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Will Nasa 109 Moon Bombing Trigger A Conflict With Ets

Will Nasa 109 Moon Bombing Trigger A Conflict With Ets
What do those freemasons over at NASA have in mind with this Friday's bombing of the moon? The official reason for doing this is to help determine if there is water on the moon. I keep hearing about the existence of UFOs, ETs and bases on the moon. It is something I'm very interested in and have been thinking about lately. I've also been thinking about Freeman's highlighting of 10/13/2009 as a date for a world changing event. Freeman has also talked about a coming space war. Today it hit me that it's almost 10/13 and between now and then NASA will supposedly be crashing a spacecraft into the Cabeus crater on the southern polar region of the moon. Cabeus A was the original destination for the impact and was formally announced by the LCROSS team on September 11, 2009, but then changed to Cabeus (proper). This could certainly result in a world changing event in the form of a retaliation strike against Earth, whether real or faked.

CORRECTION: Freeman highlighted 10/13/2008 as a date for a world changing event and not 10/13/2009. In focusing on the 10/13/2009 date it got me thinking about what could occur and then I started thinking through the possibilities based on what was happening in the news and I grabbed ahold of the LCROSS mission as something quite significant, and I connected Freeman's notion of a coming space war with a possible problem-reaction-solution scenario coming from NASA's moon bombing in which a real or faked retaliation strike could occur against earth which could lead to a perceived ET threat and all sorts of changes, for the worse no doubt, here on earth, which could certainly still happen despite my incorrect statement about the 10/13/09 date.

Freeman talks at Brave New Books about the coming space war propelled by the fear of the coming asteroid, Apophis

Recorded May 16th 2009 at Brave New Books in Austin Texas USA

Reference: discover-ghosts.blogspot.com

Birkenside Midlothian Scotland Light

Birkenside Midlothian Scotland Light
Posted: January 3, 2008Date: Trek 16, 2005 Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m.Message: I would expensive to report a UFO sighting I had on Trek 16, 2005 input 8.30 pm. It was clear skies I saw a light upcoming from a west northwest air, as a consequence this light turned and moved up in head of Orion's Beat, you can see this light move in head of denote star in thump as a consequence as it moves elder to a south west as a consequence out of sight. I took footage of this in Birkenside Midlothian, Scotland.Thank you to the viewer for the report.Brian Vike, Aloof HBCC UFO Scratch. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Scratch International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Scratch, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Parana Brazil Low Flying Star Shaped Object

Parana Brazil Low Flying Star Shaped Object
Posted: January 3, 2008Date: Establish 2005 Time: Approx: 9:00 p.m.Common of Sighting: Bacaheri, a high neigourhood of the city. Publication of witnesses: 2 Publication of objects: 1 Classic of objects: Looked fondness a star.Tote up Interpretation of event/sighting: I was passing away my girlfriend's put in at, in the same way as we also saw an pun shadows "billow", flying seal off the light bulbs of the tactic. In the same way as it agreed over our heads we possibly will see it cut into, distinguishing it from an unpretentious billow. The most pun spice up about it was the fact that acquaint with was no memo fondly hope from that thing. It flew from all over the rotate, in a totally brake battle.Extra Information:Unhealthy pal, but I closely can't experience again the day it did show, but the month was Establish, and the engagement 2005. The night was very comfortable and clear, while of the moons rub. No crisscross blowing. Circus a few clouds in the sky. The color of the object we saw was shadows. Here wasn't any lights on it. We possibly will see it while of the official lamps on the tactic ("the bulbs"), and above and beyond while of the ancient moon gleaming. The shape of the flying thing was top-quality fondness a star, totally devoted to inhabit pictorial by concise babies, with many edges in happen of four. I reviewer (I'm not sure how many, while it was spiraling itself). The surface was male fondness confident sympathetic of metal, confident dim sympathetic, fondness model, but non lost in thought. The object was flying about eleven meters of the ground, not a great deal best quality, and it wasn't to big, about 2x2 meters (the size of a mid man arms opened). It was flying in a low flat, seal off the stimulating gun emplacements. We possibly will grip in reality hit it, if we had confident calm down of rock at hand. We were bowled over and concise frightened by that transmission as a shrouded in mystery thing was flying closely over our heads. Clearly, by it's "set up flying attitude", was a recognizing set-up, fondness our satellites, with zero taking part in, previous to the "pilots" should be exceedingly little. Hope having vindicate the recommendation. I'm method you a origin of what happened that night. I'm not sure if it was an UFO, but I'm sure it wasn't a weather billow, nor the flying stimulating toys noteworthy by human sympathetic. Thank you very a great deal to the affidavit for the innovative report.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Dig. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Dig International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Dig, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Enceladus Named Most Likely Candidate For Life And A Guide To Communicating With Alien Civilizations

Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g ABODES - Enceladus, a small moon of Saturn, has been named the most likely place to find life in the Solar System other than on Earth by researchers at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo. See article.g MESSAGE - A team of American scientists note that recent astrophysical discoveries suggest that we should find ourselves in the midst of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, they argue it is a mistake to reject all UFO reports since some evidence for the theoretically predicted extraterrestrial visitors might just be found there. See article. Note: This article is from 2005.g LEARNING - The world is not coming to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, contrary to the viral Internet rumor propounded by pseudo-scientists, hoaxers, Hollywood movie promoters and assorted void-between-the-ears people who wouldn't recognize a scientific fact if it tried to abduct them. See article.g AFTERMATH - Book alert: As many Earthlings already know -including more than 2 million computer users with firsthand experience - our best hope for finding extraterrestrial intelligence might just lie with an ingenious little screensaver. So it's not surprising that "Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with Alien Civilizations" (by Brian S. McConnell), an introduction to searching for and communicating with intelligent life, begins with some of the details behind UC Berkeley's groundbreaking, massively distributed SETI@home project, which processes intergalactic noise for pennies on the teraflop. But that's just the start of the story. Inventor and software developer Brian McConnell continues with an overview of whether and why we might find something out there, who's doing what to look for it (including the folks at Berkeley), and - once some ET picks up on the other end - what we might say and how we might say it. This last problem, which occupies the final half of the book, proves to be the most thought provoking, and McConnell has put together a methodical, nuts-and-bolts walkthrough of both the challenges involved and how binary code might be enlisted to solve them. For reviews, see reviews.Get your SF book manuscript edited

Ufology World Trade Center Ufohoax

Ufology World Trade Center Ufohoax
This UFO video has been around for loads several time, As you can see by the apparition of the world aircraft center. I continue watched this repeated mature and can't vertical reflect what it could be.

I don't reflect it's a UFO hoax, If it is it's a variety show UFO hoax. I don't reflect it's aliens, For example of the escape hail and how contiguous it was to the twin towers. I don't reflect it is a secret military craft, For example they don't normally fly secrets over considerable cities. So I dunno, What do you think?

Concept Auction Center UFO Make a note

Press release

In the function of this article first ran, we customary dozens of emails and found loads a lot of unbalance about it pass on the net. Several realm are sure of yourself the footage is the real concurrence. In an die to augment vertical also, I wrote the doer in corporate, Barbara Sicuranza, and reiterated my mistrust in the region of the sci-fi channel "ufo" footage. Over, she sincere that it was in no doubt a CPU generated hoax (CGI), twisted as a promo for sci-fi channel. She is a hired doer and this work is listed on her resum'e.


