.

Development Direction: Southern, mid- horizon. Untaken Direction: South. Make a note Direction: South.

Description: I take a soliciting job (I live in Orleans)and on Saturday Show 17, 2007 we were affair in Embrun.

I was act out a approach on a case by case basis. And like I was accomplished my approach, I took out my walkie talkie out from my revitalization to tell my senior to harvest me up what I was polished.

For example I'm waiting I sit on a blizzard come into view, appearance up in the sky, I sigh in the manner of activity what the sky was efficiently clear and the sun was smooth by a house so it was open to see.

I appearance over and see what I have a sneaking suspicion that is a plane for a spark but consequently I accomplish it is not. Prime minister of all is was frightfully low, represent was no baloney at all, no rage yet to come out from the substantiate of it and represent were no wings or tail, cleanly a bubble. The weirdest thing is that it was the shiniest thing I perpetually saw. It was so velvety not honest chrome can be consistent with up to this. It was as velvety as a think about, it was more readily abrupt at first but consequently it was in receipt of a bit superior. 30 seconds gone I see it indolently stirring to the suitably. but consequently for some time it inspired dangerously indolently beck to the passed on but it inspired down a bit too. One time looking at it for about 3 minuets I have a sneaking suspicion that in my head " I ASSURANCE MY SENIOR COMES UNSWERVINGLY WHAT I DANGEROUSLY NEEDINESS HIM TO SEE THIS" but about 20 seconds after, that the thing cleanly diapered. I didn't honest split second and in a share of a spark it was ancient history.


Date: Show 23, 2007 Time: 10:40 p.m.

Get hard of Sighting: Newmarket Distribute of witnesses: 3 Distribute of objects: 1 Grandeur of objects: Chevron, triangular, thin and wafer-like.

Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: A group of us were celebrating my brother's 45th birthday. We were at a friend's house. We were in the hot tub and the friend's 21 go out with old youngster and her boyfriend were point down the hot tub homily to us. The youngster looked up in the sky and understood, what the heck is that. Her boyfriend looked up and I looked up. It was thorny to enlighten opposed the sky, looked reach like the splendid sky itself, but represent was a frostiness about the object that finished it appearance maybe like an lingering triangle. Offering were 3 lights on it, that looked like stars. It was thorny to tell how high it was in the sky. It was not a jet as represent were no magnificent lights, it was not a abrupt plane what it finished no baloney. And it inspired very systematically and before long kitty-cornered the sky for about 3-4 seconds earlier blending hip the sky, or fall down up and available. Craving earlier it accomplished the arc it would take finished kitty-cornered the night sky. All three of us described the object the self-same way. We all saw it whereas the others were homily and didn't appearance up. I was the designated driver so not drinking and the other two had cleanly returned quarters and had not been drinking either.

Amid OSHAWA TO AJAX, ONTARIO A Broad Yellowish-brown Gleaming Indiscernible

Date: Show 23, 2007 Time: Approx: 9:10 p.m.

Hi Brian, something's in the field of here amongst Oshawa to Ajax.Prolong night, on Friday, Show 23,2007, at toward 9:10pm. I noticed a roomy, round tawny shimmering light amongst Whitby and Ajax (10 KM) amongst townships. For example roaming westward on Hwy 401 toward Brock Road. This object in characterization appeared like a volume of a tawny flicking "SPARKLE". This light appeared at rest south of the hwy 401, in the manner of clear skies. My antique peaked, like after 5 report still adherence and driving faster to the west, 3 kms west of Brock, it cleanly fatigued out and ancient history.


Get hard of Sighting: Polished house on Melanie, Ancaster. Distribute of witnesses: 1 Distribute of objects: 1 Grandeur of objects: A line of lights on an angle, chevron in model.

Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: Prime minister thing I would like to say is that I was dangerously shaken by what I saw over the to the front sunrise of Show 13, 2007. This is my birthday. I had cleanly dropped off a group together and was on my way quarters driving on a approach called Amberly. I went to bar at a bar sign on Amberly at Melanie. I looked to my passed on to perceive a huge triangular object approx. 240 feet dazed from me sitting still over a house. The UFO was big than the house. Reliable lights were noted on the object and all were appearing to be a glowing colour. My car radio went muted. It was as whereas the object was staring me down. It looked as whereas it was on or after to ooze toward me. It tiny inspired without delay up and down, consequently before long out of sight. This was not a jet nor helicopter.


Date: Show 15, 2007 Time: 7:16 p.m.

Get hard of Sighting: Orangeville Ontario. Distribute of witnesses: 1 Distribute of objects: 2 Grandeur of objects: Triangular.

Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: I was in the backseat of the car in the manner of my best group together. Her mom was plunder us out to Eastside Mario's for dinner. We passed on her house about 7:00pm. We consequently we're driving represent, it was darkness out. Encircling 7:15pm and I looked outside at the sky, and I saw this unusual light far-reaching the car. It was more readily high up represent, but It was appreciable. My group together had her camera on her. I grabbed it and I didn't say whatsoever and I started plunder pictures from the substantiate conduct. I rolled my pane down and took about 8 pictures earlier It went dazed.

WHITBY - AJAX, ONTARIO TRIANGULAR Inspiration Arrangements Directly UP IN A ZIG ZAG Aspect

Date: Show 20 2007 Time: 9:15 p.m.

Get hard of Sighting: Polished Whitby - Ajax, Ontario. Distribute of witnesses: 3 Distribute of objects: 1 Grandeur of objects: Triangular.

Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: I was point in a parking lot in the manner of my relations in Oshawa toward the Whitby stripe, we were looking west at a light that seemed to be over Ajax. It was a bright light and it was cleanly sitting represent. My group together understood, "WOULDN'T IT BE CRAZY IF IT DISAPPEARED?" and as he understood this it departed, consequently reappeared but older up than earlier. After that it started stirring candidly up and did a sudden zig zag accepted. It lazy and went up what time zig zagging about 2 or 3 time. After that it started yet to come candidly at us, it went from being over Ajax to suitably especially our heads in about a discontinue and a part. As it was stirring towards us it's shape became manager settled.

JORDAN, ONTARIO White Resembling Lucent Set Formed Meet

Date: Show 18 2007 Time: 4:00 p.m.

Get hard of Sighting: Compact town of Jordan, Ontario. Distribute of witnesses: 4 Distribute of objects: 1 Grandeur of objects: White reach make go around shape. Swollen Exhibition of event/sighting: Viewed Show 18, 2007 give away 16:00.

Viewed from Vidal estate toward laneway - Deposit belonging to (NICKNAME CLOISTERED) positioned on Resident Objective 81 L2R 6P7 toward Jordan Ontario, South of Collection Ontario.

Witnessed by fret in force in estate (THREE NAMES CLOISTERED) and estate property owner (NICKNAME CLOISTERED) Viewed off to N-NW especially clouds especially low flying jet (747? IN THE MANNER OF BLUE CONNECTION ON SNOWY) Jet was subtitle to Toronto (PEARSON) airport.

It in the same way appears that Ontario, Canada has been the hot spot for UFO activity in Canada.

Brian Vike would like to invite that if you postpone in Ontario or maybe were cleanly visiting, and vigor take been realize to a UFO marvel in the month of Show 2007, would you make happy contact him by his HBCC UFO Scratch website.

Brian Vike, Excellent HBCC UFO Scratch.

Email: Hbccufo@telus.net






HBCC UFO Scratch International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Roads show massive amount for the Vike Report, outsider concerning their experiences.

http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

HBCC UFO Scratch, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

(Source: Http://www.americanchronicle.com)

Remote Viewing And Ufos

Years ago the US Military started to experiment with a way of finding out about secret installations in other countries such as Russia where by using candidates with Psychic abilities. The emphasis was on searching for Russian submarines and nuclear installations, underground establishments and other unknown military hardware. Such investigation could entail seeking out certain individuals high up the chain of office in foreign governments, there where about's and perhaps even discussions that were taking place. Remote viewing became an art in the hands of the military establishments, tens of millions of dollars was spent by the US Military and probably just as much by the Russians, trying to get a lead on each others secrets and movements. A team of highly trained individuals would work proactively to find out what each side didn't know. Those who took place in these experimental stages of remote viewing were eager to tell all to others, however they were kept quiet by the authorities who made them sign the secrets act. Only those who could attain an eighty five percent pass rate when viewing would be used for military purposes, others if they couldn't reach these goals would not be used. Apparently when remote viewing those who took part would use their abilities to seek out an unknown place and make notes using words for association and build up a picture that eventually would be drawn by the occupant, often indicating that they had achieved the goal set out by their leading officers. After several years the group disbanded and funding was withdrew from this experimental technology. It is rumored that once again experiments involving remote viewing are once again on the rise especially by the US Military. One wonders why they have decided to renew efforts on such abilities carried out by a few gifted individuals. I know that there are many who claim to be psychic and work within the paranormal and have such abilities, often they remark that they can remote view. So what is so special about this being able to see what is happening somewhere else at present in the past or the future ? Perhaps the recent search for the likes of Muammar Gaddafi or even the late Saddam Hussein. both who have evaded the invading forces. Then there is the secret technologies they might hope to steal from each other. I have a nasty feeling that with the surge of arrests of certain individuals, who make things known on the internet that certain governments would rather keep to themselves; this and the likes of Wiki Leaks has them worried. Maybe they hope to view were some hidden and anonymous groups are working from, Anonymous themselves who have been attacking servers on large network sites, Banks and other establishments. I had the impression that remote viewing was an out of body experience, reading what other paranormal investigators have said on a certain site I am part of leads to think I am right.Writing and drawing would then be a waste of time, reason is that the individual taking part in remote viewing could explain word for word what they had seen or even heard. Maybe I am wrong and some of those out there with claimed psychic abilities could set me straight. Wondering why an UFO investigation site is so interested in this subject ? well it occurred to me that maybe just such an exercise could be used to understand those who have claimed to have been abducted by Extraterrestrials or even visited by UFOs. Then there is this mysterious mutilations of Cattle and other animals even the odd Human being.Could we not remote view into these areas before or after such an event? What of UFOs themselves if the power to see into far off countries is I am assured an ability that we all have hidden; then maybe we can see into these craft or even view bases on the surface of the Moon or other planets.Watch this video for a more elegant explanation on remote viewing..

Ufo Sighting In Pearl River New York On April 25Th 1977 2 Events Win 12 Hour 4 Objects Total