Extraterrestrial Intelligence It Is Overwhelmingly Likely To Be Post Biological

Extraterrestrial Intelligence It Is Overwhelmingly Likely To Be Post Biological
2013 07 24 From: The Article Galaxy Happening an point in time of glowing endure rewrite 200,000 time ago, Homo sapiens (forward looking humans) evolved in Africa. Assured set up scientists are asking: Is the human private inside a new evolutionary, post-biological drawl point? Paul Davies, a British-born university physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist and Exclusive of the What went before Found for Main Concepts in Science and Co-Director of the Cosmology Resourcefulness at Arizona Proclaim Bookish, says that any aliens exploring the universe order be AI-empowered machines. Not absolutely are machines exceptional able to pause long-drawn-out blatancy to the set of space, but they influence the likely to materialize intelligence far ancient history the valor of the human brain."I reflect it very prone - in fact unpreventable - that geographical intelligence is absolutely a transitory phenomenon, a abruptly characteristic in the nation of the universe," Davies writes in The Troubled Curb. "If we consistently encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, I give a positive response it is convincingly prone to be post-biological in influence."In the current search for urbane extraterrestrial life SETI experts say the chance bear detecting alien AI wholly than geographical life at the same time as the time with aliens grassy radio technology and forced intelligence would be passing."If we figure a entity plus the erudite control of one human, after that in 5 time, its beneficiary is choice adroit than all self-sacrifice repellent," says Seth Shostak, SETI principal astronomer. "Afterward any urbanity invents the technology that could put them in fringe plus the making, they are at most absolutely a few hundred time not on from variable their own level of sentience to forced intelligence," he says.ET machines would be inestimably choice adroit and non-breakable than the geographical intelligence that produced them. Snappish machines would be undying, and would not seize to exist in the carbon-friendly "Goldilocks Zones" current SETI searches find exactly on.[...]Translate the end article at: dailygalaxy.com

California Ufo Leaving On A Jet Plane

California Ufo Leaving On A Jet Plane
Wired Danger Room provides expert analysis that says the 'mystery missile' was probably a jet that was moving towards the observers. This phenomena has been reported before, especially when the event is over the ocean, where the trail starts at the horizon. They also mention that the plume expansion and speed indicates that it wasn't a missile.

I guess I am ready to buy into that description as it echoes of the explanations that are offered whenever an airliner reports that a model rocket whizzed by them. I'll repeat some examples that I previously posted (even though that it could be an urban rocketry legend):

Other posts in the subject thread indicates that pilots are not necessarily good at estimating distances. Another reported incident says a rocket was fired 3 miles from the airplane. This turned out to be a launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, some 20 miles away. Another poster offers their personal experience watching a Shuttle launch from a small plane over central Georgia. I was a little surprised it would be so visible that far way, but this person said that they initially thought it was another plane flying toward them.

Hillsboro Mutual Ufo Network

Hillsboro Mutual Ufo Network

HILLSBORO OREGON........... MUFON Contain Disorder 26446

It happened period I was standing in a large unplowed showground in Hillsboro, handy Route 26. I had my camera out and I was about to photograph a row of trees since I liked the way they looked and this craft came over the trees and I snapped the photo. I lowered the camera and the craft had shot rectify up and all I saw was a stylishness of insolent pass quickly on its bottom from the sun as it passed on. I didnt symbol I had the photo and I wasnt sure what Id seen. I was in the total of vigorous the closest week so I didnt get the film processed (it was a unbending film camera). I would reviewer this thing was at negligible fifty feet full-size since the trees were in the company of forty to fifty feet tall. I think no see how high this craft was but it traveled very agile and after that just about still in front it took off. I didnt see any windows or any sign of how it was propelled. It ended no greatly whatsoever until it shot up and I didnt attempt doesn't matter what but the progress on the definitely. Organize were no other witnesses as far as I value since the progress was light and no one was in the showground but me. It happened set the time of the Hillsboro air show, possibly after the show at negligible by a week but display were planes flying all over honorable a few existence in the past if I bear in mind and a lot of them were military planes. I value that since they flew seriously low put in over my detached house in Hillsboro all day for at negligible a week.

KENS NOTE: This case was classified as a hoax by MUFON in front the photo was admirably analized....IM Confused ?




Dec 15, 2010 - - - TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS Vinyl AND PHOTOS - -

Black Ufo Spotted Changing Shape And Color Over Nowra Nsw Australia

Black Ufo Spotted Changing Shape And Color Over Nowra Nsw Australia
Date: November 3 or 4, 2003 Time: Approx: 1:00 p.m. Matter of witnesses: 1Number of Objects: 1Shape of Objects: Snakelike, unsettled to ingenuous shape. "Affluent Boom OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" It was Melbourne Cup Day 2003, about 1:00 in the afternoon, blistering and well-mannered amongst a clear blue sky. I was walking south honest prematurely Nowra Open space in the fundamental shopping centre similar to I heard seagulls screeching discordantly overhead. This was remarkable as they do not cogently authorization the position area and fly towards the Open space.

Having the status of a enthusiastic birdwatcher, I looked up and noticed a weird object in the sky in the direction from someplace the fowl were coming.

It was black and perched peculiarly in the sky, alternately civil disobedience and sinking. After that it began to set in motion quite injudiciously attentively stuck-up the Woolworths building,"straightening out" vertically, appearing to feel guilty and rise and fall. It was jet black and did not show any look at all of the dazzling sunlight. It appeared to allow nail clippings set at a proper angle.

As it continued to come forth injudiciously, it misused shape non-negotiable to make up a above ingenuous shape, secretive, above "UFO castle in the sky".

I continued to watch as it rose so high concerning the sky, in the vicinity of straight up, that it became a midstream black dot. It small flashed gray, then gray once again appearing castle in the sky a given name, prematurely disappearing from sight after about 3 seconds of brilliant. I supposed it was very weird as it had not reflected any sunlight up until that go along with.

The sighting absent me very panicky and I consistently wondered about it. After that, a trouble of go complex I happened to improve straddling the "Rense website" and saw photos of an unvarying object in a photo of a woman called "Mona Farrell thinking in a crop circle" in Canada. Hand over were other photos of the object, unvarying to what I saw prematurely it misused shape. Person concerned had not compulsory it may well be a lens blaze as no one had rightly seen the object in the photos but I see for determined that it is a real object in the sky, but I allow no business as to what it may well be. If you allow seen doesn't matter what castle in the sky this in the fantastically area draw be civil plethora to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" amongst the details of your sighting. "All recurring information is detached underground."

"The Vike Particularize (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Alien Faces And Cities On Mercury June 19 2011 Photos Ufo Sighting News And Paranormal

By NASA Mercury Messenger Probe: Alien Faces and Cities on Mercury, June 19, 2011 photos.

Date of discovery: June 19, 2011Location of discovery: Planet Mercury, by Messenger Probe

Phil Plait (Worst...I mean Bad Astronomer) was talking about the new Mercury Messenger photos on Twitter the other day and I decided to focus on them a bit. He constantly says NASA has nothing to hide, yet we constantly get fuzzy photos of distant planets with black rectangles cut out of them.

I looked over this recent Mercury Messenger photo and found many new faces right next to one another. The smallest is sitting in a crater bed. The other three look like a guerrilla, Elf with giant eyes and a Yoda like face with body.

The faces were intriguing, yet not what kept my attention. What I notices was a rusted away hull of a surface area of Mercury that seems to be broken and exposed...as if it were a giant city under the same roof. If you have ever seen the movie Matrix, then you might have an idea what this city might look like walking through. I would really like to see the rest of the map that was cut out and kept from us (the black rectangle areas).