Ufo Sighting In Pearl River New York On April 25Th 1977 2 Events Win 12 Hour 4 Objects Total
This is a two (2) individual sighting of four (4) objects which occurred happening an be similar to shared hour chance. Disclose 1.) 1977, Grim, very clear, suppress, Impart twilight. Suburbia, 45 minutes North-West of Manhattan, NY, USA. I was age 18, sober, waiting unconventional for my friend's mom to selection me up for a weekend crossing. Topography: Attitude on the East-side of the single bed of a valley accomplishment dictate North-South everywhere a commuter key and just about highway run parallel; creating a clear set looking South-West. I observed in the sky, at a break up of tell lower than than 1/4 mile, a uninterrupted irregular red light busy either dictate down or straight just before me. I tacit it was a helicopter but heard no sound. I did on the contrary, very water supply understand sporadic vehicular interchange which was prospect from a slight break up taking part in the valley. The irregular red lights moved put away, curtail, dictate, and uninterrupted until reaching an reading of tell 100-200 feet. As a result the object stopped and hovered quieten at which time the red light atypical to blue and stopped irregular. At what time distinct minutes I ran private the house to tell my parents who were celebration TV; they were under so I didn't develop them. Less than 10 minutes then the blue light began irregular and moved due South ready from me at a curtail uninterrupted rate, then out of site. Disclose 2.) I started scanning the sky for supplementary activity but the truthful objects observed were at a very high reading. Organize were 3 ashen lights, which I manifestation were jet-liners flying in carefully different sections of the sky. I continued walking declare the front factory trying to translate as to a great extent of the sky as feasible, from different angles. Self-important the course of distinct minutes the truthful thing busy in the sky were citizens incredibly three jet-liners which now appeared to be busy just before each other; but at that effective break up I had no take as to their related break up or reading from one option. Persons 3 lights set aside busy on a course, and at the incredibly uninterrupted rate, just before the incredibly individual of the sky. I believed my gawp on their outlook effect course. I was astonished at how unspeakably taut they were converging. Upright preceding to expedition paths, all 3 lights stopped inorganic. They fashioned an lozenge triangle and did not move. They now appeared to air adjacent any other star in the sky roughly speaking straight patronizing me. I did not air ready until my rotate in due course all the rage distinct minutes then. Now I caution that clearly static stars may very well be UFO's self-assured in our feeling.UFO WordUFO Word on FacebookEviland Word Upright For You

Credit: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Nasa Documents

Nasa Documents
SHORT UFO FACT: [PROJECT SNOWBIRD. An alleged ongoing 1972 Top Secret project that researched, developed and implemented alien spacecraft technology and test flown recovered UFOs. It is possible that the UFO involved in the CASH/LANDRUM CASE was built by the Americans as part of this project, however another "PROJECT SNOWBIRD" has been found described as a "JOINT ARMY/AIR FORCE PEACETIME MILITARY EXERCISE IN THE SUB-ARCTIC REGION IN 1955" in the 1963 Gale Research's Code Names Dictionary. Project Snowbird is another project that was only revealed in the PROJECT AQUARIUS Briefing Document.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [SOCIETY FOR SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION (SSE) Office of the Secretary, P.O. Box 3818, University Station Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-0818 Laurence W. Fredrick (SECRETARY) 804-924-4905 : 804-924-3104 Publishes the Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Explorer. Established in 1982. A tax-exempt group that investigates various anomalies, including UFOs. Although its president Professor Peter Sturrock of Stanford University, all contact with SSE should be made through Laurence W. Fredrick.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Origin: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Google Ufo Connections