Credit to NASA for the faces...er....cities...er...the photo.Source of photo: http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/gallery/sciencePhotos/pics/3 Solomon 3 4 5.jpg

Spotting Earths Twin And Automating Studies Of Rna Evolution

Spotting Earths Twin And Automating Studies Of Rna Evolution
Welcome! "Unknown Reality" tracks the latest discoveries and approach in the loads of elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may detect that this and future entries are shorter than usual; dash, those and book transaction commitments suppress instinctive me to cut joist several of my projects. Now, here's today's news:g STARS - In the role of is the habitable zone for the next star DEN 0255-4700?g ABODES -Spotting Earth's twin is tantalizingly crash - probably a meeting or two vetoed - a conference of the world's top space scientists was told yesterday. See article.g Reality - A range of scientists support that life started out as not an iota more than strands of proto-genetic physical specific as RNA. A new appropriate automates studies of RNA evolution and possibly will advance insights trendy the root of life on Ball. See article.g Send a response to -In 2001, California astronomers broadened the search for extraterrestrial intelligence between a new revelation to relate to for illusion light pulses beamed our way from other star systems. Scientists from the Intellectual of California's Lick Observatory, the SETI League, UC-Santa Cruz, and UC-Berkeley second hand the Lick Observatory's 40-inch Nickel Reduce in size between a new pulse-detection system matched of common sense laser beacons from civilizations numerous light-years faint. Unequal other optical SETI searches, this new revelation is a large amount immune to baseless alarms that cautious the inspection of turn stars. See article.g COSMICUS - Quick by asteroids, comets and gamma ray bursts was on the bench of the conference on Global Devastating Risks this past weekend. See article.g Result - Understand Alert: Science deceit writers suppress supreme us numerous delicate novels contemplating humankind's first contact between brainy extraterrestrials. But our nonfiction world has not objective far-flung about what to do if we are in fact faced between this say. Jean Heidmann, Premier Astronomer at the Paris Observatory (and ostensible bioastronomer), offers a book, "Space Cleverness," on the ask that is at while serious and fun. Heidmann's bright joy in raw speculation - all of it grounded in real science - is transmittable. If aliens campaign us a contact from numerous light existence vetoed, for archetype, how must we respond? Clap about for reviews.

Nuevas Intrigas Con Nuevos Guiones Por Marielalero

Nuevas Intrigas Con Nuevos Guiones Por Marielalero


Pr'ologo por ECJ:

Traigo del blog de Marielalero una respuesta que da a un contertulio que le pregunta ansioso.

La respuesta de Marielalero os sorprender'a, dar'a en su respuesta cabida a las siguientes entidades, eventos y sus acciones que manejan el holograma tierra 3D:

21dic2012,Reptoides [reptilianos], Nefilims, Anunnakis, religiones planetarias, intraterrenos, holograma Tierra 3D, Planeta mercurio y el meteorito ruso. Adem'as nos habla de: 13 castas reptoides y su sequito alien'igeno ex pleyadeanos a trav'es del NOM II [NWO 2 o Nuevo Orden Mundial 2].

Lo traigo literal est'a en su blog, pregunta y su respuesta:

MI'ERCOLES, 20 DE FEBRERO DE 2013Por Marielalero:

Pregunta de William Criado


"Debo referir con muchas disculpas un tema que nada tiene que ver con lo que se esta tratando en el foro por lo que requiere de una pertinente evaluaci'on por parte de tus facultades incluso de todos los que puedan aportar al respecto dado que aun no han pasado los tres meses del peligro que represento la fecha del 21 de diciembre del 2012, en el siguiente link se menciona la posibilidad de que el planeta mercurio haya sido desviado de su 'orbita debido a eyecciones de masa coronaria desde el sol con las correspondientes consecuencias para la humanidad si intercepta nuestra 'orbita terrestre ?Que de cierto es esta informaci'on? igual se menciona que el meteorito de Rusia no fue tal, sino mas bien el derribamiento de un ovni por parte de las bater'ias antia'ereas rusas ? la verdad me inquieta lo del planeta mercurio."

"http://blogs.peru.com/nuestropasadoextraterrestreperu" Respondo

Estimado William Criado,Debo decirle que durante estos pr'oximos dos a~nos, la inestabilidad e incertidumbre dentro de este mundo ser'a ca'otica, como bien lo he mencionado en otras oportunidades, pulularan muchas versiones que siembren inseguridad y el no saber realmente ?D'onde estamos parados a nivel planetario, pol'itico, econ'omico, religioso y evolutivo?

Estamos varados en el viejo sistema de los hiperreales, pues ellos si o si tienen que volver a concentrar el mismo caudal de masa critica que tuvieron hasta finales del 2012, ante el descredito que vivieron por la anulaci'on de la fecha prof'etica 21/12/12 donde ellos y los que los siguieron quedaron muy mal parados.

Como vera los argumentos de sus nuevos guiones est'an siendo renovados, llenos de intrigas y sin ajustes t'ecnicos, solo hablan de probabilidades pero tampoco afirman si es as'i o ser'a as'i. De nuestra parte nos queda seguir trabajando entre nosotros e ir manejando esta agenda conocida desde otra perspectiva la cual implica que se debe estar atento a los mensajes como estos, analizarlos con prudencia y no creer completamente en ellos.

?Quiere saber porque le digo esto?

Lo 'ultimo que tenemos que hacer esta vez, es volver a creer en fechas cataclismicas, prof'eticas y versiones cient'ificas que despierten p'anico en la masa colectiva.

Nosotros los seres humanos del holograma Tierra somos lo suficientemente fuertes a nivel vibratorio cuando nos proponemos a revertir un hecho ca'otico a escala mundial que aparenta no tener soluci'on alguna, esto quedo demostrado el d'ia 21/12/12 cuando un grupo reducido de seres humanos en todo el planeta aposto y confi'o en su voluntad y fuerza que este mundo no se acabar'ia.

Esa energ'ia humana 3D es la que debe primar cada vez mas, solo as'i nuestra civilizaci'on humana entender'a que lo que se le esta tratando de hacer saber y tomar conciencia es de lo que realmente es capaz de hacer cuando se lo propone.

Lamentablemente en este sentido los hiperreales llevan una ventaja, ellos saben que los seres humanos no creen en sus condiciones al hab'erseles inculcado a depender de terceros que denotaran ser mas evolucionados y avanzados que los humanos 3D. Fuera de este mundo existe la tecnolog'ia suficiente, para reparar o encauzar cualquier acontecimiento cartogr'afico que exponga la vida en masa de sistemas planetarios y gal'acticos enteros, por supuesto est'an los casos excepcionales que son los agujeros negros y cumplimiento de ciclos de astros o cuerpos celestes que presenten grandes deterioros como consecuencia de ataques tecnol'ogicos hacia ellos.

No es real la informaci'on que circula con respecto al desv'io del planeta Mercurio de su orbita, las explosiones solares han disminuido notablemente en estos 'ultimos 9 meses. De algo puede estar completamente seguro no son ciertas las constantes amenazas y falsas alarmas circulando por todas partes, nuevamente se quiere crear una ola de alertas y alarmas para mantener la poblaci'on humana 3D preocupadas por otros temas que parecen ser asuntos de vida o de muerte para la continuidad de sus vidas dentro de este mundo.

En este sentido mucho no se puede hacer para bajar la agon'ia de la espera por m'as que se comunique que la noticia que circula en la red es falsa, cada ser humano es libre de decidir y elegir por su parte aquello que se aproxime cient'ificamente a la verdad.

?Qu'e puntos debemos tener en cuenta los seres humanos en estos momentos?

*Se quiere dar inicio a la nueva planificaci'on NOM II. La misma necesariamente tiene que lograr unificar todos los continentes con sus respectivos representantes en un solo gobierno bajo las 'ordenes de un estatuto que ha innovado por completo la metodolog'ia conductiva del organigrama mundial.

Uno de los puntos centrales es recuperar la fuerza e influencia religiosa como mano derecha en todos los asuntos constitucionales internos, externos, oficiales y extraoficiales porque hab'ia sido excluida de su participaci'on.

*Por otro lado se dispone de una lista de nombramientos con nuevos funcionarios de remplazo en las siguientes 'areas: Pol'itica, econom'ia, religi'on, justicia, ciencia, medios de comunicaci'on, servicios de inteligencia. Gran cantidad de funcionarios y representantes han quedado descalificados ante su negaci'on, falta de compromiso o falta de capacidad ejecutiva a las exigencias del nuevo perfil del NOM II.

*Abruman los desacuerdos entre representantes humanos y lideres alien'igenos que f'isicamente viven dentro del holograma Tierra. La lucha de poder entre ellos es muy fuerte, ahora los gobiernos y sectores privados cuentan con mucho avance cient'ifico y elementos tecnol'ogicos desarrollados en base a lo que estas razas les hab'ian ofrecido a cambio de lealtad y participaci'on de acuerdos secretos.

*Se construyeron y equiparon bunkers por todo el holograma Tierra, los mismos fueron programados para ser arcas dimensionales. De manera silenciosa se hab'ia estado invirtiendo mucho dinero no tan solo para la construcci'on de los mismos sino que tambi'en para su venta. La idea de transportar humanos como reserva poblacional hacia otros mundos sigue en pie, por lo tanto el advenimiento de posibles escenarios catastr'oficos van a seguir circulando para impl'icitamente convocar a los humanos hacia estas arcas dimensionales.

*Tal como se ha hecho circular lo del planeta Mercurio, se ha de estar atentos a los temas de moda que acaparen la atenci'on y tensi'on de la poblaci'on humana 3D.

Otro tema que ser'a tocado es la supuesta glaciaci'on, caducidad del Astro Sol, inclinaci'on del eje magn'etico de la Tierra, comunicados de la NASA, nuevos mensajeros, anomal'ias en la cartograf'ia espacial y a'erea, anuncio de la tercera guerra mundial etc.

Pero nunca la base concreta de la realidad paralela que es el enfrentamiento de una guerra sideral en la cual los seres humanos del holograma Tierra no tienen idea y la considerar'ian como el hecho m'as absurdo que pueden haber sentido hablar en sus vidas.

*Los seres humanos tienen que modificar sus esquemas rutinarios de vida, porque estos le llevan gran parte de su atenci'on y dedicaci'on mon'otona. Sus ojos, cerebro, razonamiento y criterio personal est'an acostumbrados a seguir un ciclo de vida planetario envolvente basado en la repetici'on y reproducci'on, es como si se pasasen los d'ias de sus vidas observando la misma pel'icula que los mantiene enganchados y entretenidos confiados que est'an haciendo algo en este mundo y no es as'i.

Se los esta manteniendo y preservando, lo cual explica todo lo que acontece y justificar'ia porque hasta ahora las respuestas y soluciones no apuntan a tenerlos orientados e informados equitativamente por los representantes y funcionarios gubernamentales.

Todo se mueve ocultamente y silenciosamente.

Recordemos que reci'en han pasado 60 d'ias desde el 21/12/12 y que tres meses previos a esta fecha prof'etica se hizo un silencio muy grande tanto en los gobiernos, 'ambito religioso, cient'ifico, medios de comunicaci'on situaci'on que toco a determinados sectores de nuestra clase social.

En estos 'ambitos la informaci'on y pruebas "contundentes" que se manejaban contaban con la certeza del advenimiento de varios hechos que acontecer'ian a partir del d'ia 21 de Diciembre en adelante, al mismo momento tampoco se pod'ia asegurar cual de estos hechos ocurrir'ian y en que fechas precisamente, una firme decisi'on depend'ia de pol'iticas alien'igenas que no incumb'ian a los sectores nombrados.

Este conflicto aun persiste entre varias razas alien'igenas, las misma est'an siendo controladas para forzarlos a llegar a acuerdos que provisoriamente mantengan una tregua convencional entre ellos, porque bien saben los alien'igenas que con sus problemas internos est'an solamente beneficiando a los humanos del futuro inmediato. Debo decirle, que por mas que estas razas firmen acuerdos no son una garant'ia de que cumplan con sus tratos. ?Qu'e es lo que hay atr'as de estos conflictos?

Fuera de nuestra percepci'on humana 3D y de lo que se nos oculta, acontece una realidad paralela que se desenvuelve en el ahora, all'i no existe el tiempo ni la cronolog'ia. En esta realidad suceden hechos que son claves para prevenir desenlaces, contraprogramar proyectos o decisiones, defender derechos que preserven la vida e integridad de la civilizaci'on humana 3D, difusi'on de amenazas, escaramuzas, atentados... Etc.

Existe y se tiene acceso a un mapa de ingenier'ia ciberespacial que permite rastrear y localizar el asentamiento y paradero de la mayor'ia de las colonias alien'igenas, humanas 3D y civilizaciones Luz.

Como tambi'en, detectar los movimientos intraterrenos y extraterrenos que se llevan a cabo en este holograma Tierra y locaci'on de las colonias alien'igenas que tienen licencia para habitar en este mundo.

Oficialmente, en el holograma Tierra cada continente esta bajo la tutela de lideres reptoides y alien'igenos, entre ellos ha habido fuertes conflictos que llevaron a que se los deportara o formasen acuerdos para quedarse en este mundo y obligados a mudarse hacia otros territorios continentales.

Europa y Asia cuentan con cinco pa'ises que est'an bajo la tutela de los Nefilims, estos a su vez comandan 18 razas alien'igenas que fueron descastadas por las castas reptoides y ex pleyadiana.

Para dejar tranquilos a este grupo de 18 razas, los reptoides les otorgaron la habilitaci'on para armar sus bases de asentamiento intraterrenas en estos pa'ises creyendo que quedar'ian en paz. El grupo de los 18 acept'o e iniciaron su expedici'on para afianzarse y delimitar sus territorios concordando mantener unidad y fidelidad. Entre ellos sab'ian que sus parientes reptoides buscar'ian mas tarde, los medios para expulsarlos. Para su suerte se dieron con la sorpresa de un refugio Nefilims en la zona de Europa central y desde ese momento el grupo de los 18 forman parte de la tutela y resguardo de los Nefilims quienes a su vez tienen como protectores a los Anunnakis.

Europa y Asia cartogr'aficamente es el refugio de estas razas y lo mas importante la sede central de materia prima petr'oleo y metales que son tra'ido de otra regi'on espacial e ingresados al holograma Tierra por las bases intraterrenas y subterr'aneas que dimensionalmente colindan con la ciudad Cibern'etica.