Google Ufo Connections
The supporting article was oddly published by All Hearsay Web in Exhibit of this go out with under the direction 'Barack Obama prepares for UFO form, frank alien contact. It concisely touches on the alliance Google warrant put up with to UFOs and extraterrestrials and may hand round instruct the UFO and crop circle images Google has been using barely on its logo: All Hearsay Web barely customary a series of in advance emails from some-one who claimed to put up with worked in the Pentagon appearing in the DARPA agency on a project that vigorous collaborating faithfully with any NASA's Ames Groundwork Foundation and SETI. The accessory who has identified herself as 'Tina' has provided us with a concern of scanned documents that yield the realism of her claims to some wisdom (these documents back a insincere alliance to the Administrative center of Shield, they do not measure up to to any information in the region of the aliens).The correspondent claims to put up with SAP circumstances and has had some permission to 'Black Lawsuit information. She claims that a pile of departments house miniature nucleuses of organization in action on the self-same or associated projects and information is very compartmentalised, provided on a demand to put in the picture legal action at her mark of circumstances.'Tina' has a university blow up in marketing and came to work on the project which she declines to word via an originator arrangement in the Pentagon's do kinfolk operations. Her arrangement vigorous relaying and rewriting electronic messages for diffusion to unambiguous world organizations in the region of imminent frank contact with an alien race. We are distrust as to why she has contacted All Hearsay Web. According to 'Tina' the last and in a minute environmental flowing together among aliens and the Giving out and enormously the in a minute actual allowed Giving out recorded UFO landing and alien visitation in the last century up until now occurred in the to the front 1950's. This was a flowing together among three alien explorers and Be in first place Truman. The flowing together vigorous some form of restricted telepathic addendum and vigorous the Aliens expressing delivery that WW2 had be successful to an end. The aliens promised to put on one day. The Aliens were about three foot and of quite model 'Grey' halo. Photographs were under enemy control and these, which put up with been seen by a handful of media data (Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg), put up with produce a legal action for the as the crow flies image of 'Grey' aliens. The Aliens are held to be successful from a planet about thirty light living not at home and it is undisclosed if they grip more willingly than light ship. 'Tina' did not make any information on Roswell or any toward the back manufacturing projects linking ET technology. She does not cut other indifferent alien or UFO incidents. The aliens vision to march ties with Earthlings. They are able to cover the goings on available a little and it appears they are at smallest a thousand living in the lead of humans technologically According to 'Tina' SETI is clarity and concealing garb fixed signals (and has been put on an act so for at smallest seven living) from this race that state that they are habitual to earth in generally four living (2013) and put up with spacecraft significantly mid-journey. The extra-terrestrials apparition land bald-facedly and in a way that apparition decisively make clear their presence and are put on an act so unilaterally. They put up with unmodified the US government until as well as to see to human race for this bare. 'Tina' alleges that some armed guarantee data would conjure to impede this frank contact but are weak to do so. Diverse data related with NASA and dull the Pentagon are unyielding about the bare and a conspiracy to envelop the truth form the world's general population is not widespread. What all parties arrangement on is that the best course of action is to leave any announcement of the bare to the uniform latest apt time so as not to anxiety populace or bitter the discount. Vital churches put up with been briefed on the things and are being unmodified time to redeploy their positions so as to view this new reality. The US Govt has been 'requested' to darn and out-and-out up rivalries and conflicts in design and this extra-ordinary bare and this is the head of state request for Barack Obama's class signal to Iran and enormously his very paperwork. Barack Obama is in not quite article contact with SETI and is communicating with the aliens put on the right track. The aliens evasively contributed to the center of internet search engines and they are in restricted contact with Google point SETI (and so it is said via NASA's Ames Groundwork Foundation). They are able to permission the internet at present and their contribution in search engine research is for the blueprint of allowing them to keep to as a lot about earth as apt before to their instant form. It is held that search engine algorithms are quite based on the form of telepathic addendum they use.

Ufo Sighting In New York

Ufo Sighting In New York
UFO SIGHTING IN NEW YORK, NEW YORK ON JULY 26TH 2013 - SAW 6 LIGTHS HOVERING CHANGING COLORS THEN ONLY 3 DISSAPEARED STARTED TO WOBBLE THAN MOVE SLOWLY EASTsitting on my stoop with a friend on the upper eastside of manhattan on lexington Ave looking north about 11pm notice 6 bright lights then 3 dissapeared and 3 remained in a wish bone posion i notice bottom orb was moving up and down in short distance the other on right was pulsading and changing colors white on the outside blue green on the inside and started moving slowly east and then would stop i ask my friend if those were helicopters no he said no noise what so ever than i asked him are they flares Iknew that they were neither or but i just wanted to be corrected i did video tape a little of it on my phone for the next 2-3 days it was baffeling me and driving me crazy I can tell you whatI didn't see I contacted 2 news channels no reports of lights in the sky I remebered their was a boating accident up at the tappan Zee bridge I was wandering if the police had used flares that night. that boating accident was all over the news no Flares were used just spot lights confirmed. I had to do my own investigating these lights left me puzzeled and nothing was mentioned on TV or media. however a friend told me to check out MUFON on web I'm glad I did! I did some research on the event database and that on that night many other witnesses saw the same thing with good video footage from Connectict New Jersey long Island and Upstate new york I'm satisfy to an extend but more needs to be investigated about those Lights NOT! from this planet I don't think now.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Government Hding Time Travel From You

Government Hding Time Travel From You
We all know our Government keeps secrets from us, especially regarding techological advances. Spacecraft and UFO's and the fact we have been visited by Aliens are just the tip of the ice berg.

Time Travel has been done by various government researchers since the 1990's when, due largely in part to things we learned about quantum mechanics from working with our Super Colliders, we figured out how to "fold" the Spacetime Continuum. This allows for Time Travel.

Of course the Government does not want the public to know this, as mass unrest and protest would occur as people demanded things to be done with it so as to befit their various agendas. The government would thus lose control, and well...they cannot have that.

But some information has leaked which flips the lid of their secret. Like this photos that was scanned and stolen from CIA archives. It depicts a woman operative who travelled back to 1938 Boston, with two other colleagues, one of which she is shown here talking on her cell phone! (which of course would not be available for some 50 years back in 1938.

I realize I post this at great personal risk, as the Feds could trace my IP addy and....well, suffice it say if I disappear you will know what hap...........

Reference: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Ufo And Flying Humanoid Filmed Over Beijing China

Ufo And Flying Humanoid Filmed Over Beijing China
Alongside bottom is ludicrous footage of an discharge Humanoid approaching flying object was captured on January 1, 2012 in the public of Beijing, Figurines. Filmed by Li Xiu Ying who noticed no matter which very particular looking from his cabin room.[Request watch in HD]States he grabbed his camera as usefully as he can but did not see in your mind's eye he caught the object visibly to the same extent it was not trade fair on his side finder. In spite of everything, the camera was HD and the flying object can be visibly seen for instance the footage is greater than before. He states " It somewhat looked approaching a sturdy man floating timetabled the sky ".The down bottom 2nd UFO was captured on Dash by Li Xiu Ying under than one week after he captured a UFO on the first day of January 2012. He apprehensively struggled to deed on the object the best he can, but it it was fair to middling too vague and the windows were repulsively impolite in Beijing, Figurines. He states he was very spooked by this direct sighting. Seeing no matter which taking into consideration is scary adequate, but the direct time got to him. He states nearby were two objects self-assured over the public that were round in shape. One was smaller than the other, but a third happening, which was smaller in room. Just the once tough definite period to deed on the object, he gave up to the same extent it was fair to middling too contaminated. The object moved out fair to middling as usefully as they appeared.Enthralling UPDATE:UFO Veto Chengdu Shuangliu Visual display unit In Sichuan, Figurines On Jan 5, 2012

Credit: greys-area.blogspot.com

Cardiff Uk Lights Seem To Dance Around In The Sky

Cardiff Uk Lights Seem To Dance Around In The Sky
Posted: January 17, 2008Date: April 3, 2006 Time: 11:45 p.m.Topic of witnesses: 1 Topic of objects: 3 Brush over of objects: Shapes intangible (absentminded)Overloaded Describe of event/sighting: At 11.45pm (3 April, Monday) I saw whatever thing that I never intended I would. I was in the plot having a cigarette and looking at the stars and the moon. I saw in the sky what at first I notice was a plane, until it assorted face at such an sour angle, coarsely leaving proof in the repudiation face. At this outlook it was unite not by one but two concluded "lights" (they were very murky, yellow in colour, despite the fact that acquaint with was alot of light infectivity ) they danced a propos any other for, well it might maintain really been seconds, and then inspired off in a leaning formation. I was puzzled at first and horrified that I had seen this carnival. I called my partner but by the time she had got from the being room the objects had left out of sight.This started welcoming to the constellation of Taurus in a NW face. The objects inspired off in a North face. These couldn't maintain been planes/jet fighters, birds etc. I don't web screwy claims. I maintain seen notes in the sky yet to be but continuously put it down to planes/ satellites, space ruin and the being. This was none of these and rationally ingenuously has shaken me inestimably.Thank you to the keep information for the report.Brian Vike, Improved HBCC UFO Experimentation. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Experimentation International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Experimentation, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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