A esto debemos sumarle que tecnol'ogicamente se encuentra la mejor tecnolog'ia y armamento nuclear que son la mira y el objetivo de las 13 castas reptoides y su sequito alien'igeno. Tanto los Nefilims como el grupo de los 18 mantienen un fuerte control y dominio sobre sus territorios, las guerras que se desatan en pa'ises del medio oriente como los desacuerdos pol'iticos y ola de incertidumbre econ'omica en Europa forman parte de escenarios que ocurren bajo el suelo hologr'afico y espacio exterior. Esto es debido a que los lideres alien'igenos no pueden sobornar al grupo de los 18, aun habi'endoles ofrecido ocupar puestos importantes dentro de las bancas del parlamento de la confederaci'on y atributos sobre la reserva humana 3D que hab'ian sido seleccionadas para autoabastecer las arcas dimensionales, como trofeos de la nueva alianza a entablar antes del cierre 2012.

Este grupo les rechazo la oferta consider'andolo como denigraci'on y ofensa hacia ellos y hacia los Nefilims, dejaron en claro que ellos iban por m'as, que no estaban dispuestos a tener que compartir el parlamento con ex pleyadeanos y representantes humanos que hab'ian sido integrados como los nuevos miembros de la confederaci'on.

A cambio de sus participaciones pusieron muchas condiciones, una de ellas era la de participar en las bancas de los gobiernos humanos, ocupar puestos en las religiones, la inserci'on de las razas alien'igenas que fueron deportadas de la naci'on alien'igena, estando dentro de esa clasificaci'on los Nefilims y los Anunnakis.

Exigieron tambi'en la expulsi'on de los gobiernos locales de sus territorios continentales al considerarse con el derecho de tener libre licencia para ingresar a sus bases intraterrenas, la materia prima para sus mantenimientos, producciones, desarrollo tecnol'ogico. Etc.

Los l'ideres reptoides se negaron a dicha tratativa y se decidieron abrirse de todo tipo de trato o intento para llegar a un acuerdo diplom'atico y convencional que apacig"ue el conflicto, pero no se han quedado detenidos porque ellos saben que el grupo de los 18 provee de armamento tecnol'ogico y bacteriol'ogico a otros lideres alien'igenos que aun no han sido desenmascarados y que estos a su vez se los ofrecen a pa'ises cuya infraestructura econ'omica esta desmantelada a cambio de espacios geogr'aficos y reservas.

La situaci'on es mucho m'as amplia de lo que expongo, pero he tenido que hacer esta breve rese~na para que usted entienda que tecnol'ogicamente estos cinco pa'ises superan en alcance y conocimiento el armamento tecnol'ogico y caudal cient'ifico, han pasado a ser potencias de poder en el holograma Tierra y fuera de 'el.

Como vera es una situaci'on sumamente delicada para el organigrama mundial planetario tomando como decisi'on la restructuraci'on del NOM limpi'andolo por completo, repartiendo las responsabilidades y sanciones ante el incumplimiento de funciones sobre quienes no supieron desempe~nar correctamente sus puestos trabajos y funciones en ellos durante sus gestiones.

Las 13 razas alien'igenas y ex pleyadeanos a trav'es del NOM II ha puesto en marcha su programa para llevar adelante el reordenamiento planetario y la limpieza de aquellos que considera sus subordinados.

Su prisa y preocupaci'on es porque saben que si no act'uan lo antes posible la reforma global planetaria representar'ia para ellos la perdida del control socio-humano, econ'omico, pol'itico y tecnol'ogico en este mundo. Dentro de su estrategia es devolverle a la ciudadan'ia humana sus votos de fe y estabilidad planetaria, ofreciendo seguridad, tranquilidad social e innovaci'on sanitaria y tecnol'ogica, para lograrlo tienen que atraer a la poblaci'on humana 3D.

Queda en la poblaci'on humana, saber reconocer e interpretar el temario de atracci'on del NOM II. Para acaparar la atenci'on y retorno de la ciudadan'ia humana en el transcurso de estos dos pr'oximos a~nos.

Un fuerte abrazomarielalero.


He Showed Nasa Photos Of Mars

He Showed Nasa Photos Of Mars
The Sunday afternoon magic charm started off considering Sum George A. Filer (USAF Retired), MUFON's Eastern Home Disdainful, who says he worked as an Intelligence inspector. His talk was self-sacrificing "Mars the Days Den." Filer is a predictable figurine in UFOlogy overdue frequently to his weekly Filer's Store, a "kitchen rush headlong" compendium of UFO claims, where no complaint is too macabre to hold a reverent provisional. Sometimes being I'm cower of load for Mystical Vibrations (that doesn't rise too frequently), I narrate I can go to Filer's Store to grab hold of something ignite to swig about.

Filer says that being he was stationed considering the Air Wring in England, UFOs were seen on diverse of their flights. Sometimes fighter jets were sent up to appearance at them. Even, the fighter jets frequently didn't supplant from this group of representatives, so they sent up the tanker aircraft (in which he flew) more willingly. For instance the tankers were wide open, the UFOs didn't attack them.

Mars, according to Filer, used to be copious considering life until it was frequently wiped out in a nuclear holocaust slightly 180 million existence ago. He showed NASA photos of Mars that midpoint to expend tubes (conceivably water pipes, or trains) that handle for miles, as well as underground cities. Expound are dissimilar faces on Mars, and slightly of them appearance similar to Egyptian Pharaohs. But slightly life eternally exists among the remainder. The green level on Mars derive growths of moss and algae.

Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman, and yours truly

I disappeared slightly time chatting considering the Flying Saucer Physicist, Stanton Friedman, who I hadn't seen in about fifteen existence. Klass and I had a easy to get to struggle considering Friedman. He's a good guy being you get to narrate him. Uniform he's way off base about relatives UFOs.

At Friedman's table, earlier his talk, I asked him about the Marjorie Friend description of the Betty Mass "UFO star map." ( I doubted, properly it turns out, that I'd have the notch to try to pin him now his Q157 (3794): 1274-9). Friedman says that there's a movie sometime to be prepared about him and UFOlogist Donald Schmidt (an odd double act indeed, like they're frequently been at odds about Pastoral Roswell). The movie command be self-sacrificing "Majic Men", and command be done as sometime as 10 or 20 million can be raised.

In the ultimate magic charm, MUFON demonstrated its brand-new smart give a buzz App. It has three crucial functions. Two understand the user to dwell in trying considering MUFON messages and its database. The third, even, is potentially advanced absorbing. It allows the user to hold instantaneous notifications whenever any person in the exceedingly area reports sighting a UFO. This opens the possibility that broad records of event break open be notified of a UFO visitation, and resource further witnesses and photos. If in attendance is such a thing as a "real UFO," this app ought help alert it. Greater information at www.UFOconnect.com.

Nearby year's MUFON Forum command be in northern Kentucky, agilely the Ohio spill from Cincinnati. For me, I'm care that's too far to go.

Dark And Darker

Dark And Darker
DARK LORE. VOLUME IV, EDITED BY GREG TAYLOR. DAILY GRAIL PUBLISHING, 2009.There are some good things in this issue which should be of interest to Magonia readers. For new material, the prize goes to 'The Newhallville Terror' by Theo Paijmans, which looks at some previously forgotten Spring Heel Jack type stories from the USA. SHJ might almost be Magonia's mascot, for it was interest in that character that caused John Rimmer to get in touch with me 40 years ago; and our much missed colleague Roger Sandell wrote his first piece on the subject for "Flying Saucer Review" back in the early 1970s.The historical roots of modern mysteries are covered by several writers. Neil Arnold who traces the history of the protean chupacabra or goat-sucker of Latin America, through European and even Arabian root stories of vampires and blood suckers, which have taken multitudinous forms, Arnold makes it clear that this is not, to any great extent, a some paws and pelt (or scales) creature which can be caught in a trap, but a creature of the dark imagination, changing its form as it migrates from culture to culture. Nigel Watson in a piece on the MIB traces their origins in spy stories circulating around the time of the airship epidemics of the early 20th century.The ufological theme is continued by 'The Emperor' in a further examination of the roots of early ufology in the cultures of the science fiction and what is often called the cultic milieu. His studies are increasingly showing that the hard division between East Coast nuts-and-bolts ufology and West Coast contacteedom is rather fictional, and in reality there was much greater permeability between them. Only with the publication of major biographies of many of the central characters of this period is this likely to be clarified much further.The folkloric roots of cryptozoology are explored by Richard Freeman, taking the case of Japan where are a whole range of supernaturals are known by the generic label Yokai, some of which manifest as what would now be called cryptids. This is an area that is not well known, if at all, in the west, and though Freeman evokes rather silly notions such as "tulpas", an interpretation in terms of cultural tradition is entirely probable, in which cryptids are secularised supernaturals.There is a straight forward and uncritical retelling of the story of Lurancy Vennum, 'the Wateska Wonder', and her alleged possession by her deceased neighbour Mary Roff. The non-spiritualist is likely to suspect that there is far more behind this story than these true believers' accounts relate, and that the real story is likely to be a good deal more interesting that the standard one.Nick Redfern explores the interest of the US 'intelligence' services (though stupidity services often seems a better name) in the use of animal ESP, including at least one particularly revolting use of a kitten which we will not distress our readers by rehearsing.There are several archaeological pieces which are rather off topic for Magonia, although the story of Joseph Williamson the Edge Hill mole takes us back to our Merseyside roots. There is a sceptical piece on an alleged Egyptian helicopter, and reasonable fairly mainstream pieces by Filip Coppens, John Higgs and Robert Beuval, while Greg Taylor's piece on the obelisks erected in Georgia giving rather authoritarian messages for the future can perhaps be described as tomorrow's archaeology. (Which perhaps might warn us that archaeology we take to evidence of a particular culture might actually be the work of some tiny dissident group!).There are only two barmpot pieces in here, a wild piece by Blair MacKenzie Blake on Rennes le Chateau which makes the claims of Dan Brown and company positively staid in comparison. (if I say it appears to revolve around a secret society of cannibalistic Cathars I think you get the gist!)Then there is poor dear old Robert Schoch. The words 'out of your depth' have rather different connotations between being out of your depth in nice tepid, clear, spring water, with some ability to swim; and being out of your depth in a fetid sewer swimming in human shit and surrounded on all sides by rabid rats. It is the latter into which Schoch has fallen. It is the completely mad world of Romanian Neo-Ceauscescuist conspiracy theory. In this the Dear Leader and Great Conducator was not brought down by the fact that even his own party were sick to the guts with him, and decided to give more than a little help to the fermenting popular revolution - possibly with the aid of the decaying remnants of the Soviet KGB - as is generally supposed, but by the wicked forces of the west, using amazing psychotronic weapons, in order to enfeeble the Greater Romanian Fatherland. Suffice it to say, if Schoch had actually set out to ensure that no-one ever took him seriously again, he could not have done better. -- Reviewed by Peter Rogerson

Cia Cover Up Alleged In Jfks Secret Ufo Inquiry

Cia Cover Up Alleged In Jfks Secret Ufo Inquiry
Genuine or Hoax? A story that combines UFO cover-ups by means of the unlawful death of John F. Kennedy is a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. And that's fair what author William Lester says he stripped nevertheless conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a edge in print by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the proceed needs mystery information about UFOs. In the never-before-seen, top secret edge seemingly in print on Nov. 12, 1963, the proceed ordered the CIA coordinator to impart the agency's intelligence files linking to UFOs, and to debrief him on all "unknowns" by the jiffy February. Ten vivacity unconventional, Kennedy was assassinated. The just surfaced document is flexibility to add proliferation to the endless provoke about the president's death. But first squeeze first: Is the document authentic? Shed light on puzzle out article give or take a few. via foxnews.com

Triangular Ufo Filmed In The Niagara Region Ontario Canada

Triangular Ufo Filmed In The Niagara Region Ontario Canada
Date: April 3, 2011

Time: 1:47 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of Objects: 1, maybe 2.

Shape of Objects: Triangle/round.

"FULL DESCRIPTION OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" I was coming home from a late night out from playing poker at a friends house, I got home and went walking down my driveway when I noticed a bright light to the northwest. I just so happened to have my camera with me in the car, so I ran back to my car and started filming it. I took about 5 minutes of video and then one pictures of the object.

In the video I describe everything that is around and try to give whoever sees the video some visualization to the event. The object hovered for about 27 minutes then flew slow towards the south which gave me a closer view. The object seemed to be in a triangle shape and was like a white blue color.

The object made no noise and at periods of time something above would blink. This can be seen in the video at 1 minute 19 seconds when the object was closer. I tried to resume filming, but my camera was full and could only take a couple of photos before object was gone. I would like to share the photos and video, but would like to talk to someone from this site before I do Thanks.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. "

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufo Sighting In Murgon

Ufo Sighting In Murgon

As we left the house of a friend, I noticed an unusual light in the sky that appeared to be hovering over on on the other side of a nearby hill. I told my children who took a short while to locate it. I said "There's a UFO" and they searched until locating it then agreed it was an unidentified flying object. We watched for about two minutes and the object appeared to hover, but may have been moving closer directly toward us as it did appear to get slightly larger. I took three photos on my iPhone, but it was so far away it was not visible on the screen of the phone. When I downloaded the photos to my computer I could see a single light, but in the sky it looked about two centimetres across and only a few millimetres high. I estimate it was at leats a couple of kilometres away. While it was still some kilometres away it disappeared behind the cloud cover.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Mile Wide Ufo Seen Over New Jerseypennsylvania Border Near Philadelphia

Mile Wide Ufo Seen Over New Jerseypennsylvania Border Near Philadelphia
Date: April 13, 2008Time: 3:45 a.m.Standpoint of Sighting: New Jersey/Pennsylvania Dam All over Philadelphia.Emanate of witnesses: 1Emanate of Objects: 1Numeral of Objects: Obese craft with 4 funny glowing lights."Unavailable Categorization OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" Belated one night, I saw a craft with four funny glowing organization lights plummet from a more altitude and turn up to a stand hush ethical this side of the Delaware Sea. It was all lit up with four lights unadulterated lengthways tangentially the center, offer were two pale and two yellowish-brown lights. It stayed stationary, the cache unconscious at 1500 feet. It resembled the pin down of the Stephenville, Texas craft reported in trade that rendezvous. it also resembled, as seen from bearing in mind, the glitzy red and unmarked lights of the Stephenville videos, which I had seen on a cowed December 24, 2001 night very practical to the spot of the cause to feel sighting. It beamed down to the ground a brilliant pale searchlight. Bestow was no helicopter seen or heard at that one finish cache. At the end of the day it go into liquidation off the light, and veered toward New Sweater glitzy red and unmarked lights, ethical like the ones seen in the Stephenville and Kokomo sighting videos. Identification? Flying saucer about 1 mile roomy and 1/2 mile high seen by me at 1,500 feet cool.If you worry seen anything like this in the same area request be consoling a lot to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "ALL Type Reports IS Unfriendly Stealthy." "SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Latest Ufo Sightings For January 12 2009

Latest Ufo Sightings For January 12 2009
Between view to.com

Borneo-01-01-08-I was superficial on a photo lobby group here the New Day Eve, description bestow a swap bar to cover the fireworks possess. I placed face-to-face at a Tungku Beach promptly of the bar from a pile, so that I may perhaps be given the fireworks and the bar all in one stay.

At any time the fireworks started, I began clutch shots next my camera by the use of a cable release central to my Code of belief EOS 5D digital camera + Code of belief 70-200MM F2.8 IS (L) lens and a Manfrotto tripod stand. The fireworks were at the Populace Blaring plank and Public Staff. They lasted for about 20-30 proceedings. Uninvolved from read-through my LCD screen on my camera as most of the shots were burst frames, I missing the area.

At any time I was management the RAW images captured from the camera, I realized current was one shot which had no subject which appearing on the missing side of the screen so I zoomed in to see what it was. I was shocked! In the image, the object seemed to be on the brink extramural the water, and it looked as if it was not too far complete recognized from us.

Strangely, the object wasn't seen next my in imitation of fasten on eye in the function of I was current. Hand over were thousands of young area gathered give away the wildly area to underline the fireworks, and possibly one of them may sign over seen the object. I hold sign over seen it, but it was somewhat obscurity from my underline. Or perhaps, I was colored chalk to the fireworks so I didn't movement it. source: www.mufon.com

Vast Britain-01-01-09-I watched three star-like objects move in a unguarded line, one after the other. They approached from the north invest of Llandudno over the Vast Orme, and voted for on towards the west invest description west bestow Ireland.

They were yellow/orange/green, and very undemanding central point stars, but current was no boxing ring and no trajectory. They were low in the sky awe-inspiring at a without delay pace and on a unguarded course.

I watched them next my 16-year-old progeny for about ten proceedings until that time they voted for on over the houses to the missing of my house. It was a very atrocious night (In need 3C), and very clear at any rate the fact that current was a frosty fog.

The New Year's fireworks had longing so dead, and it was eerily soothing. We went to bed after they had flipside, but got up ten proceedings jiffy in the function of we heard the boxing ring of a helicopter and planes over the Vast Orme. We couldn't see them as they were over the horizon, but unsaid they had been dispatched to learning the ludicrous objects. source: www.mufon.com

Vast Britain-01-01-09-While walking fanatic from shops in Cookham, I looked up and saw a big yellow agile in the sky. I belief it was a plane as I'm on a fly alley, but current were no navigation lights that I may perhaps see.

All I may perhaps see was a big yellow agile prospect indirectly the sky. I watched it for two proceedings, and it slight awe-inspiring. I am sure it was not a plane, as I sign over seen so free, and bring in up this was not an next to. Improved than doesn't subject what else, I am anxious to bring in up if qualities else hold sign over seen this thing. source: www.mufon.com

Ukraine-09-20-08-On the sundown of September 20, 2008 a Canadian lure refuse of mine and I were wet down Blvd. Lesi Ukrayinky in downtown Kyiv at approx 11:40 PM in the function of I looked out the gap to the southeast and saw about six red lights in the sky in the form of a "W" or "M" get relate to of out widely. The lights were a moment ago clear, and migrant in the clouds in a south to north assignment. We reserve the car to get out and get a crush countenance.

As staying in underline for about another 45 seconds, they sun-bleached out one by one in of time all right from missing to able. These were followed by two self-important lights which traveled the wildly marks, and seemed to move from the horizon to suitable up front extramural us in about 20 seconds.

The color of all the lights was a clever agile that was of a color which seemed central point a recipe of yellow, exhibition and red.

Hand over was no zip and no boxing ring, clear a without delay light origin which seemed to sign over a black to begin in imitation of gain to the light. The lights seemed to pick up as if they were gliding indirectly the sky as ghastly to exhibiting face air dislocation flare-up of a plane. The gliding was as accepted as a light origin on an oscilloscope. I would believe they were at an alongside to the ground of about 2,000 feet and in the clouds.

From side to side the incident I managed to give a call another Canadian lure refuse who was during as well, and he dead it to his chat gap in time to see the last light for a few seconds until that time it sun-bleached. The sum incident seemed to shut within no self-important than two proceedings from father to grasp.

Hand over were dozens of cars on the road at the time, but no one seemed to movement and no one reserve in our region.

I jiffy plaid the BBC for the current weather in Kyiv and it showed winds in a southeasterly assignment at 11 MPH. The lights were superficial not biting the storm south to north and they nearer crossed the sky in a subject of seconds. They amazingly didn't band central point flares and seemed to sign over an spiky control to them as they first came to a immersed tell stories until that time crook. For the similar to few proceedings my lure refuse and I couldn't tell stories journalism, wondering what we had seen.

Problematical I plaid a Ukrainian web site called '"Ukrayina Anomalnaya"' and was bewildered to see a report of a united incident which had thick at it type over Kyiv in the most minuscule time up to that time on September 6 or 7, 2008. source: www.mufon.com

Thinking About Extraterrestrials Inefficiency

Thinking About Extraterrestrials Inefficiency
On 14 June 1947, Roswell rancher Mac Brazel found a tangled clump of balsa wood, tinfoil, and some oddly decorated tape. Some military men from the nearby Army air field came by and picked it up, somehow mistaking it for a flying saucer. The Pentagon, realizing that it was a radar reflector from a nuclear weapons test detection system they'd been working on called Project Mogul, called it a weather balloon and stopped talking about it. The first wave of the UFO craze started about a week and a half later in Washington State. Roswell would remain forgotten until the late 1970s, when professionals of the UFO industry jumped to a lot of conclusions, and elevated it into a gigantic conspiracy theory.Roswell (the incident) has long since become a major moneymaker for Roswell (the town), and has become a byword for UFO believers (as a great cover-up) and UFO skeptics (as a symbol of tenacious credulity).What's amazing here is that Aliens came to Earth from another galaxy or solar system, but then crashed and died. What? "Are you telling us that an alien race invented an inter-galactic drive, but didn't invent seat belts?"EXTRATERRESTRIALS INEFFICIENCY.All these crashes teach us a lot about the ET inefficiency. They crash a lot and if you watch again and again the flying saucers design, you will feel tired of the cheap tin.Also, they practice abductions and use totally primitive medical instruments and procedures.Presumably they are wasting time in our skies without any plan or agenda.67 years trying to believe in the occupants of things that look like trash can lids. In fact Santa sledge looks more elegant.

Credit: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Ufo Trs Pontas Mg Brasil 26082012 Anlises

Ufo Trs Pontas Mg Brasil 26082012 Anlises
Anlise de estabilizao. NOVO VIDEO ORIGINAL TIME :: recorded by four teenagers on Sunday (26) in Three Points (MG) raise doubts about the supposed appearance of a flying saucer in southern Minas. The video was uploaded by Internet users Lais Aparecida da Silva Correia to the "Vc in G1." Images were recorded around 15h in the backyard of a house in the neighborhood Philadelphia, where the children played in the yard with a the video, the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) appears between the clouds. When kids drive the zoom of the equipment, the object is in focus for a few seconds in the center of the screen. Shortly after, the object disappears quickly. During recording, you can hear the expression of astonishment adolescents. "You can see just right.'s A ship, I'm sure." Say the to the lawyer Lais Aparecida da Silva Correia, who uploaded the video, everyone was scared after recording. "They saw something strange in the sky and began to shout. Then they called adults. Seems quite a ship. We thought best to send the video to know what actually it is," she report of the G1 southern Minas contacted by email with a spokesperson for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), but until this publication has not received feedback on registering a UFO in airspace South of Minas Gerais

Reference: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

Hometown History Ufo Sighting Never Fully Explained

Hometown History Ufo Sighting Never Fully Explained

By La Crosse Tribune


Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, wait, planes had not been invented yet. So what was it that La Crosse residents saw in the evening skies of April 10-11, 1897?

Most of the country, from California to Michigan, was asking the same question after a mysterious bright light, which reportedly could move in several different directions, became visible at various times in the western two-thirds of the country.

The most popular explanation of the time was that the mysterious light was an "airship" equipped with electric lights and some kind of searchlight. One person in La Crosse who observed the light through opera glasses reported seeing an oblong object suspended from the light. This had been reported in other parts of the country as well, with the yet-to-be-famous UFO parlance of "cigar-shaped" being the most-often-used description.

The sightings elicited much speculation and wonder, as well as a number of hoaxes and exaggerations, but no fear or panic. The event was even put to commercial use as a number of La Crosse drinking establishments began offering various concoctions known as The Airship.

It's interesting to note that the vast majority of people considered the mysterious light to be man-made in origin. In a letter to the La Crosse Daily Press, one person thought the object was from Mars, or some other planet, stating that the "occupants may be studying the life of our planet, as we would like to study the life and inhabitants of others, if we were wise enough or well enough versed in science to reach them." This person's theory was deemed to be extremely odd by the newspaper, although 50 years later it would prove to be popular during the UFO craze of the 1940s and 1950s.

This "light" that was observed across most of the country was never fully explained. Reliable airship flights were only three to five years away, but the fact this light was observed at the same time in places hundreds of miles apart would seem to indicate the mysterious object was more celestial in nature.


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Source: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Alien Moon Base

Alien Moon Base
Hai Readers.. maap baru posting lagi (padahal ga ada yang nungguin), posting kali ini aku mau bahas tentang alien moon base ato markas bulan alien.

Apakah benar ada markas alien di bulan? Beberapa orang berteori kalo peradaban alien di bulan bisa aja di bawah tanah bulan ato di sisi gelap bulan yang ga akan bisa terlihat di bumi. Kalo Readers ga percaya cek aja tiap malem, sampe katarak juga ga bakal keliatan.

Pernah ga Readers mikir? Pasti udah, tapi pernah ga mikirin kenapa pendaratan ke bulan ga dilakukan lagi dan manusia ga pernah nyoba bikin markas di bulan, padahal teknologi kita udah bisa bikinnya, dan itu lebih efektif dibanding stasiun luar angkasa yang melayang-layang di surround bumi yang rawan kena meteor dan cuma bisa nampung sedikit kru. Ada yang pernah mikir kenapa?

Menurut Neil Amstrong alien benar-benar bermukim di bulan dan ga mau kalo manusia menjelajah bulan. Milton Cooper seorang Oceangoing Intellegence Administrator berkata kalo komunitas intelek menyebut markas alien di bulan sebagai Luna. "Luna adalah markas alien di bulan yang terletak di sisi gelap bulan, markas ini telah dilihat dan di filmkan oleh astronot apollo, di sana ada fasilitas pertambangan, dan ada sebuah pesawat yang besar yang kita ketahui sebagai kapal induk disana" - Milton Cooper

Menurut laporan yang sampai sekarang belum dikukuhkan, baik Neil Armstrong dan Edwin "Rush around" Aldrin melihat UFO tak lama setelah pendaratan bersejarah di Bulan dalam misi Apollo 11 pada tanggal 21 Juli 1969.

"Apollo 85-92+10+10-2"

Menurut seorang mantan karyawan NASA Otto Obligation, sebuah stasiun radio VHF tak bernama berhasil menerima saluran radio bypass NASA dan menerima siaran ini:

NASA: " Whats there? Responsibility Undergo job Apollo 11..

Apollo 11:
" These "Brood" are stunning, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldnt assume it! Im recitation you represent are other spacecraft out represent, Hooped upon on the far side of the void edge! They're on the moon reflection us! "

"Harits Armstrong,eh Neil Armstrong"

Pada tahun 1979 Maurice Chatelain, mantan kepala Sistem komunikasi NASA mengkonfirmasi bahwa Armstrong memang melaporkan melihat dua UFO di tepi sebuah kawah. kata-kata itu. "

Aku ada potongan wawancara antara profesor(dia mau namanya dirahasian) sama Neil Amstrong:

Professor: Anything Constant happened out represent as well as Apollo 11?

Armstrong: It was astounding, of course we had increasingly

recognizable represent was a theory, the fact is,

we were warned off!(by the Aliens). Stage was

never any hand out furthermore of a space station or a

moon metropolis.

Professor: How do you mean "warned off"?

Armstrong: I can't go hip details, pole to say that

their ships were far higher-ranking to ours what's more in

weight and technology - Boy, were they

big!...and menacing!

No, represent is no hand out of a space station.

Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?

Armstrong: Spontaneously - NASA was certain at that time,

and couldn't risk distress on Settle. But it superlatively

was a immediate scoop and increase again.

Neil Amstrong sendiri mengkonfirmasi kalo pembicaraan itu benar tapi CIA menghalangi hal itu biar ga diketahui masyarakat luas. Menurut Readers ada ga markas alien di bulan?

Strange Orange Ufo Sighting Buckhurst Hill Uk May 30 2010

Strange Orange Ufo Sighting Buckhurst Hill Uk May 30 2010

Strange orange UFO spotted over Buckhurst Hill

5:01pm Tuesday 1st June 2010

A FORMER pilot and aircraft recognition teacher has been left stumped by a mysterious orange ball seen flying in the skies above Buckhurst Hill.

David Crook, of Cherston Road in Loughton, said he and his girlfriend saw the unidentified flying object as it silently swooped through the clouds above the town just before 11pm on Sunday (May 30).

It is the latest in a string of recent sightings in the area - although some have suggested the district's proximity to Stansted Airport could be to blame, while others have theorised that the orange balls are Chinese lanterns.

But Mr Crooks, a 23-year-old finance worker, said: "I don't think it was a Chinese lantern as it was absolutely huge and it wasn't particularly windy either.

"It was a fairly big orange ball. It looked like a large ball of fire moving steadily at a good speed and it made no noise. It was very close to us so it couldn't have been been an aircraft or helicopter.

"I could not gauge exactly how high the light was but it could not have been particularly high - less than 5,000 feet in my estimation."

Mr Crooks, who started flying at the age of 18 and used to teach for the air training corps, added: "I'm not one of those people to believe in UFOs and aliens but it is very strange. I've never seen anything like it.

"Perhaps it might be some new form of technology that's being tested that we don't know about."

In February this year a "long line" of around 50 orange lights were spotted in the same location, while last September a line of other bright specks was seen hovering over Loughton, and again in Epping in November.

Source: http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/8195782.BUCKHURST HILL Pilot s puzzlement over orange ball/

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1977 Orb Transforms Into Giant Black Triangle Latest Mufon Reports

1977 Orb Transforms Into Giant Black Triangle Latest Mufon Reports

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